Frigidaire FDL60P1 60-Pint Portable Dehumidifier

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  • 17 Pint container capacity
  • Continuous operation is possible when unit is located near a suitable drain
  • Fully portable with casters
  • 2 Fan Speeds; Full Function Electronic Controls, Washable filter removes both moisture and airborne particulates
  • Easily accessible collection container for complete portability. Level indicator signals when container is full, Energy Star Compliant
Customer Reviews:
  • Continuous Drain & Corrosion Problems
    I bought this unit new in March 2007. I installed it, per instructions, in a continuous drain configuration. In July 2008 it stopped draining via the continuous drain and started filling up the bucket. This was unacceptable for my needs, so I called the Frigidaire/ElectroLux customer service number. They took all my information, and said they would get back to me (never did). On September 6th, I decided to investigate the problem myself, so I removed the side panel (6 screws) on the drain side of the machine. The internal ½" drain hose from the coil area drain pan to the rear of the machine connects to an adapter that reduces the diameter from ½" to about 1/8" at the rear bottom exit hole. At that point, my drain line was clogged with rust flakes. This was because my coils had begun to rust and corrode, and gritty flakes were dropping off them, into the drain pan, down the ½" tube and jamming up at the 1/8" reducer. This caused the drain pan to overflow via the emergency overflow hole in the center of the pan. You can see this hole in the center of the compartment, directly about the center of the bucket. What I learned is that there are 2 ways you get water draining into the bucket on this machine: first, via the standard pan drain-to-bucket hole, if it is unplugged, and, second, via the emergency overflow hole, if both the standard pan drain-to-bucket hole and the external drain line are both plugged shut.

    I have 2 major problems with the design of this machine:

    1. The internal cooling fins, holding the copper coils, are not properly galvanized, and after only 17 months had begun to corrode so badly that rust flakes clogged the external 1/8" drain line.

    2. The external drain line has a reducer from ½" to 1/8" inside diameter where it exits the rear of the machine, which creates an easily clogged point inside the machine. It should be a clear ½" all the way from the drain pan to an external connector for a 5/8" garden hose.

    I fixed the clogged drain line by removing the ½" to 1/8" reducer, enlarging the exit hole using a 1/2" drill and "hogging" it out a bit, and running a piece of new 5/8"OD x ½"ID vinyl tubing directly from the internal drain pan, through the enlarged exit hole and directly into to my floor drain. I now have a clear ½" diameter drain path all the way from the internal drain pan to my floor drain, but the unit seems to be rapidly corroding away internally, so it's not clear how long it will last. There is a 5 year warranty on the "sealed systems" of this machine, but good luck on getting any response from customer service.

    ...more info
  • Strong Machine
    We have a sump pump in our basement, which leads to quite a humid feel even though it's totally waterproofed. We decided to look for a cheap, yet effective dehumidifier that could handle a large space and still keep the air clean and dry. The claim is that this can only work in a 500 sq foot area, yet it easily cleans 800sq feet without a problem (your experience my vary). I connected it to a garden hose and set it to continuous drain into the sump, so no emptying. My only complaint is that the first one we recieved had an issue with the "water full" sensor, but Amazon took care of it and got us a working unit a day later (Amazon is the BEST there is in my opinion in terms of customer service) and we've had it running for months now. Pleased thus far....more info
  • It Didn't Work
    I ordered the dehumidifier from Amazon based on the reviews. It arrived in only 3/4 of the packing box. The installation instructions were confusing, so I called the manufacturer for clarification. The manufacturer's customer service rep was also unable to install the machine based on the instructions. Once we figured out how to install it, the dehumidifier leaked. I sent it back to Amazon for an exchange. The replacement is several days overdue and appears to be lost in Amazon's paperwork. I give both the machine and Amazon zero stars on this purchase....more info
  • Works well!!
    I bought this dehumidifier after looking at alot of others. It was packaged well, and it was relatively easy to use. The air filter had slipped down during shipping, but I was able to get it back in place to remove the water reservoir. My only complaint: sometimes the unit does not automatically come on when the reservoir is replaced. It resets after pulling out the reservoir and re-inserting it once or twice. Otherwise, it has been running like a champ everyday for almost two months. It is fairly quiet as well....more info
  • FDL60P1
    This dehumidifier is the best I have ever had and does a incredible job. Would purchase again....more info
  • Outrageous
    The delivery was prompt, unit was in good condition. However it would not resume operating after the water bin had been emptied. Also it was impossible to understand the directionbs to hook it up to a gravity output line. I wrote to the company twice, no answers. I called their help line and went around and around pushing buttons looking for someone to talk to. I never found one. Finally I was given a repair number to call by an automated voice. I called that number and was told that a service call was $150. No thanks. I returned the unit. I will never, ever buy a Frigidaire product again, they just don't seem to care about customer service....more info
  • Frigidaire FDL60P1 Dehumidifier - Excellent Performance
    Excellent value for the money. Fast delivery. Negatives: Looks kind of old fashioned and has some construction quality issues. For instance, the outer plastic cover does not meet correctly in places (at least on mine; this may not be the case in all of them). Also, the water bucket is not easy to remove for dumping (you need to pull the drawer out with some force and then water ends up splashing around a bit). The bucket is also constructed of rather low quality plastic. I purchased and use a Little Giant condensate pump now, so I no longer have bucket issues. The instructions in the manual for hooking-up a condensate pump to the dehumidifier is not easy to understand and should be clearer. See previous reviewer's directions for this (very helpful). Positives: Fairly quiet for a dehumidifier. Has operated flawlessly in my basement for the last 3 months. Performance is excellent. I give it 5 stars for value and performance. ...more info
  • Mixed review.
    I have had this dehumidifier for about one month now and am only marginally impressed. So far, it is working well in that it is quite efficient in pulling the moisture out of the air in my fairly large basement. It is also the most quiet dehumidifier I have had to far.

    The design of the dehumidifier is disappointing, though. After emptying out the full container, I often have to wiggle it just so for the maching to come back on again. Very annoying. Often it works better when the container does not fit quite snuggly but leaves a little gap. Also, quite often, the maching switches off and indicates the water reservoir is full when in reality it is less than half full.

    Overall, I would recommend this dehumidifier only with reservations and I would not buy it again because it seems so poorly designed and flimsy. Only time will tell how long it will last. My last one, from Kenmore (!), lasted exactly one season, so I am not holding my breath but maybe I will be pleasantly surprised?! What happened to the old non-digital, non-fancy dehumidifiers that just ran for years or even decades?? Sigh....more info
  • Frigidaire Dehumidifier
    This has been an excellent unit that works as advertised. My experience with Brand "S" was very unsatisfactory when I returned 5 units in 7 month. The FDL60P1 is perfect for my basement workshop that I need to keep at 50% humidity as it is quiet and very efficient. The only reason I didn't rate it at 5 stars is I would like to see this kind of performance over a reasonable period of time....more info
  • Help with Breathing problem
    I ordered this from because of a breathing problem that I have and the humidity is getting real bad here. When it arrived it was obvious that it was one that had already been returned to Amazon.con's once. there were broken parts, lables that had been removed and then put back on had dirt on them. the box did not even have a bottom the packing material had just been banded together. I now have it on my porch with the box wired together, since tape would not hold the 40 lbs that this thing weighs. And I have to wait 2 or 3 weeks to get my money back so that I can buy something else. All the while needing it for medical reasons. Amazon screwed me big time. ...more info
  • Faulty Packing / Good Product
    Like other reviews I recieved this product with broken wheels and had to do the return with Amazon which Amazon was great. It would have been better if didn't have to do the return. Product works great! I had a mold problem, I have asthma and two children on of which is 6 months old! I had to tear out the sheetrock and carpet to get rid of the mold. Got this dehumidifier and set it to 45% and it only comes on every once in a while. It works for the whole house which is 720 sqft! I would purchase again...darn those broke wheels though....more info
  • Arrived damaged, can't even return it
    I hate to give a negative review, but I must. Previous reviewers mentioned that the packaging was insufficient, and they were right. My unit arrived with one of the fan blades broken off - it shook like crazy and made a terrible racket. The manual said to take it to an authorized repair shop, which we did (30 minute drive). They kept it for 3 weeks without calling us; when my wife called Frigidaire, they told her they were denying the repair because Amazon is not an authorized dealer. We had to send it back to Amazon. But now the repair shop won't give the unit back to us - because Frigidaire told them that we are not the original owners! The shop is holding the dehumidifier hostage - they won't give it back to us until someone pays them for taking it apart and putting it back together. So we can't use it, can't send it back, can't even get our hands on it. My worst Amazon experience....more info
  • Dry, Dry, Dry
    We bought this and it's working hard, but that's because our basement leaks. Leaks like a sieve. Every rain of more than half an inch causes little streams of water to seep through the cracks in the walls to the drain or the sump pump. We've had 10 inches of rain lately, so these little streams ended up covering half the floor with water. The unit has kept up remarkably well. The humidity went from 85% to 58% over a 3-4 day period....more info
  • Disappointed... to say the least!
    I purchased this product a couple of weeks ago and it arrived shortly thereafter; moreover, I purchased the dehumidifier based on the high ratings given by those who had the product in their homes. This dehumidifier is not up to the task (as compared to two other competitor models I've owned over the course of the several years). I thought I would try a new brand name... only to learn that I should've stuck with what worked well. It dehumidifies to a very slight degree... but not nearly as much as claimed. It also has a digital humidity display which, based on the rate of dehumidiciation, in my personal experience and opinion, would take probably close to "a year" before getting to the desired level. I'm returning this product to purchase something that works effectively....more info
  • Great product and service from Amazon
    I bought this dehumidifier after I returned one from Haier. The haier one made too much noise, the noise from this one is only the fan. It also give me the current RH which is great. The price dropped 20 dollars one week after I purchased it, the amazon refunded me the 20 dollar difference, GREAT! That's why Amazon is my choice of retailer....more info
  • Gets air dry well
    Seems to keep air at 40 percent humidity in constant mode, which is nice. For me, the packaging looks poor, it is a box with no bottom and light padding, you cut the straps and lift off the box. One of the cheap Wheels was broken off in transit. When the red light goes on for full tank, the red light will not go off even when an empty tank is replaced back in. I have to whack the side of the unit with my hand to get the unit to run again...stuck switch? I don't know. I would not buy it again....more info
  • Susceptible to Shipping Damage, Poor Drain Hose Connection
    I ordered two dehumidifiers. Both units arrived with one or more of the swivel casters broken off. One of the units had a bent frame and broken side panel (from being dropped on a corner?). The manufacturer does a really poor job of packing the product for shipment. There is about 1/4 inch of styrofoam on the bottom. When the unit is dropped, the casters take all the impact. The casters break off where the swivel shaft connects to the bottom of the unit.

    Amazon is fantastic! Rather than shipping the units back, Amazon reimbursed me the few bucks for the substitute swivel casters I found at a big box.

    The drain hose connection of the back has a tendency to retreat back into the case when you try to put on the connector tube. You need to remove all six screws on the side panel. Remove the side panel (a bit of a trck) and hold the back of the tube connector while you push the tube onto the connector. Reinstalling the side panel is a bigger trick as it has two sets of grooves and it needs to slide up to lock into place.

    Frigidaire customer service does not have people, only an autoattendant with voice prompts to standard solutions, none of which appear to relate to warranty service.

    ...more info
  • Does the deed.
    At first, I had a problem getting this unit to start. There is a button in the back (like the ones for the refrigerator light) that the bucket is supposed to press against for it to start. I took the bucket out and put it back in several times and it still would not start. I finally got frustrated and gave it a shake with the bucket installed and it started and I haven't had that problem since.

    The main part of my house is 1100 sq.ft. and with this unit operating along with the whole house fan, it keeps my set humidity level in all rooms. I also have an enclosed patio room and when I open the door this unit also sucks the moisture out of the patio which is 236 sq.ft.

    The amount of noise that it makes is probably on par with a window unit. I have this in my living room and cannot hear it when I go to another room....more info
  • Product is good but Amazon is better
    The product does all that it was advertised BUT the first one I received was damaged and unusable on receipt. I received the item on a Thursday night and found the damage upon opening the package. I went online and followed the instructions on the Return Page. The next day, UPS came to pick up the damaged package. I also received notice of a replacement being shipped. The following Monday the product was delivered and worked flawlessly out of the box. I have purchased everything from books to 56 inch TV's from Amazon and this is the first damage I have seen. I will continue to look first at Amazon for products, price and service before shopping elsewhere. No, I don't know anyone who works for Amazon....more info
  • Nice unit
    Amazon impressed me with their shipping of the first unit - it arrived the next day (this was with their free service, to boot). Unfortunately, it lost one of its wheels in transit, and it would not power up.

    The second unit arrived the next day (it took longer to arrange shipping back for the defective unit).

    When its cooler (55°), it seems that it takes longer for the unit to suck water out of the air. But when the basement heats up to 65°, it sucks like nothing has sucked before.

    Well, it sucks water out of the air a lot faster than our old unit did. Its realtively quiet, and the water bucket has a decent capacity. The RH reading is a nice feature, as is the water level guage....more info
  • Great Dehumidifier
    Wow! Out of the box and in 30 seconds I had it working! I had paid about $129 a year ago for a dehumidifier and it lasted 13 months, and was not used full-time. I couldn't get it repaired for less than what a replacement unit would cost so I checked out the reviews at Amazon and based on them selected this unit.

    It works great, I love the digital readout, and the water level marking on the fill bucket. It removes a container of water every day from my damp basement, and it provides a little bit of heat to keep it pleasant. I store rare and collectible books that I sell on eBay and the unit does a great job.

    Jim from Owosso Michigan ...more info
  • Highly Recommend The FDL60P1
    Prior to purchasing the FDL60P1, I had two dehumidifiers from Sears. The first lasted about 10 years and the second lasted about 6 years. This summer, I noticed that my second Sears dehumidifier was running continuously but not keeping my basement at 50% RH, which is what I prefer. My plan was to purchase another dehumidifier from Sears, but after checking the reviews on both the Sears web site and on Amazon (for similar Whirlpool models), I decided against it. All of the reviews about the current Whirlpool dehumidifiers were very negative.

    My previous dehumidifiers were 45 pint units. Consumer Reports recommends buying the largest capacity dehumidifier you can afford, so after reading the reviews about the FDL60P1, I decided to try it. I really like the FDL60P1 compared to my previous two dehumidifiers for several reasons:

    1. The larger capacity and low temperature operation make a big difference. I have about a 1,000 sg. ft. basement, and this dehumidifier runs less and generally does a much better job at keeping the basement at the desired humidity level. Not only were my previous dehumidifiers smaller capacity units, they also were not capable of removing moisture from the air when the temperature dropped below 65F. The FDL60P1 is rated for low temperature operation down to 42F.

    2. Compared to my previous dehumidifiers, the FDL60P1 is much quieter. All dehumidifiers are noisy, but when running, the FDL60P1 is considerably quieter.

    3. The FDL60P1 is Energy Star rated. When placed in continuous mode to maintain a constant humidity level, my older dehumidifiers would shut the compressor off when the setpoint humidity level was reached, but the fan would run all of the time. The FDL60P1 shuts off both the compressor and the fan when the setpoint is reached. If it weren't for the green light on the front, there would be no way to detect it was running.

    4. When not being used to set the desired humidity level, the digital readout on the front of the FDL60P1 displays the current humidity level. On my previous dehumidifiers, the digital readout only displayed the current setpoint and I needed a separate hygrometer to determine the actual humidity level in the basement.

    My only complaint, as other reviewers have pointed out, is that the instructions for setting up the FDL60P1 for continuous drainage could be better. The pictures in the manual are not detailed enough, nor is the explanation. Despite that, I would certainly recommend this dehumidifier and have recommended it to friends....more info
  • Frigidaire 60 pint
    This was everything it was advertised to be, if not more. Quiet and efficient. Great appliance....more info
  • A fine machine, once you get it set up
    The good: attractive (for a dehumidifier), relatively quiet operation, digital controls that work well, large bucket (with handle) for collecting water, or you can hook it up to a hose for constant discharge. Effective at getting the job done.

    The bad: Set-up instructions for connecting to hose are inaccurate and unclear. And, if there is a brief power outage, the machine shuts down and will not restart itself when the power comes back on....more info
  • Very good
    Overall a very good dehumidifier. The controls are easy to use and seem to track the true humidity level well. The unit is capable of pulling an impressive amount of moisture out of our basement - we did not realize how moist it was in our basement.

    One downside is relatively weak wheels (one of which broke while rolling the full unit across the floor). The only other problem is possibly high power use, although it seems in line with the other products on the market....more info
  • a good purchase
    Due to dust mite and mold allergies, plus dampness in the basement, we tend to run a dehumidifer 365 days a year. The one we had ran constantly and was very noisy. This Frigidaire model was rated as being relatively quiet, plus a larger capacity, so we decided to try it. It also has a humidity display on the front panel so you can see the humidity level in the room. While you can still tell that it's running, it is a lot quieter than what we had and we have been able to keep the humdity at 40% or below without it running constantly. The only complaint from my husband is that it was a little challenging to set up the hose to the sump pump so that we wouldn't have to worry about emptying the bucket. But, other than that, we are very satisfied with this product....more info
  • generates too much heat
    i purchased this humidifier hoping it would dry out the air in my basement. but the unit generated so much heat that the air seemed even heavier/hotter. i would not recommend this unit to anyone. seems like a portable air conditioner would work so much better....more info
  • Frigidaire FDL60P1 Pint Dehumidifier
    I have had a dehumidifier which I bought from Home Depot for the last 4 years whose function was just so-so.
    This Frigidaire Dehumidifier is better but more finicky.
    I have had trouble first placing then keeping the plastic tube used for draining the dehumidifier on the nozzle in the back of the machine that is used for draining the collected water into a drain.
    Still, I really like the fact that a hygrometer is included as part of the machines mechanism and it functions much better than my previous machine.
    It is in my basement so noise is not an issue.
    The big issue why I did not give a 5 and gave a four star rating is that if the machine is jostled it somehow seems to affect the functioning and the machine goes into rest mode....more info
  • Very good product, but . . .
    The dehumidifier works great (60 pints of water sucked from the air in 8 hours - who knew it was so damp down there?).
    The main thing that hasn't worked flawlessly is the continuous drainage.
    I took the advice of other reviewers and purchased a length of 3/16 tubing and hooked it up to the back of the unit as per instructions. What I found out is that the tubing has to be ABSOLUTELY level for the water to drain out, or the unit has to be elevated so that the water can drain downhill.
    We have an existing pipe in the basement that drains into a sump below the floor. Said pipe extended up about 3 inches, so the tubing ran along the floor then went up to drain into the pipe. This caused the continuous drainage to stop. In itself this is not a big problem because the unit then deposits the water in the tank, which then has to be emptied regularly.
    I solved the problem by cutting the drainage pipe to floor level so that the tubing is perfectly flat. Seems to be working ok now....more info
  • So far so good
    After having purchased an extremely loud and also faulty Whirlpool
    unit, I returned it to Lowes and started doing the dreaded but necessary product comparisons. This Frigidaire dehumidifier got mostly great reviews everywhere I read about it, and it was also cheaper than some of the other brands' same-size units. We just installed carpet in the finished part of our basement, a fairly large area, and while our basement isn't wet it has certainly been damp. After running the unit for only a day, the basement is comfortable. This particular dehumidifier is very quiet compared to the other one we had, and it's completely hassle-free in terms of operation. The fan isn't very loud even for quieter living spaces, if you ask me, and you might not find a quieter one out there unless you spend a lot more money. This one is highly recommended!...more info
  • Works Great, It's Loud

    Things I like about it:
    -It works very well/quickly.
    -Easy to use and figure out
    -Easy to pull the water tray out to dump -and- when you dump it, it pours nicely so even though there is a lot of water in it, you can pour it into a bathroom sink without it spilling everywhere.

    What I don't like about it:
    -It's loud, so I don't run it at night...more info
  • Great product
    I really like this dehumidifier, and would buy the same model again. I've been using it for about a month with no problems. I set it up in our very damp and slightly moldy basement which is about 1600 sf. Initially, I used the collection tray to see fast it would fill. It only took a few hours to fill, and I had to dump the water 2 - 3 times per day. I was really impressed at how quickly I felt a difference in the air of the basement.

    I set up the drain tube with hose, which was actually very easy to do, though I needed plumbing tape to make a good seal between the drain tube connector and the hose. It's been running automatically ever since.

    I can hear it when I listen for it, but otherwise am not bothered at all by the noise. ...more info
  • Excellent product at a relatively economical price point
    This dehumidifier was purchased approximately two weeks ago, and has been operating non stop since that point. I did extensive research before making a decision to purchase this particular model. Factors included the aforementioned price point in comparison to Kenmore/Whirlpool, Fedders/Maytag, and the many OEM'ed incarnations of LG. It was less expensive, offered the same features -and a few more than some- and was also backed by a pretty comprehensive warranty as well as Frigidaire's track record for dependability. LG does offer an overall longer warranty, as well as Sears Kenmore -in the form of an extended purchaseable warranty- but the savings on this model prevailed, when factoring in no local sales tax, free delivery and the ubiquitous $25 off $175 Amazon coupon codes.
    I received this about three days after ordering. The operating manual states to "allow unit to reach room temperature before operating." You do want it to adapt to the temperature/humidity level of the area you'll be using it in, so place it in said area and leave it be for awhile. That translated to overnight for me, before I turned it on.
    This dehumidifier is not noisy at all. The sound becomes a kind of background, white noise after awhile, and you hardly even notice it anymore. I put it in my basement, where it acquired an impressive amount of water. In less than 12 hrs, I had to empty the bucket. After a few days of this, I needed to enable comtinuous drainage. I read some of the issues that were experienced by others attempting this, so I prepared myself. My scenario was somewhat commensurate to theirs, because the manual doesn't describe the process very well, but here's a synopsis of how I made the transition:
    -Remove the rubber cap from the rear of the unit as stated. Be gentle and save it, in the event you want to return to collecting water in the bucket. Also, have a container handy, since there is residual water that will escape when the rubber cap is removed.
    -There is an included 8" plastic tube and adapter. Ostensibly, you connect one end of the tube to the adapter and the other to the rear of the dehumidifier where the rubber cap was just vacated. The adapter screws into a hose which you have to purchase separately. I didn't find this to be a viable solution, so I purchased a length of 3/16" automotive rubber fuel line hose and connected that to the back of the dehumidifier instead. At this point you're converted to continuous drainage. Turn on the unit, pat yourself on the back, and go attend to something else.
    -The instructions further state to take the rubber cap that you'd initially removed from the back of the unit, and insert into the top left inside of said unit above the bucket, after first removing the bucket. However, there's already a rubber stopper there -or should be anyway- so there's no need to perform this extraneous step. Disregard it.
    Just wanted to mention...... one individial wrote that he needed to unplug/replug the unit to restart it, if he drained the bucket before it filled to capacity and automatically shut off. You just need to hit the power on/off switch and the unit should turn back on retaining your customized setting. If that does not occur, then the unit is defective and you should email Amazon's customer service to have it exchanged.
    One bit of precaution... when you turn off the unit to drain the bucket, wait 3 to 5 mins before turning it back on, or over a period of time you can potentially damage the condenser.
    Overall, this dehumidifier performs flawlessly. I can feel a real, tangible difference in the basement after only two weeks.
    I can't really speak to the impact to my utility bill since I haven't received it as yet, but if it is substantial, I will update this post to share that info as well....more info
  • I should have purchased this sooner!
    I ordered this unit on Monday morning and it arrived Wednesday afternoon. I have a four car garage with my wood working shop in half of it. I have a lot of expensive steel tools that don't particularly care for moisture. The garage is 24' x 40' with 10' ceiling. The day it arrived it had been raining all day. The humidity was about 97% in the garage and about 88 degrees. I set it on "max", and in the morning the air in the garage was so dry I could hardly breath.

    If you're going to run the dehumidifier to a drain, do yourself a favor and purchase some 1/4" inside diameter plastic hose before it arrives. I just ran mine under the garage door and onto the driveway. If you're going to use a regular garden hose, the package includes an adapter.

    Things I like about it:
    * Energy Star
    * It's so quiet I was able to have a phone conversation standing right next to it.
    * It drys the air out quickly, which is important for me because I have to open the garage door for the car.
    * The electronic controls are simple to use.
    * The humidity can be set precisely. (in 5% increments)

    Things I don't like about it:...more info
  • Almost perfect
    I would have given this humidifier 5 stars except the one I have has a problem. If I wait until the light goes on that indicates that the tank is filled, I empty the tank, slip into back into the dehumidifier and the unit starts right up. If I empty the tank before it is full (the light is not on) I must unplug and then replug the humidifier (I assume to reset it) for it to go on after I reinsert the tank. I would definitely buy it again, though, even with this annoyance as it works great. I would recommend it for a basement but not for a living area since it is large and somewhat noisy.

    Follow-up: I spoke with a representative of the manufacturer. All of these units when emptied before the reservoir is full will need to be reset by unplugging and then replugging. I still would buy the unit again. It works extremely well and I like the humidity indicator....more info
  • Won't run after a power outage
    The dehumidifier works OK but must be manually reset after a power interruption making unattended operation impossible. Not good when you're trying to dehumidify your basement while you're on vacation in the summer!...more info
  • Quiet enough -- Tricky set-up for contnuous drainage
    In the first days of operation, the Frigidaire 60 pint dehumidifier seems to work well (and quietly) out-of-the box. However, the directions for setting up continuous drainage are not clear (and Frigidaire's the on-line resources do not address this problem). The Owner's Guide says "Remove the cap from the rear of the dehumidifier and insert into the collection tray inside the front of the unit above the bucket." The photo is not helpful. After trial and error here's what seemed to work: (1) Remove the small black cap/plug from the rear of the dehumidifier; (2) Remove the bucket at the front of the unit; (3) Remove the black cap covering a tube-like feature at the left front corner at the top (ceiling) of the bucket area (which apparently is the collection tray); (4) Insert the cap/plug (from the rear of the unit) in the opening of the tube-like feature at the top/left corner of the bucket area (this is very hard to do). Do not place the cap/plug in the whole in the middle of the collection tray (easy enough to do, but this does not result in continuous drainage). Good luck. ...more info
  • Bang for Buck
    For less than one-seventy (60-pints for 40-pint price) and with free shipping it is the best choice of this dehumidifier type on Amazon. It is made of durable plastic, runs quietly for this type of dehumidifier (same general design as anything at Lowe's, Home Depot, or Sears) and looks much better than the Whirlpool units. It has a 1/5 year warranty just like the Whirlpools. It also can work down into 45 degrees.

    Cons: A little tricky to get the "full bucket" sensor to go off when setting the bucket back in, a little leaky when moving it around, must use a supplied adapter to connect a hose to the continuous option.

    I use it in a partly-finished basement and I like it, but might look into the quieter and different-design SoleusAir units advertised here if I was to have it running near a bedroom or other quiet living space....more info
  • Excellent value
    I have to say that this product is an excellent value. It is less expensive than a smaller model we had been using. It seems to work well as well as saving the operator time by not having to be emptied as often and performing better than our old model. We are very pleased with the overall product performance and price....more info
  • Great buy!
    We looked into other dehumidifiers, but found this one to have the largest capacity for the money. We have it running constantly in our basement and it works great. I'm just sorry we didn't get it sooner....more info