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Genre: Television
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Release Date: 16-AUG-2005
Media Type: DVD

The British sitcom The Office has the most devoted following this side of Monty Python, so an American remake seemed doomed. Amazingly, the remake actually finds its own enjoyable version of the original's uncanny comedy of embarrassment. Office manager Michael Scott (Steve Carell, The Daily Show, The 40 Year-Old Virgin) believes he's the beloved leader of the Scranton, Pennsylvania, branch of a paper products company--but his relentless and painfully forced efforts at comedy creep out everyone around him, including paranoid Dwight (Rainn Wilson, who had a memorable recurring role on Six Feet Under), nervous receptionist Pam (Jenna Fischer, LolliLove), and aimless salesman Jim (John Krasinski, A New Wave), who's smitten with the already engaged Pam. The pilot episode suffers from closely replicating the British pilot, but after that The Office finds its own footing, turning diversity training, an office birthday party, and a basketball game into excruciating yet hypnotically funny rituals of humiliation. Carell, though clearly talented, can't match Ricky Gervais' unique performance as the aggressively needy British manager (it's hard to imagine that anyone could); as a result, the supporting roles become more prominent, and Wilson, Fischer, and Krasinski quickly create a rapport that matches and may even exceed that of their British counterparts. Be sure to watch the deleted scenes; remarkably, they're as good as the material that made it on the air in this six-episode season. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • Sometimes Deadpan, Often Scathingly Funny
    I should say that I have not yet seen the British version on which this was based. I'd heard good things about this series with Steve Carell, so I rented it recently and enjoyed it. It's funny that there have probably been a bunch of sitcoms in the past with an office setting, but few really take off and succeed like this.

    I love the documentary aspect of the show, making the viewer feel like a fly on the wall from time to time. The characters are amusing if slightly cliche. The boss Michael is basically every obnoxious idiot you've met who is a complete social cripple and a dunderhead who keeps digging his own grave whenever he opens his mouth to speak before thinking. He is rude, stupid, and offensive, but he thinks he is witty, funny, and cool... and that people like him. Totally deluded. Carell is terrific in this role. Half the time he seems to be improvising. He makes you loathe Michael and yet almost feel pity for him. It must be a fun part to play, like a pompous villain who constantly blunders.

    My other favorite character, Dwight Shrute, reminds me of a mix between Daffy Duck and a school safety monitor... and a Trekkie. Dwight skulks, sneaks, and schemes. He is another clueless character. He thrives on any shred of power he can get, and does the most absurd things (even attempting to forbid the women from using their bathroom when it's discovered that someone wrote an insult about the boss on the wall).

    The series succeeds in several aspects (writing, acting, direction) even though the setting is claustrophobic and bleak... like many people's workplaces.
    I like sitcoms like this, without the studio laughter thundering behind it (that's part of the appeal of Arrested Development, Malcolm in the Middle, and The Simpsons).

    If I found one major flaw in "The Office", it was instantly recognizing the "Will they or won't they" potential romance between Pam and Jim. Hasn't that been done about two hundred times on a sitcom before? Yes, I guess I'm being picky. But a little of that goes a very long way: 'Poor Jim... he's so in love.' Hopefully they will get those two together rapidly or dissolve the attraction somehow. I prefer the dynamic between the boss and the staff.

    So, if you're undecided about this series, give it a try. It's fun. Every office should be this hilarious....more info
  • Office season 1
    disappointed that it was dvd only, no program insert or episode listing...just a dvd in original case. But I did order a used one...buyer beware....more info
  • A wonderful introduction to one of the best sitcoms currently available
    As this is the first season - when the American version of the BBC sitcom was still using most of its material directly from their episodes - the show stumbles in trying to find its own voice and way. However, as the show progresses, you already begin to see deeper characterization of everyone - from the arrogant (but vulnerable) Micheal Scott to the everyman Jim Halpert.

    The humor is a little drier than in sequential seasons, but this is still a great way to begin the series. Highly recommended for any fan, as well as pretty much anyone else who likes to laugh....more info
  • The Office, Season One
    Hot. It's the original American season and it's awesome. They get better as the seasons go on, but you gotta start somewhere!...more info
  • A MUST have DVD that will keep you laughing
    In its fourth season (well, barely the fourth due to the writers strike) this has to be considered one of the best TV shows of the decade. Now, in the Season One DVD there are only six episodes, but all of the episodes are classics as Michael Scott (Steve Carell) plays a insensitive yet caring yet politically incorrect yet goofy yet honest yet clueless boss in a mid level paper company. The employees have quirks and the humor (and the honest ways that the employees behave) are true genius. I have all three seasons on DVD and I can watch any episode and laugh out loud even though I know what is about to be said or done on the screen. My favorite of Season One has to be the basketball game between management and the warehouse staff, but all the episodes are terrific. Get Season One and you'll go out and get Seasons 2 and 3. ...more info
  • over the top
    I started watching The Office during the 3rd season on TV and love it. The first season however, is WAY over the top. Michael (Steve Carell) is beyond stupid in season 1. I am happy to say I get the impression that he starts to tone it down a bit by the 3rd season....more info
  • wonderful!
    I had seen a couple of the episodes before, but they didn't even come close to the pee my pants funnyness of this!!! ...more info
  • My kind of humor
    I never saw the 1st season so bought it and it is just hilarious, I laughed till I cried, now my hubby just smiled so its got to be your kind of humor, just silly stuff. But I think its best when they look at the camera and make faces..its the best. Jim and Michael are the best at that.Ive ordered season 2 and 3, just gotta watch them....more info
  • Funniest comedy on TV
    Unlike some, I prefer the American version of the office. Steve Carrel makes Michael Scott a crazy, flawed, obnoxious character, yet one that you can completely relate to. The rest of the cast create quality comedy that is unlike anything else on TV. If you haven't seen it yet, then go watch it right now....more info
  • Painfully Funny (4.5 Stars)
    If you enjoy watching awkward situations play out in an office environment, this series is for you. Steve Carell's performance as the oblivious boss, Michael Scott, is extremely funny to watch. His total unawareness of how crude and inappropriate he is provides a comedic anchor for the rest of the cast to revolve around. This is especially true in the episode where Michael gets a basketball team together to play against a team from the warehouse, and Michael channels Archie Bunker's racial and sexual prejudices.

    Season 2 is slightly better than this brief season, and has many more episodes to watch. That's why this can't get 5 stars, even though it might deserve it....more info
  • Great series
    One of the funniest tv series in a long time. This is a must watch!...more info
  • New "The Office" Fan Season 1
    Recently I started watching the office on T.V. At first it is hard to swallow, but a couple of espisodes in and your hooked! So I bought season 1 and thought it was pretty good. I will probably buy season 2 to continue. I travel a lot and it provides laugh out loud comedy on a repeatable basis. ...more info
  • The Office DVD
    Great price,fast Shipment, good communucation and the product arrived in good condition! What more could you want? Recommend this seller! Thanks!
    Kevin...more info
  • fast shipping
    i had a hard time to find session in store but this seller got it ...more info
  • Light-hearted, refreshingly funny, good clean fun
    Season 1 is the only one I've seen so far; I don't have much spare time to watch tv. After viewing all of the first season's episodes, though, it was enough to make me go out and buy the second and third seasons. The cast is great on this show. This is refreshing, light-hearted humor. ...more info
  • The Office - Season 1
    I love the entire series of The Office from season 1 through season 5 (and counting). But season 1, although short, has some of the funniest episodes of the entire series. "Sexual Harassment" and "Diversity Day" are classic episodes that every fan of the show should own....more info
  • Out of 5 stars I rate it a 10
    The original season is great. Awesome show!! Actors, wirters, procuders, directors, etc. (which sometimes happen to be one in the same) are currently the most creative minds on television. How do they do it? ...more info
  • Great Humor
    My husband and I love watching The Office. The humor is amazing and it gets more funny the more we've watched it. In particular, I think season one is my favorite because of all the character development and fresh ideas. All I can say is that I'm sooooo glad that Michael Scott is not my boss!...more info
  • wonderful!
    I loved the first season of the office, although short, the 6 episodes are wonderful. The whole cast is incredibly talented....more info
  • It was nice to meet some of you
    Remaking movies is bad enough, but remaking TV shows is even worse -- when that happens, there's ninety-nine atrocious shows for one good one.

    But "The Office" is that one in a hundred that's good. Scratch that -- it's that one in a million that is AS GOOD as the Ricky Gervais series it sprang from, while still having its own unique flavour. "The Office - Season One" brings us the too-short-yet sweet first season of this show, full of outrageous corporate disasters filmed in a mockumentary style. It's absolutely sidesplitting.

    The action takes place at the Scranton branch of Dunder Mifflin (a paper corporation), presided over by Michael Scott (Steve Carell), a wannabe comic who claims to be a pal to all the people under him, despite driving them all up the wall. There's also the "fascist nerd" Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson), bored everyman Jim Halpert (John Krasinski), and the beautiful secretary Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer), whom Jim hopelessly longs for.

    Michael is ordered to do some downsizing, which he spends the whole season trying to avoid. In the meantime, Jim and Pam spend a great deal of time mocking the rigid Dwight, even starting an "alliance" with him, Survivor-style. And the Scranton employees are faced with a disastrous basketball game, Michael's version of a diversity seminar, a sexy purse salesgirl, and (most horribly) a Dwight-planned health care package. He is the lion. Run!

    Don't expect a typical sitcom in "The Office." No laughtracks. No punch lines. No gag humor... well, okay there's some. And few episodes have a clear-cut ending. Instead, we have the format seen in "This is Spinal Tap" and the Christopher Guest mockumentaries -- hidden cameras watching the madness. And what those cameras see is enough to make the world's cubicle-dwellers cry, because it's all so familiar... yet so twisted.

    The first season (which is rather short at only six episodes) is also heavily flavoured with the British series' humour, right down to the stapler-in-Jell-O joke. But most of the humor belongs to this show alone -- loads of pranks from Jim and Pam ("That's spontaneous dental hydroplosion"), horrendously awkward problems (Michael tries to be "funny" at an aging employee's birthday party) and intertwined storylines about office romance and conflict.

    But the best part is the dialogue -- deadpan, unspeakably funny dialogue, on any topic ("How do you know that they're fake?" "Leprosy? Flesh-eating bacteria? Hot dog fingers? Government created killer nano robot infection?").

    Steve Carell has some big shoes to fill, but his earnestly manic, unconsciously offensive Michael Scott makes a brilliant boss that you would sell a kidney to avoid working under. Wilson is equally brilliant as the totally bizarre dork Dwight ("Through concentration, I can raise and lower my cholesterol at will"), while Krasinski and Fischer are quite likable as the mischievous everyman and his soul-mate (who is unhappily engaged to another man).

    More subtle and yet goofier than just about any other American sitcom, "The Office" translates British humour into a great post-mockumentary comedy. Funny, witty, and horrifyingly true to life, the first season is a short, sweet experience....more info
  • Hilarious
    Once you get to know the characters of The Office, you will be unable to keep your eyes from being glued to the television. The entire season is hilarious and awkward...totally worth it!...more info
  • Best... comedy...ever!
    You have to do yourself the favor of watching this. It's too bad the first season was so short. I watched it in one sitting, and immediately bought the 2nd and 3rd seasons. The actors were perfectly chosen, Steve Carrell is amazing, and the whole cast is flawless. Battlestar Galactica....more info
  • Mostly For Carell-Wilson Fans or Shippers

    They've taken the premise but haven't taken it seriously.

    For example, the American David and Gareth facsimiles are about a subtle as 'a bag of hammers.' I realize both actors have their respective followings (which as far as I can tell, is the ONLY reason they're there), and I won't deny they have some good moments... but they're as wrong as you can get for this material. Not only do you still feel like they're "acting," but they both tend to over-punctuate lines, reinforcing the fact that your watching a scripted show.

    Which is nothing like the BBC version AT ALL. It felt so much like a documentary that it was hard to believe it was scripted. That was a large part of our involvement. *I wonder if one of the reasons the US version hasn't taken off, is because people who haven't seen the original, think the documentary part is just a gimmick they tacked on. They'd never guess how integral or insanely well played it was.

    Oddly the further out to the periphery you go, the closer the actors come to nailing the natural feel of the original. In other words some of the actors who are NOT playing leads seemed to have gotten it right.

    Only in America.

    [*Don't believe the hype. Even with dvr numbers, it never even reaches 8M viewers. Four years ago that would have been enough to cancel, no questions asked. Networks are so desperate now (because of cable) they'll call ANYTHING a hit. And they f*ck with numbers all the time.]

    The Dawn/Tim facsimiles also suffer in comparison. For example, we have no idea why NewDawn (Pam) had such an assy boyfriend to begin with. She seems well adjusted and way too thoughtful. They took out the complexity and texture from the character and basically missed the point.

    In the original, Dawn's obvious insecurities, actually fueled the thread and resulted in some very ugly games. V2's Pam is predictably drawn -- pleasant, politically correct and nowhere near as interesting a mix of conflicts and conflicting qualities (though of all the leads, I think Fischer's acting style is the least self-conscious).

    Tim was also a lot less by-rote than his alter Jim. Tim was a sweet, bright, witty guy, with a healthy dose of mischief. A self professed underachiever, but admirable in his honesty about his own short comings, which included looking like the Fisher Price boy. In v2, he's basically just 1st cousin to a traditional leading man. In both his appearance and the resonance of his performance.

    Thus these two characters become more about a will-they-or-won't-they plot line, than about the inner demons that create their struggle and the unique particulars that define them. The part that makes us care begin with. In the BBC original will-they-or-won't-they was almost secondary.

    I'm glad Gervais is earning off of this, but still... it doesn't seem right. They certainly could have hit closer to the mark if they felt compelled to do it. As it stands they removed much of what made it special. And possibly shot themselves in the ass in the process.

    I'm not saying it's a bad show, but I suspect it's confusing for people who haven't seen the original. And bland for many who have....more info
  • Terrific show
    This is such a funny show. The humor makes you cringe but laugh out loud at the same time. A thoughtful interpretation of modern office life with unforgettable characters....more info
  • Hillarious
    Awesome show. Love the product. Six episodes should NOT cost this much. But it's good to have it....more info
  • Hilarious
    There's something in watching Steve Carell act when you suddenly come to the conclusion that the man is not acting at all. He's that good. Michael, the character he plays is the boss of a paper supply company where a tv crew has been taping. You can tell immediately his employees pretty much can't stand him. He is an arrogant, sexist, awful excuse for a boss- but he think's the complete opposite. He tells the cameras that he thinks everyone there loves and admires and respects him. It's too damn funny cause you really believe he believes it.

    Again, it all comes down to the flawless acting. And not just him, but everyone in the office is very natural at what they do-if they didn't it wouldn't be believable. It's very seamless and a joy to watch everything go down. You almost DON'T want to keep watching because it seems to pathetic and sad to watch a character like Michael do the things he does. But it is very addictive.

    It's a comedy unlike any other. Those other shows rely on stupid gags and dumb jokes that are not even remotely funny. The Office relies purely on acting ability and flawless execution. And the ability to make it look as if it is not a show at all, but an everyday office environment. And in that, it succeeds brilliantly. ...more info
  • Awesome
    got to love the price for a great show i can watch over and over again...more info
  • this would be funny if I wasn't living it!!
    Ok, just kidding on that subject! This series is hilarious and one of the things that makes it so is that it's so true to real life, at least for me. If you've ever spent time in the "Dilbert Cube" or a dead-end job, you should get a kick out of this. The writing is excellent as is the mostly unknown cast.

    I also recommend the UK version of this series....more info
  • If only it was longer!
    The first season of The Office does not disappoint, except in its length. Not having paid attention closely, I was surprised to find that it was only six episodes. That aside, the six episodes were all extremely entertaining. Steve Carrell is ingenious as Michael Scott, the regional manager with absolutely no class. He really shines in "Diversity Day." Also, as someone who started watching The Office during the second season, it was nice to be able to come back and see how everything began. This was definitely a worthwhile purchase!...more info
  • Amazing season
    I started watching the Office halfway through the first season, and it is one of the best (if not the best) tv seasons ever. Well worth the money and time. The deleted scenes and extras are great....more info
  • I'm very satisfied
    I'm very happy and satisfied with the dvd I purchased on Amazon. It was in great condition and it arrived within the time alotted. ...more info
  • Must Watch Television
    For any one who enjoys real, biting, and intelligent humor, this is a must watch show.

    The first season is only 6 episodes, but once you watch this season, you will be hooked forever.

    Not only does the show present the wittiest humor on television, but there are also significant plot lines to follow as the season develops. My wife, at first, enjoyed the romantic sub-plot between Pam and Jim, and now she is as hooked on the show as I am.

    Whether you enjoy sarcastic, sardonic humor or just great television, this DVD and indeed the entire Office Series is a must buy. ...more info
  • It took me two episodes, but I fell hard for this one!
    My then 17 year old son said I had to watch this, I did. I hated it, found it almost painful to sit through. When he begged to give it one more chance I so wanted to say no, but he is pretty cute. By the end of episode 2 I was hooked and hooked hard. There is something brilliant in each of these mostly unlikable characters. You cringe, you shake your head, but you laugh. There is so much over the top about these people, even the kindness of some of them seem so raw and vulnerable, yet funny. How do they do it? You can't help love them, hate them, root for them and be curious about them all---you just always have to see what's next and it's been a very long time since I felt that way about a TV show. ...more info
  • That's What She Said
    I'm not really a TV show person because I have too many other things to do, and I can never make it to the TV every (day of the week) at (time). However, no TV show I've ever seen has been quite like The Office.

    It's got a great cast. Steve Carell as Michael Scott, manager of the branch, is absolutely hilarious. John Krasinski is also very good, and Jenna Fischer, playing Pam Beesly, is very lovable, despite her character's horrendous last name.

    It also features great writing. I can't really expound much on that, but if you watch the show, you'll know what I'm talking about.

    Put everything together, and it's quite incredible. Sometimes, you may forget that what you are seeing isn't real, partly because of the documentary style and partly because evrything seems so real and genuine.

    If you would like to laugh at the humor, cry at the drama or cringe at a Michael Scott stupid routine (plenty of those) than The Office is for you.
    ...more info
  • Good but a bit misleading.
    I enjoyed the episodes that were on the DVD.... but I thought, with the title THE OFFICE SEASON ONE, it would include all the episodes of Season One and not just 3.

    I was left wanting more....... much more!

    However, the three episode included in this DVD were funny....more info
  • Best Show Ever!!
    This show is the best show ever! It has comedy, drama, romance, everything that you want in a television show. The actors are fabulous, and the writing is superb. I never saw the British version of the show, so I can't compare the two, but I must say I eagerly wait for every Thursday night on NBC to see what will happen next. If you are looking for a great tv show to watch, this is it!!...more info
  • Funny, but too few episodes
    Season One of the office shows the early developments of the popular American sitcom. Like any sitcom, it takes a couple of seasons to find itself and to get its stride, but that does not mean the initial season was not hilarious. The pilot script and some of the plot devices later in the Season are reminiscent, if not completely borrowed from the BBC show of the same name. The delivery, however, is much more slapstick (i.e. American) and earns its laughs on its own bill.

    Sadly, there are only five episodes in the first season, which is a letdown to those of us who did not watch the season while it was on television. It's worth a watch, but maybe only if you can get it at a good price (i.e. used on Amazon)....more info


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