Frigidaire FAP094P1Z 9,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with Electronic Controls

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ully portable with casters 24 Hour On / Off Timer 3 Fan Speeds Energy Efficiency Ratio: 8.7; Easy-to-install window adapter vent; Electronic Controls with Remote Control; Full Function Remote Control; Through-the-wall duct adaptor for optional venting of warm air exhaust and condensation outdoors; 9000 BTUH cooling capacity.

  • 9,000-BTU portable air conditioner for up to 425 square feet
  • 8.7 EER; electronic controls with full remote; 24-hour on/off timer
  • Variable-speed fan; 2-way air direction; air filter; exhaust vent
  • Dehumidification of 2-2/7 pints per hour; casters; 6-1/2-foot cord
  • Measures 15-3/4 by 18-15/16 by 33 inches; 1-year full warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Does the job well for me!
    We purchased this unit after reading reviews and recommendations for just about every Portable A/C available at the time. Now I am back to Amazon to purchase a second unit for our bedroom.

    First of all, you need to understand portable a/c units are NOT very efficient compared to window units. And if you are comparing them to central units... forget it.

    But if you have a small area like us that you just want to be a little more livable and the area you live does not allow window units this product does a nice job. It does not lower the temperature of our living room much if we turn it on when it is already hot, but it does reduce the humidity quite a bit. If we start it early in the afternoon before it gets really hot inside it can keep the room at an even more comfortable temperature.

    For the best results when you set it up make sure the vent is not blocked AT ALL. If the hot air can blow out and away from your home you will get much better results. When we had it slightly blocked by plants outside the window, we could feel the heat building up and coming back in through the closed window....more info
  • Plug in and go, colds fast and better than I expected.
    UPDATE: I just have to say, two days after I wrote this initial review, my unit went bad. The noise got really loud and it wasn't cooling as it should. I painfully dragged it out the house and I returned it the next day. I'm now using a Sharp brand and I'll write a review later down the months. How unfortunate, these things are so chancy

    I purchased this unit about three weeks ago, so I'm hoping my review isn't too pre-mature and I'm still waiting on my electric bill. I also had to purchase it elsewhere, because amazon won't ship it to me. Apart from that, and over all, it satisfies to my expectations. However, I would only recommend this (or any other portable AC) only if you absolutely can not get a wall unit.

    Now, I found it to be a little too heavy and noisy. Even after considering it's an "inside" unit, this should still be a consideration for those who are sensitive sleepers, like myself. After a while, you may get accustom. It also took two adults to haul it up the stairs, but on the flat, the wheels should help you maneuver much better. Also, I naturally felt it took up too much space, especially with the bulky hose in the back (though, that's what you get with a portable) but there is another option to place it (heat exhaust) directly flush out a wall. Like I said it's better than I expected, but I will share my personal do's and don'ts opinion.

    Getting the window heat exhaust-out instillation might be tricky for some depending on the type of window you have. I would also recommend either way you make sure the exhaust hose direct all the heat out the window and not be able to re-direct heat or even air back into the room. I had this problem for the first couple days, because I could not use the window boarder type adapter it came with. However, I got creative with my own sheet of wood and packing foam to flush around the exhaust and drain holes I created. Also, make sure you use the tiny drain hose (comes with the unit) so it can continuously drain the water out the little hole through the window by itself, for example. This is the better and expected option instead of getting up to drain the inside water bucket every couple hours as some have complained about portables.

    As for the performance conclusion: My bedroom is considered small to medium. Once the doors and windows were closed properly and the exhaust hose and window situation mentioned above was done correctly, it cooled the room better than I even expected (and I'm very picky). It's plug in and go, easy instructions and not much assembly apart from plugging in the hose in the back. I also notice it gets cold real fast from the time you put it on. I mostly use a small osculating fan to help distribute the cold air from time to time (this helps also). I only keep the AC on low speed and yet it gets very cold at times and I live in a all around real HOT region. So far, this has been the best investment I've made all year! I LOVE it and I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
    ...more info
  • Does the Job and can't complain
    Bought the unit a few months ago and no problems. Shipping box is big and heavy but easy to open via lift-up design. Very easy to install window adapter for exhaust hose and everything else is plug and go. Overall I would buy a second unit when the need arises. ...more info
  • Defective - noisy - doesn't cool 9000 BTU worth
    I needed an air conditioner for an odd sized window, and thought this unit might be my answer. Sadly, it was not. For a month, I was pleased. I questioned the "9,000 BTU" rating outside of a lab, since less-than-perfect heat venting lowers efficiency, but - hey! - it cooled my bedroom. Then, the noise started. The decibels rose until I was unable to talk on the telephone without shouting, much less sleep. When the unit quit completely, the mystery was solved. The internal pump which ejects condensation through a hose had failed. The compressor iced, the fan banged against the ice. Now Frigidaire can't seem to come up with either a replacement unit, or parts. Bottom line - bad design. Better than De Longhi, but still bad. This is an great idea whose time has NOT come, until they get the bugs out. ...more info
  • Avoid at all costs!
    After just one month of operation, I started experiencing major problems with this unit. First, the water pump broke, then the compressor got really loud until finally, it stopped blowing cold air altogether. You would think this shouldn't be a problem to fix as it was still under warranty, I was wrong. Frigidaire customer support is the worst. First they send me an "authorized Frigidaire representative" who tells me up front he does not know anything about the unit. He took it with him. After hearing nothing for two weeks, I contacted Frigidaire again only to learn they don't have the parts to fix this because this is a 2004 model. (Guess Amazon sells outdated goods). They then told me they'll call me back when they decide if I "deserve" a new unit or not. They suggested I contact Amazon and "try" to get a refund from them. I don't think Frigidaire knows the meaning of their "guarantee". I will post another update if and when Frigidaire or Amazon decide to resolve my situation.

    Update: Frigidaire ended up honoring the warranty, and issued me a full refund....more info
  • Good deal if you need a portable A/C
    Consumer Reports says this portable air conditioner is much less efficient than a comparable window unit. It's definitely more expensive than a window air conditioner (probably at least double the cost); you're paying for appearance and convenience, not functionality. (It's easy to disconnect this unit and roll it away into a corner or closet.)

    I bought two of these for two rooms with sliding casement windows that posed problems for window units -- and I didn't want to bother with installing and then removing bulky window units every season. One of the rooms is a very large bedroom with a cathedral ceiling, and the Frigidaire portable air conditioner has no problem keeping it cool. Your options for placing the unit are rather limited -- there is a somewhat flexible duct that must be run from the back of the unit to a window (or a hole through an exterior wall), and you also need a nearby electrical outlet, preferably on an isolated circuit....more info