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Shadow The Hedgehog brings back the high-speed action Sonic fans love, from a completely different perspective. They'll become Shadow, a rebel tormented by a dark past. He is struggling to unveil his true identity: Was he created to save humankind or to do the evil bidding of the dark side? His only clues are his own forgotten memories, and those secrets can only be unlocked through the powers of seven Chaos Emeralds.

  • 1-2 Player
  • Nothing gets in the way of Shadow!
  • Exhilarating action, speed & shooting!
  • Tons of missions, branching storylines, and multiple endings!
  • The decisions and choices that the player makes will determine the progression of the story; The path a player chooses will produce either positive or negative consequences. Choose wisely!

Customer Reviews:

  • A new bright star or stuck in someone else's shadow?
    The Earth is under attack from the Black Arms, a race of alien conquerers. As the invasion begins, the race's leader makes a point to contact Shadow the Hedgehog, tempting him with knowledge of his origins and uncertain past. Shadow is thrust right into the middle of perhaps the greatest conflict to ever grasp the planet. On one side are the mysterious alien warriors and on the other lies the usual Earth notables, led by Sonic. Shadow must choose which path to walk at this troubled time whilst also searching for the final truth of his identity...

    When word first got out about the idea of this game, many fans understandably raised an eyebrow or two. Shadow taking center stage? Riding cars and motorbikes? Alien invaders? Using GUNS?! With baited breath the fans waited for release day, hopeful that at the very least the game would finally put to rest the issue of how Shadow came to be and what really happened to the character 50 years ago.
    The game plays like most of the recent Sonic games, which to be fair isn't a good thing. The camera is often little to no help. It's also far too easy to get knocked off high ledges, mostly from screwed up homing attacks. It seems so long as the decade+ fanbase of us Sonic fans continue to buy these games, SEGA sees no reason to do much needed fine tuning. The most notable and hyped element of the game is the ability to chose which path Shadow will take across the conflict. The 3 main routes are Hero (aiding Sonic and co), Neutral (self preservation) and Dark (siding with the Black Arms). A mission objective of each type is offered to you in each level and it depends on which one you choose to complete as to where you go next. With at least ten possible endings waiting to be unlocked, the game gains some decent replay value. The biggest issue of this however is that it doesn't seem to make much of a difference in game. Troops from both sides will attack you, regardless of which mission objective you've chosen (you can change your mind on which objective to play at any time via the pause menu). As such, you'll have to attack friend and foe alike which will get you lectured by your companion. At some points you even have to specifically attack a character on your side just to open a door. For the Hero and Dark missions you are paired with a companion who will help you fight and offers basic advice. For the Hero side this consists of Sonic, Knuckles, etc whilst for Dark you are followed by a squid like creature who is essentially extension of the alien leader Black Doom. As you fight through the levels, you have two meters- Hero and Dark, again. They both top up as you do associated deeds. A full Dark meter gives you about 3 Chaos Blasts (Shadow sends out a deadly shockwave) whilst Hero gives you Chaos Control (Shadow zooms through the level until his meter runs out). Whilst both useful, they are hampered by poor planning. As soon as it's filled, the meter starts ticking away meaning you have to use it then and there. This is a problem, especially for Chaos Control as it can mean you sail past items needed to be collected/destroyed to complete a mission. Also, despite what SEGA's marketting would have you believe, Chaos Blast isn't too effective or impressive. The line that Shadow says before using it ("Death to all who oppose me!") should imply what kind of market they're expecting will make use of it.
    The question most people are going to have will likely be about the use of guns and vehicles. Guns are quite useful, vehicles less so. The vehicles show poor planning, seemingly added because someone thought it would be cool. Weapons however can be quite useful. They're also optional, so fans of the more classic Sonic game style can be content. Weapons can be changed on the fly so long as a different one is available (found in crates or from dead enemies) and walking over a weapon of the same type ups your ammo. Weapons can be quite useful for taking out further away or stronger enemies, especially later weapons taken from G.U.N. mechas.
    Brief technical note- the PS2 version suffers from in game slow down at certain points which hampers the enjoyment. It may be wise to invest in one of the other 2 versions instead.
    Story/acting wise, it's once again a mixed bag. Most of the cast are now voiced by their 4Kids VAs. Whilst some of them sound better for it, some are just terrible (Vector and Knuckles especially). Shadow himself sounds ok, though his VA's delivery can at times be stilted. The actual character is also more sympathetic than he has been in some of the other games.Black Doom is rather cliche (you'd think he escaped from Todd McFarlane) but he works well as the slightly more darker villain the story needs. As should be expected, there are various references to Sonic Adventure 2 as well some to Sonic Heroes. The story is accessible to most people, but it keeps enough continuity to reward long time fans (though at the same time, throws in some plot holes).

    Shadow the Hedgehog is a game which is likely destined to be either love it or hate it. For Shadow fans, they'll likely enjoy getting to play as their hero and finally finding out his secrets. For general Sonic fans it's worth a play but may lack the series standard charm. For anyone else, definetly consider renting it beforehand....more info
  • Not what was expected.
    This game is bad. It just is. This game moves too fast to be a shooting/fighting game, and it moves too slow to be a Sonic or Shadow or whatever game. I played it once or twice and I got tired of it. Anyway, guns don't work out for a Sonic game. The shooting was probably something the designers added in in about two seconds. They probably just put it in there so it might sound cool. I wouldn't even recommending renting it. I am glad I rented it instead of buying it.

    Here's my opinion on the game:

    Scores out of 5
    Gameplay : 2
    Graphics : 3
    Fun : 1.5
    Durability : 1
    My Overall: 1 or 2

    I hope this review was useful to you...more info
  • Not as good as I hoped but not as bad as I feared
    Let's get one thing straght. Half of the moon wa blown off in Sonic Adventure 2. What do you see first in the game? Shadow standing in front of the moon at night. And the moon? Not even a SCRATCH!!! Also, at the end of SA2, Shadow lost one of his bracelets... well here he has them both. Look past the errors and you'll see a deeply average game. Shadow moves at mediocre speed, shooting enemies with a poorly rendered gun that runs out of ammo faster than you could say "This sawks"! But wait! Does Shadow really suck? Is it just a joke from SEGA? A joke that sucks up money from innocent Sonic fans? In many ways... well YEAH!!! Shadow just isn't ready for his own game. Knuckles really should have gotten his own game. In leet-speak: "Shadow is teh n00b 2nd Knux pwns him!!11!!1"

    The graphics are very... average. While it looks good, there are faults. The animation for instance, is gorgeous during the CG movies but when in the game or while watching in-game movies, the animation is HORRIBLE!!! Also, none of the human characters animatwe well and none of them even have a shadow. A bit awkward watching the president walk in the White House. Walking in a wooden manner and having no shadow. Buh. Basically, everyone is terribly animated. A bit of a shame after the flawless animation and quality of Shadow's better bigger brother Sonic Heroes. So, to sum it up: The leads look well but animate crappy and all of the humans look like dog food.

    The sound sucks. Crappy crappy crappy and just plain crappy voices with repeated effects and nice-enough music. To sum it up: The sound su-ucks!

    Basically, everything about this game is painfully average. The speed, the guns the sound and everything else. But since Shadow and Rouge don't start dating (Knuckles and Rouge fit better together.) this gets 6/10. Dissapointment. Not y'all, get back to playing Metal Gear Solid 3... I am... when I get it... and that is unlikely... just start playing Sonic Heroes while whining about why SEGA did this to you.

    Shadow sucks and his game does as well. But they are really good at sucking....more info
  • Stop complaining about this damn game!
    You know what, "Shadow the Hedgehog" is a great game and you people have no right to condem it. I kind of like slowing down. It makes the game easier to handle. The game moves fast enough. The worst damn thing about the game is it's multilayered story. Sure, it adds replay value, but way too much replay value. In order to unlock all the cut-scenes, you've got to take all 360 routes through the game. Damn that, I ain't doin' it. You probably won't like the game enough to want to beat everything, no, but it is still a great game that finally reveals Shadow. It actually does, you just have to get all 10 endings. I'm getting real sick of it. The idea to mature Sonic is a fabulous idea. It would have been nice if we could had been able shoot endlessly around. NO AMMO, PEOPLE, I CAN'T PRESS THAT ENOUGH! STOP PUTTING AND AMMO LIMIT! MAKE A GAME WHERE YOU CAN RUN AROUND AND SHOOT GUNS CONSTANTLY! OR ATL EAST MAKE A REASONABLE AMMO LIMIT LIKE 200 SHOTS INSTEAD OF 20! I'm done now. Okay, 2 things wrong with this game. Multilayered story: dumb idea. Ammo Limit: Bad idea, always. They're to restricting with guns and too worried about it being to easy. Other then that, I love this game, so stop your damn complaining....more info
  • Sonic Fans only
    I'm not a gamer, but my 5 year old son loves his PS2 and is a big Sonic fan. We bought this because he loves Sonic Heroes and Sonic Riders. This game isn't a patch on them! Also I was quite shocked to hear the character say "Damn! not here!" every now and again. So even though my boy loves the game, we try and discourage him from playing it too often because of this....more info
  • A little better than ok
    My son loves the game, My problem is that he is only 8 and I find the game a little demonic. Dark creatures following him around, a black-eye-like monster whispering things to him and yes eventually Sonic does manage to get rid of him, and compared to most games out there, it's pretty tame......more info
  • NOT a Sonic the Hedgehog game!!
    For all the horrible ratings on this game for bad language and straying from the other Sonic the Hedgehog games because of use of weapons and vechicles, people must keep in mind that THIS IS NOT A SONIC THE HEDGEHOG GAME!!!!!Get youst to it!!It is only suppose to have a LITTLE of that Sonic touch in it.....jees.Yes, it should have been rated T, but it was ment to not be like Sonic the Hedgehog that much.It has a very good storyline and is an AWESOME game, so if you like Shadow.......BUY THIS GAME!!!!...more info
  • Not what I expected
    This game is absolutely for the younger gamer. I have never owned a Sonic game, but the box looks like some of the more exciting games out there. I feel cheated....more info
  • Shadow Is Here!!!
    Finally, I am able to play as one of my all time favorate Sonic characters, in this epic game! You can use guns,swords, drive in vehicles, whatever it takes to either be the bad guy or the good guy, as you go through different missions, where the choices you make decide wether you are the hero or the villain. Overall great graphics fun gameplay and deep storylines is why I gave Shadow The Hedgehog a 4/5!...more info
  • Adults...
    First of all, let's good a review from someone that has actually played this game. I am 11 years old and I know that saying the word d*** is wrong. now seven year olds don't know as well and THREE year olds definitely don't. First of all, don't blame SEGA/Sonic Team for the game being rated E 10+. It is ESRB's (Entertainment Software Rating Board) fault. I'm sure if SEGA/Sonic Team had the choice, they'd name it E. Also, I think the complaining parents are really lazy because they don't spend a good 15 minutes that you could use to talk to your kids that cursing is wrong (although the curses in this game aren't even censored on live TV anymore). Instead of using those 15 minutes of writing a pointless review, talk to your kids. When I was FIVE, my parents took responsibility and talked to me about curses. Also, about gunplay. Do you think just by playing a videogame, a kid would want to shoot people's heads off? If you tell them not to while they're still young, it could make a huge difference.

    My actual review for the game consists of this. This is a new type of game that SEGA has made. Without those constant curses (I'll even tell you that they are annoying), this game has nice sound and music (not counting the wierd comments by some characters). The gunplay is a nice touch to a game that is supposed to be naturally fast-paced. Many will disagree saying that there is no lock-on and the game did too much work. Well, if you're trying to just get to the end of the level, that could actually help. The story was okay, it told a lot about Shadow's past. But *SPOILER WARNING* in the last story, Shadow does give up his past, which is kind of a disappointment, *END SPOILER WARNING* and I really think a really good character will now go to waste. He will possibly never have a big role in a SEGA game ever again. The graphics were okay, some say they could have used some work, but I thought they were okay.

    All in all, Shadow the Hedgehog is a great game, which has annoying curses although that is not a good enough reason to buy this awesome game. ...more info
  • For those who can't get T games yet, play it & love it
    I can't play rated T games yet.
    So, one day Sonic Heroes comes out for the PS2.
    I'm hooked for life!Then, Shadow the Hedgehog
    comes out.Finally an E10+ shooter!And, best of all,
    it has guns!I go into a coma for this game.
    The game has a ton of weapons,missions, & choices.
    With these choices, you get to do unique missions.
    Pick the aliens, get a cool flying alien and possibly
    the secrets of your past.
    Pick Sonic & co. and fight with Sonic.
    Pick G.U.N. and get access to more weapons(supposedly)
    Pick Eggman and- well, I don't know.(Don't Pick him unless you like this guy or you want to see what each side is like)

    Choices on your storylines/sides
    Play as Shadow the entire time
    2-P mode
    Use weapons and vehicles at the same time
    Most importantly, GUNS!

    No Online Play
    Possibly No Sequel :(...more info
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
    My 7 year old grandson thinks the game is really great. He had been wanting it and we found it on Amazon and ordered it. He talks about the game all the time....more info
  • Sonic the Hedgehog Advances to the Next Level
    Even with recent advancements in video game technology, very few games offer a mix of everything gaming has to offer. First person shooters, and racing games come by the dozen, as do games about soldiers, crooks, or mystical anime-like worlds. Shadow the Hedgehog, the newest addition to the classic Sonic series, combines the best aspects of these popular gaming concepts, enhancing the over-all Sonic experience.

    Simply, Shadow is an inverted version of Sonic the Hedgehog. Those unfamiliar with Sonic Adventure 2, might assume this to be cheap characterization on the Sonic Team's part, but it is actually just the opposite. Visually, yes, Sonic and Shadow are extremely alike. Shadow's colors are just flipped from Sonic's and his look is more menacing. The actual background of Shadow's character however, is more complex then any other character's in the series. In fact, Shadow's past and personality are the bases of the game. This is a huge step up for the Sonic Team. Sonic Adventure 2, which also centers Shadow's motives, is the only other Sonic game that has ever truly regarded any kind of thought out story line. Sonic Heroes, Sonic Adventure, and pretty much all of the Sega Genesis Sonic games, gave you a very clear mission; Defeat the Evil Doctor Robotnik using some Chaos Emeralds, and thus, save the world.

    The Story line in Shadow the Hedgehog is: who is Shadow? Is he good, evil, misunderstood, indifferent? Does he want to help human beings, or does he want to kill them all? It is the player's job to decide. And the great thing is, you can change your mind right in the middle of game play.

    Here's how the system works, the order of stages depends on the mission you choose with in each level. For example, level one, Westopolis, throws Shadow into a situation where aliens are attacking the city. You have three options: You can either, help Sonic and the G.U.N. army defeat these aliens; You can assist the aliens in killing off all the soldiers; Or... you can blow everyone off and snatch one of seven chaos emeralds, hidden near the end of the level. There are over twenty levels, all of which are huge 3-D environments, with lots of directions and little crevices to choose from. It is actually a combination of the path-set levels in Sonic Adventure 2, and the exploration based levels in Sonic Adventure.

    Its easy to choose which path to take, as the game's other characters are always meeting up with you as you play, and trying to sway you to follow their directions. You can also reference each mission by pausing the game. This takes you to a menu of your options. Often I would be very close to finishing a mission, and at the very last minute, decide to just blow everything up. This is possible because for good deeds, a meter on the top of the screen fills up in blue, eventually giving you a special move called, Chaos Control, allowing you to wiz through the level in double the speed.. If you choose to be wicked though, another meter fills up in red, giving you the power of Chaos Blast, which is the equivalent to a mini-nuclear bomb. Each move is very nicely animated and easy to control.

    The weapons are also a nice addition to the game. There are special weapons, which can be found in Shadow-colored boxes. Each box has four weapons to choose from. I recommend the vacuum chicken, which sucks up all your enemies, but the chao doll shooter is nice too...

    Regular weapons, which you steal from your enemies, include missiles, bazookas, machine guns, plasma lasers, hand guns... basically all the good stuff. This might seem violent for a Sonic game, but aliens just turn into green blobs when you shoot them. Soldiers and army fighting machines? ...Okay, I know, shooting soldiers is a bit dark, but again, its not like blood flies every where. Soldiers just yelp and beg for mercy after you shoot them. There are no violent graphics or real solider deaths, so its hard to feel too guilty once you get into blasting them all. That, and its fun to watch their machinery explode.

    Getting back to the "darkness" of the game... Some very minimal, almost silly swearing has been added to the dialogue. Trust me, it is not offensive. Its actually kind of goofy. Also, the voice actors have all been re-casted, so, aside from the harmless cussing, lines are delivered a lot better then those of previous Sonic games. Though, be warned of the cheesy "mwhahaha" crap every now and then.

    Other problems that have been addressed: The angle issue that the Sonic Team is notorious for, is actually a lot better. There are a few levels where I had some problems with it, but very rarely did they cost me one of my Shadow lives. The animation, especially in the major cut scenes, is really nice, great actually. It is very clear, textured, well lit, and nicely directed, though some of the human characters move a bit awkwardly. Still, in Sonic Adventure 2, the animation of a human character, Maria, was practically deformed. She looks a lot better in this game, I promise.

    Lastly, the soundtrack to Shadow the Hedgehog features digitally mixed, guitar-heavy, electronica-like themes. The tracks with vocals, which are played during the introduction of the game, and as the credits are rolling, range from Marilyn Manson rip-offs, to even a semi-eighties/The Cure techno track. The best theme is one called The Chosen one. Its very pop-rock, but actually has a really somber chord progression. It almost stands alone from the game, just as Suteki Da Ne does in Final Fantasy X.

    Over-all, Shadow the Hedgehog is a major advancement in Sonic games, that features very polished animation, and a detailed story-line, which the player has control over. It is "dark" but not offensive or truly violent, and includes well-produced music and voice acting....more info
  • Whoa, not what I expected!!!! (a.k.a sly maniac) GAME RAWXX
  • Absolutely horrible, avoid
    It seems that ever since SEGA's mascot Sonic the Hedgehog entered the 3-D adventure world, the series' emphasis on speed has been lost in translation. Shadow the Hedgehog is no exception, but where previous 3-D Sonic titles were at least fun to play, Shadow the Hedgehog is absolutely horrible from beginning to end. The first thing you'll notice is that the frame rate is choppy and it mars what would be otherwise solid graphics, and the game's camera seems to want to work against you. The platforming elements are clunky and are made clunkier by the godawful controls. Also, SEGA seems to want to inject an edgier story with Shadow, including adding some minor curse words in the dialogue as the mysterious hedgehog takes on evil aliens. Not to mention that the ability to use guns has been added as well, but this element isn't just unnecessary, it's mind boggling. I can remember when Sonic games were fast and fun, even the Sonic Adventure games on the Dreamcast were great, but ever since SEGA has transformed into a third party developer and publisher, they've dropped the ball on making a truly great Sonic game. All in all, no matter how much of a fan you are of the series, avoid this title at all costs. Shadow the Hedgehog isn't fun, and it's one of the worst games SEGA has come up with in a very long time....more info
  • Shadow The Hedgehog
    Do not buy this game!!

    Storyline 2.5/5
    I like the story,but too sad(You/you'll know what I mean).

    Gameplay 1.5/5
    The moves are better than the control...wayyyyyy better!

    Sound 2/5
    Voices vs. music! The winner is voices!!(The voices are ok,but the music isn't).

    Graphics 3/5
    Good job with the graphics(but the game still isn't good).

    Overall 2/5
    If you're a biiigggggg fan of sonic,they you might like it. But if you're starting to play sonic games,you won't like it. ...more info
  • Game Yet Unplayed
    Although I have yet to play this game, and am dying to, I think Sega went a little overboard here. Sonic games, guns, and cars just don't mix. Not even if the user of the guns and driver of the cars is Shadow. Still, it looks like a cool game. From what I see, this game happens just a little time after Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, and is the game where we will finnaly find out all of Shadow's past. Apparently, an alien force comes to Earth, and strike a deal with Shadow. If he gets the seven Chaos Emeralds, the aliens will tell him everything about his past, and Maria. Similar to SA2B's famous phrase; 'Sayonara, Shadow the Hegehog...', this game holds a phrase as well. Shadow will say in a confused tone: 'Who am I?' Apparently, you switch from Sonic's side to the aliens' side until the end, where you must ultimately choose whoto join. Hopefully Hyper Shadow is in the game. Overall, 4 stars, or an 8/10. No guns or cars, and it would be a perfect 5 stars....more info
  • A HUGE dissapointment
    I was so exited about this game when I Iheard about it, but when I went to the game's website I was a little shocked to see a picture of Shadow holding a 9mm. Then I figured that firearms sort of fit Shadow's personality. Then I read the rating and content description to find that it contained mild language. This was shocking to, so I hoped that cursing would come out of only Shadow's mouth. My little brother rented the game, and we tried it out. Now I don't mind cursing, but to hear it come out of the mouths of our favorite sonic character was just plain disturbing. Shadow was an exeption, but when I heard Sonic say "d!@m they got away" it was just to much. I guess Sonic and friends took an intrest in "South Park",were desperate for money forged drivers lisences and got jobs as bus drivers for the local middle school, or Sega was desperate to keep sonic from being thought of as a dorky, childidish game franchise and thought the addition of cursing would help. It probably made it worse for many. The use of firearms by Shadow was a good idea, but Sega overdid it. They took away the high speed twisted gamplay we know and love and replaced it with a Grand Theft Auto like shooting game. It's like When a rock band adds keyboards to widen their sound but instead make them the driving force of their music, which just makes it worse. The Gameplay is no good either. The bad camra angles can be dealt with by using the right anolog stick to control the camra. When you get to high speeds (which happens rarely) you will often run into small enemies you can't see when your running fast, and lose 10 rings. The homing attacks are inacurate and will often have you throwing yourself off a ledge. Worst off all if you chose the hero quest you can't attack soldires on your side. Even when they are ordered to kill you you still get dark points if you attack them in self defense. You may like the game but I suggest that you rent the game first to see if you like it. ...more info
    Critics generally panned Shadow the Hedgehog, while gamers gave the game rave reviews for reasons I can't put my finger on. This game is awful, just awful. I disliked this game greatly for a number of reasons. 1. It has one of the worst storylines I've ever heard. 2. The gameplay is imprecise and crappy. 3. The voice-actors are horrible. 4. The camera is a wretched nightmare. 5. The track designs are dull and boring. 6. The game is repetitive and slow. Etc., etc.
    WHAT THE GAME IS: Picture all the RPG cliches you can think of, and then make them even worse. Shadow suffers from amnesia and can't remember his past (Typical RPG cliche) outside flashes of different memories. So he discovers that he must collect the Chaos Emeralds to unlock the secrets of his past while trying to decide which of the three sides of armies he must join on his journey. If you think the storyline is bad from my description, wait till you actually hear it during the course of the game (That is, if you're foolish enough to buy this crap). The game is a mix between action, platforming, and some RPG elements thrown in together. If I was designing this game, I would have made it 2D like the old Genesis Sonic games, but thrown in the gunplay of titles like Contra and Gunstar Heroes. That would have been a lot cooler, or it would have at least been better than this mess.
    GRAPHICS: The graphics bounce back and forth between decent to hideously ugly. Some of the cutscene visuals look nice, but there are other cutscenes that look like they date back to the PSone era with sloppy animation, ugly textures, and dated environmental designs. The character designs are nothing phenomenal and could have been done better.
    SOUND: Shadow's voice-actor isn't bad, but the rest of voice-actors are unbelievably bad. This game also has some of the worst dialogue I've ever heard. It ranges from laughably bad to unbearably horrible, which is made worse by the fact you can't skip the cutscenes. Sonic Team and Sega were determined to make sure you listen to their hackneyed and horrible story every second, and it's unbearable. And just because Shadow constantly says "Damn" every time he dies or loses rings, doesn't make him cool at all, he's one of the most lame protagonists I've ever seen. Overall, the sound just isn't that good.
    MUSIC: The music is fine, but one of the only good parts of this crappy experience.
    GAMEPLAY: This is where it all falls apart. There are over 50 missions to unlock, but I guarantee you, that you will not want to play this game again after finishing it once. Shadow's controls are schizophrenic and unpredictable, and the game glitches and terrible camera don't help. There is no reticle or a lock-on shooting system in this game, all you can hope is that Shadow is smart enough to shoot at his enemies. You will die constantly because of the unpredictable movements and bad camera. There will be times in which you will accidentally go over a cliff and go all the way back to your last checkpoint and lose your weapon and rings. I hated the fact that your health is determined by rings, because every time you touch an enemy you lose rings, and if you lose them all, you will die. There are lots of things to collect in the environments, but chances are because of the frustration of just finishing the level you won't bother to even try at times. The game also seems to take notes from titles like Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and Fable, because it's like moral choice between good and evil, except picture a really crappy version of such a system. Even if you try to take sides, they will still attack you, leaving you no choice but to shoot back. As you go through the levels you smash crates and kill enemies to get your guns and get other items which at least was somewhat of a highlight to this awful experience. When Shadow kills enough enemies he goes through power surge reminiscent of Hulk: Ultimate Destruction (Except it sucks). When his meter is fully charged he can blast all the enemies in close range of him or go really fast and fly through a portion of a stage. He can also use vehicles and other forms of transportation throughout certain stages. These are among the only at least somewhat interesting parts of the game.
    OVERALL: Shadow seems like he's trying to emulate and take inspiration from the iconic Final Fantasy VII hero, Cloud, but does a terrible job. Sorry Shadow, you're not cool now, and you never will be. Your game will just die in the bargain bin, only to be bought by misguided Sonic fans who are convinced the series is still good and Shadow is cool.
    THE GOOD: The weapons selection, driving, the music, and special attacks.
    THE BAD: The gunplay, the graphics, the glitches, the camera, the voice-acting, the horrible storyline, no ability to skip cutscenes, etc.
    ...more info
  • hack link
    The Story line in Shadow the Hedgehog is: who is Shadow? Is he good, evil, misunderstood, indifferent? Does he want to help human beings, or does he want to kill them all? It is the player's job to decide. And the great thing is, you can change your mind right in the middle of game play....more info
  • People want to go FAST... not slow..
    The problem that all of the Sonic games have had since their advance to the 3D realm is that they do not emphasize the SONIC part. Case in point, Shadow the Hedgehog does the exact same thing. Rather than focus on the speed factor of Shadow and the notion that the game should have fast paced high octane action, it instead comes off as a somewhat stiff cross between Shinobi (PS2) and Mario Sunshine (GC).

    The game features some of the same things from past 3D Sonic games (I.E. rings do not deplete entirely when you are hit, a homing jump attack, etc.) The newest features though are the hero/dark bars and the inclusion of weapons. Of these two features, the weapons feature has received the most chagrin. Despite this harsh criticism though, the weapons do actually improve the game and it's SLOW pace. They allow Shadow to take out multiple enemies rather fast in situations that would seem almost impractical without them. They also help emphasize Shadow's "rebel" persona, so they work with him much more than they would if the character would be Sonic. As for the dark/hero bars, this feature works somewhat like this: Depending on who you attack in each level, one of these two bars will go up. If you attack humans/good people, your dark bar goes up, and if you attack villains, your hero bar goes up. When one of the bars are fully charged, Shadow can perform a super move that either heavily damages the area around him (dark) or allows him to fly through most of the level you are currently in (hero). Of these two attacks, the hero one seemed to be the most annoying, especially in missions where you were trying to complete the hero objective. The move would make you skip past too many things, and then suddenly you would not be able to complete the mission objectives. So you end up not using the hero attack most of the time, unless you sincerely just want to get out of the level you are in, and forfeit advancing the storyline of the game in the hero or dark directions.

    That being said, the game has a large amount of replay value. Each level branches off to another three possible levels. In order to take on of the three branches, you either have to complete the hero objective, the dark objective, or the neutral objective of the level. Completing one of the three will send you to the corresponding level. You cannot go back in levels however, and if you want to revisit them, you will have to start a new game. You can however do isolated instances of them after you unlock them, but they will not be in the story mode.

    And while we are on the story mode mentioning- the game features a storyline, but it is a little dumbed down. While the details will not be gotten into, it is basically a constant decision for the rebel hedgehog to side with an evil alien, go it alone, or chose to help his "friend" Sonic, all while not having much character development along the way. The voice acting that accompanies this is appropriate though, but it could always be better considering the other incarnations of Sonic.

    The game also features a "helper" in each level, much like Sonic and his buddy Tails. The helper cannot die, and sometimes it actually gets in the way. You can turn the helper off though by switching to either solo or dark in the pause screen.

    And while the game does seem SLOW in a lot of places, there are a few instances where you can pick up some classic Sonic action. These instances are few and far in between, and when they do happen (I.E. spinning and bursting through walls and going through loops), they go by so fast you feel almost cheated.

    Shadow will not salvage the Sonic series, nor will it probably create a new spin-off franchise (unless sales say otherwise.) The game feels stiff and confining in many levels due to the small rooms and the redundant and unimaginative mission objectives. The storyline is ALRIGHT, but it blatantly caters to younger players, so it is hard to judge it from the perspective of a 22 year old. Shadow is recommended as rental, but is advisable against being a purchase unless it is for a younger gamer. Old school fans of Sonic- look toward the next Sonic game....more info
  • Great Game, Bad Controls
    This is a really great game, it can become very addicting and is incredibly fun to play. My only problem is with the controls. The camera is bad, it screwed me up many times. Another thing is the homing attack. If you do not what that is, it is basically one of Shadow's move that involves you jumping, the pressing the button again to launch yourself straight into an enemy. Doing the homing attack once is okay, but to destroy an enemy you usually have to do it twice(it is possible to link two homing attacks.) When you do this you are at risk for falling off the edge of the course and losing a life. Other then this, it is a good game. Some people have been complaining that it is a unorthadox Sonic game because you can use guns and the style of gameply is mostly doing missions (such as actvating five jewels, collecting 400 rings, destroying a certain type of enemy.) One thing I have to say about this, is if you look very closely at the title, you might notice that it says Shadow the Hedgehog, not Sonic the Hedgehog, but Shadow. It is similar to Sonic and is created by the same people and has the entire cast of sonic in it, but it is still about shadow.

    Overall Ratings

    Graphics = 7/10. Nothing exceptional, but not terrible.

    Camera = 3/10. SUCKS

    Story = 10/10. The best part of this game is how you can choose your path to get through the six stages. There are over 20 stages, but in one story line you only get to play 6. After you beat the game, it will save your path so you can start over to get all eleven ending (there are over 300 paths you can take to get to one of the eleven endings) Each stage as 2 to three objectives, a hero objective (helping sonic, tails, espio, rouge etc.) a normal objective (sometimes there will only be a hero or dark objective, but most of the time there are three. A neutral objective is to get to the end of the level to get a chaos emerald) or a dark objective. The storyline starts with shadow trying to remember his past. All of a suddden the sky turns red and opens up and unleashes many black and red aliens. The leader of the aliens shows up and commands shadow to follow him and seems to know about shadows past. You get to chose whether to help him or help sonic destroy his horde or get the chaos emeralds to find the truth about your past.

    Gameplay = 6/10. I wish I could give it a better grade, but the controls bring it down.
    ...more info
  • It's not bad. It's GOOD.
    I have played this game and I have to say that this game is not bad. Yes, the game is challenging. If you are looking for an easy game then this one isn't for you. It seems too many of today's gamers want easy spoon-fed games that don't require much finger dexterity. They want games that are not true games but instead are interactive videos. Shadow the Hedgehog harkens back to the good old days of video games when twitch control was the rule of the day. Remember Galaga? How about Pac-man? Sure they didn't have a storyline like many of today's games but they sure were fun as heck. Today's games are about storyline like Grand Theft Auto. Yesterday's was about pure action. Take Strider for example. I'll take that one any day over GTA. If you like a challenge, then this one is a game for you. It seems that Sega gets a lot of bashing because people have a lot of expectations for them. Granted this game isn't the best in the series it still is a fun game. I have played and replayed this game and cannot understand what all these bad reviews are about. It makes one wonder if they really gave it a chance. If you liked Sonic Heroes or Sonic Adventure like I did, you will like this one. Sonic Heroes, too. I don't understand why people give negative reviews of Sonic Heroes. It is a great game. But that is another story. ...more info
  • Shadow The Hedgehog makes Sonic and friends be gun toting animals but it ain't bad
    Yeah,its Shadow(but in many ways,its Sonic)with GUNS(OMG,WTF)and its has great gunplay,too.Sonic made his entrance to the 3-D fully,Sega world of 128 bit in 1999(really 1998 in Japan) with the smash hit classic game,"Sonic Adventure" for the Sega Dreamcast in september 1999.Even through Sonic running in 3-D was more awesome than its 16-bit classic glory days and the 3-D Sonic games are awesome,the old school 2-D Sonic was better.I ain't gonna explain why because I"m doing a review for this game.Here are the Pros:Gunplay is fun(through no lock ons for lots of guns),boss fights are great(yet sometimes hard),speed is slower but still fast(yet TOO fast),Super(I Call it "hyper")Shadow looks better(and better in cinimatic),chaos spear returns,its CO-OP,chaos powers rock,hyper Shadow can shoot energy blasts,great music,weapons rock,level designs are cool(not in a bad way),hyper shadow is better than adventure 2 and 2 Battle 2,Endings are sweet,combat rocks,Shadow can punch,standard enemys rock.Now here are the cons:Knuckles in Co-op can"t glide,sometimes the graphics turn decent,Tails can"t fly,voice acting sucks(why because Sonic X voice acting sucks go back to the old ones through tails and some other characters voices suck),dialonge SUCK,and,like with other sonic games,camera is SUCKS,more lock ons,and who would think of sonic with GUNS!!!Graphics:********(SOMETIMES 7)sound:**,gameplay:**********,tilt:*******,value:********...also how you beat Sonic and Diablon,use Sonic to jump higher attack diablon and then Diablon will attack.Avoid the attacks.When Sonic does homing attack,its can"t be avoided,but if you jump at the right time or do homing attack directly at guarded!When you have Chaos blast...go and to diablon!!!Your invicible with CB OR CC AND YOU HAVE UNLIMITED AMMO FOR guns! GUNS!!Go to diablon sheild will be gone and do chaos blast rapidly!!!Heres how you beat Egg BREAKER USE THE TURRENTS AND ATTACK EGGMAN.Be careful because eggman will attack the turrents.Once the turrents destroyed.Go to the rocket with a gun.Also be careful when egg breaker attacks you when your in the air.Get off at the right time and do the stuff,again,and again,and again and eggman gets pissed off and will come to your area.Get guns and attaack egg breaker alot.Now I"ll tell you 2 more bosses.Heres Black Doom.Black Doom will attack you with non Close combat attacks.Once he's done attacking go to Black Doom and attack him with guns or homing attack.After a few hits,he will make an illusion of himself.After he and the illusions are done attacking,there will be one Black Doom...ATTACK HIM!!DO NOT USE CHAOS CONTROL its not useful even when Black Doom is done attacking!!!Now heres Devil Domm.Black Dooms true form and power.As Hyper Shadow you are invinsible but Dooms Attacks push you back..."Damn it"...when your close to doom attack with an energy blast,chaos spear, or even dash or chaos blast at the dooms eye.The eye with switch to the back of the fata*s.Attack Doom AGAIN AND GO BACK AND FRONT LOTS OF TIMES.attack at the right.......or screw me im spoiling it!!!! ...more info
  • flat out underated
    Shadow the hedgehog is a good game. the only problem i see is the different versions. the xbox and ps2 versions are bad, the xbox has no co-op and the ps2 has slow framrate. but the gamecube version fixes these problems

    people complain about the following problems: slow framerate, poor controls, guns, swearing, vehicals. let me say this now... THE PROBLEMS ARE NOT THAT BAD!!!!!!!

    to start, the framrate sucks in the ps2, it's a little better in the xbox version, but is almost non existent in the gamecube version.

    the controls are FINE! i see nothing wrong with them. the exception is the homing attack. it can kill you once or twice but that's it. the new speeds just over loads their brain so they can adjust to whats happening, but the common person can adjust.

    now for the guns, YOU CAN CHOSE TO USE THEM OR NOT! FWI, you don't have to use them you know! there is only 1 or 2 levels that mak you use them, but its in a certain mission. if it's that bad, skip the level all togther. the replay value so high here, you can do all most all the levels without guns. IT'S NOT THAT BIG OF DEAL!!!

    now the swearing problem. true it's not "family appropiet" like it should be, but if you're a hard core player, it's awsome. it gives the game edge and life.

    Finally the vehicals. again like the guns, YOU CAN CHOSE TO USE THEM OR NOT! but again, 1 or 2 levels make you use them, but they're not stupid vehicals like a sports car. they're cool vehicals like an alien bird or hover disk.

    if you're over 10 years old, consider this game, for it's worth the time and money....more info
  • I really loved this and can't understand why everyone else hates it.
    I'm a huge Sonic fan. I grew up with my Genesis playing Sonic 1, 2, 3, Sonic and Knuckles alongside with random games with SNES. This doesn't serve any purpose by stating it, but what I mean is, is that I've been playing Sonic games for a long time. And I have to say, this is one of the good ones.

    I really can't understand why so many people love to take a huge dump on this. What games do we have on our timeline post-Sonic Adventure 2? Let's check. Sonic Heroes. That was a bad game, but it had some highlights, particularly Team Dark and Team Chaotix (Chaotix was pretty much the main reason to play that game at all, Team Dark only served any good by giving a little more story for Shadow, which I very much enjoyed). Then, we have Sonic the Hedgehog 2006, which was, in short, arguably the worst Sonic game ever made (which is sad, because it had some good ideas and ruined everything with bad design). So, why is Shadow the Hedgehog fairing so horribly when all you have to compare it to are those two atrocities?!

    Honestly, this is one of my favorite Sonic games, in second place right under Sonic Adventure 2. The game attempts to be much more mature than some other Sonic titles. Shadow says curses, he uses guns, he's aggressive and he's not very nice. The game was even supposed to have more cursing in it, but it was edited out so the game could have an E rating, originally having a T before release. I admired the game for trying to grow up a little and to stop being so childish like most of the others.

    Two of the main reasons people enjoy complaining about this game. Guns and Shadow. People don't think guns belong in Sonic games, and many fans think Shadow is an angsty emo copy of Sonic. That's really just opinion, but it just so happens to be the majority's opinion, it seems. The game released right after this was Sonic 2006, which featured Shadow without the use of guns (other than mounted guns on vehicles) and then after that, Sonic and the Secret Rings, originally planned to have Shadow in the game, but actually cut him out entirely! I was disappointed to hear that. Though, he was still in the side game, "Sonic Party", and I *think* you could unlock his deleted cutscenes from the main game by unlocking some bonus points and items in the main story.

    About the guns, one complaint wasn't only they don't belong, but they are difficult to use. I beat this game, all ten required endings and plus the final ending. I very rarely had a problem with the aiming of the guns. Hello, the game has an auto-aim feature, the rocket launcher even has heat-seeking. They were also very useful. I much enjoyed shooting enemies who were floating above a bottomless pit hole, instead of triangle-jumping and homing attacking them and then accidentally plummeting to my early burial.

    Call me a fanboy for anti-heroes - hey, I admit it, I love Spawn, The Punisher and Batman. I love dark themes, I love the higher-level maturity of this game and I LOVE Shadow the Hedgehog, both the character and this game....more info
    Shadow should've got his game years ago!! Shadow the Hedgehog is an astonishing game! The gunplay is sweet, the camrea doesn't fight you, you can choose if your good or evil (I'm on the evil side), and you get sweet moves like chaos control and chaos blast. I LOVE this game!! You should defintley get this game!

    P.S. Sonic is 65 and stinks. (50 years after Sonic Heroes.)...more info
  • Voice acting aside, this is a pure gem
    Oh. My. God. The voice acting su-ucks. I mean, Deem Bristow (Eggman's original voice) may have died but come on! Sonic sounds like a twenty year old, Tails sounds like a girl (he DOES NOT sound like he had a building stuck down his throat like in Sonc Heroes), Knuckles sounds like a rapper (he actually WAS a rapper in Sonic Adventure 2 but that is an another matter) and when you throught all the bad voice work was over, there is more. Erm, yay? Also, the script is weak. Almost every character says: Damn. Shadow, Sonic, Knuckles, Espio... etc. They put Damn in every sentance. 'Damn! Not here...', 'Damn! A dead end.' Damn, they got away.' 'Damn, we've been detected.' 'Where is that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald.' Damn it SEGA! Next time, Make their knowledge of words a bit more than just 'damn'. There are other words out there like... the ones in this review for instance. But hearing Sonic characters swear is priceless. I always laugh my head of when I hear it.

    Enough with voice acting, let's start smashing up the stages.
    Every stage looks the same. The are city stages (They all look like City Escape from SA2), the jungle stages (they look like Frog Forest from Heroes), the bases, ruins, castles and... that's it. 20 stages and they all look the same. The characters look just like Sonic Heroes except from the fact they are HORRIBLY animated.

    The most interesting feature in Shadow is gunplay. Does it rock or suck? both actually. There is the basic and enjoyable handgun, a bozooka (YES!), machine guns and swords (Devil May Cry ahoy). The targeting system is a bit clumsy, but the satisfaction of having a machine got with 400 bullets in it (possible only here, obviously not in real life, obviously) shooting the crap out of anything that moves, doesnt move or something that doesn't take damage is indescribable. The mission system is slightly confusing. Beat this mission to unlock that mission that unlocks a weapon and a mission that unlocks a boss fight with a mission and a cutscene. Errr... what? I've already beaten two game paths, (The normal one and the true hero one and watching the endings is always cool. Even though the same words are repeated in each ending: I am Shadow (Insert either black arm, android or the Hedgehog), finally, I got ALL the Chaos Emeralds, THIS IS WHO I AM!!! Etc.

    Overall scores

    Graphics: 9
    Backrounds: 3
    Animation: 2
    Characters: 9

    Sound: 9
    Voices: 5
    Music: 10
    Effects: 9

    Gameplay: 9
    Gunplay: 9
    Replay value: 10
    Platforming: 8
    Combat: 8
    Speed: 10

    Overall score:
    Shadow may be cool and his game might rock but what I really wante was a Knuckles The Echidna game. Think about it SEGA. Actually: DO IT SEGA, AND DO IT NOW!!! Damn it. The word typed just before was a quote from almost every character from Shadow The Hedgehog. Goodbye true believers. In next issie, I take on Fantastic 4's clunky but cool combat system. Until then, SO LONG SUCKAS! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!...more info
  • (@_@) I'm Confused !! I rate this 2.5
    From the beginning of the game I was confused as to what my objective was. I run into Sonic who asks me to help him out and then there's some weird star shaped thing with an eye in the middle telling me to destroy the Enemies. Enemies ? Which ones are the Enemies ? It keeps cycling from helping Good to Bad. I'm guessing the game focuses on which side you wanna take ... The Good or the Evil. Every level is pretty confusing that your just gonna have to guess your way through each Level. I'd pick something else if I knew this game wasn't very good. ...more info
  • Reiner and Me are Right
    Before I write my review, I want to share with you all a review written about this game by Reiner of GameInformer magazine to prove to you that I am not the only one that thinks that this game sucks:

    "Wait... this game is mislabeled. This isn't Shadow the Hedgehog. It's that miserable Broken the Hedgehog! With the scent of a dirty diaper permeating from his speedy wake, this killer of classic gaming franchises does what he does best. He sucks. Not since Bubsy have I seen a mascot-based action game corner the market in unresponsive controls, disastrous level designs, inconsistent framerates, traumatizing character designs, and (my personal favorite) just being flat out broken. At the very least, this game has its place in the history of gaming for that. Shame on you, Sega."

    Now for my review: If you have any sense of self-worth or decency, don't buy this game. If you do, it's just a waste of your money. You ask, "Why isn't this review longer?" Frankly, because Reiner already said what needed to be said. Listen.

    ...more info
  • Cussing
    E-10 this should not be. Shooting aliens is not a problem but shooting the "good guys" is. And as the title says, cussing. Dark or otherwise there should not be cussing. I have let me 8 year old play T games that I felt were not as bad. My daughter (3) heard Shadow say his "damn it, not now" and now repeats that. He says more at other times as well.
    Going back to the store....more info
  • Shadow Finally Goes Solo!
    I've been a huge fan of Sonic The Hedgehog since he began scrambeling Dr. Eggman waaay back in 1991 and have been both pleased and impressed at where Sonic Team and Sega have taken him over the years. This time however, it looks like Shadow, Sonic's look-alike rival from Sonic Adventure 2, is taking his first steps in Sonic's awsome frictionless sneakers: he's going solo! In Shadow The Hedgehog our favorite black furred rebel is caught in the middle of a four-way battle between Sonic and friends, G.U.N. (Guardian Units of Nations) Federation, Dr. Eggman and his latest scheme (whatever it might be this time) and a new alien menace called The Black Arms who's leader, Black Doom, seems to know Shadow and remembers some deal they supposedly made concerning the chaos emeralds fifty years ago. What's cool about Shadow is that you get to choose which side to fight with and you get to use guns, swords, vehicles and other objects that you can pick up and commandeer throughout the levels. It's also darker and moodier than any ordinary Sonic title, it even has some mild laguage in it:ie, Shadow says "Damn it!" when he gets hit, (then again, that's pretty much what I say when he gets hit too), and when he falls off the screen it's "Damn, not here!" and even Knuckles says damn sometimes! (Just for concerned parents out there) Good or evil? the choice is yours. Either way, you'll have a blast and Shadow's life will change forever, ultimate life form or not. ...more info
  • Does he really need to say that word??
    My 9 year old just got this game last night, loves it. He has all the other sonic games, I even like to play them with him. So imagine my surprise when I hear over and over again "DAMN, Damn it" and did I actually hear the sh.. word?
    When Shadow falls off a ledge. his reply is the same, you guessed it. And guess how many times he falls in a course of a level? I am nearly over the gun thing, after all the gun is for killing wierd aliens and opening walls. But I am not getting used to the constant words which are not necessary. I know what you may be thinking..... My son is NINE years old, and it does say E-10. And I am not a prude by any stretch of the imagination. Perhaps it would be fine for teens. So before you write a response saying I should "mind my own business or lighten up" this review is mainly for other moms who may need to be aware of this before purchasing for a younger Sonic enthusiast.

    My son just now had a great idea. He changed the language to Chinese, that way he can still hear the effects and I don't have to hear those words... either that or we'll learn how to curse in foreign languages. ...more info
  • It's ok...
    I have to say, it's a quite good game. And to everyone complaining about bag graphics, poor camera views, and such like that, you have to realize, if they tried to make it too much better, you might still be waiting for it to come out. But then again, you do make a good point. Considering, it already took them quite a while. (Them and they refering to Sega.)

    The slight language was shocking, but considering it's rating Everyone 10+, it's not that bad. I mean, nowadays, just about all children by the age ten know the word damn. And it isn't exactly a Sonic game, considering the main character is now Shadow, and it was made for a more fixed age audience. Besides, it's not like other Sonic games haven't slightly hinted at mature behaviors..

    But, what really ticks me off is when your trying to do the homing attack, and you kind of spur off in the wrong direction, and die. Especially when it's a boss.

    Then, there's the music. I really like the music quite a bit. I really like it when video games have good music, that goes with each level, and place because if the music didn't would totally knock my playing all out of wack.

    But what I really would like is for the gameplay to have the flashy, smashy, bashy, fast attitude of the intro music video kind of thing when you first turn on the game. And also, what disappointed my brothers and I was could only be Shadow, an orange Shadow, or different colored Shadow robots/androids in multiplayer. We were hoping, at the least, we could be Sonic, or maybe an Black Arms alien. Something other than just Shadow in different colors. I mean what is he, a shirt!?

    I guess it's ok...but a little disappointing, I guess. If your a Shadow fan, I suppose you'd have a good time, being able to control Shadow, on this journey to find himself. Normal sonic fans may be disappointed though...since it strays far from normal sonic games. But then again, it is titled 'Shadow the Hedgehog'. Not 'Sonic The Hedgehog: Shadow's Choices' or something like that.

    That's all I have to say. Overall...I say it's a three. Or maybe a three and a half. I think my little brother thinks it's a five though. Considering he told me, and has been on it for a long time. I think it would, be good for kids maybe eight-twelve, because of the slight language, and weapons, but also at the ages of eight-twelve, it may be easier to overlook the bad things, and have a good time....more info
  • Shadow the Hedgehog Disappoints!
    My son and I rented Shadow the Hedgehog before we bought it just to try it out and boy were we surprised when we heard bad curse words coming out of the charachters. Completely unnecessary for this game and it will keep us from purchasing it....more info
  • Great Game!
    I beat this game in 2 Hours because its short.I beat about 6 times.Its not boring though some of the missions take too long to finish.I'm not saying its bad its Just Shadow says ''Damn'' also Knuckles, Espio.And I noticed on the second mission the voices were from the show Sonic X.Which I didnt like too much.Though dont lets little kids play this.Its rated E 10 for a reason.I say get the game!...more info


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