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Genji: Dawn of the Samurai takes you into an action-packed fantasy based on the ancient Japanese tale known as the Tale Of Genji. Set against the beautiful and elegant environments of feudal Japan, "Genji" delivers a story of two noble warriors engaged in a crusade against mythical forces controlling Japan. Genji: Dawn of the Samurai features authentic swordplay choreographed by Japan's leading swordsman, and production directed by acclaimed industry veterans. Authentic swordplay and motion-capture, executed by Japan's leading swordfight composer Over one hour of rich cinematics developed by industry pioneers, telling a dramatic storyline of revenge.

  • It is 1159 AD, and a brutal samurai clan called The Heishi have stepped in to take power after the old nobility fell. With their mystical stones, they rule the land through fear and violence.
  • Extensive weapon, armor, and attribute upgrade system enhances your character's strength, defense and health
  • Two playable characters, each with his own fighting style, upgradeable weaponry and character development
  • Battle mythical enemies and fantastical creatures armed with deadly weapons and magical powers
  • Fight in 30 missions across elegantly styled environments of feudal Japan -- with real seasonal changes and authentic Japanese architecture

Customer Reviews:

  • A great hiden teasure!!!
    Genji is a fantastic game, pros: grafics, sound, History line. cons: no too fun, some repetitive. but overall is a greates games for PS2. ...more info
  • Dragonball Z Character Dialogue to the Rescue!
    Boring and repetitive. That's pretty much how I have to sum up this game. The action is just a constant repetition that never leaves you feeling satisfied and the constant character dialogue and cutscenes leave you wincing from painful laughter. If you ever watched Dragonball Z on Cartoon Network then you'll know what I'm talking about. If not compare it to Speed Racer "I will be the greatest racer in the world!" , "No! I am the greatest racer in the world!" etc etc. I want my $12 back. Time to go pawn this trash off at GameStop....more info
  • Genji
    A fast paced game that has a lot of play time, plus I love these types of games. They are still putting our awesome PS games....more info
  • A Fun Game
    This has turned out to be one of my favorite games. In many ways it is a hack and slash, but there are subtle fighting techniques and a lot a strategy that is needed to win. With two very different playable characters, you have your choice between the slow but powerful warrior or the quick but weaker swordsman. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses and you will need to utilize both during the game for various tasks that one or the other can only do. The game is hard at times, but not overly so to become frustrating. It felt very authentic Japanese and I liked the story. It took me about 8 1/2 hours of playing to solve the game. I'm sure veteran gamers can probably do it in 6 or so. This is a good one to pick up in the used bin. I enjoyed it very much....more info
  • Onimusha's true contender
    I've played the onimusha series for a while now, i thought i'll never see a samurai series that looked so good and so great, but thanks God i was wrong, if you like samurais and katana and wakisashi fighting, this is your game, it's the answer from sony to capcom, we can do it too. Great Graphics, incredible sound, amazing scenarios, this is just the game of hack and slash that you've been looking for. Simply one of the best...more info
  • Very beautiful game with high production values.
    This is an excellent game that captures the feel of the samurai very well. It is also the most graphically beautiful game yet on the ps2. Although the lack of Widescreen support is what lets it down. You see the whole game is with Japanese voices witch is great, although if you have a widescreen tv the subtitles will be cut off unless you watch it squashed, this is lazy from the developers, they could have added 16:9 and 480p easily.

    The cut scenes are plentiful and very well done, the music is perfect and captures the feel of every scene and mood. Also despite what some people might think this game isn't that short as there are extras after you complete the game much like Onimusha.

    The gameplay while not greatly detailed is fun especially the counter hits where you have to press the attack button when you are just about to be struck. You can also shop for weapons and armour and build up your character with exp and levelling.

    A worthy purchase and head and shoulders over poorly made garbage like MK Shaolin Monks....more info
  • Beautifully flawed
    Bottom line: if you love samurai games this is a rent and if you really really love samurai games this is a buy used. The potential to be an excellent game is there, and ultimately, that is why it is a let down.

    The game is simply beautiful to behold and listen to. It is a feast for the eyes and ears. You will get sucked into the story and swept away. This only lasts so long and, this is not a long game either, and once past the surface the game is a bit of a let down.

    The heart of the problem is you never really feel like the samurai you are. It is a beautifully housed and dressed blade with no edge. 'Genji' looks great but it is ineffective and has no samurai soul.

    Why is that? It's because the game play itself, the combat system specifically, is simple and shallow at best. This is hack and slash, and I like hack and slash (Samurai Warriors), but this game deserved a different treatment (or at-least more to hack and slash through).

    The 'now I'm gonna slow down time and kill you' aspect of the game is really cool the first 10 times. I found it to be pretty satisfying but not as rewarding a feeling as the tate system in 'Shinobi' (for PS2) or just one simple kill in a more complex combat based samurai game (the 'Bushido Blades', 'Kengo' or even the 'Way of the Samurais').

    Here in 'Genji' I am never scared in battle. I get more riled up playing 'Samurai Warriors', trying to stay alive amid the horde, then I do facing off against four combatants in 'Genji'. That's just not right because 'I look so good' (or atleast my character does).

    Your accomplishments will be small: "Woo hoo killed all them. Excellent I used my Kumi power on the boss and got an item."

    The only reason to play deep into the game is to see some of the levels, and if you get an itch, power up one of the characters to a super insane slashing machine. Beautiful but a little disappointing.

    When, oh when, will a good samurai sword combat system meet an rpg like hack and slash? (This game isn't, and no, Onimusha was not either.)

    Fun = 3 stars (too simple and shallow)
    Overall = 4 stars (3 + 1 for the samurai theme)...more info
  • Extremely Underated Game.
    I have to admit, I was looking forward to this game over a year ago when the first screen shots and trailers came out. And after buying it and playing it through, this Genji didn't disappoint in the slightest.
    First of all, the game looks and sounds fantastic. One of the best games graphically for the PS2. Despite tepid reviews, the action comes pretty fast and furious, despite the ability to pull a Kamui, or slow down time to quickly dispatch your opponent. This is a very cool effect and it doesn't get old. It also helps to practice it as much as possible, because once difficult mode is unlocked, its the only way to survive in absence of levelling up and finding health items.
    Speaking of difficult mode, the game has tons of replay value, contrary to what has been mentioned. The RPG elements allow you to search for hard to find weapons and armor in continuous mode, and difficult mode is a real challenge. Mastery of Kamui and Mind's Eye techiniques are a must if you want to survive and finish the game in this mode.
    I have to say that my favorite thing about this game is its almost straight action, with some RPG elements to give replay value. There isn't alot of backtracking to add length to the game, not alot of platforming, or puzzles to drive you nuts. So if your into action, or just love Samurai, give Genji a try. You won't regret it....more info
  • Very High replay value
    This might be my favorite game on the PS2. It has a great feel to it. The best games are ones that allow you to improve at a skill as you progress through the game. It's not just about collecting a better weapon or a better set of armor...which this game has plenty of. But, it's about improving your own skill in the game, your reflexes or observational skills.

    Oddly enough, I actually learned something spiritual near the end of the game. Since this game was able to touch me in an emotional and spiritual way, it has definitely earned 5 stars, at least in my book....more info
  • 3 times through.
    I played this game 3 times through it is I must say the best game I have ever played. It has good camera angels, it has beautiful landscapes, you get attached to the character's, it has a great plot, it does not set you back too far if you lose, and only reason it is rated mature is because it has some blood in it that is the only reason. I love this game. This is the best game I have ever played and I HAVE 26 GAMES!...more info
  • so sorry i missed it earlier
    i recently bougth genji right here off of amazon. i was mostly just looking for a cheap game to pass a few hours. i had remembered seeing genji months before at gamestop or eb games as a new release but it didnt catch my eye at the time. before i got genji i read a few reviews, and checked up on the ratings it got, on average it got a soso score. however w/ players it seemed to be highly rated so i chanced it. and wow.... the storyline presentation was like a fresh kick to the eyeballs, the gameplay graphics r a bit better than ps2 average. the controlls were seamless and slick i felt like i had utter control over any situation. kamui was perfect. if i didnt feel like hacking thru 7 guys i could just get things moving thru kamui, it slows down time slightly and issues a challenge to all enemies ur fighting then they either take turns going after u or they all try to get u at once while u deliver killing blows. ive played thru 6 or 7 times now n still going. in fact i have only one complaint about it, i just wish there was a bit more to do, as far as sidequesting that is, if u can even consider that a real complaint. definitly one of my top favs now. dont miss it...more info
  • Shameless Onimusha Ripoff
    WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?!! This game is a shameless, pointless, ineffectual ripoff of the Onimusha series! I bought this game after reading the rave customer reviews, only to be gravely disappionted. I'll give it full points for beautiful graphics, but the combat is only barely better than button-mashing, you only get ONE magic ability -which is almost impossible to use unless you have the reflexes of an ACTUAL NINJA- and the boss-battles in the later stages of the game go beyond challenging to just frustratingly hard! If this genre appeals to you, play the Onimusha games -they're FAR BETTER. If you've already played the whole Onimusha series, either RENT this game out of mindless boredom or spend your money on something less boring. I just don't understand why everyone raves about this game... it's a shameless ripoff of the Onimusha series, but it's not even remotely as much fun!!...more info
  • this game come a different language
    Certainly this game is like movie, you have to wake in every scene, I dont undertand nothing, this languange is weird....more info
  • fun! but short!
    if you like dynasty warriors you'll like this game! this is a button smasher game but sort of solving puzzle game, the background is beautiful and the gameplay is fun! you upgrade weapons, gain expereince points, etc. but what its lacking is its length and at times it can get repetitive since you have to go back to the same levels. it took me about 2 days to beat this game, and i would not play it all day i would play maybe 5 hours in those 2 days! it was really short but if you can handle that then get genji....more info
  • Great slashing game with a bit more to offer
    Genji takes the standard slashing game formula and adds to it with special "Kumai" attacks. In these special attacks, the player can slow time to unleash devistating counter attacks against enemies.

    The game is fun, with intuitive play control and wonderful graphics. Some of the bosses are inordinately difficult in comparison to the standard enemies.

    The game is also short though, and left me wanting a longer scenario. After beating the game, some extra challenges are unlocked. The extra challenges are not spectacular enough to keep replay value high.

    This game is worth picking up for the low cost. It should keep a gamer entertained for several days if not a few weeks....more info
  • Great game, but 1 glaring flaw
    I was ready to give this game the highest rating, but it has one glaring flaw that I just can't ignore. And that flaw is its length. Up until I finished the game, I was completely baffled by the mediocre scores it received from the media.

    There are a couple of things that make Genji a very unique game:

    1- It's extremely well presented. It's obvious that a great deal of polish and care were put into the games presentation- from the menus, to the sound design, to the architecture of the buildings... all top quality.

    2- This game is just dripping with atmosphere. Often it is dark, but it's not overt, like say, a Resident Evil. It's not meant to terrify. But it does have a dark, mystical quality that is rare, if not nonexistent, in most games.

    3- This game is constantly putting you up against bosses. I don't think I've ever played an adventure game where I had to fight bosses so often. I supposes they wanted to pack as much action into the game as possible.

    4- On a similar note, I don't think I've ever played a game where I was able to upgrade my weapons and armor so frequently. This is neither a negative or a positive. Frankly it was just kind of odd =). Once you get used to a cool new weapon, the game shoves another, more powerful weapon in your face.

    But getting back to the length. You know, when all is said and done, not every game has to be some super long, epic adventure. But the problem goes deeper than just the length. Truth is, there just aren't that many environments in this game. If the length remained the same, but there were many, varied environments, IMO, the game would be close to perfection.

    All in all though, a great game.

    And 1 last thing I forgot to mention. I found the combat to be quite enjoyable.
    A great accomplishment especially considering there is no lock-on targeting....more info
  • "Dawn" of a fun, if brief, gameplay experience...
    "Genji: Dawn of the Samurai" takes a cue or two from the "Onimusha" playbook, though it actually exceeds the two latest entries in that series. Yes, it's another samurai hack and slash on a PS2 full of 'em, but it's easily one of the best. If you are at all a fan of such action games, or just action games in general, you would be remiss if you skipped "Genji."

    The storyline centers around a young samurai and his hulking sidekick as they embark on a mission to collect power-granting magic orbs and defeat the bad guys who would use said orbs to gain ultimate power and bring fuedal Japan to the brink of chaos. This too is standard stuff on the surface, but one peek beneath and there's actually something far more interesting going on. The plot, though ultimately disposable and perhaps a little too long-winded for its own good, is solid and lacks the hyper melodrama found in most games in the genre -- and that's a blessing in its own right!

    "Genji" grants you the option of playing as either the aforementioned young samurai, who is speed and finesse incarnate, or his gigantic companion, who makes up for what he lacks in both speed and finesse with titanic strength. The combat in the game is responsive and satisfying, especially when you factor in the special focus mode that allows you, if you're reflexes are sharp enough, to instantly kill several opponents with one good stroke. It's good stuff, to be sure.

    The graphics on display are crisp and stylish, even if they do portray a fantastic, slightly anime style ancient Japan that we've already seen before countless times. The sounds effects do their job admirably as well, accompanied by some music that fits the themes of the game perfectly. Excellent cinematics further round out the impressive production values.

    The game's primary weakness is its length. This one doesn't last all that long. And, again, the samurai hack-and-slash is a derivitive action sub-genre that holds very few surprises. That said, if you're a fan of these types of games, don't miss this one. It delivers where most falter and languish in mediocrity. ...more info
  • Genji
    I give this game 5 stars because the graphics are amazing! However the story line is too short. i still think it is one of the best hack and slash games out there and definetly worth the money....more info


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