Revlon RV763PK1 Professional Ionic and Ceramic Styling Set

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  • Ionic air delivery system, Ions condition and dry hair fast. Hair looks shinier and healthier
  • Easy to clean
  • Ceramic generates high, even heat which penetrates hair quickly from inside out.
  • Handle on straightner locks for easy storage
Customer Reviews:
  • Pathetic
    I ordered this item in July , and I've been getting order delay notices every 15 days or so. Now the estimated shipping is January 2007 ! I think I'm going to celebrate the first anniversary of ordering this product. The item was still shown as In Stock, untill very recently. If you are planning on styling your hair in this era, don't order this product....more info
  • Not Happy!!!!!!
    Item ordered on September 4th!!!!! After much delay, I was notified that it would be shipped on Oct 12th. It's now OCTOBER 20TH!!!!!!!! Now the estimated shipping date is November!!! Are they kidding!!!!! It is still listed as IN STOCK on the Amazon website. WORST ON LINE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!!!...more info
  • Still Waiting..PATHETIC!!!!!!!
    I ordered this product on September 5th.. and its October 10th today. I am still waiting.. This is so agonizing.. I called Amazon Customer Service and they said its not available from the seller.. Then why is Amazon listed as the seller???
    They are trying to please me by providing Normal Shipping and not even expedited one!! Haa..
    They have changed the estimated shipping date once and that too only after I called.. Today is the last day for the est. shipping date.. And I am sure they are gonna change it again.. This is pathetic..
    The WORST EXPERIENCE I ever had with Amazon.. Be aware of the long wait before ordering this item!!!!...more info
  • waiting...
    order this item only if you do not need to use it immediately and can wait for a long time. i do not know how long because i am still waiting!...more info
  • when can i get it!!
    i order it on july 14th, but i still have to wait for more than a month to get it. ...more info