Shark SV736 15.6-Volt Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Motorized Brush, Colors Vary (Gray or Green)

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Shark, 15.6V, Cordless Hand Vac, Best Cleaning & Powerful, Cyclonic Action So Suction Stays Longer, Stronger, Detachable Motorized Turbo Brush For Deep Cleaning, Easily Detachable & Washable Filter, LED Charging Indicator, Dust Cup Design Means No Bags Required,

Uses Euro-pro replacement filter #XSB726

  • Cordless handheld vacuum cleaner with Twister Cyclonic technology
  • Detachable motorized brush removes pet hair and dirt from upholstery and carpet
  • Crevice tool for hard-to-reach spots; washable filter; convenient dust cup
  • LED charging and low-battery indicator;
  • Measures approximately 10 by 4 by 6 inches; 1-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Great features! poor battery life........
    Purchased the Shark SV736 after noting it had rotating beater brush. I felt it was a nice feature. The vac is 15.6 volts which is good power in a hand vac. SV746 has great suction with an easy empty dust cup. The beater brush is awesome in picking up crumbs and small bits on carpet. Now for the bad.... After eleven months, the battery died after I accidently overcharged it for 18 hours. I studied the options and noted reviews of this product and problems with the battry in this and other forums. I found the Shark for a good price and bought the newer version (lime green) at WALMART. I purchased it because no other hand vacuum had so many features: power, crevice tool, dust brush, rotater brush......I noted one reviewers assessment the vacuum performs best if charged and discharged three times at precisely the recommended charge time by Shark. I did so. It worked good for a week then promptly lost suction. This is a function of the battery charging system and the utilization of primitive and prehistoric Chinese engineering. I am convinced Shark has no R&D budget to solve this problem. If solved the Shark would be awesome indeed! I took my Shark back to Walmart and got a refund. I have purchased the Eureka 96D vacuum which I so far love. The Eureka comes with a TWO batteries and a charging dock. I will monitor my Eureka for battery performance and report back after the year. WHAT THIS WORLD NEEDS IS A GOOD DEPENDABLE HAND VAC!!!....more info
  • works as promised
    This is a powerful vac that performs as advertised. It's very convenient for picking up small messses here and there, but I have also used it to vacuum my car. Much easier than pulling out the full sized vac.

    My only complaint is that it does not have a wall mount. Furthermore, its round body prevents the unit from sitting nicely in a charging position - it rolls over onto its side....more info
  • great little sucker
    I have a dog, a cat, and 2 birds and a lot of little messes. I hate getting the big vac out every day or 2 to tidy up. I went looking for a hand vac and found this one. I haven't had one for a while and the last one was next to useless. I charged this one, attached the brush and went to work. vvrooomm! I was impressed with the way it cleaned up pet hair, and bird seed. It didn't blow stuff everywhere like my last vac. It's not too heavy and the handle is comfortable and it feels well-balanced. It ran out pretty quickly, but the instructions said it would take 2 or 3 full charges to get up the long life it promised. The second charge lasted longer and the third was bit better. Still not a long time, but I can get done if I hurry.
    I like the little crevice nozzle, but I knew I would lose it so I attached it to the side of the vac with velcro. That works great! Just be sure and don't attach it over the air vents. The filter looks like it will last a while. I don't know how much replacements are. It says it will last 6 months. The attachments are easy to put on and take off.
    Of course, like all bagless vacs, you have to dump the stuff (messy), and clean the filter. It needs to be rinsed and let dry before reinstalling it. 4 stars because it doesn't seem to last as long as I think it should. Maybe it will with a little more time if so, I'll give it a 5....more info
  • Shark cordless hand held vacuum
    I have had cats for most of my adult life and have never been able to find the perfect vacuum to pick up the fur from the floor and/or furniture. Vacuuming has always been a long involved chore. I have purchased numerous vacuums and gadgets over the years,that promised to make this job easier, but have never been totally satisfied until now. The Shark SV736 is the perfect cleaning companion. It's great for a first pick-up and for quick in-between jobs. I finally don't have to haul out the upright vac and fiddle with wires all the time. The detachable motorized brush works great on my couch and dining room chairs. I even use it for spot cleaning my area rugs, and wood floors. It's a little heavy for a hand held, but worth every extra ounce for the power it offers. I followed the directions to the tee for how to charge it for the first time. This is important to get the optimal power and optimal length of time it holds the charge. I've been able to use it for every thing I choose for a first pick-up and still have charge for up to two additional uses before it starts to run down. I wished it had come with a storage/charging holder, but I was able to order one from the Shark company--very inexpensively. I'm one happy camper!!!...more info
  • Shark Handheld Vacuum
    Works great for reason of purchase. Use for car cleaning and easy floor spill cleanups. Beats dragging out the big vacuum. Very pleased with purchase....more info
  • Great shark!
    This is my first purchase of a handheld vacuum since the dust buster first hit the market many years ago. I've used the Shark for just over a month now and I am really happy with it. The construction is high quality, it has a surprisingly long battery life, it's easy to use, easy to clean out, and charges quickly. I use it around the house for cleaning up everything from pet hair on the furniture to dry spills on the floor and it has more than enough power for the job. The only draw back is that it does not come with a charging cradle. If you are in the market for a handheld vacuum, you won't be disappointed, whether it is your first handheld vac purchase or a replacement....more info
  • Great vac - great value
    Costs a little more than some, but quality is good and it works beautifully. Extremely handy for small rugs and upholstered furniture. Does a good job on fine pet hair/fur, a real challenge for all vacuums....more info
  • Great buy
    This works great! It cleans up stuff off my carpet just as well, if not better then my Dyson Vacuum! Great buy....more info
  • great!
    I had an old Shark hand vac for many years so when I needed to replace it, I naturally ordered a new Shark. This one is much more powerful than the first one and I am extremely happy with it! It works great on stairs and auto carpets as well....more info
  • beats the Dust Buster
    Great alternative to the standard Black & Decker dust buster. I was reluctant because i had heard about the difficult charging base. Shark solved that by omitting the charging base from the current units. This means you cannot mount this unit on the wall to quickly grab it for use as with a Dust Buster. Otherwise, it does a better job at vacuuming and the power brush is a good addition....more info
  • Shard SV736 Cordless Vac
    Shark SV736 15.6-Volt Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Motorized Brush, Colors Vary (Gray or Green)

    Works as adverised. Brush collects great. Cat hairs are picked up from fabrics. Good suction and last long enough to do the job....more info
  • Good product
    This is a good vacuum cleaner. I used it to clean my car and it works very well....more info
  • This Shark attacks dirt!
    We love the new Shark SV736! Power, power, and more power! I keep the 'dog hair' attachment on all the time, and it works great on the rugs, tile, and hardwood. The only downsides are that it does not stand up on it's own very securely, and I would love to have a second battery pack so I could charge one while using the other, so I'd never be without this great little vac!...more info
  • Great Suction - Poor design
    I just got the Shark SV736 15.6-Volt Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Motorized Brush, Colors Vary (Gray or Green) yesterday, and I'm very impressed with the suction power.

    BUT the unit is pretty heavy to hold for very long, and it will not set upright on a flat surface because the bottom is rounded! This means when the charger is plugged in, (the cord plugs directly into the belly of this whale), it won't even lie horizontally without being on it's side. That is a very poor design!

    As others have stated, it doesn't come with a wall mount nor base/stand, making storage awkward and inconvenient. Had I not bought it online, with the return shipping prohibitively expensive, I would send it back.

    However, it DOES have great suction. I couldn't believe what it pulled out of my upholstery. The beater bar brush picks up well, but hair immediately wraps around it, and you have to clean it often... which is a hassle, but every beater bar brush I've ever seen did the same thing.

    The fact that it won't set upright is REALLY a negative aspect that I didn't foresee....more info
  • bait and swich
  • Shark yes, Europro, NO!
    Shark 15.6V Cordless Hand Vac - SV736
    I bought one of these this past Christmas (2007), and along with the vac, I ordered a set of filters and a charging stand. The vacuum works very well, BUT... The charging stand was back-ordered, and about once a month, I got a card telling me that it was still not available. Then, last week (June 3,2008)I got a card telling me that the part was available, but that they needed more information.
    Well, while the part was on order, my credit card expired, and I got a new card. Same number, different expiration date. Europro tried twice to use the expired credit card, and when it wouldn't work, they sent me notice. THEY ALSO CANCELED THE ORDER! I talked to several people at their "customer service" number, which was listed on the notice they sent me. My "notice" was out of date, I was told. I had to REORDER!!! Now I don't know if I will get the charging stand at all, because after six months, I'm back at the end of the line again!! WHAT A BUNCH OF MORONS!...more info
  • best hand vac I have ever used
    This is my second shark..the first one lasted years but finally would not hold a charge..I thought I would try a black and decker and after one use I got online and ordered another Shark,,the rotating brush picks up everything..PET be specific...cordless feature is a must for me.....more info
  • Shark SV736 hand vacuum
    My wife was so satisfied with the first Shark that we purchased a second for the family room. Excellent product....more info
  • Mine broke
    Very powerful. Didn't ever use the attachments except the long nozzle that I always kept on it. I did drop it and the plastic broke. I duct taped it and it worked fine; however, now the battery won't charge anymore. I think I had it about two years. I wish it had lasted longer but maybe I am too hard on things....more info
  • works pretty well
    I did a lot of research on cordless vacs. This one had some pretty good reviews so I tried it. The cons are: I didn't realize that it doesn't have a charging cradle so you have to just set it down on the floor; and it doesn't have a whole lot of suction power (compared to the volts). The pros are: the motorized brush works great for pet hair, and I like the extra crevice tool attachment. ...more info
  • No Wall Mount
    Bought this for my weekend house. Works ok, but no better than my Dust Buster at home. I would not buy this unit again because, most importantly, this does NOT include a wall mount (which is also not available from Amazon.) Buy a DustBuster, and get to hang your unit on the wall and out of the way!! ...more info
  • Kangaroo Ruby Women's Shoe
    Extremely fast shipping! Quality of product is excellent! Didn't need as much packaging materials--think sustainably. :)...more info
  • We Love the Shark
    We find the Shark greatly superior to any hand held vaccuums we've used in the past. It's easy to empty and the filter seems much more durable than the vaccuum we used previously. Since we live in the country, where much of the outside ends up inside, we find the revolving brush attachment especially useful between house cleanings. This attachment also works well removing cat fur from upholstered furniture. The only reason we gave a less than five star review is that it does not have a device to hang it next to an electric outlet to keep the battery charged. We've ordered one from the company, but so far have only received notification that delivery will be delayed. When we ordered the hanging device, we also ordered extra filters, which have arrived. We'd recommend having extras on hand since rinsing it out after emptying seems a good idea and it needs a little drying time. ...more info
  • 2 minute charge
    Great suction for a handheld, but the charge lasts a very disappointing 2-3 minutes and it's pretty much dead. Charge several hours, get 2 minutes use, better to get a plug in....more info
  • Great little machine
    I ordered this product to use on my stairs. I can't believe how well it picks up dirt. It's got really good suction and the different pieces are great for getting the edges and corners. I'm very pleased with the product and recommend it for stairs and for little odd jobs around the house. It really comes in handy....more info
    This item is great. I wish that I could give it a higher rating, but unfortunately the battery life is very weak. It only lasts about an hour before you have to charge it up. Also, the charger is a little odd-in that it is just a base station or holder or anything is included.
    What's great about this vacuum is that it is very strong and does a great job of picking up pretty much anything. We first bought this vacuum because we have a dog that likes to sleep on our dark colored couch and shed all over. Every morning we use this vacuum to clean up the couch-and it works like a charm. Highly recommended for that purpose--if you don't mind charging it up a lot.
    ...more info
  • Poor Produt Made in China
    This product did not last one year and today I tossed it into the trash. I looked at the label and was annoyed to see "Made in China" - probably for less than $ 5. I would never buy a product from this company again and suggest Hoover, Miele, etc instead. The customer service from the manufacturer even suggested throwing the product away if the product lasted longer than 1 year !!...more info
  • The #1 choice for a hand vacuum
    Power, power and the power! This thing is more sucking than the B&D PHV1800, I compared them side by side. They are equally loud and battery last exactly the same long (10 minutes before power starts going down).

    This Shark is 1 pound lighter than the B&D, 3 vs. 4. It is already on the too heavy side and the B&D has crossed the line for a hand tool. To make this matter worse, B&D's handle is not at the weight center; your hand is fatigue very soon while constantly trying to keep it level.

    The B&D is a beautiful upholstery with very sophisticated designs, while this Shark is just a simple tool. But it does come with a nice tool - a motorized brush, making it more than a hand vacuum.

    It is a better value than the B&D, not just because it is $20 cheaper. Its battery is easily replaceable for $15 (impossible with B&D) and filters can be easily found in a Bath, Bedroom and Beyond (3 for $10). A B&D filter is at least double the price, but it is much more sophisticated, worth the money. The B&D is well worth the extra $20 if you value its beautiful look and very thoughtful extras on using and storing it.

    This Shark is actually a SV736N bought recently from KMart for $40. It is green instead of silver and comes with only two tools, a motorized brush and a crevice, instead of three in the earlier version. No more charging dock. These changes are due to the complaints about the crappy wall-mount-ONLY dock and nobody knew what's the 3rd tool for.

    If you just want a great vacuum that really works and don't care much about anything else, then this Shark is currently the #1 choice, period. Otherwise get the B&D (yes it is a beautiful piece of art well worth the extra $20). Just don't bother with the crappy $150 Dyson and all the garbage Dirt Devil hand vacs(you know, DD is now owned by a Hong Kong company)....more info
  • This is a good product
    I've owned this hand vac for over a year now. No complaints. I use it on my rugs and carpeting for crumbs and I use it to whisk the couch. Also does a great job picking up hair on the bathroom floor. This is a great product. I would recommend it to all my friends. ...more info
  • This vacuum is awesome!
    This vacuum is unbelievable. True to its word, it vacuums pet hair like a dream. And I had bought new kitchen rugs with the color black in them. Needless to say, every bit of lint finds its way to them. But this vacuum cleans them right up. The roller attachment is awesome. With the brush roller attachment on it, I even vacuum out the carpet in my car with awsome results. The design of it is sooo easy to clean, and its even attractive! I keep it plugged in at all times and use it at least once every day. I'd recommend this vacuum to anyone. And certainly more than worth the money. I give it ten stars!!...more info
  • Excellent hand vac
    This vacuum really works. Medium sized, good battery life, excellent power, motorized brush in removable head, etc. But here is the best part: On a whim, I tried this on my HUGE cat. I have a monstrous neutered male that does nothing but sleep and eat. We adopted him when we found him and his sister abandoned at a week or two old by the side of the road in a sack. Neither of them learned the right way to groom themselves (no feline parenting), so they are both dandery and shed a LOT of hair. We have been at a loss as to how to keep them clean. We brush them frequently, but it is tough to get all the dander out.

    The male cat is not afraid of the sound of this vacuum, and I could not believe it when I found I could literally vacuum off all the dander and excess hair off his back. Funniest thing you have ever seen, and he actually likes it. I will have to work on getting his skittish sister used to the sound, as she is the bigger problem.

    Anyway, a great all purpose vacuum, and a fantastic cat vac. :) ...more info
  • Best hand vac we have ever used!
    We purchased this vac. because we have two rabits that our current vac could not pick up the droppings well. It was more then we expected.
    We neeeded an Vac that was cordless and included the power roller that could be removed at any time. This Vac is very powerfull and worked great right out of the box picking up everything we used it on. Were happy with it and know anyone that purchases this product will find there is no compariosion on the market that is cordless.
    Shark SV736 15-3/5-Volt Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner with Motorized Brush
    ...more info
    I received another model (green 'cyclonic animal') from Amazon twice. Finally they acknowledged the problem is more widespread than originally thought and refunded my money. The green model doesn't come with the same attachments nor the charging/mounting base. I had the same issue with another online seller, so obviously there is an issue with the model numbers being too similar. I can't actually rate the product since I never used it, but wanted to let you know that if you are looking for this silver model that is pictured as of 2/10/08 with attachments and charging stand, you may not get it....more info
  • great
    i have to admit i havent had this vacuum for very long but this is a great product. it sucks well and is versatile in that you can use it on carpet and tile and it has and attachment for inbetween places. with 2 kids this is a must have i would highly recommend this item....more info
  • So Far so Good
    I have only had this for about a month, but for my uses, it works just fine. For the most part, I use it for stairs, but have used it for minor spills. Charge has held, and ease of use is what I expected....more info
  • definitely recommended
    This is by far the best hand vac I've purchased. It's powerful enough, extremely handy and more importantly, easy to clean. I've recommended it to my sister and she loves it too! Thanks Shark!...more info
  • Shark Cordless vacuum

    The shark SV736 is a nice vacuum,but I am disappointed that the batteries died in less than one year....more info
  • Good product, but...
    Generally, it is a good product - reasonably light,quiet,cleans well for a handheld. Power brush is handy for cleaning soft furniture. A simple brush attachment would be useful in addition to the power brush for cleaning hard surfaces. At Amazon this vacuum is advertized as coming with a "convenient charging stand", but in fact it is not included. You can buy it on the manufacturer website, but will have to pay $5 shipping for a $4 part! If you decide to buy the charging stand (as I did, for the convenience of having the vacuum handy) - keep in mind that it takes a little effort to secure the vacuum on the stand (locking mechanism could have been more convenient)....more info
  • Love this machine
    This is a great little vacuum. It has good suction power and the motorized brush is great on stairs and upholstery. I had one for a year and decided to get another one. ...more info
  • Cheap / Short-Life Batteries
    The hand vac works pretty well for a cordless, but the batteries don't last long, and they die without much warning. Replacement batteries cost about 50% of the cost of the vacuum itself. ...more info
  • Great machine
    Loving the ease of use and power of this unit. So much easier than a broom or pulling out the whole vacuum....more info
  • Shark Attack on my steps......
    I purchased this item for use on my stairs which are carpeted. One of my childrens chore is to vacuum the stairs every Saturday and it broke my heart watching her try and do it with our upright and extention hose.
    I decided this would be great for cord and a spinning brush to beat the carpet.
    I of course had to try out the vacuum my daughter got a break from her weekend chore. First I followed the directions and fully charged the battery before use, so the next day I used it on the stairs and thought it worked great...I think it would be perfect if they can make it a little more light weight....but as far as suction, the arater brush and amount of dirt it can hold..I would say it is a decent vacuum for the price.
    The noise level is is not to loud and the look of the vacuum is nice. As far as my daughter is concerned this item is a God-send..or a Dad-send, She loved it from the start and the stairs actually look better than ever with half the effort...maybe I should add another chore to her list!
    All in all this seems like a solid little vacuum that is perfect for quck little clean ups.

    Now as far as Amazon is concerned...It described the item including a charging dock...low and behold it was not included....So Amazon sent me another vacuum and it also had no charging dock but this one had a note in the directions that stated the charging stand is optional...At first I was going to send them both back...but I needed the vacuum and improvized a docking station out of some old shelving I had in the garage......I do not know if Amazon rectified the listing for this product...but it does not come with a docking stand....more info
  • powerful and my constant companion!
    I love this handvac. I have 4 birds and a dog...need I say more? I use it constantly and it is POWERFUL. Also, I have 2 filters so when 1 is drying the other is in the vac. Economical....I like that they're washable. Mine are a year old and as good as new....more info
  • MUST-HAVE for pet owners
    I've had this vac for about a year now and it is still going like gangbusters and I use it every day. We have a pug and for those of you who own pugs, you know that he/she seems to shed their entire coat every day. Even with brushing every day (with the Zoom Groom - another excellent product), there is still fur everywhere. Seeing that he sleeps on our bed, that means vacuuming the bed every day (the entire bed - comforter, sheets, pillows, you name it, it has fur on it). This is the only hand vac that will pick up the fur off of the sheets, the sofa, area rugs and on and on... Granted, without the rotating brush, it would be just a regular hand vac. But, oh the joys of the rotating brush. It gets even the very fine hairs off of the sheets. So I know that I can sleep in peace without breathing in a lungful of fur.

    I have a regular Dustbuster and when you compare the dust cups after vacuuming with both, you will see the difference. The amount of fine dust (along with all the fur) in the Shark's dust cup is amazing compared to the Dustbuster.

    Why 4 stars instead of 5? The charging cradle. The vac doesn't slip easily in and out of the cradle. Slipping it out is okay. But putting it back in always requires a bit of jiggling. But a very minor quibble.

    But other than that, it is a 5-star machine. Good suction and that wonderful, rotating brush. If it broke, I'd buy it again without a second thought....more info
  • A Great Handvac
    This is a great hand vacuum. It is great in picking up dog hair. I use it for vacuuming my Ford Explorer. ...more info
  • shark broke after 1 year
    The vacuum was great for about 1 year then it broke. I should have learned my lesson the first time I bought another Shark and it broke after about 1 year. What can I say, I am a slow learner?! ...more info
  • motorized brush breaks quickly
    otherwise, decent vacuum. small attachment good for narrow spots. without the motorized brush, not so great for carpets though....more info
  • Great Cordless Hand Vacuum
    Excellent hand vacuum for picking up dead bugs and dried mud from both tile and carpet. Easy to work. Easy to recharge. Easy to empty dirt. A bit noisy, but rather have something noisy that works well than something that doesn't work....more info
  • It works!
    I bought the Shark for vacuuming out my car. It does what I need it to do. The only thing I would suggest is it needs an attachment for doing detail work. Otherwise, I recommend this product....more info
  • Cordless Hand Vac
    Useless. I only used one time. Do not buy it. Tooooo weak....more info
  • inconvenient disconnect/connect to plug [n cradle
    cumbersome disconnect/connect to cradle. also,plug comes out of cradle when vac is pulled out of cradle. strong powerful suction.does a good job....more info
  • Great suction
    We use this to clean up the carpet in my daughter's room by her pet Rabbit. The rabbit gets bedding and fur out on the carpet everyday. So when we clean the cage, we also clean up around the cage. This Cordless Vac has no problem picking up the mess. If you want a quiet VAC this is not for you. ...more info
  • Everything perfect - just a little on heavy side.
    Best hand vac I've ever had. Powerful, easy to empty, accessories easy to use. The motor brush attachment is fantastic for picking up dog hair in your car. Just seems very heavy, but if that's something I have to sacrifice for heavy suction, I'm all for it.
    One more tiny gripe - mounting kit is great except there's only room for two accessories, not the three provided....more info
  • Nice while it lasted...
    I'll agree with other reviewers that this hand vac has impressive suction power. So much so, that I was ready to retire my upright and just use this and the Roomba for my house.... glad I waited!

    After about 3 or 4 uses over the course of a month, it would no longer recharge. I tried using different outlets, cleaning every nook & cranny, even opening it up to make sure the battery didn't get jarred out of position -- no luck. Unfortunately, the cost of sending it in during its one-year limited warranty (shipping & insurance + $12 for return shipping) was worse than just buying a new battery and hoping it fixes the problem.

    Ultimately this product costed me about $15 more than its listed price. For that, I would have just gone with a fancier model at Bed, Bath & Beyond. Just a warning from one person's dilemna about buying such a product online. My Shark turned out to be a lemon....more info
  • Feed the Shark
    For the money, this SHARK gets my vote. The battery will last a solid 10+ minutes at more or less full power. Just make sure you follow the instructions regarding the initial charging and discharging of the battery.
    The vacuum comes with a small rotating brush feature that truly helps with carpeting. There are 2 smaller nose attachments that allow the vacuum to reach into smaller areas. In general, this vacuum is not your fathers DUST BUSTER. The SHARK has the power for significant dirt removal. It will fill up relatively fast for heavier projects but it is quick to empty. The filter should be cleaned about once every 5 times you empty the vacuum. This will keep the suction at a good level....more info
  • It sucks!
    And for a vacuum cleaner, what could be better? It has far better suction than the wimpy cordless vacs. I thought the motorized brush head would be a throwaway, but somehow the motor and/or vacuum assist give it a surprisingly powerful rotation. Yes, it's heavier than some others and it doesn't slide into the charging cradle as easily as some others. But that's a minor quibble in light of its otherwise fine performance. Let's hope it's also durable....more info
  • Poor quality even if it was inexpensive
    After 2nd use the motorized brush failed. Shark said to buy a new one since accessories are not under warranty even if unit is 1 month old. And now that Amazon customer service is in India, Don't expect too much from them either. Too bad since it seemed like a good basic unit....more info
  • Dust cup release button broke on first use
    I love the suction and cleaning power of this hand vac, but there is a design flaw in the release button on the dust cup. I can still use it if I hold it on with my finger or tape it, but it is a hassle. Returning it is a also a hassle, but I think I will have to....more info
  • Shark SV736 15.6 Volt Cordless Hand Vac
    Works very well. Motorized brush picks up cat hair and other difficult things to vacuum up. The charger and wall mount work very well. We are very pleased with the vacuum....more info
  • Strong and Powerful
    I have owned this vacuum for almost 2 months now ... it is strong and powerful and does a great job. The add-on powered circulating brush works well to get hair/fuzz off rugs/carpets. The brush feels powerfull and the only issue is that it doesn't stay on as well as I would have hoped...but a little correct pressure when using it resolves the issue. The vacuum is rather large compared to older hand-helds and is as loud as or possibly louder then a regular vacuum. Note: the manual recommends running the battery down completely once a month to maintain proper performance. As it lasts a while and is quite loud, I leave it running out on the deck until it dies, then let it charge for 24 hours. The only complaint I have is that the tip of this vacuum without attachments is thick/large and is tough to target dirt/etc. I find I use the attachments most of the time, which are cheap, but work well....more info
  • Ridiculous deal! You have to vacuume twice!!
    I bought this because "cordless" sounded good for vaccuming inside my car more often. The machine works fine, and is powerful enough. But after vaccuming, in order to clean the filter inside, I have to use my poweful house canister vaccume cleaner every time. I rather use extention cord to do the job with my canister just once. Ahhhhhhh~!...more info
  • Look at description carefully!!!
    I did not look too carefully. I knew it was refurbished, but did not know it DID NOT come w/ wall mount which I wanted. I also was unable to get one anywhere, not even from the manufacturer. AFter buying it, the restocking fee plus return shipping didn't make it worth it to return it. I kept it and am trying to sell it in local paper at a slight loss. I bought another refurbished one which DID come with everything... and I read the description more carefully....more info
  • One useful tool!
    This is a very handy vacuum that seems to perform respectfully. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Shark review
    Excellent cordless hand vacuum. Far more powerful than my old Dirt Devil and the charge lasts much longer. The motorized head does a great job on chairs, sofas and other items that are more trouble with an upright or canister. Can't wait to try it on the car to see how it performs on dog hair. Slight difficulty getting it in and out of the charger. Not sure that I like the idea and expense of changing the filter as often as recommended....more info
  • I want to buy one for EVERYONE I OWN!!!
    This is the BEST dustbuster-type device I have ever owned...or that anyone I've known has ever owned! It is truly a marvel. I have forced it to pinch-hit for a shop vac, sucked up plaster, nails, splinters, bits of adhesive-backed tiles, sawdust, roly-polies, cobwebs, flour, ginormous dust bunnies...and still it won't die. I have used the roller attachment to vacuum my shag rug. It is POWERFUL! I have abused this thing so severely, I don't deserve to own it.

    If it died, I would cry, apologize to it, bury it in my backyard...and immediately buy another one....more info
  • We like it
    We are pleased with the Shark SV736. It works very well and we are trying to live by the rechargeable batteries' instructions to extend the life of the battery. The attachments are great -- but I wish that they had a better storage place (I can't really find one on the base that was provided). The base is not so good (it is flimsy and does not sit well) -- I have stopped using it for a much better hand vac experience. The vac itself has great suction. Our cat is the only member of this household that gives this product a paws down -- he is afraid of Sharks!...more info
  • Poor battery life after 6 months
    I thought highly of this vacuum early on due to its power and nice attachments. However, after about 6 months, the battery life started to fall off dramatically. Now I can't vacuum for more than a minute (literally) before the power falls off and it needs to be returned to the charger. The replacement battery is nearly as expensive as the vacuum itself....more info
  • Great Product!
    This beats the old dustbuster hands down! It has great suction power and the attachments are actually useful. The Shark is sturdy and well made. I have used it to clean our cars and pick up small spills and it sure beats getting out the corded vacs....more info
  • this thing sucks in a good way!
    powerful, handy, nice attachments, and working strong!
    It was a good buy!...more info
  • Shark SV736 15.6 Volt Cordless Hand Vac with Motorized Brush and Twister Technology
    This was a gift for my mom, and she uses it almost daily! She simply cannot believe the dust and dirt this little machine picks up! It's great!...more info
  • Shark SV736 15.6 Volt Cordless Hand Vac with Motorized Brush and Twister Technology
    Great product....more info
  • Shark SV736
    Very good cordless vac. The Shark has ample power to pick up any mess and the variety of accessories that come with the product are great. I would definitely recomment this product to anyone looking for a fair priced product that stands up to all its hype....more info
  • great product
    I use it for my car and hard to reach places. It work really well especially at corners and desks. It also has wall mount charging station but I use it without it. I think it much easier to just plug the power cord to the hand vacuum....more info
  • shark cordless hand vac

    vacuum performs very well and i am happy with it...more info
  • 4 months and still love it
    Very nice handheld, It's a bit heavy for long use, but very powerful vac...more info
  • Killer Shark!
    I've used and thrown out many hand vacs but this one is awesome. It has so much more power and suction than any other hand vac I've ever used. It holds a charge longer than other vacs and also works much quicker. ...more info
  • very happy with it
    I bought this in september this year and waited to write the review. I am just absolutely happy with this. It has amazing suction power. The thing I really love besides is that the design of the front nozzle/opening is such that even if you hold it upside down after cleaning .....nothing comes out! All the dirt/small garbage makes a "little turn" after being sucked in and there is no way for it to come back out. Plus the battery hasn't died out yet. Would highly highly recommend it....more info
  • Great vacuum if you don't have a big dog
    I have a golden retriever, and needed something that would get his hair off the furniture.

    This product, with the beater bar attachment, gets the job done, but the hair gets wrapped around the small beater bar in seconds and I have to turn off the vacuum and cut the hair off the bar with scissors. It does the job I bought it to do, but stopping to clear hair from the beater bar is a pain.

    There's also a curved 90-degree turn that the dirt (and hair) has to make as it enters the dust chamber. The hair does not make it through the turn and into the chamber, and ends up clogging the intake.

    In summary, if I didn't have a big hairy dog, the Shark would be the ideal handheld vacuum. It really is pretty powerful. Works great in the car, in the kitchen, and other places where there is no large quantity of dog hair. Where there is dog hair, not so much....more info
  • Good value.
    My criteria for buying a hand vac was: high power suction, decent battery life, quality construction.
    I've used the Shark SV736 for a month. I'm glad to report it has performed well on all criteria.

    My only criticisms:
    - It's heavier than most, even without attachments on it.
    - Mounting this on it's wall charger is awkward. I can't just slip it on like others I've owned. I find myself using two hands some times to guide the charging pins in to the vacuum.

    In summary, this is a good vacuum. I'd buy it again....more info
  • So far so good...
    This vacuum is so superior to dustbusters(I have owned too many to count).It actually has lots of suction power and the battery stays charged for a good long time. I do not leave the unit on the charger..(I think this wears down the battery faster)and only charge it when it sounds like it is getting is a bit tough to remove from the charger unit and I wish the tool storage was a bit more permanent...they just sit there and get knocked off easily...but using this vacuum has been easy and it is great to know that it will do a good job when called hair, crumbs, sand, etc........more info
  • Great battery powered hand vac!
    I wish the battery lasted longer but it does go for about 15 mins. Very powerful, picks up anything my two young kids can throw at it. We use it daily in the car and in the kitchen. I am going to buy a second one and keep it in the car....more info
  • Beats Dustbuster by a Mile!
    This handheld vac works great. There is awesome suction and longevity. I had two dustbusters that didn't come close so I am now a convert. Only complaint is the stand used for charging. It's not easy to push vacuum into just the right spot....more info
  • Good, could use some better designs
    This vacuum is rather good. It meets or exceeds the dustbuster versions. I've got only one gripe, and that's the base. It isn't exactly easy to put on and take off.
    It could also do with a bigger compartment, but that's really minor. After all, this is just for small tasks.
    Love the motorized sweeper attachment....more info
  • shark cordless vac
    i ordered this item, it says tahat comes with 3 small tools to help you clean the smaller areas. i did not get 2 of the tools in the package. I ordered another one, again it was the same thing!!! so i had to return this item.. And i would not recommend this item since the packaging not complete, i doubt how it would be its performance over all....more info
  • As promised
    I bought it because of the motorized brushes and it works on the carpeting in my boat, but it works great as a regular hand held, too....more info
  • Worth every penny of it
    Have three cats and been searching for a small, efficient vacuum, cordless that really worked. No longer do I have to drag out the big vacuum and have the hassle of the cord and not be able to get in the small areas due to the bulkiness. The Shark is lightweight, powerful enough to vacuum up the debris, gets into corners, can be used on bare floors and carpets. Cat hair is a bit more complicated, requiring a brushing motion, but it really gets it off the furniture and cat bedding.It is super easy to clean and wish I'd known about it sooner. ...more info
  • Works as good as the reviews here on Amazon
    I owned an older Shark vacuum and had to put it to rest a few months ago. I was happy with its performance, but wanted a more powerful vacuum. Over the last few years I've acquired some dogs who like to ride in my car, but cleaning out the dog hair from cloth seats and floors was a real pain. I did a lot of research and decided on this hand-vac. I'm happy to report that after 4 months of hard vacuuming this product is living up to the good reviews here. I also use it around the office and home, but the car is where it gets its true workout. Would recommend to anyone looking for a strong powerful handvac. Just a warning - be sure that you dont accidentally throw the filter out when you are emptying it out!...more info
  • Durable, Good suction
    i keep this vacuum in the trunk of my car or in the garage when it is charging. great tool for picking up spills on carpet and a quick fix for stairs when company is on it's way. cleaning the product is the only downside. to be thorough, you really need to unscrew the parts. not a big deal though. overall, very satisfied....more info
  • It may seem a little on the heavy side
    I haven't used my new Shark too much so far, but it seems to do a great job. My only complaint is that is a little heavy. But I do like it....more info
  • Awesome Cordless Shark Vac
    This Shark cordless handheld vac is awesome. It is a good size and very powerful. I use it for everything stairs, air filters inside my home, and cleaning my car. Instead of sweeping my kitchen and bathroom floors I use my shark because I can get to corners and the baseboard. So much better than a broom, sweeping pan and brush. Very easy to clean too....more info
  • Works great
    I love this thing. It works great for picking up pet hair and cleaning up small areas in between major vacuuming. I have recommened this to everyone who ever sees it at my house. ...more info
  • Good hand-vaccuum cleaner
    It is a very handy cleaner. sucks up all the dirt particles on the carpeted floor. Empty the cup, clean filter, dry it(filter) and charge it.
    Make sure you empty the charge completely before recharging it. If at a point (towards the end of the charge) it won't suck anymore, I keep running the vaccum almost till the end say like 2-3 mins till the buzz sound lowers and lowers and then only I recharge it. This keeps it going for a long time.
    Very good handy vacuum for stairs and cars.
    ...more info
  • Easy to Handle, Great Suction
    I purchased this vac a few weeks ago. I specifically needed something small, lightweight and capable of fitting into the tight spaces of the couch cushions and for cleanup around my office. This vacuum met my expectations and was very affordable too! I'm in Florida and I go to the beach often. Being that I just purchased a brand new car, I hated having to deal with the sand that would wind up all over my carpet and seats. I was really impressed with how my Shark handled sand grains. I could very well have purchased a different type of vac for my car but I like this one so much that I use it for my regular car cleanings, too. It maneuvers well under my car seats but my one complaint would be that the barrel could be a bit narrower. Granted this is a household vac afterall but it works well for my other jobs, too. ...more info
  • Better than expected and a steal for the price
    Granted, I just bought this cordless vac and am still breaking in the battery through the charge/discharge cycles, but I am extremely impressed by the way this thing works. The motorized brush has some great power for a cordless machine . . . it swept the ground-in dirt and the dog hair off of my sofa and car seats better than the corded Dirt Devil I'd been using. Don't let the person who gave one star (who apparently had the misfortune to buy a broken one and then extrapolated that even if it HAD worked it would have broken anyway) deter you from this vac. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is because it's still so new, but I love it. Just remember that it is, indeed, a cordless vacuum and it's not meant to be used to vacuum full floors or work for an hour at a stretch. It's exceptional at what it's built for. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great for what it is.
    I bought this to use strictly in my room. It cleans my area rugs in a flash and works beautifully. It also cleans my couch and my hardwood floor without much problem at all.
    I would never use this to clean anything more than that though.
    The battery runs out really quick so I would have liked it if while plugged in it would use battery through an AC adaptor or something like that. Its my only gripe. For $40 bucks this thing Rocks!...more info
  • Shark Cordless Hand Vacuum
    This product allows for a quick clean-up of tiny particles without the bother of getting out the larger vacuum.
    With new hardwood floors, every little thing shows up. The Shark is a life saver!...more info
  • great for a small cordless vac!
    i'm a bit picky about vacuums (i hate having to go over and over the same spot with a vacuum that just doesn't suck things up very well!), but for a cordless this vac is not bad at all-great for the car, the stairs and little messes that don't warrent getting out the big vac. so far i'm very pleased and i would recommend it to others....more info
  • Not the Answer to Underpowered Hand Vacuums
    After many small Black and Deckers that had to be replaced because the battery packs would not take a charge and could not be replaced, I thought it was time to try the competition. Unfortunately, I was unable to evaluate how this model worked as the cheap plastic catch that fastens the air horn to the body was broken out of the box. This was probably my good luck as it undoubtedly would have broken later and rendered the vac useless. I returned the unit and replaced it with a B&D CHV1400 which is a bit larger than I like, but an otherwise impressive unit. ...more info
  • I love this thing more than Mick Jagger, and that is saying a lot!
    I have no real purpose now for an upright vacuum; this thing takes care of everything. And I have been known, once or twice, to run in up and down my pants to remove cat hair, it works like a charm. Now only if I could run it up and down the cat. It makes my white couch (cat sovereignty) pristine and I can even get in between my keyboard keys. I just love it; they make Black and Decker dirt devil look like punks....more info
  • Shark Hand Vac
    Fantastic! This is the best hand vac I have ever had. It's powerful and easy to use. I've had many hand vacs and finally found one that works and does what it says it will....more info
  • awesome
    have had a number of "dustbusters" over the years.......
    by far out performs them all.
    The only question is how long it will last. But at this price..... who cares!...more info
  • Works Great!
    We love our Shark cordless vac. It works well on upholstery and wood floors. Perfect for car seats, small cracks and pet hair! ...more info
  • Shark SV736 15.6 Volt Cordless Hand Vac
    Has plenty of power and the motorized brush actualy works quite well. It remains to be seen how long the rechargable battery lasts. ...more info