Metropolitan Professionals ADM-4PNHSF 13 Amp 4 Horsepower Canister Vacuum with Quadruple Hepa Filtration and Electric Power Nozzle

List Price: $630.00

Our Price: $399.99

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  • Stainless steel body
  • 4.0 php twin fan motor
  • 4-stage hepa filter system
  • electric power nozzle assembly
  • complete set of cleaning accessories
Customer Reviews:
  • Powerful, but not (as durable as) your mother's vacuum.
    I bought this because I was tired of the expensive, plastic vacuums falling apart within the first year of use. While this vacuum is incredibly powerful (indeed it sucks the area rugs right off the floor) it's not the indestructible stainless steel canister vacuum of my childhood. Within the first 4 months a rivet broke loose from the canister, making it impossible to close the vacuum. I tape it shut for use now. One wheel drags as well, leaving long black scuff marks on my white floors. I'm underwhelmed, but perhaps the manufacturer will make good on the warranty....more info
  • Vacuum with Attitude
    I purchased this vacumm, complete with power brush unit, about two and half months ago, and it is by far one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. This vacuum has attitude, period! It's powerful, two speed motor allows flexibility no matter if you need to clean floors and carpets or upholstery and drapes. The stainless steel canister is very sleek and all the trim and accessories with it are quality. For the power that it renders, it is not at all overly noisy and the dogs don't seem to go into attack mode as soon as I turn it on. Having multiple pets, I am particularly pleased at how pet hair is no obstacle for this vacuum. Be aware though that this is not your typical vacumm by "design." There are two things you may find to be a awkward. One, there is no retractable power cord feature on the unit so you must hand wind it yourself and hang the cord up on a hook in the closet or where ever you store your vacumm. There is also no on-board storage for the accessories. Second, the vacuum bag is rather small. So if you are doing a full once over of say a 2,500 square foot home, you may have to empty the bag by the end of that cleaning cycle, especially if you have pet hair to contend with. The good news is that the bags are readily available and reasonably priced. I have already dealt with the company in New York who manufactures the vacuum and they were both helpful and timely in sending me a large quantity of bags. Overall, I expect to have a very long and harmonious relationship with "Sylvia," as it has been named in our family. ...more info
  • metro vac
    A little dynamo. It's powerful, but it won't exactly suck the chrome off a trailer hitch (to coin someone else's phrase). Very light weight. Rolls really well. I have 2 complaints: You have to stoop down to turn it on, and the power carpet nozzle is too high to fit under my sofa. But, overall I am pleased. Good value for the money. Sleek, looks like a little rocket on wheels! Best of all it is AMERICAN MADE!!!...more info
  • Metropolitan AMD-4PNHSF w/ power nozzle
    We just opened the box. It took all of 5 minutes to put it together. First thing I checked was the suction. It was great. Two negatives, no auto cord recoil and the exhaust is loud. It is well built, glides nicely along the floor, comes with all the accessories, including two extra chrome metal wands, has a powerful rug beater and the bare floor nozzle has great bristles. It is light weight so it is easy to carry up the stairs and makes it OK to clean the stairs, although I wish the hose was longer. We have had all types of vacuums, Oreck upright, sharp canister, Hoover canister, shop vacs, etc. After all is said and done, when you get right down to it, you have to use a canister vac if you want to really clean. It allows you to get the dirt and dust in those hard to reach places and an upright is simply not going to cut it. We looked at all the vacs, Electrolux, Dyson, Eureka, Kenmore, Bla, Bla, Bla, Ba Bla. Based on price, performance, ease of use, durability and good old SUCTION!, this Metro is the sucker of all house vacs, bar none. It has a toggle switch for low and high suction and the power head is well made. My wife just made a comment that it is LOUD, but man it really feels like the house is clean!! Go for it!!! ...more info
  • Great Vac!
    I love my vac - it is very powerful. I can reach the ceiling and windows with the hose. However, the vac blows hot air out of the back. So you need to be careful not to point the vac in a location that hasn't been cleaned yet - otherwise you'll be blowing dust into the air. ...more info
  • What I expected.
    It is a little old school but it does work great. I'm impressed it has a high and a low setting and work very well for a canister vac....more info
    I don't know why I did not buy one sooner. This thing could suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch!!! I live in an older home and it actually took a piece off old wall paper that had been painted right off of the wall. I'm telling you, this is the vacuum to beat all vacuums. I have told everyone I know to buy one and not waste their money on store brand. I love it!!! I named mine Wilma. These guys know what they are doing....more info