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The Strogg are cybernetic warriors--a mechanical frame and decaying body parts stabilized by flesh consumed in a systematic annihilation of other species and civilizations. In a desperate attempt to survive a Strogg attack on Earth, an armada of Earth's finest warriors is sent to take the battle to the Strogg home planet. Earth's initial assault force is nearly annihilated immediately, but one marine manages to infiltrate the base, bring down their planetary defense systems, and kill the Strogg's collective brain and leader--the Makron. Earth assumed the destruction of the Makron would end it all, but it didn't.

The Strogg are quickly regrouping. However, with the Strogg's planetary defenses still destroyed, Earth's forces can deliver a full and final assault. This time, you're not alone. You are Matthew Kane, an elite member of Rhino Squad, and part of Earth's next invasion wave. An army of soldiers are fighting with you and an arsenal of weapons and vehicles are at your disposal in this heroic and epic battle between worlds.

As the invasion begins, players choose to battle as one of five unique classes in either the EDF (Earth Defense Force - humans) or the barbaric alien Strogg armies, each augmented with specialist weapons and combat hardware. Troops utilize over 40 conventional and futuristic vehicles, deployable structures, and defense systems like quad-bikes, tanks, and alien walkers for epic ground assaults; or helicopters and anti-gravity ships to lend firepower from the air. Throughout each battle, teams establish bases, deploy defense structures, artillery, radar, and advanced forward-command systems into enemy territory while constructing and demolishing obstacles to speed progress and gain a tactical advantage over the enemy.

  • Fight alongside other marines in both small squad missions along with large, epic battles
  • Diversity of combat with indoor and outdoor environments along with mechanized walkers and hover tanks to pilot
  • Battle through the early portion of the game as an elite marine, then after your capture as a “Stroggified” marine with enhanced abilities
  • Utilize hi-tech weaponry with upgradeable modifications
  • Arena-style multiplayer that allows players to play as Strogg or Marine in deathmatch, team deathmatch and capture-the-flag modes

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Game
    This is the game Doom 3 should have been, no pda's to pick up, no fiddling with the flashlight, just run, shoot, wet your pants, repeat. New generation graphics with "old school" FPS action, got to love it....more info
  • Cool FPS
    There is 1 thing i should warn u about before buyong the game. DONT PLAY IT ON THE INTEGRATED GRAPHICS THAT INTEL GIVES U!!!! Get at LEAST an ati radeon 9500 or an nvidia fx card before u play. Also make sure the card has at least 128 mb of vram before playing.
    This game blew me away just as hl 2 did and i had only played the demo on my grandparents cpu (3 ghz integrated intel graphics512 mb ram) and i had to put EVERYTHING at ROCK BOTTOM and it still ran like a slideshow!! When i got home to my cpu(3.4 ghz 1gb ram nvidia geforce 6800) i could play it with most of everything turned up.It ran smooth at a 1024x768 reasolution and i got at least 50 fps if not more!! So if u have the hardware i strongly recommend that u get this game!!! dont get it for xbox360 if u have the hardware to play it because the 360 version isnt as good visually(the REAL truth). So i recomend u have a 2.4+ ghz intel or amd prossesor and at least 128 of vram in ur card, and 512 mb of ram!!! If u got all of this in your system i would strongly recommend buying this game!!! ...more info
  • A must Buy game for Any FPS Fan
    When i first bought this game i though i would be playing a doom clone with a quake story. I was wrong this game is great the story draws you in and the graphics and sound make and atmosphere that sucks you in and makes you believe you really are a marine invading the Strogg homeworld fighting for humanity. This game is a must buy for any FPS fan and if I can not wait to see what that got in store for Quake Wars:enemy Territory....more info
  • The Game for all those Doom lovers who are now afraid of the dark!
    For all those who loved the grapics of Doom 3 but hated the tedious and endless hallways of demons and darkness this game is for you. Quake 4 brings in all the elements of Doom that you loved graphics, guns, voice acting and left the rest out. Darkness is no longer your enemy and tacital situations have been added thet ge rid of the runnin gun feel of Doom. Not to mention that you now work in squads sometimes, which is nice when you need backup or human contact (They wont' turn into zombies either). On a slightly different note those with weak stomachs ought to be wary of the wall decorations, not blood (This has far less than Doom 3 so that previous reviewer doesn't know what he's talking about) but of a slighly more gruesome nature. Although I beleve that it adds to the gameplay giving you an idea of what your really fighting against.

    Warning to those who are lanners this game is not ment for you, the MP seems as though it was drug out of the gutter added a new coat of paint. Those looking for a new MP experence other than the traditional deathmatch should look elsware. However those who are looking for a great single player that is easily replayable good luck and have fun Raven has given yu something to enjoy....more info
  • A refreshing fast pace shooter
    The Quake series is made by the same man/team/company that makes the famous Doom games. Quake 4 is even built around the same 'engine' that Doom3 is. So yes you can say Doom3 and Quake 4 are similar (down to the cut screens that end by rotating back into the players point of view). However I found this game to be much more enjoyable. Here are some reasons Quake 4 is better then its 'sister' game Doom 3:

    -In Quake 4 you actuall have squad members that react to you. Unlike Doom3 and F.E.A.R. where it is you against the world you will often find other Marines around the map. There are medics that will heal you and techs that will 'mod' your weapons or recharge your armor. Not only are their other Marines but there are actually members of your squad that will help you complete your mission. Unfortuantly though there are several scripted events that result in the death of Marines that you can not stop.

    -The weapons are true to the Quake series. The weapons are fun to use, and besides the pistol all of them are useful for one situation or another.

    -You can actually see. The biggest complaint is Doom3 was the flashlight. It was good idea, but ID didn't really think it out. In Quake 4 the levels are bright and your flashlight is attached to your weapon (ala Halo) Unfortunatly though it is only on the pistol and SMG, although it wouldnt be very realistic to have a flashlight on a rocketlauncher so I am not going to fault Quake 4 with this. The SMG is still effective athrough out the game though so its not a problem.

    -Doom3 was a 'remake' of the original Doom while Quake 4 is a continuation of Quake 2 and in part the original Quake. Your success in Quake 2 is even mentioned several times in Quake 4. The begining of Quake 4 is very reminicint of the movie Starship Troopers. Through a briefing with your squad you learn that while a lone marine (you in Quake 2) fought through the Strogg and defeated the main Strogg (forget its name) that the Nexus which is basically the central brain of the Strogg.

    Ok so thats why Quake 4 is better then Doom3. However there are some problems with Quake 4:

    -I think I might have heard some music but nothing that rivals the masterpiece that is the Quake 2 soundtrack. I knew that NiN (Trent) wasn't able to do the soundtrack for Quake 4 but I hoped that they would still do a knock off. But unfortunatly there is practically no music through out the whole game.

    -The game is pretty linear. There is never any question about where you have to go. There are no puzzles, not even the simple ones like in Doom3 and definatly no complex ones like Half-Life 2. The only puzzle you have to do is find a way to direct a laser beam to open a door, which I accomplished in one minute.

    -Beating the "bosses" isn't very hard or very rewarding. The first 'boss' was actually the hardest. The giant King Kong (with a jet pack) that was the most hyped up was not only easy to beat but when I did kill him no one said one word via the radio even though for the entire 5 minutes leading up to him the radio was alive with 'Small Arms dont hurt him' and 'No one can stop him'. Also King Kong was the only bug I could find. After I killed him and his body feel to the floor and disapeared like all the Strogg the blast from his jetback stayed behind. In other words there was two giant flames hovering about 10 feet over the ground.

    Overall its a great game (better the Doom3), and I am sure that there will be a expansion pack released soon. I wouldn't pay 50 dollars for Quake 4 but seeing that you can get it on Amazon for $40 (already!) I would recommend this game to any fan of First Person Shooters....more info
  • Horrible
    I played it for 2 hours and then uninstalled it. It's crap. Everyone online said they had to turn the game to it's lowest graphic settings to play. Avoid at all cost....more info
  • a doom type game, good playability
    story, graphics and movement are all good. Enemies are a bit odd but pretty good considering the storyline. a fps with decent weapons. Has a good replay value. Blowing away the makron is best part....more info
  • FEAR is a lot better A LOT BETTER!!!!
    I played this game and FEAR and FEAR is an overall better game and I base that on everything Fun factor, graphics cooler plot, better AI, cooler features such as Bullet time. Sierra has done it again! So do your self a favor get FEAR instead....more info
  • Loading problems part II
    I bought this game one day after receiving my new Alienware computer. Aurora 7500 with AMD Athlon 64 X2 processor, 1 Gig RAM, ATI Radeon 1800XT video card with 528mb RAM, XP Professional. After I loaded the game and attempted to start it my computer locked HARD, wouldn't even reboot. I tried uninstalling and re-installing with same problem. Contacted Activision and they sent instructions to "update" my drivers, funny for a computer that was just built. Anyway, I followed their instructions and the results were worse, now I had NO drivers and I had to contact Alienware to get my system running again. I sent Activision an e-mail stating what had happened and all they said is "you didn't follow the directions". Well, I followed every step and it made things worse. Fortunately, I did save my receipt and the game is going back. Junk....more info
  • WOW! it doesn't get better than this!
    i thought Doom 3 was incredible, well Quake 4 is even better. same graphics engine, so it is absolutely stunning. the lighting and textures are amazing. and what makes it better than Doom 3, is that you get to fly ships, drive tanks, shoot cannons, and fight alongside other members of the Rhino Squad. there is comic relief in the spoken dialogue at times too, which i think is very cool. i have not tried Multiplayer, but i don't really care either. i have UT GOTY and 2004 for my online gaming urges. this is designed for 1 player fun and it is intense. GET A GOOD VIDEO CARD. i have nVidia's GeForce 6800 (256 MB) and it runs wonderfully. AND TURN YOUR SPEAKERS WAY UP! ...more info
  • I likes. I likes alot!
    Quoting Reviewer N. Parijat "ShapeSoft": "Everything Doom 3 Should've Been"

    I concur with this statement. This game is much better than Doom 3. While it is very similar in looks and controls, that is where the simularities end. For one thing this game is fun, non-stop action and excitement. Doom 3 while fun in some parts could get VERY boring in places causing me not to want to play more tha 30 - 45 minutes at a time. I have just got finished playing this game for 2 1/2 hours straight so you can say this game has me hooked aleady.

    The gameplay is much much smoother than D3, that could be due to the fact that I recently upgraded my 128 MB Radeon 9800 to a 256 MB X800XL, but still the game moves as smooth as silk. The weapons sound great and theplayer dialog is also done very well.

    The graphics also look VERY good, clear, crisp and clean just how I like it.

    The gameplay is also much improved, for one thing there is finally a flashlight on your guns for those dark areas; so no need to wonder around in dark corriders shooting at monsters you can't even see.

    I just started playing this game today so I haven't gotten very far, but I can already tell this is going to rank up there with my favorite PC shooters of all time. This game is higly recommended.

    I do however recommend a fairly high powered PC, I haven't had any problems with my PC running this game, but those that only have the bare minimum specs might.

    My Rig
    AMD Athlon64 3000+
    MSI K8N Neo Platinum
    1GB Corsiar Value Select PC3200
    200GB Maxtor 7200RPM HD
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS
    ...more info
  • Well worth a play.
    I haven't played doom, and wasn't particularly impressed with Quake 1 or 2 when it came out so I wasn't expecting much from this, nevertheless I picked up this title ad hoc one day in the bargain bin. I can ramp it up to 'Ultra Qualitiy' on my PC and with my new Sennheiser headphones this game is a great deal of fun. The graphics and sound quality is outstanding and really this is a first rate title.

    Quake 4 probably suffered mostly from its release coinciding with the release of F.E.A.R. In many ways F.E.A.R. is a superior title and if you have to choose between the two then F.E.A.R. is the way you ill want to go. But if you have the extra cash, or you can pick it up in the bargain bin then you won't be dissappointed by Quake 4.


    * Outstanding graphics and textures
    * Oozes atmosphere
    * Immersive story line (well at least to get you into the action)
    * Quality sound


    * Fairly linear
    * Can get repetitative.

    Despite the fact that this game was largely ignored, it is better than most products out there. Well worth a try, particularly since it is now in the bargain bins.
    ...more info
  • Solidly entertaining FPS
    While Quake 4 will never win any awards for originality, it's still a fun FPS game with plenty of action, a few good "Holy crap!" moments, and lots of atmosphere. If you're a fan of high action first person shooters, you could do worse than picking up Quake 4....more info
  • A Great Shooter
    The game looks very modern and the colors are very vibrant. I would suggest it to any person who likes shooter games. Usually I like games that give you the option to play with cheats so for me it makes it more entertaining....more info
  • A Fun Game But...
    I miss the Arena style Quake. I love competing on all the different levels offered in the Q3 Arena game. Good graphics, but a little easy...just point shoot and you advance. ...more info
  • Loading problems
    When I buy a piece of software, I expect it to run out of the box because I have a decent system. This took forever to load up on four discs and then blanks out when I start it up. I suppose there is a fix somewhere out there on the web, and I'll spend a few hours trying to get it figured out, but for the price, this is not to be forgiven no matter how dandy it might turn out to be (read the other reviews). If I'd saved my receipt (doh!), I'd just take it back for something else. Now I'm stuck....more info
  • What a pleasure
    If you enjoyed Doom 3..You will love the single player mode in this one also. I was saddened when the game came to a end. I wanted more. I have been looking everywhere for add on single player maps, but there isn't many. I can't say anything about online play, because I have never tried it. But single player is worth the price of the game. It will play pretty well on a Emachine also....more info
  • Great game
    I was very impressed with Quake 4. I believe its made by the same folks who created Doom 3 -- which was extremely disappointing: if I had to walk down one more lousy hallway and go figure -- I can shoot AND use the flashlight in this game!!! This is the game that Doom should have been. Graphics are great. AI is great - the enemy ducks and dives for cover. Also, lots of diversity -- inside, outside, driving, etc. I have played just about every FPS and I would rank this way, way up there. Right behind Half Life 2 (greatest game ever), and on par with Far Cry.
    ...more info
  • Sweet!
    This is a good game. It won't change your life or nuthin', but it is fun. It's beautiful, runs well even on my Pentium 4 3ghz with an XFX 6600LE, which for those who don't speak tech, is pretty middling. The game is not very original...but come on. All shooters begin with "You're a guy with a gun" and then diverge from there. This sticks to its roots in terms of gameplay, but that's a good thing. THese are the best damn corridors you've ever run down.

    The enemies are cool, well designed, and not too dumb. They also have a decent variety. The later enemies have rediculous amounts of life, even on easy mode (4 rockets to the midsection...that oughta kill anything, and the goon in question wasn't even a boss).

    Level Design
    THe levels are well designed. These guys have had plenty of practice doing corridors and factories. Only one bit (A box puzzle, for chrissake) struck me as lame. The rest was all "been there, done that, wanna do it again." Sure, you've seen it before, but this is more of a distillation. The best parts of corridors and indoor levels, minus all the bad parts. The enemy concentration is cool, the game is well paced, and some parts get incredibly tense...like, lights out, no enemies, going through rooms of strogg medical experiments...i can promise, its way freakier than it sounds...although the climax is lame...however, the outdoor parts are dull and uninspired; a railgun chase, a mech, a tank, some foot bits, and a machinegun, all dull and ugly. Still, almost the entire game is indoors, so dont worry

    THe graphics are a mix. Indoor, absurdly beautiful. Set a foot outside (dont worry, wont happen much) and it looks like Quake 2 or something. Some bits that are outside but in small areas still look great, but you really wanna stay inside. ALso, the physics is cool, but plays little part in the game.

    Yeah, right, who do you think you're kidding?

    Pistol: stupid, limitless ammo, and in the whole game you'll kill maybe 5 things with it. Because there are five between you and the
    My favorite! Well modeled, well balanced. Accurate at maybe 50 feet, fire rate is about right, scoped single shot mode, upgrades to 80 round clip (from 40). Good damage. Most useful weapon, hands down.

    Its a shotgun. Headshots will kill powerfull enemies very quickly. Accurate maybe to 20 ft, but not with full damage. Useful. Reload is slow at first, but you can shoot while reloading. Upgrades to 10 round clip, no shooting while reloading, but very fast reload.

    Heavy machinegun. 50 round clip. Pretty powerful, fairly accurate. Upgrade gives you a scope that lets you lock on, but no zoom.

    Grenade launcher
    Launches grenades. Kinda sucks

    Rocket launcher
    Launches rockets. Rocks! Powerful, accurate, a little slow, not much splash damage, but good fire rate, and excellent for taking down the big guys. Upgrade lets you target after firing, but doesnt really work well

    Sniper rifle. Why you need a sniper rifle in a hallway is beyond me. Powerfull, slow, 3 round clip. Upgrade makes it more powerful, but you wont use it much.

    Strogg weapon. Very fast firing, powerful, a little nock-back effect on enemies. Pretty cool

    Lightning Gun
    Wierd thing. Kills slowly, so its not too useful. Upgrade lets you arc lightning, but again, useless

    Strogg Dark Matter Gun
    Illness in a can. Or something. SHoots black holes that suck in enemies and then spit them out. Good against bosses or groups of enemies. OR anything else.

    Thats it. Note the lack of melee combat. However, your enemies can and will suckerpunch you, so stay back unless your using the shotgun.

    Note: this game is incredibly gory, and disturbing. I'm a 15 yr old violence-loving, slightly-mentally-ill type, and I got a little wierded out. Be advised. Also, the much touted stroggification thing is really boring and not cool at all. Or disturbing. Its the rest of the game. Not just blood, but mutilation, wierd medical experiments, and so on.
    Also, you will not use your brain more than twice. THats right, 2 actual puzzles. WTF? this isnt halflife, get your damn puzzles out of here. ANyhow, shooter fans will like this unless they happen to be those obnoxious pseudo intellectual creative types. In which case, they won't like it. Screw you
    ...more info
  • Great, but a few flaws i would like to inform
    Quake fans, FPS fans, PC gamer fans, whatever, this is a great game. The graphics and sound are great. The story line isnt horrible, however, I wasn't that impressed. The game comes with a bonus CD with 3 different versions of Quake 2 and lots of extras and movie/trailers for quake4. The weapons are fun, and dont take too long to get (unlike some games). You can even get weapon upgrades. Multiplayer is FLIPPIN SWEET!!! This is all adds up to build what i call "great in the most important ways".

    I guess i just desribed the good stuff to you, so i think i will just get to what you need to worry about. In other words, heres the bad:

    -The game has good graphics natuarly, so i wouldnt worry too much about the fact that the game requires lots of space and recommends you to have a good video card, or else you may experience some lags and slow, choppy movement (trust me, you DO NOT want to lag in multiplayer mode and lose the round because of it). If you go to video options, you can select 4 different visual qualities: Low, medium, high, and ULTRA FREAKIN HIGH!(its acualy just called "ultra high"). DO NOT select ultra high, no matter how tempted you are, it wil slow down your computer a ton; unless u spent like 1000 bucks on a video card.

    -No melee atacks or grenades (although u do get a grenade launcher, which isnt even worth wielding by the way)

    -very dark, and the only weapons that have a flash light are the 2 weakest weapons (well, the machine gun is OK i guess)

    -Multiplayer is fun, but in every round there is always 1 player who seems to be better then everyone else and annoys the crap out of you, and always comes in 1st place.

    -The game is loooooooooooooooooooooooooooong...like, 60 minuts 1 hour and 59 minuts and 60 seconds long, just to complete like a 5th of the game. I have the manual, so i can go through the game quickly, and i look in the manual and see that i have been playing for like 6 hours and i only have a 4th done....its a very hard game , too (even on the easiest difficulty!).

    -Besides the fact that the pistol you have well, pretty much sucks, which you must use when u run out of ammo (and trust me, you run out of ammo alot), thats pretty much it.

    One more GOOD thing. As you probably know, many many games require you to search and run around for like an hour or so before you acualy get a weapon. Then, you must run around for another hour until you get to the action (halflife series, doom series, a little in halo, AREA 51). All the quake games let you start out with a gun, and the action kicks in in like... 2 minuts(quake 2 it starts like in 3 seconds).

    So anyway, thats pretty much it. The reason why i only took off one star for alll those things is because most of them are pretty minor, and arent much of a problem once u get used to it. So overall, yeah, you should get this game. You will enjoy it, that is, as long as you enjoy FPS games. I know i might throw some people off cause this is a kids review, but seriously, i play FPS games alot, and lots of them. Dont let my age fool you, I know a good FPS game when i play one, and this is a good FPS game!

    ...more info
  • Innovation is DEAD at ID Software
    ID was the creator of the FPS genre with Wolfenstein and the original DOOM. After DOOM there was DOOM II, then Quake, etc, etc. John Carmack is a terncho-genius and has pushed technology developers to the edge to support ever-better looking gaming expeirences. And then it ends like this. Pressing out tripe dressed in dazzling graphics. I got bored with DOOM3 1/3 of the way in. No story or a lame attempt haven't played since. Same dark narrow passages, same dingy boring design, blah, blah, blah. ID turned into their worst nightmare...potential genius drowned in corporate greed.

    Buy Half Life 2 or F.E.A.R....more info
  • Much better than people are giving it credit for
    People keep saying that this game is just a Doom 3 clone, that the graphics are subpar, and the AI is idiotic, but they are SOOO WRONG!

    First of all this game feels more like a futuristic Call of Duty that a Doom 3 clone. There is a lot of squad based battle, and I mean a lot, it's rare that you will be by yourself. The atmosphere is not out to startle you, and there is real vehicle fighting, which i enjoyed.
    The Graphics are right up there with Doom 3 and HL2, and the AI seems just as good as the rest but a little more polished, with very impressive things like taking cover and shooting blindly over the top, like in a movie.

    My only complaints are that its a little short, i wish you could run, at least as fast as your squad mates, and the internet MP can be really really laggy....more info
  • Not one single reflection.
    zpconn obviously can not read. Cpt_Kirk's review states clearly what an API is at the start of the review and then talks about the game engine after. Would you buy an OpenGL card based on current OpenGL games? No. Why doesn't Valve support OpenGL? The answer is obvious if you have played Quake 4. Everyone really has the right to see this game before they buy it because it does not look anything like the screenshots which in themselves are questionable. Really see Quake 4 before you buy it and be careful of viewing screen art that was released a year and a half ago and is not the finished product. Die hard Quake fans will love anything which slaps Quake on the cover. Who are Raven software? Where are the reflections? What game can show off OpenGL? Not Quake 4. Is there any? Doom 3 in the dark. That is it....more info
  • Enjoyable romp - Better than Doom 3, for sure
    I have literally this minute completed Quake 4, and thought I'd write a review of the game to let you know my feelings.

    I have got to say, first of all, that Quake 4 is a big improvement on Doom 3. Not just because the graphics are far, far better, which they are, and not because some of it is set outdoors in daylight, but also because the gameplay is a wee bit more fun.

    Let's start at the beginning

    You start as Matthew Kane, a space marine. You are mute it seems, as you never speak even when your name is spoken. So, you have as much personality as a dead fish. However, you appear to be popular with your squad mates, due to past history.. hey, you're a hero!

    Anyway, while en route to the Strogg planet in a drop-ship, guess what happens? Yes, your ship is shot down and your squad suffers heavy losses (am I the only one who wonders why they didn't just nuke the place?)

    You wake up, injured. A medic comes to your aid. What a surprise. What I have described is exactly the same intro as in Half Life: Opposing Force from 6? years ago. You would have thought Raven would have done something more original.

    So anyway, you rejoin your group, and from there on it's a case of following your objectives and completing tasks. Don't be fooled by ID's claim of "squad combat" - Operation Flashpoint, this is not.

    You won't see Call Of Duty-like mass assaults on enemy positions. You won't see armoured divisions defending positions under heavy attack from Strogg walkers. You WILL see scripted set pieces that occur just as you walk through a door or pick up an object - sound like another recent ID game you know?

    I think Raven missed a massive opportunity here: I got the impression they never tried to depict a massive war of Human vs Strogg because they wanted to concentrate on the graphics and not overload the CPU with too many objects moving around. Or the AI to do it would be too difficult. I think, and I may be wrong, that the most marines I've seen on screen at once, is 4.

    So, most of the time you will be alone, performing the usual "press this button", "destroy this object" tasks, issued to you by an arbitrary leader.

    I must say, it's really weird, every time you complete a task, you go back to your leader and he says, "Kane, go take a look down there, we'll stay here and..." - what is the point of being in a squad if you're going to do everything alone? I just thought it was a cop-out on Raven's behalf, and ruined the realism. As you don't speak, you can't remonstrate.

    Every time backup arrives - they're killed before you meet them. Time after time. Trust me on this. Don't break sweat trying to get to them faster, you can't save them.

    A welcome plot twist occurs when you get captured in a great scripted sequence. After various body parts are amputated and replaced by bionic equivalents, Kane *almost* becomes a Strogg but is rescued by a group of marines before his governing neural implant is activated.

    Kane passes out.

    Kane recovers in a medical room surrounded by various doctors discussing his condition.

    I'm surprised that Kane didn't decide to shoot himself when he realised he was half-man, half strogg, and doubly surprised that he didn't run off to do it when he was told his condition was irreversible by medics. On hearing the bad news, Kane never said a word of complaint, nor did he break down in tears. Must be marine conditioning, eh? I know this is a game. But games are supposed to make you identify with the lead characters, not think "yeah, right".

    Kane, despite being physically ravaged, is released to go back to the fight.

    So off you go again, but this time you can access places that humans can't - don't get too excited though, I don't mean you can climb on the walls or hang from the ceiling.

    I won't say what happens next but suffice it to say it's more of the same. Run, shoot, run... the AI's not much different from Doom3 either, except that the enemy sometimes hides - BADLY!!!

    The game is still far more fun to play than Doom3 though, in fact I thought it was more fun than HalfLife 2 to be honest.

    It's hard to explain why I like this game, maybe it's the fact that you don't really expect much from this release - well, I didn't, as soon as I heard the game used Doom3 technology I knew it wouldn't be that intense. Maybe it was just the desire to see new graphics (they are incredible. Its only near the end of the game do they get a bit "samey")

    Then again maybe it's the fact the game is REALLY EASY. Yes folks - it's a walkover on normal level. Only the size and number of "levels" to go through makes this game last. Really difficult sections are few and far between. For old-timer gamers like me, it's compulsive to get to the next level!

    So, to summarise: Quake 4 is a great game for those who aren't the fastest. Casual gamers will love it.

    I would wait for it to hit the bargain bucket though, if truth be told, because at heart it's just the same as every other 3rd person shooter this year. But check out the GRAPHICS!!!!...more info
  • Not to be compared to Doom 3. An amazing game from the masters.
    First off let me say that I'm very, very tired of people who trash a game like this for a few reasons: 1.) they focus too much on graphics, 2.) they compare it to similar games which have a different focus, and 3.) they show no reverence for the people who paved the way for one of the best genres in the business.
    I have been playing games since Nintendo and I've noticed a definite change in how people judge a game. Since the advent of the 32-bit systems like the PSX, people are becoming more and more concerned with how "realistic" a game looks. This is not all that matters, people. In fact, the importance of graphics are minimal when considering gameplay. The idea of trashing a game because of "jaggy edges," visible polygons, or bad backgrounds is ludicrous. While I have seen better outdoor environments than Quake 4 offers myself, this really takes a back seat when you consider what else a game has to offer. Backgrounds are just that: BACKGROUNDS. Atmosphere is really more important. When you look at the AMAZING lighting effects and jaw-dropping models for the enemies (the art direction is without peer), it seems picky to give credance to these minimal complaints.
    All comparisons to Half-Life 2 and Halo are, to me, null and void. Halo is a multiplayer-based game, as is Half-Life. Both are squad-based shooters. These, I admit, are not my cup of tea, but I praise id Software for doing what they want - delivering a rich single-player experience, and giving game players, once again, that amazng feeling of being a lone space marine in the dark, out of ammo, injured, and wondering what the hell is making that ungodly sound just around the corner. This is what id Software DOES. The vehicle combat and squad-based sections are not the focus of the game, and if Halo/Killzone type gameplay is what you like, then those are the games for you.
    Without id Software, we would not have the aformentioned games that you all seem to want to compare Quake 4 to. I have a lot of respect for id Software. I absolutely believe that they'e delivered their best game since Quake II with this one. Other shooters these days are getting less and less creative (Call of Duty and all its billions of sequels and "war based games come to mind). id isn't content to just churn out the same war games over and over again. As for the seemingly constant comparisons to other games with "better A.I.," I don't even know where to start. I've never seen A.I. It is industry hype of the sort I haven't seen since terms such as "blast processing." A.I. may very well be programmed into the game, but I rarely notice any difference between games, and that is because, in the end, it is all shoot, hide- run, shoot, hide, etc.
    The new gimmicks of shooters, such as A.I., physics, and squad-based combat, are small steps in the evolution of the genre, and are of little importance to the game as a whole. I defy anyone to find enemies and artwork as intricate or staggering as some of the creatures found in id's games. As for the physics, graphics, and "A.I." in Quake 4, all are excellent. The Doom 3 engine has been put to the test, and Raven has done an extraordinary job. More importantly, the game is as fun and engaging as they come.
    ...more info
  • Good in its own. Fantastic artwork and animation, good action
    This game seems to have disappointed some folks. I guess they were expecting too much. It is a shooter plain and simple. Cool weapons (except the rail gun, slowest video game weapon ever), amazing scenery and artwork, great details, decent voice acting. Nope, its story is not academy award worthy, but it is a state of the art shooter with nothing to apologize for, except maybe the price. Its biggest drawback is in fact an un-engrossing story. In many games, you just can't wait till the end to see what happens. In this one, the same stuff kept happening, but it wasn't bad stuff.

    It does have substantial operational and gameplay similarities to Doom 3. I presume this is because it uses many of the same internals and core software. But the story and artwork are much different, and the characters are as well. The human characters are far more detailed, seem to have personalities, and have great animation, especially on higher end machines. The story is similar in certain ways, but hey, its an "alien race bent on killing humans" story line, so how much variety is there.

    Overall, this is a great title. If you have a good machine, then it will be beautiful to play, and pretty challenging too. Quake 4 is worth playing for sure, maybe even several times. The price is already down after the orgy that is the holiday season. If you are a fan of these genre of games, then you will enjoy this....more info
  • Moderately disapointed
    I've been anxiously waiting for Q4 to come out for about a year now, and now that I have it, and played it, I have to say that it's nothing like I anticipated. First and foremost, if you want to play in Single Player mode, you are limited to playing a campaign, and just one campaign at that. Forget the concept of CTF, Free For All and Deathmatch - they simply do not exist unless you are in Multi-Player mode. And when you are in Multi-Player mode, you be playing the Q3TA maps....so nothing new here.

    The graphics in Single player mode are pretty good...better than that of Q3 for sure, especially with the animation.

    So this is my take on Q4: If you'd rather play Q2 or DOOM 3 over Q3 or UT04, then this is just for you. But if you'd rather play Q3/Q3TA or UT04 over Q2 or DOOM 3, save your money unless - you want to see some pretty cool graphics and a fairly decent AI experience at a hefty price (in the single player campaign mode...which there is only one campaign).

    I've read other reviews where people insist that this is nothing like DOOM 3....but really, it is VERY much like DOOM3. Should have been DOOM 4 and not the successor to Quake III in my honest opinion. Sure, there are some improvements over DOOM 3 that would place it apart....but the campaigns are nearly identical (or, perhaps they shouldn't have made the campaign in DOOM 3 too similar to the campaign in Q2). It's all about "Campaign" playing (versus bot play, multi-play and instant action) in my opionion. - There you have it!...my opinion.

    Impressive graphics in Single player mode.

    Expensive - especially if you already own Q3TA
    Bloody - excessive blood and guts in Single player mode and no way to turn it off.
    Short - I bought Q4 a little over a week ago, and I've already conquered it! (and I'm no pro)...
    Application HOG! - you have to completely EXIT the game if you want to do some other task on your computer! (Alt + Tab no workie).
    Asside from the mission, where are the single player maps?

    So as you can clearly see...the CONS far outweigh the PROS. Perhaps the next incarnation of Q4 will be better.

    I'll have to admit, that I had some fun while I was playing it...but now that've I've completed the mission, I have no desire to play it again. :(

    ...more info
  • Quake Lives
    The last version I played of Quake before this was Quake Arena, which I liked, however I've always been a fan of FPS games so I looked forward to playing Quake 4 after trying out the demo.

    The graphics are killer and the AI seems to be very reactive. There are some very immersive levels and the play is fast-paced and adrenaline-pumping. However, there are a few things that I didn't like about it.

    1. The gameplay does not change much. Most of the levels are dark interior rooms with horrific, lumbering, enemies coming in predictable waves ala Doom.

    2. It would have been nice to have more vehicle based missions. There was entirely too much running around waiting for some ornately grotesque creature to jump out of the darkness and not enough "mission-based" levels.

    Overall, the game was worth the money, but there was room for improvement....more info
  • Serious Problems Reported with Quake4
    Think real hard before you buy Quake4 for PC. It's all over the web: There is a serious LAG time for tons of users, even those with good systems. Your mouse cursor is faster than the game. A few claim to have the solutions to it, usually involving playing it on the lowest qualities and using a cheapo mouse or low hz mouse settings. These "solutions" don't work for everyone, including me. Some reported bad problems with the sound. I had no problems with that before the lag set in. The official sites are no help. I had occasional problems with lag for the first levels. Tweaking the settings seemed to cure it, but when I got well into the level with the hovertank it became unplayable. The video took as much 5 to 10 seconds to catch up with the mouse. My computer handles Halo, Doom3, and UT 2004 with no problem. Quake4 on the other hand ... I can't believe they let it out like this....more info
  • Joke 4: The Death of OpenGL
    Back in the mid to late 1990s two major Application Programming Interfaces managed to dominate the PC game scene - DirectX and OpenGL, so much so that graphics hardware developers like ATI and NVIDIA built hardware around these APIs. OpenGL seemed to enjoy a life with game developers who used Silicon Graphics workstations (SGI) to create models and animations for games and film. We could buy high-end OpenGL graphics cards that where up to 64mb back in the days when 8mb cards where mainstream. Even the Nintendo 64 built some of its architecture around OpenGL graphics. In the year 2004 the high end 256mb cards where quickly bought up to enjoy the power of games like "Half-Life 2" and "Doom 3" (in fact "HL2" was the only reason for the upgrade). "Doom 3" is an OpenGL game and looked amazing. "Half-Life 2" used DirectX 9 where previously Half-Life 1 offered both OpenGL and DirectX support. Because "Doom3" was so dark it led many to wonder that if the game was brighter, would it reveal something questionable about the quality of modern OpenGL graphics? "Doom3" also had an option to use 512mb cards that have only been released in the autumn of 2005. Valve's choice not to support OpenGL further fuelled speculation that OpenGL may be badly lagging behind DirectX 9. "Quake 4" is confirmation of this problem... and it is more serious than previously thought. "Quake 4" is built on the "Doom 3" engine. Since "Doom 3" was mostly occupied with hiding you in dark places you never got to see the full quality of a brightly lit OpenGL first person shooter. Now that "Quake 4" has had to come up with a sequel to "Quake 3", ID software handing over development to Raven software, the horrible truth has come to light. OpenGL is simply leagues behind DirectX 9... and we are talking a big difference here. "Quake 4" offers absolutely no reflections. Instead we are still in the world of mapped reflections. Texture detail is the equivalent of "Half-Life 1". Polygon shapes are clearly visible even with every setting maxed out. Bump mapping is hardly visible. Steam and smoke is displayed as big successive blocks of floating transparent maps. Fire is "Duke Nukem" quality, fat orange blobs of quickly changing pixels. The shading and textures of the weapons look terrible. Again, no reflections on the guns, but we do have shadows. The facial expressions of your space marines are an attempt on matching "F.E.A.R" or "Half-Life 2" but you must turn up the Anti-Aliasing to round them off. Sadly even on a high spec gfx card this results in an even lower fps. You are a space marine that must run through the alien enemy complex, usually to meet up with a special marine who you must bring back with you, or to defeat an enemy outpost. The enemy AI does not exist. Everything is scripted. The enemy, the Strogg, instead moves exactly the same, coming in waves of two or three and you can see them move like clones of each other, getting blasted up the same way and dying the same, every single time. Not good. Lighting looks extremely blurred and the sky background is just one big map that does not even move except for the odd ship that flies around the place. Even the PS2 has better graphics than "Quake 4" which when on a PC at this quality begs the big question - what will the XBOX 360 have to offer if the PC version looks like a pre-millennium first person shooter? This is terrible news for everyone. The Quake series has been ruined. Multiplayer is the same quality as Quake 3. There is absolutely no need to upgrade. OpenGL is now officially dead! Only "Doom3" could mask its failure. Now we know why Valve did not support it. The XBOX 360 is faced with marketing a bad port to show off absolutely nothing that the 360s architecture can handle. Various tweak scripts have been released for "Quake 4" on the internet. These seems to have a little bit of an effect on improving game play ever so slightly, but sadly do not help much. You simple can't get what isn't there and that is the bottom line. To add further trouble to the mess is the fact that these poor quality OpenGL graphics are so demanding that even high spec card users will find themselves turning off lots of features and running the game at a low resolution. That is why "Doom 3" and "Quake 4" have a 512mb option... because it takes a juggernaut of a graphics card to actually round the graphics off and even then we are nowhere near looking at something as good as "Half-Life 2". Things are really that bad.

    As "Quake 4" was duel released with "F.E.A.R", a fully fledged DirectX 9 name, I would point gamers in the direction of that first person shooter instead and to also keep an eye out for "Call of Duty 2". OpenGL IS DEAD. QUAKE IS DEAD! ........noooooooooooooooo!!

    - Absolutely NONE.

    - Shockingly sub-par graphics.
    - Poor graphics still demanding high end system specs
    - No enemy AI.
    - Nothing new. Same as "Quake 3"
    - You must quit and restart the game every time for graphics settings to take effect.
    - Same price as better first person shooters out there.
    - It will break hearts....more info
  • Quake 4
    This could have been a GREAT game, but unfortunately it is not. The best thing about the game is the graphics. On the otherhand the story is mediocre, and the game has no replay value. I tried the Multiplayer, but there's really nothing new there either. The good is -like I said ealier- the graphics. Also I like the weapons upgrade, but thats nothing new. I like when your with a team and thought that your teamates did a much better job than most games attempt to do, and they also can take alot of damage. It is a decent FPS but just could have been so much better. ...more info
  • wouldn't install
    I bought this game back in 05 and it wouldn't install. During disk 2 it could never access a file called something like pak003.pk4, and there was no way around it. Internet searches turned up plenty of people with the same problem, but no solution.

    I'm reminded because I just found the game on my shelf and tried to install it again. Total waste of money....more info
  • Won't even install
    I have a Dell Inspiron with lots of resources, using Windows XP SP2. I have NEVER had an application fail to complete installation before. But Quake 4 did. In the middle of the fourth (!) disk, it just went to sleep. I just went to Activision's support web site, which is kind of a joke. Forget this buggy piece of junk. ...more info
  • Good and Bad... a little more of one than the other.
    First off, I would like to start my review by stating a comment about the graphics: They totally ROCKED! They were fantastically well made and gave the game a sense of realism that pulled you into the story. You actually felt like metal was metal, like rock was rock... the graphics were a definite boost for the game and could win over any detail freak. The levels were incredibly detailed and often reminded one of the vastly detailed environments in the Alien Quadrilogy. Two thumbs up for the graphics and detail.

    Sound: The sound was ok. They could have been made better... that goes for the music, especially.

    Quake 4 was fine for a while, up until the level where Matthew Kane becomes a Strogg. That's when everything becomes disgusting.
    Quake 4 has an extremely strong "yuck factor". There is blood for the first few levels, then it turns to gore, then a lot more gore, until eventually, you shut the game off because of the over-excessive use of gore. Certain levels have you trudging your way through mounds of human remains, leaving you feeling nauseated and angry at the game designers. Honestly, whoever designed those levels should see a psychiatrist ASAP! The gore was unnecessary to tell the story. It could have very well been left out. Some people can enjoy a bloody game, but this one I think will have even the most callused gamers wondering: "Was this game really worth my money?" Honestly, go buy Warcraft or something... this game will make you sick....more info
  • An Excellent Video Game for hard core gamers!
    This is one intense video game. And what's best, it runs natively in Linux.

    I'm running it in Ubuntu 8.04 with the older 169 nvidea drivers. Online gaming is pretty good and the solo player is very well done. I was deciding if I should wait for UT3 but figured it will never come. So here we are and it's been a blast :D...more info
  • WHOA! Hold up! This is NOT aDOOM clone!
    Whoa! Some folks are comparing this to DOOM! No way! Firstly, the AI is much improved. You aren't stuck in constant corridors where the AI doesn't have to have a brain. It just has to 'be' right in front of you, and come at you.
    Not so here. I have actually watched the enemy AI step away and hide behind a pole until i passed the pole and shoot me in the back! You gotta keep your eyes on this one.
    Of course, it can be a system hog. I have a P4 3200 + 1 GIG DDR RAM + 256 MB DDR PCI EXPRESS ATI VIDEO + SOUND BLASTER AUDIO. With those specs, i got a REALLY sweet framerate that hardly dropped under 75 fpm. That with a 1024X768 screen setting and *MOST* features cranked. I was glad they alowed key binding to be changeable, and that they included the save anytime feature also. NO FREAKIN' CHECKPOINTS! I see minor comparisons to HALO and DOOM and even F.E.A.R. But, not so much that the game feels derivative. I thought the graphics were sweet at the settings i chose. And, the weapons sound incredible. You can almost smell the gunpowder. This is worth every penny.
    ...more info
  • I'm not impressed
    I'm sure Q4 took a lot of work to make, but I find it a bit boring. And I have a real nice machine.

    Q4 isn't even as fun as Q3 or Q2, in my opinion. It's just mostly running around or driving around shooting at stuff.

    Well, you actually can't even run in Q4. You can only move two way: walk, or walk real slow. The character you play is supposed to be a bad a**, but he can't move faster than a walk?

    And the graphics are only decent. Comparing the top 3 games, here is my order:

    #1 - Half Life 2 (the best physics engine of all time)
    #2 - Doom 3
    #3 - Quake 4

    Q4 isn't a bad game, but I want my money back....more info
  • disappointed.
    i remember the good old days of doom 1 and how fun that was.. and then quake 1 came along and was even more fun! it was great. anyway, i enjoyed the doom 3 demo except for the whole DARKNESS thing... i don't want to deal with that. so i figured maybe quake 4 would be as good as doom 3 but without having to whip out a flashlight every second and shoot at things i can't see. unfortunately, that isn't the case. quake 4 is just a pretty mediocre FPS.. i'd still rather play it than that crappy FPS prey.. but it's not as fun as, say, far cry or max payne. that's about all i can say really, it's just not that good. i didn't really care for the multiplayer either. if you really want a good multiplayer, play half-life 2's. people never talk about it but it's fun. ...more info
  • Careful With This Game
    I bought this since I was a die hard fan of the previous Quake game. Q4 was disappointing. My system exceeded the minimum requirements and still it did not play smoothly, despite tweaking all the video/audio options. Loading times are excrutiating as well. I don't think people should buy games and then have to manipulate their systems to get even the basic requirements out of the game. The developers need to go back to the drawing board on this one. A complete disappointment....more info
  • Quake 4
    For a first person shooter gamer, this is definitely a game you should consider....more info
  • Quake 4 Addiction
    This game rocks! the AI are smart and I mean very smart...Sure sometimes you get like two Strogg in a narrow hallway that are easy to pick off but 95 Percent of the time these AI are dodging, rolling, Jumping, coming through the floors and sometimes even the ceiling and their attacks hurt like heck even if its a minor Strogg Unit; So yea this game is VERY CHALLENGING and Hard and the AI will mess you Up horribly if your not smart.

    The Graphics are amazing clear, crisp and beautiful (espically the blood and models)

    The Story is enthralling and motivating and even scary and it has a few great plot twists along the way.

    I just came from playing this game 2 hours straight...so yea..im addicted.

    BUY FOR GOD'S SAKE BUY THIS GAME!! OR DIE!!!!...more info
  • When it works, it's alright
    First, it didn't install on my desktop (bad media). The replacement installed fine on my laptop but wouldn't run on the 128mb video card because it was part of my motherboard (a 200-series ATI system). I finally got it back on my desktop, but each section starts with a sound problem which I've had no luck troubleshooting. When it's past that problem the graphics and sound are fine, and the game is a solid FPS with an above-average story considering the focus on graphics. Just make sure you keep the recipt and check the graphics requirements....more info
  • If you liked Doom 3 you'll like this too
    Reviewed on a 2.4GHz Pentium with 0.5 Gig RAM and nVidia 6200 video card.

    My overwhelming impression all the way through this game is that is simply a large Doom 3 expansion pack. The graphics have the same quality and the load times between segments are similarly slow. In fact some of the segments seemed to take longer to load than to play.

    The weapons and opponents are largely similar to those you encountered in Quake 2 with a few, quite impressive, additions. There is a good variety of play environments ranging from outdoors and warehouse sized interiors, to claustrophobic mazes. Although Q4 doesn't suceed like Doom3 in making you jump out of your chair every few minutes, it's still pretty tense. Some of the cut scenes, especially the one where you get real ugly real fast, are exceptionally gross. Not for the weak-hearted.

    Probably my biggest gripe is that there aren't a whole lot of hidden goodies. Many times I found myself exploring under stairs or elevated platforms or investigating little nooks only to be disappointed that there was no reward at the end. When developers put so much effort in to building interesting and realistic environments they should give you more bonus stuff for exploring.

    I must say I wasn't a whole lot suprised to find out that this game runs on the same engine that Doom 3 uses. They really are very similar. Overall I would say this game is worth the $50 I paid for it, but it didn't blow me away like Doom 3 or Half Life II....more info
  • Can I have some more?
    While I really enjoyed the single player portion of this game, I felt the ending came a bit too soon. However, unlike other FPS lately (F.E.A.R.), this one I really didn't mind playing a second time. This game has very rich environments, very satisfying weapons, and a fun story.
    I can't give this game a 5 star rating because the multiplayer left me feeling very unsatisfied. So if you have fast machine and no friends, this is the game for you. If you're looking for the next game to host a LAN-party with, pick up something else.
    ...more info
  • Excellent, Excellent
    I personally think that Quake 4 is an excellent addition to the Quake series. The graphics are very good (granted you need a really good PC to run it comfortably). I also find the single player game pretty damn immersive. I think they did a really good job with it. It definitely makes you want to keep playing. All FPS lovers and Quake fans need to pick this up. It's definitely worth playing, and I don't think you'll be disappointed at all!...more info
  • Don't listen to them!
    I really think some should say this game is bad but if your basing this on multiplayer you will be let down. Single player is awsome and that's where it should be. I do not like lag heads saying it's bad because they can't get satisfied with the online play...and Doom 3 has the fear factor but not the excitment and structure as the single player in Quake has. You also feel part of a team instead of Rambo style which I can't stand neither. Graphics are awsome and the guys that say they are not as good as Doom need to get their eyes seriously checked. Don't listen to them becaue they are talking about the bad backgrounds outside of the Strogg base which are bad. But Doom 3 engine was never meant to drawl good graphics that far! That's why everything in Doom 3 looked great and did you notice lack of outdoor levels? Duh? Anyway, I did my homework on this game and I have played HL2, DM 3(not resurection though)and have more experience with FPS's than these clown heads. Listen to me, it's worth the single player story and then some, the multiplayer in bad based on today's standards but I hate MP gaming because it's useless. No structure and just a bunch of spoiled teenagers or adults running and gunning. Stupid no point to it. Now Day of Defeat can be different sometimes. If you get compitent people on there....more info
  • Quake 4
    The game is fun if you are in jail and time is not an issue. To say it takes forever to load does not begin to describe it. A half hour to get it started and then ten to fifteen minutes of play and then all over again and again. My computer exceeds all requirement of the game and still this game really and truly sucks. Not the game but the load time.
    Spend your money else where or take up sowing. Or read a good book. You will finish the book before you finish this game. Hope this helps. Don't say you were not warned!!! ...more info
  • Fun game that people expected too much of.
    The fans were looking to this for years as the great leap forward in FPS games. Quake 3 was a smash hit and set the standard for multiplayer deathmatch for years to come. As the years went on, the engine had run its course and it was time to revisit the Quake franchise.

    For the most part, Quake 4 is good, but not terrific. The single player campaign stands well alongside its FPS peers, but doesn't really assert itself. The story is good, the special sequences are pretty exciting, and the sci-fi setting feels authentic enough. The single player campaign feels refined and polished and is much better than the game which Quake 4 borrows its engine from, Doom 3. Still, it doesn't feel special, probably because gamers have been spoiled by exceptional single player titles such as FEAR, Far Cry, and Half Life 2.

    The multiplayer part seems like the heart of the game, as it has been for much of the Quake franchise. Multiplayer is fast, furious, and is easy to get into. There are enough types of gameplay to keep you interested for awhile, but the modding community hasn't show this game as much as love as Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament 2004, so the built in game types will likely will wear thin after awhile. In addition, Quake 4 multiplayer doesn't seem to have as a large of a following as some other FPS games, so many servers sit vacant. In short, if you have played Quake 3, you have played this.

    This game does what it sets out to do well. It sticks to its roots in multiplayer, perhaps to a fault. It's not a revolutionary game by any means, but is certainly good to have in your collection if you want a game that has both solid single and multiplayer....more info
  • Its supposed to be set in the future, but its 10 years out of date
    I played the original castle wolfenstein (when it first came out :o), Doom1, Doom2 and all the Quake series and have to say that, apart from the graphics, I could be playing Doom1 - its not clever and its not anywhere nearly as good as other games this year.

    Its fantastic at bringing the fastest machine to its knees if you get over-enthusiastic with the settings but all this power is wasted on a dreary, drably coloured Strogg base. Compare this to Halflife 2, COD2 or F.E.A.R. and there is no comparison, the other 3 are much better for graphics.

    In the early days the FPS genre the games were set in small rooms and corridors to help the CPU load stay low. Project IGI broke this mould with scenarios where you could run for 15 minutes in real time without falling off the edge of the map. Why then to the writers of Quake4 think I'm still interested in linear traversal of a series of corridors and rooms. When there is a choice of route you find yourself at a dead end and back-tracking very quickly.

    Gameplay wise, In Doom and Quake the game play consisted of kill everything that moves and press every button while following the single route to the end of the level. I, and most of the games industry have moved on; Quake 4 has not. Indeed I recently replayed Quake 2 and in most respects I prefer it to Quake 4.

    Its not all bad though. The best invention of Quake 4 is the medic and the tech units. If you keep them alive they will reward you with 100% health and 100% armour when you need it. They are much more realistic than the random scattering of health packs and armour of the previous games and something which other games should take on board (I never did believe how Max Payne could cure his gunshot wounds just by taking asprin :o)

    If you like mindless shootemups then this will satisfy, and it has a nostalgia about it that is quite good. I notice other people have raved about it so it definitely has a following but if you are on a budget then I would consider other games a better use of your money....more info
  • Quake 4... a decent FPS
    I enjoyed the game with some minor reservations ...let me explain

    The Pros:

    I've a half decent video card and mother board so the game loaded easily and played smoothly for me; resulting in good audio and great graphics.

    The action takes place in both indoors and outdoors; and in some of the outdoor scenes you have the added fun of controlling [and from the first person perspective] 1.) a hover tank, 2.) a walker robot, and 3.) a machine gun on a monorail tram. I've always enjoyed this type of scenario in FPS and these 3 segments are really well done.

    Some challenging Bosses that'll give you a run for your money.

    Save the game where ever you like with the F5 quick save feature.


    The game play is somewhat repetitious at times, especially with the indoor settings; and also with the main opponent, that being the basic Strogg soldier, who becomes fairly easy prey after you get a few good weapons.

    High gore level (which you can adjust in "options"); but I'm not sure that any graphics need to be this intense.

    The Ending: for all the difficulty of some of the Bosses throughout (and especially just prior to the end), the finale itself is surprisingly simple. (once you know the way to do it)

    All in all a good game; anyone that's liked previous Quakes, Doom, Half-Like, Far Cry etc. will enjoy this FPS. ...more info
  • Solid entertainment and boredom cure
    I'm a Quake player since version 1 on Pentium 1. Its a solid game, love it and it doesn't take much extra gear to add to your preexisting PC system. I've only had to add a gfx card which is probably included to new systems anyway. I'm a bit disappointed that the programmers moved away from floating pentagrams (which is how you'd get ammo or health in the old version.. buy running through them) but I guess the seperation of church and state was multilateral. And my voice was getting sore from chanting. This is futurist military combat only; They did a great job for the theme. I don't know much about online gaming performance though,...more info
  • Great FPS game
    This game is on pare with F.E.A.R. . It gets very hard, even on easy. One person against the game is fun....more info
  • Very well developed and intelligent storyline!! Worth $50
    This game is an excellent opportunity for those who thought Battlefield, and Medal of Honor series are great. Don't forget, it was Soldier of Fortune that gave us excessive GORE! Not to mention its NOT FUN to play a game where you shoot an enemy and he simply lays on the ground smiling, with no wounds at all!! I'm pointing this out since this in the only game so far developed by RAVEN Soft. The same geniuses that created SOF. Only play this game and you will find out that out of all the FPS games out there, this is one of 2 games that still retains the compatible amount of gore. Its well made with few bugs (i don't know the online version) and is still intense. SOLDIER of FORTUNE was the game that got me into FPS. However I'm still debating whether to purchase other FPS titles, for they are becoming more story driven than anything else. IN my OPINION IF YOU WANT A GOOD STORY, GO SEE A DAMN MOVIE. AND REMEMBER, GAMING WAS MADE FOR ACTION NOT THE WIMPY STORY LINES. Don't blame me, I love a storyline but am not obsessed with it. I really miss the classic SOF games with their brutality and violence. Those Days Will NEVER BE THE SAME!! (for all you people that can't take it as SCI-FI fantasy, and cause high school shootouts).

    [...]...more info
  • If you like all the others, this is great
    I can't help it. I like where you go in blasting the heck out of monsters without too much thinking and some neat puzzles to solve along the way. This is great. If you enjoy Doom, Half-life4, Etc, this is another great goof off....more info