Factory-Reconditioned Dyson DC14 Animal Upright Vacuum

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Product Description

Named for its power and uncompromising approach to pet hair, the Dyson DC14 Animal upright vacuum cleaner is skillfully engineered by James Dyson, inventor of the world's first cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner. Unlike bag or bagless systems that often lose suction power from dust clogging the bag or filter, there is nothing to obstruct the airflow of this unit. Its Root8Cyclone technology features conical chambers that generate 150,000 g's of centrifugal force, pushing dust and dirt out of the airflow into the vacuum's 5/7-gallon collection cup. With no bag to clog, the vacuum's 250 air watts of suction power remain steady.

Its large, transparent collection cup is easy to check and is both hygienic and quick to empty--simply pop it off, hold it over a trash bin, and pull the trigger to release the dust without having to touch it. There are no bags or filters to buy. The vacuum comes with a pre-motor filter that captures particles down to 0.1 micron (e.g., pollen) and is washable. Its post-motor electrostatic filter, which never needs replacing, traps carbon emissions from the motor. Approved for allergy sufferers by the British Allergy Foundation, the vacuum's lifetime HEPA filter doesn't clog and provides cleaner expelled air. With its automatic carpet-height adjustment feature, this upright vacuum maintains constant contact with the floor to maximize dust pickup, and its brush bar turns off at the touch of a button to protect rugs and delicate floors. The Dyson is ideal for bare floors and carpets, with suction channeled right to the edges of the cleaner head.

Specially designed edge-cleaning whiskers, angled to reach down between the baseboard and the floor, flick dust from the edge into the airflow. Its wide channel picks up large pieces, and its mini turbine head removes pet hair from confined spaces such as from upholstery, stairs, and the car. For easier cleaning under low furniture, the low-reach floor tool attaches to the wand to clean hard-to-reach places, such as under beds and sofas. For instant stair and high-reach cleaning, the vacuum comes with a cleverly stowed, 17-foot quick-release hose. Its 35-2/5-foot power cord, along with the hose, provides a maximum reach of 52-2/5 feet. To keep carpets looking new, the included carpet care kit comes with Zorb powder to absorb dirt from carpet, as well as Dyzolv spray to remove spills and marks. The unit weighs 18-3/5 pounds and features a low handle that makes it feel lighter to carry. Designed for heavy-duty household cleaning, the upright vacuum measures 44-7/8 by 14 by 13-3/8 inches.

Editor's note: This is a remanufactured vacuum. Remanufactured generally means that the vacuum has been returned to the manufacturer, who brings the vacuum back to like-new condition. Some appliances may contain cosmetic blemishes. The manufacturer offers a 6-month limited warranty on this remanufactured product.

  • The first vacuum cleaner that doesn't lose suction. Others clog and lose suction- Dyson suction stays constant
  • Instant stair and high reach cleaning. Wand releases and expands 17ft at the touch of a button
  • Wide channel for large pieces. Picks up bigger pieces that others can leave behind
  • Easy to carry ergonomic design: Low handle feels lighter to carry; No extra costs. Lifetime filters that don't clog, no bags to buy
  • Factory-Reconditioned to "like-new" condition; Includes 6 month warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Price comes in with a VERY HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT.
    I bought Dyson DC14 Animal yesterday at Costco. I've been looking around for vacuum for 2 weeks now because our vacuum Hoover died on us so we need replacement. Their regular price is [...] manufacturer's instant rebate so I took it. Costco got it cheaper... even cheaper compare to dyson website. I suggest if you've never tried Dyson before, buy it at Costco since they have a rebate right now (Nov 2008 - I think they have the rebate until Dec 2008) but buy it now before it runs out...

    I asked my friends and search online what I should try next and I came across Dyson! Amazing expensive but the the sucking quality is phenomenon! I thought my hoover was great already. I remember when I first bought Hoover, it sucked a lot of dirt but this DC14 Animal, IT SUCKED THE POWDERY STUFF in my carpet like there is not tomorrow. I didn't even know those powdery stuff are there. I tried the vacuum in my carpet and it got that much stuff... I just wonder what I will find if I vacuum my entire apartment... I'm afraid to find out!

    My say about this vacuum, if you have extra cash, sure buy it or not invest on it. It really does suck that good!

    CONS: The sucking power is soooo strong, it makes this scary sound if your carpet is light. Supposedly a warning mechanism? At least that's what the Dyson Customer Service lady said. Just vacuum at a different direction when this happen...

    All in all, try it! The worst it can do is make that noise and sucks up all the nasty stuff you never thought would be in your carpet!...more info
  • Awesome!
    ok - there are 194 other reviews so mine might not get read, but I am here to tell you that this vacuum cleaner is awesome!!I can hardly believe it. I thought my house was relatively clean but just had to try it out the first day it came! Oh my!!!!!! I can't believe the additional dirt it picked up that my 700 dollar electrolux missed! All my attachments are onboard too so I can clean everything from my blinds, to my cushions, to the vent on my fridge! I'd buy this again in a heartbeat! My refurbished price with all the extra tools and carpet cleaning supplies was only 352.00, free shipping - I see its almost 200 dollars more now! glad i got it when I did....more info
  • Great!
    I bought it refurbished.
    Not only is it a good deal but it is also a great product.
    It is quite big so it is hard to vacuum under furniture. Despite that it is a purchase I recommend....more info
  • Simply the BEST
    This it absolutely the best vacuum I have ever owned!! I have had it for about a month now and can't believe how much hair and fuzz I pick up every time I vacuum. I have a golden retriever, a long-haired mutt and a cat - hair picks up the first time over it on all lengths of carpet in my house. Plus, it is very easy to use and haul around. I don't know if it weighs less than my old Hoover, but it is certainly better designed to lift. I'm only sorry I waited so long to buy this ...more info
  • I LOVE this vacuum
    I have had this Vacuum for a month now and it is wonderful. I use it almost everyday it runs great. I have 3 dogs and we live near the beach so sucking up sand was always a problem. Well not any more. This vacuum picks every thing up. Even the attachments have powerful suction.

    If you have messy dogs like I do this is the best vacuum you could buy. I got mine refurbished and you would never know. It looks new and runs like new. It is also quite and my dogs don't mind it as much as the other one.

    Only bad thing is it is too big to fit under any furniture. But that's what the attachments are for. ...more info
  • Loses suction over time...don't waste your money
    I forked over the money for an overpriced Dyson a couple of years ago. It is currently sitting in the closet and will go out to the curb next week for trash pick up. Initially it worked great. Over time it has lost suction and now barely has the suction to pick up anything. I despise the thing. I have cleaned all the filters, done research and dismantled it and cleaned out the inside and it still doesn't work well. I have read consumer complaints on the web and apparently this is a chronic problem with the Dysons. At first it works amazingly well but it soon loses its suction and becomes a worthless overpriced piece of junk. I just ordered an inexpensive Hoover on this website and will probably enjoy many years of good service from it like I did with the Hoover I had for 20 years before it died and I wasted my money on a Dyson. ...more info
  • Best I have seen for dog hair
    I have a yellow lab and the hair gets everywhere....especially when "shedding her winter coat." I would say the Dyson is the best vacume I have ever seen work. My mother also owns a cleaning company in NH, so, I have seen her go through many vacumes (ones that cost over $1000). I also purchased a refurbished one and even though it had a few scratches and dings on it, it worked perfectly.
    ...more info
  • I"M IN LOVE!
    I know several people who have owned Dysons for a couple of years. I have wanted one for a long time as I've been through so many different vacuum cleaners over the years, and nothing ever really worked as well as I needed it to.

    So I determined I would get a Dyson Animal vac as soon as budget allowed. OMG! I've had this vac for 3 days and I love it! I have 3 big dogs: 2 labs who shed plenty enough, but one shepherd/sheltie/corgi mix that sheds like you wouldn't believe. He doesn't leave hair all over, he leaves globs of fur that look like a litter of pomeranians running around my house! I have had to resort to just the shop vac because the fur balls have clogged up all other vacuums I've bought/borrowed, and even burned the motor out of a Hoover upright bagless I had. In 3 days we've probably cleaned up about 5 lbs of dog hair.

    My grandson is 10 and is having more fun with this than his toys. He turns off the Playstation to find something else to vacuum! This thing is awesome....more info
  • great vacuum
    I was so apprehensive to purchase a reconditioned product. So far the vaccum works great, and it only shows a bit or previous wear. There were tons of attachments, and the electrical cord is longer than other vaccums.

    The hose is a little stiff for vaccuming up the stairs, so I had to pull pretty good to get it to stretch, but the stair attachment works fantastic. No clogging problems, or anything.

    I thought it would pick up more hair the first time I used it, but maybe that means my house was in pretty decent shape in the first place. We have 2 shedding adults, a toddler, and a short hair cat, and works great for us....more info
  • Factory Reconditioned Dyson DC14
    This was suppose to be a reconditioned Dyson DC14 but when it arrived it seemed as though it was brand new. We are entirely pleased with it. It is a great product and Amazon delivered quickly again. Also, at the time of purchase, it was the best price around....more info

    NO COMPLAINTS...more info
  • Great Product at a Good Price
    Received my vacuum as advertised w/all the parts and pieces intact. Vacuum works great, and couldn't be happier. I was a bit leary of ordering reconditioned, but so far so good!...more info
  • Great Price, don't be afraid of a refurb
    Dyson is an excellent vacuum and don't be afraid of a refurb.

    We had a small amount of shipping damage to the vac and dyson promptly arranged to fix it. Other than this, it was just like a brand new dyson, but at a reasonable price.

    The vacuum itself is great. Note it only comes with a 6 month warranty so consider buying an add on warranty just in case...more info
  • A great bargain for a lot of suction
    The first thing that struck me about this vacuum is how easy it is to use. My old Windtunnel was great, but it was very hard to push. This Dyson cleans even better and is easier to use. I think that the attachment thing in the handle is a bit awkward sometimes in that sometimes it is difficult to push the hose back down into the handle. Small issue really. Things are superclean and it is lighweight and easy to use....more info
  • Awesome vacuum.
    We've had our factory-reconditioned Dyson Animal for months now. It's worked perfectly with absolutely no problems, picks up everything, never gets clogged, and no more bags to buy. Don't listen to anyone telling you anything negative about the Dyson. Seems like Dyson does things right. With research & hard work, he (they) make some great products & make them the way all products should be made. Simple to use once you go through the motions of learning the way things work on it. Pay a little extra for this item, it's well worth it. ...more info
  • worth the price
    As a graduate student, I consider every major purchase very carefully before making it. I couldn't rationalize the expense of this for the longest time, but having had it for nine months or so now I am so glad I did.

    If you're on the fence about it, go ahead and get it; it's really worth it.

    ...more info
  • Dyson Animal Upright
    Product great on pet hair....4 dogs and had no problem with the steps. Amazing results. Would have given it a 5 but it took awhile to quite figure it out and the hose does not reach all our steps as was indicated so still have to lift up about two steps to get to the top.

    I bought the reconditioned looked like brand new. Now I am still within my 6 months so if something changes I will be very disappointed....more info
  • Excellent
    So, my friends spent over just over $600 for this vacuum via buying one @ Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They told me I needed to get one since I have a Golden and pet hair is an issue in my house. Did not want to spend that for a darn vacuum, so I got online. This vacuum amazes me every time I use it, and how much it picks up. A little worries about the "reconditioned" tag, but I have had for a month now, and no issues. Give it a try; you will not be sorry!...more info
  • Cheap Power Cord. Switch Problem
    I bought one of these a couple of years ago to handle my pet hair problem. I'm not really much of a vacuuming expert since I usually have someone else do it for me. However, it does seem to work quite well. I have, however, only given it 3 stars because of the following problems:

    1. The cord is relatively stiff and tangles easily. My old $79 Panasonic had a better, more flexible cord. I can't believe that Dyson would put such a cheap cord on such an expensive vacuum. I've been meaning to cut the cord off my old Panasonic and put it on the Dyson, but I haven't got around to it.

    2. It usually takes 4-8 times of turning on the power switch for the Dyson to stay on. I suppose it has an overload switch that is malfunctioning, but I don't know.

    3. This vacuum isn't good for picking up anything that has moisture in it, like dry dog food, for example. The dry dog food turns to sticky glue inside the canister and has to be scrapped off. As a result, I have to sweep the carpet with a broom and dust pan before I vacuum.

    4. I'm disappointed that this vacuum doesn't have a larger brush for dusting. I just noticed today that Dyson sells one separately, though ($29.00). ...more info
  • Great gift!
    I had wanted a quality vacuum for Christmas and found the reconditioned Dyson at a significantly cheaper price than the brand new Dyson. Hearing nothing but good things about this particular vacuum, I quickly ordered it. It was delivered promptly and it works like a dream! The only concern I had was that the box it was delivered in was damp (though it wasn't raining the day it was delivered)and I wasn't sure if it had any affect on the vacuum. Thankfully, it appears to be fine. I would definitely order from Amazon again and also recommend reconditioned items to friends and family. ...more info
  • Dyson vacuum
    Dyson DC14 Upright Vacuum (with Rug-Cleaning Kit)
    Without a doubt the best vacuum I've ever owned. Purchased a refurbished unit but looks and operates like new. If you own a pet, you'll be amazed at how much hair they leave around the house for this vacuum to pick up....more info
  • The Dyson Animal is a BEAST!
    I was VERY hesitant at first to buy a vacuum cleaner at this price, nevermind a reconditioned one... But, let me tell you that I LOOKED and LOOKED and compared and price matched and could NOT find a better deal! The Dyson came and I IMMEDIATELY vacuumed my floors and YUCK! It sucked up so much dog hair and dander that my other vacuum could not come close to touching. I am SO Glad I bought this. It gives me peace of mind to know that I will NEVER have to buy another one EVER again! My rooms smell fresh and look deep cleaned! I have yet to use all of the attachments, but it works AWESOME on tiled floors! If you are thinking about it, DO IT!...more info
  • Love my Dyson
    This is the best vacuum cleaner ever. The very first time we used it, we could tell a huge difference in the way the carpet felt!!! I actually enjoy vacuuming with this. I love all of the attachments and it was in great shape and packaged perfectly when we got it in the mail....more info
  • Dyson
    The product is amazing it really has improved the quality of life in our home with it superior suction it has picked up our dog's hair that had been a major problem with our previous vacuum. ...more info
  • This thing really sucks...
    Wow, I was amazed at the pet hair and dust and dander that came out of the carpets the first few times I vaccuumed using my new Dyson DC14.

    It works really really well. The only thing that bugs me a little (very little) is the clutch mechanism that makes a grinding noise when you run the vaccuum over a rug. It just lasts a second, so it's not that big of a deal.

    Anyway, I am very pleased with the performance of the Dyson and it does do a terrific job on our carpets. I would probably buy one of these again.

    P.S. this was a factory reconditioned unit, but it looked brand new out of the box, so that was a nice surprise....more info
  • don't, don't, don't
    The so-called "factory reconditioned" DC-14 was not at all what I expected. Pretty much just thrown into the box with the attachments. The unit would not function properly or even stand upright. It just kept falling over. Nor would it even pick up the lightest dirt. Most certainly not reconditioned! Do not buy one !!!!...more info
  • Cleans like no other!
    Bought the animal based on the Dyson reputation and other user reviews.
    This vacum is amazing, I have two labs and a 4 year old - the animal does not miss a single spot of dirt. The tools that come with the package are powerfull and easy to use. You will be amazed at how much dirt this thing can suck up. One of the best features is the cannister emptying system,no bags - just push a button and the dirt drops into the trash can.
    Arrived in perfect working condition.Even though this is refurbished,it looks like new.

    Would highly recomend this vacum to anyone...more info
  • Perfect Vacuum
    This vacuum was received in perfect condition. Can't speak enough of it's great powerful pick up power. It is very easy to empty and clean. The extend attachment is kind of cumbersome to use, but once you have it removed and extended, it works perfectly. I would recommend the Animal Ball if you have a lot of floor space with corners. This vacuum is somewhat difficult to turn around couches, and if you want to clean close to furniture you MUST have the low profile attachment. All in All, I am extremely satisfied and feel this is the absolute BEST vacuum I have ever owned in terms of cleaning power. I have five parrots and two dogs, this vacuum takes care of ALL their messes....more info
  • Very Inferior Product - Save Your Money!!
    The first month or so that I had this machine, I thought it was great, like the other reviewers at this site. But performance quickly deteriorated. It stopped working completely after having it less than a year, however the warranty is only good for 6 months. It was a struggle to find a repair facilty, and when I did find one in a neighboring county I was told that the Dysons in their experience do not hold up. They have dozens coming into the shop every week, almost all needing the clutch repaired...an expensive repair... you could buy a new Hoover or Eureka for what it costs to repair the Dyson, and who knows how long the repair will even last.
    BASICALLY, IT'S AN EXPENSIVE PIECE OF JUNK!! Save your money!!...more info
  • Dyson Animal
    When received - Item was thrown in the box, nothing secure. Item too heavy - not at all a pleasure to use. Very unsatisfied with Dyson. Will not buy one again....more info
  • Attention berber and dog owners! It really is that good!
    We have terrible berber carpets in our new house that I desperately want to get rid of. I have two black labs that shed like it's their job, and our $200 Bissel vacuum does nothing to get it out. I was at wits end, about to spend a ton of money on hardwood, when someone recommended the Dyson animal series. I took one look at the price tag and gagged. I'm not cheap, but am a value shopper, so I did take the time to look at reviews. I couldn't believe all the hype, but the more I read, the more convinced I was. Now, if I could just get over the $600 price tab (shipping, tax, etc)! Someone mentioned getting a reconditioned one that still had a six month factory warranty, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I got it last Wednesday, and WOW! I did my first floor, consisting of living, dining, and 3 bedrooms, and it sucked up 3 1/2 canisters full of dog hair and sand that my bissel couldn't! Not only that, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that about $200 of accessories were included at no extra cost! So, not only do I no longer need hardwood floors, but I reckon we got about $800 worth of vacuum for $399! I'm very pleased with this product, and strongly recommend it to others. One note-there is a distinct whining it is producing, I am investigating if this is normal, but if not, from other reviews I've read, Dyson backs their products 100% and I am not worried they won't correct it if it's a problem....more info
  • Good vacuum, attachments wand difficult to use
    Thought I would try a Dyson after seeing all the commercials about it never losing suction. The upright did a great job on the carpet and picked up all kinds of stuff; but then I tried the attachments. It was so inconvenient that it was the determining factor in returning the item. Yeah, it did a great job vacuuming, but so did my former vacuum when it was new and I thought the price I paid was not worth it. I expected a better "user friendly" machine for the pricetag....more info
  • Dyson Animal
    It looked so confusing when I opened the box but once I figured what all the parts did I don't know how I thought my floors were clean before. I have cats and this is the only product I own that can keep up with their shedding. I did clog the hose attachment but it was easy to remove the blockage. I'm impressed with the suction and ease of dirt removal....more info
  • My Dyson
    After burning out multiple mid-end uprights, we switched to a Rainbow in order to pick up the pet hair caused my an ever-shedding Chow/Akita mix and his shepherd-sister and three cats. I was tempted by the Dyson ads, did some research and watched prices on Amazon. Once I'd purchased my reconditioned Dyson, I couldn't wait to receive it.
    Admittedly, I was leery to spend that much on a reconditioned model, but I have no regrets. The box was not tattered, torn or even dented; My Dyson arrived in excellent condition.
    The Dyson, while not quite as flexible as my Rainbow, overcomes the convenience issues that plaqued the chore of vacuuming with ease.
    With the return of the vacuum smell with the Dyson, (Rainbows are known for catching the dust in water, thereby they don't smell like a vacuum), I've realized that this is quite acceptable given the tremendous difference in price/convenience and comparable performance (for my needs).
    I'll never LOVE vacuuming as some of the reviews claim, but it does make a once-very-annoying chore a lot more tolerable for a busy girl.
    No weird noises, nor performance issues, and though I did notice that the roller tends to collect longer strings and hair, it hasn't locked up.
    The wand for non-standard vacuuming took some getting used to and as mentioned earlier isn't as flexible as a canister vac, but it does work well for corners, chairs, etc. I haven't had any issues fitting the hose etc. back onto the vacuum as I've seen some folks claim.
    After dragging a Rainbow around, the weight of the Dyson is more than manageable. I am thrilled with my new addition and my return to an upright--and more than thrilled when I pass the Dysons at retail locations, knowing that I got it at a much better price on Amazon. ...more info
  • A very satisfactory purchase
    I've tried my share of vacuums in the past from Eureka to Sears brands all attesting that they're products are designed for households with pets and children. I had not a single product until now live up to its advertisement or reputation. I did purchase a Dyson reconditioned vacuum and when I received it, it had some very small cosmetic scrapes on the body. At this point, I cared only about performance. This machine has indeed lived up to its reputation and more. I have two kids, two dogs and a messy husband and you can smell the difference in our home. It's fresher and cleaner all the way around. The only time I feel you need to be cautious with this machine is when you have lots of area rugs around. The suction is so powerful, it may try to take the rug with it. So be warned!

    Other than that, this machine is a godsend. I've already sent a letter to my old vacuum manufacturers letting them know of my dissatisfaction and my recent purchase. I haven't heard back as of yet and perhaps never will but they have a long way to go before they can live up to the ease and versatility of this machine. I recommend this to anyone who's ever had a clogged vacuum, pets, children or the combination of all three....more info
  • So you think your carpets are clean?
    After many years of futility and stubbornness, we finally replaced our substandard upright with the DC14 Animal. I can't believe we waited this long. We have two cats, live in Arizona, and have a desert-landscaped yard (read: lots of dirt gets tracked in). We also have a variety of flooring surfaces - stained concrete, carpet, and area rugs. The very first pass with the DC14 pulled out so much dirt and pet hair that it was almost as if the carpet was being vacuumed for the first time. Seriously, I think there was enough cat hair in the canister to make three or four new cats. After vacuuming the same room several times, the carpet pile has returned to a more upright appearance and looks great. We used the included turbo hand tool to vacuum our microfiber-upholstered sofa, successfully removing more cat hair from the fabric (which is tough to clean thoroughly). I am sold.

    Several things: read the instructions fully, but don't expect to be wowed with their depth. There were several things we had to just "figure out," such as how to use the included attachments. Note that the logistics of the wand/hose are not too intuitive. Also, the manual included with our vacuum seems to be for another model, so the depictions of several important parts seems backward. However, when compared with the results attained with the vacuum, it's all worth it.

    The reconditioned unit arrived in perfect shape - it is impossible to tell that this is its second time around. It came with a plethora of add-ons, some of which we've yet to decipher.

    Bottom line: this vacuum is amazing. My husband and I nearly tussled over who got to use it to vacuum the rest of the rooms. ...more info
    Getting a Dyson was one of the best items I ever purchased!!! I have 2 German Shepherds and my carpet never seemed cleaned, no matter how often I vacuumed. I vacuum every day now and you could lay on my floor and not get one dog hair on your pants. I HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone that has children or pets. My house even smells fresher! ...more info
  • Love this Vacuum
    After 6 months with this vacuum I am still in love with it. It was like new when we got it and is the first vacuum to get all the dog hair off our rugs. We have an 80 lb lab and she sheds a lot but with this vacuum you cant even tell we have a dog. ...more info
  • Amazing machine
    I loved this new vacuum. I bought this reconditioned and it looked almost new. I really could not see anything wrong with it. We have a long haired dog and 3 family members that lose a lot of hair. This vacuum picks everything up. I typically steam clean our carpet about every 6 months but I was amazed at the amount of dust and dirt particles that this picked up (alot of it was very fine). My old kenmore needed the bag changed about every couple of months but each time I use the Dyson, it is half full and the canister is not any bigger than the kenmore. The on board tools are great - everything is with you when you need it. I do have some trouble getting the wand out but I think that is just me. The underfurniture tool helps my kids during big cleaning times. A very satisfying purchase....more info
  • Awesome vacuum!
    I am thrilled with my purchase. The suction is superior to any vacuum I have ever used. Also, it is literally the touch of a button to empty the canister when it is full (which can be easily seen through the clear canister). I have two cats; a long hair and a short hair. This machine pulls their fur from my carpets with ease. I also have new carpets and was tired of my old vacuum clogging with "carpet fuzz" every time I vacuumed. This doesn't happen at all with my new Dyson. The only time I need to go over an area twice is around my litter boxes. Sometimes each litter particle does not get picked up. But overall, this machine is awesome and well worth the money! I highly recommend it....more info
  • this thing's awesome!
    After our year old vaccuum cleaner died I decided to bite the bullet and get a Dyson Animal. That was the best decision I could have made! We have 2 cats and a dog, plus my husband and I, so there's lots of hair to be picked up. The first time I used the Dyson I was shocked and mortified that there was so much stuff in my carpet. I vacuum atleast once a week and it still picks up sooooo much stuff. My husband's allergies have also calmed down, and the carpet looks better each time I use it. Highly recommended - you won't be disappointed!!...more info
  • broken vacuum
    the vacuum was returned by a prior customer who still had there letter in the shipping container. it was obvious that the vacuum has not been repaired. we had to send the vacuum back to dyson twice to finally get it to run and repair the broken parts. we spent a lot on shipment. it was bought for a gift so that made it even worse.
    buddy white...more info
  • its alright
    a must if you own a dog who sheds like me. really cleans like no other vacum. but im not sure about the never loses suction part mine seems to be slipping already...more info
  • I love it!
    My sister bought this for me as a gift, replacing my 1989 hoover cannister and I am amazed at the very fine dust/dirt and animal hair this dyson picks up. Easy to use and the long cord is great. I recommend....more info
  • I Love My Dyson
    My husband and I have 5 cats , we love them but their fur is on our clothes in our food everywhere. Don't get
    me started on cat litter and crunchy cat food. But now we live a virtually cat hair free life . Thanks to my (It looks and works like brand new) reconditioned Dyson DC14 Animal Upright. I love it, love it, love it. I suffer
    severe joint pain and weakness, so, I never vacuumed . But now I do every day. It is lightweight and very easy to move around. Easy to understand instructions,and no difficulty to assemble either. All in all we are very pleased with our purchase. I'm telling everyone who complains about vacuuming to go to amazon.com and buy a Dyson . Now!...more info
  • Dyson Does Not Suck!!
    Just like they claim this Vacuum is like none other. It does just what they say it will. I have five cats and a thick carpet. I couldn't believe what this vacuum picked up out of my carpet without ever losing suction or power. It is much easier to clean then other bagless I have owned. Unit arrived in mint condition just like a brand new unit. It was easy to put together and a hell of a good price. I have used Rainbow which was a great vacuum but ridiculusly priced and to combersome to use. I have used Hoover, in fact 2 of them because neither one held up for over a year. Eureka worst vacuum I have ever used it clogs after about 5 passes over the carpet, and bagless concept a joke here, it made a huge mess no matter how careful I tried to be. Bissel better then Eureka and Hoover but can't touch Dyson. I never tried Oreck but I bet Dyson is still best.
    I highly recommend this Vacuum especially to pet owners and alergy sufferers. Oh forgot to mention how quite the unit was, it didn't even scare my cats. Regards, Carole the Cat Crazy Customer in California...more info
  • I thought my house was clean!
    Until i got my Dyson i thought i was a great housekeeper. What a huge difference this vacuum makes. This is the best for value, money and performance. This is an excellent product. Perfect in every way and easy to use. ...more info
  • Dyson animal vacuum DC 14
    The best vacuum I have ever owned, though rather bulky and awkward on stairs, even with stretchy hose....more info
  • Amazing
    I had bought an Orek in 1999 and it was a very nice vacuum - but nothing compares to this Dyson. I am so pleased with how my carpet looks and with the wand being attached, I find I vacuum all the little space that I had to use a different vacuum for before. No bags to buy - and when you turn on the vacuum there is no smell from the bag. It says it is reconditioned but mine looks brand new. I highly recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Don't buy new!!!
    This one comes with all the attachments and looks and works like new. The only difference is the color of the box and the money you save. It works fantastic on all surfaces and is relatively quiet compared to other brands I have used. It does take some time to get used to. I had to consult the manual just to figure out how to turn it on and tilt it back....more info
  • Couldn't be More Pleased!
    I had read all the reviews on Amazon for the factory-reconditioned Dyson DC14 Animal and, since most of them were so positive, I decided to take a chance. We received it at our front door in two days, and it was in PERFECT condition. All the attachments were sealed, and it didn't look as if the vacuum itself had ever been taken out of the box (no scuffs, scratches, etc.) I set it up right away and went to town on what I thought were pretty clean carpets. Sheesh, did it pick up some stuff! We have a dog and a cat who both shed, and we're always trying to get the hair off the furniture, going over and over the fabric with our other vacuums, resorting to lint rollers, those brushes you buy for the purpose, wet towels, etc. The Dyson takes care of it on the first pass, truly. And I haven't tried out all the special attachments for such tasks!

    We live in an 1800s house that has two staircases. It's great being able to leave the Dyson standing upright at the bottom of the stairs and use the extra-long hose to go all the way to the top--no more lugging and banging the vacuum up all those stairs. The extension feature on the wand makes it simple to stand flat and reach cobwebs at the top of our 9-foot walls.

    Overall, we love the Dyson DC14 and couldn't be happier that we saved hundreds of $$ on the refurbished one from Amazon....more info
  • High priced....but oh, so worth it!!
    4 Stars-Picks up what its supposed to pick up, shows you the gunk in your carpets,(strangely, you might find yourself running through the house with a 13 gallon garbage bag of the stuff in the living room carpet just to share your disgust with everyone in the vicinity. You might find, as I did there is a strange satisfaction and vindication ("$350, on a vacuum, are you crazy!!!"),or at least that was my experience when I could show the proof to justify my purchase.) The only reason it didn't get 5 stars was because some of the attachments are more irritating than helpful.The mini-turbine head was just pointless, the crevice tool was more laborious but did a better job. Now my consumer testimonial can begin.

    I am a tightwad, I will admit it, but sometimes, a bargain can be more expensive in the long run. This Dyson DC14 Animal I recently, 2-1-07, purchased is an example of when expensive can turn out to be a bargain. I did NOT want to spend $350 on a vacuum. My new rental house made my wants immaterial, this was a NEED. It is 2000 sq. ft(mostly carpet), of high ceilings, neutral colors, large rooms and....the cheapest, pilliest(is that a word?) carpet I have ever had the misfortune to see or live with. There were carpet tumbleweeds in the living room, my dog was covered with carpet fuzz and I had started a disturbing ritual every morning before work, going outside in the sunlight to check my clothing for stray carpet bits and using 3-5 sticky sheets a day. That's a sad way to live, y'all. I have purchased 2 vacuums since September, both your $75 discount store specials that clogged amazingly fast. I not once, vacuumed the entire house with one vacuum. They couldn't handle the volume of carpet fiber coming out each day. I thought I had recently developed allergies with all the sneezing and watery eyes I have gotten since moving here, but since I've had the Dyson the symptoms have disappeared. I have never, ever been happier with an internet purchase, or ANY home purchase for that matter, than I am with this Dyson. $350 is a lot for a vacuum, but when something does its job better than the rest or you have a problem that the norm can't handle, you just have to take a deep breath and bite the bullet sometimes. You don't realize until a problem has been solved how much it was encroaching in your mind and life. The stuff I got out in a 15'x20' living room carpet made me nauseous, but now I know I can have friends and family over and not be embarrassed and I physically feel better too. $350 is an absolute bargain for being comfortable,healthy, and happy in your space....more info
  • DC14 is an ANIMAL! Grrrrrr baby! Yeah!
    I purchased this vacuum at Christmas for my parents and it is by far the best we have ever used. Since it is reconditioned I wanted to wait a couple months before reviewing to make sure it would hold up. It works just as well today as it did on Christmas. My Dad enjoys vacuuming now so much he does it twice a week. The previous vacuum they had was as loud as a dump truck and made the house stink each time it was used.

    This Dyson was first used on Christmas Day after the other vacuum and it picked up an enormous amount of dog hair (we have 2) and dirt. The clear cannister is really cool since you can see how much crap is picked up after each use and is easily popped out to empty. It really does suck everything up and makes the carpet feel a little softer too.

    It is so quiet it is amazing. I can actually talk to my Mom when my Dad is vacuuming a few feet away. There is no awful odor produced either so that is awesome as well. The cord is so long our 2100 sq ft house can almost be vacuumed without switching plugs when using the plug at the center of the house.

    Finally, it came looking brand new and only one of the small attachments showed any type of wear and that was minimal. As long as the vacuum is durable and continues to perform like it has (knock on wood) I'll be a Dyson customer for life....more info
  • Compare before you waste your money!
    I was excited as most people to get my Dyson. All the reviews I had read had me convinced this was a top of the line vacuum. I had to do a lot of convincing of my husband to even consider spending this much on a vacuum. I assured him that the money was being spent well.
    The same day I was to receive my Dyson I had a Kirby vacuum demonstration done in my home. After about three hours of comparing the Dyson to the Kirby, the Kirby blew the Dyson out of the water. It was so frustrating to believe so much in a vacuum, only to have it thrown in my face. My husband was very unhappy that the promises I made didn't come through.
    I'm not here to sell you on a Kirby (which I did end up buying to replace my Dyson), but please compare before you buy. When you are spending this much money you want to get what you're paying for. The Dyson just didn't stack up when put to the test! FYI - I bought a Kirby Sentria (you won't believe it!) ...more info
  • Excellent Dyson DC-14
    Amazon Customer Feedback:
    Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback on our recent purchase of the reconditioned Dyson DC-14. We have two pets and felt we kept up with cleaning shedding hair. We are delighted to report that the Dyson is much more efficient and more effective in maintaining cleanliness. The attachments included in the purchase make it a fabulous deal. They have made the job so much more manageable simply because, as a total package, Dyson is a better vacuum technology.

    We are pleased to have "stretched" our budget to make this purchase as it is more than we intended to spend. I do not get the chance to write those words too often. But hindsight again has proven that one "gets what he pays for."

    What we got was very good. Thank you again for providing what we feel is an excellent buy....more info
  • This is not reconditioned...it's new right??
    OMG I just got my dyson cd14 animal today, they said it was a factory reconditioned one but believe me this is NEW. Not a scratch or blimish on it anywhere, not a speck of dust or any sign of use at all. So Easy to put together and boy was I surprised, it's the Quietest vaccum that I have ever owned and believe me I keep a clean house and was SHOCKED at the amount of dirt and dust this machine cleaned out of my first room so much in fact I had to empty the container TWICE. If it holds up like a vacuum this price should I'll never own any other kind ....I'm sold on Dyson forever. Only problem I saw at all was the box it shipped in didn't stay closed during shipping, the glue on the side came loose and I was afriad something inside might have got lost or damaged...but it was all there and in great condition. Thanks Amazon you're now my number one place to find and buy the things I want and need. ...more info
  • its crazy!
    i've only had this vacuum 4 hours and i have filled the canister TWICE already with dirt/dust/cat hair/everything else in my carpets. at first, i felt it wasn't pulling nearly well enough. i had a hard time getting a dead leaf to go up inside! then i realized one of the "access panels" on the side was loose, so i snapped it in place. NOW its working even better than i expected. i will recommend this product to everyone. anyone having low suction should always check the several connections around the bottom of the machine and make sure everything is snapped tight. i have NO regrets on this purchase. ...more info
  • Amazing!!!
    I have been researching vacuum cleaners for about six months, and this is the model I knew I wanted because I have so many pets. When I found this reconditioned one at a huge discount I was thrilled! I read the reviews and even though there were a few not so positive ones, I forged ahead.

    Reconditioned? It looks brand new. I unpacked it and then cleaned, and cleaned, and cleaned. Now I vacuum at least every other day with my old Kirby G4, but I was amazed at how much dirt was in the cup. By the time I finished 3 hours later (it was that much fun watching the dirt pile up in the clear cup) the cup was about half full. Gross! That's the dirt that was in my house AFTER vacuuming with a Kirby.

    I LOVE this vacuum cleaner. Anyone who owns pets should get this vacuum. Period. ...more info
  • Dyson not recommended!
    I purchased a dyson dc 14 animal upright and tried it out for about 3 weeks and found that is did not pick up hair or dirt any better than my cheapo vacuum that is over a 2 years old. I expected to be able to vacuum with my old one and then use the dyson on the same area and thought the dyson would pick up a lot of dirt that was left by old vacuum. Nothing was in the dirt cup. Also the dogs hair would get swirled around the suction area of the cup and no way could you just push the button over a trash can for the dirt cup to empty. Everytime I emptied it I had to reach up into it and pull the dog hair wrapped around the cylinder. It was not as well made as I had expected either. For the price, I expected much better performance! I sent mine back to amazon and will continue my search for a vacuum that will clean a house that has 3 dogs!...more info
  • Worth Every Penny!
    I can't say enough about this fantastic vacuum! It costs 3x more than I've ever spent on a vacuum before. But, finally tired of replacing cheap vacuums year after year, I thought I'd give this a try.
    The first time I used it my carpets looked as if they'd just been shampooed! I couldn't believe the dirt it picked up! And it is so great not having to buy and replace bags all the time.
    This vacuum makes such a difference that vacuuming has gone from a tedious chore to something I actually don't mind doing....more info
  • Wow
    I concur with all the good things I read in reviews before I bought it , it is a great vac. much better then my old Hoover.I have 3 cats in my home and now no cat hair.
    Looks new....more info
    Got the unit just after Christmas, but wanted to see if the vacumn worked as good after some heavy use, and it did and is the best thing that has happened to our carpets. We have two cat and we thought the old vacumn was working well, but you cannot imagine the amount of hair this thing continues to pick up. As far as recondition who can tell from new, I would recommend this to anyone with carpet animals or not....more info
  • kristin d
    I purchased the recondition animal on 1/2 and received it on 1/15.
    I only have 3 area rugs in my home. The rest is hardwood and tile. I used it the first time and smelled a little odor. I figured it was from being reconditioned. The second time same thing. The third time, a horrible burning odor filled the house. Please note, the suction is great. Called dyson, new dysons now come with a 5 year warranty. This dyson is still under the 6 month one. Asked can I pay difference and get new machine. This machine appears to have major problem. No upgrade program. Now I must take this piece of junk to a repair shop. save yourself trouble --spend the extra and buy new. I don't know why amazon still says 2 year warrenty==per dyson, all new machines come w/ 5 yr. ...more info
  • It really is the best vacuum ever!
    Everything positive that they say about the vacuum is true. It is great. Vacuuming is not my favorite thing to do but with my dyson I actually get excited to see how much dirt I can pull up. My husband loves to vacuum with it too! Even though it said factory reconditioned, it came looking(and working) brand new. The attatchments all work really well and I love how it can pick up my cats hair off the stairs-truly amazing. My 3 kids all fight over who gets to vacuum their room first. Love this vacuum!!! Its worth every penny. Also shipped really fast, much faster than they said. ...more info
  • Great!
    I have been very pleased with my factory-reconditioned Animal. It performs better than any other vacuum I've owned in the past. Unlike some of the other reviewers, mine looked brand new when I received it. Further, I haven't had a bit of trouble with the attachments, and I don't find the weight or size to be a problem. I can recommend the reconditioned model without reservation. It's quite a value over the new model....more info
  • Dyson DC14 Animal
    A friend suggested that I try her Dyson vacuum. After trying hers, there was no question that I wanted one, too.
    I have not been disappointed with my purchase. I have been remodeling and have had to clean up a lot of sawdust as well as small pieces of wood, etc. It works even better than my friend's preview!!
    Thanks, Dyson!!...more info
  • Very happy with my purchase
    The machine exceeds my most optimistic expectations. The ease in changing modes is a joy. Everything fits together effortlessly. It really does clean well, with no "second hand" dust to contend with. My allergies to household contaminants made me leave the house while someone else did the vacuuming . Now I can do it myself. I am pleased. Being a used machine, I fully expected to see some wear on the unit. It appears
    to be new. Thanks....more info
  • Incredible Vaccuum, love it.
    I'm totally satisfied with this vaccuum. My allergies to my cat are greatly lessened, especially right after I run it. There isn't really a noise issue - it's about as noisy as other vaccuums I've had. It's easy to use, and just all-around great for the money, especially a refurbished one. I have no complaints....more info
  • Good Vacuum Cleaner
    This is a powerful vacuum cleaner. Works very well on carpets and bare floors. It is very easy to empty the canister when full. It seems to be holding up well even though I have dropped it a couple of times off the back of my pick up truck! The one thing that is an annoyance is that the beater bar seems to clog with my Golden Retreiver's dog hair and it is hard to unclog it. A bit of a pain. Surprising given the name of the product. When the beater bar is clean it works very well. The manual does not explain how to remove the beater bar for cleaning. I need to call the support folks about this but I haven't gotten around to doing that yet. I like finally being free of vacuum bags. I would not go back to vacuum bags. ...more info
  • Dyson Animal
    This was such a good price, I had a gift certificate balance and there was a seasonal promo discount along with no shipping or taxes. And, I really liked the item. A friend has one of every type of vacuum imaginable from a never-die Kirby to an Oreck 8-Pound Wonder to a Rainbow and a Dyson (though not an animal model); she likes the Dyson best. I got to play with each kind and I think the Rainbow did a better job, but was bulky and you have to clean out that water mess. Another friend is an aeronautical engineer and got one long before they were widely known based upon the physics and published papers of Mr. Dyson. These were pretty ringing endorsements and when I figured the final hit to my pocketbook, I was elated to get this item. I don't know what was wrong or why the initial purchaser was dissatisfied, but I am glad to have this vacuum. Maybe it works too well, I seem to have to make the trip to the trash can after each room and I just have a plump little Brittany dog. The whole attachment wand thing takes a bit of getting used to and I wish it had a cord retractor like my Mom's ancient Kenmore, but it looks pretty cool....more info
  • Dyson DC14 Is Superb
    I've owned quite a few different makes and models of vacuum cleaners through out the years and this is my first Dyson purchase, but likely will not be my last. Yes, I had heard all the fabulous claims and reviews of how great Dyson vacuum's were but I was skeptical. I just had a very hard time spending several hundred dollars for a vacuum cleaner. Well, my doubts were quickly put to rest when I first plugged-in this Dyson unit. It cleans and vacuum's like no other machine I've ever owned. I have two large dogs that shed quite a bit in my small townhouse and I usually try to vacuum at least once (if not more) per week just to keep the dog hair from taking over. I had actually vacuumed just the day before this Dyson arrived. I thought, well, I'll just see what this thing can do with a fairly clean carpet... I must say, I was amazed. It picked up more hair and dust and gunk from the carpet just after one day than my previous vacuum did after an entire week of no vacuuming. You absolutely can not go wrong with this device.

    If there is one small complaint about this vacuum cleaner it is that the plastic construction and pieces seem to me to still after several months of use, to be very flimsy and will not hold up to heavy use. But thus far it has held up and quite nicely... it just feel quite as sturdy and well built as some other models I've tried. But maybe that's just me... I certainly can not complain about the performance....more info
  • Can't believe how much it picks up
    I have a labrador, 3 young boys and light beige carpets. I can't tell you how many vacuums I purchased. It amazes (and kind of disgusts) me the amount of pet hair and dirt this vacuum picks up on a daily basis. I borrowed a freind's Dyson one day and I was sold....more info
  • WOW, I vacuumed for hours...
    When I first got this vacuum, I literally vacuumed for hours. I am a man, and I hated to vacuum. This is a beautiful piece of machinery, and I vacuum regularly and tell everyone I know how well it works.

    This is a refurbed unit, and it did come with a drity, but empty, canister. Also, the brush head is from a DC-07, but it works like a champ. I will never own any other brand of vacuum.

    I highly recommend this product. Keep in mind, if you are buying the refubed unit, it is used and may look that way when you get it, but functionally it is brand new....more info
  • Cat Owners Very Impressed
    We did considerable research before choosing the Dyson DC14 Animal Upright (bagless) vacuum-both online and in person in various stores. The pathway from the pickup/brush area to the cannister is less convoluted than other brands. It is lightweight. There are lots of tools and we were able to vacuum under the beds! The suction power is fantastic, as evidenced from what we got in the cannister the first time we vacuumed. The cannister is easy to empty too. We are very pleased with our Dyson choice, which was a reconditioned one but still like new....more info
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE my dyson
    I bought the Dyson DC14 Factory reconditioned vaccuum. I was a little worried that it would be used (ie beat up) but it was bright and shiny new! All of the reviews that you have read are TRUE, Dyson is the best because it is DIFFERENT from the others. We have three dogs and three kids and an older home. I have used Hoover, Eurekas, and all the other kinds of vaccuums. I vaccuum every day (always have). Our house is cleaner than with any other vaccuum. It makes cleaning easier since there is less dirt and hair hanging around. One drawback? The attachments and the purple plastic is a little fragile. It's not the sturdiest vaccuum, I try to be really careful not to bash into stuff with it. We are not rich, we are very careful with our money, but this is one product worth the high price....more info
  • Great
    Would have given it 5 stars but it is kind of heavy to push. I would give it a 4.8. EXCELLENT with all the hair that comes with having 2 indoor dogs. And it even gets up a lot of dust. ...more info
  • Dyson DC 14 Vacuum
    Purchased for its ability to pick up animal hair and the attachments to reach most areas.Has lived up to its advertisment. Well pleased with its performance. ...more info
  • ok vac poor dyson service!
    After I had put the Vac. together, my wife and I tried it out. Worked great on hardwood floor. Worked great on carpet too, but when we tried the vac, on both settings, it made a terrible vibrating noise on our area rug. The noise was soo bad that we were afraid the vac would fall apart. We contacted Dyson customer support and was told that we would be contacted with instructions. It's been 22 days so far and we have had no reply....more info
  • dyson animal
    I couldnt tell this machine from new,works just like they say It would. This was an A-plus transaction all the way...more info
  • dyson reconditioned dc14 animal
    I was a little sceptical about purchasing a reconditioned vacumm but I am very pleased with what I got. It looks brand new and works like a charm. It comes with attachments that I haven't tried yet but overall I am very happy with it....more info
  • Good Vacuum, but Great Customer Service
    This vacuum works very well, but I was most impressed with Dyson's customer service. I called Dyson customer service on a Sunday when my Dyson had no suction. In under 5 minutes, I was connected to a very nice representative walked me through various hoses and connections that would prevent suction and explained how I could reconnect a part that had come loose. I am very impressed with how quickly they answered the phone on a Sunday and how quickly they helped me reconnect a hose and get on with my day. ...more info
  • This vacuum doesn't suck.... It blows.... literally!!!!
    We have a long haired dog, so we thought this was our vacuum for sure. After one day of usage, we knew right away this vacuum was not for us.

    1. It mostly blew pet hair around rather than pick it up because the air holes at the front of the unit. Poor design feature.
    2. It wasn't very good on hard wood or on carpet. In fact, we had to make several passes along the carpet area just to pick up dog hair, plus there wasn't much of anything else in the canister, which made us suspicious that it wasn't picking up dander or dirt. We then passed over the same area with our Bissell, and it was ten times better than the Dyson.
    3. Attachments were awkward and very cumbersome. Again, our Bissell won out because they are built into the machine.

    Overall, we were incredibly disappointed, especially because of the high price and after all the hype it receives on commercials and in the stores.
    ...more info
  • Dyson Animal DC-14
    This item had a minor defect that did not allow me to remove one of the hoses connected to the main frame of the body to seperate the emptying chute and the vacuum portion. I contacted Amazon and they sent me out a brand new one and picked up the defective one in 2 days time. The new one I got was in perfect condition. It was said to be "reconditioned" but it is like brand new, no blemishes or defects and works like a charm. I swear it is a brand new vacuum, which it may be because sometimes they ship out over stock items. I bought this for my wife because we have a very hairy dog (collie) and she wanted one very badly since we just built a new house and have new carpeting. There is no dirty smells in the vacuum housing and it was totally wrapped like a brand new item. She is very satisfied with the product and so am I since I got it at a fantastic price. A brand new one cost over $550 and I got this one for $330 after the discount on shipping for the holidays. Thank you, I will continue to do business with your company, especially since after the first defect your company replaced it so promptly....more info
  • this thing really sucks
    we like it quite a bit. it initially made a loud staccato-sounding buzzing noise when we got it on some of our rugs, but we called dyson customer service and they told us how to make it stop it over the phone.
    evidently it was sucking the rug up into the vacuum too hard.

    we removed a couple of rubber seals that are not (according to dyson) necessary and it no longer makes the noise. it didnt seem to lose performance either...

    pretty easy. great customer service....more info
  • yahoo! Free at last!
    Thank god! I can finally see my floor! I have a malamute and 5 cats who's main purpose in life is to develop coats with individual hairs with minds of their own! I swear they actually launch themselves at me and all of my dark clothes, clean furniture, up my nose, and into the toes of my shoes. The majority of the floors in my house are wood, but this doesn't deter them. Until now. I didn't know how NOT CLEAN things were until I tried this vacuum. The extra extension and wand construction and length is excellent and indeed very handy for stairs and ceilings, under heat registers, behind the dryer, in the litter room, and in my shoes! I have also appreciated the handy-dandy pet toy finder (unintentional I'm sure)that is integrated in this system...it stores all of the curious sparkle balls, fuzzy mice, toy-less plastic squeakee mechanisms, string, toilet paper(!!!), bits of dog food, jingle balls, and the occasional sentient cat hair "tumbleweed." And unwanted dirt, of course.
    All of which is stored in the see-through no-bag container until they can be liberated. Along with the hair and dander. And escaped litter. And sand from outside. And potting soil re-purposed by my gardening cat, Poe. Small rocks. Cat kibble! Beads from my studio! Yarn! My hair! Feathers from the comforter! Sawdust from the woodshop my husband NEVER cleans off before coming inside! Churches! Lead! (no, wait.....)
    The crevice tool has a hole on the flat side as well as one at the tip, so you don't have to fiddle with proper positioning to get awkward corners. The furniture brush is the only thing I don't rely on, as it tends to stop spinning if it meets any resistance (using it for self defense isn't recommended.) All of the tools store on the vacuum easily. It isn't too heavy. AND finally, it is purple (hello!). I have named it Delilah. That is all. ...more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever
    I love my Dyson!! The amount of dirt it pulls out of carpets and upolstery is amazing!! I have a burgandy couch and a white cat, after the dyson my couch literally changed color!! Didn't have the money for a brand new one, but I could afford this factory recondition one, and it is definitely worth the money!!...more info
  • I love it!
    So easy to dispose of dirt and lint.Great suction. I have a dog that sheds-this vacuum does a great job for me.Worth the price....more info
  • Ok, not great
    We had a Dyson that was stolen recently from our garage and rather than pay full price (again) we opted for the reconditioned one but it doesn't work as well. It is still an ok vacuum, but not great. ...more info
  • Works great
    Product works great. Not as happy as I could be with the plastic clips that hold the attachments (flimsy, but it has nothing to do with the fact that this was factory reconditioned - just a design flaw in my opinion.) Overall I would recommend Dyson factory reconditioned products....more info
  • Does the job exactly as promised.
    I purchased the Dyson at the recommendation of my British friend upon hearing my dog hair tumbleweed lamentations. I have a golden retreiver that sheds like no dog has shed before, but I love her so I put up with having to vacuum every other day.

    The Dyson is the first vacuum I've ever purchased as I am a new homeowner, but I think it performs just as advertised. It picks up more hair, dirt, etc than any vacuum I've seen before, but that may be because I don't have much of a comparison. The dirt chamber is very easy to clean, but I worry that the push button opening mechanism might fail because it's operation isn't as tightly machined as it should be. It's slightly awkward to operate, and I sometimes have to reposition the way I hold the chamber to get it to finally open.

    The vacuum comes with more accessories than I will ever use, but they all seem to have a purpose if you're so inclined to read the manual and figure them out. I have yet to devise a way to store them all neatly, but the ones I use most often fit conveniently on the vacuum body.

    I purchased the reconditioned vacuum from Amazon based upon personal recommendations and the reviews posted here. I have found the other reviews accurate and useful. Overall, this is an excellent machine, but you might be able to find a more economical option with other brands of bagless....more info
  • Unbelievable vacuum
    This vacuum is simply unbelievable. I read some other reviews on how some people had received it and the unit was clearly used. Not mine! Looked just like new. I took it from the box and it was easily assembled. I had just vacuumed with my old vacuum the day before. When I took a pass with the Dyson I couldn't believe all of the stuff this thing picked up. The extra long hose makes it a breeze to vacuum stairs and emptying the canister is clean & simple. The attachments are awesome, especially the mini turbine head. I am considering getting another one for our vacation home....more info
  • Must have for Pet owners
    When is a vacuum worth this kind of money? For me, it's when you own a dog that sheds like it's their job. I love my Beagle mix, but her hair was getting out of control. I finally got tired of unclogging our two other vacuums and got the Dyson. I was not disappointed. Believe the hype when it comes to this vacuum!...more info
    I bought a reconditioned Dyson Animal Vacuum and I can't tell you how happy I am with this machine. I am now like the spokesperson for Dyson! I have two large BLACK Rottweilers who LIVE in this house and they shed like crazy. I have vacuumed everyday since receiving this and can't believe what I am picking up. It's wonderful to be able to see what you have been leaving behind all along. It's so easy without having to change bags, push one button and the debris just falls out of the bottom. How easy can it get. You have all your cleaning attachments ready at hand and I just can't say enough good things about this vacuum. I LOVE IT - you've made one housewife a very happy woman. Thank You....more info
  • Not awesome, but decent
    The suction is good. I can't believe what I see in the container holding what it picks up.

    The hose system is terrible. Not user friendly at all. I would not buy one again....more info
  • Amazing Machine!
    Best vacuum I have ever owned. We have a longhaired dog that sheds a lot and managing the shedding was almost impossible until we got the Dyson. Now it's hard to tell we even have a dog!...more info
  • dyson vacuum
    the vacuum works pretty good considering all the animal hair it has to pick up...more info
  • Worth the Hype!
    I have three dogs (German Shepherd, Border Collie and Shepherd Husky) and two cats (both long hair)- so needless to say, vacuuming is a big part of my life. I've always used my Eureka before with okay results. The suction wasn't bad, but the toughest thing- especially with animals is that the filter would get clogged so quickly. Given that a filter set is around $30 and I realistically needed to replace them every month and a half- getting the Dyson seemed more and more reasonable!

    Having had a great experience with getting a refurbished KithenAid mixer from amazon.com, I was more than willing to try the refurbed Dyson. I knew that it would probably come with some bumps and bruises and I was okay with that provided that it worked. Well- it arrived looking Brand New! Everything was still in the plastic- I really don't know that it was ever used. I was thrilled! I will say that this is the first vacuum cleaner that I've ever needed to read the directions in order to assemble. The directions were pretty reasonable to follow through, so it wasn't too bad.

    The suction is remarkable. I've read other reviews that cautioned against using it on particularly old rugs, and I've have to agree. The rug in one of the bedrooms in my house is much older than the rest and you can actually see the rug pulling up from the foam padding when it's run over with the Dyson. With the brush off, it goes over my tile floors very well with little problem with blowing dust and fur around. However, I do prefer to use the floor attachment on the floors most of the time. With that said, another reviewer mentioned that the hose is difficult to use. I agree that it's a bit awkward at first, but once its stretched out a bit, it's much easier to use. The suction on the Dyson is so powerful that it makes the hose recoil a bit, which is why I usually stretch the hose as much as I can when I'm using the attachments.

    It does come with the usual attachments which do not stay on to the unit perfectly, but honestly, I don't use those enough to really be concerned. The one attachment that is just amazing is the rug cleaning attachment with the spinning brush. This is perfect for getting all of the pet hair off of the couch and pillows and other areas that I used to spend a half hour with a lint brush on. Seriously, this attachment is a God send. I have fleece-type throw pillows on the couch (for who knows what reason) and it used to be that NOTHING would remove the pet hair- but this does it so easily.

    Like other reviewers- I have needed clean the main brush of threads and my long hair- but I really don't consider that to be an issue. Given the strain that I put on a vacuum cleaner, I'm used to basic maintenance like that. I also washed the filters after about 2 months of use figuring that with the amount that I use it, the filters might need more maintenance than the suggested cleaning every six months. Much to my surprise, I removed the filters, which was a quick two step process and they didn't seem to need to be cleaned at all.

    Overall, no complaints here! I'm very impressed! ...more info
  • Excellent machine
    We bought a refurbished Dyson and have been very pleased with the performance. It's amazing at what this vacuum cleaner can remove from your carpet. It looks new and works as well as my friend's brand new Dyson. I would highly recommend this machine - especially if you have pets like I do....more info
  • WOW!
    I can not believe how excited I got about A VACUUM CLEANER! My husband is the neat freak in the family but when our new vacuum cleaner arrived at our house I could not wait to try it out. It was everything I hoped and more. I love being able to see all that hidden dirt that I'm picking up in the transparent canister. I love that it not only looks AMAZINGLY clean after vacuuming but it SMELLS cleaner in the house too. I love that I never have to search hopelessly for the correct vacuum cleaner bags again. My husband has serious allergies and asthma plus we have a cat. This vacuum cleaner has made such a difference in our lives, I can not even believe. Plus I love to vacuum now - being able to see exactly what I'm getting up has made it FUN in some strange way. This vacuum cleaner also has oodles of attachments for various things including furniture - which, if you have a cat (or dog for that matter) and/or a small child, is HUGE. This was such a wise investment for us. I am just thrilled we bit the bullet and finally forked over the bucks for a better machine. In our 8 years together this is our fourth vacuum cleaner - and so far, the only one that really works. Hopefully it will be our last for a long, long time!...more info
  • Yes, it is a very loveable ANIMAL!
    By far the best vacuum ever! Easy to use, and great on all of the tile floors in the house (along with 4 dogs) it gets a work-out. Love the way it empties, the extra long cord, hose - the attachments for bare floors are nice, but haven't found them necessary. This was supposed to be a reconditioned unit, but when I opened it it appeared to be brand new - not a scratch or a speck of dirt on it anywhere. Well worth the investment!...more info
  • Good machine!
    After months of research and hearing first hand reviews from 2 friends who had Dysons, my husband and I decided to take the plunge and spend the money. We have not been disappointed! We decided to go with reconditioned as that is what both friends had and it didn't seem to be a problem with them, and also, of course, because of the significantly lower cost, over buying new. The commercials are not kidding about the sucking power of this vacuum. We have a long-haired dog (cocker spaniel) and it gets up all of her hair. It is amazing how full the canister gets with hair and dust! It is easy to dispose of that stuff too - simply push down the easy to use knobby and the bottom drops open. A small tap on the side of the trash can gets all the stuff out of there! As far as the weight of this vacuum, I am petite and I can still carry it around our multi level home with little difficulty. Our only complaint is that the cord is very stiff and almost too long for ease. Other than that, this baby has been worth every penny. ...more info
  • Loving It!!!
    I just received my dyson today and I'm in love!!! Like others it only took a few mins to put together and I looked over the exterior, just beautiful... a couple scratches on some of the animal attachments but I'll live. Plugged in and working fabulously; really I can't say much more than that I was a little worried after reading some other reviews who got a bad apple but I'm just blown away by the suction of this machine. I have one cat and had just vacuumed before receiving the delivery, the Dyson got a bunch more hair out of my "clean" carpet. Can't wait to use the Dyson more and more....more info
  • Is it wrong to love your vacuum this much?
    Okay, I just got this vacuum today- I know a little early for a review but if my feelings change I will write another one. I love this vacuum! That's it. LOVE. I have 3 cats, I seem to shed as much as them so hair is an issue in this home. I have never had a vacuum with a canister you can see so while it's gross - it's also very satisfying to see it work. I vacuumed my entire home and the carpet is all puffed up- like when it's new or has just been steam cleaned.

    This vacuum is not nearly as loud as my old one yet works about 100% better. It's not hard to manuever at all. It arrived looking completely new. I looked it over carefully b/c my hesitation to get a factory reconditioned Dyson was the shorter warranty and I found nothing to question. I was able to put it together myself in about 5 minutes- and I am not very handy. My biggest question was about a gray nondescript attachment that didn't match any pictures- turns out it's for using the carpet cleaning products that come with the Animal.

    What you get is 3 attachments that affix directly to the vacuum when not being used- a crevice tool, a round brush and a stair attachment. You also get a mini turbine thing and a low reach floor attachment - those are too big to attach so plan to store them and a bag of carpet cleaner, a can of spot remover and the special tool formerly known as gray nondescript thing. I did a little research and that stuff isn't cheap so if you think you will be wanting those attachments (the ones that don't attach to the vacuum) you might want to get the Animal. If you go on the Dyson website you can see a chart of all the different vacuums and what they come with. I would have liked the dust attachment too but these are great too.

    Piece of advice - don't run the vacuum itself over an area rug on a hard floor- it does not like it- it made a scary noise- I don't know why but I am confident nothing is wrong- I just think it's so strong that it lifts the whole rug up and tries to eat it. Scared the heck out of me and I yanked hard on the vacuum to stop the rug from being ingested and smashed my toe- it really hurt and YET I still LOVE the vacuum. So even a painful toe smashing didn't stop this. ...more info
  • Beware the "reconditioned" vacuum
    When I received the vacuum, I had a piece broken on it that was quite obviously broken (a latch, without which the vacuum could not be run). It was clear it was not broken during shipping. Then I was shipped the wrong piece (understandable as confusion happens when describing a broken item over the phone) and had to call to re-order the correct piece. Two weeks after orignally getting the vacuum, when I did get the right piece and turned the vacuum on, there was no suction. I called their helpline and they were great, walked me through some steps until we discovered that a hose underneath the vacuum had come apart and was disconnected. The hose piece showed some wear, clearly it was messed up. This was not just a loose connection. They sent me another replacement part (1 week turnaround with shipping). With the new part, the vacuum works well.

    WHY 1 STAR?
    There is no way in h*ll that this vacuum passed through any reconditioning checklist or process at the Dyson factory. The vacuum was reasonably well packaged and both items that were broken were not something that would happen in shipping. AND BOTH ITEMS WOULD HAVE CAUSED THE MACHINE TO NOT WORK DURING ANY KIND OF RECONDITION TESTING.

    This was a very negative experience for me which was an entirely preventable situation if Dyson had simply done what they said they do, check the machines carefully before selling them as reconditioned. I still own the machine (as this was the vacuum I want and after all the hassle of gettting it to finally work, I didn't want to return it to play the recondition lottery to try to get a working machine), but I am leary of what else may be wrong that I may not spot until my 6 month warranty expires.

    Thus, one star for poor reconditioning....more info
  • I love this vacuum.
    Mine came in perfect condition and works wonderfully. My family and I have allergies to dust and animal dander (although we keep the cat anyway) this vacuum has been a life saver. We can feel the difference after we vacuum, we breath easier and go through less allergy medication. The effect last for a few days and is incentive to vacuum again. I would never go back to a less effective vacuum again....more info
  • Awesome vacuum - the best!
    This is a great vacuum - and especially for pet owners. We vacuumed with the old machine then went over the floor again with the Dyson Animal. It was amazing how much the Dyson picked up from our 'clean' carpet. My husband loves it - so he does all of the vacuuming. Need I say anything else?...more info
  • If you have pets, you need this vacume
    Every time I vacume, I swear I pick up enough pet hair to create a whole new dog! It is truly unbelievable how much hair and dirt your old sweeper missed. Try this one once and you will be convinced. My only negative comments are, 1) the instruction manual should be a little more descriptive and helpful, especially about the use of the tools, and 2) it picks up hair so well that you have to cut it from the brushes every few times you use it.
    I was worried about buying a reconditioned unit, but it looked brand new and I couldn't tell it had ever been used....more info
  • Kicks butt at picking up dog fur..
    Heads and tails above my 8 year old Hoover wind-tunnel bagged unit. Never did understand the 8 bucks for 3 bags. Hoover should have given the vacuum away due to always having to replace bags every week (adds up to big bucks quickly).

    The Dyson kicks butt... Three times the dirt is picked up every week when compared to Hoover bag replacement size of dirt removed.

    Wish the Dyson had self propelled system... The house keeper wouldn't be so tired after 3 hours ;o) Handy hose and a really well thought out system.

    Hands down the best unit I've ever owned. Time will tell if it holds up like the hoover unit did. Won't miss the belt replacements (2) or the bag cost on the Hoover.

    Would I buy another? If it holds up like my Hoover did... You bet... Like I stated before: Kicks butt at picking up dog fur-!!...more info
  • Dyson DC14
    This is the best Vac..I have 2-Dog's 4-Cat's And one Pig.And it pick's up ALL the Hair......more info
  • This product really sucks--and that is a good thing!!
    I have always wanted to try a Dyson vacuum, and I finally did. I have only used cheap Hoover vacuums in the past, so this one blows them all away. It reaches farther than any other vacuum I have ever owned, it isn't as awkward to carry or pull around, and it is just the right size to reach into areas between furniture and whatnot. I moved into a house in which the previous owner had cats and dogs. Since my allergies are very sensitive, I needed a vacuum that picked up all the hair. My home was two years old, and this vacuum is still picking up all the "new carpet fiber," plus all the pet hair that the carpet cleaners left behind. It picks up everything! I have only one complaint--if you just want to use the hose you have to unwind the entire cord, and it is a little bit of a pain to unwind the whole thing and then wind it all back up. But hey, other than that, this vacuum sucks the best!...more info
  • Great vacuum, most of the time.
    I love the suction and ability of this vacuum on our carpet and most of the rugs. Our animals just trash the carpets with muddy paws and shedding hair. The stair attachment is disappointing and I prefer our old vacuum of the stairs. The Dyson makes a horrible noise if it sucks a snag out of the rugs or if the nose of the vacuum hits something and pushed down. The extention hose is good but I prefer our old vacuum of that too. I guess the ease/use of our old vacuum doesn't measure up to the performance of the Dyson so it's worth the sacrifice after all is said and done....more info
  • Don't Hesitate!
    Having 2 dark colored dogs,1 cat, and several grandchildren, I thought long & hard if I wanted to spend this kind of $$ on a vacuum for my cream colored rugs and furniture. Why did I wait this long??!! It's great, looked & performed like new, and amazon had it here within days!Don't hestitate!!!...more info
  • Great Product
    Excellent performance picking up hair from our black lab. Also the reconditioned unit looked and performed like new and was an excellent price!...more info
  • It's OK, but there are better vacuums available for less $$$
    After more than a decade of terrific, problem-free service, my Kenmore canister vacuum finally bit the dust and had to be replaced. Tired of dragging the canister behind her, my wife insisted that we buy an upright. I've never been a fan of upright vacuums because I don't think they perform as well as canisters, but since my wife did most of the vacuuming in the house I figured which new vacuum to buy should be primarily be her decision.

    After listening to the schpeels by the salesperson on several machines, we decided on the purple Dyson DC14 Animal vacuum. We have several house cats and give our vacuum a good workout, so that the DC14 was supposed to be a specialist on animal hair was a huge selling point.

    Upon bringing the machine home and using it for the first time, the Dyson made a horrible clicking noise the moment it was turned on. A customer service rep. instructed us to remove a little foam seal from around the bottom of the part that contacts the floor and once I performed this simple operation the DC14 worked fine.

    Six months later, I find there are some pros but more cons with this machine.

    Pros: It is lightweight and easy to maneuver; moving this vacuum around the room is practically effortless. As a result, the chore of vacuuming is completed a little quicker than with my old vac. - with one catch (read the cons to find out).

    The Dyson is somewhat quieter than my Kenmore was. For someone with a mild degree of hearing loss like me, any reduction in the amount of noise is a good thing.

    It is easier to store this vac than my old canister vac. The Dyson fits into a tight space in our closet almost like the closet was built for the machine.

    The HEPA filters are easy to remove and wash clean.

    Now, for the cons: It's an upright vacuum, and that's one of the problems. It comes with attachments that will reach under furniture and under the bed, but that has the effect of turning it into a canister vac., so why not buy a canister vac to begin with? If you're anything like me, you vacuum because you want to live in a clean house, not because you enjoy vacuuming. I find it very annoying to have to vacuum the floor with the upright, and then pull out the attachments in order get under the bed and furniture. As a result, I don't always break out the attachments and I leave the dust and cat hair under the bed to sit there for another few days until I do a more thorough vacuuming job. With a canister vac, it is MUCH easier to vacuum under furniture.

    When being used on bare floors, the exhaust air blows hair and dust around the room. Anything in back or on the sides of the vac goes flying, while the stuff in the front is sucked up nicely. As a result, I find it easier to sweep bare floors than to vacuum them with the Dyson.

    Emptying the canister is not done as cleanly as one may think. Sure, a button allows for the canister to open and for most of the accumulated dirt and hair to fall out into your trash bag, but there is a wide groove inside the canister where cat hair will collect, and this needs to be pulled out by hand. So using this vac is not as squeaky-clean as the description would have you believe.

    Put bluntly, the Dyson does not suck as well as my $250.00 Kenmore did. When the bag filled on the Kenmore the suction was poor, but with a new bag or one that was half-filled the suction was superior to that of the DC14 Animal.

    The Dyson's telescopic hose is annoying. It does what it's supposed to do I suppose, but using the crevice tool and brush adaptors is a bit awkward. Also, the DC14 comes with a bunch of attachments that really have "no home" so to speak. Only three of them snap onto the vac and you will have to find a place in your closet for the others. This is another reason why I don't use the attachments every time I vacuum. With a decent canister vac the attachments are snapped onto the canister for easy use.

    The DC14 does not feel very sturdy and I'll be surprised if it lasts as long as the Kenmore. The plastic seems a bit thin and cheap to me, and this should not be the case for a machine that will set you back more than $500.00.

    After using the Dyson DC14 Animal vacuum for six months, I can say that it is a decent vacuum that is not worth the purchase price. If I had to make the decision again I would opt for another Kenmore canister vac - at $200 less - and my wife concurs. It would be easier to use, it would perform just as well, and it would save me a nice chunk of money. I'm disappointed in the Dyson as I had expected so much more from it. If you want a good-looking vacuum that puts aesthetics over performance, the Dyson is for you. If you want the best vac for your money, you can do a lot better than the DC14 Animal....more info
  • I love vacuuming!
    This is the best vacuum I've ever had. I just love vacuuming and seeing all the things is picks up...it's amazing. It works and looks likes new, you can't even tell that it was reconditioned.Highly recommended!...more info
  • Good Vacuum
    I'm a single guy so I don't vacuum all that often, but the Dyson does make the task much easier. It is lighter and quieter that any other upright vacuum I have owned. It does a great job on carpets and a decent job on hard surfaces. I find it is not very good at picking up large pieces of dirt on a hard surface (birdseed around the cage) without several passes, but at least it doesn't just kick the dirt all around the room like other vacuums do thanks to the ability to turn off the sweeper brush. The Dyson is well made and I expect it to last and perform for a long time....more info
  • This thing SUCKS!!!! (literally)
    This vaccuum does what it claims. It is very powerful and does a great job with our floors.

    I purchased the refurbished unit, and other than the box it came in, you could not tell it was refurbished. The vaccuum was in perfect condition, no scuffs, or signs of previous use...more info
  • Above and beyond, this is the best ever!
    I got this vacuum within a week and a half, and didn't even pay for shipping!! Amazon was great, and I even got a little more knocked off the price due to an online discount! I opened it up the very first day and read the entire manual. I was nervous because some reviews were only affected negatively because those people must have not read the manual!! I loved it from day one! I showed everyone who came over how great it cleaned my house! Believe me when I say that everything great you've ever heard doesn't even click until you see it work in your home! I expected it to be great but it exceeded above and beyond. I feel like it's the best thing I could've ever bought, and I used to despise vacuuming! I went around my whole house that first day and spent hours getting up years of dirt that my old vacuum NEVER touched! I even opened the closet where the old vacuum was and sucked the dirt off of the outside! It was so gross - I hated that thing - every time I turned it on it was loud, nasty, didn't pick up anything, and it spewed dust everywhere! Now when I vacuum I have to get over the fact that there is no need to do a spot more than one time! I got up so much the first day that there's not a lot left and I maybe do it once a week! This is the best vacuum ever - no matter how many times you've heard that, it's ALWAYS true! I am in love, and I love how clean it has made my home....more info
  • One word: DYSON!
    I bought this reconditioned Dyson DC14 Animal on a Amazon sale since my Hoover Eureka just didn't suck anymore. All of the positve reviews couldn't be wrong - right? When I got the new Dyson - it looked brand new - no scratches, dirt, or any signs of previous use. I had it together in a snap, although I was doubtful that the mini-turbine head could possibly spin and clean upholstery without electricity. But it works on the suction and it really cooks! OK - off to vacuum some more.


    I just got done vacuuming my bedroom with my new Dyson. The Eureka I've been using for years I have to empty out the dust container one time after using it in that room. Let's just say, after emptying out my larger dust bin Dyson SIX TIMES in that one room alone - I am sold. I've been vacuuming all over the place this week and I swear the air is cleaner, my upholstery is brighter, and my floors have never looked better. Goodbye Eureka (and Miele)! Am I going to turn into one of thsoe people that vacuum everyday?

    Dyson....Dyson...Dyson.......more info
  • It's a little heavy....It's VERY POWERFUL. Stop complaining.
    This machine is not much heavier than any cr@ppy vacuum cleaner I've bought from Wally World. why all the complaints? I mean, when old people complain about this great machine being "too heavy", I get it. Old people complain about everything. The rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    This machine is not just an animal, it's a beast. It's the best vacuum cleaner I have ever had the privelage of operating. Something this well made and this powerful isnt going to be light as a feather.

    Maybe some of you should stop vacuuming up the hair from your 10 cats and dogs and start exercising....more info
  • Great for dogs and hardwood (Carpet too)
    The day it came we vacuumed the hard wood floors in our house and I was shocked at how well it worked. The floors actually feel clean for a change, not crunchy like they use to feel when we would sweep or use the old vacuum. Since we have 2 active dogs, the animal was the choice for us. It works well on our labs course hair and especially well on our Australian shepherd's fine and wispy hair. The thing about the Dyson, that makes it so good with pets, is that not only does is suck well (And let me tell you does it suck, my mother almost sucked the hose inside out) but it doesn't blow any dust back into the air or the hair on the floor around as you try to vacuum it. We don't have to dust near as much because there is just less dust in the air. I didn't really think all the reviews I read could be true, but let me tell you this is a great vacuum....more info
  • Love this machine
    I Love This Machine!!! I read all the negative reviews before I bought it, so I would be prepared. Happily, the vacuum exceeded my expectations (I waited till I had owned it 6 months before reviewing it, to be certain), and I don't agree with any of the complaints about it. It cleans out like a dream, sucks up ALL my problems, and I'll never buy another inferior vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Best vaccum I've ever had
    Like others, I've always bought vaccuums in the under $200 range and have been through many, including Hoover, Eureka, and Simplicity. The last, I bought less than a year ago--The Dirt Devil Turbo. Had good reviews somewhere although I don't remember where. In a year had to replace the belts about 5 times. I have 3 dogs and 4 cats. Got clogged constantly. Every time I vacuumed smelled like my carpet was burning. After the first couple of months it barely picked up and emptying it and cleaning the filter was a mess. Got the DC Animal 14 about a week ago, reconditioned. With Amazon coupons and free shipping, only paid $309! Best money I ever spent. It was a little confusing to put together because the picture on the manual had the handle on the opposite side that it actually goes so that took a while for the tecnologically challenged to figure out. And a little hose underneath was lose and had to be retighted. Once together though it worked great. Got up more pet fur on my bedroom carpet than I knew was there. First vacuum I've ever been able to do steps with. with the old upright trying to drag up and down steps was impossible and the attachments didn't reach far enough. With the Dyson, the hose extends all the way and the turbo attachment works great. Hard to get in the crevices so would need to attach crevice attachment for that. For me it was easier to use my fingers on the edge and let the mini turbo pick it all up. Top step was a stretch but the hose did make it. Also much more lightweight than the dirt devil so even carrying downstairs with the handle was simple. Very light to push around. Mine looked brand new. Not a scratch on it! ...more info
  • Looks New, Works Great
    I bought a reconditioned DC14 Animal Vacuum and it looks new. I haven't tried all the attachments yet, but so far no complaints. I don't dread vacuuming anymore and it does a great job. ...more info
  • As promised
    Great service & delivery; and item arrived good as new.If only everything worked this well. Sorry, not going to do a 300 word essay on the vac. It just works great! And we have 2 labrador retrievers that shed as often as Nancy Pelusi says something stupid....more info
  • I'm a believer!
    I was so excited when I heard my Dyson had arrived, but I was away for the weekend and my husband and son were the first to use the vacuum with rave reviews, if I knew all it took was to buy this vacuum I would have purchased it long ago, they were like "you wouldn't believe how much dog hair and dirt we got out of the L.R." etc!!!
    Thank you Dyson!!!
    ...more info
  • It works GREAT picking up pet hair!!!
    I am very pleased with my New (factory-reconditioned) Dyson14 Animal! It works great cleaning my carpets, it picks up the pet hair that other vacuum's leave behind! I cant say enough about this vacuum...But I did tell my friend...she ordered one and is very pleased as well!

    Thanks Dyson!...more info
  • One of the Best Vacuums!
    Very powerful, strong suction. All attachments work well. Refurbished model looks like it's brand new. Highly recommend....more info
  • best vaccum ever
    my father owns one and we tested it at his place and boy its amazing how well it cleans!!! had to have it so went on amazon and bought it. have to ammit i didnt want to spend this much for a vacuum but it works. i have 2 dogs and i vacuumed my house with my older hoover than i used the dyson and i got 1/2 a container more of hair, dust ect. well worth the $$$$...more info
  • Awesome...
    I purchased the Dyson Animal (reconditioned) several months ago and have to say it is without a doubt the best vacuum I have ever used! When it arrived, I was so excited I couldn't wait to assemble it and try it out, a male friend who was visiting at the time said he had never seen a woman get so exicted over a household appliance before! I immediately vacuumed my living room, dining room, family room and bedroom hallway and was both amazed and repulsed at the dirt/hair/dust that the Animal picked up. And I had just vacuumed the day before with my old Eureka Boss upright. I LOVE this vacuum.......the only problem is, I have since had new wood flooring installed, and now have only the bedrooms to vacuum!! You won't be sorry for this choice....more info
  • Incredible...and true
    I have owned many vacuum cleaners, self advertised as "the best" such as Miele, Rainbow, Oreck and our mainstream Hoover...almost forgot Filter Queen way back when. By far the best for me, is the Dyson Animal. I have lived with animals that shed, with and without the Dyson and it really does make a dramatic difference. In fact, my sister who owns a herd of Chihuahuas (sp?)introduced me to this terrific vac. Actually my siblings who own animals owns Dyson's Animal. The telescoping wand had quite a learning curve for me, eventually I did figure it out (the instructions for this feature was not as clear and precise). Clean up with this vac is quick and super easy. What got me truly passionate about this vac is the way it can pick up dust, you can see the evidence through the pexiglass container. Have you seen the Oreck commercial about the way bagless vacs produce this toxic cloud of dust debris, well who empties their canister a foot above the garbage can anyway? Not me. In summary, if you have animals in the house cat, dog especially parrots do not hesitate, go out today, immediately after reading this and pick one up...wait...SCROLL UP and purchase it from here. Happy cleaning!
    p.s. great for people with allergies.

    ...more info
  • Five Stars*******
    I have ten dogs and two cats. I also have long hair and the combination made vacuuming a nightmare at times. I have always contended that I should test vacuums! Several people with dogs recommended this vacuum but I was skeptical. After all I had gone through every model from Hoover to Kirby to shop vacs. I had a commercial tank type that lasted quite a while. I awaited this with vacuumed floors and furniture. The hair it pulled out was unbelievable, that and the fine dust that accumulates everywhere when you live on a gravel road. I took this to my son's house because he has 2 dogs and carpeting and OCD. We really put it to the test and where he used to use high pressure water on the dog beds, he found that they got cleaner with a vacuuming from the Dyson. We were amazed at the amunt of hair we found even though the rugs had been vacuumed twice a week. I appreciate the engineering of the Dyson and how well thought out every operation and attachment seems to be. No one ever thought that I would be this excited about a vacuum! Everytime I use it I like it more!...more info
  • Super Suction power - highly rated overall
    I have been investigating the Dyson DC14 Animal and reconditioned model. The reconditioned model from the overall reviews, rates almost identical to the new model but at a very substantial discount. Epinions owner ratings give the DC14 Animal (new) vacuum 4 1/2 stars out of 5 for 106 owner reviews. Amazon users give it the same, a 4 1/2 stars for 64 reviews (reconditioned). And a new DC14 animal gets again 4 1/2 stars for 173 reviews. So thats about 343 owner reviews at 4 1/2 stars. That tells you something.

    A reviewer below just said his beater bar got stuck. This is not something that is only on a dyson vacuum. I have had vacuums that picked up threads that wrapped around the beater bar. Yes, with ANY vacuum you must clean any threads or long pet hairs, etc., from the beater bar of that vacuum from time to time. Proper maintainence is important. Read your manual on how to care for your vacuum.

    Read through several pages of reviews. Some of the stories people tell about their experiences with this vacuum are quite humorous.

    One person said they picked up so much cat hair, it was like having another cat. And keep in mind, there will always be negative reviews. I have not seen any product without negative reviews, especially with the large number of reviews this product has received.

    Because of the suction power, you will have to empty the cannister more often than your old vacuum. This is because of its getting more the dirt in your carpet!

    Some of the comments I have read include:

    1. Great for pet hair (pet owners rave about this)
    2. The vacuum is amazingly powerful in picking up dirt.
    3. The clear canister allows easy visibility, so you know when it's full.
    4. Just from a push of a button, the dirt is released from the bottom of the canister.
    5. The cord is extra long to allow you to go from room to room without having to unplug all the time.
    6. It makes the carpet look and feel fresh.
    7. It's relatively quiet.
    8. It blows out fresh air (HEPA filter). ...more info
  • Needed to replace brush bar and clutch
    I wanted to love this vacuum. I really did. It has a GREAT design, but it needs some work. It worked well for the first 6 times, then the brush bar got stuck with pet hair. It was impossible to clean.

    Within a month of buying it, I had to replace the brush bar and the clutch. Luckily, the Dyson warranty covered it and their service was excellent!!!

    So if you truly have pet hair, be forewarned that you will have to clean the brush bar EVERY time you use the vacuum. Also, the bagless canister is rather small. I have to dump it out at least 2-3 times every time I vacuum.

    ...more info
  • Nothing Compares
    As a former Appliance Supervisor for a major big box retailer, I have had extensive training on various home appliances ... including ... yep, the Dyson! There is no other appliance in the world like the Dyson! Did you know that the Dyson is the only cleaner that acts as an air purifier as well? The air expelled from the vacuum is 1500 times cleaner than the air that we breathe each day. Amazing huh?

    A couple more facts: the HEPA filter is built into the machine and never needs replacing! The filter is actually made to out last the life of the motor. In addition, there is enough material stuffed into the filter to ... and get this ... make 7 regulation sized soccer goals! No wonder the air expelled is so clean! In addition, the cyclone action design actually creates over 150,000 g-forces inside the canister. This is enough force to actually KILL fleas, ticks and any other type of insect/pest. No other vacuum cleaner can do this!

    This vacuum will not only make your chores easier, but it will promote a very healthy living environment as well! I own one ... and you should too! Get the DC14 now! ...more info
  • It arrived with a bent wand.
    I could not use it. Amazon was great about taking it back, but I ended up going to Sears to buy a new one. The reconditioned one was not packed as well as the new one so I probably would have bee safe buying a new one online. ...more info
  • One of the Best Vacuums on the Market!
    Not only does this vacuum do a great job of cleaning rugs but it also does a great job on bare floors with a turn of a dial. It is so easy to empty and return to work. It is also a fairly quiet machine, not as noisy as the Hoover. My husband could not believe the amount of dirt and dog hair this vacuum picked up the first time that I used it. No complaints with this factory reconditioned unit. It looked new but the most important value of this unit is the power to pick up without the mess of the Hoover. Thanks Amazon!!! ...more info
  • Suction of the gods !!
    I had heard about the incredible suction of this device... but words cannot do it justice. Any vacuum cleaner can pick up dirty, but for the dirtiest of situations, you need this product (no I really mean you NEEED this thing). The hose assembly is very sturdy with many ways to hold it when you're getting it into tight spaces at odd angles. The commercials say that it never loses suction, and I'm here to tell you cowboy: it never loses one single iota of its wonderful suction.

    My only regrets:
    1- I wish it had a few more special attachments for the hose
    2- I wish I still had blue cross (this thing NEVER loses suction)...more info
  • Awesome machine!
    Love this animal! Is great for both carpet and hard surfaces like tile and wood. Best vacuum i've ever owned....more info
  • Yeah, It's worth the money.
    I hate to admit it, but the factory reconditioned Dyson DC14 Animal was worth the money. I had always thought you either had to be super-materialistic or just insane to spend that much on a vaccuum cleaner. Besides cleaning the bathrooms, vaccuuming has to be one of my least favorite chores. Now, I actually like to vaccuum. I am amazed at how much the Dyson actually picks up. My floors have never been cleaner and that's with 3 kids, 2 dogs and 2 cats. The only reason I do not give it five stars is I find the hand wand not as user friendly as my previous vaccuums and the cord placement is a bit unconvienient....more info
  • I'll Never Buy Anything But Dyson!
    This vacuum is AMAZING!!!! Like others, I was skeptical. We have 2 Shiba Inu dogs that SHED like a mad house. Daily brushings of just one dog yeilds 6-10 handfuls of hair. Again, we have 2 Shiba Inus. When we first tested the vacuum out on our 12x14 front room, we filled the canister almost 3 times in two passings! Our previous vacuum would only fill up the bag once every six months, so we thought it was doing the job, but my wife's allergies got worse and worse.

    Now, her allergies have improved ten fold and our carpets look cleaner and healthier. We use tha vacuum for everything including dusting our blinds and TV. It does a WONDERFUL job!

    We now vacuum twice a day, realizing just how much hair is really there. My only hope is that the Dyson does what it claims and never loose suction. I REALLY hope that it will last us many years as well since we probably use it more than the average person, but if it lasts awhile, I buy another, and another, and another......more info
  • Dyson Animal Sweeper
    I gave the sweeper a 4 instead of a 5 because Im a senior citizen and its a little heavy to use. The suction is very good. My husband was also impressed by the suction power. I got the animal one because we always had pets in the home. Right now we don`t have any but plan to get one. I was waiting for a long time for the price to go down on the Dyson sweeper and finally it did and I had a gift cert. to use which made it a better deal. Its factory reconditioned but so far its worked great.So far, Im very pleased with it....more info
  • The BEST Vacuum Available
    I was a little leary about buying a reconditioned vacuum, but after reading all the reviews I decided to give it a try. This was the best money I have spent on a household item. I have not seen a vacuum that can compare. It is very lightweight, the tools are very handy, I love the extra long hose, and the purple color. My kids think that it is really cool to be able to see the dirt and pet hair inside the vacuum as it is picked up, so now they ask me if they can vacuum. It does great on hard floors too. I can't say enough good things about this vacuum. Thanks Dyson!!!...more info
  • Happy mom and pet Owner
    I love love love this vacuum. It is quieter than any vacuum I have owned. It picks things up so well, it is amazing. No dust comes out and this is the cleanest my house has been dust wise EVER!!! It actually picks up cat hair. Comes with a powder that pulls dirt out of carpets with not too much effort and makes my rugs sparkle.
    Just be aware that on area rugs that are super low pile it makes noises if you use the carpet feature (I learned it the hard way the first night). It does not break anything but it sounds like you do. Happy trails to all who buy this product....more info
  • Dyson DC14 Animal Upright Vacuum
    I purchased the reconditioned D14 Animal about 5 weeks ago...and I LOVE IT! It works perfectly. Came without a scratch on it brand new in the box with all accessories. I vacuum everyday because I love to see all of the dust, hair and allergins being removed from my carpet...I would recommend this product to anyone that has an pet and is concerned about the hair in your house....more info
  • BE CAREFUL !!!
    i have this vacuum...it is very very powerful and does not have a height setting....your delicate oriental or older carpets will be damaged if you use this vacuum with the beater bar engaged. If the beater bar is not engaged, all you are getting is suction and it simply does not clean well because it is a hard wood floor setting. This vacuum badly damaged my gorgeous oriental rugs !!...more info
  • thank goodness I was prepared
    okay got the Dyson DC14 Animal upright, put it together in the hallway on a tile floor...turned it on...vacuumed a path for about 8 feet long..looked clean before I started... I have 2 cats but picked up enough fur to make another two. I'ver read reviews and have researched Dyson so I was prepared for quality but I am still pleasantly surprised. Don't waste your hard earned money on any other brand. been there done that. not any more. Dyson is now my only option....more info
  • Incredible Vacumm
    This vacumm is like buying a macintosh vs. a Windows computer. It is so well designed and thought out. I was very impressed. They thought of everything. Very clean and simple system for emptying. I vacummed my 1 bedrooom apartment with my old vacumm a few days before getting this. It still loked clean, but I wanted to try the vacumm. To my suprise I filled and emptied the Dyson 4 times before finishing!!...more info
  • What a great vacuum
    This is by far the best vacuum I've ever owned. It does all it claims to do and more...So glad I have it!!!...more info
  • Call me crazy, but now I love vacuuming...
    Let me preface this by saying I have always hated housework - vacuuming, dusting - you name it. I have a Roomba and a SpotBot to do the work for me. I never even managed to put the effort into starting the Roomba more than once every 2 weeks or so.

    I cannot tell you how much my friends and family must be in shock to see me vacuuming several times a week. But it is so FUN now! We purchased the Dyson DC-14 Reconditioned Animal vac from Amazon. Our Hoover vacuum lost its suction after 1 short year. I borrowed my neighbor's DC-07 regular vacuum and knew Dyson was what we needed!

    This vacuum is the BEST! We have a 7 month old long haired black puppy who sheds like mad. But some other great features of the vaccum:

    We live in a 2500 sq. ft 3 level townhome. I can plug the vacuum in once and do the entire level. The cord is so long and I can do carpet and barefloors with the same vacuum. Plus, I can do the stairs with the long stair attachment - all with unplugging or dragging out attachments, which snap onto the top of the vacuum.

    The vacuum couldn't be easier to empty. No filters to buy, no bags to change. It works so well. You can vacuum every day and fil up the chamber. It has got to be GREAT for allergy sufferers as well.

    Get one, and your family, too, can think you've lost your mind. (My parents agreed with me, and bought their very own Dyson!) ...more info
  • Dyson 14
    I purchased a reconditioned Dyson 14 because we have 4 dogs. I was amazed at the power and amazed at how much lint and hair the Dyson picked up, even though I thought my carpets were fully vacuumed just a couple of days prior. If just normal upright use without using the attachments and the extension hose is all you want, you won't be sorry.

    I'd recommend testing it out, though, if the 17' extension hose is a high priority for you. The hose doesn't seem to loosen up, the upright falls over when I use the hose extension, the attachments don't "snap in" easily and sometimes just fall off. Maybe if you use the hose for a long period of weeks it will loosen up, but I'm tired of the upright falling over on the floor and following me around on its side. I've given up on the extension hose and have begun to attach my old stairway hose to it instead. ...more info
  • Extreme Power
    Easy to assemlbe, easy to use, and extremely powerful vs. all of the other uprights that were relatively expensive. Attachments work well. Refurbished model seems to be brand new save for one scratch....more info
  • What can I say?
    Simply put, it's the best vacuum ever! Everything about it is perfect, super strong suction, awesome attachments and the way it extends is "near" perfect.

    About the only thing I can think of that I'd like to see different is adding a height adjustment for carpets. In my bedroom I have very thick carpet and in my other bedrooms it's thin. On my master bedroom carpet it tends to leave lines. I usually like lines as it shows you just vacuumed, but this leaves about 4 lines instead of the usual two corner lines.

    I was completely amazed when I saw how much dirt, dust and dog hair I got out of my carpet, even AFTER going over it with my old vacuum. I was expecting it to be the best vacuum I have ever used and it is.

    ...more info
  • Great Bargain - Great Purchase!!
    Debated over spending for a reconditioned one or simply going for the new - took review recommendations and got reconditioned one - I do question the reconditioned name - it's picture perfect! Works like nothing I have ever used before - can't believe what I thought were clean rugs were absolutely filthy when using the Dyson, and like others, I did the use old one first test and then Dyson - it was a real eye opener! If you are on the border - just cross on over - the best investment I have made for my home and rugs!!!! ...more info
  • Dyson DC14 animal upright
    It looks brand new. One attachment was a little scratched but didn't look used. I have all hard wood floors and it worked great. What I really like about it is that when the vacuum butts up against the baseboard or wall it sucks the dirt right up. Most vacuums don't pick up what is against the wall, you usually need to use the attachment. Also great on stairs. It stays at the bottom and the hose is very long and reaches up to the top of the stairs no problem. It easier to use on the stairs than my canester which I had to lug up the stairs with me. I am very happy with it and glad that I ordered it. ...more info
  • Think Your House Is Clean? - Think Again.
    I recently purchased the reconditioned Animal. It lives up to it's name. This vacuum sucks - I mean really sucks hard. If you think you have a clean house, you have no idea the craptacular collection of stuff you will get out of your carpets. I emptied the canister 7 times doing 2 large rooms and I thought the carpet was relatively clean. I have two cats, here's what I saw.

    Old Carpet Fibers
    Dirt, big and small, ultrafine particles
    Broken off Kitty Claws
    Sequins, glitter (unseen)
    Last years Christmas tree needles I couldn't see
    Kitty fur, kitty fur, kitty fur
    Paper bits... this list is endless.

    I received all the parts including the carpet cleaning items. My vacuum had one little scuff mark on it, but other than that -it looks brand new to me. I see no difference.

    This is the best vacuum purchase I've ever made. I plan to purchase more accessories. This is also the first time I've used accessories that truly have extreme suction. Most don't even come close.

    Don't waste money on other brands, shell out the bucks for a re-conditioned Animal. It's just as good as new and you will NOT be disappointed.

    ...more info
  • Not So Great, unless.....
    I bought the "Animal" about 2 months ago. I can summerize the machine quickly. If you have carpet and a one story house, this is the machine for you! It's powerful and does indeed pull tons of dirt out of the carpet. The occasional time you have to pull the extender wand out and go for the spider webs above your head, or dust the baseboards, it's great.

    HOWEVER,,,,,if you have stairs, it is indeed TOO HEAVY to carry up, especially if you don't have a landing mid way up to rest the vacuum on. Also, on my hard surface floors, (stone, wood) it works great, but the switching from attachment to attachment is diffult and cumbersome. The floor attachement is raised up at the attachment hose and doesn't allow for getting under furniture without turning the hose on it's side. The attachements fall off if you don't push them on well enough. Some are easier than others, but the biggest complaint I have is that the wand that pulls out of the hose, is too long and again, trying to get under things requires me to move out of the way to accomodate the length of the wand, handle and hose all together. The handle is heavy, the hose is heavy and too big around. I'm 5'5", an need to use 2 hands to hold the handle and wand. My hands seem too small for the hose itself withought the wand. This machine was designed for a MAN. I suspect in 5 years the Dyson will be perfect. Every time I use this machine I feel that I've gotten a huge work out, and I'm very frustrated when I'm finished. I'm using muscles I didn't even know I had! I've had serious thoughts of selling it. I think it's ok, but not $500 worth. I'm glad I only paid $400, unfortunately, I feel that I need another one thats lighter to carry and will allow more ease of movement around the house.
    ...more info
  • Gotta use it to believe it.
    I received terrific service from Amazon - using supersaver free shipping, I thought the delivery would take a couple of weeks. It took less than a week from order to arrival. All parts were present and easily assembled. As everyone else has stated, the suction on this vacuum is incredible. I had to empty the cannister 5 times the first time I used it (we have two hairy dogs and a cat). My complaints - why don't the attachments snap on? If you vigorously use the attachments, you inevitably end up having them pop off the end of the wand. Also, the mini-turbo head seems to bog down on fabric, like sofa fabric.
    Anyway, I was able to vacuum dog hair off my couches that no other vacuums have ever been able to handle. I am very pleased with the vacuum. Finally, the hose does extend a long way, but it has considerable tension on it - it takes quite a bit of strength to use it, and on the stairs, I was afraid of being pulled off balance. I think I'll continue to use my Oreck mini on the stairs. Overall, very pleased with the purchase.
    Two years later I'm still very very pleased with this vacuum cleaner. I don't use the special mini turbo head at all, but the rest of the vacuum is outstanding. I bought reconditioned and have had no problems. ...more info
  • The best vacuum ever
    I purchase this factory reconditioned animal in December of last year. I just love it. It picks up everything and my carpet looks like it was done by a professional. I was skeptical at first about buying a factory reconditioned, but I sure can't tell the difference. I saved so much money plus still get the same quality of a new Dyson....more info
  • Kirby vs. Dyson - works great, except...
    First of all, I want to say that I honestly love this vacuum cleaner. We have the Kirby G5, and we are going to sell it on eBay because we like the Dyson so much more. The Kirby is so complicated to use, you have to literally disassemble the front of it to use any of the attachments, go to your closet and find the correct attachment, then disconnect the attachments and reassemble the front to use the regular vacuum again. With the Dyson, you just press a button, pull out the handle, and pop a conveniently located attachment on to the end, and you are ready to go...and honestly, our carpet just looks better after we use the Dyson.

    WARNING: If you have older carpets, do not buy this vacuum. The suction is actually so strong that it will lift the carpet up, and when it does that it will make the loudest wratcheting noise you have ever heard. Customer service, which they severely need to improve, told us that it is a safety mechanism so that you don't burn out the motor, or break a belt...it's normal. It also makes the same horrible sound if you bump into anything, like your couch, or a wall, etc...It has done this up to 10 times in one use and by the end of it, my nerves are shot, and my 1 year old is freaked out. So now we will probably by a cheap Dyson-like vacuum cleaner and store this one until we can use it, then we will try again. If your Dyson does do this, just move it to a different spot, it works better than shutting it off and turning it back on again. Oh yeah, and if you have long hair, like I do, expect to clean the roller alot (every other time or so) because it will also make the wratchetting noise if too much hair gets on it!...more info
  • Finally!
    I've been looking at the Dyson animal for about a year but was daunted by the price. In the meantime I was using a Bissell Clean-View and purchased a variety of cordless stuff as well as the "as seen on TV" Firestorm cyclonic vacuum (don't bother). I finally got tired of struggling to pick up not just ordinary dirt and dust but the hair of our dog and 9 cats, 7 of which live indoors and 4 of which are long-haired. At least the fish don't shed. When I saw the Dyson Animal DC14 refurbished model on Amazon at a greatly reduced price and read the reviews, I went for it. It arrived several days before the promised delivery date, looking pretty much brand new. Wow is this vacuum worth every penny! In about 3 seconds, it picked up 1/3 of a canister of cat hair. I went behind the Bissell with it and once again watched cat hair swirl into the canister. Some reviews say it's very heavy but I don't find it that bad to maneuver around. I've only had it a short time so have not tried the attachments but just out of the box it works great. If it weren't for its noisiness, especially the brain-rattling bellow it emits when snagging carpet fringe, I would give it 5 stars. It's also true that for the price, Dyson might have made this vacuum more substantial and not used so much cheesy plastic. Still, I feel like I finally have a real vacuum cleaner and am finally confident that I'm picking up most of the cat hair that abounds in our home. I highly recommend this vacuum. I also by the way highly recommend Amazon. I've ordered a lot of merchandise from Amazon and have had one good experience after another....more info
  • UNBELIEVABLE vacuum!!
    this thing sucks! LITERALLY! its crazy how great this machine works. i have never used anything like it before. it has 10 times the sucking power of $100-$300 vacuums. everything on it works as advertised. customer service is excellent as well. highly recommended!...more info
  • This thing is awesome and what a great price
    The deal was so good that my parents bought one for their home as well. It arrived in great condition and works amazingly. I have pulled at least 5 cats worth of fur out of my carpet.

    Highly recomended...more info
  • Very Pleased with the Dyson DC14 Animal
    The Dyson DC14 Animal is an excellent piece of equipment. It is well designed and works as described. It totally blew away our old Hoover Wind Tunnel. The only issue I have had with it to date is the small Turbo attachment. There is a spring loaded flap on the side to stop the brush action, for some reason. This flap is easily sucked in constantly stopping the Turbo attachment from working properly. I'm not sure if it's working correctly, or not. Other than this one issue it is a great product. Thanks Dyson!!...more info
  • Great deal for Dyson reconditinoed
    We ordered the reconditioned Dyson DC14 Animal. In comparing multiple vacuum cleaners and owning other brands in the past: hoover, oreck, sears, Electrolux, etc., the Dyson is the best vacuum. The reconditioned vacuum, factory packaged, came complete. The vacuum and accessories did not look used or reconditioned, that is, I couldn't tell that it was reconditioned, everything looked new. Maintenance is simple for emptying the canister, when and how to clean the HEPA filter, just spend a bit of time reading the instructions. The Dyson gives immediate feedback with the vacuuming task, you can see the canister fill up even with carpet you thought was clean....more info
  • I Love this Animal!
    I have 5 large dogs, one of which is a golden retriever...so I have plenty of dog fur around the house. Vaccums in the past have done so-so in taking care of the pet hair and dust but if I haven't been able to vaccum enough, they all spit out fur balls. The Dyson Animal 14 is wonderful! It pulls up so much dust that I initially could only vaccum for 5-6 feet before the container was filled. I high recommend!!! It's wonderful! ...more info
  • Love it~~~
    This is the FIRST upright that I have been able to use in nearly 20 years becasue of arthritic back problems. I was able to test this in my home as my daughter had purchased one and knew that I wanted to see if the Dyson is as good as advertized and two if my back could tolerate it.

    I am multiple pet household (3 dogs) (2 Parrots), I have never had anything that cleans as well, not only for hair but the dust and dander that goes deep down into the carpet!

    I purchased this prior to my Progressive vacuum being a year old.

    I will never be without the Dyson Animal again.

    I highly recommend this vacuum to any and all even if no pets are present.

    ...more info
  • So far, so good
    Living in South Florida with 2 Siberian huskies that go in and out all day, our house gets quite sandy and furry to say the least. I have been using a Hoover bagless for 3 1/2 years which has worked 'ok'....acceptable at best. But it was getting old and the belt kept breaking, which prompted me to start looking for a different vacuum cleaner. The Dyson caught my attention because of the claims of amazing suction. It certainly has that! To the point that it is almost difficult to maneuver around...which is not really a complaint. But what I had not read prior to purchasing were the reviews that talked about the 'ratcheting' sound when trying to vacuum smaller area rugs. I even have problems with my larger area rug in the living room with it being sucked up into the vacuum causing the beater brush to stop which creates the most god-awful ratcheting sound I have ever heard. I understand that it is meant to protect you from burning out the belt, but I wish there was some kind of adjustment that would raise the beater brush up from the rug a bit so maybe it would not get sucked in. With my small area rugs in the kitchen I have to use the small beater brush attachment that came with the vacuum which works fairly well. The other attachments also work well. I find it easy to switch from the rug to bare floor setting; no you can't do it with the touch of your toe, but I don't mind getting a little bit of exercise either. All in all I am pleased with the vacuum but I'm glad I didn't pay full price for it as I don't know that it is actually worth that much. I would recommend saving yourself a couple hundred dollars and buy the factory-reconditioned model. It looks as good as new....more info
  • I LOVE This Vacuum!!!!
    I have never had a vacuum that worked like this one. I have three young children who spill and dirty up my rugs on a daily basis. For the first time in years the Dyson makes me feel like my rugs are finally clean. I still can't believe the amount of dust and dirt it picks up every time I vacuum! Since I bought it, my husband now wants to vacuum the house--The Dyson is really a miracle worker!...more info
  • Very pleased with "The Animal"
    First let me say that I would challenge anyone to tell the difference between the "factory-reconditioned" unit and a brand-spanking new one...so save the $200. Lighter and quieter than the Hoover it replaces, the Dyson DC14 seems to do the job well, and, believe me, it gets a workout. Horses, dogs and cats plus the dirt and debris from the barn and property really put it to the test. It's easy to use, very easy to clean, and comes with a host of attachments. So far I'm very pleased.

    Even reconditioned the Dyson is on the expensive side, so I only gave it 4 stars. A year from now if it's still working as well as it is today I'll revised my rating to 5 stars....more info
  • I am so pleased with the Dyson DC14
    If anyone needs a really good vacuum cleaner, it's me. I live in the country,on a dirt road. I have 3 Maine Coon Cats that refused to go outside the minute the temp falls below 40, one dog that attacts every little thing, recognizable or not, that can possibly be in the yard, one short haired cat that still manages to keeping up with the shedding ratio of the three long haired Maine Coons and a husband with built in dirt magnets in his shoes. I have been struggling the last couple of years with a vacuum that just couldn't keep up with the marathon.

    We just got the Dyson DC 14 after months of looking and reading, reading and looking. I searched E-bay and then Amazon. To my delight, I found not only a Dyson but I was able to upgrade to the DC 14 and STILL pay less money than prices I have seen on E-bay and retails stores for the DC07.

    The machine is easy to figure out, easy to get up and running and easy to use. I can not believe how close it comes to the wall and corners without even having to use any of the attachments. It pulls the carpet up and just kept sucking up and sucking up the fur. It took me emptying the container 5 times to get though the house and I just vacuumed yesterday with the old one. I used the small turbo to get in-between the bed and night stands and was just amazed how well it worked. I thought the noise level was not over bearing and it handles much better than I expected.

    I have bought many of my major appliances as reconditioned items and have never found to have a minutes problem. The Dyson is no different. It is and excellent product.

    Theresa from Maine
    ...more info
  • Almost sucks the carpet right off the floor! <grin>
    I was prepared for the fact that there may be parts missing by the reviews I had read. And sure enough, when it arrived there was a small hose missing and the animal attachment was from another model. However, this was no problem, I simply dialed the number on the sticker located on the handle of the machine. The nicest person you could ask for had me describe what seemed to be missing and sent it out to me right away. I make allowances for this in my rating because I knew up front I was buying a reconditioned model.

    Now for the vacuum itself I simply could not believe what I got out of the carpet! I cringed! There was enough hair in there for a whole other cat after just doing the living room...hair from a carpet that had "looked" clean. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to maneuver as I had expected it to be much heavier than it is.

    The suction is so strong that your carpet stands up straight. And expect to see wheel marks...there's no way around it when the carpet gets that fluffed.

    I'm very pleased with my purchase and would highly recommmend it! The savings can't be beat and mine didn't even have any nicks or scratches on it and did arrive with all manuals and documentation....more info
  • Nice vacuum, but a bit pricey
    I've used this vacuum a couple of times now and it compares favorably to my Hoover Windtunnel bagless model. The Dyson is a bit lighter, a bit quieter, and has a bit better suction. But the Dyson is also twice as expensive. However, I got a refurbished unit and it looked brand new and has worked fine. In hindsight, I would have gotten the basic DC14 without all the extra attachments that I will probably never use. For example, the low clearence attachment will reach under my bed, but not any of my sofas. I think this vacuum is worth the refurb price, but not the retail price. ...more info
  • Dyson is great, Amazon isn't
    Love the vacuum! It's that simple: 5 stars for performance, design, ease of operation, etc. However, bought it refurbished through Amazon (i shop here quite often without problems) and was very disappointed to find mini turbine and low reach tool from the previous dc07 model. No biggie, I thought and called dyson first. They refused to replace parts, however, promised to send carpet cleaning kit (which I didn't need, but thanks anyway). Tried to contact amazon customer service (no number could be found, so everything was done via email). In response, I receieve a very vague answer stating that they had to "investigate the problem and get back to me within 2-3 days." A week later I sent an angree email asking about the "investigation," not returning my emails on time and replacing parts. Well, they offered to send the whole unit back to them and sent me a gift certificate for 10 bucks for "pain and suffer." This 10 bucks wouldn't even buy half of 1 tool, and it is very upsetting that neither dyson or amazon took the responsibility and tried to make it right. Hope that was informative.

    PS. This is a follow up. Well, i am persistant and sometimes it pays... After i made another phone call to dyson, they did send me replacements!!!

    Back to the vacuum... I now vacuum 3 times a week, and every time I end up having a full canister of dust and dirt from a 1300 sq ft house.... considering my home is clean with no animals, it is pretty impressive! The house feels so much cleaner and freshier! This is the best thing I have ever owned!...more info
  • Powerful Upright
    This vacuum would suck the spots off a leopard! I have owned a Hoover and a Rainbow. The Dyson is more powerful. It does require some strength to use it or carry it up and down the stairs. VERY easy and neat to empty with each use..no nasty dirt hanging around giving that "vacuum" odor to your broom closet. Profile is not particularly low, but attachments can be used under furniture. Attachments are convenient but not as easy to use as I expected because the hose is quite stiff. Hope it will relax after use.
    Arrived with one incorrect attachment nozzle. Dyson express-mailed me the correct one with absolutely NO HASSLE. Great problem solving service is always a plus!
    ...more info
  • Missing parts made me nervouse
    I was very excited to purchase my 1st Dyson. I read the reviews online and decided to try and save a few dollars by going with the "refurbished" model. I was so excited and it arrived so quickly. Amazon really did a great job with that. But when I went to put the product together it was missing the 2nd most major part- the stick- with power you use to push a vacuum. Pretty importatnt part to be over looked. It made me nervous in regards to the quality of the machine if they can't even get the 2nd largest most imporatant part back in the box. The warranty on the refurbs are only 6 months and I figure if they do not do a good job checking that they packaged up the machine correctly. They may not do a very good job fixing them either.
    So I have returned it to Amazon- who like always was great....more info
  • Good Choice for a Vacuum
    I would definitely recommend that if you are interested in a Dyson, go for a refurbished unit. I have had mine for over a month and it works perfectly. It has a couple of very small scrathes. But it was a great decision to buy refurbished because full retail price on these things is outrageous!!...more info
  • Very pleased.
    Works great so far, I did a lot of research and chose this one. It does make a godawful noise if everything isn't hooked up right. I haven't quite figured that out yet. It's the best vacuum cleaner I've ever had, I had an Electrolux before this....more info
  • Better than I expected
    We have 4 approx. 70 lb dogs and that's a lot of hair. When I started the Dyson up I thought the motor was too quiet to really pull that much hair and dirt up. Was I shocked at the 5 half full containers I dumped. I have a Oreck and have used a Windtunnel but nothing has done half the job that the Dyson does.
    Yea, it's not cheap, but, you get what you pay for and I've bought 2 other machines that equal the cost of one Dyson.
    ...more info
  • DC-14 Dyson for animal dander and hair
    I purchased a reconditioned Dyson DC-14 vacuum cleaner recently and am quite pleased. Each time I vacuum my apparently "clean" bedroom floor, the bagless container fills with hairballs from my black cat. It is absolutely amazing how much better my breathing has become. I am sorry I waited so long to make this purchase....more info
  • my dyson
    I love my new vacuum. It's all it's suppose to be & more. The only thing I was a little disappointed with is that it's a little harder to push than I thought it would be. ...more info
  • you MUST buy this vacuum!!!!!!!
    ****UPDATE 06-2007***** For all of you still on the fence, read my original review below. I have had my reconditioned Dyson for 2 years now. Have only had to give it a good cleaning 3 times now (once after resurfacing an indoor concrete floor and using the dyson to vaccuum it all up). We still have 3 dogs and this thing works as amazing as it did on day one! only twice did suction decrease, and all i had to do was rinse out the interior sponge and do an easy rinse of the canister and all is well! It is SOOO easy to take apart. If you don't have one, ya gotta get one!!*************************************************************
    ok. i have never written a review. i have never loved a product enough to write a review. but i am on an adrenaline high from just vacuuming my entire house. i seriously couldn't stop, it was so exciting. all 3,100 sq ft of it. 6 canister dumps...that is after cleaning 5 days ago for a visit from my mom!
    i can't believe i am this hyper about a vacuum but i feel i have to tell the world......THIS VACUUM IS BETTER THAN ANYTHING ELSE OUT THERE!!! the infomercials are true! i want to go film one for this thing.
    and getting it almost half off for a reconditioned version is even better! i am glad i did not get the ball version... it is easier to use attachments and have the vacuum able to stand upright and roll around after you.
    the attachment for low spaces/under beds works so well that it suctioned itself to my hardwood floors and at one point i pulled the hose right out of it. i have struggled to clean that space for the last time. it was so easy! right under the king bed, no space missed or unreachable.
    it is easy to use, easy to change attachments, easy to carry and maneuver. the way the canister works is amazing, no turning it upside down and dumping, just one button push and the bottom drops open! it comes completely apart, and easily without instructions to clean any part of it. i could reach ALL of my stairs. and the cord is just enough longer than regular models that i don't have to run around changing the outlet where i need to plug in. i reached 2 living rooms, kitchen and dining area all from one plug. the guy who invented this thing is a genius!
    oh yeah, and i have 3 pugs that shed like crazy. 2 fawn and 1 black so hair of all colors around, no hiding it. i used to use an entire roll of sticky tape to de-hair the pups favorite wine colored chaise. i finally gave up and put a blanket over it. i took it off for good. after 1 month of not vacuuming it (ok i know thats gross, but we kind of gave it over to the dogs) it looks almost new and the few hairs that were left were a pain to get out even with ONE piece ONLY of sticky tape. and the crevice tool gets into those tight upholstery corners! i found so much change and it went right through, no scary chunking noises....you could here it just pick up and slide right through the machine and plunk into the canister where it is even easily retrievable with out mess!
    enough rambling, just do it, pull out that credit card and buy this machine! i guarantee you will not regret it for a moment. skip a dental cleaning, eat ramen for a month, whatever you have to do....if you have pets you have to get this!!!

    ...more info
  • Expensive, but worth the money
    We read all the reviews, everyone said this was the best, but because of the price we bought a Hoover instead for about $250. We figured it would be fine for our needs. The 2nd day we had it, we spilled 2 cups of flour on the floor and it took 10 mins to get it up and STILL didn't get it all... So we returned the Hoover and bit the bullet and ordered this reconditioned one. WOW - 10x's better than the hoover and although it was "reconditioned" it appeared brand new and in perfect shape. Still getting over the sticker shock, but it is a lot better....more info
  • Jaw dropping cleaning power
    Let me start off by saying I have a house with three children, three dogs, and two cats. That being said, I was immediately attracted to the "Animal" vacuum... and I could not be more pleased with what I got. Who gets excited over a vacuum cleaner? Buy this one and it will be you too!! I have a wool rug in my living room that was just constantly covered in pet hair, it used to take me an hour a day with a rubber bristle brush to "sweep" the hair from the rug that my old vacuum could not get out. The Dyson Animal takes one pass at the rug and it is spotless clean not one stray hair is left behind, the same is true for my chairs and couch. It may seem like a small fortune, but it is worth every penny and more to see the results I have seen. It is very simple to operate, compact design moves around easily, and the dirt canister is very simple to empty... As for it being factory reconditioned, you would never know it looking at mine. Not one scratch, scuff, or mark to indicate it had ever been used before. And on top of all of that the motor is not overly loud!! Thank you Dyson for this product, what you advertise is truely what you deliver!...more info
  • Impressive cleaner!
    A great vacuum in great shape. I've wanted one of these for a while, but couldn't justify full price. With 2 cats and a golden retriever... did you know that golden's shed year round?... I probably should have gone for the full price model. Now I have the best of all worlds!...more info
    You can not go wrong with the vacuum. The suction on this vacuum is unlike any other on the market and it never goes away. I have owned other bagless vacuums and this one is in a class of its own. We have 4 cats, a dog and 2 kids and you can not believe the amount of stuff this pulls out of the carpet. Well worth the money- you won't regret it!!...more info
  • Best in vacuums
    We've owned a dyson (animal) for about 3 years now and if this ever breaksdown, we will definitly buy another. We have 3 dogs, 3 shedding dogs! I was going crazy with other vacs, I ended up with a separate hand vacs for the furniture as the floor vac just didn't help there. Not with the dyson, it does it all equally well. Easy to use, easy to convert to a hand vac, easy, easy, easy to empty. Can you tell we love this vac? We've owned at least 4 different vacuum brands, Dyson is the best. ...more info
  • From a happy owner
    We have one cat. He does not shed much, I believe
    but my mother thinks he shed too much.
    Our 16 years old Eureka cleaner sucked dusts but not
    fine cat hair or human hair.
    So I needed one strong vaccum cleaner that sucks up
    all the loosen fur on carpet.
    I spent quite big sum of money on Dyson 14 Animal.
    It sucked up huge chunk of cat fur, my hair,
    my mother's hair, powdery dust and even some kind of
    worms squirming in clear dust bin.(Ewww!!!)
    After seeing those, my mother has not complained
    as much about cat fur.(Yeah~)
    I am very happy with this machine.
    The only reason I give 4 stars instead of 5 is
    since it's refurbished, it did not look 'brand-new'.
    I know some people get spick and spand shiny one
    but I didn't.
    Mine looked definately used.-about 6 months used.
    It works great but looks used.
    So I give 4 stars.
    ...more info
  • Dyson DC14 Animal Upright Vacuum
    I couldn't be happier with this vacuum. My carpets and hard floors are so clean! This workhorse does NOT clog even with two dogs who shed all the time. It is such a pleasure to use....more info
  • Factory-Reconditioned Dyson DC14 Animal Upright Vacuum
    I am more than pleased with this vacuum. I had borrowed my sister-in-law's Dyson before I ordered it, so I knew what a great job it would do. Its quiet, light and easy to switch attachments although the hose is a bit cumbersome. I have had no problems with the reconditioned machine and saved quite a bit of money by buying this way. I'd give it 5 stars except I didn't receive any documentation with it and had to figure out how to assemble it on my own....more info
  • Factory-Reconditioned Dyson DC14 Animal Upright Vacuum
    I received the product in a timely manner, and the assembly was quite easy. I used the vacuum and was quite pleased with everything. It picked up an amazing amount of dirt and pet hair, even though I had used my old vacuum shortly before. It was very easy to empty contents of the dirt chamber and reinstall it on to the unit. I have to say I was very pleased with the unit. As for the Factory-Reconditioned piece of it,
    the unit appears brand new and no evidence of scratches or use. This was considered a high dollar purchase in my mind, but I wanted to get away from the dust my old unit seemed to release into the air, the Dyson seems to keep it inside the vacuum. Again, I'm very pleased and can only hope it will last and work as well as it has on the first few trips around the house....more info
  • Wonderful!
    This vacuum is simply wonderful! We have a little sheltie and she sheds a lot. This vacuum gets down in and picks up the fur very well. I amazed to view the canister and see all the fur that my previous vacuum did not pick up. I would highly recommend this product....more info
  • Great vacuum with no accessories
    I was extremely suprised by the power of this vacuum. We bought it specifically to clean hair from out carpets and furniture. While the vacuum doesn't pick up every single hair, it's clean enough for out daughter to crawl on it. The vacuum pulled up dirt and stuff we didn't know was in the carpet. Also, by useing this vacuum, it makes it easier on us to use our carpet cleaner which picks up less dirt compared to not using this vacuum at all. Our biggest complaint was Amazon did not ship any of the accessories. Luckily, the customer service at Dyson is awesome. You always talk to a live person. They took care of the 6 month warranty and shipped us new accessories for free. If only Amazon could have that good of customer service....more info
  • Best vacuum money can buy.
    I have three cats, one snow white, and navy blue carpet. Have had a number of vacuums over the years, never have I had anything pick up cat hair and other dirt like the Dyson DC14.
    Simply the best there is....more info
  • Supurb Design
    Head and shoulders above any vacuum I have ever used. The price is substantial (I paid $500 for mine at Home Depot). Like the reviewer above I had always bought more economical Hoover models in the $125 dollar range. My wife and I purchased one of these on impulse when we were flush. The machine has continued to impressed me for the eighteen months we have owned it. It is simple and powerful. It catches much more dirt (Evidenced by the fact you always have to empty the collection chamber). It is easy to use and easy to empty. It is painful to spend that kind of dough on a vacuum but it will likely save your carpet far beyond the cost of the vac....more info
  • This is an 'animal'!
    I bought this vacuum cleaner after much reviewing and questioning of friends, but I was still leary of the price given that I have only spent no more than $125 on previous vacuums. However, this vacuum cleaner lives up to the favorable reviews.

    Let me start by saying that I have a Persian cat. As a cat owner, I am aware of the shedding, but have had problems of cleaning up all the hair. My old Hoover just never lived up to the task. But the first time I ran the Dyson over the carpet (having just used the Hoover for comparison) I was truly shocked. The see through canister was 1/3 full! And here I thought my carpet was clean.

    So I then went about the rest of my house trying it out. In each and every room, the Dyson always picked up more. But the most impressive display was when I vaccumed the stairs. In the past, this has involved struggling with a cleaner on the stairs that doesn't quite fit so it is a juggling act to vaccum. One slip of my grip and the vaccum would tumble down the stairs. Oh... and let's not forget the fun of lugging a vaccum cleaner (upright) on the stairs. But with the Dyson, the long hose reached my top stair while the Dyson itself sat on the main level of the house. The 17' long hose was great. And with the attachment, even the stubborn cat hair came of the carpeted stairs.

    Another feature that is impressive is being able to switch between using the rotating brush or turning it off. What this means is that I can now vacuum over my rugs (brush off) without ripping the fringe or damaging my vintage hooked rugs. Yet, the vacuum pulls enough suction to clean the rugs. Example: sucking up tracked kitty litter.

    Clean up is also a snap. I no longer have to worry about bags or filters. I simply turn off the Dyson, press the switch near the handle and lift up the entire canister and walk it over to the trash. Pressing my finger on a hook and the base flips open allowing you to empty the canister without getting your hands dirty. Once the canister is empty, simply snap the lid back in place and return to the main unit (again, snap into place).

    I do have to admit liking the fact that I can see exactly what the Dyson picks up. Believe me, you will be impressed the first time you vaccum and see the collection of hair, dust, and other tiny debris.

    Oh, one other really nice feature: the attachments are attached to the unit itself. The exceptions being the one used to vaccum under things like couches or beds and the one for the stairs. It's quite convenient to be able to reach down and snap the upholstery attachment without carrying it around in my pocket or remembering to bring it into the room I am cleaning. This also ensures that I not only clean the flooring, but also clean the upholstered furniture on a regular basis.

    If it wasn't for the fact that I have to occassionaly clean the rotating brush (which I couldn't reach in my old Hoover) of hair (mine and the cat's) this would be a 5-star review. But as far as sheer vaccum power, this is definitely a 5-star performer....more info