Frigidaire FAC125P1A 12.000 BTU Air Conditioner with Remote Electronic Controls and Energy Star Rating

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  • 10.8 energy efficiency ratio, Energy Star rated
  • 8-way air direction control
  • Electronic controls with full function remote control
  • LVC Technology (Low Voltage Compensation) ensures proper operation of the unit when voltage fluctuates
  • 17-pint container capacity
Customer Reviews:
  • Convenient and Reliable, but Somewhat Delicate
    I bought this model after using the sizing chart and reviewing the recommendations in Consumer Reports's online edition.

    -The unit's thermostat appears to be accurate. The Frigidaire reliably cools the main room, kitchenette and long hallway of my studio apartment to the recommended 78 degrees.
    -The Energy Saver feature cycles the unit on and off as room temperature shifts.
    -The timer allows me to leave the unit off while I'm at work, but turn it on at the recommended half hour before my expected return.
    -The remote allows me to change the unit's settings from a distance and without having to bend down and squint at the control panel.

    -Many of the Frigidaire's cosmetic fixtures are made of somewhat delicate plastic. The control panel of the first unit that I received, for example, snapped from its housing. Luckily, Amazon's return policies ensured prompt and hassle-free delivery of a replacement. HANDLE THE UNIT WITH CARE as you remove it from its packaging and install it....more info
  • Cool like ice !
    Great product, better price. Cools my entire first floor quickly and efficiently (thanks to Energy Star rating)! Super fast shipping and the unit is much lighter than I could have imagined.
    Lots of added perks, like remote control, timer feature, and (being an allergy sufferer) the clean air feature comes in handy. I highly recommend this air conditioner....more info
  • This is the only way to buy!
    Super fast shipping and a great price without the hassle!
    This A/C is more compact than expected, a nice suprise, but also seems louder at full throttle than expected (a fan speed of 10 from a max 99 seems to be at an almost perfect noise level, although one bypasses the auto setting feature). I guess coming from a 6,500 BTU unit to 12,000 takes an adjustment. Nice digital display and a remote (which I initially thought was an overkill) has become handy as one need not get close to read and adjust the settings. Lastly, I thought automatic temp control meant complete shut-off when the desired temp was reached like our central heating system. With this unit, when the desired temp. is reached, the compressor shuts off but the fan remains active. Maybe this is the only way these window units work. Overall we're very happy with this product without having the usual hassle of standing in line at a local store and hauling something heavy that required we borrow a neighbor's vehicle ;)....more info
  • In a world of compromises . . .
    This is a powerful, efficient and relatively compact window unit. I've got it on a wall with southern exposure in Denver and it keeps the better part of 425 sq. feet perfect and makes a huge difference for another 300 sq. feet - all of those rooms have 9.5 foot ceilings, as well - so it's really cranking out the air.

    I went looking for a 10K - 12K BTU unit and am more than pleased I went with the full 12K. It is perfectly sized for my application.

    It is noisy, however, and I find any difference in fan speed makes relatively little difference in noise output. (In it and other high-efficiency A/C units' defense, modern, efficient units make higher-pitched sounds (and they don't produce the bone-chilling air like grandma's old window unit did), but then again, they used a lot more juice).

    My solution was to put the unit in the least used corner of the room, crank the fan all the way up and use the directional controls to blast the air out of the corner and into the main space. As for the "8-way" control, the louvers are really like two dashboard vents, and each vent moves four ways, although the up/down movement could be improved. I also know of no way to turn off the stupid default beep. ...more info
  • Efficient air conditioner, but some annoying flaws.
    This model is very good at churning out cool air to chill a large room. No complaints there. But the biggest drawback is that it's noisy, even at the lowest fan setting. I sometimes have to turn it off in order to hear a phone call. I have other air condiditioners in the house more than 20 years old that are much quieter. Why they can't make a quiet air conditioner today is beyond me. Another irritating feature is the piercing beep emitted every time you use the remote control. I don't need an annoying confirmation that I just did what I did. I don't see any way to turn this gremlin sound off. Some good features are the different cooling modes, including energy saver, auto cool, and sleep mode. But the constant noise makes me wish I had found something quieter, even at the expense of cooling power.
    ...more info
  • Nice but loud
    Very good unit for the price, and it cools pretty fast too. Another plus is it's small size. However it is quite a bit louder then my last AC unit.

    Update: We have just gone through a heat wave here, and this AC unit worked great, keep everthing nice and cool. However this unit is way to darn loud, after running it non-stop for the last few weeks the noise was starting to drive us nuts! If you want this for a room that you sit in and talk or watch TV............Don't buy it! However if it's installed where the noise is no big deal, then it's a great unit....more info
  • Great Value!
    Purchased this air conditioner to cool a sigificant amount of space and it's great! It's an energy star appliance so it's very effecient. Friendly features include air cleaner, adjustable thermostat, clean filter indicator and it's very small. Tremednous value! ...more info
  • Very Satisfied
    Just installed this on a 90 degree plus day and it cooled down the house quite fast. We are pleasantly surprised with how nice it is and ease of operation. Reasonably priced and so far we are very satisfied....more info
  • Stay Cool this summer.
    This is a great unit for the price. Great features include sleep and timer modes and an air filter. The one down side is that the unit is a tad on the noisy side....more info