Bissell 3596 CleanView Revolution Deluxe Upright Bagless Vacuum

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Product Description

Spice Metallic, Cleanview Revolution Deluxe Bagless Vacuum, Maximum Power, Easy Empty Dirt Container, Hepa Filter, Power Trak Wide Cleaning Path, On Board Tools With Turbo Brush, 7 Height Adjustments, & Clean Carpet Sensor & Clean Filter Indicator, New Revolution Dual Chamber Dirt Cup Separates Fine Particles.

Offering optimal power and convenience, the Bissell CleanView Revolution Deluxe vacuum is designed for thorough vacuuming. The CleanView Revolution's bag-less system is easy to empty and won't spill all over the carpet you just vacuumed. Seven height adjustments let you customize the Revolution to nearly any carpet or floor texture. This innovative upright features Bissell's exclusive TurboBrush for cleaning upholstery and stairs with ease. A bright headlight illuminates the work, so there are no spots missed. An easy-empty dirt cup replaces the traditional bag system for less downtime and more economical use. A HEPA filter captures over 99.9 percent of dust mites, pollens, and ragweed while you vacuum, for cleaner indoor air and healthier lungs. A wire-reinforced hose, a 35-foot power cord, a handy extension wand, a crevice tool, and a multipurpose tool help you access the far reaches of the house, and get the nooks and crannies cleaner than ever before. A clean-filter indicator lets you know when it's time to empty the dust cup so you're always sure you're operating at maximum efficiency. And, Bissell's Clean Carpet Sensor indicates when all the tiniest bits and pieces of debris have been sucked from the carpet so you can move on. A 15-inch cleaning path is easy to maneuver through table and chair legs. A beefy, 12 amp motor provides enough suction to clean heavy debris off hard floors. On-board tools vacuum upholstery, drapes, furniture, blinds, shelves, baseboards and much more. Your purchase is covered by a limited 1-year warranty. --Brian Olson

  • Electronic Dirt Sensor lets you know when the carpet is clean
  • Maximum Cleaning Power - powerful suction with a 12 amp motor
  • Clean Filter Indicator-will monitor the air flow and let you know when it's time to clean your filters
  • Bagless Revolution System-Extends suction power for better cleaning performance
  • 15"L X 12.5"W X 44"H, 17 lbs.
Customer Reviews:
  • The best vacuum ever
    This vacuum is a great deal for the price. It is bagless and has many different filters. It picks up great and is easy to clean up....more info
  • sweeper
    it does pick up, but now after few years, it is not picking up as well, plus the filtration system sucks. Will be going back to bag sweeper next time I buy....more info
  • After 1 month (4 heavy duty uses)
    I was very happy with the price and quality of this vacuum. I bought it when my roommate moved out (and took the vacuum and two cats with her). Needless to say, there was a ton of pet hair left over on our carpeted 2 bedroom 2 bath apartment. The vacuum literally changed the color of our floors it cleaned them so well. It has continued to perform excellently, but I must mention that I painstakingly clean all 3 filters after every use. I think this prevents any clogs that may shorten the vacuum's life. I love the extenders, and it is lightweight enough for me to maneuver (i'm fairly petite). I love love love the little green and red cleanliness indicator light. It seems so simple, but it gives me so much satisfaction for some reason.

    I would definitely buy this vacuum again, although I saw that the newer version was on sale for the same price at Target ($79.99). But even though it may not be the latest model, I am still very happy with it. I did a lot of research before I bought it. I hope it continues to get the job done as long as I keep taking good care of it.

    Note: My roommate's vaccum was a Eureka Altima upright (the bright yellow one). I liked that one too, but I would say that the Bissel is less bulky and the extender hose is easier to use. I prefer the Bissel to the Eureka, contrary to the reviews from consumer reports....more info
  • Bissell Is Frashizzle
    I purchased the Bissel 3596 over 1 year ago and it still works great. I have 2 cats, large home with stairs and this thing does it all. I am not easy on this thing either, it has tumbled down the stairs now twice and has never broken.

    I use it on the hardwoods for a quick cleaning, the carpet, stairs, then take the hose off attach the handheld and I am under the refrigerator or under the bed. Its light enough I can actually lift the vacuum onto the couch and run across it once to pick up cat hair.

    The reason I can not give it 5 stars is do to the size of the dirt container. Its a little small and at first I would empty it every time the red light would come on. Now I just finish the whole house regardless of the red "full" light. Even with the light on it still cleans just fine. Go by the Full Line instead of the light and you won't empty it as often. This Bissel will frashizzle your nizzle!...more info
    I hate to slam products in a general sense, but after just purchasing and using a Bissell bagless vacuum, I am compelled to write this. This is not a slam on Bissell or any other brand, but a warning to those who may think bagless vaccuums are the way to go. If you want trade the inconvenience of removing, disposing of, and replacing the standard bag every dozen vacuums or so with removing and emptying the plastic container as well as cleaning the post-motor filter for every room you vacuum, then this is for you. It's a mess and a hassle. And when you remove the full container, you are going to spill some of the crud. Same will happen when you remove and clean the post-motor filter. And if you don't do all this, the vacuum will quickly begin not working and leave big black wads of dirt where it's parked. Some of the filters for these bagless units cost $15 or more. My advice, stay with the tried and true bag units. They've worked fine for the last 60+ years....more info
  • bissell
    Replaced a Phantom with this machine and was amazed at the difference. It is a lot lighter and easier to handle. Had to clean BOTH filters after using it the 1st time on carpeting in three rooms, thats how much the Phantom was missing....more info
  • Jury is out
    Okay, first like others it worked great in the beginning. I came home from vacation to a huge flea infestation. You have to constantly vacuum and throw out the bags immediately to get rid of the bugs. I didn't want to invest in a life-time supply of bags so, I bought this vacuum. It is great for the can see exactly what gets picked up (how well your flea powder is working). Initially, I loved this vacuum. But over the last few months I have been more and more unhappy. I have one dog, a lab. It is NOT picking up the hair. The hair gets stuck before it even gets to the hose! Every few minutes (and I mean few minutes) I am cleaning out the spot before the hose, next it is the hose and then it is that nasty upper "trap". That yes, when you clean it out dust and dirt, hair, falls everywhere. Today I spent more time cleaning everything out rather than vacuuming. I stink, dust is everywhere, and it takes so much longer! I still don't think that everything is clean. The suction seriously seems to be diminished. Alright, I didn't clean out the filter in the upper "trap". Or review what Bissell said to do. I did a quick job of it today and could see an improvement in suction. That still wasn't getting it out of the lower part of the vacuum cleaner. However, I am thinking positively today. I am going to wash that filter out, let it dry and then see what happens. After reading all of the reviews I am hopeful that I might be able to ressurect this thing. It is only 11 months old. Noise? Isn't all vacuum cleaners loud? I really wouldn't care if it does its job. I never was too excited about the hand tools, I don't use the light, don't really trust it. It is all about the suction...I can tell you I am really going to PO'd if it isn't going to start working better. 3 stars now...if it works after the filter 4, if not 1!...more info
  • Worked well for 1 year, .....
    Bissell 3596 CleanView Revolution Deluxe Upright Bagless Vacuum
    I purchased the Vacuum in April 2006. Today I have officially come to terms with the fact that it doesn't pick up anything any longer. The first year seemed pretty easy....vacuum and dispose of garbage.

    The 2nd year has been a series of band issues. The band comes off about every other I time I vacuum. Despite the pain, I would open the cover and put the band back.

    I do have a 2-3bedroom apartment and vacuum maybe 1-2 times a week so I guess two years isn't bad???

    I did previously have a Sears Kenmore and it lasted for years and years it seems but the life on this one was 2 years. Have cleaned it, repaired it, changed filters and still not picking up.

    Just thought I would come back and let everyone know. First year great...after the first year...NOT SO MUCH.

    I guess for $130 I paid its not too bad.
    Good Luck!...more info
  • great vaccuum, great price
    great vaccuum, great price, green light lets you know when the carpet is clean, easy to use, lightweight...more info
  • This thing is the bomb
    To say that this vacuum cleaner is the bomb would be an understatement. Just arrived this evening around 5:30 and I've already emptied the dirt container once and only have done the three kids room! I especially love the little hose you can pull off and get the dust off the baseboards and any stuff in the corners that the vacuum underside cannot get to. Love it, love it, love it. I also must say, as a guy, I am impressed with its power. I feel like Tim "The Toolman" Taylor with this baby. Great product!...more info
  • Bissell
    Cleans up the particles that you never knew were there! Nicely equipped, not too heavy to lift, extra long cord - all in all a spectacular bargain for the purchase price....more info
  • Best vacuum I have owned
    This thing works great, the sensor that tells you if there is anything else being sucked up and goes green when clean works wonderful. It is fairly lightweight, pretty easy to maneuver, and the attachments work well. Highly recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Good at first.....but
    I bought my cleanview revolution about a year and a half ago, when the model was closer to $200, not $80. I thought if I spent more it must be better and last longer. I wish I could say this ended up being true.

    So far, I have replaced the spinning brush once when it seemed to melt at one corner and sieze up and countless belts because the vacuum seems to melt them on a regular basis. Now, if this were true and the vacuum still performed as it did when I first bought it I wouldn't be writing this review!

    The vacuum is also a MESS to empty, leaving dust and debris everywhere. The filter that is just above the dust bin collects a giant mess every time I use the vacuum and to empty it you kind of just have to dig up there. When you do this (obviously you have to do it without the bin in place) dirt/dust falls in the crevices below because there is nothing to collect and it creates issues with the vacuum sealing correctly).

    Also, now the latch that holds the tube that you can disconnect (at the top of the vacuum handle) is not holding it up properly and it falls constantly. Plus, when you unattach this tube to use it and go to put it back it never feels like it fits very snug so I am sure it looses suction there as well.

    Sadly to say, after a year and a half, it just doesn't have any suction left. I have changed every filter and followed the path of suction and just can't find any clogs or any other reason.

    I was very surprised to see all of the positive reviews and glad that others are having better luck than I am although I did see quite a few of people who left a review after only having the product a very short time. If I had left a reveiw on "my first impression" it would have been good too, but, what good would that have done for a consumer looking for a good investment?...more info
  • JUNK
    This vacuum is junk, it has to many filters that plug up with dust and dirt, then you have to take them all apart to clean the filters if you want to suck up anything. A dirty mess... ...more info
  • Still holding up strong after nearly 3 years
    I purchased a Bissell Cleanview around 3 years ago, based on great reviews on amazon. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment, no kids and no pets. This vacuum works great on carpet and floor. Picks up hair really well, does a good job on the upholstery and after nearly 3 years of use it's showing no signs of slowing down. I clean the filters occasionally, really easy to do. Not had to replace any parts yet. The bagless feature is convenient. I love this vacuum and would purchase it again! The only caveat is that the bagless feature may not work so well for someone with allergies....more info
  • works well, no problems after a year of service, even left outdoors (covered balcony)
    I've been pretty happy with this vacuum. It works well, and comes with a good set of attachments. I've had it living on my outside-exposed (but covered) balcony for over a year, and it's holding up fine, I'm impressed (wish I had a better place for it, but such is apartment living). You have to clean the filters somewhat often for good airflow, but that's my only complaint....more info
  • very nice vacuum that does a great job
    I purchased this vacuum for my mom, who suffers from respiratory issues (COPD and severe asthma) and arthritis. She loves it! It's easy to use, does a fantastic job, and is pretty easy to clean.

    One of the best features is the upholstery tool with the rotating brush. It works really well at lifting pet hair, dust, crumbs, or what have you off the furniture. It also works well for those tight corners under or behind furniture.

    This vacuum is a great alternative to the Bissell Healthy Home vacuum, for those who cannot handle the heaviness or cost of the Healthy Home unit. It's a fantastic value! ...more info
  • Dusty, noisy, cumbersome
    It seems like I've had to do maintenance on this vacuum prior to each use, as if housecleaning isn't work enough! Cleaning filters, unclogging the hose, reattaching the hose, etc... It's dusty and messy and has been since about the 3rd use. The only thing that's been consistent is the dust coming back out. It's too loud and messy and I'm kicking it to the curb next trash pickup. Wish me luck on my next attempt! Dirt Devils and Bissells are out for me....more info
  • Best vacuum I've had in 25 years!
    I've had Kirby, Rainbow, and a few Sears canisters. This little, inexpensive vacuum is amazing! No bags to buy, and a quick flip of a lock to dump the dirt holder. The filters work very well, are easy to clean and last a long time. Love the dirt sensor light, green for clean, and red for not quite yet! When this tough guy finally gives out, I will buy another just like it if I can! ...more info
  • Not a bad vac for the price
    I purchased this vacuum in August of 2006. I wanted something fairly cheap to pick up dog and cat hair (we have 2 dogs and 2 cats) off of carpet and linoleum. The vacuum worked great up until about a week before the year waranty was up.

    The height adjustment knob on the front stopped working and made it have a horrible sound on bare floors and hard to push on carpet. I called Bissell, and they sent me a free complimentary knob. Replacing it has helped somewhat. It's still not as good as new. However, I might have hurt another part because this problem started right after I vacummed our whole concrete basement floor. We can't find anything broken on the unit though.

    In the year that I have had the vacuum, I have only washed the washable filters once. I just now have purchased a new HEPA filter because the vacuum is starting to blow out air that stinks (like dog). Hopefully that will fix the smell issue.

    I love the sensor to tell me if all the dirt is picked up. I had a problem with the light staying red so I finally washed the filters and it has been working right, now. It really picks up all the fur off the floor. Our litter boxes are on bare floors, and it does shoot that out all over the place, so I have to go over the area a few times. It still picks it up well though. Did I mention I love the dirt sensor?

    It is loud and gives you a good workout, BUT I have never had a noiseless, light-as-a-feather vac before. Let me know if those exist that do just as good of a job. ...more info
  • This vacuum rocks!!
    This is by far the best vacuum I have ever used. The "Dirty" "Clean" sensor is very helpful. ...more info
  • Good vacuum, but LOUD!!!
    This vacuum was actually pretty nice, it did a fine job and was relatively easy to push and pull. However, and that's a big however, the wheels squeaked from very early on. I thought I could get used to it, or that my husband could fix it, but after a year, I had to get rid of it! It drove me insane! The noise was like fingernails on a chalkboard. It was high pitched, and never ever let up. My husband is pretty mechanically inclined, meaning he should have been able to fix it if it was fixable, but he never could get it to stop. I can't believe I just spent over $100 again in a little over a year on a vacuum, but I just couldn't stand it anymore. Maybe I just got a dud, I don't know, if it weren't for the wheels, I'd for sure still use it....more info
  • Worked, but not for as long as I wanted...
    Bought it about five to six months ago. Worked for fine for that amount of time. Now it doesn't work. It makes a strange noise, and makes a VERY bad smell. Don't know much about vaccums so I don't know what the problem is, but I expected a vaccum that costs this much to last much longer......more info
  • Nice and easy to use
    I have had lots of vacuums over the many years I have been around
    this one is by far my favorite does what it suppose to and fairly easy to clean
    as long as you keep it clean it works every time ...more info
    Bought this because I heard that it was decent machine for the money. Worked pretty well for about 4 months - then the roller brush went bad (bearings went out - I didn't know it had bearings). No warranty coverage on it according to the company, but they directed me to their little online shop where I could buy a replacement for $25. BE SMART AND DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON A MACHINE THAT THE MANUFACTURER WILL NOT STAND BEHIND. ...more info
  • Bissel Vacum cleaner
    Overall this is a very good bagless vacumm cleaner. It has great power and easy cleaning. It has a nice power brush attachment and very convienent filter status lights. On the downside it is a little heavy and not quiet. A good product for the money....more info
  • Very nice for the price
    We purchased this model for our downstairs family room and offices. It's very easy to use and does a great job cleaning. ...more info
  • Powerful, Economical Bissel Upright Vaccuum
    We purchased the Bissell 3596 Upright Vaccuum Cleaner, when our Oreck XL started smelling like it was going out. Although we were used to a lightweight vaccuum with a changeable bag, I am really impressed with this Bissell 3596; it picks up pet hair, lots of crumbs from the carpet or tile floors, and has a very useful nozzle to pick up small items, making the need for the dust buster almost obsolete; it also has a wonderful tool for picking up pet hair on furniture or bedding. I would recommend it for ease of use, economy, and thorough cleaning. It arrived immediately, upon order (less than a week). I highly recommend the product. ...more info
  • Do a test run
    I bought this machine and a Dyson the same day. This one I bought for our lower level family room. After assembly I found it was very hard to operate and heavy!I now see why they store models are put so high up out of the consumers reach. The upolstry tool is worthless. I find the dust and debis collects around the filter until the machine will absolutely clog up and stop. the Dyson? Worth every penny and I should have bought 2. ...more info
  • Worked great--at first.
    We've had this vacuum less than a year. This Bissell worked great for the first few weeks then the pedal that holds it upright broke. Then it started losing suction despite emptied canisters and cleaned filters. We also notices a fine layer of dust on vacuum no matter how many times we wiped it clean. Now, the motor is acting up. I even changed the belt, though it looked fine, without any results. I'm afraid it will catch on fire because of how fast the motor is running now--it makes a sickly high-pitched whine. Our only choices are to have it repaired or buy a different brand. We're thinking of going with a Dyson or a Kenmore now....more info
  • Very impressive, at first (revamped review from 5 to 3)
    This vacuum replaced an older upright Hoover Elite, that I really thought had still worked relatively well, considering the bag container is attached with a bungie cord. I paid $99 for this Bissell 3596 here at Amazon, with free shipping, and it's well worth that price! I vacuumed 2 rooms and was extremely happy with the results, not believing how much dirt & dust was in the container afterwards. One of my favorite features is the longer cord; my Hoover wouldn't be able to do both of those rooms without removing the plug from the one room and plugging it into the other. I easily did both rooms without having to deal with that. The test that had me sold on this vac was vacuuming the living room, which I had just vacuumed yesterday. I was amazed at how much more was picked up, considering it was vacuumed 24 hours earlier. The real test will be upstairs, where my long haired cat sleeps in the hallway. It gets ugly, really ugly, so I'll try report back when I get enough to test it. Doing the stairs will be another test. This unit seems alot larger/bulkier than my Hoover, which was a nightmare to deal with on the stairs. Otherwise, the vacuum seemed the same weight as my Hoover, and actually a bit quieter than the loud Hoover. One thing I did do was blast out the container with canned air, which I would suggest doing when cleaning it out, but do so outside! So, at the moment, I'm extremely happy with my new purchase...

    EDIT/ADDED 03/03/08:
    I'm regretting this purchase. Too bulky on the stairs. Too many filters to constantly clean. The main filter/canister, when removing, gets dust all over the place. After vacuuming, there is alot of dust on the wheels. I can't imagine actually taking the filters out and cleaning them inside the house; it's a messy disaster. Thankfully I have a deck; I roll it out there, open it up and, using a can of air, open it, remove and blow out all the filters. I wish I could change my number of stars, so I'll have to do it here - down to 3 stars; it does do a decent job of cleaning though. ...more info
  • Love It!
    I am very pleased with my purchase. I have replaced my sweeper that I had for 6yrs. I have no complaints, except it does get a little dusty but not a very big deal. I would recommend it, and also very affordable....more info
  • Great Product
    This item came really fast. I ordered in on monday and it came on tuesday. Its a great vacuum. The sucking power is amazing. My carpet feels new - like a brand new carpet. I recommend this highly....more info
  • Great Value for the price for a Vacuum
    I think that this vacuum is amazing for the price and a great value.
    If you are looking for the best value for the money and cannot afford the Oreck or Dyson, this is the vacuum for you.

    I am very happy with all the attachments and the bagless make of this product. I also have a small rechargeable Bissell for my tile floors and love it for everyday quick pickups. ...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    I've now had mine for about 1 year. We had a vacuum previously that used bags. Having a dog in the home, it seemed that the vacuum always smelled like the dog, b/c essentially dog hair & dander were in the bag in the vacuum in the closet...yuck!
    So, after doing some research on bagless, this one seemed the best for the price. I would imagine that the Dyson models are better, but then again, the comparison is between a $400-600 model versus this Bissell that runs just over $100 (with free shipping).
    I love this vacuum. I no longer hate vacuuming, and it's good to see just how much dust, hair, & dirt are picked up. Of course, I do have to dump the chamber during my vacuuming job, but it's extremely simple.
    ...more info
  • We Love It
    We are very pleased with this vacuum. It replaced a 26 year old Hoover which finally died. The suction on this vacuum is amazing; we love it and our cleaning lady loves it too. What a reasonable price!! I paid three times this much 26 years ago.

    Michele...more info
  • Better than my $900 Electrolux!
    This vacuum cleaner is quite honestly one of the best quality vs. cost deals I've ever found. I put myself through school selling Electrolux cleaners, so naturally I had one of my own. It died about a month ago so I went out to get a new cleaner and ended up purchasing the Cleanview. I was expecting it to be sub-par because of the price, but I wasn't willing to fork over another $900 for a new Electrolux. My plan was to use the Cleanview until I got my tax return and then buy another high-end cleaner.

    It was a huge shock when the Cleanview picked up a full cup of crud from only two rooms. I had used the Electrolux there the day before! I have a black rug and a white cat (couldn't tell you what I was thinking when I bought that rug). There was so much cat hair ground into it that it didn't really look black anymore. I thought the hair was permanently stuck in there because the Electrolux couldn't remove it and neither could the Rug Doctor I rented. The Cleanview got the hair out no problem and the rug looks brand new. Needless to say, I am very impressed with this little cleaner.

    I like that it's bagless and the clean carpet indicator lights are useful. It's heavy for a low-end plastic cleaner, but still lighter than my old one (Electrolux machines are notoriously heavy), and it's fairly easy to remove the various components to clean the brush. It does a great job on bare floors and the turbo brush attachment is handy for the stairs and the furniture. The only thing I don't like about it is the color scheme. Burgundy and bright yellow are not good together. But it's a vacuum cleaner not a new car, so who cares?

    I'd recommend this machine to anyone looking for a good cleaner in any price range....more info
  • This is as trashy as what its expected to pick up from the floor
    I can't believe what a useless waste of space this "vacuum cleaner" is. I've had it less than a year. On the 2nd use, the first belt broke. It goes through belts like my 3 year old goes through clothes. The hose won't consistently stay clamped to the handle, falling into your knees as you try to push the thing. I can't get through a single job without it clogging and respreading the dirt everywhere as I try to unclog it. Its a 3-4 step process if it clogs further inside the filter sending me into a full-blown asthma attack (and my asthma is pretty mild). Its going to the curb on the next trash pick-up because now the clamp that holds it locked upright is now broken and I don't even know how that managed to happen. I guess at about $90 you get what you pay for. Those Dyson's better be worth the $[...] because I'm getting one tomorrow....more info
  • Nice Sweeper
    I thought it was time to buy a new sweeper. I've had my Dirt Devil for years. So when this bagless arrived, I ran the Dirt Devil all thru the house, THEN, I used the new Bissel bagless, just to compare. Gee, I feel silly. It looked like I never even used the Dirt Devil after I dumped the mess it left.
    I really like this sweeper. It sucks good! The turbo tool works great on my upholstered furniture. And I have pets!...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This is a great vacuum especially for pets. The 3 filters are nice, but they all do need to be checked and cleaned out often. Other than that it works well, and made my carpets look really nice....more info
  • Not as good as I thought it would be...
    I needed to replace my Hoover WindTunnel that I had for 9 years. I read quite a few good reviews for this Bissell, and the price was too good to pass up. Although it does the trick in cleaning the carpets, I find it a bit heavy and a bit hard to push. If I could do it over again, I probably would have stuck with the Hoover....more info
  • great for a few months
    This machine worked great for about 6 months. After that I noticed a fine dusting on the machine. I took it completely apart cleaning everything! Not only did it keep on covering it self with dust, the whole room was dustier after I used the machine. I have got rid of it and bought a different brand with a bag this time. I hated cleaning out all the filters....more info
  • Buy it if you don't mind the dust shooting out
    The vacuum cleaner worked excellent for first two months after I bought it online. Later one day after vacuuming a room, I noticed some very fine dust on the base cover of the machine. I wiped it clean and vacuumed another room and the dust was there again. The rubber cover over the brush roller has a gap and the dust was coming out of it. I put a sticky tape covering the gap in the hope of blocking the dust. It did cut down on the amount of dust, but the it is still coming out from several different places and I cann't cover all of them. I am planning to return the item....more info
  • Another wonderful Bissell product!
    After owning and loving my Bissell Quicksteamer Powerbrush carpet shampooer, I felt very confident to purchase this Bissell product after my third vaccuum from Hoover died inless than one year. As soon as I recieved my new vaccuum, I unpacked it, put it together in 5 minutes and vaccuumed my one carpeted room. I was amazed and basically disgusted at how much dirt it pulled out of the rug that had been vaccuumed one week ago. It is the first vaccuum I owned that actually pulled the dirt from along the wall. I love the indicator light that lets you know when the vaccuumed area is clean. Its much quieter and more powerful than you would expect for the light weight. The dirt collection cup is easily removed and replaced from the front of the machine. I will never go with any other brand than Bissell. ...more info
  • Awesome is the word!!!
    This one cleans...really cleans. Good on carpet and floor. Little noisy but it does its job thoroughly. Not sure about the clean and dirty indicator since I don't worry about it I use my eyes. ...more info
  • Bissell 3596 carpet cleaner
    Absolutely fabulous for someone who has better things to do than houseclean. Easy, light and quick and does a superior job.
    Love it....more info
  • Good Vacumm - Attachment Hose is too short
    Great vacuum, but the hose is way too short for using the attachments. I am constantly pulling the machine over because of this. ...more info
  • Works great
    The vacuum is really strong and provides excellent cleaning. The clean sensor indicator is very helpful. There are two not-so-great features - the vacuum is somewhat heavy and it fills up too quickly (I have to empty it one time before I finish vacuuming my 1,500 ft home). That can't discount the fact that this is an excellent vacuum, very well worth the price. I highly recommend it....more info
  • best vacuum ever
    We have a large three story home so I try to have at least two working vacuums at all times so I can leave one on each floor. Over the past 25 plus years I have tried many different types from the most expensive electrolux to several lighter weight inexpensive ones. I purchased this vacuum on Amazon based on reviews from other readers and the price (reasonable)and I have been thrilled with the product. It is not too heavy works, great, and the bagless system is very easy to empty. ...more info
  • Great product
    Although there are some negative reviews of this item, I've had no problems at all. The suction is great and the power cord is lengthy enough so that you can vacuum away at a pretty good distance from where you started. The filters are great and keep the dust from being sprayed back into the room. There are different settings for different carpet heights and one setting for bare floors. This machine is easy to use and I haven't noticed any of the problems my fellow-reviewers have mentioned. I recommend it highly....more info
  • Wow! Does this vacuum clean.
    I received this vacuum as a gift. I wasn't even in the market for a new vacuum. I loved my old vacuum, or so I did. When I used this Bissell on what I thought was a clean carpet, the amount of dust, cat fur, and who knows what else that came out of the carpet was astonishing. It pulled up the carpet pile with its powerful suction so that now my carpet looks and feels new again. I love the dirty/clean light feature. It does a fabulous job on my hardwood floors too, getting into corners on both sides of the machine. I am so impressed with this vacuum's performance that I am placing an order for one for my mom as a gift. ...more info
  • Why did i wait so long
    I think this Vacuum is the best so far. The price was right and the power on it is even better. It is not heavy and unlike other owners i did not find it to be as loud as i thought. It isnt quiet but I never heard of a quiet vacuum.
    There are several filters to clean but only one main cup you need to empty after it is full. AND they are washable! The filters do not have to be clened after ever use . There is also a indicator that lets you know when the main filter is dirty . I clean this often even though it does not need it. I have allergies so i am a bit over cautious.
    My husband vacuums. Should I say it again my HUSBAND VACUUMS!!!
    The tools stay in place and the cord allows me to do a whole floor of the house at a time with out un plugging. I like the tool that has a rotating brush. Awesome for Lamp shades,sofas and hard to reach areas. It cleans up hardwood , tile as well as carpet, Great on floor mats too.
    Soo If you need a new one i'd get this one.
    I had a neighbor who oved and borow mind to clean her old house. Well she just bought this one for her new house!...more info
  • Belt broke
    Belt broke within 3 uses and the hand attachment keeps getting knocked out of the holder. So no, I don't like this one very much. Now I have to go find a replacement belt....more info
  • sucks, but poor warranty
    I have only had this vacuum for two weeks. I was really impressed with the amount that it picked up... it has great suction... And the wand has a lot of suction too. My last vacuum was not broken, i just wanted to switch to a bagless one. I was rather surprised that after one use it the belt broke.. i have has three vacuums my whole life and the belt never broke. Yes I easily can replace it for two dollars... but the point is that when I called bissell about the issue they told me that it broke due to wear and tear. The would replace it once but not again! Well what exactly is wear and tear if i only used it once?! I thought that it may have a defect that breaks or tears the belt. We shall see.... but hopefully it holds up... and i did not pick up anything unusual no more than pet hair....more info
    This thing is inexpensive and it works. The light is not a gimmick - it really lets you know, when the red indicator light turns green, that the area is clean and you can move on. I'll never buy another vacuum unless it has the name Bissell....more info
  • heavy
    very heavy, on switch located on the side, handle is not comfortable,lots of suction but very clumsy....more info
  • Lots easier than other vacuums I've had.
    Sets lower to the floor, allowing more surface pick-up. Love rotating attachment. Great suction. Better than previous 25 amp unit. Rotating hose does not tangle. Bagless cleaner much lighter than bag units. Light weight. A+ vacuum, would recommend to anyone. ...more info
  • Really sucks, but in a good way
    The motor is strong. One of the best things is the power cord is very long. You can vacuum multiple rooms before having to change sockets. Lots of handy attachments. Can't think of anything bad to say about it. The only reason I didn't give it five stars is it doesn't vacuum by itself....more info
  • Bissell 3596 ( Love this vacuum )
    I have had this vacuum now for 2 months and I think it's great overall. I can't believe all the dirt it picks up, which believe me, I vacuum very often, but I do have a large dog, so crumbs from his treats do get around as well as his short hair. I am impressed with the suction and I love the dirt to clean light which I'm not really sure if you can say it really works, but it does make me feel that everything is clean. Works well on hardwood floors too. It does take a bit of time to keep the bagless bin clean, but not much more work than changing a bag, but definitly more frequent.( I try to wash it out everytime I use it) I was going to buy a Dyson, but for the money,this is a great vacuum and has great suction, and has had no clogs so far.I'm going to spend the money I saved from choosing this one, on something else for me. :.) ...more info
  • Nice vacuum: easy to use
    I've been using this vacuum for a few months. It seems to clean effectively and has good maintenance instructions. Unlike my old vacuum, it's not too noisy or heavy. It's odd that the roller doesn't stop turning when in the upright position, but I haven't found that to be a major problem - it hasn't hurt the carpet (to my knowledge). I already broke a belt (I caught a shoelace in the roller), but it was cheap and easy to replace. I recommend you get the belt from a local store rather than Bissell (much cheaper). Overall, I like it. And the 'clean/dirty' lights are fun :-)...more info
  • Heavy but good
    Its heavy. Few attachments. Howevr its does its job in the medium sized house.
    Its worth its price if you get it in 15-25 % discounted price.
    There may be other options in the same price category...more info
    I owned a Bissell Cleanview for 4 years before I had to purchase this new model. Glad I returned my broken Eureka Altima which lasted 3 weeks and purchased this one at Great vacuum, like the sensors to tell you whether the floor is clean or dirty. It is doing a great job cleaning up all the dust on the carpet from remodeling the house! From now on I am always going to by Bissel products!!!!...more info
  • Works as advertised!
    Purchased this on Amazon about a month and a half ago and I've been waiting to see if what most people here have described is true. The main item I was worried about (hope I don't jinx myself) is the issue with the "burning smell" coming from the belt. I did experience it slightly, but found that simply adjusting the height of the vacuum helped. My carpet at home, I'd describe as not very shaggy and on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the shaggiest) I'd say it's about 2-3 at the most. I found that setting the carpet setting on the vacuum to about the 4th level from the lowest setting (the lowest being the bare floor setting), helps keep the burning smell away. At the same time, it still brushes the carpet and sucks up any dirt and hair. The attachments work fairly well and the dirt sensor works as advertised as well. I was considering the Dyson Animal vacuum (couldn't get myself to spend so much on a vacuum), but I think this works just as well at a fraction of the price. If this vacuum lasts me a good 5 years, I'll be happy. I tend to vacuum at least twice a week as I can't stand cat hair all over the place. In summary, I'm happy with this purchase as I do own a cat and my old vacuum (I owned a Fantom) couldn't keep up with all the hair he sheds and just stopped picking any dirt up really....more info
  • Bissel 3596 cleanview is a wonderful vaccume cleaner for the price!
    Hi, i ordered this vaccum cleaner a week ago, and used it twice since then.
    It is a wonderful thing to use. It is light weight, suction power is good, Turbo brush works excellent. It's bagless feature made me buy this one. Cleaning is easy. It has a long cord, you can vaccume your entire Living room without disconnecting the cord. My previous vaccum cleaner had shorter cord, which would pull while i used to work. The green light works as clean indicator,which helps me save my time as I won't vaccum the same place twice. ( It happens to me a lot of times. )
    I still haven't noticed any cons. except for one. The extension cord is short, So you might have to bend while using a nozel for cleaning edges of your house.
    Still i feel it was worth spending money. I give it 5 stars. ...more info
  • Belt slips off too often
    I thought maybe it was just me, but now that I read the other reviews I see there's a general problem with this vacuum. The belt tends to slip off fairly often. The last time it happened on my vacuum, it began rubbing on the plastic housing that surrounds the belt. It got hot enough to melt the plastic in several places to the point that the vacuum is beyond repair. I'm going to see if the store will let me return it so I can buy a different brand....more info
  • Mine melted twice!
    I am also disappointed with this vacuum. We have had the same problem with the belt slipping off and melting the plastic casing around it. During the course of normal vacuuming it suddenly starts to make a loud noise, and then pieces of the melted plastic are all over the floor. After that it has to be repaired (took 4 weeks for a part the first time). I bought this a year ago and expected a $150 vacuum to last a lot longer. The first time it was repaired for free under the parts warranty but now the time is up. I think I will be throwing it out and replacing it with something that doesn't have any plastic around the belt! Hasn't this been RECALLED yet???...more info
  • Great Value for a Versatile, Powerful, Quality Machine
    We purchased a bagless Eureka for our apartment (half wood floors, half carpet) a couple of years ago and have had terrific results. We wanted to buy the same machine for our daughter at her college apartment, but found that our model was discontinued. Fortunately, we read glowing reviews for the Bissell 3596 at and it truly has lived up to those reviews. We give it five out of five stars! Spending about [...], we found this to be a great value for the money.

    We wanted a single machine solution, bagless, something that would deal well with hard floors as well as carpets, plenty of attachments, and something powerful enough to deal with the winter mess of a snowy climate, overgrown dust bunnies, and the usual unwanted visitors to college apartment floors. My daughter easily set up the vacuum herself and we fired it up just to make sure everything was working. Her apartment looked immaculate, so we were surprised to see the amount of dirt that began to swirl around in the vacuum's clear chamber. It clearly was picking up what the previous owners had missed and we couldn't even see. After we started making our own mess putting furniture together, etc., it easily made the sawdust, paint chips, and dirt disappear. And the unit worked beautifully on both hard floors and carpet.

    The multiple attachments were plenty to cover every corner of the apartment, furniture, drapes, etc. The power attachment was great for small throw carpets and upholstered furniture.

    Cleanup was a breeze and not at all messy. We left feeling confident that our daughter had a machine that would help her easily keep a clean apartment and give her many years of reliable service. The Bissell 3596 is a real winner....more info
  • Excellent Vacuum!
    I had been using the same Dirt Devil vacuum for about 10 years until I bought the 'Bissell 3596 CleanView Revolution Deluxe Upright Bagless Vacuum'. All I can say is WOW! I have obviously NOT been cleaning my carpets very well all these years! The first time I vacuumed my living room (not a very big room) with this baby I filled the entire cup full of dirt and dust from the carpeting. I could not believe it. Who knew? I love the green indicator that tells you when the section of carpet you are vacuuming is 'clean'. The unit is also very easy to push around.

    Highly recommend this one...especially if you're currently using a dinosaur to vacuum your carpets.

    ...more info
  • Powerful but heavy
    Amazing how much cat fur fills the dust bin. I am very pleased and highly recommend this vacuum cleaner. But if you are going to move it up or down stairs, it is quite heavy.

    The attachements are minimal fuss and work very well....more info
    I really like this vacuum. Love the bagless feature. It has incredibly strong sucking power. The attachments are all very handy and convenient. My only complaint would be you can't really get under things very easily. The handle doesn't go down very far toward the floor so you can only go so far under tables, etc. Other than that, I really recommend it. A great vacuum for the money....more info
  • Works good for a while
    The Vacuum seemed to work great for the first month. I have two long hair cats, and it really seemed to pick up the hair well, but then I had the same problem that some others have had. I was using the hose to clean some hair off the couch when I noticed the burning smell. I shut it off and the brush had almost seized up. I called Bissell and they siad although the brush is usually not covered, they would send me a new one as a curtesy. I did get it in the mail less than a week later. Again it was working fine until I came home one day to smell that burning smell. My girlfried had been vacuuming earlier and was using the hose when it started to burn. This time the brush did sieze, and started meltin on the cap. Both times happened when using the hose, and from other reviews, that is when they had the problems. Why would this happen when using the hose? I am gonna call again and see what they say. I got it for about 50% off with price matches and a coupon, so I am hesitant to return it....more info
  • Works great... when nothing's melting!
    This was my first bagless vacuum, and I really loved it... for the first 6 months. I'd give it 5 stars if I had no problems with it, but I'm docking it due to two repairs in less than a year!

    I still love the features:

    1. It has a long enough cord to do most of my house without moving the plug.

    2. It has two pre-filters so that you don't have dirt and junk all over the HEPA filter, killing the suction. With two big dogs, three cats, and Arizona dust, believe me, it's important!

    3. The main pre-filter is washable foam, so I can usually wash it every time I vacuum.

    4. I love being able to see what I am accomplishing, since I have a hard time doing housework for the sheer enjoyment of it.

    Really, I had only minor complaints:

    1. The brushes cannot be disengaged, so they keep on spinning when you're using attachments. This also precludes pre-vacuuming hair and such that get wrapped around the beater bar. (To be fair, however, most vacuums don't have brush disengagement.)

    2. I don't especially like the brush attachment as compared to my old Hoover Wind Tunner. I prefer a wider attachment.

    3. The dirt cup is a little small compared to other bagless models, but nevertheless, it is enough for one vacuuming in my 1739 sq. ft. house.

    4. It's messy to empty (dirt kind of flies around), so IF IT'S NOT CONVENIENT TO TAKE THE DIRT CUP TO YOUR OUTSIDE GARBAGE, IT MAY NOT BE THE VACUUM FOR YOU.

    Then the real problem surfaced. I was using the vaccum attachments one day in late April when I smelled something burning. There were little ashes on the floor when I moved the vacuum, and after that, the vacuum roared and vibrated horribly. I took it back to Best Buy, where I had purchased it along with the service plan. Both of the plastic end caps on the beater bar had partially melted. They replaced the damaged parts and returned the vacuum after about 3 weeks. In the meantime, they suggested I buy another vacuum and just return it for refund when I got my Bissell back. (Doesn't that sound dishonest?)

    Just 3 months later, the same thing happened. The vacuum began to roar and vibrate. I took the beater bar off, and somehow hair had gotten between the beater bar and end cap and was melted into the plastic! The center of the cap where it is in contact with the spindle was melted and distorted. So I had to take it in for another repair. It appears they replaced the beater bar with a used one. Goody.

    The first time was annoying; the second time kind of pissed me off. I bought a Hoover Elite Rewind with the intention of NOT returning it, so that I'd have a backup in the event the Bissell melts again. So far I love it. I'll wait a few months to see how reliable it is and submit a review for it.

    BOTTOM LINE: This vacuum has great features and is easy to use and clean. I would just highly recommend purchasing a service plan with the vacuum in case you have problems.

    WORDS OF WARNING: My parents rented a condo in Colorado, and there was a Bissell Cleanview vacuum in the unit. Many renters apparently didn't know how to use and clean the vacuum, so the dirt cup would be packed and difficult to remove and clean when my parents arrived. My mom hated the vacuum, apparently because of the inconvenience caused by abuse by people who didn't know how to use it. She also complained that it was difficult to push, so it may have had the burning problem that some of us have mentioned. So, I would NOT recommend buying one for a rental unit. ...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    The best thing about this vacuum is probably the thing most people would like least; you can (must) clean the filters and dirt canisters. No more dank, doggie odor shooting out at me from my bag vacuum. During a weekly vacuuming of 3200 sqft, the canister and main filter need to be emptied twice, and when I'm done, I can wash everything and it's clean and fresh for the next use. This vacuum transistions smoothly from hard floors to carpet, with the flick of a switch, and I really like the way the brush stops when the vacuum is fully upright. The detachable motor and hose make vacuuming stairs, drapes, and hard to reach places a breeze. I used the power brush to easily clean all our drapes and 3 tapestries easily, withput having to wrestle with a hose while trying to hand brush out the dust and cobwebs. In a test on carpet between our 5yr old Hoover and the Bissell, the Hoover did pretty well, only leaving a small bit of dirt behind that the Bissell picked up, but I'll never have a bag vacuum again. We were all grossed out by how much ick we apparently live in, but seeing it helped the kids understand how important it is to clean frequently and well. Now, if only the dog would let me power bursh her!...more info
  • Bissell CleanView
    This vacuum is average. I bought it to replace my Hoover WindTunnel that died after 5 years. That vacuum was a wonder! (I have sinced bought another WindTunnel) This Bissell I keep upstairs as a second vacuum but I dont use it as often because it simply cannot handle pet hair. I vacuum one room and the container is full of dog hair. The filter clogs up with the hair and then the vacuum loses suction. Its very frustrating. I spend more time cleaning the filter and the dirt cup more than I'm vacuuming. It does pick up the dirt but if you have pets BEWARE! It just doesnt have the capacity to handle the hair of my German Shepherd. The Windtunnel has a large bag and really can handle it. I think all the bagless vacuums are messy and mediocre at best....more info
    This is a great vacuum for the price. Cleans thoroughly, and the dirt sensor is a plus! I would have given it 5 stars except for the fact that while your using the hose/attachments the brush stays spinning. Other than that, it's the best vacuum I've ever purchased!...more info
  • Great Vacuum Cleaner
    We have had this vacuum cleaner for over a month now and it has been great. We were amazed at the cleaning power. Our carpet never looked this clean after using our old vacuum. ...more info
  • WOW
    im amazed at how much this vacuum sucks up. i just used it for the first time an hour or so ago and im very pleased with how well it works. the only thing i noticed is the vacuum gets very hot...maybe this is because it works so good though?? we will see but for now im very happy with my purchase. another plus is i selected the free shipping option and i got it in 2 days!! :)...more info
  • I've now had 2 of these with the same problem
    First of all, I never leave negative reviews of products on Amazon because I hate being a complainer. I felt the need to warn others about my experience with this model. I was so excited about this vacuum when I first got it. Everything was awesome. The suction is great, the cord is longer than other models. I didn't have any problems with it whatsoever and was prepared to happily keep this for years. After about 5 weeks of normal use, it started making a horrible noise and a strong burning odor filled my house. My husband took it apart and the belt had slipped off and was melting the plastic next to it. He fixed it once and then it happened again. I notified Amazon and they let me return it for a replacement (hoping it was just a freak incident). Well just yesterday, after 6 weeks of use, my 2nd vacuum did the exact same thing. I am so frustrated because I love this vacuum. I read some other reviews about problems with the belt. I told Amazon to let Bissell know about it so they can recall it. I have another Bissell model and have never had a problem with it, so this is in no way a negative review of the Bissell brand. I just wanted to let potential buyers know that there's a pretty good possibility that this could happen to other units as well. Please shop around before you take a chance on this. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum!!!
    This is a very good Vacuum for the price.It does a good job cleaning,filter system,lot of attachments and easy to use.
    I had to replace my Panton after a year and three Months,that cost more and didn't clean as good.
    5*****...more info
    BEFORE I PURCHASED THIS BISSELL VACUUM, I READ ALL THE AMAZON REVIEWS AND THEN DECIDED TO PURCHASE IT. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED!!!! THIS PRODUCT DOES WHAT IT SAYS...AND THEN SOME! I'VE 50, AND I HAVE NEVER SEEN SUCH A VACUUM CLEANER BEFORE....IT REALLY CLEANS YOUR CARPET!!! REALLY!!! MY HUSBAND AND I COULD NOT BELIEVE HOW MUCH DIRT WAS BEING LEFT BEHIND IN OUR CARPETS BEFORE WE GOT THE BIZZELL! THE CARPETS LIKE LIKE NEW AGAIN....AND PET HAIR (A DOG AND A CAT) ARE NO LONGER A PROBLEM! THE INDICATOR THAT LETS YOU KNOW WHEN THE A CERTAIN AREA OF THE FLOOR/CARPET IS "CLEAN" IS A GREAT FEATURE AS WELL! You'll need just a phillips head screw driver for one easy attachment of the handle....the hose and attachments need no tools to put on ....very easy and quick to assemble...guesstimate of 3 minutes and you're ready to starting vacuuming and be TRULY AMAZED!!! HATS OFF TO BIZZELL!! (This is the first time I've ever been so pleased with a product to actually comment on it. (...except for my FORD FOCUS that is awesome on gas....but that's another topic.)...more info
  • Unhappy
    This could have been a great vacuum - too bad the reliability is TERRIBLE! Cleaning power is good, clean up is easy, but the belt & brush design is poor. We smelled something burning the first time we used the product. By the third use the belt broke.

    My wife called Bissell customer support and they shipped a new belt. It was only when we tried to install the new belt that it became clear the beater brush had actually seized and wouldn't move. We again called Bissell, who promised to ship a replacement brush, but this never materialized. I might add, each step of this took 2 weeks of waiting.

    We love the Bissell steam cleaner we bought last year, but after this experience we'll never buy from Bissell again. Be warned. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum for the price
    I was pleasantly surprised with this vacuum. It does a great on my carpets, rugs, and tile floors. I will never get another bag vacuum again. I also think the price was reasonable-I know it isn't a Dyson, but it does a good job.

    I really do like the fact that it is a bagless and I can see the dirt/miscellaneous objects that are coming out of my carpets. Emptying the canister is easy and not very messy. If I spill when emptying, I just vacuum it up. I like all the accessories and filters. I vacuumed with my old vacuum prior to trying the Bissel and was amazed at how much more dirt it found after I thought it was clean. I finally feel that I have a clean carpet without just hoping.

    I think the clean/dirty carpet light is a good idea as well. My kids and husband can help with the floors and know they are doing a good job. It also entertains them both, so they don't mind vacuuming as much.

    My only complaint-no handle to carry it. I have a winding staircase and the vacuum doesn't come with a handle to carry it up and down the stairs. You just have to grip onto the push handle or the accessory storeage area. The vacuum is a bit heavy (nothing a normal person couldn't carry) and a handle would have made it easier to vacuum the stairs without losing your grip or just to lift. Therefore I couldn't give it 5 stars.

    Overall a good vacuum for the price....more info
  • A fabulous cleaning machine
    We moved into this 10 yr old house of all dates 9/11/01 and we think it had never had a serious vacuum cleaning even with our present filter queen - we just bought this mdl 3596 and had to empty the dirt container 3 times - it was an off color blue carpeting but now it looks like its brand spanking new - we'll probably be able to breathe better etc. Would very highly recommend anyone that is in the market for a vac cleaner to hit upon this one - we thought our 30 yr old filter queen was good - it doesn't hold a candle to the modern technology of this Bissell unit. Can't say enough about this machine and ease of use = can't find any fault with it whatsoever. Enjoy!!!...more info
  • The most frustrating vacuum I have ever owned!
    My husband bought this for me for Christmas, and while it seems to suck up the dirt and dog hair, it doesn't seem like it has as much suction power as my old Hoover.....especially when using the extension hose. The worst part though is that the belt keeps coming off! I will be vacuuming and then randomly the brush stops turning and I have to stop and take the bottom apart, take out the brush and reattach the belt. The other day it happened 5-6 times while vacuuming my house. What a pain. I really feel like it is not remotely worth the money, and I am going back to Hoover vacuums....more info
  • An excellent vacuum cleaner
    We recently bought this cleaner because my wife wanted to have a lighter one compared with our old Hoover. Even though it was lighter, it was as powerful as any other more expensive ones. The price was pretty reasonable too. Overall, it was an excellent workhorse and a bargain.

    Cheng...more info
  • best vacuum ever
    this vacuum surprised us with its wide head and great made us realize how much dirt we had been leaving behind with our old vacuum. It's a definite good buy!...more info
  • Great Machine
    This machine is the best one I have ever had. I love the ease of use. I like the fact that I don't have to buy sweeper bags anymore. It is easy to empty and clean....more info
  • killer first impression
    My wife couldn't stop raving about the new Bissell delivered today. It picked up dirt from the sliding door channels that had never been touched by any previous vacuum, including a new Oreck. That will save her time with spray cleaner and wipes. We don't understand comments about too great a weight. She actually could vacuum without the shoulder strains with the Oreck and others (that's important, as I am partially disabled and the cleaning load falls on her), plus the extra long cord means not having to go back and move it to a new outlet every time you go to a new room. The comments everyone makes about the filter cup filling up quickly at first are oh so true - this things sucks up a huge amount of crud from what we thought were reasonably clean carpets. Our only worry is the brush spinning at all times. PS - Our cat likes it too, thanks to the really quiet operation. Olympia, WA...more info
  • Awesome!!!!!
    This is the best vaccum I have ever owned!!! AND i have owned many!! I have kids and pets.....and there is no job too big !!! the only thing I could possibly say negative is the cord....its on the opposite for a right hander......but truely WHO cares....this vacuum is great! it has an attachment up close to the handle and its AWESOME for stairs!! definitely a best buy!...more info
  • Very Surprised
    Ok, I have used the Dyson DC014 Animal on my carpet before, a friend let me try it and I was very impressed but I needed a new vacuum terribly and didn't have 550.00 dollars so on the web I went reading consumer reports, online reviews, etc. and the Cleanview Revolution was highly ranked with it's current owners. So, I finally decided to get it and I am so pleased. It picked up more dirt and filth from my carpet than the Dyson did just a week before and I had no idea that my carpet was SO full of crud! (I vacuum at least twice a week) This thing is amazing and I could not be more happy with my purchase. The attachments work great, it's not too heavy, it fits under cabinets and it even works great on my ceramic tile! I would recommend this product to anyone who is on a budget and wants a great vacuum without the Dyson pricetag....more info
    I recently moved into a new apartment and needed a vacuum cleaner. I read many reviews and decided upon this model. I have only used it once but I can say with some certainty that I am very pleased with my purchase. I moved into an older set of apartments and I wanted to do a "top-to-bottom" cleaning. I vacuumed up so much stuff that I had to empty the container 3 times. I had previously used my old roommates vacuum, a new Hoover Windtunnel, and i was amazed at the amount of material that the Bissell picked up. I would encourage anyone to buy this vacuum, but I would stress all of the encouragements to maintain your filters. All of the reviews that said something about losing suction over time I don't feel cleaned their filters after they vacuumed. If you do this I don't see how you would ever have a problem. ...more info
  • Well designed machine
    I purchased this Bissell Upright to replace a 28 year old Hoover that had given good service and was still working. However when my wife used the Hoover a dusty smell was present in the room. I was attracted to the fact that modern vacuums had extra filters so I bought the Bissell. I am a mechanical engineer and checked the new Bisell over. The suction was very good and the filters did exactly what I wanted. Some reviews mentioned the weight but the Hoover which was mostly metal weighed 36 lb. almost double the Bissell. I like the unit and the price but I don't expect it to last 28 yrs. (ps)they asked if I was over 13. I AM 73 YEARS OLD WITH 2 ENGINEERING DEGREES AND 49 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN MY FIELD....more info
  • Good idea for a vaccum, poor quality..
    I bought this vaccum because the middle canister comes out so you don't have to carry the entire vaccum when cleaning stairs. After having this vaccum for a little more than 8 months I am very unhappy with it. The dial on the bottom is stuck so that I can not change it from carpet to bare floor settings. The attachment that you use to clean stairs doesn't have any suction. I have to litteraly pick things off the stairs & put it down the hose! I thought bagless vaccum would be great, not having to deal with the bags & running out to buy them... I was wrong! When I empty the canister, dirt & hair go everywhere, making a huge mess for me to clean up. I think my next vaccum will be an Oreck. The bag idea seems a bit old fashion, but it is a lot cleaner. I am really sorry I bought this Bissell. ...more info
  • A good value
    We just purchased this vacuum from, geh, ah target. After vacuuming the house with our old vacuum (Crap Devil feather light)we ran the Big Bizzle over 2 area rugs and all the hardwoods...OMG! We couldn't beleive the amount of debris and dust the new vac picked up! I gave the Dirt Devil to my friendly Chinese neighbors who expressed an interest in it as I was putting it out to the garbage can =) Although I just got this thing, but I feel I can give you a fair Pro vs. Con, so here goes:

    1) It does what it says it does... very well for a minimal price.
    2) HEPA filtration is a nice thing to have for clean air freaks like me.
    3) Did I mention it was only $127.99? Dyson = foolish

    1)For and extra Ulysses S. ($50 for you cheap ho's) you can get the "lift off" which I thought better of, however, I now think the ability to turn off the beater bar would be nice for hardwoods and while using the wand. But I still think the "canister" crap is gimicky.
    2)Not really a con, I would've preferred direct drive as opposed to belt driven.
    ...more info
  • Blown away by first impression
    I was looking for a good vacuum cleaner with a price that won't burn a hole in my wallet like the Dyson. When I bought my first Bissell, I wasn't sure what it would do on old carpet (at least 10 years old). To my surprise, it actually made it look close to new again. For the size and weight, the Bissell has a surprising powerful suction which took me by surprise. I noted the following while I used it (pros):
    1. My carpet looks almost new after vacuuming with the Bissell.
    2. Cleaning the 2 sponge filters was to be expected, and the sponge filters were easy to wash (buy a second set just in case you wash the first set while the first set is drying, use the second set to vacuum again if you have a big house). The foam filters are $6 for a set and can be used for a long time.
    3. The replacement Hepa filters are only $13 compared to the Hoover ones that are upwards of $30! Since the Hepa is the third stage filtration on the Bissell, most other particles are trapped before they reach this one, so it doesn't need to be replaced often. In case you didn't know, true Hepa filters (which is also used by the military) cannot be washed and then reused.
    4. The extension hose together with wand are long enough for me to vacuum my ceiling and dirty A/C vents.
    5. The extension hose is long enough and powerful enough to suck out dirt from the carpet in my car and seats.
    6. I also use the turbo brush to gently clean the lint out of my clothes.
    7. The clean and dirty carpet light sensor when active is like playing a game of "Find and get the dirt." I was shocked to discover that the area around my bed is the dirtiest b/c it picked up lots of dead skin cells (white powdery stuff and lots of it, not to mention it also picked up the skin mites that eat the dead skin cells and their feces which are mixed into it).

    The cons are:
    1. Appearances can be deceiving. The dirt container looks big from a normal perspective. However, the container does seem to fill up quickly (esp at the 2 side pockets), but I guess it's doing a very good job of cleaning and showing which part of the house is the dirtiest.
    2. Brush keeps turning when using the extension hose. Must be careful not to put close to edge of rugs/long drapes.
    3. Emptying the container can be a real health hazard if you just casually dump the dirt into a trash can. Must seal it with a plastic bag while dumping to keep powdery dust from getting to face/nose.

    As a suggestion if you do get this vac:
    I've read some of the reviews/cases where the belts are burning/breaking, engine failing. As a Mech Engineer, I think most people have turned their height adjustment too low, making the brush and vacuum work too hard. The whole idea is to let it gently beat and brush the carpet, not rip carpet fibre out. My setting is 2nd notch away from highest setting, and it works great (no burning smells or problems with belt for 5 months now). Bissell could make stronger belts and better components, but then their price won't be so low.

    The pros beat the cons in my case.

    I couldn't ask for a better vacuum cleaner and for the price, it is a very good vacuum cleaner which I highly recommend for the average home. ...more info
  • Bissell 3596 CleanView
    Excellent vacuum with lots of suction. Dirt canister requires cleaning after a couple of times vacuuming. Which is an indication of the suction and dirt being collected. The only drawback on this unit is its weight. It is quite heavy. Otherwise its a great vacuum....more info
  • An excellent product
    I have for about 2 months. What I like about this product:
    1. Light weight! -- I read other reviews about it being light but did not think it would make that much of a difference but it really does.

    2. Emptying the dirt container is simple and neat. I had worried about the container spilling dirt and dust when emptying. This has not been a problem

    3. Maintains good suction

    4. On board tools easy to use.

    5. Can vacuum throw rugs.

    Overall an excellent product for an excellent price....more info
  • Awsum Vac !!!
    Its a powerful vac n does pick up all dirt..height settings really make life easy. Turbo Brush is a nice attachment. The only thing is while using any attachments the base is still running.. not a prob to me but might be to others. I will give 5/5 to this one since i was looking for a powerful vac which will clean my place quickly n it does that. U won't regret buying this.....more info
  • Just Right!
    Some vacuums are too big, some not powerful enough and others still use bags. Why anybody would be buying vacuum bags in 2006 is beyone me?
    There are too many good bagless vacuums like this Bissell too be monkeying around changing bags. I admit it does get messy draining the dirt cup, but for the ease and convenience of a quality bagless it's worth it.
    This vacuum has all the bells and whistles except the belt runs when you are cleaning upholstery. But otherwise this baby sucks like there is no tommorow.
    If you want a clean place for an affordable vacuum this Bissell is tough to beat!...more info
  • excellent vacuum
    When my old vacuum quit, I went to Amazon and compared the different cleaners. I purchased this vacuum based on other reviews, and found them to be helpful. This cleaner surprised me with it's cleaning power and picked up better than my other vacuum. I reccomend this vacuum to any one....more info
  • This is the BEST!
    WOW!!! Great product. I have never written a review but this product was just to good, I had to share my thoughts. It has a powerful suction. Very easy to set up, use and keep clean. The dirt cup is a perfect size, so easy to remove and replace. You will love the 35-foot power cord too. Definately a Best Buy for the money!! Highly recommended....more info
  • Not What I Expected!
    I purchased this vacuum a month ago and I am very disappointed. I chose this over others because of the Bissell name - I've learned my lesson. First of all, the Turbo Brush is difficult to place back into its holder. It has fallen on my hardwood floor so many times I'll be lucky if it isn't broken in another month! Second, after I vacuumed a couple of times, I noticed that underneath the container that the dirt is in was a thin layer of dust! Also, the cord to plug the vacuum in is on the right side - great if you're left-handed, but if you're not, it's very awkward. I'm stuck with this thing now, but next year I'm going to buy myself something better - NOT a Bissell!...more info
  • Good product. Good price
    I like my vacuum cleaner a lot. It serves the vacuuming needs of my 1BR apartment very well - both the hardwood floors and the carpet. I like the attachments and the red light for dirty, green for clean system. I also like the bagless feature, it is so easy to empty! Good suction and good attachments. If I had a more complicated place with stairs and lots of nooks and crannies, this might not be the best vacuum cleaner because of its size and weight. But it's perfect for me! ...more info
  • Works great!
    Easy to install and set up - only need one screwdriver for one screw.

    The first time I used it, it picked up tons of dirt that was in my livingroom carpet that I had no idea was there. When using my old vacuum, I would go over a portion of the carpet once and that was it. With the clean/dirty sensor, I can tell when I need to go over a portion of the carpet more than once until clean. I feel much better about sitting and laying down on my carpet after using this one.

    This also feels more sturdy compared to my previous one of 6 years that was breaking down after hitting many objects through the years.

    The rolling brush on the bottom is also an issue as warned since it was still running when I was using the handheld brush. I just need to be careful where I move it so it doesn't pick up the bedskirt again.

    One downside is that the dirt cut doesn't hold that much, so after two rooms, I had to dump it out and refill. However, it's neat to see how much I have cleaned the carpet and makes the vacuum more lightweight overall.

    For now, I would recommend this vacuum. Good price and works well....more info
  • All I can say is "WOW!"
    When my 18-year-old Hoover vacuum died, I had my mind set on replacing it with another Hoover since my old one was such a good vacuum. When I began researching, though, the reviews for the current Hoover models were not good. Good thing I came across the Bissell 3596!! After reading the reviews, it didn't take me long to determine that this was the vacuum for me!

    I purchased this vacuum, put it together (which took all of 5 minutes), and began to vacuum. I vacuumed 3 rooms of my home before I had to empty the dust container (we have fairly new carpeting and this vacuum picked up all of the carpet fibers which my old Hoover just scooted around and I had to end up picking up by hand.) All I could say was "WOW"!! I couldn't believe what this vacuum picked up off of my carpets, which I figured were already clean!!

    I love the clean/dirty indicator allows you to know if you need to make another pass on an area of carpeting to get it clean. I did not find this vacuum to be too noisy at all, in fact, it's quieter than my old Hoover.

    We don't have any pets in the house but we do have 2 small children. This vacuum even picked up glitter that my 4.5 year old spilled all over the carpeting!!

    I LOVE this vacuum and would recommend it to anybody who is looking for a powerful vacuum and doesn't want to spend a lot of money.

    The only thing that I don't like about this vacuum is when you use any of the attachments, you have to have the vacuum in the upright position and the bar does not stop spinning, so you have to be careful with where you stand the vacuum when you are using the attachments. Other than that, this vacuum is perfect!!...more info
  • Nice Vacuum, Don't pay too much though....
    You can buy this vacuum in stores like Target for around $75 on sale, so don't buy this vacuum without shopping around. I would recomend the hoover savvy but the price is around $200, but for around $75 this Bissell delux model is GREAT! I was amazed at how much dirt came up after I used my 10 year old hoover, the Bissell was almost filled with dusty nasty hairs and such, it's powerful machine, It comes with very nice tools for furniture and hard to reach spaces. I definetly recommend this vaccum for the price, But again, Do shop around! Places like Kohl's will try to charge you $150! I bought it here on Amazon but Target does sell this model. Good Luck!...more info
  • A Great Vacuum that gets the job done
    I received our new Bissell and was able to get it up and vacuuming with in 5 mins. I did a basic test by taking our old GE vacuum and vacuuming a 2' x 4' area. I then took the new Bissell and vacuumed the same area. All I can say is yuck. I pulled out the container and I was amazed at what this vacuum picked up that our old vac left behind.

    A couple of minor things I noticed. When the vac is in its upright position the brush bar keeps running. While this isn't that bad, you have to be careful if you are using this machine close to sheets or loose fabric.

    The 2nd thing is when I was vacuuming around our coffee table the front guard got caught under the edge of the table. I had to work a little bit to get the head out from under it.

    Overall this is a great vacuum for the price and is well worth the purchase....more info
  • I can't imagine a Dyson being much better
    We have had a housekeeper for the past year. Recently, we decided to cut expenses and she was the first to go. We researched vacuums and settled on this one due to price and reviews. The first room we vacuumed filled up the container with dirt and pet hair. I can't believe the filth we were living in! When I finished the house, I had enough pet hair to make another dog! I really can't see how a Dyson would be much better. This is a great machine. It is quiet and rolls effortlessly. The attachments are great too. Save your money and get one of these. ...more info
  • This vacuum is Amazing!
    I don't usually write reviews, but this vacuum is so great I have to share! I vacuumed with my old Sears vacuum and then shampooed with a Dirt Devil. The next day I saw this on sale and bought it after reading the reviews. We have quite a few cats, and the Sears vacuum does nothing with the pet hair. I did think the shampooer had gotten it though. But the Bissell looked like fun and I couldn't wait to try it. The green light is great - but I got close to 6 dirt cups full of dirt, litter, dust and cat hair out of my supposedly clean carpet. It was amazing. The carpet did feel cleaner when I was done. It isn't really loud, in fact the Sears one is louder. It's easy to clean, just rinse out the dirt cup and wipe off the outside. The dirt cup is a fine size. It manuevers well and isn't heavy. I really can't recommend this vacuum highly enough. All these years I thought my carpet was fairly clean - just a little furry. Now I know the difference. If you want super clean carpets at a reasonable price, buy this! ...more info
  • Perfect vacuum for us
    I love this vacuum. We have pets and it picks up the hair great, but no better than our previous vacuum. What amazed me the most was the dirt and sand that it picked up. It kept picking up dirt even when my carpet looked clean. The red/green light is awesome. I purchased the extended warranty from the store because of some of the reviews that read about the motor burning out etc, so I know that I will be happy with this vacuum for several years. Highly recommended....more info
  • Awesome Vacuum!!
    I had no idea so much dirt and filth was trapped beneath my carpets. This vacuum is amazing. I swear my carpets even _feel_ different after I vacuum. I could not ask for a more powerful (yet fairly lightweight) machine for the money. My only negative is that emptying the canister is pretty gross, and you will get dirt on your hands and all over the bottom part of the vacuum. I knew this going into it thought. I usually have to wipe the machine down after each use. I don't mind though, considering how will it cleans....more info
  • I finally found THE ONE!
    Ok so my DirtDevil FeatherLite died recently and I began this massive hunt for a new vacuum cleaner. I have 1 husband, 1 cat that sheds like a maniac in the summer, mostly hardwood floors, 1 carpeted room, and 3 area rugs.

    After much research and reviews reading, I ended up with a Dyson. However, I soon found out that Dysons don't work on Berber carpet or rugs with big loopy pile. The rotating brushes get stuck and this awful noise happens. I called Dyson and they're aware of this issue but have no fix for it. So I was SOL again... then I bought the Bissell 3596. FYI there is a 3596-1 model out there but I believe it's just a color difference.. the dash 1 is a gold colored model.

    PROS: The Bissell works great and cost less than half the price of the Dyson. It works wonders on ALL of my carpets and the rotor attachment tools does a great job picking up the cat hair on my couches.

    Here's the kicker... I had vacuumed my regular rug with the Dyson about 2 weeks before I vacuumed it again with the Bissell. Now granted I have been using this rug during these 2 weeks however there is a no shoe policy in my house so it couldn't have gotten too dirty in 2 weeks. Anyways... the Bissell ended up picking up a bunch of dirt and cat hair that the Dyson missed. Go Bissell!

    The dirty/clean light indicator is the BEST!!! It's like a game. Just keep vacuuming until the light stays green constantly and you're sure to have a super clean carpet.

    CONS: You have to slightly assemble it out of the box. By that I mean the top handle comes detached so you just have to slide that part in and it's 1 screw after that.

    It is a little heavy but definitely not unmananageable.

    The spinning brush never stops spinning so don't leave it on a carpet or rug when using detachments. You could damage your carpet/rug if you do.

    Overall, the PROS far outweigh the CONS so I've finally found THE vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Excellent vacuum for the money
    I originally purchased a Bissell Cleanview Powertrak for my elderly parents because of the dirt sensor light which I thought would be helpful to them because of their vision problems. I was not prepared for the sheer quantity of dirt, dust and fiber it picks up in a house that is regularly cleaned and sees very little traffic. So I bought the Revolution for my house, which has a ton of traffic plus pets, females with long hair and messy gardeners. On first use, I was appalled by the amount of crud it picked up on what I considered a clean carpet (in contradiction of an earlier reviewer, particularly pet hair).

    Some observations:

    1. It has 3 filters that have to be periodically checked and cleaned (it has an air flow indicator which alerts you that the filters need attention). If you have a large home, you may have to dump the dirt cup a few times, especially if you have natural fiber carpeting (e.g., wool) or multiple pets.

    2. There is no way to disengage the rotating brush, so if you have fringed area rugs, you may want to consider something else.

    3. It is made of lightweight plastic, but it's not particularly light. Still, it's manageable up a flight of 13 narrow stairs with one hand.

    4. It is relatively loud.

    5. You have to bend over to change the height settings for different carpet/bare floor settings. It does a remarkably good job on bare floor.

    6. The attachments are handy and easy to use. The Turbo Brush does an admirable job on carpeted stairs.

    7. The dirt sensor is an unconditionally wonderful thing.

    So, bottom-line, if you are a reasonably healthy adult, able to lift and bend, don't have noise-sensitive neighbors, live in an average-sized space, don't have a lot of fancy fringed area rugs or breed Himalayans, and want an excellent, inexpensive vacuum, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this one....more info
  • All I have to say is "wow"!
    I just bought this vacuum cleaner after my old Eureka died. I am very impressed with the power of this vacuum cleaner, expecially the Turbo Brush. With a cat and a microsuede couch, pet hair became an annoyance. Instead of using a roll of masking tape or lint roller, this brush 1-2 rubs and its gone! The other on-board tools have great suction power as well, useful for pet litter in the cracks or corners.

    When vacuuming the floors, I picked up so much more than with my old vacuum. It was unbelievable the hairball and dirt that I removed from the canister. Dyson claims to have the best pet hair vacuum, but I think for that price it's not worth it. This Bissell is definitely worth the money. The vacuum seems to have easy maintenance. I hand washed the canister and checked out the filters. They do warn you to make sure you maintain them. I think this is where many people shorten the lives of their vacuums. Make sure you replace the filters as directed and I'm sure this vacuum will stand the test of time.

    Oh, I forgot to mention...this vacuum has so much power it sucked up one of my cat's toys. So keep any children or pets off the floor when vacuuming :)...more info
  • Not for families with pets
    I have have so many vaccums, hover, dyson, eureka, and now this bissell. I love the fact it's bagless and it has great suction but the filter is a chore to get out and it fills every time Iuse it. The debris collects in a very easy to remove andreplace container but it is a VERY small container and if I don't vacuum every day I have to empty it after each room. I would recommend another vacuum with a larger container and a better designed filter....more info
  • What a great machine!
    This vacuum is outstanding, 5 stars! The turbobrush works really well on my stairs and upholstery and I was amazed how much dirt was in the dirt cup when I was done cleaning my house! The other attachments are great to. I have 2 dogs and a cat so I am constantly vacuuming, this vacuum is really doing the job! The clean filter indivator light is also good to have so I know when my filters need chanign or cleaning. I love my pets but hate their hair and this vacuum does a good job at getting all of the hair, even those deep in the carpet. I recommend this vacuum to anyone who wants clean floors!...more info