Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum

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Hoover, Tempo Bagged Upright Vac, Headlight, Deluxe Stretch Hose, 15" Cleaning Width, Includes Deluxe Set Of Attachments.

The Tempo WidePath features a 15-inch cleaning path for super fast vacuuming when you need it the most. Plus, the WidePath cleans indoor air while you vacuum, thanks to an innovative allergen filtration system that traps 100 percent of dust mites, 99.98 percent of ragweed, and common grass pollens for cleaner breathing and fresher air. A powerful, 12 amp motor provides ample suction and doesn't leave anything behind. A brilliant headlight illuminates the cleaning path to ensure thorough vacuuming. Onboard tool storage keeps attachments, such as a dusting brush, furniture nozzle, crevice tool, and two extension wands in close reach. A smaller profile (approximately 33-1/4 by 18-1/2 by 9-1/2 inches) and lighter overall weight makes the Tempo WidePath easy to push, and easier to maneuver around and under furniture, too. And, your purchase is covered by a Hoover one-year warranty. Get a Tempo WidePath, and never get behind on the housework again! --Brian Olson

  • Headlight illuminates cleaning path
  • Powerful 12-amp motor; 15-inch cleaning width
  • Allergen filtration system captures dust mites, ragweed, common pollens
  • Check-bag indicator, easy-open bag door
  • Onboard dusting brush, furniture nozzle, crevice tool, 2 extension wands; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • what a vaccum for the price
    We were looking to purchase a new vacuum and checked out the consumer report guide. The top rated vacuums were Kenmores at Sears costing around $300.00. We did check them out but we couldn't get anyone in the store to tell us what the warranty was. We were told in information was inside the box in the instruction manual. We weren't comfortable purchasing without this information. So we went home and reviewed the consumer report again and discovered that this Hoover vacuum was very highly rated for less than 1/3rd the price. We were surprised at how well it cleans. The suction power is great. Cleans exceptionally well. It evens as a bit of self-propel motion. If needed, we could replace this one 3 times for the cost of the Kenmore. The only one draw back is that the bag is a bit small, but we still feel we got a great deal. ...more info
  • Great value Hoover
    This vacuum works better than the Hoover that I spent three times as much to buy! Works great on wood floors and on my carpets. You have to assemble it and the screws used to hold the handle on fell to the bottom of the box and were very hard to find. Once they were in, handle is great. When I first used the hose on my stairs, I was a little confused b/c there is no lid over what looks to be the intake. It didn't matter though, everything went inside the bag as it was supposed to. I'm happy with my purchase....more info
  • Works as expected
    I ordered this vacuum for my sons' apartment. They just moved in together! It works just fine; now the trick is getting them to use it. ...more info
  • my vacuum is a little jet
    my machine is has the greatest suction out all my vacuum i use to own and its also very light weight thats a big plus i would recommend to anyone ...more info
  • Doesn't Pick Up Dirt That Well
    I purchased this vacuum cleaner to replace a Hoover Sprint Vacuum I used for 6 years. The Tempo Widepath does a poor job of picking up any dirt particles. I actually did a test between the Hoover Sprint and the Hoover Tempo Widepath. The Sprint picks up everything but the Tempo Widepath leaves the dirt on the carpet. They don't make things like they used to....more info
  • A little better engineering, please
    The vacuum appears to work well, but my initial impression was that the vacuum and the package it came in were hastily engineered.

    The box arrived with a lot of things rattling around inside - like two bolts and one nut that were supposed to be in a small plastic bag taped to the bag door. The bag wasn't torn, so maybe the packer just threw them in the box. One of the nuts escaped in transit, the other was hiding under a flap in the bottom of the box.

    Cord storage is poorly thought out. Very cumbersome and the clip on the plug is too small to fit over the electric cord. The manual talks about a feature called DirtFINDER which doesn't exist. My guess is that later versions of this model removed it to save a few pennies. Likely the cord was replaced with a thicker one and nobody re-engineered the plug clip.

    As others have noted, the on/off switch is well out of reach down on the bag door. This was probably a compromise that allowed the handle to be detached for shipping, but a better solution would have been a foot switch.

    But it works and has a bag. I've discarded two Kenmore bagless because they clogged up with dirt somewhere down in the motor housing and lost suction. The first one lasted a few months until Christmas tree needles destroyed it. The second one (a gift, needless to say) lasted about two years.

    I hope this vacuum lasts me a long time, but if not, I'll buy another bagged vacuum in the future.
    ...more info
  • Great Value for the Price - Good for Cabins, Small Apartments
    I was looking for a cheap, but decent vacuum for our fixer-upper cabin which called for an all-purpose vacuum. Plus, since we don't use the place as much as we do our own home, I wasn't willing to shell out a whole lot for a vacuum cleaner.

    I read the reviews on Amazon.com and Consumer Reports and decided to give the Hoover a try. I have been extremely pleased in the 3 months we have owned it. To sum up the +s and -s:
    *Great price - $65 is easy on the wallet
    *picks up everything! It has great suction
    *It practically "drives" itself right out of my hands - much easier to maneuver around the floors than my $450 Dyson at home
    *light-weight - not a chore to drag up our steep stairs
    *The "headlight" is a great little feature which allows you to see into dark corners and under shaded spots in the room
    *I like the bag -- much cleaner to empty than my Dyson, and I don't have to empty it every time I vacuum

    *I agree with the other reviews that speak to the cheap, plastic feel/look to it. --But this is why you're only paying 10s of dollars instead of 100s of dollars
    *The short hose is a pain when you want to quickly suck something up. You have to unwrap the entire power cord to get at it and then add on the extension attachments to really be able to use it. I have tipped it over a number of times reaching for something I'm trying to vacuum.
    *It's LOUD!
    *The on-board attachments are so-so/flimsy plastic, but they get the job done; and again, if you want something with a little more structure, shell out the extra dough for a higher-end model
    *The bag-full indicator is always on - since the 2nd time I used it, it appears that the bag is full, so I still have to check manually.
    *As I eluded to above, the power cord winds around the vacuum in an awkward way and you have to unwind all of it to use the onboard attachments. --But this is no different than the Dyson.

    Again, this is a great vacuum for the price. It's particularly good for small living spaces or to keep on one floor of the house. Since we aren't at the cabin as much as we are at home, this is the perfect vacuum for us! I'll keep my Dyson at home and the Hoover at the cabin....more info
  • Great for the money
    I am very pleased with this vacuum. I bought it because of the rating with Consumer Reports. It has great suction and picks up everything, especially lint and pet hair. Sometimes it's a little hard to pull the hose attachment out and the bags are a little small. It was a breeze to put together. I would definantly recommend this item....more info
  • Extremely powerful and efficient for the price
    I'm usually the guy to go for expensive appliances - I always thought that you get what you pay for. This one's different. For a change, I chose to trust 1000+ people who had rated this highly and purchased this in addition to my $350 vac that wasn't doing too good a job.

    I was rewarded well. Works efficiently and has a powerful motor, carpet cleaning is terrific. Assembly is simple and straightforward. The only reason that the price might be low is because the plastic on the outside is probably of cheaper material - but who cares, it is the suction power and ability to do a clean job that matters. Go for it....more info
  • another great hoover product
    I will never waste my time buying anything but a hoover again. Hoover vacuums are the strongest and most effecient. This one is so powerful that it actually moves itself forward when you turn it on. It does not have any flashy "eye candy" parts. But if you are looking for a great vacuum that is strong and durable, get this hoover. It makes beautiful patterns in the carpets and picks up everything. A very practical price for a great value. Another great hoover vac! Even the attachment tools are powerful--Eureka & dirt devil can't say that. ...more info
  • Awesome vacuum,highly rated
    Basically I'm a big fan of Consumer Reports. They rated this vacuum extremely high compared to other more expensive vacuums. It has worked very well for me except for the belt...broke after 3 days. So I bought more belts($3) and have had no problems since. Be careful, if you set this on the lowest setting for your carpet it may take off without you. It is that strong! ...more info
  • Hoover Tempo
    Great lightweight easy to use machine. Does as well as the #200.00 models in my opinion....more info
  • Great Vacuum - Great Price
    I was shopping for a simple upright vacuum to use in my small apartment. I went through several from Sears and other companies, but nothing compared to the ease of use and cleaning power of this Hoover Upright. I found the same vacuum locally for about $30 more than I bought it at Amazon. I got the vacuum within 2 business days...that's good service! I am now looking at a Christmas present for myself...an $800 Tag Heuer watch. Amazon has the watch that I want for about $600 less than the local Jewelery Store (1400). Guess where I'm going to buy the watch :)Keep up the good work Amazon!A. GalbraithAustin, TX...more info
  • Great vacuum
    Received vacuum in less than a week. It is a great vacuum and is great on pet hair. ...more info
  • So far, so great!
    This vacuum has great suction and almost glides itself across the floor. I feel my carpets are cleaner than they have been in a long time. Easy assembly also. A few reviewers have said it wasn't so wonderful but you'll never find complete satisfaction, even with the most expensive vacuum. Buy this one instead~ ...more info
  • not bad for the price...
    the vacuum part works well but the hose is useless. the suction is not strong enough to pick anything up. ...more info
  • Good suction, but hard on plush carpets
    I wanted a vacuum that had good suction and I definitely got it with this Hoover. It looks a little chintzy, but it is powerful. In fact, it is almost too powerful. My longer rugs take a bit of a beating from it, pulling out loose threads. This also makes it difficult to push over the longer rugs. When you first start the machine, it sucks so quickly and powerfully that you can't move it forward without significant effort. But once you get past the initial strain, it works great. The attachments also work really well, but I wish the hose was a little longer. I haven't tried to replace a bag yet, so I don't know how difficult that is.

    All in all, I'd say a very useful machine, but its probably best on shorter carpets....more info
  • Love this vacuum!
    This vacuum is such a value. I had researched vacuums before I bought a new one. I didn't want to spend a whole lot so I read consumer reports. This was rated very highly for price, suction, pet hair, etc. I totally agree with it all. I would definitely recommend this vacuum to someone else. In fact, I did. I told our good friends about it. They had mentioned that they were looking for the same things we were and they bought one. They too have been very pleased with their purchase. Buy it. You will like it. ...more info
  • Very Happy with my Purchase
    The Hoover Widepath is a great product at a great price. I highly recommend buying this vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Hoover Vacuum Cleaner
    This cleaner works great. Highly recommend this vacuum cleaner. Extremely pleased. Very impressive especially for the price. Has great pick up power from floor or carpeting. The attachments are easy to use and outperform cleaning upholstery done by an expensive model cleaner that cost me more than 10 times as much as this one! It is works great on heavy traffic areas. I have bought 2 of these cleaners -- one for my permanent residence and I was so impressed I bought one for my vacation home....more info
  • Works, but cheap!
    I have had this vacuum for almost two years. I noticed how cheaply made it was right out of the box, but it was lightweight and had good suction. For the first 6-8 months it worked very well. Most of the problems are with the hose. I had to duct tape the hose to the body as it would disconnect. It is also not pliable. It can collapse down and it is hard to reshape for proper suction. The height adjustment feature no longer works. It can also leave dirt under the vacuum when you are using the attachments. ...more info
  • This vacuum sucks! (In a good way!!)
    I shopped around for a long time before buying this vacuum. I was so surprised to have found such an outstanding quality product for such a great price. It has incredible suction power! I have bought several vacuums and have paid well over $500 for some, and none of them have ever been as good as this one. I have all hardwood and tile floors, but I do have rugs, which is why I wanted an inexpensive upright. (I hate canister vacs, which is what I use on the hard surfaces.) We have a stone surrounding the wood burning stove, and it is great for getting all the dust and dirt out of the crevices. All of the tools and attachments are excellent and help me greatly for cleaning ceiling fans, vent covers, etc. I highly recommend this vacuum. It's the very best one I have ever owned, and I've gone through a lot! I also have 2 dogs that shed a lot, so it is more than capable of handling the job better than any other! I am extremely pleased with it....more info
  • Hover vac
    The vac is as good as the previous reviews I had read. It does an ok job on my hardwood floors and and excellent job on the carpet area....more info
    This vacuum was pretty cheap, and worked pretty well when we first got it, but now, after less than 2 years, it has stopped sucking from the front, only the attachments will suck. We have tried everything to fix it, but we are now having to buy another vacuum. I am bummed because I really like bagged vacuums but they are so hard to find these days in a vacuum that really works well. I guess you get what you pay for....more info
  • Vacuum is strong
    I like this vacuum. The only downfall is that it's almost too strong and when used on msaller rugs, it just eats them up. A little bulky too....more info
  • Powerful and inexpensive
    Well worth the money for an all purpose vacuum cleaner. It is self-driven and has a powerful suction. Compact and easily maneuverable. ...more info
  • Hoover x two
    My Hoover is super for the money. I have a $300 vacuum that is very quiet but does not work real well. My $65 Hoover Tempo is not real quiet but is great at cleaning. My older daughter likes it so much that I bought her one for a Christmas gift. I have tried them all and this is my favorite....more info
  • This vac. sucks!
    You cannot go wrong with this vacuum! For the money, you just can't beat it. I have never had a vac. that sucked as hard. Seriously, you really could get a hicky if you put it to your neck.

    Why spend more?...more info
  • Great vacuum!
    We've had 2 or 3 bagless vacuums that have broken within 1-2 years after getting them. They've gotten clogged, etc. We ordered this vacuum instead and it works wonderfully! Much better than even the new bagless ones! Great buy and great deal for this wonderful vacuum!...more info
  • Bad Belt, just like others
    Great price at $70 and free shipping, great cleaning power especially with 2 rabbits running around the place. All the accessories that was included was also good in getting to the hard to reach areas. But one sticking point that seems the same throughout some other reviews is the drive belt, the belt snapped under 2 months of ownership, probably 6-9 times of light usage (two medium area rugs). ...more info
    What can I say except that I am totally astonished that a vaccum of this price would have such amazing suction, even when I'm using the hose and tools!! It is an excellent value, and cleaned my carpets so well, they screamed for mercy. Easy to assemble (REAL easy - 5 minutes), with a nice little handle on the front that makes it very light to carry. The motor is powerful, but I did not find it noisy. Easy to do the stairs, and it sucks stuff out of the carpet all the way to the walls, Frankly, I had the supercalafragilistic Samsung Quiet Storm, which for years was rated the top vacuum on earth or something, and this one is better. It's also several hundred dollars cheaper. The bags are available commercially at the grocery store -- Hoover "Y" bags. A BEST BUY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. FIVE THUMBS UP. ...more info
  • Excellent Value
    This Hoover is an excellent product. It cleans as well as my 4 year old $300.00 vacuum which just broke down. It has a belt drive which may require a new belt down the road. It is several pounds lighter than my old upright. For the low price, if it lasts several years it's well worth the money....more info
  • it sucked its own belt too !!!
    After I got it for a week, I found out the belt was gone while I was cleaning but I couldn't find it anywhere. It certainly came with it. I got it for 7 mos or so, still using without the belt. I got the belt but didn't want to bother, also it's not easy. Everything seems to be fine yet the noise (if u live in apt, use it heavy duty, then watch ur neighbor) and the weight for someone who has to use it every other day. Anyway I'm going to get the red slim hoover one sometime..as I always have thing to back it up handy. ...more info
  • hoover vacuum
    absolutely love this vacuum, wish my old one broke sooner. I have a black carpet (2 long-haired chihuahuas and a cat)and it picks up everything. You can not go wrong with this vacuum expecially for the price....more info
  • Solid, no frills, vacuum
    Just as described- good, solid, no frills vacuum cleaner. I just wanted a reliable vacuum cleaner that does a decent job. This, so far, seems to be it. The bag takes a lot of dirt and is no problem to change out. The flexible hose for the accessory wand is a bit short so one ends up with a fairly intimate relationship with the vacuum body, but the hose is easy to store!...more info
    My wife and I suffer from bad backs and have been having a lot of problem maintaining our carpeted floors. When I read in Consumer Reports about this vacumn cleaner, I was excited to try it out. Ordering from Amazon was quick and easy. The vacumn is a dream. You can control this lightweight with one finger because it feels like it is almost self driven and it will suck up everything that gets close. Amazingly strong. The only drawback so far has been the hose which is a little short, but the other features more than make up for this one drawback. I highly recommend the product and at the price it's a super bargain....more info
  • Wow, a great little sucker!
    This hoover is truly impressive. I blew up my previous (and MUCH more expensive) hoover when I moved into my new home and had 3 shedding cats, a house full of shedding carpet and myself shedding long blonde hair. This vacuum has dealt with all of the above and not even slowed down. I've got to say this vacuum is terrific, much more impressive than one might imagine with it's economical price tag. I recommend it highly, if it can take my abuse it can take anything!
    ...more info
  • $60.00 "basement cat box area cleaner" perfect!
    What else do you say, about $60.00 free shipping/no tax vacume!!
    Got a brain storm in part because I couldn't figure out a functional way to keep the litter box area clean. The bigger heavier $300.00 unit is always upstairs plus, it's the "good vacume". The litter box area downstairs is always dirty extra litter comming off of little feet, you get the drill.

    My new lightweight Hoover does the job in a snap not to mention I can vacume the rest of the spiders up and anything else whenever I want. Plus I can very easily pull out the wand for edges or anything else. The basement has never been so clean. I choose the bagged type purposely over the baggless because of the dust in the litter, clogging up the bagless filter could get costly. The paper bags are dirt:) cheap. So if I get a year or two or three out of this machine no problems I'll just buy another.

    In conclusion, vacumes are so in expensive now days, if it would be nice to have one in some other area just to keep there, get one! From Amazon of course. Best price. Free shipping. No tax. Why wait!...more info
  • Great Vac, Small Bags
    It is a great vacuum with small bags. Make sure to buy bags when you order!...more info
  • Lives Up to its Reputation!
    This vacuum cleaner is highly rated by Consumer Reports...and it has lived up to its great reputation. I absolutely love it! I was not able to find this machine anywhere else (even though their online stores said they had it in stock). Amazon.com had it at the lowest price, and it got here within 2 days of ordering. I couldn't be happier with the way things turned out!...more info
  • Hoover U5140-900
    We have owned this machine for only three months: so-far so good.
    Especially excellent for carpets (good suction). Fairly easy to handle; keeps all dust INSIDE (no dust flying in the air!). Has a convenient usage indicator.

    We purchased the item in tandem with a very convenient (inexpensive) package containing several high-quality filters.

    One minor blemish: if and when using the extension tube (e.g. to pick up dust from surfaces above the floor), one end of the flexible tube has to be extracted from its socket. Placing it back tightly enough in the standard position requires considerable strength....more info
  • Not as good as expected
    Ok I may have set my expectation a little high, since this product is HIGHLY recommended by the Consumer Reports. The item arrived in reasonable time, and assembling is fairly straight forward. However, it doesn't look very new out of the box. Some parts are at the wrong spots and some have dust on them. I don't want to believe Amazon, being such a big name, is selling refurbished items, so I am thinking this may have been caused from shipping. Once put together, the blue cover that covers the waste bag couldn't be closed properly, It falls on the floor all the time while vaccuming. I ended up taping it to the main body. The noise of this thing produces is so high it is unbelievable. I couldn't hear my husband talking when he stands 2 feet away. And this vacuum does NOT work on bare floors (tile floor, wood floor, etc.). It just doesn't work. It not only blows the floor dust around, it also spit out what it already vacuumed in. On a scale of 0-10, 0 being 'not working at all' I rate a -3 for it on the bare floors because it makes it worse. However, good news is it does work on carpet. I rate an 8 for it on carpets. And this is the only reason why I didn't return it.
    Overall I don't recommend this product, but if you can stand the noise and you only use it on carpets, it works. ...more info
  • Hoover
    This vacuum replaced a 30 year old Hoover that I really liked. This model is much improved over the old one. I really like the bag and it's ease of changing, plus it does remove the dust from the air. Very powerful....more info
  • Quality I didn't expect
    When you pay less than $80 for a vacuum cleaner you expect it to be loud, heavy, and have weak suction. This vacuum was the opposite. It is light weight for an upright, not as loud as one of my other uprights, and it has great suction. This is a real nice little find. I haven't had it long, so I can't speak to how well it will hold up, but so far it's proven to be a very good purchase....more info
  • Vacuum with bad looking but cheap and powerful
    My previous vacuum was vision something made by Dirt Devil. The motor only worked for two years and did really bad performance. I'm glad it's gone so soon and I have good excuse to buy a new one.
    I searched through Consumersearch site then link to Amazon for a good vacuum review. I never seen a product which has more than 1000+ reviews but still keeps 4.5 score. Most important, it's CHEAP!
    Wait only two days for delivery, I can't wait to have a test drive with it.
    The design/style is really bad. Just like 70's grandmom antique with hardcase.
    Once I turned it on, WOW! its suction is so powerful and corner/edage is fully covered. Who cares about style! I do agree some reviews mentioned this one just does a great job as $500+ fancy machine.
    If you don't care of taste/style, this is the one! ...more info
  • High Value Vacuum
    I bought this vacuum to be the upstairs vacuum, so was looking for a lower cost, good vacuum. So I was very excited to see this one rated very highly in a Consumer magazine at only 70$. Well I have been rewarded with an excellent vacuum. It is very powerful and pulls itself through the carpet and cleans my high pile rugs perfectly. The only drawbacks I have noticed is that the cord is a little short and the tools are just so so but that is probably why they can sell it so cheap.

    It works better than my other vacuum which cost be almost 300$ and is easier to maintain. I am thinking of ditching my other vacuum for a second one of these. It is a great vacuum. ...more info
  • Terrible product - don't buy it
    My husband learned that this was rated a great product/best buy by Consumer Reports, & purchased it online w/o us trying it first. What a mistake. This is a terrible product - doesn't work on higher-pile carpets - had to use a plumber snake to get the hair/rug fuzz out of the hose, on/off switch is in a very inconvenient location, burnt smell when you vacuum, makes a mess, have to constantly check the rollers & bag, etc. After a lot of aggravation, I'm buying a new vacuum - I'd rather spend a bit extra to get something that will allow me to truly clean my carpets, rather than have to clean 2x the mess! Do not buy this unless: 1) you have very low pile carpeting & 2) are looking to go cheap & only need to use it for abt 1 year or so....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Vacuum
    This is a very good product for the money spent. It's a little noisy, but the only drawback is that the electrical cord could be a little longer....more info
  • Cat Hair $ The Vacuum
    I had a little trouble puttingthe vacuum together and thediagram was not that good.

    Having given the negative, once I got it assembled it was wonderful. I have a very long hair cat and it gets up her fur from the carpeting....more info
  • Great Vacuum!

    I read about this vacuum in Consumer Reports and thought I would try it. It did such a great job I have ordered 4 more for family and friends. I have been using it regularly for several months. I recently had my carpets professionally cleaned and the guy that did the cleaning showed me the dirty water and was shocked how clean it was. And my carpet is 14 years old! I contribute this to regular cleaning with a good vacuum. This is a great buy. I would highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Excellent!!!
    This vacuum cleaner is excellent. The suction is incredible. Two things, it is heavy and it is loud, other than that I am so happy with this vacuum. I would advise anyone to buy one. Low price, good service....more info
  • Easy Rider
    Easy to assemble; easy to use; easy to handle and easy to clean. The machine performs well and has sufficient suction for moderaste to difficult cleaning. It is a neat, good looking, compact package that doesn't baffle you with unnecessary bells and whistles. If you're looking for something on the order of the space shuttle, spend more but don't expect much better performance....more info
  • best buy
    Great Vacuum for the price. Light weight was the prime factor for buying this product....more info
  • Can't get better for this price
    I've gone through a lot of vacuums in my life ranging from $75-$250. This is definitely a great purchase. We have owned the vacuum for 5 months. I really do prefer bagless (mostly because I hate changing bags or running out of them) but that's about the only issue I can think of. It's light weight, suction is great, and most importantly, it does the job for a very reasonable price. ...more info
  • good, but not as good as I had hoped
    I have had this vacuum for about a month. I really like it and everthing in the reviews I read are true. Although, the one reason I needed a vacuum is that the one I have spits dust back into the air and a musty, dirty oder blows through the vent into the room even though I change the bag and filter. I am noticing this vacuum has started to do that same thing. Unlike my old Vac, this one does have a cover when you want to use the hose so it does not blow particles back into the room (as long as you remember to close the flap after taking the hose out). But, sometimes, that smell fills the room when I vacuum. I change the bag at half full and that helps but it does use bags quickly that way. For a fairly inexpensive Vac, I would buy it again. The alternative is heavier vacuums and other problems that might be more frustrating and harder to deal with for the money. At this price, I can save up to buy two. One for my downstairs/basement and one for upstairs. Like many, I hate carrying those awkward vacuums floor to floor. ...more info
  • Great price, Great vacuum
    I hate all the new bagless vacuums, really! I have cats and none of the vacuums seem to work for long. I wanted an "old fashioned" upright vacuum with a bag. This had good reviews and a good price. Boy, does it having moving power. It practically vacuums on its own. You do have to be extra careful not to run over items that will be easily sucked into the vacuum! It has the power I wanted and actually picks up dirt. I can use it on floors and stairs. The bags aren't expensive and can be easily found at Target, Walmart or online. I use it a lot and it hasn't gotten clogged or lost sucking power as ALL my 4 other bagless vacuums have....more info
  • So cheap you can buy one every year...
    To replace your broken vacuum! I bought this because of the consumer reports rating. It worked great, then it started failing to pick up pet hair and strings from my dogs' rope toys.

    I took it apart to clean it as shown in the manual and I replaced the barely used bag and I was back in business.... For a day. I repeated the cleaning steps but my attempts of restoring its past greatness failed.

    I'm on Amazon today looking for a new vacuum. This one lasted a little longer than a year....more info
  • There always has to be a catch
    Bought the item after reading reviews on Amazon. Our former vacuum (also a Hoover) was pretty old and noisy, so we really didn't notice this one being that much nosier. This vaccum works fine, lots of suction. But, the hose on it was not only too short, there was no wire reinforcements, so it easily collapses. This is obviously the area they scrimped on to be able to offer the unit at such a low price. Unfortunately, if you want the extended hose, which by the way has the wire inserts and is much higher quality, you have to buy from Hoover. It is around $40, almost half the price of the vacuum. Seems to me that they would have been better off including that better, longer hose on the original vacuum, even if it meant upping the price a bit to cover it. They would have had more happy customers. As it is, the hose experience left a bad taste and for the combined money spent, we probably could have purchased a superior product....more info
  • Great suction, easy to assemble
    Ordered Wednesday, arrived the next day. Easy to assemble and has wonderful suction. My old Dirt Devil was easier to use with the attachments but I'm not complaining. This one cost half the price, shipped in a day, took me 5 minutes to assemble and go. I'm thrilled with it...............more info
  • Great in the begining, then dead after 1.5 years!
    After 1.5 years of light usgage the switch to turn on vacuum started to spark and then nothing worked. Tried taking the entire vacuum apart and could not find the problem. So, if you want this vacuum, just realize that you might have to replace it within 2 years. ...more info
  • hoover vacuum
    I love this vacuum. You get more than you pay for. I never noticed how loud my dirt devil was until I got this one. The suction power is great. We have new carpeting and it was amazing how much fiber it picked up. The only con is using the attachments(it doesn't have same suction power)....more info
  • great product and service
    I think this product is a great buy for the price. It works well and is easy to manuver. Amazon shipping was great and on time. I would recomend it to anyone wanting a good affordable vaccume....more info
  • Worth every penny
    What can I say? Not a high-end, well-constructed product, as other reviewers have noted, but it does what it says it does and does it well. I have used canister vacs for years because of all my small area carpets and throw rugs, and have generally kept a very short loop carpet under them. When I moved, all I could find to put under my area rugs that I could get installed in my new place in time was a short wool pile. After pulling up the old loop carpet upon moving out and seeing all the fine dirt that had sifted through, I just knew that a canister wasn't going to do the trick here, especially with all that wool carpets shed. I bought this vacuum to get up all the dirt through the longer pile and get up all the shedded fibers I knew my new carpet was going to produce. Yes, the bags do fill up quickly, especially if you have a new carpet like I do. But that is exactly what I bought this cleaner for. Would those of you who complain about the bags filling up too quickly really rather have all that filth and/or lint in a vacuum bag or on your floors??!! It has all the suction one could want and then some. It filled up one bag per cleaning for the first several vacuum sessions (for about 200 sq ft of carpet), but has now slowed down to one bag per two vacuums. (I ordered lots of extra bags when I ordered the vacuum, and recommend others do the same!) My carpet looks spectacular after every vacuum. Despite owning four indoor dogs!

    I do not find that the edge cleaner is a stellar performer, but I still have my canister for that. I don't find, as other reviewers have, that this is a heavy cleaner. It is easy for me to carry around, easy to maneuver, and virtually propels itself. It fits under all but my lowest furniture, and the light is a tremendous help under the bed. Although the suction power is enormous, if you follow instructions and tilt it back at the edges of area rugs, you won't have a problem. You must still, however, exercise extreme caution around fringes, wires, and other objects that might tear off or become entangled in the rotator brush. Knock on wood, my cleaner hasn't eaten anything it shouldn't yet. But I am sure it will if I give it a chance!

    As for the several reviewers who have complained about the cord getting in the way, they should read the instructions as well, and clip the cord to the little clip near the handle. The cord won't get in the way at all then! However, just when I was going to say I didn't have any problems with the cover falling off, mine did. It stays on well enough, however, and if there comes a time when it doesn't, I'll just tape it on like one other reviewer does. I see the complaints about attachment use, but can't comment, as I use my canister for those chores, which makes much more sense.

    Basing my review on quality and construction, I have to give this product 4 stars. However, based on value for the dollar, it certainly deserves 5. I paid more for my old canister 9 years ago, and paid even more for its used replacement, in which I am sorely disappointed, a few months ago. If this vacuum lasts two years or more, I am sure it would have to go to 5 stars, no matter what....more info
  • Hoover delivers
    So far I am very pleased with this vacuum. And I am elated to be rid of the bagless ones! What a delight to just vacuum and then put the sweeper away without having to empty a cannister and fight the dust and attempt to clean the filter.

    This vacuum is very powerful and my carpets look as if they have become new again. I didn't realize how much dust was in them that the other vacs were not getting out.

    Only negative is the placement of the cord. It attaches at the bottom and gets in the way if you don't hold it up.

    For the price this vacuum was a really good buy....more info
  • crapped out after 3 weeks
    I was really excited to get this vacuum because I heard all the good reviews. When I received it, it worked great! I really liked it. After about 6 or 7 uses, the brush on the bottom of the vacuum just stopped working. I noticed this when it wouldn't pick up anything. I don't know which suppliers amazon gets this from, but I suspect the belt broke and it may have been a refurbished piece. Got an exchange on the way, hopefully I won't be writing another 1 star review....more info
  • Super value
    I had trouble believeing that such an inexpensive vacuum could clean carpets effectively. However it does--better than another (highly advertised) vacuum which costs more than 4 times as much.
    It's simple, rugged and inexpensive. I'm very pleased.
    I was also pleased with the Amazon "Standard" delivery. I ordered the vacuum about 9 AM Saturday morning and UPS delivered it about 2 PM the following Monday....more info
  • New Hoover customer
    So far I'm happy with the purchase it is better than other products and the price was reasonable. I just brought it so it's working fine I will keep you posted if anything has changed....more info
  • Good vacuum cleaner for a very good price
    Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum
    I looked for the lightest weight vacuum cleaner for the lowest price and I am very happy with this purchase....more info
  • Loud but excellent
    I have been seeing this product in my Consumer's Report Magazine for the last three years. It is ranked with other vacuums that cost around $300. The only issue was it was only good on noise. They were correct. The suction power is excellent and the allergen filter bags are also very nice to have. It is worth it, especially due to its cheap price!!!...more info
  • Hoover tempo vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum through Amazon. This is something new for me to do since I usually just go to stores and buy what I need. But I went on Amazon and read some reviews for this vacuum and there were so many positive reviews and you couldn't beat the price so I decided to purchase it. I am extremely pleased with the vacuum - its very basic but that is what I wanted. Plus everything went extremely smooth purchasing it through Amazon. ...more info
  • good vacuum & price - belt broke on 2nd use
    On the 2nd time we used this vacuum, the belt broke and the brush, of course, wouldn't turn. Had to run out and buy a few new belts to keep in stock. but the pickup of the vacuum is great....more info
  • Great beginning!
    Excellent product! We were very impressed with the way it works on our carpeted floor. We have a small 2BR apt, and I finished vacuuming the whole place in 10-12 minutes. So far, it is working well. If it runs for a year, It will be worth the money I paid. I recommend this product to most starter vacuum seekers....more info
  • No screws! No nuts! Incomplete!!!!
    This product came with no screws or nuts to hold the handle on. Amazon would take 30 days to replace and the manufactor sent the wrong screws and they had no nuts no knew when they would get any. So I still do NOT have a handle that attaches to the vaccum! Boy am I glad to have a new vaccum with no handle!!!!...more info
  • Belt broke on first use
    I bought this vaccum after it rated very high in consumer reports. It seemed like a great rpoduct especially for the price. Unfortunately the belt broke on the first use, after a trip to a local walmart, it seems to work fine....In fact it works better than the broken Dyson it replaced for a 10th of the money. GET EXTRA BELTS WHEN ORDERING!...more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum
    PRO: This vacuum is an excellent performer and a good buy
    CON: This vacuum is very noisy, I mean very noisy!
    Peter H....more info
    This is exactly what I was looking for - light weight and powerful. And you cannot beat the price...more info
  • Vacuum Works Fine
    Based on Consumer Reports rating we bought this vacuum and have found it to be extremely efficient for carpet and floors. Price is great as well as the cleaning it provides - highly recommend this product....more info
  • Lived up to expectations
    I read the product review of this in Consumer Reports. I was seeking a bagged cleaner as I see no point in these overpriced bagless models that require you to dump the dust. (Why do I want to put dust back into the air in my home after I sjust spent time removing it?)They rated it high on the features I was seeking, and comparable to many vacuums that cost 5 times as much or more. I'm very pleased with it. ...more info
  • Great value for the price
    This vacuum has excellent suction and is easy to use. This is the second one that we have purchased. These work great in our rental units....more info
  • Missing screw
    Unit arrived missing one of the two screws required for assembly. E-mailed customer service and got a useless reply indicating that they didn't know which of the assembly screws I meant. There are only two and they are identical. Decided to go to the hardware store instead of Hoover and found that the 10-32 x 3.25" screw is 0.25" longer than what's available at either of my two hardware stores. Forced a larger screw to work instead. Won't buy another Hoover.

    Good suction and carpet cleaning, but the hose is so short it is almost useless....more info
  • Excellent vacuum and great value
    I have owned this vacuum for over a year now so I can speak from experience. For $70 this is a great vacuum and very well made. (I may have actually bought it for less last year, don't remember. It was less than in the local stores, and with free shipping.) It has powerful suction, so will pick up anything and not spew dirt/dust back into the air. Replacement bags can be found anywhere. The few complaints made about this vacuum are probably frivolous. Yes we would prefer a quieter machine with a longer cord,and other bells and whistles but then this would no longer be just a $70 vacuum cleaner any longer. If you want an inexpensive, well performing, reliable machine, this is the ticket. ...more info
  • WOW! Hang onto your shirt....
    I have a Rainbow vacuum cleaner which works wonderfully, but you have to be in the mood to use it, so I mostly depend on a smaller vacuum for everyday cleaning. I had a Dirt Devil for when I didn't want to get out the Rainbow, and thought it did a fine job. But, after a couple of years, it just froze up and refused to start, and knew it wasn't worth having it fixed, no more than I'd spent on it to begin with. So the search began for a new little vacuum. Knew I wanted one with a bag, read reviews here on various kinds & models, and ended up with the Hoover Widepath. I cannot believe the suction and power this vacuum has!! WOW, hold onto your shirt or it will pull it off of you! I have a bare kitchen floor, and it does a fine job there. I also have cats and a dog and it takes care of pet hair super good on both kitchen and carpeted areas! I am impressed with this Blue boy, for sure. My only complaint is the tool storage on the back of the cleaner--not well designed when you use the hose to pick up junk, as the hose knocks the tools off, and I wish the hose itself was longer, but I see you can buy an extension, and I may do that. For no more money than this machine costs, I simply don't think you can go wrong buying one. ...more info
  • Nice Vacuum for the Price
    I've only had the vacuum a few months, but so far I've been pleased with the performance. It works great on our carpets and pretty good on the hardwood floors. It does seem to miss stuff along the edge, especially along baseboards - I have to go over it a few times. And the attachments are a little too short - to clear the cobwebs in my ceiling corners, I actually have to pick up the vacuum for the attachment to reach. ...more info
  • Belt Broke
    Had two busted belts in less than a month. None since then (almost a year). Works great and picks up almost anything.
    ...more info
  • Functional and light
    The Hoover Tempo Widepath is exactly what I wanted to vacuum the carpeting and hall in my second-story home. This vacuum replaces a Phantom for which I could not get parts. Occasionally I take it downstairs to use on a living room carpet. I use a Sears canister vacuum for hardwood floors downstairs and usually for upstairs walls and ceilings.

    The best features of the Hoover are:
    -- lightweight (I can easily carry it up and down stairs and it moves easily across the floor)
    -- great suction that picks up dog hair and other small items
    -- price/performance is fantastic.

    I agree with previous reviewers who found the configuration a bit awkward for attachments and the cord which is too short.

    ...more info
  • Agree with most reviewers - Best Choice
    Worth every penny.
    I cannot think of anything bad about this vaccum cleaner for the price....more info
  • Brushes never turn off, poor for pet hair
    I was excited to get this vacuum based on all the great reviews it got. It's relatively light and my wife prefers uprights. On the second use I accidentally ran over a cord and the brushes pulled it in, locked up, and ended up breaking the vacuum's motor belt. Because of the awkward placement of the on/off switch (on the body and not the handle), I couldn't turn it off in time to prevent this. So I went to the vacuum parts store feeling like a fool because I just broke my brand new vacuum and bought a new belt which was very inexpensive. After completing an easy repair, everything seemed to be working fine. My wife noticed it made an unusual smell- kind of a burning smell whenever it was on and refused to use it. Also the brushes NEVER turn off. So when you are using the attachment tools, the brushes are continuously going which is frustrating because you feel like it's digging a hole in the carpet. I have thicker, nice carpeting downstairs, which it does an okay job on (although it leaves lots of cat hair behind), but is useless on my cheap, very short carpet upstairs or the tile floors- it won't really pick up anything. I've owned this thing for over a year and today went out and bought a new vacuum. I'm planning on tossing this thing in the trash after dinner. :)...more info
  • Great bargain on powerful vacuum cleaner
    We've used this vacuum cleaner for about 2 months on carpet and tile and have had no problems with it. Based on others' experiences I ordered belts at the same time as the vacuum but haven't had one break yet. We keep our house reasonably clean (4-5 people and 2 indoor cats) so we don't usually vacuum more often than once a week. We have not yet needed to replace the original bag. We've used the hose attachments a couple of times and they worked fine. The vacuum cleaner feels flimsy and cheaply made and is quite loud, but it works well. And at $60-70 it's definitely affordable....more info
  • Great Buy
    I purchased this Hoover, after having a Dirt Buster vacuum, for less than a year. When I received it, I immediately started using it, on a newly installed carpet. I was totally impressed, by its suction power, even with the attachment hose, for edges and ledges. I would recommend this product, to anyone who is looking for a reasonably inexpensive, efficient vacuum cleaner. It is well worth the price I paid....more info
  • Hoover Tempo Widepath
    Great little vacuum. Has lots of power! Great price. Only wished it had a longer tube for attachments. Not quite long enough....more info
  • Good for a cheap vac
    I've used this a few times since buying. Its a bit plasticky, but it has a very strong motor and sucks like crazy. I'm not entirely enthused about my purchase, but I'm happy for the cost of it....more info
  • A great and affordable vacuum
    This vacuum is great, especially for the price. The suction power on this machine is very strong. I have cats and this vacuum managed to pick up all the hair off my carpets. The only drawbacks I've encountered include the short hose, the noise, and the tendency for "stuff" to get around the rotating brush. You really have to keep an eye on the brush...clean it out after each use otherwise it will make the motor overheat. You also need to change the bag after 2-3 uses or else the machine will lose some suction.

    Overall, it's a great vacuum. I'm sold....more info
  • New U5140-900 Tempo versus Wind Tunnel
    recently threw my Hoover Wind Tunnel away after being told that it would take over $200 to fix it. I had the Wind Tunnel for 5-6 years and had just gotten use to it's problems until it finally died. I did tons of research and decided on this over a Meile. What I like about the U5140-900 is: 1) The price!!!, 2) it really moves well over Berber and really thick, high plus rugs, 3) it appears to be removing the cat hair (3 cats) from the rugs, sofas, and chairs, 4) it's very light weight, and 5) the tools (so far) seem to stay attached to the vacuum while in use (a major complaint on the Wind Tunnel). Cons: 1) It didn't come with the stair cleaner attachment that my Wind Tunnel had, 2) the hose is not as long as the Wind Tunnel, 3) it feels less solid than the Wind Tunnel. So far, I am happy with the purchase and hope not to be researching vacuums again next year....more info
  • Hoover Widepath Vac
    The vacuum arrived with a chip out of the body that the handle is connected to. There is a crack in the body at this chip. It is pretty obvious that this crack occurred at the factory before it was packaged because of the chip missing. It was shipped without enough nuts to assemble. It requires 4 and there were only three in the clear plastic bag. Someone should have noticed this since the bag is clear. Needless to say the quality control is very poor and you may not receive a product in good shape. There is no 800 number where I can call to get a nut sent out. I assembled it with only 2 nuts so I shall probably get cracks where the others are not attached.

    I have only used it once and the suction is good and I did not find a problem with it on bare floors as some have noted. I like the design and the way that the tools are attached is quite handy. All in all if they had a little more quality control at the factory this would have been a good experience. But having only used it once I cannot tell you if it will be reliable. I hope the body does not crack further especially without the nuts in place....more info
  • Hoover keeps on sucking ... in a good way!
    We had an old vacuum that was about 10 years old, and fearing that we were going to have to pay hundreds of dollars for a new one, were pleasantly surprised when we found this one. It works fantastic. It's fairly lightweight and does as good a job as any other vacuum out there, even the ones that cost three or four times as much. Sometime it struggles with larger items on a bare floor, but it still manages to get the job done and those are normally items I would use a broom to clean up. Plus it has a little handle on the top which makes it easy to carry or even use on the stairs....more info
  • A suitable vacuum!
    This machine was purchased for use at our beach house and was bought on recommmendation from Consumer Reports. The suction is amazing and it works well on bare floors as well as carpet. For the price, it is a good value....more info
  • awesome vacuum for the price
    this is a great vacuum for carpeting, it does not turn off for hardwood floors, but for carpeting it cleans better than much more expensive vacuums....more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever
    This is without a doubt the best vacuum cleaner I've ever had. It practically moves by itself and it cleans very well. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great Vac
    I'm real pleased by this sweeper. It was rated a Best Buy in Consumers Reports and I can see why. Cost is lower than all others and it works very nicely....more info
  • Good Vacuum
    Great vacuum for price. Consumer Reports was right. This item has good suction and is a good basic vacuum. No frills but gets the job done....more info
  • A great vacuum @ great price.
    Got it in 3 days... put it together within minutes, I must say...a great vacuum for the price. ...more info
  • Wow this is great...
    When I was looking for a new vacuum, I saw this one was rated really good for cleaning in a consumer magazine. It cleans great and is really lightweight, so even my 8 year old can easily carry it up and down stairs. And this is the best price I have seen....more info
  • upright vacuum
    Extra-long cord. Excellent suction on rugs. Easy assembly. This vacuum is a real buy and lives up to its description. Better value than more expensive vacuums....more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    Finally, a bagged vacuum! I absolutely dislike the bagless vacuums. They all loose suction, take too much time to empty the cups, clean the filters and make a mess doing so. This vacuum is plain and simple. Awesome suction, light and great price!!!! I have bought several Hoovers in the past and will keep buying them!...more info
  • What else can I say?
    I don't know why I'm bothering to leave another review after 956 people have already left positive reviews on this machine. I'll just say that they are all accurate - this vacuum is amazing and the best one I've ever owned especially given the low price. ...more info
  • Amazing value!
    A powerful yet inexpensive and lightweight vacuum cleaner. It's "widepath" head is yet another bonus. I've had other higher end Hoover's that were heavier, bulkier, and not as good suction. This model beats them all on ease of use in doing what a vacuum cleaner should - CLEAN THE CARPET!...more info
  • Sucks the Dirt Right Up
    This vacuum has worked wonders for me, it's a pleasure to have. I mean I've been through so many different vacuum's, but I'm glad I found this. It works a treat in my house and it stores very easily. The most impressive thing I found out about this appliance was its great suction power, especially through the hand held. It's never let me down while cleaning up messes and dirt tracks. It's worked so well so far. I can see why its one of the best sellers right now....more info
  • Best buy I've made all year !
    I purchased this vacuum about 6 months ago and wanted to wait until I'd used it for awhile before leaving feedback. So far this has been a great deal. It has excellent suction and for the money (I paid $56 and got free shipping) it was well worth what I paid. Getting the bag in and out can be a bit challenging and the overall construction seems a little weak (a lot of plastic parts) but it's held up okay. I bought this because my $200 Hoover Savvy konked out on me and couldn't be fixed! I'd only had it for 2 years....more info
  • Love my new hoover...........
    This was the best purchase ever.
    I love the ease of use.........
    It's like a dream.
    You can actually see the dog hair being sucked into the machine around 8" in front of the roller..........It's magic....more info
  • Great value
    Simple machine that gets the job done. Light weight, powerful suction and come with all the basic tools. Under $70 price tag & free shipping truely exceded my expectations....more info
  • Love my Hoover
    So far I have been very pleased with my new Hoover upright. It has done a wonderful job on both the floors and carpets. I especially like the fact that it is fairly light-weight which makes it easier to handle. Also, the handle folds way back so you can clean under tables and beds- a nice feature!

    I must say I have always had good luck with Hoover and feel that you are getting a very good product for the money....more info
  • ;satisfied customer
    Was looking for a light weight, inexpensive, bagged replacement for another Hoover, used primarily upstairs. Pleasantly surprised by the power of the unit which vacuums effectively and doesn't require strength when vacuuming or moving from place to place. Would recommend highly this unit which does the job without costing a fortune....more info
  • works just fine
    This is an inexpensive vacuum that performs to what one would expect for a tool of this price. The on-board tools tend to fall off of their stow away spots while you are vacuuming...a bit of a nuisance, but not lethal. I bought it for our cabin, all bare floors and it performs very well on them. I really can't tell you what to expect for carpet, but this vac picks up loads and loads of sand!...more info
  • Hoover Vacuum
    I think people are caught up too much on all the clean air filtering features on a vacuum cleaner. I've found as a whole, most of them work fine for a while, but soon lose their suction because of build up in the filtration process. This vacuum does have a bag but it does just what it's supposed to do. It cleans very well, plus it is affordable. I decided on the model based on my research on Consumers Report. It cleans so much better than the more expensive ones we've had previously....more info
  • Great vac, great price
    Excellent vacuum. Definitely prefer the bagged vac over bagless and you cannot beat the price on this machine....more info
  • Fine vacuum
    I am satisfied with this purchase, although it seems as though my "new" vacuum might have been used before. The front panel seems to have a broken piece that would normally secure it more tightly. Other than that, the vacuum works just fine....more info
  • Can't adjust vacuum high enough
    Can not adjust vacuum high enough. Replaced unit - next vacuum had same defect --- ...more info
  • Good for the price
    After reading reviews, I was mainly concerned about two issues: cleaning floor and noise. I had a Panasonic upright vacuum before this Hoover. Compared to Panasonic, Hoover needs much more work to clean floor. I need to go over several times and still there are some things left. At floor position Panasonic sucked very well. If you mainly have floor in your house, I do not recommend this vacuum. Noise is not bad. It is not quiet, but not that loud either. Accessories (brush, nozzle etc.) are cheap quality. One of brushes does not stay at the storage place and keeps falling. And a big minus was it does not have an automatic cord reel, which Panasonic had. Especially the cord and the hose are top on each other. It is inconvenient to use the hose when the cord are partially winded or vice versa. Overall it does its job for what I have paid....more info
  • great vacuum!
    the vacuum has great suction power & a great motor, does the job well..
    give it an A!...more info
  • Good value
    I have used this for several months, now. No problems. I like the way I can access the attachments without reformatting the vaccuum. It seems to not pull straight unless I am vaccuuming with the nap of the carpet, but that may be a quirk with the carpet (new house.) ...more info
  • Great at the Price
    Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright VacuumAgree with Consumers Reports that this is a very good, relatvely quiet and light upright at a remarkably low price...more info
  • Hoover Vacuum U5140-900 Review
    It's cheap, yes, so it comes with bad components and assembly.
    Does not do well on bare floor at all....more info
    Hi, third-year college student here. If you're tight on money like most students my age, this vacuum is a sweet deal. Powerful, wide mouthed, and with various capabilities, the widepath is great for its price, compared to other complex, expensive vacuums. ...more info
  • Great vacuum for the price
    This vaccuum has amazing suction, and cleans very well. I have only had it for about 2 months, but I have really loved it so far. Can't think of anything negative to say about it. It's great!...more info
  • hoover tempo widepath vacuum
    I have found this vacuum much too heavy to push around. Less importantly, it is very very noisy. I would also have preferred a wind-up cord feature. I would not recommend this product....more info
  • Loud but really works!!
    I had an Oreck XL for about 4 years. It was very lightweight and was great for approx. one year. After that, it was trouble. The Hoover I purchased recently arrived after the bags so I was a little worried about it showing. But 3 days later it was here. It had to be assembled a bit which I wasn't aware of. Glad I am married because I am not mechanically inclined. My husband used it while I was at work. I came home and thought he had had the carpet cleaners in. We had NAP again!!!! I used it yesterday and it is heavy for me but is almost self-propelled which makes it easier to push. It rumbles along eating anything in its wide path and leaves the room much less dusty than my Oreck ever did. Imagine what I payed for the Oreck and than look at the price on this Hoover. The only real concern I have are the very squeaky wheels. I have a Parrot and I'm sure he will be mimicking those squeaks whenever he wants attention. Good vacuum. Will tell friends about it. Oh, and the attachments are also really great. I cleaned lampshades and they look brand new. Could not do that with my Oreck.

    Sue J....more info
  • Di4Lou
    My wife and I were looking for a quality bagged vacuum cleaner and found it with this unit. It's light which makes it easy to manuver, does a very good job cleaning and was much cheaper to purchase thru Amazon than local electronic retailers. Highly recommended....more info
  • Almost Makes Vacuuming Fun!
    I really like this Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum. It does its job and it does it well. It picks up the popcorn, dirt, and other weird stuff my toddler leaves on the carpet, the first time I run over it. Vacuuming is tedious enough without having to do it 3 or 4 times to get the carpet clean. That's why I love this vacuum. Wham, Bam, Thank You Ma'am, it's clean!

    It *almost* makes vacuuming fun. However, it's still another thankless task but it's less tedious thanks to my Tempo Widepath!

    Changing the bag was a snap for me and it's the first time I've ever had to do so! That was my ex-husband's job. I didn't get any gross dust in my face while changing it so I don't mind changing it. ...more info
  • this vacuum cleaner sucks !
    the U5140-900 vacuum really works well - i am very please with my purchase - i have no complaints......more info
  • Giant Eating Machine
    Finally I got my replacement order today. This machine is GIANT, and eats everything it can catch. As some review said, it is a little hard to draw it back since it rolls forward automatically. It even ate my husband's cellphone charge, so be careful - it really eats everything! By the way, the wire is a little hot after it finished brushing all the carpet floor(1br in my case). The noise is also big and we couldn't hear each other when it was in use....more info
  • Excellent Performance
    Excellent performance. One needs to handle it gently I think. If Amazon carries those cheap vacuum bags, it will be good....more info
  • Hoover Review
    Hard to push. When using first time I attached the extra piece to clean cob webs and the hose has stretch out and will not go back to original form....more info
  • Does what it needs to
    While the vacuum feels flimsy and is louder than I expected, it has great carpet suction which is what I purchased it for. It does just what it's supposed to do, and at the great price, it's a good value. I would select it again....more info
  • Best buy!
    This lightweight vacuum does a great job! We looked at machines twice the price, but couldn't ask for anything better than this. This truly is a good vacuum at a reasonable cost. ...more info
  • Great little vacuum
    It is amazing how good this vacuum cleaner is for the price. Great suction, the front rotating brush gets the job done, pretty well built and put together. No complaints!...more info
  • Gene
    Very good quality & worth the price, I have four vaccums at home and so far this is the best. This vacuum doesn't come with any extra bag so get some extra before it fills up in no time. ...more info
  • A good vacuum
    Bought this to use in our summer "cabin" and am very satisfied. Handles easily and vacuums well, both carpet and bare floors. Would like a longer power cord, only negative I can think of. Compares well in my opinion to the top-rated Kenmore which I bought to use in our winter place and the Kenmore cost 4x as much....more info
    thank you, all the amazon reviewers, for taking the time to write your reviews. very helpful. decided to buy this particular vacuum after reading lots of reviews, and agree with the concensus:

    this vacuum is VERY powerful - be really careful. my kids and i have vacuumed up all sorts of things unintentionally. on the plus side, it really does get stuff up.

    this vacuum is also pretty loud, altho i only noticed it the first few days.

    the hose is way too short and also not flexible enough. it would be great if hoover read these reviews and fixed that problem in the next version.

    easy to assemble, the light in the front works well.

    followed other reviewers' suggestions and purchased extra bags and belts at the same time i bought the vacuum from amazon. everything delivered to the house with free shipping, no hassles.

    bottom line: i'm glad i bought it, even with the shortcomings, and am buying another right now for one of my kids.

    ...more info
  • Good, but noisy
    I didn't use it myself, but my cleaning lady told me that the vacuum is light, powerful and very effective. I myself noticed that it is VERY loud. If I'll use it I'll definitely put ear-plugs in.
    But, again, for THIS price you can't expect 100% perfection....more info
  • Loud But Powerful, Perfectly Adequate
    I've owned this vacuum for over six months now. It's exactly what I wanted. It has plenty of suction and the beater bar does a good job getting the stuff out of the carpet. It's not self propelled, but that's just another thing to break anyway. Seriously, if you are an able bodied person, are you that weak that you can't push a vacuum around? Maintenance is pretty easy for this vacuum too. The bag is easy to replace and if you need to replace the beater drive belt, you just take out four Phillips-head screws and replace it. Before you get carried away with the HEPA ratings and micron sizes of other, more expensive vacuums, consider doing a search for "hygiene hypothesis" which basically says if you don't expose your kids to enough stuff when they're young, their immune systems don't mature and it puts them at risk for asthma and allergies, among other things.

    The only things that I'm not perfectly happy with are the length of the hose, the on/off button, and the noise. It would be nice if the hose were just a little bit longer, like six to twelve inches. That would make using the attachments a bit easier. The on/off switch is on the top of the body of the vacuum, not up at the handle. This makes it slightly awkward to turn on and off. Finally, the noise. It's the loudest vacuum I've ever owned but not by that much. It's bearable but you aren't going to be listening to the stereo while you're vacuuming.

    If you're considering a $500 vacuum, just get this and give the other $400 to charity. The only advances the vacuum cleaner industry has made in the last 35 years have been in marketing....more info
  • Eats carpets for lunch
    Just used this vacuum for the first time and - I'm both super impressed a tiny bit disappointed.

    Impressed side:

    Seems well made and should hold up for quite a while
    AMAZING suction
    Not super quiet, but tolerable noise levels


    I have bare wood floors in my apartment with cheap IKEA throw rugs - and this vacuum is so powerful is sucks the throw rugs right up! Requires a careful ballet of slow and steady, holding carpet down, and tilting back when it decides to eat a rug. Down boy! I wish there was some way to actually dial down the power. I had to rise the level to "high pile" carpet to stop it from eating up my rugs. Mmmm IKEA rugs.

    Recommended, just not for those with throw rugs and wood floors. Typical carpet I think this thing is going to an awesome job, and on pure bare wood it will definitely suck up all your dust. It's a keeper....more info
  • Excellent Value
    Affordable, lightweight, not too loud, and does an excellent job of vacuuming up pet hair....more info
  • hoover vacuum
    excellent vacuum cleaner, a best buy from consumer reports and they were right. when my friend needed a new vacuum cleaner, i recommended the hoover tempo which i had just ordered a short time ago. she had me order it for their house and they think it is the greatest they have ever had. c an't believe how reasonable it was too. ...more info
  • Powerful...but....
    This little Hoover has a powerful motor and offers good suction. The biggest flaw, though, is that the hose doesn't swivel, which makes using the attachments unnecessarily difficult....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo
    I purchased this vacuum for my apartment. The vacuum was easy to assemble and picks up very well. The cord is shorter than I would prefer but it is long enough for the apartment. I have a problem with the front vacuum panel. I don't like how the front panel will not stay attached to the vacuum. I have to use a piece of tape to hold it on. I am not sure if it was a manufacture defect or if they are all like this. All in all, I am pleased with the vacuum. I think it is a good vacuum for the price....more info
  • NOT for bare floors :0(
    I'm convincinced there is no vacuum out there for bare floors...on rugs & carpet-it truly IS an AWESOME vacuum...but worthless as a mutltisurface cleaner no matter what they say. I also own a Dyson, among others, and I rate this little wonder even a bit beyond Dyson's performance-and of course, MUCH easier on the wallet!!!!! But if you are looking at this product for its versatility, it is such a disappointment. However, DON'T OVERLOOK THIS BABY FOR CARPETS!!!!!!!! :0)...more info
  • Lots Of Vacuum for Small Price
    Got rid of my expensive, heavy Kirby and purchased this low priced, bag vacuum ($70). It has great suction & is lightweight which makes it easier to hold on the stairs. I like a bagged vacuum since it is cleaner and doesn't spread dust or junk into the air while I'm banging a bagless container on the side of my trash basket. Only drawback with this vacuum for me is the somewhat shorter attachment reach and the inability to turn off the brush rotation for wood floors. Great vacuum for the price and performance though & I would buy this again....more info
  • Exception Results
    I recently purchased the Hoover Widepath Tempo vacuum cleaner based on the customer reviews and so far it lives up to the reviews. The suction power on rugs is excellent. So much so that I can't believe all vacuums are not made this way. I had a Hoover Windtunnel in the past that did not have the suction that this has, although the Windtunnel ran practical on its own. I paid $350.00 for that vacuum. This tempo widepath is a steal....more info
  • Value for money.
    Pretty good cleaner for about 70 dollars. Got tired of buying expensive ones which would break down any way. Its been two months since I purchased this one. Hopefully, it will last me for a while. Recommended!!...more info
  • Great value
    For the price of the vacuum cleaner you cannot beat this. Works great
    on the carpet, has good power and is not heavy at all. Great Value...more info
  • great value
    This machine has much more suction than our previous one (at half the price). It's a bit heavy and a bit noisy, but I'll give that up anytime for more power. The attachments are also better. It includes a small cleaner for carpeted stairs. We don't use it on bare floors, so don't have an opinion there....more info
  • Its just fine
    I bought this because I wanted an inexpenive vacum that had good suction cleaning power. This fit the bill in all ways, cleans stronger than my 2 year old 400.00 vacum. It picks up well, almost feels self propelled because it takes right off, is a bit noisy and does a fine job. Perfect and when it stops I'll get another one rather than buying a more expensive like I did last time. i would get it all over again
    ...more info
  • I'm really happy with this vaccuum
    When I got this vacuum for under $70, I really wasn't expecting much. My other vacuum cleaner's on/off mechanism is messed up, I planned to get it fixed and just needed something temporary until I got around to it.
    It came and while taking it out of the box, it was very light weight and I got scared of how crappy it was going to run and thought I had wasted my money.
    Eeeek, I thought "This is what I get for only spending $70 on a vacuum...oh well"
    So, I assembled it, very easy to assemble and I plugged it in. It worked fine, it works great. I was soooooo pleasantly surprised.
    It's so light weight.

    I clean houses for a living so I've worked with a lot of different vacuums.
    It amazes me how a lot of the times the cheaper vacuums work just as well and in some cases, better than the expensive ones.
    (And if you have a really old vacuum cleaner, keep it. You know the ones that are actually still made out of metal? Keep it. Pay for it to get repaired. Those are the best ones and least complicated. The newer models are pains in the butt when trying to change the belt-it's idiotic how hard they've made it.)
    Anyway, I highly recommend this vacuum for the price. It sucks up good, it was very reasonably priced, it has bags instead of those annoying and expensive filters that clog very quickly and it's light weight.
    Buy it, you won't regret it. :)

    I'm not worried about getting my other vacuum fixed. I'll get around to it...sooner or later.
    ...more info
  • Hoover Upright Review
    Only had this vacuum for a month, but love it so far! Lightweight, easy to maneuver, with grear suction. The attachments work fine, but we use our central vac for most non-carpet tasks....more info
  • Excellent vacuum for the money!!!!!!!!!!
    This Hoover, although a weird color of blue, is the best deal for the money that I have ever purchased in a vacuum! We had a $160 bagless vacuum from Costco before this one and we hated it! I couldn't stand the messiness of emptying the canister and cleaning the filter was a nightmare as well. I found this bagged vacuum online and decided to give it a try for $57. I was pleasantly surprised by the suction and light weight of the Hoover. My husband owns a carpet cleaning company and he loves this vacuum as well. He recommends it to all of his clients now. I couldn't be more excited about cleaning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ...more info
  • does the work nicely
    i had bought this after reading all these positive reviews on amazon.com. and this vacuum cleaner does not disappoint. Keeps my wife happy and my house clean :-)...more info
  • Great suction but not happy with other features
    I bought this back in June 2008. It has great suction and even though it says it's not self propelled, it moves very easily.
    However, the front cover doesn't snap into place on mine. Also, the "new bag indicator" doesn't work. I also don't like how you have to unscrew four screws to clean the roller head. I have long hair so I have to clean it off every onther time I use it. It's a hassle to uncrew the bottom EVERY time....more info
  • Happy with Hoover
    I did my research through Consumer Reports before choosing a vacuum. I needed something that would pick up pet hair, as I recently adopted a pair of cats. This vacuum received the highest ratings for pet hair in my price range. It generally received high marks except that it was marked down for noise.

    I've been VERY happy with this vacuum. I don't find it to be noisier than what I'm used to for a vacuum, and it does a great job getting kitty hair out of my carpet. If I had it to do over again, I would still buy this vacuum....more info
  • I love this vacuum!
    I bought this to replace my old Hoover vacuum, and I love it!! It has great suction and a lot of power. Definitely worth the price I paid for it!!...more info
  • great basic vacuum
    This vacuum was rated a "best buy" by a leading magazine, so we bought one for our house. We liked it so much that we got a second for our cabin at the lake, and a third for my daughter when her's died. It is not a top notch machine, but cleans very well, and the price can't be beat. ...more info
  • Hoover Tempo
    It's ok at best. My wife likes the old vacuum better. You get what you pay for....more info
    I have a Hoover EmPower Widepath bagless that I purchased 18 months ago.
    It cost 3 times as much as the Tempo and is not half as good. The Tempo outclasses the more expensive vac all the way....more info
  • upright hoover vac
    I had purchased a cannister type Hoover which really cleaned but was so heavy to pull around and so cumbersome to use that I gave it to my daughter and ordered this upright instead. I like it better because it is easier to vacuum with it, but it does not do the great job the cannister one did. However, I am satisfied with it and for a Senior I think much more practical than a cannister, or at least the Hoover cannister which i also purchased thru Amazon....more info
  • Cleans great! Great surprise for any price
    This little vac cleans great. It's a little hard to push when I have it set on the lowest pile setting, but I can adjust that to make it easier. I was happy with my old vacuum until it died; I love this one and am buying another for my grandma.

    The only drawback is the attachments are a little smaller (shorter) and seem a bit cheap. But they work fine and have even stood up to being a play sword for my son for awhile....more info
  • super suction - noisy - difficult cord - good value for $ amount
    The suction might even be too good - when I tried to vacuum dirt on a hard floor, some of the larger granuals pelted me in the ankles.

    The handle is hard, not comfortable.

    The light is bright.

    It is noisier than average.

    It uses a bag - it's up to you whether that's good or bad -- my vacuum is still new - but I didn't smell anything to indicate dirt is escaping in to the air.

    There are two extension attachments which seem like overkill - otherwise the attachments are adequate. The vacuum isn't very heavy - so if you tug on the hose attachment during use, you can tip over the vacuum. The hose isn't the most flexible plastic, but it's ok, and as I mentioned before, the suction is very strong.

    The cord is a pain in the rump - but if I wanted retractable I would have had to spend more ... this configuration for wrapping up the cord is not normal - it's at a diagonal angle across the back....more info
  • good vac !!!!
    Great vac delivery was great.Picks up great on bare floors if you set it on bare floors. very satisfied !!!!...more info
  • great vacuum
    the vacuum is great for carpets. the hose with the tools work very well on bare floors. good suction power. highly recommended on Consumer Reports....more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    Super Light Weight. Works great on tile and hard surface floors. Even better on carpet. Not too loud. Love the blue color!...more info
  • Good Value
    I bought the Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright, because of the good reviews in Consumer Reports. It was as stated. Good value for the price, and only drawback was the noise. ...more info
  • Happy
    I believe this vaccum to give lots of bang for the buck. It works well, easy to handle and seems to pick up as well if not better than my last vaccum which cost considerably more. I would definitely recommend this vaccum. I prefer bagged vaccums and they are getting harder and harder to find. Things I would change - it would be nice to have a color choice, but for the price you can't be too picky.
    ...more info
  • Good vacuum
    This is a good vacuum so far, especially for the price. We have a dog and this vacuum has done pretty well on the hair. A couple of issues are that the hose will occasionally pop out of the back where it is plugged in and the cord wraps in kind of an awkward spot....more info
  • A Real Deal
    Consumer Reports was right, this is a Best Buy. It has great cleaning power, an assortment of accessories and is easy to assemble. My only complaint is the cord winder placement; not as convenient as I would like.
    But hey, for under $70 (including shipping and tax) it is a Best Buy...more info
  • Light-weight Hoover works great!
    I love my new Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Vacuum. It is lighter weight than any other vacuum I've ever had and it still has great cleaning power. Consumer Reports rates this very high. A lot of bang for your buck. ...more info
  • recommended
    This vacuum is great for the price I paid. I have only used it a few times but no complaints so far....more info
  • Love it!
    After adding 2 cats and 2 dogs to my household, I had to retire my Swivel Sweeper. It just couldn't keep up with all the pet hair. I decided to purchase this Hoover model after reading the many positive reviews. So far I have absolutely nothing negative to say about it. It has no problem picking up the ton of pet hair in my place not to mention every little piece of paper after my babies spent all their spare time shredding the daily newspaper. :)) I also love the long cord and the convenient handle to carry it up and down the stairs. I would highly recommend this model to any fellow pet owner....more info
  • Seems to be good
    This vacuum cleaner appears to be a good one. I bought it after reading a lot of online reviews about vacuum cleaners. Overall, it appears to be a good vacuum cleaner, but it does not perform very well around corners....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900
    This vacuum cleaner was purchased on line through Amazon.com. Completing the purchase worked smoothly, product was received on the date promised in good condition.

    Used this provider because they offered the best price on the product and my past experience with them.

    The vacuum cleaner is light weight, as advertised, and does an excellent job of cleaning carpets. Tools that came with the cleaner help to access tough-to-reach spots.

    Have had the unit for about a month and have not reason to complain. ...more info
  • Great little vacuum
    Great vacuum cleaner for the price. Some reviews said it doesn't work that great on bare floors, however, I tried it on my laminate flooring and it seemed to pick up just fine and it does a good job on the carpet too. The only negative is the cord could be a bit longer. Overall, I'm very pleased with this purchase. Thanks Amazon for another great deal and fast shipping!...more info
  • Motor Broke within 4 months
    I bought this vacuum in March for relatively light home use. In July the brush motor stopped working and I have to spend the original price to get it replaced. Cheap but maybe for a reason....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum
    We have found the Hoover Tempo Widepath Vacuum to be a real winner. We paid over $300 for our former "top rated" vacuum (over 5 times the price of this Hoover vacuum) and have found it to be lighter in weight and easier to push. It pick ups more closely around edges, and is very efficient overall. We are very pleased with this purchase!...more info
  • A little disappointed
    I had already purchased another Widepath, and was extremely happy with it. I own a motel, so I purchased a new one as the first one got so much use. This one had a part broken off when I opened the box and doesn't seem to be as good as the first one: it has great suction but blows a lot of the dirt back out onto my feet and I can't figure out why. Maybe I just got a dud as these are wonderful vacuums ordinarily. I still think it's better than the way-more expensive Oreck, however....more info
  • Great Vacuum...til it caught on fire
    I thought this was a really good vacuum for the first 6 months. It had really good suction, and picked up cat hair excellently. I was so glad to have found such an inexpensive vacuum that did a good job.

    Then, today, I was using the attachments to clean under my dining room table (hardwood floor) and just as I thought to myself, "something smells funny", my 3 year old said, "Oooo! Fire!", and sure enough the vacuum was on fire. I tossed it out the front door, and it set the doormat on fire, too.

    No one was hurt, the house didn't burn down, but it seems fair to say that I won't be buying another of these. ...more info
  • Love it!!
    I really like this machine. It cleans well, has great suction, and is fairly quiet. The attachments aren't that great, but for the price it really is a good machine. Love it!...more info
  • Happy at first, disappointed now
    Was very happy when I first received the vacuum. Worked great. They were right about it being loud. Be prepared. The suctioning power seemed to die off relatively quickly. Now its been a year and it doesn't seem to pick up much. I took it to a Hoover store and was told it is working fine. They suggested I play with the carpet height setting. But doesn't seem to make a huge difference. Plus it seems to be getting harder to move. Sort of pulled itself along at first. I guess the brushes were new, but now is very hard to push in certein spots. Cannot understand how the store indicated it is working properly. Was cheap vacuum but it only lasted a year. I have an old red Hoover that is close to 10 years old and it works so much better than the new one. Had good expectations becuase this vacuum was given a positive review by Consumer Reports. ...more info
  • Great Product for the Price
    This purchase replaced a different brand product that had lost its oomph and whose hose ripped open.
    Negatives: (1)The power cord is a bit shorter than I'd like, but no big deal. (2)The hose is short, so if you are going to use the onboard tools, you may want to invest in the longer hose that is available as an option. I didn't and don't regret it.
    Positives: (1)This machine REALLY cleans carpets well. Its power is...well, it brings a smile to my face as I realize that I have made a wise investment. (2)I read that this vacuum cleaner doesn't clean up mess from a bare floor. My experience is just the opposite. (3)I read that the plastic parts are shoddy. Well, if you want a vacuum cleaner that is made from stainless steel, be prepared to push around the extra heft. Frankly, if this cleaner breaks, replacing it with the same model will still cost less than buying a much more expensive model (for which there is no guarantee that it will be much better built).
    In sum, I'm happy with the purchase. I've used the machine for over a month and if I had to buy a vacuum cleaner knowing what I know now, I'd buy the Hoover U5-140-900 Tempo Widepath bagged upright....more info
  • Excellent value
    Several hundred 5-star reviews say it all. There's little I can add to what has already been said. But this is such a great vacuum, at such a great price, that it deserved another 5-star review. The motor is surprisingly powerful and although not self-propelled, it does have a bit of a pull, making it easy to use over carpets of all thickness. Another plus is that this vacuum doesn't produce lots of dust and odor, like some cheaper vacuums. This is great for someone with allergies, like myself. My previous vacuum (Hoover supreme soft and light) was so bad that I would periodically have to clean the exhaust vents at the bottom of the vacuum because they'd be so covered in dust. ...more info
  • Hoover
    The bag cover has to have tape on it to hold it in place.
    It sucks ok..Nothing special......more info
  • Yet another positive review
    I'll add my voice to the chorus of satisfied buyers of the Tempo vac. This thing has much stronger suction AND brushing action than the Sharp vac it replaced. I can only hope it will last as long as the Sharp did (see concerns below.)

    The AC cord length is fine for my home, I guess it all depends on what you're used to and how big your rooms are. Ditto for the hose length; I have a canister vac so I'll probably only use this thing on carpets.

    The brushing action on my deep pile carpets is so aggressive that the vac pulls itself forward. I wish the carpet height adjustment had one more notch up. I'm afraid this will translate into premature brush wear. Time will tell.

    My main concern is the amount of heat generated by the motor. After five minutes of operation, the air coming out of the vac is extremely warm. That means the motor is running very hot, which can't be a good thing longevity-wise. Again, time will tell.

    All things considered, it's performance is still outstanding for the price, and I'd buy it again.
    ...more info
  • Did Great First 2 Weeks, Now Peice Of Junk
    This vacuum needs regular belt changes or it will struggle to pick up pet hair. Plus, you have to be careful with the height setting because you can wear the belt out very quickly if it is sucking out the bottom of the floor, because one thing you can't deny is this thing does have some juice.

    If at any time you smell burning rubber you will need to change the belt....more info
  • Just buy it!
    This is a GREAT cleaner.. Ok the power cord and suction hose could be longer, but after that this thing is great... Don't waste your money on the $200-300-400+ cleaners......more info
  • Great vacuum cleaner!
    I was expecting to pay $300 for a vacuum cleaner that would come close to my old Hoover Elite that finally gave up the ghost after some 15 years of faithful service. When I saw this ine for $60, I decided to take a chance.

    It is an amazing vacuum! No fancy features, but the on/off switch is where I can reach it, and the tool suction is AWESOME -- because it uses that same hose that draws from the main cleaner! Brilliant idea, better than my old one, lighter, and at a ridiculously low price. ...more info
  • Thank you Amazon!
    I would have never considered purchasing this vacuum if it wasn't for Amazon. Without reviews, I would have thought any vacuum this cheap must be junk. WRONG! I can not believe I haven't switched back to bagged vacuums and I can't believe a vacuum less then $60 works so well. They are so much cleaner and effecient. I have been thru a Dirt Devil, a yellow dyson, and 2 bagless bissells. I have had this one for 2 months and every speck of dust and dirt goes in that vacuum bag never to be seen or inhaled again. The true test is that the vacuum itself is clean. My bagless vacuums would be so dusty inside and outside - knowing not much was really getting cleaned and trapped. Sure this unit is a little heavy and a little noisy but for $60 and super clean floors and air - it is totally worth it. In fact, I just purchased another one for the 2nd floor. Both total, cost less then my last bagless that worked for a few months and now no more lugging up/down stairs. I have a shedding dog and cat and this vacuum works better than the dyson on pet hair. The one minor flaw that I see is that it isn't so great getting up pieces of things like cheerios and such on a bare floor but since I have a stick vac that I use before my steamer mop, I rarely use it on my kitchen floor. This vacuum is the BEST at deep thick carpets. It gets everything out. I purchase the vacuum bags here on Amazon too for a great price and free shipping. Highly recommend....more info
  • Much more than I expected
    I bought one of the Oreck machines and even though it was the best vacuum, it died after 1 year and the nearest repair facility is 75 miles away. Until a facility opened up I decided to buy a cheapy to get me through this time and this fit the bill.
    Well, its been going on 8 months and this vacuum is not only just as good as the $200 plus Oreck but I can handle it better. Grant you it is heavier than the Oreck but what I received for the little money I spent makes up for it.
    I'm very satisfied! I have 4 cats and live in the desert so between the cat hair and the dust I have a heavy duty job with almost my whole house in plush carpet. This vacuum handles each job. Never had a problem and when it finally does die from overwork, I will have no problem buying another one.
    This is definitely A+ on my list. My Oreck is now in the back of the garage and I have no intention of getting it repaired....more info
  • Works fine for me =)
    I live in a 1 bed/1 bath apartment and wanted a GOOD vacuum cleaner, but not a pricey one, as I'm a college student. I searched online over the course of a couple of weeks and read reviews of what other people were saying.

    I finally decided on this one because of its rave reviews, and I'm glad I purchased it! Putting it together was a breeze. I only use it on my carpet and it does what it's made to do. And the price can't be beat!...more info
  • great vacuum for the price
    This vacuum has awesome suction power. My carpets haven't been this clean in a while. For the price - this is a great machine. The only downside is that it is a bit heavy - making stairs a workout, but the results are worth it. I want to vacuum all the time!...more info
  • Great Vacuum in a Convenient Size
    When my central vacuum cleaner became permanently disabled, I searched online, through Consumer Reports and in-store for an upright, clean-air filtration replacement. The Hoover U5140-900 Tempo was consistantly rated at the top and is clearly a bargain at this price. The base is wide enough for quicker cleaning but remains flexible; suction power is excellent and the unit is not overloaded with attachments that you would probably never use. I am partially disabled but have little discomfort using this vacuum due to its good design and lighter weight. I also do not have to go over and over areas to accomplish the task of cleaning-up! ...more info
  • Good, Solid and Dependable for the Price
    I'm a custodian at a church, and I bought three of these vacuums to use there. For the price, they are great little machines. The only downsides are that they are very loud, more so than many other vacuums I've used, and the bags on them can fill up rather fast (or maybe it is just really dirty). They have good suction, and have been very dependable. They have a nice wide path, even though they are a bit heavy. I use them for several hours a week, and as long as I change the bags, and change the belts regularly I have never had a single problem with them. Great deal for the money. ...more info
  • I Love this Vacuum!
    HI! I just have to tell everyone that this is a great value! This vacuum rocks! I was searching for a vacuum after my old one stopped vacuuming. Well let me tell you first I wanted something light weight as I have carpel tunnel in both wrist as well as arthritis in my thumbs. So first I bought one of the rechargeable light weight kind that has a removable hand held unit. I thought it was sleek and perfect. Well I recharged it for 48 hours (like it said) and it worked all of 12 minutes! I tried recharging it and no go, it just won't work...and of course I destroyed the box so I am stuck! Well I still needed a vacuum and badly so I researched everywhere and discovered that the light weight vacuums are either too expensive or don't do the job.

    Well after hours and hours of research I came upon this Hoover Tempo and thought I would give it a try. It was reasonably priced and it was from Amazon so I could return it if I didn't love it.

    This vacuum has unbelievable suction and did my living room rug (which was pretty nasty since I had no vacuum for awhile) in about 3 minutes. This vacuum has a mind of it's own I turned it on it took off across the floor, it sucked up everything even somethings I didn't want it to, like a shoelace the kids had left out. But I was thrilled! It cleaned my room in no time and better than my old vacuum did when it worked. It has adjustments for bare floors and they work! It's very easy to maneuver so I have no pain (like I use too) when operating it. It also comes with attachments that are very easy to use and fit right on the vacuum with no problems. I know that some say the cord is too short but I have a small house and I just moved it from room to room without issue.

    The price of this vacuum is very competitive, and a sight less than what I paid for the rechargeable piece of junk I bought. Amazon offered free shipping and I received it in three days!

    So If you're looking for a great vacuum, get the Hoover Tempo! Believe me I researched the heck out of it and if you can't afford a Dyson then this is your answer!

    Jane...more info
  • Excellent choice
    Product is definitely a great deal and works fantastically. It is easy to push and almost feels as though it "pushes itself." Only complaint is that the vacuum hose is quite short, but you don't expect a lot of frills for such an inexpensive price! We bought one for each of the floors of our home....more info
  • An average Hoover
    This is a good, inexpensive namebrand vacuum. The only drawback is that the cord is placed very low on the unit so if you're not holding the cord with your other hand, you'll be vacuuming over it, alot. If this vacuum lasts me a year, I'll be happy. ...more info
  • Hoover Vac
    Works as promised. Others have been critical of loudness, but I don't find it any louder than any other vacuum I own. Very pleased with the filtering. No smell of dust from it while it is running. Great vacuum for the price. One could spend hundreds more and not get a vacuum as good as this one....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum
    LOVE this vacuum cleaner. Can't say enough about how well it works compared to the $500 bagless model I wasted my money on. Bravo to Hoover for making my 15 year old vacuum cleaner even better!...more info
  • Very effective product at an inexpensive price
    Works really well on medium pile carpet. The unit is light but has good suction and all the attachments you need. There is definitely not a large difference in quality between this unit and the high-priced models. There is a reason this was a CR Best Buy....more info
  • What a great product
    This Hoover has so much power it will lift the carpet off the floor as it moves along. You just can't beat this for the money. I would have paid much more for this quality. It is not a quiet machine but who cares....more info
  • Hoover Tempo Wide Path
    My sister got one and raved about it. I love it. For the ease of vacuuming.
    No push necessary. However the cord winds in a strange way and I wish
    the hose was a little longer. Price was great....more info
  • Great Value
    Works well, is light, is priced right. Only wish I didn't have to assemble some of it, but once done, it's the right vacuum for the right price....more info
  • Vacuum
    Very good suction power. Fairly noisy. You have to wind up cord manually and the attachments are a teeny bit of a bother to put on each time. But good value for the bargain price....more info
  • Best Price For a Darn Good Vacuum!
    Costs a lot less than the other guys, and cleans better than most. Picks up dirt that our 1 year old $300 vacuum was not getting. ...more info
  • Great value for a powerful vacuum.
    Watch Video Here: http://www.amazon.com/review/RT0TTWDLNDBYD Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum

    Here's a short video review of the Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath vacuum cleaner, shot with a Flip Mino camcorder. This is an outstanding vacuum for the price, but it does have a few issues that are addressed in the video, specifically, it's volume, the location of the exiting power cord (and a really simple fix), and the tightness and fit of the door that conceals the vacuum cleaner bag....more info
  • Only half a year's use and it's done.
    I would have initially given this vacuum 5 stars. It had great suction and the price was great. Yes, the hose it short and flimsy, the power cord location is awkward, but that was ok for me since it was inexpensive. Now, about 6 months later it does not suction at all. The belt works fine, as the carpet brush is turning, but other than that, it doesn't work. The hose also collapses on itself. I have checked for clogs throughout the tubing and underneath, but have found none. I would have rather put my money towards the purchase of another vacuum. Think twice before buying this....more info
  • ok, but for special occasions
    Not especially sturdy, tiny and expensive replacement bags, but if you don't mind the noise it gets the job done.....more info
  • only one problem
    This is an excellent value & cleans well. The only problem I have is that part of the suction tube tends to collapse inward. Perhaps that is just indicative of the great vacuuming power it supplies....more info
  • New to vacuums
    Having just adopted a new dog, I was in the market for a powerful vacuum to take the new stress of dog hair out of my life. I was just about to lay down the $400+ for a Dyson when I came across all of these reviews. Considering the price, I decided the Hoover was worth a try -- best decision EVER! It is SO powerful, gets all of the hair off the carpet and wood floors in one pass. And, considering the fleas that came along with my lovely dog, it has been a HUGE lifesaver to have an actual bag in there catching all the bugs. I highly recommend this vacuum!!...more info
  • love this sweeper
    rated good in consumer reports, great price, good pickup, has bag and self propelled. need this for my berber carpet....more info
  • Does The Job
    Noisey,Hose a bit too short, extentions and tools must be pushed on firmly or they come apart. So why 4 stars? IT CLEANS..... For around $60.00 you can not go wrong. I have disposed of vacuums after three years that cost 5 times the price. Go for it!!!!!! ...more info
  • Lightweight, powerful, reliable and incredibly inexpensive.
    For $59.00 delivered from Amazon! (Shipping and handling cost & taxes were included).

    In my title (Lightweight, powerful, reliable and incredibly inexpensive) says it all. Along with it also being a nice looking vacuum.

    Fifty-nine bucks total...it does the job extremely well on carpets, stairs and floors, with an easy setting for each in the front. Easy access to an efficient vacuum bag. Parts like extra bags & belts are very inexpensive.

    I don't mind that it's a bit loud, I only vacuum for 15 minutes or so at a time anyway, so no big deal. The attachments, I rarely if ever use them so that too is not a problem. And if the 20 foot cord isn't long enough, there's something called extension cords that will easily wrap up with the vacuum cord.

    You couldn't find better value in Ramsdale, Mr Humbert! ...more info
  • Love this vacuum
    Ok, the cord being 3 foot short is annoying, but the vacuum works extremely well and this is an outstanding value. We've gone through 4 vacuums in the last 5 years, always buying vacuums that are well rated in a consumer magazine we subscribe to. This vacuum works just as well if not better than vacuums we paid up to 5 times as much for. I think it should hold up fine and we are going to buy one for each floor of the house. It costs more to repair one of our other vacuums than it would be to buy this new....more info
  • Works Great!
    Vacuum works perfectly. I suggest this vacuum to anyone and everyone. The only problem I have with it, is I can't get the front blue cover to stay attached. So I just taped it on. ;0...more info
  • Good results for low price
    The Hoover Tempo vacuum works as good as my previous Windtunnel model at cleaning dirt but cost a fraction of the Windtunnel. It does not have a self-propelled feature, but is lightweight so that doesn't seem to be an issue. The cord is shorter than my previous vacuum. Please note, however, that if you use the vacuum regularly to clean hard floors, the roller does not turn off so it's not as effective. If you don't need that feature, it is a great value....more info
  • completely worthless on hardwoods
    do not buy if you plan on using for hardwood floors. i'm sure it works just fine on carpet, but only spits stuff around otherwise. amazon was quick with shipment and great for the return; GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE> ...more info
  • Terrific machine for a reasonable price.
    This vacuum exceeds what I expected and for a very reasonable price. Amazon just raised it $4.00, so don't wait, order yours. It's well built, looks great, and has a light. It's fairly lightweight and has a powerful 12 amp motor. Yes, the electric cord is a little short, 6 feet longer would have been nice. And the on-off switch is a bit lower and not on the handle. The attachment hose is short. So?! Get over it. It works very well on carpets, not really designed for bare floors. It's a simple machine that works well, under $100. It uses a dust bag and that's not bad. The bagless ones often also call for replacing expensive Hepa filters, and can be messy emptying. You can order generic Y bags of that same quality as Hoover bags, here on Amazon, for 1/3 the price. This is a good deal....more info
  • Lightweight, good power, great price!
    I ordered this sweeper after reading all the reviews. I wanted a sweeper with decent power that was lighter weight, and didn't cost a fortune. So many of the newer vacuums look like something out of Robocop, and are huge and heavy! We had an old Hoover upright that we liked that finally gave up the ghost (after many years, and it was bought second-hand!), so I wanted to get a similar vacuum. It needs just a little assembly, which was easy. The only complaint I have is that the sweeper tools attach onto the back of the sweeper, and the electrical cord also stores on the back. Getting the cord off to use the sweeper will sometimes dislodge some of the tools, which is a minor nuisance. The price, ease of use, and power of the vacuum makes it a winner in my opinion!...more info
  • Great little vacuum
    Great little vacuum. Works better than the $275.00 I just threw out. Well worth the money! ...more info
  • Can't Beat the Quality for the Price
    I'm a college student with a small apartment. I have medium height carpet and it does a wonderful job at picking up my cat's hair and my roommates and my hair (3 girls with long hair). It even picked up kitty litter out of the my carpet. Love it! I took it over to my friend's house while he was without a vacuum and he has short Berber carpet and it spit the kitty litter around the room, however eventually it was all collected in the vacuum. Over all great vacuum for the money....more info
  • Great Upright Vacuum Value!
    Got this to replace an old canister vac. This Hoover is a terrific value. It has recently gotten a very good review in a well known product evaluation magazine that I always check when looking for new appliances. My wife and I have both tried it out and think it's great. A lot easier to handle than pulling around that heavy old canister vac!...more info
  • Hoover Tempo Does the Job Well
    I love my Hoover Tempo. Great suction power. With 2 dogs and a long haired cat, I've really put it through the test the last 4 weeks. I've used it at least every other day and am 100% happy with it's performance. Great price as well....more info
  • Great Vacuum for the price
    This vacuum has amazing suction and does a better job than any vacuum i've had for under 100 dollars. The only drawback is that it is very loud. If it weren't for the noise i would give it 5 stars. ...more info
  • Good product, terrible customer service!
    Good product, but hope that you don't have to call customer service. There were rude, didn't want to help and would only help when the issue was given to a manager.

    Hope you don't have to use their customer server!!...more info
  • hoover widepath
    Performance is good. Light doesn't work consistently. Cord is too short and placed in awkward area.Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum ...more info
  • A great deal
    This Hoover is a great deal. I had a very expensive Dyson Animal which worked great - then okay - until the warantee expired. I was determined to not throw that kind of money away again. I picked up this Hoover and it is a real little dynamo. It ceratinly cleaned up well after the Dyson left just about everything behind. Yes: cord too short, on/off switch too low, etc. But it works well. For this price, I don't expect a lifetime committment and will not have a fit when it needs to be replaced....more info
  • Cleans my carpets
    Its pretty powerful. Seems to refluff-ify my carpet. The instructions seem to be for a different version of this vacuum but it's pretty easy to figure out what they're trying to say. All in all I'm happy with this purchase. For the money it'd hard to beat it....more info
  • Great price and great sweeper!
    I have had this sweeper for a month and have pets. It works great on hard floors and carpet of all depths. Easy to use the hose for that quick baseboard work. Good job Hoover!...more info
  • cheap vacuum
    This vacuum is the cheap piece of junk. When you try to use the hose the suction collapses the hose. The accessory pieces don't stay together when you try to extend the wand. I took a chance on an inexpensive vacuum and that's what I got "A Cheap Vacuum".
    Now we're in the market for a new one, what a waste....more info
  • Vacuum Approval
    For the price, this vacuum cleaner outperforms many others of similar quality. I was totally impressed with it, the light weight and easy handling, however I find it a bit noisy, but its performance far outweighs the noise AND THERE IS NO FILTHY CONTAINER TO BE EMPTIED ALL THE TIME!!!!
    *************************...more info
  • Extremely well
    This is an excellent vaccum I brought and works good. Before this I got fed up with Bissel and this removed all my worries.

    ...more info
  • Cheap, Light, Working
    It's a light vacuum cleaner with little power, but it's cheap and working. Since it's light, it's not a problem for me to use it around the house, it did not take a lot of effort or energy to clean the house. I know it's not that strong and doesn't clean that well, but it is enough....more info
    This cleaner seems to be very powerful and does a good job of cleaning carpeting,but the vacuum bag plastic cover is very poorly designed.It is supposed to snap in place after changing bags, rather mine does not lock in place and falls off after powering off. I chose to not return it using tape to hold it in place (don't look so good but it works.)Have only had it for a few weeks so I can't speak to durability.Overall seems like a good buy for $52 and free shipping....more info
  • Good for the price
    Bought model based on Consumer Reports. Have used a Dyson previously but it had started to not pick up well. Rather than dump a lot of $ into a new one, we decided to try this as an interim step. By the time you buy a supply of bags and some replacement belts you're close to $100.
    Usage notes: Picks up well but the hose is very short - if you're used to a longer one, this takes some adjustment. The suction is great - be careful on the beater adjustment. I used it on an L shaped family room (good sized) on the highest beater setting - and it was almost impossible to push - and as a result - the belt broke - on the second use of the vacuum. Put in a new belt (bought 4 replacements after reading reviews) and set adjustment to 1 up from bare floors and it still seems to pick up well. For the price it seems to be a good buy - based on performance (and it picks up the daily full coat shed of our golden retriever). Time will tell if it holds up. Would strongly recommend buying spare belts - I hope this first one was an aberration. ...more info
  • Works Great
    A true bargain, works great for the money. I highly recommend buying this vacuum cleaner over much higher priced models....more info
  • Hoover tempo
    Hoover tempo wide path SUCKS .... this baby has power GALORE. Love it , love it , love it... and the $49.99 price tag is an added bonus. ...more info
  • Very good performance, especially for the cost
    I wanted a new vacuum, so I reviewed what Consumer Reports (CR) said; it came down to either this vacuum or the Eureka Boss Smart Vac. I mainly choose the Hoover Tempo because it was lower priced, and its CR emissions score was better. This was important because my house was always dusty, partially because of the two cats and one dog.

    After having the vacuum for 1 month, I am very satisfied with its performance. The pet hair is easily picked up, and it works very well on both carpet and tile floors. On the tile floors, its rarely just flicked items without picking them up.

    The only shortcoming that I have found is the accessory hose is too short, and it doesn't rotate. However, when I need to use the hand tools I'll use my wet/dry vac (Rigid 12 gal) instead, so its a minor issue....more info
  • Perfect for the money! Super Powerfull
    Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum

    This Vacuum was cheap and works great! It is on the loud side but that is the only negative thing!!!...more info
  • Great value for money
    I had Eureka 4870 model (top rated by Consumer Reports)...unfortunately it's motor gave up after 15 months and by then the warranty had expired. The repair cost was around 65 bucks with only 3 months warranty....I decided to go for Hoover Tempo Widepath after reading its review on amazon and consumer reports. Extremely happy with it. We use vacuum mainly for carpet and it was very easy to use. We loved that the fact that it was lighter than Eureka ...also we can now see dust-bag status. If you mainly have carpet usage, then this is great value for money. ...more info
  • You get what you pay for...
    It's a good vacuum for cleaning carpets but tools are pretty much useless because the hose is too stiff, making it really awkward. Bag is easy to change and it is relatively lightweight. Difficult to push on thick pile carpet. Cord is way too short for larger rooms. Build quality is below average to average. The headlight is improved over the previous hoover tempo line. On/off switch is too low and in an awkward location. If you have a good quality handheld this is a good buy otherwise you might want to go with the Eureka all-in-one boss vacs. Should last a couple of years. Overall, a disappointing product for such well-known brand name. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum for the price!
    I am very pleased with this vacuum. You can not beat the price for this powerful vacuum. This thing really sucks! And I mean that in a good way!!! :)

    The only negative is that the bag fills up rather quickly. I think it is because this vacuum is so powerful and sucks up everything. Not really a big issue, but wanted to mention it.

    I highly recommend this vacuum to anyone and everyone. I LOVE IT!!...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    The Hoover Tempo Widepath is a very good cleaning machine. It has great suction and handles easily for an upright. My only complaint is that is is noisy but most vacuums are, aren't they?...more info
  • Great bargain!
    I purchased this vacuum after reading that Consumer Reports named it a best buy, beating out many of its high priced competitors. It did not disappoint. This vacuum has suction like nobody's business. I don't think of it as being that loud...well no louder than the average vacuum and not really bothersome. The bright light that comes on was a little startling at first but I quickly got used to it. The suction tools have so much power it snagged my bedskirt when I wasn't paying attention. Believe me with all the ridiculous prices out there for vacuum cleaners, you can't go wrong with this one....more info
  • good vacuum, does what it's supposed to
    I've had many vacuums over the years, most recently a heavy thing with various bells and whistles, but I was not pleased with the weight and the attachments. I wanted a simple machine, more lightweight if possible, with the cord in the right place (not at the bottom which makes it easy to run over) and attachments that are simple but stay hooked together and don't flop around. This vacuum is all that, and in addition, has a terrific price tag. I've had it for about a month now, and so far, no complaints! ...more info
  • great value
    I have this for a couple of months and is working fine so far. I didn't like the bagless one I had before and I am so glad that I switched back to a bagged one this time. Hope it will last for a while. ...more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo - Consumer Repts "best buy"
    On a tight budget and found this at a very reasonable price on-line (under $60). Checked my Consumer Reports book and found this to be one of their "best buys". Works very well. The only "fair" review was for noise....but it's a vacuum cleaner! I really don't expect it to be that quiet. All in all a good buy for your money....more info
  • Excellent vacuum
    This vacuum is lightweight and easy to carry or move around the house. The suction is so powerful, it has made high-traffic, very matted areas of carpet look new again. I would highly recommend this vacuum to anyone!...more info
  • Overrated
    I bought this vaccuum based on the outstanding reviews by Consumer Reports and by customers to this site, but I wish I had not purchased the ugly beast.

    This is terrible on bare floors. Even with the brush turned off, dirt shoots across the room making it impossible to clean.

    The attachment hose is too short to be of any use unless you physically lean the vacuum towards the intended target.

    The tool holders/cord caddy on the back is a tangled mess that doesn't seems thrown together without any particular plan.

    I gave this 3 stars because it does have very powerful suction so if you have all carpet floors and rarely use the attachment, this is probably a good fit for you....more info
  • Great vacuum
    Bought this vacuum to replace my dying Eureka after doing lots of research. It ranked the second highest on Consumer Reports for uprights and was considerably less expensive than the number one pick. So we thought we'd try it. After using it just once I realized how bad my old vacuum was! I love this one and actually enjoy vacuuming with it (which for me is very strange!). My carpets literally look brand new after each use! The best vacuum I have ever used! Buy it!...more info
  • Excellent little vacuum
    I'm really impressed with this little vacuum cleaner. I have dragged it up and down 2 flights of stairs and it still works very well. The tools come off the back sometimes when I'm vacuuming and the beater brush height is difficult to adjust, but other than that, I really like this vacuum. And, I can buy the replacement belt and bags at Wal-Mart. :)...more info
  • This Vaccum Sucks!
    I bought this vacuum after seeing it was the only one under $100 that was rated well in a leading consumer reporting magazine. (:-))

    I have never felt more power from a vacuum. Furthermore, I'm not sneezing as I use it. The bags catch all the dust. I will never go bagless again. When I had a bagged vacuum all the dust would fly out and i'd have to revacuum many times. The other issue with bagless is that you have to clean/change filters. First of all, who has time for that? Second, if you wash them, you have to wait for them to dry or then you electrocute yourself. Third, passing all the "Dirty Air" through a bag that filters and collects the dirt in the same place makes much more design sense.

    This same magazine does not like the Dyson as much as the commercials and your neighbors want you to.

    This vacuum really is the best money can buy for almost everyone reading this... I have not found weaknesses (even on floors) yet.

    Thank you hoover, for creating a vacuum that works with no frills. Many will buy others cause they look cooler, but nothing sucks like this hoover....more info
  • What a piece of crap!
    I ordered this from Amazon after reading rave reviews and Consumer Reports recommendation. I unpacked it, and I had a scratched, used vacuum in the box! Wonderful, I thought, and plugged it in and tried to use it, only to find that not only was it scratched and used, but also broken! Am I the only one who got this lucky? I am pissed and contacted Amazon. They are sending a new one (I use "new" loosely until I see it) right away and send a pre-paid return label to me, but WTF? I am fit to be tied, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you!...more info
  • Simply Remarkable
    I realize that many purchasers of this product have already expressed their opinions and most have been good BUT this vacuum deserves more. It is just the best vacuum I have ever used. (Let me state for the record that I have never used a Dyson or an Oreck for the simple reason they are much too pricey for my limited means but I have grave doubts they could be much better than this Hoover).

    Inflation may be rampant in many sectors but that is not the case with Hoover vacuums. My Tempo Widepath cost less than $60.00, delivered, and this is not a lightweight, "stick vacuum" but a full featured machine. And it really does the job!

    This vacuum is very well engineered and convenient to use. Assembly is quick and simple. (The illustrations in the manual could have been larger and clearer.) The machine is basic. Not many bells and whistles but well made and gives a feeling of being sturdy and substantial even though the machine is mostly plastic. The attachments are actually conveniently stored on board and are not at all difficult to detach from their holders and use. Kudoes to the Hoover engineers for designing a machine that is ergonomic. I enjoy using devices that are well engineered.

    The Hoover is very powerful. It has a 12 amp motor which happens to be the same power consumption as the Dirt Devil I replaced with this machine. The Hoover is MUCH more powerful and efficient in dislodging dirt from the carpets. It does not leave the "dusty odor" that the older Dirt Devil did when being used. The room smells fresh when vacuuming is done which I presume is the result of the superior HEPA filtration. By the way, the bags are reasonably priced.

    I cannot comment on the longevity of the Hoover. I have only had mine a few days. But if solidity and rugged construction are any indication, this vacuum should be operating efficiently several years from now.

    But I can say that this vacuum is a fabulous bargain. I paid twice as much for my previous vacuum a few years ago and it does not hold a candle to the Tempo Widepath in any respect.

    I couldn't be more pleased with my purchase.

    ...more info
  • Very good bargain
    Excellent product for the price. Six months later, it is still working in top form. I am glad I opted for this instead of a more expensive model. I wish the attachments stayed on the back of the vacuum better though....more info
  • It's saving my back
    All of my adult life I have bought "top of the line" vacuum cleaners. Coincidentally I have a very bad back. Recently I had to hire someone to help me clean house. When she complained that her back hurt when she vacuumed with my two expensive and heavy vacuums, I decided to get a lighter weight and less expensive one. This machine does a great job - even I can use it for touch-ups between visits from my cleaning lady. She too likes it, and we think it cleans better than the other ones. You do not always have to spend more to get a quality product. This vacuum is very user friendly, and I recommend it highly. ...more info
    I purchased this vacuum based on a recommendation from a friend and boy was he right on the mark! Forget about the super expensive $400 models, this Hoover has power and really picks up the dirt. I actually feel like my carpets are getting clean. This is also my first time using a vacuum with a bag and I though it was going to be sloppy and inconvenient to swap out bags but it turns out it's just fine and easy to use. My only complaint is that its a bit heavy to use on stairs but the hose attachment with the small scrub brush on the end works just fine with an equal amount power. I definitely recommend this vacuum if you want to get something that works VERY well without breaking the bank....more info
  • Great value!
    I am a big fan of Hoover vacuums and although this isn't the top of the line model, it is a very good vacuum for the price. You can't beat the value! I liked mine so much, that when we moved into our two-story home, I bought this second one. For a minimum investment I don't have to carry the vacuum up and down the stairs!...more info
  • So far, so good
    I was a little concerned about having to put the vacuum together, but it comes almost complete and putting a few pieces in place was really simple. It's a little bit noisy, but not to a great degree. I really like this vacuum and, for the price (which includes attachments), you just can't beat it....more info
  • The best vaccum out there
    I've had several other brands this one was recommended on consumer reports and you can't beat the price and it actually has better suction than my $500.00 vaccum...more info
  • Love my hoover
    It arrived so quickly! I love my hoover. There are a couple of cons: Vacuuming an area rug. Be very careful when you do that. You have to make sure the vacuum doesn't get too close to the edge or else it will suck up the rug. It is very loud and it spits debris out the back even when vacuuming carpet. Other than that, I love my hoover....more info
  • Great vacuum for the cost
    This is a great little vacuum with a small price tag. Cleans up dog hairs and everything else. Don't want to spend much on a vacuum? Then get this and you won't regret it (as long as you are not expecting the same features of a $300 vacuum....more info
  • Great for the price
    People that spend $300 to $500 on a vacuum are crazy. Just get this for a fraction of the price. It does exactly what it's supposed to. The only complaint I have is the hose for the attachments is on the short side. But all in all great product for the price....more info
  • An excellent value .
    This vacuum does just what it is supposed to do. It vacuums the carpet, it's easy to use, and it does a great job for us. It replaced a ten year old Kirby vacuum and I think the Hoover has more suction than the Kirby did. Overall, the Hoover is an excellent value. ...more info
  • Very good
    I bought this vacuum after reading Consumer Reports, and I haven't been disappointed. It cleans my high shag carpet very well and is easy to use. The hand tools have good suction which makes my stairs look good. I am very pleased with it....more info
  • great deal for the money ....
    I purchased this for a relative who was going to pay over $100.00 for it in a retail store. It arrived basically overnight with free shipping, was easy to assmble and works fantastic. I would highly recommend this item....more info
  • Great vacuum cleaner and inexpensive
    Once again, Amazon rocks! I always buy from Amazon because the customer reviews have never steered me wrong. For 50$ this vacuum is a joy. It is lightweight, easy to carry around, but powerful. My rugs feel so clean.I am not interested in puchasing an expensive vacuum but I still wanted quality and was willing to spend up to $180. As the other reviewers said the attachment hose should be longer but I was lucky that my old sweeper's attachment hose fitted to the new one....so don't ever throw away your hoses! The cord is nice too and is easy to manuver. Great value. ...more info
  • This Vacuum Sucks! (Good)
    What a powerful machine. I received this vacuum for my birthday - by the grace of all graces as I endured a year with a wimpy Dirt Devil Powerstick Vacuum. LITERALLY it looked as if I had BRAND NEW carpet after I used this Vacuum for the first time. We had guests over a few nights after I vacuumed and it being their first visit one guest looked down at the carpet and then up at the both of us (my husband and I) and said "WOW! I've never seen such clean carpet! This looks brand new!" I was THRILLED as you could imagine. I'm a clean freak like Monica on the TV Show Friends and I don't even want to know what was in our carpet this entire year. I cleaned with that powerstick nearly twice a day and it had a hard time finding crumbs even. :P Blah...

    Another note is... the extensions work great - but if you near the end of your Vacuum Bag capacity the suction on the extension hose isn't as powerful and light tuffs of dust puff out from nearly every opening of the vacuum. We had so much carpet deodorizer powder and cat hair and crumbs inside our carpet (gross!) that the bag was full after not even a weeks use. I don't imagine that the bags usually fill up that quick and I'm giving it a break considering how long we went with a not so powerful vacuum to begin with.

    All-in-all this is a GREAT vacuum and I HIGHLY recommend it. :)...more info
  • It works great!
    I love this one, it works great! And with the so low price, I can't imagine that I can find a similar one on the market....more info
  • solid performance
    Very good vacuum at a great price. Light compared to the Eureka that I had before. A little loud but well worth the money....more info
  • It got my husband vacuuming (with beer in hand)
    Our old vacuum died, probably because of this new wool rug in the living room that sheds like a sheep. I mean wool tumbleweeds everywhere. And I don't want to give the rug up even though it killed the old vacuum.

    Did the research and this Hoover Tempo was supposed to be a great sucker and for next to no $$$.

    Just got ours yesterday and it worked so well that it looks like we've had the carpets professionally cleaned. It picked up so much dirt, my husband was amazed (and vacuuming with beer in hand). And the filtration system must be pretty good, I wasn't coughing and sneezing after vacuuming (one reason I switched back to bags).

    I don't care how much the bags are or if I have to replace the belts every couple of months, this thing is amazing. And for less than $60? It works just as efficiently as my friend's $500 Dyson.

    ...more info
  • hoover u5140-900 tempo widepath good for the money
    So far, the hoover u5140-900 tempo widepath has been one of the best I have ever purchased for the money and simplicity of the vaccum. I have no idea how long it will last, but so far I haven't had any problems....more info
  • EZ!
    Our old vacuum was so poor in its picking up qualities, that my husband gave it an unceremonious send-off to the place where old vacuums go and die! We read in Consumer's Reports that this vacuum was very highly rated and a great bargain for the price. Vacuums are one area where higher price does not automatically mean better performance. This one has excellent qualities: it's light and it picks up superbly. Highly recommend!...more info
  • hoover u5140-900 tempo widepath bagged vacuum
    Fast shipper. Good product. Heavier than expected, but works great and is compact....more info
  • Vacuum cleaner
    Works great. Lots of suction, easy to use controls. It's a little on the loud side, but I guess that's a byproduct of all it's power. Useful tools. It also has a very high rating from consumer reports for its' filtration system....more info
  • Pleasantly Suprised
    I got this vac yesterday and was skeptical due to the low price. It looks like an 80's version of a vac, but it was easy to put together and it included a bag which was nice. I turned it on and found it practically vacuums the carpet itself with self-propelled action. It picked up great and I'm really happy with this purchase!

    ...more info
  • Excellent product
    Top Quality and value in this excellent product. We hope it lasts as long as out previous Hoover, bagged, vaccum. That one lasted 15 years with once a week use.Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum...more info
  • Great Value - Great Performance
    I checked Consumer Reports before making this purchase. This was the lowest price vacuum that had good ratings. I was originally interested in bagless, but I heard the filters in the bagless are more trouble than the bags. This vacuum works great and is a significant improvement over the one that it replaced....more info
  • smartcleaner
    Great carpet vac, a bit on noisy side, wear ear plugs to keep from fatiquing.
    Works great on bare foors, just that hose is a little short....more info
  • So Far So Good
    I've only had this vacuum for about a week, but so far so good. After my vacuum died on me, I was tempted to buy an expensive vacuum, after hearing my friends rave about their Dyson animal. But I just couldn't justify spending that much on a vacuum cleaner. So...I decided to do some research online and finally decided to try this one. The first time I used it, I was amazed at how the vacuum was almost pulling me along. Definitely does a better job than our old vacuum (I believe we had a Panasonic, from my husband's bachelor days--I didn't even know they made vacuums!) My only complaint is that the extension wands are not that long. I might have to purchase another one so I can vacuum the dust along our windows. But if all you're doing is vacuuming carpet or bare floors, then it does a great job. Hopefully, it will continue to perform this well for years!...more info
  • Great Vacuum for the money
    It's after seeing mostly good reviews it's hard to know what you will expcet when you get the product. Overall it's a very good vacuum and the low price makes it that much better. It's just as powerful as the more expensive ones and it's lighter weight so it's easier to carry and push around. The hose is not as flexible or as long as other vacuums but they come with 2 hose extensions to reach but its not as convient than if the hose would just be more flexible. The light in front is a good plus for a low priced vacuum. One other negative is that when you lower it, it still does not fit under a standard bed frame to clean. So it's great for the money and it work good on carpeting and floors and I'm very happy with the overall convenince of it.
    ...more info
  • Good vacuum for the price
    I haven't yet tried the tools, but the vacuum works well. It has good suction and a wide path. The only thing is that it was a bit difficult to get the front panel covering the bag to stay on, and the power button is a little awkward to reach. I would recommend it....more info
  • Great vac...especially for the price!
    This vac is much lighter than my last upright...but works much better. No frills...just a solid vac with a simple no-mess bag (never buy a bagless...yuk!). My only complaint would be that you cannot turn off the beater bar for hardwood/non-carpet flooring. I'd give it a 95% approval rating....more info
  • It does the job
    I owned a Hoover Wind-Tunnel canister and was sick and tired of dumping the canister and getting dirt all over the floor. The "self-cleaning filter" that supposedly lasts a lifetime got so dirty and clogged up that it helped to take it outside and clean it with a small whisk broom. (There was no way to disassemble the filter and clean it separately). It was a very work intensive piece of machinery.

    So I wanted to go back to a bagged vacuum. I read all the reviews and finally decided that it was time to judge for myself. I read alot of reviews saying that it was a very loud vacuum. All vacuums are loud and this one seems just as loud as any other vacuum I've ever owned. The cleaning power is very effective but I would love to meet the engineers that designed this. What kind of an idiot puts the power cord at the bottom of the machine? It's very inconvenient because you have to bend over to pick up the cord in order to avoid vacuuming over it. I made my own fix for the problem by tieing the cord in a half-hitch around the top of the handle. Some engineers don't actually use the products they design!

    Other than the cord design I find nothing wrong with this vacuum. It cleans great and I can easily and cleanly change the bag when it's full. An outstanding value for the price....more info
  • Never underestimate a low priced vacuum!
    Wow, what can I say? I'm very impressed and feel silly for considering a high priced vacuum!! This little guy works great! It picks up tons of junk and leaves my carpet almost feeling new. I have 4 small boys, a husband, and one shedding dog and this vacuum is proving to take care of all their messes.

    I've heard mixed reviews on how it vacuums on hard floors, but it works great for me. No problems. I go from high pile carpet, to bare floors, to berber with no issues what so ever!...more info
  • great value!
    i found out about this via consumer reports and read other favorable reviews. i wasn't about to spend $300+ on a vacuum. this model does a great job. my only real complain is that it's a little on the noisy side but it's effective and reasonably priced, so i can overlook that. my place isn't big, so i'm done in 5-10 minutes, so the noise factor isn't a problem for me. i definitely recommend this product. i'm very satisfied with it and have used it for nearly 2 yrs with no problems....more info
  • Perfect/Flawless
    This is a great vacuum. Works like a charge and sucks up cat hair and pet hair with no problem. This is a 10 out of 10. ...more info
  • Holy moly, color me impressed!
    This vacuum has been so far the buy of the decade for me. First it was on sale, really on sale, I bought it for 49 bucks with free shipping. Second, shipping was jet fast. I got it two days after I ordered it. Finally....it just really sucks, and boy do I mean that in a good way. I was amazed at the suction power of this vacuum. Also it is self propelled, light and not bulky like my old vac and so is a real breeze to use, and for someone disabled by arthritis and a pancaking spine this is a powerful plus. There are just a couple of minor quibbles that keep this from being the Holy Grail of Vacuum Cleaners. It is admittedly loud, however as happy as I am with it, I keep trying to convince myself it is music and not noise to my ears. So far I have failed, but....I keep on trying. Also and this is more important and really something of an aggravation to me as one of the short afflicted people of the world, the extensions are just not quite long enough to reach the out of the way corners my old vac got to with no problems. This is not an insurmountable problem nor is it enough of a con to drop this to a four star review. As for durablitlity issues, I will just have to wait see. It will certainly get a workout at my house, 3 dogs, 1 new to the house very nervous cat and 3 children under 12. Kinda like ground zero for vacuum durability testing. This is a purchase I am very very happy with, and I do recomend this dandy bargain of a vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Bought a second one
    Purchased this vacuum for use at our church. The custodian liked it so much we purchased a second one. Works very well. Only catch was that it doesn't lay flat for sweeping under furniture.

    Good product for the price....more info
  • Works great for a great deal
    I was looking for a cheap, light model that I could easily drag up and down 3 flights of stairs. I've only used this one once, but it worked great. The extension hose isn't too long, but I didn't have any trouble carting it up the stairs as I vacuumed. Bags seem like the cleanest, easiest way to go (and were recommended by a vacuum repair store locally), so that was a plus. On a side note, I did burn up the belt on the first go round, but I left a wash cloth in the way for it to suck up while I used the hose, which was my fault. Did a cheap change of the belt and it seems fine now....more info
  • Fantastic for the Price
    This vacuum really is a fantastic value. We researched on Consumer Reports prior to purchase and were pleased to find a recommendation that fit our budget. The vacuum has much more suction power than our previous $300 Kenmore vacuum, which was a gift 5 years ago.

    While there are bags to contend with, this vacuum does everything that we need it to do for an active household with toddlers. We would highly recommend, for the the price and performance to date....more info
  • Great Value
    This vacuum is highly rated by Consumers Report and proves to be a great value....more info
  • Excellent value.
    Ordered this product after reading rave reviews on consumer reports. This product has lived up to the hype. Excellent function. Could do a little better on bare floors but very happy with carpet cleaning and tool function. CR did mention that Hoovers in general have high rates of repair but at half the cost of most comparable units I'll take my chances and buy a new one if this fails!...more info
  • For the money, it's the Best vacuum .
    I've owned many vacuums. This one is great. The only downer is that it doesn't do well on hard floors. But, everything else is amazingly A+.

    The cord is long. It's easy to put together. It's powerful and the tools work well. The tools don't fall off. Suction is great up until the bag is full....more info
  • One great vacuum
    As with many others, I purchased this machine because of a favorable review in Consumer Reports. After using it a couple of time I'm really impressed. I was a little concerned because of a few negative comments in user reviews but what I've concluded is as follows: (1) cord too short: unless you routinely clean a room bigger than 40' foot this shouldn't be a problem. Perhaps Hoover changed the cord but mine was about 20' long after attaching to the top of the unit. (2) belts burning out. I think the problem here is folks putting the unit on the wrong setting. If you set it too low the belt probably will burn out but I certainly have not had that problem. This things so good it almost makes me want to spend $300 just to see what the really expensive units will do - almost but not quite....more info
  • Fine for the money.
    As you might expect, for the money you are going to gets lots of plastic, much of it of the "cheap" variety. Time will tell as to whether it will hold up. Out of the box, the bag cover did not engage. Two calls to Hoover were not helpful. The first agent was borderline unpleasant, and referred me to a "local" authorized dealer (about 30 miles away). The second was willing to replace the cover, but they were "out of stock". Amazon, as always the case in my experience, came through. I called on Friday and had a replacement vacuum on Monday. No charge for returning the defective one. First impressions: this is one noisy vacuum, a high-pitched hum that will take time to get used to. At least one other review accurately described it. On the other hand, it does clean carpets very well, and even though some found it inadequate on floors, that has not my experience. It is a good product for the money, but I am not overwhelmed. If it were not so noisy, I would have rated it a 5, plastic notwithstanding....more info
    This vacuum cleaner is number 3 on the Consumer Reports list for a reason. The suction is great and I love the fact that it gets up stuff from the side as well as the front. I don't have to use the attachments for the baseboards!!...more info
  • Great & Inexpensive
    I absolutely love this vacuum cleaner. It's not the most attractive but for the price I'm not complaining. The suction is better than any I've ever owned (including one which cost over 10X more). You can see the dirt along the walls fly to the edge cleaner. It's not self-propelled but it almost feels like it wants to move forward on its own. My only complaint is the agitator belt broke after less than 3 weeks use. A cheap fix, covered by warranty but obviously should have lasted much longer. ...more info
  • Great sweeper
    Purchased this based on review in Consumer Reports. Have subsequently bought several for own use and other family members. Well priced, works great....more info
  • Broken Belt Blues
    I like this little vacuum cleaner, which has great suction, is lightweight, and is a good deal for the money. But like quite a few other reviewers, I have been disappointed in the poor design of the belt mechanism. I had a belt break within the the first week of use, and the recommended replacement belt is much too tight, which may explain why it breaks so often. I've decided to buy replacement belts in bulk--and take the advice of another reviewer who suggested buying a slightly larger belt model (38528-008) than the manufacturer suggests. Replacing the belt so often is a hassle, however, which explains my 3-star rating....more info
  • Wow.
    I love this little upright. It was a CR Recommendation so I gave it a try. The suction is powerful. It works great on area rugs and upholstery with pet hair. I use it on laminate floors though it does, even on the lowest setting, blow the hair a bit. But it's worth it for the ability to clean my area rugs well....more info
  • Love it!
    I purchased this vacuum from Amazon about 6 months ago. It works well on carpet and reasonably well on bare floors. Lots of suction, lightweight and easy to push. I purchased a 6' heavy-duty extension cord to extend its reach just a little. Later, I sent my old (also CR recommended) "Boss" vac to the thrift shop and was glad to get rid of the beast! Too big, noisy, heavy - couldn't bear to lug it upstairs. At the Tempo's price, I may just buy another for upstairs anyway. It's a winner....more info
  • Great vacuum for the money
    This vacuum is a great one, especially when you factor in how affordable it is. I have tile and hardwood floors throughout my house and with 5 pets in our home, there is always vacuuming to be done. This one does the job. I have not found it spits out things (as other reviewers mention)...it even sucks up kitty litter crystals, no problem. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone in need of an affordable machine....more info
  • Lots of power, great value!
    This vacuum has really powerful suction...wouldn't recommend using it on hooked rugs since it tends to pull up the fibers. It's easy to maneuver. The only cons being the on/off switch and the short extension hose. The switch is not located on the handle, but below it on the left. When using the attachments, the hose doesn't stretch far enough, which causes the vacuum to tilt over. These inconveniences aside, the vacuum, especially at this price, does a great job of deep-cleaning the carpet. I would definitely recommend it...and Amazon....more info
  • WOW!!
    This machine is awesome!! I've purchased two. The first one was last year. I bought it for my daughter in college. At that time I was attracted by price and looks. My daughter told me later that it was a great vacuum, so this year when I was looking for a machine for my shop/garage I looked no further than this Hoover! I read a few of the reviews and just about got scared off, but glad I didn't. It works great! I use it for vacuuming all the mats in the shop and garage and I also use it on the concrete floor (floor has been treated with a clear sealer). I have had no problems at all, nor has my daughter. I have a woodworking shop and have a wall mounted vac for everything above the floor and this gem takes excellent care of that! So do not hesitate to get this machine. Its the best $60. I've ever spent.
    PS: Its rated a Best Buy by Consumer Reports and I can see why!...more info
  • all pluses
    Inexpensive...lots of suction...AND easy to push and pull. Plus this little gem is by all standards a great purchase. If there is any issue to come with belts and bags, I'll just keep a supply. Highly recommend this one....more info
  • Hoover Widepath vacuum - disappointing
    I purchased this vacuum via Amazon because it was recommended by a well-known consumer rating magazine, and was affordable. It does have good suction and is very lightweight. However, the belt breaks very easily because there is no way to turn off the suction quickly if something large is accidently sucked into the machine. I have had the vacuum for four months, and have had to replace two belts. It also seems almost as if I was sent a used vacuum instead of a new one because the accessory hose was bent, and the first belt and some of the accessories looked worn....more info
  • Wow for the price!
    I have had this vacuum for over a year, and it works great still! It has the suction of a much more expensive vacuum. I prefer bagged vacuums because they do not make as much of a mess when emptying them. This one has a good bag capacity and works great on hard floors (with an attachment) and on carpet. I have both berber and regular carpet in my home and it seems to work great on both. I have a beagle mix dog as well, and it also handles dog hair well.

    I have not had to replace the belt yet, so I am very happy with the durability of the belt. The noise is about average, but less than many vacuums I have owned. I wouldn't call it quiet, but it's not going to ruin your hearing.

    I have two criticisms for this vac. The first is that the cord wrap goes over the top of the attachment hose. I think Hoover must have supposed that if you are going to be using the hose, you would unwrap the cord fully. I don't always do this, because sometimes I will grab just the accessory hose to clean up a small mess that should only take a minute. With the hose/power cable configuration, it takes a bit longer. However, this is fairly easy to work around. The other is the brush attachment has pretty soft bristles, which is good for delicate items, but is not as durable.

    All around, this is a great vacuum for the price and would recommend to a friend. ...more info
  • Great quality for price!
    This was a great purchase for the price. I was a bit apprehensive because you usually get what you pay for, but I was plesantly surprised. The only downside to this item is the placement of the cord. It is near the bottom of the back of the vacuum so sometimes it gets in the way. Otherwise, love it!...more info
  • cheap but mighty
    I purchased this vacuum because Consumer Reports rated it as a best buy. A friend of mine said she didn't think I could get a good vacuum under $100. She was so wrong! You can feel this vacuum sucking dirt out of the carpet, you literally have to drag it back as it's doing its thing. Very surprised and impressed. It's not perfect though: It is pretty loud and the tools are not fantastic to work with. But if you have a lot of carpet to clean, it will do it and do it well!...more info
  • hoover tempo

    Hoover U5140-900 tempo widepath upright vacuum This is the best vacuum I have ever had. I had an oreck and by far this picks up better. The price is unheard of. Best value ever!!...more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 vacuum cleaner
    Arrived in a very timely manner. The product was easily put together and performed very well....more info
  • Great Vacuum at a Great Price
    Pros: Price, Suction Power, Weight
    Cons: Ugly, Cord Wrapping Area

    Bought this about a month ago to replace an Eureka brand vacuum. I have been very please with it. My house has mostly hardwood floors, but we have rugs in almost every room. I have carpet in my office and another room. This vacuum has been perfect for those rooms and rugs. There is almost nothing this vacuum can't pick up. I have even used the "Bare Floors" setting with good results. It's lightweight enough to move around easily, yet has the power I need to get my floors clean.

    My only complaints is the blue color I feel is ugly, and the way the cord is wrapped on the back is a little annoying... I know these are stupid complaints, but they are complaints none-the-less.

    Overall for the price, this is a great vacuum. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality product with a very good price....more info
  • Works Great and is very Light.
    What a great vacuum cleaner! It hardly weighs anything but it's ferocious. When you lower the height on it, it becomes virtually self propelled. I'm considering buying one for the upstairs as well....more info
  • Great for price, unreliable belt problem
    I bought this vacuum after reading reviews here and on consumer reports. I still love it but I probably would have spent a little more so I don't have to spend so much time and money on replacement belts.

    -Great suction
    -Air smells great afterward (we all have allergies, a cat and a dog)
    -Easy to use on stairs
    -Tools work great

    -THE BELT BREAKS EVERY OTHER WEEK!!! If you don't know how to replace it, don't get this vacuum.
    -Very short cord-kinda annoying to have to plug and repug all over my main floor
    -On button in an awkward location
    -Tools snap all over the place...more info
  • Good little vacuum
    Works well. We've been pleased with it. Belt broke early on, but that's probably operator error...here's a tip: don't vacuum up curtains with the vacuum...they don't play nice!...more info
  • Hoover 900 - Tempo Widepath vacuum
    This vacuum is a very 'good deal' for the price of $60 (included s/h). It has great suction - it will pull-up the vinyl-backed rugs scattered on our wood floors. Experimenting with the carpet-height-adjustment-gizmo helps this problem. The only drawback it that the on/off switch is POORLY located. It is on the top side of the vacuum case, NEXT to the handle. It should be ON-THE-TOP-OF-THE-HANDLE - so as to quickly turn off the vacuum - as when it begins eating one of the scatter rugs. In my case, I have to stop, click the vacuum into the upright position, let go of the handle, bend down, and then depress the switch to off. Before, with my old Hoover, I only had to turn off the TOP-OF-THE-HANDLE SWITCH with my thumb, as I pulled the vacuum back (from being stuck). Aside from this nuisance, the vacuum is a good bargain....more info
  • Best vacuum for the money
    This is Consumer Reports # 7 best vacuum overall, and costs $300 less that all the list down to # 20....more info
  • Really worth it!
    Here's a brief sentence describing why you should get this vacuum:

    I cannot use it on top of my bathroom rugs, because it sucks them right up.

    This Hoover has a ridiculous suction power, and an incredibly small price tag. It's not a fancy vacuum made for stairs (it has a special handle for stairs, but face it: it's an Upright), and the cover is made of cheap plastic parts (but why would you admire the outside of your vacuum?), and wrapping the cord around the handle looks quirky when you're finished (you'll see what I mean), but as far as I can tell, the only non-cosmetic shortcoming is the hardwood floor thing. So if you have carpet, buy this vacuum and remain happy!...more info
  • Love this vacuum
    This vacuum is great. I did plenty of research ahead of time and decided on this one. Consumer Reports had it rated as their "Best Buy" and it got really good reviews from other amazon shoppers. It was one of the cheapest vacuums I found and it has everything on it that I would want. I am very pleased with it!...more info
  • Love it!
    This vacuum has great suction. I'm glad to be able to get such a good vacuum for such a low price....more info
  • My favorite vacuum cleaner!
    I have noticed that most of the inexpensive vacuum cleaners that don't cost 1,000.00 are "disposable" vacuums that last 1 or 2 years. I have bought 3 in the last 5 years and have not been pleased with the last 2. This vacuum is so good and using it is so easy that if I do have to throw it away in 2 years I'm getting another one of these. At this price, why not?...more info
  • Hoover widepath vacuum
    This is a consumer reports best value purchase. It really works great and the price is definitely right. I like the quality and the vacuum motor is really powerful....more info
  • Too Strong for Some Carpets
    I bought the Hoover Tempo Widepath U5140-900 and tried it on my carpeting. It moved on its own when going forward. You have to concentrate on stopping it when you need to, instead of pushing it forward and then stopping your arm movement, as you would on the vacuums I was familiar with. I think the brush roller design is the cause of this forward motion. I thought I could get used to operating it.

    I looked at the contents of the bag after vacuuming twice, and I was surprised to see many carpet fibers. It seemed to have vacuumed up fibers that were above the surface of the carpet, but still attached. I looked at my carpet and saw many more fibers above the surface, so the vacuum could be doing this for a long time. Also, it had pulled up complete twists of carpet. My older vacuum hadn't been doing either of these things. If you have a carpet that has fibers above the surface, I wouldn't recommend this vacuum.

    I will probably have to return the vacuum and get something less powerful. For those of you who feel your carpet can handle it, and might like the forward self-propelled feeling, you might like this vacuum....more info
  • It picks up the stuff on the carpet
    reading over the options on the internet ... looking for a light weight machine ... influenced some by Epionions ... bought this and it is a satisfactory dirt sucker. One bag came with it installed and a second bag when that gets full ... so I ordered the vacuum bags pared with the machine ... have not yet filled the original. I have to buy an upright vacuum cleaner about every two/three years. Over the past 20 yrs- it seems we get pretty fair use from the Hoover. We've tried about 6 different brands ... However, my favorite vaccum cleaner is a 30 year old cannister Eureka on runners ... but no one uses that but myself. It isn't worth a flip for the carpet, but it will sure clean a lot of stuff you can't use a carpet vac on. ...more info
  • Quality Vacuum at an Economical Price
    We purchased this vacuum to replace a Dirt Devil which was similar in design. I am very pleased with the price and quality (so far) of this vacuum. It tends to be a little noisy but most vacuums are. It is much quieter than the vacuum it replaced. Two additional features would take my review from a 4 to 5: 1). Longer cord, 2). Place near handle to clip the cord closest to the vacuum and keep it off the floor and from tangling with the vacuum. ...more info
  • A great vacuum!
    We were searching for a more light weight vacuum, as we are getting older and our old Thunder vacuum is heavy & hard to find parts for. We came across this one. With three small dogs, we needed something that worked well.
    Since the ratings were great and the price was so low, we sent for it. It does a great job on our carpet. The suction of the hose is amazing! So far, we haven't had a problem with the accessories coming off. But, if they do, we can just put them in the closet until needed.
    We really wanted another bagless, but were happy to find that this one didn't leave that "just vacuumed smell", as many bagged ones do.
    If you want a great vacuum for a great price, I suggest you check this one out! ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This vacuum is awesome. It has great suction and is easy to maneuver. Even my husband loves it!...more info
  • Meets its claims
    I found this vacuum easy and quick to assemble. It has powerful suction and performs very well both with the rotating brush, and thru the attachments. I, too, wish it was possible to turn off the brush. I have an area rug on which a rotating brush cannot be used. One other thing, it could use improvement in cleaning closer to the wall. Still, for the price ($56)I can't complain. ...more info
  • Love it!
    Love it, love it, love it!!! Light enough for me to carry up and down the stairs myself, super-strong suction, and nice tools. The complaints I read about the cord being too short proved to be untrue for me. My only complaint is that all of that suction means the noise is pretty loud, but I just put my earbuds in and listen to music while I work.

    Again, love it!!!!...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    Yes the old dog of a vac died and of course needed a new one. I checked out a few until I settled on this one due to reviews and cost. I would reccomend this vacuum to family, yes a little noisy but it does an excellent job cleaning the carpets....more info
  • Powerful vacuum, cheap materials
    I purchased this vacuum in 2006 based mainly on Amazon reviews. It initially lived up to its billing. Powerful suction, especially with the attachments. On the downside was the noise, small bags and the suction on occasion was too powerful: I sometimes had to go digging to get something back which I didn't want to vacuum up - but that was my fault. The vacuum recently went down - something is burning and clunking around in the internal machinery every time it is started and I doubt at its price it is worth getting fixed. Good while it lasted....more info
  • Great vaccum for the price!
    This vaccum has powerful suction and easy to use tools. The vaccum is loud but what vaccum isn't? This vaccum recieved very good reveiws on Consumer Reports and that is what attracted me and I have not ben disappointed. Great product for the price....more info
  • Broken after 1 week
    No suction after only one week. Rolled over a penny by mistake. Completely fried it....more info
  • Nothing special; but good enough
    This vacuum was definitely priced right -- around $50. It seems to have a lot of suction for the price and was a big improvement over our last (more expensive, larger and obnoxiously loud) vacuum from Dirt Devil. I decided to go back to a bagged vacuum because it seems more sanitary. I got tired of having to empty the old vacuum's messy dirt cup and seeing dust fly everywhere. This vacuum is relatively small and has a low profile that fits easily under most of my furniture. It's not heavy and is easy to maneuver. It seems to do a good job at edge cleaning. It, thank goodness, does not have the same silly engineer "oops" my last vacuum had since there is a notch for the cord to be clicked into on the handle so it stays up out of the way. (I constantly wrestled with my last vacuum, because the cord came out from bottom of the unit and there was nothing to keep it up out of the way. I had to hold the cord up with my hand, but would still manage to trip over it as I vacuumed.)


    My biggest complaint has to do with the length of the electrical cord and of the hose used with the attachments for stair cleaning, etc.

    First, the cord: I can barely do one room without having to unplug and find another plug-in that is in reach. I'm going to remedy that, though, by permanently adding an extension cord.

    I can't do anything about the hoses, though, and that's very frustrating when you have only six steps to vacuum but to get to the last step, you have to stretch the hose and tilt the vacuum to reach it. Even with the longest attachment on -- which isn't good for stairs, anyway -- it's still too short. (And if the point of the hose and accessories is to do things like stairs, what couldn't some brilliant engineer design it to be long enough to reach to the top of an average flight of stairs??)

    The hose is also less rubbery and more plastic-y, so it seems cheap and tends to dent easily and not stretch like it should. The end of the hose clicks into the unit by inserting, then twisting. Unfortunately, if you inadvertently twist the hose while you're cleaning, it can come off ... irritating.

    This vacuum definitely has no bells or whistles (but that could be a good thing, too, depending upon your perspective).

    Overall, even with it's quirks, it's still a decent vacuum. I don't regret the purchase since it does do a good job cleaning the carpet, even if the accessories aren't up to par. Now if it lasts me a few years, I'll really be happy....more info
  • amazing
    I just installed 2500 sq feet of new carpet. The fuzz killed my old vacumm, so I ordered this one.It is amazing! Not at all what I expected for the price, it has more than met my expectations!!!! Great buy!!!...more info
  • So far, so EXCELLENT!
    I have only had the Hoover U5140-900 BAGGED vacuum for about one month, and so far it does a GREAT job. It was extremely easy to assemble - slide in the handle, insert two screws, put on the attachments, insert the hose, and you're ready to go! Best vacuum on the market for the low price paid. I bought this bagged vacuum because bagless are messy, dust flies everywhere and the canisters are difficult to remove. Will update this review if my opinion changes....more info
  • Great Vacuum Cleaner
    This vacuum cleaner uses a bag system. It doesn't have a great capacity, but it sure did a great job on our rug. Amazon is a great place to buy things. Excellent delivery, great prices....more info
  • Works well for the price
    The vacuum came within 3 days of ordering (way to go Amazon!) and we desperately needed to use it THAT night. My husband was excited to give it a whirl and after one quick swipe, the belt broke. Hoover was great and replaced the belt the next day, but we are fortunate to live within a few miles of a Hoover repair center. Otherwise, I think we would have had to pay shipping charges for something that broke almost as soon as we plugged it in.

    That said, the vacuum works great. It is noisier than other vacuums I have had, but that's probably because it's so powerful. I saw someone complain about the cord length and I think it's just the same as any other vacuum. I would definitely recommend it if this is your price range (because under $75 is mine!)...more info
  • Great vaccum cleaner for my mom
    I bought this vacuum cleaner for my mom because she wouldn't use her expensive new cannister type cleaner saying it was too complicated to operate. She is 91 years old and couldn't handle all the extra gadgets. She vaccums only about once a month so the cleaner needed to be really effective, easy to use, and since I was paying for the cleaner it couldn't be too expensive. This vacuum cleaner met all those requirements and we are all happy again. Thanks, Hoover! ...more info
  • Great deal for a 12 amp vacuum
    For the price, this is great. After looking at the fancy space-age looking vacuums at my store, I was wondering if I could find a vacuum that just does it's job without all the frills. Luckily I stumbled across this on Amazon. I liked that it's a 12 amp motor and bagged. My last bagless vacuum just seemed messy. This vacuum does a great job with my pet's hair. Great value....more info
  • fantastic vacuum for the price!
    I bought this vacuum based on its Amazon customer reviews. It does a GREAT job on carpet. I haven't used it on hardwood.
    I like it so much I'm ordering another one to give to my newly-wed daughter instead of an expensive Dyson, which did not have very good reviews. I highly recommend this vacuum, especially at this price.
    Ann (age 60)...more info
  • Hoover Tempo Widepath
    Pros: Top notch unit. Excellent vacuum cleaner. Consumer Reports rated as a "best buy" and so far it is exactly that. Excellent with pet hair and very easy to push/pull. Very lightweight and easy to use on stairs.

    Cons: Short cord. I would also recommend the Arm&Hammer bags (deodorant type) from Walmart if you have pets. Regular bags will give a "stale" smell if you let the bag get to full. Other than that, for under 60 bucks.....you can't go wrong!
    ...more info
  • Hoover widepath tempo vacuum
    Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum
    I have only used this vacuum a few times but so far am really pleased with it. I even vacuumed up a rug leading outdoors with the flat hard pile for nap and it vacuumed it very well. I don't have much to compare it to because my old vacuum was a Eureka Whirlwind that I bought several years ago that had to be defective because it wouldn't even vacuum up a piece of lint off of the floor. So anything had to be a step up. If I think the vacuum warrants another review after I have used it some more, I will add more thoughts later....more info
  • Don't bother
    This is the worst vacuum I have ever used. It is difficult to push on carpet. Very noisy. The hose is way too short. While trying to use the attachments the hose would either keep coming off the vacuum or the vacuum would fall over onto me. I am giving it to goodwill and buying a kenmore.........more info
  • inexpensive hard worker
    I purchased this upright a few months ago and so far it is doing a very good job on rugs and bare floor. It is light weight, convenient on carpeted stair cases and easy to handle. Also has a full bag light.
    Tools are all on the vacuum.
    It is a great buy for the low price. ...more info
  • Hoover Widepath Vacuum
    This product fulfills its promise as a fairly highly rated vacuum in a popular consumer magazine. I have 3 B-I-G dogs and 4 furry cats and it has risen to the challenge of picking up masses of animal fur. My only complaint is that the bag is small (but proportionate to the vacuum) so I have to put a new one on about every 3rd or 4th vacuuming! Other than that it's performing well!...more info
  • Very Good Buy
    I like very much Hoover U5140-900 Vacuum cleaner. I used so far 4 times on my carpet. It is doing excellent job. I will recommend highly this product. I bought for $57.00...more info
  • I got a Super Deal
    I don't know how any one (except the post office) made any money. I got it for under $60.00 and that included shipping.

    I was looking for something light weight and this is not Bad.
    It sucks up everything, Pulls like it has front wheel drive.

    I would definitely recommend this Hoover.

    (of course I would always recommend Hoover this is the second one in my life, the first worked well for over 10 years, actually still works well but needed a lighter one)...more info
  • great suction, obnoxiously noisy, and hose is way too short
    Well, what more can I say? You get waht you pay for. I really do like the suction but the noise level is extremely hard on the ears and the nerves. I have looked up a longer hose, 10 ft., online and could purchase it. It would solve the short hose problem. I guess I could wear noise canceling headphones....more info
  • Hoover Vacuum
    The product is great! I can't understand why it isn't stocked by local stores - it has received a very favorable rating from Consumer Reports for consecutive evaluations, especially considering performance and price. It makes it an even more attractive purchase with Amazon's convenience of ordering from home,no searching for it in stores, gas savings, no tax, and no shipping. Thanks - a great buy! ...more info
  • Keep it simple
    As described. Very durable and lightweight. Has all the necessities without all the frills. Does a great job, lives up to Hoover quality....more info
  • A Unbridled Beast in the Power Department
    When our previous Hoover died, after sucking up a sock, I checked Consumer Reports (CR) 2007 Buying Guide and saw that this one was ranked #8. So, this was the vacuum I targeted. And it's safe to say I was impressed.

    First, this thing is really powerful. When I first turned it on it literally leapt from my hand. The agitator brush was so strong it pulls the vacuum forward. It's like getting a self-propelled one as a bonus. And it really lifts your carpet. We have medium pile and after using the Tempo it feels like a new carpet under your feet.

    Suction is also strong. The attachments on this model were smaller than our previous Hoover (an Encore Supreme) so I was initially disappointed. But after trying them, it's clear there is power to spare. It would latch onto the couch fabric and probably lifted dust from 2002.

    Noise-wise I was also impressed. CR had rated this model only fair so I was expecting it to be like our old Hoover (which was extremely loud), but was surprised to find it wasn't bad at all.

    As for negatives, there is really only a couple minor ones.

    The first thing I noticed was that the bags in the Tempo (Type-Y) are a lot smaller than the Type-A I was using. So expect to change them out more frequently than you may have been used to.

    Second, the instructions to this model are pretty bad in some areas. For instance the diagram used for routing the power cord isn't the Tempo. So after trial and error you'll end up looping the cord between the crevice tool holder and the hose tube.

    But the biggest annoyance with the instructions is the edge groomers. It talks about them on page 7 and even explains how to replace them on page 11. But after having problems vacuuming on the edge, I took it apart to find them. Guess what? They weren't there. It turns out this model doesn't have edge groomers despite the instructions saying so in multiple places.

    Third, Hoover tech support is a toll number. When I called to find out what was going on with the edge groomers it was on my dime.

    Overall, though, you really can't go wrong with this vacuum for the price. When I looked around locally I found it at Best Buy for $69.95. But when Amazon had it at $56, with free shipping and no sales tax, it was a no-brainer. A good, solid vacuum delivered to our door for almost $20 less....more info
  • great for the price and does a good job
    I was looking for an affordable and simple vacuum cleaner with the basic accessories and found this model to be great. It's inexpensive and does a great job in our apartment. It has height adjustment for carpet and floor heights, a full set of accessories attached to the back and the agitator and motor are real strong. No complaints yet. I broke the agitator belt so I purchased 2 of those and some new allergen filtered bags on Amazon as well. All Hoover OEM and not generic for decent prices. Great machine, affordable to upkeep and works great....more info
  • Great vacuum for the price!
    I was surprised at it's performance, given the price. The Hoover Tempo works great on carpet. I've never had a vacuum pick up in the corners as this one does. The performance was bit less on my laminate floors. It picked up well, but when I turned the machine off, it left dirt on the floor. The attachments are a little cumbersome, but no more than others I have used. The length of the cord can be problem in larger rooms, but was fine in the bedrooms. The weight of the vacuum was not a problem. I admit, I had read the other reveiews, and despite a few poor reviews, I decided to take a chance. I am glad I did! ...more info
  • Great vacuum!
    This is a really great vacuum at a good price. It is not too heavy and works really well on carpet and hardwood floors....more info
  • OMG - Better than it's $350 self-propelled competitor!!!
    Okay, I was a bit skeptical when Consumer Reports rated it a "Best Buy" but have traveled the underwhelming path of the $5-600 vacuum and decided to give this $70 wonder a try. So I ran the decision by my wife (the primary pusher of the beast) and she, exasperated with our $350 self-propelled Hoover, consented as long as the return policy was solid. So, the new vac arrived with little fanfare and no bells or whistles...AND...OMG, this thing rocks! It is certainly feature-light, but gets the job done BETTER and EASIER than it's more costly, heavier cousin. Same attachments, bag, super easy to push through thick carpet...and easy to carry up the stairs. Bottom line...happy wife, happy hubby, clean floors. Thank you Consumer Reports; we don't always agree, but this time we see I2I!!!...more info
  • as good as described
    For the price, an excellent machine that takes on most carpet willingly, without fancy bells and whistles. Not as good on tile / bare flooring, but adequate. The bags do seem small, but I've only had it three weeks, and they are better than having to empty a plastic bin, far superior to the Eureka that blew up three belts in three uses and that went back to the big-box store. I'm well pleased (I have a thirty-year old canister Hoover that still gives good service), and when my colleague said she was needing to purchase another vac, she came over, took a test drive across our living room and down the corridor, and went home and ordered one for herself....more info
  • Junk
    I bought the vacuum and the first time I used it is was great. The second time, something happened as it is so loud, you can't hear anything. It vacuums ok but there must be a bearing out. Now, how do I get it warranted. Don't buy!!!!!!!!!! ...more info
  • does the trick
    good enough vacuum cleaner. the price was what sold me, especially shipped to my door from amazon. cleans the floor and corners very well. only complaint i have is the power switch is not on the handle, but rather on the top part of the midsection, so you have to use your other hand to switch it on and off....more info
  • good vacum for the price
    I have only used this vacum a couple of times, but so far so good. It has good suction, and is fairly light. Negatives are; it is quite loud, and the roller brush runs all the time (so it can knock dirt around on smooth floors). ...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum Cleaner for the Cost
    Lightweight, easy to maneuver, and powerful suction best describes this model. Three quarters of my home is ceramic tile covering the common areas with Barber Carpet in the living room and bedrooms. The vacuum cleaner transitions from the carpet to tile with ease. ...more info
  • Surprising Power for the Price!
    I have a 700 square ft., 1 bedroom apartment with medium height wall to wall carpeting in the living/dining room and bedroom. I thought I had been taking fairly good care of it but I was really amazed how much better the carpet looked after using this surprisingly powerful vacuum. This unit has the power to really deep clean and it shows.
    I've only had the unit for a month so I can't speak to its reliability but I do like the fact that the base where the motor and brush are located is on the heavy side and seems solidly built. The weight isn't a problem as the brush tends to pull the unit around almost like a self propelled unit. The wide brush also makes cleaning go quickly.
    The attachments are small but functional. The only real negative is that the hose is very short and the extension hose that is available costs about a third of what the whole unit costs. I don't need the extension but if you do be sure you check the model number and get the right one.
    Based on my experience so far, I would highly recommend this unit at this price.
    ...more info
  • Vacuum
    The service was so fast & the vacuum is everything you said it was & more. It arrived in great shape. We are just so pleased with it....more info
  • Way too heavy...attachment is awkward
    I purchased this on the strength of the other reviews here. I used it a few times, but it's about 3 times heavier than any vacuum I've had. It moves forward by itself, but it's very hard to pull back. I also don't like the way the cord is all wrapped around the attachements. The wand is a big pain in the neck as you have to take it apart again before using the vacuum on floors. My old vacuum had a spot for the fully elongated wand- this one doesn't.

    I give it 3 stars because it has excellent suction and is a good buy for the $$ if you're a big fellow. It's not the vacuum for the 5'4" 125 lb woman. Gave it to my parents and am buying something else. ...more info
  • Sometimes Cheap Is Better
    I was in the market for new vacuum...it's impossible to get good reviews from users, since most everyone hates to vacuum. I went with this cheap model that had relatively good reviews from Amazon users. Works great...and at the price it becomes a throw away product if it breaks....more info
  • great deal
    Great product. It obviously isn't a high-end vacuum, but it is an AMAZING deal for the money. Occasionally have to go back over a spot, but genreally does a great job and is way cheaper than anything else. Great option for college students or anyone on a limited budget!...more info
  • the cat's meow!
    This vacuum is extraordinary! It's fabulously light and is a joy to use. It's self-propelled but doesn't rocket forward and slam into furniture the way heavier sweepers do.

    We spent more than five times its price for our last two Hoovers and I like this one immensely better. I bought it because I wanted a lightweight upright with tremendous sucking power as well as easy-to-use tools. It's rated No. 7 overall in Consumer Reports but it's the No. 2 Quick Pick for lighter models.

    My only complaint is that you have to stoop to grab the cord, a problem I quickly resolved by using one of those black tie thingies that come with electronics to twist-tie the cord to the upper cord-wrap hook.

    This is our third Hoover in a row and my definite favorite. The first one was great but it bit the dust after just two years of use. The second one was bagless. Big mistake. Removing the bin was an exercise in frustration, not to mention a loathsome mess. The bagless sweeper was also very heavy and obnoxious to use. I hated it. I used it once and gave it to our daughter.

    Unfortunately, according to CR, Hoover is the most repair-prone brand of vacuum in existence. However, at this price, if the Tempo Widepath doesn't last, I'll just junk it and buy another one! In fact, two days ago I ordered a second Widepath for our cabin at the lake.

    You can't go wrong with this baby. It's a peach!...more info
  • Hoover Tempo Widepath
    I am very pleased with the overall quality of this Hoover vacuum. The suction is great, it's fairly light and easy to use and the motor is pretty quiet. I also appreciate the double filter system. The only thing I don't like is the length of the hose. If it were about 10 inches longer it would make it easier to use the attachments....more info
  • great vacuum
    skeptical because it was such a good price, but very pleased. Two things, a little loud, and blows out hot air on left from motor I guess - BUT suction power makes up for it and lightweight, self propelling is great. wish I had bought two. ...more info
  • great little machine
    I've used my new Hoover a few times and have no complaints. It's great on dog hair. The self-propelling feature is nice. I almost have to hold it back. Would be nice if it had a retracting cord, but that's no big deal. It's an attractive color, and is compact enough to store just about anywhere. Seems like a very good product for cheap money....more info
  • Great deal for a great product
    After countless searches for a good vacuum cleaner, we've finally found it in this product. Although it doesn't have the bells and whistles of many current models, it cleans the carpet nicely (picks up thread and hairs easily with its strong suction) and it's a great bargain!...more info
  • Vacuum
    My wife is happy with this hoover. What more do I need, than a happy wife pushing a vacuum?...more info
  • Ok Vacuum
    So what do you want for this price. It is stronger and seems lighter then our old Hoover. Some parts are cheaper made unfortunately like the handle and part storage.

    We tried an Oreck and Dyson before buying this, and they just don't seem worth the price difference. This performs almost as well, and it has useful attachments, and is fairly lightweight.

    Only complaints:
    - the height switch is a pain to flip, and we must on our new thick carpet.
    - On bare floors this tends to knock stuff around instead of sucking it up.

    Close enough for us....more info
  • Can't be beat
    I never thought I'd leave a review for a vacuum but this one deserves it! It's such a low cost for such a good vacuum. You can't go wrong when you buy a product that's ranked this highly buy other consumers....more info
  • Got a lemon!!
    I bought this as a cheap vac to hold me over until I could find a decent replacement for my more expensive vacs that work like (rhymes with trap). At this price if you got a vac that does a halfway decent job you'd be happy...but I just got this vac and immediatly when using the handtool hose it actually colapses on itself. I have to turn off the machine a billion times to get it to stop sucking itself in. then I have to squeeze and stretch the hose until it finally goes back to its original shape. Now after using the vac maybe 5 or 7 times its not picking up hair...Im wondering if the carpet hight adjustment thing is broken because if I tilt the machine back raising the roller slightly it seems to pick the hair up. So now I have to contact the company over this and I wonder if its even worth the effort. ...more info
  • Strong, basic vacuum
    Nothing fancy here, but it does its job well. I bought this based on the test results in a consumer magazine, and so far so good....more info
  • After sev. months use: I now say 3 stars - belt keeps breaking - annoying.
    This is why I would buy this product again:
    #1. It's suction is excellent--both when using the vacuum and when using the on-board tools.
    #2. It acts like a self-propelled vacuum even though it isn't.
    #3. It gives you all the basic things you need in a vacuum.
    #4. It exceeded our expection.
    #5. It is not too heavy.
    #6. It is not too large.
    #7. Easy to use.
    #8. More product value for the price.

    This is why I now say 3 stars. Belt keeps breaking, breaking, breaking!
    #1. The on-board tool hose is too short. However, it can be remedied by buying a longer hose which is offered by Amazon.
    #2. Because the hose is short; your head gets closer to the vacuum sound and it is very loud when using the on-board tools.
    #3. The on-board tools normally require (for me) hooking up two sections to make the reach longer before putting the tool on the end.
    #4. Belt broke after a few uses; we keep replacing it and it keeps breaking...once it started to melt!
    ...more info
  • I love this vacuum!
    I really love this vacuum. It is easy to use (my kids use it) and it has great suction. The hose attachment is easy to use and works well. I only use this vacuum on carpet in my office, so I don't know how it rates on hard floors. It does have a bare floor setting. There is one minor thing that I don't care for and that is how the cord winds up in front of the hose. It isn't as handy to just unwind the cord once or twice and use the hose to vacuum up something quickly. I have to take the entire cord down or try to feed the hose behind the cord. But that problem is pretty minor in my eyes. ...more info
  • Better than others that cost twice as much!
    We bought this to replace a bagless VAX brand vacuum that we bought 6 months ago for $129.00
    Our last Hoover Vacuum was also a base model unit (Run About) nothing fancy but it worked like a champ and lasted through 12 years, 2 dogs and 3 kids.
    I should not have fallen for the hype of the Vax bagless unit. The shiny metallic Orange exterior and "space age" look intrigued me I guess? It was a $129.00 lesson learned as far as I am concerned.

    Bottom line is it would be hard to find a better vacuum at twice the price. We love this product! Thank you HOOVER!!!

    ...more info
  • Yeh, it's good
    I hate spending money on a vacuum cleaner. I bought a cheap Dirt devil ($70) and it was a real piece of junk. Decided to bite the bullet and go for something over $300 and be done with it....Then, this one caught my eye. Price and reviews persuaded me to give the "cheapies" one last try.
    It's a lite weight plastic machine but this thing works. I got it delivered from Amazon for $56!.....Put it thru the "wife test" and she agreed it was a good one. Her only complaint was the length of the hose.
    I sawed off the Dirt Devil hose, she attached it to the Hoover, now she's happy and the dirt devil is trash.......You can't beat this for the money. I'll bet a $500 Kirby might be a tad better and last longer BUT $500?!...more info
  • Heck of a Vacuum
    We got this because of prior reviews we read on its ability to pick up cat hair. It does a wonderful job at that and other dirt. It is almost self-propelled as I had to raise the height adjustment so as not to wear out the belt on the beater brush. Goes together easy and is light to carry. Might buy another for cottage....more info
  • Great Choice!
    Bought this for my daughter - a college student who lives in a dorm - she loves it!!!! This was highly rated by consumer reports and was a great deal on Amazon!. Highly recommend!...more info
  • Good pickup, average maneuverability
    This is my first upright vacuum after using several canisters. Even though you have to buy bags for it, I'm loving the pickup power on my carpet - much better than a canister vacuum of the same price. It's also really nice not to have any filters to clean out. Bags are pretty easy to replace, and it even has an indicator to tell you when to change it. I love the headlight which allows you to see what you're vacuuming in poorly lit regions.

    Negatives: Maneuverability, as with most uprights I believe, is somewhat lacking, but doable. This vacuum is a bit loud and high pitched. The removable hose for using with attachments on corners and upholstery is short, but extension hoses are available.

    Overall, I'm very happy with this, and for what I paid I consider it a good buy. Its cleaning power beats the Euro Pro Shark Bagless Canister vac any day....more info
  • great vacuum
    This is a great vacuum for the price. After purchasing more expensive different vacuums over the years, I decided to try this less expensive one. It has great suction and practically drags you around. Great overall value. Works great!...more info
  • Great product
    I have owned mine for at least three years now. I bought this one for my father. It is lightweight, durable and very affordable. Wouldn't give mine up....more info
  • wonderful vacuum
    awesome vacuum. had a bagless by dirt devil that was a hassle to use...it was heavy, loud, and didn't seem to clean well and no matter how well i cleaned the filter it never seemed to get fully clean and would make a cloud of dust because you had to bang it to get all the dust/dirt off. having to use a bag is actually not a problem at all and it's super clean with no dusty junk flying around like with the bagless vac i had. this vacuum actually cleans better than the bagless one i had and it's lighter and less noisy. this is a great vac and totally worth the money (super cheap). plus lots of attachments to make cleaning easier. ...more info
  • A good purchase...
    I'm very happy with this vaccuum cleaner. I think it's a great value for the money. My expectations are pretty realistic. It picks up hair from my 2 long haired cats as well as stuff my shopvac misses. That's good enough for me. Amazon had it shipped out fast and free. A great deal in my opinion. I get bags/belts at the local hardware store or supermarket, easy to find. If you want a Dyson, spend the $300+ dollars. For under $100, Hoover is a good bet....more info
  • Great product. Great value!
    I read about this product in CR and finally decided to try it. The best thing about it is that it's lightweight yet extremely potent. The tools work great, and even though I had read of its poor performance on bare floors I have to say it has worked great for me in every surface. It takes me less time to get my house cleaned and best of all, I don't end up all tired from having to move a heavy vacuum.
    It has a complete set of tools and a light signal that indicates when the bag is full.
    I'm very happy with this product and the best thing is I didn't have to spend lots of money on a great vacuum. I definitely recommend it....more info
  • I would give this item a ZERO star if possible
    Based on other reviews, this item is great or horrible. Bought a Brand New Hoover U5140-900 Tempo vacuum & received it yesterday. Vacuum does NOT work. Brand new out of the box & it does NOT work!!!!! Vacuum turns on & cleaning brush spins but there is no suctioning or pickup power. NONE. Took apart according to instuctions & still not working. I sure got a LEMON with this vacuum. Guess I will try to make lemonade!!!! ...more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum after my Eureka Boss quit after 5 years. I bought the Hoover as being a "best buy" (as the Eurkea Boss was and still listed as a "best buy") in the Consumers report. I ordered it on the March 16th and received it on the March 19th but without the parts to assemble the handle to the vacuum. I called on the 19th to have the parts sent. I received the WRONG parts on the 28th and had to call again for the parts. I finally received the right parts on April 8th (almost a month before I couls us it). I have since used it a few times including the attachments. While using the attachments on April 5th the hose collapsed at the
    end of the hose near the attachment end. I called again about the hose which will be replaced. I talked with the Corporate Office and was informed the hose collapse was the first they knew about.
    The vacuum is light weight and cleans the carpet well (which was the Consumers Report comment). It is not the quality of the Eurkea which was about $150 and the Hoover was $67. The cord could be longer and has no way to wind the cord when finished. Time will only tell how long it will last. Amazon end was great but the Hoover Co fell down on their end.
    Jeanette Thompson...more info
  • Belt broke!!
    I bought this vaccum based on the great reviews it has received. I have to say I was dissapointed by the quality of the product I received. After only a few uses, I started noticing a burning smell. I took it to the Hoover repair center, where the technician told me that belt had got stretched. He told me that I should be using it at the highest carpet setting, and it broke because I was using it at a lower setting. The instructions clearly say you should use it at the lowest possible setting. He told me it was normal wear and tear, and the warranty would not cover it. It didn't cost too much to replace the belt, but I was dissappointed at getting such a poor quality product from a reputable brand....more info
  • Be careful!
    I enjoy this vaccuum, however when I first got it, I didn't realize that you should use the highest carpet setting until you know what works best. So, its a great machine, but I burned the belt on the third use! I took it to the hoover store, and they fixed it for free (besides the charge for the belt which was negligable). Just make sure that you start at the highest setting and then go down from there!
    ...more info
  • A good product
    This vacuum cleaner is highly rated by consumer reports and works as advertised. The only problem that I've encountered is that the attachment hose is not as flexible as it should be making use of it somewhat clumsy....more info
    The Hoover Tempo is the best vacuum I have ever used. I have been through 3 vacuums in the last 2 years because they were horrible to use and simply didn't work right. I was helping out at my job one day when we were slow, by running the vacuum, which happened to be the Hoover Tempo. I immediately fell in love with this vacuum and when I got home I started to research the internet to find out more about them and to see what they cost. To my surprise this FABULOUS, Light weight, powerful vacuum was very reasonably priced, especially compared to the price I had paid for the other 3 vacuums I had purchased in the past 2 years. The Hoover Tempo is better than the expensive vacuums I have used in the past. It has very power suction and is very easy to maneuver. LOVE THIS VACUUM. Don't stop making it please....more info
  • Great Vacuum!!!
    This vacuum does a terrific job. It is a great value for the money. I find it does a great job on the carpet and the hardwoods as well. I would recommend it to my family and friends. The delivery speed was amazing.Thank you Amazon....more info
  • satisfied in Washinton
    I purchased this vacume because of its price and ratings on consumer reports. I have not been dissappointed!...more info
  • Fine on carpet, but not on hardwood
    This vacuum has a "bare floor" setting, but it does a terrible job on my hardwood floors. It just blows around the dirt. However, it works quite well on my rugs, with one caveat. It's marketed as a "wide path" but it seems to me that the outer edges don't have much suction. If you're buying this stictly for carpet, I would recommend it. You can't beat the price. Otherwise, look elsewhere.

    The first vacuum I received had a hole in the cord, and I have to say that Amazon's customer service was superb. They responded immediately, and within a few days, I had another vacuum, no hassles and no questions asked. You don't find that kind of service very often....more info
  • Reviwing the Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath
    I like the Hoover U5140-900 TempoWidepath Bagged Upright Vacuum because it is very light in weight, but it cleans deep and fast, it is easy to manuver around and I don't think leaves dust after vacuuming....more info
  • Excellent!
    I did an awful lot of research for a quality for value upright vacuum and the Hoover US140-900 kept on coming up. Like most, I was a little skeptical that such an inexpensive vacuum would be as impressive as all the reviews suggested. Amazon delivered the product amazingly fast with the "free shipping," so I was impressed off the bat. When I put the vacuum together, all you need is a philips screwdriver, and put it too work, I was impressed. Do you know how you sometimes have to go over an area a few times to pick up stubborn lint? Not so with this baby. It worked flawlesslessly and I am so impressed. I thank God for Amazon's reviews as this product absolutely deserves 5 stars and if I was able I would give it 6. If you consider value, quality and a quick ship to boot, it would doubtlessly be one of the best values of the year!...more info
  • Can't be beat ! ... Well - Updated opinion

    1. The belt has broken a bunch of times.
    2. Attachment hose Not Long Enough.

    OPINION: I think a cannister bagless may be a better option.

    (original review below)
    For the PRICE (and with Amazon 'Super Saver' Free Shipping) this one really is great! Tons of suction! .... Othewise ..... It is a very very typical/standard vacuum....more info
  • Works great, but cord really gets in the way.
    This vacuum seems to be working great so far! The cord is an issue, there is really no place to attach it to keep it out of the way. It is a pain to try to keep holding it up while vacuuming. It has the potential to be a perfect 5 if that could be improved. It has a good rating on Consumer Reports which is why I purchased it....more info
  • Finally...A vacuum that WORKS!
    OK...hands down this is by far the best vacuum I've owned. Trust me...I have had so many and they were just crap! The suction is AMAZING and it catches all the lint and tiny particles on the edges of your wall/carpet. NOTE: I have extremely THICK and PLUSH WHITE carpet too! The tools work really well too. The suction is VERY powerful! I really believe that bagged vacuums are by far the best. Guess the old school is the way to go! Just buy the HEPA type bags and you are set to go!!! ...more info
  • Excellent value
    I bought this vacuum after researching via Consumer Reports and it is everything they said it was. Only issue is an odor when it is in use of hot wiring, but I am hoping that is just because it is new and will disappear with use.
    It does a great job on carpets and really deep cleans. The attachments all work fine and the headlight is a bonus....more info
  • great little vaccum
    What a great little vaccum this is. Very powerful and gets the cat hair.
    I would recommend this to anyone....more info
  • Great Vacuum!!!!!
    It is a great deal. It out cleans my last bagless vacuum that cost twice as much. I will never have another bagless vacuum. ...more info
  • Hose and Belt problems
    Belt came off first time I used. Hose collapses when you use attachments. Vacuums carpet well....more info
  • Great vacuum for the money
    Our old Hoover vac broke the same week we got a consumer reports reviewing vacuums. After doing the research, we went with this one based on the price, weight (we have a lot of stairs and I'm pregnant), and reviews. I have used it for a month now and it has been great. Very strong suction for it's size and the price was unbeatable. Our other Hoover lasted 7 years, and if this one lasts 7-10 (what our research said you can expect on MOST vacuums nowdays...) we have made a great deal. The only thing I wish it did was shut off the brush when I want it to, but we are getting along without that feature.
    Definitely a great buy!...more info
  • Cord is way too short, otherwise it's fine for $60
    My heavy, self-propelled Hoover finally gave out (after only 3 years I might add) so I purchased this lighter model based on the good reviews here, and because I hated carrying my other one up and down the stairs. This is a great vacuum for $60, but you'll see very quickly that it is indeed cheaply made. It only deserves 3 stars because the cord is so short and makes extra work for me since I cannot do more than one room at a time. My old Hoover had a much longer cord...strange....more info
  • Just what I wanted, at a great price!
    I'm not sure what all the fuss is about this vacuum's performance on hard floors. It works fine for me on my hardwoods. I saw this model listed 6th on Consumer Reports and couldn't resist at the $60 price. I am also very conscious about weight and it came in lighter than most at 16 lbs. VERY pleased with performance. Excellent performance, especially in light of the price (and free ship thru Amazon). Highly recommend. ONLY drawback? The cord is attached at the very bottom of the vacuum, so if you're moving the cord around, you have to reach down pretty low each time in order to move it from the base. Not a deal breaker!...more info
  • a sleeper sweeper
    Best upright sweeper for the money on the market. And your price is $15-$20 less (excluding shipping) than I have seen in stores....more info
  • Pleased
    I am very pleased with this vacuum. The price was excellent. I like the fact that it is bagged and I don't have to mess with cleaning or buying expensive filters. It has very strong suction and seems almost to propel itself along. It is very loud but that's not unexpected. What I like about it the most is the several attachments it comes with and how easy they are to use. You can whip them out in a second, use them, and put them back just as quickly. I can get into corners, difficult areas, and even the ceiling in a jiffy then go back to vacuuming the floor quickly. With all the choices out there I'm glad I chose this one. ...more info
  • BEST VACUUM I HAVE EVER OWNED ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
    ...more info
  • Powerful Vacuum
    Pros: A very powerful vacuum.
    Cons: A very powerful vacuum.
    This vacuum works really good for my apartment. The wide head makes clean-up fast, but also makes it hard to reach corners and tighter spaces. The power is great but there is no way to turn it down for more delicate things like loose rugs....more info
  • Unbeatable Bargin
    I was skeptical when ordering this item..."Could a $69 vacuum perform as well as $400 models?" Consumer Reports gave the Hoover U5140-900 its best rating for cleaning, and only a few $400 models received the same rating...thus I was skeptical.

    Amazon got the vacuum to us in something like 3 days, even with the free shipping. That alone impressed me.

    The vacuum has worked great! It is very light in weight, which makes it easy to use on the stairs. It does a great job cleaning too.

    The vacuum appears to be well constructed. A longer electrical cord would be nice. The cord supplied is on the short side, but is minimally sufficient to get the job done (an extra 5 feet would have been nice).

    At this price, we're going to purchase another unit so we can just keep one upstairs and one downstairs...and we'll still be $260 ahead of buying one of the premier brands that don't do much more for the money and weigh a lot more....more info
  • vacuum cleaner
    We are very pleased with this purchase and how quickly it was received. Highly recommend....more info
  • hoover vacuum cleaner
    It works great. I can't believe how well it works on carpet given how inexpensive it was....more info
    You can not beat the value of this vacuum for what it does and the price. This vacuum is light and easy to move around unlike my last one. It picks up very well on carpet, but I don't recommend for hard floor...by a hard floor vacuum if thats what you need. I do recommend getting the 20' extension hose to clean in high places.
    My last vacuum cost me almost $300.00, lasted me less than 2 yrs and I hated it. This is a great vacuum at especially for less than $60.00.
    End your search now and add it to your cart!...more info
  • Great Value and Quality
    This is a great vacuum cleaner with lots of suction. There are few bells and whistles, but this product gets the job done, while costing only a fraction of the price of many vacuums. I love getting a big bang for my buck!...more info
  • WOW! This vacuum really does suck!
    I absolutely LOVE this vacuum! I have had so many vacuums in the past and this is by far my most favorite. I was reluctant to buy it at first because I thought that it would be cheaply made since the price was cheap, but I am so glad I went ahead and ordered it. I am surprised about the many complaints saying this vacuum was to noisy. I don't think it's very loud at all. It is actually much quieter than my last vacuum. This vacuum has the most incredible sucking power I have EVER seen in a vacuum!! I also love the long extension cord and how easy it is to put together and use. The only thing that I can complain about is how heavy it is. I am very petite and don't really mind it being so heavy to push, BUT if you are a much older lady than me (27 years) I would consider a lighter vacuum. I might add that the last 2 vacuums I have owned has been bagless. I will NEVER go back to bagless again! I have a dog in the house and whenever I would vacuum with my bagless vacuums the house would smell like dog, no kidding. Now that I have a bagged vacuum the dog hair is all kept inside of the bag and my house smells great after vacuuming. I think that people that suffer from allergies should definately stick with bagged vacuums. I am kind of angry about the price of the vacuum though. I bought this vacuum for 68.00 the other day and now it is 12.00 cheaper! I hate it when that happens. Amazon was super fast at shipping it to me though. I might also mention that this vacuum is one of the top rated vacuums in the consumer reports magazine. If you are looking for a powerful vacuum that is cheap in price then buy this vacuum. You won't be disappointed. ...more info
  • Does the basic job good
    I bought this vaccum couple of months back and received it fast and worked great from the first day and easy to assemble. This vaccum works great on everything especially on the carpets. The power cord does not auto-wind and is kind of situated in the wrong place too. If the power cord n switch is moved to the handle then it would be wonderful. Nothing fancy in this vaccum and sucks good.... get's the job done.....more info
  • Great vacuum for the price
    Did a lot of research before buying this vacuum. It is just what I wanted. Cleans as well as any I have had in the past. In fact,I compared it with a $900 vacuum on loan from the local store and this vacuum, while it did not have all the bells and whistles, cleaned the carpet just as well. And isn't that what we want a vacuum for? You won't regret this purchase. I have recommended this to my daughter who bought one immediately. I recommend it to you as well. ...more info
  • Best vacuum cleaner I've ever bought!
    This is the by far the best vacuum cleaner I've ever bought! The suction power is amazing, the cleaning power is incredible, and it is really easy to use. It glides so easily, and is lightweight, which is really important to me since I have a physical disability. Before this Hoover Tempo, I had a Bissell upright which died recently.

    I will definitely buy another Hoover Tempo Widepath as soon as possible. I can't say enough good things about this vacuum cleaner! And the price was great, too! (under $70)

    I read reviews on this vacuum cleaner before I decided to buy it, and the reviews helped convince me. ...more info
    This thing SUCKS! in the BEST way. I have mostly floors and it isn't the "best" for floors but for carpets it is equal in my opinion to my Kenmore Progressive Canister vacuum for suction and it's better in the ability to move the whole unit and get done. I didn't realize I don't like dragging that canister around by the hose until I tried this Hoover. It's GREAT for vacuuming my tiny bathrooms behind the toilet and such. It does my indoor/outdoor carpet GREAT! For the price, you really can't go wrong....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Upright Vacuum
    I Recently Went On Consumer Reports Ratings & Found This Vacuum To Be Rated Excellent Along With The Much Higher Priced Vacuums. So Then I Went Shopping Online & Found Amazon To Have The Best Price By Far.
    We Have Used It Time & Time Again & It Has Been Excellent. We Love It.
    I Also Got One For A Freind & She Loves It.

    Thank You
    ...more info
    I saw that this vacuum got really good reviews by everybody that's had one, and I agree with them all. Suction is really good(sometimes too good), especially on the attachments. Great for everyday use and for vacuuming my vehicles. Only thing I wish this had, is a longer cord. Everything works great! ...more info
  • Ultra-Powerful, Rock-Solid Value Vacuum and HEPA too!
    Wow! I don't have my expectations exceeded often, but this product has done just that. It is uber powerful and starts to suck up papers on the side with way more vacuum than anticipated. It comes with one extra bag, but I decided to get rid of it. Although stock "allergen" bags collect all the dust in my home, I found Hoover Type Y HEPA bags for even extra filtration. And, those HEPA bags are cheap -- about the cost of three allergen bags for two HEPAs! But even without HEPA, this thing blows clean air. It propels itself, and I actually had to hold it back. I lowered the setting to bare floor, and it performed wonderfully despite others' comments. It's light and easy to move around. Build quality is not perfect but pretty good. I only found three drawbacks: (1) Hose could extend longer and made it hard to get good angles for the cleaning attachments sometimes. (2) Cord is pretty long but I would like another six feet. (3) The assembly instructions do not properly account for how to route the power cord or there is a glitch in the design. Anyway, I am not happy this is not made in the U.S. but at least it's made in North America and not like the Eureka I saw that was made overseas in cheapo land. So I gave it a 5 despite my comments....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Review
    I am pleased with the performance. Fortunately, I owned a good pair of earplugs. The Vacuum is really loud. But, at the price, it's still a good buy....more info
  • Hoover Tempo
    Not great for bare wood floors. Kicks dirt around. Suction hose to short, and cover that must be closed for suction to work does not stay shut. ...more info
  • Effective but LOUD!
    We were looking for a cheap light powerful vacumn for occasional cleaning of our kitchen floors. The reviews I read led me to believe it was a light quiet and efficient. It is NOT light. It is not quiet- my wife and I have to use ear plugs when using it. It is efficient. For $66 it was a bargain, but I guess you get what you pay for.

    ...more info
  • Great Product, Great Price
    I bought this vacuum after seeing it recommended on consumer reports. I have been using it now for about a month and am very satisfied. I have small children and dogs, and mostly hard surfaces, and wanted an economical but quality vacuum. So far, I have been nothing but pleased. I had previously purchased a Dirt Devil EnVision bagless from Walmart and was terribly disappointed. It did not have any suction power and blew more dirt around than it picked up. I have found that I prefer the bagged style because it is less mess. This vacuum is relatively quiet, lightweight and does a good job picking up dirt and dog hair. ...more info
  • vacuum
    Over time I have bought 3 of these vacuums, two for relatives and then one for my own home. They have all worked very satisfactorily and I recommend this model....more info
  • Hoover Tempo Widepath
    I've only had this vacuum for a month, but so far am very pleased. It is very powerful. It feels like it's self-propelled. Really picks up well on carpet and bare floors. Like other comments have noted, the attached hose is much too short....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum Review
    We are very happy with this vacuum cleaner. I'm so glad I saw it in Consumer Reports, especially since none of the local chain stores carried it....more info
  • Fantastic vacuum
    This vacuum is great!!!!!! Works just as well as the Wind Tunnel I bought 5 years ago and is lighter. Terriffic buy....more info
  • Amazing Value!
    Very Happy with Hoover Tempo, Price unbelievable for the performance! Seems like it has self-propelled feature, Very powerful, Yet light weight! Also own Hoover Spin Scrub carpet cleaner, Between the two, Carpets look awesome! ...more info
  • This is great
    Lightweight, lots of suction, easy to use. Best inexpensive vacuum I have ever used....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum
    The other reviews for this product are similar to what I would say about this vacuum. Hose is too short, but I just took off the old hose from my old Hoover and it fit perfect. This vacuum is a great value!! The suction is so strong, hold on to it when you first turn it on! You just can't beat this for $60. I have no problem w/the height or the weight....more info
  • reat vacuum
    This is a great vacuum for the price. a little noisy but I would buy it again....more info
  • So far, so good
    I've only used the vacuum twice but both times was impressed by its suction power and ease of handling. I found it easy to assemble. My two previous vacuums were canister models so I'm still adjusting to the change. For the price, I think it's a keeper....more info
  • Great vacuum!
    This is a great vacuum! Works great, and you would swear that it was self-propelled. Only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because you have to change the bags so often. Overall, it's a great deal, especially at this price. :O)...more info
  • Great vaccum
    I just purchased this vaccum, and so far I love it. It picks up very well, and it's very easy to manuever. I had a kenmore and it was a beast to use. It felt like a battle every time I used it (and I have 2 small kids, so I need to vaccum a lot!) This is light enough to carry upstairs and down, but cheap enough to have one on each floor. I am very pleased....more info
  • Belt problems & More
    I read in consumer reports that this vacuum was supposed to be a good vacuum. Then I read the reviews on here, so I decided to buy it. I wish I never had. We had belt problems the 2nd time we used it. It picked up good the first couple of times and now it is not even picking up 1/2 the stuff on the floor! It is NOT easy to maneuver like it says in the description and when you try to change the level from the bare floor to carpet heights - forget it - it's a struggle every time! ...more info
  • Hoover Widepath Review
    In short, I agree with the other great reviews. Good power/suction, simple vacuum. Cord is bordering on short. If you want a no frills, good vacuum - this is it....more info
  • Love my new Hoover
    I have always had Hoover Vacuums so expected only the best from
    this new one. I had read Comsumer Reports which had rave reviews
    and they are right. At a much cheaper price it does all that I want
    from a vacuum. I prefer the bag type to the bagless also which is
    a rarity nowdays. I am completely satisfied!...more info
  • Kennel your pets!!!
    I'm a complete vacuum snob and think most of them out there are crap. After spending many hundreds of dollars on various vacuums, including bagless, which is a total gimmick and a total mess, by the way....I read the reviews on the Hoover Tempo and decided to give it a try. It has UNBELIEVABLE suction!! I've never had a vacuum this powerful and that includes the ones that I've owned that have cost over $[...]...I paid $[...] for the Tempo Wide Path at Best Buy. I almost never recommend anything....I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this vac!...more info
    This is a fantastic value vacuum cleaner. This is infact the first bag vacuum cleaner I have used. I used to use a $250 Bissel bagless before but would get frustrated with the dust that would always get into the air once you empty the cup. That died on me after 3 years so decided to check this out based on the reviews.

    In my opinion, a vacuum with a bag is a lot better than a bagless. Sure, you are paying extra for bags but the amount of dust in the air is minimum. As people have complained here about the bags being filled up fast, I haven't faced that problem and I've had the vacuum for about 7 weeks now. I vacuum twice a week in a 950 sq. ft apt. I'm sure usage makes a difference.

    This product rocks....more info
  • Belt Broke on First Usage
    I guess it's a good vaccuum -- I don't know. The belt broke on the first usage. Also, the darn thing had to be assembled when it arrived and the instructions were very reliant on the drawings in the manual -- but the drawings weren't clear. In fact, they were confusing. And be prepared to use a screwdriver.

    As for the vaccuuming, I'll be able to tell better when I get the belt replaced. At this point, I'm sure you'll understand when I say I'm not very impressed....more info
  • Excellent
    I did not know the other vacuums I had were not doing the job correctly until I got this vacuum. BE CAREFUL NOT TO SUCK UP THE CORD!!!...more info
  • Vacuum Review
    This product works very well and I can see why it is a consumer reports best buy!...more info
  • Consumer Reports is Right!
    This is an outstanding product. We look to Consumer Reports before making most purchases and they were right on. It's a powerful vacuum - nearly pulls itself around! It cleans extremely well. It's hard to believe it doesn't cost 2 or 3 times more. We are very pleased and highly recommend this vacuum cleaner....more info
  • I love this Sweeper! A great Value!
    I purchased this sweeper on Amazon about 2 months ago. (I previously owned Hoover U6436-900 TurboPower Self-Propelled WindTunnel Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner) I liked it, but it was very heavy to move and cumbersome to turn corners. I did get a lot of use(about 13 years) from the windtunnel) - until someone picked up the windtunnel by the handle and broke the self-propell thing. I had it fixed, but then the on-off button broke. Well, I had a lot of use from the windtunnel..and I think I would have had many more years, if I just did the vacuuming myself. LOL
    So, I bought the Hoover Tempo Widepath as shown above. It much lighter and easier to manuever. And I was positively surprised at the FORWARD SELF PROPELL FEATURE - for the money. about $69.99. It has attachments and it just great for small rooms.
    While, the propell feature is available only in forward motion. When I pull back the vacuum and go in reverse, it has a bit of a drag.
    It cleans deeply enough, but not as deeply as the Windtunnel. Right now I prefer the Tempo, because I am tired of manuerving the heavy Windtunnel around and it takes up more space to store.
    In the future, I will might buy another one of these Tempos for the Upstairs. All in all - a Great bargain.
    ...more info
  • broken belts
    I HATE this vacuum cleaner. Bought it based on your reviews and consumer reports. I have had to replace the belt 4 times in less than a year.........it takes nothing at all for it to go. I got it for carpets, and it's fine when it works, but it never works! Also, it's awkward and heavy........the only thing that seems to work is the light on the front, in case I feel like vacuuming in the dark!...more info
  • powerful
    This replaced another Hoover that was about 10 years old. That one started to smell badly when used. This is a major improvement on that one, and not just because the old was broken. This one is much more powerful and has a light and the attachments work better - all for about the same price paid 10 years ago. I recommend it....more info
  • grat cleaner for the price
    We are very happy with the Hoover. Does a fine job. Reasonably quiet. Accessories storage rack on the sweeper makes them very handy. Only possible deficiency is the cord which could be a little longer... but this is a minor gripe....more info
  • Powerful Vac
    This is an excellent product. It's very powerful and easy to use on any surface. I was very impressed when I vaccuumed a large rug that is difficult to clean because of the different carpet textures. This little blue machine cleaned it with ease, finally no sweat! An excellent value!...more info
  • Hoover Tempo Widepath
    It is a great vacuum cleaner with a lot of sucktion power. I like most everything about it, light and adjustment height. Not too impress with the side cleaning, but the extra tools can take care of it....more info
  • Does everything it claims to do
    This is a great vacuum cleaner that almost pulls it self around the house. I had a bag-less vacuum before this and I wouldn't ever own another one. I had to take it out in the garage to empty it and it was nothing but a mess. This one when the bag is full the full-bag indicator lets you know. You take off the front panel remove full bag throw it out,install new bag and you are ready to go. The cost of the bags is worth the ease of use to me. It's a win win situation because it works great and is so easy to empty. ...more info
  • Good value for the money
    Good value for the money. I was looking for a reasonbly priced vacuum that actually vacuumed. I had an inexpensive Eureka, and it just blew dirt around while getting clogged-up. This is a big improvement. ...more info
  • Faulty unit
    The one i received worked fine the first time, but the subsequent times i started using, it was very difficult to move this unit to clean the carpet. Had to return it. Dont beleive this model is bad, its just the unit i received had an issue...more info
  • Great value - for the price
    This vacuum cleaner is nothing fancy. No bells or whistles. But it performs well, is easy to use, and efficient. I checked consumer reports prior to buying and this machine is rated higher than several models costing 4 times as much. ...more info
  • Good Value For The Price
    I purchased this vacuum about a month ago and I have used it several times now. I originally was going to purchase a Dyson because I was tired of buying vacuum's that always give out or looses suction after a year or so. I decided to give this Hoover Tempo a try first since the Dyson is so incredibly expensive and I am struggling with the idea of paying so much just for a vacuum. I figured what have I got to loose if this one gives out in a year or so? I would still be ahead in the pricing game. I am not one bit disappointed with this Hoover Tempo. It has been working beautifully. It has awesome suction and power. I especially like the fact it has a bag with all that I have been reading about allergies (bagless is NOT good if you have allergies). Everything I read says a bag style vacuum is the way to go when you have allergies and all the Dyson's are bagless. This Tempo is lightweight, easy to push along, and has been easy for me to clean my stairs with. I have two dogs and it picks up the hair with no problem. It is much better than my other Hoover that was a LOT more money than this one was. I am very happy with the Tempo so far. For the price, I don't think you can go wrong with giving it a try....more info
  • Overall a good value
    We have had this for about 1 month and so far so good. It is great on carpeting + large rugs - REALLY sucks up a lot of stuff; and seems okay on bare floors. Even though it is one of the lighter uprights out there, it still seems heavy to me after using a canister vac for so many years. For me the biggest drawback is the short attachment hose. If you plan on vacuuming a lot of upholstered items and drapes with this vac, it is not good for that purpose. No suction control either. I kept our old Eureka canister for this purpose - still good, but the beater bar on the carpet attachment was worn down + more expensive to replace than buying this vacuum. I haven't had any problems with the exhaust either. Easy to assemble. Power cord could be longer, but easily remedied with an extension cord. Overall a good value....more info
  • Great Little Vacuum
    This is one amazing vacuum cleaner for the money. We were very surprised that there was a vaccum out there that performed as well or better than most at a fraction of the cost. Easy on the pocketbook. Does a super job of picking up dirt, especially on a well-worn carpet. ...more info
  • A good value
    I needed a replacement for my old Hoover WindTunnel (WT) vacuum. After researching vacuums for a replacement, I purchased this model. This is just about as good as my old WT for 1/3 the price. This vacuum has SUCTION and cleans as well as my old WT. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles as the WT, but then it only costs 1/3 the price. I have two suggetions for Hoover to make this a better model: one is, put a longer electrical cord on it. Two is, this model, as well as my WT, has a propensity to tip over backwards, when I use the attachments. Otherwise it's a good vacuum and value....more info
  • Blue Hoover
    Same 12 amp motor as in the expensive models cleans just as well. Very plain, but that's fine with me. It gets the job done!...more info
  • Great value!
    This is a great little vacuum, and a fantastic value at only $65. It is very basic, but has all the tools you need for basic carpet care. It has amazing suction power - you can really tell when you use one of the hose attachments and put your hand in front of the opening.

    Let me start by reiterating what other reviewers have said about this vacuum - it is great on carpets, but not good at all on floors. So you should only really consider this vacuum for carpeted spaces.

    Now, it is a small, low-priced vacuum, so there are several features that it does not have, compared to more expensive vacs:

    1. The on/off switch is not on the handle. It is on top of the bag cover. So you have to reach down to turn it on.

    2. It does not have self-propelled wheels. However, it has such a strong carpet brush that it propels itself forward anyway.

    3. The hose for attachments is a little short - this is not a good vacuum if you need to use the attachments to do something like stairs. It is not a good replacement for a canister vacuum.

    4. It seems a little heavy to lift. But I think that is true of all uprights. Again, if you need to use the hose attachments for a major portion of your cleaning, you won't like this.

    5. No HEPA filter. But the bags that it uses have built-in filtration that seems to work very well.

    6. No auto-rewinding cord. You have to manually pull it in and store it.

    When I got the box and assembled it (there is some basic assembly, such as attaching the hose), I was really impressed with how cleverly designed it was in order to keep the cost down. You can see that they were really thinking about how to make a quality vacuum at a low price. In fact, the box says something like "the best cleaning vacuum for under $100".

    Yes, the vacuum is a little loud, too. But not worse than the average, I would say. It's just not as quiet as the new, expensive, quieter vacuums (this is no Miele, but it's not $500, either).

    The other vacuum I was comparing this to was the $100 Kenmore at Sears. But I read so many reviews about poor reliability that I was afraid to try it. This Hoover is a great purchase, and for $65, there is not much risk. But it seems very well built, and it seems like it might last forever - or until you outgrow it....more info
  • surprising quality and amazing value!
    I finally decided it was time to retire my very ancient Hoover and buy a new one. I put off doing this because I didn't want to spend the 3 to 400.00 dollars a good vacuum use to cost. I was really shocked to see a Hoover similiar to my old relic at such an affordable price. I was not sure what to expect for this low price and was prepared for a cheapo vacuum with minimal suction but I couldn't have been more wrong. This is a super value and it works so well. Very easy to use it seems to pull itself along on carpet and does a great job on tile too. Get it, I doubt there is a better value anywhere else on the web, you will wonder why you put up with your old relic for so long!...more info
  • Great machine AND cheap!
    Our Oreck had finally started to show its age and my wife wanted a replacement. I always do lots of research before I purchase anything so I was surprised to see an inexpensive Hoover rated as high as it was in "Consumer Reports". I checked other sources like Amazon.com and epinion.com and I was amazed at the number of raves for this product.
    I ordered it and it was easy to assemble. The first time she used it, my wife was impressed until she accidentally sucked up a piece of jewelry. She destroyed the paper bag retrieving her pin, but bags are cheap and readily available. I have not used it myself, but my wife thinks it's every bit as good as her Oreck used to be and a lot less expensive.
    I recommend this vacuum cleaner unless you like to spend huge amounts of money unnecessarily. If you do, buy a Dyson....more info
  • Great Vaccum for the price
    I had needed a new vaccum for a long time. So I got on line and started to read the reviews. I read mostly good reviews about this and thought I would give it a try. After all the Hoover name is on it. It's wonderful! When it arrived I got it out of the box and had put it together within 5 minutes. It comes with extra bags so you don't need to buy new ones right away. When I plugged it in I did notice the cord is in a low position on the cleaner, so you have to watch that when you're vaccuming. I know people have written that it's noisier then most, but I don't find that to be true. It sounds like most vaccums I've had. It's very light when you push it forward. In fact I find that it goes forward on it's own. Therefore pulling it back takes a little arm strength but not much. I've lived in my apartment for more then 7 years and the carpet looks like it. But this vaccum actually makes it look simi good. It picks up the lent and carpet yuck while picking up the pile. I like the idea of the bag. This way when I empty it, I just change the bag. I don't have to worry about dust flying back in my face when I empty the cup. All in all it's been a nice vaccum and it didn't cost me alot of money. ...more info
  • major bang for the buck!
    I plug this in and turned it on and let me tell you if this thing had eyes it could vacuum the floor by itself the motor is that strong, the filter bags work just as good as a hepa except I don't have to get dust in my face changing the bag like I did when I had to dump out the hepa, its light and stores away easy. it lacks some fancy fetures but its got more then enough power to get the job done so fast I didn't even have time to miss them!

    assembly was simple I only had to attach the handle with a couple bolts.
    it comes with all the basic accessories like the hose which was a little short, a brush and a crevice nozzle.
    mine also came with 2 type Y filter bags which gives plenty of time to get to the store later.
    ...more info
  • best vaccum for a small price
    This vaccuum is a very powerful unit capiable of any housework. I like the ease of operation and how good it cleans my carpets and wood floors.

    ...more info
  • Good product for the money.
    For the money I paid I am quite satisfied with the Hoover U5140-900
    Tempo Widepath vacuum....more info
  • Consumer Reports Best Buy Vacuum
    This is a wonderful cleaning machine. I tried bagless, but cleaning the filters was more trouble than it was worth. The hepa filter system with the bag is great. It's light and easy to move around and has enough tools to make a sucky (sorry I had to get in one pun) job easy. I would recommend this to anyone. ...more info
  • As good as the reviews!
    I read the reviews and they were great. I must admit, I was a little skeptical, but the vacuum is as good as the reviews! It works great and is every bit as good as my friend's new vacuum and she paid three times as much!...more info
  • This vacuum sucks--in a good way!
    This vacuum is very effective on carpet and is pleasantly lighter weight than many of its counterparts. It's hand tools and stretch hose are convenient. It is not as effective as my old cannister vac for bare floors....more info
  • Great Value
    I was contemplating purchasing a cannister vac until I saw this vacuum and read all the reviews. This vacuum is great for an apartment. If I had more storage space, I would purchase two of these vacuums. I don't have hardwood floors so I don't know how it works on them. I didn't want to go bagless because of the mess they create. As far as value is concerned, the Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum works as well as vacuums costing three times as much. I would recommend this vacuum to a friend....more info
  • Best Buy
    I paid $69 for this vacuum and it is doing a much better job than the Oreck I paid over $300 for. This was supposed to be a extra vacuum because I need to bring my Oreck in for a tune up. After using this I told them to keep the Oreck....more info
  • The worst vaccum I have ever seen
    I bought this vaccum about a year ago because Consumer Reports rated it very high. Unfortunately this thing never worked well even once. It eats up my carpet but for some reason cannot even pick up visible dirt. The carpet it ate and the hair it picked up (to some degree) got tangeld up with the brush so there was this strong burning smell every time I tried to use it. After about 5 times of use the thing finally bit the dust. Absolutely the worst vaccum cleaner I have ever had. ...more info
  • Excellent Value
    Lightweight, moves easily along the floor, picks up like an expensive vacuum, edger works great. Tools on board are easy to grab and put back with a snap. All this for under $75.00....more info
  • A Pleasant Surprise!
    I bought this product baed on the excellent review from COnsumer reports. Afte reading some of the reviews on amazon I was apprehensive. But now I could not be happier. It simply sdoes the job, does it well, and was not expensive. It went together so easily. Its light enough to carry around. I had to changea bel and it was easier than more older more expesnive Hoover.
    Quite happy....more info
  • Does a great job
    This vacuum was purchased for an institution and the maintenance person that uses it reports very positively on the product....more info
  • Exceptional vacuum
    This is an excellent vacuum, especially considering the price. Picks everything up that is in its path. I only gave it four stars because it is a little noisy. It is a great value and should be considered by anyone looking for house vacuum....more info
  • deafening and disfunctional
    Bought this vacuum because of a writeup that said although its noisy it really sucks and also I have had three bad bagless experiences so was ready for an old fashioned vacuum that just works great.
    well the noise is deafening.
    so I tried to put up with that.
    but now after about six months its not sucking from the bottom only through the attachments although I have stripped it thoroughly and can find no blockage.

    not one I would recommend.
    unless you like real short term usage.
    ...more info
  • I should have bought one sooner
    This product is awesome for vacuuming pet hair. I have tried several other vacuums (older Hoover, Eureka), and I have never seen my area rugs this clean. I had purchased new rugs because I thought the old ones were beyond clean-ability; however, this vacuum cleaned the old ones wonderfully. The suction is incredible. Can't beat this for the price....more info
  • Surprised!
    I was hesitant to purchase a vacuum online but I am very happy I did. I had a old Hoover from like 20 years ago that still runs like a horse. I had purchased a other brand "bagless" cleaner from Wal-Mart for $100 and it was garbage! I decided to stick with the "Hoover" brand and went to their website. It retails for $20 more at Hoover and about the same price at Best Buy. But Amazon offered free shipping so they got my business. I am VERY happy with the Vacuum. Excellent power and does a great job! ...more info
  • Great, especially for price!
    I purchased this vaccuum for use upstairs or for quick clean ups. Our main vaccuum is a Kirby which is too heavy to have to lug out constantly. I was very impressed with the suction on carpets, and I haven't any problem with it on my tile or hardwoods. As for the short hose and somewhat small bags, both are true. Neither bothers me much. I haven't noticed it to be excessively noisy either...so either it isn't or I just don't care (probably the latter, I rather expect vaccuums to be loud). All in all, it is a great little vaccuum at an excellent price....more info
  • Great deal for the money
    I am very happy with this purchase. This vacuum is very powerful and a good value. It replaced a Bissel that had cost twice as much, and didn't work nearly as well. It is somewhat heavy, but I am a small woman and I don't find it hard to maneuver.

    The only cons are the sound (very loud, though tolerable) and the cord (not as long as my old vacuum, though long enough I can usually do two rooms without having to unplug and move).

    I would recommend buying Hepa filter bags that have the rubber seal. The bags that come with the vacuum only have a cardboard ring that slides onto the output tube, and it allows a lot of dust to escape. With the bags that have the rubber seal, this is not an issue....more info
  • What do you want for $50.00
    I have read the negative reviews on this and yes, the hose for attachments is very short and using the attachments is cumbersome. Yes, on ceramic and hard wood floors some dirt is thrown out from underneath the vaccuum. It's not as bad if you set the roller to high. Yes, it's a little load, But it does an excellent job on carpets and it's only $50.00....more info
  • Great for occasional use...
    This is not our "workhorse" main floor vacuum. I bought this vacuum to keep in our upstairs closet to vacuum without lugging our main vacuum upstairs. Works great but the cord is a little short for my taste. It really does do a great job at picking up cat & dog hair though. It seems a little flimsy so I don't think it could stand up to the daily vacuuming on our main floor but it's great for the occasional (couple times a week) use that it it gets in our house....more info
  • okay
    This a very lightweight vaccum, which I love, but one flaw-It makes too much noise than the ordinary vaccum. The hose frequently comes off when I'm vacumming the stairs. Ugly blue color-retro style....more info
  • Super Vacuum for the Price Range(or any Price Range!)
    When I first opened the box and started using it I noticed it was VERY POWERFUL! It can vacuum BETTER than the Oreck XL I used to have! I have a wine red carpet in the master bedroom that shows up every piece of lint and dog hair(2 dogs). The Oreck would take 2 slow sweeps on the high setting to pick up it up...sometimes even more. This is the test that proved the vacuum to me...I thought if it could only..... Well I powered on the Eureka and I went in...all it took was 1 FAST vacuum and that was it!! AMAZING!! It is said by some reviews that the motor is loud...of course because it is SO POWERFUL! The filter bag is awesome as well....trapping all that DOG SMELL from the dog hair...wonderful. The ONLY thing I found that drew my attention was that the extension cord was short compared to other vacuums...I had to unplug it from room to room...but then that was fine with me....I wouldn't use any other vacuum ....even the kirby the salesman tried to sell me a couple months back don't compare ...look it up on Consumer's Reports! WOW!!...more info
  • Hoover Tempo Cleans Great
    Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum

    Read about this sweeper in Consumer's Report. It was ranked very high for carpet and hardwood. It is very good at both. Not too loud, either. I recommend you consider this one!...more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum
    Purchased this vacuum for our church. Excellent suction, no more dust flying from our old bagless. Works well on our low pile carpet, and even the younger kids can use it. Haven't tried the tools yet, but everything fits on and stays in place. Seems like a very good value for the money; of course we will have to purchase bags, but we knew we did not want a bagless again....more info
  • Great vacuum for the money
    I own a cleaning company and I have purchased & used many different vacuums over the years. This is a great vacuum for the price. The hose is easy to use and the vacuum has great suction....more info
  • What a deal!
    Just a great deal. Can't imagine beating this machine for the bargain basement price it goes for. Easy set up, fairly light, fine suction, sturdy.

    ...more info
  • Great product, great value
    This vacuum lives up the its consumer reports review!! Especially for the price. The suction is great, noise level seems normal, comes equipped with standard tools. I would definitely recommend this to someone looking for a vacuum, even if you budget is much higher!!...more info
  • wow, this little guy can move!
    I bought the Hoover for my mom, and we were so pleased with it that I bought one for my daughter. It's rated in the top five of that consumer reporting magazine that doesn't let its name be used for endorsements and the four rated above it are all around $300 in price. This is a great buy!...more info
  • Super Vacuum for Super Value! Good Dog Hair Vacuum!
    I was a bit sceptical when I first purchased this vacuum, but after the raving reviews, thought I would give it a shot. I used to have the Sharp Commercial Vacuum with "Library quiet" sound. This new vacuum is no louder than my last one, so I really don't think its too loud at all, its a vacuum for heaven's sake, what do people expect? It has great suction and does a fantastic job on dog hair, I have two dogs, and thus need the dog hair continuously sucked up! LOVE LOVE LOVE this vacuum for the price! ...more info
  • Super Power
    I had no expectations for a vacuum at this price, but I was extremely surprised at the power this unit has. I will never go back to bagless. This is so much easier and it is so powerful you almost have to hold it back.

    Love it....more info
  • Excellent Vacuum For Price
    I own a Roomba vacuum that works Excellent (saves me tons of time). I needed another vacuum with attachments for getting in hard to reach places and doing window sills. This vacuume works great. It has a lot of suction both in the attachment area and the regular mode. I have Berber carpet (very thick pile) and this vacuum works great on the highest setting. I liked the idea of having a bag vs. the bagless. I've owned both before and simply prefer to replace a bag instead of 5 filters that most bagless cleaners have. My Roomba 535 from HSN does most of the work and I use this vacuum once every 3-4 weeks. I'm not really sure why someone would spend hundreds of dollars on other upright vacuums that do the same thing as this Hoover. You can't go wrong with this one....more info
  • Great Machine
    I have a Hoover Wind Tunnel. It is heavy, hard to push on deep carpet, but works extremely well.

    The Tempo, by contrast, cost $100's less, works as well or better, is light weight and easy to push on deep carpet. I adjust the brush height to "bare floor" and use that on the carpets. This causes the brush to really fluff up the carpet and almost pulls the sweeper forward. Consumers Reports is correct. This is a Best Buy!

    The only downside is a cord that is about 5 feet shorter than other Hoovers....more info
  • Hoover Tempo Widepath
    Exceptional value for the money. Really does the job. I also have a high-end Hoover vac and this Tempo does just as good a job without all the bells and whistles....more info
  • big bang for the buck, a couple complaints
    I bought this product after reading consumer reports reviews, and customer reviews from consumer reports and amazon. For the money we paid for the product, it has been fantastic. As far as vacuum cleaners go, it's not too noisy. It's definitely easy to handle, has strong suction, easy "carry handle", and is relatively light weight. Cons: the hose is incredibly short so when i wanted to get to some cobwebs on my not too high ceiling as i was standing on a stool and lifting the vacuum, i still couldn't do it. i believe there is a hose attachment which is probably worth buying. other con: according to the amazon site and packaging, this model is supposed to come with the "carpet light", "dirt finder indicator", and "full bag indicator", none of which can be found on my model. Not huge losses for me, but i'd have appreciated receiving the product i thought i was buying. All in all, I'd recommend the product to a friend, and I'd buy it again....more info
  • great buy for money.
    This vacuum really has power. If you want a no frills vacuum, then this is for you. I bought it for my RV and almost kept it for home....more info
  • Great value
    This vacuum cleaner works great for me. It sucks well. My gripes are all minor: I wish the hose for cleaning edges, etc. was a little longer, and I wish the bag was a little bigger. And I'd gladly pay $10-$20 more if this wasn't made in Commie China. The vacuum is also a little on the noisy side, but so what? Since when is vacuuming supposed to be quiet? I paid a mere $60 for this SHIPPED and for the last 6 months it's done the job. Just buy it, you won't regret it. ...more info
  • Super Vacuum for Pet Owners!!
    This is the best vacuum cleaner if you have problems with pets that shed, live in a windy, dusty climate - or simply have problems getting all the dirt. First time out, this machine picked up what usually took my previous vacuums two or three trips to get. Although a little noisy, I'll take that if it means cleaning a messy apartment in less time and smelling clean! I couldn't believe the price - incredible!!...more info
  • Great Work Hourse
    My new Hoover Tempo Vacuum is a wonderful machine. The wide path makes real sense. It even seem quiter than other vacuums I have had. For the price, this is the best deal....more info
  • Best value
    We have owned several upright vacs of all kinds... bag type, bagless, HEPA, etc. This is rated very highly by Consumer Reports and it is right on the money. It is inexpensive, has great suction power, it is easy to change bags, with easy to use attachments. This vac, for so little money, has it all....more info
  • Hoover can do better..
    I purchased my Hoover Tempo from Amazon about a year ago, so I've had some time to evaluate it and see how it holds up.

    This is the second Hoover upright that I've owned. The last one (Hoover Legacy), was made in the U.S.A., and lasted 9 years. This Tempo is made in Mexico, and because of that, I think the quality suffers somewhat. That's not to say this is a terrible vacuum, but it just isn't as good as the previous Hoover.. I'll first cover the positives and then the negatives.

    The motor is fairly strong and effective, and i'll echo others, who've said, the vacuum seems self-propelled, but only for the first few seconds after you turn it on. The headlight is effective and helps in places under tables and under beds where it's hard to see dust. The bag is easy to change, but the plastic cover design is weak (see below). Assembly is easy to follow and only requires a screw driver and a few minutes to attach the handle.

    After a year of service, the Tempo is still working, but not without a few incidents..

    During the year since I bought the vacuum, I also had the carpeting in my home replaced. This caused some distress for the Tempo, as the carpet, being new, had lots of loose stray fibers. The Hoover quickly picked them up and quickly got clogged. I had to disassemble it and remove the brush plate, brush, belt, and an interior plastic molding to get to and remove all the carpet fibers. This was a big headache as the vacuum was inoperable in that condition. This clogging effect has happened several times, but in reading other reviews for other vacuums on Amazon, it appears a common problem when new carpeting is installed.

    Under normal conditions this vacuum is very effective, and this anecdote may help to illustrate. My neighbor is an elderly woman who has a cleaning lady attend her home one day a week. One day my neighbor's vacuum belt broke and she asked if it was okay to use my Tempo. I said yes, and after she was done, the cleaning lady said she was very impressed by the Hoover Tempo. This is from a woman who cleans lots of homes with many different makes of vacuums. .

    Now, a few of the negatives; some of the plastic parts on the Tempo; (handle, attachment holder) suffer from less than perfect moldings or are unfinished, having rough edges. The plasic cover that conseals the bag, is thinner and not as well designed as my previous Hoover, which had an easy release spring-loaded button, which this model doesn't have. The bag cover on this model is held in place by a notch, a thin tab, and friction, and if not handled with extreme care, could easily break.

    The vacuum hose is way too short to be of much help, and is made of thin, cheap quality plastic. It easily kinks and has to be handled very carefully. The vacuum bag is too small and has to be changed too often. The motor, while strong, is very loud. And one of the biggest complaints I have with this vacuum, is the placement of the ON/OFF switch. Why could Hoover not put the switch in the handle which already has a factory molded spot on the handle waiting for it? Instead the switch is located about a half foot down from the handle at the top of the bag casing. Why did Hoover do this? My last Hoover (Legacy) had the switch in the handle, why did they change this and make it worse? Unbelievable!!

    In summary, this vacuum works well most of the time, but it has it's problems too. While the Tempo costs about the same or maybe even a little less than the Hoover Legacy I purchased ten years earlier, quality has suffered and some important features are missing. ...more info
  • Basic vacuum
    Loud and has a small bag, but it works just fine and it is cheap....more info
  • Great for the price
    Can't beat this vacuum for the price. It was a consumer reports best buy and I agree. It is a little noisy but not to excess, and the hose is a little short when using accessories. Neither of these is cause to not get this model. ...more info
  • good
    The vacuum works great. Easy to use. Not real crazy about uprights to begin with. But this one works great for the money. Nice and light too....more info
  • If you can buy one, Buy two
    #2 rated by Consumer Reports when I bought mine, and exceeds expectations. The price is so low. Get one for your wife so she can vacuum her new apartment when you don't need her anymore....more info
  • a needed vacuum cleaner
    I am satisfied with my new vacuum cleaner with one exception. You have to turn the hose connection to remove it from the back of the vacuum and use it with the hand implements. It is so near to the vacuum that it is difficult to turn and remove. I am 65 and am relatively free of arthritis, but I still find it hard to do. I'm sure those with arthritis find it even harder to do....more info
  • No bells and whistles, just works great!
    I looked at Consumer Reports before buying a machine and finally decided, somewhat nervously, on this cheap "best buy". But I have been very pleased and I am so grateful I didn't waste money on a more fancy model. It is light, kind of cute (for a vacuum) and works extremely well on carpet. Know what you are going to be cleaning. Like Consumer Reports says, it does ok on hard wood floors, but not great, you're better off with a Swivel Sweeper. But with the money you save here, you can buy one of those too! It also only comes with simple attachments, nothing fancy....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum
    This is the worst, worst, worst vacuum I have ever owned (and over my 72 years I have owned several). It is bulky to handle. . .the tools which are mounted on the outside of the vacuum itself pop off during use. . .it is VERY HEAVY and trying to turn. . .it is very loud. Not one of my best purchases and if I had saved the packing it came in I would have sent it back. When first setting it up I had a question and after
    finally finding the customer service # to call spoke to a not very user friendly operator. . .similar to the vacuum itself....more info
  • This is a nice little vacuum for the money
    Our 30+ year old Hoover bit the dust, so to speak, at an inoportune time. We invested in this guy until we could afford a more elaborate/expensive model. Having owned this machine for 6 months or so now, I have not had any problems with it. It runs like a dream. The suction is fantastic. It cleans better than our old Hoover ever hoped to. The cord is good and long. I can typically get about 2/3 of our 30 foot living room done without having to unplug and replug the cord. And I love how easy the attachments are to get to and "install."

    I do notice that I have to run it slowly on our bare floors. If not, it will occasionally kick larger pieces of debris back at me. And with a 3 year old in the house, there is often much debris. Yes, it's a noisy little bugger. But no noisier than our old Hoover.

    I do not like that the beater bar runs while using the attachments and that the attachment hose is so short. Those are the two things that prevent me from giving this vacuum 5 stars....more info
  • Excellent vacuum
    This is a very good vacuum. I just used it today and it is like it's self propelled! It wanted to take off on me. Excellent. But it does "blow" a bit out the side. We have a very hairy dog and the dust bunnies were blowing a bit on the wood floor but it does work well on all that pet hair....more info
  • Terrible Vacuum cleaner
    We bought this vacuum based on reviews written here and Consumer Reports. This has shaken our faith in both. This vacuum cleaner is terrible and here's why:

    -It doesn't pick up dirt so much as blow it around.

    -If you try to use the "Bare Floor" setting on a bare floor, see comment above...my bare floor was dirtier AFTER using the vacuum than before.

    -Bad electrical burning smell whenever in use.

    If these things aren't important to you, if you want to use the vacuum to put clothes on, for instance, go ahead and buy it. If you want a vacuum that picks up dirt, go someplace else....more info
  • This machine SUCKS
    Believed Consumer Reports when I read what they said. When it arrived, easy to put together and get working. VERY noisy, but worth the noise - this is the most powerful Vacuum we have ever used. It replaced a 10 year old canister model (Kenmore) that never had this much pickup power. Does not work well for getting under things and the Hose/attachments are not great, but does a wonderful job on carpets and BARE FLOORS (do not know why others had problems, but works for us.) For the price it is worth a gamble - and we really think we got a bargain (Only had it for 3 days.)...more info
  • Quite Good!
    We bought thie Hoover after our vacuum finally gave out. We were a little hesitant to buy such an inexpensive vacuum, but we figured with the Hoover 1 year warranty, we would give it a chance. So far, so good. Our only complaint is the slightly short cord and the way it is located on the machine is a little awkward. Otherwise, we are pleased....more info
  • Value, value, value
    I bought this to replace a much older upright Hoover vac that we keep in our basement. The other one still worked but when I was surfing Amazon and saw this one and the price I figured I couldn't go wrong. Wow, what an upgrade! Easy to put together and it works great! Makes me sick to think that our finished basement could have been a whole lot cleaner all these years if I had replaced my very old Hoover with this one sooner. Can't imagine how other vacs priced at 10X the price would do that much better of a job. You definitely get a ton of bang for your buck with this one, nothing fancy but well worth it. ...more info
    I love this vac and not just because it's cheap. It's really cute too! Great blue color! This thing actually sucks up the dirt- not just recycles it and spits it back out. You don't even really have to push it,it basically goes on its own. It comes with all the necessary attachments, long hose and cord,is super easy to assemble and has multiple floor level settings. I have actually noticed an improvement in my son's and husbands allergies since I've been using this. If it were a man, I would marry it. It's the best vac in the whole world. ...more info
    Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum

    It seems as thought I've owned a million vacuum cleaners & this is by far one of the best. It's better than the Bissell bagless vacuums I've owned by far!!! It shipped out right away; I received it in less than 5 days & maybe I shouldn't be but I was impressed. I'm also impressed w/the way it sucks up everything which is a nice change from vacuuming the same spot about 10 times before the damn thing will pick up a fuzzy on the floor! LOL...more info
  • Love It!
    I'm addicted to vacuuming with this vacuum. It's awesome and the price is great!...more info
  • What a bargain on a great vacuum
    Of all the many purchases I've made on Amazon this is perhaps my favorite. My old vacuum bit the dust one day before I got my monthly Consumer Reports in the mail, and luckily for me that edition of CR included vacuum cleaner ratings. Of the over 60 vacuums they rated, this one came in 7th or 8th overall and it was by far the least expensive of any of the higher-rated models. I ordered it from Amazon that day for less than $70 and it was delivered to my door in less than a week.

    It works perfectly and gets my wall-to-wall carpeting clean as can be. It also works well on the bare floor in my kitchen. I haven't tried out any of the attachments and probably never will. But if you want a simple, basic yet powerful vacuum cleaner, you can't beat this deal, especially with free delivery from Amazon.

    A word of advice: whatever vacuum cleaner you buy, stay away from the "bagless" models. They're a huge pain in the neck to empty and clean. A model with bags is much, much easier to use even though you do have to occasionally shell out some cash for replacement bags....more info
  • Great for the price
    I've had this vacuum for about 6 months, and it was definitely worth it. For such an inexpensive price there were a lot of things I expected to go wrong, but so far I haven't had any problems. It does a great job cleaning the floor, and I really like the attatchments and cord length. Both are longer than my old Eureka Boss. It looks a little cheap (and straight from the 80's) but works like a much more expensive model. The one thing that I am not too fond of is where I pull out the hose. When I pull it out it only has a little flap that is easily blown open and lets out a lot of dust. I have to keep a close eye on it, or else I have to go back over what I just blew out. That one little inconvenience is worth the great price!...more info
  • a great vac
    This vac is recommended by Consumer Reports as one of their Quick Picks. It lives up to it's reputation and the price is unbelievably low. It is quieter than most vacs but packs a terrific suction. I highly recommend it....more info
  • I'm Impressed!
    I received this vacuum today and to be honest, I was really impressed with the performance. I was currently using a bagless vacuum and decided to shop for a new one. "CR" had this model rated as CR best buy. For being one of the cheaper models, this is really a great buy. The power was really amazing. I also tried this on my bare floors and it worked great. It was easy to use as well. I would recommend this vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Perfect
    Bought this unit because of not only a top Review by Consumer Reports but the pretty consistent good reviews on Amazon. Everyone was right! It's perfect for the Apartment dweller like myself. It has a very powerfull motor and does a great job on carpet as well as floors. Like others I found the cord a little cumbersome and the hose is quite short but overall it's a great bargin and worth the buy !!!...more info
  • Great Vac W/ Great Suction
    The suction in this vacuum is outstanding. It sucks up dirt on thick carpets to hardwood floors with ease. This was definitely a great purchase. Worth every penny!...more info
  • No frills, it just does what you ask for a little bit of money!
    I was a little worried that this vacuum would be cheap, not work well, and be unreliable. Well, we've owned it for a year and it does a darned good job, and hasn't broken down once. We used to own a different $250 Hoover Windtunnel that we had to replace belts on at least twice a year, and finally gave up the ghost after many repairs. They got this one right. All people want is a vacuum that will pick up dirt and not cost a lot of money. This one does exactly that and it is not as loud as some reviewers have noted. Unless you vacuum at 2am in an apartment, you'll be fine. Unless you need some sort of super vacuum for health reasons, go ahead and buy this one. You won't be disappointed....more info
  • very good vacuum at a low, low price
    I spotted this vacuum on a CR best value list and I am so happy I took their recommendation. It really does a good job of pulling the dirt out of the carpet. I would like a longer hose to make the attachments easier to use but overall I am pleased. ...more info
  • This vacuum rocks!
    I bought this vacuum because I was tired of emptying the dirt cup on my Hoover Wind Tunnel. I was very surprised and pleased to find that the Tempo worked better than my more expensive Wind Tunnel! I am not thrilled about buying bags but it is very convenient to pull out a full one and toss it in the trash vs getting dirty all the time emptying the dirt cup. Kudos to this vacuum, it does a wonderful job for the price. You will not be sorry if you purchase one....more info
  • Good inexpensive vacuum
    It does a great job. It comes with two of the hose attachments to make a long hose! It's a little heavy if going up and down a lot of stairs and a little noisy, but aren't all vacuums? We've been happy with ours. I think bagged vacuum cleaners are so much easier!
    PS It's not too heavy, my 4 year old asks to vacuum sometimes......more info
  • Bar-none, the best sub $100 vacuum on the market
    Wow what a terrific vacuum cleaner. I bought this for my store when my old hand-me-down died. I of course bought it based on the low price and high reviews. I was downright stunned to see Consumer Reports list this as their Number 8 or 9 top rated vacuum in ANY price range! (Out of about 35 units!) Some people complain about noise, but it makes no more than a normal vacuum cleaner. I have no idea what the difference is between this and a $300 model. I mean, it sucks. But in a good way! I'd buy this again in a heartbeat. One of the best return on investment appliances I've ever purchased. 10 stars....more info
  • Great value for the money.
    This vacuum picks up very well...even dog hair. Thought I would take a chance since Consumer Reports rated it high. The attachments are easy to use also and are handy to access since they are stored right on the vacuum. Some reviewers claimed it was noisy, but I don't agree. I am very pleased with it....more info
  • Not good as advertised
    Did not clean very well, so sent it back for a refund. Only recommend it if you don't want to spend much for a vacuum. ...more info
  • My first taste of clean carpet
    I had an Eureka vacuum for ten years, and when it broke, I bought this one. I vacuumed the house with this new cleaner and was surprised to know that the difference between my old Eureka and new Hoover could be so dramatic. This cleaner is light weight, easy to use (almost like self-propelled), quite, and most importantly, it cleans so well that I could see the impressions of my footprint on the carpet even after two days. I could not believe that I have been living with dirty carpets for ten years.

    My old Eureka was extremely loud (comparing with this one); it leaked dust, and generated so much dust that I had to clean constantly.

    I am happy to think that I do not have to dust my house so often, and I do not have to live with a dirty carpet anymore....more info
    I wanted a vacuum with a bag and NOT have to empty a dust cup every 5 minutes, so I embarked on a search on line and after thorough comparisons on all counts and with the help of reading reviews, I finally ordered this vacuum and I am very pleased. It sucks up everything!!! We have tile floors throughout the house and a few large area rugs; it practically sucked the grout from the tile and got every single dust bunnie and dog hair from the tile floor and area rugs! The headlight is great, the long cord is wonderful, the edge cleaner is amazing and the self-propelled action assists with the workout! I would highly recommend this vacuum - it sucks so good!!! The only issue I have is where the cord connects to the unit - it's a bit low and gets in the way just a bit, but it's not a deal breaker! And the bag fits in the compartment just fine. Don't hesitate - this is a great deal for a great vacuum!...more info
  • Great machine for the money
    I bought the Hoover based on its being recommended by Consumer Reports. True to what they said, it cleans very well, is easy to use and is lightweight. The tools are relatively easy to use and are close at hand. All in all, a fantastic bargain. My only complaint is a slightly cheap feel to some of the plastics (I guess you've got to cut costs somewhere at this price point) and the undeniable fact that this thing is LOUD. I'd give it five stars otherwise....more info
  • Good vacuum for the money
    I bought this vacuum as an extra...it is certainly an acceptable addition to my cleaning regimen. It has alot of suction power and does it's job on dog hair. I knew when I bought it that it would not have features that other more costly vacuums have,(retracable cord, floor setting where the brushes stop,quiteness etc.). It does what it was designed to do, suck up the dirt. On the down side, the power cord is rather short, it is quite loud,the on board tools hose is a bit short and if you stop to use the on board tools, be sure the vacuum is not sitting on a hand made carpet.

    I anticipate that this vacuum will last a good long time, it is well built and is exactly what I expected....more info
  • Not good for hard floors
    This product does not perform as advertised. It can not clean hard floors. It disperses the dust through the back. You are better of with a broom and a pail. In addition, I had to replace the belt after only one month of use. It does vacuum carpets OK. So, if you only have carpets in your house and don't mind changing belts often,it may be worthwhile due to the low price. (I guess you get what you pay for...)...more info
  • loving it still
    Even after 14 months of owning this vacuum cleaner, it has proven to be a great buy and still has nice suction. We are so glad we bought something that doesn't spill when we change the bag and have been pleased with the way it picks up....more info
  • Best for the bucks
    This is a great price for a pretty decent vacuum. It may be noisy but it does the job. My only complaint is its edge cleaning isn't great, otherwise why spend big bucks when this will do the same job for less?...more info
  • Great value for the money
    We purchased this vacuum based on it being the highest ranking in its class by Consumer Reports (at a VERY reasonable price...under $100). When I first opened it up, it looked a little cheaply made. But as soon as I turned it on and it practally ran across the floor by itself - I was sold!

    I have used it for awhile now and it is lightweight, surprisingly sturdy, and is easy to use as it helps propel itself. My house is wall-to-wall medium pyle shag carpet (about 2000 square feet) and it does an excellent job at getting my carpet spotless - even with two small children in the house!! The bags are also reasonably priced....more info
  • Whats up with all these good reviews???
    Plain as day...you get what you pay for! The belt broke the first day I used it, 15 minutes into vacuumming! Then it broke 4 more times in the next few weeks/months. What a piece...Yes, it has great suction; when it's working!...more info
  • Great vacuum at a great price!
    This is a great vacuum, and I was really impressed by the suction power. We have a Siberian husky, so the vacuum always gets a good dog hair work-out. Of course our real Christmas tree needles also tested the vacuum. So far it has passed with flying colors. This Hoover replaced a more expensive, "top-of-the-line" Hoover we have had for years, and makes us continue to find Hoover delivers a great vacuum at a great price. ...more info
  • Pretty Good
    My Oreck broke and would cost over $100.00 to repair. We were having financial difficulty and it was right before Christmas. So I researched vacuum cleaners on consumer reports. This vacuum cleaner ranks as high or better than some of the top dollar cleaners. So I bought it for sixty bucks and have been very happy with my purchase. It was easy for my husband to assemble. The tools are easy to use. It gets the pet hair up. It does an excellent job on my carpets. It did only a fair job on my bare floors trying to clean up after the Christmas tree. And it is a little loud and heavy, but, then again, I was using an eight pound Oreck. Overall this is a great economical product that I highly recommend....more info
  • Great for pet owners!
    Great product for the price! I have had wonderful results and haven't had any problems with this vacuum! I have four cats and two dogs -- works great picking up all the pet hair as it has great suction. ...more info
  • No bells and whistles, just a hard worker
    I bought this for my ederly mom who has a tough time with the weighty deluxe models. She just wanted something that was light enough to use daily but not break in a month. This vacuum has good suction power for its weight. It doesn't waste weight on fancy attractive panels or accessories. It it a plain and tough working vacuum....more info
  • Hoover Tempo widepath vacuum
    Best vacuum I have ever owned. Only downside is the size of the bag....more info
  • My lightweight Hoover
    This model is a lot more maeuverable than my previous Hoover windtunnel and I can use the attachments that come with the old one. It cleans wall to wall carpets well and with a lot less energy (mine) than the old one which was 26 lbs. With the crevice tool I can easily pick up all the hair balls and dust bunnies that have accumulated in corners and behind doors. ...more info
  • The Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright
    I chose this vacuum cleaner for his weight and the good reviews. It has the most important feature for me: weight as I have a large house with 3 flights of stairs. I could not even lift any of the 21, 22 lbs even if it could stay on one floor. It works very well. The only defect is the fact that the bag fills in very fast and I need to use a new bag each time I vacuum the house (3 floors: 2 all carpeted). The hose could attached better to the suction cup but overall, I am very happy with it. It does the job beautifully. For any of you who like me, cannot use a heavy vacuum, it is very, very good. ...more info
  • Just like in the cartoons!!!
    Well if you are on a budget or you are a snooty rich person who demands only the best like Dyson,Oreck or Kirby, You should consider buying this vacuum. On second thought just buy it. Look no further. The price is DIRT cheap, The power of this thing is unbelievable for the price. And it is a Hoover after all. This is the only vacuum that I have found that actually picks up cat hair with the attachment hose instead of it just sticking to the brush. I have a large shop vac and I think the HOOVER U5140-900 TEMPO WIDEPATH BAGGED UPRIGHT VACUUM has more power. Example: I was cleaning the cat hair off of my chair by the window. I went to move the cushion so I could clean the sides off and b4 I knew it the curtains were being consumed by this thing. Along with my t-shirt my socks, my girlfriends underwear, my underwear, the cats underwear,??? the cat, The bedspread, the bed, all the items out of the closet, the night stand, the dresser, and my girlfriend. It took awhile to extract all of these items out of the bag except my girlfriend, she can stay there till I throw the bag away, but anyway it was all clean as a whistle, my bedspread had been dry cleaned our laundry was spring fresh the furniture was polished and the cat was declawed and nuetered. What a wonderful machine this is. I also used it to capture the evil monkey that lives in the hall closet and the escaped convict that killed 2 guards and robbed that bank. I even got a $10,000 reward. So this thing has paid for itself along with paying off the final payment on my private island near Fiji. I even had some left over so I bought a taco supreme and a burrito. So I think that if you dont buy this thing with all its incredible features and benefits, the brain has already been sucked out of your head. Did I mention it is also cabable of towing a full travel trailer while towing a car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Tempo wide - very good
    While the vacuum is a little cumbersome, because of it's configuration and because all of the attachments are just that, attached, it's a great vacuum for the money. As a matter of fact, it's a no brainer. It's great for carpets and pretty good on the other surfaces. It's a win, win situation. For the price and the performance, I definately recomend this product....more info
  • So far so good
    I've only used this twice so far (I guess that means it's been doing its job). I do agree w/ some of the comments about the cord being short, wished it were longer. I haven't tried it on bare floors, but I use a smaller vacuum for that usually anyway.

    I'm a satisfied customer. ...more info
  • Very Pleased
    This Vacuum is the best "bang for your buck"! - I think it sucks harder than any other vacuum I have ever owned. Even when using the attachment hose - very powerful. The only issues I have are the power cord could be a tad longer for me and the attachment hose could be longer. Also when you pull out the hose I like when the beater brushes shut off so you dont burn your rug or floor when the vacuum is staning in one place.
    If I had a bigger house - I'd order one for each level!

    ...more info
  • Not the "Best Buy" that I'd hoped for
    I purchased this particular make/model because it was noted as a "Best Buy" by Consumer Reports. However, the product hasn't lived up to what I'd expected because it simply doesn't vacuum up all that's on the floor/carpet, and it is very difficult to get them entirely clean in just one or two pass overs. I regret having purchased this particular model, but you can never know until you get it home, and I trusted the "Best Buy" rating....more info
  • Very Good Vacuum Overall, Small Bag
    I purchased the vacuum based on the review it received by Consumer Reports. It is very inexpensive compared to most other models reviewed. It works well, especially on cat hair, and is easy to maneuver as well as change/use the attachments. The only negative is the fact that it has a very small bag and gets filled up fairly quickly. It comes with on extra bag included but I recommend that you stock up on replacement bags as well. ...more info
  • HOOVER U5140-900 VACUUM
    Highest recommendation by Consumer Reports. I concur; this is a very good basic vacuum at a really reasonable price. Now to see how long it lasts. So far, would recommend it highly....more info
  • Great product for a great price
    I was really surprised at how great it works for the price. Super powerful suction. Not too heavy. I hope it lasts!...more info
  • Very lightweight and powerful
    This is a great vacuum for the price. It's lightweight, easy to use, and powerful. The wand isn't very easy to use, which is our only complaint. It arrived quickly, assembled easily, and works really well....more info
  • Awesome Value and Suction!
    This Vacuum is simply an amazing deal. We have gone through 5 or more vacuums priced over $200 that don't have the suction this gem has. Save yourself some time and get this puppy!...more info
  • A great find
    I purchased this vacuum all in part, because the $200+ model I had broke down...wasn't looking to spend a lot of $$ on another vacuum and I did not want a bagless unit...this model had good reviews with Consumer Reports, so I thought I would give it a try...and I am glad I did...this vacuum does exactly what it should do...clean! The only short comings are: noise level (but what vac doesn't make noise) and shortness of the accessory hose (but you can purchase an extension)...all in all, this is a good vac for the $$...recommended product. ...more info
  • Impressive Vacuum
    This is an impressive vacuum! I've used a Kirby for 50 years and finally had to replace. This vacuum is better than the Kirby and at a fraction of the cost. I am very pleased....more info
  • Hoover Vacuum Sweeper
    This product was purchased to be a Christmas gift. It arrived in plenty of time and in good condition. It was rated as a "Best Buy" by Consumers Report. I am very satisfied with my purchases from Amazon.com and have had good service....more info
  • Best value for the money
    I bought this vacuum cleaner after having checked out many others at stores. Also, I am a Consumer Report reader and believe in what they are doing.
    CR says that this VC is a great bargain, and it is: it looks sort of cheap, but it works just perfectly. And I really like to have a clean apartment.. Especially on carpet it is great, I am not missing anything. I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Nice little Vacuum
    This is a nice little Vacuum. Easy to use and does a nice job for a inexpensive Vacuum.
    Gets high ratings from Consumer Reports....more info
  • good vacuum especially for the price
    I haven't used the vacuum long but it seems to work fine. The vacuum has alot of power. The hose is short and kind of cheap material....more info
  • Great Vacuum!!
    This is a great vacuum. We bought it for our daughter for her apartment. It's inexpensive and cleans as well as our Oreck. ...more info
  • good vacuum
    This vacuum lived up to its recommendation from Consumer Reports: It has a strong suction and cleans well, is relatively light and is low-cost....more info
  • Fantastic Value
    My wife and I have owned several upright vacs during our 25-year marriage, including a Kirby, a couple of Eureka's, and a more expensive Hoover. I read several customer reviews on [...] and concluded that I'd order this model. Kudos to Amazon on at least two levels: The first vac arrived with a broken part due to rough handling during shipping; the second one arrived perfectly the day after I sent the defective one back (superb service from Amazon.com's customer service department). Today we assembled the vac after a close visual inspection, and WOW does it do a fine job! We have another vac in the shop getting a new on/off switch put in for $[...]. I wish I'd have ordered two of these U5140-900 Widepath models and told the man at the vacuum shop to just keep our old one. This little jewell can really pick up the pet hair, etc. We have three heights of carpet, plus bare floors in our house and this vac handles them all superbly. My advice: don't pay more for bells and whistles -- this little guy is a gem for under $[...]....more info
  • Great vaccum
    Finally found a good vaccum cleaner,very good on carpet,if it last then it'll be a great buy....more info
  • Best vacuum I've ever used and extremely inexpensive.
    This vacuum cleaner is better than several others I have purchased costing much more money. I liked it so much that I bought two. The suction power is unbelievable and seems to self propel itself. The attachments are great, easy to use and stay in their respective places of hold. I can only say this is a TREMENDOUS value for the money and I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Great Vac
    Excellent product for an excellent price. If this product fails I would
    consider buying another for this price! No reason at all to pay $200, $300, or a ridiculous amount for a capable vac. p.s. I have 3 children! ...more info
  • Perfect vaccum,for the right price...
    I owned this vaccum and very satisfied with it.It has a loud noise and doesn't work on floors but it works perfectly on carpets.Very handy,it has a lot of accesories,easy to operate and changing bags is very convenient.My friend saw this vaccum and bought a new one for her....more info
  • meets the need
    Oreck expired after 8 years so found this unit which meets my needs; relatively light, good suction and filtration, and inexpensive. In the first month I'm quite pleased. Good value and no frills. Expect a plastic unit that sucks hard and picks up the carpet crud....more info
  • Great vacuum!
    This is a great vacuum for the price. Very good at picking up, strong suction. One thing not mentioned in most writeups about this vacuum is that it is pratically self propelled on carpet. The action of the brushes can acutally pull it accross the floor! It may not list all of the features of some higher priced vacuums, but if you are just interested in cleaning power this is the vacuum for you....more info
  • Not for people with bad backs

    - Good cleaning capabilities.
    - Good price

    - Very short hose, making it virtually impossible to use the attachment devices
    - When attachment devices are used, the brush continues to roll, sucking dirt into the open end of the hose(lid doesnt close correctly).
    - Very hard to pull back for people with bad backs(pushing is a breeze..!!)...more info
  • I love this vacuum
    I think this product is great! I have only used it twice but it is very powerful! I read all the reviews before I purchased it and found them to be very helpful. I haven't changed the bag yet. ...more info
  • Vacuum is Fantastic
    I am so happy with this Vacuum and the price is what was great. I have two bagless vacuum's that the concept of getting rid of the bag may be great but the vacuum's are not. I had to go online and see if anyone had one that was still bagged. ***MUCH TO MY SURPRISE I FOUND THIS HOOVER TEMPO WIDEPATH UPRIGHT, I AM SO PLEASED WITH THE SELLER, THE VACUUM, AND THE PRICE.*** Even if it doesn't last but five years it is worth buying you get your monies worth. In fact I was thinking of buying another a canister one. Thank you for this AWSOME vacuum with a BAG!!!! I would recommend the SELLER AND THE VACUUM. Fast delivery, good seller.
    Thank you Cynthia ...more info
  • Powerful vacuum at a great price!
    This is a Consumer Reports "best buy" machine that I couldn't find anywhere in our local stores. Just before buying something else, I decided to see if Amazon might have access to one. Much to my surprise, they did! The vacuum works very well, and it's light enough that I didn't miss the self-propel feature. Buy one while you can! ...more info
  • Powerful Vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum as it was highly recommended. I have found it to be very powerful and does a very good job. My other vacuum is a cannister and is bulky and heavy. I do find that the Hoover is very noisy and the cord is short and has to be directed by the user. Overall, I find its power and size make this machine an excellent value. I am very pleased with my purchase!...more info
  • Great vacuum; Great price!
    This is the third time I have purchased this vacuum! I bought it for one daughter for Christmas 3 years ago and she said it did a wonderful job, so I bought one for myself to keep on the second floor of my house. I love it so much that my $300 Wind Tunnel is seldom used. This vacuum has the power; it's not quite as wide and fits places the more expensive vacuum doesn't; it's light and doesn't wear me out in lifting it. I just bought one for another daughter who has six children. I told her it will do a good job and the children will be able to handle it when they help at home, and the price is right! I think it is a great little vacuum!...more info
  • Good but short lived
    Bought this vacuum because it was rated a best buy by Consumer Reports and the price. It arrived at my house in July and it was "buried" in December. The suction was great, but obviously the durability was lacking. In addition the hose is too short....more info
  • Small but bad
    Reading Consumer Report's good review of this vacuum, I decided to try it out. After I received it and power it up, I noticed that this machine is very powerful and I love it. I call it my little blue hurricane. Excellent of the price....more info
  • U5140 Tempo Vacuum
    I have a long-haired, white cat. This is a great vacuum cleaner for getting her hair off things. ...more info
  • Great vacuum
    After reading Consumer Report's good review of this vacuum, I decided to try it out. So far, it has lived up to the good reviews. It cleans well, has a nice adjustment setting, and isn't too heavy. I can carry it and use it on stairs easily. The tools are also easy to use. The one downside is that it's a bit loud, but no louder than many larger vacuums. This vacuum is unbeatable at this price. ...more info
  • Nice vacuum
    I am very pleased with my Tempo Widepath. It's lightweight, which I needed, and it seems to be self-propelled as it moves forward across the carpet. It works nicely on my kitchen floor, and it picks up really well along the baseboards....more info
  • Best vacuum at any price
    We found this vacuum on Consumer Reports as a best value. It truly is. Not only does it have great suction but it is light weight and easy to carry up stairs. We like the fact that it has a bag - we've used several without bags and they never lived up to their promise. We feel like we are capturing all the dirt with the Tempo Widepath. The bags are easy to change. This vacuum is incredibly well engineered. It is simple but thoughtfully put together. So much so that 2 sister-in-laws are ordering them and we actually ordered a second for that inevitable day down the road when we've used it up - hopefully not for many years. But my husband - who really hates having more than one of anything cluttering up the house- said he wanted an extra Widepath on hand. We've received them all from Amazon in 4 days - and the price is less than anywhere else on sale. ...more info
  • Well worth the money!
    We bought this Hoover vacuum after reading rave reviews in Consumer Reports. It was to replace a $140 vacuum we bought only 6 month ago (Eureka brand) The little Hoover out vacuums by far, suction is excellent. The only drawback is a very short hose. After using both bagged and bagless types, we will stick with bagged as they don't clog and the suction is much better....more info
  • Great vacuum for the price
    This is a great vacuum - I have paid triple the price for vacuums and this one works just as well. I purchased this one because of the weight. It is too difficult to haul around my windtunnel and the Oreck's don't have the on-board tools which are a must for me. I also prefer vacuums with bags, which this one has. I would highly recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Thieves at Amazons changed the price
    Amazon surprised me. In the space of one hour they jacked the price of this item over $20.00. I put it in my shopping cart at the library on their pc, went home to buy it on mine and noticed the huge increase, the reps I contacted gave excuses that their subvendors were carrying the item for less and that I must have selected the wrong item. Wrong! Boldfaced Lie Amazon! Bah Humbug!

    Addendum: I bought this item from Amazon anyway. It arrived quickly in two days. I used it immediately out of the box. Its cheaply made, required me to use the setting above bare floors for my carpet, and the tools kept falling off but its not a bad cleaner. I think more thought should have been given to where to place the cord which doesnt wrap neatly around all the easily popping off tools. I dont hear it sucking up the dirt but it seems to work ok. The motor is very very loud....more info
  • Powerful and lite in weight
    I read a lot of reviews in comparing the bagged and the bagless vacuums. We decided to go with the bagged model. Most of the vacuum today comes with a lot of bells and whistles. At first we were unsure about this model. It has very basic functions with accessories and does not have a very upscale design.
    After we received it and power it up. We noticed that this machine is very powerful. My wife seldom say good thing about vacuum. She asked me if it came with self-propel function. It has very strong suction and it is lighter than our existing Hoover. If you are just looking for a good, strong and lite weight vacuum, look no further. I highly recommend this....more info
  • great vacuum for the price
    I purchased this vacuum for our newly purchased second home and love it. It has great suction and is easy to use. It's also less cumbersome than my hoover windtunnel. It seems a bit noisy but the cleaning capabilities are more important to me. I have already recommended it to people who want a very efficient vacuum for under 100.00....more info
  • Awesome suction, great price!
    I bought this vacuum as it was highly rated by Consumer Report and it is only $60. I don't like to pay too much for a vacuum as I have two dogs and no matter what vacuum I buy they don't usually last to long as they get all clogged up. This vacuum has such good suction, it revealed the seams in my carpet! ...more info
  • Lots of Power for a Great Price
    This little Hoover was highly rated on Consumer Reports. The main feature I was looking for was the actual suction power of the handheld feature. Many vacs lose power there. This one is amazing and the price ($60.00 when I got mine) is perfect. I'm not sure how durable the unit ias a whole is. time will tell. ...more info
  • Great deal!
    For the price - you can't beat it! This vacuum outperforms most of it's competition that is twice the price or more.
    Would recommend to anyone....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    We have had this machine about a month. It performs very well, it really sucks (hehehe), and for the price this vacuum is a steal. There is a gauge that shows how full the bag is, and a nice collection of hoses. This machine uses a bag. I prefer bags, I think the machines (in this price range) that don't are somewhat inferior. If you are looking for an affordable, and good machine, this is what you need....more info
  • Best sweeper ever
    This Machine was the best vacuum cleaner I have found to date, it really picks up,especially dog hair and is easy to work with, no strain on the back. Definitely the best choice of sweepers for the money....more info
  • so far so good
    we were looking for an inexpensive upright to replace our old hoover bagless that included a power brush head. so far this one is doing the job. the hose for the attachments is too short but if it were longer the unit wouldn't be as compact as it is. i'm wondering if hoover offers an extension hose accessory? anyway, the thing has powerful suction and works pretty good on bare floors. some big items (like hardened macaroni) might get shot around by the power brush and not picked up but let's face it, for the price you can't expect miracles. also, the plastic seems like it might be brittle but i'm hoping if we treat it gently and don't abuse it, it'll last a long time like our previous hoover. i'm happy with it so far....more info
  • good vacuum for the price
    I bought 2 of these at the same time, one for upstairs and one for downstairs. The suction is excellent, as are the attachments, although a longer hose would be great. It makes a LOT of noise!! Sounds like an airplane getting ready to take off. ...more info
  • Don't expect to use attachments without buying extension hose
    If you want to use the attachments for cleaning anything, expect to purchase the extention hose. Without it, you can't vaccumn the couch the coffee table, or the tv - because the cord is too short.

    My mother has a basic Kenmore canister vaccumn which is heads and tails much better. In retrospect, I wish I would have shelled out the $200 for the canister....more info
  • Does the job I bought it for.
    Needed a vacuum that would pick up cat hair and this has been adequate, so far. You get good suction and it is lightweight. Very basic machine for the price and my only complaint is the short hose when using attachments. Good value for a low price....more info
  • Waste of money, doesnt clean at all
    I bought this a month back and I am very disappointed.

    I have a carpeted floor, I tried this vaccum and instead of sucking the dust, it just keeps spreading it all over the place.(Even if I keep it on the maximum ). For cleaning a small area it takes 15-20 mts of several rounds . At the end its EXTREMELY furstrating to see - dust still remains!

    It is not worth it! Please dont waste your money. Its tempting becuase of the low price, but you are not going to trash the dust, but your money if you buy this!
    ...more info
  • Best Value and Quality--Rare Find!
    My husband decided to buy the Hoover US140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum because of the Price, primarily and because of the great review. It arrived promptly and when we unpacked it, it looked more like a toy than a REAL WORKING Vacuum. To my surprise, its looks and price can fool you. We have had this vacuum for a month, and it has been working surprisingly well. It cleans medium length carpet thoroughly with great suction power. The revolving vacuum brush is powerful as well. It came with an extra dust bag (that was nice). The vacuum works well on carpet as well as on tiles. The attachments are awesome and we think that the hose and the electric cord is JUST THE RIGHT LENGTH for our 2 bedroom condo. If you want a good price and good quality, this is the vacuum for you. (so it's not in your favorite color, but it does the job more than well)!...more info
  • Amazing!
    I did quite a bit of research before buying a new vacuum. If money was no object, I probably would have purchased a much pricier machine, but on our current budget, money was a big factor. I did not want to end up with a piece of junk, but couldn't afford the lexus version. After reading the reviews of this machine, I decided to give it a try. I am delighted! It was easy to assemble, is lightweight, has GREAT suction, all the tools-on-board I needed, and an unbelievably affordable price. One warning: have a good grip on the handle when you turn it on--it's anxious to get across the floor--you don't have to push this machine!...more info
  • Powerful little machine, this...
    I am totally satisfied with this vacuum. It is simple and strong. Thank you, Hoover!...more info
  • I'm Amazed
    I bought this vac as a second unit for my new house.
    I've discvrded the old one now because I'm so impressed with this vacuum.
    Light weight, powerful and realy cleans up.
    I may buy another as the 2nd vacuum....more info
  • Hapy with my Hoover U5140
    I got my Hoover on 10/28/07 and couldn't be happier.It's widerpath and extreme pickup power make it hard to beat at $60.00.it's almost too good to be true.Highly recommend....more info
  • Nice work, unstable body
    Does excelent job. Has a lot of power. I am not sure in the stability of the switch button so I keep it on and just plug it in the outlet. The little knob for the running mode does not look stable either. But overall I am extremely happy with that machine...more info
  • Hoover Tempo Vacuum--excellent!
    This vacuum is excellent--it really picks up everything! I use it for the large rug in my kindergarten classroom, so you can imagine the types of things it picks up! Another teacher in my school has had the same vacuum for over 2 years and uses it every single day! It still works so well! I knew I had to get it myself! Very durable! You get so much for your $ with this vacuum! ...more info
  • Amazing power!
    The reviews on this vacuum did not lie. This unit has tons of power and literally pulls me around the room as a vacuum (and I am not a small guy). It's refreshing to get such a quality product for so little money. I've only had it for a month or two but I've encountered no problems. I am 100% happy with this vacuum so far!...more info
  • Great Buy!
    My very expensive vacuum went up in smoke after several expensive repairs. I needed a good vacuum quick. This one had a good rating and Was VERY affordable. It was delivered almost overnight, was easy to assemble and works far better than my former more costly vacuum. I am delighted with my Hoover Tempo Widepath Vacuum....more info
  • Super Low-priced Unit
    For the money, this is a great vacuum cleaner. The assembly was easy, the bags are inexpensive and easy to change. The short cord, considered by some to be a design flaw, is actually a blessing. I hate tangling up in long appliance cords. The unit is not terribly loud, and it really cleans the carpet! I give this prduct an "A"....more info
  • More for less!
    This is an excellent vacuum for the price. It performs extremely well on carpets and does a nice job of picking up pet hair. I had to change the bag after just 3 uses where I would go for weeks before changing with our previous vacuum. It is fairly lightweight and easy to maneuver. There are almost no bells or whistles, you just get a straight up good cleaning machine. The only downside is that it doesn't perform well on bare floors. When there isn't carpet it just throws the dirt around. Otherwise you can't beat it for the price!...more info
  • Great Vacuum at Great Price!!
    This is the best vacuum I've used in a LONG time!! The suction is amazing and it's so easy to handle that it practically propells itself. I barely have to push it. I also like the side suction, I can run it by the wall and it sucks up all those random pieces that you usually have to pick up yourself. The light is a nice touch, too. I have NO reservations recommending this one to everyone! Also, at less than $60-it's a steal!!...more info
  • A great value !
    This is one of the best values in a vacuum cleaner. I've absolutely HAD IT with the bagless varieties. I've burned out (and thrown away) so many of those just in the last 5 years.
    This little jewel is perfect for my apartment, and it's not expensive....more info
  • Great for the $
    I actually had this vacuum recommended to me by a rep at a vacuum repair shop. It's lightweight, got good suction, a cord long enough to get around a couple of rooms, small enough to go under most beds and low maintenance. He said all the repairmen agree- never go bagless if you want something reliable.
    Amazon definitely has the best price, too.
    Only thing I don't like is the cord continually comes unattached from back so I have to keep picking it up to back-up the vacuum....more info
  • Amazing value
    This vacuum, top check rated by Consumer Reports, is super value for the money. Full-featured and bagged is the way I like them....more info
  • Powerful vacuum
    We love this little machine--the bag does fill quickly but we have a dog and 5 kids--works great!...more info
  • Great product. Great price
    This product is a joy. For the price I paid--I could not be happier. The reviews commented about the noise of the product. That does not bother me at all. Very pleased! I would certainly recommend this product....more info
  • great for carpet
    Vacuum is very lightweight. does a great job on carpet. Not so great on hard floors. It is difficult to remove the hose for use with the tools, and the hose is too short. Great weight for hauling around the house....more info
  • Great vacuum for the price
    I just got this vacuum today and it worked really well. Can't believe it did such a good job for the price I paid for it. I had a more expensive sweeper before, but this worked just as well, if not better. I bought this vacuum because it was recommended by Consumer Reports and they were right about it's performance. ...more info
  • Super vacuum
    I chose this vacuum because of the Consumer Reports review. It is a great vacuum and light....more info
  • At last, a vacuum that vacuums!
    This vacuum has great suction. Yes, it's heavy but it has wheels so don't pick it up and you won't even notice the weight. Super long cord, excellent price....more info
  • wow
    i am the type of person who reads reviews and takes forever just to buy a paperclip - but with all the reviews - i had to try this vacuum.

    it is what everyone says it is - amazing, powerful, no nonsense, and affordable. i am so happy with this machine.

    the only thing is i saw it at a home improvement store for $59 - but with amazon i didnt have to stand in line or lug it to may car - it was delivered to my door - kind of worth the extra 10.

    ...more info
  • Best vacuum ever used... and a steal for the price!
    Best vacuum ever used in 20 years and a steal at this price. Very effective at picking up dirt. The brush rollers also help propel the machine forward requiring less effort. It does use a disposable bag, though, but we prefer this over emptying dirty containers. We plan on buying a 2nd machine as backup since they may discontinue this model any day and replacements are not always as good....more info
  • Great vacuum for the price
    This is a great vacuum for this price. It is very powerful (maybe too powerful?) and comes with all the attachments you might want. It also comes with a few starter bags !...more info
  • Nice product
    I purchased this a couple of weeks ago and have only used it twice, however it is light, easy to maneuver and the suction seems to be very good. Much better than the older dirt devil i had and also cannot beat the price. ...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum/Excellent Value!
    We received this product quickly, and it works (vacuums) better than any we've ever owned. No, it's not the so-called "luxury" edition, but it beats any so-called luxury model we've ever tried, so ... it's luxury in a different way: IT WORKS, and it works VERY WELL!!! For those who say it isn't easy to turn on and off ... well, it's not the SAME as other models I've used, on which you do that with a tap (or stomp) of your foot, but is it EASY to turn on and off? - YES! - If you can extend your arm an inch or two in front of you and push the little red switch (like many other buttons in my home, from my coffee pot to the warmer on my stove) in the "on" or the "off" direction, depending on your need! NOT DIFFICULT! REALLY EASY! Is it quiet? No, but it's a vacuum. I don't run it when folks are sleeping. I run it to clean, and it does that VERY WELL. Is it loud beyond measure? No. But I don't recall ever thinking a vacuum cleaner did, or should, sound like a light spring rain or a lullaby. I don't talk on the phone while using it, but, can I HEAR my phone ring while I'm using it, yes. (Do need to be in same room or close enough by phone, but I have a cordless I can clip on, so that's fine. - Not to mention caller ID should I miss a call.) Noise isn't a problem, as I just continue to be SO AMAZED by, and SO THANKFUL for, the FABULOUS job this machine does at being a VACUUM CLEANER! ---- Could've gotten the #1 Consumer Reports pick, for over $200, and surely would have been satisfied with that, really, I'm sure. BUT we decided to try this Consumer Reports "best buy" at around only $60...LOVE IT, and will be ordering another one soon, and have one upstairs and one down, BOTH for LESS than the price of ONE of the other one we were thinking about buying. - Tried it. For the price, we had almost nothing to lose. We gained SO MUCH, and SAVED so much too!!! Will be purchasing another soon!...more info
  • Amazing!!!
    On November 12 I was reading the customer reviews and ordering this vacuum cleaner. On November 13 I was unpacking it in my living room. It was so easy to work with. Within 10 minutes, I had the thing unpacked and put together. I thought I'd give it the acid test right off the bat. We have 5 (!) cats and there's a fleece blanket on the back of the sofa that they all love to lie on. The only way to get the cat hair off it is to use masking tape to pull it off. Even my mother's hand-me-down $300 vacuum cleaner could not get it off. I tried the Hoover with the upholstery attachment and it cleaned the blanket easily. Then I zoomed through the living room and dining room and the Hoover did a great job. It's an outstanding machine at an incredible price. ...more info
  • Hoover Tempo Wider
    The base is a little wider then I would to have liked but performance wise it does all that it says it will do.Also has a feature that when you press the lever to lay back the base of vacuum the the whole base will lay down to vacuum under chairs or beds which is handy to have.Has a nice suction along baseboards and the fact that the hose is attached to the unit as whole is a handy feature to have.I had a vacuum made by Hoover also for 10 years and had to replace it with this one so I'm hoping to have it around just as long if not longer.The only reason I replaced it was because of wear and tear,nothing mechinical at all. ...more info
  • Plenty of power
    I threw my old vacuum in the garbage after the first time using this vacuum. It's very powerful. Be careful with little rugs and area rugs with fringe. Even the lowest setting will shred the fringe and make a huge mess (I found out the hard way). It definitely has the self-propelled action and comes with everything you need. Very easy assembly and I got it for a great price on Amazon.com. The only reason why I've given it 4 stars is because I'd love a retractable power cord....more info
  • What a great value!
    After comparing this little Hoover with larger, snazzier models that cost twice as much or more, I ordered the Tempo Widepath. It's low-tech compared to the larger models, but it's so much lighter, which is important for me since I have an arthritic back.

    Other advantages: it cleans beautifully, and it seems to capture the dust in the bag very well well. I can use it on stairs.

    Disadvantages: the beater doesn't stop when you use the hand tools, so you need to be careful when you use the attachments. Also, the hose is a bit short, though you can buy a longer one, but then you need to wrap it around the handle a couple of times. The bag does fill very quickly, but that's probably because it's doing such a great job of filtering out small particles....more info
  • A best buy for me
    Consumer Reports listed this one as a "best buy" and I agree. I bought this when my fancy, expensive 'wind tunnel' vacuum died after being used to clean up after my kitchen was redone. It is lighter, easier to maneuver, and cleans just as well as vacuums costing 4 times as much. ...more info
  • Works well, light
    I got this vacuum for my elderly mother who needed something light but still cleaned well. This is a simple and functional vacuum. It is light a does a great job vacuuming. The body is mostly plastic so I would not recommend for applications where it is going to get abused. However it works as well as the $500 Oric and other $150 - $500 vacuums at literally a fraction of the cost. Considering the significant savings you can afford to buy extra bags and change them frequently which is the secret to not getting dust from a bag vacuum. Highly recommend. ...more info
  • great vacuum
    My last hoover lasted for 7 years and I needed a good replacemant that would work on pet hair and pick up after kids as well as the one before. This one works even better. I don't have to worry about the dog hair being left behind or the food crumbs either. The price is great and it goes every where. I only wish the attachment hose was a little longer but otherwise it is great and I have hopes it will last as long as my last one did....more info
  • Good Vacuum-Good Price
    We have owned our Hoover vacuum for a month. My wife wanted a vacuum with a throwaway bag and its about the only model we could find. We use it to vacuum area rugs in our home. The house has tile floors. It does a great job on dog hair and other debris. At the price, its a bargain....more info
  • Excellent for the price
    This is an awesome vacuum. It comes with numerous attachments, has a long cable, and vacuums really well for its price. My parents have a Dyson that's 10x the price and I'd argue that this is just as good. The only downside is that it does require bags, but I haven't had to change mine yet. Overall, an excellent, affordable vacuum....more info
  • Stay at home mom
    We had an extremely nice Vac. cleaner(self- propelled etc) yet it was having problems. When my husband went to use it he decided it was time to buy something else. The Hoover Tempo he bought was based on Comsumer Reports "best buy" suggestion. The vac. cleaner works well. Seems to clean the carpets good, it is light weight and I don't really notice that it is not self-propelled, however it is loud and the cord is shorter than my other vac. cleaner. If you don't want to spend a lot of money this cleaner will get the job done....more info
  • Awesome Product!
    I would highly recommend this product. It is an excellent vacuum for the price. It was recommended on Consumer Reports and I purchased it after testing a pricey Dyson. This product is awesome for picking up pet fur. ...more info
  • Great Value
    This is an excellent vacuum for carpets. Nothing fancy, it just is easy to manuver and really cleans the carpet. What a value!...more info
  • Regret Buying This Vacuum
    I wish I had listened to the reviewer who said the vacuum did poorly on bare floors. This vacuum has been completly useless to us becasue most of floors are hard wood. It performed much better on our Persian style rug, but sucked up our heavy throw rugs (whereas our previous vacuum did not).

    I wish we could return it....more info
  • Sweeper not as good as the old one
    I lived with a Hoover Special Model 60 upright vacuum for 37 years. It was probably 20 years old when I got it (thank you, Mrs. Bradley!) and it only died when its strong, beautiful little motor burned out this summer. I searched the web for a vintage replacement motor but had no luck. So in a hurry I stuck with the brand and purchased the Hoover U5140, mostly for its price and color.
    What I do like: the sweeper sucks dirt great.
    What I don't like: 1) It's plastic. 2)All the gadgets and vacuum tube that hang off the back. If I could've seen those in the photo, I probably wouldn't have bought it. All the detachable widget plastic crap pieces are now in a box in the closet - including the wands. I've had to cover the wand holders (they aren't removable)with duck tape to keep them from catching on furniture and bed spreads. 3)It is loud but tolerable. Thing I don't like the most: 4)The cord is abysmally short. Achingly, major hassle, 15 feet way too short. When I get extra bucks, I'm taking it to the vacuum fix-it shop to see if they can install a much longer cord. (One of the reasons the cord is so short is because there isn't room for storage of a longer cord on the back of the vaccuum because of all the plastic widget holders!)
    I want my old sweeper back!...more info
  • Cheap Vacuum
    The best thing I can say about this vacuum is it is cheap. I have replaced the belt four times in the five months I have owned it. It seems as though the belt overheats and stretches out if you use it too long at a time. I must need a heavy duty vacuum so I am still rating it 3 stars for people who don't have much carpet. It does have great suction though, but don't plan on using the hose with the attachments because it is short and doesn't stretch much. ...more info
  • Works great
    I have read the other positive reviews and I have to say that I agree with all of them. This product really works well on my carpet and sounds so powerful for being so lightweight. I have used this vacuum twice and I am still impressed with the quality of this product for this price. ...more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum
    This replaced a Dirt Devil Bagless that cost more, it was very messy & would always get clogged. It'd have to be unclogged several times, during a normal run. We have a cat (Persian-long hair) & we don't ever have to stop to unclog this new Hoover. It has tremendous suction power. So much so, that you really do need to hang on or it will take off. Our house isn't very big so, the power cord length is fine. The only real thing I'd change is the power switch...it should have a foot switch. For the price, it'd be tough to beat. I hope bagged vaccums continue to be available because I prefer them....more info
  • More than 2 children?? You WANT this!!!!!
    I already have the $350 vacuum that I am completely disappointed with and needed a second to keep upstairs. The expensive kenmore that I have is ridiculously heavy-especially considering it does only an ok job. I have 3 kids, 2 black labs, and wood floors with area rugs and am vacuuming daily.

    I did not expect much for my $60 purchase, but I loved the Hoover I had in the past and decided to give it a try. WOW!! It really sucks-in a good way. It is basic, but really does the job without abusing the rugs. I am very happy!!! Plus you can get attachments-like a longer hose, floor brush, wands, etc. at the hoover website for only not much $$.

    Plus, it is light weight-I see vacuuming in my 5 yr. old's future!!!!...more info
  • Great Performance and Value
    I can't get over what a great performer this is for the price. Highly recommend it....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Vacuum
    Vacuum has stong suction and handles very well. I was concerned about switching from a bagless to bagged unit, but found that I do not have to change bags nearly as often as I emptied my prior vacuums dirt container. Much cleaner. The "bag full" indicatior and unit light are usefull features. Cord is short but no problem. Negatives are cumbersome cord winding and flimsey storage of tools. Great cleaner for low cost unit....more info
  • Great vacuum, great price, great satisfaction
    I bought this vacuum cleaner from Amazon because I was tired of my old clunky Hoover. Boy, was I in for a treat! This vacuum cleaner installs in 5 minutes, has the easiest directions ever, and is a powerhouse cleaner to boot. Just happy I paid under $60 for it and it works so well. ...more info
  • Great for the Price
    Great vacuum for the price, has good suction, only downside is it is a little heavy....more info
  • Fast shipping and great value
    This is a great value in a vacuum cleaner. I ordered this product less than a week ago and I recieved it lastnight. It takes a screwdriver to screw in 2 screws. Then you are ready to go. I just used it to vacuum the downstairs of my house and under the bed. It has a little bit of a new electronic order that I think will fade in time. It did a great job. It has a nice set of tools, but wish it had a bigger tool for under the bed, but it seems like you have to have a canister to have one of those.

    Hoover makes a great product. My biggest complaint of Hoover is the belts are hard to change. I've got 5 vacuums in my house. My old Hoover was the best, but it doesn't have the plastic cover over the bag that this one does. This one has a smaller bag but has an indicator when it is full. If you have allergies you don't want a bagless, and you should have one that has plastic over the bag.

    It seems like that is all that you see now are bagless, but the one I have is worthless to me.

    I have allergies and wanted an inexpensive vacuum that had good reviews and was cheap enough to let me buy an air purifier system. After alot of research I picked this vacuum and the Sharper Image Quadra.

    I bought 2 refurbished Quadras from Ebay a day before I ordered this vacuum and to my surprise Amazon delieved first. I order alot of stuff from Amazon, Ebay and Tiger Direct. They all offer the best of online buying.

    I bought this vacuum and additional belts and bags. I was charged 2 shipping fees. I haven't got the bags and belts yet, but have a message they have been shipped. Amazon is a good company they tend to be slower than the Ebay sellers with 99% positive or Tiger Direct. I wish I had some some Amazon stock.

    I usually go to Amazon first to see the reviews. I then look at Circuit City and Best Buy. Then I buy on Ebay, Amazon, or Tiger Direct.

    If you want a great value in a vacuum, this one is inexpensive and is a best value product. It seems to do the work that many much more expensive models don't. Amazon is a good place to buy it.

    ...more info
  • Great and cheap
    I must say, I am impressed with the amount of power this vacuum has. One would think that for $60 you wouldn't get a whole lot of product, but in this case you get a lot of bang (or should I say, suck) for your buck! Very fast delivery as well, even with the free shipping offer from Amazon.
    ...more info
  • Best yet
    I ordered this vacuum because I wanted a light weight one and also one that used a bag. Upon checking Consumer Reports I found this was a best buy and that settled the question for me. I have been using it and find it all it is supposed to be....more info
  • Excellent Value!
    I had new carpeting installed in my home and decided I needed a new vacuum. I planned on paying whatever I needed to in order to get one with good suction, reasonably light weight and suitable for flat areas and stairs. I was initially skeptical about this vacuum because of its low price. It was the outstanding reviews that kept me coming back to this little Hoover. I finally decided that I would try it and boy am I impressed!! The suction is excellent and it is very compact with the ability to carry the tools around. I am truly delighted with this machine that performs and is an excellent value!...more info
  • Just what we wanted
    We were looking for a vacuum for the downstairs to use fairly regularly. So, we wanted something inexpensive, easy to operate, but can handle the usual dirt and debris along with long strands of hair. Needless to say, this vacuum did everything we expected and more. It's super light and easy to handle, propels forward easily but a little effort to pull back, but that's pretty standard for all vacuums. You won't find a vacuum for this price that does what it was created to do, that is to suck up gunk from your carpet and/or floors....more info
  • great for the price
    I was amazed how this vacuum came just a few days after I ordered it, free shipping, and easy to put together from the box. For the price, this vacuum is great. I highly recommend it. Is it perfect? No, it isn't a fantasy vacuum (quiet, cord that stretches forever, weightless) but for a real-life, inexpensive vacuum, it's great....more info
  • Cat fur no more
    I needed an inexpensive vaccuum that could effectively clean fur from a long-haired cat. And this vaccuum seems to do the trick! I've been very satisfied so far, the sucking power is very good. In the past, fur would often clog hoses, but so far that hasn't been a problem (I've used it about 4 times). Also, if they did become clogged, it looks like I could gain access to any area for easy unclogging.
    Excellent vaccuum for the price, if you want few "bells and whistles", but lots of suction.

    UPDATE: I've had the vaccuum for about 2 1/2 months now. Still works great. Only problem so far is the belt. I've had it break twice, I think its due to trying to vaccuum a thin rug I have. The strong suction is actually sucking up the rug, causing the belt to work too hard and it's snapping. I think its an easy fix, don't vaccuum that rug! (or try higher setting maybe) Replacing the belt is pretty easy and I got extra's at Ace I believe....more info
  • Hoover Tempo
    This little $69 Hoover Tempo vaccum cleaner really sucks, and I mean that only in the nicest way! Seriously, it works as well or better than vacuum cleaners costing hundreds of dollars more. I highly recommend it.
    Why pay more? Check out Consumer Reports website for the full story.
    ...more info
  • best vacuum ever
    This is perhaps the best vacuum I've ever purchased. It's a bag model that picks up every thing. The wide path makes it a pleasure to use. We liked it so much we've bought three of them, one for each floor and one for our summer home. Oh and lets not forget the attachments that come with it....more info
  • Very Practical
    This vacuum is very practical for the price. It is loud but very powerful. People complain the length of the cord but slap on a $2 extention cord you will have yourself a very satisfactory vacuum. I don't hassel with it like my other band vacuums. It is easy to move around with and lighter weight than most. I would recommend this vacuum to anyone....more info
  • best value!
    Ordered it on Saturday, received it on Monday (yes, WITH free supersaver shipping!). Gets my carpet SO clean, as if it practically flossed the tiny spaces between the fibers. And the rolling bristles are so powerful it practically pulls itself across the carpet. Any more 'horsepower' and I could drive the damn thing to work. Only drawback is that it's loud. But overall -- very happy with it and I wouldn't waste my money on the more expensive vacs if I were you....more info
  • Pleased with my Hoover.
    I purchased this model because it was the cheapest model that Consumer Reports recommends. It works just as well as my $250 previous vac. It has great suction but is a little noisier than most. The only problem I had was the hose tends to come loose from the vac when you are using the hose but a little piece of tape could fix that. This is definitely a great vac for the money....more info
  • Hoover
    Can't beat it for the price. Very good on carpets and close to walls. No complaints yet....more info
  • Small vacuum has big suction
    I was skeptical when I first saw this vacuum. But, for its size, it has a lot of suction, and does a nice job. As someone else mentioned, it does a poorer job on bare floors -- bigger dirt particles fly out the back. Too bad there's not a Hi-Low switch so you could determine how fast you want the motor and brushes to go, especially on a bare floor....more info
  • Disappointing For Me, but Great For Someone Else
    I think this was more of a "User Being Retarded" issue more then anything. I have bare floors and it was HORRIBLE for that. It kicked up dirt and blew it out Hard & Everywhere. It was FANTASTIC on Carpet, but if you have LOW carpet or bare floors, don't even bother - you'll send it back too. But if you have a home with thick carpet, this works fantastic! I tried TWO of them, and had the same conclusion, so I feel pretty safe in guaranteeing a problem for low carpet/bare floor users. My sun room has the inddor/outdoor carpet and that was a horrid as the laundry room bare floor. grains of dirt spiking me in the legs - gosh I hate that. I just wish this had the option to turn off the rollers, then I'm sure it would have been perfect! But it doesn't, so on we move. :)...more info
  • Do Not Buy
    This is by far the worst vacuum I have ever bought. The belt constantly comes off so that the brushes stop working. I am not exaggerating when I say that from the day I bought it, I have never gotten through vacuuming my downstairs rooms (only three) without having to remove the bottom, and replace the belt on the spindle at the motor. Usually have to replace it two or three times.

    On top of that, there is no quick release for the bottom plate. Have to fully remove four screws each time. When it works it's ok, just a pain to keep working....more info
  • Great Buy!!
    I just purchased my second Hoover Widepath Vacuum! I now have one at home and one for my office. I've been shopping for a vacuum for quite some time but have been so turned off by all the expensive, spaceship-looking, bulky, "see all my dirt in the clear cannister" vacuums until I noticed this one featured in Consumer Reports. I had a hard time finding the Widepath in ANY store but found it on Amazon. I bought it and love it! I still can't believe we got it for only $70.00. It's got a lot of power and does a great job. It even works well on bare floors, contrary to other reports. The attachments are easy to use and easily accesible. Finally, a vacuum cleaner that gives me those "lines in the carpet" power for less than $100!! Love it!...more info
  • Save your money and get a better one
    If your have a small apartment with carpet only, this is great for the price. The suction is terrific. But that's about it. I mainly bought this for my second floor bedrooms with low pile carpet, baseboard and edge vacuuming along with bathroom floor vacuuming. The cord is short so look forward to lots of outlet plugging and unplugging. You are doing all the work pushing and pulling the unit: if you have any back issues, forget this unit. It's heavy. The handle is big for my small hands, fine for men. The attachments are worthless;it's way too short to do anything with it. You have to hold onto the main body while you use the attachment or else it will fall over, many time on your foot or leg. Ouch. You have to pick up the body if you want to reach the counter to use the attachments. Vacuuming a small bathroom with tile floors was frustrating as there is no adequate floor attachment. The roller is going the whole time you use the attachment: this will wear out the "hairs" and the belt. Oh, did I mention that it's very loud? Louder than my other Hoover vacuum. The whole experience was very exasperating and tiring. I am returning this...don't know what I will get instead. I give it two stars because I got what I paid for ($52.00 on sale). For this price you get great, aggressive suction, and that's it. I guess I need to spend more money for a decent vacuum. ...more info
  • Wonderful for the price!
    We selected this vacuum based on it's rating from consumer reports. (Highest) We were tired of buying the expensive bagless products for $200 to $400 then having them die 1 or 2 years later. This vacuum works GREAT. The only drawback is having to use bags. But at this price and quality, it's something we can live with....more info

  • Hoover Tempo Widepath Vacuum
    This is a very powerful vacuum. It does a great job on carpets and with the attachments. It is also very easy to push. It is not too heavy either. There are only some minor problems with it. The hose should be longer because it tips over fairly easy when you use the hose and try to reach with it. You have to remember to close a flap to cover the opening when you use the hose or the dust blows out of the opening on the back of the vacuum. For the price you can't beat the cleaning power though....more info
  • I don't agree with other reviewers
    I don't think the Hoover tempo widepath is as great as other reviewers posted on your website. It didn't pick up string, cat hair, or lint as well as a Shark handheld vacuum that I have. I was disappointed with the suction adn how I had to pass over many specks of dirt several times before they were picked up (if they were at all)....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    Not fancy but does the job well. Tired of all the fancy vacuums that lose power. This is eay and does the job...more info
  • Lots of power
    This vacume is very nice for the money. My carpet is over 15 years old, and it lifted it up nicely. The only thing I didn't like is the cord is a little short. I would definately buy this again, it has lots of power and is light. Very easy to push and has the onboard tools. ...more info
  • A Lot of Vacuum for the Price!
    I have 4 dogs in a house that is 75% carpeted. I have to vacuum at least once every day. In the past 3 years, I have gone through a Kirby G5, a Simplicity Synergy, and a Dyson DC14, all of which are priced near or around $500. They all have disapointed. The Kirby was a pain to haul around and wasn't that great with dog hair. The Simplicity was poorly made and fell apart in bits and pieces so it was spending more time at the repair shop than at home, and the Dyson simply did not have any suction power (sorry folks, Dyson says that it doesn't lose suction, but if you have poor suction to begin with, who the hell cares?). So I did my research and came across the Hoover Tempo, which so far has held up well for the past 2 weeks that I have used it. It has powerful suction, is easy to maneuver, and frankly, creates less of a mess when it comes time to dispose of the bag compared to the bagless Dyson (which had me inhaling a few microns of god-knows-what because of the small dust cloud formed when dumping). The unit sometimes tips over when I am using the attachment nozzle but it's not a huge deal. Overall, considering the price and the suction of the product, I think it's a real find. I honestly don't believe that a Simplicity or a Dyson, which is priced at 7 times or more of the Hoover Tempo performs 7 times or even 2 times better than this little gem. ...more info
  • Great vacuum for the money
    I love this vacuum cleaner. Great suction and easy to push, etc. It even does edges of carpets pretty well. I read the other reviews before purchasing this and I'm pleased to say that I agree, it's a really good vacuum....more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    I recieved this yesterday and used it right after I put it together. I have owned several vacuums in the past and can't remember my carpets being this clean! I did the stairs and the hardwood floors too. I bought this vacuum after going to consumer reports and seeing this listed as a "best buy". $69.99 is a bargain for such a great vacuum. Free shipping and speedy delivery, what more could you ask for?...more info
  • Excellent in Performance and Price
    Excellent pick up whether you are running it on the floors or using the onboard tools. I have owned a Rainbow, several Orecks, and assorted other vacs. I would say that this picks up better than most. The only drawbacks are that it is a little louder than some vacuums, and the widepath front does not fit into as many places (example--it is too wide to go between the legs of the chairs to the dining room table). The hose for the onboard tools is also a little short.
    I bought this Hoover as a quick replacement while I was waiting for my Oreck to come back from repair. Once it came back, I was going to give the Hoover to my son for his apartment. However, I still have the Hoover and my son got the Oreck. This Hoover is fantastic at picking up the cat hair (we have three cats), the litter that comes out of the pan, and the edge cleaner does a decent job along the baseboards and furniture.
    Costing only 1/4 as much as many other vaccuums is another plus for this Hoover. I can put up with a little louder motor and having to move the dining room chairs, if it means getting better floor cleaning and an extra $100 or more left in my pocket....more info
  • A powerhouse!!
    I have to agree with what most others have said, this vacuum cleaner does an awesome job. I have owned a lot of vacuums over the years, and this is by far the best(totally out cleaned my $500 Dyson, which I hated, and have since given away)I also agree with others complaints: This thing is loud, unbelieveably so,and the hose is way too short; that being said, I would still recommend it highly....more info
  • Fantastic Vacuum Cleaner
    I bought this vacuum cleaner because I had gone through 2 others in the same price range. I really didn't want to spend a ton of money as I live in an apartment. I researched this one and every "professional" review is true. It is unbelievably strong for it's price. It's easy to handle and cleans fast and quickly. I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner to anyone who needs a great working item at such a low cost. It's a bargain and does the job of more expensive vacuum cleaners....more info
  • NOT Impressed
    I'm very dissappointed with this vaccuum. I thought Hoover would be reliable even though this was an affordable product. The vacuum belt needed replacing right away, and even after replacement, the vacuum roller would not turn properly, to the degree that smoke and noise were its specialty....more info
  • Best value
    Great for vacuuming carpeted floor. Hose and end attachments are sub-par. Great value for the money I paid....more info
  • consumer reports -rated a best buy
    Consumer reports is right again. This inexpensive upright vac is everything they said it was: sturdy, easily handled, relatively quiet, and very efficient. I have vacuums that cost a lot more, but none that cleans better. And the only place I could find this "gem" was on Amazon! None of the big box or specialty stores carry it. ...more info
  • Hoover Tempo Widepath Vacuum
    I have ordered 3 of these Hoover Tempo Widepath vacuums.
    They came immediately with no shipping charges. Was very satisfied with Amazon. The vacuum is good with excellent suction.
    However, it isn't that good bare floors. There is no brush on/off switch so the dirt scatters on bare floors. The brush does not stop when in upright position, but for the price and for regular wall to wall carpet, it is excellent. It is also difficult to use on throw rugs that are not very heavy as the suction is so strong that it pulls the rug up. The attachments work well with strong suction. It is lightweight and does not require a lot of expensive filters. It is loud, but not as loud as others I have had. It uses bags, which I prefer to bagless. I would recommend it if you are aware of the drawbacks. You really can't beat the price for a good vacuum.
    You can also check out "Consumer Report" (Oct. 2007)for a review of this vacuum. It was rated a "Best Buy."...more info
  • A best buy
    Needed a quality, economical vacuum and quick. Consumer Reports gave it one of its quick picks reviews. In comparison with other top rated vacuums it got just as good marks and had the best price. I received it in a timely fashion and in perfect condition. It comes with all the necessary tools. Noise level is up there a little but at this price and this quality of cleaning I can deal with it for the short time I need to clean up my rooms. ...more info
  • Pretty good vacuum
    Pros: Has great suction, easy to use. Cons: Awkward to wrap cord, tools fall off back of vacuum during use....more info
  • Hoover Upright Vacuum
    I bought this for my son for his apartment. My son has had no complaints about the vacuum so far. I like upright vacuums because they are easy to handle and easier to store. The only thing I don't like is usually they are too high to go under low furniture, where a canister vacuum would. ...more info
  • Yep, it really does suck!
    I was skeptical about how well such a cheap vacuum could work (since we were replacing a pricy Dyson), but the reviews here convinced me to try it. Sure enough, this thing sucks up everything in its path-- great for getting rid of dust and pet hair, not so great for kids who leave Legos or socks on the floor. On the downside, it is extremely noisy and the cord & hose are shorter than I'd like, but it gets the job done and is very easy to carry up and down stairs. Definite thumbs-up....more info
  • Hoover Vacuum
    I chose this vacuum after reading the Consumer Report review and price. It does an excellent job on my carpets. Just as the review noted, its down side is that it is noisy. I am happy with my purchase because it seems just as advertized....more info
  • Hoover U5140 - A good buy.
    I purchased this vacuum based on the "Best Buy" rating from Consumer Reports. I needed a new vacuum, but did not want to pay hundreds of dollars for one, as we don't have that many rugs any more - just some area rugs.
    This vacuum does everything it says it does. Great suction power on rugs (like you have to hold your area rugs down with one foot so they don't get sucked up!)and works great on floors without scratching them.
    I highly recommend this as great value for the money. It was also less expensive on Amazon than anywhere else, as I did a lot of comparison shopping.
    Well worth the price!...more info
  • light weight - easy to use - cleans corners too!
    I realized my back was hurting from using the old vacuum cleaner, so I bought this one because it was recommended by Consumer Reports Magazine as a good vacuum that is also light-weight. I love it. If you run it next to the wall, it sucks up everything along the edge. I never had an upright that cleaned corners well before. I'm very pleased with this vacuum cleaner, and the price can't be beat....more info
  • Excellent value
    After having spent much more money on fancy types, this one is an incredible deal. Suction is great, assembly reasonably easy (even though I still have one screw lose:)and even though it is all plastic, which always makes me a bit nervous, so are all the other ones until you spend large amounts of money. So if you are independently wealthy, spend a thousand dollars and get a different one for your maid- for the rest of us, this is the best....more info
  • Better than expected
    Lots of value here for the price. The front fits underneath kitchen counters nicely. Tools are on board and easy to use. You won't find this vacuum for this price anywhere else. It is loud, but I really can't find anything else to complain about....more info
  • very nice for the price
    It is powerful and has enough bells and whistles to make it a very good deal for the price.
    One complaint: the power cord is too short....more info
  • Usual Hoover quality with one slight disappointment
    Usual Hoover quality (great suction power, easy manuverability). I wish that it wouldn't blow the dust bunnies. I have a dog (shepherd/chow mix), and the undercoat produces bunny colonies. The vacuum will blow the "bunnies" around until they are cornered, at which time, it will then suck them up.

    I'm very happy with the machine and the delivery was absolutely fantastic....more info
  • Excellent Vacuum A+
    This vacuum is quite powerful and does a wonderful job. I recommned it highly!...more info
  • You get what you pay for
    The vacuum quality is fair. It is odd that, in order to use the attachments, you have to disconnect the hose on the back of the machine. Past models have been more convenient....more info
  • Hoover U5140 Simple but good!
    Love this vacuum.... it's not fancy or overally powerful but it does the job just fine for a lightweight inexpensive vacuum!
    ...more info
  • "Picking Up"
    I am certainly enjoying my new Hoover. My last one served me for 9 years. This one is light to pick up when storing and does a great job of picking up all that it should. My great surprise was to see how easily The Hoover moves forward, almost on it's own. I have to hang on to keep up with it.
    Getting my home all clean and pretty is a great pleasure now....more info
  • Great suck for the buck
    This is a very good deal, especially with the free shipping. My hesitation at reading a few other reviews was how it would perform on hard floors. It did very well. I read a few reviews about bags filling too quickly. ??? It could be that this machine was just pulling up stuff other vacuums had missed. The bags are plenty large enough. For the price, a real good machine....more info
  • Vacuum as advertised
    Works great, shipped very quickly, arrived Thursday on Sunday order (and free!) As described in CR review on vacuums. Only quibble, hose for attachments is fairly short, but I haven't seen one upright that had a decent hose. D/N smell like dust when you vacuum, in contrast to our last vacuum!...more info
  • Great vacuum
    This vacuum cleaner has great sucking power, is light for its size, propels itself to some extent even though its not a self propelled unit, minimizes dust and cleans superbly. All accessories store on the unit for convenience so you can quickly clean tight spaces and furniture with ease. I am totally satisfied with this purchase.Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum...more info
  • Outstanding
    Bought this for my wife 2 months ago after going through many, many vacumms in the past twenty years. It does everything advertised, good suction, light, and easy to use....more info
  • Great value in a low-cost upright
    I bought this Tempo based on its reviews and on the performance and quality of a Hoover canister-model bought for use at another residence.

    There are many features to like about this vacuum. Compared to my Dad's expensive Kirby, this vacuum is less cumbersome to use, offers efficient on-side storage for its attachments, runs powerfully with little effort, is lightweight and easy to store. It sucks up everything and gets to the edges and into corners well. The bag-capacity is more than adequate for several thorough vacuuming sessions of a 600 square-foot apartment. On the downside, it is a bit noisier than other vacs, and the hose could expand by a foot or so more, which would make using the attachments easier.

    All in all, I still rate this vacuum at five stars, because it cleans circles around competitive models from Dirt Devil, Eureka and the like. ...more info
  • Very pleased
    So far I am very happy with this product, the suction power is great and it doesn't give off that nasty smell like some vacum cleaners. It actually makes the rooms smell fresher. I was very unhappy with my bagless vacum because it started to spit our dirt, plus it was nasty to clean out the canister. I decided I wanted a bagged vacum cleaner but I didn't want to spend a fortune, especially since I don't have pets. I decided to purchase the Hoover and I have not been disappointed so far. It is a great vacum for the price. I especially like the bag full indicator light. For those of you that have bagless vacums and you have small kids be sure to empty out the canister outside because the dust particles start to come out as soon as you remove the canister from the vacum, that was my main reason for going back to the old fashion bagged vacum. ...more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Vacuum
    Great vacuum for the price - not as noisy as I expected from other reviews and VERY powerful! Received in 2 days....more info
  • Made in China?
    Yes, but it's been trouble-free. I prefer to buy American in most cases, but more and more is getting outsourced. We didn't know its point of origin, but should've guessed by the price.
    It was a highly rated vacuum in a national consumer magazine (one of the main reasons for purchasing it). And it does work well for an upright: light, maneuverable, and it really sucks too! (couldn't resist).
    Unless you're a diehard made-in-USA supporter, it's a great vacuum for the price.


    Norm ...more info
  • A complete lemon
    This vacuum cleaner was a lemon. Totally non-functional. Blew exhaust all over, rousing clouds of dust, no suction to pick it up....more info
  • Awesome. Power of a $400 vac for almost nothing
    This is an swesome vacuum. IT is better than many other very expensive vacuums I tested. You can not find a better vacuum for the money or for even much more money, period. Also Amazon is the only place I could find it, and they shipped it super fast as usual....more info
  • Hoover Review
    Bought this vac on the recommendations of Consumer Reports and the many favorable reviews on Amazon. This unit is so loud to operate that you need hearing protection to use it. It is louder than my shop vac. I have initiated an return/exchange for this product. I hope mine is just a fluke. Does anyone else have this problem....more info
  • Very good vacuum for the price
    We purchased the vacuum on the recommendation and reviews of others at Amazon and we have been very pleased with the purchase. It is a little louder than our last vacuum, but overall it picks up dirt quite well and gets the job done. The way the hose is set up is not ideal, but still works very well. Very pleased with it to this point, would recommend it to others....more info
  • Little Blue Will Do The Job For You!
    A great price, free delivery will bring you a vacuum that works on hard floors or carpet. We have a sheltie and eight birds. That means a LOT of dog fur and feathers to vacuum every day. The bags mean you never have to touch all the junk you vacuum up. I don't care that the vacuum is blue. I like blue and I like this vacuum....more info
  • best vacuum
    I assembled the few parts necessary, plugged it in and turned it on - WOW! It practically took off by itself. The suction is extroadinary.I'm very pleased. I vacuum alot more often now. ...more info
  • This Vacuum Really Sucks!!!
    Great Vacuum! Great Price! I Purchase it for Hotel Use and so far it has not given any problems compare to the ones we pay over $250. Highly Recommended....more info
    Bought this at the recommendation of Consumer Reports. If you are on a budget, this Vacuum is by far the best for the money. Hoover does it again!...more info
  • powerful piece of plastic
    This vacuum is one powerful machine and it really cleans. However, not that anything has surfaced yet, but I always wonder how long something will last that is made almost entirely of plastic. It works great now, but for how long? Hope it lasts for a while....more info
  • good product
    Overall it does its job quite well. Strong power, and clean air. No complain about its function. I did not like its looks though, especially the color. Anyway, can't ask for too much for such a nice price...more info
  • Nice
    My wife loves this cleaner and now loves to vacuum. Men, I suggest you get this for your spouse....more info
  • Good value for money
    Does a good job of cleaning the carpet. The floor cleaning could be a bit better. The suction is very effective in removing dust from wall/floor corners. Overall, it is a good bet for the price...more info
  • Red Lobster value at McDonald's price Great Deal!!
    If you think Red Lobster is "fancy" then this vacuum is for you. This is by far the best vacuum I have ever owned. The suction is very powerful and the bags are easy to change. I thew out my bag-less Dirt Devil vacuum because it was so unsanitary. This vacuum works so well it seems like it also filters the air when it deep cleans your carpets....more info
  • Great vacuum cleaner.
    Best we have used for picking up animal hair. A really great cleaner for half the cost of others that don't do as well. We could not be more pleased....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This is a great vacuum! I checked with 2007 Consumers Report before I purchased and this Vac was rated third / forth from the top in all categories, and all others were well over $200 or more. Works great on carpets and hardwood. Although it doesn't have "fancy" attachments, they also work fine. Simple, efficient and inexpensive. What more could you want?...more info
  • Good for the price
    Functions very well in cleaning. One problem is the hose comes loose from the unit much too easily...they need to look at the problem...more info
  • Great Hoover
    My vacuum came quickly and works great on carpets and wood floors, and gets into corners well. So far it has not chewed up the rug corners. It is relatively light and has not bothered my bad back, but seems to work as well as the heavier models. It came with lots of special tools which are holstered right on the machine so they are convenient for use. The cord holder is a little inconvenient, but this is a minor point....more info
  • Very Happy
    My wife was looking for a good vacuum that still had a bag.. This one was more than she expected.. It works great.. If you are looking for a light, inexpensive, bagged vacuum that has great suction.. This is the one.....more info
  • Awesome Vacuum!
    This vacuum left my Eureka Altima in the dust (no pun intended). My fiance and I were upset that we had so much trouble with our less-than-a-year-old and somewhat pricey bagless, that we decided to give bagged vacuums a try. I decided on this vacuum because it had a very good rating, even with it's cheap price tag, on Consumer Reports. I've had it for about a week or two and I'm extremely happy with it! It's definitely beyond worth the price! Also, Amazon shipped it the day after I ordered it, and it was delivered to me within three days with standard shipping!...more info
  • Great bang for the buck
    I'm certainly no expert but compared to the other vacuums I have owned over the last 25 years or so, this one has a lot of power, not very much weight, and a great low price. Can't ask for much more than that....more info
  • Great Hoover
    We had a bagless, and it doesn't compare to this Hoover vaacum cleaner. My family is very pleased with it. We haven't had one that picked up this well in a long time. For the money it's an excellent buy. I'm very pleased i did....more info
  • Good vacuum at a great price.
    A very , very good product for those seeking a basic upright vac. Cleans well, does not seem to emit much dust in the process. Has a hose attachment as well. I was very pleased....more info
  • WONDERFUL product for the money!
    Thumps up for this very economical vacuum. It is not too heavy, the tools are easy to access, and even my 5 yr old can use it. The only thing I don't like is the extension hose is too short, BUT a longer hose can be purchased separately. We use it for carpets only....more info
  • great deal, comparatively
    This vacuum was priced right for my current needs. It is a bit loud, but has very good pickup. This replaced an entry level Hoover that was about twenty years old. I hope this one is as durable! I don't have any reason to expect otherwise....more info
  • Refurb is a great deal!
    I love to get the opportunity to buy an open box product. It shaves so much off the price! I am thrilled with the deal that I got. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum works well on all surfaces
    Thanks to Consumer Reports for recommending this gem. The suction is amazing, even with the accessory tools. The pet-hair removal is also effective. I'm also impressed at the very clean discharge air which is a challenge for any vacuum.

    Wish List: Would like a more extendable slinky-type hose. Also would like a control that could shut off the brushes when using hand tools. This would lend itself to a seperate motor for the brush which would eliminate belt problems. I realize both of those features would add to the cost - perhaps they could offer a deluxe version of the same basic unit that includes those features. I would pay a little more for those features, provided the basic performance of the vacuum isn't reduced.

    CU tested many vacuums in this report, some costing several times more than this unit. Although many offer more features, very few matched the performance of this unit on a variety of surfaces and for pet hair extraction - plus clean discharge air.
    ...more info
  • Good Deal
    This vacuum is the best I've had in years. I trashed a more expensive bagless model. I will never use a bagless vacuum again; too dirty. This one was easy to assemble and has performed without problems. We have 3 cats and 2 dogs and it does the job picking up the fur. I would recommend to all my friends. ...more info
  • Have only used twice since purchase, but seems good
    I've only used the vacuum twice since purchasing it, but it seems good. It seems to have very good suction and seems to retain suction. I think it works great on carpets, but maybe not as well on bare floors -just use the accessory hose and save yourself a headache. Speaking of headaches and the accessory hose; it's short! I have already pulled the vacuum over on my head more times than I care to remember while trying to vacuum under furniture....more info
  • Satisfied
    This is my first review. The delivery was quite prompt as noted by other reviewers. Also the assembly was very easy. If it is easy for me, then it should be very very easy. The vaccuum itself is pretty good. Although i noticed some noise which went away. I am reviewing this after 1 month of the purchase. So if i notice anything bad, I will update my review. Overall, I am reasonably satisfied with my purchase....more info
  • The only thing it doesn't do is vacuum by itself!
    This is the best vac that we've ever owned. The attachments are fantastic, and it performs very, very well. Highly recommend this product!...more info
  • Works great!
    Our Tempo works just fine and has been for months. We use it at least twice a week seeing how we have five dogs. Other than the bags being a bit small everything works great. We like this Hoover Tempo for these reasons:

    1-No stink! With all of it's filters and hypo bags it doesn't smell up the house like many of our other ones did.

    2-So much suction it seems to want to inhale the carpets...watch your small throw rugs because it Will eat them.

    3-Edge clean is excellent. I can see it pull in stuff that is at least 3 inches away from the beater bar.

    4-PRICE! We had a 500 buck vacuum and this one works better. Plain and simple.

    5-Bag system is perfect. We went through that bagless thing with other vacuums. What a mess they were. Empty out the canister and get a bath in dust and dirt. Let the sneezing start. Then you had to clean that inner dust filter (Big pain in the butt) or buy new ones that cost as much as this entire Tempo vacuum. Odd thing about those "inner" filters...you need to use a vacuum to clean them, or beat them on a big rock. I found it really dumb to need another vacuum to clean my $500 one.

    6-Price. Oh sure, some of the attachments seem a little lightweight but they do their job perfectly.

    7-It's light. When we first got it I thought it wouldn't clean due to its being so light. This is a wonderful feature when you need to do stairs or just carry the thing around.

    I could go on and on but, hey, it's just a vacuum right?
    Well, I'm a 53 year old guy and this is the first vacuum that we have ever owned that I don't mind using. I used to hide when vacuuming needed to be done or felt like I needed a dust mask when my wife used our other high dollar vacuums.

    Why no five star rating? I feel the extension hose could have been a bit longer and the cord winding "pegs" are in a weird spot on the bottom.

    But to save 400 bucks? I thought it was worth a try and we haven't looked back since.

    Also, bought one of these for my daughter a few months ago and she reports hers is working just fine too. ...more info
  • vacuum review
    I'm very pleased with the product as well as the service from Amazon. For an inexpensive machine it works a lot better than a more expensive one I previously had....more info
  • My carpet is blue again!
    I purchased this vacuum after reading the reviews posted here. After 6 years of suffering with 2 different bagless vacuums my home is clean again! I must say that out of the starting gate my two bagless worked very well, for about 6 months & then I spent more time clean them than they spent cleaning my apartment. Let me set the stage; I have two cats & live in a Manhattan apartment. This means cat fur & this odd black soot that covers everything if you leave your window open for more than 5 minutes. The Hoover Tempo means no more chasing furballs around AFTER I vacuum; the Hoover Tempo means my once blue, then grey carpet is blue again. My well worn uber comfy arm chair has a new life. I will end with a clarification of all the "short hose" "tippy" comments: while the hose may be a shorter length than your average vacuum I don't think that's the sole cause of the tippiness. What happens is this: you turn the vacuum on with the attachment in place and the hose contracts to it's shortest length due to the INTENSE suction of this fabulous vacuum. If you are vacuuming & add an attachment w/vacuum still running the hose contracts (think accordion pushed in) due to the AMAZING suction of the vacuum. I've had this Hoover for 17 hours, maybe over time the hose will stop clenching up. But it is the one con all mention so I wanted to note in my review - DO NOT let the tippy/short hose comments stop you from purchasing the best vacuum out there!...more info
  • Hoover Widepath
    Thank you Amazon!!!! I have been looking for a great vacuum for months. I will tell you this vacuum is a great deal....shipping was fast and free, easy to put together, has great suction, leaves the carpet looking brand new again. I have tried many diffent vacuums you can not beat this one for the price. Before I bought this one I was looking into buying another canister, I am glad I gave this one a try first. This hoover has more than enough power to clean the rugs!!! Again my sincere thanks....more info
  • Hoover Tempo
    [[ Very satisfied...reasonable price..good vacuum cleaner.
    SIN:B0009ONZ8G Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum]]...more info
  • HooHoo Best
    This is a fabulous machine, both on hard floors and carpets. It is a little loud, but the other stuff outweigh the noise. Highly recommend.


    Cindy ...more info
  • Great Value
    Great vacuum cleaner for the money - much better than my more expensive Dirt Devil....more info
  • goodhoovervac
    This vac has good suction and cleans well. My only real complaint is that the cord is attached to the vac about 3 inches fom the floor and as you vacuum, you have to constantly hold the cord and guide it or else you'll be vacuuming over it and possibly damaging the outer sheath on the cord. I find this a poor design. Otherwise, so far I've been happy with it. I have a Dyson too and the cleaning ability is comparable. Because the cord is so short, I decided to keep the Dyson on the first floor so I can vacuum the stairs easier....more info
  • Great Product.
    This vacuum is well made. It is easy to assemble and simple to operate. This Hoover model has excellent suction. Consumer Reports is accurate with the review and rating of this product....more info
  • Hated it
    I bought this because of the many reviews that all seemed positive. What a mistake! First, its so loud you need earplugs. Its also very heavy. The vibrations are probably enough to give you carpal tunnel. The hose, when it comes to using attachments, is so short it is constantly popping out. The heaviness makes it obsolete, IMO, even if everything was great. This is the only time I ever regretted availing myself of the Amazon reviews, which is usually a big draw for me. Nope, I will buy my next vac in the store. ...more info
  • Best bang for the buck
    - Highly rated by consumer reports
    - Great suction - cleans well
    - Lightweight
    - reat ligth for cleaning under tables or in dark areas/corners
    - Easy to replace bag
    - Good filtering
    - Easy to push/pull to and fro

    - Loud (thorugh I think this is directly proportional to the suction capability)

    Other notes
    - Regardless of your vacuum, be sure to clean out (long) hairs that get wrapped up in the rollers or your rubber belt with have to work harder and wear out more quickly....more info
  • nice to have one
    Compared to my old vacuum (I even can't remember its brand), this Hoover vacuum is working much better on both of my wool carpet and wood floor. I was amazed by its powerful suction. One thing I don't like is that this vacuum seems to make a really big noise. My old one is kind of quiet, but probably that's why it doesn't suck well....more info
  • Hoover Tempo Great Value
    We have been through three vacuum cleaners in the past year; from $125 to over $300. One clogged up constantly. Another was too loud. Another, too heavy to carry up and down the stairs. For the price, the Hoover Tempo fit our needs perfectly. A no-frills, no-nonsense vacuum cleaner. It is comparatively quiet, has good suction and the brush action gives the carpet a good going over. We have a small dog that sheds profusely. This vacuum can handle it....more info
  • I'm buying another one
    I bought this vacuum for my daughter who is moving into her own apartment with her cat. She doesn't need it until September, so I decided to try it out at home. Although it is lightweight, it cleans better and is easier to use (especially the attachments) than my own vacuum cleaner. I love the headlight -- mine doesn't have that feature. After I turn this one over to my daughter, I'm going to get one for myself so I don't have to carry mine up and down the stairs....more info
  • Great product
    Before I make a purchase on items, I always go to my consumer report guide to get the most highly rated product at a reasonable price. I have been pleased with this vacuum cleaner. It is not as noisy as other vacuum cleaners, and it really gets the job done. Thanks for a great product at a reasonable price. I love free shipping, and it arrived very quickly. My last vacuum cleaner was also a Hoover, and it served me very well. I am looking forward to many years of service from this one. Thanks. A++++++++...more info
  • Just as good as Dyson
    I just got my Hoover today and have used it to vacuum my entire apartment. I borrowed a friend's Dyson about a month ago and the Hoover Tempo Widepath works just as well. At less than 1/4 the cost, this is a great buy! The suction is extremely powerful and the vacuum in light. I recommend this vacuum highly. ...more info
  • Great Value!!!
    I bought this after using a bagless vacuum for a couple of years that didn't work very well.

    Good- The Tempo is light weight, folds almost flat easing the use under furniture, and picked up pet hair very well.

    Bad- A little loud.

    I think it would be almost impossible to find a better value. ...more info
  • great vacuum
    Had a so called bag-less, spent a lot of time cleaning the filters that you don't see!!! and they plug up fast. went back to bags and this vacuum is great....more info
  • fluffy carpet
    This vacuum works well and is excellent for the price. It makes my carpet nice and fluffy. I only wish the attachment hose was a bit longer....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This vacuum is a great value. It is easy to manuever aroud and its accessories are convenient. The only drawback is the noise and its blue color, but its a vacuum and I am only cleaning with it not decorating my house. ...more info
  • Very good & powerful suction
    Definitely a great buy, especially for the price. Great power, suction and it's quiet. The only complaint, and it's not bad, is that the attachments fall of easily. Other than that, I love it and highly recommend it!...more info
    If you are buying this to use on carpet than it does an OK job. If you are buying this to use on wood floors or any other type of bare floors, it DOES NOT WORK! I've tried contacting Hoover and they don't care and will do nothing to help me. I am stuck with a vacuum that doesn't do what it says it's supposed to do. I took it in for service and there is nothing wrong with it. It just doesn't do what it is advertised to do! False advertisement. After dealing with the people at the Hoover service center, I can honestly say that I will NEVER purchase another Hoover product again! Customer service alone helped me make that decision. Don't buy Hoover. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This is a great vacuum for the price. We have 3 dogs and it picks up all the dog hair. I was truly impressed. Very easy to push too as its not too heavy....more info
  • Good Vacuum at a Good Price
    I also read the review on Consumer Report and liked the price. The vacuum does a very good job of picking up dirt -the noise isn't bad-pretty much like every other vacuum - overall very pleased. ...more info
  • Good Value for the Price
    I am a Consumer Reports shopper and had tried the Eureka Boss Smart Vac Ultra vacuum (a CR Best Buy)first. I was very disappointed with the Eureka. I found it extremely difficult to lower the handle and very heavy. I returned it and bought the Hoover Tempo (a CR Quick Pick). I am very pleased with it. It has lots of suction and is very light and easy to use. There are a couple of issues as other reviewers have noted. The cleaning hose is very short and not very flexible. I solved this by buying the optional 20 foot hose from Hoover. You have to swich the hoses to use it, but it is very easy to do. The hose is $30, but the vacuum was inexpensive, so I thought it was worth it. They also have a design issue in regards to the hose and cord placement on the back of the vacuum. The cord is wound over the hose, so you have to unwind the cord to use the hose. A little unhandy, but usable. The bags seem a little small (I prefer bags), but overall, it is a great vacuum. I would definitely recommend it....more info
  • Just what I needed...
    This Hoover was a replacement for a similar model that I owned for about 10 years. My old one was great, and would have kept going had I not accidently sucked up a small piece of wood which damaged it. This new one has a lot of suction power, and I have to adjust the pile height control a little higher so that it doesn't grab the carpet so much - it actually pulls itself along which makes the vac feel lighter as you're pushing it. A few minor gripes: 1) The vac is very loud, but that was expected at this price level. 2) The door on the front that covers the bag has a flimsy latch - feels like it will open too easiIy. 3) Wish it had a retractable cord. Other than that, it's thoughtfully designed and less messy than a bagless. My family has used Hoovers for over 30 years - they are very dependable and last a long time. I would recommend this vac....more info
  • Great vacuum at a great cost
    I paid $69 for this vacuum and it is doing a much better job than the one I paid over $200 for. ...more info
    I ordered it on 5th July and it arrived on 6th July..I got the Standard shipping free(3-5 days).Really pleased!
    Struggled a bit with the assembly,the cover did not seem to align exactly..But once I got the hang of it,it was pretty easy.
    Used it yesterday for the first time..Very happy with the results as of now. Good suction,not very noisy in my opinion(TV was audible!) and love the light. My carpet feels soft,fluffy & clean today!!...more info
    I bought this vacuum after reading all the good reviews and I am so happy that I did. It cleans super well and it does not put dirt back onto the carpets like some of the bagless vacuums that I have had in the past. After using this one, I will never return to using a bagless vacuum again. It is not too heavy and very easy to push. I love this vacuum and I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Nice and Easy
    What a value,it was my goal to not spend big $$$$$ on a vacuum.
    I had done that with a Kirby years ago. Never could justify the value of that decision. Was not going to paint the house or all the other features it was alleged to do.
    The Hoover has great power and almost seems self propelled gliding over the carpet. Works well on the smooth surfaces too.
    Hope it holds up over time.

    ...more info
  • Excellent value vacuum
    This vacuum is an excellent value at cleans unbelievable. It is better than vacuums that are triple the price. Our dog seems to always be shedding and it picks up her hairs with ease. I would recommend this vacuum to others....more info
    Excellent product. I had a more expensive Hoover and I Think this is a better machine for the money. This is the 2nd one of the same model that I own....more info
  • Very pleased!
    I am very happy with this vacuum cleaner. It was pretty simple to assemble and it does a great job both on carpets and bare floors. The onboard tools are easy to use and the suction is very good. For the price and quality, I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Not Bad
    Still new, so no long term review. Cleans great! But very noisy on bare floors, (the dog ran and hid in the bathroom). Impressed with suction power on vacuum and attachments. Would recommend for an inexpensive vacuum....more info
  • Lemon?
    I bought this model vacuum due to it's high rating from consumer reports. Ironically, in the three months I have had it, it has suffered two broken belts (changing the belt is no easy task, either!). It took three weeks for Hoover to deliver the first replacement belt, so it has probably been out of action as long as it has been working. When it works, it is great. I just wish it worked more often....more info
  • The Missus Loves It
    Probably the best gift I've ever given her, judging by her smile. Don't worry ladies, it wasn't for her birthday or anything important. It was just because she needed one.

    It looks like a slightly lighter and cheaper version of a Hoover I keep at my "bachelor pad"; it even uses the same type bag. Sucks well and pulls hard -- hmmm, I wonder Amazon allows double entendres...

    Arrived quickly, before a book I ordered on the same day. So all in all, it's been a pretty sweet deal so far. If it holds up, I may give it another star....more info
  • It really works!
    I saw Consumer Reports rate this vacuum highly, so I thought it was worth a try. It's a tad difficult to maneuver, but, boy, does it clean. It really sucks up everything effortlessly. I would definitely recommend it, especially for frustrated pet owners....more info
  • Great vacuum at reasonable cost!!!
    After checking some online reviews, decided to give this vacuum a try since it was priced sooo reasonable - I LOVE IT!! It has the best suction of any vacuum I have ever had, lightweight, only drawback is the cord could be longer, but I can live with that....more info
  • Hoover Tempo Widepath broke after 3 uses
    I loved my Hoover Tempo Widepath, and I still do, however I feel that their warrantee is a sham. After 3 uses, the lever used to adjust the carpet height came off in my husband's hand. The nearest Hoover approved repair center was 3 hours away, so I had to pay a local shop to have it repaired. Great vacuum, but lousy customer service. ...more info
  • Not up to Hoover Standard
    I was really excited to get this because it had high ratings. NOT!!! Cord on back of vacuum too low to ground - when you go back and forth you run over it. Cord is too short [could live with that, personally. if all else was okay.] Off/on button not easily excessible with thumb... you need to use your second hand while holding vacuum to shut it... if you need to turn off quickly. Vacuum positions: floor, many carpet heights - no position for "tools". Beater does continue to run when using tools... suction is probably okay... but did find dirt from beater was spilling out slightly as I continued to use tools. Found vacuum didn't get ALL dirt off "floor" had to use tools to catch it all. Light on vacuum good. I would certainly seek out another vacuum. Thumbs down on this one!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • good vacuum good price
    Bought this to be the upstairs vacuum but decided to keep in downstairs for myself instead. Nice pickup...more info
  • Excellent
    This is the second Hoover I have purchased through Amazom. I bought one for myself a couple of months ago, and liked it so much that when my mom needed a vaccum we decided to purchase another just like it. The canister vaccums are highly over rated. This vaccum has several filters, I don't have to empty anything, except replace a bag every month or so. The suction is great, and the thing almost propels itself. This is an excellent product....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum
    It does everything I need - cat hair, furniture cleaning and carpet. We like it very much and are pleased with the prompt filling of our order....more info
  • GREAT deal
    A good value all around. This is a case of "what you see is what you get!" Plain and simple machine, efficient and powerful enough for most home jobs! Fantastic value. To be fair, I am using my old vacuum's hose as an extra extension, as the one provided is short and stiff. But for this price, I'm not complaining.......wonderful suction!...more info
    Great little pick-up. Easy to assemble. If I can do it, so can you. Does my carpets well. Attachment also worked well on my hardwood floors although it sucks up everything in sight...drapes, bed spreads, kittens and small dogs included. The bag is easy to replace. It's light and easy to handle. Is it the best sweeper in the world? Nope. So what if it doesn't have an automatic cord return. Is it inconvenient to use at times and tend to tip over in close spaces? Yep. But I'll tell you one thing. I had free delivery on this item that cost $59.00. For the price, you just can't beat it. It's worth the few irritations it sweeps your way once in a while....more info
  • Best vacuum I have had .
    I am so happy with this vacuum. I got it because my bagless Bissell spews dirt and dust everywhere and has bad suction all the time. I could not believe this new Hoover, so inexpensive and simple, would have the power I need, but it does! My only complaint, if I have to find one, would be the cord and how it does not stay in place and out of the way when using it. But it is not a big deal considering the power and I manage to keep the cord out of my way most of the time. Now, vacuuming is not such a dirty job. I'll never buy bagless again. And never a Bissell!...more info
  • excellent dust pick-up
    Consumer reports best buy, and it works great at picking up dust. You can smell the air behind it that is actually cleaner and fresh. It doesn't kick up dust like most vacuums. Great value....more info
  • Well worth the money.
    Nothing fancy about it, just a good basic vacuum. My wife says it has excellent suction power (Better than our Oreck was) and the onboard attachments are convienent. The bags are easy to change and available at the local stores. The only negetive comment she has is the weight is too heavy for her, but at 5 ft. and a 100 lbs. she still uses it daily. Being use to an Oreck at 8 lbs and going to this Hoover at 20 lbs I can understand why she thinks it heavy. We have been using the vacuum for about 2 months now. This vacuum is well worth the money. ...more info
  • Good For Pirce
    This vacuum is pretty light weight and has good suction. The vacuum itself is a cheap blue color, but for 60 bucks I can't complain. The package comes with 1 extra vacuum bag which is nice. I was going to purchase the eureka boss, which was also rated on consumer reports, but after trying out my cousins, found it to be too heavy. If I was to vacuum the whole house with the eureka boss I would be too tired in the end. All in all the vacuum is a great deal. ...more info
  • Don't hesitate...buy it!!!
    At $59.99, this is the best vacuum cleaner I ever owned. Even at $200+ it would be worth it. It is almost self-propelled; very simple to push. This vacuum cleaner really sucks!!! That's a good thing by the way :-)...more info
  • love my vaccum
    This is a powerful, easy to use vacuum. It's a great buy. The only thing wrong so far is that it tends to pull to the right. I'm glad I checked Consumer Reports before I bought it....more info
  • Big Bang for the Buck!
    I have never bought a Vacuum cleaner on line before, but found myself needing a new one, and not wanting to pay a fortune since I will soon be putting in wood flooring.

    This cheapo vacuum is great. Yah...it's made of cheap plastic and looks ugly as all get out, but it does the job and does it well. It has very good suction and is very easy to push around.

    If you intend on spending less than one hundred dollars on a new vac, get this one. I don't think you can beat it for that price. By the way...Cheers to Amazon for such a quick delivery on this large item!

    ...more info
  • Noisy but does the job
    I bought this after, my old Hoover Wind Tunnel, under a two-year warranty, broke down and couldn't be repaired. I was quite dissatisfied with the customer service provided by Banker's Warranty Group so I wouldn't recommend that company. It's been more than thirty days & I still haven't received my claims check. After reading the "Consumer Reports" review this model was rated well, so I bought this model, without the warranty, keeping in mind I may have to replace it soon. The cords a bit short for the stairs but so far so good; it does a fine job for the money!!!!...more info
  • Good, solid, equipment
    This vacuum is light-weight, and it has lots of power! Although it's not self-propelled, it almost seems like it wants to go on its own. It's very reasonably priced and was recommended by a friend. Thankfully, she saved us significant amounts of money since we were considering a Dyson before we purchased this Hoover. We're very pleased....more info
  • Great price
    This is a great vacuumn for the price. It does a wonderful job. I was really happy I read other reviews before I purchased this one for my son.
    All the reviews were right.I have a dyson and in some ways it does as good a job. I paid over 3 times more for mine
    I couldn't believe how fast Amazon sent it! I recieved it the next day.
    Wonderful service!...more info
  • Great for the money
    Although I see that on Amazon there are 2 negative reviews on this vaccum
    cleaner I wouldn't agree. I have had mine for a month now and it does a
    better then average job with excellent suction power. The only drawback is
    that it is a little bit loud. For the money its excellent in picking up
    dirt and leaves the room smelling fresh.

    Rosamond S....more info
  • Hoover Tempo
    This vacuum has it all. Armed with positive reviews and a great price, I took a chance. I am an analytical thinker and critical shopper. I'm a guy who doesn't care about vacuums. However, I am impressed and would recommend this vac to anyone requiring an agressive, efficient, and well-made machine. ...more info
  • Delighted
    I am very happy with my Hoover Vacuum. It's a basic vacuum cleaner that has great suction and standard tools. It's light too. It's exactly what I need. It was the best price available for a vacuum that Consumer Reports Mag. highly recommended. The purchase couldn't have been easier and I got free shipping....more info
  • Great value for the money!
    This Hoover vac works like a much higher priced vacuum. It has good suction, gets close to the walls, the attachments have great suction as well, and is fairly easy to manuver. The one thing that I would warn you is that it is fairly loud...I don't vacuum past the nursery when the baby is a sleep anymore....But when I do vacuum I am more than pleased with it's performance. I have had vacuums that cost 6 times this much that do not work as well...I recommend this to you, especially if the noise doesn't bother you....more info
  • Great suction, light weight
    After reviewing the recent Cionsumer Report review on vaccums, I bought this for our cabin in the mountains. First one came missing some essential elements, such as hose and extension attachments. Amazon replaced very quickly, no hassle. Works great for inexpensive vac., great suctions, easy to push and nice light feature....more info
  • Best buy for Consumer Reports & me!
    Very happy with the purchase of this vacuum! I bought a very expensive vacuum a few years ago & have had nothing but problems with it. So, I decided to do some research before I bought my next one. I got online & was very surprised to find that the Hoover Tempo Widepath was being rated so well but was so inexpensive. I figured, with the low price I didn't have much to lose by trying it, so I bought one. Pros: Price ($59 With free shipping from AbtElectronics), great power/suction, picks up pet hair extremely well, headlamp to see in corners. Cons: short hose, small bags & looks kinda cheap-like a childs toy vacuum (but I'm not going to be displaying it, it goes in the closet after it's used.) Very highly recommended! ...more info
  • Gives higher end vacuums a run for their money
    I am so impressed and actually surprised at how well this vacuum performs. It is so light you don't expect it to be so poweful. suction is great. Really picks up pet hairs well and vacuums bare floors well. The plastic housing does like a toy though, but what do you expect for $59. However, it does not operate well. As long as they keep making this vacuum there is no need to spend money on a $300 vacuum. This awesome. I did not give it 4 stars because the electrical cord and the hose are very short compared to most vacuums....more info
    I can't believe what a great deal this vac is! My old bagless Shark cannister vac was more expensive, much less powerful, 20 times louder & I got sick every time I emptied the collection bin. I love the hygiene of the allergy filtration bags in this vac. This vac is FANTASTIC, I agree with all the positive reviews here. I don't find it to be loud & it cleans better than every other vac I've ever owned. It really is an amazingly powerful vac! Works great on cleaning ALL the cat hairs from our carpet covered cat tree & I'm extremely pleased with how well it cleans bare floor as well. I agree with others that a longer hose would be better & the vacuum is so excellent, I feel it is worth buying an additional longer hose if you need it. GREAT VAC, GREAT DEAL! ...more info
  • Cost-Benefit Ratio is excellent
    Amazon did not have the Panasonic canister vacuum I wanted and ordered, so I ordered this vacuum (with skepticism). It is excellent at cleaning my bare wood and tile floors and also the small amounts of carpet in this house. There is always dust coming into this (not very well built) house. This vacuum gets everything up and is very powerful for its size and price.
    The only negatives so far are that the hose could be longer for using the cleaning tool attachments under low furniture, and, I have problems keeping the cord out of the way when I am vacuuming (this may be because I am left-handed).
    I am pleased with this purchase and think the vacuum does an excellent job, far better than I could expect given its price....more info
  • This thing's an animal!!
    I haven't had it long but I am so overly impressed I just had to write a review of this item as I based part of my decision on the other reviews I read on Amazon. I am a vacuum slayer. I can't even tell you how many vacuums I have had in the past 20 years but it's significant. I switched to bagless vacs about 10 years ago. Initially I was impressed with the quality of my purchases only to be hauling them out at the next yard sale or giving them to family memebers warning them about the loss in power and plume of dust accopanied by starting each vac. The last vacuum I bought with promises of "not loosing suction" was the final straw. There is nothing worse than cleaning from the ceiling to the floor and vacuuming as your last task and turning on the vac to see dirt and hair fly all over the room. After doing a lot of research I threw my hands in the air and decided to revert to a bagged vac. My husband and I were very skeptical considering how much we have shelled out over the years for a vacuum that made many promises only to diappoint. The night this vacuum arrived I was stunned... really... stunned. It was an animal... rabid... It really sucks!!!! The reviews I read here were right. You don't have to necessarily push the vac, it pulls itself along the floor. My 14 year old son (who hates housework) came into the living room and asked how I liked it. I told him that it felt like it was self propelled and he just had to see what I was talking about. He vacuumed the whole living room (much to my pleasure) because he was fascinated by how it pulled itself along the carpet while only holding the handle by his finger. It's a bit "feisty" trying to pull it back because it really does feel self propelled. But the time that I saved by not having to go back and forth... back and forth.. back and forth trying to get the job done was fantastic. Not to mention the time that I saved from having to re-dust. I know it's really premature to submit a review in less than a week but after spending hundreds of dollars on somthing that didn't live up to promises I figure if I get a year out of this vac I'm ahead by $200 over the last bagless vac I bought.
    Final thoughts... it's only $59.00. If you've had the same frustration I've had you might just come out ahead!...more info
  • Great Value
    Works great. Only thing I would change is a longer hose when using tools....more info
  • WOW!!!!!! What a vacuum!
    This machine has a lot of pep! its almost self propelled. Has a great sucking power. I dont like too much the attatchments, kind of cheap. but what more can you ask for the price? Iam VERY happy with my purchase. And happier with Amazon who gave me free shipping and I got it in 2-3 days!! I was amazed! thanks Amazon!...more info
  • Hoover vacuum
    Think of this as a no frills vacuum that for very small money cleans HUGE. You could have a vacuum that is quiet, bagless, power driven, with a cord return for $300+, but with this vacuum you can save your money and have a clean house too! ...more info
  • Consumer buyer guides rated high
    Vacuum is a great buy and I did my homework first, checking the consumer buyers guide, where it was given a "best pick". No need to hesitate if you are looking for an upright in this price range. I would buy it again. 5 stars *****...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I am so happy I bought this vacuum. I am a college student so this vacuum for value and performance has been a great addition to my home. ...more info
  • Great suction
    The unit is economical yet has a powerful suction and cleans rugs thoroughly....more info
  • Reliability problems
    Previous reviews are accurate for this vacuum based on my experience. Pros: It cleans well, the tools are easy to use, it's not too heavy to carry up & down stairs. I've used it on wood floors and carpet so far with lots of dog hair and it picked up everything. Cons: Noisy, potentially small bag, full bag indicator didn't work(?). Not sure if the bag filled up so fast b/c I hadn't vacuumed well for quite a while, and I didn't notice the full bag indicator change.

    Edited 9/08: 1.5 years later, the vacuum is now worthless and is being replaced. It no longer picks up any thing from carpets - dog hair, loose threads, nothing. I guess we got our money's worth - $50 for about a year of use, but very frustrating to be going through this research & buying process again. I would drop this to 2-3 stars....more info
  • Love My Hoover!
    It's light weight and does a great job. Much better than the higher priced really heavy one I was using before! ...more info
  • NIce Vacuum This Hoover Tempo
    I really like my new Hoover Tempo Vacuum. It is very light weight and picks up very well. I have show dogs and use it to vacuum up hair after I groom and it does a great job. It was easy to put together and being a woman that is important to me! Amazon did a great job in getting it delivered promptly and no postage! Wow, what a deal. I have carpet and hardwood floors and it really does a great job. I have another vacuum that is very heavy and I paid a fortune for it. Thanks for a great product.
    Sara Buchanan in Virginia Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum...more info
  • Great product for the money
    For the money, this vacuum cleaner is great. It has great suction power whether using the hose or not. I do wish it had a longer hose attachment. If you want a longer one, it runs about $30.00....more info
  • vac good, but wrong bags
    I like the vacuum but here's a heads up: I bought this through Amazon and went for the "also buy" pack of bags. This vacuum uses type Y bags, I was sent (and paid for) type A....more info
  • Good suction
    Vacuum has good suction and is light weight. Wish it had a longer hose!...more info
  • The worst vacuum in the world!!!!!
    I know this vacuum doesn't cost much but come on! It had the suction of a 98 year old person taking his or her last gasps. My boyfriend threw away the box so I figure I can't return it and I dare not donate it to charity or sell it as it is such a terrible piece of machinery and I won't rip anyone off. Shame on Hoover for putting so little effort into a product and expect someone to actually use it. ...more info
  • Great Value
    Product's price/performance is excellent. Feature and function is superior to others in its price range....more info
  • Wow
    I've had this vacuum cleaner I got from Sears years ago and I didn't like all the dust that was coming out of the worn connection where the bag attached so I looked in Consumers Report and noticed the low price for this one and read the good reviews on Amazon. Thing showed up promptly, again a pleasure dealing with Amazon, and I vacuumed the carpet I've vacuumed a million times with the Sears and I could not believe how much the Sears had been missing and how fast the bag on the Hoover filled up. I ripped open the filled bag and there was years of [..] in it, skin cells, dust, cat stuff, all kinds of yukkie stuff that the Sears did not pick up. I don't have much experience with vacuums, but considering the double filter in this one, the nice attachments and how well it works and the dirt low price it's a winner....more info
  • unbelievable price for value
    I have used a Kirby vacuum all my married life--38 years, and it was just getting too heavy to push around--older model. I looked in Consumer Reports for their vaccum tests--this is not the top-rated model but listed as a best buy. It was $240. less expensive than the top-rated model. It picks up unbelievably well, it is self-propelled, fairly lightweight, and carries all attachments with it. I love it. Some parts are plastic so will not last a lifetime--but will be OK for next 10 years--until they invent something better that I don't have to push at all. I know they have the robots now, but they aren't worth the money. I'm very satisfied....more info
  • It is just a good deal
    This is a good deal. I will never buy another bagless vacumn. I'll take a sealed bag any day of the week. This vacumn works better than most models selling for 3 or 4 times the amount. ...more info
  • Great Vac
    I love this vacuum. I really works well. I had a Kirby before and I hated it because it was so heavy and the bags were expensive. But this basic, inexpensive Hoover Tempo works better, it's lighter, the bags are affordable, and I don't have to change anything to use the attachments. I don't know what took so long for me to realize this was all I needed all along.

    The only thing I should warn you about is make sure you get Type Y bags if you get the package deal. ...more info
  • Don't Buy This
    I recently purchased this vacuum cleaner. I paid $50+ for it and the shipping was $49. First of all, I didn't realize the shipping would cost as much as the item I purchased. The first time I tried this vacuum cleaner it didn't work. It wouldn't pick up anything. There was just no suction at all. I haven't sent it back because of the high cost of the shipping. If I sent it back I would end up paying $100 for nothing (shipping). I would tell everyone to never buy this awful product! Better yet, never buy a vacuum cleaner from the internet! IT'S A BIG RIP OFF!...more info
  • "Excellent Vacuum"
    Was not expecting such a nice vacuum for such a low price. I love it!! Arrived in 2 days. My home was covered with cat hair, not now. This thing has excellent suction. I've read reviews that said it was noisy, I don't find that to be the case at all. In fact, the cat doesn't even run from it like he did the old one! The only downfall is the bags are a little small and a little spendy at the grocery store.($4.09 for a two pack) Maybe Amazon has them for cheaper, I'll have to check. Problems with ordering online is that sometimes the shipping charge is more than the product. Buy this vacuum, you'll NEVER find better quality for the price!...more info
  • This thing really sucks
    This vacuum has great suction and cleaning power. It does a great job on carpet and tile. The only downside I have found is the hose and attachments.
    1. The hose is not as flexible or elastic as other vacs I have used.
    2. There is no swivel joint at the point where the attachments hook on to the hose. This means alot of fighting to get the hose/attachment in the right place....more info
  • Hoover Doesnt Suck Enough
    overall good vacum however, it doesnt pick up(suck) as well as the higher priced Hoovers even though it has the same amp motor(12)...more info
  • good vacuum for the price
    got this because Consume Reports said it was good and it was cheap ($54 total!)It preforms as expected. it has strong suction and works as a vacuume should. having used it only 3 times, i have not had belt break issues like some others have said. it also has a hose attachment which is nice. the lid t it is cheap and falls off, but so what, this was an extra feature i did not require. at any rate if you need a good, cheap vacuume this one preforms fine. get it and save the $$$...more info
  • Best Vacuum for the money-bar none
    Excellent vacuum. Consider the price and it has to be the Best Buy of all time....more info
  • Nice vacuum
    Great vacuum. Lots of suction. It pulls itself along with the beater brush. Light weight. Can talk in a normal voice and hear over the motor. My carpet actually looks much cleaner. Beats both of my old cleaners, no contest. Recommended highly!...more info
  • Best Value for the dollar
    Most of our vaccum purchases have been for ones costing about $300. While this is not a $300 vaccum, it comes close: very easy to push/pull, wide path, and most of all does a great job.

    The Best Price for the dollar...more info
  • great tempo
    I had my tempo little almost two months. I seen to be a very powerful vacuum for the money I spend. It a little louder than the one I had before. It picks up so well that you have to buy bags more often. A package of three bags-brand name was $5.50 - $6.50-estimated. I will be looking in the future for off-brand bags for a better price. Thus far I like my tempo. ...more info
  • So far..so good.
    It is noisey! But so far, it does what it said it would. I'll let you know if it holds up!...more info
  • Hoover
    Recommended, very good on carpets. Purchased due to Consumers Report's performance & price. A little noisy as indicated,would rate it higher if not better than my higher priced Dirt Devil. ...more info
  • It is good.....
    Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum is really good product. very convenient to operate. Also Economical....more info
  • works well so far
    I've only used this vacuum twice, but it's done a good job of picking up all of the junk out of my carpet. so so on the kitchen floor, but i didn't buy it thinking that i could replace my broom. for the price, i think it was a good purchase, and it was delivered intact....more info
  • Hoover Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum
    Great vac for the price!!! The only reason I didn't give it a 5 is because I've had to change the bag before it was full because it smells like dog hair (we have a large dog and he sheds terribly!). So, I'm not sure if it's the vac or the excessive dog hair that makes the bag smell before it's full. Nonetheless, Hoover makes a good vacuum. Thumbs up! ...more info
  • You get what you pay for.
    After doing a lot of research on Consumer Reports and Amazon, I tried this vacuum to replace my old Hoover. This vacuum is one of the few that Consumer Reports rates well for under $100. As soon as I received it and tried it out...the pedal that releases the tilt broke the second time I stepped on it so the vacuum would no longer stay in the upright position on its own. I have tile and wood floors with several area rugs...I could constantly feel debris hitting my feet instead of getting sucked up into the vacuum on the hard floors, and the vacuum ate a couple of my area rugs. I am a loss as how this model has been rated so well be so many people. I returned it the very next day....more info
  • What power!
    I didn't think a low-priced vacuum could deliver this much power, especially through the accessory hose.
    I'm happy to get a bagged cleaner. NO WAY do I want to deal with the dust & dirt of cleaning a bagless!
    Very easy to use,and carry handles in several places make taking it up stairs easy, even though it isn't much lighter than other vacuum cleaners I've had....more info
  • Effective though heavy
    I bought this based on the CR reports and other reviews. This is a solid basic vacuum with minimal controls but works very well to clean carpets. Not very convenient for cleaning stairs etc. given the heavy weight and short hose length....more info
  • Surprisingly good product
    When I was looking for a second inexpensive vacuum for my upstairs Master bedroom, I read several reviews regarding this vacuum.Most said that it did a great job. Since I just wanted a basic vacuum cleaner with a bag and no bells and whistles, I thought I would give it a shot. Well I really am taken aback that such a great vacuum cost so little. My main vacuum for the whole house is the Hoover self-propelled Wind Tunnel, that I paid over $200 for, but this vacuum kicks it to the curb. It has better suction than my Wind Tunnel which is just a few months older than this vac so its not due to being worn out. This vacuum is also very lightweight. It is easier to use than the self-propelled. I highly recommend this vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Good Value
    So far we have been very pleased with our new Hoover Vacuum. We purchased it because it was rated a "Best Buy" by Consumer Reports. We wanted a vacuum that was light so we could easily carry it upstairs and still clean well and not be too messy to empty. The Phantom vacuum it replaces was too heavy and since it is bagless, it is rather messy to empty. The only down side we have noticed so far is that it is a little noisy, however the Consumer Reports article told us it would be noisy. Could have spent another $100.00 and got a quiet one. ...more info
  • Great vacuum, but one little problem...
    First off - I would like to say that, unlike some of the other customers, I received my vacuum within 7 days - so that was great. As for the vacuum... being a lightweight model, I find it is very easy to push around - almost enjoyable. The suction is so good that, although it does an excellent job on my carpets, I cannot vacuum my 9'x12' oriental rug as it sucks the rug up so tight that I can't even push it. Besides that, I would recommend it for anyone....more info
  • Good all purpose vac
    This vacuum has good suction and is very handy with the
    hose attachment. It is definately worth the money and more. There is no way I would buy the $200. and $300. vacuums with something as inexpensive and efficient as this on the market. You just don't get the "bells and whistles" of the more expensive vacuums....more info
  • GREAT vacume at a GREAT price!
    We have a dog and two cats, so we are always sucking up pet hair. This vacume is easy to use, lightweight and really does the trick cleaning our home! Works great on bare floors too. Truly ives up to consumer reports rating! Ggreat vacume for a good price....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    We checked vacuums out on consumer reports, just like we do on all our purchases. This vac beat out Dysons at a fraction of the cost. They were right, The hose is kind of a pain, but on carpet you can't beat it. I suggest this product to anyone looking for a powerful upright with bags....more info
  • Good vacuum for the money.
    This is a good vacuum for the money! It has its shortcomings! Short cord, easily tips, and loud. But it was a good buy and I know will fit the bill for my college daughter's first apartment. Do not buy the bags that are listed with the vacuum. You will get A bags. You must have Y bags. Bothersome to return them....more info
  • Excellent value fo rmoney
    The vacuum cleaner is very easy to use and was a great buy at the price. Easy to set up, and move around....more info
    Very pleased with vacuum. I had read the reviews and was impressed with the rating among all price ranges for all around vacs. It was exactly what I wanted. ...more info
  • good buy!
    I purchased it because it was rated high in Consumer Reports. It would have been a huge help if Amazon gave a more detailed description about the replacement bags to buy. I figured it out myself and am not sure I got the right one. The machine itself is powerful on my carpet which is medium thickness. The negatives are loud noise, attachments are all cheap material and the screws are not tight. But overall good points for the price, ease of assembly and power. ...more info
  • Great vacuum cleaner. Bagless vacs are just a fad.
    After getting tired of being greeted by vacant stares from salespeople after I told them I only want a vacuum cleaner WITH A BAG. I decided to go online and search for one since the pickings are sparse at many big box stores. I was impressed by the reviews on this inexpensive model and can now say I agree with them. It's relatively easy to assemble, sturdy, powerful, cleans really well, has allergy filtration, has the basic tools to reach crevices and clean upholstery, is far quieter than my last vacuum cleaner and...it has A BAG! I don't want to dump a cup of dirt into my trash can so it can go flying all over the place again and I'm not taking it outside to dump either. The experts are clear that only the most expensive bagless vacs are as effective as bagged vacs. Bagged vacs are easier to maintain. I'm not spending $500 on a vacuum cleaner and I'm not putting it on display as a museum piece. I'm using it to clean and then it goes in the closet until I need it again. This vacuum cleaner was a great buy....more info
  • Powerful yet light-weight vacuum with all the attachments you will ever need
    The title of my review says it all. It's really easy to carry around this vacuum as it's light. It has all the power you will ever need out of a vacuum for household use. Even with the 2 extension tubes attached, it does not lose any suction power. You couldn't ask for more from a vacuum. It has handy attachments, which I find are very well designed for their purposes.

    This vacuum is not bagless kind. However, I actually find the bags a lot more convenient and clean. There is an indicator on the front of the vacuum that lets you know when to change the bag. I would recommend this vacuum highly to anyone who doesn't mind changing the bags....more info
  • Best Vacuum for the Money
    We researched and found that the is vacuum was the better than the more expensive models and was hundreds less. The suppliers service was also great. Recieved the product in less than a week. ...more info
  • GREAT-Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum
    It's great, the vacuum is so powerful it's almost self propelled. Great price too. I love it!!...more info
  • Pretty good for the price
    Purchased for my son's studio apartment and it is doing better than I expected. Great price!...more info
  • Hoover LOUDMOUTH Tempo Vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum because I wanted a simpler, cheaper version to use in my basement other than the very cumbersome Dyson and heavy (but great cleaning power) Hoover Windtunnel I use on other floors. While this vacuum seemed a good match, costing only $58 with free ship and does a good job cleaning, it is VERY LOUD. My daughter does her chores on Saturday and vacuuming the basement is one of them. The basement is a large family room with clay tile floors and a 8 x 10 low pile carpet remnant rug. It is so loud upstairs when she vacuums that I ask her to shut the basement door so I can hear the TV! I plan to start making her wear ear protection so she doesn't go deaf.

    Pros: It has a headlamp to see in dark corners - very helpful. Also it uses bags (which I wanted since my other bagless ones are very messy) Good suction, cleans well but I must note I've only had it for a month and it is used for a room that gets very little use so not lots of accumulated dirt.

    Cons: loudness...more info
  • Nice Value
    This vacuum seems to be a nice value. Lots of suction. wide cleaning path. Very solid for the price. I would recommend it. Thumbs up to Hoover!...more info
  • excellent value
    vacuum is loud but it works better than the 1,000 vacuums I've had (ie: Kirby, I don't think any dirt can hide from its suction. It's lightweight, several floor level options including bare floors. It's kind of a pain to switch floor levels and the location of the power is also inconvient but for the price I can deal with it. I fully recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Works Great... Lots of Power
    This vacuumn cleaner works great.. It arrived quick and was easy to put together. Very pleased with purchase up to this point. Only used for one month so far but great value....more info
  • Pretty Darn Good
    This was a replacement for a smaller vacuum and we are very happy with it. It picks up alot more than most vacuums and we would highly recommend it!!...more info
  • Lots of suction, but could use some improvements.
    This vacuum has plenty of suction. Unlike other vacuums I've used, it will suck things up from in front of it and to the side of it. This is great for vacuuming along mouldings, but isn't so hot if you happen to get too close to rug tassles or things like long blind cords...it will suck them right up and then they will get wound around the beater bar. Although, the beater bar is fairly easy to take out. I learned this lesson on the first use. It does a fantastic job vacuuming carpets, and the suction is great for efficently cleaning hard floors and under things like the fridge. I also like the headlight and the bag change indicator, which has been very accurate in measuring when the bag is full. The drawbacks: (1) It is loud, I had to buy earmuffs; (2) the electric cord is fairly short; and (3) the hose for using handtools is also fairly short, and because of all the suction it is very hard to get it to expand to reach high places (I end up using my shop-vac hose, which is much longer). Overall, this is a bargain for the price, but it could use some improvements. If you want suction, this is your beast....more info
  • Very satisfied with our new Hoover!
    Before purchasing our Hoover upright from Amazon we shop at a lot of
    stores and web-sites. None had the features that we wanted + the price
    that we could afford. The Hoover U5140-900 Temp Widepath had ALL the
    above. Plus the day I found it searching in Amazon web site they offered
    No shipping if I ordered it that day. Couldn't beat that! ...more info
  • Worth twice the price
    I gave it 5 stars for being a very reasonably priced vacuum that actually works, even the attachments have good suction. Six months ago I originally bought a dirt devil turbo (over twice the cost of this one) there was no suction at all through the attachments and it blew dust everywhere, you had to empty the canister and clean the filter twice to a room to keep the dust down. The dust had my allergies stirred up and it made me hate to vacuum so I had to try something else (I'm one of those people that think high dollars to suck up dirt is taking advantage of us). This hoover works wonderfully for a small inexpensive unit ...more info
  • It really sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This will be short and sweet. Shipping was fast and the price was great. This $60 vacuum is the best one we have ever owned. It may be considered loud by some, but it has great suction power and leaves the pretty vacuum lines in the carpet. ...more info
  • vacuum cleaner
    The product is just great! Unfortunately, I have stairs, I am a small person, and lugging the thing from level to level is a little cumbersome. But when we get where we're going, it does an excellent job!...more info
  • Cheap priced - cheap made.
    This vacuum is the cheap modification of the Hoover's upright bagged line.
    Pos.:- relatively light weight
    - vacuum suction power is good
    - not expensive
    Cons.:- not reliable:very cheap made
    - very noisy
    - short cable
    - short and cheap-plastic stretched hose
    - not a switchable rotating brush
    Vacuum is very noisy(much more noisy than other models,even from Hoover), plus it makes terrible,very uncomfortable vibration in your grip,so after 5-10 minutes of its work you will wish to shut it off.I was needed a second vacuum and after reading many reviews and "consumer report" finally bought a brand new on Amazon(free shipping,very fast delivery).This vacuum was used 2-3 times a week. During first 3 weeks I had to replace the belt twice and eventually the cradle of the rotating brush has been crashed out(again, vacuum has not been hardly used).Apropos,my main old(6 years old)vacuum-Hoover(supreme series-very similar,but more expensive and much more quality made) is still in working condition,while this one is waste of 59$ . Absolutely not agree with "consumer report" here!...more info
  • Very nice vacuum
    Very nice vacuum.
    Good suction.
    The attachment hose is a bit short.
    Somewhat heavy....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Vacuum Cleaner
    A short time before we purchased this vacuum cleaner we purchased a $200.00 self-propelled Hoover vacuum cleaner for our home. Then we purchased the Hoover U5140-900 to be used for cleaning several rental homes we own. The much less expensive Hoover U5140-900 is the cleaner that my wife and daughter prefer to use for our home. Great vacuum cleaner. ...more info
  • Bagged Upright Vacuum
    I love this vacuum , I had a bagless and it just did not pickup and had to have the filters cleaned all the time, this vacuum picks up great and when the bag gets filled you just replace it....more info
  • great for the money
    a little heavier than i thought, but does an awesome job...more info
  • Good buy
    I have owned other hoovers before with excellent durability and workability. This one seems it will hold up just the same. My only fault with this product is the length of the hose for the attachments should be longer making the cleaner more useful....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum
    I chose the Hoover U5140-900 vacuum because it had an excellent rating in
    Consumer's Report. My ONLY complaint is that it is heavy. I would love
    to have a light-weight upright that cleans as well as this one does. It
    is self-propelled which helps a lot. The on-board hose is easy to use....more info
  • Great Vaccum
    Light weight, practically drives itself. Great product for someone with back problems. Air vent not in front so it doesn't blow everything away from it on hard floors like my Dirt Devil....more info
  • This Vacuum is The Bomb!!!
    After buying many expensive vacuums that quickly lost their suction, I found this vacuum. It is cheap and sucks like crazy. It even seems to push itself!!! It is loud, cheap, and just plain works!! Buy IT!!!...more info
  • Awesome product
    This vacuum works very good. I don't understand why people would give negative rating of this product. The suction works as good as the filter kinds. It saves you at least a 100-200 dollars compare to those so called "new models with advance features". The look is not as great as all the new design out there. But it is so simple that you won't be unable to assemble the parts. Make sure to use the attachment to clean the edges and corner of the house. Trust me. This product will satisfy your needs....more info
  • Dollar for dollar best vacuum
    This vacuum was easy to setup (attach the top handle w/ two bolts, position the power cord, attach the accessory hose, and stick all the accessories in their holders) in about 10 minutes. Don't invest your hard-earned money on $100/200/300+ units that may only be marginally better - you can't beat this vacuum for the price ($60 as I write this).

    1. I'm not a mechanical engineer but this vacuum has good sucking power.
    2. Lightweight - it seems to weigh just half as much as our previous 4 year old Hoover upright (similar model) - easy to manuver.
    3. The top handle/bag portions reclines enough to allow you to vacuum under coffee tables.
    4. Not loud (but not quiet either).
    5. Bright, wide-reaching lightbulb shines up those dark areas.
    6. The Y alergen bags seems to do a good job at holding dust in.

    1. Accessory hose should be longer.

    The only other brand of vacuum I would pay more for would be a Kirby (superior vacuums - I've seen them in action, my nephew used to sell them)....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    It passed my mother's test and she can be tough on vacuums. She said it pulls itself across the floor and she doesn't have to push hard. Easy to replace bags and no filters to change....more info
  • Great bang for the buck!
    This is an excellent vacuum. It does a great job on the dog hair. The hose length for attachments is a bit frustrating but overall a great purchase. The bags fill rather quickly and are a little pricey. Overall I would suggest this item. A great bang for the buck!...more info
  • Excellent Value
    We Rainbow with a $2,000 vacumn once a week but for the everyday quick vacumn, this Tempo is just right and what a price! Recommend it strongly and sure beats the Swifter it replaced that just could not cut it....more info
  • GREAT BUY!!!
    This is a really good vacuum!!! The suction is fabulous!! I would have given it 5 stars if the hose was longer. Other than that it works just as good as any of the other more expensive vacuums I've owned, and lets face it whether you pay $500.00 or $89.00 they are all made out of the same lousy plastic, so why not buy this one at this ridiculously low price of less than $60.00! My goodness, if it lasts only a year so what?, just buy another one!!!...more info
  • A Good "2nd floor" vacuum choice
    We were looking for a vacuum we could use on the 2nd floor of our home that had an allergy filter, was light weight, and reasonable cost.

    The Hoover Tempo Widepath U5140-900 has fit our needs and was a good choice for us. The reason why we considered this vacuum was because it had a good rating in consumer reports and was lighter in weight than a lot of uprights. Consumer reports did state that this vacuum performs better on carpets than bare floors. This again fit our situation because our 2nd floor is all carpet.

    Some reviewers have criticized this vacuum. However, compared to the 1990 Hoover Legacy vacuum that we were using on the 2nd floor, this vacuum was an upgrade for us. True, this vacuum is not quite as good as our Kenmore progressive model that we use on the first floor of our home, but the cost was a lot less and the weight was less.

    Compared to our 1990 model year vacuum....
    The cord length of both was within 3" of each other. Hoover Tempo has about 23 feet, 9 inches of usable cord stretch after the cord is attached to the clips on the vacuum to keep it tucked up out of the way when in use.

    The Hoover Tempo has a 29" flex hose. This was 3" less than our old vacuum. If you have a concern about the hose length, as other reviewers have pointed out, there is an option to purchase a longer hose.

    The parts do seem to be flimsier than the 1990 model. Especially the lid covering the hose connection port. Unfortunately, that is a trend with a lot of manufactured items now made outside the USA.

    This vacuum does have an allergy filter, but it is NOT a full blown HEPA filter system that our downstairs vacuum has. But this is an upgrade from our 1990 model that did not have any filter system.

    ...more info
  • belt went after 1 week!!!
    ..I really do like my Hoover and it was a very good price but I have 2 things against it. 1: The belt broke a week after I received it--I had only vacuumed 3 times! How can a new belt break that soon,I ask you.? I am not the only one who has written in about the belt. Are we supposed to just say "Oh well..the price was right!" ? I do not think so. Maybe if we complain enough the company will not cheat others with a cheap belt to begin with! 2: it is very awkward to pick up and down when doing stairs. I still want my Kenmore canister to be fixed so until then I will use this. Yes, the suction is good! But if it keeps breaking belts I will junk it.
    ...more info
  • The greatest vacuum
    This vacuum does the best carpet cleaning of any vacuum I have ever used. It even beats my old Electrolux....more info
  • Great value for money
    My Dyson stopped working and I did not want to pay out that sort of money for a new one. This came out well in the CR reviews. I have used it for 3 months now and cannot fault it's ability to pick up. It is very powerful. The hose is on the short side but again the suction is great. I have a golden retriever but the bags don't need changing too often even with daily vacuuming. A little noisey but who cares when it costs less then $60 and does a very good job. ...more info
  • A powerful lightweight!
    This is a pretty powerful upright. What I like best about it is that it's fairly lightweight to lift. Most other uprights are too heavy for me, even though I am strong. It is very easy to change the settings from low to high carpet. I am very pleased with this machine....more info
  • best vaccume ever
    ive had plenty of vaccumes befor but the hoover beats them all....any 1 looking for a vaccume your best bet is get a hoover...more info
  • Nice machine
    After about a month's use, we've found absolutely no problems with this machine. We're very happy with our purchase.

    We have new carpeting and have to change the bag frequently but we understand this is common with new carpets.

    Vacuuming stairs with an upright machine is always a pain, but because the machine is relatively light, it's fairly easy to use on the stairs.

    We'd recommend this machine....more info
  • Great Value
    We also purchased this based on the Consumer Reports rating and for the money it is a very good vacuum. The CR report said it is noisy, but compared to older models we have had it is not bad at all. The power cord is pretty short, but the thing cost less that $60 so it is hard to complain much....more info
  • Great vacuum for the price
    I saw the vacuum in Consumer Reports and was impressed by the fact that it rated better than all those expensive Dyson vacuums yet cost only $65. Since Consumer Reports is rarely wrong, I gave it a shot and it was worth it. The vacuum made me realize just how bad my old one was. Deeply imbeded cat hair was sucked up on the first pass where the cat sleeps, which was a spot on the rug my old vacuum just couldn't handle. I would complain that the accessory hose is too short, but this thing cost $65 so it is amazing that it even has an accessory hose!...more info
  • Value
    Certainly worth the $49.95 that it costs. It works beautifully, albeit, a lot heavier than I expected & I would have appreciated a bagless instead.

    Aside from those few negatives, I am 100% satisfied with the product....more info
  • Good sweeper
    I Bought this product because we have lots of pet hair and Consumer Reports rated it as excellant for that purpose. It certianly does that job. It also is very reasonably priced compared to other vacs that got the same rating. Only draw-back is the cord is shorter than my previous vac....more info
  • Superior Hoover
    I have a canister vacuum costing several hundred dollars. While it is good on bare floors and tile, it is not very good on carpet. The Hoover is a wonderful product for carpet and is very good even on bare floors. It has placement for all of the attachments, easy access to the bag, and a convenient carry handle if one needs to lift the vacuum, as I do. My daughter had gotten one of these to begin with, and when I saw how well hers worked with pet fur, etc. for an active household, I decided to get one. The price is excellent and is a very good value. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Awesome
    This is a great vacuum cleaner!! It is exactly how it was described. It was a great price and good quality. We would definitely recommend this vacuum to anyone who is trying to save some money. ...more info
  • Great so far
    only have few weeks, great on carpet, can tell it has very good power.
    and much lighter than the others we have, thank goodness. ...more info
  • Well worth the Money
    For the money, I think this vacuum is a bargain. It's self propelled, it cleans well, and it's very quiet. The only negative I experienced is that it blows a little dust around before sucking it back up. ...more info
  • This vacuum sucks! (and that's a good thing)
    I love this vacuum. I read other reviews, several of which mentioned it was a Best Buy by Consumer Reports. Let me say, this little vacuum gives you major bang for the buck. I actually sucked up a baby sweater in it. Accidental, of course, and in turn, that broke the belt on the vacuum. So I wouldn't recommend vacuuming clothing or fuzzy animals up in this thing.
    Anyway, the vacuum is great. I have a carpet floor next to linoleum, and the Hoover actually sucks the crumbs off the linoleum while still on the carpet. Lovely. I also love that there is a cover on the hose coupler so that dirt doesn't go flying through the air while you're using the hose.
    My only beef with the unit is that the cord hooks are rather stupidly placed, so that it's a pain to wind the cord back up....more info
  • Very Good on Carpet, not on bare floor
    Its a very good vacuum for the price and does a very good job on the carpet. Has very good suction and easy to maneuver around. On the bare floor it does a ok job. Overall I would recommend this....more info
  • Hoover Widepath
    We have a 9 mo. old granddaughter who is crawling and this vacuum sucks up "everything"!!! I have never vacuumed so much!! I also have a dog and cats and my husband likes the air filtration on the vacuum. It works AWESOME!!...more info
  • Wonderful Vacumn!!
    This vacumn was so inexpensive and its really a good vacumn! Easy and it runs so smooth. Never regret purchasing this!...more info
  • good vacuum, but don't buy the combo!
    I received this vacuum about 1 1/2 weeks ago and so far it's been great; it picks up dirt well and is perfect for my apartment.
    I got the combination "buy the hoover tempo widepath with the hoover upright vacuum bags" and they are NOT the correct bags - you need type Y; if you buy the combo they send type A bags, which are too long. Way to recommend the wrong thing. But actually, that's not the first time I've had that happen, just before it was with supplements to textbooks. Oh well, I have heard that amazon is good about returning the bags so that's my next step....more info
  • best vacuum for the price.out performs dyson
    I have had this vacuum for two month now.And it is great very powerful
    and easy to use.I only buy hoover vacuums because they are the best.
    not even dyson comes close to hoovers performance.Buy this now you will
    love it. ...more info
  • Excellent so far
    We have had the vacuum cleaner for about a month, and so far it is sensational. We have been through numerous cheap vaccum cleaners, and this seems to be the best in its category. It is relatively light, pushes easily (it is almost self-propelled), sucks up everything, and the noise which others have complained about has not been a big deal....more info
  • great vacuum
    this vacuum is a great vacuum for the money,the only reason i did'nt give it 5 stars is if you vacuum next to any dust it will blow the dust, but it really is not a problem.the best part is the vacuum is light and pushes easily. ...more info
  • good for small places
    This is a perfect vacuum cleaner for a small area. It is very powerful and has a light on the front so you can get right into the corners. ...more info
  • Great Vac
    For the price it is amazing. Cleans better than our much more expensive Rainbow or Sanitaire. It is mostly plastic and I would guess will last a few years before something breaks, but then I would just buy another....more info
  • Love it.
    Previously had a wind tunnel. Just as powerful without the frills that raise the price from about $60 to $360. If the wind tunnel breaks after your warranty,and mine did,you feel obligated to get it fixed because it costs so much. You can buy five more Tempos before you reach the price of a wind tunnel. The only exception: if you are old or sick and pushing a broom around makes you tired, get the self-propelling wind tunnel because the suction on the Tempo is very strong, requiring effort to push....more info
  • I call mine "Fang"
    This is one aggressive, and well-built, vacuum. It almost needs leash to keep it from sucking up the carpeting. Plastic part design is excellent. The cord clips are well placed and functional, so there is less chance of running over the cord. The screw holding the handle on screws into metal, rather than into plastic - always good. Cord routing is a little funky, but with the hose and the long cord and the attachments, I can see how Hoover had to get 'creative.' There are 5 levels for carpet height, and when on the lowest setting, you can see the carpet pulling up a little. My only complaint would be the short hose for the attachments, but I kept the hose and attachments from my old, more expensive, but lesser-sucking vac.
    I almost bought a more expensive vacuum rated higher by CR, but after weight testing, opted for this puppy. Buy this vac -you won't be disappointed. ...more info
  • Great Basic Vacuum Cleaner
    This plain-looking, bagged vacuum cleaner does its job of sucking up dust and small particles well. It's not quiet but not noisier than other vacuum cleaners I've had. It's light and easy to pick up and move around. Mounted to the back are various hoses and brushes that are easy to pull off and use. I'm not very mechanical but it only took me about half an hour to assemble the vacuum cleaner out of the box at my leisure. A Y-type bag is included inside its body. So far, this vacuum cleaner is looking like a great value for its money (~$63). The only thing I don't like about it is the blue body is somewhat thin plastic. I would've preferred a tougher-feeling material. ...more info
  • Powerful and inexpensive!!
    Great vaccuum. Easy to use. Very affordable. And sucks up everything! Great on hardwood and carpet. Picks up cat hair, dog hair, and leaves nice lines too....more info
  • Boy, this vacuum can suck
    Excellent value! You know your floor and carpet are getting clean when you can actually see your carpet being lifted up slightly! I was using a $2,500 Patriot vacuum and this one works soooo much better. So price is not always the best indicator!...more info
  • Lotta bang for the buck!
    This unit is a replacement for a bagless unit that honestly was a filthy mess to empty(3 stages of cleaning). So far Ive only replaced a belt that was eithier defective or a victim of a jammed roller.Suctions great and only have to chuck a bag when its full.Hopefully it holds up.Amazon you guys are on it!...more info
  • Love this vacuum
    This vacuum was rated very high in Consumer Reports Magazine..that's why I went looking for it. At it's low price, it does just as good a job as my $500 Riccar which I leave upstairs because it is way too heavy to take up and down the stairs. I leave this Hoover downstairs and I am REALLY happy with it! What a great value!...more info
  • GREAT vacuum/GREAT price!!!!
    I bought this vacuum after consulting Consumer Reports. It was rated very good and out performed models costing much more. After recieving and using it I was very pleased. It does a great job and has a lot more suction than my last vacuum which I paid about three times more for than this one. For the money you can't go wrong....more info
  • Effortless action
    I read other reviews and decided to try this vacuum for upstairs. I just love it. It almost drives itself! I too wish the extension handle was a bit longer, but for me it works. I have a lady come help me once in a while and she just loved it too. Excellent vacuum for the money. For any amount of money actually.
    San Diego
    ...more info
  • Good compromise
    No, this is not a super-premium, top-of-the-line vacuum.
    BUT, it is relatively well designed (and built), inexpensive, and much better all around than most of the more expensive vacuums out there today. If you've done any research into vacuums, you may know that "bagless" and "tornado" are the big keywords right now. And while bagless may be a good idea, it doesn't mesh so well with the other major trend in vacuums today... PLASTIC. If you don't know what I mean, go to any big box store and check out the really expensive ($300+) bagless vacuums...they're all plastic, including the "tornado chamber" and "bagless collection bin". The bucket where the dirt collects is made of plastic, and NEVER fits real tight. In fact, most of them jiggle around loosely. How can it possibly be "HEPA" if the bucket holding the dirt is loose?!

    Anyway, this vacuum is mostly plastic, but the front panel that covers the bag compartment actually fits well (tight), and the bag system works really well. Also, while the bags that ship with the vacuum are not "HEPA certified", this vacuum CAN use the standard Hoover HEPA bags. My guess is that they just keep the cost low by selling it with the non-HEPA bag and without the "HEPA" logo printed on the box.

    Overall, I'm very happy with this vacuum, both in terms of quality, and value. It may not be the built-like-a-tank Hoover of my childhood, but it is a great value....more info
  • Okay performance for low cost
    If you're looking for a vacuum that does the job, but with no bells and whistles, this is for you. This vacuum has good suction. It's a bit noisier than others and the brushes do not stop spinning when using the hose which causes a higher pitched sound. The cord is stored in an awkward position behind the hose. I would recommend this as a starter vacuum or for someone who just wants the job done. ...more info
  • Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum U5140-900
    Very fine vacuum...easy to handle... good vacuuming power...simple to operate and maintain...not a ton of attachments to lug around....more info
  • great vacuum and a consumer reports "quick pick" too!
    I decided to buy this vacuum cleaner after checking the ratings and reviews on the Consumer Reports website. It was one of their "Quick Picks" for March 07. I just didn't see the need to spend more money than I needed to. I was a little skeptical that I could really find a good vacuum cleaner for well under $100, but I decided to go for it anyway since it was so cheap compared to the other good vacuums. Normally you wouldn't expect a "cheap" vacuum cleaner to work very well but this one does. Sure, it could be quieter but that doesn't bother me at all. It's not like you run it constantly or can't choose what time of the day to run it. I have actually had louder vacuums over the years. I used the free shipping choice because I was unsure of ordering something like a vacuum cleaner online without actually seeing it in person first and so I didn't want to pay any more than I had to in case it turned out bad. I received my order from Amazon without any problems and actually a little earlier than expected. My old vacuum cleaner had not been working well for a while but I didn't realize how bad it was until I got this one and started using it. You won't be disappointed with this vacuum cleaner. ...more info
  • Very Good buy
    I read the comments from Amazon and from Epinions.

    True comments.This is as good as it says.Full value for the price.Comes really cheap.
    Amazon shipped it free of cost and got it 2 days after I ordered.
    Easy to assemble by anybody ,takes 10 minutes and we are ready to go.

    I whole heartedly recommend this.

    18-March-2007...more info
  • Excellent budget vaccuum
    This vaccuum is rated high by Consumer Reports - and rightly so. For the price, there is not a better powered vacuum on the market - even vaccuums $20-$50 more do not do as good a job vaccuuming. The unit does not lose suction when using the attachments - it's amazing on getting rid of dog hair! Drawbacks are few, but include - doesn't do edges well (you have to use the attachment to get close to the baseboards), on/off switch is low, and it is loud. Pluses well out-weigh the minuses!...more info
  • Hoover rating
    We LOVE it. It's suction power is amazing. It works okay on bare floors, but that's what a broom is for. It picks up pet hair very well. we definitely got our money's worth....more info
  • A new Hoover Vacuum
    We are very pleased with the vacuum. It is easy to use and it works quite well....more info
  • A Good, Plain Vacuum
    I had this vacuum and a new Dyson in my house together for a couple of days. This Hoover vacuum picked up more than the Dyson, is easier to use, simple to understand. Yes, it's a loud vacuum, but they all are, they just sound a little different. I don't need "bells and whistles", I need it to clean up well after a family of ten. This Hoover vacuum does just that for hundreds of dollars less....more info
  • Excellent Product-Ohio
    My husband and I always consult Consumers Report before any reviewable product purchase. As usual, they were right on with their recommendation of the Hoover U5140-900 Tempo. You could pay more and get a lot of "glitz" but for the purpose intended the vacuum is an excellent choice. As reviewed, it is somewhat loud but not so much as to pay another couple of hundred $ for a little quieter experience. ...more info
  • Hoover Vacuum is good for money
    The Hoover Tempo has great suction power and works well on carpet. There are a couple things that are a problem but for the money - I am pleased with it's performance. It is loud, has a very short electrical cord, and the hose length is very short and if you pull it, the vacuum tips over - watch out with little ones!! I care most about it picking up the items on the floor and it's good at that!
    ...more info
  • highly satisfactory suction - better than average vacuum
    We suddenly became owners of two homes, 300 miles apart. Too distant to haul our really good Kenmore, so we opted for a practical purchase of a second vacuum. This one is noisy, and requires extra rolling over the same area, but nonetheless it is still just fine. Also it is a Consumer Reports BEST BUY. Under $100, cheap, and efficient. Who could all hyped about an appliance, anyway. Buy it, you'll like it....more info
  • finally, a good vacuum at a fair price
    I wondered how well this would operate, given the price, but other customer reviews (and the fact that I have a good history with Hoovers) convinced me to give it a try. I'm glad I did! This thing could suck the paint off the neighbor's house! I've only had it two months, so I can't speak to its lifespan, but so far I couldn't be more pleased with it.

    As a side note, I have two cats - so I can fairly say that it works for petowners as well....more info
  • great value, great vacuum
    We moved into our home with all new wall to wall carpet 4 weeks ago..I was really regretting the move because my husband, who suffers from breathing problems, seemed to feel much worse than usual..I had an expensive canister vac, and a shark upright, which I was using diligently. They were full of new carpet "fuzz" after each use. I went to the local vacuum store and seriously considered a $700 machine. Before making that purchase however, I checked the reviews here, am I glad that I did! Thanks to other reviews, I ordered this machine. Within the first 5 minutes of use, I had completely filled the original bag that came in the cleaner.Two more rooms filled a second bag.
    The ease of pushing this machine cannot be overstated I have bursitis in both shoulders, and really needed something easier to push. It gets a bit"heavier" to push when the bag is getting full, but that is a minor problem and not everyone will be filling a bag every 5 minutes ! Don't waste your money, try this machine!...more info
  • Dyson...Shmyson...I'll take my Hoover
    Awesome power, light-weight and easy maneuverability. Beats all of the bagless vaccuums we waisted money on before. Two minor drawbacks: 1) The power chord comes out of the bottom instead of the top, which makes it get in the way sometimes. 2) The hose for using attachments is short and inflexible, which causes the unit to tip over when you're vigorously using attachments. But those are minor issues. Overall, this is an outstanding machine, and the price is absurdly low for what you're getting....more info
  • By far the best value available
    Unbeatable deal for the price. Very good machine. If you do not need frills this is a great machine. Consumer Reports said that it was on the loud side. I do not think it is unusually loud at all....more info
  • Finally a powerful vacuum cleaner
    I have tried numerous bagless vacuum cleaners, going with the times. But, nothing compared to my old Hoover. Finally, I took the time to research vacuum cleaners and went with "Old Faithful" Hoover. I have my bags back again and don't have the mess of the bagless container anymore. I'll gladly change the bag as needed and order more online. I am very pleased. With a dog and a cat, the Hoover really picks up the pet hair and all of the little "trails" of mess my 16 yr. old leaves behind. Thanks Hoover!...more info
  • A great value for my needs.
    As a property manager and an apartment dweller with wall to wall, I was excited at the revolution of bagless vacuums. My two purchases, one each from Sears and Costco both lead me to heavy, dusty, clogged up machines that both really dissapointed. The Hoover Tempo Widepath, in contrast has been lightweight, clean, and relatively 'fun' to use; and the price was super. The reasons for not giving it a five star review: The cord is a few feet shorter than my previous; the bag is physically akward to replace; I would have happily paid ten dollars more for a beater-brush shut-off switch, which I do wish for when working on furniture and other details. I would recommend this model to anyone who has mainly carpeted areas and doesn't mind moving the cord from one outlet to another....more info
  • Good for the money
    Vacuum has plenty of power as advertised. You would think that maytag/hoover would know how to make a good height adjustment mechanism, but no. very ineffectual. Also, with the extra stiff brush, you do need the brush-off feature that is on other models. You need to turn the brush off when you use the wand feature. Overall, a very good vacuum at this price.
    ...more info
  • Great Buy
    I am so pleased with this vacuum cleaner...I cannot believe what you get for the money. I will not mention brands, but I have used my neighbor's $400.00 one, and this one is easier to push, and does a more thorough job.
    I remember one of the complaints being that it was very loud...what vacuum isn't.? It certainly would not warrant not buying it for that reason. I would recommend this to anyone out searching for a new vacuum, but I just hope that five years from now I can still say the same.....after seeing what other models are priced at, I cannot believe I got this beauty for $70.00 If I had to think of one possible thing I would change in it, it would be for a longer cord...but that it the lazy in me.....so that I don't have to go and unplug it when I want to use it 3 rooms away............more info
  • Can't beat price, quality
    Best vacuum I ever owned. Very powerful, picks up dirt very efficiently. Previous Hoover vacuum lasted over 20 years....more info
  • my mother's dreams of my being a good housekeeper are semi-realized
    you will be hard-pressed to get me to clean my house, let alone enjoy it. that said, i LOVE this thing! as a sane person you think, this is vacuum cleaner, how are earth could a vacuum cleaner elicit a declaration that effusive? this girl must be one of those crazy clorox-and-rubber-gloves-are-my-best-friends freaks. not so. my family, roommates and boyfriend have all gone to great lengths to coax, plead or trick me into cleaning. but there is something strangely satisfying about vacuuming my carpet with this thing because you see this clear line of demarcation of where you've been and where you haven't. it reminds me of that odd satisfaction i got as a kid when my mother had me polish the silver when half of it was super tarnished and the other half was super shiny. i have never had a vacuum with this much suction. the first time i vacuumed with this thing (RIGHT after vacuuming with my old, now retired vacuum cleaner), i filled an ENTIRE bag (and these suckers are pretty large, too). the bags are pretty cheap, too, and i can normally find a two-pack at my local Dollar Tree. now if only someone could trick me into enjoying cleaning the bathroom.......more info
  • Great Vacuum Cleaner!
    This vacuum cleaner was a "best buy" by Consumer Reports, and I would whole-heartedly agree. First of all, it cost less than $75, so I was extremely surprised by how well it performed. This vacuum cleaner virtually pushes itself across the floor, has great suction, and its tools are easily accessible. I also purchased another vacuum that was rated higher by Consumer Reports in its ability to clean bare floors, and it was almost twice the price, but the Hoover was lighter and easier to use, and I could not see any difference in its cleaning ability. In addition, the free shipping offered by Amazon made this purchase super easy! I would highly recommend the Hoover U5140-900. ...more info
  • If you have carpet, get this vacuum!!
    I looked up vacuums on another website that recommends products to CONSUMERS in their REPORTS. This was one that rated very highly for use on carpet (which I have) and was very affordable. So I got it and I LOVE IT. It really does a great job cleaning my carpets and rugs. I'm really impressed with it. And for the price, you can't beat it. Very good product and really great price....more info
  • Great vacuum cleaner for a great price!
    When I saw Consumer Reports' review of this vacuum, I knew it was good, and the price is right. Great suction, powerful motor, not too noisy (inasmuch as any vacuum is noisy)....more info
    GREAT PURCHASE FOR ONLY 70 BUX. ...more info
  • works well
    Bought this for my daughter and she loves it. It is still new, so it remains to be seen if the suction will stay good. But, for the money, a very good buy....more info
  • Great vacuum, great price
    I was skeptical that a cheap vacuum could work so well, but I was wrong. It works great. Much better than other vacuums that are twice the price. ...more info
  • Hoover Widepath Vacuum Works Well on Rugs
    Vacuum is highly portable, lightweight, powerful and somewhat noisy machine that works particularly well on rugs, the weight of the vacuum providing more thorough cleaning than available with a wand-type of vacuum. It cleans wood floors as well.

    Its only drawback is that the noisy floor/rug cleaning motion continues while you're using the wand part on non-floor surfaces.

    It is favorably priced.

    ...more info
  • Well Worth the Money
    I recently purchased this vacuum to replace a bagless one I've had for a few years, but a different brand. I got tired of clogged filters, lack of suction power, and all that dust! So, I decided to go back to Hoover. I've always had good luck with this brand, and should have stayed with it.
    The vacuum has excellent suction power and seems to glide by itself, although it isn't a self-propelled vacuum. It is a bit noisy. The on/off switch is located lower down than I would prefer. It should have been placed high up on the handle where it would be more accessible. The only other thing that I don't care for is where the cord comes out of this vacuum. It's very low, almost to the ground. I pick it up and hang it on the roll-up hook so I don't have to bend down all the time to get it out of the way. Overall, you get a lot of bang for the buck with this vacuum. It does the job well, and I'm sure it will continue to for a long time to come....more info
  • Finally Real Suction Power
    Affordable vaccumm with great suction power. I am very impressed with this product. Can only hope that it is sturdy and reliable. Seems too good to be true. BUY IT....more info
  • Great job but noisy!
    It's great considering everything. Strong enough to eat everything but noisy too. The additional tools not located very well and may fall! The wire should be tied to handle or it would make some prob. Anyway, finally good and practical
    ...more info
  • Great Value For $$$
    Excellent suction power and easy to handle. All the real functions one looks for in a basic vacuum and at a most reasonable price....more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    When purchasing a vacuum, I was looking for something relatively inexpensive with good suction and an old-fashioned bag, as I want nothing to do with emptying dirt cups or changing filters.

    This vacuum is extraordinary. It has very strong suction and the bristling action is exceptionally proficient at removing stuff from my carpet. After vacuuming, I swear that the carpeting looks as if it has been cleaned professionally.

    The only disadvantage I've experienced is that it's loud. The loudness doesn't bother me when I'm vacuuming the carpet, but I do notice it when I leave the vacuum stationary and use the attachments to clean corners and such. My ears end up closer to the vacuum and the noise is an irritant....more info
  • Excellent performance for the price
    I have now had my Hoover Tempo Widepath for a couple months and love it! I researched, shopped around, and tried several vacuums at home before deciding on this one. It turned out that my decision for buying this one was based soley on the Amazon reviews and I'm glad I did.

    I was looking for a vacuum that was easy to use, lightweight, and had awesome suction. This vacuum has all that. It's so easy to use that it feels like a self-propelled. It literally takes off on its own. My younger children can now vacuum. It's lightweight compared to most vacuums out there now. The sucking power is awesome. I also like the fact that it has a handle on the front to grab on to to do stairs so that you don't have to stop and hook up attachments to do the stairs. It will also flatten out so you can get under tables and furniture. It is also very easy to assemble. My 3-year-old son put the top half on when I wasn't looking!

    I feel the only drawback it has is that when you are using the attachments the rotary brush underneath is still moving. The attachment feature though also has awesome sucking power. I just tip the vac back when I use the attachments so it doesn't keep running on the carpet.

    Don't be scared off by the "economical" price of this vacuum. It "held its own" in comparison to all the other overpriced vacuums I tried. I'm even considering ordering another one just to have way down the road if this one ever gives out. ...more info
  • great vacuum cleaner
    I was determined not to spend a lot of money on a vacuum cleaner. I checked Consumer Reports and ordered the Hoover Tempo Widepath. It is wonderful. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I bought this vacuum because of the great review in Consumer Reports magazine. It's a great product. It handles well, and weighs less than other vacuums. It's great for pet hair. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • gitter done
    This vacuum realy sucks. And I mean that in a good way. After spending lots of money on other brands only to be disappointed, this vacuum was a nice surprise. It just plain does it's job. If I had to fault it for anything it would be that it is loud and noisy and not ashamed of it. Turn it on and lights will dim, dogs will run, cats will hide and you won't hear the phone. As you go by curtains and bed spreads they will be blown into the air from the exhaust from this machine. It makes alot of noise, moves alot of air is obnoxious and not affraid to work hard. BUT YOU WILL HAVE A CLEAN CARPET.......base boards too. If you are on a budget and just need a good old fasioned vacuum then look no further. If you like to waiste money and have something that falls short of your expectations then buy a Dirt Devil. I would gladley put this monster up against machines costing 3 to 4 times as much....more info
  • Hoover Tempo Widepath vacuum
    I've only had this for a few weeks now, and we only have two carpeted rooms and one area rug, but we do have a cat.

    This vacuum seems to work quite well, since I don't have to go over areas multiple times often. The suction seems strong (but again, its new) and it got a great review from Consumers, which is why I sought it out. It was very inexpensive, ~$60 in a world of $500 vacuum cleaners! It is the ugliest vacuum cleaner I have seen in a while though. ...more info
  • Excellent Spartan no frills Vacuum
    The Tempo has much stronger suction and a vigorous agitator brush compared to my old Hoover, pulling itself through carpet on its own. I never recall my old Hoover being that strong. There was less odor from the Tempo exhaust, and it was obvious the old Hoover leaked dust during cleaning. Cleaning floors, thick carpet and bare, was very quick with the Tempo. The awkward tools, due to a short hose, made short work of dust, if you could reach it.

    Highly functional, effective and an overall upgrade from my prior upright vacuum cleaner. Its best suited for floors with occasional tool use. A heavy user of wand tools would either have a smaller hand-size vac or choose a canister vac that has a lighter powered wand.

    Its clear Hoover's Mexico production was a cost saving measure, and it included more streamlining in materials and finish. Construction however, is durable enough to last the lifetime of the agitator or the power cable, replacement of both would run the same cost as a new Tempo. Given the rapid advances in technology, most appliances, not just vacuum cleaners, are now disposable once reaching their rated lifespan. ...more info
  • Very good
    This vacuum is great for the money! There is a lot of sucking power, which we very much appreciate as we have two cats and two dogs. A wheel fell off the first week, but that was easy to fix....more info
  • Good vacuum, great value
    I bought this vacuum for my wife to replace an aging no frills machine. I didn't want to go with a bag-less model, as I have heard too many negative things about these. For around $70, this is an excellent, brand name (Hoover)(presumably American made, but now days, who knows? It has a powerful suction motor, which can be used as a blower by reversing the hose configuration. Comes with all the commonly used attachments. It also has a non-HEPA, washable secondary filter, a good alternative for the models with expensive disposable HEPA filters. Height adjustments easy and satisfactory. Easy to replace "Y" type bag (not hard to find at many retail stores). Headlight a plus. Comes with built in "bag full" indicator, a nice convenience that saves having to take the front hatch off frequently to check the bag. (The bag hatch, BTY, is easily removed and replaced.) The motor could be a little quieter, but I do not consider this to be a major flaw. Overall, a well made machine, with just the right number of frills, and a good value for the price....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900
    Review written after on month use: Superior cost/performance ratio. Unit is easy to assemble, up and running in 5 min. Carpet performance = 5. (Height adjustment very important for optimum performance.) Hard surface performance less impressive but still strong. Unit is lightweight but a powerhouse. Belts/bags no expensive and relatively easy to change.
    Cons: On/off switch not on/near handgrip - somewhat inconvenient. Noise level is higher than most - not so noticable on carpet but on hard surface you will notice....more info
  • Poor Quality, Improperly assembled at factory !!!!
    I paid extra to receive it in 2 days, but I could not use it because the hose fitting was assembled at the factory wrong. They installed it backwards, and I can not use the machine. I used the help website to send an e-mail and found no acccess to e-mail. Called the help phone number and hung up after being on hold for 20 minutes. Called the nearest service center and he said return it to where you bought it, eventhough the Hoover documentation says go the service center first. The service center also mentioned it would take a while to get the replacement hose because they are very slow. Poor quality and customer service. ...more info
  • Great secondary vacuum
    This is a great vacuum with lots of power. This is probably one of the most powerful vacuums I have ever used. The name widepath is a little misleading as the head is not very wide in comparison to most of today's vacuums and the power cord is very short. I use this vacuum as a secondary vacuum for my basement because of the great price and the great performance on carpet....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    For a very inexpensive vacuum it is great! I would definitely make this purchase again. It has as good or better suction than my Kirby....more info
  • Good warranty, but it broke quickly
    This is a very good vacumn that works very well, but the motor on ours went out after only a couple of months.

    The warranty covered the repairs, but it doesn't seem to work as well after the repairs....more info
  • Great Vacuum for the money
    If you want an upright that has great suction and all of the hose attachments then this vaccuum is for you. I would think there are better vacuums with more bells and whistles out there but you are going to pay a lot more for those. I am throughly happy with my choice and would definitley buy it again if I had to. The only negative I can see is that the hose is a bit short so you have to have the vacuum close by at all times. However, doesn't a shorter hose give more suction than a longer one? ...more info
  • very pleased
    this was a gift for my daughter. The first time she used it she called me to let me know how great the suction was. She also was surprised when she found it pulled it's self since nowhere did it say self propelled on the box.She loves it so I love it.
    ...more info
  • Wonderful Sweeper
    This sweeper is a great deal. It is easy to use and has tremendous suction.
    The attachments are great, too....more info
  • Cheap and effective
    I'm in college and I didn't want to spend a lot for a good vacuum. This is exactly what I needed. It is very efficient, and I got it for a very reasonable price....more info
  • Can I give this vacuum 6 stars?
    Like the other reviewers, I based my decision to buy this on the praises found in consumer reports, and they were right on the money. I am totally amazed that this vacuum is built to the same quality standards found in our previous vacuum, the self-propelled Hoover WindTunnel, which cost us 3 or 4 times as much as we just paid for this model. As a testimonial to Hoover's quality, our 11 year old self-propelled WindTunnel is still working, but my wife was looking for something a little bit lighter for quick pick ups in the kids play room and on the hard floors. Now that she's tried this new model out, she says that the lighter weight makes it a breeze to use and she doesn't miss the self-propelled feature at all. An added bonus is that both this model and our previous vacuum both use the exact same bags, so I'll continue to buy the economy sized packages whenever we need more bags. ...more info
  • Excellent product for the money
    I bought this based on Consumer Reports review and was pleased with both it's performance and price. It does a great job on carpet and hardwood, is easy to push and has great suction. Strongly recommend!...more info
  • You can still find AMAZING products for less!!!!!!!!
    I can't tell you all how much I love this vaccum!! I have had several of the new age bagless "wonders" and they all (for a lack of better wording) SUCKED.... but not in a good way. The first day I got the hoover home I just had to try it, and see if it lived up to all the good reviews...and it sure did! It honestly felt like it was self-propelling itself around my floor (no joke) it left my carpet spotless of all those little fuzzies that I would normally have to pick up on my own (after vaccuming with that other POS).. and oh my carpet felt so fluffy!! It was WELLLL worth the money and the bags ... supper easy to find and inexpensive!
    ...more info
  • Hoover u5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum
    WE have been very pleased with the Hoover Tempo. It is very good value for the money. I would not hesitate to recommend it to other customers who are in the market for an upright vacuum...more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum
    Very satisfied with the product. It has excellent suction. And the rotating brush set is stout enough to make the unit seem as if it pulls itself. This is my second unit. Bought one for myself and later for my mother. We are very satisfied with the product and excellent handling and delivery service. Will buy again from this supplier....more info
  • Amazing value!
    Found this item through Consumer Report's recommendation and at the price, bought 1 for upstairs and 1 for down. High expectations and it delivered! For starter its suprisingly light and the suction is very strong. It pulls its self forward and the wide brush covers a lot of area. As well, the hose worked wonderfully! My old one lost suction when using the hose but this worked great on the stairs and they look better then they ever have. The Consumer Report listed it as a best value and Im still amazed by the combo of cost / power....more info
  • Happy Hoover
    For the price this vacuum cleaner is great. Ranked highly by Consumer Reports, I purchased it because it was significantly less expensive than the other highly rated cleaners. The attachments suck hard. The bag system works MUCH better than my previous bagless. Bagless left dust everywhere when the cleaner needed to be emptied. ...more info
  • Good Product
    Recommended by consumer reports and it lives up to the expecatation. Good reliable product...more info
  • Great suction, at a low price!
    I paid $300.00 for a hoover Windtunnel that broke down after 6mo. This one is equally as good, for A LOT less. Love the on board attachments. Suction and the way it lifts the carpet back up is great. Highly recommend this one!!!...more info
  • Not good on Hard floors
    I bought this vacuum 3 months back. The positives
    It cleans carpets pretty well
    The Full bag indicator is good
    It has a long cable
    The front is wider to cover more space
    Not good on hard floors
    If you use the extension cord, sometimes the dust comes out of the extension cord storage area....more info
  • Great value
    It's got a lot of suction. The only issue I have with it is that there is only one prong to loop the cord around for storage (it should have two)....more info
  • Hoover Tempo Widepath
    For the price, the Tempo is the best value I have found. The problems I did notice with it is that the hose tends to crimp. One vacuum did it the first time it was used. However, now that we know this we use more care when using the attachments. Also the attachments tend to fall off the back of the vacuum....more info
  • Very impressed!
    I was very impressed with this vacuum. It is a great bargain. I have two cats, and this vacuum keeps my place very tidy. The only negative is it is very noisy. ...more info
    Incredibly comfortable operation; simple to use features; wonderful performance; and, fantastic value! That's why we ended up buying three - - one for Mom and two for ourselves....more info
  • Very Good for the price
    I read a lot of reviews before deciding on this one. It is very good for the price. ...more info
  • Tons of Suction
    Great vacuum for the money. Vacuum was recommended by Consumer Reports. This vacuum has tons of suction. Picks up everything. Great for pet hair too. When using the hose, it doesn't miss a thing. Only down falls are: hose needs to be longer, hose needs to be a little more durable, and doesn't do too well on hardwood floors....more info
  • Hoover
    Great deal on this vacuum.It works very well. Did't buy it for it looks, but for the product, and the great price. Have had other brands, but always went back to Hoover....more info
  • A standard vaccum
    Really can't say much about this product. It does what it is suppose to and doesn't do what a vacuum shouldn't do. In all, the suction is good, enough for my carpets and hard floor. The weight is not heavy but not light either. It is just a vacuum that does the job.

    Bad points: the power cable always get in the way, and even with the extending tubes, the reach is too short (can't do the ceiling corners without some heavy lifting).

    Even with the bad points, I am giving it 5 stars since you get what you pay for, and for the price it is a very decent product.

    ...more info
  • Great vacuum, especially for the price!
    Based on several online reviews, ordered this vacuum from Amazon, got free Super-Saver shipping too! Would definitely recommend it - lightweight, good suction, really picks up everything. ...more info
  • Does great job sucking up dirt, but is loud
    This vacum will make the carpet look good and does not kick out any dust. It is very loud though. For the price, its hard to beat....more info
  • Great Purchase for the money
    This vacccum is a great purchase for the money. It had all of the features that we were looking for and at a very low price. We've been using it for four months now and no complaints or issues....more info
  • Pretty Good
    -->flexible handle position-Handle drops all the way to the floor. Allows you to vacuum under beds, couches, etc.
    -->Great suction via hose.
    -->Accessories conveniently stored on vacuum.
    -->Long cord.

    -->Difficult to pick up debris near the walls, in corners, etc.
    -->Using powdered carpet freshener decreases suction quality dramatically.
    -->Must vacuum over larger particles several times before cleaner actually picks them up.

    Overall, the product gets the job done. I would prefer something with better suction.
    ...more info
  • Overall Good Vacuum Product
    Vacuum picks up dog hair from the carpet with excellent results. Be warned, the vacuum is very noisy. If you want a quiet vacuum then this is not the vacuum for you. If you want a low cost vacuum that picks up dirt from a rug than this is the one you want. I have not tested it on hard wood/ Tile floors. Bags and replacement belts are common and can be found at Home Depot ...more info
  • Rich F.
    I bought this Vacuum because of the ratings in Consumer Reports, it was the best for the price and was excellent for emissions if you have allergies. I would recommend it to everyone!...more info
  • Great deal
    Great vacuum. My only complaint is that it uses the "Y" bags which are 1/2 the size of the "A" bags we used to use....more info
  • Still Holding Up Six Months Later
    Purchased on Consumer Reports review. Works really well, especially for the price. Still holding up. Highly recommended....more info
  • Hoover vacuum cleaner
    We returned it.
    I assume I will get the money refunded because the unit broke within a short time.
    I would not buy it again because I had so much trouble with it.

    The cleaner worked fine while it was working but was noisy. After about 5 uses (100 square feet) the belt ripped. A new belt mailed to us for free by Hoover ripped again after a few days. This unit was listed at Hoover under a different name.
    - We got a used vacuum cleaner but had ordered and paid for a new one
    - The Vaccuum cleaner was defective...more info
  • Hoover makes a great vacuum cleaner
    This is a great cleaning machine. I had considered a higher priced, top-rated model by Consumer Reports, but the Hoover is much lighter (easier to go up and down stairs with). This machine has performed beautifully. The power cord, however, is too short, making it a little inconvenient when going from one room to another without stopping. Consumer Reports had noted that this machine was a bit on the loud side - I don't agree. The machine it replaced was louder. I would buy this vacuum again, without hesitation - it's a real bargain for the price....more info
  • Not Good for Long Hair Dogs
    I bought this vacuum because of the price and good reviews. I haven't found one vacuum to be good, or at least manageable when picking up dog hair. I bought this vacuum 6 weeks ago. I have already had to take the vacuum apart twice. The dog hair gets clogged and I have to use a straightened clothes hanger to unblock it. This happened even though I pick up the chunks of dog hair with a broom before running the vacuum. It performs well on areas in which the dog doesn't frequent....more info
  • Great product for the a price!
    This vacuum cleaner doesn't have alot of bells and whistles but it has incredible suction power and works great! It has all the necessary attachments and, really, what more does one need?!...more info
  • Just okay/hose too short
    This vacuum seems to be very powerful with great suction, and I really appreciate that it filters and cleans the air while I'm vacuuming. As far as I can tell it is cleaning my carpet just fine. For the first few times I used the vacuum it left very tiny black pieces of plastic all over my wood laminate floor. Also when you push the vacuum to move it from room to room the bottom drags on the carpet. I'm 5'5" and in order for it not to drag I'd probably have to be another three or more inches taller. The worst thing about this vacuum is that the flexible hose is not long enough! The hose is so short that the vacuum has to be right next to me in order to use the attachments. A longer hose is available to purchase from Hoover for around $34 or more plus shipping, but that cost negates the great value that I thought I was getting with this vacuum....more info
  • Great Vacuum for the price
    I was skeptical that this vacuum could be any good for this low price. Do not hesitate to buy this vacuum. It's so powerful and cleans like a dream. It is excellent and much better than vacuums three times the price....more info
  • VROOM!
    I've never written a review here before, but I was so impressed with the first use of this little dynamo, I just had to say something about it!
    I received this vacuum today, it assembled very easily, and even though it is not a self-propelled model, when I turned on the switch... VROOM! The vacuum started moving forward like it was hungry for the dirt, awesome! I have very light carpets, and a bit matted looking in the highest traffic areas, but the vacuum made those fibers really stand at attention, it looked as if I'd just deep cleaned my carpets, fantastic.
    So, for $63.00 this is an excellent sweeper if you don't want or need a really fancy machine, and just want something that does what it was intended to do, without all the bells and whistles. I expect I'll be happy with this vacuum for years to come....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900
    This is a basic vacuum cleaner that does a very good job on both carpet and tile. It is a bit noisy, but the price makes up for it. ...more info
  • Hoover Tempo review
    If all you vacuum is carpet, this machine does a very good job, but I was used to using the tools on a regular basis. The hose is permanently attached, which is a very important thing, but the hose does not stretch, like my old vac did, making using tools very awkward. It's hard to even vac. the surface of the couch, or more than one stair. Also,my old vac had a handle on the back, so I could handle it while vacuuming up or down the stairs. This one claims to have a handle on the front. I am a woman. I can't imagine how tall you would have to be to use this feature. Also, the tools install inside the hose & they don't stay in very well. It also doesn't do well on non-carpeted floors. Plus, I wish all cleaning tools would have a very neutral color, like beige or grey so it would blend in if it doesn't get put away immediately. I expected a better product from Hoover....more info
  • Pretty good cleaner, great price
    I've had my cleaner for a couple months now and have been pleased. In general, it does a better job than my old Dirt Devil, is much quieter, and cost me about the same amount. The bag check feature on the front is convenient, and the wider path is nice. My only complaint is that it doesn't pick up stuff so well when I push it up against the edges of walls and furniture, but the attachments are easy to use and they work well. I would definitely recommend the cleaner if you want something relatively inexpensive that works well....more info
  • Its ok
    I bought this after reviewing it on several sites and consumer reports. It was supposed to be excellent regardless of its inexpensive price. Well, it's ok. I put it on the lowest setting and it still doesnt pick up everything (ie: lint). I would have spent more if I had known. Its ok for a poor grad student like me, but I wouldn't buy it if you have more you can invest....more info
  • hoover u5140-900 tempo widepath vac
    a very powerful machine and easy to use,but i need ear plugs to use....more info
  • An Excellent Vacuum at a great price
    I bought this vacuum because it was listed as one of the best by "Consumer Reports". Performs better than others that cost more. You might have to change the bag a bit more at first, though, because it'll pick up dirt your old vacuum didn't! Leaves a nice brush pattern, too. (with the next to lowest setting)
    ...more info
  • The noisy sucker
    Overall a good vacuum,and it was rated highly in the Consumers Report review on portable vacuums. There are a few complaints. I also wish it had a few features. The brush spins too fast and kicks some of the dirt back behind the vacuum. I wish it was either slower or can be turned off in certain situations (hardwood floors or tiled floors). The height adjustment is too coarse and I wish this was more adjustable. One complaint, it is very loud and if you use the extensions they tend to whistle at a high pitch and loudly (very annoying). ...more info
  • Great Product at a Bargain
    It was a Consumer Reports top 5, besting many $300+ vacuums. Totally agree with the CR rating. ...more info
  • BUY ONE: for no reason; what do you have to lose?
    This thing is $63.00 and is available with free super saver shipping. I ordered one and although they told me to expect 2-3 weeks, it took 3 days right before the Christmas holiday. Consumer reports 2006-07 rated it as the 8th best upright... for only $63.00!

    setup is simple. Two screws and you're ready to go. Suction is excellent and so is the lack of hazardous emissions. It has a 12 amp motor and a hepa filter. The thing that gives it excellent suction is that the vacuum compartment is well sealed and well engineered. This design has been around for a long time. In fact one thing that sold me on this machine is that it is nearly identical to my 1996 Windtunnel Mach 2.1.

    That vacuum still runs today and does an excellent job. Due to some extreme drops, I've got it stuck together with superglue and duct tape but it still works like new. There are only three minor differences between my mach 2.1 and the Tempo Widepath. The Tempo is two inches wider at 15 inches, the Tempo has an onboard indicator to tell you when the bag needs to be changed, and the Tempo lacks the edge cleaner; which is a rubber brush mounted at the edges that pushes dirt around.

    While it's not quiet, the noise level is acceptable. The handle is at an easy height. The controls are easy to use. This is a simple design resulting in a powerful vacuum that is cheap. Buy it, why not get an extra vacuum cleaner as a backup or for your upstairs. At $63.00 you have nothing to lose....more info
  • Great Powerful Vacuum
    This vacuum if very effective - it sucks up everything in its path (watch table cloth hems near the floors) and gets rid of hair and everything else you don't want on your carpet. It's light and easy to maneuver, and moves itself forward so it is easy! I gave this 4 stars instead of 5 because it is a bit loud....more info
  • Excellent price, nice little find.
    I just recieved this last week, but so far I'm very satisfied, the vacuum works great. And even though it's not the most attractive cleaner out there (not even close), I didn't buy it to look pretty - I bought it to clean my carpets pretty, which it does really well so far....more info
  • great machine!
    it has unbelievable suction power--> so you know your carpet is cleaned! more power than many much more expensive brands. yes it's noisy & the flexible hose a bit too short, & the suction may even be too strong (don't get it by anyone's face, think it'll suck an earring off the ear), but it does the job it's designed to very well & the vacum bags seem to adequately filtered the air coming out. have it for almost a year already, i'm still very happy w/ it, think it's is one of my best value purchases! ...more info
  • worked great for about a day
    I loved this vacuum for the few hours it worked. Then the motor started to sputer and it smelled like it was burning. I did all the trouble shooting to try and fix it but nothing worked. There are no Hoover repair shops near me, so I would have to pay to have it shipped to get it fixed, what a disapointment....more info
  • exceptional value
    I've tried numerous vacuums in our antique stores and this is the only model (with a bag - hate the bagless) that works consistantly for under $200... I bought two as they are getting very difficult to find.
    Highly recommended!...more info
  • Not Bad!
    I had been shopping around and pricing the latest Dyson vacuums. These are probably very worthwhile machines, but what a price tag! After much debate and consideration, I found I really don't like bagless vacuums. To me, they're gross, because you always have dust in your face when you empty the canister. So, I took a chance and found that this affordable Hoover still uses bags and provides allergen-free features. My impression is this is a very hardworking vacuum that really MOVES OUT! It's almost as if it wants to do all the vacuuming for you. One small drawback is that it isn't an overly quiet machine. It zooms and roars, but you get your money's worth. I like it a lot!...more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum
    This is an excellent vacuum for the money. It is very reasonably priced. The suction is excellent for carpet. The only drawback is that it is not self-propelled but tht is not really a problem as the vacuum moves quite easily. ...more info
  • Not to Impressed
    Works well on carpets not to well anywhere else. The hose attachment is horrible, the hose is about 4 ft long and stiff and is not permanently attached to the vacuum, and when you try to clean furniture the movement losens it and it comes off. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats and I need to be able to clean the furniture. Also when you could use the hose on something all the dirt piled up on the floor where the vacuum stood, it was not pulled into the bag. Very disappointed with it and would not recommend to anyone with pets. ...more info
  • Simple, yet great!
    I just love my Tempo vaccum. It's a simple machine inexpensive machine that gets the job done. I've only recently purchased the machine, but have been very impressed with how good it picks up the dirt, hair and paper. It cleans my rugs and carpet beautifully!!!...more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Vacuum
    This inexpensive upright vacuum does a good job on rugs but is less efficient on other surfaces such as bare floors. It is relatively quiet, operates smoothly, and is light-weight so it doesn't wear you out. ...more info
  • Excellent value - best bang for your buck
    I bought the U5140-900 through Amazon after reading the reviews. I have been pleased that the overwhelmingly positive reviews are absolutely right - this is a wonderful vacuum cleaner, especially considering the price. The suction is very strong and catches almost everything (including my son's toys(!)). It is built very well, not flimsy or plasticky like some I have seen. Negatives: It is very loud but I can deal with it, given its efficiency. And I wish it has a retractable cord. ...more info
  • I love this sweeper!
    I did my homework, read the reviews, and LOVE THIS SWEEPER... I had a Hoover previously, and it lasted 9 long years - I run the sweeper at least once a day in a busy household. This machine is amazing - it is lightweight - easy to put together (within minutes)- picks up EVERYTHING & filters very, very well - it has fantastic suction - The cord is 20+ feet & the on-board tools are very handy and easy to use and put away. I am so very glad I made the choice for this one! Easy to find and clean filters & they are re-usable - no need to buy more at high prices - simply pop out clean & dry and pop back in... Super! A1 in my book!...more info
  • Excellent vacuum
    For the $70 price, a great vacuum:

    -low price
    -great suction
    -great cleaning results
    -rated 'very good' overall by leading consumer magazine
    -no HEPA filters to replace, rated equal to HEPA-models in dust/particle emissions in leading consumer magazine

    -I am 6'3", the handle is a bit short for comfortable vacumming
    -Attachment hose is shorter than most...more info
  • Inexpensive and Works Fine
    Our 6-year old Panasonic died (motor armature burned out) and we replaced it with this Hoover. Weight and performance are comperable to the old Panasonic ($160 new) and it's an incredible bargain at $60. I am giving it only 4 stars because although it's about as loud as the Panasonic, the sound is higher-pitched and is, to my ears, more annoying. No problems so far after 6 weeks of use....more info
  • Great for any home
    I've had experience with quite a few vacuums (kirby, dirt devil, generic pieces of crap, etc), and this one is the best so far. Suction is great, it's powerful and does get to those corners well. I actually like where the on/off button is, it's really easy for me to reach. I've only had it about 2 months, but I have nothing but praises for it. It's quite light, which is good for smaller folks like me who can't lift 100 ton vacuums. Assembly instructions were easy and quick, and I feel like I could quickly and effectively change or fix the belt should it ever break or malfunction (which it hasn't so far). Overall, it does a great job, just as good as any other bagged vaccuum, in my opinion. I hope this review helps someone because the previous ones helped me to pick this product. Thanks!...more info
  • Absolutely Great Vacuum
    I just purchased my second one! What a great deal.. I have always owned Hoover, and this one won't steer anyone wrong. Hoover is the best brand of vacuum on the market. This vacuum is a bare bones model, but that's all I really need. I'm a simple user, not needing all the fancy buttons, etc. It does have all the tools too.. It really does the trick at such an unbelievable price.. Super!!...more info
  • Hoover Rocks!!
    I did my research when I made this purchase. I consulted with the Consumer Reports recommendations for the features and price range and this was the one I selected and was recommended. Great product for the price...does everything I expected it to do. The self propel feature was a little hard to get used to at first, but doesn't bother me anymore..used to it already.
    Great product for the price....more info
  • Buy This Vacuum!
    I read Consumer Reports and the MANY reviews on Amazon before I made my purchase, and I just have to say: I love this vacuum! I have long hair and 2 pets, so I know what its like to need a good vacuum. This one sucks up everything on my hardwood and tile floors and on the carpet. The attachments' suction is also incredibly strong- love it for couches and carpeted stairs. And you can't beat the price, but mind you, I was so in need of a good vacuum, I was willing to pay $500-600 for a Dyson till I started researching vacuums. And: its NOT too loud. :)...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum Cleaner
    Consumer reports was correct. This is an awesome vacuum cleaner. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in an upright vacuum....more info
  • Superb!
    The Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath is a terrific everyday vacuum and is easily worth twice the price. After a very easy setup, the Tempo Widepath was ready to go. It is lightweight and it's 12 amps of power is more than enough for most any task. A small array of onboard tools are included as well as a headlight which is a nice touch. For $59.99 and free shipping, you can't go wrong. I would recommend this product without hesitation....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum
    If you want a good vacuum without a lot of "bells and whistles", this vacuum does a good job....more info
  • 10 Minutes of Great Use
    Ok, well I thought the vacuum was working well, until 10 minutes into using it for the very first time, the belt broke. I guess you get what you pay for. And now the hassle of trying to get a replacement belt. We'll see if Hoover listens to my complaint. I couldn't even find any place to register a complaint on their website....more info
  • Good vacuum, buying another
    Got this a couple of months ago as per the CR recommendation. It works good on carpet, not so good on hard floors. For hard floors, the brush does not turn off and shoots the bigger junk around. But it works good on carpet, is pretty light, LOTS of power, a bag change indicator, and the attachments work well. Going to get another now! Make sure to get extra bags soon, they go fast....more info
  • Amazing Value!
    Despite the rave reviews here on amazon and on other sites, I was not expecting much with such a low price. My expectations were certainly rewarded with an amazing value, a great vacuum, and the usual Amazon speedy delivery. It is really hard to believe that such a good product could be so inexpensive, even if it is made in Mexico. The build quality is excellent. However, for someone tall, like me, (6'4") the handle is not long enough, the bag is on the small side, and the unit is noisy (but not any more so than other vacuums I have had that were 3x the price), but those are the only negatives after a week of use. Instead of smelling dust while vacuuming, the air coming out of the vacuum is actually fresher and cleaner smelling than the air in the room. Searching amazon, one can find belts for $3 or less and bags less than $1 in quantity, so the unit should be inexpensive to operate. If I get five years out of the unit, I will be more than satisfied....more info
  • Pragmatic happiness.
    This neat little light weight has big leaque performance, and if it holds up like most Hoover's, well ... SUPERB....more info
  • Great product
    It works great, excelent power when used on the floor or with the upholstery accesory. A little noisy but finally no more sneezing while vacumming.
    This product really sucks ! But in a good way :)
    Got it the next day I ordered it thanks to Amazon Prime for only 4 bucks....more info
  • Hoover rug sucker
    I thought our cleaning lady should be very happy, but she was ho-hum about the whole thing. It's lighter than the old Panasonic, but cleans about the same and she is a very strong lady.

    I'm satisfied and the price was great. I'll never again buy one of those $200+ monsters. I'm getting pretty tired of carpets, too, and replace carpets with tile and wood whenever I can....more info
  • Hoover Tempo Widepath delivers
    This is the vacuum I purchased as an (inexpensive) extra so I wouldn't have to drag machines up & down the stairs. However.. it is so lighweight, and cleans so well (even on bare floors)that my older, more expensive vacuum sits in the closet, & I use the Hoover for the whole house....more info
  • Great Vacuum for the Price!
    I read the Consumer Reports for the Tempo and also the Amazon.com reviews first and then tried to buy from a store in a big city but could not find it. Bought thru amazon.com for a total of $70.00. After an easy installation of the handle to the base of the vacuum I was set to go! This puppy is a little louder but it sucks so good on the carpet that the machine almost seems like a Self-Propelled model I used to have. On shorter pile carpet like Berber, it easily moves forward with little pushing. It comes with 2 allergy Type 'Y' bags. But I bought the cheaper type 'A' bag which is longer than the Y bag. All I did was fold over the top and bottom of the A bag and staple it to be the same size as the Y bag. Save some $$ this way as 2 Y bags cost $9.99 I think.
    Highly recommend. Hoover Tempo Widepath....more info
  • great vacuum for the price
    Works very well on carpet, less so on bare floors. Easy to put together. The tools work extremely well for an upright. ...more info
  • Powerful machine
    Powerful machine at great price. It was also a simple matter to attach handle and hose to get vacuum operational. My carpets looked like new after first use and it handled my Lab's dog hair with ease. I do wish the cord was slightly longer and that the bag a bit bigger though.
    ...more info
  • Great edging and more.
    The Tempo has terrific edging capabilities. Before I had to run a broom by the baseboard in order to vaccum dirt around the edges of rooms. In addition, the attachment hose is part of the main line, so suction is exponentially stronger than any vaccum I've ever owned. The light is incredibly bright and the emissions are non-existant; none of the moldy, dusty after-smell other vaccums put out. The cord could be a bit longer, but it's an excellent purchase for the price....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo
    This vacuum cleaner works well. It is light weight and a good deal for the price. It was easy to assemble -- my 13 year old son assembled it for me. It is a bit louder than I expected....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Tempo Widepath Bagged Upright Vacuum
    a bit noisey but one of the BEST and for the price, THE BEST...more info
  • Excellent value and it just plain works
    The Hoover vaccuum is one of the top value choices via consumer reports and we just decided to give it a shot and we haven't been dissapointed. We have a small apartment and we really only use it on two smaller rugs and some bare floors, but we've had nothing but success with this product. The extension cord is PLENTY long, though we have a smaller apt. with outlets everywhere, but it's probably 20+ ft. long I would estimate.

    Haven't really tried the extensions that come with it, but if you're just looking for a simple vaccuum that just does what it's supposed to and you're not worried about all the fancy tidbits, then this is for you. ...more info
  • Hoover products are always great
    First I was impress on how fast the vacuum arrive after I placed the order. I had a Hoover vacuum for 12 years and it finally broke down. I bought this Hoover vaccum and was very happy with the pickup suction that it has and the additiional tools which makes vacuum easier on both my carpet and bare tile floor. It has a light which makes it easier to see the carpet down a dark hallway. I am very pleased that Amazon offered vacuums and the fast shipment and I know I will having my new Hoover vacuum for another 12 years. ...more info
  • good vaccum
    I bought this after my bagless needed the filter changed. After checking the price of the replacement of 2 filter. i decided to buy a new bagged vaccum as the 2 filters will cost up to $50. It's about the price of a new one!!! Then i checked the consumer report and found this U5140-900. It is light and powerful. a decent vaccum which is exactly what i want. It is even quieter than my old one. After i tried the bagless' messy way of emptying the waste bucket. i far prefect to go back to bagged vaccum. I will never use bagless again....more info
  • Expensive Repairs
    This is a pretty powerful little vacuum; however, the least little thing breaks it down and then I have to pay money for repairs. If something gets caught, it stops working and I have to call the repair man. ...more info
  • Economical and powerful, but loud
    I bought this model for a focused reason: I wanted the least expensive vacuum that rated "excellent" in hose suction power, according to Consumer Reports' latest review of vacuum cleaners. And that's exactly what the Hoover offers. The powerful hose makes short work of vacuuming the refrigerator coil and the stairs. Its once drawback, I denote anecdotally, is that it seems loud relative to machines I've owned in the past....more info
  • Why I chose this model
    In chosing this model I had to keep in mind that living in Florida I would need an inexpensive enough product to deal with daily tracking in of sandy dirt. I find this model able to care for this task exceptionally well. It is used daily and my slightly soiled carpets look as though I've had them cleaned. I chose a bagged model because I did not mind changing bags and I believe by using a bagless daily I would be spending more replacing filters than buying bags. In daily vacuuming I would be constantly emptying the container. I would highly recommend this product and will replace with an identical model as the need arises....more info
  • Hoover U5140-900 Upright Vaccum
    Great vaccum. Same attachments and style as the u5146-900. Very powerful, slightly louder than other vaccums. Takes type Y bags. Highly recommended...more info