Metropolitan Professionals OV-4BCSF 13 Amp 4 Horsepower Compact Canister Vacuum with Quadruple Hepa Filtration and Inflator Adaptor

List Price: $375.00

Our Price: $201.00

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  • Stainless steel body
  • 4.0 php twin fan motor
  • 4-stage hepa filter system
  • Electric power nozzle assembly
  • Complete set of cleaning accessories
Customer Reviews:
  • Vacuum
    This vacuum works pretty good but the floor attachment is kind of lame and cheapish. The exhaust will knock all of your pictures off the wall if you aren't careful!! It does however serve as an excellent tool to vacuum out your car or trunk. ...more info
  • The Little Vac that Could!! - Powerful & Lightweight
    Purchase requirements - Small - Lightweight - Powerful - Quiet - Long Hose

    1.) Small - when I first received my shipment, I was a bit taken aback. The Box was 4'x2'x 1-1/2'. Gosh it was huge and a bit heavy (for a vac). Slowly I opened the package to find another box. A bit relieved, the size seemed a bit more appropriate. I quickly opened the box to find another box. Now we are talking - once this box was opened, I saw what I wanted - a small, good looking, lightweight vac! The Stainless Steel did give the vac a professional appearance.

    2.) Lightweight - Definitely meets the bill. No larger in width and length than my keyboard, there will be no problem moving this vac about.

    3.) Powerful - I didn't expect much from all the claims (4 horsepower and 95" of waterlift), but this little vac made me a believer in power. This is the first time I only needed to use the crevice tool for awkward corners. Those little pieces of fuzz and hairs that usually needed picked up with your fingers came right up. The seems in upholstery that filled with dust - clean!

    4.) Quiet - My subjective is opinion says this machine is quiet for such a powerful vac. In fact, my IQAir Air Cleaner is louder. Switch the 2-speed switch to low (works similar to my old shop vac and this speed); now we are talking quiet!

    5.) Long Hose - The 6.5 foot hose, lightweight and flexible does not make the grade. It's adequate for my purposes, but I may purchase a hose extension.

    1.) The dust bag is quite small (approx. 7" diameter by 5" deep) - this is to be expected in such a tiny package.
    2.) Tools look and feel cheap, which is quite typical for all brands. They are however, effective....more info
  • Great suction but minor design flaw
    Metropolitan Professionals ADM-4PNHSF 13 Amp 4 Horsepower Canister Vacuum with Quadruple Hepa Filtration and Electric Power Nozzle

    This little vac has terrific suction, better than any cannister I know of. Unfortunately, there are 2 minor design problems. First, there is no catch or hook that keeps the hose attached to the body. I must have pulled it out 10 times doing one small house. All it needs is a simple twist catch or such. Second,there is no comfortable place for your hand holding the thing. The hose attaches to the smooth part that the attachments go in, but that is right where you need to hold it, so you are holding the hose which isnt comfortable. Don't manufacturers EVER use their own products?? These things should not have been missed from a company that's been around forever. It sure did a good job vacuuming though - hope they fix these things. ...more info
  • Defects in workmanship and material
    Very disappointed, right out of the box, which had been opened! (The staples were detached and the box flap was taped.) Could this be an example of what Amazon does with defective returns: tape it up and ship it to the next unsuspecting customer?

    The first time that I tried to wrap the cord around the "convenient cord storage halo," I cut my finger. The chrome is pealing from that part. This product may be "quality designed, ... built to last a lifetime," but it is poorly manufactured. The number one requirement should be safety. This product fails that requirement.

    Metropolitan boasts "Made in the USA." Yeah, right. Here we go again with good old American quality....more info