Conair BC171CS Ionic Hot Air Brush

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  • Ions promote shiny, conditioned, healthy hair
  • 1000 watts of styling power
  • 1 1/4" ceramic coated bristle brush attachment, 3/4" natural boar and nylon bristle brush attachment
  • 2 speed settings with 3 position power selector switch (high/low/off)
  • Cool tip 6' swivel core
Customer Reviews:
  • A MUST for my hair!
    If I were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing...this would be it (provided there is electricity!!) I have used this product for 6-7 years and it is wonderful. Works terrific on wavy, thick, hard to manage hair. I air-dry after I shower until its about 90% dry and run the hot brush thru it which creates a straight, smooth look. I recommend to anyone who has just bad hair....more info
  • Bulky but does the job
    For the price, it's a good deal. I got one for the gym so I wouldn't have to deal with a hairbrush and a blow dryer. It does everything it's supposed to, but the handle is very bulky and it the whole thing is a little long overall. Could be more compact, definitely....more info
    I had an old version of the conair hair drying/styler, but it took me over an hour, at times 2 hours to get through super thick, curly hair. This item is a blessing!!! it takes me 30 mins to finish drying my hair and it is always looks awesome. ive gotten alot of compliments on how my hair looks the way ive been styling now compared to how i used to straighten out my hair (blow dry then use the CHI, which makes your hair stick straight and fake in my opinion) i like the inbetween look this Conair brush gives, not stick straight but not too curly, just a beautiful styled wave. I had to buy a new one of this brushed because i loved it so much, i used it til almost all the bristles fell out!! i Tried replacing this one with another conair dryer and it just didnt come close to matching the results and speed. SO THANKS CONAIR, i love this dryer!!! Its definately a good friend to those with alot of volume, texture, and curls!
    PS.... THE RESULTS LAST! i style it in the morning and im usually great the rest of the day, even in windy or humid weather....more info
  • Works Fine
    Purchased this item for my wife -- replacement for same model which broke after about 5 years. Works just fine -- real selling point of this item is a natural brush which is far gentler on the hair than the metallic brushes usually included with hot air brushes....more info
  • Is that my hair I smell burning?
    Oh yes, indeed it is.

    And to think, I swapped this out for my Tigi bedhead curling iron, figuring a ceramic hair brush is sooooooo much easier on your tresses!

    Fortunately, I only singed about an inch of the front left side of my hair and no I did not leave it on too long -- we're talking moments.

    Granted, it was on the High, 1000 watt setting. However, there are only two settings -- high and low, with nothing in between and no cool shot either.

    The high is really really hot -- not so much the air temperature, but the ceramic plating, which they laid on nice and thick so that it's super-conducive.

    The ceramic is of such high quality that the low setting may well have been warm enough for some serious styling; unfortunately, along with lowering the heat, they lowered the air velocity even more, so low doesn't have the drying power.

    Evan at that, I'd consider keeping it, except the power switch is in a really awkward place, as other's observed, and I fear I'll accidentally set it on high.

    I'm extremely disappointed, not just because reviews were so good but because the unit is built like a brick house -- very sturdy indeed, given today's shoddy manufacturing standards.

    After calling Conair customer service, I think I'm going to try a cheaper, less powerful version, Conair 2-in-1 Hot Air Styler, 1" & 3/4" Model BM20XCS.

    Or alternatively, I may try Conair 1 1/4" Instant Heat Hot Brush, Model BC86RCS, which doesn't blow hot air (it's a curling iron with bristles) but it does get raves everywhere and has 25 different heat settings....more info
  • Conair Air Brush
    Conair 1000W Ionic Hot Brush - BC171CS
    I have used othe Conair Air Brushes but this Ionic Hot Brush is the
    GREATEST! I have very thick, course textured hair.
    I can dry my hair so much faster. I really enjoy the different
    attachments that come with the Hot Air Brush.
    I say CONAIR keep this model in your great line of products.
    ...more info
  • Arrived late
    As it arrived much later than the delivery date promised, I had to return the item. ...more info
  • Loud but good
    I've used hot air brushes for a couple years. This works better than my last. The low setting and the larger brush works better for me. The high setting blows the hair off the bristles. It's nice having the small brush option for different styles though. I believe my hair stays styled longer and without as much work and injuries using a hot air brush versus a curling iron....more info