Panasonic MC-V7600 HEPA Bagless Upright Vacuum

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The Panasonic MC-V7600 Bagless Upright Vacuum makes it easy to keep your home clean and dust-free. No more passing over something over & over before it's sucked in -- the strong 12 amp motor gives you the suction you need. The easy to empty dirt cup means no more changing messy bags. You can even flip a switch and vacuum a bare floor. Make your floors & carpets shine with less effort than ever! Easy to empty 2 piece dirt cup Dirt sensor 15 inch cleaning path 10 foot stretch hose 30 foot power cord Built-in headlight Thermal and bypass motor protection Uses Type UB-8 belt Designed for quiet operation Weight - 17.5 lbs

  • Powerful 12.0 Amp Motor
  • Bagless 2 Piece Cup/ HEPA Exhaust Filter
  • On-Board Tool / 1-standard wand
  • Auto Carpet Height Adjustment, Bare Floor/Carpet option
  • 25-Foot Power Cord
Customer Reviews:
  • Panasonic MC-V7600 HEPA Bagless Upright Vacuum
    This vacuum is quite effective and does a great job of cleaning, and is relatively easy to use and to empty....more info
  • Would like to give it 5 stars, but..........
    I can't get past its inability to go over bumps, like runner carpets or doorway saddles. I think someone else who wrote a review said this same thing, when you try to lift the front of it, you have to bend clear to the floor because it does not have different angle settings for the handle. I have a lot of area rugs in my house and if I head right toward one the vacuum will come to a halt until I physically lift it onto the area rug or runner. This inability to set itself at different angles also makes it tough to carry on the stairs without locking it into the upright position, but this has not been as big a nuisance as getting over the edges of the area rugs and transitioning from one room to the other over the saddles.

    Also be careful of the brush attachment. Mine is quite aggressive! I used it to clean my stairs and when I looked back from the top step I had lint all over the place, the brush literally sucked the fuzz right out of my carpet. Did not damage it, but I had to go back over each step with the hose to suck up all the lint and fuzz left behind by the brush.

    Performance-wise, though, I think its great. I think I just need to get used to a new piece of equipment like I would with anything else. My house can be a challenge with 2 kids and several pets and so far it looks great. I like the fact that it is relatively lightweight, also (compared to others I have owned anyway). I especially like its abilities on bare floors. In the past I have had trouble with my vacuums just scattering crumbs all over the place and not actually picking them up. I don't have that with this one, when it is in the bare floor setting it works great and skims close to the surface so the crumbs can't escape.

    My only true complaint is the lack of angle adjustments............more info
  • This thing really sucks!
    Saying "This thing really sucks!" is high praise. This is one of the best vacuums I have ever used. The best is our other Panasonic vacuum. The price & service was great. We got it from Beach Audio through Amazon. Beach Audio has some of the fastest shipping on the planet. I ordered it on Monday night and it was on my doorstep Thursday and that is halfway across the USA. This was at normal shipping price not air or express. All in all I am very satisfied with the vacuum and the service....more info