Hoover U5172-900 Fold Away Widepath Bagless Upright Vacuum

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Product Description

Fully assembled - just lift the fold-down handle and this cleaner is ready to go right out of the box Easy empty dirt cup - no bags to buy or replace Powerful 12 amp motor - provides powerful cleaning performance Allergen filtration - filters out 100% of dust mites and 99.98% of ragweed and common grass pollens 15" cleaner width - gets the job done faster On-board tool set places the attachments conveniently within reach

This lightweight Hoover model is priced for the consumer who vacuums out of necessity and doesn't want to spend a mint on an appliance that cleans the floors. Although inexpensive, the Fold Away vacuum offers the performance one would expect from the Hoover brand. A powerful 12-amp motor provides strong suction and a wide 15-inch-wide cleaning path picks up more dust and dirt in one sweep. The three-position handle rests directly upright, at a 45-degree angle, or completely horizontal to get under beds and sofas. The Fold Away stores three on-board tools to cover a wide variety of cleaning needs-a dusting brush to clean shelves and baseboards, a crevice tool to get under doorways and in corners, and a furniture nozzle to clean upholstery. The stretchy hose extends to three times its original length to clean areas above the floor and an extension wand is also included for dusting high shelves or areas that are ceiling height. For those who suffer from allergies, the Fold Away has a filtration system that traps 100 percent of dust mites and 99.98 percent of ragweed and other common grass pollens. Debris collects in a plastic cup that is simple to empty and eliminates the need to ever purchase vacuum bags again. When vacuuming is done, the handle on this compact appliance folds down for easy storage in a smaller home or condo. This vacuum cleaner comes fully assembled and is covered by a full one-year warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde

  • Lightweight and maneuverable; folding handle for easy storage
  • Allergen filtration system captures dust mites, ragweed, common pollens
  • Powerful 12 amp motor; 15-inch cleaning path
  • Dusting brush, furniture nozzle, crevice tool, extension wand
  • Deluxe triple stretch hose; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • worst vacuum ever. stinks and smokes
    this product works fine if you only use the attachments. as soon as it goes on carpet, the belt slips and heats up, and eventually smoke comes out....more info
  • Very sastisfied
    I received my vaccuum cleaner very quickly and it was by far the least expensive I could find. I am very satisfied with my purchase on Amazon...more info
  • not bad for 1st apt.
    Convenient small size with fold down handle. Product is lite and easy to use. So far no complaints. Perfect for a college student's first apartment. Seems to work good considering all the dust in the canister....more info
  • This vacuum really works
    This is the 2nd Hoover Fold-Away I have purchased. The first one finally wore out after years of faithful service. The compact size makes it real easy to store without taking up a lot of room. The vacuum removes dirt from my floors and is simple to empty. The only draw-back is that the paper filter needs periodic replacement....more info
  • hoover bagless sweeper (upright)
    I just love my new sweeper, we did n't realize how much our old
    sweeper wasn't picking up till we got the new one.
    And I love the idea of no more buying bags for it.
    saving money there....more info
  • Spend a little more and get a better one!
    1/2 star only because it is a Hoover! I have had this vacuum for well over 4 months and I use it often. I am quite disappointed in the quality. The cord is too short, the motor it too loud and the bagless container is small and is not a breeze to empty, it tends to be messy. The fold away handle does nothing more than make it "appear" less bulky. It must still be stored upright. The suction is less than expected and forget about using it on tile, vinyl, or wood floors. It will only scatter whatever you are trying to pick up. I find myself using my older Hoover to pick up what this one leaves behind. Overall it looks nice but doesn't meet my expectations I have come to expect from a Hoover. Of course I also purchased it at the original higher price. So now I'm even more disappointed as it seems to be going for almost 50% of the original price. ...more info
  • Hoover
    This vacuum is perfect for me. I live in a very small apartment with little storage space, and the vacuum fits in a linen closet under the bottom shelf. The canister is easy to empty, and the sweeper picks up everything, including much cat hair. Although I'm in a wheelchair, operating this vacuum is a snap. It's exactly what I wanted, and the price was great....more info
  • Always loved Hoover but not this one!
    I bought this sweeper about 3 years ago and I can't believe I am only willing to give 3 stars for a Hoover! From past experience with a Hoover and other models (don't buy Eureka)I was not going to buy anything else but a Hoover. When you read this review however, keep in mind this was my first bagless sweeper ever. Anyhow, the suction is quite good but there are some things I really dislike. The bagless area fills up quick so it has to be emptied a lot. When you remove the filter it is really messy and you have to do it really careful. The hose that sits in the bottom part falls out all the time. It drives me crazy! I am constantly bending over to put it back into place so I can continue to sweep. The fold away future may be nice if you REALLY need it, but I never ever used it. The handle doesn't take up much room if you ask me. I will definitely buy another Hoover but I will spend more money this time and get a better one. I guess I got what I paid for....more info
  • great vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum a month or so ago for my new apartment. Although I have only used it twice I am very pleased with it, although it is a bit noisey and doesn't work very good any any surface except the carpet.

    The fold away feature is very handy.

    But for the price, I would reccomend this vacuum to anyone who doesn't want to spend a fortune on a vacuum. ...more info
  • Works very well on carpet
    I have been using it for only a month and I have to say that it's awesome already. Vacuumming the home is no longer a pain and I'm impressed with its ease of use. Just switch on the cleaner and just hold and it will move forward by itself without you having to push it!!! And the widepath is really awesome. I like it and will recommend anyone to own it....more info
  • Purchased as a Xmas gift
    Extremely satisfied with this purchase. Even though it was purchased as a late Xmas gift (was ordered on 12/21) and was told it would arrive on or after the 3rd week in January, it arrived on 12/27. Not a bad deal when your order ships for free. Would recommend this product and site to all my friends and co-workers....more info
  • Good Vacuum, but....
    This vacuum is quite handy. The fold-away feature is really nice as I don't have a ton of storage space. I have been a bit disappointed in the4 durability though, with the belt already breaking. More of a nuisance than a problem, but if the belt breaks less than a month into it, what is in sotre for me down the road?...more info
  • Not for hardwood floors!
    I bought this vacuum and it was fine on carpet (though a bit noisy.) It was awful on hardwood floors - it blew the dust everywhere. Stay away if you plan on using it on anything besides carpet!...more info
  • The worse vacuum !!!
    I just want to say "Please don't buy this vacuum" Here is why:
    1. When I vacuum on hardwood floors, the dirt would shoot out from the back of the vacuum itself. Make my job twice as hard. It does not do that on carpet, though.
    2. It is heavy.
    3. The cable is short, and so I have to keep on moving it to different plug in the other room.
    4. It blows air everywhere and so when I tried to vacuum my golden retriever's hair I decided it's better to use a broom instead.
    5. It is not wide enough.
    You really get what you buy for a 'cheap' vacuum, don't expect much from it!!!...more info
  • Pretty Good Vacuum
    I was impressed the vacuum came fully assembled, we purchased new carpeting in my son's room and our room it filled the cup and did a wonderful job with its first use. I purchased this vacuum for my second floor and it does the job wonderfully. The only compliant I have is that its heavy compared to my Dirt Devil bagless. ...more info
  • Hoover Fold Away Bagless Upright Vacuum
    Wonderful product. Fast service. Highly recommend this item....more info
  • easy to use
    easy to claen and replace filter. simple instructions. nothing to put together. is compact and fits on srairs for cleaning....more info