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Age Of Empires: The Age Of Kings is a portable version of one of the best-selling RTS games ever! You'll command five different civilizations, as you move from the Dark Ages through the Middle Ages, with one goal in mind: Domination of the known world. New combat advisor gives you advice on campaign strategies Gain empire points to unlock maps & units and improve emperor rank Multiplayer scenarios allowing up to 4 players to battle each other wirelessly

  • Command one of five different civilizations - The Britons, Franks, Mongols, Saracens, and Japanese
  • Take control of special hero units, with historical legends like Lionheart, Robin Hood, Joan of Arc, Genghis Khan, and Saladin
  • Over 65 different units to command, from bowmen and monks to hand cannoneers, mercenaries and samurai
  • Construct & upgrade buildings like town centers, mines, universities and Wonders to help units learn new skills
  • Research over 50 different technologies -- chemistry, ballistics, siege craft and spying

Customer Reviews:

    The cover of this game looked good, but it is really bad. It won't let you go where you want it to go. Also, I don't know what to do. Finally, it doesn't have anything for you to do....more info
  • A quality game that has a little pizzaz
    Advance Wars has always dominated in turn based strategy and in my opinion still does and then there was fire emblem which advanced intelligent systems turn based empire even bigger but then came age of empires. Age of empires is not too far away from advance wars but it gives a average presentation. The first level has you wanting more but then again you get to pick which level to go on.

    You see there are five heroes to choose from and you can take any road you want from Joan of Arc to Saladin, they all are interesting in fact they feel amazing and oddly enough they don't get repetitive seeing as to how you play with them through five missions each. Although you can go back to the levels after you've finished them.

    The landscapes are pretty with pretty high quality when you fight on them in the actual battles yet its not the lands they mess up on but the lack of weather. Rain nor Snow is in the game which makesthe landscape put down to a bare minimum but it isn't all too thin.

    The fighting is above average with clanking of the swords and other attacks that have there own sounds to them. Though the biggest problem in the game can be with there sound, no not the sword fights but the music. After fighting a battle you can hear one of two sounds. If you win a fight you hear a type of victory sound but if you lf you lose one you hear a type of defeat sound. Yet there is no draw sound when you have two samurai's clahing with 5 health left each. Even though that almost is never the case the sounds get repetitive after fishing about one hero's campaign. What's even more troubling is that the hero's never say anything which is the only downside to them.

    The fighting is one thing that never wears down. You have a vast array of units and unlike advance wars you buy even more units. There is a rock paper scissors kind of feel like fire emblem. A few times if your opponent is weak enough you may be able to defeat a strong type of unit with a weak one but that usually is not the case. The thing about the game that made it most interesting is that you start at one age and can end up on another one. Your men also advance themselves you can start with militia all the way to two handed swordsman this can be fun to watch.

    The multiplayer is ok but it feels tired as the you've all done it before in campaign. The only difference is you can fight heroes against heroes but even then it doesn't feel epic seeing as to certain heroes have advatages against one another. For instance when using saladin against Richard the lionhearted you can easily defeat him as your men by your side posses pike which take down horses well so it is best to fight with people who don't have an advantage over one another but when with 4 people someone will have the advantage.

    Replay value is pretty bare seeing as to how after you've finshed the campaigns you will have most of the stuff and while plenty of unlockables you really feel for more heroes. The game is ambitious but no matter how hard it tries it doesn't out do advance wars but mark it that it is way deeper and it makes the game fun by adding a little history lesson in. The game even with it's flaws deos not get old quickly in fact I'm not even a fan of turn based yet I'm not bored with it. A beautiful game that has flaws but really shines.
    ...more info
  • I Love it
    Its the game for the stratergy game lovers. I do my gym workout (cardio activities) while playing this game. I get distracted by this game and this help me to do 2 hours of workout with out any mental stain...more info
  • Age of Empires Review
    I cant even begin to tell how bad this game was. This game was not self explanatory and is nothing like the computer game. Nintendo totally ruined it!...more info
  • Addicting by glitches are frustrating
    I've played the game a lot and hit several places where the system just froze up. I finally hit the black screen and cannot start the game any more. I just get a blank screen. This happens every time on both of the Nintendo DS's I have. After reading other reviews I realize I have a three character name and use "save and quit" a lot....more info
  • Game Froze On First Day - Still Can't Play
    My son received this game for christmas and was only able to get about one hour's worth of play before it froze up. Now when he tries to run the game he only gets a black screen. The manufacturers have to realize that there are major problems with this game and should not be offering it for sale....more info
  • Game presents black screen after saving
    I'm echoing an earlier review, there is some problem w/ this game upon saving it. We are on our 2nd game which has now gone black after saving it and there's NO REVIVING it we can find - just a black screen so gotta do a 3rd now. Be warned, there is SOME LOW LEVEL PROBLEM w/ this game and the DS or it's a manufacturing defect that's more than just an isolated incident - be aware. My son says he's tired of the black screens and is going to return the game for credit and hopefully get something which works longer than the first couple of saves... ...more info
  • It was fun.....until it died...**SIX** different games
    So, I bought the game and played it for about 4 days and had a blast with it on a long car trip. Brought it home and the next day, it wouldn't restart. Just a black screen. So I took the game back. Since the retailer will replace the game, not refund it, I got GAME #2. GAME #2 played once, then wouldn't restart. Return--replace. GAME #3 played for about 10 minutes, restarted 3 times, then died. Return--replace. GAME #4 played 1 time, then wouldn't restart. By now, I have a clue, I did GAME #4 in the store. Replace. GAME #5 played for 5 minutes, then restarted 5 times. I went to the car, restarted it and black screen of death AGAIN. GAME #6 played once, wouldn't restart. The store had no more games, so the manager agreed to refund my money.

    Obviously, there is a problem....more info
  • Froze up right away!
    I am the only girl I know who likes this game (other than my sister), and have played the computer game many times at friend's houses, and so my aunt gave it to me for my birthday, when I finally got around to playing it, it was an awesome game. I loved the easy to use controls and simple tutorial, but after only 2 days of playing, it froze up! When I clicked the game on my DS's menu, the entire screen would go black. I totally agree with whoever said that it wasn't ready to be released yet. I am definitely buying the computer game next time around. ...more info
  • Fun
    Fun turn based strategy game. I play it often. The optional objectives add a nice replay value. Feels like Age of Empires....more info
  • One of my favorite DS games
    When I was going to buy this game I had second thoughts about the game. Now I know I made a good choice. My friend and I always play hot seat game. I really like the variety of units you can play as. I also like it when you fight enemy units. This is without doubt one of my favorite DS games....more info
  • Get This If You Like Strategy Turn Based Games
    I have not been dissapointed by this game. It has great replay value as well as lots of units and buildings. I would say this game is a cross between Zoo Tycoon and Advance Wars. I have really enjoyed this game. I believe it is definitely worth the thirty bucks I paid to get it. I have only had it lock up once or twice but it really does not effect me(I save at the end of each turn). I think the ingame library and store are also great assets to this game. I have always loved srtategy and though I was a little against the turn based system at first it has really grown on me. I have two other DS games at the moment: Super Mario 64 and Metroid Prime Hunters, and if Age of Empires: Age of Kings had WiFi I would say it was a better game then Metroid Prime Hunters. I advise this game to all strategy freaks cause you're sure gonna like it. ...more info
  • Great portable version of one of the best games ever
    At first I didnt know what to expect but as soon as opened the box and played the tutorial things started to make sense.

    It took me a few times to fully understand the pace and features of the game but once you get it you can get hooked and not stop for hours. The game may seem harder at the beggining but as you evolve in the knowledge of different civilizations and their paces the game comes together ver nicely.

    Don get frustrated, try different strategies, be agrressive, explore, be conservative. There are misions and campaigns that will demand different a different strategy every time.

    A must have for strategy enthuasiats. ...more info
  • Updated Lockup Problem Workaround
    From the Majesco support forums:

    The save/quit issue seems to be caused by having an empire name of 2 or 3 letters in length.

    To Avoid the loss of data and the Black screen issue our current suggestion is to edit your user profile.

    Make sure the profile is more than 3 characters long (That's 4 or more letters or symbols)

    This work around should prevent any data loss while playing age of kings....more info
  • amazazazazazazing
    great game!!!!!! i got it a few days ago and i've been playing it non-stop. Gameplay is great, i dont care what u people say. It hasn't frozen up yet and i don't think its gonna. I have it for PC, it's a lot different. The game is a lot like Advance Wars DS. It's pretty much the same game except different levels and different units. ...more info
  • great DS game...
    this is one of the best handheld turnbased strategy games you'll ever find, up there with the best like fire emblem. i was surprised to see some claims of lockups because i've played dozens of hours with no problems at all, maybe it was some bad carts. with the diversity of units, fun and challenging battles, and historical library info you can't go wrong with this game. ...more info
  • Great Gameplay, but random lockups spoil the fun
    I've been playing Age of Empires for a couple of weeks and have been largely impressed. The tutorial mode is good and the user interface is solid. Since people have covered the positives in glowing detail, I'll delve into the negatives a bit.

    GIven the small real estate available, the interface is good. It would be nice to be able to zoom in a bit in order to get better control over your units. It would also be nice to be able to rotate the map.

    My biggest gripe is the beta release quality. The game has locked up at least 10 times during play and about 3 times using the save and quit feature. Majesco's response to the latter problem is to save only, then power off. No solutions yet to the random lockup issue.

    I'm pretty disappointed in the quality of this game. We can't exactly go out and patch the cart, now can we?

    It appears that Majesco is going to have to do the right thing and replace the bad cards with more stable code....more info
  • And the oscar goe's to Age of Empires...

  • A very glitchy experience
    I bought this game after reading all of the extremely positive reviews comparing AOE to Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

    After playing one match (and losing since I didn't read the instructions), I paused and pressed the quit option. My game immediately froze and made a humming sound. After turning it off, the game would NOT restart.

    After taking the game back the same night and getting a replacement, I played a 2 hour long battle. But again, when I went to save my progress (and progress points!), the REPLACEMENT game froze and made a humming sound, and also refused to turn on again.

    The game had some good qualities and ideas, and an amazing Library feature, all while converting a RTS to a turn based game like Advance Wars. And I know not every person will get a glitchy game or have any negative experiences with theirs. But based on my experience, I cannot give this game any higher than 1 star. ...more info
  • Truely An Epic Game!
    I finally managed to obtain a copy of Age of Empires: Age of Kings for the Nintendo DS. Odd, the game has been out for a few weeks now, but it's so popular, that it's becoming hard to find! Having never played any of the Age of Emipers games for the PC (tho I am learning the fine nuances of Civilzations IV) but loving turn-based strategy, I decided to buy it.
    It has a long learning curve if you've never played Age of Empires before (and I haven't) but the game has a great built-in tutorial that teaches you everything you need to know.

    I am almost done with the tutorial, and I must say, I am loving this game! Everyone[IGN, GameSpot] mentioned about the issues with the screen cluttering up when you have units, buildings and enemy units on the same screen, but I never found that much of a problem, I simply used the D-pad when that happened.

    The touch-screen works great, but there are certain points when you will want to use the slower D-pad (on a bouncing bus, for example!) I love the parts in-between the "chapters" and the library which give me lots of information on the real civilizations as I play them, and about the characters (like Joan of Arc) whom I never really knew their story! It's a lot like the info given during a History Channel documentary, and it really enriches the gameplay for me.

    Chapters have goals to play, but the fun part are the bonus don't have to do them to beat a chapter, but if you do, you get "empire points" which allow you to unlock new units and maps for multiplayer. I found the game a lot more fun when I tried to complete all the bonus and main chapter's harder then you think!

    My only gripe is the lack of personality during the battle scenes when you attack (or get attacked) units are animated but look the same, and do the same things everytime! Also, I don't like the fact that while their is a mini-map, their is no option to leave it on during gameplay; basically, all you get to do, is look at it, then put it away until you need it again!

    And there is Fog of War, which I some people hate, but I think makes it more of a challenge then if the whole map was revealed...
    it works just like it does in all other strategy games..can't see unexplored territory, and when you leave an area that has been explored, you can still see the terrain, but not any units!

    I enjoyed the resource gathering element, but it's very bare..see gold, build a refreshes each game "day" ditto to farms and servants have to go back and forth (like warcraft 2 and 3)
    Also, I, like many others, found the game does suffer slowdown when a battle begins, and it even froze up on me! Be sure to save often, just in case. Great Game! If you liked Advance Wars, give this one a shot!
    Now, it's on the Age of Empires II and the expansion for me. Hope it's as good as this one for the DS!...more info
  • great game, but......
    Age of Empires is a terrific game, challenging and rewarding at the same time. But.... my copy had so many glitches that it finally refused to load a saved game!! Now I have to buy a new copy and start over. ...more info
  • Great DS title
    An exceptionally fun and challanging game. It is fully worth the 30 dollars. Extremely good graphics and soundtrack. Probly one of my fav. games ever. And for the record, Robin Hood is not on the game, even though it says he is in product description. BUY THIS GAME!!!!! It is a great multipplayer game too. ...more info
  • Age of empires is great
    who would have thought that they put this game on for ds?!? it is a really fun game for me and i cant stop playing it. there were a few glitches in this game but dont let it stop you buying it. one thing my game froze up like twice so far so i just save it every now and then. and also the characters became fuzzy onece but that isn't a problem. my advise is get this game....more info
  • Possibly the best Nintendo DS game
    Turning Age of Empires 2 into a turned-based game doesn't seem like a good idea at first, however it works out surprisingly well.

    If you loved Advance Wars Duel Strike.. Then this is going to be one of your new fav. games of all time - I would say this is the best Nintendo DS game - It's addictive, smart, interesting.. & manages to be incredibly fun too

    a must-own....more info
  • The Nintendo DS Game Of 2006
    I have logged 30 hours with this game. I do not think I will ever play Advance Wars DS again. An amazing array of units, buildings and research options all come together seamlessly. An experienced strategy gamer cannot play this game without falling in love with its meticulous attention to detail.

    The missions provided with the game are very challenging. For example, the Joan of Arc tutorial provides a map where you lift the seige of Orleans by destroying 3 castles. I quickly used ranged units to destroy an English castle near the city. The english respond by sending in another eight mounted Knights! Since I only had weak ranged units they were quickly defeated. I had to restart the mission and capture nearby mills before I attacked the castles. The mills allowed me to create stronger units to fight off the surprises waiting for me later.

    The ingame library provides a history of all the characters, kingdoms and units in the game.

    A three phase custom game setup, provides the player with a multi-part toolset to give hours of entertainment. You get 25 victory points for every AI opponent you beat. So, if you decide to take on 3 AI opponents at once, you'll get 75 points if you win. The AI does have programming weaknesses. Keep in mind that you are playing on a battery operated computer. The processing power required for a better AI is simply not available.

    The points can be redeemed to unlock more maps and special characters.

    1) Library of medieval history was fun to read.
    2) Exciting soundtrack
    3) Rich graphics
    4) No need to use stylus!
    5) Large selection of maps
    6) Highly Replayable!
    7) Indepth tutorial mode, no need to open manual
    8) The game is an exceptional value at $30.

    1) The game did lock up once.
    2) No custom map building....more info
  • Had lockups
    I enjoyed this game almost as much as the pc version, even though the graphics were not as good, because it was portable.
    I purchased my copy used. An earlier reviewer mentioned that there were known problems with a three letter character name, I had used a three letter name.
    It locked up a few times forcing me to restart it. Finally one day it locked up and wouldn't restart at all. I tried several times over the next month and finally gave up. Fortunately I had finished the campaign.
    I have thought about buying another copy, thinking that maybe it was just the copy I had, but now I think I'll not buy another copy, just wait for the next version....more info
  • Best Strategy Game on DS (until Civ:Rev)
    When AoE came out for the DS, it was the best strategy game on the system, bar none. It's been eclipsed by Civ:Rev, but it's still a strong 2nd on the DS. If it weren't for the small screen and difficulty in recognizing units, this game would score almost perfect. Can't wait for sequel that they're working on. Hope the sequel has Wifi support also, and user created maps....more info
  • aoe
    aoe franchise is awsome. the ds version is different than the computer kind but still good to play....more info
  • Not bad, but not the same as the PC version
    Being a massive, huge fan of the PC version I was a little disappointed with the Nintendo DS version. Possibly I was expecting too much from a hand held game, but the game play doesn't really bare much resemblance to the PC game. Having said that, the graphics are good and the game play is enjoyable, just don't expect too much....more info
  • Gets boring after awhile
    In comparison to a game like Fire Emblem which is fun to the last mission and makes you want to start the whole thing over when you are done, this game gets a little boring about half way through. It is a fun game, but after awhile it gets a little repetitive....more info
  • Perfect turn-based strategy game for DS
    This game was well-done, and a great value for the price. If you like strategy games, esp. turn-based, this is as good any decent PC t-b strat game for the PC from the 90's. I actually never played AoE for PC, but think I will go ahead and pick up a bargain bin one and give it a whirl. This game actually reminded me a little bit of early HOMM titles (DS versions, please!), but with more freedom to move around.

    The story line and scenarios were very good, as were the factions. After the nice length campaign there were plenty of additional maps to play, and the game tweaks available made it work at the level you want to rather than feeling like you're fighting it. Very enjoyable game, and due to the price a 5/5 (vs. a 4.5/5 if it had been $25 or more)....more info
  • Excellent oportunity to know about world culture
    This is an excellent game that teach us about culture, strategy and entertainment.
    Best value for money!!!...more info
  • Not 2 Shabby...
    Well, I have been an Age of Empire player for years now. But since my kids have autism, I had to down grade to a portable system, and the DS has AOE. I have enjoyed the game definately! There have been some glitches! Well I have learned to save, especially while fighting against 3 AI. I tend to think it is the memory capabilities of the DS, or should I say uncapabilities? if you like these types of games, remember to save, save, save some more, and did I mention DO NOT FORGET TO SAVE AFTER EVERY BATTLE? For all of you who do not understand "after every battle", I mean after your turn is over....there was also an error message about taking out my game card and reinserting it. So, go ahead and do it. If you are patient and can save, it is not that big of a deal....more info
  • Great game, but has bugs
    This is a very fun to play game with lots of replay value. There is a few bugs in the game that they should have caught in game testing, but I guess the game was rushed through production. I like this game nearly as much as my favorite DS game Advance Wars. It's too bad the game doesn't keep a record of high scores. The games AI is pretty predictable, but still fun to beat over and over. I can only hope they make a second follow up game and fix the bugs. Still I highly recommend this game. ...more info
  • A Great Way to Start my DS addiction
    This is one of 3 games I received with my DS for Christmas, and I was hooked right out of the gate. I am a veteran of PC-based RTS games, including the original Age of Empires all the way up to AoE3, as well as other publishers like Warcraft, Starcraft, C&C, etc. The one thing I really liked about this version is the change to turn-based rather than real-time. Usually in the real-time versions everything is a race, but here you have the opportunity to plan out some things and play the game a little slower-paced, which is good since I usually play my DS when my kids are around/awake and often have to sit the game down to attend to them.

    There are several small things about the game that I didn't catch offhand, that started to be a frustration, like why their archers can hit my archers, but mine can't hit theirs.... (turns out terrain plays a factor in weapon range) but once I figured it out it really opened up the game for me. Just since Christmas I've probably played 40+ hours so far.

    The game even has little historical facts (accessible from the main game menu) that tells you about various battles throughout history, how some ancient weapons of war were used, etc. The ability to save your game whenever you like (during your turn) is also a nice feature.

    I recommend this title to anyone who likes RTS (Real Time Strategy) games, as well as the Civilization/Sim City genre....more info
  • Great Game for Business Trips or Family Gatherings
    This was the first game I bought for my Nintendo DS Lite. The graphics are pretty good. They don't compare to the PC version, but overall game play is very enjoyable. I've almost finished the game, after probably 50 hours of play. ...more info
  • meh
    i didnt think this was very much fun from the start. there was no tutorial and the in game menus are sometimes a mystery. This game is slow even for a turn-based game. controls are spotty and counterintuitive, it just wasnt very engaging for me. dont base this game on past AOE games as it is a whole different ball-game. Battle scenes are pretty neat if not a bit confusing. try this game before you buy it! im glad i only paid what i did for it....more info
  • Great Game but Buggy
    I will keep this short as many of the other reviewers have said most of what I feel regarding the game's high level of entertainment. I want to make sure people are aware of the bugginess of this game, however; I already had one mission that did not complete due to goals not being checked as met. I have also had it happen that after a monk picked up a relic, along his way back to town, somehow the relic was lost on the map....more info
  • A Bit Dissapointing
    I have to admitt one of my guilty pleasures has always been playing Age of Empires. I am still a fan of the original (it is less complex, and allows for a quick short game). I was hoping this version would be similar, however, the entire game has been changed, it is difficult to interact with and frankly I found it quite boring....more info
  • The best $14.99 you can spend on a DS game.
    I'll keep this very brief: If you like strategy games, you will absolutely love this portable version of what I understand is a PC classic. Yes, you should also own Advance Wars DS, but this is frankly a much better value at less than half the price. Plus, there are cool (also brief) history lessons told through well illustrated cut scenes. Anyway, tons of gameplay and enjoyment that'll make long car or train rides fly by. If you like strategy games, that is....more info
    I bought the game to go with my DS.Its a great game.The fact that the main games inculde the Mongol Invasion,the Hundred Years War,the Second Crusadse,the Third Crusade and the Conquest of the Minamotos of Japan is great. The main thing is the stratagy....more info
  • A sons second review
    Don't listen to these other reviews griping about lockups. They don't happen all that often, and to be safe, you can save before ending day so you don't lose everything. The only problem with this game is that once you end day, you have to wait for everyone else to do whatever they want to do, and late in the game this could take a while. In all, this is a great game for the DS, and I highly reccomend it!...more info
  • great idea, poor followthrough
    When I first heard that Age of Empires was coming out for Nintendo DS I was quite excited as I had played AOE 1 and 2 frequently on the computer. I bought the game and at once was pretty dissapointed.

    If you compare it to AOE for computer, its boring because its a turn based game. However if you like games like chess, checkers, and such games only computerized this game is for you. The graphics are actually quite good and this game really puts the strategy in "strategy game".

    One thing I disliked was some of the missions were nearly impossible to win. Because you couldn't raise your own troops like you can in AOE on computer, you are given a certain amount and you have to deal with the amount you are given (unless not in story mode). If you battle someone online or head to head its probably a lot more fun as its more similar to AOE for computer....more info
  • What happend?
    I was playing the game then it froze so I turned my DS off and then I couldn't play it again. There is nothing wrong with my DS, it's just the game....more info
  • Good Game.
    This game was everything that I had hoped for. I was worried about the "save game" problems that other reviewers had complained about. But the game includes instruction on how to get around that particular problem....more info
  • nice game
    just recieved this morning in the mail.This is my first ds game.However if your expecting it to be like the pc version this game is not like it other than the graffics which could have been improved but, oh well.This is a great game that anyone who likes rts should at least rent it....more info
  • Great Game: But take notice
    Like most of the other reviewers I rated this game one of the best if you like strategy and building an empire. It is not for the fast paced crowd. You have to build cities, explore the map, fight other armies. Not much new if you have played Role Playing Games before but they don't come much better than this game even on the DS. One word of warning, you must not have a 3 character name on your DS. The first two DS Age of Empire games I bought both locked up about 1/3 of the way into the game and would not start up again. Seems there is a bug in the save program when you have only three letters in your DS name. Before I started on game cartridge 3, I changed my name to 5 letters and never had a problem since. Another hint, if the game seems to lock up during the game, click on some of the buildings with your stylus and it should start back up. Seems the graphics might be expecting a click....more info
  • Do not buy this game!! It locks up and becomes useless!!!
    Not much else to say. My son liked it...for the three weeks it worked. Locked up and has become unusable. If you search the internet you will find this to be a common complaint. The company will do nothing to help you. I'd probably, given their responses re: these issues, stay away from their other games as well. Bottom line...the product does not work....more info
  • Successful Portable Strategy
    I was both pleased and intrigued to hear that Age of Empires could be played on the Nintendo DS. The turn based combat works well, the graphics are pleasing, though simple. Age of Empires in turn-based form ends up feeling somewhat like those early days playing Sid Meier's Civilization. It begs the question, why isn't Civilization on the DS? Age of Empires succeeds in bringing the RTS elements of resource management and expansion into a turn based game. I have heard good things about the multiplayer, but alas, I have not had the opportunity to try it out. If you are a strategy buff, this game is worth a look....more info
  • pretty good game
    I have found that age of empires ds is not quite as bad as people make it out to be. I have logged 17 hours with this game and although it has frozen twice(both non-lethal to game) that creating a username four characters or longer does indeed help. All that aside it is a really great game with plenty of units and excellent battle animations (though a little repetitive). This game recieves 4 stars because of glitches, but it is an overall good game. Although I wouldn't put this as number 1 on your must have list. It makes a good 2nd or 3rd!...more info
    This game is absolutely awesome...... until it starts to freeze up on you and eventually crashes, unable to be played again.

    This is what happened to me. Apparently, I wasn't supposed to "Save and Quit." Otherwise I'd still be playing it hours on end. Had the developers let me know this little tidbit (besides the attached instruction for user profile being more than 3 characters long), I'd have no complaints for the game. No wonder Gamestop had a huge sale on every copy!

    If you decide to purchase this game, remember: DO NOT "SAVE & QUIT" during gameplay. Simply "SAVE" your game and turn the DS off.

    Good luck to all you who have purchased this game and pray that your money doesn't go wasted... I myself purchased two copies of the game with the same problem......more info
  • Great Game
    I was hesitant to buy this game, because I really couldn't see the great AOE2 experience on the PC being reproduced on something like the DS. Well, they didn't reproduce the experience, but in creating a similar experience they did one heck of a job. While the simplified economy, military, etc. can be a let down at first, the game still retains a lot of strategy, and is very addictive! More civs and maps would have been nice, but I can understand that there would be restrictions on a portable. The only major issue that I have with the game are the lock-ups. I get one about once every five games. Other than that though (which requires that I save more often), the game is great!...more info
  • Few crashing problems here...
    I'm not sure if I got the only fully working copy of this game or not, but I have extensively played this game (100+ hours) and have only rarely had a lock-up - and these can be avoided if you save every few rounds when playing a large multi-player game. I've got no idea why some people are having such serious problems with the title.

    As for the game itself, it is a great adaptation of the PC game, you don't have all of the features or whistles of the computer game, but what is here is wonderfully scaled to the DS platform. I never liked this game much on the PC, but the scale and interface work great with this iteration. The gameplay seems simple, but you really have to master the use of terrain and unit type to complete the harder campaigns.

    Well worth the price for anyone who likes wargames/strategy....more info
  • Majesco Should Be Tarred and Feathered
    An incredible game ruined by an incredible glitch. I thought the first one I bought was just a random dud, but the second one was just as bad. All the rumors about this game are true, and if you call the 1-800 number inside the instruction booklet for technical support, no one will answer. The phone just rings and rings. This was my favorite DS game of all time, until the earth caved in and sucked my cartridge into a black hole. Is anyone at Majesco paying attention to these complaints? I'm thirty bucks in the hole because some programmer fell asleep at the wheel. Is there a Majesco technician that can tell me how to get past the black screen on my game to fix my short login name? How about some practical help here, guys? Can you throw us a bone? At least let us know you're listening? Anything? Hello?...more info
  • A game for Risk lovers!
    If you like to play risk, you'll love to play this game. This is the perfect game to bring on a plane for a long trip....more info
  • Problems with this game but It was solved by Majestic

    The game was ok, and suddenly stop to work and It was not working any longer.


    I sent this game to Majestic and they sent me back a new one that works. They explained to me that the DS should have a name with more than 4 letters in order that this games works.

    Now it is OK....more info
  • Crappy Programming
    Apart from the fact, that it doesn't match the PC games capabilities, it obviously went into production without proper testing. I have never owned a game before, that crashed so often. I have grown so paranoid about it, that I save virtually every second or third round. Nothing to add. ...more info
  • When they work out the bugs ...
    First of all, I'm about to send back to Amazon my second copy of this game.

    When you first get it going in the DS, it's amazing! Graphics, turn-based system, and really fun. But after you complete a mission you normally want to save your game correct??

    WRONG!! If you select "Save & Quit" from the options menu it actually shuts the game down, only to never work again! Out of two games I have massed about an hour of game play!

    You try to turn it back on and it actually shuts down after the initial load screen. This was curious to me, especially after my second copy did the exact same thing that the first did. I went investigating. According to one of the professional gaming magazines, this is a very COMMON problem with the game. If you select "Save & Quit" it actually damages the game disc, not allowing you to play the game any longer. Unfortunately without the game developers including this little tidbit, you can ruin multiple copies of this game:

    ***WARNING*** - There is a known fatal error in this game. There can be times where the game will freeze after selecting Save & Quit. DO NOT SHUT OFF THE DS. Doing so will result in fatal corruption of the card and failure to boot. Plug it in, leave it on, and do all you can (mash buttons, leave for hours) to get it to unfreeze. Advice from the developers is to MAKE SURE YOUR PROFILE NAME IS 4 OR MORE CHARACTERS LONG. It appears short names cause this problem. Most players also avoid the Save & Quit option entirely, just to be safe: Instead simply choose "Save", then once saved, turn the DS off.

    Good luck to those who buy!!! You may want to keep the above warning taped to your case!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Not Bad, it's no AOE 2 tho
    As an avid AOE fan i've played and beat all the full size games so I jumped at the chance to play this. What I found was an advance war clone (which was decent on GBA)... I understand the direction they went with the game, I know it's on a smaller platform and genuinely a decent game (3 outta 5).. But it's no AOE 2.
    After you play the campaign you are left with custom map feature. There is no Internet play. There is no building a massive fort to defend (no walls allowed, or even any offense from your buildings!), and like advance war, if you get stuck in single file to attack you are in trouble. I trapped an enemy on their side of the bridge (Turtle-Hard) and it took me 10 hours to defeat them because you can't out-resource them (mines and food never dry up) and moving everyone across a bridge is an act in frustration.
    What they should have done is what Star Fox command did. Yes plot out the strategy on the mini map, then when it is your turn, you close in for full control over the fight.. not just roll the dice and watch.

    If you like Advance War with a medieval twist, this game will deliver.

    If in AOE you prefer the real time battles over the strategy, or to out resource the enemy.. this game fails. (U can press A to skip battles because you have no control over them). And mines and grain you just build once and never touch them again.

    The stylus gets confused on which enemy's to hit, resulting in my pressing the button instead of double tappin the screen to attack. And I had it lock up once on me.. I was amazed at that, good thing I just saved it.

    I give it a 3.... outta 5

    ...more info
  • Great Great Great
    This is just so much fun as the PC version, I wish there were other titles from this series por Nintendo DS--
    The game recently frozed making true the rumors about the game and making more real the possibility of loosing it entirely. I just keep being carefull when saving just in case......more info
  • Really Good Strategy Game
    If you like strategy games, then this is for you. I'm a huge fan of Advanced Wars and Civilization, and this title neatly slots somewhere in between. It is turn based, and as you progressed through the levels, it grows more complex and demands more attention to strategy. I'm still plowing through after 3 months of purchase, and it is a game that I return frequently. I would happily recommend it....more info
  • Fun but limited
    Age of Empires for Nintendo DS is fun but limited. The characters all have to be moved one at a time which gets annoying, and the battle sequences even with the animations turned off took way too long. Good over all....more info
  • Great Strategy Game for Nintendo DS
    Warning: The game is addictive.

    It is a very good game for a portable console. It might seem complicated when you just start playing, but as you play along it becomes easy to understand how to control an entire empire. Like any other strategy game as your empire progresses also your options grow and you have the power to construct bigger and more powerful armies and buildings.

    I like playing this game during flights as it passes time really fast and before you know it you arrive at your destination (and you can also eat your flight peanuts while playing your game, great fun!).

    Review from a 30 year old.

    With "Age of Empires: The Age of Kings" the world is mine...

    ...more info
  • Great Game - when it works
    First I will say the gameplay is very addicting, but having to complete missions many times in order to move on because of the save game issue is very frustrating. I have given up on my second cart after experiencing the problems and reading all the reviews on here. I had the exact same issues everyone else did. This in my mind is a recall situation where the game is unplayable to some degree after a very short time playing it, you can't go any further in the game and cannot save any of your missions. Shame on the vendor for not recalling this great game....more info
  • Fantastically Fun - Just Check your Profile Name First
    Age of Empires - Age of Kings for the Nintendo DS is not just a straight port of the fun real time strategy game. Instead, it's a turn based version based on the same missions.

    Let me first say that several people have had issues of this gaming locking up on their DS. I haven't had this problem at all with mine. The creators of Age of Empires - Age of Kings say that this is a known problem if your profile name (i.e your DS name) is only 3 or less characters long. If you are running into crashing problems and you are sure your profile name is MORE than four characters long, please let me know so I can research further.

    OK, on to gamplay. I really wish they could have done a straight port of the great real time strategy game to the DS, but I understand that this little unit just couldn't handle the graphics and speed necessary. They did a nice job of downgrading the game just enough to work on the DS while keeping a lot of what made it so fun.

    The library has all sorts of great background information on the different cultures you meet, and you start out with a wonderfully done tutorial featuring Joan of Arc. You can learn about each stage of the game, or easily listen to some while skipping the others. They do a good job of ramping up the challenges slowly so that it's not a cake-walk at any stage, but you can achieve the objectives given.

    You have standard unit and terrain issues to keep track of - horse units don't do well while mired in a swamp, and archers do best if they're up on high ground, shooting down at their helpless enemies.

    The graphics are reasonably well done. The cut scenes and animations look really nice, but I found the actual in-game map to be a bit cluttered. Sometimes it was really challenging to pick out which specific unit I wanted to work with, and get it into the spot I needed. It would have been nice if there were more zoom / rotate / detail graphic options so that you could, for example, turn off the detailed graphics and just have letter representations of troops when you ran into that situation.

    The sounds were reasonably well done, with music that tried to represent whatever culture and era you were working with.

    Well recommended!...more info