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Get full use of your power strips and UPS outlets and double your number of outlets with Power Strip Liberator(R) Plus cables! Just like with the Power Strip Liberator(R) Classic cable, you simply plug your big bulky power adapters into our cables and plu

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Customer Reviews:

  • Kill-a-Watt power rated 15 amps but this cord is about 7 amps
    Kill-a-Watt Caution. I checked with the shipper and this cord has a lower power rating than the Kill-a-Watt you may be using it with. To avoid over-heating this cord be sure not to use with refrigerator, washer, dryer, air conditioner or other large power using appliance. Kill-a-Watt is rated 15 amps (1875 VA) and this cord is smaller, about 1/2 the amount of the Kill-a-Watt. We want you to be safe and avoid the classic "extension cord fire" from over-heating a cord....more info
  • Worked great!
    The Power Strip Liberator worked very well and keeps my cords looking neat as well....more info
  • Does What It Is Supposed To
    I don't know why Amazon asks me these stupid questions like, "how much fun is this toy" and "how would I rate this toy's educational value." For one thing, it isn't a toy, it's just a simple but practical extension plug that allows you to use a power block on a power strip and not use more than one plug space. I guess it is educational in that if you put your finger in the socket while the other side is plugged in, you will learn something very quickly that you can hopefully live to tell your grandchildren about. The product is sturdily made and works. Not much else to say about it, except it is NOT a toy....more info
  • Power Strip Liberator Is Not A Toy!
    For some reason, the review process believed that the power strip liberator was a toy, and asked such things as 'how fun is this toy?'. Well, sadly, not very fun for a toy, but a perfectly good short extension cord. These are good quality power strip extenders, offering a a power outlet on a short cord, as well as one on the back side of the plug itself. It works well, and I recommend it for the purpose....more info
  • Great gadget
    What a simple yet functional device. Great to use on a power strip or on a Kill a watt device. Gives you a little space and doesn't crowd the outlet. I bought several of them and wish I had a few more. ...more info
  • Where have these been all my life?
    What an awesome idea. I have a home recording studio and my rack unit has about ten effects, recorders, etc in it, each one with a wall wart or 3 prong plug. Using these little guys, I was able to plug them ALL into one power strip. In the past, you could really only plug about four wall warts (AC Adapters) into one 6 plug power strip since they were so wide one unit would typically hide two plugs. Take that same power strip and add 6 Power Strip Liberator Pluses. Now you can attach 6 wall warts AND still use all 6 of the plugs in the strip. What an amazing idea, and why the heck didn't I think of it first? Don't buy the cheaper knock offs...these guys invented this so IMHO they deserve the cash. A great product, solid as a rock, and a Godsend to those of us with waaaaay too many power cables to deal with. ...more info
  • Wish I had Invented Them
    These are fantastic, get this brand as they are a hevy 16 gauge and well put together. Very tough and durable.

    Always buy the plus version with the pass thru. I bought the original version without it and although they let you use all your power strip or wall outlets you use up an outlet just for a wart which draws almost no power in most cases. This way you plug in the wart and still have a usefull outlet.

    The inventors deserve all they make off of these. Kudos...more info


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