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Product Description

"I can do it myself!" Toddlers are at a stage of development in which they are discovering their identities and learning autonomy. But sometimes, when things are out of reach, they need a little boost. This is where the Safe Step Stool from Baby Bjorn comes in. With the Baby Bjorn Safe Step your child can safely and easily reach things around the house. The step stool's rubber padded legs stabilize the step stool and prevent sliding. The rubber matting on top of the step creates a no-slip surface for your child to stand on. The Safe Step stool truly lives up to its name. Every toddler deserves one!

  • Surface on top of stool
  • Rubber padded legs prvent stool from slipping
  • Rounded corners for safety
  • Dimensions: 11.5l x 8d x 6h (inches)
  • For health and hygiene reasons, we cannot accept returns on this item

Customer Reviews:

  • Bany Bjorn Safe Step
    My son is very tall for his age and he outgrew his potty chair rather quickly, so we had to switch to the toilet. In combination with the Bjorn Potty seat, his stool has been a great. It is very stable and has a a non-slip surface. My son loves it. We even bought one for grandma's house....more info
  • My baby uses this all the time for many different reasons!
    well.. she uses when she takes a bath, for she likes to sit down on something rather than just sitting in the tub.
    she sits on this step when she plays her little toy piano.
    she totally take this thing around my house using it to climb up on the couch, reach the sink washing her hands & for many more reasons/ways~
    I love it!...more info
  • Sturdy but not useful
    Like all Bjorn products, this stool is well-made. However, it is too short to be useful. We have a tall 2.5 year old and the ugly $5 Target version is the one we have to use simply because it's 1-2 inches higher. ...more info
  • Perfect for brushing teeth and getting on the big girl potty
    This is great for reaching the sinnk to brush teeth or get up on the "mommy potty". It is small enough to keep hidden in our tiny bathroom between the sink and the tub.
    And it matches my daughter's potty. The top comes clean very easily- love this! ...more info
  • Sturdy
    I am happy with this step stool. I bought 2 for my daughter for our house. One is for the bathroom. She is 18 months old and can easily carry the stool to where she wants it. She uses it as a seat and stands on it. The top has grips to give her a non slip surface. I love the bright colors.
    I did not look for other step stools, so I am not comparing quality or prices. I bought this product because I have been very pleased with the baby born brand. I feel they have good quality products. ...more info
  • Works for my triplets!
    There is rubber on the bottom for no slip and rubber on the top for no slip as well! Height could be a bit taller but most are about the same height....more info
  • Too short...
    This stool is only 6 inches tall (or a little less...the box it arrived in was 6 inches tall). There is no assembly it seems to be really great quality. Rubber skid resistant top and legs.

    I went to Target and bought an 8" stool near the mops & buckets for $5.99 and will be returning this item. ...more info
  • Quality Product
    I purchased this step stool when we began potty-training our twin boys. Nice features are the neutral white color and non-slip rubberized top and legs. It is pricy - I probably could have found a similar product for a lower price....more info
  • Don't bother
    This stool is nothing special AT ALL! I paid like $16 for a stool that is not slide proof and is not tall enough to get my daughter's face over the bathroom counter. It was a total waste of money. I got a better stool from the dollar store!...more info
  • Useless for Potty
    I bought this stool for toilet training. It does not get my 36 inch tall son anywhere near the potty seat except to peer down into the toilet. I moved the step into the kitchen so he can use it to get water from the refrigerator. False advertising....more info
  • "Safe" Step is far from being safe.
    This step was terribly disappointing, the grips on the bottom don't keep the step from sliding right out from under my son's feet. The third time he stepped up it went right out from under his feet and he fell over and landed on the edge of the tub, it was awful. It seems to work okay on the carpeted surface, but I'm not really giving it much use anymore....more info
  • Best step stool
    My son absolutely loves this step stool. He can pick it up easy and move it around to wear he needs to reach higher and when he sets it down, the grips actually work, never slides! ...more info
  • Good product by not for me
    I have bought only BabyBjorn potty products- the toilet trainer, potty chair & safe step. This is a good product but is too short for my 2 yr old to reach the adult toilet safely. It has a nice non-skid top & bottom & stays put which is great & very important for safety. Maybe it will work in somone else's house, but it is a bad fit for mine....more info
  • A bit pricy
    This is a very sturdy stepstool with good non-skid pads. I purchased it because it matched the Babybjorn toilet seat. However, I feel that it was a little pricy for a plastic stepstool. ...more info
  • babybjorn is the best
    It's very safe because of the non-slip rubber. Our son uses it when he brushes his teeth or when he goes to the potty. It's light and easy for him to carry. Nice color too. Highly recommended!!!...more info
  • Safety Hazard
    This step stool is a safety hazard. The sides are not angled enough so a two-year-old can easily step too close to the edge and tip it over. In fact the stepping surface is so small that it's hard for a little guy to stay in the middle of it. And when the stool is tumbled over a little explorer can hurt himself badly when he falls onto the sharp edges of the legs....more info
  • Great Product!
    My 2-year old is starting the potty training process. It's the perfect size. The only thing that could make it better is if it wrapped around the toilet a little further. That way he could stand closer to the toilet when he pees. I don't think you'll find a step stool like that so this is the next best thing....more info
  • Nice toddler step
    I like this because it is a nice construction. I bought the white and it blends in nicely. I just wish it was a little higher. We have a newer construction home and the bathroom counters are high so it is still too low for her to wash hands by herself for now. ...more info
  • Nice Stool
    I purchased this stool with the matching seat cover for my daughter for potty training. I like that the top has a non-slip cover on it to keep my daughter from slipping when getting up on the toilet. She really likes that she has her own special stool for going potty, it has helped in encouraging her to start potty training....more info
  • Simple but does the job
    This stool is not decorative, but it does what it is intended to do. I also have the cute, wooden step stool type of stool, but I needed a stool for a small bathroom where function took precedence over form. What I really liked about it was that it had a non-skid botton as well as a non-skid standing surface (others like this in this price range do not). ...more info
  • great step stays in place
    I really like how this step was designed to stay in place. We have a cheaper plastic stool in another bathroom that tends to scoot too easily as our son climbs up on it. This one stays put! The only reason this stool didn't get 5 stars from me is because of the textured top. It is a little difficult to clean. Since this is a potty step stool, it has gotten some messes on it that I wish would have been easier to get rid of!...more info
  • safe and sturdy
    Our 2 1/2 yr old really likes this stool. She has used it for almost a year to reach the sink and now for learning how to use the potty. We feel safe with the rubber pads on tile or on carpet. The wide rubber area to step on provides more traction for those uncoordinated feet! We bought another one for upstairs. The best quality I could find in BabiesRUs, Target & WalMart....more info
  • Love this product
    This seat by far surpasses the other mount on the toilet seats because it doesnt move or pinch at all. My 19 month old son loves it and feels very safe and comfortable on it. Spend the extra money and get the best one first your little one will really appreciate it....more info
  • Very nice stool!
    My 2 year old son and I love this stool! It is EASY to clean, and the rubber on the bottom keeps it from sliding around on our bathroom floor. We use it in conjunction with the Baby Bjorn toilet trainer, which I also love. My son is able to move it to the toilet, climb on the toilet trainer seat, do the job, climb down, move it to the sink, and wash his hands. This helps him have the independence he needs. It has a nice design and doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in a guest bathroom. It just looks clean and white. Love the Baby Bjorn stepstool!
    ...more info
  • Tips over easily
    I've been a little disappointed in this step stool. My son is 2 and just starting to be interested in potty training. One of his favorite things has been using this stool to get up on the potty by himself. However, the stool has tipped over several times causing him to fall. Last night it happened again and when he fell he got a small cut on his head. Today the stool will "disappear" from his bathroom. We won't be using it anymore....more info
  • ok, but too low
    I was hoping this stool would help my toddler be able to wash his hands, but it's really too low. I guess this is better for an older child who just needs a little lift. I wish I had paid attention to the dimensions before buying. It seems fine otherwise....more info
  • a step up
    My son is just about 4 years old & we've recently purchased this stool & the Baby Bjorn potty seat for him to use the big potty. So far we haven't had any problems with the stool. The grippy rubber is super grippy!It's lightweight yet sturdy. It stands just over 6 inches high, about 13 long & 7 wide. My son has no problems moving it over, putting it in place, stepping up & standing on it. I don't believe this would be a good stool for younger children, but older ones shouldn't have a problem. My son Loves this stool & uses it around the house for all kinds of things. ...more info
  • Wonderful stool!
    We have been using this step stool for almost 2 years and we have never had a problem with it tipping over. My daughter uses it to get on her potty seat on the toilet, to reach the sink to wash her hands/brush her teeth, and many other places around the house! The stool is very sturdy and does not slip on the floor. It is easy to clean. We have been very pleased with all of our Baby Bjorn purchases. ...more info
  • Multi-functional...we're getting a second one
    Purchased a couple years ago, this stool is still going strong. Our two boys (ages 3 and 4) have not only used it for potty training, but as they are outgrowing their booster chairs at the dining table, they both like using this stool instead. The bottom rubber treads help keep it in place. Multi-functional (potty training, washing hands, and booster for dining room chair) and travels easy too. We are ordering a second today because with two boys, they both want to use it all the time. ...more info
  • Great product
    Definitely recommend if your looking for a "step up" for your little ones. I use it in the bathroom and it's the perfect height. It's very secure and safe with the rubber material on the top and bottom. ...more info
  • awesome!
    This step is well worth the $. It is sturdy and stable. I would highly recommend it!!...more info
  • Safe step?
    This step is safe to stand on but I don't like that the underneath is very rough. My Daughter fell on it after flipping the step over and it does hurt. The design could be better....more info
  • My almost 2-year old loves it
    At first I thought the price was a bit steep for just a stepping stool, but I'm glad I went with my gut and bought it. My daughter will be two next month and is potty training. She was so proud of herself when she learned how to step up and step down from the stool and enjoys standing on it to look at herself in the bathroom mirror.

    It is well-made and has never slipped, as well as the top is rubbery, so my daughter never slips while standing on it. It is heavy enough to stay in place while being stood on, but light enough for her to pick up and carry where she wants it.

    We also bought the matching potty chair and that has worked out for us, as well.

    Something superficial and not incredibly important (just a bonus) that I enjoy about the set is that it doesn't look tacky in the bathroom....more info
  • Pink Baby Bjorn Step - Great Purchase
    This is a great product. Before we purchased this, our three year old couldn't reach the sink or toilet by herself. We had a big wooden stepstool, but it took up too much space in the bathroom. She can move this herself and it's such a pleasure. It's lightweight, sturdy and since her favorite color is pink, it's a big hit. We bought three of them ... one for each bathroom....more info
  • Could be a bit bigger
    Overall the stool is not bad. Unfortunately, it is not tall enough. My son is 2 1/2 and is considered big for his age. When he sits on the toilet his feet do not sit flat on the stool. The stool is to small to use at the sink. I am sure it will be fine when my son gets a little bigger. Right now, not so great....more info
  • Baby Bjorn Safe Step - White
    I spent the extra money and bought this in white because I'm bright-children's-colored "plasticked" out. The rubber grips keep it from slipping. It's very sturdy and safe, cleans easily, and not an eyesore. It's only worth the extra money if you care about keeping your house from looking completely like Romper Room. :)...more info
  • Sturdy
    I bought this with my Bjorn potty chair. It's nice and sturdy. Very pleased with the product....more info
  • Sturdy step stool
    This is a great step stool. I purchased one last year and ended up buying an extra one for my youngest daughter. Both my kids love to stand on them while I wash their hands or brush their teeth. It is made of durable platic and the non-slip rubber on the bottom works great. I also recommend the baby Bjorn bibs and plates....more info
  • Perfect for my 2-1/2 year old
    I love this lightweight yet safe step stool. My 2-1/2 year old daughter can pick it up all by herself and place it in front of the sink to wash her hands, brush her teeth, etc. The rubber layer on top and on the legs makes it really safe to climb on. Also, the step stool is easy to clean. So glad I got this!...more info
  • BabyBjorn Safe Step Rocks!
    I needed a little stepping stool for my son, so he could reach the bathroom sink. He loves it, and it has grips on the top and bottom for friction. It's also durable....more info
  • Great basic step stool
    This is a great basic step stool for your toddler, very happy with the purchase! My little girl drags it around everywhere she needs to "step up", it's light too so she doesn't struggle with it....more info
  • A good, sturdy step stool
    Using this for my toddler (2yo) in his bathroom. Have not noticed any difference between this product and cheaper step stools. It is sturdy, nice-looking and serves the purpose - even though for some people it makes sense to buy a cheaper one....more info
  • Almost there...
    I love how stable this stool is - doesn't slip or slide under my son. The problem I have is that it is about 3" too short to be useful with our normal height toilet. My son's feet don't reach the stool when he sits down....more info
  • this is too $$$ - go get an ikea footstool for $2.99 + tax
    A friend of mine got this stool for her kid and I see no difference between it and an ikea one that I have. Ikea sells a step stool with a non slip top and also a non-slip underside for $2.99. Unless you don't have access to an ikea and have no other reason to go besides getting a step stool, you should save your money....more info
  • Product is not as described
    First, the product I received is not in the same color as pictured. It is a combination of blue (body) and red (top and rubber feet).

    Second, the product dimensions in the description are misleading. They are not true to the actual sizes. It's actually 11.5"L x 8"W on the top, and 6" deep. The product is smaller than described even when measured from the widest points, which is 13"L x 9"W.

    The product itself is in good quality. However, it is too short for little kids to reach the toilet. If it were 8" deep as described, it would be much better.
    ...more info