Frigidaire FAA055P7A Compact Small-Room Air Conditioner with Remote Control

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Product Description

MS II Compact Room Air Conditioner

  • Energy Star 5200-BTU compact air conditioner for cooling rooms up to 165 square feet
  • Variable speed fan; 8-way air-direction control; electronic controls with full-function remote
  • Cool, Energy Saver, and Fan modes; auto-cool and sleep settings; 24-hour on/off timer
  • Air filter; tilt-out filter access; LVC Technology; EER of 11; pleated quick-mount window kit included
  • Measures 14 (15-1/2 with front) by 18-1/2 by 12-1/2 inches; 1-year warranty; 5-year sealed-system warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Nice small AC unit
    Product was in good shape, easy to install and works very well in smaller rooms. Nice quality and the remote is awesome. ...more info
  • Noisy and ineffective
    I owned one of these and quickly returned it. It made so much noise I could barely think. Of course you can make the noise stop, if you feel like getting up and smacking the thing every 2 seconds. Don't buy this piece of junk....more info
  • dented
    i purchased mine thru qvc and when i opened the pristine box i was greeted with a dent in the back frame which also caused a small bulge underneath. unlike other reviewers i am not too handy so i didnt try to bang them out myself. i also had the same problem others has installing the two middle screws in the top bar. i used another reviewers idea and sat on it while i screwed them in and it worked fine. it works but now that i have purchased an ac it is now 65 degrees with no humidity so i will have to wait to see how well it functions. i am hoping the problems are all cosmetic like everyone elses seem to be because i think taking it apart and repacking will be more of a hassle that installing it!
    returned to qvc and got undented unit from amazon. avoid qvc. they received it back in three days and took two extra weeks for processing but couldnt send a new one because they were out of stock even though they had them (and still do) online. amazons ac arrived in good shape and seems to work ok even though i have only used it a couple times. still was a pain installing the top rail but finally got it on using foam and longer screws for the middle. i am glad i bought it a few weeks ago since i paid $145 and now its $219....more info
  • Frigidaire FAA055P7A Window Air Conditioner Unit
    My husband did his homework when he researched window a/c units and Consumer Reports rated this and the 8000btu unit very high compared to other ones. Whatever someone earlier said about it breaking, we ran ours 24/7 the whole summer and well into the fall '07 and it never gave *any* problems and didn't cost a fortune to operate. He checked the EER rating and this had one of the highest for the money. Noisy? I don't know, but then I'm not expecting a decent window a/c to be so quiet you don't know it's on.
    That's just crazy. It's a very affordable unit for the reliability and energy efficiency. ...more info
  • Worth the volume!
    I've had mine for about three weeks now, and am very happy with it. It's very energy efficient and yet seems to just be cranking out the cold - there have been a few times where the room has been flat-out chilly, and I don't have a household that goes overboard on cold - just enough to be comfortable. So, that's quite nice, to not only not wonder if the thing is working but to wonder if maybe it's working too hard!

    The vents are useless, but I've never really known an ac that was different, so we have creatively rigged up our own custom directional system when need be. The remote is fantastic; can even be operated in the dark (wish Frigidare made home theater remotes, or at least the one for my cable.)

    It's pretty loud and I wouldn't recommend it for people who live out in the country, but I have a city apartment and the noise this makes is actually more pleasant than a lot of others in my neighborhood.

    I totally recommend this for city-dwellers (or hearing impaired) who are too warm and on a budget. Perhaps if you're lucky you'll find it at 30% off like I did!...more info
  • Pretty good
    We bought this air conditioner after our old one (of 14 years) conked out. It does not cool (freeze) the air, as the last one did. That could be good for some, bad for others. It does cool off the air, but we still have to sleep without a blanket....more info
  • Great Cooling, Easy to live with Features
    I like this air conditioner for its energy efficiency, excellent cooling capability, easy to live with sound level, air cleaning option with easy to clean filter, and remote control. I need a cooler environment than others in the household and I set up an allergy/cooling room after we had some problems from an indoor flooding disaster and indoor pollution from central ac problems. I also often set the central ac at warmer temperatures and supercool this room when I'm the only one at home. The room is 130 sq ft with 7.5 feet floor to ceiling measurement and approximately 16 sq ft closet which has vented doors. One of the windows in the room has a southern exposure, and the other window is a western exposure off of a screened in porch. I am located in North Central Florida and have owned and operated this air conditioner for about two weeks now. This air conditioner cools and dehumidfies the room very quickly and works well in the energy saving mode with the ceiling fan working at the same time.

    It's been easy to sleep with this air conditioner's fan on low and set on cooling mode. On low fan (without compressor going on/off), this air condtioner emits is a steady, white noise background type sound. If the compressor goes on, it doesn't wake me up. Bed is approximately 1.5 feet away from the air conditioner. After it rains, there may be some other light duty noises too. The manual lists the following as normal sounds to be expected from this air conditioner: sound of rushing air, high pitched chatter, gurgle/hiss, pinging or swishing and possibly vibration depending on how and where it's installed. I'd add that I've heard the compressor very briefly knock when stops. Sometimes I cool the room at a lower temperature before setting the fan on low for the night. I run it a lot in auto cooling mode, and I have no complaint about this air conditioner's noise level. This is the first window ac that I've ever owned, so I can't compare to other window ac's. I'm not able to sleep with my air purifier on (Hepa, no quiet or silent mode), but I am able to sleep with this air conditioner on as described....more info
  • Dr.G.Ma
    this was a good air unit, only on real humid days it leaves something to be desired. I am giving it to a family member and getting a larger unit for next year....more info
  • GREAT little A.C. for the money!!!
    well just great LITTLE UNIT!!!!
    as for the noise of the unit...........
    well my head is 6" or less from the unit in the window........
    lets see....
    hot and can't sleep....or this unit running next to my head???

    well i an DOG tired when i go to bed.........

    yes i do hear the unit running..NEXT TO MY HEAD...
    but the COOL ...MORE THAN MAKES UP FOR IT!!!!!!!

    it cools the room fast
    and if you use the energy saving mode.
    when it cools down the room .
    the fan shuts off and starts only like 10 -20 min per hour.

    yes i also have allergies.....HELPS A LOT!!!!!!!

    i would rate this unit 10++++ STARS.........
    OH I FORGOT.........
    shut off central air unit to the house
    will use these unit for cool bedrooms & one unit for my CAMPER........
    so t bought 3 UNITS.......GET THE HINT????????..ron...more info
  • Better than expected from Frigidaire (but don't expect much)
    Frigidaire is not traditionally the best brand of ACs, to put it mildly, and I personally have horror- stories to tell about two(!) $600 Frigidaire ACs. But, I needed a small window unit, my local stores didn't carry any nice brands, and Amazon didn't ship anything else at the time either. So, I read some good reviews and bought it anyway.

    The machine is "ok". It cools my small bedroom well, and it uses not too much power doing so. To be specific, it uses about 430 Watts when the compressor is on, and 50 Watts on fan-only (measured myself). My 10000BTU AC uses almost 3 times the current at only twice the cooling power, so this is definitely an efficient machine, which will be as easy on your power bill as possible at this time.

    I do find it fairly loud. I realize that is a subjective statement, but I'm sure that the Panasonic and LG brands in my old apartment were quieter. I also wish it had one lower fan setting, to perhaps further make it bedroom- compatible. The Med and Hi settings are definitely unbearable at night! One thing that I found was the noise to drop audibly when I put some material in front of the intake grille to block direct noise (not right on the grille of course, leaving a few inches so it can suck in air).

    This unit doesn't have an inside/outside switch, and the "8way louvres" are absolutely and completely useless - a very cheap substitution for real air directors. The remote is clunky, but it has the same intuitive 4-way switch (left/right=fan, up/down=temp) as the actual unit, so you can use it in the dark. I find that a big plus, especially for bedroom operation.

    Update: after a few months of use, my unit broke down. Bad for me, good for you, because now I can report to you how the warranty works :)
    You locate a local service center and give them a call. Then you need to be home for 1/2 day while repairmen come by and inspect the machine. Mine had an air leak which they deemed "not repairable". Of course this 3rd party repair company wouldn't take the unit back. I had to make multiple phone calls and send emails to Frigidaire and Amazon, while they figured out what to do with the thing. At the end, Amazon complied - and had UPS pick up the defective unit (they insisted they needed it, now matter how broken). I didn't pay any return shipping, but they did not refund the entire purchase price. I think Amazon was fair in all this, but I had to engage too many people and use too much of my time for this machine.

    BOTTOM LINE: THREE STARS. If you're desperate and/or on a budget, get this. Otherwise, buy something else (not a Frigidaire, look for the Texan-made Friedrichs or Panasonics).
    ...more info
  • works well
    This is my first window A/C so I don't have anything to compare it with, but I'm happy with it. It's not capable of cooling more than one room of my apartment, but it does a very good job in that room. It has absolutely saved me from the summer swelter of NYC. A big plus is if you're an Amazon Prime member you don't have to pay the shipping costs on what is a heavy box....more info
  • don't buy it.
    I bought Frigidaire FAA055P7A Air Conditioner about 2 weeks ago. but after using 2 days, it suddenly stopped working, and it has not worked since then. I called the customer support right after the trouble, but they are still taking time to fix it, and I don't know when I can get the fixed or new one at all....more info
  • frigidaire 5200 BTU air conditioner
    So far, seems like a good buy. Runs with minimal noise, has a energy saver function and is compact. Cools the room quickly and quietly. The EER rating of 11.0 is a rare find for a unit this small, and the free shipping really makes it worth it....more info
  • Frigidaire FAA055P7A Air Conditioner with Remote Electronic Controls
    I bought this over the summer and used it extensively in my bedroom (14' x 15'). It did a good job at cooling the room from 90F to 70F during hot nights. A little loud so you have to have it on lowest speed if you want to sleep with it running (should start cooling the room an hour or so before going to bed in order to switch from high to low when turning in). Remote is helpful but has no display for the current room temperature. Very easy to mount and remove (which I do during winter since even the best insulation still lets a lot of cold air in). Excellent energy consumption (with two ACs - both Frigidair,the large one 10000 BTU - in the apartment running almost every day, my bill was below $100 every month, including gas). ...more info
  • Even Too Loud For Drunk Sleep!
    I couldn't even pass out this air conditioner is so loud! I got it last summer for my unbearably hot college apartment and everything went swimmingly. It was a little loud, like the air flow was loud, but it was kind of a soothing noise. Now, luckily a little less than a year later, it is SUPER loud, it revs up, rattles, and rolls. It kind of sounds like a dishwasher disposal. I called up Frigidaire and they said that my model is unrepairable and must be replaced. Luckily I didn't procrastinate on this because my one-year warranty is almost up!

    I barely recommend this air conditioner. If you are desperate get a warranty and plan on having it replaced. It's even too loud for drunk sleep!...more info
  • A great option for small rooms and cheap people
    I got this air conditioner last week during a brutal heat wave and it did not disappoint. Like most air conditioners, it was a bit of a pain to install (took about 15 minutes, not terrible), and it doesn't quite sit in my window properly (all air conditioners seem to assume a certain layout of panes and such, but my window is not quite typical, so it's a problem for any A/C). Nevertheless, it works just fine. It is a little loud, but I had no problem watching TV or sleeping with it on. The high fan mode may pose a problem for more tranquil or sensitive souls, though.

    My only actual issue with it that I've found so far is that the EnergySaver mode is distracting. It's designed to vary fan speed and cooling to maintain a temperature you dictate without wasting energy. I like the idea, so I tend to use this setting. The problem is that it seems to change the fan speed so frequently that it's somewhat distracting. Maybe most people wouldn't notice, but I'm not used to a change of humming pitch every five minutes, so I always notice it. Relatively speaking, though, this is a minor issue and not one that is cause for real concern.

    Overall, I'm very satisfied so far with the unit. I know some people have an issue with the controls (not that hard to figure out) and the remote (clunky but easy), but I have no such problems. I would definitely recommend this item for anyone with a small room (12x12 or less) and simple cooling needs. Anyone who needs something fancy or sleek, fork over the extra hundred bucks and get a more serious A/C. Otherwise, this one isn't a bad choice....more info
  • Frigidaire FAA055P7A Air Conditioner
    Nice to have remote control and set temperature on thermostat. I wish it would automatically turn itself on and off, in economy have to turn it on manually, and you have a timer to set for auto off! The fan is rather noisey, even on low....more info
  • Frigidaire FAA055P7A Air Conditioner with Remote Electronic Controls
    Light weight, cools quickly a 12 x 14 room, quiet running, great can't go wrong with this A/C for cooling a small to mid size roon. I use it at night for cooling a bedroom with a generator when the power goes out. ...more info
  • sounds like a jackhammer
    worse than just extremely noisy. I installed it in my old wood house and the vibration sounded (and felt, it shook the whole house) literally like a jackhammer. the unit I had before, a panasonic, purred quietly in the same window. worst purchase ever...more info
  • beware
    placed order on may 23 unit stopped working end of june call frigidaire customer service nearest app. july 11 all day app. service tech. deemed unit defective july 30 still no call from frigidaire summer just over no a/c ...more info
  • The price at amazon is much higher then any other online line store
    Its nice A/C. I was able to find the same A/C at 30% less then what I paid at Amazon....more info
  • Great A/C
    This is a great little a/c unit. Cools down my 11x12 room quickly. Quiet unit. Convenient remote control is a bonus....more info
  • Worked for 1 day and still waiting for resolution
    This air conditioner only worked for 1 day before the compressor died. This is not a serviceable part and we are still waiting weeks later for Electrolux, the company that owns Frigidaire, to resolve the issue. Additionally the service guy that checked out the system said we should never buy a Frigidaire refrigerator or AC unit...more info
  • Priced well above MSRP right now!
    Didn't buy it here, but this is a very good window AC. It cooled down our room in about 10 minutes (and the compressor doesn't turn on for three minutes).

    As for loudness, it's no louder than another larger AC I had before. So I think it's fine.

    I know we're not supposed to talk about prices here but pricing the unit 30% higher than the MSRP plus shipping is rediculous. If you SHOP around (hint hint, add a dot com to the all-caps word there) you can get it for MSRP + free shipping....more info
  • Not worth the money
    Air conditioner works fine but the noise is unacceptable. Plus it's made in China. After the summer I am going to sell in search of a quieter unit. The unit is in my bedroom and when I watch TV I have
    to increase the volume considerably to override the noise of the
    unit. We had a wind driven rain storm a few days ago and the rain actually came thru the unit into the bedroom. I was mopping up water for a while. This unit is not worth the money. I am searching for a
    unit that is manufactured in the United States (if there are any). I was told that Friedrich was made stateside. So I'll check them out....more info
  • Frigidaire ACs have gotten even better
    This model is excellent. I ordered it to replace a similar Frigidaire from 2003. The older model was fine, but this new one is really great-- excellent energy efficiency rating, updated controls with remote, and programmable temperature and fan adjustment to perfection! I set it exactly how I needed it for a comfortable night. Never too cold nor not cold enough. It's also quieter, and according to my friend who installed it for me and got rid of the older one, much much lighter.

    At such a great value and such quick (and free) deliver on Amazon, I am really satisfied....more info
  • Great performance, great filtration
    Here in Montana we don't usually need A/C, but the last few summers have been really hot. Add to that the horribly air quality from forest fires, and this year I just had to buy one. I debated long and hard, and am very pleased with the one that I chose. The remote is handy, saving me steps that can really add up. It was simple to mount in the window, with the help of a strong young man. The filter has done a wonderful job of helping me with my asthma and allergies. Even now that the air looks and smells clean, I can still tell the difference with the filter on vs. off. ...more info


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