Frigidaire FDL451P 45-Pint Portable Dehumidifier

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Product Description

The frigidaire FDL45P1 is an energy star compliant 45-pint per day dehumidifier. It features full-function electronic controls, an easily accessible collection container with level indicator, and a washable filter that removes both moisture and airborne particulates. Integrated casters allow you to move the unit easily to wherever it s needed.

  • 17 Pint container capacity
  • Continuous operation is possible when unit is located near a suitable drain
  • Fully portable with casters
  • 2 Fan Speeds; Full Function Electronic Controls, Washable filter removes both moisture and airborne particulates
  • Easily accessible collection container for complete portability. Level indicator signals when container is full, Energy Star Compliant
Customer Reviews:
  • Some good, some bad
    The unit has been working for several weeks in a basement in a humid climate. It functions well, and is relatively quiet.

    My one complaint so far is the same as the reviewer who mentioned the poor drain design. I agree with all his points. My drain was clogged within two weeks. However in addition to that there was an internal line made of very thin walled clear plastic which was folded closed. It makes two tight turns and simply collapsed at one of them. It is not hard to replace or repair, but one shouldn't have to do that.

    This unit replaced a Whirlpool of comparable price and very similar design (with a better drain) which lasted only two years before the refrigerant escaped somehow. Perhaps there's just nothing at this price level of high quality. ...more info
  • So far so good
    We purchased this for our basement (semi-finished). Its been a few months and its working well. Our basement is very humid - during the summer we have to empty the dehumidifier twice a day in order for it to keep up.

    It works well, moderately quiet and easy to empty....more info
  • Great value and quiet to boot
    This is the 2nd Frigidaire 451P I've purchased for our home--it's easy to set up and is very quiet compared to many on the market. Nice styling, too, as far as these things go....more info
  • Think twice if you want continuous draining...
    I have no doubt that this dehumidifier will work well if you want to empty the collection bucket (which you would have to do at least once a day). But if you want the water to drain continuously into a sump well or a French drain, you're out of luck. I got this home and discovered that instead of taking a standard hose attachment, the hose adapter necessitated the water passing through a plastic piece that had a diameter of about 1/16 of an inch! (see the pictures and tremble)

    Nevertheless I tried it, and found in the morning that the teeny-tiny space was already clogged shut. Took it off and water came out the hose, so the blockage was in the teeny-tiny attachment.

    This was a recipe for disaster, and one of the stupidest engineering fiascos I've ever seen, and the people at the store agreed with me when I returned it for a Whirlpool, which has a standard attachment. If any dust or scum gets into that tiny Frigidaire hose, it stops draining.

    Also, the manual described wrongly where to put the rubber cap that you take from the back of the spigot, and when I put it in the supposedly correct place, it fell right out.

    I called Frigidaire's customer service number, and the results were laughable, since I talked to a woman who had apparently never even touched a dehumidifier, and was getting all her info from the same manual that I already had.

    Avloid this one, unless you don't mind emptying the bucket and never go on vacation in the summer....more info
  • Quiet and underated. Excellent product.
    This unit works better than the previous 60-Pint I've used. It wasn't the cheapest one, but it's definitely worth the few extra bucks. It's quiet, easy to setup (literally, just plug it in), and the digital display is nice for showing you that it's working. Also, if you plan to keep it out in the open, it's much more esthetically pleasing than most of the others I've seen. The front button panel is very sleek and the case is molded to look more like a piece of furniture than just a square box. Really, the only negative thing about this dehumidifier is that the wheels are kind of cheesy. They are small plastic wheels, about the size of a quarter. I assume someone at Frigidaire tested and approved these wheels, but they just seem cheap and weak for such a heavy item. If you don't plan to move it around too much it's no problem. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Fragile, missing parts and doesn't work automatically
    Problems with our unit as received:
    - the automatic mode (where it should cycle on/off) doesn't work. Doesn't turn on compressor apparently since humidity doesn't go down. The continuous mode does remove humidity, though presumably the compressor keeps running when it doesn't have to.
    - as received one of the casters was broken
    - as received the seal to allow changing to hose removal of water was missing. We made one out of pipe seal tape which did the job.

    I will attempt to return unit, but it is a real hassle to package up something this big (and haul up the stairs). In future I will not mail order items of this size/weight....more info
  • Does exactly what you ask of it
    I purchased this item after having horrible luck with some other brands (mainly those carried by Sears.) This dehumidifier is quiet, and works extremely well.
    It is a bit bulky, but it is definitely a more sturdy unit than those made by other manufacturers.
    If you're looking for a dehumidifer that works well, this is it....more info
  • Good Quality..Satisfied Buyer
    The Frigidaire FDL45P1 45 Pint Dehumidifier after several weeks of use does just what it should. It's electronic controls are easy to use and the choice of 2 fan speeds is nice. Ease of moving and quiet operation make the Frigidaire FDL45P1 easy to live with. Recommended....more info