Reliable T730A Enviromate Steam Cleaner with CSS and 11-Piece Accessory Kit

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Product Description

Chemical-free cleaning is the safest way to clean your home keep your family safe and protect our fragile environment. The t730A has been designed from the ground up to deliver superior quality dry steam and provide the best possible user experience. . It will clean the toughest cleaning chores with its powerful 1450W heating system. . Your t730A comes with a 11 piece accessory kit that will allow you to take care of your entire house - we dont skimp on features so you get the maximum benefit from your investement.. Best used for: Sanitizing tile floors grout kitchens and bathrooms Childrens toys work-out rooms Pet areas Kills dust mites and bacteria. Features: CSS technology - never run out of steam again Adjustable pressure controller (located on handle) Manometer - pressure gauge Automatic shut-off - with low water light indicator Regular tap water 58 p.s.i. operating pressure = DRY STEAM Stainless steel tank (18/10). 1 Year Warranty

  • Steam cleaner deodorizes and sanitizes without the use of chemicals
  • Powerful 1450-watt heating system; 18/10-gauge stainless-steel tank
  • 8-4/9-cup water capacity; automatic shut-off; low-water indicator; CSS technology
  • Adjustable pressure controller; smooth-rolling wheels; 11-piece accessory kit included
  • Measures 17-2/7 by 12-1/2 by 10-1/5 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • A Very Powerful Steamer-I DO recommend it!
    I purchased a new T730A Steam Cleaner on Ebay recently, from a woman who had purchased two and found she didn't need the second. I paid only $429, so got a great deal. This is a VERY powerful cleaner...I purchased it primarily for wood floor cleaning, and for this, it takes a bit of guesswork, as the floor attachment is too rough for wood, even with one cleaning cloth attached. So, I put two on, and this made it scratch-free. I also use the steamer without an attachment, as the amount of steam it creates is just what I need. I've used this steamer in the bathroom (REALLY cleans the tub...I didn't know it was dirty 'till I hit it with the steamer), around the toilet and seat, fixtures, and so on. Great for sliding patio door tracks, amazing on bird cages, great on stainless steel appliances. I do not agree with the other reviewer in that the attachments are very good quality, as is the amount and quantity of steam, the ability to refill at will (although a tankful goes a LONG way), and so on. However, yes, the instruction manual could be much sure to note that the dial has FOUR positions, not three as indicated...OFF, ON, STEAM RELEASE (when you want to shut down) and ALL THE WAY ON. Manual will tell you to put it on setting 3 to build steam, but that's actually Steam Release (tho' it never explains that setting at all!) All in all though, I really like this steamer. Compared to, let's say, a Shark Floor Steamer (JUNK IN MY OPINION...I tried one and promptly returned it) it's great. It reminds me of my expensive steam iron, but is even better as I need to let that completely cool prior to refilling. Oh yes...this is best used with filtered water such as from a fridge or a Brita filter to prevent calcium deposits, tho' it does come with cleaning solution. ...more info
  • Not Worth The Money
    It does NOT clean grout as well as it advertises. If you get this machine, please be careful with can damage it quite easily. Because it damaged my caulk, I found it difficult to clean my shower with it because well, there's caulk in there and it gets dirty too!! The only thing I use it for now is to clean the outside parts of the toilet. Soap scum doesn't come off...My windows and mirrors do not get clean. The manual is a piece of trash so even if this machine could do something, you're on your own to find out how.
    The plastic seems cheap, the attachments damage easily...It is a horrible feeling when you open the box and just know that you've been had. Don't waste your money!!!...more info