Shark EP604 Retractor Convertible Lightweight Stick Vac

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Product Description

Euro Pro EP604 retractor stick vacuum. Bagless vacuum gives you the suction of a regular upright in a compact design. The handle even comes off, then clips to the back for easy storage. HEPA filtration system traps microscopic air impurities, providing cleaner exhaust air. Cord retracts in a snap with the push of a button. Features an on-board hose, dusting brush and crevice tool so you can reach all of the nooks and crannies.

  • No cord to mess with! Equipped with the Retractor retractable power cord and a foldable handle for easy storage and transport
  • At the press of a button, converts from a stick vac into a hand-held vac with shoulder strap, making it a 2-in-1 hand/stick vac
  • Bagless design easy to empty dust cup. No more bags!
  • Swivel head for easy steering
  • 1000 watts of power gives you a powerful vac in a compact convenient package with Hepa type clean air filtration
Customer Reviews:
  • Punta Gorda FL
    This little vacuum was meant to do small jobs...and it's perfect for that. I don't know why everyone thinks that $50 is going to buy a vacuum that's going to suck in dog hair, have the ability to get dirt out of 'plush' carpets, etc., but it is what it is...a cute little appliance meant to do small jobs.

    ...more info
  • Just awful
    My roommate brought this vacuum with him when he moved in and it has to be the worse vacuum I ever used. It doesnt pick up anything and I have to pick up things and put them in the hose myself. Dont waste your money on this awful vacuum because a wall fan would be better then this vacuum....more info
  • This one is NOT made for carpets!!!
    If you're looking to do away with your broom and dust mop like me, look no further. I had this little bugger together and in use - without the directions - in 5 minutes flat. I have no idea why someone would buy this to use it on carpet (it doesn't have a beater brush/roller. I took a quick look at the underside of the display at Lowe's to be sure, because I didn't want something scratching up my new hardwood floors). If you want a cheap vacuum for carpets, buy the hoover tempo (and some earplugs - it's pretty loud), it does a GREAT job. I bought the hoover for our carpet from JCPenney for about $65-. This Shark's a fab find for hardwoods, tile, and vinyl for about $45- plus tax. As for the reviewer that says it blows, I guess I can see how he/she might think so, because the exhaust is quite strong, however it blows straight out in front - up kind of high, and since I usually tip the vacuum back as I'm working, it wasn't an issue for me, because it blew the exhaust up. If you hold it straight up and down as you're working - which I think would be really awkward, you might have a problem, but I'm pretty sure most people vacuum with their vacuum at an angle like I do. I don't know, maybe the reviewer got a defective model that blew its exhaust out downward. As for the vac being a 4-star versus a 5-star, the reviewer that was upset about the awkwardness of it, he/she was spot-on. It will not lock upright, which stinks to me. If you want to detach and use the hose, you would have to keep one hand on the vacuum to keep it from tipping over, because it IS quite top-heavy. All in all, it's a keeper, though, as I'll be using my carpet vacuum for those kinds of jobs, anyway....more info
  • Don't even think about it
    This is the worst vacuum cleaner I have ever used in my life. Why? I'll tell you!

    1- Works for about 5-10 minutes before shutting off due to "over-heating"
    2- Suction? It's more like moving dirt around to other areas of the floor
    3- The cord is much too short
    4- Attachments are a joke, a big joke.
    5- Did I mention it has NO suction?
    6- Oh, I've only owned it 2 months.

    I wish I would've not thrown away the box when I got it, that way I could return this horrid excuse of a vacuum. ...more info
  • Can't Recommend
    Thought I'd take a minute out while packing this vacuum for a return and share my thoughts. I can't recommend it for any purpose. The filter gets clogged in no time, suction decreases, you're forced to clean the filter which creates a mess, and then your cleaning up the mess your vacuum made!?!?!?!? Where's the sense in that? The dirt cup ain't all that and a bag of chips either. Save your money and your sanity, pass on this one.

    I ended up with an Orick ElectrikBroom. It was approximately three times more expensive than the EuroPro, but it's 10 times the machine....more info
  • disappointing
    My wife and I moved into a small apartment about 9 months ago after having lived in a rather large house. Knowing we would have limited storage space, we bought the EP604 in hopes of having a vacuum that wouldn't take up too much space.

    Well, it doesn't take up too much space, but as other reviewers have noted, it doesn't stand up very well on its own. No locking mechanism when it's in the upright position and the weight is really weird.

    My biggest complaint with this machine is that it requires constant thorough cleaning. Our apartment is 550 square feet, much of which is covered with furniture, so we don't have that much carpet to vacuum and after EVERY time we use it we have to empty the dust bin, wash it out, and wash the filter. It seems like a bad design that dust gets caught in and cakes-up on every crevice of the filter and dust collection bin. Without this cleaning the vacuum ceases to function well.

    Finally, we've been using this vacuum for over 9 months now and we still get a "burning rubber" smell each time we use it. At first I thought this was a "new machine" smell, but I'm beginning to wonder what is really going on inside the machine and when it will malfunction....more info
  • This Vacuum Blows!
    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Do NOT buy this vacuum, it is a joke and is just terrible. It barely has any suction power, and you can forget using the head like a normal vacuum. It will blow everything away instead of sucking it up - and it only has a hole in the middle of the head, so it will only (barely) suck up what is directly over that hole on the floor. I only tried it on wood floor and it did a terrible job on that. The only think i can use it for is the extension, and it will only pick up the lightest of particles. IT SUCKS and not in a good way. Plus when you use the extension, it only goes so far and the vacuum will fall over on you. I hate this vacuum! Now I have to go buy something decent. Do yourself a favor, spend some more money and get something that works!...more info
  • Good for everyday jobs..
    This is a great and very light vac....There is only one complaint and that is that the filter needs to be cleaned often. I fixed that problem by ordering on Euro-Pro free filters for life at $5.95 a filter every six months...I called and I can cancel at any time.....I would suggest to Shark to put two filters in the selling of the vac. so you can change and clean...Other than that the suction is great and it does the job.
    ...more info
  • Filter impossible to get, bad cust. serv.
    My mom bought this vac for my apartment, it did okay on the plush carpet, but maybe it was just because there wasnt much to pickup on the new carpet. Two months after purchase, I dropped the filter in the toliet and threw it out. Big Mistake! I've looked in 6 major stores, no filter-not even 2 of the stores who sell them. I purchased one online from their website, I never received it, or my money back and no response from the company! This is enough for me to stop using it. The only feature I liked was the short, but retractrable cord-I hate winding cords up. I won't buy anything from this co. again....more info
  • Really bad vacuum
    The bad far outweighs the good but just to be fair i'll list the only good things about it:

    Here's the good:
    1. HEPA filter which is hard to find in a small vacuum
    2. washable filter
    3. Good suction
    4. automatic retractable cord
    5. relatively quiet

    Now the bad:
    1. only works on hard floors or very short pile carpet, but even on short pile I bet it doesn't work
    2. even though it 'works' on hard floors the air blows straight out the front, as another reviewer noted, which blows the dirt away
    3. Won't fit under a bed!
    4. short power cord
    5. very short hose, it detachs so you can manually suck up dirt but it's too short for anything other than the ground
    6. Doesn't stand up! It doesn't Lock into upright position and it falls over very easily. When you detach the nozzle to suck dirt you have to lay it on the ground
    7. Even though it's relatively light, it's unbalanced.

    The few good line items on the box of HEPA and retractable cord can't overcome the fact that this thing is nearly worthless except for a very specific use and even then blowing the air out the front defeats what you're trying to accomplish.

    Vacuums can last years. Instead of spending less on a junky model spend more and get what you really need. For the $90-120 price range you can get a lightweight canister HEPA vacuum if you need lightweight....more info
  • Ok for very limited use
    I bought this vacuum today at a local home center with the intention of using it to clean my living room rug. I have a decent quality canister vac for the rest of the house, which has either wood or vinyl floors, but the agitator brush is dying, and I decided to get a small inexpensive vacuum for just that one room rather than sinking the same amount of money into repairing the big machine. I also thought the light weight and small attachments of the Shark would be nice for doing blinds, curtains, stairs, etc. through the rest of the house.

    The salesman at Lowe's told me this vac had a rotating brush and was good for carpets, so I went for it. He's wrong on both counts, it does not, and it isn't. As the previous reviewer said, it drags badly over carpeting and I am afraid that I will snap off the handle based on how hard I have to push it. It does do a decent job of picking up small particulates (sand and christmas tree needles both disappeared), but it will not pick up hair, lint, etc. from rugs.

    The only pros of this machine are it's light weight and suction for it's size. It is comfortable to hold and is relatively quiet, but it feels cheaply made, and I would be very surprised if it lasted more than a year without something breaking off.

    For occasional light-duty use on a hard, smooth surface, this vac would probably be fine, but it does not work well at all on rugs, and I would not recommend it if your floors are uneven, either, just because I would be afraid to bang it around very much....more info
  • BOOO! Save yourself the irritation!
    1--the exhaust is on the front of the vacuum, which blows the dirt around before you can even get to it to vacuum it up! This is especially irritating on hard floor surfaces, and even worse when you have pet hair!

    2--the unit is falling apart at the seams.

    3--the button to release the dirt canister fell off, and you can't get a replacement.

    4--the handle is not strong enough to push the vacuum across carpet; it buckles and snaps off.

    5--when I called the Shark Corporation to request a repair, I had to ship it back (this is fine) but also send them $30 to repair... although they claim to have a Full Warranty! I decided to just buy a different vac.

    One good point, is that the motor/suction is strong, but when the body is breaking off, what good is that!?...more info