Frigidaire FAP09EP1Z 9,000-BTU Portable Air Conditioner with 4100-BTU Heat and Electronic Controls

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  • 9,000-BTU portable air conditioner with 4100-BTU heat
  • For rooms up to 425 square feet; electronic controls; remote
  • 8.7 EER; 24-hour on/off timer; variable-speed fan; 2-way air direction
  • Air filter; exhaust vent; dehumidification of 2-2/7 pints per hour; casters
  • Measures 15-3/4 by 18-15/16 by 33 inches; 1-year full warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Too much hassle to return
    Water pump described in user guide never worked, had to resort to using garden hose drain. Window kit didn't fit well for standard window, had to devise makeshift insulation. Air hose doesn't fit well into window kit fixture, secured with duct tape. Seems to ignore remote control.

    Calls to Fridgidaire/Elextrolux weren't effective, they pointed me to local shops who recommended shipping it back (amazon). I may just purchase easy to return items from Amazon in the future.

    Effective at cooling a 15 by 15 room ...more info
  • Love it!
    The unit works great. It is quieter than I expected; EASY to install; cools room quickly....more info
  • Avoid at all costs!
    After just one month of operation, I started experiencing major problems with this unit. First, the water pump broke, then the compressor got really loud until finally, it stopped blowing cold air altogether. You would think this shouldn't be a problem to fix as it was still under warranty, I was wrong. Frigidaire customer support is the worst. First they send me an "authorized Frigidaire representative" who tells me up front he does not know anything about the unit. He took it with him. After hearing nothing for two weeks, I contacted Frigidaire again only to learn they don't have the parts to fix this because this is a 2004 model. (Guess Amazon sells outdated goods). They then told me they'll call me back when they decide if I "deserve" a new unit or not. They suggested I contact Amazon and "try" to get a refund from them. I don't think Frigidaire knows the meaning of their "guarantee". I will post another update if and when Frigidaire or Amazon decide to resolve my situation.

    Update: Frigidaire ended up honoring the warranty, and issued me a full refund....more info