Metropolitan Professionals ADM-4SF 11.25 Amp 4 Horsepower Canister Vacuum with Quadruple Hepa Filtration

List Price: $335.00

Our Price: $220.55

You Save: $114.45 (34%)


  • Stainless steel body
  • 4.0 php twin fan motor
  • 4-stage hepa filter system
  • Electric power nozzle assembly
  • Complete set of cleaning accessories
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Vacuum
    The vacuum is great, just like the old ones my parents had, however i was somewhat disturbed that amazon sent me a noticeably previously open product with a broken handle, Metro sent me a knew one within days of writing them. ...more info
  • Metropolitan Professional Vacuum
    The Metropolitan Vacuum could suck the stripes off a zebra....great product....and great customer relations from this family run business. I appreciated their humble apology when they apologized for AUTOSUPERMART's rude customer relations. (see below)

    DO NOT pruchase from AUTOSUPERMART. I had to work with them via phone and have never been so poorly, disrespectfully , rudely treated in a sales/customer relationship ever. Give [...] a HAS to be better than AUTOSUPERMART. The help desk at Autosupermart was curt and only used one word answers and responses when I was trying to understand how to get a return lable. He hung up on me. I had to call them 4 times to get a return lable. When the Manager (Bill) learned of the poor communication I recieved at the help desk, HE TOO was out-of-line justifying the unprofessional, punk, rude kid (Jason) who worked the help desk. Bill didn't listen to the truth, but rather told me I was wrong and a liar. Never did Autosupermart us words like, Please, Im sorry , Thank you. I will not soon forget this stupifying expierience. I am still befuddled by these people. Again, Try [...]....more info
  • Nice
    This model of the vac performs great on floors. I have 2 dogs. I needed to upgrade to the electric power nozzle. A very costly upgrade. Almost $200. Look for a sale on the upgraded model. I would have saved $85.
    Gary ...more info
  • Finally, A Real "Old School", Vacuum Cleaner!
    The vast majority of vacuums on the market today are poor substitutes for the "old school" models that gained fame in the 1950's and 60's. Mostly Plastic, cheaply made, and never doing the job good enough, most vacuums today do just enough to get by. This unit by Metropolitan not only pays homage to those legendary cannister vacs of the 1950's, but it actually cleans like them! This vac actually is powerful enough, to suck up, anything it touches, so it not only picks up the deepest dirt, and dust, but if you're not careful, it'll also devour socks, coins, paper, and other small items! This is the type of concentrated, sustained, sucking power, lacking in most contemporary units. With it's mulitiple filtration, quiet operation, and lightweight, this vacuum is a joy to operate. The need to buy filters and bags may be construed as a negative, but in reality, it's a reasonable trade-off, for the true "old school" cleaning power, this unit delivers....more info
  • Pleased customer!
    This is by far the best vacuum I have owned, and I've had several Hoovers, an Electrolux and most recently an Oreck. This machine actually picks up dog hair! It's so nice to feel like you're really cleaning the floors, not simply running over them. I'd buy it again!...more info
  • Great vacuum
    This is the vacuum I've needed forever. It is easy to pull around, light, and since it is a canister vac you can use it floor to ceiling with just a change of heads. Very powerful but not noisy, and has the Hepa filtration. On top of all that it is really nice looking in shiny silvery finish -- like a little rocket....more info