Condemned Criminal Origins

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Product Description

Condemned: Criminal Origins allows players to experience the unnatural, as they track down serial killers and bring them to justice. Play as Ethan Thomas, an FBI agent in the Serial Crimes Unit (SCU), whose pursuit of relentless serial killers leads him through detailed urban environments filled with sociopaths who lurk on the edge of humanity. Condemned maintains an intense, focused pace -- Players can never be sure what waits around each corner. Meticulously crafted 5.1 surround-sound will cue players to the location of offscreen enemies Next-generation lighting, mapping, and filtering techniques provide for environments of unprecedented detail and visual quality

  • Weapons and ammunition are scarce, leaving the player vulnerable to the game's mentally deranged criminals
  • Careful detective work and precision reflexes are your primary means of survival
  • Intelligent enemies respond strategically to your offensive and defensive maneuvers
  • High-level physics allow players to manipulate background items, which respond realistically when picked up, kicked, or bumped
  • Tightly wound story, backed with strong character development and major plot twists

Customer Reviews:

  • What a twisted game...
    Comdemned Criminal Origins is an excellent game. I have just finished beating the game today "June 7,2006" and the game is pretty amazing. For my opinion the game is great, dont get me wrong on that, but it's probally not the type of game that I would like to play over and over again. The game has a major role of suspence and it has major twists. The game seems fun to play at, at first but after you beat it then it can get kind of boring. This is after you unlock all of the unlockables. But one of the things that surprised me was that the graphics for a game that was released on Nov. 17, 2005, were really good compared to today's next gen games. One of the things that made the game exciting for me was how much environmental the area was. You could pick up anything from guns on the floor to the pipes on the walls. Even the sound effect of when an item smashes into a person is so detailed, I mean not that I would know but it's definetly a game worth trying out. Also it will probally be best if kids dont play this game becouse of the ecessive violence.
    ...more info
  • A good game until the end
    I liked this game, even though it was basically the same thing over and over but it was still enjoyable until the end. This is the reason I'm giving this game a 1 star rating; at the last part when you're fighting the guy with the sword on the rooftop for some reason it would let me pick up the health but it wouldn't let me pick up the board or the small steel pipe. I tried this 12 times, the only thing it would let me do is kick so needless to say I had no weapon (besides my foot) and I could not block. I took the game out and threw it away (glad I only paid $10 for it). That part right there made this one of the worst games I ever played. I do recommend it if you want to kill a little time but that's about it. I was very dissapointed in that....more info
  • freakiest game i've ever played
    This game is by far the creepiest and most disturbing game I have ever played. The creators at Sega and Monolith are quite possibly deranged psychopaths, but that just makes this game all the better. In my humble opinion, Nintendo needs to take a lesson from Sega and stop making consoles and stick to games (and make sure they involve characters besides Mario). But sticking to the task at hand, the freakiest part for me (and this is all I'm going to say about it) is what/who you find inside a locker at the high school. The final level, the boss at the end, and how the story finally ends are also very unnerving, for lack of a better word. The videos and segways between levels are also creepy as hell. In one, you're thrown around like a rag doll by some invisible force(it thankfully doesn't affect your health). The graphics are simply amazing, and definitely the best of any of the five games I've played on this conxole. The storyline is solid and completely engrossing, and by what I gather from the absolutely insane ending, I would not be surprised to eventually see a sequal. In short, if you're in the mood for good a old-fashioned zombie massacre kind of game this needs to be on the top of your list....more info
  • This is a great 360 game!
    Okay...this game isn't perfect, but what game is?
    It's creepy and dark and very addictive, featuring an interesting story, great graphics, and plenty of wet your pants levels.
    This game unfolds like a great cop thriller/horror movie, with plenty of scares and hold your breath moments.
    The constant battles with the druggies and street trash gets old fast using lead pipes and 2x4's, but the ultra cool cut scenes and freak-you-out moments when the ghostly images appear and weird visual things mess up your mind while playing.
    I love games that do that.
    I've played every Resident Evil game and I'm a big fan of the horror genre in general, but let me tell you, this game will freak you out!
    It reminds at times of a 360 version of the Gamecube's Eternal Darkness.
    The weird movie moments and mess with your head moments are found within this game, and I'd recommend it to anyone.
    Play it in the dark, alone, on a large screened TV, with the speakers turned up nice and loud.
    (I don't have an HDTV, but it still looked good and creepy on my tube)
    If you want to get into a game and feel jumpy and freaked out while playing it, this is the game for you.
    (I kept thinking to myself while playing "there is no way I would be walking around in there armed with a lead pipe")
    Buy this game, it is good scary fun!
    ...more info
  • Awesome - all games should be this well done!
    I sat down to play this game one night after dinner. I ended up playing it all the way through until 3 AM - IT IS AWESOME! What a great mix of good graphics, great combination of a FPS, CSI type game, with horror, suspense and high production values to boot. This game was a real pleasure to play! I highly recommend playing it as others suggest - lights off, dark room and if you have 5.1 sound, you are in for a treat. Really, I couldn't recommend it any higher. ...more info
  • "Thinking Man's" FPS
    If you're looking for a run-and-gun FPS this isn't for you (understand that this makes gameplay a little slower). However, this game is a lot of fun. Ammo and guns are scarce so you have to use anything else in the environment, and items are actually quite plentiful-- signs, pipes, 2 x 4's, and more are all at your disposal. The concept behind the combat system is awesome, it gives you a break from the "spray and pray" that every FPS utilizes. In doing so fights feel more personal and involved since you have to get right up in a baddie's face, then block and attack. This in turn requires flanking and a little forethought before attacking, especially if you have multiple targets. (It's also quite satisfying dropping a guy to his knees and having a few options as to how to finish him off, such as snapping his neck, bashing his face in, and others.) The AI is "intelligent," enemies will take cover and wait for you to make a move instead of just charging. The lighting is great and really, really sets the mood, guaranteed to keep you on your toes the entire game.

    Lastly, bravo for having the subtitles option. It still amazes me that there are games out there that lack this feature. For Deaf and Hard of Hearing gamers the lack of subtitles is infuriatiang. Have to give credit where credit is due....more info
  • Not So Fast!!!!!!!!!
    I read several of the reviews about this game and got suckered into shelling out sixty bucks for it. It is ten levels long -- six bucks a level. It takes only a day to beat it. The graphics are excellent, but game play is too slow and boring. They at least could have given us another serial killer to hunt down after you catch Serial Killer X to make another ten levels or so. But then again this game is so slow and boring it wouldn't hold your attention for twenty levels -- you'd be selling it on Amazon just like I'm going to do after I write this. This game just doesn't have much going for it other than being pretty. ...more info
  • Awesome
    This game scared the hell out of me but I loved every minute of it. Awesome game and concept. ...more info
  • Don't play this one in the dark!
    Condemned: Criminal Intent is an intense horror game released by Sega. Taking full advantage of the improved graphics of the next generation systems (it's coming out for the PC and the Playstation 3 as well), it's a beautiful game, though in a very creepy way. Everything's harshly lit with a lot of shadows. Don't play this one with the lights out, that's for sure. Only the length and a couple of other problems mar what otherwise is a wonderful game.

    The story is definitely gripping, with fairly good voice acting. You play FBI agent Ethan Thomas, a hunter of serial killers who becomes hunted himself. The cut-scenes are effective, moving you from one chapter to another with effortless ease and advancing the narrative. These cut-scenes aren't important for the gameplay (the game tells you what you need to do at the start of every chapter), but it definitely adds to the immersion. It's quite easy to lose yourself in the story. Every time I meant to turn the machine off and do something else, something kept me going to find out what would happen next. Yes, it's fun to bash the bad guys and the action is intense, but often it was moving the story forward that kept me going.

    My one major problem with this game is the length. On Normal difficulty, with me not being an expert on these types of games, I still finished this in about 10-15 hours, maybe 20, of playing. I bought it on a Saturday, played a *lot* of it over the next couple of days, and finished it on Monday. I think the game is fun enough and I'm definitely glad I played it, but I did feel a little ripped off paying this much money for that short of an experience. A major strike against an otherwise awesome game.

    Condemned: Criminal Origins is a first-person game, though "shooter" isn't really appropriate. Yes, there are firearms in the game, but you're limited to the number of bullets that are found in each one. You'll never be able to re-load. You'll have to find another gun before you can shoot again. Most of the action is hand to hand, so you have to find weapons somewhere. Don't worry: weapons are scattered around everywhere, from a length of pipe to a locker door.

    Pressing the left bumper implements one of the coolest aspects of the game: your taser. The taser will stun your opponents, allowing you to run up to them, take their weapon (by pressing "A") and beating them with it (or shooting them if it's a firearm). It's especially effective when they're shooting at you and you don't have a gun. There's no way to get into range while they're firing without getting blown away yourself, so just use the taser. I found all of the controls quite intuitive and it quickly became second nature to do all of this. I'm not the best person at action games, so the ease of this was really appreciated.

    You're also linked, through most of the game anyway, to the FBI crime lab and your friend, Rosa. When you enter a room where there is evidence to be collected, your intuition tells you to press the "X" button to get out an evidence-finding tool. Once you find the evidence, it's immediately sent to Rosa over the phone (handy!) and she'll tell you what it is. This is important to move the story forward, though occasionally the gas spectrometer will lead you to a bird for an Xbox Live achievement instead of evidence for Rosa. I believe you can turn this "intuition" off as well, though I can't imagine playing the game without it until you know the story.

    Overall, I'd rate the gameplay as excellent. The AI of the enemies is pretty good, though sometimes they'll stand there and look at you until you get fully in their line of site. However, they'll use cover at times, they'll try to sneak up on you or gang up if there is more than one of them. If they're weapon breaks, they'll run until they've picked up a new one. They have the same abilities to pick up weapons as you do (sometimes they come on to the screen with no weapon and will pick them up on their way toward you), so if you drop something in the room, it might just be used against you. One thing, especially near the end, is that they are intelligent enough to fake you out. The big guys will sometimes fake an attack to make you raise your weapon to block, and then attack you when your weapon is lowered again. While frustrating at times, I found this extremely well-done.

    The graphics in Condemned: Criminal Origins are simply wonderful and really add to the mood. Some of the cut-scenes are a little fuzzy, but I think that's supposed to be part of the atmosphere rather than a bug in the game. The shadows are creepy and wandering around the abandoned buildings and tunnels can be disturbing at times. Blood flies liberally, and the results of your actions will linger in the environment. The sound also adds deftly to the mood. Eerie sounds and bangs permeate the game, making you jump occasionally. When you're not sure which shadow the next attack is coming from, any sound can be unnerving.

    I really loved Condemned: Criminal Origins, and it may just indicate the new wave of horror games. It's an extremely visceral experience, but it is also quite violent. It definitely earns its "M for Mature" rating, with a few swear words but mostly with the graphic violence. If you've just used your pipe to beat somebody over the head repeatedly, the blood stays on your pipe. The game will definitely keep you on your toes, making you jump at each sound. I just wish that it had been longer.

    David Roy...more info
  • Wow wasnt expecting that..or that....or that
    graphics-8 there great but not o so great.
    game play-8 its slow when your walking, but you can sprint
    sound-9 great quallity, you here everything, even footsteps.
    story-9 great story(spoiler) im a serial killer :P

    I would have really enjoyed this game if it was a real shooter, in this game u usually get a gun in a great while, which kinda sucked. Other wise your weapon is a crow bar, pipe, fire ax, ect. But anyways this is a great game. its were ur a FBI agent and ur hunting down a serial killer.

    So anyways there was a part that cept me guessing and saying why. later on i found out something wierd and ofno understanding
    (spoiler). turns out ur a serial killer :P
    i didnt understand this, at all. But also im guessing ur like a phycic ur something cuase in certain parts of the game a black shadow pops up unexpected, scares you, and shows you secret entries and stuff lol.

    well this game is pretty scary, makes a grown man jump. Well me and my dad were playing and when he walked into the room to clear the first stage a loud booming sound filled the room and scared my dad ROFL... so its pretty scary at some points, you will jump more than once.

    i still say it would have made a great shooter. but its still pretty suspenceful.
    WARNING some people say this game isnt o so great, you could be one of them, so rent this game dont buy it.

    ...more info
  • Condemned is what survival horror is all about
    Condemned lets you take control of FBI agent Ethan Thomas, who while investigating a crime scene with two cops in a seemingly run down and abandoned building, stumbles upon the serial killer who proceeds to kill the cops with your .45 handgun. Now the FBI thinks you shot the cops, and its up to you to catch the killer and proove yourself through brute force and forensic equipment while dodging cops and fighting crazed hobos.

    Thats right, I said forensic equipment. In Criminial Origins, you'll have to use black lights, cameras and other scientific tools to find clues such as finger prints and what not. It was a pretty cool idea and really helped push the story along. Also like I mentioned, you have to fight a lot in this game (both melee and with guns), and basically anything can be used as a weapon. This means 2x4 boards, lead pipes, rifles, handguns, small locker doors, SMGs, fire pokers, axes, shotguns, and many more (all these weapons can be used to block enemy attacks as well). You battle it out with a lot of freaky and odd enemies... some look like simple whacked out hobos, others look like anorexic zombies, some are big & intimadating, others look like the Toxic Avenger. What was cool is if you beat them enough, you can grab them and smash their heads into the floor, headbutt them, or break their necks - scoring an instant kill. Oh and one more thing - you get a taser that you can shoot and disarm enemies...very useful.

    The enemy AI was really good & impressive. They grab weapons off the floor or out of walls (conduits and pipes), block some of your melee attacks, take cover, and even go as far as to hide from you and pretend they are Mannequins in one stage. Additionally, if one enemy accidently hits another, they actually start to fight each other.

    Theres some things to collect such as dead birds and metal pieces.. each time you collect one you gain an "achievement" in Xbox yeah. As for the ending and unlocking anything, it doesn't.

    The only two reasons this game has a learning curve is because you need to learn when to time your blocks, and to get used to the fact that whatever ammo you have in a gun is the only ammo you get for it. Thats right, you get no ammo. So lets say you have a shotgun with 2 rounds, thats all you will get for that gun until you get a different weapon or pick up a different shotgun.. it was sorta lame, but definitley helped in the challenge.

    This game's difficulty varied. At some points it is overwhelming easy, and other times its just tidal wave after tidal wave of enemies running at you. But like I said, once you learn & get comfortable with the weapons & blocking system you'll breeze through it...well not really breeze, but it'll become easier.

    The graphics were pretty spectacular. The hobos looked really unique, twisted, and crazy. The enviroments, though dark, where really well designed and looked really run down (which is a good thing for a survival horror game of this sort). One enemy, the last boss, looked especially weird and scary. Even the fire looked almost lifelike. To put it simply - Condemned really took advantage of the X-Box 360's hardware amd everything is amazing.

    The sound effects were basically perfect. The music really helped add tension, and build anxiety while the sound effects sounded brutal and painful. Each weapon provided an either satisfying thud or bang. The enemies growls, heavy breathing and screams were really scary and added more to the atmosphere. There is cursing, which helps to add personality to every character as well. A perfect 10.

    What kinda bummered me out about this title was how short it was, and how convuluted & confusing the story became in the later stages, and finally the ending. In the middle of the game, you find out that the man you are chasing is actually a serial killer who kills serial killers with the codename Serial Killer X. At the end of the game, you capture him with the help of some old guy named Malcom VanHorn,,who, it turns out, is Serial Killer X's uncle. Anyway, you have a choice whether to cap SKX or keep him alive, and no matter what you end up in a coffee shop talkin to Rosa (shes a woman who helps you out throughout the entire game) about what happened. She leaves, you go to the bathroom, vomit, and then turn to the camera looking like the last boss fight who was a monster... I was lost, and I'm sure you are too.

    Either way, If you want to play a game that will freak you out while providing awesome combat, great enemy AI, and excellent graphics & sound - then Condemned is for you. Not to mention it's one of the cheaper 360 games out there....more info
  • My new favorite game
    If you're in to horror, serial killers, CSI, or anything like that. This is your game. You will get scared and you will jump. Ive never felt so much like i was in a game, but this one is DEFINITELY amazing. the price of this game now shouldnt have ever gone this low. you wont be disappointed. ive played all sorts of games that were supposed to scare you, but this is the first game that i can honestly say has scared me. And also if you like this, then you should definitely try "Manhunt". ...more info
  • Good Budget Game...But it has it's Flaws
    You can buy this game really cheap now (got it for $25), and it can be interesting. However, one drawback that annoyed me was that when I reached a checkpoint, and I had one enemy behind me, with a little bit of health, and med kit right in front of me, I died. So, no matter what, whenever I'd load that checkpoint, I'd die. So therefore, I had to go to the previous level, because there are no restart chapter options. So, needless to say, I was pretty pissed about this.

    Besides that, there is the investigating. I felt it could've been more interesting, more indepth. It's just to linear. Also, the blocking is flawed. I've only connected with my blocks a couple of times. I usually just sprint backwards, stun 'em with my taser, and give 'em hell.

    Other than that, fun game, but not a whole lot of replay value....more info
  • Great Game and an Awesome Value
    For $20 or less you can get one of the best launch titles for next gen systems, and unlike many of its contemporaries, you're getting a game that compares favorably with what's being released today.

    Is the game perfect, not at all. It's linear, offers limited replay, and at times can get frustrating, but despite these negatives, its a blast. It's paced nicely, offers unparalleled spooky environments, and visceral melee combat. Yes there are guns, but ammo is beyond scarce, so be prepared to tear a pipe from the wall or grab a 2x4 (at times drawers, paper cutters, and even mannequin arms can come to your aid). There's just enough foes to dispatch, but keep you on your toes (and perhaps force you to load a saved (automatically at pre set locations) game upon your demise.

    Itching to get a new (to you at least) game and want to pass on the $60 price of a new game, give this one a chance....more info
  • Most underrated 360 Launch game

    I have to say, this is one of the scariest games i've ever played. Not only do the characters scare you, but the atmosphere is so diverse. I have never had so much fun in a single player game before. I played through this game twice and both times were equally different and fun. I reccomend this game to everyone for at least a rent. There are tons of different weapons and not to mention many awesome achievments to earn. This game also has a very cool twist ending. So at least give it a rent. It's not short and given the right conditions: 3:00 in the morning, everyone asleep in the house, surround sound, this game is a lot of fun. So pick it up, it won't dissapoint....more info
  • Parent's please don't buy this game for your children !!
    Let's start off bluntly. I love Condemned: Criminal Origins absolutely! This game is the 360's sleeper hit without a doubt. It hasn't really gotten the press or the coverage it deserves, and once you begin playing the game you'll ask yourself why the hell not?? The combat in the game is engaging and INCREDIBLY realistic, the visuals are perhaps the best of the 360's launch lineup and INCREDIBLY realistic, and the most important part, is that the game leaves you with a feeling that I've never felt after playing a game ever, a feeling that is INCREDIBLY realistic.

    I've made my point three times that this game is incredible, but there is one thing it's not. This game is not for your children!! I'm 20 years old, and I've been playing violent games my whole life, from first-person shooters to survival horror games, and I enjoy all of them. But, Condemned was the first game to really scare me, and I mean after I put the controller down. The feeling that you get when you smash a lunatic bum's face with a sledgehammer felt to me very similar to the feeling that you would get if you smashed a real face with a sledgehammer. It's that good.

    I've never believed that people could play a game like DOOM, and have that inspire them to take out their classmates in a hail of gunfire, but the lasting effects of the environment and violence in Condemned made me feel that this game could. In fact, it probably more than likely scared me out of doing something like that, because now I can understand how gruesome some things are, but children on the other hand, most likely can't.

    So to my warning, please don't buy this game for your children. The video game industry is the target of enough trouble and dismay that a game like Condemned could be the icing on the cake of a very important lawsuit or peice of legislature. Particulary if Soccer J. Mom buys it for little Timmy and little Timmy decides to go swinging crowbars and 2x4's for real. I said the game was realistic enough times to hopefully tie this together. Children today do not need this game, they don't need real violence in their streets, and they don't need violence this realistic on their television screens.

    However, for every responsible adult. Go forth, and smash bum-face for the greater good....more info
  • One of my current favorite 360 games
    I'm one of those casual gamers who likes to play once or twice a week. And my favorite type of game is thrillers with killing involved. So when I saw this game, I decided almost immediately to buy it because it seemed to have a good storyline plus it got great reviews. Turns out, it does have a good storyline and the other reviews are correct. This is a great game!!

    So what's the game all about? Basically, you play as an investigator who is trying to solve a case of a serial killer who does some pretty weird stuff. As the storyline moves along a bit, some weird stuff happens to your own character. You must solve the case while killing anyone who gets in your way.

    Let's talk about the positives first: As I mentioned above, the storyline is pretty good. It gives some meaning to an otherwise general killing game. Also, the game is pretty scary. Now, I'm a lover of horror movies and I don't get spooked all that easy but playing this at night-Woo! It can be terrifying. In each level, there are tons of rooms to check out. There are also creepy guys (and some girls) walking around that you must kill. In order to kill these guys, you must grab a weapon. Different types of weapons can be found throughout the game. Some more common ones are pipes, boards with nails in them, and conduits. You also can find sledgehammers, axes, and guns on occasion.

    In order to solve the case, you must look for clues. The game shows you exactly when you're in an area that a clue is located in. Then you must find the clue, either collect it or take a picture of it, and then send the info off to Rosa who is in a lab somewhere processing the info. Each clue puts you a step further to solving the mystery.

    And now for the negatives: One thing that frustrates me is that while hitting the bad guys with your weapon, you also have to block. It may sound easy but you have to perfect your timing because if you block one second before the guy hits you, the block won't count and your health will go down. This can be a pain when you don't have much health left and one hit will kill you. If you perfect your timing, you should be fine but sometimes the bad guys trick you and don't hit you when you think they will.

    Overall, this is a great game with a great storyline. Would I recommend it? If you like killing games, definitely. If your considering getting this for a child, don't even bother. There's a high amount of cursing and violence....more info
  • Consise Summary
    Since every other game pretty much gives a recap of the entire premise of the game, i'll keep this short.

    Pretty fun. While the game will be fun, exciting, (and possibly scary for some), I found the gameplay to slowly go downhill as you went further, since you seem to be doing the same thing throughout. The game does have its high points where cool scenes and whatnot bring the story together, but these are few and far between.

    The most disappointing aspect is how you find clues and solve the murder. You run on "intuition", so when you are near clues, the proper tools are select and you need only find a spot in the room. This leaves almost all the solving out of your hands, something I was looking forward to being able to do.

    Gameplay Replayability: While some people may differ, I don't find much replayability in this, since once you have completed the game, the only reason you have to play again is to find metal pieces and dead birds through levels in order to get achievements and view some pictures. The scripted monster killing seemed to get boring after a while, which offered me no reason to play again.

    Graphics: Top of the line overall, but nothing you shouldn't expect on Xbox 360.

    Overall: While the game is quite fun at first, once you're done it offers little replayability. The game itself doesn't last too long, perhaps 10 hours overall, and the rankings are purely based off kills made and gameplay time, which seems to show people must have either hacked or left their game on too long.

    Overall, a great game to rent, but there are other games out there for 360 which offer more in the end. I will probably rent the 2nd, and may never play the first again....more info
  • Condemned:Criminal Origins
    I borrowed this game from my friend while he had it rented, I play it for about 6 hours and almost beat it! I had to levels left supposedly. But despite its shortness, its packed full of scares and good action. So thats why im soon to end up buying this game! If you want a scary game, but nothing that OVER does it, then get this! It has a REALLY good storyline, never goes off subject, stays on the whole time, and the action is real good. While your tracking down a serial killer, you use forensic tools to find evidence (a big plus in the game to me). A lot of plot twists, youll see a good one at the beggining! Seriously dont rent this game, just buy it! But if you dont, then just go ahead and rent it. But it might want to make you buy it afterwards like it did to me! But I love this game, really good stuff. I think THIS game is the BEST 360 launch game!!!

    Graphics - 5/5
    Gameplay - 5/5!
    Longetivity - 4/5 (If you dont want to play it over after beating it, but I would!)...more info
  • Not for hard core FPS fans.
    Good game if you are a fan of horror flicks. To be honest this game is more like Manhunt for the Xbox. But if your a big fan of FPS games like myself, swinging 2x4's and pipes at random punks gets old quick. You do get guns here and there BUT like 3 maybe 9 rounds of ammo so the thrill of blowing a someone away is very short b'4 you find yourself back to swinging a boring pipe.Dont get me wrong, if you like getting nitty and gritty with hand to hand combat or should I say face to pipe combat than this is hands down your type of game. The graphics are good and the sound is even better making for a good scary game. But personally there's nothing more reassuring and satisfying than watching your SMG making people breakdance. So if your looking for some good shooting action your looking at the wrong game....more info
  • Great Game and an Awesome Value
    For $20 or less you can get one of the best launch titles for next gen systems, and unlike many of its contemporaries, you're getting a game that compares favorably with what's being released today.

    Is the game perfect, not at all. It's linear, offers limited replay, and at times can get frustrating, but despite these negatives, its a blast. It's paced nicely, offers unparalleled spooky environments, and visceral melee combat. Yes there are guns, but ammo is beyond scarce, so be prepared to tear a pipe from the wall or grab a 2x4 (at times drawers, paper cutters, and even mannequin arms can come to your aid). There's just enough foes to dispatch, but keep you on your toes (and perhaps force you to load a saved (automatically at pre set locations) game upon your demise.

    Itching to get a new (to you at least) game and want to pass on the $60 price of a new game, give this one a chance....more info
  • Very Nice
    I had actually bought this for a friend who wanted it over Live, but I have played and beat this game in the past.

    Nice atmosphere, eriee surroundings and great melee combat through-out the game. Would definately recommend this game to any one who wants a really awesome SP experience; it was a launch/close to launch title for the 360.

    The 2nd Condemned does a good follow up with the story and what not, but isn't as good as the first. Find it cheap online or get it used and enjoy....more info
  • This is a GREAT game don't listen to the one-star panseys below me
    How dare some of U people give a great game like this a one star U guys wouldn't know a scary thrill if it hit U straight in the face with a burning 2x4. and to the people that said good things about this game I agree with U 100%. this is one of my favorites on the xbox360 (ok so I'll admit it is alittle over the edge in violence in some areas well not allittle ALOT over the edge. If ur below 15 years old or U have a kid below 15 I wouldn't suggest U get this game). What could be more fun than beating the crap out of a derranged sireal killer with alot of things like a 2x4,fire axe,gas pipe and more things like that(U get some guns too don't worry). the sudden attacks U encounter with ur enemies sometimes is gaurenteed to make U jump out of ur seat. so don't listen to the one star panseys below me they are too scared to play this game and games like this. I STRONGLY RECCOMEND this game to people who are 15+ first of all and second of all I strongly reccomend this game to someone who is looking for and/or likes horror games U won't be dissappointed. If U want a good scare this is the game for you....more info
  • The Scariest Game Ever
    This is a game that deserves the title of scariest game ever. You are Ethan Thomas an FBI agent who is suppose to find the Match Maker a man who kills his victims by making them into manniquenns. Around 10-15 minutes you will be framed for the murder of two policemen. This is where the game gets interesting because you battle people that are on this strange drug as they say and its gone rampant throughout the city.

    You then have to prove that you're still a good guy by finding the criminal who killed the two policemen. You'll then face different varieties of enemies, but there aren't many though. Then you will be tasked to gather lots of evidence and try to find the Match Maker, but there is another criminal the one criminal who stole your gun and killed the two policemen, his name is Serial Killler X and trust me he is very smart making you put your brain to the test.

    This game will make you go to places you really wouldn't want go to, for example you go to the appleseed orchard which is probably the scariest place in the game. The game doesn't get very scary until you get to the 5th chapter then things will get scarier. The game uses very amazing graphics. The enviroments and atmosphere is incredibly scary and realistic, but the character designs aren't incredible they're kind of rubbery but they're still good. The whole game is extremely dark and if you didn't that very very handy flashlight then well....... this game would get one star. you also get a very handy taser (the reason they put it in here is probably because sometimes you might not be good at blocking so you can taser some criminal butt.) This game is extremly awesome and scary and gives me hope for FPS and other first person games for the Xbox 360.

    ...more info
  • Fun Game
    Very challenging, and nothing like I thought it would be from the cover. The story line is very good....more info
  • First person survival horror? Who knew.
    This was quite the experience. Yes, experience. I seldom use that word when describing video games because I like to save it for the truly special ones.

    I can't help but feel like this game slipped under the radar and didn't get it's deserved praise, so maybe this review will help a tiny bit with that.

    What I like about the game is that it's realistic. You're not chasing zombie aliens from planet X in the year 2059... you're chasing a serial killer, and every location you visit is a real, dirty place you or I could walk to any time we wished. That's what makes for a scary game, IMO. Sure, there are some unexplainable sci-fi elements to it, but they don't get in the way of the story too much. You're still visiting real local and dealing with real, human enemies.

    One part that stood out for me was towards the end of the game when you're inside a house. There's a piano blocking the way and before you can take care of it you have to fight a wave of enemies because you need one of the items they are carrying. So, what I did was back into a dark closet and watch as they ran around a corner, chopping at the bit to kill me. It was epic and I'll always remember that moment when I think of this game.

    Of course there were many more scary happenings, but that one stands out for me personally.

    You should give this game a chance, no matter what. I don't care if you hate first person games, scary games or fighting games... it's an experience.

    If you like it, the second one has more of the same. ...more info
  • If they ever made the film "Se7en" into a videogame, it would feel something like this...
    This game succeeds in creating such a moody atmosphere that it's hard not to appreciate it, especially if you're looking for something dark, disturbing and downright creepy. This is one dark but beautiful game. The graphics are really well done and still hold up even a year after its release. The surround sound in this game also works well both in creating a scary environment and assisting in gameplay. You'll be able to pinpoint exactly where your enemies are if they're making noise and sometimes you'll just hear them whispering around a dark corner. This is the kind of game where you'll see something scurrying in the corner of your eye and just as you turn to shine your flashlight on it, it'll be gone.

    As your character, you'll be using forensic equipment to solve the strange case that you are in the middle of. It truly is a disturbing and violent game as you will find out soon enough. You'll have a gun to start with but more often than not you'll be using whatever you can find in your surroundings to defeat your attackers. Beating someone to death with something like a gas pipe or a 2x4 with nails sticking out of the end is the order of the day here, as well as ending things off with a neck snap or a crushing headbutt to deliver the final blow.

    The game can get a little tedious sometimes since the character movement is a little slow and the environments in some areas are slightly repetitive. In all honesty, the story is a bit confusing but the experience of playing the game is well worth it. I would definitely put this bad boy in the top ten scariest games I've ever played. Now, hopefully we'll get a sequel!...more info
  • Spend your money on something else.
    This game sounds good as it's advertised but that is not what you get. Here on the product features says "Careful detective work" however on the game you don`t do any detective work or puzzle solving to challenge your mind and correct me if I'm wrong.

    At the first crime scene of a serial killer you are instructed to use the forensic tools but it's all automatic and the game tells you when to use them plus you don't have the forensic tools in an inventory in case that you want to check everything sorrounding you to do some real detective work.

    What's fun about this game is the atmosphere if it's complemented with a home theater system that supports 5.1 sorround. You will be inside the game hearing bottles rolling on the floor by your side, footsteps and lots of other things.

    ***Really important for videogame fans**** It's an FPS (first person shooter or it should be FP beat 'em up). Some people decide buying a game based on their category if it is an RPG, third person, etc. Since it's an FPS then you only see your hand holding whatever weapong you can get.

    Finally like many other people have said here, after a while it gets boring just going around and beating people over and over again. I only played like 45 minutes of the game because I was expecting something else so if this sounds good to you go ahead and order if not I recommend Bioshock....more info
  • This game repeats itself more than Bill Clinton claiming that he never had sexual relations with Monica.
    To be fair the only PROS I can think of for this game was that there were good graphics and great audio. Moreover, the game is full of creepy environments that will get your heart racing. That however, is where my praise ends.

    Condemned Criminal Origins is one of the WORST games I have ever played and certainly, the worst I have played on 360! Do not get me wrong, plenty people out there are going to like this game. If that is what does it for you than all I can say is, you are a lot easier to satisfy then myself. I had high expectations for this game, and it could have been something special, but for me Condemned Criminal Origins fell way short of even being good.

    This game is all about slashing! That is it! If you were expecting something more like me, than you will be sourly disappointed. This game literally consists of slashing some druggies in a room than two or three rooms later, slashing some more druggies. This is what occurs throughout the whole entire game! It is like a bad nightmare that you keep having over and over the same exact way. There is a bit of forensic work in the game that tries but fails horribly at giving you something else to do. The forensic work is so easy and so brief I think the developers just threw it in there on a whim. The whole reason I purchased the game was because I thought it was going to be a thrilling mix of forensics, cinematic action and intelligent minds hot on the trail of a serial killer. Instead, I got a slasher game that insults your intelligence and repeats itself more than Bill Clinton claiming that he never had sexual relations with Monica. The game's storyline starts out good than goes from worse to horrendous! I think Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs are more realistic than this game. The fact that the FBI would act the way it does in this game is just down right impossible. I felt insulted for them!

    Please, Please do not waste your money on Condemned Criminal Origins if you are expecting and more than slashing people in a creepy environment. If that is what you like than be all means buy the game I am sure you will enjoy it, but for the people who are looking for a game with a bit more intellect, and aptitude I would skip this one.
    ...more info
  • twisted title for the xbox-360
    this game feels, looks and sounds great. when you are going threw a small room with office supplies thrown around with voices coming from shadows and footsteps over head it feels like your in the x-files or in nightmare of serial-killing, manhunting addicts chaseing you. the fps aspect of it is very nice (you can see your shawdow and legs) but also the enviorment is totally interactice, when your walking slowley trying to follow the voice of a killer you might run into a chair or a pile of newspapers that you might not have seen and makes a noise witch can creep you out thinking it's the killer but then relising it was you. then comes the fighting, the most relistic melee' weapon fighting i have ever seen, if you hit an enemy in the face his own blood will temparalily blind him causeing him to swing murdurasly in your drection then you hit him in the knee cap makeing him a cripple and causeing him to try to crawl away from but then stomping on his head leaveing a bloody-crippled-twitching murderur on the ground. the only thing i didn't like, is the plot. i liked it better when you were a cop looking at a crime scene rather than being a framed-wanted man. over-all it's one of the best games i have ever played....more info
    This game is awesome. When i got home and started playing it my palms were already sweating 5 minutes in from gripping the conroller so hard. It is definitly one of the games that will make jump a time or two.
    After the first levle i was saying yeah its scary but i only fought about 5 enemies. Dont worry, in the later levels there is plenty of action.
    Its also a great game to play with friends either at your house or just talking to them on xbox live, even if it is not multiplayer.
    even though the game is pretty short it might take you a while to beat because after the 2 levles i could not play any more because i dont think the human body is supposed to have that much adrenaline. This is definently a must by for the 360 or even th PC.
    ...more info
  • Cool, scary, challenging game...
    This is the first game I've played all the way through on the 360. Fun and creepy (some scenes will actually make you jump-- especially with a good surround sound system). Highly recommended for fans of Doom and the movie Seven....more info
  • Repetitive....and not scary.
    I played it the dark.....and practically fell asleep. Im sure I would have rated it better if I played it when it came out. But it's dated now....more info
  • I didn't know an X-Box 360 would read vomit.
    There are few things in this world that make me weep openly. First there's Terminator 2 when the T-man has Connor lower him into the molten metal. Second there's the direction the Final Fantasy series has taken. Third there is this retarded, repetitive, poorly written abortion.

    The most disturbing thing about this game is the number of people that LIKED it! It has been a trend lately of just...releasing a game. Do the people making these games even communicate? Who writes the story?

    On this game I'm going to go ahead and guess that a 40 year old sweaty guy with the greasy hair and beard of an Apple product-user (you know the people I'm talking about) sat in his mom's basement and wrote this crap on a MAC. Actually...I think a MAC is about the only thing that could manage to be as useless as this game.

    What the frick is the storyline? I am a sharp guy...I get things with relative ease. This story was mung! Mung is more interesting to study than this game! I'd actually rather go out and poke poop with a stick than play this game. I stopped playing to go out and mow my lawn and the grass wasn't even that tall.

    Also, you probably think you're going to get to study crime scene evidence and hunt down clues in order to find a serial killer, right?

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! FOOLED YOU! There are little glowing pictures of fingerprints or shoe prints or evidence. You then pull out your "scanner" or whatever other make-believe tool you could think of for a Men In Black movie and then point at the "evidence". Then, the voice of a woman comes over your headset and tells you what the evidence is. I don't even get to put the evidence into context for myself!? This part of the game seemed like something that was added at the last minute. It's almost as if someone bothered to play the game before release and then went to their boss and said, "Dude...this thing plays like a first person Double Dragon...except that it sucks. After this employee explained the level of suck this game had attained upper management started throwing out bones until the game was tolerable to victims of brain injuries instead of people who demand very expensive and poorly designed trivets.

    Hmm...let's go through a check for this game.

    Repetitive levels and gameplay? Check.
    Repetitive enemies and weapons? Check.
    Broken promises regarding game properties? Check.
    No continuity or sense in the story at all? Check.
    Most goat-licking ending of any video game ever? Check.

    It's official! This game sucks more nasty burrito than a homeless guy sleeping behind Taco Bell.

    The absolute best part? I see they're making a SEQUEL!

    Coming soon to a video game store near you; Condemned 2, a whole new level of suck!

    I weep for the people that enjoyed this game. It just goes to show that the younger generation has no idea what it takes to make a good game. It's the "no one loses" philosophy. The truth hurts, boys and girls, so don't hate me because I'm right....more info
  • Rezet's Xbox 360 Game Review: Condemned
    Condemned's creator, Monolith, has been a relatively obscure company in the past years. Known among some for its mediocre "No One Lives Forever" games, it had gained some reputation after a release of "Tron 2", - one of their better titles. Through the past years Monolith was best known for working on a `train wreck' project "The Matrix Online". Warner Bros. (Monolith's parent company) has dropped the MMO project after only a few months of game going live.

    But in the fall of 2005, Monolith action team has proven that they didn't pick the name for the company as a form of sarcasm. And that their newest lineup of games indeed isn't "hollow". Striking the PC audience with "F.E.A.R" project has risen the companies name to the ranks of big hitters like Id Software and Raven Software. "F.E.A.R" has received rave reviews from the critics and was considered as a first psychologically twisted 3D action shooter.

    For the Xbox 360, Monolith has decided to bring out a different type of horror game. (Perhaps fearing controls issues always haunting 3D shooters). The result: A well made game "Condemned: Criminal Origins". Although the game is not perfect, it's definitely one of the worthy titles to be considered for the Xbox 360.

    The game places you in the eyes of an FBI agent investigating a spike of murders and other crimes around the city. When he gets framed for the murders of the police officers on a crime scene, the agent is forced to make a tough decision and to attempt not only to clear his name but also find out what's causing all the violence in the city. Being a solo ranger on the run, the agent no longer has the luxuries like supplies of the ammunition and calls for the back up.

    The game is set from the "eye view" of the FBI agent (a usual camera placement for 3D shooters). Condemned, however, is not your regular 3D shooter. Although you can wield the fire arms, the game takes approach of "closer to real life" action over some other mindless shooters. Enemies die from one shot if you can aim well, and once the ammunition is out, it's unlikely you will find more just laying in the corner of an abandoned building. So without the bullets, the only thing that shotgun is good for is hitting enemies with its butt. You will be switching weapons quite a lot, but all of them can roughly be divided into 2 types: fire arms with a limited ammo, or melee swinging weapons like pipes, sticks, and hammers. Each of those swinging weapons has different statistics which reflect your ability to block, and attack effectively.

    Let's get one thing straight. This isn't some twisted psychological nightmare game like "Silent Hill 2". And by 'them' saying the game is scary, they mean "your friends jumping at you from around the corner and scream 'BOO!'" - scary. It's a thriller, not so much horror.

    Once the door opens, you can expect that there is a drug addict somewhere in the room hiding behind a desk with a metal pipe. Or maybe there is no one. That's the guessing game you play. Often times you get ambushed by them from around the corners, which keeps you jumpy for the most times. A direct hit to the head with a metal pipe is not pleasant and can cause a severe damage to you.

    Dealing with enemies is still one of the more pleasant parts of the game. Although combat itself is very repetitive and redundant, NPCs' intelligence is quite impressive. Swinging the metal pipe itself isn't really that exciting, however when an NPC doesn't just charge you and tries to out-damage you, but rather tries to out-smart you - it's a very refreshing feeling. The NPCs will hide and try to ambush you if they have a chance. If you charge them, they may behave very differently. Some drug addicts will fight you to the death recklessly, while some will estimate their chances and may try to run away and get a better weapon and backstab you. In a fight, some of the smarter NPCs will actually be faking their hits and unloading a barrage of swings once your block goes down. Once hit, they may also pretend that they are falling down only to turn around and hit you with a metal pipe in a face.

    ["One of the more impressive situations I came across in the subway, where I was attacked by some crazy looking NPC with a wooden stick. Seeing an axe in my hands, he quickly turned around and started to run away in circles around the ticket booth. After chasing him around a few times without any luck to catch up to him. I decided to intercept him on by going the opposite direction to meet him on the other side. But unlike my expectation, NPC also turned around after peeking around the corner and seeing me change my running direction, he actually went after me and intercepted me from the behind, taking down half of my health bar. After being shocked with my shock pistol he turned around and ran away again only to come back with a sledge hammer. If it wasn't for my successful block afterwards, he would have been the winner in our encounter."]

    While moments like those are certainly exciting, the combat itself gets boring after a while simply due to the lack of fighting tactics. Sure AI is smart, but you only have two buttons to work with: an attack and a bock. Different close combat weapons have different effects on how fast you can block or swing etc. So Monolith's idea of extending the fights is by making you take 3 hits from an NPC simply because block time on an axe is way different from a block time on a pipe. HINT: It's probably best to attempt to stick to one or two close combat weapons to learn their swing and block time.

    One of the other things that bring down the value of the game is the lack realistic movement controls. You can't just jump whenever you want to. You can only do that when the game tells you can. That also affects other things in the game play such as moving objects. In some situations you are able to just push away an iron safe, while in others - a bunch of empty cardboard boxes create an obstacle you cannot pass.

    A little disappointing is the lack of puzzles in the game. With practically no challenging ones, it brings all the emphasis to fighting (and fighting, as mentioned before gets pretty old after about 2 hours of play). The most complicated puzzles you will meet will probably be of this sort:

    [To continue though the building, you need a fire axe to break the door. The fire axe you find near by in the locked cage is protected by a security device. To break the security device, you need a shovel. The shovel will probably be somewhere in the room with two crazy maniacs waiting to beat the crap out of you.]

    It also is probably worth to note that the game is pretty linear. It's extremely rare when you will have a doubt of where to go or what to do in Condemned.

    Another small issue is with the character models in the game. Although the environments in this game are extremely well made and can be considered pretty creepy most of the time, the character models could certainly use some work.

    Overall this is the best thriller type game for Xbox 360 right now and is a worthy buy. Although [I, myself] prefer games in the genre of "Silent Hill", this game does a good job of keeping me on the edge of the seat at times as well. But it's not just the dark theme that makes this game stand out. It's the combination of a good story, realistic gameplay (although a bit repetitive), great voice acting, gorgeous environments, and most importantly - intelligent enemies that make this game an exciting experience.
    ...more info
  • Copland
    This is one of the best NEXT-Gen titles on the xbox 360. The first person point of view is a great way to play like hits such as Halo and Call of Duty 2. Condemned show how one would act in a real fight by using anything not nailed down to hit a zombie with. The Digital camera and tool of the game are great. Some of the zombies are actually jump out at you before you can react. The art work push the power of the 360 above most other games....more info
  • First Person, Same stuff just done all over again.
    I am not one for first person shooters...first person anything.

    I did give this game a shot though as I do LOVE survival horror or anything deemed as scary. With it's reputation behind it for me, this game failed miserable.

    The battle action is slow and clunky guns aren't very effective and melee seems to be block, attack, taser, attack, attack, block, attack, lame finishing move...the finishing moves are very hard to see and not very gory or fun to watch at all and after the novelty effect wears off it just gets easier to smack them with a rebar with concrete on the end.

    As for storyline...meh it's slow and predictable chasing someone around doing this doing that.

    The uniqueness, yet at sometimes boring is the forensics aspect of it. In any event it is no where near real forensics but it's still lame all and all with your stinkomter, camera, laser, uv light and other toys it just gets to be cumbersome.

    The scariness of this game isn't very at all...some of the baddies are odd but that's the worst of it.

    It's not unbearable, but it doesn't stack up to Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Fatal Frame or Eternal Darkness by any means.

    It's cheap and you'll burn a couple of hours. So why not?...more info
  • Survival/Horror fans should get this game
    Graphics aren't the best but they hold up pretty well. The environments are really impressive.

    While the First Person Shooter approach might bug some, I found it unique and a nice change up from the typical third person persepective and they found a way to make it work well.

    I definitely had some scares. One in particular that may have been the hardest I've ever jumped while playing a video game. If you like Silent Hill, you'll like this game. I'm sure of it....more info
  • Awesome game
    this game caused me some serious anxiety, right up there with the first Silent Hill game...more info
  • Scared the pants off of me...
    This isn't my cup of tea, but for the record this game scared the pants off of me... it still sends shivers down my spine. Very atmospheric lighting and sound, and has the suspense of a horror flick right on the money. Don't expect a hack and slash. More like a CSI episode written by M. Knight Shyamalan....more info
  • Great fun and great scares, just a little repetitive
    I bought this game after playing the demo of it and having the crap scared out of me. Now that I own this game, I can't stop playing it. Condemned has a great story line that pushes the game forward where it falls behind. One such place is it's repetitiveness. All of the enemies move in predictable ways, and attack in the same manner. You also have a taser gun, which seems cheap because after using it you can walk right up to your enemy and disarm him or kill him. But in the light of gameplay, originality, storyline, and creepyness, Condemned:Criminal Origins is a great game....more info
    This is the worst game ever, If games are supposed to show how great HD is whats the point if your stumbling around in the dark, with a crappy flashlight that hardly works at all. This game is pointless, i would not waste you money on it, unless of course stumbling around in the dark seems like a fun way to use your new Xbox....more info
  • A solid, but too short game
    After a couple months of cruising by the electronics isle of my local big box store, I finally snagged a 360 and a copy of "Condemned." I really enjoyed the game. The combat system is unique and the controls are almost perfect. My only complaint is the game is far to short. I beat it in a weekend of casual gaming. After two days of playing an hour here and an hour there, I beat the game. I usually get atleast a week or two out of an FPS before beating it. Still and all, Condemned is worth playing through at least once, but given it's length, it's probably a better rental than a purchase....more info
  • Condemned: Criminal Origins (XBox 360)
    Horror videogames typically temper their bite with tongue in cheek--opting to soften the guts and ooze with mood-lightening, mind-numbing one-liners. Few shamelessly embrace the dark side and squeeze its blackened fruit for all its nectar. Even fewer allow their brutality the unbridled gusto of cinema. Well, fans of the grim, in the school of horror-flick-gone-interactive, Condemned: Criminal Origins is the disheveled kid in the back of the classroom with "Slayer" scribbled on his notebook.

    Mannequins: You're Ethan Thomas, a forensics agent at the bureau who, for unknown reasons, has been tagged as the next big thing. During a routine investigation into a string of bizarre serial killings, the tables are turned and Ethan finds himself on the wrong side of the law, taking a grotesque romp through the mind of a serial killer with a mannequin fetish. His quest will take you through all manner of sewer and slum where you'll rub rebar with some of the city's most desperate.

    Hand to Pipe: In fact, sledge hammers, 2x4s with nails, 2x4s with bolts, locker doors, fireplace pokers, lead pipes, and fire axes are all ripe for bashing against the skulls of bloodthirsty thugs overcome by rage. While the few guns you'll pick up have only one clip before they must be dropped, the environments provide ample blunt trauma fodder. You're never empty-handed when you can rip a piece of conduit off the wall one second and plant it between the eyes of a delinquent the next. The number-one rule of Condemned is: if it's not bolted down you can smack someone upside the head with it. In other words, there's little need for a rule number two.

    The immediacy in this game--it's all set from a relentless first-person camera--leaves you little time to think. Enemies lunge from shadowsor hide behind pillars just waiting to floss your teeth with a road sign. The ferocity of the attackers is trumped only by the satisfying feeling of momentum when you land a blow or perfectly time a block, which is by no means easy to pull off. Groups will swarm your position, and your only recourse is liberal use of a taser to slow the onslaught. A shot to the chin will sometimes drop attackers to their knees where a snap of the neck or a punch to the temple will finish the job.

    Foren-Sick: Well, sort of. To truly finish the job you'll have to use alternative lighting to find clues, snap photos of evidence, and otherwise be the forensics expert the FBI used to pay you good money to be. The good news is that a lab tech back at the bureau believes in your innocence and processes evidence through your PDA. The bad news it that your hand is so thoroughly gripped during all the forensics investigation that it ultimately becomes a distraction in a game that otherwise keeps consistently cranking it up a notch.

    How nice can a sewer pipe covered in sludge look? If Condemned is any indication, pretty damn good. While the character models are a little awkward, there's no denying that the environments are wonderfully dressed for the macabre. Though you'll be exploring a haunted mansion, a deserted grade school, a dilapidated shopping center, and all manner of the run-down and dragged-out, the oppressive implementation of light and sound permeates every setting with a consistent feeling of dread. Voicing is solid, but unremarkable, yet it's never so stilted that it pulls you out of Condemned's haunting grip.

    Just when you think Condemned is starting to become a squatter, the script is flipped, a new enemy comes traipsing up from the muck, or you perfectly time depositing the business end of a pipe into some mug's ear. The combat and weapon system are innovative, and when it seems they begin to wear out their welcome the game spirals to an abrupt conclusion. Many will say the game ends too abruptly with its nine-hour length, but there's no other experience like Condemned: Criminal Origins for those who can handle its savage disposition....more info
  • Too scary!
    If you love scary games, then this is the one for you! It was very hard for me to play it in the dark (especially since the entire game is in the dark) but it got done. There's plenty of things in the game that will make you jump and maybe scream. It's a very good game overall with a good plot and ending....more info
  • Not for the faint of heart....
    The most impressive thing Sega has done was to turn a dull CSI type game into a horror themed freaking scary game. It's not that the characters are scary, but it's the music and sounds that make it frightning. Beware of several jumpy parts that will make your heart beat faster than Nascar. It would be a great game to play by youself in the basement in the dark...if you dare. Having surround sound adds to the suspence..and keeps you right on the edge.

    The gameplay is okay. The first person view point makes the game that more scarier. There are numerous weapon variety from, wooden 2x4's, pipes, axes, sledgehammers, and more. It would of been great if there were more guns and ammos to use through out the game. I would rather be blasting creeps with a sawed off shotgun than banging their head with a pipe. Overall, this game is a great Xbox 360 launch far the most frightening game out so far...a must play for those who want to "spook" up their gaming console!

    ...more info
    Although F.E.A.R. scared me, this game is a helluva lot scarier. This game will leave you scared every turn you make in the game because it gets scarier the further you progress. You get numerous weapons to choose from to take down enemies, whether human or supernatural and the game tells you how effective they are. Crime investigating is also a fun feature in the game using a wide variety of forensic tools making you feel like a member from the show C.S.I. I couldn't believe how frightening and disturbing this game is(One of the scary moments in the game was put in Game Informer's top ten most scary moments in all of gaming). I was also excited to learn that a sequel is in the works: Condemned 2: Bloodshot which will be released in Spring 2008 for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3(Especially since this game is at #4 on my top ten favorite games of all time). Damn, the sequel looks even freakier than the first....more info
  • what is this
    the 360 has the worst games ever and this is one of them. Don't buy...more info
  • Great story but unfortunately average
    It's pretty much destiny that video games don't translate well to movies or television. Apparently the same is true in reverse. Condemned has a fantastic story. The voice acting is spot on. This would have made a great movie or television miniseries. Unfortunately, the gameplay kind of stinks. The only thing that kep me going was the engrossing story. The annoying fighting interface was sad. The "investigative" tools and situations felt forced and contrived. I get that the idea was to have a great story that you could interact in and drive as the main character. I just don't think they pulled it off very well. Apparently they are making a sequel. Let's hope it's an improvement....more info
  • another csi investigation but great game
    This game was creepy not scary but creepy, the effects were great the storyline was great. This was a mystirious game cause what if the underground is lurked with strange disfigured people and people that crawl i already no that bums live underground but what if everthing in this game is true, but otherwise this was a great fun game. It starts of with a detective to solve a murder from the hands of a phyco path but then 2 police officers got shot and killed by the phyco path murder'er, then the other police officers acused the detective of killing the 2 police office'rs but then things got worst, the detective and that other women had to solve crimes by not only the murder'er someone else was behind it all to, so as i continued the story the game started to get very interesting and very great it was like watching a horror movie and playing at the sametime, so back to what i was saying the there was'nt only one murder'er there was two causeing deaths, as the detective was solveing the murder case'es he was'nt alone there were creepy looking people that he had to fight over to succead his mission, through the game the detective was solveing pure evil and unsolved case'es quite sad to but this was a great game....more info
  • great game
    This game is worth buying and it is scary as hell . I've added it to my collection of games. And worth the price too....more info
  • a great rental
    Condemned is the first thriller game on the 360, created by the folks at Monolith, who are responsible for the hit F.E.A.R. on the PC. Unfortunately, this game didn't get the attention it deserves at launch due to the incredible amounts of hype surrounding Perfect Dark Zero.

    Condemned places you in the shoes of FBI agent Ethan Thomas, and you're investigating the strange murders of a serial killer. Right off the bat, Ethan is framed for the murder of two police officers while investigating the crime scene. This leads you through 10 missions in which Ethan tries to prove he isn't guilty along with tracing the deadly serial killer, did i also mention that the city is crawling with angry drug addicts?

    Unlike most 1st person shooters, Condemned tends to incorporate real life situations in the game. For example, 80% of the fighting you encounter will be with a handheld weapon. You will find some guns, such as a pistol, shotgun, or a submachine gun, but they only have a handful of shots in them. Once you use up your shots, the gun is worthless. The handheld weapons range from 2x4s to locker doors, and each weapon has its pros and cons (i.e. larger weapons take longer to swing, but they reach farther and do more damage). Some weapons, such as sledgehammers and fire axes, are needed to advance in certain areas of the levels.

    The problem with the combat system is that after you play the game for a few hours, it becomes extremely dull. You can only do two things with weapons: swing/shoot and block. The only real strategy behind the system is learning how to block effectively, and in doing so, performing a counter-attack. After knocking down enemies, some of them will stay on their knees, after which you can do 1 of 4 different 'finishing moves'. While these too can get boring, they are executed amazingly. For example, one of the options is to deliver a crushing headbutt to your enemy, when you do this, the screen flies towards the enemy and you deliver a sickening thud, giving you the impression that you ARE Ethan Thomas.

    You are also given a taser, but I think that this takes away from the game a bit. When you shock your enemy, they are frozen in place for you to destroy, while it does take a few seconds to recharge, its too easy to back away and taser your enemy until he's a sitting duck. this is made even worse when you get an upgraded that goes one step further by knocking down the enemy.

    While the combat is boring after so long, the enemies are still a blast to just watch. The enemy AI isn't the same moron you see in nearly every 1st person shooter. Enemies will charge at you, take fake swings to try and trick you, pretend to fall down only to come back with a deadly swing, and even run away if they see you have a much better weapon than them.

    A complaint i have is with the weird movement controls. Ethan walks throughout the game, and you can only run when you click and hold the left analog stick, and even then there is an energy meter, which once empty, will slow you down again. There also isn't a jump button, the game instead tells you when to jump. This isn't a huge downer because there aren't that many situations where you will need to jump.

    Throughout the levels, you will come across certain areas which contain evidence needed to find the serial killer. This is where the 'CSI' investigative part of Condemned comes in. Unfortunately, the game pretty much holds your hand whenever one of these situations pops up. You are told which tool to use, and how to use it. Which leads me to another problem, the game lacks any challenging puzzles and is very linear. Monolith decided to focus more on the fighting aspect of the game, which is fun for only a few hours.

    The level design is somewhat dull, a lot of the areas look exactly the same, which obviously leads to moments where you get lost a lot. The sound makes up for it however, as the sickening thuds you hear when you hit someone with a hammer is gruesome, but extremely satisfying. Its also a blast to play with surround sound, because there are many times when you hear a drug addict running around planning his attack, and you have no clue where he is.

    The last issue I had is a save glitch in my game. I haven't heard anyone else have this problem, but in example, i was on level 6, but when i started up my game, i was loaded into the middle of level 4. Unfortunately, this happened quite a lot near the end of my game, but like I said, I haven't heard this problem with anyone else.

    Overall, Condemned is a great game, but several shortcomings keep it from being one worthy of the hefty price tag. I would expect about 10-12 hours of gameplay, with little to no replay value, unless you really want to unlock all the achievements. Condemned makes a great rental, and its a blast to play at night with the lights off, with surround sound....more info
  • I have Never in my life had a Crackhead throw a chair at me in a game
    Walking in the dark, crazy crackheads everywhere (no this isn't a dave chapelle episode) and they are moving throughtout a building you are investigating in, and great.... a serial killer has your gun. Yeah... The best way to describe this game is the Silent Hill series without monsters with more swearing. is that fear that drives you to play it. Get it. That is all I have to offer. ...more info
  • Great budget game....
    Even if many of you bought and sold this game way back @ the xbox 360 launch,
    it is now cheap and just as fun, go get it and get those achievement points you never earned!!...more info
  • It's a crime not to own this game
    First off let me just say that I have played videogames for years and I know the difference between a good one and a bad one. This one however is amazing, the graphics are top quality but the gameplay, story line even and controls rock. Basically you are a cop that goes in scary, dark and very bloody enviroments and kill hobos hopped up on crack that jump out at you from the shadows. Towards the end it gets really sci-fi but in a cool way. The weapons are sweet, i wish there were more choices but here are a few that you can grab by your choice: rebar stick with concrete at the end, 2X4 with nails, paper cutter, variety of pipes, fire axe, sledge hammer, shovel. The blood in this looks fairly fake, but there is quite a bit. It was also creative that you can grab almost any weapon you see and beat guys to death with them. I rate this game 5 out of 5. ...more info
  • A lust for brutality
    In case you've ever wanted an experience in which you can sate your lust for life-like brutality without having to go on an actual killing spree yourself, it can be done in the not-so healthy murderous escapade that is Condemned. Besides that, it is a generally good-natured and humorous title that will more than often fill your black lungs with billowing laughter. Watch as that pervert's teeth fly! My favorite part has to be the Tibbits sequence. That armless bastard had me chuckling from my gullet mighty quick! ...more info
  • Good, dirty fun!
    I swear. This game is almost better than a movie! Me and my buddies in the dorm would sit around and take turns playing. It was better than doing homework, that's for sure. The game is so detailed. You had better pay attention, because it means the difference between getting to your objective and getting bashed in the head with a lead pipe....more info
  • Good game and story!!!!!
    This game was pretty good. Good story, good graphics but a little to short. I beated in a couple of days maybe three. But for the price you van not ask for more. 4.5 of 5....more info
  • Possibly the best game for 360?
    I was blown away the first time I played Condemned: Criminal Origins. This game is possibly Monolith Games finest masterpiece ever. The game is very dark, very creepy, and definately a game for mature audiences only. The scariest thing is when you play in the dark either with headphones or with 5.1 surround sound. The selection of weapons is vast and make gameplay interesting and fun. The fact that you don't always have a gun makes this game very different from others and should not be compared to the average first person shooter. The detective work will get you thinking and the game will keep you in suspense again and again. I recommend this game because it's fun, creative, and has replay value. Anyone of age with an Xbox 360 needs to buy this game....more info
  • Too scary!
    If you love scary games, then this is the one for you! It was very hard for me to play it in the dark (especially since the entire game is in the dark) but it got done. There's plenty of things in the game that will make you jump and maybe scream. It's a very good game overall with a good plot and ending....more info
  • Great system.
    I like the first person perspective of thriller games like this, and it is a big realistic change compared to most games in it's genre. My only question is where did all the crack heads come from....more info
  • The most realistic Game ever
    Condemned: Criminal origins is hands down the most realistic video game ever made. Everything, from the walls to the windows are absolutley stunning. I can't believe this is how far games have come. I strongly recommend this game for anyone who enjoys true realism in video games. ...more info
  • One of my all time favorites.
    A few reviews complain of limited ammo. Yes, whille this is true, it is the very point of the game. When you run out of ammo, you find a pipe, a piece of wood, a wrench, theres all kinds of things to pick up, and you go in and get close and personal. THAT is the thrill of the game.

    When you do get a gun, you don't take it for granted, you savor your ammo. You save it for a rainy day.

    I can't play this game alone. You *shouldn't* play this game alone. Although the box says one player game, it is not, in my opinion. At my sister's graduation party, playing it I had a room full of people terrified yet being pulled more and more into the game. This is something not to be wasted. Play this game with a room full of people. The screams of the audience just help to pull you deeper. This is when to play the game.
    It is a great game, my one complaint would be that it is too short, I played through it in two sittings. My feeling is that if you liked either of the Max Payne games, you'll love this.
    ...more info
  • good game but bad reflection of our society
    First off I realize these reviews should focus on the game not a persons personal opinions of larger moral issues. I have never been a big fan of slasher type movies and find it a little disturbing how many such movies one sees on the shelves of a place like blockbuster video. I just wonder why so many people find such things pleasant to watch.

    I do, however, like to play survival horror games because the environments are so tense and being in the center of action in such a game can be very entertaining. This game certainly has that. The environments are outstanding and the combat is pretty fun. It also has an interesting story line and the character development is good. The music also fits the mood just right. I have played quite a few games of this type and don't think I am overly squimish. However, there is some stuff in this game that is just over the top in terms of human suffering and torture. Perhaps I am being a hypocrite by critisizing it in such a way when I bought it and will probably finish it, but it does make me wonder what people really value in our society?

    If you like these type of games this is one of the best you will find but please don't play it around children. ...more info
  • This game will scare the snot out of you!
    You are a federal agent who specializes in hunting down serial killers. You have a handy set of forensic tools with which to investigate crime scenes.
    You are sent to investigate the latest murder by the "Matchmaker killer" and end up being framed for the murder of two police officers.
    From here, the story unfolds in a twisted and dark fashion.
    The setting is a decaying city where crime has drastically increased. Drug addicts, gang members and vagrants of all types are roaming the streets committing random acts of violence and mayhem.
    Your mission is to clear your name by tracking down the man who framed you.
    You will explore dimly lit abandoned buildings, subway tunnels, dark alleyways, service tunnels, an abandoned department store, and all sorts of scary and decaying areas. Your only source of light is a dim flashlight. Your only weapons are those that you find either hidden or items that you can literally rip off of the environment. You also have a kick that comes in handy more than you would think.
    The levels are very detailed and very, very scary. Most of the level will consist of you searching through dark, dirty and grimy areas searching for clues or following the man who framed you, while drug addicts, gang members and vagrants roam the darkness searching for weapons to kill you with. These levels are dark! Your flashlight barely lights the way. The game engine produces amazing lighting and shadow effects which really set the mood. Textures and environments are absolutely stunning in their detail. Each level looks just like its realistic counterpart. Character models are well mapped and their movements are realistic.
    Condemned: Criminal Origins is a true treat for your eyes.
    And a treat for your ears as well. The high level of care that was put into the graphics has been put into the sound as well. Aluminum cans and glass bottles clank around when kicked or stumbled over, garbage shuffles and shifts under your feet, metal clangs when it hits the floor. An eerie soundtrack of ambient noise plays constantly through the game, which really intensifies the mood.
    Sound is the dominant sense here. Since most of the levels are bathed in darkness, you will have to rely on your ears to sense whether an enemy is close. You can hear them cough and shuffle around - which is extremely creepy yet helpful.
    Weapons consist of whatever you can find laying around. Pipes of all sizes, rebar,2X4's, shovel's, fire axes, sledgehammers, conduit pipes, crowbars and signs all pose as weapons which you can literally rip off of the environment and use on your enemies. Of course they can use them too, and often you will run into an enemy who will run away from you in search of a pipe or some kind of makeshift weapon to bash your skull in with.
    Combat is fun, especially since you and your enemy have a block feature that works really well. Combat actually has some soul behind it as well, it not just button mashing. You have to strafe, stick-n-move and block (the enemy AI has good aim). The Enemy AI in general is very top notch and smart. They will flank you, take cover, run off to find more weapons, adn try to ambush you. They block your moves and react to each other as well. If a group attacks you and they accidentally hit each other, they will forget about you and try to kill each other - this leads to some interesting moments where you can just sit back and watch all of the enemies kill each other, doing all of the work for you.
    You also have access to finishing moves (available when you have an enemy on their knees). They consist of: A headbutt, a finishing punch to their face, slamming their head into the ground, and snapping their neck.
    There are more traditional weapons around (guns). You actually start off with a gun, however you soon lose it. There are handguns and shotguns scattered around the levels, some hidden. The only stipulation is that they are limited to the ammo that is already loaded into them, so don't expect to run around on an ammo hunt like in most games.
    Since you ARE the federal agent, the point of view for this game is a First Person point of view. The game does really well of hardly ever breaking that view either, save for the cut scenes. If you get kicked down some stairs, your point of view does not change, and it seems like YOU actually got kicked down the stairs.
    Your only point of contacts is a lab rat who analyzes the evidence that you find and gives you some tips at certain parts of the game, and a guy named Valhorn who somewhat helps you. They contact you via your cellular phone.
    The game features a whole laundry list of achievements, from finding all of the dead birds and metal pieces in a level, to actually passing a level, to finding hidden XBOX 360 systems hidden throughout the game. You also get an achievement if you finish the game without firing a gun (you can use the guns as blunt objects also). No online features, however it would be hard to have some kind of multiplayer game without it getting boring fast.

    Overall, Condemned: Criminal Origins is a very engaging game that should have you investing about 10 hours or so into it. There are 10 missions, about one hour per mission (this is considering that you are looking for the dead birds and the metal pieces, but not considering if you get lost enjoying the graphics of each level). Visually this game is a great representation of "next-gen" gaming, the gameplay is great and the sound is killer.
    Condemned comes off as a very realistic game where you have to think before you move. You cannot defeat the game by running and gunning. Pacing and nerves of steel are required for this game, as it will test both.
    I really enjoy Condemned, graphically and in gameplay....more info
  • Cheaply Creepy!
    Condemned Criminal Origins was an Xbox 360 launch title that still holds up. It's a very solid survival horror game with good combat mechanics. It's no Resident Evil or Gears of War 2, but you can get this game for about $15 now. If you've ever wanted a blend between X-Files and Silent Hill, this is it.

    Story 8/10
    The story is creepy, fairly well told, and fairly well acted. You're a detective that tracks down serial killers and there's something in the air that's harmful to birds and driving people a little crazy. By harmful to birds, I mean their brains explode. By driving people a little crazy, I mean turning them into raving homicidal maniacs. There are a few other characters that help you in your investigation and the plot thickens as the story progresses. The story is a bit convoluted at times, but it does pull you into the game's world.

    Graphics 6/10
    The game was a launch title so the graphics are dated. But, most of the game takes place in darkly lit rooms, so you don't really notice. However, the graphics are good enough to creep you out.

    Gameplay 8/10
    For a survival horror game, the combat is very good! It's much better than the Japanese Survival Horror games (minus Resident Evil 4). Most of the combat takes place with melee weapons like boards with nails in them, pipes, or sledge hammers. If an enemy attacks, you can deflect its blow with a well timed block, allowing you to land a counterattack. You can also play aggressively by attacking enemies and moving back and forth to dodge their swings. Overall, the combat is very satisfying and the animations are great. You can find guns with very limited ammo and head shots are lethal. Expect to fight 1-4 enemies at a time, so watch your back!

    Sound 8/10
    The sound effects and music set the mood really well. You hear psychotic whispers and shuffling footsteps followed by maniacal shrieks as some psycho runs out of the darkness and tries to cut your face off.

    Levels 6/10
    The level designs are good, imaginative, and very creepy. You can get lost, but it's pretty easy to get 'unlost' if you pay attention.

    Replay Value 5/10
    You can replay the game to find collectibles and get achievements. There are also 2 different endings and different difficulty levels.

    Scary 8/10
    Condemned is one of the scarier games out there and it even rivals Silent Hill Homecoming. Having a maniac run out of the darkness, trying to crush your skull with a lead pipe, is pretty scary.

    Condemned is Rated M for language, blood, gore, mature themes, and shouldn't be played by kids. This isn't a zombie fantasy game, it deals with psychotic criminals and mutilated victims.

    Overall, if you want a scary game for a very cheap price, this one delivers. The gameplay is good, the story is ok, and it is Very Scary....more info
  • dislike
    This is a boring game, really limited bullets.. you spend all day walking around. I really think its a pass. ...more info
  • A decent game marred by strange, unsatisfying plot...
    "Condemned" is basically about Serial Crimes Unit Officer, Ethan Thomas, and his quest to track down a serial killer, the likes of which the world has never seen. He's like a "super serial killer", you see.

    But Ethan has got his work cut out for him, because it just so happens that the answers he seeks are all found in the stinkiest, slimiest, most urine-soaked locales in all the land. To top it off, these places are all inhabited by morally-bankrupt drug addicts (plus the occasional mutant) who wield an array of blunt objects. Needless to say, they would like nothing better than to tenderize Ethan's beefy mug with the objects in question.

    Admittedly, the gameplay in this title is mostly enjoyable. You creep around in the dark, largely unaware of where the next assault may be coming from. Every noise puts you on edge, and you will be pulling plenty of 180 degree turns to make sure a foe isn't about to get the drop on you. The fact that you use melee weapons most of the time definitely adds to the tension. Plus, vanquishing your enemies is quite satisfying in this game. There's lots of meaty thuds and bloody chicklets spewing forth, which is pretty much videogame paydirt.

    The part of gameplay that gets old fast is searching for clues with Ethan's trick bag of hi-tech gizmos. Imagine using a black-lite to find organic matter in a room and not being able to fight while doing so. Next thing you know, a rather agitated chap comes out of the woodwork trying to bust your face in, and you are left fumbling with buttons, trying to put your black-lite away so you can exchange blows with your new pal. Irritating? You bet.

    The cut-sequences are also off-putting, but not in a desirable way. Ethan and the rest of the characters all resemble ruddy, ungainly sacks of meat whose eyes squint and strain from under folds of fleshy flaps. I suppose this is in keeping with the rest of the gritty motif which the game pursues, but it just seems weird and unnecessary. Their appearences sort of remind you of a stinky, unemployed, middle-aged uncle who has been drinking far too hard and long and still never gets your name right at family gatherings.

    However, what really dampens this game is the plot that's so surreal that it's silly. The very title of this game seems to be a parody of itself, because everywhere you go is, well, condemned. Ethan has no trouble finding a condemned variant of every possible location you could think of. Ethan goes to a condemned neighborhood. A condemned sewer. A condemned farm house. A condemned high school. A condemned shopping mall (that's right, a condemned mall in America. No joke). It's all silly enough to detract from the feelings of horror that the game attempts to evoke.

    Beyond the unlikely settings, the storyline is also vague and unsatisfying. I'm sure the surrealism is meant to creep you out, but it ultimately ends up leaving you with more questions than answers and pissing you off. For instance, there's Ethan's mysterious past. Without spoiling anything, we slowly learn that there's something unusual about Ethan, but we never really learn what that "something" is. Also, I get the sense that the game tries to make a tawdry statement about "the evil that lurks in us all", but it is all done in such a murky, ill-defined way that it avoids being psychologically gratifying on any level.

    In general, it's a passable piece of dreck that may be worthy of a few of your unoccupied nights. It's kind of like an 8oz can of Mountain Dew; short and sweet, and you'll soon forget you even had it....more info
  • Silent Hill Meets CSI
    Condemned: Criminal Origins is quite scary, I played this game during the day and I was still jumping. The thing is you can't really tell that an enemy is hunting you down at times. It's easy to see something in the corner of your eye, but then it's gone. The enemy AI adapts to your movements. There are times when the "crazies" go at each other and there are brief moments where you can stand in a corner and watch them eliminate each other. The music is something out of a Twin Peaks episode. It's keeps you on edge and some of the imagery is disturbing, especially in the abandoned shopping center. ...more info
  • Ah, beating junkies with pipes brings back some memories
    Condemned: Criminal Origins (C:CO) is probably really only for survival horror fans of a certain kind - probably those that are also obsessed with tactical shooters. That's not to say that C:CO is in any way a tactical shooter, but there is something of a spiritual similarity, in that the beauty of this game is not a continually developing and complex set of game mechanics that one must master to progress in the game, but more the continuing application of a simple set of play mechanics that must be critically applied in different ways to progress.

    Skirting the boundaries between melee and firearm combat makes this almost unique in the first-person genre, in as much as firearms are the exception, rather than the rule, and attempting to close with a bad guy who has a pump-shotgun when you're holding a 2x4 with nails in it can generate some pretty great pucker-factor.

    Plus, you get to beat the living hell out of junkies, bums and other lowlife types with pipes, 2x4s and crowbars. High-larious.

    The "investigation" parts of this game are tacked on, and laughably simple, so if you're looking for a puzzle-solver, this isn't it - but its an awfully entertaining game. Attempting to get the Gold Melee Master award (complete the game without using a fire-arm) on the hardest difficulty is plenty of fun.

    You could easily play this through in a long session, and thus to some, it might seem a rental, not a buy...but I'm very glad I bought this game, and can't wait for the sequel. ...more info
  • Sickest game iv ever bout
    I played this game at my friends house a while ago and decided to buy of the sickest games iv ever bought so far...more info
  • Freaky, Freaky, Freaky
    So the controls may be a little sluggish and the gameplay a little repetitive - this game is just flat out FREAKY to play.

    This is an interactive horror experience. This could have easily turned into a corny, over-the-top B movie ... but it actually succeeds at remaining creepy throughout the game.

    Anybody complaining that the game is "too short" or "too easy" needs to play on a harder difficulty level.

    I highly recommend this game to any new Xbox360 owners. It's a nice departure from all the other first person shooter games currently available for 360....more info
  • Frighteningly fun!
    Although I didn't pick up this title at launch with my Xbox 360, I wish I had. This game is one of the most innovative and unique titles for the 360 platform, and provides an incredibly entertaining adventure for those who aren't afraid of a little R-rated horror.

    Make no mistake, this is not a game for your children (or grandchildren) but an adult title where you're put in the shoes of an FBI agent hunting a crazed serial killer. And the path to your success is paved with pulse-pounding moments of terror and exciting action.

    The game starts out at a murder scene, and walks you through using the 360 controller to sample evidence and move about the environment. Although much of the first-person interface is new, the controls are easy to pick up, and you'll quickly find yourself immersed in the world and flawlessly moving through it.

    Although the entire 10-level game is entirely land based (you don't use vehicles or do anything besides walk around), the maps are well designed and offer interesting variety. Likewise, the story is so robust that you'll be trying to solve the puzzles as your character works each crime scene.

    If you like to earn all of the "Achievements" (or gamerpoints) for a 360 title, this game will deliver. With rewards for completing each level (regardless of difficulty setting), you'll add 150 to your gamerscore just by finishing the game. But the fun (and replayability) comes from unearthing all of the secrets in the game, including dozens of secrets, finding every piece of evidence in your hunt for a serial killer and using every weapon in the game.

    There is no online or multiplayer component to this game, but there are "scoreboards" tracking the amount of time you've spent in the game, your melee kills, etc. Honestly though, you're not playing the game to make it on the scoreboard, you're playing because you'll find yourself hopelessly sucked into the plot... And this game is easy enough that you could hand this to someone who's never played a game and get them involved too. Just make sure you keep the lights on!...more info
  • The Dark Path To Righteousness
    Survival Horror. A lot of games claim to live up to this grand title. Few deliver. Condemned definitely frickin' delivers. You will be worried about your chances of survival. You'll be on your toes. Scared? Probably not. Tense? Definitely. Supplies are few enough and foes strong enough to really up the ante on you. There is no sense that "Oh, this is just another generic bad guy coming at me." No, you see everyone as a real threat--and they could be. A couple of badly-timed moves or a poor decision can lead you to a quick reload, no matter how many similar baddies you've downed. They can all kill you if you're not careful--hence, the anxiety I mentioned.

    This is one of those games where you're torn between two ways of looking at it. Half of you is playing a video game. The other half is watching a creepy supernatural crime thriller. What some other reviewers--doubtlessly motivated by a sense of instant gratification--have described as "dull" or "repetitive" is--in reality--atmosphere and pacing. Your character moves slowly--you're always aware of your surroundings. There's no rushing through halls to engage the next enemy. Instead, you move cautiously about, checking dark corners with your flashlight, and listening intently for the sound of any footsteps that might alert you to the presence of a foe.

    Really, this is an incredibly cinematic experience. If you're a quick enough cat to follow the story (reading reviews, it seems like not all are), you'll get sucked right in. There's a crime spree going on, and you're an FBI agent assigned to a serial killings division. The game picks up on your most recent case--a murdered woman posed with a mannequin in a rotting building. Get used to the decrepit surroundings. The entire game takes place in creepy urban (and one rural) locales.

    You will periodically make use of your forensic tools to discover evidence and advance the story. Since it wouldn't be too exciting to spend time in a lab just to process it, you're equipped with a neat set of tools. Half of them work to identify evidence, and the other half collect said evidence. Once you've collected it, it's sent via cellphone to a lab and processed in mere moments (okay, so you have to stretch your suspension of disbelief for that). You're then briefed by your Bureau forensic nerd on what you've discovered.

    But you're not just any FBI agent, as you find out. You have certain talents. You have visions. Sometimes, you'll see the past, other times, the future--and sometimes you'll see things you didn't think existed. These vision sequences are the best moments in the game. You'll hear whispers muttering your name and the lights will seem to shine out brighter (think The Green Mile). Sometimes the visions are even quite useful. They'll show you where you need to look for evidence--if you pay attention--and give you clues about the story.

    This is the first game since Resident Evil that managed weapons properly. I could never abide games that bill themselves as "Survival Horror" and then give you a machine gun with 300 rounds five times per level, or let you carry one of every offensive weapon you encounter.

    In this game, you have one weapon. That's all you can carry with you. What you take is up to you--you'll find various implements laying around. Each has strengths and weaknesses. There are firearms, but (and get this) you can't reload them. Whatever ammo is in them is all you get. I LIKE this. It really adds an element of danger when you check your revolver and realize you only have one bullet. The best part is--and this is unlike any other game I've ever played--you will KEEP that revolver with the one bullet over any melee weapon laying around. Trust me. You'll want the power and range. And don't worry--one bullet is useful, if you aim it properly. One bullet in the right spot will take down most enemies in the game. It's realistic like that.

    The only mechanic that's a chore to master is blocking. It's not like usual--hold down a button and be blocking the whole time, no sir. When you hit the block button, you will block for half a second, then lower your weapon. If the block is poorly timed, you'll take full damage. This really adds to the tension of a fight scene. There's no way to be sure you're protected from an incoming attack. You're always on your toes.

    I agree that this game is a little short. I finished it the same day I purchased it. Still, that didn't seem to detract too much from my experience. I was just as satisfied at the roll of the credits than if I'd just seen a top-notch thriller in a theater somewhere.

    Oh, and let me say that the ending is actually worth the time you spend playing. It's a good five-minute-long scene, with a moral choice thrown in the middle (I won't spoil it, but here's a hint: to shoot or not to shoot, that is the question.)

    Allow me to reiterate one more time the power of the atmosphere in this game. During the next-to-last level, as I was making my way through the home of a serial killer, I kept realizing I was doing two things: holding my breath so I could hear better, and wondering out loud just how messed up this killer was.

    If you come into this game expecting a first-person shooter, forget it. It's first-person, but it's no shooter. Likewise, don't expect an RPG or anything. This is one of those games that's hard to categorize. The gameplay is different enough from most of its contemporaries that it falls into a category all its own. I made a comparison to Resident Evil before, so let's run with that. Imagine Resident Evil. Now make all the bad guys criminals and crackheads. Next, reduce the inventory space to a single item (don't worry; you don't need more than that). Finally, change the perspective to first-person. Throw in just a splash of futuristic CSI. Bam. Condemned. ...more info
  • boring
    could have been a good game, but too much time is wasted just running up & down corriders with nothing in them. maybe condemed 2 is better? I can never figure out why video game companies spend so much time and money on games that are just Boring...more info


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