Bissell 35951 CleanView Revolution Plus Upright Bagless Vacuum

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Product Description

A solid value in a bagless vacuum, the Bissell CleanView Revolution Plus offers a sturdy, easy-to-use alternative to conventional disposable-bag vacuums, all of which lose power as the bag fills. In contrast, the CleanView maintains constant, consistent suction even as it cleans the air with an HEPA media filter--a must for allergy sufferers, since it removes 99% of dust mites, pollen, and ragweed. Two rows of rotating brushes, an extra-wide 15-inch cleaning path, dual-edge cleaning, and a powerful 12-amp motor contribute to the vacuum's impressive dirt-busting performance. Add in a combination dusting brush/upholstery tool, a crevice tool for narrow spaces, an extension wand to add reach, and a handy Turbo Brush for cleaning pet hair from stairs and upholstery, and the versatile CleanView Revolution Plus is ready for just about any cleaning job you can throw at it.

Also impressive at this price point are the little design tweaks that make the CleanView such a pleasure to use: the extra-long 30-foot power cord with quick-release cord wrap, a bright headlight for illuminating under couches, the easy-emptying dirt container, and the durable, generously proportioned wire-reinforced hose. There are three handle positions--upright for storage, angled for normal cleaning, and near-flat for low cleaning under furniture--and seven height adjustments to accommodate surfaces from bare floors to heavy pile. A clean-carpet sensor comes in handy when vacuuming hard-to-see dirt and dust, and the clean filter indicator monitors airflow, letting you know when it's time to wash the filters.

On the down side, the CleanView Revolution Plus requires a little maintenance. Besides emptying full dirt cups, users should check the upper tank and pre-motor filter every month and clean as needed, clean or replace the post-motor filter every 3-6 months, and regularly inspect and clean the rotating floor brush and drive belt. But all of these parts are designed to be readily accessible without tools, and they rinse off easily in the sink--not much of a trade-off for maintaining the unit's sterling effectiveness. The Revolution Plus comes with an extra HEPA filter; it measures 15 inches long by 12-1/2 inches wide by 44 inches high, weighs 17 pounds, and is backed by a limited one-year warranty. --Mary Park

  • Bagless upright vacuum offers consistent suction and impressive cleaning performance
  • HEPA media filter captures more than 99.9% of dust mites, pollen, and ragweed; indicator lets you know when it's time to clean filters
  • Powerful 12-amp motor; dual-edge cleaning with extra-wide cleaning path
  • Includes dusting brush/upholstery tool, crevice tool, extension wand, Turbo Brush, and extra HEPA filter
  • Measures 15 by 12-1/2 by 44 inches; limited 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • vacuum
    Great vacuum. Bought it as a gift for my daughter. My grandson has alergies and this all but stopped his sneezing and coughing after a couple uses. Good pickup and easy to empty....more info
  • LOVE IT!! Great for hardwoods and high carpet!
    I bought this vacuum without doing any research (basically bought it because the price was right!) Little did I know that I landed on a gold mine. I bought this vacuum in May of 2006 and in March of 2008 it lost it's suction. However, this was totally MY fault.

    I was getting ready to purchase a different vacuum and realized that there were 3 filters that needed to be cleaned regularly on my Bissell. Lo and behold 3 absolutely filthy filters in much need of TLC! They were all VERY easy to remove and clean. It took about 30 mins to clean and dry all of them. Replaced all the filters and crossed my fingers... my vacuum is like new again!

    I have high shag carpet and hardwoods- the Bissell works great on both with the height adjuster on the roller brush. The only reason I do not give this vacuum 5 stars is because it doesn't do an AMAZING job removing my yellow lab's dog hair from my black oriental rugs. I have to run the vacuum over and over again to remove all the hairs, but it does eventually get the job done, just not as powerfully/quickly as I would like.

    1. Very easy to remove and clean filters
    2. Bagless (easy to dump-may want to dump in a trash bag outside if you have dust allergies).
    3. Super long cord
    4. Great suction
    5. Awesome pet hair attachment
    6. Brush roller height adjustment perfect for all floor types
    7. Wide path
    8. HEPA filter
    9. UNDER $100!!!

    1. Slightly heavy to lift, but not hard to push (it does however have a place to lift the vacuum in the back for ease going up and down stairs)
    2. VERY Loud
    3. Hose could be a little longer. ...more info
  • Works great, but...............................
    This vacumn really picks up the dirt, pet hair etc very well. We have a dog, 2 cats and a bird so we have a lot of hair and feathers. The first day I used the unit the canister was full after one room which was amazing. I had just vacumned a couple of days prior. I'm impressed with that factor. The only thing I don't like about mine is that the hose keeps falling loose. I like the fact that there is a long cord as my old machine didn't even reach to the other side of the room. All in all a good product abd reasonably priced. ...more info
  • Reviewing this after 2years of use
    I bought the previous version of this same vacuum 3593-3 two and half years ago to use it in my apartment (carpeted). It still works great, but am planning to get rid of this as the front wheel frame broke (which is the reason i rated this at 4). It still has the suction 75-80% of what it was when new. All i had to do is clean the filters and the brush once every 5-6 months. Still love this one.
    When compared to the new Vacuums, this one is light weight and never ached my arms even if i did vacuum the whole apartment (1100 Sft) at a strech....more info
  • Great Vac
    Before I bought this Bissell, I used a top-of-the-line $400 machine that worked wonderfully until the motor gave out after about 10 years of use in a house with four cats and four children, so this vacuum had quite an act to follow. It is currently May 2007 and I have been using this Bissell since January 2006.

    The suction on this Bissell is fantastic. When we moved, we discovered that the previous owners of our new home had carpeted the basement floor without first cleaning it. Some odd yellowish dust began coming up into the carpet and I peeled it back a little more than a foot to discover a coating of fine saw dust all over the floor. This Bissell sucked all that saw dust up through the carpet and padding! Now that's a deep down clean.

    This Bissell also handles large items like a pro. With four kids, I can't even begin to tell you how many yogurt raisins and pieces of cereal have made their way into my vacuum's collection bin.

    The parts of this vacuum are easy to remove and clean. All of the filters are easily accessible and can be removed without the use of tools. All of the filters and the bin can be rinsed easily in your bathtub or kitchen sink. Even most of the filter housings are easily removable for a quick rinsing. The main filter has an indicator that lets you know when you really need to rinse the filter and its housing to keep your vac sucking at its best.

    Like some other reviewers, my Bissell lost suction earlier this month. This will happen with any vacuum and is easily remedied, particularly with this machine. The inner hose of the machine can become clogged over time, as will any vacuum with a hose. This particular machine is easy to disassemble to clear the clog and all you need is a phillips screw driver.

    Simply pop off the foot plate by pressing the three tabs, carefully slide the brush roller out, and unscrew the clear plastic roller housing. The hose is connected to the brush housing and can be easily popped off with a little pressure. A single screw holds the inner hose to the back of the unit where the extension hose connects to the frame. Simply remove that screw and slide the hose out through the back of the vacuum. Now take it outside or to your trash can and knock the crap out of it until the hose is free of debris. You can use a butter knife or a broom handle to help with stubborn clogs if necessary. Slide the hose back in, replace the screw, pop the other end back onto the roller housing and put everything back the way you found it. Viola, your machine sucks in the best possible way once again! This takes only about 20 minutes of your time and there is no need to trash and replace a perfectly fine piece of machinery for such a minor ailment even top of the line vacuums suffer from - especially when you can easily fix it all by yourself!...more info
  • This vacuum is a great deal!
    When I bought this I thought I was buying a second one of the vacuum I have already. Turns out it isnt, but it is a good strong worker vacuum. I would recommend it to anyone with animal hair and dust. It picks up everything in its path, works well removing animal hair on the couch,and does steps well too. I dont think it is so hot on bare floor but I havent ever had a vacuum I liked on bare floor. A good deal all in all....more info
  • If you can't afford a better vacuum!
    This vacuum only works with maximum performance for a little while. When we first bought this vacuum it did it's job, sucked up the dirt. It needs to be cleaned out a lot!!! I've never had to clean out a vacuum so much. Overall I was disappointed with it after about 3months.

    I have recently purchased the dyson dc17 and love it! It works a lot better and doesn't need to be cleaned out all the time. It doesn't get clogged either....more info
  • Worth It
    I got this vacuum for my mother, she has had no problems. Seems to pick up everything well, even pet hair. Bissell customer service is excellent, they were very helpful to resolve a shipping issue i had as well as amazon. So i say Buy It you'll like it. Oh also the mini-vac that comes with it is too cool, It really works well to pick up anything that the vacuum wouldnt be able to fit between, such as the space between the couch and the wall, just for example....more info
  • Vacuums have come a long way in recent years. Bissell is no exception!
    My fiance and I recently bought our first house and wanted to get a great vacuum cleaner that would last us for many years to come. Since we were just starting out, we had a very limited budget and were not willing to spend $600 on one of those ridiculously priced dysons. We have been absolutely thrilled with the performance of our Bissell. It is extremely versatile, light-weight(compared to other brands/models), durable, dependable, and does an amazing job, picking up gobs of dirt from a floor that already looks perfectly clean! Using this vacuum has made me wonder just how dirty our floors have been before we ever used a Bissell.

    Bissell is a great American company with a long and stable history as an employer in the U.S., maintaining thousands of jobs across the country. Their products are of the highest quality and trust me, you do NOT have to spend a fortune to have a top notch vacuum. Buy a Bissell and it will be the best purchase you can make. Your home will certainly appreciate it....more info
  • Update... It burnt out in 15 months...
    [Update to review below, written a year ago.. It was a good vacuum
    but it only lasted 15 months before it burnt out in October 2007..]

    The Following review was written in October 2006 ....
    I always check the Amazon reviews for anything I buy, and I checked vacuum cleaner reviews for about a week. I was ready to spend big bucks on the high priced vacuums but the reviews and bad experiences of others changed my mind.
    I noticed Bissel got mixed reviews but this particular model got mostly good ones. We bought this model about three months ago at Costco for less than $100, tax included. I read the reviews that stated it was good at first and then it went bad, so I have my fingers crossed. Every vacuum we have owned for the last thirty years eventually went bad, I guess it's a question of how long do they last.
    The turbo brush on this one has been great for stairs (the Hoover wind tunnel this vacuum cleaner replaced never got the carpeted stair edges and cracks clean). The turbo brush also does a bang up job of cleaning cat hairs on the sofa. The collection cup is bigger than the Hoover's and is easy to clean. It's pretty heavy, but they all are except for the Dyson, and that got terrible reviews. Like I said, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. ...more info
  • My dogs will have to rescent the rug
    OK so I only have a large area rug, but you would not believe what I pulled out of that thing. I had just vacuumed the rug two days ago with what always seemed like a reasonable vacuum considering I just have the one rug. I was tired of looking at the dog hair re accumulating quickly, so I finally broke down and bought this. I was amazed at how much dog hair there can be in such a small area. I was also amazed at how sucky a job my prior vac was doing. I see that some folks have had some difficulty with cleaning and the filter and loosing suction. I'll update if this happens, but considering my needs I don't expect it. Oh yeah and the dogs were all sniffing around the carpet as if they were upset that I removed so much of their lovely doggy scent. I love the turbo brush. I can sit on my couch in nice pants again!!...more info
  • Wonderful vacuum for the price!
    We've had this vacuum cleaner for close to nine months now. I know some people don't like the fact that this vacuum cleaner takes a little care to get the best from it, but for me, even with cleaning I find this vacuum is both easier to maintain and better at its job than any bagged vacuum I've ever had. And at $100 or less, it's a bargain of a vacuum cleaner that performs wonderfully if you're just willing to give it a little care.

    The filters do need to be cleaned sometimes, but the vacuum is assembled in such a way that all the filters are easy to get to and remove, and I found them to be not that difficult to clean, unless you're intent on making them look brand new. And the rest of the vacuum - tubes, compartments, you name it - is all pretty easy to remove and clean out.

    This vacuum cleans all through our home comfortably, and the only thing it will ever struggle with is hair - and even that is only sometimes, as it's often able to vacuum up pet and human hair without much difficulty. Add to that the little turbo-brush attachment, and you end up with a vacuum cleaner that's pretty much able to clean up our whole house, thoroughly, without ever seeming to really struggle. It performs really well all over, and the only thing it's really had difficulty with is our tile - and that has to be the fault of the tilers, who seemed intent on recreating the Rocky Mountains when they laid our floor. I can't imagine any other vacuum would do much better with it.

    Overall, it performs really well, but it DOES need a little TLC to keep it doing its best. And maybe if I'd paid $500 for a top-of-the-line Dyson, that would upset me - but I bought this as a customer on a budget, and frankly, I expected it to be much worse at its job than it was. I've never been disappointed with it, and so far, its performance as a vacuum hasn't shown any signs of getting worse.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • very pleased
    We have only used it a couple of times yet, but are so far very happy with it. It is a tremenous improvement from our old vacuuum and is very easy to use (empty canister, attach tools, etc.). ...more info
  • good for awhile
    After extensive research I purchased this vaccuum knowing that Bissell was a great brand & I'd get great bang for my buck. It was trued for the first 2 months & then as time went on I lost suction until it quit on me all together. I returned it & exchanged it for the same model thinking perhaps that one was a lemon. I've had it now for 3 months & it's the same thing. The dirt goes into the 2 side compartments & all along the filter. It has to be cleanout out ( with your fingers digging out the dirt ) every time you do even a light vaccuum & the filters clog immediately. I've constantly had to wash them with is no small feat to get them clean. After 3 months of having this one I'm returning it for another brand. It has nice features so it's a shame that it doesn't perform better. ...more info
  • Bissell 35951 Review
    My husband and I read the reviews on the Bissell 35951 CleanView Revolution Plus Upright Bagless Vacuum before our purchase and they are all true!!! It is a great light weight vacuum that works like a heavy weight! We are very pleased with our purchase.
    ...more info
  • Good Vacuum
    This is the best vacuum I have owned yet. Although only time will tell if the great suction will hold up....more info
  • worked great at first.
    I loved the vacuumn cleaner at first - it seemed to work really great. The dirt holder was a bit messy to clear out though as the dust tended to stay in the two smaller sections and its not very hygienic to reach in and clear it out.
    Apart from that it worked great until a couple of weeks ago where the external small brush has stopped rotating and the whole thing sounds like a jetliner taking off. The suction has detiorated rapidly.
    Fortunately it's (just) within the 90 day return policy so it's going back tomorrow....more info
  • wait until you own it for a while
    filth and foul is what you will have in no short order. 25 years of repairing vacuum cleaners and it has come to this? there is not a vacuum cleaner manufactured that probably does not work great just out of the box. new belt , new brush roller , fresh filter or bag. why its just like driving a new car. does it get any better than this? 70% of all owners of bagless vacuums will not get another one. and Bissell leads the pack as to why. constant attention to the filters and at least 90% of my customers cant find ALL the filters. 1, 2, 3, 4. count them, you may find all this constant cleaning of filters and dumping and scraping out of bins acceptable. if so, you have found nirvana. because this machine and its predecessors blow dust and debris from one filter to the next. Is it a value? ultimately, that is determined after the fact unfortunately. A good name like Bissell could have done much better. ...more info
    My father-in-law bought this vacuum for his place and I was so impressed with how well it worked that I had to get one for myself. It's got great suction; love the no hassel bagless feature and the hepa filter is a plus. Vacuuming has never been this easy and fun. This vacuum packs a lot of power and works just as well as the higher priced models if not better but it doesn't come with the high price tag. Worth every penny!!!! Try it and see for yourself. Makes an awesome housewarming present too. ...more info
  • Wow - forget the Dyson!
    Moved from a house with brand new central vacuum to a house with 15 year old central vacuum and needless to say, noted the difference. Have been wheezing along each week saving for the Dyson. Well, today I went to plonk down my moola and noticed that this vacuum was very similar with similar features and $4oo bucks less. Figured I'd give it a whirl and return it if it didn't impress me. Guess what - I'm impressed! I litterally vacuumed for SIX hours today. Curtains, furniture, carpets, closets, drawers, cabinets - you name it. Figured when it overheated I'd take a break. Unlike the central vacuum, it never overheated and I finished it all and was looking for more stuff to suck up. This is a satisfying vacuum and emptying the dirt cup is (eewwww) easy peasy. No need for the Dyson for this girl - I'm thrilled with the Bissell. With a family and 2 cats that apparently are going bald, this thing is perfect for me and it truly rocks!...more info
  • Excellent Suction!
    I knew this vacuum would work great becuase of how well my previous Bissell's have worked but I was shocked at how well it worked! My carpets and area rugs all look great and when I was done, all I had to do was empty the dirt cup! The attachments are all great as well. I have 2 cats and it not only picked up their fur but it also cleaned up their kitty litter. This is a great vacuum and I am very pleased with my purchase!...more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    I just received this vacuum and I love it! It does an excellent job at cleaning my carpets and hard floors! I really like the change filter indicator becuase I would forget to change them otherwise! The filters are really easy to take out and clean too! The long power cord is helpful so I don't have to constantly unplug and find another outlet. I have 3 kids and this vacuum works great at picking up after them!...more info