Total Humidity Controller - Controls Appliances Based Upon Humidity Level

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Product Description

Control humidity level accurately by easily connecting this device to your dehumidifier. Acts as a dehumidistat to turn dehumidifier on and off as necessary to maintain relative humidity level.

Customer Reviews:
  • Works, with some issues
    The Total Humidity Controller THC-1 humidistat unit is a dial selected humidifier/dehumidifier switch, used to activate a (de)humidifier plugged into it. I use mine with a Venta LW44 Airwasher humidifier to keep my cello humidified. While the switch works well, and the humidity level seems to correspond with the dialed value, it often takes a long time to come on, and the sensor makes a crackling, hissing noise while it is deciding if it needs to come on or not (the transition between off and on). This causes nearby electrical/radio interference while it is doing this. It is also quite expensive to be having such issues. I'm wondering if this is a bad unit or if all these units have this issue. A quick rap on the knob will cause it to come on, but remote controlled lights/ceiling fans and televisions will have interference issues while it is near its target humidity to turn on, and the crackling noise is annoying....more info