Cream - Royal Albert Hall - London May 2-3-5-6 2005

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In may 2005 cream returned to londons royal albert hall - to the same stage where they had done what was thought to be their final performance in 1968. Also included are alternate performances & nterviews with ginger jack & eric. Studio: Wea-des Moines Video Release Date: 10/04/2005

They step onto the stage of London's Royal Albert Hall: Jack Bruce, Ginger Baker, and Eric Clapton. The capacity crowd, which includes Sean Penn and Jude Law, stands to greet them. Thirty-seven years after their farewell concert, the famously fiery Cream did the unthinkable--they reunited. This double-disc collection (and accompanying CD set) captures highlights from the historic four-day engagement, beginning with a buoyant "I'm So Glad" and ending with a triumphant "Sunshine of Your Love." It would be churlish to suggest that Cream appears exactly as they did in the 1960s (Bruce looks a little frail), but the legendary power trio still has the goods. Bruce is still the essence of soul (a particularly rich vocal on "Politician"), while Baker is as irrepressible as ever (a rare vocal on "Pressed Rat and Warthog," percussive tour-de-force "Toad"). Then there's Clapton, who remains as much a master of the guitar as of understatement. "Thanks for waiting all these years," he quips after a slow-burning "Outside Woman Blues," then adds, "We're going to do every song we know." The track listing is, indeed, generous, despite the absence of such Cream classics as "I Feel Free," "Strange Brew," and "Tales of Brave Ulysses." All told, there are 22 songs plus three alternate takes--and not a bad one in the bunch. --Kathleen C. Fennessy

Customer Reviews:

  • A great performance
    Cream sounds better than ever. This is a great DVD. If the camera work was better (why look at the inside of an elevator at Royal Albert or some rather unattractive women when the camera should be on the stars). Despite the less than stellar cinematography this seems to show these 3 guys at their best. I wish the DVD contained more songs and longer interviews....more info
  • RIP Cream
    I didn't have much hope for this from the start, yet probably like so many other fans I was wishing for some kind of resemblance to the groundbreaking band and sound I've enjoyed. There's truly nothing here folks. Ginger is flat alright, but I feel it's got to be said that Eric is really the no-show. With all due respect to him and his achievements, he seems to have made no effort to recapture any of the magic. Completely gone is the fire, ferocity, imagination, style, improvisation, spaciness, intensity, and so on that marked his playing back then. Not to mention the more tangible technical effects like any feedback, vibrato, etc, - all screaming for a Gibson SG like that lovely "Fool" he once played. Now I wasn't expecting the brilliance of shows like the Whisky A Go-Go club or Detroit Grand Ballroom, as heard on the boots available from their fall '67 tour, but those players were absent completely. Gone was what made his playing so incredible then - the fusion of blending the Mayall period licks with the psychedelia, and even a little country for good measure. It could well be true what Eric has said in interviews - that there was a brief peak, and '68 was a long fall. By the time of the pro live recordings of early '68, you can tell the enthusiasm is fading. He may have indeed blacked out much of the time, which is unfortunate. Eric has never seemed to be one to look back. Ironically it's Jack, who is showing his age the most, that comes through with some degree of style and imagination. To me, this reunion certainly did not merit filling London or New York's most prestigious halls or arenas. Or making this DVD. RIP Cream....more info
  • Looks vintage, but it is not
    The best thing about the DVD is the cover, which looks like an old Haight-Ashbury poster advertising a gig at the Fillmore East, the three members of the band looking in their 20s (rather than their 60s - Clapton was 60, Jack Bruce was 62, Ginger Baker was 66 - as they are onstage). Nowhere on the outside packaging does it say that the concert was recorded in 2005, other than in the cover graphic, there are no still pics from the show either on the back with the song list and DVD features.

    I'm a casual Cream fan, and my interest is more in the "vintage look and sound" I expected from something archival. Knowing that I wasn't going to get that, I still did watch about about four songs. The music is good, the sound not so good, and the sight of three aging hippies is unappealing, most especially the absurd close-up of Ginger Baker's stockinged foot as he hits the bass pedal. He looks more like Margaret Thatcher's late husband Dennis than a rock `n' roller. Jack Bruce seems quite frail, while Clapton looks exactly as you remember him from the past 20 years - the signature hairstyle, the beard and glasses, he looks about 20 years younger than Bruce and Baker. I might skip through this to see if the extras have anything of interest, but I certainly won't watch all of it. This is for fans only, people who remember the band when they were releasing new albums, people who maybe did see them in the day. I will probably see if someone else wants it, or just throw it in the garbage. Very disappointed. I should have done my research. ...more info
  • Cream Never Looked & Sounded Better!
    Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker re-unite to play all their songs from 35 years ago when they formed a trio called "Cream." Those were the psychedelic days of England and America and these guys looked it: all skinny, very long hair, wild clothes and loud music. They played a combination of rock and blues and it was, for the most part, good stuff.

    Well, these guys are now 60-something years old and they can still sing and play at a high level as this wonderful DVD concert disc shows us. I was always extremely familiar with Clapton, of course, who has never been out of the limelight, but I didn't know what to expect from Bruce and Baker, neither of whom I hadn't seen in decades. They surprised me. When he was young, Baker was so gaunt he looked like a speed freak near death. Now he looks healthy, in shape and his drum playing was solid. Bruce looked a bit haggard but his voice is great, as good as ever and a pleasure to hear on these old songs. This is just excellent material and performing from guys who know what they're doing.

    Some people criticized this show for being low-key. I don't agree with that. I have no complaints. The concert sounded very good. The second song, "Spoonful," was outstanding, the highlight of the concert for me.

    Highly recommended.
    ...more info
  • "A dream Come True"
    I can't put into words how happy I am that this reunion came to be. The band was great..We all have to appreciate the fact that ever since Cream broke up, it was only on occasion that each member played in bands with just 3 musicians..i.e. Most of the members band's had Keyboards, Rythum guitars, etc. My point is, for a great musician like Clapton, he had to resort back to doing all the guitar work, keeping the sound full, as a result of playing both "lead" and "Rythum". In any event, a wonderful job!!

    My only regret is that Clapton stuck to a strat for the entire concert, as opposed to using other guitars that he had played in Cream, such as a Les Paul, SG, Firebird, Explorer, etc. This is what I observed in NYC, at the Madison Square Garden concert. Even though he emulated the sounds pretty well, It would have been interesting to see him play the others...Anyway, all in all it was beautiful sight!
    ...more info
  • The Cream Reunion 2005
    Shopping around the U.S. military base (PX) in Eastern Europe, I saw this DVD, and being a Cream fan I could not resist the temptation to buy it. I was amazed how these three guys sounded after 37 years. Eric Clapton, Ginger Baker, and Jack Bruce they sound just as good or even better! All of their songs are absolutely great. This DVD is one of the best from this British band. I have only one word to describe it "FANTASTIC" If you are from the 60's psychedelic era you will enjoy this video and if not; you will still see what a great band this was. I was so glad to see their reunion, they were one of my favorite bands and still are although they are in their fifties (like me) but they are very good. I still have the original LP "Disraeli Gears"(Vinyl Album) on a frame in my girl friends house; she will keep it until I return from my military duty it's one of my most nostalgic possessions. I hope these guys get together again and record new songs. Buy It!...more info
    When I first heard of the Cream reunion I thought this will most likely be good. Well it turned out to be GREAT. I have watched this DVD over 10 times last month.

    So many of these reunion things are so disappointing, usually people do it for a quick buck and the music is bad. Cream however sound better then ever, 35 + years have really shown in their musical growth. Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker were all equally great. When I hear and see Eric, Jack and Ginger play those songs from the past, I can only think of one analogy: Fine Wine - better over time. So much has already been written concerning this great show, and most of it is accurate.

    The one thing that was overly apparent to me after viewing this DVD is that Jack Bruce and will forever be lost to the fact that he is a great vocalist/bassist, yet so little of his work is known to the average music fan. Ginger Baker also has a lot of great albums, many sadly out of print, that are truly great. I love this DVD, I wish I could have seen the live show at Albert Hall.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic Reunion DVD
    I first saw this playing at Best Buy and just had to have a copy. I grew up in the 60's listening to Cream and have studied and have been influenced by Clapton more than any other guitarist.

    Clapton, Bruce and Baker have even got better with age. Listening to them with more modern recording techniques just points to how much talent they have. Bruce still has the haunting high range voice, and Clapton complements it with his blues/rock pipes. Baker plays the drums with great intensity.

    The selection of songs is a very good sampling of their repetoire.

    I recommend this to any student of the great rock of the 60's!...more info
  • live at the Royal Albert Hall
    Fantastic, amazing, and wonderful performance; i remember listening to an old LP of one of my cousins called HEAVY CREAM (haven't seen it on CD yet)and later to a compilation on CD called STRANGE BREW, what can i say, great band and gifted musicians.
    An important part to note in the show is that the crowd stands up and claps after each song, from what i know when the crowd does that is because the performance is good and respected, people use to do that with FRANK SINATRA the men with the golden voice. Recommended dvd....more info
  • Fantastic, but where's your wah wah, Eric?
    I saw both Cream and Blind Faith tours back in the late 1960s and Eric Clapton was so shy on stage, he would stand behind his amps and play with his back to the audience. From the cheap seats, all we could see was his shadow. The band members and I were in our 20s; they were a few years older than me. It was a differet era. No digital anything. No CDs. Records were vinyl and you played them on your turntable and your favorites got played so many times they'd wear out and you'd have to scrape up the cash to buy a new copy. I remember buying Disraeli Gears and marvelling at its phantasmagorical cover art under a blacklight, and then the next year the double album Wheels Of Fire with its remarable "aluminum foil" looking jacket. Still have'em, and that's what was wonderful about 12" LPs with their big album art. The dinky cover art on CDs just is't the same.

    But I digress..

    Both those concerts are still etched in my memory. This "reunion" concert is truly special. How many of the legendary 60s power trios are even still around and all their members alive?

    It must have been quite an experience to sit in the audience for one or more of these four nights at the venerable old Royal Albert Hall. The DVD presentation with regards to sound and video really couldn't be much better, although there are some strange camera angles here and there, but not enough to be annoying. Most of the camera work is shot right on stage, not in front of it pointing up at the musicians which puts you, the viewer right on stage with them. It's VERY up close and personal, lots of extreme close-ups, and in its wide-screen format, I really got the sense that I was standing there on stage with this timeless trio.

    I was surprised that unlike most American concerts and filmed concert footage, there was no wide barrier between the audience and the stage Cream performs on. At times, the audience is standing pressed right up against the front of the low stage - no row of angry looking 300 pound security goons with their arms crossed between the viewers and the players.

    Jack Bruce looks the worse for wear, rather frail, although he can really belt out these old classics and still has one of the best "whiskey soaked" voices in rock history (along with Procol Harum's Gary Brooker, and the late and sorely-missed Jimmy Dewar of Robin Trower's band).. He smiles and emotes throughout, and his facial expressions in some of the closeups as he glances over at Clapton are simply priceless. And his bass playing is still phenomenal - he plays the four string fretless bass like a lead instead of a backing instrument. What a master of his axe, although the years have taken their toll and there's a chair behind him, against which he sometimes rests while playing. Nothing wrong with that.

    Ginger Baker, what is he now, about 100 years old {{grin}}.. is stylish and stunning, surrounded by his massive drum kit, the first drummer I can remember who used two bass drums, which was pretty radical in its day. He HAS aged well, and he still has the chops. His drumming is fluid, nearly flawless, and he makes it look effortless. At times he almost reminds me of an octopus, seeming to be pounding that kit with more than just two arms and two legs, and I couldn't help but smile as he's the only one of the trio who is wearing the souvenir t-shirts for their own concert AT the concerts. He even sneaks in a plug for shirts and other souvenirs at the end of "Pressed Rat And Warthog."

    Clapton, well, he gives it his all. He's all over his third of the stage, close-up shots of him tapping his sneakers to the rhythm as he plays. He often looks bathed in sweat but never on the verge of pooping out.

    All three band members constantly point to and give credit to each other at the end of many songs.

    The wide stage setup is low and minimalist - just a massive bank of amps and a small curved screen behind the band showing something vaguely reminicent of the old Fillmore Joshua light show projection screens, (or for you younger folks, something like a WinAmp visualization).. but it doesn't detract from the essence of this memorable film. The audience mostly sits in awe (lots of audience shots) watching these performances, or jumps to its feet in applause after each song.. the performances on the DVD were culled from all four nights at the Hall, and jump between the four nights from song to song, so you'll see the trio wearing different clothing from one song to the next and wonder why until you realize that all four nights were filmed and then Edited together in some kind of order that must have made sense to someone.

    At the end of the second song, Eric Clapton tells the audience "we're going to play everything we know".. this turns out to be an exaggeration, since Cream released about three dozen songs in their short recording career decades ago, but a lot of those songs, if they were performed at these concerts, must have been left on the cutting room floor, as this double DVD only has 19 of them, with a couple of them repeated as "alternate takes" bonus features, which also includes extended interviews with all three members, although shot singly, not together in the same room, which I found strange. There's a brief backstage "green room" segment before an encore, but the sound is so muffled (intentionally?).. that I can't understand what anyone is saying.

    As to the bill of fare.. Where's Swlabr? Where's I Feel Free? Where's Tales of Brave Ulysses? They're not there, just to name a few of the "everything we know" that didn't make it onto the released DVDs in this lovely package. Despite it lacking some of my favorites, at least it's also lacking "Mother's Lament", for which, I suppose, we should be thankful.

    The original Cream studio albums used a lot of over-dubbing and studio tricks, even string sections, such as on the original recording of Deserted Cities of the Heart. All of that is lacking from this performance. No backing musicians, no strings, no studio tricks, just three wonderful bluesmen/rockers in their sixties, giving it their all. It's remarkable how much sound only three guys can make, although the sound they produce here seems spartan compared to the original records.

    I like the shorter songs the best - Badge, N.S.U., Deserted Cities. Some of Clapton's extended jams in this film seem to drag on longer than necessary, and tiptoe into the realm of "noodling."

    And, most importantly, to me anyway, a huge part of the whole Cream sound was Clapton's heavy use of the crybaby wah-wah pedal, and pumping the output of his guitar through a Leslie organ ampliier - one of George Harrison's trademark sounds. You'll hear neither the wah wah or the Leslie amp in this concert, and I have to wonder why Clapton chose not to bring them along, because I think they would have given this performance that added 60s ambience and nuance. But alas, we have to live with what they give us, and what's here is still stunning and very touching. They didn't try to note-for-note duplicate their old recordings.

    Age has taken its toll on their voices so vocals had to be modified because they just can't sing those high notes or falsettos like they could decades ago. I won't say whether they've improved as musicians - this performance knocked me out but then again, so do the original records. It's just a different take, a different approach, a more mature approach, perhaps. They rock very hard, but they're also more laid back, performing longer stretched-out solos rather than a note-for-note, riff-for-riff tight reproducition of their records. It's hard to quantify.

    I have to wonder if the essence and magic of this concert would be lost on the younger generation who were decades from even being born back when Cream recorded and toured in the late 60s. But for the Baby Boomer crowd, this stuff is pure magic. The audience looks like it runs the gamut from folks in their 20s to their 60s. This double DVD set is, to me, a keeper, not a renter, although the packaging stackss one disc offset atop the other rather than using a more conventional double-DVD double flip-over case, which is kinda annoying. But there's a gorgeous fold-out booklet / poster and inner liner stage shot to pretty it up. If, as Clapton says, they did actually perform every song they knew, I would gladly have paid more for a triple DVD set to get those songs that are missing from this package.

    While I'm here, I'd also recommend picking up Robin Trower's brand new live DVD concert film, Living Out of Time, and Steve Hackett's astounding DVD concert film Once Above a Time. While both of those legendary composers and guitarists got their fame early on with two bands just as famous and popular in their day as Cream (Procol Harum and Genesis, respectively), they now record and tour with younger supporting musicians in smaller venues, but, unlike Clapton, they both DO bring along all their "tricks of the trade" - which really do, again in my opinion, add to their live performances and which make Clapton and his guitar seem almost starkly sparse in comparison. We're not talking about flash and costumes and visual pyrotechnics here, we're talking about stage presence and musicianship and, well, memories brought alive again.

    Despite all the "Clapton is God" chanting over the years, I'd put Steve Hackett (age 56) at the top of the list of the best electric guitarist walking this planet. I don't think anyone can touch him as a technician and a composer of some of the most stunning original music of the many genres he writes and plays, and in Trower's DVD performance, recorded in a small German club, on his 60th birthday late last year, he's absolutely still got it. Riveting to watch, and yet so humble and very very British, in the interview section of his DVD.

    But, I digress. This review is about the Cream DVD, and I got sidetracked, so forgive me :) .. but comparisons are sometimes inevitable, and, I hope, useful.

    I downgrade this double DVD set one star only for the "missing" effects that made Cream's sound what it was, and for the songs I so wanted to hear them play that just aren't there. But for what it is, it's two hours of sheer memorable entertainment and about as close as we can come to having been in that audience and right up on stage on those special nights in London. Kudos to the trio for deciding to perform together again, and thumbs up to all those folks behind the scenes who made it as good as it is, professionals all at their art.

    ...more info
  • Better than ever
    Cream has aged, but the result is better than the original. Not as edgey, but much more polished. Three of the finest rock/blues/jazz musicians ever, having fun and putting on a show you will not forget....more info
  • Older, Wiser, and Still Know How to Rock
    If you loved them from the albums in the 60's, always wished you had the chance to see them in all their glory. This is a timeless classic, and a chance to catch a glimpse of the past. No, it's not the same, and after all these years I would be disapointed if it was. They all bring their pasts with them, but when they get on a roll it's like nothing changed. Personally, I love 'Badge' it's short - none of the extended jams elsewhere on the disc-, but it seems all at once to be new, old, timeless, and beautiful. It is what it was, a chance for 3 guys to play music they loved, and share it with an audience. Now they reunite to share the love again, and I could not be more happy!...more info
  • Best concert I've ever seen on DVD....
    When I first heard about the Cream reunion I was skeptical to say the least. I thought "here go some aging rockstars trying to resurrect their youthful charisma and play the supergroup once again". Well, I COULDN'T HAVE BEEN MORE WRONG!!! As unbelievable as it may seem, the 60 something CREAM here is actually better than their youthful selves of over 30 years ago judging from this DVD. It's straight up as-good-as-it-gets rock/blues/jazz or whatever anyone feels comfortable labeling it as. Ginger Baker in the interview says plainly that they're a better band now, better musicians. Each of them, actually, were very pleasantly surprised that it went off as good as it did. Speaking of Baker, his drums are spot on as if he's been playing all these years regularly with Bruce and Clapton. Really, it's a treat to watch and hear the cream of drummers whom many thought would have been burnt out a long time ago. As for Jack Bruce, he may have looked a little frail and he is leaning against a chair part of the time, but man oh man his voice soars like an eagle with perfect intonation gracing each phrase of every song. The man has still got one of the best voices in rock period. He is no slouch at the bass either, at times playing it like a lead instrument and always with inspiration (and perspiration). No one played or plays quite like Mr. Bruce. The three of them make a fine team here, giving and taking and meshing like well oiled gears nearly flawlessly. .... And Clapton, ...we haven't heard him play so well and so hard and genuine in years (and he has been pretty darned good and active over the years). He most definitely still has it. The solos are consistently hair raising and inspired. If you want to be awed by seeing three of the greatest musicians in one of the greatest bands of all time performing at a very high level of musicianship and performance in the perfect venue of the Royal Albert Hall....get this without delay and watch it over and over and try to keep your mouth closed. It's as good as they say it is...and as for those who give it less than 5 stars...don't trust their musical taste....more info
  • Cream Live
    A must have for any Cream fan.The footage and sound are spectactular!Although the band members are a lot older now they still can put on a great show!... ...more info
  • Bad Recording or Lack of Quality Control
    I have the second copy of Cream - Royal Albert Hall - 2005 from Amazon. The company replaced the first one when Disc 2 wouldn't play at all. Unfortunately, the second one arrived just after I left the house for a month, and when I returned and tried viewing it, both discs had the same problem as Disc 2 in the first shipment. Also, unfortunately, Amazon won't take anything back after 30 days, so I got a bum deal with both orders. Amazon was good about the first replacement, but not being able to even contact anyone about the problem with the second has me bummed out. After years of buying from Amazon, I will be shopping at Wal-Mart and Sam's Club from now on: they have real people who will really honor their warranties. Hasta la vista, Amazon.
    Tom Gennings...more info
  • C'mon people.
    I think the only reason this gets any good reviews is because it's new and the audio quality on the dvd transfers to our lil' home theaters so we can sit on our butts and watch these guys sit on their butts in concert.

    It's not completely horrible. They're all good musicians, but just a little too stiff and akward. We all know this was done just for money like most of Clapton's releases. Bruce and Baker were in need of some $$ and wanted to do this for quite a while.

    It's forgettable and lame. The choice of instruments for this show pretty much summed it up. When I saw photos on the internet I knew this was what it was going to sound like and feel like. I hope most of you bought it used-I'm glad I borrowed from a friend before he sold it....more info
  • Claptons Guitar=Michael Boltons Voice
    Ok Ok, I know Im going to hear this from everyone but all though I really admired the concert, seeing all 3 members on stage again, Claptons guitar has got to go!!!!!!! Im tired of hearing the same ole Clapton tone!! Clapton plays his Stratocaster the entire concert. Listening to Claptons guitar is like listening to Michael Bolton sind with his same ole same ole tone. Boooooring! The Cream from the olden days, Clapton played Gibson guitars. Now dont get me wrong and accuse me of working for Gibson, but if your going all out and having one of the greatest reunions of all time, why not use the same equipment you used back then?? Clapton didnt even use a crybaby that I recall!! Ok, for all you Jack Bruce fans, Jack was the highlight of the concert! Sounded just like him. Same with Mr. Baker. Personaly I enjoyed the Cream Farewell concert better as far as raw footage. Allthough the footage is not crisp and clear like the new one (and should it be ??) it has lots of energy!...more info
  • Unbelievable reunion
    HOw amazing is it to watch the historical rock group Cream reunite after all these years to perform their hits at the Royal Albert Hall? The sound is surprisingly fresh. Although Eric Clapton has maintained his creativity and productivity over the years, both Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce deliver on this CD with musicianship likely akin to the level they were at the height of the popularity of Cream in the 1960s. Thoroughly enjoyable for rock buffs such as myself and for all others who dig Cream....more info
  • There is magic here, aged and improved with experience
    I must agree with the majority and disagree with the minoirty: this video record of this special occasion is a pure delight from stem to stern. I think anyone who does not hear fire is looking too much and not listening enough. The bass lines are played with feeling and with pure musicality, the interaction between these three old bandmates has actually IMPROVED with time.

    Jack's voice has a lived in quality (as has Eric's) that is also on the records of older bluesman like Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters and John Lee Hooker--i.e. those who managed to survive and still make music.

    If you are looking for the kind of loud fireworks of earlier days...well those are there too, but in a different way. The music and the musicians have aged, but as others have pointed out, like fine wine. This is real music from the heart, head and fingers from three excellent musicians who clearly respect and love each other and the music.

    This is NOT a mere excercise in nostalgia, so if you are looking for only that, well you will get a bit of that too, but that does not feel to me what this is about. It is more about a classic musical trio playing some classic and timeless music.

    The video and sound quality is superb as is the song selection (I like Jack Bruce would have loved if "I Feel Free" would have been on here, but like him, I cannot see how they could have done that, as it was almost a pure studio creation).

    For those people who get the blues, jazz, and the essence of what Cream did and still does, this is a must....more info
  • Cream Reunion Concert
    For 3 guys who have not played together for too long this is like turning back the clock and seeing them together for the first time. An excellent DVD to have in my collection....more info
  • Was this a collect call or did they at least pay the charges?
    Whatever the case, they phoned this one in.

    Because of who they are however, this call has to be justified. Clapton, Bruce and Baker are all top-flight musicians and whatever they do, together or otherwise, isn't likely to be really bad. All three are simply too good at what they do for that to happen. Their reunion, as such, was far from bad. On a purely technical level what they played was rock solid.

    But it wasn't inspired. Nobody pushed anybody. Bruce and Baker laid a foundation and Clapton played off of it. Nothing more and nothing less. Bruce never made Baker play harder and neither of them gave Eric anything to really react to. Yes, they were solid. This gets two stars for that. But they were just going through the motions.

    Anyone looking for inspired playing shouldn't bother with this....more info
  • as good as it gets
    this is my number one dvd of 2005, these guys are just so solid musically, and clapton is just playing some of the most perfect leads. my favorite song is outside woman blues with ginger and jack laying down a perfectly lazy blues shuffle and eric's voice and solo carrying the day. the camera work and sound are stunning, as other reviewers have said it is almost like you are there live. and the great brian may nodding his head in approval during eric's solo on crossroads. like the brits would say,"good on ya cream"!...more info
  • The Circle is Finally Complete
    First of all, I would advise level-headed readers to ignore the one-star extremists. These people are so cynical that if Jesus Christ Himself were to make a comeback in their living rooms, they would scorn Him as a sellout because He wasn't still wearing the original crown of thorns.

    Frankly, I don't care why Cream decided to make this concert happen - I'm just overwhelmed with gratitude that they did it before one of them left us. Let's get real. These three men are closing in on 70, and they have absolutely no right to play as well, sing as beautifully or sound as incredible as they do on this DVD. Basically, what you have here are three grandfathers playing a young man's hard driving blues, and doing a d**n fine job. In the music business, perhaps only B.B. King, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash have worn their years as magnificently as Eric, Jack and Ginger do here.

    This isn't a "comeback" or a "reunion," despite what the DVD credits would have us believe. Musically, this is a continuation, a new chapter in the annals of Cream. Yes, they play most of their original hits, and yes there are (many) moments when you'll hear the young men they once were coming out in their voices and in their playing. But a perfect recreation of their 1968 sound is not what this concert is about.

    Instead, this is like classical pianist Glen Gould's "Book End" recordings of the Goldberg Variations. He recorded them first in his 20's and then again in his 70's. The songs are the same, the brilliance is the same; the interpretations are subtly but powerfully different, as one would expect from a man who has gathered fifty years of life experience between them.

    Any attempt by Cream to exactly reproduce their sound from 1968 for the May 2005 R.A.H. concert would have turned this into a sad caricature, in the same way that it would have been pathetic for them to have grown out their hair and squeezed into polyester bell bottoms. As Jack says in one of the interviews, "We didn't want to become a tribute band to ourselves; that would have been awful." I couldn't agree more, and if we want to experience Cream circa 1968, that's what "Fresh Live Cream," "Cream Farewell Concert" and "Cream Live Vols 1 & 2" are for.

    Instead, what this DVD gives us is a miraculous concert by three of the greatest musicians ever to pick up the fundamental classic rock instruments. The songs are familiar, and so is the general sound, but the music itself is new in a way that is magnificent.

    As for the production: The sound quality is flawless, the video is perfect, the camera angles are occasionally irritating but often quite good, and the band is tastefully presented alone on stage with no backup musicians or overdubbing. While I would have enjoyed seeing more extra materials on the 2nd DVD, such as an interview with all three at the same time and some vintage film footage, what we get in the whole set is still worth several times the selling price.

    Real fans of this trio will be overwhelmed and overjoyed to experience what they have given us on this DVD. They were purists then, and they are purists now....more info
  • Flashback...
    We have always been HUGE Cream fans and this DVD did not disapoint! These guys still have it. Of course they don't sound like they did all those years ago -- but who does?! Jack Bruce still has that voice, though! It was great to hear that music new again. ...more info
  • Great music poor DVD
    I listen to this dvd almost daily and love it musically. Unfortunately, I was disapointed with the DVD in terms of the camera work and direction. So many shots were out of focus that you have to wonder whether the guys on camera were inexperiened or on drugs. The other issue was the director who switched so often between shots that I was disappointed not to see Ginger in particular in full flight and from a wider perspective. This is the second negative review I have posted because the first went missing! I have been waiting for another dvd of the madison square gardens sets hoping the presentation would be better....more info
  • Definitely not the same band
    as the band from the 60's. Different instruments,Different recording techniques,and totally different feel,newer is not always better.The only reason to own this would be for Ginger's great drum solo....more info
  • cream reunion
    It is an excellent concert, and also im very grateful to for servicing with such quality products. Very effective and fast response.Thanks...more info
  • Still great after all these years
    I am a passionate fan of this band. I was expecting to be underwhelmed but they were well rehearsed and tight and, all in all, I think this is one of the best recordings they have ever made. It is a must see/listen. ...more info
  • The Cream Also Rises
    Enjoy it thoroughly, although it's a different experience than their studio recordings. It sounds like a different band because they don't play like they used to. Jack Bruce doesn't have the vocal power, and therefore the immediacy, that his voice once did, but he's good in another way. Buy it; you'll be glad you did....more info
  • It's worth the money for Clapton alone
    This set of concerts at Eric Clapton's home away from home, i.e., the Albert Hall in London, displays some of the best guitar playing he has done live in the last 20 years, and I've seen him enough times to know a little. Besides his performance on The Concert For George, these shows prove that Eric can still get up for a show and remember what he is capable of. Ginger Baker looks great and is right on, loving the spotlight on Pressed Rat and WartHog. Man, how eerie is that voice. As for Jack Bruce, well, he doesn't look quite as well as the other two, but he is on cue with vocals and bass. Overall, a very nice set of music. I also bought the 2 cd set if the moving pictures aren't for you. Just listen to that Concert For George if you haven't already worn out your first copy. ...more info
  • Best seat in the house
    Took a chance on this on blind faith... (pun intended). I loved the fact that while they are the same people, they are NOT the same artists they were in 1969. They tackle material that must have faded in their memory with vigor, and obviously had a good time in the process. Highlights for me were We're Going Wrong (stunning) and Stormy Monday, which has the absolute BEST performance by Clapton I've ever seen or heard. It is breathtaking, and it's CREAM. I would have purchased the DVD just for this one cut alone. Play this DVD on the best system you can find, the audio is superb, and the camera work and editing are spot-on. Buy this DVD. Period. ...more info
  • 37 Years In The Making!
    After 37 years apart, the original power trio is back. Cream defined the power trio that spawned later acts like ZZ Top and Rush among others, and their influence is still felt to this day. In 1966, Rock 'n Roll was moving toward a more eclectic sound incorporating more precision and improvisation. Along with Jimi Hendrix, Cream grabbed this concept by the horns. Some have said that the Jimi Hendrix Experience may have defined the power trio as well. Almost true, but The Experience was more or less a spotlight for Jimi's godlike guitar powers while Cream kept it to more of a group unit. Jack made bass playing more melodic and intricate that gave John Entwistle a good run. Ginger can be safely labeled as Rock's first true drum soloist. And Eric? Well, you have to remember, he was called God at one point here.

    During their brief 2 year tenure, Cream threw everything including the kitchen sink into their work; blues, jazz, classical and psychedelia. Some of today's progressive rock buffs look at Cream as prog forefathers along with The Beatles, The Doors, Pink Floyd and others. Unfortunately, tensions mounted within the group as musical differences swelled to the point of getting physical.

    Now all is forgiven and the long awaited reunion (save the R&R Hall of Fame ceremony) has come to fold. Eric, Jack and Ginger may have slowed a tad with age, but they still have the old chops. According to an interview with Eric, he said it took some practice to get back to the more fuller guitar sound for the trio after decades of playing in bigger lineups. Jack and Ginger headed more into the jazz foray after the breakup, so hard driving rock may have been a little alien to them after all these years.

    Never the less, after several months of planning and rehearsals the guys put on a stellar performance at the same venue they performed their farewell concert at in 1968, the Albert Hall which ironically had future prog giants Yes open for them. Many chestnuts are performed here with the usual standards of Crossroads, Badge and, of course, the obligatory encore of Sunshine of Your Love with only White Room being the most noticeable absentee from the song list for some reason. Many less radio friendly obscure cuts are performed with gusto such as NSU, the lengthy Spoonful, Ginger's spotlight Toad and a cut they've never performed live, Pressed Rat and Wart Hog, with Ginger's only lead vocal. Too much to go over, but it's all great.

    One of the things I like about this concert is that you get Cream as a unit and it is NOT presented as "Eric Clapton and Friends" being that Eric went on to a more super-stardom level than the others. In fact, Eric always being the humble man he is does his best to keep a low profile. Eveything is divided equally with playing duties and even the camera shots are spread out equally. The picture quality in the discs is terrific in high definition video cropped at a 1:85 aspect ratio. The audio is just perfect especially in DTS, Ginger's drums just thunder through. Certainly a far cry from that poorly filmed and rotted farewell concert film!

    While they may have lost just a little steam over the decades, the guys can still crank it out and this reunion is worth every note of it....more info
  • traintime

    this DVD/performance is excellent. it is well worth viewing/owning.
    it is wonderful to see these men matured and seasoned, playing the music from long ago with new zip and gusto. let me state here and now that for years i have been impressed by eric clapton as a vocalist alone!! no one ever says that; but its' true! he exudes pure soul!! he would probably be delighted to know that someone thinks highly of him as a singer. nevertheless, his guitar playing shines here as well.

    as for jack bruce and ginger baker, both are also without equal; jack bruce having been on death's doorstep some time ago. ginger baker's performance is worth the price of the dvd alone.

    there is no 'arty' camera crap like on cream farewell and the sound is quite good. if you ever liked the cream at all, buy this; its' a keeper....more info
  • Cream Reunion DVD
    Excellent! Shipped sooner than expected and only place I could find this rare DVD....more info
  • The Best Band Ever
    This DVD was to remind me of the best concert I ever attended so far. I was in London with the love of my life, and we had such a great timt then it just brings back memories that I wish would have lasted forever.

    Mark...more info
  • They still got it!!! Cream at Royal Albert Hall rocks!!!
    What an awesome reunion,Eric Clapton,Jack Bruce,and Peter "Ginger" Baker are back after many decades!!! And there rockin'!!! Two awesome DVD's of new Cream magic,it's the same classic songs,sounding fresh and new!!! Brought a smile me and my parents face as they performed such classics as White Room,Badge,Born Under a Bad Sign,Crossroads,Toad(great solo by Ginger!),Rollin And Tumblin(great harp by Bruce!),Spoonful(great solo by Clapton!),hack even Ginger takes the mike on his now classic Pressed Rat And Warthog(what strange lyrics!)!!! I'm So Glad they got back together!!! Two thumbs up!!! Five stars!!! A+...more info
  • Cream-cream of the crop!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don't believe everything you read in these reviews- this is a great DVD!!!!!! Yes, these guys are ALOT older, but man they can still COOK!!!! Clapton is relaxed, and the music just blows you away!!!!!!Think 30 years ago- it's a miracle these guys are still alive much less still cookin'-ENJOY this for what it is!!!!!...more info
  • These guys can really play!
    If you came from the era of loud music, psychadellic lights and excitement and remember the 60's and 70's you'll love this! Even if you were born later, this is still a great dvd to watch (who knows, maybe you'll see your parents!) The music is just as much fun today as it was then. ...more info
  • Outstanding!
    Cream was my favorite band in high school and this production tells me why. Enough said. Love those guys, love their music. Bless them for getting together again. I treasure this DVD set....more info
  • Rock Stars are like pro athletes, they should retire by 45
    I've read some of the delusional, worshipping comments of other's reviews here, and I just think they are all looking at Cream through Rose-tinted glasses. This put-back together band sounds slow,tentative, tired. Jack Bruce looks like they pulled him out of a nursing home to do this. Individually, they can still play, but their cohesion is slow- they are devoid of energy. Just go look at the other DVD, the one from the same place at the end of the 60s, and see the forcefull energy that band fired out there at the end of a comet-like three year run. The before-and-after contrast of 46 years is startling. ...more info
  • Cream's Triumphant Return
    Crream's triumphant return is brilliantly filmed during their week in Albert Hall. The sound quality and photography is first rate, and the images are well-timed and skillfully directed.

    The band itself is in top form and shows its musical age and experience brilliantly. Eric Clapton's guitar playing is as good as you will see or hear anywhere. Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker still are an exciting and stimulating rhythm section, and, in fact, Bruce does his famous duelling with Clapton on some of the numbers here. We see it especially in Sunshine of Your Love. Bruce and Clapton, despite their ages, still manage to sing their numbers with the same kind of verve as they did almost 40 years prior.

    Of special interest here is the lack of gimmickry. There are no wah-wah pedals, for example, and no real distortion feedback effects. Stilll, the DVD has much to keep up the interest of the Cream fan who watches it.

    No DVD of a live performance is perfect, and there are few but notable letdowns here. For instance, they include the witty but musically weak "Pressed Rat and Warthog" from the Wheels of Fire collection. The version of "Toad" here is rather long, and I'm not a fan of drawn-out drum solos, although Baker is amazingly energetic in this one.

    Still, for any Cream fans out there, this is a fine DVD to have. You probably won't watch this just once!...more info
  • Grade "A"
    Great concert/cinematography. That's enough said! Buy this DVD, you'll be grateful you did....more info
  • Boggling
    Being a classic rock diehard fan for years this piece bought back great memories.Jack Bruce voice is still mystical,Eric Clapton in his usual cool palying and offcourse Ginger Baker who at this age can still pound.Great act, pity i was not there but seeing and hearing on this dvd was great enuf. ...more info
  • I have to give them 5 stars just for the effort
    For three senior rock legends, they did damn good....more info
  • Cream of the Crop
    As someone who was just born as Cream was breaking up, I always felt I truly missed something by not seeing this great band in their prime. This DVD, however, truly shows that I didn't miss a thing. Cream is very much NOW in their prime, and with all the years experience they have, their musicianship shines through. What a rare treat to actually see Ginger Baker sing "Pressed Rat and Wort Hog" (something he never did all those years ago). You can't miss with this one. Whether you were there in the 60s, or born in the 90s, this one is a must see, must have for everyone...a true piece of history. ...more info
  • The way a concert should be filmed
    This is such an amazing concert DVD and it is without a doubt one of the best DVDs I own. The sound and camera work on this DVD is so spectacular. Clapton, Bruce, and Baker definitely proved that they still had the magic when playing those songs together on stage. Clapton's playing here is definitely among his best especially since there is no keyboardist or additional guitarist. He can only look to Jack and Ginger for inspiration. Jack and Ginger are in excellent form too on bass and drums respectively. How is it possible that those two weren't able to have the success that Eric has as a solo artist. It's fantastic that the three of them were able to reconcile their differences since they were never the best of friends (Jack and Ginger especially). Every performance here is a winner but I think the standouts are "Sunshine Of Your Love," "Spoonful," "Sleepy Time Time," "White Room," "Politician," "Badge," "NSU," "Born Under A Bad Sign," "We're Going Wrong," and I could keep going on. All three musicians are on fire throughout the whole concert and the camera appropriately shows plenty close ups of all three of them playing. I already said this but Clapton's guitar playing here is so incredible and it will blow you away when you see and hear him jam with Bruce and Baker. The audio is great, the video is great, excellent camera angles, spectacular performances, extraordinary concert DVD. The specials features are great too with the interviews and some alternate performances. If you are a Cream fan or a Clapton fan, you definitely need to purchase this DVD. If you don't like Clapton or Cream at all, this DVD could change your mind. It's that good. Once you start watching it, you won't want to ever take it out of the DVD player. ...more info
  • Out of sync
    I was watching this on KCET and had to find a place to comment. A few minutes after I started watching it I noticed parts were out of sync. Then I watched closer. Everything was out of sync! Clapton's playing a chord when you hear a ripping solo. That bad. Lips are moving, but no words begin to come out for a few more seconds. The music is awesome, but don't get this to watch Clapton rip it up. It just doesn't work.

    5 Stars for the music... Go and buy the CD instead....more info
  • The Cream Rises To The Top
    37 years later......The Cream still has that energy. Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce, and Ginger Baker prove that they can still play their classic tunes without missing much. Whereas Clapton's guitar tone is much different in the 21st century, it still is enjoyable and oh hat riffs galore. Badge sounds super as does Crossroads.

    Jack Bruce in spite of looking quite frail can still sing quite well. We're Going Wrong, Spoonful, and NSU really show Bruce in fine form. His bass playing fits very well mixing in betwen Clapton's guitar and Bakers drumming.

    And oh whatabout Mr. Baker. He can still drum with reckless abandon. Jut listen to Rollin' and Tumblin and Pressed Rat and Warthog(where he even sings or chats). And he looks more alert and focused than he did back in the 1960's.

    Quite enjoyable al the way through especially with the interviews. It was nice that these guys put their differences aside to give the people a very memorable reunion....more info
  • Awesome
    Worth buying the DVD as this shows the best of Cream. They were looking absolutely clean with sharp and complex rhtyhm.

    In all, nothing to say more. Its a trip to watch.....more info
  • Top 5 of all time concert DVD's
    First off, Jack Bruce is driving this show, it's so rare to have a killer Bass player around, and when you do have one, focus on the bass player, not the guitarist, and the guitar will actually come in better, instead of the usual focus on the guitar and listen to the bass in the background.

    Nathan East, is a really good bass player, but he is no Jack Bruce.

    Crossroads: Jack pushes Eric with that Fretless Bass.

    "Rollin' & Tumblin' shows how over all awesome Jack is, as well as Ginger does a killer job on this song also

    We're Going Wrong, Jack just rips it!

    no wonder this band didnt last, most bands only do well with one star, one Alpha. a few exceptions to this rule, but its not the norm with more than one star and the band stays together for over 5 years.

    Whets really interesting here, is per the norm, just about every bands heyday, their prime, is when they are in the 20's age group, then its all downhill after that. As is just about the rest of us and our bodies, prime time is 20's, in soooo manyyyyyy wayssssssssssssssss haha. This is the only show I know of where the band is actually better now then when they first played as youngsters. And the 68 reunion DVD is flat horrible. Well they all said back then to much booze and drugs, now you ca really see they are sober

    Eric really rose to a new level here, I am sure without a doubt it was because Jack was pushing him. This is by far the best ever Eric has
    Shown up" on any DVD, what I mean by shown up is all the rest of his DVD's he is on "auto pilot" from playing the same songs all the time.

    Why? I fig a few reasons for that, one is they have not played to together for so long, its all fresh, and second, well maybe this should be first, they knew going into these shows, they were only going to do a few and that's it, make a DVD, and viola, done. And being the expert boys they are, just rose to the job at hand and flat kicked [...] and it so was fluid.

    Surprised me to the core.

    Also, they are not all drunk and doped up anymore, like they were in the 60's, I had to watch it 3 times to really take it all in. Did I say Jack is one of the best all time as bass yet?

    It was nice to see Eric use his main solid black strat, and not that ugly multi colored one he has been seen with over the last few years. God that thing is the ugliest guitar I have ever seen.

    to see Eric shine also watch the Robert Johnson CD/DVD Eric released a couple years ago, again, he shines as its something different and out of the norm for him, and he knew it was all a one time record and film it deal, no going on tour.

    Ginger Baker, what DOES Pressed Rat and worthog MEAN?? And watch the extras, Gingers interview, its hilarious! He is like I really dont feel like sitting here talking about all this! rough man, would take him to war in a foxhole any day. and notice how the talk ends, he is like, its over? he looks like someone just released strapes from his body, scoofs "whatever"!! haha, hilarious!!

    I have dozens of concert DVD's, sold most of them because so many are lame, this is a top 5 of all time. sound is superb A++++ and camera work is just about spot on, some jumping around with shots but not real bad compared to so many other DVD's out.

    And to think this show almost never happened:
    " In the early 2000s he had a sustained period of declining health, and in the summer of 2003 was diagnosed with liver cancer. Bruce underwent a liver transplant in September of 2003 which nearly proved fatal as his body initially rejected the new organ."

    It deserves 5 stars, but I am giving it 4 because they did not put in the closed captioned option on it, hey it's a 2005 release, flat no excuse. I first saw this show on PBS when it was first released, and yep, its was captioned.

    So no excuses.

    Whose fault is this? I don't care, I am not into passing the buck, bottom line is it wasn't done, and its 2005, so flat no excuses.
    ...more info
    What can I say? Genius. Pure freakin' genius. Jack and Ginger: you guys are different people and you always will be; get over it, say you're sorry to Eric and come back to play the West Coast. We need you. We don't need any more mindless boy bands. For anyone who gave this amazing DVD one star: go get your head examined, you're going deaf. One of the great reunions in rock history. PERIOD. ...more info
  • If only the Beatles would have been able to reunite!
    The boys go way out of their way to recognize one another throughout this show, particularly Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce in their undisguised attempt to shower praise on bandmate, Eric Clapton, and all with great justification. These three gents defined the power trio and their ability to fill the Hall with some of the best rock and roll/blues for their brief reunion shouldn't be missed by anyone who truly loves the genre.

    Clapton's mastery of the electric guitar is undeniable as his seemingly effortless frolicking up and down the neck of his Strat even has his bandmates looking on with admiration.

    Video and sound is excellent and the overall quality of this DVD is amongst the best. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves Eric Clapton, Cream and really good bluesy rock n roll....more info
  • Well Worth the Wait
    The conflicting reviews on this one made me stop and think, but I decided to purchase it anyway, and I am glad that I did. For those who are puzzled or disappointed by the absence of Gibson guitars, Marshall amps, etc., I would recommend that they watch the interview segments on Disc 2, in which Bruce explains that they had originally tried the Gibson/Marshall setup, but that it simply did not work. It would be well to consider that Cream had not played together for 37 years, so that it was rather like forming a new band; however, this set affirms that all the elements are still in place, and the band delivers solid performances throughout. There are some persons who contend that Baker and Bruce were broke and desperate, and somehow convinced Clapton to play with them to bail them out. However, in the interview segments, both Clapton and Baker confirm that it was Clapton's idea, with Baker stating that he "wasn't very keen on doing it" initially, until Clapton coaxed him into it. Bruce looks terribly frail, and is seated during some parts of the show; however, his bass and vocal work are superb. Clapton, who has aged well, shows that he has lost none of the fire and flair of the old days, and the 68-year-old Baker displays a level of skill and stamina rarely seen in drummers half his age. While it is true that these performances are somewhat different from the originals, the updated renditions are amazingly good; after all, improvisation was always one of the factors which set Cream apart from other bands. In an era when phony, hybrid versions of 60's-era bands seem to be everywhere, it is refreshing to see all the original members of one of the most influential bands of all time put aside their differences, re-form, and deliver quality performances of some of the greatest songs ever written. Having viewed this set several times since buying it, I feel that it would have been a bargain at twice the price. Thanks and kudos to Ginger, Jack, and Eric - long live the Cream!...more info
  • they should have 6 stars
    One of the best concerts ever recorded on film.Audio is crystal clear .They play almost all their songs(like clapton says).A bit slower than 1968 but much tighter. When Jack plays harmonica,bass and sings its just amazing.Clapton and Ginger what can you say? I got to see the follow up at The Garden in 05 and it was exactly the same witch is a good thing because i wouldnt change a thing....more info
  • Better Late Than Never
    When The Cream broke up back in February 1969, Let it Be still was not yet a single, Nixon was in office for just one month, and most people alive today weren't. Although the trio had made some sporadic, shortlived reunion gigs, it never felt like they really committed to a reformation. There was too much history, too much pain and baggage. There was one living video chronicle: the strange Farewell Concert that felt like a mediocre show, and one that was horribly mixed. The idea was that although all three members were still alive (Unlike Hendrix, Jim Morrison, and half the Beatles) at least the mystery was there, better leave it alone.

    So doing what Clapton, Baker, and Bruce set out to do was a gamble on their legacy of 37 years. You can tell from this DVD that they made quite sure (with abundant rehearsals) that they would not only not disappoint, but that they would somehow shine. With little exception, their song renditions are solid, but not great. There are instrumental jams, but they are never really long ones.

    What makes this DVD outstanding is the way it was recorded, both visually and sonically: the polar opposite of The Farewell Concert recorded back also at Albert Hall in 1969. If you were always a fan of Cream, you just have to be glad it ever happened (Therefore, the first song is, of course, I'm So Glad). It's almost as if the three of them gave a huge sigh of relief when it was all done....more info
  • cream review
    The video is excellent. I was not happy with the delivery of my product. I bought this for Father's Day for my husband and it took 10 days for delivery. Iwas not told it would take this long. Had I know, I would have went to a brick and mortar store to purchase this....more info
  • Grandpa Can Still Rock!
    What can I add to what's been said below? H. Laser has already said much that I wanted to say. My very tolerant wife bought this set for me as a birthday gift, but makes me turn it off when she's in the room--Ginger, Jack, and Eric give her a headache. Well, no marriage is perfect.

    Cream gets my vote for the best Rock band ever. Not that they made no mistakes. Actually, perhaps 50% of their recorded output is unlistenable ("Blue Condition"? What were you guys thinking?)

    And yet, with these DVDs, I even enjoyed "Toad" and(Do I dare admit this in writing?) "Pressed Rat and Warthog." The overproduction that marked some of their studio recordings is thankully missing; It's just the three of them playing their songs. I had never realized how good a song "Deserted Cities" was until hearing this version.

    I suppose they could have given me a call to ask how to make the reunion concerts better. I would then have dispensed my wisdom, and told them to play "Tales of Brave Ulysses," and "Strange Brew" or "Lawdy Mama." I'd also have attempted to get Clapton to pick up a Gibson guitar, go back and listen to his absolutely brilliant, singing solo on the live "Crossroads," and try to play it more like that, and less like the Strat-Weilding guitar god with the "Behind the Sun" tone. And perhaps he could have tracked down the "Fool"-painted psychadelic-freak-out Gibson. Last I heard, Todd Rungren owned it. Perhaps he'd lend it out for a show or two.

    Finally--and this is a matter of religious principle with me--"White Room" is played with a Wah-Wah pedal, or not at all. (It's my Catholic upbringing coming through, I know. But you don't eat meat on Fridays during lent, and you don't play "White Room" without the Wah-Wow-Wah-ah-Wow sound.

    Otherwise, I was thrilled that they have reunited for some shows; stunned that Jack and Ginger actually looked happy to be sharing a stage; and ecstatic that Ginger isn't dead. Although it was he who gave me the biggest surprise: I (honestly) thought he was doing a funny accent, a la Monty Python, on "Pressed Rat." Turn out, that's how he talks. AND . . . he wears dark socks when he drums. Nerd?

    Who cares? Great songs, and great musicians.

    See you in another 40 years.
    ...more info
  • Going through the motions
    Jack is obviously not well. Ginger's kit sounds like an 80's pop band and Eric should just throw away that awful sounding Strat.
    Ok we can't have a replica I know.
    Eric's choice of notes is just not as good as it used to be. He was way more adventurous back in the day.
    No more of the lyrical phrasing, the calm excitement and melodies under extreme pressure. All gone and replaced with just going through the motions.
    I hope Jack and Ginger make a buck out of it. They certainly deserve it.

    The music died the day Clapton picked up a Stratocaster. He never really bonded with it.
    Anyway it looks like a lounge band playing covers. Very polite and laidback and nothing new to say....more info
  • Cream deserves 6 stars!!!!
    Can I be more specific about what these concerts made for my musical inspiration?
    It's all about the music, about playing well and bringing it to the people. The production is very good, though spliting it in two DVDs made it impossible to give it the 6 stars as well (fact, the HD and DTS advantages have to take their toll). Sounding great, looking like there really is technology in use today.
    Thanks guys, I'll be wearing my DVDs' double layers off.
    ...more info
    Bought the Cream 2005 DVD. I recall running home to my digs in 1968 to see the final Cream farewell concert. So, didn`t know what to expect. What a risk they took in just appear with basic instruments, no back up musicians, no backing tapes, keyboards etc.. In other words, no safety net!!
    The result...OUTSTANDING! A terrific album. The playing is probably better than in ` 68. I love to hear the instruments without the clanging mess that you get from so many modern live bands. And, this was always a `killer` band.
    Great moments...for me, ` We`re Going Wrong` ...even better than on Disraeli Gears. Bruce`s mourneful vibrato at its best...Baker`s tom tom effect so apt and Clapton`s lead playing, beautiful yet restrained near the end. One of the finest live pieces ever performed by any band.
    `Sunshine of Your Love` really impressed me. I had played this tune to death in the ` sixties but the live version brought back great memories and what a riff to lead into any song...all the other succeeding metal bands were hugely influenced by ` Sunshine`. `Badge` worked really well...I loved the power chord groan before Eric went into the George Harrison guitar passage.
    `White Room` was slightly laid back but grew as the tune progressed and sharing the vocals was a good idea...I think Bruce sang it all back in the `60`s?? You knew that he needed to take a few breaks.
    A pity that `I Feel Free` was omitted. Most of the tunes were played at a medium pace so it would have been fun to hear a belter like ` I Feel Free`.
    Also, it might have been a laugh to hear the boys sing the opening piece, acapello...BA, BA, BA, BA, BA,BA..I FEEL FREE and so on!!
    `Crossroads` could have gone at a faster pace...You can do it, lads!!
    Anyway, to conclude, one of the very few reunions to really succeed and what a great idea to just play without any gimmicks. Eric said that he knew that they were capable of doing this and how right he was!
    Wonderful to have this DVD and how satisfying it all must have been for the three guys involved, and their families.
    Hey, there`s no reason they can`t reform every so often to remind us how great they were and are.
    Billy, Donegal, Ireland....more info