African Shea Butter Cream 100% Pure & Raw (Gold) 5 oz.
African Shea Butter Cream 100% Pure & Raw (Gold) 5 oz.

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Remarks: This is the raw and unprocessed shea butter. It may be lumpy and hard. You can rub it in your hands and apply it directly on the skin. If it is not soft enough for you, you can put into the microwave and heat it for a couple minutes. It will become soft. Golden Shea Butter is the classic shea butter many are familiar with. It is yellow in color, has a fairly strong smoky odor and is imported from the African nation of Ghana. shea butter tones, evens, and repairs skin naturally, shea butter renews and revitalizes face, body, hand, hair, nails, and feet shea butter nourishes skin and hair cells with natural vitamins, shea butter leaves skin with a smooth, silky natural glow, shea butter improves stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, and scars, shea butter heals scratches, blemishes, and irritated skin, shea butter protects, screens, and skin from cold, wind, sun damage, shea butter improves and alleviates skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, Recommended and safe for use by the entire family. shea butter naturally contains Vitamins A and E. Packing: in food-grade plastic containers.

  • Remarks: This is the raw and unprocessed shea butter. It may be lumpy and hard. You can rub it in your hands and apply it directly on the skin. If it is not soft enough for you, you can put into the microwave and heat it for a couple minutes. It will become soft.

Customer Reviews:

  • The Smell!
    The smell is really powerful and I am not at all sensitive. Despite the smell it works great!...more info
  • shea butter
    does WONDERS for your heels elbows and knees!! and absolutely nothing that isn't natural. no petroleum or preservatives!!!...more info
  • It's the best
    Originally I bought raw shea butter from a street vendor, ladies, waste no more money on high end product, this is natural, very inexpensive and is EXCELLENT - I am naturally olive toned however years in the sun produced age spots and as I began to tone my weight my face was sagging, I didn't really notice at first the good it was doing, everyone else did, I have no laugh lines, no sun frowny marks, spots are lighter and less noticable and I use this on virtually everything. It takes very little to cover your face and hands. Add a few wee drops of lavendar and you have a wonderful soothing, calming relaxant... No Kidding..!!!...more info
    Great Product,has made great improvements in my skin.It is firmer with improvement in lines and no more dryness .The smell is very mild ,is not unpleasant and fades quickly.I received the product very quickly and I would highly recommend it and this seller .sandy shepard suffolk va....more info
  • Shea Butter
    I purchased this product based on testimonials, but unable to really state my opinion as enough time has not passed for me to see any difference....more info
  • Excellent Customer Service!!!
    Shea Butter is the perfect cold-weather moisturizer! The Shea Butter was delivered in a very timely matter and the product is superior! Why buy moisturizer that has a small amount of Shea for 3x the price when you can get the real deal through this company at such a nominal fee. I highly recommend NATURE and HERBS not only for the superior product but also for the outstanding customer service, which now a days is few and far between.
    Be careful though because a little dab will do ya! If you suffer from excema or dry and cracked skin this will cure it. I have suffered from all 3 all my life and have finally found an affordable remmedy. This stuff works!...more info
  • Amazing
    This is great stuff, in its original form. Softens the roughest heels....more info
  • Geat Moisturizing...But No Healing
    Shea butter is well known for it's moisturizing, and more notably, healing properties. Shea butter, in it's natural form, is off-white, pale yellow, or cream colored after processing. It has a unique nutty smell which is not offensive. The smell will degrade over time after application...unless too much has been applied. Golden Shea Butter has palm oil added to it. Also, the healing component(s) of shea butter is quite sensitive. It deteriorates over a short period time or if the final product is altered too much.

    I've used this product for a year. While a great natural moisturizer, I did not observe any signs of healing. I have a feeling that this shea butter is older or has been altered to the degree of degradation.

    Once again, *this* shea butter with palm oil seems to be a great natural moisturizer (better than any chemicals in a bottle you might find at a local store), but don't expect any healing of blemishes, scars, etc....more info
  • wonderful
    very moisturizing and comes in it's unrefined state so you can add your own ingredients. the only thing i was taken aback by was the smell which was unpleasant, but im guessing that's just the way shea butter smells in its pure form...more info
  • Great Product!
    Great Product! I use it in my homade hair concoction:) The shea butter makes my hair really soft!...more info
  • Thanks
    I just want to thank you guys for sending the product out so quickly. This is definitely a product you would want buy. The product works well and it lasts a long time although it's a smaller size....more info
  • IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SHEA BUTTER at a reasoonable price and it lasts a long time. I use it for hair care and body moisturizer melt some in the microwave about 20 seconds and mix your favorite scent in for a great lotion. Mix with coconut oil and vegetable glycerine along with your favorite scent for a great leave in conditioner for natural hair will make curls POP....more info
  • basic shea butter
    This shea butter is great for my 60 yr old hands. I haven't found anything that softens and smooths like it does. It does take an hour or so to really soak in but I apply it when I need to do quiet things in a chair. I keep a cloth or paper napkin handy in case I have to pick up things. It's not really greasy. I like it very much. It's a product that has real value!...more info
  • Magic Butter
    I love the product. It really works wonders. Arrived on time...... I have no complaints. ...more info
  • Great product for beautiful skin
    This Shea Butter really and noticably improves the way your skin looks and feels. Great on hands, face, any part of the body really. Arrived at my door in only a couple days. Worth every penny. ...more info
  • Wonderful and natural product....
    really useful for so many things, for hair, body, even my husband's dry feet! ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    What you see in the picture is exactly what you're going to get. It's excellent quality shea butter. The smell is not the greatest, but it's a very faint, natural smell-- nutty, but not something you'd eat. I am easily overpowered by smells, and this one does not do anything to me at all. The moisturizing properties are fantastic, especially now during the cold weather. My only regret is that I didn't get a bigger tub, and will have to re-order soon!...more info


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