Vapor-Eze Clean Air 5000 Air Purifier

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  • 5 full stages of air purification
  • Small enough to use on your nightstand
  • UV lamp has 20,000 hour rated life
  • Can be used at home or in your car, camper or R.V.
  • Uses two laptop computer fans for superior operation and dependability
Customer Reviews:
  • Good idea poorly made
    I like the size and the design but the car adapter broke after a couple of times.
    ...more info
  • Vapor-eze
    I guess it would be ok for a car, but it's just too small for anything larger. I use it for a barracks room in Afghanistan. It's struggling to make a dent....more info
  • broken!!
    I ordered 2 of these items. I used only one 1st. It didn't even last 30 days & it won't run anymore. The 2nd one, I used for 3 days & I do not want to use it anymore. How can I return them? Please HELP. I did not purchase them from the dollar store, so we expect our money's worth....more info
  • Comefresh or Vapor Eze
    I bought this air purifier with the brand of COMEFRESH. It is very nice, because my breathing problem was solved completely.

    In the day I use it on my car and in the night I use it in my bedroom.

    Also it has 5 stage purification, which I never seen in other car air purifiers. I am thanksful from the designers of this product.

    I read another review for this, which discussed about the UV lamp replacement. It is not a major problem, becaus its lifetime is 20,000 hours, which is about 7 years....more info