Frigidaire FDL251P 25-Pint Portable Dehumidifier

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Product Description

The Frigidaire FDL25P1 is an Energy Star Compliant 25-pint per day dehumidifier. It features full-function electronic controls, an easily accessible collection container with level indicator, and a washable filter that removes both moisture and airborne particulates. Integrated casters allow you to move the unit easily to wherever it s needed.

  • 25-pint portable dehumidifier for rooms up to 3,000 square feet
  • Continuously dehumidify or set a specific humidity level from 35 to 80 percent
  • 2 fan speeds; digital readout shows room?s relative humidity; washable filter
  • 17-pint removable water bucket or continuous drain; auto shut-off and "water full" indicator
  • Measures 16-3/4 by 13-3/4 by 24-5/8 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Uses a lot of electric
    I had to return mine because it uses about $20 worth of electricity per week. I was afraid it was using a lot of electric because it was creating a small amount of heat as it was running. Then when I got my bill, I knew for sure. I hadn't been doing anything else differently as far as electicity usage goes. It does take a lot of humidity out of the air but I cannot afford to run it. ...more info
  • Louder Than a Refrigerator
    I chose this device because it works in lower temperatures and has an automatic humidity setting below 50%. It also has an Energy Star rating. I would describe it as twice as loud as a refrigerator on the high fan speed and one and half times on the low fan speed. (However, it may loose efficiency at low speed.) If it's in the room, it's hard not to notice. It dries my 850 square foot house in the damp northwest quite well even at indoor temperatures as low as 60 degrees. I dump the water tank about every 3-4 days....more info
  • Attractive, Quiet, Works Great, Drains Fine
    I've had mine, which I ordered from Amazon, for 6 months. It has run nearly continuously in my basement and drains through the small drain pipe into a drain.

    While the tube is small, the water flowing through the tube is filtered (it's been distilled by the dehumidifier), so it seems that it would not clog. As mentioned earlier, mine has run for 6 months, without any problems.

    The unit appears to be well made. It's attractive. The controls are digital and very nice. The display shows the current humidity level in the room and by pressing a button it shows where your current humidity level is set. There's an option of have the unit continuously dehumidify. It will stop once the humidity level hits 20%.

    It cranks out a lot of water. When it was first turned on, I used the bucket, which filled in half a day. My basement is now dry and also has no basement smell. I recommend one for anyone with a musty basement.

    The unit is also fairly quiet. It's in my basement, so I don't notice it at all upstairs. While downstairs, it's a low hum in the background.

    The only negative point I have is when the power goes off, the unit doesn't turn back on automatically. There might be a safety reason for this. You just have to press the on button to get it going again.

    ...more info
  • Don't buy this product!
    The dehumidifier stopped running after 2 months. There is no warranty if you buy it online, the company told me. You have to lug it to a service place miles away & pay for it yourself. ...more info
  • Poor engineering, poor execution
    I have the 45 pint version of this dehumidifier and agree with the comments that the external drain is very poorly designed and very poorly executed. When I received the unit I had to take a panel off to discover how to use the external drain as the manual was not clear. When I did look inside it was obvious how the drain was supposed to work, and it was obvious that it was not going to work because inside the case there is a thin walled plastic tube (not the tiny diameter tube the other review mentions) which was kinked and would not allow water to pass. After repairing that and putting it all back together the drain worked fine for a week or two until the tiny hose mentioned in the other review became clogged.

    I had a Whirlpool which was very much like this unit. It had a drain that worked fine, but the unit stopped working after two years of use--it lost its refrigerant. This unit seems to have no particular advantage over the Whirlpool unless it is still working after two years. If so I may think it is a better machine than the Whirlpool, but currently I think they are both just more junk from China that work barely well enough to get out the door of the store. I don't know if there's anything better on the market for the price. Is anyone else old enough to remember when a refrigerator from Frigidaire would last for thirty or forty years? Those were made by someone else....more info
  • Continuous draining? Forget it!
    I have no doubt that this dehumidifier will work well if you want to empty the collection bucket (which you would have to do at least once a day). But if you want the water to drain continuously into a sump well or a French drain, you're out of luck. I got a larger version of this same model home and discovered that instead of taking a standard hose attachment, the hose adapter necessitated the water passing through a plastic piece that had a diameter of about 1/16 of an inch! (see the pictures and tremble)

    Nevertheless I tried it, and found in the morning that the teeny-tiny space was already clogged shut. Took it off and water came out the hose, so the blockage was in the teeny-tiny attachment.

    This was a recipe for disaster, and one of the stupidest engineering fiascos I've ever seen, and the people at the store agreed with me when I returned it for a Whirlpool, which has a standard attachment. If any dust or scum gets into that tiny Frigidaire hose, it stops draining.

    Also, the manual described wrongly where to put the rubber cap that you take from the back of the spigot, and when I put it in the supposedly correct place, it fell right out.

    I called Frigidaire's customer service number, and the results were laughable, since I talked to a woman who had apparently never even touched a dehumidifier, and was getting all her info from the same manual that I already had.

    Avloid this one, unless you don't mind emptying the bucket and never go on vacation in the summer....more info
  • It does what it says
    After quite a bit of research, I settled on this brand/model for a storage room in my basement that was starting to get that musty basement smell. The room is about 500 square feet and this dehumidifier seems to be working quite well. Set up was easy, basically just take it out of the box and turn it on. Since there is a floor drain in my basement storage room, I set up the unit to drain through the provided hose to eliminate having to empty the catch pan. There was an attachment included in the box to hook up the drain hose to a garden house, but it was shattered and not useable, so the unit sits right next to the floor drain.

    The unit itself is noisy, about as loud as a box fan on medium setting, which isn't a problem since it's in a closed room in the basement. It also generates heat, which in the winter time is a good thing in the otherwise cold basement. My storage room is about 5 degrees warmer than the rest of the basement but it doesn't have that musty smell anymore.

    I would give it 5 stars, but the drain hose is only 6" long, and it is difficult to attach, and the garden hose adapter was broken. Although not a problem in the winter, the heat generated by this unit may not be as welcome in the summer months.

    Overall, after a month of use, I would recommend this product....more info