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X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse is an all new action-RPG that lets players create, customize and control teams of the legendary mutant heroes, hated and feared by the world they struggle to protect. This time, the threat of Apocalypse is looming over the world. An immortal mutant with advanced science and incredible shapeshifting powers, Apocalypse and his Four Horsemen seem unstoppable. To face this incredible evil, the X-Men and their rivals in the Brotherhood Of Mutants will unite -- but even that may not be enough. Fantastic enemies and environments taken directly from the classic saga - Demolish over 100 different types of enemies, from hordes of Apocalypse's henchmen to Lady Deathstrike and Apocalypse's 4 Horsemen -- in locations like the Weapon X facility, the Infinite Factory, Egypt and the North Pole

  • Choose up to 4 players from the X-Men or Brotherhood teams and send them on missions
  • Each of the 16 playable characters has 10 superpowers you can use for awesome fighting, melee or ranged attacks - all upgradeable as you earn expereince & complete missions
  • Online and offline multiplayer modes feature dynamic joining that lets your friends jump into the action at any time
  • Flexible, open-ended storyline lets you determine the outcome of the battle -- theatrical-quality FMV move the story along
  • 6 multiplayer skirmish modes offer head-to-head versus action, side-by-side battles against enemies and more

Customer Reviews:

  • Fun
    The grame great! Get to play as in diffirent chartors in the marvel world. Love play people who flys! Story line good, but if your also into fighting each other mode. I did not care for it. Try playing teams, but did not care for it. So I give it a 4 out of 5. ...more info
  • Great game, but an annoying glitch
    X-Men Legends was a decent but disappointing game. XML II leaves the good stuff alone and works on all the stuff that caused players so much grief, and the result is a truly great game.

    The improvements over XML I:
    1. Characters actually go up to level 99 now.
    2. There's many more skills to play with now.
    3. A "hero chest" now allows you to keep extra items in your inventory.
    4. Items are more varied and more useful.
    5. Characters are more varied and aren't just tanks or ranged attackers anymore. Also, certain combinations of characters/costumes give team bonuses.
    6. AI is vastly improved.
    7. So is the flying mechanism - still takes energy, though, but now it's a smooth use and can be negated by leveling up focus powers (unlike Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, which just did away with the energy cost and penalized energy regeneration rates instead, which works SO much better).
    8. Boss fights are much more clean.
    9. There are varying difficulty levels...
    10. ...and you can use your characters from a past game in a new one.
    11. The Blink Portal, once unlocked early in the first real level, lets you teleport back to base at almost any time, but there is a 5-minute minimum between uses. It's a good compromise between infinite quicksaves (too easy) and not seeing a save point for 45 minutes in a tough level (like in XML I, which was frustrating as all heck).

    And, a few downers:
    1. The glitch - keeping too many items in your hero chest/inventory causes the game to freeze. Easily avoided, but annoying and definitely something that should have been caught in development. I have both the PS2 and GameCube versions, and the GC version was particularly nasty - I had to keep both the chest and the inventory half-full lest I glitch, whereas on the PS2 it was fine as long as they both weren't totally full.
    2. Some characters from the original have been severely watered down - I'm looking at you, Storm and Jean. And the central character from XML I - Magma - isn't even mentioned in XML II, let alone playable.
    3. Too many characters are "mental resistant," making telepathic/telekinetic attacks near-useless.
    4. Ultra attack chits are still notoriously hard to come by early in the game. (fixed in M:UA - you slowly earn ultra attacks by dealing damage)
    5. The rationale for unlocking costumes is still pretty arbitrary (another thing they fixed in M:UA - you earn them by defeating enemies the character or beating their Danger Room disc).
    6. Combos are much harder, and thus the Leadership skill is much less useful.

    All in all though, XML II is a fun game, and the unlockables will keep you busy and interested enough for at least two run-throughs. A must for any X-Men fan who is a gamer, and for people who like action games in general....more info
  • X-men legends II
    Really enjoyed the game. Better than the first installment, hop there will be one for the PS3....more info
  • Video Game
    I don't play many video games, especially roll-playing games. This one was fun and I did get hooked. I had to finish the game. There are several characters to choose from and up to four players can play at once. The storyline was interesting. Also with cheat codes, you have more power. ...more info
    This is one of the greatest games of all time, and is a HUGE improvement on the first game if you ask me! I mean here you find health packs every 5 seconds I think they maybe even made this game TOO fun! I have beat it about three timesand I still think it rocks! Definitely worth 20 bucks!

    this game totally rocks!!!!!...more info
  • game defective
    I returned this product due to it being defective. overall the game is great, i purchased it from amazon due to what i thought was an error in my existing game. after purchasing a new copy from amazon, there is a game gliche in it which causes the game to freeze up @ a certain point. I spoke to cindy @ customer service who took me through the appropriate steps in returning a defective product. the game was mailed on 9/19 & should be received by you soon. ...more info
  • Better than the alliance
    In my humble opinion, the X-Men doesn't need an alliance with other marvel characters to defeat any enemy, why? if you've played Ultimate alliance i think that you've used wolverine, or at least you've it in your actual party of marvel ultimate alliance.

    I used to read the X-Men a lot when i was a teenager and when i went to college, well, this is game has it, the same feeling when you read the comic book, it is as good as Wolverine's revenge and i can assure you it has a lot better plot than Ultimate Alliance.

    The game is like Champions but with amazing cell shading graphics. The game is based on the comic books and not the movies and is a great addition to anybody's superhero game library. The game can be played in 1, 2, 3 or 4 players, and if you're playing your game alone and somebody comes in and wants to join, you can simply do it pausing the game and adding the control to the second, third or fouth player immediately and if that friend or family member has to go or simpley doesn't want to play anymore, you can pause the game and simply turn off the control to the player.

    The game is long enough to keep you busy and fun enough to keep you playing.

    Compared to the first game this has better graphics, better sound but equally good storyline, my game didn't freeze as the other people in this page and it works perfectly.

    The good thing of this game is that you can switch from one character to another depending the situation, and you can use celebrities of the X-Men comic books, like Magneto or Toad.

    If you like the X-Men or the marvel universe and action RPG games this is your kind of game.

    If you've had a dissapointment as i did with marvel ultimate alliance and you think the game is over rated but you're afraid that this game will be a big dissapointment also, think again, this game is a lot better that the alliance, i can assure you that.

    Hope this helps....more info
    The second version of X-MEN LEGENDS 2:RISE OF THE APOCALYPSE is really a fun game. It's pretty much like the first version where you take control of four heroes (x-men or brotherhood or both-and you can switch between them), solve mysteries like finding and talking to certain characters, and fighting your way to Apocalypse. And like the first version, each hero comes with their own unique mutant powers.

    One thing that was improved over the first X-MEN LEGENDS is that techbits(money) are plentiful and health/energy packs are usually dropped by every other enemy you defeat. Another improvement is that players have a choice of difficulty setting, so yes, there's an EASY setting, so the game doesn't get too frustrating. Also, the heroes and the enemies are more evenly matched, whereas the fist version had the heroes starting out at level one--while enemies seemed to be at level ten-- making it difficult to pass the early stages of the game.

    Another plus is that when you finally beat the game you can choose to continue a new game with all your gear, levels, and unlocked characters intact, which didn't happen in version one.

    However, the bad thing about X-MEN LEGENDS 2 is that it crashes/freezes when you get to ACT FOUR. This happens if you start carrying and stashing too much gear and is hateful! There's nothing that can bring you down faster than having a fun game suddenly freeze on you. It happened to me during a fight and I had no idea what happened. The game just froze and I had to start all over from the save point.

    Anyway, it kept freezing pretty much on or near the same spot, so I thought it was a defective disc. I exchanged it for another one and had the same problem. So I contacted Activision, via email, and they contacted me an hour later with the solution (I posted it in the forum section). That fixed the problem, so at least Activision has good tech support, but still...the freezing thing was not good!

    That's why I gave this game a 4/3 stars, otherwise it would have easily been 5/5. ...more info
  • A quick review - highs and lows
    At its heart, this is a button mashing action game. The role-playing features are secondary to what amounts to a very "Gauntlet"-type experience (for those of you familiar with that franchise). On the plus side:

    -The many powers you can unlock for each character make the game interesting and really do provide your characters with improved performances.
    -The voice-over is faithful to each character.
    -There are many secrets to unlock (characters, abilities, items, etc.)

    On the "negative" side:
    -The combat system is real time, which for me meant that the learning curve was pretty high at first. I had to learn how to assign powers, use them, switch mutants, and heal everyone...all while being atacked.
    -There are so many abilities for each mutant to build up that, at times, it gets to be too much to remember.
    -Same goes for the items you can buy or acquire from enemies. After a while, if you want to switch belts, or gloves, or anything else between mutants, it's going to take you a bit.
    -Finally, the hack and slash style of play gets a little old.

    ...more info
  • Gabe B.
    This is a really fun game. The graphics were well designed and the game play was unique, not like other games I've played before. It was fun being able to choose which characters to play and designing my own team. I would recomend this game. It's not the best game in the world, but if you like X-Men you'll like this game a lot....more info
  • Not much fun
    I bought this to play with a friend, but we gave up on it after an hour or so. I was hoping for a good beat-em-up game with some neat moves, but X-Men Legends II can't decide whether it wants to be an RPG or action game. Sometimes an action RPG can be fun, like Oblivion. But XMLII gets overly mired down in the crappy story. You wind up in a pattern, fight 10 or 20 enemies, then it goes to cut scenes about the uninteresting story. I really just want to beat stuff up. You're constantly finding items and powers that you're supposed to intelligently distribute, we always just used "auto distribute" or whatever and kept on going. After all, it's no fun sitting around watching the other play distribute powers and items.

    The graphics aren't very good, the characters are fairly small, the alien planet scenery isn't that interesting. Sounds were decent.

    Overall if you're looking for an action game with RPG elements and a constantly intruding storyline, this game is for you. Otherwise pass or just rent it.

    ...more info
  • Poor Design Quality Ruins What Could Have Been a Great Game
    What makes X-Men Legends II so frustrating is that there was so much potential here, yet poor production quality ruined what would have otherwise been an incredible game. As with many games based on movie or comic book franchises, this game relies more on name recognition and an already established fan base than on the actual performance of the game itself to attract buyers.

    I was hoping to see an improvement over the graphics on the original X-Men Legends, but it looks like the developers used the same engine. One improvement over the original is that characters now have many more skills to choose from. But even this feature's benefit is curtailed by the fact that many of the skills available to the characters are practically useless.

    The main complaint I have with X-Men Legends II is that it is utterly unplayable once your characters reach a high level. For some reason, the game constantly freezes once your characters start to approach level 70. This glitch is so rampant that the game is totally unplayable on higher levels. This is frustrating, because once you've invested several hours into building up a powerful team of characters, you want to enjoy the fruits of your labor, yet the game's faulty design won't let you.

    Overall, it's still a fun game, and that's what makes the serious design flaws so frustrating....more info
  • Too Many Glitches
    It seriously hampers your overall enjoyment of the game. The game freezes up when you have too many items, it stops dropping items when certain conditions aren't met, etc. It's just a nightmare...

    DO NOT buy this game; save your money for the upcoming Marvel team-up game (the exact name escapes me right now)....more info
  • Good but not Great
    X-Men Legends II is pretty good. The action is nice and the animations are smooth. But this game isn't great. It gets pretty boring at times and you mainly just punch and do combos ( which is cool, but I expect Spider-Man to do combos). Anyway I highy reconmmed it, although you might wanna to rent it first....more info
  • A great idea reduced to a miserable atrocity
    Yes, this game is sadly an atrocity. Anyone who has played the first X Men LEgends would know that the game is actually very fun. Legends 2 is no different. However, there are far too many glitches in this game. Activision should've had a recall. This is just poor programming and testing on the part of Activision. I'm not sure if they would acknowledge it, bu there are far too many glitches. IE: Once you get into hard mode, the game constantly freezes. This is inexcusable. Equally appalling are the other bugs. Jean Grey's Mental Mastery (increases damage done by mental power attacks) does not do anything. Putting points into the last 4 bars of her Dark Phoenix skill doesn't raise its effectiveness by any means.

    Overall, this is a great game. It has the potential to be very fun. However, the crashing occurs so constantly that you just can't ignore it. I hope Marvel Ultimate Alliance would be much better. ...more info
  • Word of caution for novice buyers
    I know nothing about computer games, I bought this for my little brother. I don't know how he feels about the game itself but he was hugely disappointed (initially) that it was NTSC and his PS2 is pal (we're from East Africa). So for those novice buyers out there, make sure the games you buy are compatible with the systems you have. It's fine now, cos he'll get the system on his PS2 changed, but that initial disappointment sucked for all of us....more info
  • Don't buy this. DO NOT buy this.
    This is one of Marvel's more pathetic attempts at a video game. And probably one of the worst games out there as far as PlayStation2 is concerned. Why? Because while the gameplay and controls are fun, the actual game itself is filled with glitches, sub-par graphics, and some levels are almost impossible to get through unless you have a stroke of luck and find out what exactly you are supposed to be doing.

    Like Marvel? Like the X-Men? Well buy the game based on the movie, instead of buying this. This is just pathetic. Even the first Spiderman game was better....more info
  • X men legends II, True mystery
    When the last installment came out it left alot of Unanswered questions answered. So who wouldn't have thought the next installment release wouldn't have done the same. With the Rise of Apocalypes it have only done just the opposite, such as why is the angle of the camera so difficult to readjust?, also when are the characters going to be able to use their powers during flight? Once you get past the intial hangups the game play is back to the original. SO if you are a FAN of the 1st installement then this next venture is exactlly what you are seeking for. ...more info
  • Better than the first one, but ...
    Okay, this is heads above the first game, which was good in and of itself. There are more characters, more powers, more enemies, the ability to change the costumes right off the bat and more. But there is a slight problem.

    The game sometimes freezes up.

    I can't stand when that happens in a game. I don't know why it does this, but it seems to happen when there are a lot of enemies on screen and a bunch of super powers being used at once. I found a way to limit this, which involves getting just about to the spot where it continues to freeze, open up a Blink Portal (a device that lets you get back to base), save the game and go back. If it freezes, you just start over at your base and the game seems to go fine.

    Now you can play as Bishop, Magneto, Toad and Sunfire! All good characters, though Toad only resembles the Ultimate one from what I could tell. You also get to fight Stryfe, Apocalpyse and Sauron. How cool is that?

    I can't wait for the third one....more info
  • The Truth about X-Men Legends II Rise of Apocalypse...
    This just may be my shortest review yet... all I can say is take the first game, X-Men Legends, and times it by 2. The game delivered in everything I had hoped it would have, even more mutants, great sound and ambience, nice storyline and fantastic gameplay.

    All that held me back in even the slightest was the fact that it was a quick game. Not blink and its over quick but turn your head to look at your poster of White Queen and its over quick. :)

    If you liked the first game.. you have to get this one... if you never played the first game... find my review on that one, rent it and see if its anything you like, than buy this game. :)...more info
  • Withtout a doubt, the single most bug-ridden game I've EVER played
    Okay...it's like this: I've been playing video games for almost 20 years now, and X-Men Legends II has secured a special place in my hall of shame as the most problematic, bug-ridden game EVER. And this is a darn abominable shame, because the game itself is actually a lot of fun.

    First of all, the game loves to crash on me when I least expect it. When I visit Beast/Forge's shop and choose the "see equipment" option, the game will sometimes kick me out to the title screen! And if I haven't saved my game in the last 5 seconds, bye-bye unsaved progress! The same thing tends to happen when I'm using the Danger Room computer, or using an Xtraction Point to change my team: the screen will go black, and I'll find myself back at the title screen.

    The Hero Stash is another source of frustration. You're allowed to keep up to 60 things in there, but I've discovered that anytime I exceeded 15, all the equipment from Beast/Forge's shop that was for sale would just vanish. That's right; Beast/Forge would suddenly just stop selling stuff to you (except for potions and the Grab Bag), and I could not get the shop to start offering stuff again, even after I got rid of some stuff from the Hero Stash.

    Also, you probably noticed that defeated enemies and breakable objects often cough up tech bits and, more rarely, armor and equipment. I've noticed that all this stops right around the end of Chapter 2: I can't get any money (tech bits) from that point on, no matter how many enemies I beat! How the HECK am I supposed to buy potions and armor and equipment without any money?

    All these bugs have screwed up my save data permanently several times already, and I've had to start the game over from the beginning each time, hoping that I can do something differently each time to avoid the bugs, but no such luck. Frankly, I'm now sick of trying.

    What was Raven Software doing with this game??? Did they even have a Quality Assurance department? Hey Raven, you guys NEED to come out with X Men Legends 3, and you NEED to address the bugs. That's the ONLY way you'll make up for releasing an UNFINISHED game onto the market. And you guys'd better make sure this NEVER happens again....more info
  • I gave it a shot, and it shot me in the face
    When I started playing Rise of Apocalypse, I wasn't initially enthralled with the gameplay. I could see the potential for repetitiveness, and I have to say that I was underwhelmed by all of the characters included here. Some nice inclusions are Sunfire, Iron Man, and Deadpool, but honestly who really cares about Scarlet Witch and Grizzly? When the boss for the first level is Grizzly you realize that they scraped the bottom of the barrel for random cameos by obscure characters. That doesn't mean I didn't appreciate the good inclusions. Sunfire became a staple of my chosen four, because his energy attacks and flying ability come in very handy.

    Activision tried to base this game off the Age of Apocalypse storyline, but the only real reference to this is Sugarman. He mentions briefly that he comes from an alternate future in which Apocalypse rules most of the world, but aside from that you don't get much. In fact, there's not much in the way of story overall. When I play an action game like this, I want the repetitive smashing to be broken up with a compelling story. Give me a reason to keep bashing stuff. Without motivation, I can think of a dozen other things I'd rather be doing than engaging in mediocre gameplay. The first X-Men Legends had a cohesive story to it. The events of one mission directly led to the next, and so on and so forth to the last battle against Mastermold, giving the gameplay a sense of urgency: I need to save the world, and what happened in previous levels had a direct effect on why I am here at the end. Rise of Apocalypse feels like a series of unrelated events hastily stapled together to create something like a plot: over here is the first thing we need to do to defeat Apocalypse, now over here is the second thing we need to do, and over here is the third, and now we've defeated Apocalypse. Lackluster, to say the least.

    Replay value for me was virtually non-existent. You can play through the game again with newly unlocked characters, but I didn't really have the urge. If the game included a reason why Tony Stark decides to lend Iron Man's help to the cause, or why Deadpool decides to become involved, it might be a bit more entertaining. As it is, you can play through on a higher difficulty to make the game more interesting, but higher difficulty in this case means about ten times more bad guys who are about 100 times harder to kill. You will get your ass kicked over and over again and have to revive lots of teammates. Add to this the insane number of bugs you have to kill in the first mission, and it makes for a miserable gaming experience.

    Now let's talk about the glitches. There's a really big one that makes you have to start over again from the beginning. At a certain point New York, the game freezes up. Every time you try to start the level over again, it will freeze in roughly the same spot. There is no way around this unless you know the secret. Make sure your party is carrying a very small number of items, like belts, gauntlets, and gloves. If they're carrying too many, the game can't handle it, and it freezes up. I didn't know this at the time and wound up having to play the entire game over again, having the game freeze up again in the same spot, and eventually finding help online. Irritating, to say the least.

    Overall, the game is decent, but that's only because I'm a fan of the X-Men and I liked having Sunfire available as a playable character. I wouldn't reccommend anyone buying this game. If you want an average gaming experience, then by all means rent it. I highly reccommend you avoid this game, though, as there really are many other wonderful things you could do with your time and energy....more info
  • Frustrating game with too many glitches
    I played and enjoyed X-Men Legends I, but I am terribly disappointed by this sequel. I've encountered many glitches in this game. In fact, this may be the worst game I've ever played as far as glitches go. It's as if the developers didn't even care; the glitches in this game could've easily been detected and fixed if they had tested it adequately. For a game with so much hype and anticipation, there is no excuse for putting out a shoddy product. I know I'm in the minority here, because most people on the web are enthralled by this game because it does have many playable characters, mutant powers, etc. And the game mechanics are reasonably sound, but for me the game is frustrating and unplayable. I personally don't like playing a game with so many bugs. I wouldn't pay more than $10 for this game because the only thing it's really good for is to be able to run around and bash things with X-Men skins. There are many other games out there that are more polished and are a better use of your time....more info
  • my characters shot the walls...
    This game was really cool, and my buddies and I have been playing it pretty much every night of the week, unlocking every part we could. Eventually, one of my friends and I got to Sugar Man, with Bishop, Deadpool, Iceman and Gambit in tow...for some reason, Bishop being the time traveling genius he is, decided the wall was more dangerous than Sugar Man, and decided to unload all of his energy on it. Needless to say, we got thumped when he used all of our energy packs on a wall that wouldnt die. We jumped him out of our team for good, and I kept using Deadpool, also equipped with twin pistols. Guess what he did...he spent about a full minute shooting a wall with nobody there first chance he got. Even though he is one of my favorite marvel characters, I was so mortified by this act, that he got second string position...he's on the back burner. The only other problem with him was that fighting against Deadpool, he had a much better voice than the Deadpool that you play as after you beat the game. We spent a lot of time just laughing at him. Anyways, despite the shortcomings of these two characters, and that Colossus is too weak in the game for what hes like in the comics, I found the game amazingly built. The only thing preventing a 5 star rating is the idiocy of characters with guns. If Forge were playable, id prolly be crying, instead of just wincing in pain, because he'd do the exact same thing....more info
  • Great Improvements in the game
    When videogame sequels are released, gamers often wonder how it contrasts the original in the series. After numerous hours of game play with the first X-men Legends game and careful review of X-men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse, gamers are going to get the same mutant bashing, level destroying fun of the first game with a considerable amount of improvements.
    Compared to the first X-men legends game, the second in the series has many upgrades. First of all, the unexpected alliance of the X-men and Brotherhood members allows players to assume the role of not only the goody, goody X-men characters we all love, but also the malicious members who make up the brotherhood. Mutants such as Magneto, Juggernaut, Scarlet Witch, Sunfire, and Toad are suiting up to stop the evil that perils them.
    In addition to adding some powerful new characters - and weeding out the weaker ones - Each character has a much larger array of skill up grades. In fact, more than double the amount of usable skills can be found for each character, as well as more passive skills, resulting in more ways to customize each of your mutants.
    The introduction of acts in this installment is a huge improvement. Unlike the first game where players are forced to follow the storyline unable to return to the areas they have previously visited, Rise of Apocalypse takes players through five acts, which can be revisited at any time. This also allows there to be more hidden areas and items to be found, since players can revisit any area. New secret objects include data discs (increases the number of potions held) and tech stations (increases one of a characters four primary statistics), along with the old secret findables danger room discs, comic books, and sketchbooks.
    The environments have improved and players are taken from the land of Genosha, to New York City, and even through the great pyramids in Egypt. In each of these lands players can find an abundance of new enemy baddies and bosses to test their new Mutant powers.
    Overall this game has improved greatly. Every aspect from the characters, their abilities, the environments, enemies, and secrets has been upgraded. This game is a great installment to the X-men Legends series and is worthy of a place in any adventure lover's playstation.
    ...more info