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Boss, 4D Bagless Hepa Upright Vacuum, Cleans Carpet & Stairs With Electronic On/Off Brush Roll System, Sealed Hepa System, Easy Empty Dust Cup, Spin Duster, Turbo Nozzle, Nested Wand With Crevice Tool & Bristled Dusting Brush, Bonus Hand Turbo.

  • Electrolux #5892BVZ Boss 4D Hepa Up Vac
Customer Reviews:
  • Useless!!!
    I don't usually do these reviews but this is such a terrible product! It is so poorly designed that you will spend more time trying to unclog it than you will vacuuming. Quite honestly it's completely useless. ...more info
  • Worst. Vacuum. Ever.
    I know I'm beating a dead horse here, and others have said everything I am about to say about this monstrosity of a vacuum. It's the every-other-day frustration of using this machine that compells me to keep writing what others have already written. I hate this vacuum with every ounce of my being. The attachements are cumbersome and the hose is too short. The dust wand attachment is a gimmick. This vacuum had good power at first, but that declined very quickly. I suspect many of the 5-star reviews on here were written right after the vacuum was purchased. It doesn't pull well at all, and what it does pick up seems to come back out as soon as the unit is turned off. I've dutifully changed the filters, checked for clogs, and emptied the dust cup, but nothing helps, and the cursing continues. Don't buy this vacuum. It's a piece of junk....more info
  • It sucks! ... Which is what it's supposed to do.
    I've had this vacuum for a little over two years now, and I've been consistently impressed. Very good suction-- if there is any dirt in your carpet or even under it (ever pulled up your carpet?) it will find it. I am amazed at the volume of stuff that shows up in the can and on the filter after each use.

    Speaking of volume of stuff though... the top filter clogs very fast if things are dirty. In an old apartment, where the carpets weren't too clean when I moved in, I would have to change the filter twice to finish the floors (luckily it comes with two). Filters are easy to clean; just rinse them out (they can go in the dishwasher too).

    Summary: Works great; super power. Bit of a pain to clean....more info
  • Eureka Boss 4D Upright Vacuum - 5892BVZ
    Great Product..

    This is our third unit in Five years.. Two are still working fine as we have eight children, many pets & much cleaning & vacuuming to perform on a daily basis. This unit's suction is unsurpassed with virtually any other machined ever owned or tried, including Dyson's new units. We use it in all (3) levels of our home.

    Would highly recommend especially for the cost in low hundreds, where others that boast similar power would be much higher....Eureka did their homework in this unit's design........Jim B

    PS--> Amazon is a failsafe way to shop also as they back all vendors that sell through their site. It is a comfortable way to shop...jjb
    ...more info
  • Three weeks 36 houses 9 hours a day the roller brush motor stop working
    I purchase your Eureka Boss 4D Upright Vacuum - 5892BVZ and used it for three week until the roller brush motor stopped working. I just want you to know that this is a very good vacuum. For the three weeks I had it, I was able to vacuum in 36 homes for a total of 324 hours. See I clean homes. And the owners have pets. This vacuum would clean pet hair off and out of carpets very well. The carpet would look EXCELLENT. I always maintain my vacuums which have been Eurekas.
    ...more info
  • great vacuum for the price!!
    This vacuum is really powerful! I didn't buy it through Amazon though. It's half the price at Walmart!!! The duster attatchment is awesome! The hose could be longer, but my carpets have never been cleaner. They look like new again... I just hope it lasts....more info
    This machine will do well on everyday carpet jobs but.....Forget about cleaning up after pets. Anytime it's turned off after sucking up cat litter it will dump it back out on the floor. Hardly any litter ever makes it into the dirt cup. Also, it does a horrible job on hard floors. Just spits everything all over the place with brushes on and totaly misses dirt with brushes off. I have a $35 battery dirt devil which blows the Eurkea away on hard floors, lol....more info
  • This is a great Vac the Options even work well
    It took a good while to get this but it was worth the wait. The suction in the head and hose are very strong for a up-wright in this price category. even the little stair brush works well. it is also easy to push and pull....more info
  • Don't Buy!
    This vacum is the worst purchase I ever made. It doesn't pick up very well and what it does pick up it spits back out once I have turned it off. It is very heavy, I can not sweep my stairs with it. Do not buy!...more info
  • first...then....
    I was thrilled with my new vacuum at first. It worked GREAT and had strong suction. My carpets looked new. AFter about 5 or 6 uses I noticed a decline in suction and after about 3 months this vacuum is useless!!! It suctions up the dirt then in a flash spits it back out!!! WHAT A MESS!!! I am dumping this heavy piece of junk to the curb as soon as I finish my letter here and getting a DYSON!!! ...more info
  • fancy looking, but poorly designed
    We have had this for Eureka Boss 4d, for seven months now. It is the worst vacuum we've ever owned. It has a bunch of cool attachments that mostly work pretty well but this thing is almost 25 lbs and hard to get around.

    The motor is strong with good suction, when the vacuum isn't clogged up. The most disappointing thing is the design that has a long hose wrapped around the back, all vacuuming goes through this. It's an obvioius and lengthy, opportunity for clogs to occur. That is what happened to ours. I tried desperately to snake it out with no luck, I got my fish tape all the way through but was surprisd when the clog was still there. It was a huge plug of dense carpet fibers that went for several inches inside the hose. This caused the suction motor overload to trip that motor off after a few minutes of running the vacuum. We had to cut the hose open to remove this clog.

    Now the vacuum requires a new hose at $25.99 to work. But we aren't sure we want to bother with this piece of junk. Might go buy a trusty Hoover to replace it instead. ...more info
  • Works well at first . . . .
    The vacuum works well at first on carpet. The suction seemed great. However, it clogs extremely fast, and now (after having it for 4 months), I'm going to garage sell it.

    I should have learned my lesson. We bought a slightly cheaper Eureka and gave it away because the suction got worse and worse.

    Very disappointed. Should I go back to bags?...more info
  • Returned after 2 months
    I bought this vacuum about two months ago and thought it was the best thing ever at first. It had incredible suction. However, after about a month, it went from sucking up everything in sight to leaving a lot of debris around our home. One time it wouldn't even start. I spent a few hours cleaning out the filters and making sure the vacuum wasn't clogged a few different times. Plus, the vacuum was very heavy (but that wasn't why I returned it). So I finally just returned it last night and bought a Hoover WindTunnel (which so far is great but I loved this one at first too). ...more info
  • Everything I hoped it would be!!
    I bought this machine based on the experiences my two sisters have had with theirs. I finally got one tonight and could not believe how much dirt I got out of 3 large rugs (I have hardwood floors) after one pass - I got 3 full canisters. One of my rugs didn't look all that bad but once I went over it with this vacuum cleaner, it looked totally different - like brand new again! The suction is incredible! I've never had a vacuum cleaner of this quality in the 43 years I've been married, and I've been through a lot of vacuum cleaners

    As if that wasn't enough, I went back over the same rugs and came up with another full canister! I am so sold on this machine, I'm going to buy another one for the lower level of the house tomorrow!!

    By the way, I was ready to go back to a bag machine, having had a bagless that was a big mess to empty! I don't mind emptying the canister often, it's so easy. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum!!
    Just bought this vacuum and I think its great! Yes it's heavy but that was expected with all the attachments etc.. Its amazing how well it suctions and pics up cat hair, yes you do have to empty the canister often but who cares as long as it picks up good, to me it just tells me how well its working! I saw all the negative comments on how poorly it did on hardwood floors or hard surfaces but I think it suctions like it should have and cleaned great. One of the reasons I bought this vacuum was because you could turn off the brush spinner when you were vauuming your hardwood floors which was important to me. Also like the rubber type wheels as opposed to plastic wheels so it didn't scratch the hardwoods. I think the power paw brush for stairs and furniture is GREAT!! It did an amazing job on my couch with cat hair, picked it right up, very powerful. Its not as loud as other vacuums, its not quiet but it's not unusually loud. Really like the two filters. Wish it had a longer hose for the onboard tools and attachments but it has a nice long electrical cord which is nice. So far so good, I think as long as you keep the filters and canisters clean on a regular basis it should work great! ...more info
  • Powerful
    I got this vacuum the other day and absolutely LOVE it. The suction is incredible!! It's true, it's one heavy machine...but for the power it's.... well...worth it's weight in suction!! ;-) I agree with another comment, if you want a lightweight vac, get one! This one does what I want a vacuum to do which is get the dirt out of the carpet and off the floor. The tools are equally as powerful. I like the feather duster too....more info
  • Great suction. No real complaints.
    I bought this vacuum last week. The suction is great. I don't mind emptying the canister often because I know that means it is doing it's job. The canister isn't small in comparison to other vacs, this one just sucks more up. Also, one of the major complaints I keep seeing from others is the weight. Weight is one of the few things you know for sure about a vacuum before you buy it. If someone wants a lightweight vacuum, they shouldn't have bought this one. I don't mind the weight, I look at it as getting a little extra excersice, which I can certainly use. My only problem so far is that my kids keep taking the duster and want to sword fight with it, but I can't blame Eureka for that. Also, I have 2 dogs and am impressed with the way it cleans up pet hair. I'm going to try it on my car seats next!...more info
  • Great Vacuum, wouldn't change much...
    My husband and I bought this one after our Hoover of 6 years crapped out on us. It really is a great machine. Suction is amazing, the tools are pretty easy to use, and it isn't horribly loud. It is like many others have stated, quite heavy, so if you have stairs you may reconsider(we don't). Also, alot of reviewers seem to be upset that you have to change the cup frequently, however I only found that to be true after we first bought it, and I believe that's only because our other vacuum just wasn't doing it's job. On one last note, we have 2 Labradors, 2 cats and thick carpet..this vacuum truly holds it's own when it comes to the pet fur. The only reason for the 4 star rating and not 5 is the heaviness. Hope this helps someone out....more info
  • just bought this vacum today
    i think i found a new friend. my other vacum lasted me 5 years. but i think it gave out about a year ago. lol. i just vacumed with my old one yesterday. and revacumed with this new one today. the WHOLE canister was FULL!!!! gezzzzzzzz. it IS a heavy machine. but i dont care. its got a heppa filter, which my dermatologist recommended to me, its got that cool duster thing, that i didnt even think i would use, and it SUCKSSSS major dirt and dust, and i LOVE the yellow. for those who are complaining about not doing well on barefloors....ummmmmm, its called a BROOM. if you can handle a heavier vacum, than this is the one i recommend. ESSPECIALLY for the $$$! i paid about $200 for my old one, and i dont ever remember it working this good. and it was barely $70.......more info
  • Vacuum SUCKS!
    This vacuum was recommended by Consumer Reports. It is the worst product I have ever owned. I have new carpet and own 3 dogs. The internal pipes of the vacuum would clog after 3 swipes over my carpet. The filter system over the canister is where the problem starts. The canister is also very difficult to empty. It is designed so the user must reach INTO the dirt that is collected in order to turn a nob to free most of the remaining dirt!! Dust goes everywhere: in the air, in your lungs, on your clothes, in the air and back into the house!

    If you need a heavy duty vacuum, the Bissell 5770 Healthy Home Bagless Upright Vacuum is a much better buy in every way....more info
  • A huge waste of money
    I bought this vacuum when my Windtunnel kept malfunctioning. I thought I would buy a nice cheap vacuum this time after investing in the more expensive Windtunnel. This vacuum is NOT for pet owners. The canister is small and fills up almost instantly. You need to empty it after every room and it is messy to empty. The filter clogs constantly. The attachments are clumsy and hard to use. My preteen son used it in his room and didn't realize the canister was full because it is hard to see in. When we emptied the canister it spilled everywhere. The vacuum is useless on hardwoods, and even on carpets it spits back hairballs.

    Don't waste your money on this....more info
  • Avoid at any cost!
    We bought this vacuum based on Consumer Affairs report, and were totally disappointed. Not only is it useless on bare floors, it leaves black scuff marks from the wheels. Too many attachments that look good in the store but when you get it home they catch on everything and it is like maneuvering a small tugboat around. The power cord gets very warm after using it a while, which worries me. This is definitely going back....more info
  • Junk
    I've had this vacuum for 6 months now and I really hate it! Poor suction power on bare floors, clogs easily, filter cup must be emptied each time you use it and it doesn't have edge cleaning. It spits dirt out the back instead of up into the vacuum and the power paw is worthless. Waste of my money! ...more info
    This is a terrible design for a vacuum, unless you do not generate any kind of dust, etc. It the bagless cup holds nothing and you are constantly emptying it. I tried to contact Eureka regarding the design of this vacuum and they never even responded. ...more info
  • How do you hate a vacuum?
    I know now! Believe me, I'd give it "zero" stars if possible. This is the cheapest piece of garbage I've ever owned! I had to duct tape the filter on because even the normal back and forth motion would make it pop off. After each room I have to take the hoses apart and un-jam it, if they haven't popped off before that. It spits out balls of carpet fiber instead of sucking it up.

    Honestly there isn't one positive thing I can say about this hunk of junk! Don't buy it!...more info
  • Great on carpets terrible on floors
    We loved this for thick pile carpet--nothing better. But on wood floors it spits more dust around the room than it picks up....more info
  • My rating on the Eureka Boss 4D
    Previously owned a Fantom, which have become hard to find. Researched reviews on this vacuum and bought it because of the good reviews. I hate it. It is clumsy and heavy, but the worst is the way you have to get the extension hose and attachments ready to use for curtains, baseboards etc. Then it hardly reaches to where you want to go and because it does have good suction, you can hardly get the hose to stay extended while using it. If I vacuum cat litter pieces from the carpet and then turn off the vacuum, it will leak out the small pieces back onto the carpet. I don't know why it is doing this. I make sure to empty the dirt compartment after each use and I check the filter every few weeks and clean it. Also the telescopic duster is more trouble than it is worth. I am constantly reclosing the cover as it keep twisting open. It is easier to use my hand magnetic duster than to use this one. I see used and new for $139.99 on Amazon - I would feel lucky if I got $50 because I don't think it is worth more than that. I wish I would have tried to fine another Fantom or I wish I would have gone with the Hoover Wind Tunnel.

    The Fantum was so easy and this Eureke makes no sense how it was designed ...more info
  • Good Vacuum, Feel Like Pushing a Truck
    I returned the Dyson and bought this since the interchangeability of the attachments are easier on this one.

    Expensive to change HEPA filter every 6 months.
    Difficult to manure.
    Spiral tube is not long enough.

    Easy access to attachments and quick interchangeability ( unlike Dyson DC_07).
    Cleans well, good all round Vac.
    Cheep....more info
  • Heavy, difficult to use and poorly attached handle...
    I bought this vacuum based on the many positive reviews I had read, and the suction was good. However, it was so cumbersome to use that the great suction didn't really matter to me. Because so many parts (like the handle, the dust attachment) are attached after you get the vacuum, they are constantly falling off, which makes it very difficult to use. Added to that, because the vacuum is heavy and there is so much suction it's difficult to use around tables and the edges of the room. And the attachments are basically useless.

    So if you want a vacuum that will do a fabulous job for the center of your room, or for a room that doesn't have any furniture in it, this is the perfect vacuum. If not, then it isn't....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I just bought this vacuum from my local Wal-Mart. I could not believe how powerful it is. It is a little heavy, but I am a small person and have not really found it all that hard to use. There is a review about the vacuum not staying together, and I have to say that if you buy it in a box you have to tighten 3 screws. Maybe that person missed that part. I thought it was easy to put together, and it seems to be very sturdy. When I vacuum along walls and furniture it sucks up dirt to the side and in front of it. It is awesome! I would definately recommend!...more info
  • Unbelieveable Suction with some drawbacks
    I read the reviews thus far and have to agree with several negative points, but you cannot deny this unit is incredibly powerful. Yes the weight of the unit is a bit much, I went from a 8 pound Oreck to this 25 pounder, quite a difference. I bought this for my wife but know I will be th one carrying up and down the stairs. Also I agree that it is like wrestling with an Alligator to try to use the extension attachments because, the suction on this beast is so incredible that the accordion hose wants to fold up into itself. I have to say I am disgusted to find that my carpets were filthy after using this machine. It sucked up everything from a fine dust to crumbs I didnt know where there. This units suction is so powerful, I think it sucked up dirt from before I bought the house 3 years ago and I had even replaced the carpets since then, it is that powerful. I would swear my carpets look a shade lighter. The duster attachment is cool and I have dusted areas that have not been done is a long time. In order for it to spin clean, you do need to straighten it all the way out before putting it back in the holder. If you want a small workout but carpets that glow, this is the one to get. The benefits outweigh the drawbacks, no pun intended....more info
  • Great Vac !
    This Vac will meet your expectations. Its also rated a good buy from Good HouseKeeping. I pick this one up at a local Kmart. The suction is very good, you'll be surprised at the hair, dust and dirt it collects on carpets that look clean!

    Besides having good suction the features I like is the brush will stop spinning when you lift the handle to its upright position to use the attachments and the switch at the top of the handle conveniently allows you to go from carpet to floor with out stopping. The PowerPaw works great you'll clean stairs and furniture with ease.

    Not all HEPA systems work well. This bagless HEPA filtration system works extremely well, no loss on peformance here and you wont find yourself fumbling with the filters when you empty the dust cup.

    The vacuum maybe a little heavy for some folks, but I find well made vacuums weigh around 22-25 pounds. Nevertheless its easy enough to use when running and does a great job on carpets and floors.

    Having the opportunity to use a variety of vacuums, in my opinion this is the best bagless vacuum in this price range that performs just as well as the Hoover WindTunnel Ultra and the Oreck XL at half the price......more info
  • Yes! Finally...
    That's right, this one's a winner. The price is right and the features are great. The paw picks up all the dog and cat hair. The dusting wand saves tons of time. Belive it or not, this makes cleaning 'kinda' fun. ...more info
  • kicks butt!!
    Recently divorcee with two golden retrievers needing new vacuum. I've had several brands and short of my 15 gallon shop vac, this one rocks! Sounds kinda dorky coming from a guy but I did the initial clean w/ an old eureka and then went over the same area and I was totally amazed at the junk that it picked up,. It has very strong suction and the power-paw thing works pretty good and even the little duster thing may help domesticate me!
    First and foremost, make sure the hoses are attached very secure. These route the air flow and if they aren't put on right I can see how they cause an air loss.
    It picked up all the dog hair w/o issue and the price at K-mart/139 was well worth it. Any product has respective failure rates but even eureka has good ratings w/ Consumer Reports. If you get a dud I'd retry and make sure It was put together correctly.
    I'll probably buy a second one for my mom....more info
  • The worst vacuum ever
    This vacuum is by far the worst I've ever had. It was heavy and awkward and didn't fit well between tables, etc. The duster and it's holder did not stay in place and was constantly swaying when I moved the machine. The duster also would not stay snapped in the holder. The attachment hose was always coming out of its holder so the vacuum would not suck properly. This vacuum has two sections on the on/off switch. The first is for bare floors and the second for carpets. The bare floors did not suck anything off my floors. It only shot the dirt out behind the vacuum hitting my legs.

    I was very excited when I first saw the commercial but after two cleanings, I got tired of sweeping my bare floors with a broom and then using the suction tool to pick-up the dirt.

    I promptly returned this vacuum and gave in and purchased a Dyson. This was well worth the money. The Dyson is fantastic. I'm only sorry I had to waste time and gas with the Eureka 4D....more info
  • This is one FINE machine
    WOW! I had just vacuumed my upstairs before I bought this machine, and just to try it out, vacuumed it again with the new Boss 4D. This thing SUCKS! I mean it SUCKS dirt, hair you wouldn't believe it - from a freshly vacuumed carpet. Other than being kind of heavy (close to 25#) it's just awesome. Although heavy, it pushes easily. Carrying it up and down the stairs will be a drag - probably just keep the old one downstairs for now. SUPER Machine....excellent value. Easy to assemble, too.
    ...more info