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Capcom Classics Collection takes players back to the days of break dancing and waiting in endless arcade lines to see how long they can make their coveted quarter last. Spanning over 10 years of Capcom history, this anthology contains hundreds of hours of gameplay with treasured favorites including the WWII-style plane assault of '1942', defeating Metro City street gangs in 'Final Fight', rescuing Princess Guinevere against zombies and demons in "Ghosts 'n Goblins', the unforgettable title 'Commando', plus 18 other classics that everyone grew up with! All of these titles can be played in either single or two player modes while experiencing a bountiful of bonus features such as remixed soundtracks, original art and playing tips, just to name a few.

  • Capcom Classics Collection includes the following features -
  • Experience more than 20 groundbreaking and revolutionary games of their time on one disk
  • Hundreds of hours of nostalgic gameplay
  • Enjoy a wealth of added features including original artwork, remixed music and playing tips

Customer Reviews:

  • Best game for current generation consoles!
    This is an awesome collection of games. All together this 'game' or collection is perhaps the best game for current generation consoles IMO. Go ahead and laugh! This is because most modern games are not fun and lack gameplay. The only awesome game I've played from current generation consoles is Ninja Gaiden.

    These are REAL games from the GOLDEN ERA of ARCADE. IMO some of these old games should be made modern! Imagine Forgotten Worlds in full intense 3-D spectular mayhem fashion on Xbox 360 and PS3. However 3-D can really kill games, this is evident in many remakes such as Castlevania LOI. IMO current generation consoles are not all that and playing 3-D games on a single TV screen just isn't all that. Im waiting for hologram consoles.

    Looking at the preview screen shots gave me the impression that some games are console version from NES, SNES, etc... However Im glad to report that the games are arcade versions. Each game looks wonderful and comes with history info, unlockable art, tips, cast, and music. You can adjust the screen, difficulty, etc.... These games really test your reflexes.

    Here are the arcade machines:

    1942, 1943, and 1943 Kai. A vertical shooter. You shoot up Japanese WW2 planes, ships, etc... Great game(s).

    Bionic Commando: A horizontal platformer. You swing across trees and kill enemies. So so game.

    Commando: A popular vertical shooter. You are a charging marine. Great game.

    Exed Exes: One of many excess shooters found in this collection. Okay game.

    Final Fight: A super popular horizontal brawler. Great game. Similar to Streets of Rage.

    Forgotten Worlds: A horizontal shooter. Futuristic, ancient and zany. Awesome background theme and graphic. You can buy weapons from a pretty blonde chick too. Superb game.

    Ghosts 'n Goblins: A horizontal platformer. Cool medieval theme and monster design. Great game. BTW Recently I checked out an original Ghosts 'n Goblins arcade machine at an old pier amusement place, its made by Taito, lol and the graphic is hideous compare to the Capcom version on this disc.

    Ghouls 'n Ghosts: A later version of the former. Great game.

    Gun.Smoke: A vertical shooter. You are a cowboy in the old wild wild west. Great game. Excellent new button system.

    Legendary Wings: A mythological vertical shooter. You have flying wings, cool Greek setting. Great game.

    Mercs: Similar to Commando. Okay game.

    Pirate Ship Higemaru: I never seen this at arcades. Horrible game.

    Section Z: A futuristic horizontal shooter with 'metroidish' levels. Good game.

    Son Son: A horizontal half platform half shooter. Simple but decent game.

    Street Fighter II, SFII Champion Edition, and SFII Hyper Fighting: Biggest game ever from Capcom. Great fighter game. There is a two to three seconds of loading time between matches, its rather annoying.

    Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts: Third game of the series. Insane difficulty just like last two. Great game.

    Trojan: Horizontal brawler. Metro ghetto setting. Great game.

    Vulgus: Another vertical futuristic shooter. So so game.

    Overall this is a MUST BUY for all REAL gamers. I urge younger generation games to give this a try. Thanks a zillion Capcom for making this game!

    ...more info
  • Retro gaming rules, and here's proof
    A retro-loving gamer's dream come true, Capcom Classic Collection features 22 favorites from the legendary game company, and what a Capcom compilation be without a few Street Fighter games? This collection's biggest flaw is that the SF games here (Street Fighter 2, SF 2: Champion Edition, and SF 2: Hyper Fighting) have suffered the most because of the annoying loading times between fights. Not to mention that the Playstation's controler never really suited the SF control scheme, but when you get past all that, you'll find one of the best classic game compilations on the market today. There's some excellent games here, including 1942, Mercs, Forgotten Worlds, Final Fight, the Ghosts 'N Goblins series, Bionic Commando, and more; and for the most part, they all play as great as you'll remember. There's a ton of unlockable content and extras as well to keep you busy, but while as great as this compilation is, there are a few glaring omissions. First of all, where are the Strider games? The Strider series is one of the most renowned Capcom series alongside Street Fighter and Mega Man, and the fact that there are no Strider games here will leave you scratching your head. Also, how about the very first Street Fighter game? Or how about Puzzle Fighter or Darkstalkers? I would have rather seen any of them than the lackluster Pirate Ship Higemaru. Oh well, it says "Vol. 1" on the side of the case, so hopefully Capcom will roll out future volumes with the aforementioned games (and if you know Capcom, you know they have no quams about sequels). In any case, Capcom Classics Collection is still a must own for retro gaming lovers, and at the bargain price this package is all the sweeter....more info
  • ah..... the good old days.....
    I just bought both volumes of capcom classics and one of them has the original street fighter game that I have been searching for and trying to get my hands on for years....alot of these games bring back fight was a game that I used to spend at least 25$ and more to beat at the local arcade and mom and pops stores.....these two volumes are a must have for the most hard of hardcore video game fanatics... and for those who want to experience the classic arcade capcom nostalgia......more info
  • Cant beat it!!!
    Great game. i absolutely love it.. all the games from when i was a kid..and not a bad deal for $20 either... get it.......more info
  • Space Shooters Collection mostly
    First off, I Think this collection should have been named "Capcom's best Shooter" and then drop like 9 games. This collection leans on Space Shooters very heavy. Enjoyable Collection tho. I bought this collection because of the Ghost n Goblins collection on it, but there are other gems on here.

    One Such gem to me was the game "Exed Exes" Which is a Space Shooter based on bees and insects. Wild backgrounds too. If you love odd shooters then this one is for you!

    Another Killer game is "Final Fight". Classic Action Game all the way.

    The only problem which other reviews already talk of is the loading screens on the Street Fighter 2 screens. It would seem they ported these from the Snes/sega systems.

    Other issues I had was the lack of bonus stuff. I exspected more than that from capcom. The lack of Mega Man also very Odd.

    However What you get here is still a very good collection. Shoot Them up!...more info
  • I lose points because of my own stupidity, but...
    ...I'm disappointed in this new "Arcade Collection". Of course, had I read "Arcade", my disappointment would be a bit less, but still present.

    You see, in the late 80's, Capcom released on the NES one of the most fun games I remember playing, "Bionic Commando". And when I read the back of this collection, I thought that I would indeed be (re)playing one of my favorites, However, all of the games present here are the "arcade" classics (hence the name), and "Bionic Commando" in the arcade, well, was a really boring and really hard game. And well, that makes for a svcky experience.

    That being said, this collection has some nice games. I was pleased to see "Legendary Wings", just as hard as ever. "1942" and "1943" were always a couple of my favorites, and seeing "Trojan" again made me giddy with delight. Of course, there are disappointments as well. "Street Fighter II", which should be the cornerstone of the game, is horribly done. (Load times?!?! The PS2 can't handle "SF2"?!?!), and some of the games were pretty crappy even in their day ("Exed Exes" has to be one of the worst games ever - and that grating music only serves to make it worse!!).

    Another disappointment is the horrible layout of the game. The menu is basically written on a piece of notebook paper, and the bonuses for each game left me cold.

    Still, with the "Ghosts and Goblins" collection, and a pure port of "Final Fight" (it's the first time I remember seeing it), there is much to like here. You'll see some old favorites, and hopefully, they won't be butchered. Play on!...more info
  • Capcom Classics Collection
    Capcom Classics Collection is Capcom's first collection of games from its history for the Playstation 2. This collection includes the following games: 1942, 1943, 1943 Kai, Bionic Commando, Commando, Exed Exes, Final Fight, Forgotten Worlds, Ghosts N' Goblins, Ghouls N' Ghosts, Gun.Smoke, Legendary Wings, Mercs, Pirate Ship Higemaru, Section Z, Son Son, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting, Super Ghouls N' Ghosts, Trojan, and Vulgus. The games all seem to be ported very nicely from the originals to the Playstation 2 and many of them sound and play exactly as I remember them. While there are some fillers on this collection, they are mostly outnumbered by actual classics. I do have mixed feelings about the number of Street Fighter games included and I feel that Hyper Fighting or Champion Edition would have been fine by themselves and this would have also opened up a few spaces for some more classics. Despite the small flaws with this collection, it is one of the better classic video game collections that I've come across and worth picking up. ...more info
  • A true Capcom time capsule!!! Roll on the memories!!! Oodles of classic arcade fun!!!
    What a great game for the Sony Playstaion 2!!! 22 absolute classic Capcom arcade hits from yesteryear!!! Includes such time tested classics as 1942/3,Ghosts and Goblins series,Son Son,Trojan,Exed Exes,Gun.Smoke,and many more!!! A great deal for the $$$!!! Oodles of fun,there's something for everyone in this great compilation of classic Capcom arcade titles!!! Roll on the memories!!! No quarters reqired!!! Two thumbs up!!! Way up!!! Five stars!!! A+...more info
  • A Treat From The Past
    First off the main reason I was excited about this release is for $20 you get three of the greatest games from the past ever well ok one game 2 upgrades of course I am talking about Street Fighter 2, Champion and Hyper edditions I spent so many quarters and money on these games growing up at the local 7-11 or party store. I was going to by the Street Fighter Aniversary but kept putting it off because it mixed all three together here you get all three separate from one another in all their glory. Also Ghosts N Goblins, Ghouls N Ghosts great Final Fight and many more well worth the money I must also thank Capcom for this disc I love it....more info
  • Nostalgic gaming at its Best..
    I was extremely excited to hear that this compilation was coming out for the PS2, as I remember when most of these games were new and was financially unable to purchase their home versions at the time. The two standout games for me on this disc are Forgotten Worlds and 1943, the latter of which remains one of the greatest top-down shooters of all time. Final Fight, while good, wears thin after a while, but the two-player option is great and the only way it should be played, in my opinion. Games like the Ghosts 'n Goblins series are just as curse-inducing and challenging as ever, and the Street Fighter games hold up well also, if you don't mind a bit of load time and controls that are slightly inferior to their incarnations on the SNES.
    This disc is great fun and well-worth the twenty dollars you will spend. I'm hoping that Capcom will release the second volume soon, and that classics such as Strider, UN Squadron, (crossed fingers) Aliens vs. Predator, and the D&D games will be included. The disc takes me back to the simpler days of my youth, and for that, I am grateful to Capcom for this compilation. Please make more like this soon!...more info
  • Worth every penny!
    Ever since I sold my Super Nintendo I have been looking for a re-release of the Street Fighter games I used to own. This collection has them all plus Final Fight and 19 other arcade games. HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT FOR ONLY $20!...more info
  • crapcom classics
    $20 for a collection of CRAP!!! This is the worst compilation I ever seen. All three Street Fighter games (main reason why I wasted my money) were badly imported!!! Not responsive to controllers and EXTREMLY CHEESY!!! I've been playing Street Fighter II since it first came out in the arcades and the other game systems and this is by far the worst version of these game!!! Please save your money!!!...more info
  • Average port, at best
    First a disclaimer - my review is not with the quality of games in this collection, but the quality of the ports. My reason for getting this collection is the fact that it includes the early SF2 versions (and to a lesser extent, Final Fight). The rest of the games (with a handful of exceptions) are probably too old to be included on the same disc (they date from early 1980's), but having them here probably doesn't matter much, one way or another.
    First, the good: the graphics for most of the games (read on for the exceptions) are intact, and look as good as they did on the arcade. Unlike their early console predecessors (Genesis, SNES), images have not been scaled, and the games themselves play as they did on the original cabinets. If you have a wide-aspect ratio TV, you'll be playing the exact arcade versions of the games - if not, you can modify the aspect ratio so that it looks correct on a regular TV. The music is also completely intact and sounds great - while the remixed soundtrack is a poor attempt at best, it's off by default, so it's not a big deal.
    The bad: the vertically-oriented games, which, on an arcade cabinet would be played on a 90-degree rotated screen, compensate for the lost girth by having some of the vertical space removed. This results in unfortunate placements of some of the HUD elements - for example, when playing 194x games, you'll find that the gauge partially obscures your plane.
    The biggest gripe I have with this game, however, is the imbecilic way in which the controls are handled - in SF2 games, specifically. This takes away 35% of the enjoyment of the game, since it makes some characters almost unplayable. Not only are fireballs and dragon punches excruciatingly difficult to pull off, but even diagonal jumps are often impossible. Obviously, the analog sticks aren't the ideal input device for SF2-style games, but if Hyper SF2 can do it, why can't this game? Unless you move the stick at a perfect 45 degree angle, the game completely ignores the diagonal movement, or chooses one of the two adjacent sides to move to. Mind you, I don't consider myself a beginner - I play both the Alpha Anthology and SF Anniversary edition well enough.
    If this is not bad enough, the folks porting the game also chose to use the Start button to bring up the master menu, which allows you to modify controller options, exit to main screen, etc... This would usually be OK, except the combination works _all_ the time - whether you're in the middle of the game, waiting to continue the game, etc... If you're used to mashing the start button in anticipation of the Continue? screen, curb your enthusiasm - or be subjected to the idiotic menu, every time you press Start - EXCEPT! when your bleeding face is on the screen and the counter is counting down. Perhaps to discourage hitting the Start button, you can also continue the game by hitting JAB. The idiocy behind such a decision is mind-boggling, especially when you consider that the Select button brings up the same menu, and Start could've just as easily been left alone to function as intended....more info
  • this game is just as good as volume 2
    In the second volume there are a lot of games that are alike but in this one there are all different sorts and variety. My favorites in this game are Mercs, Street Fighter 2 Hyper Fighting, 1942, all of the ghosts n ghouls, and there is a couple others but I can't think of them off the back of my head. But some cheap games on here like, Pirate ship Higemaru, Commando, Bionic Commando and 1943 kai I have never even heard about in the arcades. this does have o.k. graphics, but they aren't as good as the second one. I would pay $15 for this game. If you are looking for other games like this look for my reviews on, Taito Legends 1, Capcom vol. 2, Midway arcade treasures 1-3, Intellivision Lives, and Atari Anthology. Coming soon to my review list, Taito Legends 2, Namco museum, and sega genesis and/or sega classics collection....more info
  • Street fighter 2 hyper fighting!!!
    One Word CLASSIC!!! This definitely took me on a trip down Memory Lane. I enjoyed most of these games as a kid, and I must say, most of them are still enjoyable just as I remember. Street fighter 2 hyper fighting and Final Fight were 2 of my favorite games growing up. I highly recommend this, especially for the street fighter fans. This is definitely a treat you dont want to miss....more info
  • Now this is a classics collection!
    Many collections of "classic" games seem to include only a couple of genuine classics and a whole load of "filler" (the first Midway Arcade Treasures collection being a notable exception). But this is a genuine classics collection, with many great games, quite a few of which still hold up today, and at a bargain price. As far as i can tell, all are exact recreations of the arcade originals. The early Street Fighter games which touched off the fighting game craze (and one of the ones that still holds up well today) are here, along with the influential Final Fight brawler (which was cloned by Sega as Streets of Rage, albeit without the signature giant character sprites). The arcade Ghosts and Goblins is here, along with its sequel and the excellent SNES blend of the two. I was particularly happy to see Forgotten Worlds. This 2-player shooter was stunning in its time, and the original version featured a joystick to move and a knob to aim, allowing independent control of movement and targeting. While various home versions have appeared over the years, the dual joystick control of this version comes the closest to capturing the feel of the arcade controls.

    What I'd forgotten was how insanely difficult some of these games were. I can't believe that I was once good enough that I felt like a quarter a play was a good deal. Modern games are designed to pamper the gamer; these monsters were designed to separate him from his money as rapidly as he would tolerate. If you never could afford to see the last levels of some of your favorite games, this is your chance.

    I suspect that the low-resolution graphics and stilted animation will look hopelessly dated to younger gamers. Still, the imagination and creativity of the artists shines through, and many of them remain hard to put down.

    There are still some notable omissions, making me hope that Capcom has a sequel or two in mind, perhaps including such games as SideArms, Black Tiger, Strider and its sequels, Final Fight Revenge, GigaWing, Magic Sword, Saturday Night Slam Masters, and Street Fighter 1....more info
  • Capcom Classics Collection
    Very fun very addictive. Old skool gaming at its finest. I expecially love all the "1942" games and all the "ghouls n ghosts" games - Not to mention the 3 "street fighter" games. Many many more great games in this package. I highly recommend this product!...more info
  • This is a great collection.
    Arcade perfect ports of Mercs, Final Fight, Forgotten World, Ghouls & Ghosts, Bionic Commando, Street fighter 2 & many more. I would've paid over $20 just for an arcade perfect port of Final Fight or Mercs. We finally have it & it will cost us less then $1.

    Many great games on this collection. 22 games from Capcom, just wow!

    This is the second best collection in the market today, only bested by Taito Legends. Don't waste your money on the Midway or Namco collections. If you want to get a real great collection, then get this Capcom Classics collection or my favorite the Taito Legends collection. You will get over 50 games between these 2 collection & most of these games are great, not like some of the other collections I can name. ...more info
  • Capcom finally comes out with some retro games for PS2
    When I first saw this copilation of these games was at this arcade near my house, and I was there almost everyday playin games such as Street Fighter II and 1942. When this game came out on PS2, I bought it right then and there. I remember playing some of these games as a kid, and one thing I've noticed is that they didn't change anything (thats a good thing). They have all 3 released arcade versions of Street Fighter II, which took me a while to get the hang of, but I still know all the combos. Ghouls & Ghosts, Ghosts & Ghoblins and Super Ghouls and Ghosts are others that I play also (will take some time though). Son Son is a game that you have to get the hang of if it's your first time playing. I'd say the only game I didn't like Bionic Commando, probably because it was my first time seeing that game like many others on this. Recommended for those who used to be in the arcades playing games that fun and exciting back in the late 80's early 90's.

    Stand out games: Street Fighter Series, Ghouls and Ghosts Series, Final Fight, 1943, Pirate Ship Higemaru, Section Z...more info
  • Some great titles here!
    These are the games you probably remember playing either in the arcades or at home, especially 1942-43, SFII, and the G&G series...each title is very well done, and more-or-less true to the arcade originals. Being a sucker for these compilations, I couldn't resist anyway, but you get a LOT of playability for the surprisingly low price you could keep you busy for weeks on end! :-)...more info
  • This is the way life should be...
    I will put this as basic and to the point as possible...if you are looking for fun in the simplest way, this is the game to go for!!! It has all the fun arcade games that we in our 30's grew up on, and...wasted our entire allowance for the week by pumping quarter after quarter into these machines. don't have to do that anymore!!!
    I wish they would add "Kicker" or, "Shaolin Road" to one of the compilation disks. The game is great, but...there tends to be some load time, is worth it. Highly recommend it for any die hard gamer that remembers the glory days!!! I also purchased the Midway Treasures series...look those up as well. ...more info
  • Best new classic arcade game collection ever made.
    The one thing I like about this game is that it has 2 versions of Street Fighter II on this game. I mean I played the original version of Street Fighter II on the Super Nintendo but the list of fighters where short. Here is what I'm saying about the Characters. It only has,
    Ryu, Honda, Blanka, Guile, Ken, Zangief, Chun Li, and Dhalsim.
    But the main problem is that you cannot control Balrog, Vega, Sagat, and Capcoms #1 Bad guy M.Bison. So if you want to play another version of Street Fighter 2 play this game or Capcom Fighting Evolution....more info
  • Old School Classics
    If you played a lot of Ghosts & Goblins in the mid to late '80s, this is the game for you. Also has Street Fighter and lots of others. Very fun, exactly like the originals, just no more quarters to pump into the slots.

    Brings me back......more info
  • Truly classical
    This game is truly a very good and classical games. It's all about remembering the past. Like Final Fight, Street Fighter II series and Ghost'n Goblins series. I like Street Fighter II series. This is of course, billiant game in the past. For the Ghost'n Goblins series, I only like the Super Ghouls'n Ghosts, because this game remembers the most. However, other games are good and it is still a good recommendation....more info


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