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The Smart Electronic Massage Fitness Belt : Sonic Abs stimulates the nerves that make your muscles contract. Combine the use of the Sonic Abs Fitness Belt with a healthy lifestyle and diet to achieve a firmer and sexier body. The Sonic Abs is so easy to use! Just apply a generous amount of any water-based gel to the Sonic Abs fitness belt, adjust the belt and turn it on. The sleek, lightweight design of Sonic Abs makes it portable and discreet, so you to wear it easily under clothing and no one will ever know. Just put the Sonic Abs and let it do all the work. You can use Sonic Abs while you're walking your dog, washing the dishes, reading a book or watching TV. Sonic Abs comes with 2 adjustable belts so you can use it on everything from your arms to your midsection.

  • Sonic abs stimulates the nerves that make your muscles contract
  • The sleek, lightweight design of Sonic Abs makes it portable and discreet
  • Sonic Abs comes with 2 adjustable belts
  • Great for your arms, legs, calves and thighs too
  • Comes with everything you need for a complete toning and slimming workout

Customer Reviews:

  • Absonic Belt
    If your struggling with lossing those extra pounds or you just want to tighten up. Get this product. IT WORKS GREAT....more info
  • Useless
    product had a different box to the other item i bought but same inside, more expensive and done absolutely nothing but left me with a huge postage and handling bill wich was 4 times the price of the item shipped to australia. never shopping on here again....more info
  • electric sit up
    sit up while laying down. this works well as long as you have enough gel on it....more info
  • great belt
    the belt has really helped my husband tone his stomach up. he loves it and uses it everyday....more info
  • So far it has been working
    I am not totally confident that it will work forever as other reviews suggest. Definitely, it is not going to give you amazing abs as one can think. I have been using with a fair intensity for a month but I do not see results. You feel it but you do not see it. Probably it needs more time....more info
  • Great tool to add to your work out routine
    I used to have this ab Sonic before and lost it in one of my moves so I had to get a second one. it is a great "tool" that will help you define your muscles in between work out or when you can not make it to the gym because of a last minute business apointment or similar. I don't think it would do much on someone who do not work out at all and just think that absonic is a magic wand that would make you gain muscle and loose 20 pounds of fat overnite ;-) but I do see results and i see my abs more firm and getting more definition.. worth to try to the price ;-)...more info
  • where's the product?
    I received a phone msg. from the vendor two days after I ordered this item from Amazon. A day after I received an email advising that they could not ship my order to a california address, and if I had another address outside California to ship it to. I thought it was strange since I only have one address. I was looking forward to geting this item too......more info
  • Does not work
    This thing doesn't work at all!!!!!!
    THE AD WAS MISLEADING!!!! It sells you the same product twice ie.----

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  • One more piece of junk.
    Yes, you'll feel your muscles contracting. If they were really contracting to a degree worthy of being called exercise, the contractions would scare the heck out of you: You'd either feel like your whole core was paralyzed or you'd be going into an spastic, involuntary crunch. Don't worry, that won't happen. The machine isn't strong enough. (Try this: Tense up your abs..more..a little more...relax and do it again a few times, for a minute or so...thats already WAY more exercise than you'll get from the 'Ab Sonic'.) If you're a therapy patient who has a poor muscular awareness, perhaps this will help you begin to get enough feeling back to move on to a real exercise program. If your spinal cord is severed, this may be all you can do to get a little musuclar stimulation...fine. This is not exercise. It may 'remind' you to tense your abs in order to not look like a fat slob, but why not just remind -yourself-? It's not powerful enough to do do any real strengthening, and even if it was, it by-passes the most important part of your workout: the will. You aren't learning the effort of tensing the muscles, or tolerating greater stress, you're just electronically agitating the muscles. In the end, this has ZERO effect on strength, muscular development, work tolerance, and function. Are you in therapy? No? Then why are you trying -so hard- to avoid -moving- your body?...more info
    Don't buy this piece of junk. I just recieved it today thinking wow this is going to be great! Little did I know that it would leave me with skin burns... It says be generous with the amount of gel... I put enough to cover the entire surface the first time. No reaction. Then I emptied the rest of the bottle onto the pad and onto my stomach. I began to feel comfortable contractions for about a minute but then it started to hurt. It was a tingling sensation at first but then I just wanted to rip the belt off. This is the worst product ive ever tried... I think the most valuable thing in the box was the freaking batteries!...more info