Hoover U5468-900 WindTunnel Supreme Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Hoover, 12A, Wind Tunnel Bagged Upright Vacuum, Embedded Dirt Finder, 3M HEPA Filter Bag, 15" Cleaning Width, Deluxe Stretch Hose.

  • 12 amp bagged upright vacuum cleaner with WindTunnel technology
  • 15-inch cleaning path; dual brush agitator; edge groomers to clean near baseboards
  • 5 height settings; embedded DirtFinder; HEPA filter; full-bag indicator
  • 2 extension wands, dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, and crevice tool included
  • Measures 13 by 15 by 43 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Hoovers: Not what they used to be
    I have owned this model for over one year. I knew a number of people who have had older comparable Hoover models for years and had good experiences with them, so I decided to replace my 10-yr old lower line DirtDevil with this Hoover.

    Just as many other reviewers have complained, the on-off switch of my Hoover WindTunnel stopped working (just after the warranty expired) and the vacuum will no longer turn off by the switch. Instead I have to unplug it from the wall (and it's still "on" when I go to plug it in, too). Safety hazard, anyone?

    Here are some other issues:

    1.This WindTunnel does a very poor job on hard floors: it kicks the dirt out the back end, scattering it further over the floor. I tried changing the bag, adjusting the floor-level setting, coming at the dirt from different angles, but the result is the same: my hard floors stay dirty.

    2.Low quality of the accessories. The accessory cover doesn't click into place, so it is always falling open; the hose pieces don't stay together very well;

    3.The hose itself is so compact that it doesn't give much stretch at all--if I try to move with the hose even a foot away from the vacuum base, the whole thing topples over.

    4.One of the features I liked about this model was that it was wide at the front in order to get under the fronts of furniture or against the wall. But the suction doesn't seem to extend to the widest part, so it ends up just being a wide vacuum without any additional benefit.

    5.The vacuum is VERY loud.

    These characteristics are all of lower standard than my previous 10-yr old lower-line vacuum cleaner, so I would've expected better of something newer. I would not recommend this vacuum in the least....more info
  • Piece of Junk....Don't Buy
    Our previous Hoover vacuum cleaner lasted 4 years and was a great vacuum. So, when it died we replaced it with a similar model. I could not be more disappointed. Initially, it worked great. After 4 months, it has been nothing but problems. It breaks belts like it is what it was made to do. We have been replacing belts at the rate of one or two a week. It also does not seem to pick up dog hair at all. The carpet light that is supposed to indicate whether or not the carpet is clean just turns off and on at what appears to be random. I would not reccomend this to anyone. Do not buy!! We just went out and bought a Bissell...Hopefully we will have better results!...more info
  • Sucks and Not in the Good Way!
    I spent days researching vacuums and thought I had a winner. TOTALLY WRONG. I knew when I was unpacking it that it wasn't gonna be great. The very FIRST time I used it the belt broke. I tried replacing it and it was impossible. I quit when I cut my finger. Also, there is a gap between the roller assembly and the actual vacuum. When I took it apart to change the belt it was jam packed with fur and dirt. And that wasn't even in the roller assembly where it could have explained the belt breaking! All of this in 10 minutes of vacuuming. Needless to say, I'm sending it back. ...more info

  • Great Deal!
    I bought this vacuum to replace a messy bagless one. Hoover is the brand to go to! This model has an indicator light to let you know when your carpet is clean. It is so powerful it almost drives itself. My carpets look newer! If you want a good vacuum at a reasonable price, this is the one to buy!...more info
  • Works well
    For the price you pay. It does a great job picking up items. It is easy to control sort of pushes itself. Even with a right arm that is painful I can vacuume my whole house with no problem....more info
  • nice vacuum
    I really enjoy using a new vacuum, and its pulling forward easily. I love Hoover products, my previous Hoover worked great, but it was hard to find the matching bags- it was an old model, but very powerfull. ...more info
  • Broken switch in only 16 months
    Owned this vacuum only 16 months and the on-off switch is already broken. We're not too compulsive about vacuuming, so I doubt if it has been used more than 20-30 times. Already had to replace the brush drive belt once. No complaints about the way it cleans, or the weight. The bag-changing procedure is not great-it's not easy to get the compartment open....more info
  • broken
    I called the Hoover company regarding the product I purchased. I explained to them the vacuume was broken, a peice of plastic was cracked. They told me to comtact you, so it does not change the working condition of the vacuume but it was disappointing to get a cracked new item......more info
  • Nice vacuum, bad electric cord
    This vacuum has mostly worked very well for us for 3 years. However, the electrical cord has worn to the point of it being unusable. We do not abuse it (e.g. running over it). The only cause would be normally wear as it rubs against corners. Hoover service folks want $70-$80 for a new cord and installation. So, we're just buying a new vacuum instead ... but not another Hoover....more info
  • Not like My Old Hoovers
    Total junk,...

    -Handle falls off every time I use it...really cheap construction...
    -Switch doesn't turn unit off half the time... a real safety concern...
    -Sound like a jet plane on takeoff...get ear plugs!
    -Power cable attachment does not work...always running over the cable...
    -Cannot use extension cleaning tools because the hose is so short and the unit is so light-weight that typical cleaning chores pull the unit over.

    My twenty-year-old, self-propelled Hoover is gonna have to last another 20 years because I am ready to throw this POS! out after 1 year...

    Hoover? Never again....more info
  • Cheap and worthless
    This vacuum doesn't pick up dirt, especially on wood floors; you can roll the vacuum over a piece of paper again and again and it doesn't pick it up. The switch broke after six months, so now you have to unplug it to turn it off. The belt has broken twice, and the upholstery pieces don't stay in place. I'm amazed at the number of positive reviews. Maybe these people have never owned a decent vacuum, but I have, and I'll never buy from Hoover again. ...more info
  • Buy it and you'll be sorry
    We bought this a year ago, were never happy with it, and now we are throwing it out. It's cheap - e.g., the cap on the handle falls off all the time. It tips over way too easily, and the attachment cord is too short. A couple of times now the belt has broken, but we didn't know it. For some reason, that made it get very hot - so hot, in fact, that it actually melted (for real) some of our (non-wool) carpet. Now, the on-off switch doesn't work - it can only be turned off by unplugging it.

    This is a piece of junk. Don't buy if you want long term satisfaction....more info
  • Little more than junk.
    Although this vacuum gets good reviews, our experience is radically different. The unit clogged regularly, right out of the box.It was difficult to unclog the internal orifice. The on-off switch broke within a year and is obviously cheaply made.We are tired of buying appliances that were at one time reliable and durable and made in USA but now are made in China or Mexico and are trash....more info
  • switch is defect
    I bought it a year ago, and it worked fine, but now the switch doesn't work
    any more. After I took apart the switch system, I found out this is a design problem....more info
  • Super Value and Vacuum

    This is our second bagged wind tunnel. The first is still running but the cord has been chewed up and taped to many times for the house. My wife has OCD and vacuums everyday, this never gets a rest. It brings up the carpet nap and cleans on the first pass. I have nothing but good to say about it. I also bought a attachment that gives you a powered brush on the end for the couches and tight spots. How good is this vacuum I use the old one to vacuum my garage floor, sand pebbles you name it and it picks it up. My neighbor which had a dyson bought this because she hated the mess of emptying the canister, dust flew everywhere. Stay with the bagged units much cleaner....more info
  • a cleaning lady's thoughts
    I am a canister vacuum person as a rule, but wanted a self propelled vacuum because I have a cleaning business and the pushing and pulling action of vacuuming is hurting my neck.this is a powerful vacuum and does a nice job on floors and carpets.I also wanted to go back to a bagged cleaner because cleaning out a bagless one is a rotten job!!...more info
  • Outstanding value
    Bottom line, for the price you can't best this vacuum. Powerful, wide path, large bag (I'l never buy a bagless vacuum again)....more info
  • Hoover Windtunnel Supreme Vacuum
    We've owned a Hoover upright vacuum for years and Eureka uprights before that. We bought a new one because an impeller blade broke on the one we had. It was about 8 -10 years old. This new model is great!. It's not as loud as the previous one, and it really seems to clean the carpets much better. In one room where we used to use baby powder a lot, I noticed the light coming on indicating extra dirt. The old vacuum had certainly not picked it up.I like the way the vacuum seems to pull itself on the forward push as though its self propelled. You work a lot less with this vacuum....more info
  • Hoover U5468-900 Quality
    This vaccuum is a joke. We purchased one and it vibrated quite a bit and sounded like an Cessna twin engine airplane taking off. We sent it back and received another; same situation. We thought it was factory defect. The second unit we received was sent back as well. Do not buy this vacuum. Eventually purchased another Hoover model vacuum locally. No problems......more info
  • A great vacuum, at a great price
    Wow, this thing is $100 cheaper than when I bought it back in 2001 (for $225, I think!). At that time (unbeknownst to me) it was a Consumer Reports best buy or something.

    Anyway, nice vacuum cleaner. It does a great job cleaning (provided you set the cleaning height appropriate to the surface you're cleaning). We've used it in a residential application for 6 years now and it's done a great job. The dirtfinder thingy is very handy for knowing when you've actually pulled the majority of the dust out of the carpet.

    We have a tough environment - light-colored carpet, a long-haired dog, a long-haired wife, and a bird all work together to make a heavy load for the vacuum. In spite of it all, this one has worked beautifully. It's got solid construction, has stood up to a lot of use, and I would definitely consider buying another. I honestly believe this thing will last forever as long as my mother-in-law would stop running over the cord and not stopping it immediately when the beater bar gets stuck (and burns up a belt).

    I will say that, just like any other vacuum, it needs REGULAR maintenance to operate at peak efficiency. Always keep an eye on the bag's level, and replace when it gets full (the light usually lets you know, but not always). Also, once a month, I remove the 4 screws and disassemble the beater bar area, clean the area very well, clean the filters, cut all the hair loose from the beater bar itself, clean out the bearing areas on the beater bar, then reassemble it. Every 6 months, I disassemble the entire vacuum piping and wash it with dish detergent in the sink. It doesn't take but 30 minutes and leaves your vacuum cleaner performing like new.

    1. Vacuum performance is great.
    2. Very easy to disassemble for regular maintenance (beater bar and housing cleaning, bag replacement and filter cleaning).
    3. Cord is just the right length.
    4. Very easy to control.
    5. With proper maintenance, runs as good as the day I bought it!

    1. The sucker is heavy!
    2. The cleaning attachment brush is hopelessly clogged with hair....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    The product arrived quckly in tact. The product is working well and doing a great job. We have been always happy with Hoover's. The price was great, a big savings over local retail stores....more info
  • Very functional, economical and dependable.
    This is the second windtunnel I have purchased, again I'm very satisfied. The embedded dirt finder is very useful, the indicator lights when the area is clean. Even the carpet cleaning service has commented on the vacuum's performance. Easily picks up debris left by teens and pets. The first windtunnel has lasted 12+years-still running. ...more info
  • Hoover Windtunnel is wonderful
    Great suction ability. Practically moves along on its own.
    Vacuuming is actually fun using the Hoover Windtunnel.
    Excellent quality vacuum....more info
  • excellent value
    For the money you can't beat it. It does a good job and sure would purchase again. We've tried others and for the money Hoover is the best....more info
  • Works well enough
    This product works fairly well but no better than the cheaper Oreck I used to have. The clean indicator light seems to get confused by darker carpet. In addition the off button doesn't work very well even though I've used it less than half a year and rarely use it. ...more info
  • Powerful vacuum...
    This is a great vacuum. But be prepared to replace the drive belt if you don't adjust the cleaning height on the vacuum. If you leave the setting on 'bare floor' and go into some carpet with tall fibers, it will shred the belt in seconds. But this is due to operator error, so I recommend this vacuum cleaner. Works great on pet hair. (The belt is easily replaced...I'm an expert now.)...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    I normally prefer bagless, but this model is a very effective and powerful machine. It is self-propelled and so very easy to use--barely any effort required. I would recomend this vacuum....more info
  • Poor Quality Make
    I've been using this vacuum just a little over a year. The slide off/on switch is a very bad design. The vacuum stays on even after I slid the switch to off position. Finally, the motor would not start in the on switched position. Now it's junk....more info
  • Hate this vacuum
    I own two of these. One for a vacation home and a newer one for main home. The newer one just burnt out the motor after 3 years!! The belt is constantly coming off and it is cumbersome. I paid almost $200 for a 3 year vacuum. I don't know what has happened to Hoover quality in the last few years, but my older Windtunnel is better.
    I cannot recommend this vacuum unless you want to replace it sooner than later. BTW, Eureka wasn't any better....more info
  • As good as I had hoped
    So far so good...I've been using this vacuum cleaner for about a month now and I am very pleased with the results. We have a samoyed and she sheds puffy white fur constantly. Not only does the vacuum cleaner pick up the hair in just a few passes, but it makes the carpet look new again. I would definitely choose the same vacuum cleaner if I was buying one today....more info
  • Good quality - great service
    The vacuum is everything it stated to be and a good buy for the price.
    I was even more impressed with the quick delivery and Amazon Customer Service....more info
  • Nothing miraculous here, just a solid perfomer and a good overall value
    When my husband and I decided to replace our 12-year old Hoover, we did hours of internet research on vacuums. Eventually, we decided to stick with a bag model, as dealing with canisters and filters sounded like too much trouble (plus, we don't have pets, so we didn't really see the need). After weighing various factors, from special features to ease of use to price, we decided to go with this Hoover Windtunnel model.

    We got a great price using Amazon's discount offer, and the vacuum shipped very quickly despite our choice of Super Saver shipping. The unit required only simple assembly, although I should note that our package was missing a required bolt, so we had to contact Hoover for a replacement and wait another week or so before we were able to complete assembly and use the vacuum. Finally, we had the opportunity to try our new product. The first thing we noticed was the sound, as this vacuum, while still loud, is noticeably quieter than our old Hoover. Second, the cord is significantly longer (about 30 feet), which is very convenient for maneuvering around our home. My husband also appreciated the convenience of the headlight, although to be fair, most newer models include this feature.

    As far as cleaning ability goes, this vacuum does a good job. It doesn't necessarily out-perform our old vacuum, but it does seem to stir up less dust. Also, the larger vacuum head speeds up the chore time a bit (although it also makes it harder to fit in tight places). The dirt indicator light did seem to be consistent with areas that required a bit more attention, which was nice. Another feature of this vacuum is the build-in handle at the unit's base for cleaning stairs; this was a nice idea, but my husband (who does the majority of the vacuuming in our house--lucky me!) found it to be a bit cumbersome and uncomfortable to use.

    Overall, we are happy with our choice of this vacuum, a solid performer that can be purchased via Amazon at a very reasonable price. If you are living in a home with no pets and looking for a good basic vacuum, this would be an excellent choice.

    UPDATE JULY 2008: Unfortunately, I need to downgrade my review of this vacuum, as its performance has deteriorated over time, and we are currently in the market to purchase a new one. My husband, who is the main user of the vacuum, compiled the following list of complaints:

    1. The on/off switch ceased working shortly after the one-year warranty period expired. Currently, the vacuum can only be turned on or off by plugging and unplugging the unit from an electrical outlet.

    2. The height adjuster failed, also shortly after the one-year warranty period expired; the vacuum now leaves an odd-looking wave pattern on the carpet unless it is used at the highest setting (which is the least effective).

    3. The natural forward momentum of the vacuum stopped after only a few months of use, making the unit more difficult to push.

    4. The dirt indicator light seems arbitrary and thus virtually useless.

    5. The vacuum is awkward to use on stairs: the place to grab is not a handle--rather, it is just an indentation in the plastic, which becomes painful to hold after only a few seconds.

    6. The cord does not remain attached to the clamps on vacuum during use: when the cord is fully extended, it pulls loose of the clamps, causing it to constantly get underfoot.

    7. The vacuum's motor "revs" loudly at random times and for no apparent reason.

    8. The dirt bags are difficult both to attach and to remove.

    9. The vacuum does not perform well on hard floors: it blows dirt around, necessitating several passes.

    10. The vacuum feels heavy and has a wide head, making cleaning in tight spaces difficult....more info
  • excellent choice
    With two cats and two dogs in the house--plus a messy husband and a teenager--I have to have a really good vacuum and this is it. I especially like the fact that the hose goes straight into the bag and all those little clumps of cat hair (and bits of clay kitty litter, etc) can be sucked up without getting caught up in the beater bar (brushes). I also prefer the bagged type of vacuum because you simply fold the bag and toss it---there's no storm cloud of dust as there can be with the bagless models. ...more info
  • a waste of money.
    I had a Hoover Windtunnel Supreme bagged upright vacuum in 2000. It worked very well until sometime in 2003, when I replaced it. I have a dog and two cats, so I need a good vacuum. I replaced it with highly rated vacuum, that also worked well for three years until it started going downhill. So I got another Hoover Windtunnel Supreme Bagged Upright.

    This new on is a piece of junk. I've had it two months, gone through 2 belts, and I'm ready to throw it in the garbage. It's lighter weight than the last one, and doesn't seem to work as well. It doesn't even hold together well - for example, the end keeps coming off of the handle as I vacuum.

    Did I mention it just doesn't work very well? Because it really doesn't. ...more info
  • Hoover Windtunnel Supreme
    Very loud and heavy. I have used lighter and less noisy vacuums in the past. This one does pick up hair and lint very well. Seems to deep-clean. For the price, it was a good deal....more info
  • Disappointed
    I have used a lightweight Hoover for years and was very pleased with it. When I first received this new cleaner I was really excited with the power it had. The third time I used it the belt broke. With each use, my back would start hurting. The forward motion was very easy, but pulling it back was hard. I returned this product because I felt there was something wrong with it....more info
  • good vacuum for the money
    I've bought 3 or 4 vacuums during the last 10 years. They've all worked okay, but there was always something that could be improved upon. This one had features that appealed to my personal needs. Number one was the suction power. I've had vacuums that had more power, but wouldn't pick up a feather if it wasn't stuck just right. This one picks up everything. Number two was I prefer bags rather than emptying a container. No mess. This model had something I'd never had before which I find great, and that is the dirt indicator. I have a motorhome which I thought I thoroughly clean every time. It took me 45 minutes the first time to clean that small area to the point the indicator light stayed green. I'm happy with it now and if it lasts for a few years, I'll have considered it a good deal....more info
  • (used to )Love this vacuum
    I originally gave this vacuum a 5. However after 4 months of use it went downhill fast. My first Windtunnel that I bought this to replace now outperforms it's newer brethren. A defective model perhaps? Regardless I am sorely disappointed in Hoover this time around. And of course it is out of warranty..

    --Original review below --This is a great vacuum. I bought my first windtunnel several years ago and just recently needed to replace it. The vacuum is still going strong but I've run over the cord a few too many times and the cord is starting to fray. Aside from that I'm sure it would be good for a few more years. Anyway I liked my windtunnel so much that after shopping around I decided to replace it with the exact same vacuum. It's powerful and reliable. The only negative I can think of is that the hose is a little short, the vacuum will tip over if you stretch it too far....more info
  • Excellent Combination
    After skimping and purchasing lower end vacuum cleaners for my condo in recent years, I decided that the Hoover name with the features and price tag of this model was the next logical step. Well, I am very satisfied with the results. The power of this vacuum cleaner gets the job done and I no longer have to go back and pick up remnants left from the cheaper models previously owned. The delivery was quick and the combination of Hoover and Amazon have solved my vacuuming problems. ...more info
  • The best vacuum I've ever owned.
    I've owned a few vacuums. The worst was Kenmore. I real horror, totally worthless. My Mother in law had this vacuum and we borrowed it when our Kenmore was broken and I fell in love. Yes, the hose is a little too short and can be annoying, but the VACUUM itself does an awesome job. We've had ours for about 4 years and it's just as good as the day we bought it. It's very powerful and I love the bag, because I don't like emptying the canister on the bagless ones. Seems unsanitary to me, like a dust storm!! This is a terrific value and terrific vacuum. You will not be disappointed. I will keep this as long as it works and buy another windtunnel when this one kicks the bucket....more info
  • Pretty Much Perfect!
    Wow, what a surprise, especially since I got $25.00 off the price here at Amazon and free Amazon Prime Shipping in 2 days. But back to the vacuum...Looks good, easy to assemble, lots of bells and whistles, really like the dirt finder. Suction is very good and probably the best I have seen on hard floors. Someone has really thought out this model. I do not care about the short accessory hose as I use handier small vacuum on stairs. Out of the 4 floor vacuums at 2 houses, this is by far my favorite! ...more info
  • Great vacuum!
    This is my second Hoover Supreme; the first one finally died after 10+ years. This is the best vacuum I have ever owned, the only downside is that the hose for attachments is a bit too short and the vacuum topples over, but otherwise a great deal.
    ...more info
    I clean houses for a living and this vacuum has been WONDERFUL!! I have used MANY varities of vacuums, from very expensive to dirt cheap ones. This vacuum has the BEST quality of performance for the BEST price! ...more info
  • wow.. for me a big improvement
    of course, my first vacuum was a $45 bagless and it lasted about a year and a half with okay performance. this thing, even tho it's not "self propelled," to me felt like it was pulling and helping me out. and the edge cleaner is impressive. yes, it does tip over when you use the attachments. i figured out that if you pull the attachment hose out and hold it, it doesnt tip the vacuum over. ...more info
  • Good suction with some design flaws
    I agree wholeheartedly with Tammy's review -- the hose is too short and when you tug on it just a little, the whole vacuum tips over on you. Tammy is right again: the attachments don't stay on very well (need a tighter fit). But the suction of both the vacuum and the hose is powerful. The hose is so easy to use; pull out and re-attach without any fiddling. I also like the fact that it uses a bag that is easy to change without having dust billowing everywhere. Putting on a new bag is also a cinch. For that, I am buying another one for use in my basement alone as it's rather heavy to haul this vacuum up and down stairs....more info
  • Watch out sweeper will tip over on you!
    This sweeper is okay, it has good suction, expecially the hose feature, but that is where my major complaint comes about, the hose is way to short, also I have had the sweeper tip over on me numerous times and that didn't feel very well and I probably could have thrown it out the window! Also when I put all the attachments on the hose they seem to pop off while I am sweeping, but that could be because the hose it just way to small....more info
  • Love the Hoover
    I purchased this Hoover after my old 10 years+ model died. I simply love the new one. It moves so smoothly over the carpet and and makes less noise than the old vacuum. I specifically want a bagged vacuum (I hate bagless) and couldn't be happier with this model. It is not self-propelled and that is not a problem with me. So far it has exceeded my expectations....more info
  • Just as good as my last Hoover!
    I had the original to this which was eight years old. It worked absolutely great. We put it to rest recently and purchased this as the replacement model. This model is almost identical to the one I had eight years ago with a few nice improvements.

    I highly recommend it....more info