Tanita BF680W Duo Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor with Athletic Mode and Body Water
Tanita BF680W Duo Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor with Athletic Mode and Body Water

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Two Person Memory for Fast, Simple Operation!300 pound capacity, .2 lb. increments, .1% body fat resolution ?Adult, child, athlete and weight-only modes of measurement ?Recall compares current and?previous weight?and body fat % ?Healthy range indicator bar shows where you score ?Guest mode allows measurement without storing data in memory ?Extra large 2 line display ?Uses 4 AA batteries (included)

Tanita BF680W Duo Scale Plus Body Fat Monitor with Athletic Mode can monitor both body fat and body water percentages. This scale also features a daily calorie intake function that estimates how many calories should be consumed in a 24-hour period for a user to maintain current weight level, and a dual recall feature that compares both

The Tanita BF680W scale and body fat monitor delivers advanced body monitoring technology with a sleek, stylish design. View larger.
Comprehensive body fat monitors for total health and fitness.
current weight and body fat readings to the previous readings.

Why You Should Monitor Body Water and Fat Percentage
If you're like most people, you're not drinking enough water. If you wait until you feel thirsty, your body is already suffering from the effects of mild dehydration. You continually lose water during the day through sweat, urine and breathing. The amount varies due to several reasons, including your physical activity level, illness, medications, poor nutrition, or even climatic conditions. Monitoring your body water percentage allows you to quickly compensate if your levels are low, allowing your body to function more efficiently. Having the right amount of water in your body will not only make you feel healthier, but you'll also reduce your risk of developing serious health problems in the longer term.

High body fat levels can reduce your endurance and have been linked to heart disease cancer and diabetes. Tanita's body composition analyzers monitor your body fat and body water levels with Bioelectric Impedance Analysis, or BIA, the same advanced technology used by doctors. Foot pads send a low-level electrical signal. Then BIA measures the resistance to this signal as it travels through the body.

The Tanita BF680W is calibrated for standard adults, children and athletes and stores data for 2 people, measuring body fat in increments of 0.1 percentage points. The scale's large, easy-to-read 2.25-inch, 2-line LCD shows weight and body fat simultaneously, and instantly compares these readings to healthy ranges based on the user's age and gender. Simply supply your gender, age, height and weight into the memory, step on the scale, and the monitor does the rest. The results are analyzed according to each user's information, and the result is the one of the most comprehensive at-home readings you can get at home.

Operating on four AA batteries (included), the Tanita BF680W is intended for use by persons up to 300 pounds and is backed by Tanita's three-year warranty.

Body fat percentages are important indicators of good health. View larger.
Note: Pregnant women should not use this monitor, and if you have a pacemaker or other internal electronic medical device, you should not use the body fat reading feature.

  • 2.25-inch, 2-line display shows weight and body fat percentage
  • Determines weight and estimates body fat and body water with safe, low-level electrical pulse
  • Stores data for two different people
  • 0.1% body fat graduations
  • 0.2-pound graduations

Customer Reviews:

  • Scale accurate, body fat, NOT
    I was very excited about this scale, all the reviews seemed so good. Well, I found the scale part to be 'right on' accurate. I was disappointed with the body fat though. My body fat came up about 7% higher on the Tanita than on my Omron hand held body fat monitor. I am very disappointed in the Tanita. Next time, I will buy a scale that only measures weight....more info

    The graphic is very clear:
    Please, may you visit (English version.)

    (Body fat measurements error (inaccurate))...more info
  • Seems to work well
    Has worked out fine for me, no problems. Not sure I know enough about other scales to rank it....more info
  • Works great
    Works great. The readings are very consistent. Also measures bmi etc.

    However, needs to be setup for full functionality. If you just want to measure weight, hit the middle button and it will tell your weight.

    ...more info
  • A Weighty Issue
    I found this scale to be accurate and well used by family and friends. I like that it can be programmed to measure weight , body fat and water , has an athletic mode and keeps records....more info
  • Nice scale
    Gives consistent results. I'm not sure how accurate the body fat measurement is but it doesn't fluctuate much from day to day. Easy to set up. No problems so far....more info
  • Weight not correct
    Scale records my weight two pounds less than my correct weight. I only discovered this from weighing on a professional scale at the gym. I called the company and they said it's a defective scale and I should exchange it through Amazon. In process of doing this. Hope it won't be a headache....more info
    I bought this product because of it's good rating. I was very afraid to buy it thinking it was going to be as bad as the other ones I've bought, but this one is very accurate and it's awesome! I'm very happy with my purchase. Even my husband (who didn't want to buy one) loves it. He uses it more than I do, lol....more info
  • Tanita BF 680W
    Overall this is a great scale. The weight is right on the money and stays consistent. If you weigh yourself 5 times in a row it stays the same. The Body % of water is a nice tracking feature.
    The body fat % I think is off but does stay consistant so if you use it as a base line and then keep tracking for any period of time I think it will be of use. I would recommend this product....more info
  • Save your money if buying this scale for body fat percent.
    I bought this scale because I was looking for a digital scale and also wanted to see if my body fat measurements that I have been taking with the Accu-Measure Body Fat Caliper was accurate. As a weight scale, the Tanita is excellent (and the reason I gave it as many as 3 stars) and I decided to keep it despite the body fat being off. I exercise regularly and I never get a reading below 18% bodyfat and varies between 18% and 20% - even in athletic mode. With my $7 calipers it tells me I am about 14.8% body fat. I was recently tested in a gym and I was at around 13-14% so the cheap plastic gadget did much better. So save your money - buy a plain old digital scale and the Accu-Measure Body Fat Caliper here at Amazon and with the savings go have a nice healthy dinner!

    ...more info
  • Accurate, a must-own if you're trying to lose fat
    I use the caliper method along with this, and the results are always approximately equal. This scale won't give you your exact bodyfat, but the number it gives you is pretty accurate, which you can tell just based on looking in the mirror and going on the net and looking at what different bodyfat percentages look like, and more importantly it will tell you if your bodyfat percentage is going up or down. When I'm dieting and exercising properly, the number goes down by small increments each time. When I'm stuffing myself and not going to the gym enough, the number goes up. The negative reviews are from people who probably didn't follow the procedure correctly.

    The weighing scale is extremely accurate, and you should take that measurement in the morning after you've used the bathroom and before you have eaten. The body fat measurement should be taken later in the day, and you shouldn't be full or food or water.

    One tip: don't use the athlete setting unless you are an actual athlete, because it'll give you far too flattering a reading. If you are an active person who goes to the gym three times a week and does weight training and cardio, that does not make you an athlete. If you play sports for a few hours five times a week, then you can probably use the athlete setting....more info
  • Good digital scale
    Has all of the features that I wanted; digital readout, body fat monitor. Relatively easy to set up....more info
  • not sure of bodyfat accuracy
    scale is the easiest to use, and probably the best setting I've seen, but the bodyfat level has got to be much lower than reality. Calipers show 27%, scale shows 20%. Which is right?...more info
  • Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep
    The scale works great, the body fat is as repeatable as can be expected from a scale. But the scale BEEPS and you cant mute it. To take a complete measurement it beeps when you turn it on, beeps when it is ready for you to step on the scale, beeps when it gets weight, beeps twice when it gets bodyfat and twice more when it gets water. SEVEN beeps. Not terribly loud but piercing. I am an early riser and like to weigh first thing in the morning, but the glares I got from my spouse after being awoken by the beeps may require me returning the product. He is a heavy sleeper and often sleeps through his alarm, but this scale in the bathroom with a closed door woke him up. ...more info
  • consistant
    This product weights me approx 4 #s higher than my Dr's scale and the body fat is also higher by 3%. But the numbers are consistant. I just subtract the 4 #s and feel oh so much better....more info
  • For the price a great scale...
    The thing I like about this scale is that it is accurate and give you everything you need to know---everything that is important. You get your weight but also your percentage of body fat (more important than weight). Then so you aren't fooled into loosing water and thinking you have lost fat you get you hydration level to (as a percentage). I got a impendance type body composition done by a medical screening place and this unit was only 0.2% off so I would say "dead on".

    You can make comparisons with your previous readings and know if you are heading in the correct direction... the objective is to loose body fat right?...more info
  • great scale
    I am not an expert at Body Fat or Water percentages, so I won't comment on those since I have no comparison points. However, I do find the weight to be very consistent to a very sophisticated scale at a Health Club I belong to. When I weigh myself at both places I get very consistent results. Also if I re-weigh myself two or three times on my home scale, I get results very close to one another. My old, mechanical scale could vary several pounds if I did the same test. With my old scale, I could keep re-weighning myself until I got a number I liked. With the new scale, I am kept honest.

    I am pleased with my purchase. ...more info
  • A consistent scale
    i'm absolutely obsessed with weighing myself constantly to see how running a mile or drinking a glass of water effects my weight. i was looking for a consistent scale and i finally found one. Although I believe it consistently weighs me 1 lb less than I really am, I am happy to get a consistent weigh within 0.2 lb accuracy. For example, I can stand on the scale 10 times in a row and i'll get the same weight every time within .2 pounds. The body fat and body water I don't trust to be accurage, but they are very consistent (+-.75%) which is most important to me. Overall, this scale has surpassed my expectations with it's consistent results....more info
  • Excellent Scale
    If you want the best scale out there then get this one. I've owned 2 of these and on the one it took well over a year for the battery to run out-you can always replace it.

    The scale measures weight, body fat, your body's water percentage and gives you the daily caloric intake you need to maintain the weight you're at.. Also has a feature that tells you if you're within healthy weight range. O means healthy, + means over-fat and the - is underweight.

    As far as the body fat, the body fat moniter works by sending a low level pulse throught the body and measuring all the content. It's very easy to use and allows multiple people in your family to use and program their own information into the scale specifically for themselves.

    All you do is put your height in and age and then step on the scale. It will remember you. There's about four buttons, you just chose one and that's your number. The middle button on the scale is just for weight only, if you would prefer just that instead.

    I found this scale to be very helpful and much more accurate and reliable than the typical everday scales. The body water and body fat are a good feature to have and i'd rather know that than just the weight. Also the plus indictators and healthy weight range feature is excellent.

    I highly recommend this scale....more info
  • it works, kinda
    It's accurate as far as total weight, body comp is pretty inaccurate(gives drastically different readings frequently). Overall it's not worth the price, and is hard to program....more info
  • Could be worse, maybe
    I purchased this scale based upon the repeated reviews citing consistent accurate scale readings. Although the variation are not huge, I routinely find 3 different weights registered when done one minute apart right in a row. The body fat and water body figures are even more erratic and seem to follow no pattern as my weight has been dropping.

    The scale is easy to read and gives a relatively quick weight reading and (as above noted) this is the only reading really worthwhile to me. If I could buy the same scale cheaper without the body/water info, I would do so.

    I cannot say that this is not the best of many bad choices, only that it does not provide the consistent weight results that seemed to be reported here. Perhaps the others are a lot worse. But I wouldn't know.
    ...more info
    This scale is fantastic, the measurements and accuracy of this scale are top notch. Moreover, having the body water percentage feature allows you to really monitor the amount of body fat on you. For example, to reduce your PERCENT body fat, just drink more water and it will go lower, but if you subtract the water percent from your actual weight and body fat, u can really monitor the number of pounds of fat you have on your body.

    It's very durableand all my friends who workout alot use it and are extremely satisfied. The athletic mode is very useful too because it allows for greater accuracy...more info
  • Tanita Duo Scale
    I haven't used all of the functions but the product seems to work fine. I definitely have to put it in the exact same spot to get the same reading if I want to step off of it and step on it again. But it also might be broken: from day to day, it might read that I'm gaining weight! ...more info
  • Tanita BF680W Duo Scale
    This scale performs great. For two people it will remember your settings and weight. I would recommend this to anyone. It is also very accurate. Great product....more info
  • So far so good, I recommend this scale
    I love the features of this scale. The memory is a real treat, and it is very easy to use. I have found the measurements to be consistent over the past month of regular use. I have tested it a few times by weighing myself over the course of the day and it seems to give good consistent readings. I would have given 5 stars except, I would like to see the scales resilience over the long term....more info
  • Accurate and easy to use
    I bought this product in search of an accurate/reliable yet affordable scale, and it fulfills every requirement--even surpassing my expectations in others. If you follow the simple, clear directions, operating and understanding the results will be a breeze. ...more info
  • Good for weight, okay for body fat.
    Overall, I like the scale and all of its features. You can preset information for two people, plus there's a "guest" mode. The weight measurements seem to be fairly accurate and consistent. But the body fat and water measurements fluctuate as much as 1.5% from one measurement to the next. That's assuming that it is an accurate measurement in the first place, which I can not say for certain. I was hoping for a little more consistency....more info
  • Tested
    I received this product about 2 weeks ago, being my first digi scale purchased I have mixed feelings. First off when i get on the scale it gives me one weight, 30 seconds later a different weight so i'm a little skeptical about its accuracy. The readout is big and clear. I was expecting more reliable information from this product but I guess it's just a good estimate. Back to the good old pen and paper...more info
  • Excellent product for the price
    No wild weight fluctuations from weighing to weighing, no wild body fat fluctuations from day to day (as long as you do every body fat test in the same fashion) and the body water content is very useful. Highly recommended....more info
  • Tanita Scale and Body Fat Monitor
    This is an excellent accurate scale.

    The body fat monitor feature is a best an approximation....more info
  • Fat monitor scale
    I got this as a gift for a freind who is very athletic and she said that this monitor gave her readings the same as her doctor measured for body fat. She was amazed at that and had thought that this might give a close reading but not that close. Her husband feels the same. Both are very happy with this gift....more info
  • so far, so good
    1st scale with body fat monitor I have tried so nothing to compare it to. Seems pretty accurate, or at least consistently inaccurate, which is all that matters to me. I like it....more info
  • The perfect scale
    I love this scale. It's fantastic and I'd recommend it to everyone. Great buy!...more info
  • Neat But Maybe A Bit Off On Body Fat
    I knew when I bought this that the body fat monitor would just be used a rough estimate to what the actual number was, so I wasn't really altogether surprised when I found out that it was about 10% off. But, let's face it, the sensors are in the feet which are a poor tester for body fat percentage. Great scale that will track your weights for two different people based on age and height scale. I was really impressed by that. I do like this scale but it might have more bells and whistles than is necessary and might lead people astray believing that they body fat is higher or lower and base their body fat percentage on this machine alone. If you buy this product, just know that it's a good place to learn approximately where you are but to be sure go to the gym or a doctor to have it done correctly....more info
  • Consistent and Accurate
    From comparisons to other scales (evaluating two users) this scale appears to be very accurate and highly consistent.
    Well authored instructions, relatively intuitive and easy to use.
    We are pleased with it and consider it worth the extra cost compared to some competitors' units. ...more info
  • Neat!
    My wife and I are not over the top weight watchers, but to have a decent scale around keeps you from guessing. Hey,I know I've gained weight but...Have I? This is a clean unit and I am happy with the quality, my wife just gives it nasty glares. It does what they said it would. I would recommend it for general use....more info
  • great scale!
    Great scale! Gives results in seconds! My mom bought a 100 dollar scale from weight watchers, it broke, and it does not even come close to this one which is so much better. Its worth every penny! ...more info


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