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  • Wonderful
    It just played on TV and my daughter jumped up danced and went along with the video, SANTA WILL be bringing her this video this yeat...more info
  • Lazytown: Great for Kids
    Lazytown, takes a high action crack at Children and healthy lifestyle, and makes a new market in educational children's media! Finally a show that's tackling the issues!
    Lazytown, is a children's television show adapted from a successful play from Iceland. Icelandic gymnast and role model MagnĘ▓s Scheving, conceived Lazytown as an effort to combat obesity, and inactivity in kids. The show has been globally sucessful; in the Uniyed States it has landed primary slots on Nickelodeon channels, and CBS Saturday morning programming. The themes of the show are very positive and attractive to children. The shows target audience age is 4-7.
    The plot involves main character Stephanie visiting her uncle in Lazytown. Upon arrived she displeased with laziness and negativity of the town and tries to encourage change. Stephanie is a very attractive character for young girls. She promotes gender stereotypes with her pink hair and matching feminie accessories. She also has many singing breaks, and dance modeled like a pop star music video. Her dance moves resemble aerobics and often start to involve the whole town in exercise fashion. The superhero of Lazytown, is Sportacus (played by MagnĘ▓s Scheving). He immediately agrees with Stephanie about making a change. Sportacus is naturally the admirable character for boys. He wears a blue jumpsuit, and is excellent in every sport. He uses gymnastics to get from place to place. The antagonist is Robbie Rotten, who employs all the schema of cartoon villany, right down to the evil laugh. Robbie uses temptation to align the townpeople to his side of laziness, selfishness, junkfood, and trouble. The townspeople are of diverse gender and ethnicity. Each have their vices, which make up most of their personality. The ones with most appearances are Stingy (selfish), Ziggy (candy), Trixie (mischeif), Pixel (Video Games). Through misadventures all the townspeople overcome Robbie Rotten's temptation and learn moderation and healthy lifestyle tips from Stephanie and Sportacus. Parents can use the townspeople and their lessons in moderation as an example for their own children. I witness my own cousin turn off video games saying he played too long, and referenced a plot from the show.
    The only live action characters in the show are Stephanie, Sportacus, and Robbie Rotten, which give them grave importance in a show with CGI background and puppet supporting characters. The show uses lighiting fast jump cuts, and speed up motion speeds, sublimnally expressing high activity. The shows techno music and bright colors, seemingly raises pulses in kids. Watching this program with my younger cousins, it wasn't long before they were jumping along with the program. The uses of editing to evoke this reaction helps with the overall goal of the program. The catchy pop songs in every show usually have lyrics that push the shows moral.
    There isnt any commercialism in the show, which is a breath of fresh-air. The only thing show seems to endorse is "Sport Candy", which is just fruits and vegetables. The continue use of the "Sport Candy" phrases makes me think that they could use it to appear on a brand of fruit and vegetables, however there is no blantant brand marketing. For a show, with a classic good vs. evil theme, there is no violence whatsoever. Robbie Rotten is usually defeated after losing in some physical game or activity. He often gets tired and retreats home. I enjoyed the lack of pain, and humilation in the show. The viewer still understand the Good has conquered evil without anyone getting hurt emotionally or physically. The cicrumstances are usually realistic, with common consequences. However, Sportacus numerous acrobatics don't frequently come with a "Im a professional, don't try this at home" disclaimer.
    I enjoyed my viewing of Lazytown, and find the use of plot, characters, and setting a lot more effective in encourage activity, than the surrealism of Boohbah. I think as long as Lazytown, stays true to mission, and doesn't surrender to branding and heavy merchandising, it will do a lot of good. I commend MagnĘ▓s Scheving for his endeavors. The show is needed, as physical education slowly declines in schools.
    ...more info
  • Finally, a kids show that doesn't make me fall asleep.
    I got this DVD for my 2 1/2 year old and not only does she love it, but she's even learning the songs, which are a bit catchy. One thing that I really like though is that I don't mind watching it either. I'm rather tired of watching cartoons about girls catching stars. This show is entertaining and actually teaches kids that exercise and good eating habits can be fun. In a time where kids are being bombarded with shows that want you to buy their trading cards, Lazytown is a much needed change in pace. So go watch Lazytown, and than take your kids outside to play and be like Sportacus and Stephanie. Sheesh, even Robbie Rotten is great. Just don't blame me if you catch yourself humming a lazytown song at work....more info
  • My 4 year old daughter's new favorite show!!!
    One day, as she was watching Lazytown, my 4 year old, ran in the kitchen to grab a bag of mini carrots. She proceeded to eat them as a result of the "healthy eating" lesson from Lazytown.

    In addition, she is always active (cartwheels, jumping, etc.) during Lazytown. For Halloween, she wants to be beautiful pink-haired Stephanie.

    She can't wait for the Santa DVD that's coming out October 11th, 2005!! I strongly recommend this DVD....more info
  • Where's Sportakook?! Oh, I'll Find Him...
    "LazyTown" is a show marrying live-action and animation, a fairly recent port to the United States from Iceland. It's part of the new breed of children's animated programs these days --- programming especially focused on making viewers "get up and go" and as far as this goes, it's at the top of its game.

    "LazyTown" features a human girl, Stephanie, a human hero, Sportacus and his human nemesis, Robbie Rotten. The rest of the characters are CGI animated and quite well too. The setup is this --- generally in each episode, Sportacus (advocate of getting up and going) battles the plots and schemes of Robbie Rotten (trying and endlessly failing to make those in LazyTown lazy, also a master of disguise.) He just can't stand all the activity in LazyTown, but usually ends up expending a lot of energy himself trying to stop it. The simple fact is, no one's lazy in LazyTown anymore, largely thanks to Stephanie, an energetic girl with bubble-gum pink hair. She's still fairly new in town and living with her Uncle, Mayor Meanswell. Her group of friends is Ziggy, Pixel, Trixie and Stingy.

    "LazyTown" is loaded with high energy, fun songs. The opening theme and "funny words" songs can be heard in every episode and there's also at least one other new song in each one.

    This DVD features three episodes of the show, including a special double-length episode --- "LazyTown's New Superhero." This one plays around with the format a bit, as the kids decide to give Sportacus a vacation. While Sportacus struggles to relax and take it easy, Stephanie does her best to become the new town superhero. Also included in this DVD are "Cry Dinosaur," in which Robbie Rotten dresses up as a dinosaur to scare "Sporta-Crybaby" and "Dr. Rottenstein," in which he tricks the kids into believing they have spotty vegetitis and must swear off vegetables and eat nothing but junk food. Not only that, but under the guise of Rottenstein, he bans Sportacus from LazyTown "forever," another one of his old tricks.

    In case you're wondering why I gave this four stars instead of five, it's because of the special features. I truly believe that DVD releases these days must have great special features in order to receive a five-star rating. Unfortunately, this DVD just doesn't measure up. All you get are written character profiles that you can browse through, a couple of pages of "Nicktrition" tips and some short previews for Dora and Blue's Room DVD releases as well as "My Little Pony: A Very Minty Christmas." These are okay, there's definitely nothing wrong with them, but it only takes about five minutes to go through at most. It couldn't have hurt to put at least a bit more effort into some nice special features....more info
  • Sportacus to replace Dora!
    Well I didn't think it was possible but I believe Sportacus has replaced Dora on the top of my 23 month old daughter's favorites list.

    She has to watch this DVD at least once a day. I really enjoy this program too since it promotes healthy habits and has very charming characters.

    It helps that Magnus Scheving is easy on the eyes too!

    I highly recommend this DVD....more info
  • Stephanie
    Sportacus and Stephanie:
    sports candy = fruits and vegetables (better than "real food" which is what we called these two before)
    junk food or healthy food: the prince and princess toss out this query before we eat anything
    "let's go play and exercise first" = anything that encourages mine to say this gets two thumbs up from me
    Such a wonderful show with a nice Icelandic touch. How can we go wrong?
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  • LazyTown goes DVD!
    An awesome show just in theory, now you and your child can exercise with Sportacus, Stephanie, Robbie Rotten, and the LazyTown crew at home! The story plot is that Stephanie and the gang want to give Sportacus a day off since he always helps everyone in LazyTown when they need it. Stephanie takes over for a day, and Robbie Rotten concieves a dastardly plan to rid LazyTown of Sportacus forever. He makes a robotic dog to cause mayhem in LazyTown and in turn, it makes Sportacus and "Sportasteph" team together to save the day!
    The show revolves around the importance of health, hygiene, and manners....more info
  • Um....Yea.......Um..............................................
    Ok......when I first saw Lazy Town I thought that it was one of the dumbest shows ever. And this DVD proves it. The story is that Sporticus is taking a break as being a super hero, and the bezarre pink-haired Stephine becomes "Sporti-stephine". Ah, that neame kills me. I hate Lazy Town and always will. The songs and dances are corney. The characters are corney, and the acting is corney....more info
  • am i too old to be watching this???
    well im 23 n started watching this for something to do when feeding my 9 wk old daughter in the mornings, and what can i say....... i love it.
    i have downloaded the songs 4 my nieces n nephews n must admit i do listen to them myself.
    this is a great programme and a refreshing change to cartoons...more info
  • finally a children's show I can be entertained with!
    Lazytown is an amazing mix of animation, computers, puppets and real people all pulled together in a colorful creative way! My five year old is in awe and jumps up to dance and move around with them in all their routines.
    I laugh, my husband laughs, my teenager laughs.
    Very creative and energetic show.
    This particular episode aired on 8/15/05 in the afternoon/evening and is now available to bring home on DVD.
    Promotes healthy living and active lifestyles - very positive!...more info
  • Magnus Scheving...
    Need I say more. He is a great actor. I used to watch this show with my 4 year old cousin (I am 23) and I hated it. The more I watch it the better it gets. I haven't seen this actual DVD but if these episodes are as good as the ones on TV then this is a must have DVD for kids & adults who like cartoons. Now, I personally love cartoons my Grandmother will ask me which cartoon is this (which ever one is on at the time). I am thinking of buying this DVD for my cousin & me!!...more info
  • A bit scary for little ones.......
    My son is 2 and loves Lazy Town. I find Robbie Rotten and his antics to be a bit on the scary side at times. The costumes that he dresses are definitely scary - especially the dinosaur costume. But my son loves to watch this program and it doesn't seem to affect him in any way....more info
    LazyTown is a great new childrens show that will entertain everyone! Parents can sit and watch with their children and not be bored out of their mind. The children will be in a daze and jumping up and down. New Superhero is the main episode in which Sportacus, a superhero, has to take a break. His pink-haired friend Stephanie takes over just in case Robbie Rotton shows up. He does. This episode is double length and will have kids up and down the whole time. This episode also shows a very important message as Sportacus doesn't like his vacation. He wants to get up and be active. It shows that being outside playing is more fun than doing nothing. This seems odd because it is promoting not to watch tv? Don't be worried though, because LazyTown has your kid be active the whole time. They do different and fun routines and encourage the kids to join along. During parts of the show there is a little fun meter at the bottom of the screen. You get it to go up by jumping and dancing and just being active. There is also a big lesson on how eating a healthy breakfast gives you energy for the day.

    This dvd also includes two other episodes. Cry Dinosaur where Stephanie and Ziggy have their first campout. Ziggy is afraid that dinosaurs will come, but at the end he has to overcome his fears to save the day. A good message that you can't let fear hold you back from what you love. Dr. Rottenstein is the other. In this the kids are growing vegetable gardens and Robbie Rotton convinces that everything healthy should be banned. Soon everyone is affected by this horrible diet. It is up to the kids to save the day.

    At the end of the episode Stephanie sings her signature song and it has everybody following along to the routine where you jump, turn around, and dance. LazyTown is a good show because all children want to watch tv, but parents are worried that they might decide they like that better than going outside and playing. LazyTown has your child active the whole time and 8 out of 10 times children will want to play right after this. It also shows good eating habbits from Dr. Rottenstein and it is very musical too. The singing is wonderful and you will want to join along. LAZYTOWN IS A MUST!...more info
  • Great entertainment for 2-6 year olds.
    For those not familiar with the popular kid's show, Lazytown is a place where the citizens preferred not to do any kind of strenuous activity until the arrival of Stephanie, an energetic young girl with bright pink hair, and Sportacus, the super fit, super strong, weirdly mustached superhero who lives in a sort of blimp-like airship.

    Soon Stephanie and Sportacus have the residents on the right track to good health, exercise, and fruit and vegetable consumption, punctuated by upbeat pep rally type songs and spine bending dance steps.

    This does not meet the approval of the town bad guy, Robbie Rotten, who spends his days plotting the undoing of Sportacus, with various ingenious and despicable schemes.

    Previously only viewable on television, this DVD allows kids to watch favorite episodes over and over again, and introduces a double-length episode where Sportacus is given a forced vacation while Stephanie takes on the Superhero role. There are two previously aired episodes on the DVD - one where Robbie dons a dinosaur disguise to scare Sportacus, and one where he disguises himself as a doctor and makes them stop eating vegetables.

    With a combination of real actors and puppets, this is a very positive family oriented show, advocating good living habits, mixed with song, dance and humor. Highly recommended for anyone with kids between 2 and 6 years old, even though many adults may find it a little cheesy.

    Amanda Richards, September 2, 2005
    ...more info
  • I love this show and I'm old enough way beyond the demographic
    I absolutely love this show. It's an execellent diversion to the real world. I'm sure kids adore it but I do as well. I recommend this show to parents and kids. It's actually tolerable compared to Max and Ruby and Wonderpets. So parents pick up or rather you'd endure some of the more less tolerable shows....more info
  • Fun stories with valuable lessons
    My four year old twins loved Lazytown on Noggin and were excited to find out that there was a DVD. Stephanie and Sporticus teach children about friendship, physical fitness, and how to eat right. The "villian", Robbie Rotten, is just silly enough not to be scary, and the girls laugh each time his evil plans are foiled by the people and heroes of Lazytown. It's a fun watch with great lessons. Now my girls ASK what vegetables I'll be serving for dinner and remind me that sugar will not make them grow up big and strong! Priceless!...more info
  • Lazytown
    I'm not sure where my toddlers first learned about Lazytown, but it's a nice swith from the normal pre-school cartoons they normally watch. I wasn't sure they'd really follow the story, but now they totally do push-ups like "Sportacus" and sing and dance like Stephanie. Lazytown has 3 real people on an animated sets with puppets. I honestly didn't think the DVDs would motivate kids to exercise like other people say they will, but apparently they really do and they're entertaining to watch!...more info
  • Loved It!
    This DVD is great! The first episode is the longest with two shorter ones to follow and they are great entertainment for my son. Both episodes have great tunes that my 2 year old has completely memorized. It is actually entertaining for the whole family!...more info
  • If I were king of the forest...
    This show is okay for little kids I guess. But it's really stupid when you get a little older. Why would anyone want to do 5,000,000 flips instead of taking one little step? Why does Robby Rotten care if they are active? I f he doesn't want to hear the noise he can just move to a quiet town or move to a house in the middle of nowhere. And Stephanie is so perfect. And she acts so stupid and she's always so happy. Why are little kid shows always in a perfect land where nothing bad ever happens? They should have at least one show in the real world. I know that that wouldn't be a very good show for little kids or maybe basically everyone but that's probobly making little kids think that we live in a wonderfuly perfect world where nothing bad ever happens. And in some shows they have talking animals which can make little kids think that animals really do talk. So in Dora the Explorer parents may think it's a good show for their kids to watch because you learn shapes, spanish, and counting but it can also be bad because it might make little kids think that animals can talk like humans. Who knows? Next time you go to the zoo your kid might try to put a pair of red boots on a monkey then starts talking to it, and refuse to leave. Then the next thing you know you get kicked out and can never go back. Okay so that probobly will never happen but I'm just trying to make a point. Back to Lazy Town. I think that sometimes Robby Rotten gets to scary. I would think that little kids would be afraid of him. Trixie is the most pointless character. She's hardly ever in the show. They probobly just have her in the show because they thought little kids would complain if Stephanie was the only girl in the whole show. Why does Sportacaus's thing that tells him when someone is in trouble only go off every once in a while? If it was in the real world it would never stop going off. And in the episode where Robby Rotten swiches Sportacaus's shoes with ones that he controls wouldn't they notice that the shoes are blinking? And if they really had eyes then they would see that Robby Rotten's discuises are really just him. It's sooooo obvious. You can see his face! Why don't they see that? They sing songs about everything. It's really annoying. And they dance so stupidly. Why does Robby Rotten want to get rid of Sportacaus? Who cares if the kids are active? If it's to loud then get used to it or move! It's not that big of a deal! Who cares!...more info
  • A definate watch!
    To be honest, I am actually 13 years old and I'm a HUGE Lazy Town fan. No, I don't have any younger brothers, sisters, cousins, anything like that. And I don't babysit either. I started watching the show on my own free will.

    Now that that's out of the way...Lazy Town is an amazing show. The songs are so catchy and upbeat, it has a great message, Stephanie's such a cute character, Robbie Rotten can really make me laugh. There's so many great things about it.

    In fact I started a Lazy Town fan club, the youngest member is 13 and the oldest is 15. So if you're wondering if you're kid is too old for this video, I wouldn't worry about it : )...more info