Hoover U5265-900 EmPower Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner

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Product Description

Bagless Upright Fold-down handle 15" wide path - Blue

  • 12 amp upright bagless vacuum cleaner for cleaning bare floors and carpets
  • 15-inch-wide cleaning path; "power boost" for hard-to-clean messes; 5 height settings
  • Hush mode; HEPA allergen filter; powered hand tool; deluxe-stretch hose; folding handle
  • On-board tools include crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery brush, and extension wand
  • Measures 13 by 15 by 43 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Good vacuum overall
    I like this vacuum for the most part, but the previous one I was using was a very very old vacuum, so I'm sure any vacuum was a huge improvement.

    I do wish the dust collection chamber was bigger. It is not really that big. I have to empty it almost every use if I vacuum the whole house. The filter was pretty filthy after the very first use. It supposedly doesn't need changing for 3 years. I'll have to see if that is true. Cleaning the filter system seems like it will be a hassle, based on what I read in the manual. But I have yet to do it.

    "Hush" mode isn't really that quiet. I use that mode normally since regular mode is really really loud. But "hush" mode isn't that much quieter. But I certainly don't expect vacuuming to be a quiet activity.

    The hand tool attachment is great for cleaning couches. We have a dog and he gets the couches thickly covered in hair, but it was so much easier to clean with the hand tool.

    There are a few other features I wish the vacuum had, but for the price, I can't really expect them. I think this is a great vacuum for this price range. I really like how the vacuum self propels forward!...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This is a great vacuum. I have owned it for about 3 months and it seems relativly sturdy and has great suction power. My only complaint is that the attachment tube could be a little longer....more info
  • The Small Vacuum with power
    Although this vacuum is one of the smaller, it packs a punch. I have two very hairy pets and it works well in picking up all the dirt.
    ...more info
  • Horrible
    Our vacuum is only a year old and no longer works! It ONLY works on carpet and that isn't even very good. It does not work AT ALL on anything other than carpet. We have to pick up things such as dog hair AFTER vacuuming. Also, everything gets so twisted around the brushes that it is impossible to get the hair/string/whatever off the brush. ...more info
  • Don't buy a bagless vacuum
    Don't buy a bagless vacuum!!! I thought it was a great idea until I had to clean the vacuum every time it is used otherwise the suction is terrible. I spend time cleaning up the dirt and then I have to handle the dirt (with rubber gloves) and then spend time washing the parts -- not the hepa filter -- which is made of paper on my model -- I long for the days when I could toss the paper bag in the trash and be back up and running in 3 minutes. ...more info
  • Great vacuum for any price
    I bought this vacuum because it was really cheap, and it surpassed my expectations. It works great, has a lot of useful attachments, and doesn't weigh too much to be carrying it up and down the stairs. My only complaint is that you can't use the hose attachments if the cord is wound around the vacuum, because the hose fits behind the place where the cord winds. ...more info
  • This vac sucks dirt.
    I was impressed with the amount of dirt the vac picks up. It has a clear cannister where you can see the dirt. For the money, not a bad liitle vac. ...more info
  • LOUD when it is in "hush" mode, LOUDER when it is not
    This is a good vacuum in terms of efficient clearning and suction. The noise on carpets is bareable, but the jet-engine roar on hardwood floors is not. The "hush" button works (other reviewers are mistaken on this point) but it does so by reducing power. The overall noise level may well be close to "toxic sound" (the point at which prolonged exposure will cause damage to hearing) and I use it with ear plugs. Many other vacuums have similar problems, however, and if you can tolerate it this one is a good value from the perspective of price....more info
  • Great for animal hair
    This is a great vacuum for the price. It has great suction and is wonderful on animal hair. The only thing I don't like and read in other reviews, is that it isn't good on hard floors (wood, linoleum, etc.). I've found that to be true as well, it kind of spits the dirt back at you. So, I wouldn't recommend it for that. Otherwise I would rate it at a 5....more info
  • vaccum cleaner.
    I bought this vaccum for my Grandaughter who's in college and needed something reliable, and dependable and didn't take up alot of room. She loves the way it handles and it's simple to use since it's bagless....more info
  • Great little vacuum!
    My wife and I love this vacuum for our apartment. It is light weight and has a nice little mini-vacuum attachment that works great on furniture. I only wish the power switch was on the handle as opposed to the middle of the vacuum....more info
  • Great Vacuum, marred by design flaw
    Really like this vacuum, it's powerful and does a great job on cleaning up the dirt. Only problem is with the design of the floor attachment hose. It is situated behind the cord depenser so that you must remove the cord completely from the back of the machine, then remove the attachment hose then replace the cord. Not very quick and easy.

    Besides that it's great!...more info
  • Terrible
    I got this vacuum after using a friends and loving it. For about a month it worked great, then it lost suction. After every use (3 to 4 times a week) I had to flip it over and cut the pet hair and lint off the bristles or it would pick nothing up at the next use. Yesterday I vacuumed, then I brought into the store to see if it could be fixed under my store bought service plan (still waiting to hear back about that) and purchased a different brand vacuum because I was so frustrated with this one. When I got my new vacuum home I used it and got 3 containers of dirt, hair, things that weren't visable to the eye but ground into my carpet because the hoover didn't pick it up. It made me sick to know all that was on my floor and my kids were playing on it....more info
  • Good vacuum for the price
    I purchased this item and received it within the week. I paid $83 free shipping and no sales tax. So I can't complain. I was impressed with how well this vacuum works. Yes, it's a bit messy when cleaning the filter. I take my trash can out side and that way there's no dust let loose in the house. It's a small inconvenience considering how well this item works. I have a lab mix and a long haired cat inside and vacuum twice a day and I just can't express how well this cleans!! It does pull forward some but unless you are "weakling" then this shouldn't be a big problem for you. I would not recomend it for an elderly person for that reason. I love the power tool attachment, it works great on the chair the cat lays on! Hoover could design this so the power tool and the wand would both fit on the vacuum. Only one will fit on the side, you have to store the other in a closet or somewhere else. My sister-in-law has a dyson and this Hoover picks up the dirt just as good as hers does!! Bottom line if you're on a budget, need a vacuum for a college student, or want a vacuum that sucks up the dirt well that won't cost you hundreds of dollars. This is the one for you. ...more info
  • It works, but HUSH....
    It is a powerful vacuum, can pick up everything stuck in the carpet. You can see the dirt accumulated in the dust chamber. really powerful. The HUSH mode does not work for me. I indeed released the boost switch. The HUSH mode is just slightly quieter than normal, almost the same. Any other magic botton? ...more info
  • Still Lovin it!
    I bought this vacuum at lowe's a year and a half ago and I still love it! The regular mode works well but the turbo sucks up everything! The hush mode does work! You have to make sure that your turbo mode is not LOCKED... I have three children ages three and under and you can imagine the crumbs we get on the floor....this thing sucks up dirt you cant even see... the key to keeping the suction great everytime is to empty the dirt collector after every use. I would never buy a bagged vacuum again.
    I love the folding handle is awesome if you have limited storage space. the handle under the dirt collection cup is great for trying to vacuum stairs or carrying it up and down stairs. For a vacuum in the 100 dollar range I think this one far out does the competition. I would definitely recommend it. The one thing I would have liked to see on this vacuum is that when it was on the bare floor/lowest setting that the brushes did not spin so that it just used the suction because if you are vacuuming tile or hardwood and the crumbs are too big sometimes the brush makes them fly out instead of just suction but overall I cant complain... My mother in law recently bought this vacuum as well because she had used it at my house and liked it. My sister bought one for a friend for a house warming gift. I do agree that the hose is alittle short for some jobs but if it were any longer it would probably get in the way... and considering how often i use the hand tools it isnt a big issue. Also you can purchase an extender. I love my hoover empower! ...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum, cleans very well; Great HEPA Filtration; Hush Mode Works! (Those other reviewers don't know how to use it)
    I give this vacuum a full 5 stars, even though I was going to give it four stars, to offset the ignorance of those who cannot walk while chewing gum. The reason I would have given it four stars instead of five is because ours broke after vacuuming up things that shouldn't have broken it, IMHO, such as a long wire twisty-tie. Perhaps that is expecting too much of a vacuum in this day and age, so I'll let it slide this time to offset the lack of following simple directions that led other reviewers to proclaim that hush mode doesn't work.

    The fact is that Hush Mode most certainly does work, if you just use your grey matter. YOU NEED TO UNLOCK POWER BOOST, PEOPLE! If you leave the power boost on, hush mode is only a bit quieter than normal mode. But if you don't leave power boost locked on, then hush mode is unquestionably the quietest of the sub-$250 vacuums available at Wal-Mart (where I tested half a dozen of them for low noise due to our newborn baby prior to purchasing this vacuum). It is pleasantly quiet, and you probably won't disturb a sleeping baby that wouldn't be disturbed by normal noise levels.

    Also, it should be noted that the model numbers (U526X-XXX) prior to the hyphen only seem to indicate vacuum color. After the hyphen, it may indicate slightly different accessory packages. It might be helpful to check out the hoover website for this product at http://hoover.com/db/U5265900.asp if you need more information.

    The HEPA filtration seems to work well. If you cannot afford HEPA filtration systems, vacuum regularly (and consider getting hardwood or laminate flooring), because this vacuum cleans the air while vacuuming, or so it seems. I have no way to clinically test this theory, but it seems that there is always less dust in a sunlit room after vacuuming with this vacuum. Just remember that these bagless vacuums can be less than pleasant to unload, and depending upon the level of dirt/carpet fibers loose enough to be picked up by this vacuum, it is possible to fill the vacuum up with a typical 1700 square foot carpeted area (at least with our shedding carpets!); carpets that shed less, cleaner floors, and a lack of pet hair or residents losing their hair will dramatically reduce the chance this will happen, of course. :)

    I hope this review was helpful. Have a wonderful New Year!...more info
  • How can they lie like that?
    I give it 3 stars because (1) very good regular suction, (2) the ease of pushing it/pulling it, (3) the electrical cord is long, (4) the filter is washable.

    Now then...Hush mode? That's ridiculous. The "hush mode" sounds EXACTLY the same as the regular mode, just as loud as any regular vaccuum. The display at the store had a button that you push (not on their actual vaccuum, but on a display kit). That sound was so soft it purred. There was a picture of a sleeping baby, showing that you could vaccuum quietly when your children are asleep. That's craziness. There is no difference. That was part of the reason I purchased this.

    The suction seems to be very good on the vaccuum itself. It picks up dirt that I didn't realize was there.

    While vaccuuming, I can smell the dust that's being emitted back out. I think most vaccuums do this, unless they have a sealed hepa system. This doesn't have a sealed system, most of them don't anyway. But I can smell the dust smell. I don't like that.

    The attachment hose does not have very good suction. It does pick up, but it leaves some behind and I'd prefer much better suction for my stairs. That's just me.

    This next comment isn't about Hoover but about the bagless feature in general. If you're considering a bagless vaccuum, I'd like to say this: this is my first bagless vaccuum. I will never get another one. That's like buying a freezer that doesn't defrost itself. Why would I want to see the dust & dirt ad be exposed to that? I'd rather have it all contained in the bag, then throw that away. I shouldn't have bought this, for that reason. There is a large canister to hold the dirt, but then you have to dump it out as best as you can to throw it away. Dust starts inevitably flying and you're trying not to inhale because you know what's in that debris. Yuck.

    I'm getting a bagged vaccuum that also honors company claims, not one that is completely wrong about a major feature. ...more info
  • bad wheels
    The vacuum performed great but the wheels fell off and couldn't not be repaired by the repair shop. They claimed the part was unavailable. I had to buy a new vacuum after about 7 months! I just bought a new one, same brand and model because I was so happy with the suction and thought it to be a fluke. The wheels are trying to break off the new one now after about 6 months! I can't believe Hoover would put such cheap wheels on this thing.
    ...more info
  • Great but not perfect
    I bought this one at Big Lots and paid $89.99 there because I needed it right away. My Euro-pro completely broke on me.

    This vacuum did a great job. The suction was good and overall design is easy to use. The little powered attachment is really neat too.

    Mine came with a bonus hose so that you can extend the attached short hose. I'm not sure if this one also comes with it because the description isn't long. If it doesn't, I know you could buy it.

    The fold down handle is neat and all of the onboard attachments fit perfectly. The blue color is nice and the length of the electrical cord is perfect.

    DON'T buy this for the "hush" mode. It DOESN'T do anything.

    The hepa filter works well but the vacuum itself does get a little bit of dust on the outside....more info