Hoover Savvy U8174-900 Bagless Upright Vacuum

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SurePass Cleaning System thoroughly cleans carpets using a clever combination of WindTunnel(TM) Technology, dual agitators and two air paths. Custom Control Switch lets you move from carpet to bare floors with just the flick of a switch at your fingertips. Low Profile Hood so you can clean all those tight, hard to reach places, like under furniture. Powered Hand Tool has a rotating brush to get the job done right, the first time. Bagless Allergen Filtration with HEPA Filter removes pollens and allergens. Lifetime Belt. 1 Year Warranty.

Is that old vacuum stirring up embedded debris only to leave it on the surface for you to suck up with the hose? As with all vacuuming difficulties, Hoover is savvy to this issue. That's why they designed the Savvy SurePass system, a system that thoroughly cleans carpets with a powerful combination of dual agitators-each with separate air paths that suck debris up without thinking twice. And, Hoover's Custom Control Switch lets you move from carpet to bare floors with just the flick of a switch. A low profile hood lets you clean all those tight, hard-to-reach places and under furniture. The hand tool is equipped with a rotating brush for optimal efficiency. Hoover's Bagless allergen filtration system with HEPA Filter removes pollens and allergens for cleaner breathing and healthier lungs. Best of all, the embedded-dirt-finder's red indicator light lets you know that it's still sucking up dirt. When the light turns green, the carpet is clean. Your purchase is covered by a Hoover 1-year warranty. --Brian Olson

  • Bagless upright vacuum cleaner for carpets and bare-floor surfaces
  • SurePass cleaning system combines WindTunnel technology and 2 air paths
  • HEPA filter removes pollens and allergens; powered hand tool with rotating brush
  • Embedded DirtFinder; 15-inch cleaning width; on-board tools; low-profile hood design
  • Measures approximately 20 by 15 by 45 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Had To Comment
    I bought my Savvy by Hoover 2 years ago. Overall, the vacuum works very well. As stated by so many others here, the suction is great. The problem I had was with the finicky switch. I would have to toy with it to get it started and it would turn off as I was using it. Finally, the switch failed completely. I spent $85.00 to have it repaired. Seems to be a common complaint. ...more info
  • Savvy will self-destruct when warranty ends. Replace - DO NOT REPAIR!
    I was very pleased with this vacuum for the first several months. The savvy had great suction, helpful attachments that worked great on furniture, and laid down flat to clean under beds. The light sensor worked well too. I was constantly changing the bag, which is a good thing.

    Then the problems began. The vacuum became very heavy to push. The brush stopped spinning. The light was always red, never green. (Maybe that wasn't an error b/c the carpet wasn't cleaned?) The switch was very finicky. I just had a free estimate for a $158.09 repair in Brentwood, CA. $60 to replace the switch assembly, $40 to replace the lower motor cable, and $60 for labor and tax. I've looked online and found that ordering the parts for myself would save some money. However, after reading the other countless reviews condemning this vacuum, it is VERY CLEAR that my money should only go towards a NEW VACUUM.

    Do not put your money into repairing this vacuum. ...more info
  • Worst Vacuum I Ever Owned
    In our 45 years of using vacuum cleaners, my wife and I both agree that this Hoover Savvy Bagless is the WORST vacuum cleaner, if not the worst electrical appliance that we have ever owned. The last straw is that the latch that holds the vacuum body in the upright position has failed. The mechanism is an injection molded plastic piece that has no strength and it failed. We do not plan to spend money on repairs. We plan to dispose of this vacuum cleaner.
    The wind tunnel is very hard to clean out when hair or strands of material clog it up and this is not an infrequent occurrence. The height adjustment is very hard to actuate and is a cheap plastic latch system. The vacuum is heavy and provides a healthy workout when using it to clean carpets. The extra length of hose that came with it is something we never found a use for. The bag/bagless system is another case of an unnecessary extra. We always use the vacuum as a bagless unit so would have saved money had we purchased a vacuum cleaner with fewer extras. The light went out after less than 50 hours of use.
    The switch is starting to fail by becoming intermittent and has to be jiggled to make it lock in place.
    Everything about the design of this vacuum cleaner speaks to styling for sale purposes, but not for functionality. The mini-rotating brush is another unnecessary feature.
    I am a former manufacturing engineer for an appliance company and find this vacuum cleaner to be of lesser quality than I would expect from a brand like Hoover.
    I hope that I can find a better vacuum cleaner soon with the help of the ratings on Amazon....more info
  • A Great Value
    In my experience, this vacuum has been a great value. I have owned it almost two years, and it continues to have excellent suction. The "dirt finder" feature is a plus, and the canister does have to be emptied frequently. While I don't love emptying the canister, this is at least assurance that it is picking up a lot of material.

    I have noticed that there is a lot more hair on the beater brush than with my old vacuum, so this needs to be cleaned more frequently. Whether it's because this vacuum is picking it up better or if it's a fault of the brush's design, I couldn't say.

    The only major con is the length of the attachment hose, which just became an issue when we moved to a house with carpeted stairs. But because this vacuum has been so great, I am planning to simply buy an extension hose for vacuuming the stairs....more info
  • Good for a while
    Right out of the box I loved this vacuum. Easy to operate, great suction, flexible with bagless or bagged options. Then it began to lose power, got harder to push, the "lifetime" belt began to stretch and fail, and finally the switch failed. Now that Hoover was purchased by a chinese company, getting the part is rediculous (over $40 for the switch plus shipping and labor). Typical of these products, they work well for a while, but long term they can't because they are cheaply made. I recommend Riccar (still made in the US) or the Eureka sanitaire models - almost indestructible with steel and aluminum construction (not plastic) and they stand behind their products with 5 year warranties! This vacuum never made 5 years and, sadly, is another addition to our growing land fill....more info
  • Worst Vacuum Ever! Stay Away!! Money Trap!
    I have felt impelled to write a review on this piece of bleeping machine. If I could I would have rated this vacuum less then 1 star. We have had this machine for about a year now and within maybe 3 or 4 months on owning it we had to replace the switch. About a month after replacing the switch my wife was wrapping the chord to put it away and the bottom lip gave in and snapped so needles to say we can't wrap up the chord anymore.

    Adding to that only a few months later the locking mechanism that keeps the vacuum in the up right position broke so now you don't need to use the little foot peddle to unlock it because the lip that held it snapped and so now the vacuum body just sometimes drops to the floor which now becomes a safety hazard for my 4 little boys.

    After only maybe 6 months from getting the switch replaced it's now starting to go again. Also when vacuuming now it has started to make a loud knocking noise which is most likely the motor going.

    I have to say this is the worst vacuum I ever owned. My previous Hoover was a windtunnel bagged and lasted us about 9 years before it finally died. The Savvy had great suction in the beginning and I was very impressed with it at first, but that impression quickly died as time went on.

    Needles to say we are looking for a new vacuum and it's not going to be a Hoover. We are currently looking at the Bissel Revolution Lift-Off. ...more info
  • Replacement Vacuum Cleaner
    Item was reasonably priced, and worked like a charm. I was replacing my wife's old Hoover. She could not be happier with the result.
    Item came within a week of my placing the order. I recommend this seller and this product highly....more info
  • Major problem with belt, probably causes other parts to fail
    Just wanted to add my own review to the list on the Hoover Savvy vacuum. First of all, the manual and box brags about a "lifetime belt" that should never need replacing. Our first belt lasted several months just fine until it shredded. It is then you can see that it is quite flimsy. To replace it, the manual said you should never have to, but in case you do, you must take it to a service center, which we did. At a cost of about $90 for labor mostly, it was given a new belt.
    There are no instructions about replacing it yourself and the process appears intimidating when you investigate doing it yourself. The $6 belts also are hard to find retail. The $90 replacement belt lasted us for about 6 months before it too decided to shred. We ordered one online from Sears parts direct and proceeded to replace it ourselves, whereupon we noted that the vacuum was spitting out pieces of black plastic (probably from the guide that keeps the belt in line) and we noted that the switch on the handle was no longer working properly. I agree with other reviewers that one should not expect this cleaner to last more than 1 year after purchase. It is my experience that when the belt goes, trash it! AND IT WILL SURELY GO AFTER OR BEFORE THE YEAR IS UP.
    This machine which we really liked a great deal seems to be programmed to self-destruct on its first birthday!---if you are lucky, it will last until right before its second. Too bad, it is an excellent design, fits nicely under furniture, is rather easy to use, etc. After 41 years of using Hoover products, I can say that they have always had good motors in them but their attachments always were cheap and not user friendly after the mid 1960's. Some of the models had designs that made them clumsy, but they worked hard for a long time. This one will be trashed when the Tempo comes to my door from Amazon. I had a Tempo some time ago and the danger with that is that I can nick furniture with the hard shell of it if I try to go under it. (also the sides of legs if I get too close) I wish Hoover would improve the quality of its parts on the Savvy and similar vacuums it makes. I would have stuck with it....more info
  • Works great....for a year only!
    My husband and I purchased this in July of 2006 because it had great reviews and it was even a Good Housekeeping best buy! We're having the exact same problems! The power doesn't even work on "bare floor" and the brush agitator has completely stopped working on the carpet setting. The power flickers on and off on the vacuum and it is extremely difficult to drag this "best buy" across our floor now. So much for us *ever* buying a Hoover again! Run away! ...more info
  • Good vacuum at first- then breaks!
    I have had two of these cleaners. I was really impressed when I got the first one. It worked awesome and picked up alot of dirt and was easy to use. However, after about a year the handle started shorting out and I eventually had to replace with a new one. I liked this one, and not being too expensive, I purchased the same model. Now, less than a year later, the handle is doing the same thing! If you don't play around with the switch then it will not vacuum! Also, the filter puts out alot of odor when you vacuum, especially if you have animals. The actual vacuum part smells worse than the animal hair! The filter is expensive to replace and it is hard to clean between replacing. I will not buy this vacuum again or another hoover at that. Expect to have to replace this cleaner in 1 year if you do decide to buy!...more info
  • Find Something Else
    Like everyone else, I have had the same problems. My wife keeps bugging me to get a new vacuum because it's so difficult to use and doesn't seem to pick up very well anymore, but I figured it wouldn't be a big deal to just replace the switch...sounds like more hastle than it's worth. The brush utility is indeed worthless. I guess we'll be getting a different brand....more info
  • I LOVE this vacuum
    Hi, I have an older model Hoover Savvy it's about 4 yrs. old and I got it as a gift... It works very well on wood as well as carpet. The attachements are very good as well. I DID since it was a gift purchase the extended 3 yr. warranty which has been a real lifesaver ! I think it cost an EXTRA $99 but, it covers just about everything except for the filter replacement. I generally take my vacuum in to the repair shop every 6 months for a through cleaning and repair. This has kept my vacuum running GREAT ! In the past I haven't had much success with vacuums generally AFTER the first year they end up in the trash... This is the first vacuum that has lasted through children, pet(s) and wall to wall carpet... ! With any vacuum I think if you treat it with a little care and maintance it will last you quite awhile...

    ...more info
  • Just Like Everybody Else....
    I bought my Hoover Savvy online 2 years ago for around $239.00. Today, it was replaced by a Bissell Healthy Home.

    Reading these reviews, the one constant that keeps coming up is the 3-way switch. Just like everybody else, my switch worked fine until about a year ago, when it went on the fritz. I called Hoover's Customer No-Service and told them about the switch. They said they were aware of it and, in good faith, did send me a new switch free of charge that I replaced myself. One year later (yesterday, as a matter of fact), the 3-way switch went again, this time with an associated burning smell and a nice little smoke-show. Called Hoover Customer No-service once again. The somewhat snotty and somewhat dis-interested Customer No-Service rep said they were REALLY sorry, that they were REALLY aware of the switch issue, and that they were REALLY sorry they couldn't send me another replacement switch because they had REALLY already sent me a replacement switch a year ago. I said I was REALLY sorry that I would never buy another Hoover product again and that I was REALLY going to send out a review to as many people as I could telling them to REALLY avoid this product.

    Outside of the switch problem, the vacuum performed decently -- not the worst I've used, certainly not the best. I used the Bissell for the first time today getting the house ready for a New Year's Eve party. It worked great and the one thing I noticed was that it felt like a feather compared to the Hoover. I'm a big guy (6'-4", 225 lbs.) and the Hoover routinely kicked my posterior as I moved it around the house. Also, the Bissell is much easier to vacuum with and the attachments actaully work, unlike the small "sorta-powered" small brush on the Hoover which would only work well if the stars were properly aligned and there wasn't a full moon.

    Avoid the Hoover Savvy like the plague and get something else. The Bissell Healthy Home I've mentioned is a great choice!...more info
  • Barbaric Angioplasty
    I abandoned this hippogriff after six months. Lured in by promised power and technology. It's cleaning capability was lacking. And its featured "wind tunnel" design turned out to be its major fault. Bilateral forward mounted wind tubes have rough edged couplings within their lumens. This allows for hair to snag midway up the tubes. The hair then grabs lint and that leads to a full clot. You then have to snake a wire up the tube to clear out the clot. Plus the bagless system is a trap for that teeny-weeny dudu dust that fills in the nooks in the stinky filter. To clean it you turn a dial that runs the filter folds along a plastic ridge. Warning: you better be standing in the nearest parking lot when the dust and dudu start flying. With bagged vacuums you pull out the bag (dudu dust n' all) and slip in a fresh one. My Hoover Savvy is retired to the closet. The Kemore Progressive upright has proven to be the Queen Supreme....more info
  • this vac is BAD
    I would not spend a dime on anything from hoover. I have had this vac for 13 months and it is DEAD. Out of warrenty so I am out of luck. Don;t waste your time on this junk!!!...more info
    I thought I had done my research, by using consumer reports. Bad choice. I've already had to take the vacuum to the repair shop 2 times since I bought it a year ago. HUGE waste of money. The switch has already gone and the repairman let me know he's seen this a lot. One of the belts has already broken and when I took it in to get that repaired he let me know the vacuum wouldn't make it much longer. Also the "clean" and "dirty" sensors worked at the begining and now only work occasionally. It isn't like the vacuum is used daily. The whole house is vacuumed once a week and other than that it is only used when there is more to clean up than a broom or hand-held vacuum can handle. My repairman recommends the "simplicity" and "panasonic" vacuums. Now I'm just waiting until the next break when I can put it out for trash day. This vacuum has ruined the entire "Hoover" brand of vacuums for me. I WISH I COULD GIVE IT "ZERO" STARS BECAUSE IT ISN'T WORTH THE ONE I GAVE IT....more info
  • Do NOT Buy This Vacuum
    I bought this vacuum in late 2005 and used it lightly for nearly two years. But then the brushes stopped turning. I took it to a repair shop and was told that I had a problem with the circuit board that would take $90 to fix. He said the vacuum was terrible and he saw the problem all the time. He even showed me the one he was working on when I came in. He said he could fix it but I'd be back within a year with the same problem. $90 repair for a $200 vaccuum doesn't make a lot of sense to me, especially if the problem will continue. It was an easy decision to just throw it away and buy something else. ...more info
  • For the love of God, don't buy this vacuum!!!
    This is really a review of myself: I have got to be the stupidest person ever!! I bought this vacuum, used, on E-bay, with no warranty, and without reading any consumer reviews first. After reading the Amazon reviews, about the faulty control switch, the loss of suction, and other complaints people have had about this machine, I was hoping the one I purchased would be alright.

    WRONG! Guess what? FAULTY CONTROL SWITCH AND NO SUCTION....Luckily I only lost about $60 on Ebay, but GEEZ. Hoover apparently tried to play Candid Camera and make a really poor vacuum, just to sit back and laugh at all the whiners. The bare floor option doesn't work at all, and I have to keep messing with the carpet setting to get it to run. I can hardly lift the thing, it weighs about a million pounds. That's an exaggeration, it's really only a few hundred pounds. And the kicker was when it started blowing dirt all over the carpet at which point, I realized there WAS NO SUCTION.

    Oh, the cost of wisdom....more info
  • How to change the joker "LIFETIME" belt
    Hoover should be SUED for calling this a lifetime belt, which is why I bought the machine cause I was tired of replacing belts. I replace one about every 3-6 monthes, at 7-11.00 a pop. SCREW HOOVER THEY LIE IT IS NOT LIFETIME. First time I broke one, I called them, emailed them, etc. Talked to all kinds of service reps & stuff, and they finally figured out what I was talking about with the tiny little rubber cogged lifetime belt. They even sent me one. They could never figure out how to replace it. I had a local place do it, paid them 20.00 extra while I watched. Now I can find how to do it on the Internet also.... pretty easy.
    Here's how from http://www.howtomendit.com/answers.php?id=43046

    The Savvy uses a Maytag #91001028 Timing Belt.


    A. Peel off the red Hoover circular decal from the top of the big plastic motor cover. Remove the screw underneath.
    B. Turn over and remove the 2 screws (one on either side and just forward of the wheels).
    C. Remove 7 screws from the beater bar cover. Clean beater bar.
    D. Slide belt onto the beater bar and reinstall beater bar on its mounts.
    E. Pass the belt over top of the idler pulley. It does not go around the pulley, just 1 side contacts the pulley.
    F. Loosen the 2 motor mount screws. Slide the belt onto
    motor pulley. Retighten the 2 motor screws.
    G. Reinstall the beater bar cover with the 7 screws.
    H. Reinstall the 3 screws that hold the big plastic cover on.
    I. Apply power and test.

    Remember....the beater bar will only run with the handle out of the fully upright position. The position you would norrmally use to run the vacuum.
    ...more info
  • Lousy machine
    The bearings went bad after only a few uses. As far I as can determine, neither Hoover nor any of their dealers sell replacement bearings. I paid $199 for a machine that doesn't work. I'm going to just throw it out and buy a new vacuum....more info
  • Pleased so far...
    I've been using the Savvy for a few months now with no problems. I'm pleased with how well it cleans my carpet as well as my hard wood floor. I do have to use the attachment for the baseboards and corners in my kitchen but the suction is great. This is the first bagless vacuum I ever owned and I like not having to mess with bags. I just carefully clean the canister out after each vacuuming to minimize the mess. I bought this vacuum in a pinch before I read any reviews. Home Depot didn't have a huge selection but I thought the price was reasonabe and it had the features I wanted. I almost returned it to the store after reading reviews, but decided I'd make up my own mind about it. So far I'm pleased. If I have any problems in the near future I'll update my review. ...more info
  • Don't buy this!
    Bought it in 2005, already in the trash after threee trips to the repair shop. Plain Junk!...more info
  • Will Never Buy Another Hoover!
    I purchased this in late 2005. It worked well for a couple of months, then gradually began to lose suction. The "floor" setting never worked properly. I live with pets, and from the beginning, the vacuum was never very good in picking up cat hair. It took HEPA bags, which cost $5 apiece. Terrible suction when bagless. Finally, the brushes stopped rotating. I tried to take it apart, but to no avail. This is the third Hoover I have owned in some eight years. All have died prematurely due to cheap plastic construction, motor burnout or some other dumb malfunction. Never, ever again will I purchase a Hoover....more info
  • Do NOT buy the Hoover Savvy Vacuum
    I made the mistake of purchasing the Hoover Savvy Vacuum at Target in June of 2006. Maybe it was the pretty green color?? It cost $199 at the time, I would not pay $9 for this vacuum now. It worked well for about 10 months. Then the power switch started to fail. I have to move the switch nine or ten times back and forth for it to power up. Right now (a year later), the vacuum's hose is the only thing that will pick up dirt. I am completely disappointed in this purchase, and wish I could get back the $199 and put it towards a Dyson or a quality vacuum....more info
  • Started out good, went downhill from there
    I have had this vaccuum for two years now. It started out pretty good. The suction was amazing and picked up all the dog and cat hair easily. I was not at all impressed with the "power" tool for furniture, it was worthless. The brush sticks constantly and it didn't pick up much of anything. Emptying the canister was messy, but was nice not to have to replace bags. Also nice to be able to see how full the canister is. After about a year I had to replace the on/off switch. The technician said these switches only last about 1 year on these vacs. Then small pieces of plastic around the housing started cracking and breaking off. It seems to be just falling apart. I am highly disappointed in Hoover. I thought they were better than this. I think most of the reviewers who have posted positive reviews haven't had this vaccumm very long. If I had written a review after I first got it, it would have been pretty positive.
    Although, unlike many other reviewers, I have had no problems with the belt....more info
  • Once again - another vacuum bites the dust!
    Okay, we have a large house and 3 dogs, 3 cats, 3 kids - I was tired of having to pay $60 every time a roller went out - I bought this vacuum spending a lot more money thinking this should last past the typical 1 year - I haven't had this for more than a year and the roller keeps sticking - I clean the roller every month with all the traffic and hair but its another trip to the service center and another $60+ dollars - wish my money could be spent on a vacuum that lasts! I'm thinking about at Dyson - somethng has to be worth the money?!?...more info
  • What a mistake!!
    I have the exact same problems that everyone else seems to have. The power switch went bad right away as did the belt. I've replaced the belt three times in a year and a half and this is no easy task with this machine. This Hoover is the worst machine I've ever had. I bought it in a panic on Christmas eve when my last hoover (10 years old) fell apart and sucked itself up. (really!) It cost me over $250 and was one of the only vacuums that Sears had in stock that I could take home immediately. After a year and a half of problems it's now making a strange noise, when I can get the switch to work, and I know it's about to go for good. I have now sworn that my relationship with Hoover is completely over. Eureka, here I come! (and at HALF the price!)...more info
  • The Worst Vacuum I Ever Owned
    Wow, it is almost like they tried to make the worst vacuum ever! We bought this in Aug 2006, and it lasted about a month. Since then, a piece has broken every month since then. It started with the stair cleaner (only used once when it stopped working). Next was the bare floor mode. It won't turn on, and I have to clean all my bare floors (the entire downstairs of my house) with the hand-held attachement. Which, by the way, won't fit on the vacuum anymore for some reason. Next was the carpet mode. It only works intermittently. I plan on leaving this out for bulk trash this week. ...more info
  • Same complaints as the other reviewers!
    I purchased this vacuum in August of 2005. After a year and a half of great performance, one day I noticed that my carpets weren't looking as clean as usual. I lifted up the vacuum and discovered that the belt had stopped working. I was desperate for clean carpets so I went to work on the carpet using the pet hair attachment. I figured that was a passable solution until I could get the vacuum to a repair shop (in short supply, and inconvenient, here in NYC). Two weeks later, I turned on the vacuum to do a quick clean of the hardwood floors and couldn't understand why the power kept going in and out. Turns out the power switch is also faulty! To top it off, I attempted to use the pet hair attachment only to find that the suction has gotten so weak that the small bristles on that attachment won't even rotate.

    I was happy that I checked the Amazon reviews to see if others had similar problems before wasting time and money dragging this machine around NYC repairs. Glad to see it's not just me with a bum machine. One and a half years of useful service? What a horrible product. Off to the overcrowded landfill with this machine. Thanks Hoover!...more info
  • Very Disappointing
    The first 2 times I used this vaccuum it worked great -- I raved about it to friends. Then I started to hear a loud noise coming from the bottom, and next thing I know the "lifetime" belt broke. I had to get it repaired --- $50.00 for a $200 vaccuum (the belt must be replaced at a service center). Now the on/off switch is going, and there is no suction from the bottom at all -- only from the hose attachements! I have cleaned it out several times to no avail. DO NOT PURCHASE THIS MACHINE!...more info
  • it does the job
    it is very good on carpeted surfaces, but does not pick up everything from bare floors (unless i use the hose and additional heads which are provided). also, it is extremely heavy. still, since i got it primarily for the carpet, i am happy with it....more info
    After loosing most of my household items as a result of Hurricane Katrina, I purchased a Hoover Saavy upright. It boasted great preformance and said that it could out clean the Dyson. Well, the vacuum is a little over 3 months old, and I have had nothing but problems with it. First, the power switch began to short--then finally went out. I contacted Hoover because the Vac is still what I would consider new--and was told to take it to an authorized Hoover repair center. Had to put out $$$ to fix that problem. After that, the belt began to stick (there were no obstructions) which caused a problem with the roller brush which led to the motor burning up. The suction was never really good at all--from the time I got it out of the box! I have read the comments that other consumers have posted here about this particular vacuum, and it seems that a lot of the problems are similar. I would hope that if you own this particular vacuum and you have had a problem with it especially one of the similar problems that EVERYONE ELSE HERE has had--it would be great if you brought it to the attention of the Hoover company. I have emailed them, and referred them to the comments listed here. Hopefully, they will stand behind the company name and provide a replacement or some kind of resolution for those who have be SO inconvienienced by this products exceptionally bad performance....more info
  • Huge disappointment
    Having grown up in a "Hoover family," and having owned one previously that held up to a lot of abuse for 10+ years, I didn't hesitate to purchase this model. What a mistake. The "lifetime guaranteed" belt lasted about a year. It's not user-servicable, so off to the repair shop. The power switch went out a month later--back to the repair shop. Then, the replacement belt caused a problem that cracked the motor mount, knocking it out of alignment, which resulted in the melting of the floor rotator housing. So, it's back in the repair shop again. I'm tempted to tell them to keep it....more info
  • Worked well... for two years
    Loved it at first, but the plastic bit that releases the handle broke in the first year (fixed under warranty). Then it seemed to be losing suction and now the switch is not working. The guy at the repair store did not have anything good to say about Hoover, Bissel, Eureka, etc. Just ordered a DC17 Dyson from Amazon for $525 w/ a five year warranty. Expensive but if it last five years and does as well as reviewers say, then I be happy to have spent that amount of money for a vacuum. ...more info
  • Works Great If You Treat It Right
    I've had this vaccum about a year now, and really love it. It has a few problems, but nothing beyond ordinary vaccum stuff. As long as you get down and clean the hair off the broom every few months, this little $200 wonder will give you good cleaning for a long time....more info
  • Disturbingly disappointed.
    The day purchased the Savvy, I was so ecstatic--it did a wonderful job. Then I tried the turbo-paw & upholstery attachment, there was NO suction. Same was true for the edger. Hoover said, probably needed repair--after 1 use??!! (Parts under short time warranty, not labor!). Decided, OK, get a supplement vac for these projects for less cost. Kept filters cleaned etc, and watched for pet hair etc around roller. On the 3rd use--lost all suction. Checked, cleaned all systems AGAIN. Turned back on, and smell of bad circuit, then smoke! My last vacuum lasted 20 years, w/belt change now & then. The one before that had been in the family since the 1950's. Hoover really doesn't back this product! I could have paid someone else to vacuum my house 10 times, instead of purchasing this product that didn't last thru 3 uses! ...more info
  • stop! give it time!
    I loved it, too...convenient, good suction, long cord, neat features...then one day out of warranty (HONEST!) the motor blew. Service centers are hard to find (and the one I called was downright rude), so I'm done with Hoover. (But wait, I guess IT was the one that our ended our relationship!)...more info
  • Seven Months and I still love this Hoover Savvy!
    I was in the market for a new vacuum, and was leaning toward a Dyson. I read an comparison by Good Housekeeping, though, and this was the winner. I decided to give it a try! I couldn't wait to try it as soon as I got it. So, even though my carpet had just been swept with my very old Dirt Devil, I vacuumed as soon as I got it out of the box and got the attachments fastened on. It picked up a ton of cat hair and a little bit of dirt. It has a neat sensor on it that is red and says dirty and then changes to a green light saying "clean." I've found the light changes to "clean" when it is no longer picking up anything. I first thought it was silly, but it's actually quite useful: the carpet is never actually cleaned as soon as I think it should be. The powered hand tool does a bang up job on the recliner and my couches. Seven months later and I still love my Hoover Savvy.
    ...more info
  • Good vacuum, bad belt.
    I too have stripped the geared belt that was guaranteed for life. And because it's guaranteed for life, they don't sell them in stores, so I guess I'll be contacting Hoover Monday morning to see if they can send me one. Overall, it's been a great vacuum, just the belt issue has been a pain. Also, the green and red light feature is cool. And like mentioned above, it actually seems to work well.

    John in Alpine, UT
    ...more info
    The worst vacuum purchase I have ever made. The circuit board has gone out twice in the nine months I have owned it. I have to travel 46 miles to get it repaired even though I can buy the vacuum several places in town. Hoover offered to pay shipping ONE way- whoopee. The sad thing is that the vacuum works great when it works. As soon as it is fixed again I am trading it in for a different brand. I don't dare keep it past the warranty period because who knows how long it will last....more info
  • this vac sucks!
    No pun intended. I am soooo disappointed with this vacuum. Started out working great. Bought it summer 05 by Feb 06 it had been in for service for "clogging", then a broken indicator light and now the motor is shot. Can't be replaced without a "special order" because the motor doesn't appear in the replacement catalogue. Contacted the company and all they could say was "sorry we couldn't meet your needs". Don't think I'll be buying hoover again and I suggest you don't either....more info
  • One month is a "lifetime"
    Great vacuum cleaner, but I knew their claim on a"lifetime" belt was too good to be true. After using it for 4 Saturdays, the agitator got tangled in the fringe at the edge of an area rug. By the time it was turned off, the "lifetime" geared belt was stripped....more info
  • Works great, can't beat the price!
    Searched online reviews, read Consumer Report, went and looked at bunch of uprights and decided to try this one. It has great suction and YOU get to decide if you want to go bagless or not. We're using it without the bag and it is amazing the amount of dirt it is picking up (even after we had just vacuumed with an expensive Miehle). I thought the clean LED (red when dirty, green when clean) was a gimmick but it actually works well. Has a "lifetime belt" so supposedly won't ever have to replace it. Very happy with with the vac and for less than $200 I can afford another one in a few years vs. a Dyson, for example. (I have one wish that the manufacturers would incorporate the retractable power cords in uprights that they have on the cannister vacs.)

    ADDED: 8 months later...been through 3 "lifetime" belts and the power switch is starting to go. Shouldn't have been so quick with my 5 stars!!!!...more info
  • Probably just me
    I purchased this item on 08-18-05. Since I don't get the time to vacuum frequently, I use it once a week. At first I was happy that I made the right choice as everything about this Vacuum seemed perfect, ease of use, manouvreability, suction power. Certainly deserved 5 starts !! However, on 09-20-05 I heard this funny noise coming from the base. Have checked the belt, seems good. Have no clue what's the problem. Have called the Service Center already and will have to go & get it fixed, whatever the problem there is. Is certainly one of the best if it lasts for more than 4 weeks!! ...more info