Eureka 430BX Optima Lightweight Upright Vacuum

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Product Description

* The best cleaning lightweight upright * Powerful and lightweight * Large 2.5 quart dust cup capacity * Easy to store * 2 motor system with Off and On roll deep cleans carpets and gentle on bare floors * On board tools include deluxe stretch hose, and crevice tool for hard to reach areas * Exclusive soft grip comfort looped handle and multi position adjustable handle * Micro filtration * Bagless container * Limelight Green * 12 amp motor * 15" x 13" x 44.5" * 11.8 lbs

  • Lightweight upright vacuum cleaner from Eureka for bare floors, carpets, and furniture
  • Offers 8 different height settings and ergonomically correct loop handle for easy management; bag less design
  • Roll-brush sucks up debris powered by 12-amp motor; no-tip design enables easy cleaning above ground-level
  • Includes many on-board accessories including dust brush, hose wand, and crevice tool; 20-foot retractable power cord
  • Vacuum measures 44-1/2 by 15 by 13 inches and weighs 11 pounds; limited 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Eureka Optima does a great job
    The Eureka 431BX Optima is a great vacuum. It has great suction and handy tools onboard. I love having this as a second vacuum to my bagged vacuum, it is lightweight and I can use my bagged vacuum to clean the filter on the Optima....more info
  • Powerful in a tiny footprint
    great- lightweight, powerful, really holds up to daily use in our heavily traffic'd office. cute appearance, so easily kept in sight to remind us to use it....more info
  • Do NOT buy this Vacuum!!!!
    I think it's very strange that a lot of people gave this piece of you know what 5 stars. Honestly I don't think they use the attachment very often because it has almost NO suction at ALL. I have only had it one day and I was planning to return it but I think it's almost impossible to clean the filter because it's bagless.. which I thought would be very convenient but it's putting me in a predicament right now where I just might be out $70.00. Stick to Dirt Devils!!...more info
  • What the...?
    I don't understand all these bad reviews. Unless you people are getting lemons, then what are you doing to your vacuums?! Mine is awesome! I have three rowdy little boys and we live in a 4400 sq. foot home. I've owned this vacuum for 1.5 years and haven't had one problem. My carpet is plush too and it really has great suction for it. Emptying and cleaning the filter has never been a problem either. I hold a plastic bag over the canister and then dump it. Everyonce in a while, I use an old metal hanger to get extra dirt out, but according to other reviews, heaven forbid you get a little dirty. ...more info
  • Great Little Vacuum
    I only bought this vacuum a few weeks ago as a back up to my regular Dyson for quick pickups but have used it often. It came exactly how pictured and does a great job on my carpets and hardwood floors. It is small and easy to store, and easier to use on my stairs. My 12 year old, who hates to vacuum, even likes to use it. I have 2 dogs and 2 kids with lots of high traffic and the vacuum really picks up. The body is mostly made of plastic that appears a lot less durable than my Dyson, so I hope it will hold up. To empty the cannister is a two part process and because of the large amount of dog hair I pick up, it gets caught in the top by the filter, so I manually have to pull it out. But I still like cannister vacs instead of bags because of how often I was having to replace the bags - which adds so much cost to a vacuum purchase....more info
  • Not for Plush Carpeting
    It has great suction, love the adjustable handle, does great on hard floors and area rugs, BUT it won't roll at all on my plush carpeting. I tried it with the roller in the up position and it still won't go without a tremendous amount of effort and then the orange light comes on. It pushes like my Hoover did when the belt would slip off the roller. I was so excited to have a light-weight vacuum for easy clean up, but this is impossible. It needs bigger wheels or something. What a disappointment! ...more info
  • You'll love it until the wheels fall off!
    The wheel bearings of this vaccum are made of plastic and they will always break. Mine lasted about four months....more info
  • could use some improving
    Bought this for the upstairs where we have area rugs and bare floors - keeps from having to lug the Bosch Cannister (a super vacuum) up and down when just a quick vac is nesessary. Suction is excellent - but the unit is very very loud (maybe the Bosch is just that quiet). Exhausted air is pushed out the front and blows much of what is on a bare floor away prior to being able to vacuum it up. Filter should have a pre sleeve on it - like the foam ones you can by for a shop vac - it gets clogged easily and is difficult to clean, I found putting a stocking over it helps. If you cannot keep it clean - might as well have a bag! Handle is great and adjusts easily to many different heights. Dusting tool is positioned at the wrong angle - adjustable would be nice and should include a smaller floor sweeper and another extension pole. All in all not too bad but could be better with some work. Look around before you by - I would probably choose another if doing over....more info
  • Terrible!
    This model cleans well and collects a lot of dirt and dust, but the filter becomes clogged after each pass. While it is easy to empty the canister, getting the clogged filter clean is another matter. You have to bang the filter against a hard surface to knock the small particles loose so you can clear the filter and continue cleaning. Perhaps it is the dusty atmosphere in Colorado, but this is a nightmare vacuum to maintain and use....more info
  • vacuum sucks, figuratively speaking
    I have had this vac for about 2 years. I use it infrequently on smooth tile floors. Despite light duty use, it has fallen to pieces.
    1)Handle is cheaply assembled and wiggles back and forth sloppily (within a few weeks of light use)
    2)vac has switch to go from vac to attachment. broke within a year
    3)fan on front of vac blows away whatever it is your trying to vac up
    4)cheapo plastic ronald mcdonald wheels. one fell off today
    5)cannister filter design attracts debris to filter so it clogs easily, reducing suction
    6)hose attachment comes detached frequently
    Vacuum is very light. If your only criteria is weight and "cute", you cannot find a greater vacuum. ...more info
  • It was an okay vacuum
    I liked this vacuum okay for the price of the machine. It wasn't a huge investment and now it's not a huge loss. Where do I recycle vacuums? I use the past tense because the motor blew up due to dog hair. It worked relatively well on the rug, but I have wood floors and the vacuum spit the dust out the back. Then there was the adventure of chasing the dog hair, because as another review reported, the placement of the fan tended to blow the dog hair around the room. Oh, and did I mention that it is NEARLY impossible to buy replacement filters at the store; they must be ordered plan ahead....more info
  • Adorable. But adorable doesn't clean your carpets.
    I've owned this vacuum for around 15 months now. It was inexpensive (who wants to spend lots of $$$ on a vacuum?!) and small (like my apartment) and was nicely designed (it is adorable; what a sucker I am, no pun intended), and worked quite well for the first few months I used it.

    Then the suction power started to decline to the point where now, after vacuuming a carpet, I have to go back over it and pick up by hand all the fuzz balls or little bits of paper or string left behind.

    Uh, shouldn't the VACUUM be sucking this stuff up? If it's leaving behind all this crud that I can see, what is it leaving behind that I can't see?!

    I was driven to write this review because I was just now attempting to vacuum my bedroom and, midway through the job, the machine simply turned off. Nothing will make it turn back on. In the past I've had it clog up, and after cleaning it it has returned to life, but it's not clogged, so Idunno! It's just dead. Not even a full year of good vacuuming. What a waste of $70 dollars. I would recommend saving up and spending a bit more on something that will LAST, or if it does break down is worth the cost of bringing it to a vacuum repairman. This thing just isn't worth it.

    Also of note: emptying the dust canister is always messy. It sends huge billows of dust everywhere, and I end up sneezing for hours after. On more than one occasion while pulling the canister off of the body to empty it I have spilled the contents onto the floor. It's not hard to remove the canister, or tricky-in fact it's pretty easy to empty-but there is a certain level of coordination needed. Apparently I lack that?

    If you need a vacuum for your doormats, then this is the one for you. If you need one for more rigorous uses, perhaps you might want to look at other options......more info
  • Can't kill it.
    I KILL vacuum cleaners. I don't know how, but I will tear one up in less than a few months. Not this one. I love it. It has AWESOME suction. You can see things coming towards it a few feet away even. The ONLY cons are: if the hose slips off of the plastic cradle, it will knock the power off, and you pretty much have to clean the filter every few uses to keep it sucking. Otherwise you won't get any power. I just use my big vacuum to hose off the filter and it keeps on cleaning....more info
  • Not my bag of chips
    I was not very happy with this vacuum. It broke after 1 year, and I barely vacuum! It was pretty cheap, I guess you get what you pay for. It was pretty light though....more info
  • Nice suction
    This vacuum has very good suction, almost so much it is hard to push, but it does work very good, it brings the pile back up on you carpets. The only thing is that the filter fills up every time you use it. You have to brush it off after every use. I take it outside and brush it with a small floor brush. I believe all the air goes though the filter and that is why it fills up so quickly and it is located in the dirt chamber. Easier and less expensive to brush it than to buy new ones. 4 stars for suction and no star for filter....more info
  • Great!! Everything is great!!
    I bought this for it's size and price. I did not expect much, but was shocked at how great it is. I have a pet bird this sucks up all his mess with no problem. at 1st it was hard for me to push but that does not seem to be a problem anymore. Oh, it does well on my rather thick carpet. All the on board tools are great and they help me out a lot. I love it's size and it is easy to store. It is also a cute little machine and I love the green color! the hose suction is great too. In the past I have had vacuum's that the hose suction hardly did a thing, but this one is great! ...more info
  • Pleasantly surprised!!!
    I own a small condo with mostly hardwood floors except a couple of rooms with carpet so I didn't want to spend $400 on an upright vacuum. I really hesitated buying one that was so inexpensive but decided if it didn't work well at least I wouldn't be out alot of $$$. This thing works GREAT!! I couldn't believe how good a job it did. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry around the house (plus it's light as a feather) and since i don't have alot of storage in my condo the size (with telescoping handle that goes down) is perfect for tucking into the back of a closet. I would have given it 5 stars except the only thing that would make this better would be a retracting power cord instead of having to wrap it around the maching when your done...small price to pay for such a big savings over the 'big dog' machines....more info
  • Powerful but a little bit loud
    Power beyond believe but a little bit loud, it would be great if they can silence it a bit.
    You can actually hear how powerful the suction is....more info
  • Nice vac if it lastest more than 3 months
    I bought this vac based on all the reviews. It is small and light. my 4 year old could use it. You do need to empty it often because the canister is small. cord is a little short but not a big problem. I liked because of the ease of carrying it up stairs and storage. But yesterday it quit sucking up. I'm glad I bought it from best buy because I would be very upset if I had to mail it back to amazon. Not sure If I will get another one because it didn't last....more info
  • wheels broke off after 6 months
    Worked ok but now useless, the wheel casings broke and the wheels won't stay on...more info
  • Better than I expected
    This is a nice unit that is great for my small townhouse apartment. It is compact which is good for storage and also makes it easy to use for cleaning stairs. It is as powerful as a full size upright, but is not as wide, so it feels like you get even better suction, although you have to make a few more passes on the carpet. The design is stylish and functional. The tools are minimal but competent. The cord is 20 feet which is not quite enough for my apartment unless I plug it in at 2 separate locations for each floor. I will be buying a nice appliance extension cord, because I really am that lazy.

    Time will tell how durable this vacuum is, but it does a nice job, is priced right, and as a bonus for me is my favorite color: green....more info
  • Takes care of my needs
    I purchased same to assist me in keeping my office clean and organized and the Vacuum Cleaner does just that.

    ...more info
  • Great for wood floors!
    I just purchased this about a month ago b/c I got rid of the carpet and went with wood floors. My old vacuum was great with carpet but horrible on tile, wood, or linolium floors. It would "shoot" the items out the back b/c of the brush. This Eureka 431BX is GREAT on hard surface floors. It is also equally as good on the carpet or rugs in the house. It has a option on the bottom side where you can use it on the floor or for use with the hose and attatchments. It also has a button on the top where you can choose to use suction only or suction and brushroll. Suction only is great for use with the hose and let me tell you...this baby will suck anything up! It gets into tight spots because of the design and smallness and it is very lightweight. I am very pleased with the vacuum for the price.
    It is not the best vacuum out there, but for the money it is WONDERFUL. Very easy to put together, easy to clean the filter and empty the canister, no problem to store because of the size, and the handle is adjustable for those of us that are shorter.
    You wont regret buying this vacuum. I love mine!...more info
  • it sucks, but that's what it's supposed to do.
    Other reviews have said it doesn't roll well. I didn't have that problem, but I can see it would be hard for really THICK carpets.

    I have two pets who shed and this did the job cleaning up the pet hair, dust, and debris. Since it is smaller, it stores very nicely in the closet. I'm overall very pleased with the purchase....more info
  • Just wonderful!
    I am so pleased I convinced my daughter to purchase one for her home!
    Having the attachments on board is very handy and the ease to clean too.
    ...more info
  • The worst ever vacuum cleaner in the market!! period!!
    Give it just 2 weeks!! and to top it off, the customer service sucks big time!! They told me that they will mail an accessory 4 months ago- I am still waiting!!! Don't buy this if you want to save 70 good bucks!!...more info
  • Aren't vacuum cleaners suppose to suck up dust and not blow it around?
    Well.....there is one major design flaw with this vacuum. Yes, it has strong suction, it is light weight, and versatile.

    However, there is the fan right above the floor....The vacuum ends up blowing air out of this vent with such force, that all of the dust nearby ends up getting shot into the air. No matter how much suction power this vacuum has, most of the dust gets blown into the air. Definitely not good for us allergy sufferers.

    Maybe this doesn't seem to be a problem for people who only vacuum carpets.....or maybe they just can't see the dust flying as easily as I can with some wood floors.

    You would think the designers who created this model would have recognized this huge flaw. I don't recommend this product. Don't waste your money!

    ...more info
  • Cannot be worse
    This machine works for about a week. After that, you have to empty the canister (and inhale half of the dust that was in it), and subsequently you need to clean by hand all the dirt and grime from the filter, which take about 20 minutes, since it gets completely clogged.
    If you are looking for a disposable vacuum cleaner that you can discard after 5 uses, this is the one. ...more info
  • Some deficiencies
    It is a good cleaner, however it blows the dirt ahead of it since the discharge is on front of it. It is also hard to push, not much differrent than my full size Hoover....more info
  • I guess I got what I paid for!
    I like this vacuum when you have a new filter in it. Other than that, which is just about every time I use it, it has lost so much suction and pulls up nothing. We bought this smaller vacuum b/c it claimed to be the same power as a full size upright. Not so. It doesn't do a thorough job, and I don't recommend it as your primary vacuum. I will say it is ok if you are doing light cleaning....more info
  • Love and Hate !
    What the heck was Eureka thinking when they made this vacuum! They have a switch to turn off the beater bar which is great for my hardwood floors but they put the exhaust fan in the front and I spend more time chasing the dust bunnies that this vac throws around than I do catching them. Not to bright for a company thats been around as long as them. It has great suction and works great on carpet though..only draw back with this is the dust cup is way to small and you feel like you are constantly emptying it out. I would think twice before buying this vac if you intend on using it for your hardwood floors unless you need and want alot of exercise chasing bunny's!!!...more info
  • Consider it a short-term investment
    The vac worked very well and had great features for the price, including the brush roller on/off. The motor is strong and the unit is quite lightweight. However, in less than a year, the handle started loosening and could not be resecured; this was simply annoying. Last week, we lost a wheel, and after further investigation, we realized that the wheel had simply SPUN IN A CIRCLE too much and wore the thin plastic clips securing the wheel right off. Barring some amazing repair work, I think it has died. It is a shame that this vacuum in now garbage because of such a stupid flaw. I guess I have a giant dustbuster now. ...more info
  • Poor products from Eureka
    I would strongly recommend to be away from eureka products, i bought this products 7 months back,then started burning and smoke from the vaccume, since it is in warranty period it is sent to authorised service center 5 weeks back, till now i did not hear any thing from them, when i call they say they did not recive the parts.But it is sad that product is not useful after 7 months of rare usage at home is really a bad product to buy....more info
  • Finally a Vacuum I Love!
    My husband brought this home to me one day unexpectantly. In the past I had used a Bissell lightweight to vacuum my downstairs tile floors and a large Hoover to vacuum my stairs and the 2nd story of my home which is carpeted. The Bissell would not get all the dirt up and when I'd wash my floors it would become such a mess. The Hoover did a pretty good job on the carpet, however it was much too heavy to drag up the stairs. I was very unsure about this vacuum but after one use I fell in love. I now use it for the tile and the carpet. It is light enough that I am no longer struggling to clean my stairs. The sucking power is amazing. I am very impressed. I have not had any problems yet - it has been three months. My only complaint is that you have to empty and clean the filter quite often but it is something that I am willing to get used to if it means having a vacuum cleaner that actually works for once....more info
  • Filter clogs and causes vacuum to lose suction
    We have had this Vacuum for about 1 year and use the vacuum 1 to 2 times per week. The vacuum cleaner is light and has a lot of power. Its a little noisy but, the real problem with this vacuum is the filtering system. The filter gets clogged very fast. Once the filter gets clogged the vacuum doesn't suction (I suspect this is the problem that some of the other reviewers have had). The only way I've found to adequately clean the filter is with a needle-nosed pliers and about 10-15 minutes of my time. I do this approximately every 2 or 3 times I vacuum. Vacuum works well and nothing has fallen apart but this filter cleaning thing is a real hassle and for that reason I would not recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Was great, then both wheels fell off
    I really liked this vacuum. That was until today when both of the wheels fell off. A plastic part broke off and it really cannot be fixed. I have only had it for under a year!

    It has great suction (as long as you keep the filter clean). It is VERY lightweight. It was a bit tough for some of my deeper shag carpeted areas- it was really hard to to move across the carpet. But for wood floors and tile, it was great! The cord is a bit short, so I attached a extension cord so I could go further.

    I'm going to have to buy another vaccum, but if you need a cheap vaccum for a small house- especially if you have lots of wood floors like I do, this one is good. Just beware of the wheels....more info
  • MY MOM LOVES IT!!!!!
    I purchased this product after doing some searching on the internet for a vacuum cleaner that is lightweight; but also has cleaning power. It was a Christmas present for my MOM, who has back problems. She loves it!!! Not only is it lightweight; but it has this ergonomically correct handle that makes it easier to hold on to. There is no bags to change, she just empties the container. And it is a very unique color...lime green..
    I would recommend this for anyone that doesnt want to dragg one of those heavy duty cleaners around their home.. I know I am going to buy myself one. ...more info
  • A year later, still the best vacuum!
    We have a 6,000 sq. foot home with two stairwells, dark carpets and some hardwood floors. This little vacuum does it all. It's light enough to do the stairs and the hose attachment is a blessing! Switches to bare floors easily and keeps going. The filter is an issue, but it's relatively easy to clean. Just expect to deal with it and you'll be happy you have it. I am going to buy a second one for the lower level of the house, as it's inexpensive enough to do that. ...more info
  • what a hunk of junk
    I bought this based on rave reviews. One year later, the suction is awful (I have a bird, it cannot pick up the feathers)! The filters are about $6 each and I could go through one a month. I will never again buy a bagless vacuum....more info
  • You sometimes get what you pay for.
    I assume you have read all the good reviews of this vacuum cleaner and I agree with much of what they say so I wont belabor those points. Here is my summary:
    1. light
    2. Rug brush can be disabled (turned off)
    3. Great suction for its size.
    4. HEPPA filter.
    5. Tools attached.
    6. Simple switch from floor to hose.
    7. Bagless
    1. Hose too short
    2. Filter clogs too fast. Dirt tank emptying annoying and "dirty."
    3. Small plastic parts break easily (cord holder, dirt chamber latch)
    Like it, use it, looks a bit ummm wounded with duct tape holding it togegther....more info
  • If only I could give it zero stars...
    I read the reviews posted on here, and thought, gee, this seems like a pretty good vacuum. Quite wrong, I can assure you.

    I have never left a review online. However, this product was *so bad* that it overpowered my laziness and forced me to rate it. I just finished "vacuuming" (and I use that term loosely), and I must say, other than the lines on the floor, you really couldn't tell. I ran over the same little piece of string on my carpet about six times before bending over and picking it up. And yes, all of you naysayers, I did have the thing set to suck through the floor and not the tube. And suck it did, but not in the way that I purchased it to do.

    Avoid this product....more info
  • I wouldn't take this if it was free
    This has got to be the worst vacuum I've ever owned. It clogs all the time where the dirt enters the chamber and I have to clean the filter between each use. I've had this for over a year and within the first couple of months, it had lost suction. I imagine it would be an ok vacuum for a dorm room where there is very little area to vacuum. As soon as I can afford a new vacuum, I'll be putting this one on the curb. I wouldn't even give this away....more info
  • It would make a good toy for about 5 months.
    It should be zero stars! I bought this vacuum because it was rated 4 stars. Maybe people rated it right after buying it, and their initial impression was positive. Cause long term, this vac does not hold up. I had the vac only 5 1/2 months and only used it as a spare. So it was used very little. It does not have very much suction, maybe only what you would expect a sweeper vac to have, so I've always used my better vac mostly. The wheels keep falling off, and you have to pick them up and put them back on every couple seconds. It's impossible to vacuum. In fact, the PLASTIC wheels are DISINTEGRATING! The plastic is turning into powder as the wheels turn. I'm going to lose a substantial amount of money on it, as I have to throw it in the garbage can. Sure, the company will repair it, but maybe I'd have to pay postage, which would be a lot, and they'd probably install new PLASTIC wheels again, and the same problem would happen again in 5 more months. I told the company that I don't want to see this vac again, but if they want this one back, I would be willing to accept a Eureka Maxima, but they refused to accomodate me. So, for my next vac, I will buy from either Hoover or Dirt Devil. You certainly don't pay that much money for a vac and expect it to tank in 5 months. It can be forgiven, but not when the company refuses to please it's customers. I don't think that is indicative of a good company, and I will not support their wages by purchasing their products, when they won't support their customer....more info
  • I've hadthe vacuum sixteen now overheats
    I've had this vacuum about 16 months and it is now shot. It worked great for about six months. The suction on this little lightweight vac is great but it is so loud it sounds like a jet engine, especially in small spaces. My boyfriend and I have had to wear headphones when vacuuming. The collection cup holds a pretty good amount of dirt but I did not care for the filter on this vacuum as the you could never really get the dirt out of it. The roller brush contstantly tangles and has to manually be cleaned each time the vacuum was used. I don't have a high pile carpet or really long hair in my place but the roller always seemed to get tangled no matter what it was picking up and the brush roll light came on nearly every time I used the vacuum. Now that the 1-year warranty has passed, the motor overheats after vacuuming less than 10 minuts. You can't even finish one room without having it shut down. Then you have to unplug it, let it cool about a 1/2 hour, then continue on to another room and have the same scenario repeated. It's time for a new vacuum as it's taking hours to vacuum a 700 square foot condo, which is ridiculous. I will only be able to use this vacuum now for short vacuums of my car, which it works good for as it's lightweight to haul out to the car and use....more info
  • Great vacuum
    Great vacuum, works better than I expected. Only drawbacks are the filter and the vent on the front. Filter can be cleaned (outside) w/a paintbrush or compressed air. Leaning the vacuum back helps w/the vent blowing stuff away from you. ...more info
  • It sucks;
    I got this as a gift, but I had to throw this away just in 2months. I like to keep my duplex house very clean and I have a todller who is one and half year old. SO I vacuum at least every other day. But It doesn't suck very well specially on floor. I spilt some grain on carpet today but the vaccum doesn't suck the grain cleanly while my todller wait for my cleaning done. It really is disappointing, I smelled some burns inside the machine so I felt to garbage is safe than to struggle to use for nothing...more info
  • Almost wonderful
    It vacuums dog hair like nothing else I've used but you have to clean it every other time you use it. The cord could use 10' or so in additional length. The handle retracts nicely and it's light weight makes it easy to move around. I think the thing I like about it the most is the narrow suction strip or whatever it's called. I think the high power motor coupled with the narrow strip equates to superior suction but a little more time in use.
    This vacuum is totally worth the $60....more info
  • Reminds me of a fancy witch's broomstick!
    This was a wonderful purchase. I wanted a vacuum cleaner which was lightweight and easy, while still being powerful. I put this on my wedding registry hoping someone would actually get it for me... I ended up buying it off the registry for myself! And I'm so glad I did. It is lightweight and easy to store. The color is a strange green but not ugly, just different. Easy to assemble and powerful pick-up. Just be sure to make sure you have the correct setting on (carpet vs floor) or you may be fooled into thinking that it's not working very effectively. The price is reasonable and well worth it given the quality purchase you are making....more info
  • Beware of filter
    Sure this vacuum has great suction power but everything ends up in the filter, inside the little accordian folds and it's impossible to get out, this in turn is going to clog the filter which in turn will give less suction. Bought this for my kids to use upstairs so it will fufill my needs but would not reccomend for a large home, you will lose your mind trying to clean it!...more info
  • it sucks! and that's a good thing
    not bad for the money: surprisingly powerful little vacuum. works well for our condo (pergo + area rugs). only downsides are that the hose could be a little longer, and the air that blows from the front top of the unit does cause dust-bunny madness when the machine is in a corner or right up against a wall. the latter is easily solved -- if one remembers -- by tilting the handle down. overall a solid performer. ...more info
  • Great price
    I bought this vacuum as a gift for my daughter. Her children love to use it. It is lightweight and easy to use. And does a great job....more info
  • Good but with problems
    This vacuum works very well at picking up dirt and being lightweight and convenient. And it is especially handy for those that like disposable items. Because this is a disposable vacuum cleaner. Use it for a while and the wheels will start to fall off. So much so that my wife is about to pull her hair out. The wheels are plastic on plastic contraptions and soon as a little dust or dirt gets in their they start wearing away rapidly till they fall off. If it wasnt for the wheel problem this would be in my opinion at least a 4 star vacuum. But then we have had it about a year and thats probably the reason they only carry a one year warranty....more info
  • Powerful lightweight vacuum
    For the price, this is a great little vacuum. The handle adjusts up and down, and when you put it down to it's shortest position, you can do the stairs very quickly, going side to side. This vacuum is very powerful, and when using the attachments this is especially apparent. Great for cleaning cars with hose attachment. Works on hard surface floors, when you turn off the spinning brushes. We have cats and dogs, and lots of hair, hard wood and tile floors and I have found that instead of sweeping everywhere, I an just vacuum now, quickly, and use the attachment easily to get into corners into small places. Works great on carpets too.
    My only complaint- the dust accumulates towards the top of the canister, so it has to be emptied more often than it should if the dust/lint/hair would just drop into the canister. It all sort of "cakes" around the top. I would still buy it again. Very easy to empty canister, just push a button, it pops out, and then just dump it out. ...more info
  • Just what I needed.......
    After the battery on my previous cordless Eureka died and the price for a new battery was TWICE the vac's cost I TRUSTED Eureka just one more time...they DO have a good reputation and my big upright is wonderful.
    THIS vacuum is very powerful, compact and versatile. I read previous reviews before buying and, yes, it is stiff to move forward and back. At $40 it's def not self-propelled!
    I love the way you shut off brush power and suction and get great cleaning with the hose and attachements. I use mine in the basement where my cat's litter box is and where a lot of pet hair piles up.
    It's fairly easy to clean the canister and filter (I use an old toothbrush and somemtimes a big shop vac to clean the filter rather than always buying a new one). I have had mine for over a year. The dissatisfied reviewer who used it for a home cleaning business should just plain invest in a commercial machine---not a $40 convenience item.
    After a year, I'm totally satisfied. UPDATE: This little gem is still working fine after two years--for the money it's the best little vacuum you'll ever own....more info
  • Pet hair? What pet hair? Greatest Vacuum I've Ever Had!
    This vacuum works out great in my wall to wall carpeted apartment and cleans up the hair my two cats shed on the carpet and furniture exceptionally well. I bought the Optima after my old Hoover died and one of the Amazon reviewers mentioned that the Optima was great on pet hair. Between this review and the price I bought one and it really is the best vacuum I've ever had. Some of the reviews have talked about it's noise, but this is pretty much a problem with every vacuum and the Optima is about average in that regard. You do have to clean the filter, clean out the cannister and cut hair out of the brush, all of which are a pain. However, what I'm more impressed about is the sheer amount of pet hair, trash and other fibers and such that the vacuum actually sucks up. In fact I didn't realize how poorly my old hoover performed until I used the Optima for the first time. It's a small vacuum, but it picks up as much or more than a full size vacuum, hence the need for the maintenance. I've also started using it more since with the bagless vacuum I can actually see how much trash is being picked up and it's rather unpleasant to think about. I've also found the more often I use it, the less maintenance I have to perform between uses. This vacuum is also exceptionally light and with the retractable handle it fits perfectly into my small utility closet. The tools and hose it comes with also make cleaning pet hair off the furniture extremely easy. It also works fine on my linoleum floors. A great affordable vacuum!...more info
  • Great Machine
    After reading the reviews for this machine, I opted for the 437AZ model which costs about $20 more, adds HEPA filter and a powerful $20 turbo powered brush for the hose extension. This machine really sucks. :-) Balls of cat fur an inch ahead of the machine are pulled right in. The discharge of air ahead of the machine is an advantage; those onion skins and dust balls up against the baseboards that used to require a broom to loosen get blown out onto the floor and then sucked up into the machine. I have nothing but praise for this product....more info
  • great little machine
    first- thanks to all who shared their comments that helped me make my decision! O.K. this thing is awesome. Forget about what others have said in the negative comments about the forward exhaust. It's true, but it's so powerful, it is of no consequence. Very strong sucking power, easy to use on carpeted stairs, great on carpet, great on bare floors. 1100 sqft of mixed floors and very happy with the optima....more info
    I bought this vacuum this past June 2006, and at first, I was thrilled with it. Not only was it nice and compact, but it did a great job of sucking up dust and dog hair. For the price, it was unbeatable deal. Then, just last week, the vacuum died completely. No suction whatsoever. And of course, when I tried to call and have Eureka honor the 1-year warranty, I was unable to get a human voice on the phone. I am throwing this darn thing in the trash and getting another vacuum. Hopefully, I'll have better luck this time. ...more info
  • Little Powerhouse!
    Gotta love it! It's so versatile. Love having a smaller vacuum that fits perfectly on my carpeted stairs. Easy to manuever, even in small rooms I can get around furniture that I usually have to move when I use my "big" vacuum. I think every home needs one upstairs and one downstairs! It has a really big dirt cup for a compact machine and well, 12 amps of power is usually found on the full size vacuums. I like the adjustable handle, it's great for me since I'm not very tall. I think I'm actually vacuuming more often since it is so easy! You won't go wrong purchasing this one. One note: I bought mine from for $49! ...more info
  • Im throwing mine out
    I own my own housecleaning company.

    I needed a small , easy to carry , simple to use vacuum. So I got the Optima.
    Right out of the box, it impressed me. It cleaned my own carpets really well.

    But, WOW... it was loud.

    No matter. I needed it, and it was in my price range.

    I bought it 3 months ago.
    It has now burned out on me for the second time.

    It began loosing power with in 2 weeks, and the noise it made, was making my customers uncomfortable.
    Now, I KNEW about the noise, so that is my issue alone. I made the decision to continue using it after I heard it run.
    So, I can not complain about that.

    But I can complain about its reliability.

    I clean it out after every client I have.
    Cut out the long hair on the brushes, empty the canister, and just check it out 2-3 times a day.

    I have to.

    This is my job.
    Never did I 'see' or hear anything that would make me think there was something wrong.
    It would just smell bad, then stop. With in one minute.
    It is not the belt, not the filter, not the hose..

    And I am not satisfied enough with it to try to have it fixed.

    3 months into ownership, I should not have a dead vacuum cleaner.
    Period. ...more info
    Thanks for your input, folk! Because of your reviews, I just ordered this little vacuum. I am giving it five stars "now", based on "your" reviews. I wait in anxious anticipation! I have TERRIBLE luck with vacuum cleaners. I always break them, clog them up, or something. Effectiveness, durability, cost, and size were "considerations" for buying this vacuum. Your reviews gave me the assurance that I needed to actually "make" the purchase. A confirmational review will follow once it arrives.......more info
  • Great little vacuum cleaner!
    What can I say? For $60, you cannot beat the quality. This little things sucks dirt like you wouldn't believe. I love the open front because you see the dirt as it is being sucked up. It's light weight and so well worth the money. If I had one complaint about this gem, it would be the cleaning of the filter. I have to stop often during vacuuming to empty the cup and clean the filter. I use gloves and I put on my shower cap to do so.

    I would recommend this product to anyone and anyone who may live in a small apartment as me.

    Even with the complaint of the filter, I am still giving this item 5 stars. With the filter getting filled easily, that means the product is doing it's job....more info
  • Mighty Little Monster
    I just moved from a hardwood floor to a carpeted apartment, so I had to buy a vacuum. After borrowing my friend's Hoover a couple of times, I finally gave in. I was going to go with the Dirt Devil Dynamite but it did not have any attachments. So I decided on this one. There are five things that I absolutely LOVE about this vacuum:
    1. And most important: THE SUCTION. Its amazing! I mean, thats why we buy vacuums right? To suck up stuff? A+
    2. The noise: This machine is the quietest I have ever used. A+
    3. The attachments: Powerful brush for windosills and other hose for steps and furniture crevices.A-
    4.The compactibility: This machine is not only portable, but the handle retracts, a plus for short people. You can put the handle all the way down and just stick it in the corner somewhere. A+
    5. It's just so CUTE!!! A+

    A few nitpicks:
    1. The filter. I must join the others who complain about cleaning it. It really is a chore. So many crevices. Note: even though this vacuum does not come with a HEPA Filter you can buy a HEPA filter when you reorder.
    2. The cord is a little short.
    3. Even though is not good on bare floors, I dont buy vacuums for bare floors I buy them for carpets.

    Hope this helps.

    EW...more info
  • forward exhaust is a major problem
    Bought this vacuum after reading positive reviews, but I have to say that the forward exhaust system is a deal breaker. On floors and low pile carpet dust and dirt are blown forward before the vacuum has a chance to pick them up. We will be returning it and looking for something similar without the forward exhaust....more info
  • Great, while it worked...
    I thought this little thing was the greatest, then, the 'suction' stopped working -- and I took the thing apart to see if by chance there was anything stuck in it-- nope, it simply stopped 'sucking'... I had this about a year and am very disappointed since the last vacuum I had went for years and years. ...more info
  • I would not buy this vacuum
    Where to start on this machine!
    The wheels do not stay on the base.
    The handle became wabbly and the knob that switches the unit from floor to carpets does not stay in the up right position...I had to tape it. Also the unit becomes clogged very quickly which means you have to stop what your doing because the machine just stops sucking and starts to make the worst sound you have ever heard. You then have to take the filter outside and bang it to knock the dust off of it so it will work again.
    I will say that when it does work this tiny machine will pick up debris off of carpet...I dont think it works all that well on bare floors. Yes it is light weight and vacuums when the filter is clean but who wants to spend a lot of time cleaning out the filter and chasing wheels around the house just to vacuum.
    I WOULD NOT BUY THIS UNIT!...more info
  • Best Little Vacuum in Kentucky
    This is the best vacuum I have ever had. It has great suction. It is as powerful as vacuums twice or three times its weight. The hose and attachments are adequate for most household cleaning. The cord is the perfect length for our one-bedroom apartment,but others may find it too short. It is easy to move and lift as it weighs only 12lbs. I would recommend this to anybody....more info
  • Broken after 1 year
    That 1 year manufacturers warranty sure did me a whole lot of good. Almost to the day I bought the thing it breaks. The brush still spins but the motor for the suction no longer works. Eureka customer service told me there is nothing they can do since it has been 370 days since purchase. They were nice enough to recommend a place where I can pay to get it fixed. That did me a ton of good seeing that the cost to fix this thing is almost as much as a new machine.

    The vacuum did an above average job when it actually worked. Now that it is essentially a rotating brush on wheels it is worthless....more info
  • Cleaning filter - ugh!
    The vacuum is very good in that the weight and size makes it so easy to use. It is good on wood floors and rugs alike and does scoop up lots of dirt. The real negative, however, is cleaning all that accumulated dirt out of the filter. I use a toothbrush to get most of it and then wash it. This takes at least 30 minutes to get it mostly cleaned. The other bad feature is that the tracks the machine leaves on rugs look similar to a field that that just been readied for planting....more info
  • Light & Powerful, but has some drawbacks
    I have 437axz version of this (got it from Costco) which adds hepa filter & motorized brushroll. I needed a light & powerful vacuum because I was tired of lugging around our very heavy hover windtunnel up & down our 3 story house.

    This does the job but here are the drawbacks:

    1. Cord is a bit short at 20 ft, I wish it was 25 or 30 ft.
    2. The exhaust is in the front & center, which on hard floors blows dust out of the way as you vacuum (works fine on carpet), it would have been nice to exhaust to the side.
    3. This vacuum is not designed for very plush carpet, it's hard to move on a plush rug I have, but works fine on regular carpet & berber.

    The best part about this vacuum is it's very light and I don't get tired of pushing it back & forth like used to with my heavy Hoover, also I like that the handle is height adjustable and it large loop handle is easy to grip and very egronomic. The motorized brushroll of the 437axz is great for stairs & the hepa is a nice added touch as well. Also the price is good, I think it was [...] at costco for the 437axz. I think the next step up for a light vacuum would be the [...] oreck xl or dyson slim....more info
  • Nasty Filter Every Time
    Yes, it's very light weight, the cost is low, it has powerful suction. All good things, which is why I bought it...BUT the filter needs to be picked off with every use. Even using this twice a week, I still have to use an old toothbrush to clear out the filter crevices to get the junk out. I change the filter once a month because it's so nasty. Not cheap.
    The extended tool attachment has no suction whatsoever so it's unusable, which is a big disappointment.
    I'm looking for a different vaccum that isn't such a chore to clean after using. ...more info
  • Great Product
    We bought this vacuum a few months ago and are very happy for the money spent. Lightweight, powerful, and folds up into a small space....more info
  • Initially I was wowed - now i'm over it.
    Great suction - amazing for a little vacuum. It's cute. It doesn't take up much space. I've had it for almost a year and i'm done with it. I cannot buy the filters locally. The vacuum repair store doesn't even carry them. Everyone sells the vacuum, no one carries the filters. Not only that, but the cheapest I've found them online is $10 each. I've spent more money buying filters than I paid for the vacuum. As others have mentioned, the exhaust tends to blow what you're trying to vacuum into the air. The hose no longer "sticks" when you plug it into it's little holder loop. It's always popping out - that's just annoying. The cord is short. I guess that shouldn't be surprising since it's a small vacuum, but even with a small house, it's annoying. It picks up dust and dirt like crazy, but it won't pick up string. The dog likes to shred those rope will not pick up the individual strings from the carpet. I sweept them up with a broom and dustpan for the most part.

    It is impressive for dust and dirt with our hard floors and berber carpet. Would have been great in my dorm room back in the day, not so good for running a household....more info
  • A Mighty Mite!
    I am not one for reviewing vacuums. But my wife was about to take ours to the vacuum repair shop AGAIN, and this caught my eye. After putting it together, (I had a little more trouble than most people), I fired it up. The stories are true. It is light I assumed a vacuum had to be heavy to work. Wroung-o! The ultimate test: I called my [...] daughter and asked her to vacuum her room and tell me what she thought. After 10 minutes she came back and said "Daddy it's heavy" what she meant was (I speak rebecca-ease)that it groomed the carpet. And the dirt in the cup was amazing. No more bags! Plus This machince has something no other vacuum I encounted has. Ready? YOU CAN TURN THE BEATER BAR OFF AND KEEP USING IT-NICE FEATURE! Anyone with a wood stove, or children, or a dog, will appreciate this feature. We blew belts on the other one weekly. I personally think it is operator error, big talk since I am not the operator. But now you do not have to. I am very pleased with this machince and you cannot beat the price. Plus the height can be adjusted. This is important if you want your children to clean their rooms. Rebecca especialty seemed to appeciate this. Very pleased with purchase!...more info
  • After a Few Months' Use This Green Prince Turns Into a Toad
    When I first purchased the Optima about six months ago, this inexpensive lightweight vacuum seemed the perfect thing to vacuum dog hair and desert dust from my tile floors. As described in other reviews, this little machine does indeed have a surprisingly powerful engine. In fact, it pulled an amazing amount of dirt from the berber carpeting on my stairs that had just been vacuumed using a Hoover Wind Tunnel.

    Now for the bad news (and there's plenty). As noted, I primarily use this vacuum at least every other day to sweep large expanses of tile floor. Unfortunately, the Eureka Brain Trust inexplicably found it necessary to position the motor's exhaust angled toward the floor just above the vacuum head. The predictable result is airborne hair, dust and allergens where, after inhaling a portion, you can watch the remainder settle on your furniture and countertops.

    Another irritating problem: Once full, emptying the cup sends one on a new allergy adventure. Although the bulk of the dirt ends up, as intended, at the bottom of the receptacle from which is it easily dumped, a large percentage of dog hair and schmutz remains steadfastly adhered to the filter located at the top of the cup. The best way I have found to clean the filter is to manually peal the nasty stuff off (as dust and whatnot flies through the air) and then use my Hoover upright to vacuum the rest of the dirt off the filter. Vacuuming a vacuum . . . does this make any sense? Although it can be washed, Eureka recommends replacing the filter after six washings. Since replacement filters are not readily accessible (nevermind the expense) this is easier said than done.

    The Optima's low purchase price is reflected in its shoddy construction. Anchoring the hose-end on the lower right side of the vacuum is a plastic clip that protrudes enough to easily catch on cabinet kickboards and furniture. I managed to snap the clip off after the first couple of weeks, thus forcing me to tie the hose around the handle to keep it out of the way. And the handle now refuses to lock into position - it spins around annoyingly while trying to manuever the machine. The brush attachment will not stay mounted on the spindle provided. And just this week, the left wheel has decided it no longer wants to stay mounted on the axle and repeatedly wobbles off to destinations unknown.

    While I use my Optima often, it has not been abused. As others have stated, I find it too difficult to push over carpeting, therefore, I have limited its use to sweeping tile floors. Unfortunately, too many items have broken or failed to justify keeping it. I realize that $60 is a relatively inexpensive price to pay for an upright vacuum - especially with a 12-amp motor - but not if it lasts less than six months. After all, the Optima wasn't meant to be disposable . . . nevertheless, the imminent fate of the one I own is just that - the garbage bin....more info
  • After much consideration
    I read all the review of about this item prior to making a purchase, I have also waited for about 2 weeks and at least 5 cleaning cycles before reviewing this item.

    I can only say one thing: "I love this vacum". It's the right size and it sucks up dirt and cat hair like no other vacum I have owned (full zise included). My husband and I now argue who gets to use the vacume, we both love using it. I have found that the best way to clean the filter is to run it under warm water and let it dry over night. I also wash out the dirt recepticle with warm water to get rid of all the dust. As with any bagless the best way to empty out the recepticle is to do it outside.

    Two weeks later, 5 vacume jobs (includes both floors and stairs in our townhouse) this thing is still going strong, I would not hesitate to recommend this vacum to anyone considering the purchase. Well worth the $60....more info
  • It's a Honey!
    Good compact vac for use in smaller dwellings. It could be used in bigger homes or apts but you need to keep in mind the cord isn't too long. My place is 538.5 square feet so it is ideal for me. It rolls smoothly over shorter carpets opposed to the thick types. The filter is $10.00 to replace found easily at Eureka's website. To avoid frequent costly filter replacements, I go through and manually clean it myself. Of course you could replace it every time it is full but that will cost you. Overall you will be very pleased with this vac. I have had mine for about 2 months and still love it. Other reviews pointed out that is not very good on bare floors. True. Understand that the exhaust does blow out the front, hence causing dust and dirt to blow. So if you want a product to sweep floors buy something specifically for that job. Although you could sweep the dirt into a pile and use the hose to suck up the pile.

    My favorite feature overall is the setting that allows you to have suction from the bottom of the vac or just the hose (ideal for stair use and around edges).

    Again, look around and compare and contrast. Hope this helps....more info
  • Phenomenal!
    Today, after my old vacuum bit the dust, I went and stood in the vacuum isle for an hour contemplating and toiling over which one to get. I was so skeptical about this little machine because it is very small. But it had this "33" cleaning rating on the box where others had 20's so for the price, I gave it a shot. I got it home and took it all out of the box and groaned at the thought of putting it all together. Took five minutes and no screwdriver. I looked at it and thought, this thing is so small how well could it work? Ok, I plugged it in, Nice smoothly quiet engine. Not loud. Impressive. Somehow it seems to glide. Nice! Easy to push on my wtw carpet. Instantly I saw "stuff" spinning around inside the canister. This thing is so easy to push, (great for my back & neck), has amazing suction power, and best of all its SO flexible, it goes under EVERYTHING, even my entertainment center. It's narrow so it fits in places my old wide vac didn't. It fit under my dresser, nightstand, under every table and small place, awesome! It even fit between the toilet and the walls, got all the dust bunnies out from every crack and crevice in every room. Leaves nice brush marks in the carpet so you can see where you've been. I popped the attachments on the hose and they fit so nicely, no struggling, I then dusted everything in the living room. I did half the house and went to empty the canister, HOLY #&@#! the thing was packed! Like my old vac must not have been working at all! I was never so thrilled to see so much dirt in my life. It was so "fun" to push this little demon around I vacummed the whole house twice. I only stopped becuase it was 11:30 and didn't want to wake the world. My name is Joanne, I live in New Jersey and I'm not paid by anybody to say this. I don't leave reviews for stuff but always read them. I really believe in this little Eureka.. it is phenomenal for the price. I highly recommend it. I think I'll give everyone I know one for Christmas....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I got this used off Craiglist at half the price, but had I known it worked so well I would've paid full price. This vacuum is awesome! I don't know what the other reviewers are talking about but it has not scratched my hardwood floors at all. It works great, has amazing suction for something so cheap and small, and it's designed like everything should be. Every little attachment fits right on the vacuum and doesn't fall off while you're using it, the cup is easy to clean (though the filter takes some work, but that's what you get w/ a bagless).

    The only drawback (not even that much) is that it scares my cat because it is so loud :-) However, I do actually enjoy vacuuming now!...more info
  • Got what I paid for...
    I'm really surprised seeing so many positive reviews for this product. Sounds, like some Eureka fans are trying to promote this vacuum. If you read only 1-2 stars review you'll see what this product is really is. It can't handle rugs, it scratches the floor and it send dust flying all over the room because of a badly placed exhaust. The tank is hard to clean. Cleaning the filter take about 10 minutes, dirty hands and lungs full of dust.
    The pluses are it's light and very powerful. That's the only reason why I gave it 2 starts......more info
  • Surprisingly powerful!
    When I first bought this I swept the floor with my old vacuum and then swept right away with this one. I was shocked to see what my old vacuum was not picking up. Not only will this vacuum pick up the dirt you see but also things that you didn't know were there. I am shock by the amout of "dust" that gets picked up. I was always proud that my cat wasn't leaving hair on the floor. My mistake...I just didn't realize how much was there until I bought this sweeper which actually picks up cat hair. I would recommend this to anyone with cats.
    I suggest making sure that the cone filter does not get clogged. Just pull the loose dirt off before/after each use.
    I found this vacuum to be easy to store and easy to carry. I was surprised that it is harder to push than some other sweepers that I have used but it is so powerful that I dont mind. For once, my floors seem clean....more info
  • soooo cute and works really well!
    i wanted it because it was soo cute, but really tried to talk myself out of it and into a big ugly monster. the last cute vac i bought sucked, well, i mean it didn't suck
    it didnt do anything
    so i thought this one would be smilar but it said that it had the same power as the bigger ugly monsters and it has a spinny brush thing that none of the other small vacs have
    it is lime green and sparlkey
    i decided to give it a try
    i am soo happy

    the only problem so far is that it does shut itself off when it is clogged or something
    you have to push the reset button, if you dont read the directions you wont know that there is a reset button and think it is broken, but it isnt. can freak you out if you are expecting it to be junky like all the others you might have tried.
    i love it!...more info
  • Piece of junk
    Normally, I hate to give bad reviews. But this vacuum cleaner was so disappointing. I loved it at first, but it broke barely ten days -- not even a full two weeks -- after I bought it! I used it maybe four or five times on hardwood floors -- and Oriental throw rugs with low naps -- in two rooms, just to give you an idea of how quickly the thing fell apart...and under what low-stress conditions.

    Then one day I smelled something -- a slight burning odor -- while I was vacuuming...and I thought it was my imagination at first. Then the vacuum cleaner abruptly shut itself off.

    I wouldn't complain if it had fallen apart after several months...after all, it's not terribly expensive. The warranty is a year, so I probably wouldn't mind fixing it if something happened toward the end of the warranty.

    But two weeks? ...more info
  • Didn't do the job
    This vacuum wouldn't pick up the dog hair on our hard wood floor. I do not recommend it....more info
  • Tiny and powerful
    I had a big, cumbersome canister vac. It was heavy and a pain to use. It spit stuff back out instead of sucking it in.

    This, on the other hand, is a dream. It's tiny, compace, fairly lightweight. It has strong suction. I bought it for my stairs and figured it wouldn't be good for much else, but it cleans my whole house well. I went over the room where I'd vacuumed the day before with the crummy canister vac, and it picked up a ton of stuff the other missed.

    Definitely a great buy....more info
  • I love to vacuum now!
    I live in a small apartment so storing a vacuum is always an issue. And I have a cat who loves to shed so finding a vacuum that is powerful and not bulky has proven to be a challenge in the past. When my old vacuum finally gave out on me, I knew the Dyson or the new Hoover were out of the question for both space and cost. I was skeptical about getting one that was inexpensive, thinking it wouldn't do the job.

    I was wrong! The Optima did such a great job that I look forward to vacuuming now. I have both carpet and bare floors in my apartment and switching between the two is a cinch. And unlike many "dual floor" vacuums, this actually does a good job on both surfaces. Most impressive is that this little vacuum takes on cat hair with no problem.

    In addition to the big issues - functionality, compact size, etc. this vacuum is easy to assemble and cute too! I'm thrilled with my purchase and so glad I didn't pay $100+ more for a different vacuum....more info
  • Love It!!!!!
    I love this vac!! We just moved into your standard 2BR apartment and needed a new but small vac. I saw this one and loved it first for asthetic reasons and the fact that though small it had the same 12 amps that the larger vacs had. I read up on the reviews and decided to give it a try. I freakin' love it! It has plenty of power and the newer better model(Costco!) has extra gadgets like the coolest brush attachment for the hose (for sofas,etc.) as well as a replacement filter. Despite some complaints of it being a little tough to push around, I find it to be just fine. People also complained of the filter area/collection cup being a pain to clean since the filter is in the collection cup. I don't know...I mean, cleaning that sort of thing has always been a bit of a messy job and this is no different. I mean here's how I see it, you want to clean the filter each time anyways for optimum performance as well as cleanliness so....just work it into the routine. No biggie! Also, every function is so easy and self explanitory. I just tried to monkey around with a variety of higher end models and some are so complicated for something that shouldn't be comlicated at all. The adjustable handle is great too. It makes it nice for storage and to top it off it even piqued the interest of my four year old son who instantly wanted to vacuum the entire house with it since it can be "kid size". Ha! The icing on the cake for me was when I thought I had my hall closet at it's fullest and then saw this tiny area and Will it fit? Voila! Like a glove. I think everyone should have this. Why do we need a giant SUV of a vacuum when something half it's size would work? It's under $70! End your search now and just go buy one of these things. You'll love it! ...more info
    Oh my god, this tiny vaccum is great!! I overlooked it at first on the aisle basically laughing at the size of it and thinking... that small vaccum couldn't clean my big house!!!

    After consulting via cell phone w/ my husband @home to refer to AMAZON customer ratings on all the competition THIS ONE (for the value of under $60) WOULD OUTRANK ALL OTHERS.... So still skeptical, I looked at it again and thought... ok little guy, if you suck I will return you..

    1. As for dust bunnies blowing around your house- gross! Hint, that's what brooms are for. Maybe you should sweep once in awhile... possibly in between vacumming??
    2. As for cleaning out the container- ITS BAGLESS!!!
    Yes, you will have to clean a container! Because bagless means no bag. You are eliminating the costs of buying bags all the time the dirt has to go somewhere...
    3. The filter-- is a filter they get dirty.
    You will god forbid, have to shake it out when you decide to empty the container. But,if you are trying to make it spotless everytime... you have too much time on your hands... Do you clean your water filters on your refridgerators everytime you use it?? Do you clean your air filter on your car everytime you use your car?? Get a clue people...
    4. And don't listen to these dinosaurs... the cord is fine.
    Who wants a 100 ft cord you have to wind up after every use?? Here's an idea people change plugs..
    Uh. Really though.
    Needless to say I'd challenge anyone's vaccum to my Eureka---including your DYSONs......more info
  • Great vacuum!
    I love this vacuum. Neat, compact design. Unlike what some of the reviews say, you can adjust the height (though there is no clear mechanisim for it, you just have to pull the handle). I find that extending the height to the max helps a lot with pushing the vacuum on rugs. Both me and my dog sheds tons of hair, but this thing sucks them all up. I am always fascinated by the amount of dust and grime and hair it picks up everytime! My only complaint is, like many others, find emptying the dust cup a little gross. The other thing is the filter -- supposedly you can only wash it up to 6 times, but mine gets so nasty I feel like washing it after every use. Is there any reason why you can't just keep on washing it?

    ...more info
  • It sucks because it blows.
    I bought this vac because I own Eureka's cordless vac and I love it. I was skeptical as I prefer a vac with a bag. I don't particularly want to see what dirt came off my floors and it's such a mess to empty it. It got pretty good reviews and was fairly cheap so I gave it a try. It has lots of power and you can adjust the suction on the hose which is good when vacuuming pillows or drapery. I like the handle and it's cute in an ugly sort of way. So much for the good things. The cord is way too short. I have to plug and unplug several times just to vacuum my living room which is small. It has no handle release to make the body lean back like most vacs. I just have to sort of step on the wheel and yank it back. Tacky. The hose for the attachments is way too short and the stretch on it is too tight. It's almost useless. The worst thing though has been adressed in other reviews. It's the motor exhaust which blows, and quite hard I must say, right out the front into the path you are vacuuming. What is the point of that? Dust bunnies turn into dust birdies as they fly away and don't even try to vacuum in a corner as things really start flying. I suggest some eye potection be included in the box....more info
  • Good At First....
    I have had this vacuum for about 6-8 months now. At first, I loved it! It was small, lightweight and easy for our older sons to use (not that they like vacuuming anymore). My biggest complaint is that you have to empty the canister practically after every use, that is, if you want it to perform at peak. And EWWWWW is it a dusty mess when you go to empty it - I always took it out to the garage straight to the dumpsters - still a dusty MESS!!!!

    Last night, it completely broke. I got one room and my kitchen done, and when I got to the family room, KERPLUNK! The motor just lost power and suction ceased to exist! :( I know I only paid $60 for this vacuum, so I can't expect gold, but now I'm struggling with what to replace it with - without spending hundreds of dollars on a stupid vacuum cleaner - have I mentioned that I don't like to vacuum? LOL...more info
  • Worst purchase ever!!!
    Just got done vaccuuming one room with my new vaccuum, and went immediately to my computer to order something else! It weighs 11 pounds apparently, but somehow feels like 50 pounds when you are trying to push it around the room. The suction seemed good, which is probably one of the reasons it doesn't want to budge across the floor, it did seem to pick up all the hair and little stuff on the carpet. I'm absolutely exhausted from having done just one room, it is not self-propelled, and I could not push it around without using both hands. One reviewer called it a workout, they weren't kidding! I will probably try to use it for the stairs if the hose attachment works well, but I'm definately buying something else to do the rest of the house!...more info
    The Eureka Optima vacuum replaced my broom!
    Review of the Eureka Optima, and Review of the Reviews

    I bought this thing after reading the reviews here at and the only ones I paid any attention to were the negative reviews. But after reading reviews for several vacuum cleaners I found that all of them had some bad reviews. The Eureka Optima had many good reviews compared to bad. So I said what the heck and got one.

    I was amazed at the power of this thing it really did pick up like an upright. Even though one reviewer said it didn't, it really does. It picked up everything, didn't miss nothing. It has power to spare.

    I was worried about the air coming out of the front that people were talking about and yes tons of air comes out of front of this thing. It blew a dust bunny so far away one time I couldn't find it, but the suction at the floor more than makes up for anything it blows away.

    I was worried because some reviewers said it would over heat. It does get warm, but I clean my entire three bedroom house with it and it didn't get hot. It doesn't over heat. Maybe people who live in Arizona shouldn't buy it. I will have to see how this thing acts in the summer. But for comfort reasons im not going to be doing any household chores in summer heat.

    Another problem is long threads or hair getting caught in the rotating beater bar. I think that's the curse of any vacuum. I lost my full sized Panasonic because of hair getting caught in the beater bar. If you have long hair and think hairs not going to get caught in a beater bar wake-up, hairs always going to get caught in there and its always going to be impossible to get out no matter what vacuum you buy. The only thing you can really do is turn off the beater bar.

    My final concern was that the main complaint of the Optima was the filter getting clogged. The filter does collect a lot of dust and that's the flaw of this product. Not as much dust as people are saying. You can get plenty of cleanings without needing to do anything to the filter. The vacuum is designed for the dust to go to the bottom of the cup and spin around and most of the dust does. Very little try's to attach itself to the filter, so I was relieved about that.

    All in all this is a great vacuum I have wood floors and it's completely replaced my broom. I also have bird and this thing picks up all the birds seed on the floor even gets the edges. I don't know if I can recommend this product because even though it works great there are a million vacuums out there and I have tried like three or four of them. So there may be a much better vacuum but for the money I spent I couldn't be happier with this product....more info
  • Mean Green Machine
    This little vacuum is powerful. I've been using it several months now. I use it downstairs in the kitchen, dining room and living room for the everyday type cleaning which includes dog hair and toddler crumbs on both carpet, rugs and wood flooring.

    It's light and easy to push which makes cleaning quicker for me
    Very strong suction
    Works on both carpet & hard floors

    Power cord could be longer
    Extension hose could be longer
    Blows air from the front of the head with pretty strong force which means that some dust/hair I'm about to vacuum may get blown about the room

    Despite it's drawbacks, I still love this vacuum for my quick, everyday cleaning. I will consider buying another Eureka if I need another vacuum in the future. The Hoover Windtunnel I have is way too heavy and bulky to carry up & down the stairs so it works out perfectly for me.
    ...more info
  • very powerful but not fun to clean that filter cup!
    I love that it is small and powerful, and it cleans wood floors as well as carpets, but it is hard to push and that filter cup gets filthy in no time. When I clean the filter cup (almost every time I use the vacuum) what a mess! Dust flying everywhere! That's the biggest drawback to this vacuum. ...more info
  • Horrible - do not buy
    Don't believe the hype with this machine. I did and ended up returning it to Amazon. It is extremely hard to push. But worse than that, the filter is in the same location as the dirt collector cup! That means that the filter gets clogged after vacuuming just 2 rooms. You have to take a toothbrush to manually clean the filter EVERY TIME you use it. Horrible design! In fact, Eureka finally figured it out and created another model correcting this mistake. The new model says, "Now the filter is not in the collection cup" on the box. Apparently a lot of people complained. Avoid this one....more info
  • Who ever hated bags?
    When my vacuum died, bagless options were the only ones I found. Every time since, I've hated it. Dumping out the canister spreads dust, the filter gets gunked and clogged up in just one circuit around my small studio apartment, and for a light vacuum, pushing this one takes an inordinate amount of effort.

    Spend a bit more and get a self propelled one. Better yet, look for an antique with a nice tidy bag....more info
  • Lasted About A Month
    This machine apparently could not handle fine wood dust. I ruined this vacumn after only a few uses. It just went into the trash today rather than mess with getting it fixed. I have another Eureka vacumn that has lasted more than 15 years. ...more info
  • My friend ran off with my Vacuum Cleaner
    I have to say I am very impressed with this product at such a low price. Thank you! I held a house warming party, and a friend of mine was really clumsy to spill a full plate of Snack Mix. He apologize, but I wasn't upset at all. I pull out my lightweight vacuum cleaner, and within 30 seconds, its all cleaned up. All I know is he ran off with my vacuumn cleaner at the end of the party to clean his filthy apartment. That's why I am back on this site to search for the filter now... I am very please with this purchase, can't beat it for about $51....more info
  • Not bad..
    We bought this vacuum about 4-5 months back. No major complaints. Works well on carpet and tile floors (has an option to turn off the brush roll for non-carpet floors). My only issue with this cleaner is there is no way to clean the brush rolls. After a while the brush rolls gets cluttered with hairs and its becomes less effective. This is something they should have thought about in the design....more info
  • Great for Pets
    I have two cats and am in college (ie on extreme budget). My roommate and I had a slightly cheaper brand and model that would stop working after 5 minutes due to the massive amounts of cat hair everywhere, and I would have to wait until it cooled down again before I could use it. I broke down and bought this super great vacuum and it picked up all the hair the other would leave behind. It was crazy to finally see our floors clean! AND it's a fun neon green color with SPARKLES IN IT!! :)...more info
  • Totally awesome!
    I bought this vacuum to keep in our camper, but I find myself bringing it inside to use! Our dining room has laminate floor and seems to grow dog hair on its own, so I need to vacuum every couple of days. During the week I use the dustbuster, but on the weekend when I do the big vacuum of the whole house, I use this in the dining room and it picks up the dog hair and everything else wonderfully! Since it is small it is easy to get under the table & all those nooks & crannies the big vacuum just won't go. A great buy and a real powerhouse despite its small size. I highly recommend it!...more info
  • lives up to its reputation
    after reading thru all the reviews i purchased this little vac.upon first sight i wondered how powerfull it could be,it was tiny!!!
    but after the first use i was works great! buy this vac u will be happy...more info
  • Average
    Let me start by saying, I do not in any way think this vacuum compares to a full size. That being said, here is my short story on why I purchased this sweeper, what I like and dislike about it.

    My full size has been acting up and I want to get a new one, but really want a GREAT, long-lasting one. Therefore, I want to take the time to research and buy the best for me and my cleaning needs. So, in the meantime I thought I'd purchase a lightweight that I can still use for small jobs later. I have a Golden Retriever, so I vacuum the family room almost everyday and it's a pain to drag out the full size. I read the reviews, this one was on sale at Wal-Mart and that's how I came to own the Optima.

    Pros: Lightweight, good suction for a small vacuum, easy to store, fairly quiet, good price, bagless, LOVE that you can adjust the handle height, suctions well on tile and hardwood (but, see below).

    Cons: Hard to push, the fact that it blows around the dog hair and dust on the tile and hardwood is REALLY annoying, I don't want to chase my dirt. Although it's lightweight, I find it hard on my lower back. The cup get's full really quick, if you have a hairy dog that sheds alot this vacuum is going to require emptying almost each time you clean with it and stuff gets stuck in the filter, which isn't as easy to clean as my full size filter.

    Final thoughts, it is powerful for it's size. This is probably a fantastic vacuum for an apartment, condo, dorm room or a good second vacuum in a single home. I'm not sure what I expected for only $50, however, it didn't blow me away, but it does blow my dirt away before it can be sucked up :)...more info
  • Mean Green Vacuum Machine
    My son moved to an apt in San Diego from the dorms and needed a vac. We saw this at Sam's Club and bought it - it fit the budget, and worked great! I was so impressed that when our Hoover Concept One started to fail, I bought another one for our house -- what a difference. It doesn't have a powered drive, like our Hoover had, so I get some exercise. But man, does it clean!

    I had just "Hoovered" our master bedroom earlier in the day before I went out and bought this; it was amazing how much crud this Mean Green Vacuum Machine picked up on a carpet I had just vacuumed! And while the dust cup filter does tend to get clogged pretty quickly, you can either beat it out (preferably outdoors) over a garbage can, or you can wash it in water! Up to 6 times! They last 6 months or more. Unbelievable! Plus it came with a spare filter (at least the one's we bought at Sam's Club did). Don't believe me? Read the review on, or read the manual. At $10/filter (and 2 come with the unit), the vacuum is only about $40. I'm tempted to buy another one, since we live in a 2 story and that way we can leave one upstairs and one downstairs. What a bargain! It fits great on the stairs, the onboard tools work fantastic, and I haven't had a problem using it on tile floor (yes, the dogs stay outdoors). I don't even mind vacuuming anymore, now that I know the floors are getting clean....more info
  • Functions well, light weight
    Love the ease of emptying the dust cup, and this product makes cleaning about as painless as it can be....more info
  • Great Little Green Machine!
    This little green machine is a little powerhouse! It's light, compact (with the retractable handle you can stash it in almost any small tight place--great idea!), and really gets down deep into the rugs! AND it's cute!!! (yes, I am a girl!) It was a breeze to put together and it did a wonderful job on my carpets that night! I only have a 2 rooms w/ carpets and 2 hardwood, so it's perfect for my small place. If you had alot of square feet, I'd go w/ a larger machine, but you have a small place--it's just the ticket! (Although, if you have a few floors in your house, for the great price-you could put one on each floor and never have to lug a machine up or down the steps!) I really liked the extension hose--it's really great quality (not that cheap plastic stuff you see on so many machines) and it stretches really far.

    Over all I definitely recommend it! :)...more info
  • Great vacuum for the money
    The vacuum is very lightweight. It is easy to lift and stick in the corner of a closet or carry upstairs. The motor has excellent suction which I guess is a tribute to cheap far-eastern manufacturing that you can now get 12 A motors as good as on the "expensive vacuums" on low-priced models. Nice 3 postion switch for turning the brushes on and off with suction - very handy. Easy to remove zero insertion force cup for emptying (excellent design) - a real design problem in many other vacs. My last more expensive Eureka had this cup where you had to force it in and that eventually cracked the canister and a previous $300 Pansonic (it sucked as much as the salesman told me - just not in the way he meant) vacuum on which the cover would not stay in.

    The Optima also has nice handle for easy height adjustment AND THE CLEANING TOOLS STAY ON THE VACUUM (don't fall off) when you push it and store it. Also, the handle tilts with ease and requires no bending - well done.

    There are some issues:

    First, you can't replace the drive belt yourself. It's been a year and mine has not broken but this is a $60 vacuum and when it breaks I will probably replace the vacuum. At this price, I'm OK with that.

    Second, you can't adjust cleaing height. A minor issue for me but maybe not for others.

    Third, the hose falls off when pushing it fast. This does not affect function because the hose is not drawing air in this mode but it can be annoying.

    Again, this is a $60 vacuum. HEPA would be nice but would add cost. I have owned expensive vacuums from the vacuum boutique stores. These guys will tell you how bad the Eureka and common brand vacuums are because they can't compete on price and volume with the mass market retailers so they sell you brands where they can make their margin. A friend of mine just spent $1300 on a European cannister vacuum... ouch!...more info
  • Power vacuum with some design problems
    - Power.
    - value.
    - color. I think the green color is cute.
    - light weight. small size.
    - look.

    - Over heated. My house is about 1900sqft but the vacuum overheated and auto shutdown after about 1000sqft. have to wait for the motor to cool down.
    - A bit hard to push. The problem is the wheels' design. They are too small. ...more info
  • Good but noisy
    Great little light vacuum for area rugs, floors, but all that power in a small vacuum creates noise. But, it does the trick.
    Wish Eureka did NOT discontinue their rechargeable, cordless vacuum. I bought many for gifts and everyone loved them....more info
  • Fantastic!!!
    This is a powerful little bugger! Yes, small, doesn't push so well and you have to buy filters.... but, what do you expect for $60??? I went to best buy to see a few options and the guy said, you either spend $400-? on a dyson or buy one for $60. That made sense to me and I didn't want to spend hundreds. I have 3 boys and a huge playroom with carpet and 5 bedrooms with carpet. This is so nice to take upstairs and down. Just hold vacuum at an angle so it doesn't blow dirt around and you're fine. This is the cheapest place I found for filters... item #62396_x4 Eureka dust cup pleated filter DCF-10 62396, 4 packages. With shipping it comes to about $40 for 4. Otherwise, Eureka sells them for $14.99 each. Enjoy. Great vacuum! PS My 2 year old thinks it is a toy and sometimes he vacuums for me. : )...more info
  • Great Vaccum!
    I couldn't believe how much disgusting stuff this vacuum has pulled out of our carpet! The only thing that I could possibly complain about is how wide of a path it vacuums. But I guess that is why it is called a light weight. Other than that I have been very happy with it....more info
  • This machine deserves 5 Stars.
    I bought this Vacuum after reading all the reviews from and Most of them discussed that this Vacuum is hard to drive, but clearly saying after using that due to high power suction and roll Bruch it becomes harder.I would truly recommend every one for this Vacuum with such a great price offered by
    ...more info
  • Best value for the price
    This is an excellent vacuum cleaner for the price. The suction is fantastic, it's lightweight and the floor-scrubbing action is a big plus. One drawback: the vacuum vent points towards the front, so if you're vacuuming a dusty floor, it blows up the dust into the air, creating a big mess. Not for allergy sufferers. While it eventually cleans the mess it makes, a better design for the vent should be in order. ...more info
  • What a great deal!
    I've been looking for a smaller vacuum for upstairs. I was getting tired of lugging my more expensive (and very heavy) machine up the stairs. I saw the reviews on this and thought "what the heck?" It's incredible! I think it works better than the one I paid 6 times more for!! It's lightweight and easy to carry around but don't let it fool you - it's a mighty little machine. It's also very easy to get in and out of tight spots and under tables. The cannister does fill up pretty quickly requiring frequent emptying - I'm convinced this is because it picks up so much more than the other vacuums I've owned. It's a little hard to push but if you don't mind a bit of an upper arm workout it's truly a bargain. It's also very easy to store. Love it! ...more info
  • : good to have lightweight
    I like it because it is light and powerful.
    I only give 4 stars because the filter is expansive( $14 for newfilter)....more info
  • great little machine
    Doubtful at first but read other reviews. Took a chance, ordered it. Came in just a few days, easy to put together, a breeze to use. Bagless but relatively easy to clean out. Rather than wash filter so far, what I do is, after I shake it out good, I use a compressor nozzle and blow all the extra dust and dirt out of the filter (outdoors of course & keep ypur face out of the way). This seems to do the trick and vacuum works great after each cleanout. Yes it blows the dust bunnies a bit, but I find if I'm patient the bunnies just circle and get sucked right up. It appears to do a good job on my carpets, tile & linoleum. I can't believe the amount of dog hair my lab sheds on a daily basis. Very light. Easy to store.I do need to use an extension cord with it because the cord is only 20' (I just keep it with the vacuum). I now vacuum almost every day. I would definitely recommend this item, esp. if heavy vacuums are a problem. The price makes it very, very affordable. I'm thinking of getting another one for my upstairs...more info
  • Vacuum is wonderful!
    I recently bought the Eureka 431axz lightweight vacuum. It sucks up dirt like a full size vacuum. I'm satisfied with the purchase. The only problem I have is removing the filter. I still can't figure it out! And I noticed when trying emptying the canister - that the filter accumulates so much dust. ...more info
  • Good Quality - Fair Price
    This machine was purchased for my daughter for college. Lightweight, easy use with tools, good suction, fair price. I would recommend this purchase again!...more info
  • Eureka 431AXZ Optima Lightweight Upright Vacuum
    Very powerful and light weight, this vaccuum is ideal for small apartments/homes. Unbelievable power from such a small machine, I replaced our Dirt Devil with this and the carpets and furniture are way cleaner and it takes much less time.

    The filter is a little hard to keep clean because of the design, it is hard to vaccuum under low furniture, and the exhaust is in the front of the unit, blowing lint/dust away....more info
  • Mean Green Machine
    After my Hoover WindTunnel died on me (and lit on fire...yikes!), it was time to look for a new vaccum. This was one of the cheaper models at around $70 (I'm not sure it was a present, I saw a similar model for that price) and was wondering...would such a inexpensive vaccum be good enough?


    Vaccums clean floors...if you don't know what one is...well then that's a problem.

    Design, Use, and Features

    Before I get into the deep corners of the review, I will explain how you put this thing together. The vaccum is disessembled so you have to put it all together. I figured it out without reading instructions. All you really have to do is attach the handle at the top, put the top on the bottom, and you're ready to go. Anyone should be able to figure it out, if you can't there are instructions.

    It's pretty small for a vaccum. It is about 12 inches in length, about 8 inches in width, and around 4 feet tall (my setting), but the handle can make it shorter or longer, so it can go as short as 3 1/2 feet to almost 5 feet. It has a bright green color with some gray color, a pretty interesting set of colors. There are two options when turning on the vaccum. There is option one and two; one is suction which would work better on thin carpet and tile, while option 2 gives the most out of the vaccum with the brushroll and works best on heavy carpets and rugs. One thing you'll wonder is how to push down the floor nozzle. You have to hold it down with your foot and push the rest of the vaccum back for this to work; there is no floor nozzle release whichi s pretty annoying. There is a switch on the bottom-back of the vaccum to switch from floor to hose, so all the suction goes into the hose or the floor so you get the full 12 amps any way you use it. The hose is very long and can reach around 5-6 feet of length. The cord is also very long and it's around 11 feet (it's not 3-pong). Along with the hose, there is tools to go along with it. There is a long corner tool with a slanted edge at the end to pick up anything missed on the corners. There is also a brush tool, I'm sure this will be most useful on tile, the brush part seems to pick up lit on the brushes which will make it useless in a heartbeat. Emptying the vaccum is as simple as 1-2-3, 1) press cup release, 2) empty, 3) put it back. There was no need of twisting the filter or any other tasks like my WindTunnel. There is also a little light on the floor nozzle which is bright red when it's turned on...though I don't know what the use of it is because you'll know when it's on because this thing is LOUD, or at least louder than my WindTunnel. My guess is because a lot of noises is coming from it's power amp, since it's small it probably needs a lot more power than other larger 12 amp vaccum cleaners. And after all of tihs, I didn't even explain how well it works. Well, it's 12 amps, it sucks up stuff like crazy, and it is one of the most powerful vaccums I've ever owned. Nothing was left behind from what I picked up (mostly paper and plastic scraps and messy food). I think it was a little more powerful than my WindTunnel, and my WindTunnel's hose didn't work, so I was happy to finally use it for the corners. The wheels worked well, they were not too small and manuvered it around easily. Overall it was easy to operate, gave great power, it was lightweight (only 10 lbs!), and it was easy to operate.


    As far as I know it was around $70. It is very inexpensive for what you get here, considering my WindTunnel was twice the price and had the same power.

    The Bottom Line

    Overall, this is one vaccum you should look at. I've seen Dirt Devil and Hoover models with the same power but they're prices are a lot higher and I don't recommend buying Hoover after what happened to me. The Eureka Optima 431 is definitely the vaccum choice for those looking for one with power at a low price....more info
  • Quite inconvenient
    I used it 2.5 times. Then it stopped running at a nice vigorous whir and groaned slowly. I turned it off and read the owner's manual. The book says the machine will shut itself down if it gets too hot. The cure is to give it a 1/2 hour break. I gave it a 1-week break and tried again. After vacuuming about 125 sq ft, it slowed and groaned again. It has seen only very light service. I live by myself in a 1-br apartment, and I'm pretty clean. Most of the rug just lies there unused. I detest doing housework, but I vacuum the rug once a month (or maybe once in 6 weeks) whether it needs it or not. The machine broke down after very little use. I checked the refund policy and I'd had it too long for that. I checked the warranty, and I was covered, so I took it to the shop. Two weeks later, I got it back and gave the carpet some long overdue attention. The vacuum works ok now....more info
  • Love it, love it, love it
    I have a small 2 bedroom apartment with carpet. This is perfect for the apartment. I can easily vacuum the carpet and at 11lbs, I don't mind lugging this around. The dirt that this picks up is amazing to see. I've had a hard time in the past with the handheld vacuums and uprights because they clog up with carpet fluff, but this vacuum just picks that up.

    The one thing that is stopping me from giving this five stars is that the filter does get dirty quickly which means that it will have to be replaced more often than I want, but I do love watching all the dirt build up.

    All in all, this is great....more info
  • Stunning Little Green Monster
    I will firmly admit that when I saw this beast I raised an eyebrow. Being on the hunt for a small cleaner for my micro apartment for some time. I wanted something small, yet powerful and most importantly.. actually cleaned! Well I bought it, got it home, put it together and then turned it on. Well my cat bolted away.. and on my merry way I went. After a very small area I noticed just how much this vacuum had picked up. Finished up the apartment and was shocked how much cat hair and other questionable grit was in the container! I had used a friends vacuum one week ago and thought my place was clean. This Eureka is without doubt, the single best vacuum I have ever come across under $100! If you have a small place and want to keep it clean, look no further than this marvel....more info
  • Great Vacuum!!!
    After dealing with a horrible 12-amp stick vacuum from Dirt Devil, this vacuum is a dream! We have two cats and this little vacuum did not leave one hair to be seen in the carpet, rugs, or hard woods! The brush attachment is great for cleaning furniture fabric and the vacuum has plenty of power. For under $60 this vacuum can't be beat. Highly recommended!!!!!!!

    ...more info
  • Neat little Green Machine
    This is a nice little vacuum. It is my first bagless and I will have to say, I'm not real keen on bagless. I really would prefer to have a bag and then just throw it away when it's full. I don't like cleaning the filter each time I use it. With that said, I really am amazed how well this vacuums up dirt. As others have said, I vacuumed with my old vacuum and then used this little guy and wow, I was amazed. My carpets even look better! If you have a big area to vacuum, this machine isn't for you, but for smaller homes or areas, it's great and lightweight too! I only dropped a star off because of it being bagless.......more info
    I put this vacuum on my Christmas list this last year and I have used it about twice a week since New Years and LOVE IT!!!! I can't believe how much dust/dog hair/junk my old vacuum was missing! I had no problem putting it together. I love the adjustable handle and the attachements. I have berber carpet and Tile or Laminate in the Baths & Kitchen and it has worked wonders on doing sweeping in between floor scrubbings. I just can't stop raving about it!...more info
  • Not for heavy use.
    I bought this vacuum because it's light and it seemed convenient. Read the reviews and all but one raved about it. I must say that yes, it is very light and manageable, but the one person that did not like it got it right when she/he (can't remember!) said that it was not good on hardwood floors. I have four young kids and our floors need to be cleaned after every meal, I have found that my little hand vacuum does a much better job at picking up than the Eureka; not only that, but because we are a big family, we require a strong vacuum and this one overheats very very easily, sometimes leaving the job undone... I know what you're thinking, CLEAN the filter!!!, I must say that the result is the same, clean filter or not. We have had it for three months and honestly I did not like it, it just does not meet our needs.
    If you are a single person, or childless family or your house doesn't get that dirty, then this vacuum could be for you, but for all of us that need the really strong, efficent thing, this is NOT it.
    Another thing, this may just be where I live but, GOOD LUCK finding the filter replacements!!! I have gone to SEVEN different stores (where they sell this vacuum) and NOBODY had even one!!!....more info
    I'd been eyeing this vacuum for some time, due to it's smallish size and lighter weight, and with hardwood floors I didn't need a monster upright. I also struggle with carpal tunnel and DeQuervain's syndrome, which make gripping difficult and painful. A lighter machine was in order.

    I read the great reviews on this little machine and picked one up to try at home. What a shock! This 'little' machine is no lightweight as far as performance is concerned. It literally sucks the dust bunnies up from 6" to 12" kidding! It is very, very powerful and even puts my canister vac to shame. The hose attachment is SO powerful that vacuuming the furniture was actually fun. It is very easy to move, lightweight and the loop handle is the perfect design for comfort.

    Some reviewers said that the Optima is hard to push, but I didn't find that to be true. Even with carpal tunnel syndrome, I am able to use it quite easily.

    For the price, I don't think you'll find a better, more powerful vacuum....more info
  • You get what you pay for...
    I was so excited to receive this vacuum based on the reviews, price and because it's green. Ha. Anyway, it's been less than satisfactory. It is too heavy for what it is. It blows dust around. It is NOT good on hardwood floors. Just an awful vacuum. I'm going to replace the Dirt Devil Breeze I just gave away. It still worked great after four years....more info
  • Carpets like new...
    I can honestly say I've never had so much fun vacuuming! The vacuum has a clear canister so you can see how much dirt you are actually picking up. The suction is great and I was amazed at how much our other vacuum missed. I think this is a great deal....more info
  • Light to Carry, Heavy to Push
    I bought this vacuum because of its light weight. It is easy to carry around, great suction, but unfortunately, is hard to push, negating any advantage over those heavier vacuums that have a glide function. The vacuumhead is not very wide, necessitating a lot of push/pull against a fair amount of resistance. The above floor hose is too short for half the proposed uses, and the dust cup is small. It is a decent vacuum for anyone not needing the advantages of a light vacuum cleaner and bargain priced....more info
  • I was blown away---Dust bunnies run for your life!
    I just ordered this vacuum 2 days ago and took the free shipping from Amazon. I have it in 2 days. WOW! It only took me 5 minutes to put it together, NO tools needed. Everything just snaps in place. I had unpacked it on the living room floor and little pieces of styrofoam were all over the place. I used it right there and I couldn't believe my eyes. This vacuum is VERY POWERFUL. It sucks in dust before you even roll over it. My carpet has never looked so good. Don't know what I'll do with my old upright. This cutie little guy out shines it by a mile.

    So if you are debating if you should buy it...JUST DO IT! You will not be sorry. It does everything it claims to do and more. I will agree with those who say it is a bit hard to push, but it's not bad. I have physical disabilities and I can do it with no problem. I debated for months when I could have been enjoying cleaner carpets. Buy the way this $54.99 is less expensive than any store in my town....more info
  • Cleans great, hard to push
    This little machine will clean. The only problem is you will get heart palpatations from the pushing. If you don't mind a work out when you clean, this is the vacuum for you. ...more info
  • wowww!!!!!
    Great suction. Small, compact. Cannot believe the power. Only complaint - the suction when using the hose is not as powerful as the vac on the rug, however it does such a great job
    on edges that tou'd hardly ever use this feature. Love it!!...more info
  • Caveat Emptor
    My brand new 431A seems like a powerful well designed machine, however when I studied the Owner's guide I noted no mention of a drive belt for the I called Eureca's customer support (after finding no listing for a replacement belt on their web site and no directions for replacing one in the Owner's Guide.

    Their Service Rep told me they didn't want customers to attempt to replace the belt because "there are a lot of little parts that just get lost" so you should tke it to a Vacuum Repair shop to have a professional replace the belt (evidently the belts are not made of Kevlar and do need to be replaced).

    I also noted that the 431A is a new model and Amazon reviews only go back about five months. I called the two Vacuum Repair shops. The first didn't sound enthusiastic about working on Eureca Vacuums but the second said he thought he could handle it and altho he had never worked on this model, he didn't think it would be "very expensive since most belts only cost a dollar or two".

    I have owned a number of floor vacuum's over the past 50 years and sooner or later have had to replace one or more belts. It's not brain surgery (and I'm a surgeon), and I have never had to take one in for service to have it done....yet.

    Just thought I would mention this to prospective buyers....more info
  • Absolutely FANTASTIC!
    I purchased this vacuum today and after having used my pricey vacuum yesterday, decided to give this one a try on my large rug. I expected to see very little picked up, but was amazed (and disgusted) to see that there was ALOT of dirt that this baby got, that my pricey one didn't. My husband saw all the dirt swirling around in the clear cannister and asked how much of the downstairs I'd done and he was flabbergasted (also disgusted) when I told him I had only gotten as far as the large rug I was standing on. It goes to show you don't need to spend alot of money to get an incredibly powerful and efficient vacuum. I was going to use this for quick pick-ups, but now it's going to replace the one that I've been using. You absolutely cannot NOT go wrong purchasing this...look no further!...more info
  • Super little vacuum!
    This little vacuum is stylish and works like a dream. The only problem is that it is a little hard to push on the carpet, but that's okay because it makes my carpet look brand new....more info
  • Excellent small vacuum
    This vacuum is great for my small apartment. We have hardwood floors, tile and area rugs, and it does a good job on all three. The suction is VERY strong and all of the little dust bunnies in the corners dont stand a chance. I hardly have to use the attachments because it can suck everything out of a hard to reach corner without even getting all the way in there. The only reason that I didn't give it 5 stars is that the exhaust fan is on the front, and it can blow some lightweight things away before they can get vacuumed up. Overall, though, it's totally worth the price. ...more info
  • Great for the $$!
    The vacuum does everything it should. The suction is amazing, the brush leaves nice "treads", the cup empties easily, the attachments are nice (and they don't fall off when you bump them), the hose is very sturdy yet flexible...I love it. There are some cheaper vacuums that are easier to push (because they have less power), and have longer cords, but nothing about it has bothered me. It lays almost flat to vacuum under tables, etc, without having to move furniture. I like the retracting handle, the filter, and even the color! It's a good buy. (I paid $55, but - having used it - I'd pay more.)...more info
  • The little train that COULD!.. and MORE!
    This green little alien is one the best vacuums I have used. It sucks up EVERYTHING. I use it for both carpet and tile. The hose is very good and sucks up all the hair in the bathroom.
    The only problem with this machine is the following:
    1. It sucks so well that you have to not only empty the bin, but also CLEAN THE FILTER all the time. It is a little time consuming but as a male, I enjoy cleaning it out with a screw driver and seeing all the dust and dirt this baby picked up.
    2. It is sometimes hard to tell when you have the setting on hose or floor. The thing is so powerful that even on hose it still picks up dirt because the hose hangs down and aim at the floor. Watch out for that.
    3. It is also a little hard to push.. im guessing because it is sucking the darn carpet along with all the dirt 

    Besides those point I would have to say it is a 95 out of 100. Been using it for about 4 months and working fine. ...more info
  • Loved it
    I know there is nothing exciting about housework, but I am still excited about this vacuum.

    What fascinates me is the small size, and the suction power it packs. It's amazing how much dirt this baby can suck up. We have a small place, so we don't really have a high requirement for a vacuum. However, the other sub-$100 vacuums simply cannot do the job.

    That is why it is getting 5 stars from me. I am sure that expensive Dysons can outperform this vacuum, but I have not used any economy vacuums that come even close to this one.

    The only drawback to this vacuum is that the cup needs to be emptied after each room. I attribute this to its suction power. We can live with that, but somebody with a large place probably would prefer a bigger vaccum that can hold more dirt....more info
  • Suck and Blow, Pros and Cons for the Optima
    First off I wanna say that for a small house or apartment this really is a great vacuum cleaner.
    My girlfriend and I bought this for our little loft (760 sq ft) and were really impressed at the amount of power this little thing has.
    It sucked so much crap out of my carpet that it was actually kinda gross.
    However the filter gets clogged up pretty quickly, we've banged the dust out of ours a couple times but eventually it gets to a point where it needs to be replaced. Filters are about $11 and only need to be replaced maybe once every couple months.
    The other problem I have with it, as one other reviewer mentioned is that it does BLOW it's air out the front of the vacuum, now who ever came up with this fine bit of engineering needs to be kicked in the head. While it's not a huge inconvinience it does send dust bunnies and lighter bits of dust bouncing around in front of the vacuum and skirting away from you at the last minute so that you have to kind of sneak up on em and back the vacuum over them. Fortunately the vacuum is really light so manipulating it is relatively effortless.
    Still, Vacuums are supposed to suck, not blow.
    And lasty there's the handle that doesn't quite stick well enough, every once in awhile it will just slide open when I'm trying to keep it down for stairs, but thats pretty rare.
    Other than that it does a great job, using the attachments is quick and easy since the hose is already attached to the unit and all you have to do to use it is turn a knob at the base.
    The handle is adjustable length so using it on stairs or other objects is easy, especially since it's really light weight.
    I felt like I definitely got more than my moneys worth out of this machine and with the exception of a few minor inconveniences I'd recommend it to anyone with a small home or apartment.

    1. Great suction
    2. Lightweight
    3. Easy to use attachments
    4. Uses the canister instead of bags (emptying is easy)
    5. Excellent price
    6. Small and portable (tucks away nicely)

    1. Filters clog up quickly (especially with animals)
    2. Blows air out the front and pushes some lighter dust away
    3. Handle doesn't lock tightly enough.

    Again the cons are really not crippling features and the vacuum is really a great little piece of machinery if you ask me.
    I'm happy to have bought it and love using it....more info
  • First impressions, pretty good for the money.
    I just got the vac today and so far so good. I'm nowhere near a vacuum expert, this is actually my first upright so based on that here are my first thoughts:

    Pros: suction is crazy, I was a bit afraid to get sucked in... The Optima's pretty small too so storing it in a closet shouldn't be a problem. I gotta say that it does look pretty nice too, feels sturdy despite the plastic look and has thermal protections and advanced features as such. It also comes with extra filter (normally $15 from Eureka). The filter can be washed (not dishwasher) up to 6 times according to the manual though I'm sure it'll take a bit more abuse (but we'll see).

    Cons: the powercord is a bit on the short side (barely reach the other side of the bedroom w/o changing outlets).
    Feels a bit heavy to maneuver around, and the floor nozzle (brush part with the wheels) doesn't have a manual release mechanism (though I'm guessing most uprights are like this). In any case when it's upright it's a bit harder to get it loose.
    Also the vacuum does have amazing suction which is definitely a plus but you gotta make sure that towels and things aren't lying down on counters or else it'll be sucked in... I'm not kidding, this thing's got some power!
    Finally the vacuum is a bit on the loud side but again you're not gonna spend your life cleaning so hopefully that won't matter much!

    Overall this product is pretty descent so far. I'm definitely not dissappointed by the purchase. I only gave it a 3 stars rating because of the short comings though I have no doubt other vacuums in the same price range would score equally if not less!...more info
  • Darn near perfect
    This is the 5th vacuum I've owned over the past 20 years, and my favorite by far. My 1st was a Eureka; in retrospect, it lasted me over 10 years (& was still working when I gave it away). Two of the others were junk (both Hoovers). Previous to this little cutie, I had a Hoover Windtunnel (paid $350 for it, what a waste) that I finally gave up on after a year of poor performance (and it's a monstrosity to boot).

    This little Optima is the first vacuum I can honestly say that I've liked (I hate vacuuming more than most people). I've only been using it for about 2 months, but so far it's great. It's like using a kiddie vacuum, but w/all the power of a full size vac. I really appreciate intelligent design, and you'll find it here. I've never understood why vac manufacturers make such a big deal about the width of the thing. Unless you have a huge house, it's hard to get beside furniture, etc. with the larger models. With this one, you can get just about anywhere & it's LIGHT. You can also turn the suction to the hose position with a flick of a switch. I'd say that the only thing more I'd ask for is a longer cord, but that's the story w/all vacuums.

    Now they're practically giving this away at $55. I paid $70 for mine, and it was worth every penny.

    Update: I've now owned this vacuum for over a year. It's still going strong. I did buy several new hepa filters for it, which were pricey. It was worth it, however, because this little guy is still my all-time favorite vacuum.

    Update: I've now owned it for for 2.5 years & still going strong....more info
  • 4 stars
    This vacuum is lightweight at 11 lbs. and easy to use. It sits on plastic rollers so you will have to practically drag this across carpetted floors. Fortunately I have small rooms so its no hassle for me. The only con is that you have to buy the filters online (about $11) because most stores will not carry to the filter. Also, I was hoping for a smaller, quieter vacuum but this one is just as loud as any other.I highly recommend purchasing this for small homes or tiled/wood floors....more info
  • I like it, and I'm a tough customer
    I'm old enough to remember when vacuums were serious pieces of machinery made completely of metal. Over the years I've watched vacuums become plastic toys, made to be more visually stimulating than anything else. So I guess you could say I had an attitude going into this purchase. I had a sense that all current vacuums were jokes to some extent compared to real vacuums like the Kirby or the Electrolux of the 1960's or the commercial bagged uprights of today.

    So you'll be surprised to hear how much I like this vacuum. It has a hose and one attachment and they fit tight to the vacuum and don't flop around. Going from floor to hose suction is fast: You turn a large switch, lift the hose off the top of the vacuum, and bang, you're working. When you're done, you flip the switch, lay the hose over the top of the vacuum, push the end into a holder on the other side, and you're back to doing the floor again. It's fast. Takes about two seconds to switch. It's fast and I like fast. It's got two small crevice and brush tools that fit firmly on the side of the vac. They are right-sized for the machine and they don't get in the way. This is a pet peeve of mine -- vacuums with so many attachments hung on them that you feel like a traveling circus going from room to room. Come on -- I'm not going camping when I get out the vacuum. I can walk back to the closet if I need an attachment. I don't need six different kinds of attachments hanging off the side of my upright.

    The dirt cannister -- well, it snaps out and back in pretty easily. You just dump it out. There's a final filter of course that gets dirty fast, and you get to decide how to handle that. I'm sure performance is degraded pretty quickly as that filter gets dirty. I pop it out and blow most of the dirt out of it from the inside using compressed air, but most owners aren't going to have any way of reverse-blowing a small filter. This is where I've never completely understood the advantages of bagless designs -- sure, the coarse, heavier stuff falls to the bottom and you get to see it -- which I have to admit is fun -- but the fine particles of dust which really plug up the pores in a filter, you still have to stop those with something. In a bagged design, you stop them with the entire bag which has a huge surface area. In a bagless, you stop them with a small filter which has nowhere near the surface area of a large bag. So whether or not a bagless is any better (or even as good as) a commercial upright or a conventional Oreck-type bagged vac, I can't say.

    I've read the reviews about the vacuum blowing down. It really doesn't blow downwards, although it does blow forward at certain times. The vac discharges air forward in a line perpendicular to its upright tank (or handle) about three inches off the floor. Any time the vacuum handle is tilted backward, the air is blowing upward and forward at an angle, so it's not a problem. When the handle is pushed completely forward so that it's at a right angle to the base -- the position you normally store an upright in -- the air is blowing forwards from a discharge point about three inches off the floor, and in this position it might stir up some dust in front of the vacuum. But under normal conditions, with the handle tilted back, the air blows upwards and has not created any problems for me. Turning off the vacuum before raising it to a fully upright position might solve the dust-stirring problem. Personally I've never experienced any problems with it. The ring handle looks silly but it makes the vacuum easy to use in any position. It's a good idea.

    The cord is about 20 feet long which is passable. You wind it around a couple of cleats on the back just like an old Hoover upright. I'm fine with winding. Auto-retracts are nice but when they stop working you have a mess on your hands.

    If you turn the Optima upside down and look at the bottom, all you see are countersunk Phillips-head screws. This is the first thing I don't like about the vacuum. I don't know how the roller-brush is driven, but if there's a conventional rubber belt that can break, it's going to be time-consuming to change the belt. Users should be able to change belts without special tools in less than three minutes, which is the standard set by commercial uprights. Nobody wants to fool around with taking out 10 or 12 screws.

    Whether or not these clear-canister bagless vacuums are better than (or even as good as) conventional, bagged, metal-bodied commercial Eureka- and Hoover-style uprights, I don't know. But this one has a ton of suction and works great on the hardwood and office-type carpeting I use it on. If it's louder than other uprights I haven't noticed it. If you want a powerful, lightweight, no-nonsense bagless vacuum that's cheap to buy and works well, the Optima will probably work for you. If it falls apart or loses suction as it ages, I'll update that here. ...more info
  • Just a for a while...
    Since I am moving out on my own in an apartment and my physical activity is limited by lower back pain, I knew I needed a lightweight vacuum. The reviews on the Eureka are pretty mixed, but I am just relieved that I found this at Best Buy. It does have strong motor and picks up my pet's fur. The thing blows air through the front of the vacuum. It says to replace the filter every 6 MONTHS which would be not so great on a limited income. To sum up my review,I would have to rate it a 3 star. ...more info
  • A Lean Green Dust Bunny Blower...
    I read all about the Optima, I saw it in the store, and I bought it after my Eureka Boss cordless/bagless battery died after a year and a half, man, I loved that vacuum.. anyway back to the Optima- it sure looks different than anything else out there, not really something i would call cute or nice looking, but it is different... we have a small house, all tile/slate/laminate wood flooring... we have a cat and a lab,so pet hair is something that collects quickly and in large quantities.

    The Optima is lightweight, and bagless and does have a nice hose with attachments which is a rare find. However, once we plugged it in and tried it, we were VERY dissapointed with the way it vacuums. The exhaust is in the front, down low, and this blows everything out of the way of the vacuum, seriously, dust and hair and everything on the floor is launched into the air and out of the way of the vacuum's path. The machine is powerful, and when you can corner a dust bunny, it will suck it up, but it leaves a lot of things flying around, which is not what i am trying to do when I vacuum. very poor design.

    It is LOUD too. It is lighter than many full sized vacuums, but still not as light as my BOSS was. The cord is pretty short at 15 feet and i had to plug it in constantly (total drag when i used to have a cordless!) Bottom line, back to the store it went and we got the Eureka BOSS with a cord, the bright yellow one, and i love it - no hose but whatever, it does not blow my dust and dirt and pet hair around the house, it sucks it up!...more info
  • Good Vacuum but High Maintenance
    The Eureka 431AXZ Optima worked real good the first 2 times I used it, then there was no suction. I found that the dust filter was clogged. The manual says the dust filter can be cleaned a maximum of 6 times, then it needs to be replaced. At $15 each, this is going to be expensive.

    Also, cleaning the dust filter and dust bin is very messy and time consuming. This is the first bagless vacuum I ever owned and if I had it to do all over, I would get a model with a bag.

    Other than that, it cleans real good. This vacuum is a good value, but very high maintenance....more info
  • This sucks... and not in a good way...
    This vacuum lost suction very quickly. I have a small house and mostly hard floors and i find that this vacuum just doesnt do a very good job at cleaning. My swiffer picks up more dog hair. For some reason air blows out the front of this thing and I find myself chasing dust bunnies and hairballs trying to suck them up. And yes I have made sure its on the right settings. I have only had this vac a few months and already need to replace filter and cannot find filters in store, so have had to order online which is NOT a plus for me. Spend the extra money on a good vacuum, you'll be sorry with this one....more info
  • Cute and powerful
    I'm a fan of industrial design and was really impressed with this thing when I saw it. I noticed that it came with no wands but then saw that the crevice tool doubles as one. Clever!

    Air does not go through the hose while doing floors so clogs are unlikely. The multi-selection power switch is great. The high-quality hose stretches far.

    We have hard wood floors, oriental rugs and throw rugs. We were amazed at how much hair from our golden retriever our big old Kenmore had missed!

    The head is small but that makes it more maneuverable and concentrates the suction. Unless you have acres of carpet, you will like the size.

    The front air exhaust and pushing effort have not been a problem. The cord length is just right. It doesn't tempt you to keep going when you should just change outlets. A little hook holds the cord out of the way.

    Noise level is good and the sound is not very annoying. There is a light to show you if the beater bar has jammed. It cuts power automatically. Cool. Love the adjustable circular handle. Radical.

    This is our first bagless. They are a bit messy but it's great being able to see the dirt and hair you are picking up. The filter gets dirty fast though. Supposedly, you can wash it six times. Our vacuum came with only one. They are $10 online.

    If you never thought vacuuming could be fun, try one of these.

    7 month update:

    We're still on the original filter! We just take it out on the deck with a car snow brush in hand, bush off the dust blobs, give it a few taps on the rubber seal to loosen the fine dust and brush it off again.

    We broke the little plastic wire holder off, but feeding the wire through the circular handle works even better to keep it out of the way.

    The beater bar collects a lot of golden retriever hair so we have to turn it over and pull that off.

    Still 5 stars!

    ...more info
  • I like it
    What I like about this vac
    * The color, size and design.
    * The cord lenght is good for this size vac.
    * Price of 59.99 was a good value.
    * Cleans as well or better than most lower priced vacs.
    * Extra filter included in box. Dust cup is very easy to remove.
    what I didnt like about this vac.
    * Assembly was a little hard as directions were not the clearest.I had a hard time installing the hose holder.
    * I find it to be quite noisy.It's small but just as loud as any other vac.
    * The wheels are not great and this vac is not smooth to push.I worry about them scratching or marring my hardwood floors.
    Overall I like this vac. The most impressive thing about is it's color and design.Cleaning wise I think it is just a average vac....more info
  • A bit overrated here on Amazon! ACCURATE review below.
    I am a vac expert. Over the years, I have purchased MANY bagless vacs (including various 'Fantoms' when the bagless craze began years ago), both large and small, from MANY manufacturers, and have given out some well-deserved 5 star ratings here. I have had both good luck and bad luck with Eurekas, however this 'Optima' vac falls short in some important key areas, which may not affect your needs. It feels a bit chincy and cheap when in use, tracks with much resistance (compared to many other easier gliding vacs, including other better Eurekas such as the excellent 'Maxima 5550A'), has a much too short cord and cheap, small plastic wheels that bog down on carpet, comes with just two infrequently used accessory tools (should have come with a more practical 'flat floor tool' for stairs/floors/hard to get areas under furniture, etc.), and does not have ANY carpet height settings (which of course, does affect rolling resistance). Even on hard floors like wood or tile, it tracks like a cheap child's toy. Maybe larger or rubber wheels would improve this vac a bit. In addition, the motor's strong exhaust wind is blown IN FRONT of the machine close to the floor, thus often blowing and dispersing 'dust bunnies' and other stuff to be vacuumed all over the place or even up into the air! You have to thus inconveniently angle the vac upwards a certain way to minimize this problem. On the positive side, the 'Optima' is compact, lightweight, and very portable, and a good way to vacuum in 'tight spaces' where larger vacs don't fit. Suction is EXCELLENT as well. If and when Eureka improves upon this current design, this vac will easily merit 5 stars. So overall, if some of the above shortcomings won't affect you, I would recommend this vac if you need a small and highly portable unit. In that regard, and after using this vac extensively for a few weeks now, I am upgrading my rating to THREE AND A HALF stars. This is a VERY GOOD small, portable vac that will more than suffice for most users. ...more info
    Love, it! My son wants to use it, and it is fun. Yes, I shamelessly bought it primarily based on the color! It is energizing. ...more info
  • Great style -- and it WORKS!
    A friend of mine was visiting over Christmas. He saw the Optima and said, "Is that a Dyson?" I told him he was about $450 off.

    I bought one of these several months ago. The first thing that attracted me to the Optima was the design, but I was skeptical about buying a vacuum cleaner just because I liked the way it looked. I checked out a few reviews on the internet, and there weren't too many at the time. However, they almost all said that it worked great. I decided to take a chance on a $60 vacuum, and I'm glad I did. I have hardwood floors and low-pile area rugs in my apartment. I walk around barefoot at home all the time, and I can actually FEEL that the floors are cleaner. I find it very easy to empty the cannister. The design of the round handle makes it very easy to use, and the telescoping feature is great for storage. Others have said they find it too loud, but it makes much less noise than my old vacuum. And I LOVE having the attachments right there on the vacuum.

    I feel that there are only 2 drawbacks. One is, as many others have mentioned, the exhaust is in the front, and therefore can blow things out of the path of the vacuum if you aren't holding it at the right angle. The other one, for me, is that I wish you could attach the hose to the exhaust (as you can on some other vacuums) so that it would act as a blower....more info
  • Love it!
    It's difficult to find a good vacuum when you have wood floors, area rugs, and a cat! Up until now, I've been using 2 vacuums. An upright for our larger area rugs, and a stick vac for the wood floors and small rugs (the big vacuum sucks up the small rugs, and throws dirt back at you on the wood floors...).

    I just got the Eureka Optima for Christmas, and I absolutely love it! I was a little worried after I read some of the reviews on this vacuum regarding a tendancy for it to blow dust bunnies all over because of it's front exhaust position. I tried it on a heavily dust bunnied area last night, and though they did move a little when cornered against a wall, it still sucked them right up. I suppose that they could have chosen a better position for the exhaust, but it isn't anywhere close to as bad as some of the reviews say it is. Other reviewers commented that it is loud and hard to push. It is much quieter than my bigger upright, and it's even a little quieter than my stick vac. And, I have no problem pushing it. I'd even go as far as to say that it is easier to manuver than my self-propelled upright (Dirt Devil Vision).

    And suction! This one is perfect! It gets all of the black cat hair out of our tan area rug, and sucks dust bunnies from about a foot away on the hard floors. And it's not overly powerful, so I can vacuum the smaller rugs without a problem. Up until now, the only thing that I have been able to use on the small rugs that worked at all was the turbo attachment from the Dirt Devil. This thing works awesome on the small rugs! Also cool, the brush roll has a circuit breaker that stops it if something gets caught in it, like rug fringes or shoe laces. And, the Dirt Devil attachments fit on the Optima's hose! Sweet!

    Bottom line: This vacuum might be a little small for homes much over 1300 sq ft. And it might blow dust up in the air if you have dust bunnies up to your ankles, or if you don't angle the body back far enough. If your home is mostly carpeted, I'd recommend the Dirt Devil Vision. That thing will suck the spots off a cheata. The Eureka Optima is unbeatable for homes with hard floors and area rugs. If this describes your home, and you're unhappy with your current vacuum, check this one out. Chances are, you'll love it! ...more info
  • Rubber wheels would make it perfect
    This vacuum is very lightweight, vacuums well, has a hose and attachments that work well. When using the hose it is just as easy to carry the unit, because it is so light.

    I wish they had a version with rubber wheels. I have all wood floors and although I don't think the plastic wheels scratch the floors, I would be happier if they were rubber and turned better. Sometimes the wheels don't turn and slide along the floor. I would pay $50 more for a higher-end unit with that feature.

    I wouldn't change anything else....more info
  • Little Green Monster Machine!
    I just bought this vacuum and I love it. I have a built-in but that just doesn't do the rugs properly. I have the floor and rug attachments for the built-in but the rug one is way too cumbersome to move over a plush rug. THIS MACHINE WORKS! If you saw what came up from just my bedroom rug (and I just used the built-in 2 days ago). It filled up the canister AND fluffed up my rug! It has a ton of power behind it.

    The only thing I don't care for is the hard to push movement as others have talked about, but it's not too difficult. You don't have to bend way down to use it like I do with the built-in. I prefer the built-in for the tile floors, but this worked as well.

    For the price you really can't go wrong....more info
  • Very Pleased With This Mean Green Machine
    I bought this vacuum about a month ago and I love it. I wanted a vacuum to replace my 1 year old Bissel Bagless that died. I wanted something smaller because we live in a smaller/medium-sized apartment and I thought my last vac was way too bulky. I also wanted a vacuum that was not as heavy as my last. I read reviews for vacuums on different product-reviewing websites (I always do) and the Eureka Optima had great reviews. So I decided to go for it. I have had it for about a month and I love it. I will tell you why I love this little machine.

    The good...

    1.) It is lightweight (11 lbs)
    2.) It has the power of most bigger vacuums (12 amps)
    3.) It is cool and modern-looking. Very smart design.
    4.) It can fit into tight areas to clean
    5.) It has a hose! Most of the smaller vacs do not
    6.) It has the option of having the suction with or without the brush rotating
    7.) It sounds awesome! Really it does, I like how it sounds.
    9.) You can adjust the height of the handle, this is so great! My husband is 6'11" (not a typo), with the handle fully extended he can for the first time in his life vacuum without pain from leaning over.
    10.) It is compact and you can adjust the handle to go all of the way down to store in a small closet and the handle won't be all up in the coats that are hanging up.

    And now for the bad and the ugly....

    1.) You have to push it a little harder while vacuuming. It doesn't have that "gliding" feature that some other vacs have. (not that big of deal for me, but that is why I gave 4 stars instead of 5).

    And that is it. I have had no problems so far. I have had zero clogging issues. No problems with anything detaching, and no problems with the wheels. The person who posted here with all of those problems should have contacted Eureka, or returned the vacuum to where they bought it from. Maybe they had a dud. That could have been delt with I'm sure.

    I would recomend this vacuum to someone who is short on space. Or someone who does not want to lug a heavy vacuum around. Or someone who has a lot of stairs. Also would be great for someone very short and also someone very tall!

    I would not, however, reccomend this vacuum to someone with 3 siberian huskies living indoors year-round with high-pile carpet throughout the house and they don't clean often. :)...more info
  • A little machine with Big Power!
    I did some online research and finally put the Optima on my Amazon Wish List. Well, I just received it for Christmas and I'm very happy with my choice.

    It was easy to put together out of the box, although the pictures in the instructions lack clarity as to the direction some parts are pointing. This machine is very light-weight which makes it easy for me to drag up and down the stairs. It's small so I was shocked at how powerful the motor was as it sucked up a major amount of dirt and cat hair in a small test area. I tried the attachment brush on the back of my chair and the hose was just as powerful as the head. I've used many vacuums in the past to get cat hair off the chairs and spent my time going over the area repeatedly, never getting all of it; not so with the Optima. I'm gonna love this!

    One lady said there was no place to store the cord, but I don't know what she's talking about. It has the typical two hooks in the back that you wrap the cord around. I guess she didn't understand what they were. There is also one small hook that keeps the cord going up the handle from it's source. Maybe she thinks this is all there is.

    Pros: Light-weight, great for cleaning stairs and furniture, powerful motor, hose just as powerful as head, use on hard floor or carpet, adjustable handle, filter can be washed and reused 6 times, no bags to buy, pea green (not yellow like the pictures) and so homely it's cute.

    Cons: The head is small so it might not be good for you if you have a big house or this is your only vacuum....more info
  • Little Green Monster
    I needed a vacuum badly, because mine was old and the on/off switch was held down by a bottle cap, so it was actually turned "on" and "off", by plugging and unplugging. Not very safe!

    I didn't want to pay a ton and I knew I wanted a bagless vacuum, so after reading a lot of reviews, I chose the litte green monster. This one arrived today, I put it together in less than 10 minutes and I was on my merry vacuuming way. This little green monster does a great job on carpet. After just 20 square feet, the dust and other gross things it nabbed were caught inside the dust cup--I didn't know my carpet was so dirty.

    I had read the reviews and was aware of the blowing from the front end, which you're able to recognize right away, as things like the fringes of the blanket hanging over the back of the couch were blowing as I passed by. I haven't tried it on the uncarpeted surfaces yet, but since I have very little of that, this inexpensive little green monster does the trick for my needs.

    I am so far very pleased and would recommend this little green machine....more info
    I bought this vacuum as I didn't have very much to spend and got what I paid for. The wheels fall off, it continually clogs, the rotating brush jams constantly and today, the piece that holds the cord fell off!! I have a small house with no thick carpets and this machine can't handle even that. I didn't send in the warranty, as I don't like to be telemarketed at, so now I'm stuck with it till I can afford another. That is, if it doesn't quit working all together. ...more info
  • excellent...
    I bought this on a whim and love it. It's very lightweight and cleans just as well as a full size vacuum or better- especially if you have carpeting and hardwood as it can vacuum both with just a flip of the switch. Only thing to make it A++ for me would be to have a lever to recline the handle rather than having to step on the base to manually do it....more info
  • Love it!
    My mom kept mentioning a new vacuum cleaner so after hours of searching on the internet I decided to go with the Eureka Optima. When I first got it home and saw how little and how light it was, I was kind of skeptical. But as soon as I turned it on I fell in love with it. I had just vacuumed the carpet hours before with our old vacuum cleaner. So, I was very surprised to see all of the dust and hair that the Optima picked up. We have two cats that shed constantly and it picked up every bit of their hair. I also used it on the vinyl flooring in the kitchen and it worked wonders! I even threw some cereal on the floor to see how well it would pick up. It sucked it up before I even got near the cereal! Don't be fooled by how little this thing is. It is incredible!! It is my first bagless vacuum and I'm very impressed. The suction is so good too! It even picks up little hard to get things in the carpet, like kitty litter. It's also very light so it's easy to take up and down the stairs. I also like how it has two different suction settings for the hose and the floor. Although, I'm still trying to get use to the handle but I think it's very unique. Plus the sparkly green color is so cute! I would definitely recommend this vacuum to anyone....more info
  • Incredible for its size!
    I messed with the vacuum at Lowes and thought that it was very light and may not do a very good job. I then decided to get it because its convenient size, thinking that I could deal with it for a while because of how inexpensive it is. I then ordered it from Amazon and when I got it and tested it out I couldn't have been more wrong about this vacuum! It is incredible for its size. The power of something that small is well worth the $55 I paid for it. I dont plan on getting anything else until this one dies, because it truly is one of the best vacuums I've used! If you are thinking about getting one then dont hold back. Its great and you will love it. ...more info
  • comments - considering purchase
    Using my $400+ canister/power mate, my X-cleaning person was like a bull in a china shop. She ran over and cut the cord, ripped part of the binding off a small area rug, pulled some of the fringe from a small area rug and let it pull until it broke the belt. The powermate has a savety shut-off but it is still strong enough to damage things that do not go into the brushes far enough to trigger the shut-off (I guess) since I avoid running over things about 100% of the time I'm not sure what she did. I also have a $200+ upright that is nothing but junk. The 'on board' attachments fall off all over the place so I just tossed them in a box (at least I knew where they were, every time I engaged the hose I got a big pinch, it is bagless and is so loaded with static it won't let go of the dirt. I HATE it! So I'm thinking of the Eureka; have had great Eureka products in the past. When someone else has to vacuum for me they will not get the chance to ruin my powermate again. Not running over anything especially ANY electric wire, common sence? more duh!

    I did not see a review that addresed how low this little marvel will go like under the bed. I was especially looking for this feature, wish someone would comment.

    HINT: If others have experienced the static problem, I used static spray in the container of my imported landfill and that didn't help much, but a dryer sheet helped pretty well. ...more info
  • I completely agree with seattleman
    I totally agree with seattleman. This is definately a very good vacuum. I got it for $55.99 at Amazon (it was on sale) and it works great. I couldn't believe how well this machine sucks!! Its too small to believe but it knows how to do its job pretty well. Initially I had my doubts and never knew a cheap vacuum cleaner could be that good. But Optima proved me wrong. I am very satisfied with this machine. Plus I also must add that perhaps no one can match Amazon Customer Service and how quick they mail you your item. I also give them 5 stars!!! Amazon is awesome!! :)...more info
  • Unfair reviews
    I just wanted to mention couple reviews here are totaly unfair.
    This vacuum does have GREAT SUCTION. So I don't know the person who says didn't suck at all was trying to pull a coffee table with it or what. I had to buy this vaccum because my bissel bagless newst model which I paid over a 100 dollars for it wouldn't suck. But this Eureka model's suction is better than any upright full size vacuum in range of bellow 200 dollars.
    The other thing that I liked about it is design between the brush to cup which is not connected with a hose but large solid opening. That was another complain I had from bissell which would clog everytime I vacuum. I don't think there is going to be much chance of clogging this one. I was really impressed with this section of design.Beside the cute telescopic soft handle which is another plus. And last but not least is that you can turn the brush on for carpet and off for over head cleaning with the hose. Like I mentioned before when you do floor and carpet, nothing goes through the hose, so no chance of clogging it, so you always have full suction power. Only time you do use hose is when you clean furniture or blindes and stuff like that, which should have anything to contribute to clogging anyways
    Oh, and someone complained from the noise. I don't know what was he used to vacuum with before, because like most of the reviwer said and I agree, this is the quietest vaccum when you compare it with other upright vacuums in price range of 200 dollars and below.
    So if you have money to spend 400 dollars or more than I don't know what I can recomend for you to buy, I am sure you made your research. But if you budgetted 200 dollars for a vaccum. Just buy Eureka 431A and spend the remaining 140 dollars in something else. You won't be disappointed
    ...more info
  • Quick Fix - Hard to Push
    I liked everything about this vacuum EXCEPT that it was difficult to push.
    When I checked the other reviews, I noticed it was a common complaint.
    When I flipped the vacuum over and spun the wheels with my finger, they were not stiff, but did not freely rotate. I broke out my trusty can of WD40 and gave a quick shot on each axle (in the space between the wheel & housing). What a difference!
    The vacuum now is very easy to push.
    ...more info
  • noisy, blows dirty away and a small head
    a. Machine makes more noise than our regular vac
    b. b. Exhaust blows dirt away. The fan blows out the air in front of the vac, so if you trying to vac something light, you will be running after it
    c. The machine head is small
    d. No place to store the cord

    After reading all the fantastic reviews, I am wondering whether people have been paid to write all these good things.
    ...more info
  • Judy
    This little vacuum is the best! I just passed over my living room carpet once with it and I had almost 3 inchs of dirt in the canister. I don't think my bigger vacuum did that good....more info
  • Powerful
    I ordered one of these items for my place of business which just happens to be a flooring store. Well, I thought for the price it might work just marginally, but to my surprise it was better than the high powered vacuum that we had that was just too big. I'm even going to buy one for my house. Great little vacuum....more info
  • Downtown Sucker...
    I live in a downtown urban setting where my street level, 4 level condo has each room on a different floor. My front room & kitchen are hardwood, my 2 bedrooms are carpetted, and my 2 bathrooms are tiled. I also have an exposed brick wall in my front room that (as you can imagine), gives off debris every now and again. I'm a pretty strong girl, but lugging my vacuum up and down the stairs just wasn't my idea of "fun" (if cleaning is fun). Neither is messing with a vacuum that doesn't have an easy option of switching from hardwood/tile to carpet. I read the reviews on this vacuum & made my own assessment since everyone's living arrangements are very different. This works so great in our place! First of's suction is so powerful that it took some (slight) exertion to move it across the carpet...which is OK because it picked up all the pieces of fuzz my upright didn't touch. I was constantly bending over to pick up what was left behind. THEN...I moved to the hardwood. With the click of a button I was vacuuming my hardwood. But the thing was sucking up the dust bunnies before I even ran over them...when I got about 5" from them. Now the stairs. Because the handle is adjustable, you can adjust it to the shortest setting and there's actually another little handle down lower to grab so you can easily vacuum the steps without switching to the brush/hose attachment. Now for the host attachment...even that's great! You turn a dial & your hose is ready! It's small enough for storage - almost 1/2 the size of my Dirt Devil Featherlight that's not even a full size upright! I love this vacuum. And with the price...if I even had to buy a new one every year - it would be SO worth it. Some negative reviews mention a short cord. It's a decent lenght and so what if you have to move the plug to another outlet. Another was emptying the canister. It's a little messy because it's not all contained in a bag but's bagless! And no offense...but wash your hands! What was another one? Oh, the wheels and the fact that it doesn't roll easy...that's because the suction is so strong! All the negatives I read were WELL outweighted by the positives...especially after I used it myself. Lastly...the funky green color got slammed but we have nicknamed ours the "Green Machine" which just adds to the fun of sucking up junk! ...more info
  • A great, inexpensive vacuum
    I was cautious in purchasing such an inexpensive vacuum cleaner, but I am very happy with this Eureka. I still can't believe all the dirt, dust, and household fuzz this picks up. Aside from the Shrek green color, this vacuum is perfectly designed. Every control and accessory is exactly where it is easiest to use. The vacuum is heavy to push around, for sure, but anyone who isn't frail should be able to manage it. The suction is amazing for such a small unit -- it almost sucked in a pen when I used it today.

    Be aware that this vacuum requires filter replacement. This feature wasn't clear until my vacuum arrived.

    Greatest features: the handle height is fully adjustable; change from roller to hose with the flick of a switch -- all attachments are onboard, and the hose is always attached.

    I highly recommend this vacuum for anyone in a medium-sized apartment who doesn't mind expending a little energy vacuuming -- performance is amazing for the price!...more info
  • LOVE IT!!!
    Domestic Goddess I am not. But this little bundle of joy makes me look like it!! I couldn't be happier. It took only 4 days to get to me, and when it did, it only took me 4 minutes to put it together. My carpets are a different color than I thought they were!. I wasn't really interested in a big fancy vaccuum since the upstairs is the only carpeted area. It does have an option for bare floors, WITH RUBBER WHEELS, which is great since the downstairs & bathrooms are all tile. There's no handle release to tip it backwards, only takes a little tug ang it tips back. Worked fantastic on the stairs. It's not heavy & cumbersome... ONLY 11LBS!! Picked up hair, dust, unfamiliar debris & all kinds of other dust & grime out of my carpet. I filled the entire canister almost. I'm glad my husband wasn't home to see all the junk that was in there! I would definitley recommend this vaccuum to anyone. I might just buy a spare!...more info
  • The best lightweight vacuum
    I bought the eureka optima to use when I didn't feel like using my full size self propelled vacuum. Boy was I surprised!
    This vacuum has all the power of a large unit and it is lightweight and EASY to use! Dirt cup is simple to empty and filter is easy to wash. Best money I ever spent - I am buying 2 more for Christmas gifts!...more info
  • Holy Crap!
    This is like having my own, self-contained cyclone that sucks anything and everything that gets in its path. And I thought I'd miss having a wide vacuum, but I don't. This vacuum reaches around and under just about everything. Very impressed with this little monster....more info
  • Does not suck!
    I bought this vaccuum for my finished basement. It does not suck at all! I feel it was a waste of my money!...more info
  • happy so far!
    i read a bunch of reviews on amazon before deciding on this vac - haven't used it too much but i have been really happy so far - yes it is a little hard to push on carpeting but so far it picks up everything. it does a great job on floors as well and i love the no brush setting for doing my throw rugs. very happy so far!!...more info
  • Wow...powerful little vacuum
    I bought this vac with the intentions of using it only on our 2 rooms that are hardfloors. It was sooo impressive and powerful that I vacummed the whole house with it. My carpet has never been soo clean!...more info
  • Excellent vacuum
    This lightweight vacuum is great. My 4 year old loves to use it, so now this is his chore around the house. We have 2 dogs, and it does a great job picking up the fur and not clogging up the vacuum. I'm glad I purchased this one. ...more info
  • Watchout Dust - This lill green machine is mean....
    Great Machine...........I am getting married soon and the most important thing I need to make my marriage work is a vacuum cleaner coz i'm really messy.....I was looking for a small low prized vacuum cleaner and I bought this machine for the positive reviews it had and the low price tag it carried.

    It was well packed when I received it.....assembled it all(2-3 min) and I was ready to test it and there were plenty of places in my house to do that(lol)....its a sweet lill green machine and considering its size compared to my other vacuum cleaners I was not expecting much......but then I was wrong.

    It was lill bit harder to push then my other vacuum's but it did a very good job, much more than what I anticipated. Our carpet has never looked so clean and consider the fact that we have a big howling Kirby-Ultimate G vacuum on which we have spent hundred's of dollars.
    Small Size--Telescopic design makes it even smaller
    Powerful machine
    Cool Green color
    Good Design
    Easy to clean

    I think it is bit harder to push(compared to Kirby Ultimate G) looks so cute(compared to menancing looking Dyson's) that my neighbour want to try it eryday(lol)

    GET IT!!! It carries a powerful punch in its small size and price.

    Update: (March 11,2006)
    I've been using this machine for six months far no complaints. Its small, easy to store, powerful, easy to clean and it has a small head that will slide easily under kitchen cabinets or chairs and specially under the oven or dish washer where my regular big Kirby will never go. Last but not the least, the 'Brush Roll' can be switched On/Off for carpet/bare floor cleaning respectively....just an added convenience..........more info
  • Love it!
    It's the perfect size (about the same as my recently deceased Oreck!) It's got the capability to vacuum wood floors by turning off the brushes and using suction only, as well as the option to use the hose that is a part of the upright. It's convenient, has a great amount of power and easy to empty (bagless). I highly recommend this lightweight, small sized vacuum for any job!
    ...more info
  • major design flaw
    I bought this vacuum b/c of the size and weight. We have hardwood floors and a BIG dog, so the need to vacuum is a daily occurance. Initially I liked this vac, because it was light and fairly easy to use.
    A few minor details-the cord is too short, and the filter gets full quickly, requiring you to remove it and bang it against the side of the trashcan to get the gunk out of the folds. This usually causes a pretty big dust cloud.
    These things are a little annoying, but not "deal busters". The MAJOR design flaw is that the exhaust comes out the front of the vacuum, right above the head. This results in any dust bunnies, dog hair or other lightweight stuff becoming airborn in a cloud ahead of you, and the larger stuff, acting like tumbleweed and rolling ahead of you.
    You can really tell on a sunny day with the sun coming through the window. Basically you end up stirring up and breathing all that stuff in. Yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Bottom line-great idea, poor execution!...more info
  • Sucks like crazy
    this little sucker has more suck to it than my $1500 Kirby. I would not recommend this for someone that would have a hard time pushing it because it is somewhat hard to push. Works great on hardwood when it is tilted back so that the exhaust in the front is not blowing on the floor....more info
  • Not for people with pets
    This vacuum blows the pet hair into the air on laminate flooring therefore making it impossible to eliminate hair and dust. ...more info
  • Great price for such a powerful compact green machine
    The price is awesome, no debating that. The suction and functionality is awesome too. If you're tall like myself, the extra long retractable handle is a definitely plus. Like all these new vacuums with removeable filters, it gets clogged after a month or so (I have a medium hair cat so maybe not so much with petless homes) and it never really cleans out all that well. A second filter came in the box and after I popped that in it was like a brand new vacuum all over again. I'm not a fan of emptying this type of vacuum, dust and grossness fly around so I am sure to do this outside by the trash bin..highly recommend this detail. It stores so well and really gets the carpets clean. **UPDATE** Hard to find replacement filters for this vacuum. Minus a star if I could! ...more info
  • I'm in love with this vaccum!!!
    Granted, I've only had it for one day, but so far it's the best vaccum I've ever owned! I've vaccumed dust off the ceiling fan (while balancing the optima on the ladder with me.) I've gotten my cheap Ikea carpets cleaner than they've ever been (I used to have to clean them with a lint brush, no other vaccum could do the job). I've used it as a mini shop vac to clean out the forced air heat vents and it pulled out a pencil, steel wool, a dry wall screw, and tons of dirt and dust, all without getting clogged. All that and it does hardwood floors. It's very easy to empty, it's a great size, very nicely designed, and it's cute too! As an added bonus it comes with an extra filter. I actually look forward to vaccuming now, and I hate cleaning. Do yourself a favor and get this vaccum!...more info
  • Good cleaning power, excellent value of money
    This vacuum cleaner has a good suction it seems. Cleans carpets and wooden floors in a jiffy. It is lightweight and easy to carry around if you want.

    The only drawback I see is that a little force is required to drag it along while cleaning since it just has two wheels.

    Apart from that, I would say excellent value for money....more info
  • think its the coolest
    this little thing works great. i love the handle--i love how it goes down and gets so short for easy storage. i love the suction--it is great. the only reason that i give it a 4 and not a 5 is because i don't really like that you have to remember not only to turn the button for the brush off after doing carpet and then using the wand attachment, but you also have to turn the floor/hose knob which is down below and its easy to forget that one until you realize that it isn't sucking as well as it was....more info
  • light but powerful vacuum
    conveniently sized for smaller spaces but still powerful enough to pick up cat hair from rugs. ...more info
  • Not as great as I expected!
    I purchased the Eureka 431A based on the great reviews it got. Well, it has great power to suck in dirt and hair; BUT, if you're not careful and tilt it back before you start it, AND tilt it back far enough, it'll blow away all that you're trying to pick up. Will definitely be returning it. I do not recommend it for non-carpeted flooring....more info
  • Bagless and Painless
    The Eureka 431A is the best gift I bought myself in the last 3 years! I am in my 30's and suffer from degeneration of the lower spine. Vacuuming can be very painful for me but NOT with the Eureka 431A. Instead of being a bothersome chore, vaccuming is fun with this sweeper. It is small, light-weight, and very easy to put together. But above all it sucks like crazy! My house is so clean!!!!!...more info
  • short lived enthusiasm
    This vacuum has lots of versatility and is powerful enough to get the job done. The fact that the head of the vacuum is smaller makes for more passes but it can get into the smaller spaces. What "sucks" about this machine is that the wheels are mounted on plastic housing and in no time at all wear out and fall of. Bummer having a vacuum that is missing a wheel. This thing was not the easiest to push with two wheels. You can imagine what its like with one. Don't purchase this machine unless you plan on not having a vacuum while its in the shop for repairs. At least it will not be too heavy when I carry it out to the dumpster....more info
  • Mighty Mite of a Machine
    I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical of this machine. My wife and I moved to a new house with more carpeting and, after 16 years, had to retire our old Hoover. We looked at Dysons and a few other full-size vacs. Problem is, they all weighed a ton. (Well, not really a ton...but a lot.) Seeing that we have to lug the vacuum up and down stairs constantly, we wanted something lighter weight. Then we saw it...a mention of the Eureka Optima in an issue of Oprah magazine while visiting my sister and her family on vacation. We went to the local Best Buy and checked it out. After vacuuming up a bunch of junk on the floor of Best Buy in Nyack, NY, we took the plunge. The vacuum is a breeze to assemble. It's even kind of cute looking. And it does have a great deal of suction. The lack of a HEPA filter may be a drawback to some, but we went from an old bagged vacuum to this it's a huge improvement for us even without the HEPA filter. The Optima is a bit harder to push than our old vac, especially on thicker carpet. But our rooms aren't terribly big, so we look at it as an opportunity for a bit of exercise. The incredible weight (or lack thereof) of this machine, along with the low price, more than makes up for the little bit of effort required to push it. It's easy to empty, too. And the telescoping handle is great! Put the handle all the way down and you can store this vac in just about any closet. We've even stored it in a large kitchen cabinet. I'd recommend this vacuum to anyone. Or you can spend six or seven or eight times the money on a Dyson. The choice is yours!!...more info
  • It's good.
    I like this vacuum. It has good power but I find I need to empty it every time I use it. As with other bagless vacuums a lot of dust is created dumping the dirt out. That is the only bad thing I see about it....more info
    We had purchased a top of the line bagless with all the power you could want, and it did a great job. This little mini power house "out cleans it hands down". My wife always complained about the weight of the full size vacs, this one is about half that weight. It is absoluetly amazing how well it has cleaned our older carpets. With two Labrador Retrievers who have tha run of the house this little vac is put to a tough test. After one pass, I can roll all around our Living room floor in a white t-shirt and there is not one hair from the pups to be found. Do your-self a favor and get one of these little vacs who thinks it's one of the big boys. It's amazing that the price is so low on such a great machine....more info
  • its awsume
    im thinking about buying this baby we have a dyson and i hate it but ive seen 2 eurekas 1 4870gz 2 optima when i pike it up i waz amizd i love it...more info
  • Just what the Dr. ordered...
    We got this vacuum a couple of weeks ago and it rocks. We live in a small, downtown loft, with lots of dust and no storage room. This vacuum is perfect, it's compact and packs a lot of power. I would highly recommend this to anyone in a similar situation as mine....more info
  • great vacuum!
    well, i have carpal tunnel and tendonitis in my elbows, and i have absolutely no problem rolling it around. and the suction is awesome. its so easy to use and clean. the thing that really sold me was the very very small size. since storage space is an issue for me, i was incredibly pleased by the performance and the space saving design. and for the record, i like the color. :-)

    I've now had this machine for two years and still runs good. have moved and now have area rugs and wood floors instead of carpet. still very satisfied with it.

    I have never found a need to replace the filter, i just wash it out whenever i empty the vacuum. i use an old fork under the running water in the utility sink. not much problem to clean it out and still works as good as day 1. i definitely have gotten my money's worth plus some. :-)

    I actually used to work for another company which manufactured high end vacuums. Have some experience with different brands. Like this one best. ...more info
  • good but not great
    I bought this after the good rating it got on amazon. It has power but it is very hard to push along the floor.(harder than my 20LB vac) I plan on taking it back and get a different Eureka vac. ...more info
  • Amazing little machine
    I couldn't believe the suction on this machine. The amount of dirt that it picked up was amazing. I am always cleaning and we don't walk around the house with shoes and I was floored by the amount of dirt that was in the carpet. It was very easy to put together. The dirt cup was very easy to take apart and put back. My husband was so amazed that he started to clean the sofas. Very pleased with the purchase and I hope it last. The stairs were also easy to clean....more info
  • Impressed
    I was a little sceptical at first, my first eureka sucked (or didn't I mean). But just got it today. It's pretty small but that does make it easier to fit in most places. Sounds like a jet engine when it fires up & has a ton of power. It will suck up cable lines within a couple of inchs from the front. :D

    Like others have said it doesn't roll as good as some. But it works very well, comes with an extra filter. Chances are you could pay 2-3x as much & not get as good of a product, I know I did my first few baglesses....more info
  • Great value for the price!
    My old vacuum decided to explode, but before it was completely fried - it dumped a ton of sand on my hardwood floor. I ran over to Target and bought a new vacuum to clean up the mess my old one made.

    My bissel was big and heavy, so I chose this Eureka because it was lightweight and inexpensive. What a great value for the price!

    Once home, it took no longer than 20min. to assemble.

    It has just as much power, if not more, than my old bissel; however, the brush attachment could be a bit better. Bristles are too far apart, and don't pick up as well as my old one. Other than that I love this vac!
    ...more info
  • Useless!
    I bought this after reading everyone's glowing review...did we use the same vacuum? This cleaner is very powerful for its size...but it sits so low and has such tiny front wheels that it is sucked onto the carpet and can barely be pushed along with two hands! The beater brush has gaps between the tufts that completely miss animal fur and fuzz. If these two problems are corrected, this would be a fantastic machine but as is, it really misses the mark!...more info
  • LOVE IT! Great vacuum!
    I had an old cheap Eureka upright (but it did the job well) for 4 years and felt its time to buy a new one, but smaller. I already had this Optima in mind but impulsively ended buying a Shark Transformer vac beside it, thinking of its more appealing color. Boy was I wrong! Using the Shark for 30 secs was like "puuuussshh! draaag! heave! ho!" with two hands! It was mighty heavy and so hard to maneuver my shoulders and wrist ached (see my review on the SHark)! In a few hours time we went back to the store and bought this, just as i have originally planned.
    Lesson: if one brand already works well for you, dont change it!

    With the Optima, it was a great relief! Now this is a perfect vac! Superb both in carpet and hardfloors. Its small, compact but packs a ton in power like the $100-$300 vacs out there. Besides, why do you have to buy those huge mammoth vacuums anyway if they work the same! Its light and easy to store.

    One more advantage: its not that noisy at all compared to others!! My daughter is always afraid of noisy vacs, and this one didnt scare her!
    Buy this one! You'll gonna love it.
    ...more info
  • Great little Machine
    I received Eureka Optima today. It was easy to put together. No tools needed. When I saw it it looked small and I wondered if it could do a good job. It was great. Did better than the 2 previous heavyweight vacuums which I owned from other well known brands. For the price what have you got to lose....more info
  • Awesome little vac!!
    I have a big Eureka vacuum and figured this one would be pretty good, and I've not been disappointed. It picks up dirt very well on carpet and bare floors. It's so light!! Great machine for a nice price....more info
  • I Love It So Far
    Just bought it. It was very easy to assemble. It's so little and cute! And it's very powerful too. I vacuumed my new home's stairs and was so impressed to see how much that little thing took out of my carpet! I love that it has a stair handle too. ...more info
  • Prefect for dorm room
    I just had this delivered today not an hour ago. I had it set up, working, and put up in less than 30 minutes. Its fantastic for my dorm room. If you are a student (or have one) that is going to be in a carpeted room, get this vacum....more info
  • little green sucking machine!
    When my mom and I first got this vacuum we were amazed at how well it picked up dirt off the ground. I have a ragdoll cat that sheds A LOT and the little vac sucked up the cat hair like it was nothing! It has a lot of room for dirt to be stored and it is so easy to empty out! I really liked this vacuum and it has a great color! Also it is really light weight!...more info
  • Buy this vacuum from Baby Boomer
    I have never had a "bagless" vacuum, having always had uprights
    with the paper bags, this thing picked up a ton of dirt when
    I had just cleaned 3 days before, it has a $15.00 filter inside
    which sucks the dirt into the plastic cannister, my friend at work has one and she says that she doesn't have to dust as much (since those other vacuums put the dirt back into the air, trust me I was skeptical about getting one but I like it, also there is a compartment in the head of it for large items that you might vacuum
    up so they don't go into the motor and ruin it....more info
  • impressive
    Don't be fooled by its size or the toyish look. This is a mean vacuum cleaner. I compared its suction on hardwood floor against a full-size canister that was recommended by the Consumer Report. The Optima picked up as much dust as the canister, but at 1/3 of the price and 1/2 the weight and closet space.

    It is fairly loud, mind you, but the noise level is nothing out of the ordinary. And sure, the color is not to everybody's liking. But heck, no vacuum cleaner is likely to become the showcase piece in any household's decor.

    For its performance, price and compactness, the Optima is a winner....more info
  • Light weight - Hard to push
    Great little vacuum. Probably picks up more than my big 25# Kenmore! BUT- it's harder to push around. It has no wheels on the front. The suction was so strong that the first time I tried to use it I thought it was nailed to the carpet. I have carpet with about a 1/2" nap. I wouldn't recommend it to little old ladies (or men) that don't have a lot of strength left!...more info
  • Works wonderfully and light
    Works as good as my $350 vacumn cleaner.. ridiculously easy and cheap. Good price..and not tiring on the arms like some weighing as much a ton and do not work so well....more info
  • Great!!
    I spent a lot of time looking at the high dollar vacuum cleaners for my new house. I looked on many web sites and consumer reports. I made the assumption that I would need to pay $200-$400 for a good vacuum cleaner. One day we were in best buy and saw this little green thing and my girlfriend demanded that we buy it.

    I must say, I never imagined it would work so well. It is very small, light, and has a ton of power. My house is 90% hardwood floors and it will suck up things 2 feet away. It also does very good on our area rugs and on our carpet.

    One thing that many people may view as a problem is the canister/filter part of it. Dumping the canister is easy, but cleaning the filter (Atleast the way that I do it) is messy. I am in the habit of just taking it outside to dump, and I beat out the stuff from the filter while I'm out there. If you wanted to do this inside, it could get a little messy. One bonus is that the filter is washable, so that could eliminate the potential mess. One more complaint. The exaust is in the lower front of the vacuum, which tends to blow things away from the vacuum when it is in the full upright position. This can be eliminated by leaning the vacuum back a little while using it.

    All in all, I am very very happy that I purchased this item. If it breaks in a year, I'll just go buy another one just like it. It's so cheap and works so well for what I need....more info
    And it really is. We just bought our first house and were considering buying Electrolux vacuum cleaner, we've tried it in the store, and the suction was pretty impressing as well as the lightweightness, but since it was $400 in stores we decided to look for a better price on the internet. That's fine, but I needed vacuum cleaner right now, because carpet in our basement looked just ridiculous. So I went to Target and choose something to use temporarily, until we buy the one that we've wanted - it happened to be Eureka Optima. What can I say - suction is absolutely the same as Electrolux, same power brush option for heavier carpet cleaning, same light weight and also very cute looking, BUT $59.00 instead of $400.00 - does it mean anything to you? I think so. We are going to keep this one - it's a winner!...more info