Bissell 35766 CleanView II Plus Upright Bagless Vacuum

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Product Description

This cleaning machine tackles it all, from wood floors to carpets and from furniture to drapes, and its lightweight construction makes it easy to push from room to room or carry upstairs. Employing the maximum possible power of 12 amps, this vacuum has excellent suction that pulls in microscopic dirt particles as well as heavier items such as spilled nuggets of dog food or peas. The vacuum cleaner's head adjusts to seven different heights, depending on the surface it is cleaning. An extra-wide cleaning path gathers more dirt in one push and additional side brushes on the edges ensure that the perimeters of the room are not missed. A carpet sensor glows red as it passes over a dirty section of carpet and turns green when it detects that a section of carpet is finally clean.

Other potential allergens from the air are captured in the HEPA media filter, which has a track record of collecting 99.9% of dust mites, pollens, and ragweeds. All particles are deposited into this bagless vacuum's plastic dirt container, which has a lockable lever to prevent spilling and saves a ton of time and hassle in locating replacement vacuum bags. In addition, this bagless system makes it easy to spot when the dirt container needs emptying so the CleanView II Plus constantly provides effective suction; whereas, it is difficult to know if vacuum bags are full and a stuffed bag can cause a vacuum to operate at less than capacity. Onboard tools that come with this vacuum include a crevice tool, dusting brush, extension wand, and a TurboBrush, which has a rotating brush that is more accurate in picking up pet hair or cleaning stairs or drapes. The CleanView II Plus has a 27-inch power cord, a stretch hose, and is covered by Bissell under a limited one-year warranty. --Cristina Vaamonde

A clean home starts with a powerful vacuum. This bagless upright is packed with features to provide maximum power, suction and versatility for thorough, top-to-bottom cleanliness. It even leaves the air fresher with its HEPA media filter that captures 99.9 percent of dust mites, pollens and ragweed. One-year warranty. Model 35766.

  • Bagless technology extends suction power for more thorough cleaning
  • HEPA media filter captures 99.9 percent of dust mites, pollens, and ragweed
  • Powerful 12-amp motor; extra-wide cleaning path with side brushes to reach more dirt
  • On-board tools include TurboBrush for pet hair, stairs
  • 7 height adjustments; 27-foot power cord; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • An unbelievable workhorse
    I cannot believe the amount of time this vacuum has lasted. I bought mine SECOND HAND almost 4 years ago and it still runs like a top. Filters are easy to clean and cheap to replace. Belts last a good long time and the cup couldn't be easier to empty(which is my big gripe with other bagless vacuums) The only downside I can see to this vacuum is that it is a bit loud and the cup has to be emptied pretty frequently. But it is literally the longest I have ever owned a vacuum without it going out on me. I think I may buy a spare just in case I need a good gift for someone. Oh and for those of you saying its too heavy...go buy a Kirby or Dyson and you'll see what heavy REALLY is....more info
  • Excellent vacuum for the money
    The Bissell ClearView is an excellent vacuum for the money. Does a really great job of vacuuming carpets, including pet hairs. We have one at our home and at our cabin. ...more info
  • HEAVY!
    I guess I'm not used to all these new bagless vaccumes, but holy cow, this is HEAVY! When you're actually using it, it gets my arm sore! Im not a weakling at all. I exercise regularly and have a 2 year old. It sucks up dirt better than Id expected, but it literally hurts my arm after 2 rooms! It works well, but you have to have strong arms! Im making vaccuming my husbands job from now on!!...more info
  • Great Vacuum with a reasonable price!
    I love this vacuum because it picks up after my pets hair. I use the turbo brush on our suede plush couches. I love that this vacuum has quite a few filters. Since the vacuum picks up everything I make sure to empty the canister every trash night. If you make it a schedule, it's much easier. I like all the filters because I really see everything it picks up. All are washable in soapy warm water. Except the Hepa Filter, it's $10 and if you shake the filter out once every few months, you can maintain it a bit longer.

    I love how everyone complains you have to empty it too much - this thing picks up a lot of dirt! What do you expect?...more info
  • Outstanding
    My dog was shedding so bad I couldn't keep up with the dog hair. This vacuum helped tremendously. With the additional tools I was able to keep the furniture and stairs clean. This is by far one of the best vacuums I have ever owned....more info
  • Good Vacuuming power - HORRIBLE filter clean up
    Sept. 2008 - Update.
    Smoke. Scary electrical smell. Fzzt! Dead.
    I don't remember exactly when we bought it, so I'd say it lasted maybe 2 years.
    Was it a cleverly disguised doomsday machine, or was its untimely demise operator error? You decide.
    Aug. 2008
    After owning this unit for awhile, I felt compelled to give it a review...

    The machine does what it's supposed to do. It vacuums. I can vacuum on all rugs, as well as on the hardwood floors. It is light, and has a nifty handle for hauling it up and down stairs as well as for cleaning them. The attachments fit right on the back and don't fall off only to become forever lost in the closet.

    Why 3 stars? The filter cleaning system! Why can't all the features above be designed onto a vacuum that uses a bag?

    The good feature is that they made the plastic, dirt-catching canister clear, so just one look will tell you when it's full - which is probably almost every time you check.
    If you don't change it, dust and dirt will escape from it, defeating the purpose of vacuuming. You might also detect a disturbing odor - like something's burning...
    When it's time to dump the dirt, your best bet is to take it outside close to a garbage can to un-hitch it and dump it out. Squint. Clouds of dust will mushroom forth. You may or may not need to change clothes, depending on how sensitive you are to dust. You can continue vacuuming at this point, but beware. Other filters are being clogged, too.
    Above the canister is another filter thing. You should unscrew it and check it. It may need to be banged against the side of the garbage can to shake loose dirt.
    Below the canister is another filter. You twist it off the canister to get to it. Miles of dirt, stringy stuff, and hair may be wrapped around the foam filter. You can sort of scrape it off with a stick, or drag it off with your fingernails. Squint and bang it against the side of the garbage can. There will be another mushroom cloud.
    At the side of the unit is another little filter. It's behind a nice trap door. You could actually empty it into the dustbin under the kitchen sink.
    Is everything clean at this point? NO. To get it back to full-capacity cleanliness, you really need to rinse out the canister. Soapy water is a good choice. Next, you need to fully rinse all the filters, as well as the foam rubber dirt, fiber, and hair catcher. You may be horrified when you see its actual color under all that grime. Soap is a good bet here, too.
    Wipe down the entire vacuum cleaner unit. It's dusty.
    Now that you have your canister and all filters cleaned, better look and see if there are any more, like that funny little black thing underneath where the canister sits. Yup. That needs attention, too.
    You have about 2 1/2 steps left.
    Clean your sink. It's filthy!
    Figure out where you're going to set all the filters so they can completely dry. In the humid Pacific Northwest, this takes more than one day.
    If you do, the next time you start up the machine, you'll get the smell of musty grimy, abandoned in the bottom of the sports bag, gym socks. Then, (Yippee!) you get to clean the filters again, because that smell won't just go away.

    So, if you don't mind the clean up, get this machine. It really does vacuum well.

    ...more info
  • Great job!
    Ive had this for about one month. It has sucked up more dirt than I ever imagined could be in my rugs. Its very powerful and easy to maneuver. Its easy to empty, although you have to be careful so as not to raise dust. But then I guess this is a fault of all bagless vacuums. What I do is first place the entire cannister in a plastic bag and than empty it. For the price you cant go wrong. Bsed on my experience I would definitely recommend it. ...more info
  • Ok, but. . .
    I've had this vacuum for a little over a year. First in an apartment and now in a larger home.

    First the positives: At first this vacuum is very nice, works well, not too loud and it has a lot of features like the exit air filter and the built in attachments. The motor doesn't quit. Our last vacuum the motor died on it after a year and a half. This vacuum is still running strong after a year.

    Now the bad: Even in a smallish apartment the "cup" that holds debris in place of a bag needs to be emptied several times while cleaning the whole place. We tend to vacuum only about once a week but then do all the floors at once. This issue made the process much longer.

    After about three weeks a layer of dust begins to appear all over the vacuum. After a handful of uses the dust is escaping through the filters and gaps around them into the air. This negates the usefulness of the exit air filter. Also this vacuum has lots of nooks and crannies where dust hides making it look dirty even after you try cleaning it off.

    Filters clog easily. If you don't take out all the filters (and there are many) and clean them regularly then you loose suction power and the vacuum stops working. This is a time consuming process and a very dirty one. Once done cleaning all the filters you then need to vacuum again to clean up the dirt that just got spilled in the cleaning process. It's frustrating.

    The hose that attaches the motor and canister to the suction area on the bottom is not thick enough. Many things get clogged inside it. Also due to the curved route the hose takes to the canister this appears even worse. Even pennies and large dust bunnies can clog the hose if you don't check that it's clear every time you use it.

    In the end we are looking to replace this vacuum with one that doesn't require as much constant maintenance. But we'll hold on to this one as a backup if the new one dies....more info
  • Lovin this bissel 35766 Cleanview II
    I just recieved this vaccum today and used it, even after I used my old vaccum and even steam cleaned my carpet, I was amazed at how much MORE dirt it pulled out of my carpet as well as pet hair.It truely holds up to what it says it can do, I would recommend this vaccum to everyone, even more to the ones that have pets, also left the air smelling fresh. This is a MUST HAVE !!...more info
  • Good Vacuum Good Price
    Have only had this vacuum for a few weeks. So far so good. The rotating
    brush for the attachment hose could benefit from a stronger suction. ...more info
  • mike r tupper lake
    this is a great vacuum for its price . lots of power and does a great job of picking up. would def buy one again....more info
  • Died after a year and a half
    Loved this vacuum for the first three months, then I was constantly washing/changing filters (and the HEPA filter can't be washed, you have to buy a new one every time). The suction stopped completely one day, so we tried to fix it following the instruction manual. Good luck with that! Nothing worked the way it was supposed to, so we've finally given up and will be purchasing a new vacuum - but not a Bissell....more info
  • not sure
    i pulled mine out of the garbage. It looked nearly new, so I figured I'd plug it in and check it out. First I cleaned out the lower smaller tube behing the brush on the rear of the vacuum, leading up. There was like cemented kitty litter there. This led to another large clog inside of the large hose. Vacuum worked, still not much suction. i then pulled out the main filter and cleaned it, and voila! I have a virtually new vacuum. someone was misinformed and never cleaned the filter, which led to subsequent problems and threw it away.

    I know. I have a low-end model Kenmore that I've spent plenty of time messing with it. YOu get what you pay for....more info
  • The fact I'm writing a vacuum review should tell you something!
    I love my vacuum. i've had it for about 2 years and it has done a great job cleaning up after 2 cats, 2 guinea pigs and an artist. it has 4 filters total. the dirt cup has to be emptied almost every time you use it since it grabs so much stuff. it's incredibly easy to do and can be opened in less than 2 seconds. the other major filter container is really easy to open too and also takes less than 2 seconds. i have severe allergies and it more than meets my needs.

    thinking you'll never have to "service" your vacuum is unrealistic, because no matter what the capacity, you will try to suck up stuff more formidable than your vacuum can handle. the great news is that if you do need to remove a clog, bissel has made it super easy. you don't even need a screwdriver to get to the agitator (spinning thing)--it's held in place by clips! it hasn't needed a new belt yet, which is unusual for a vacuum this age. the on-board tools are simple, light, yet effective.

    this thing is just an animal. i can't recommend it more. a really great value....more info
    I have had a lot of vacuums and so far I've had this one for mabe a year now and NEVER had a problem with it. Not even a broken belt. Great product!...more info
  • Can a vacuum be any more annoying than this one???
    This vacuum has been nothing but a pain in my [...]! I vacuum everyday and I can only get about one room done before the collection cup gets full, or it stuck around a blue collar at the top of the collection bin. SO IF YOU HAVE PETS BEWARE OF THIS VACUUM!

    Another pain in my side is if you have other attachments from another vacuum they are most likely not going to fit because the end of the wand has a different size than a normal vacuum, and what it up with Bissell only giving me one (1) extension wand - all the other companies give you two (2)! Also the multi hard surface, and soft bristle brush all in one suck, the crap you suck up sometimes goes right out the other side.

    On the plus side the turbo brush is awesome for getting rid of stubborn pet hair, and other little things that like to stick to furniture - it helps keeps your furniture looking new. The filtering system on this vacuum is also great, I am not dusting as much as I was with my other vacuum.

    If I had to do it over again, I would probably opt for another brand or model! ...more info
  • Happy Owner for 3 Years
    After doing some research, this vacuum was voted the best deal for the price. For the price I paid, around $80.00, I am extremely happy with this vaccum. My mother owns a $200.00 Windtunnel and I believe I got the better deal. This vacuum cleaner is quieter and easier to clean than the Windtunnel. I have a carpeted apartment that I vacuum once a week. The filters need cleaning about once a month but this is easily done by rincing them in dishwashing soap and water. (You'll be able to tell because the vacuum will loose suction.) I love this vacuum and think was an excellent purchase....more info
  • Piece of junk
    This vaccum constantly clogs, either the filter cannister, etc, etc.
    Do not waste your money....more info
  • Great buy
    Excellent product. Well worth the price. I love the settings it has for different types of floors. Works great on plush carpets and hardwood floors. Very happy about this purchase....more info
  • Don't look here for suction power.
    I do not recommend this vacuum for the simple reason it doesn't have any suction power. For those of you that have animals, I really mean that statement for you. The vacuum attachments have no suction power, the machine is particularly noisy, and you constantly have to clean the vacuum itself due to the dust all over the machine after using. Dust in one side and out the other. It will not pick up small bits of cat food from around the dishes, it will not pick up small "needles" from the fake christmas tree. I constantly have to clean the hoses out because the suction is so poor that it cannot get the debris up into the "bagless" container. If any does, usually some hair, it gets wrapped all around the spindle in the top and when you clean that off, dust and other material falls on the carpet as well. Too much work for the price. I adore Kirby's. I will stick with them....more info
  • This is a big gun...
    I had been using a little and light cleaner that was hard to clean and was not getting my long hair off the carpet. This cleaner picks up every hair and lots of dust. It is powerful. It's a bit clumsy, and dust sticks all over the shiny black finish, no biggie. The reason I bought this was because of the small rotating brush attachment. I can do the same job without moving furniture. That is worth it all. I've had it a short time, but I'm as happy with it as you can be about doing housework....more info
  • Don't bother
    I don't know why I bought this after the reading the reviews. big mistake. I have only used this vacuum 5 times. The dirt cup is very small and you have to empty it after each use. I didn't like the fact that you have to clean 3 filters after so many uses. I miss the old days when you just threw out the bag and no filters to clean. Now you have to take apart the cleaner to get to the filters. I can't imagine many single guys doing this. It cleans great. I noticed a lot of dust/dirt getting stuck above the dirt holder. On the 5th use, there was a terrible smell. Most of the other reviews says the motor only lasts about a year, after 5 months it gets much louder and they can smell something burning. So I returned it after the 5th use. Went to an eureka. ...more info
  • great service, good product
    I'm very happy with my purchase. The whole experience buying this vacuum was great starting with the fast delivery and finishing with the good quality of the product. ...more info
  • Excellent with pet hair!
    We thought we needed a new carpet, as ours was matted down and looked terrible. Our vacuum was an expensive one but 10 years old so when I saw the Bissell CleanView, I liked the idea of no bags and a see through catcher because I always would forget to change the bag... not seen, out of mind, sort of thing.

    Well, for the first time in years when you walk across our carpet it leaves your footprints... that's how much this cleaner pulled our fibers back up. It looks like it did 8 years ago when we bought it. I never realized how much our cat's hair had weighed down our carpet fibers. Just our livingroom alone and the dust bin had to be changed. I did our whole house and had to empty the container 4 times! Obviously, my other vacuum just wasn't doing the job! I ended up with a whole shopping bag full of lovely cat fur!

    I like the way it cleans the pet hair and makes my carpet look like new.
    It seems to run on the hot side. If you have it running for 15 minutes or so the side with the filter gets very hot. Not sure that is a bad thing but thought I'd mention cons as well as pros.

    I'm not mechanically inclined at all and I was able to put it together from the box all by myself. One screw was the only assembly needed which is a definite plus.

    I don't think it is heavy, at least it is lighter than my expensive vacuum cleaner. I think if it were any lighter it wouldn't do the job as well. If you make the motor smaller and lighter, than you are compromising the power to pick up.

    All in all I am very satisfied with it. As to how long it will last... I'll have to post on this when and if it dies or I have problems.

    ...more info
    This vacuum does a great job, but is rather heavy for me. I also bought one for my neighbor because the price was right and she has the same complaint. However, it does an excellent job and the dirt cup and filter are easy to clean. The seller did a fast job of shipping....more info
  • Does what it says
    If you've never used a bagless vacuum before it'll take a little while to get used to using this one. The canister is a little small and cleaning it out can be tedious. My apartment had new carpet put in and the canister was full before i was even halfway thru vacuuming my 1-1 due to all the carpet fibers. I'm used to the canister emptying process now and I'm perfectly content with this vacuum's cleaning power....more info
  • Makes vacuuming almost fun!
    I've had this vacuum for several months now and it makes vacuuming less of a chore and almost fun! I have two kids and a big dog and a two-story house that is mostly carpeted and the Cleanview II handles both carpets and hardwoods like a champ. I vacuum about once a week and it's amazing (and gross) to look into the dirt cup and see what we were stepping on! I clean out the dirt cup and check the filters whenever I clean the whole house. As some reviewers mentioned, this part is a dusty chore, but what I do is take the vacuum into the garage, dump the contents of the dirt cup into the trash, check the filters and then run a Swiffer dry cleaning cloth over everything. It takes only a minute after you get the hang of it. I haven't had to wash or replace any of the filters yet, but everything is easy to remove and reattach -- The manual gives you full instructions, so be sure you look at it.

    My old vacuum was a heavy 12-year-old Hoover cannister style that was a pain to use. Now my carpets seem cleaner and we seem to have less dust in the air, perhaps thanks to the HEPA filter. I'm so glad I switched.

    Pros -- Very lightweight, strong suction, rolls easily over the carpets.

    Cons -- Takes some practice to clean dirt cup/filters. Wish it came with one additional attachment wand so I could reach cobwebs in ceiling corners....more info
  • Bissell RULES!
    I just received my vaccum and not only did I get a great deal from AMAZON, I also got a great product!! It's alot more than I expected!! The attachment with the head for stairs, and fabric type furniture, is WONDERFUL!! I was able to carry the unit upstairs as I vaccumed, could not do that with my old heavy vaccum. As far as the complains about the bagless unit getting clogged, just clean it out..just like you do anything!! It's easy to detach and clean..I can't say enough about this unit. ALSO, the HEPA, WOW, no flying dust, how great is that?? HEPA on sale at AMAZON too...get them while there hot, I Say....
    Jacqueline K, Austin,TX...more info
  • very pleased with purchase
    the vacuum cleaner has very good suction and is overall very easy to handle. it cleans my house real good and is excellent on bare floors.
    it picks up a lot of dust and the filters are easy to clean.
    it is a good choice for the price and i don't regret buying it...more info
  • Bissell CleanView II
    This is the second one of these that I have owned. All the filters are easily cleaned with water so the suction remains like new over the life of the unit. The Hepa filter is great, too. This vacuum picks up pet hair very well. I would highly recomend this unit for the performance, but the price was great as well....more info
  • Not that Impressed
    The tank is too small especially if you have pets (hair). I spend all my time empting the tank. I also picks up odor after a few uses and smells like feet. It does a fair job of cleaning beyond the previous mentioned....more info
  • Good vacuum but clogs too easily.
    This was my first bagless vacuum purchase. I didn't want to spend an outrageous amount of money, so I read the reviews and decided to buy the Bissell Cleanview II. I got it home and this bad boy picked up so much stuff I was amazed. My carpets smelled fresh and the carpet fibers perked back up and everything. I just loved it. Well, now I've had it for about a year and this things clogs so much you have to pull it apart and clean it after every use. I vacuum 2x a week, imagine how time consuming it is. I still like the vacuum, but I think its time to go back to the bagged ones....more info
  • Cleanview is a great vacuum, but...
    I've had two of the cleanview models. Both worked great and had great suction. The filters (there are 3 of them) are very effective, it's easy to clean and fairly lightweight. I couldn't be happier with it. But a few things a new owner should know.

    1) You can wash all of the filters except the Hepa. Just run it under warm water and keep squeezing until the water comes clear. Then set out to dry COMPLETELY.

    2)The filters need cleaning at least 4 times a year.

    3) The brush wheel should also be cleaned by removing the cover plate and suctioning the brushes AND the ends. Like I said, we've had two and both have had the brush start to stick after a year or two. You'll notice that the brush doesn't rotate as well when you're running the vacuum. Eventually the brush can become so stiff that it won't rotate at all and you'll start to burn the belt. You'll think the belt needs replacing, but when you buy a new one, it'll start to burn too. Here's the good news, if this happens, all you need to do is go to the Bissell site and buy a new rotating brush (for about $15). It's really, really simple to change out. Remove the belt, pull out the old brush and then snap the new one in place.

    So, it's a great vacuum especially for the price. It takes a little upkeep to keep it running well and you might need to replace the brush appliance if you don't keep up with cleaning out the filters etc....more info
  • My first bagless...
    So far, I am not impressed with my new bagless. The filters are a pain and you are constantly dumping out dusty junk from the canister. However, the suction power, after you clean the filters for the 100th time, is wonderful. Also, the "spin-brush" is not as great as it appears to be. I have better luck on my stairs with the vacuum itself rather than this brush attatchment they provide. Another potential problem occured when I only let the filters dry for 24hours...apparently they need much longer to dry. There was this awful stench coming from my vacuum for weeks due to some damp filters I had replaced into the vac. It is a bit annoying to have to leave all of the filter parts out for about 2 days to dry, especially when I typically use my vac every day.
    Overall, I would say that this is a great vacuum for those that don't need to do a LOT of cleaning. If you're a daily cleaner like me, stick with a bagged vacuum, they're a lot less work in the long run. ...more info
  • wothwhile for 2months
    Do not recommend it. The vacuum decides to retire two months after purchase even on just hardwook floors....more info
  • It sucks!
    It sucks -- in a good way! Lame pun, yes, I know, but I'm not here to please you.

    - easy to move around
    - lightweight
    - bagless
    - good power for the money

    - loud wheels
    - can tip over if using the handheld tube
    - height control doesn't seem to do much

    I'd totally recommend this one for a small household... The rotating brush on the vacuum is great to pick up all the stuff you can't see on the carpet. When I first moved into my apartment, the place looked immaculate because of a new carpet... But not until I used this vacuum did I see all the "fuzz" that the carpet was shedding and turning into dust. Never regretted the purchase since I read that this was the best budget vacuum cleaner in some consumer report....more info
  • What a mess!!!!!!!
    Cleaning this vacuum is an ordeal. It should have a huge warning label on the box reading "Cleaning this vacuum is gross dusty mess, and you are required to do it often". It cannot be healthy to enhail all that dust during cleaning. Customer service at Bissell is HORRIBLE too. Don't waste your time or money on this product or any Bissell product! Go for another brand. ...more info
  • A Review after 1 year of use
    The Bissell 35766 CleanView II is a great vacuum. It did what was advertised. I based my decision to buy this from the reviews on

    I bought this vacuum for my apartment in NYC with two other roommates. I have wood floors throughout the apartment. And I found that this vacuum is a little too much for this. I learned that this type vacuum is great for carpets and rugs. It still did its job well on bare floors. All the components worked well, and the attachments are pretty useful.

    You have to clean this vacuum regularly. There are about 5 parts that needs to be cleaned thoroughly. These are the plastic reusable filters separates the dust from the larger chunks crumbs that the vacuum might pick up. In order for the vacuum to operate properly these filters have to be cleaned by washing it in soapy water, scrubbed, and dried. If poor maintenance clogs the filters it WILL damage the motor.

    In a roommate environment, in our apartment this proved to be a problem. Because lets face it, who likes to clean? We have a cleaning schedule to keep all the roommates do their part in cleaning. But the problem arose to who cleans the vacuum, and the vacuum was never maintained and eventually overheated the motor and broke.

    This is a great vacuum and I recommend it to those who have carpeted apartments. For those of us with wood floors or in a roommate situation, this is not the best vacuum to have. In fact it's best to avoid bag-less vacuums. Just go for the more traditional bag vacuum, you can all (roommates) split the cost for the bags.

    I went to a local authorized repair center and learned about how bag less vacuums work and the lifespan of the affordable vacuums such as this one have.
    What I learned, low-end vacuums, such as this one have about a two or more years worth of use, if maintained properly before they break. It has to do with the quality of motor that they use on these things.

    I also learned about the advantages and disadvantages of bag-less vacuums. The advantages are obvious--no bags to buy to use the vacuum, and less waste--it's a bit more ecological to have a bag-less vacuum. The disadvantages are the maintenance. The vacuum needs regular thorough cleaning of its own. ...more info
  • not a good buy
    I've had this vacuum for almost a year. It was my first bagless. At first I was impressed with the bagless-ness part, just because you could see what was coming up. After some use, though, I don't feel it is worth it. This may be a problem with all bagless, but the whole vacuum is always full of dust and requires frequent cleaning of all parts. I have a dog and cat, as well as three kids. It does not do well with pet hair and I need to take it apart to get out the pet hair after just my living room. And today, it spewed black stuff out on the landing of my stairs as I was vacuuming them. I don't know what it was. It came out from underneath and could not be vacuumed back up. Luckily, I was able to get out the spots with carpet cleaner. I had not vacuumed anything previoulsy that was black, so it must be something from the vacuum itself. I'm afraid to use it again now. I did take it apart and clean it and there was nothing out of the ordinary and no clogs. So, in general, I feel this vacuum only has mediocre cleaning power and the frequent cleaning is a hassle. And I'm quite dismayed as its spewing of back stuff....more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever
    I have to say, I dont understand the complaints I'm seeing regarding this one. If you read the owners manual, it clearly states the maintainence involved. Now..the ones the broke on day 3? Bad Batch? Mine is almost a year old. I clean it regularly, changed the belt once, works PERFECTLY....more info
  • Don't waste your time.
    We've had this vacuum for less than a year and it has broken 3 times. The belt seems to be the problem. Sometimes the budget buy is not worth the frustration....more info
  • what a buy, and a fabulous vacuum as well!
    This vacuum was for my mom who, when her old canister vacuum broke down, thought you had to go to a vacuum store such as Kirby, etc to get something decent. When I found out she ended up paying over $300.00 for one such vacuume, (and she is a senior on a limited budget!), I told her to take it back, and I will help her find a good one for only a fraction of the cost. I did a lot of research on vacuum ratings, and found out this one has a high rating. When you weight the great price, ratings and the fact you get FREE shipping, it was a no-brainer! Well, mom loves it, says the suction is excellent, and is easy for her to assemble and use. She could not believe you get get such a good vacuum for such a low price, and has now entrusted me to order additional items as she needs them via the net. Mom gives this vac an A+...more info
  • Not reliable
    This vacuum worked well on carpets for the first 15 or so times we used it. It never worked at all on my bare floors, even though it has a "bare floor" setting. After only a couple of months, it just died. From the other reviews I've read here on Amazon, I'm going to assume it needs a new belt, which isn't too major but shouldn't happen after only a few months of use. ...more info
  • Happy and Clean
    This vacuum is a great deal for the price. As long as you replace parts as needed (mine didn't need any parts for the first year and a half and then a new belt cost about $2) it works great....more info
  • Good Vac If The Belt Would Stay On.
    This vac rocked. I rate the performance at 5 stars -- I LOVED THIS VACUUM! It did a really good job at getting what our POS Dirt Devil didn't. I was impressed with the ease of use and the ease of dumping the dust bin which filled fairly quickly since our last vac was a Dirt Devil. Wife wife, who is pregnant, loved this vacuum cause it was light and did a really good job.

    Until. (Zero (0) star part)

    She was vacuuming some pretty short carpet in my sons rooms and the thing started to smoke. I got the call at work from her. She was afraid the thing was starting on fire and it was spitting hot pieces of plastic all over her feet. I told her to put in on the patio out back just to make sure until I got home. When I got home I found that the belt had migrated off of the beater bar/brush bar and was burning into the plastic on the bottom of the vacuum. A little disheartening because the vacuum was only 24 days old.

    The wrap-up. Although I loved this vacuum and its excellent performance; the fact that it was spitting hot melted plastic all over the carpet and my wifes' feet made me dislike it even more than I liked it. If you are going to buy this vacuum make sure you buy an extended warranty so that you can bring it back.

    ...more info
  • Too Soon To Tell
    Machine broke 3rd time I used it! Part broke off inside and literally burned up...melted the insides. Took it to an authorized repair and got it fixed under warranty, but it took 3 weeks to get the parts. Service guy said it was the 2nd he had seen in the last month with same problem.It vacuums well, but......more info
  • best vacuum I've yet used
    I love this vacuum cleaner; I think I love it even more than my other birthday present, which was an Olympus digital camera that I've wanted for years. (I guess I must be a grownup.) This is coming from someone who got stuck selling Kirby vacuum cleaners as her first job out of college, *mumble* years ago. This is every bit as good as the Kirby, lighter, and easier to change parts on. I cleaned a crowded, carpeted room that hadn't been vacuumed in four months without having to move any furniture, and was easily able to get under and over and around things with the aid of the hose attachments. Even the cobwebs are gone, and the high-traffic bits of carpet got fluffed up. I'm very impressed....more info
  • Bissell is the best
    I reviewed this sight before buying a vacuum and thought I would buy the Empower vacuum. When I went to the store they had last years Bissell Cleanview 2 deluxe on sale for 69.99. It even had a rotary brush attatchment so I couldn't pass it up. I tried it when I got home and it works great! The cord reaches all the way to the end of my long room. The motor volume is not bad for a vacuum. The suction is great and its an easy clean up.
    I have three boys and it looks like the Bissell is up for the challenge!...more info
  • Terrible vaccum
    This is a terrible vaccum. I bought one, and after using it only a few times the belt slipped too far over and burned off some of the plastic on the underside. I thought it was a fluke, so I returned it for another one. Same thing happened, but I couldn't afford a more expensive one. So I just got used to having to take off the bottom and move over the belt every so often when it would start to smell hot. I've been doing this for about a year, but today was the last straw - the belt completely slipped off it's retaining rod. Add the tippiness, completely illogical location for the base of the cord (on the side, meaning you trip or roll over it constantly), the "strips" on the left side that never got clean and had to be vaccumed a second time with the middle or right side of the sweeper... I would never, ever recommend this vaccum, and will never buy a Bissell again. The only things I WILL give it are relatively decent suction and the fact that it's lightweight....more info
  • This thing really sucks
    I've owned an Electrolux for 13 years, finally the motor quit. After 1 time of using the Bissell 3576, I couldn't believe the amount of filth that I pulled out of my carpet. It costs $100 a year to service an Electrolux just to maintain the warranty on it. The Bissell only cost me $79.99. At that price, I could replace it every year for less than what it costs to maintain the warranty on the Electrolux.

    Pros -
    1) Great value
    2) Really sucks the dirt up
    3) The TurboBrush works great on the stairs
    4) The attachments can all be attached to the vacuum so you're not searching for them

    Cons -
    1) Because of the suction power, it gives your arm a workout
    2) Does not have a seperate attachment to attach to the hose for vacuuming floors (the upright models do not reach into corners)
    3) The Hepa filter needs to be replaced frequently (per the owners manual and costs about $10)
    4) Puts out quite a bit of heat from the powerful motor...more info
  • Witches new ride...
    This vacuum is wonderful. I can't believe the difference in our carpeting after one vacuuming. I thought the Hoover upright was doing a good job, but was I wrong! My wife was only going to do our livingroom when it came, but decided the whole house needed it after she saw the difference it made. No witches riding brooms in this house. Ordered 1/29/06 received 2/1/06 on the free shipping option... EXCELLENT! I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great for the Price
    This is a wonderful vacuum. I never realized how dirty my carpet was until I bought this. Works like a dream at a great price! Best vacuum I have bought.
    ...more info
  • I've only had it a week
    therefore I have had no repair issues. It does a great job at a cheap price. All the attachments snap on, so I don't have to rummage thru the storage closet. I learned about it in Consumer Reports....more info
  • Oops, only lasted about 2 years.
    === Quick Take ===

    Bottom Line...
    The Bissell Cleanview II vacuum is a Quick Recommendation from Consumer Reports if low price is a main concern. Which I took as meaning, if you don't want to spend a lot of bucks, this will be plenty good. They were right and I'm pleased with the ~$80 spent on this vacuum. The 3576 model is the 3576-6 model without the turbobrush and a slightly longer cord, but are the same price. CR's Best Buy is a Eureka model at almost double the cost. If I had more area to clean, other than my living room rug and a long hallway runner, I may have considered the Eureka.

    - Picks up everything
    - Long hose attachment with tools
    - Easy to put together
    - 27-foot power cord
    - Easy to empty dirt cup
    - HEPA filter
    - Inexpensive filter replacements (HEPA media filter is $9.99)
    - Headlight
    - Soft bumper sides
    - Pile adjust settings
    - Easy carry handle
    - 1 Year Warranty

    - Pretty loud
    - Big & heavy
    - Wheels make a lot of noise
    - Turbo brush attachment is difficult to remove from storage slot
    - 1 Year Warranty

    === Review ===
    I live in a flat that has hardwood floors. I purchased a small stick vac with a 6-amp motor to use on a living room rug, a hallway runner, and a small patch of carpet in the bedroom. After a while, I realized it wasn't working very well at all. It tended to push debris, dust, and pet hair around instead of sucking it up.

    I finally decided to stop playing around with stick vacs and decided to get a full-sized one. I referred to Consumer Reports for advice and though I really wanted to get the Eureka that they recommended as a Best Buy, I couldn't justify the price for the small area I would be using it for.

    My main requirements were that it actually pick up everything off of my rugs and that it had easy to use attachments. The HEPA filter was a bonus. I now realize that since the last time I bought a full-sized vacuum (1995), vacuum cleaners have come a long way.

    Couldn't be simpler. All you have to do is attach the handle with one screw and then place the hose and attachments onboard.

    I had just used my stick vac a few days earlier. After putting together the CleanView II, I thought I'd give it a whirl. What it picked up that the stick vac didn't was amazing. The dust cup was already beyond the full line! My rugs have never been cleaner.

    The hose is extendable and easy to to use. It is as simple as lifting it off of the unit and placing any of the onboard attachments to it. My only complaint is that the Turbo Brush, stored in the front, is difficult to remove once you've stored it. I couldn't get enough of a grip on it to pry it out without using a screwdriver to pop it out. Bissell should have placed rubber grips on the sides of the Turbo Brush so it'd be easier to remove.

    Don't run it at night if you live in an apartment and want to be considerate of your neighbors. It doesn't have a super high pitched noise, but it definitely rumbles. The cat went scurrying away and hid when I turned it on. The plastic wheels seem to contribute to the noise too. I don't know why someone hasn't come up with rubber or inline wheels for vacuums.

    It's a heavy vacuum (21 lb shipping weight), but it's not so heavy as to be a burden. Granted, I don't have much to clean. The headlight is nice so I can see in areas where my flat is not well lit. The manual pile adjustment dial is easy enough to use and has seven height settings. The dirt cup is easily removeable and emptied, though slightly messy. It's also easy to turn the power on and off.

    The cord is located on the right side of the vacuum. If felt somewhat awkward when I tried to guide the cord while vacuuming since I normally vacuum with my right hand and guide the cord with my left.

    === Summary ===
    This vacuum works and is easily the nicest I've ever owned. I thought I could get away with using one of those smaller vacs to take care of simple jobs on small areas. I was wrong and wasted nearly $50 learning that lesson. The Bissell Cleanview II is not that expensive and does a good job. What more could I ask for?

    === 16 Months Later (2/24/07) ===
    I now live in a 2-story townhouse that is all carpet and still believe that this is a great vacuum. As another reviewer noted however, regular maintenance is required to keep it running well. I can attest to how gruesome a job that is too. Despite this, I am still happy at how well it works.

    === 28 Months Later (2/25/08) ===
    I disposed this vacuum cleaner 2 days ago because it started to smoke from the belt area. I could not see what was happening and personally, did not trust it anymore. I'm guessing something got stuck between the belt and the friction burned something that it picked up but boy did it freak me out. I was falling out of love with it anyways because of the constant maintenance and poor attachment performance. Because you have to detach the hose from the main unit, there's a pathway for dirt, hair, and dust to fly out of the vacuum while using the attachment. I'd have to re-vacuum over an area after using the attachment and grossed me out. It worked pretty well for about a year and a half and then I couldn't wait to replace it. I finally did yesterday with a Hoover Empower model for about the same price. The Hoover seems more cheaply made, but I'm content with it so far and is another Consumer Reports recommendation....more info
  • Broke The First Day!!
    I received this vacuum as a wedding gift and it broke the very first day I used it. EVERY time that you slightly bump into any piece of furniture or wall, the belt jumps off and you have to reset it CONSTANTLY. Not only is it a pain to have to take it apart to do this, but it has done it so often that the warmth of the belt has started to melt the belt guard on the bottom of the vacuum. I am in the process of getting a full refund from Bissell. I must admit that for the few minutes that it works before breaking again, it did get out a major amount of dirt out of my carpet but that is worth nothing if it doesn't work. I do not recommend this vacuum to anyone!...more info
  • Fantastic Vacuum!
    I was amazed at how well this vacuum cleaned! I thought my carpets were clean but this vacuum got out so much dirt that I didn't even know was there! The turbobrush is a great feature for my stairs too becuase I have a dog and children who leave messes everywhere! The attachments are also great! I especailly like the filters becuase seeing the dirt shows me how clean my carpets are getting when I use it!...more info