Carpet Fresh No Vacuum Foam Carpet Refresher, Apple Cinnamon 10.5 oz (297 g)

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Product Description

10.5 OZ, Carpet Fresh No Vacuum Foam, Removes Odors From Carpet Without Vacuuming, Just Spray On, Foam Dries In Minutes & Disappears Taking Dirty Odors With It, Apple Cinnamon Scent.

  • Wd-40 #280075 10.5OZ Carp Apple Foam
Customer Reviews:
  • Outstanding!
    This product is the bomb! I love, love, love it! It gives your whole house a clean, fresh scent that lasts a good while. I also spray it on my sofas and ottoman (cloth) to freshen them up along with the rugs! This spray is excellent for getting rid of SMOKE -- I mentioned this because when I bought my sofas second hand, they previously belonged to a chain smoker who owned them for over 10-15 years! The smell was driving me crazy so I researched on the web the most effective way to rid furniture of cig smoke and found that cinnamon neutralizes the odor. I searched in several stores for the cinnamon Carpet Fresh to no avail but hail the internet! I found them, bought 2 cans and have been reordering ever since!...more info
  • Awesome product! Can't beat the scent!
    When I first found this product, I fell in love with it. I can't find it in stores anymore (not this scent anyway), so I'm thrilled to have found it through Amazon. I'd recommend it to anyone!...more info