Frigidaire FAA084P7A MS II 8,000-BTU Room Air Conditioner with Electronic Controls

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Product Description

MS II Compact Room Air Conditioner

  • Air conditioner for medium- to large-size rooms up to 350 square feet
  • 8,000-BTU cooling capacity; 9.8 EER; LVC technology
  • Variable-speed fan; 8-way air direction; remote electronic controls
  • Ionizer/electrostatic clean air filtration ensures a clean airflow
  • Measures 15-1/2 by 18-1/2 by 12-1/2 inches; 1-year full warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Frigidare FAA084P7A MS II 8000-BTU Room Air Conditioner
    Ease of setup is 5 star. Cooling capacity is better than several 10,000BTU units I have had in the past. The unit is a little noisy at the high setting, but, cools my 196 sq ft room down in less than twenty minutes at which point I switch the fan to low. At low the unit easily maintains it's set temperature and you can turn the tv volume back down to normal. If the unit was a touch quieter at the high fan speed setting, I would have given it a 5 star overall without hesitation. The carrier contacted me immediately, the delivery date was expected to be 7-10 business days, got it on the 3rd day in perfect condition. BRAVO!...more info
  • Effective but noisy
    I guess I shouldn't complain. It does a great job of cooling the area I need cooled, but is way too noisy to use in a regular-sized room. So even though it does the basic job I regret not trying the 6,000 BTU unit and will probably end up replacing this one with the smaller unit.

    I got the 8,000 BTU unit in early 2007. I didn't believe I could find a window a/c that was quiet enough for the bedroom, so I run this one in an adjacent room and use a fan to blow the cool air into my bedroom. This isn't efficient but seemed better than the alternative, and I was resigned to it.

    It's efficient, cools well, and the fan is pretty strong, but it's way too loud to use a phone or hear the TV without turning the volume way up. The compressor isn't too bad, but the fan is very noisy. I just bought a Frigidaire FAA065P7A 6,000 BTU MSII Air Conditioner with Electronic Controls. Despite the small difference in power, the 6,000 BTU unit is only a fraction as noisy. Most of the noise seems to be in the fan, and maybe there's no way to put a fan in that runs quietly while circulating the air well. Still, I'm regretting my purchase a bit, and wish I'd taken a chance on the 6,000 BTU one last year instead of getting this one.

    I guess the bottom line is that if you actually need 8,000 BTU, this is a decent model. But remember that bigger isn't necessarily better. A bigger unit cycles on and off more, which is less efficient and, in humid areas, won't dehumidify well while the compressor is off. I suggest making a store let you turn units on before buying so you can see what you're getting into!...more info
  • Excellent air conditioner
    My husband and I bought this air conditioner to replace one that was 8 years old. We love it! It has an energy star rating of 9.8 so we're going to save money over the long haul. Installation was a breeze and it keeps us very cool~!...more info
  • Love this!
    I bought 2 of these last spring because we don't have central air or anything else to keep us cool. They were really worth it. Not only did they keep us cool but they didn't bump up the bills too much. They are really noisy though. It's hard to hear music or tv above it. The one in the bedroom was great though because my husband like to sleep with white noise anyway. Came with a remote control which is nice if you are in bed and need to change anything. But you need to kind of memorize where the buttons are and what they do because it doesn't light up. Kept us really cool, love them....more info
  • Easy Installation and great product!
    My boyfriend and I purchased this air conditioner and one from another company. We started installing the other brand first and struggled for over an hour because installation was complicated and the instructions were difficult to understand. We decided to give up and try the Frigidaire. In less than 15 minutes my boyfriend had this air conditioner installed and running. Simple, easy to read instructions and great design made installing this air conditioner a breeze. Not only was installation a breeze, but this product is working great to keep our living room cool. It has many convenient features and a remote control. Can't go wrong with this product. The other brand will be sent back and replaced by another Frigidaire!...more info