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Product Description

Who Reads Cookie?
The Cookie reader is a busy and discerning parent who is interested first and foremost in her family?s well-being, but also in maintaining her sense of style and her interests in adult, pre-baby pursuits. The first lifestyle magazine for families, Cookie understands that parenting is a study in extremes?equal parts unbridled joy and abject terror, exhilaration and exhaustion, unconditional love and moments of resentment. As the modern parents? guide to travel, food, fashion, health, home, and more, Cookie breaks the mold. With a voice that?s as candid as it is celebratory, its mission is to offer inspiration and information to a generation of moms and dads whose balancing acts between work and family is ever more challenging?and in so doing, to give them enough confidence in their instincts (which can be hard to make out, amid the deafening chorus of parenting advice). Through a unique combination of reporting and first-person observation and a visual language that is whimsical yet sophisticated, Cookie reminds parents that taking care of themselves?their relationships, their minds, and their bodies?and being a good parent are by no means mutually exclusive.

What You Can Expect in Each Issue:
Regular Departments include:

  • Smart Cookie: The place for tips, tricks, and products that help readers save time, money, and space while doing it in style.
  • Dressing: The best of clothing and accessories for moms and kids.
  • Taking Care: Beauty tips for mom and health advice for the whole family.
  • Traveling: Road trips and city guides to make any destination family-friendly.
  • Eating: Recipes and strategies to help readers create easy, delicious, and healthful meals.
  • Celebrating: Kids' birthday-party ideas.
  • Nesting: The best stuff for the home and nursery, as well as storage and organization strategies.
  • Gearing Up: Road tests of baby gear and kids' toys.
  • Figuring it Out: Essays on subjects ranging from loss and nannies to how to deal with the grandparents and competitive mothering.
  • Reviews: The best of kids' books, TV, movies, music, games, toys, and DVDs.
  • Features: As a lifestyle magazine, Cookie covers many subjects in its well: home, food, fashion, beauty, travel, how other families live, relationships, health, books, and shopping. Cookie is especially proud of its packages, which include its Best of Family Travel; Underrated, Under-the-Radar Children's Books; Developmental Toys; and Home Storage.
Past Issues:

Cookie has purposefully sought out writers who do not usually cover the subject of parenting and family, but are best known for thoughtful prose on subjects ranging from politics to sex. Regular contributors include Eleanor Casey, Heidi Julavits, and Lori Leibovich. Cookie is also proud to have tastemakers in its corner like Veronica Webb, Mary Alice Stephenson, Helen Schifter, and Lucy Sykes. To round out the mix, Cookies has parenting experts who offer relief for the anxiety and questioning of parenthood.

Magazine Layout:
Breaking from the parenting category's familiar tropes, such as pastel colors and cutesy, childlike design elements, Cookie?s pages combine clean, structural elements with traditional typographics and fresh motifs, with the express purpose of appealing to moms?not kids. With a highly original mix of lifestyle, travel, fashion, and still-life photographic styles, the magazine offers a well-paced design experience that feels comfortable yet fresh. The logo, display type, and folios are custom fonts created by Cookie?s art department. Unique type treatments on feature stories provide visual commentaries, complementing the mood of the editorial content. And hand-drawn illustrations infuse the pages with warmth and whimsy. The magazine?s overall design delivers a healthy balance of white space on information-packed text and visuals, while bold colors and oversize numerals serve as clear, convenient navigational cues throughout.

Comparisons to Other Magazines:
Cookie has no direct competitors. Cookie is not a parenting magazine, although it addresses parenting issues and is targeted to moms. As a lifestyle magazine for parents, it alone populates its niche. The mom filter that Cookie applies to the subjects it covers (food, fashion, travel, home, health, and relationships) speaks to the woman within the mother, and makes her feel chic, in-the-know, and part of a community of caring, unjudging peers sharing the same experience.

Cookie aims to get a range of advertisers as diverse as the editorial content. And from pantry staples to high-end fashion brands, it has been successful at getting all types of ad pages. The Cookie ad team has even broken into such lucrative categories as automotive and beauty.

In 2007, after Cookie?s first full year of publication, it was nominated for General Excellence by its peers at the American Society of the Magazine Editors (it's comparable to being nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award). In 2008, Cookie was again nominated in the same category. In 2007, Cookie was named Ad Age's Launch of the Year. In 2008, Cookie made Adweek's Hot List. Also, in 2008, editor-in-chief Pilar Guzm¨¢n was named one of the Crain's "40 Under 40"?the only publishing executive to make the prestigious list this year.

Cookie is the new magazine that celebrates the joys of parenthood. Each issue brings you the best of everything for you and your child ? fashion style, travel gear, books, toys, music and parenting advice from the world's leading experts. Cookie is full of fun and inspiration to lead a rich, wonderful life with your children!

Customer Reviews:

  • just the right mix
    This magazine may not be for everyone, but I find it just the right mix of parenting, baby and relationship information with a fun contemporary spin. I don't expect to be able to afford or even want everything or anything in most of the magazines I pick up, but I like seeing what cute stuff is out there and getting ideas for the nursery and baby. Especially now that Domino is gone - I really look forward to Cookie. ...more info
  • Not your typical parenting magazine
    I can understand why some people don't like this magazine. I enjoy it. I also enjoy Parents magazine. But they're very different. Cookie has some practical kids articles, dinner ideas, etc. But it also reads more like a women's fashion magazine. The products featured (especially the clothing) is really expensive. I enjoy flipping through, but would never actually buy anything. But that's how most women's magazines are so I don't necessarily find it pretentious, just different from typical parenting magazines. ...more info
  • Love cookie mag!!!
    If you prefer the ultra-conservative, Midwestern approach to parenthood then continue to read "parenting" or "American baby". I feel that these magazines are so narrow and honestly every month do I need to be reminded of the simple mundane things (such a routine vaccinations or caring for your newborn?!). The wal-mart and minivan loving moms may not dig cookie but I adore this magazine. From cute clothes for your kids to keeping things fresh with the hubby, it encompasses all things that come with being a parent such as wanting an occasional baby- free shopping day to planning your childs birthday party. Yes its geared to people who are better off, but honestly why does this offend people? And seriously if you are looking to a periodical for deep parenting and budget advice try Dr. Sears or money magazine...not cookie!
    ...more info
  • Throwing it out
    I was given a free subscription to this magazine, and it is obviously biased. If you believe in liberal values you'd probably eat up this crap but for my conservative self it is in-your-face offensive. It goes in the trash now whenever it arrives....more info
  • Loved It!
    What I liked most about this magazine that it had great buying guides and unique clothes that have style for my daughters not all of that cheap glitter and tacky stuff you find in most run of the mill department stores as I said clothes with style, and shoes. No I don't agree with everything in this magazine but I have yet to agree 100% on the other magazines that I have read and will read. ...more info
  • Completely Ridiculous
    I subscribed to this magazine on a trial offer and was thankful it was easy to cancel. That's about the only positive thing I can say about it. The articles were ridiculous, impractical, elitist and materialistic garbage. Definitely NOT recommended. ...more info
  • Save your money
    This magazine is materialistic. Save your money, invest it and have a kid that can go to college worry-free instead of one that looks great but is in debt! This magazine shows how low our society has sunk. Actually, yes, I can afford nice things for my child, I just prefer to use my money more wisely...more info
  • bait and switch tactics make me sick
    i was looking forward to getting my free issue of Cookie along with the promised "stylish" diaper bag and then making my decision on if i would subscribe. but today i recieved my bill stating that after i sent in my $15, then i would be sent the diaper bag. the original offer was clear in it's intention, and i am disdainful of these techniques. i called the magazine and told them if they didn't honor the obvious tone of the orignal offer they could lose my information. after reading the other revues, i am glad i did....more info
  • So pretentious
    I had hopes that this magazine would be a nice alternative to the others out there. From the moment I opened it, it felt so smug. I gave it a chance and read it cover to cover (the April issue). But what finally did me in (after having read that I could buy an $800 blouse to make me feel pretty in that after pregnancy stage, that I could match my children's shoes to my Jimmy Choo's and finally that I could buy my child the latest $300 tricycle) was the article entitled "Normal" about a child who was misdiagnosed with Autism. The article discussed how distraught the mother was after her child was diagnosed with Autism to the point that she tried to committ suicide. The article ended with the fact that the child turned out to be a genius. What was the point of this article? To say thank God it wasn't true? What about those parents out there who have an autistic child, how does this article make them feel? The article was painful and insensitive. There are better ways to spend you $10 than on Cookie....more info
  • Yes, cool, for the modern parent
    For $10 a year, at least I can look at a magazine that isn't dominated by SpongeBrand Squarepants or Dora the Commercialized Explorer and that realizes not every parent thinks the Disney Princess pastel hegemony is the only way to go for a nursery. Will I pay $200 for a sweater? Very doubtful, but if I did it would be something I could pass down as an heirloom. True, I may spend more per item on my daughter's clothes and toys than most, but I also limit the number of things she does receive. I'd rather spend $100 on one unique toy I found in Cookie than give her twenty pieces of plastic at $5 a pop from some toy megapolis. Cookie covers quality over quantity, style over branding, modern over mainstream and for that I'm grateful....more info
  • Worst Magazine I've Seen In Years
    I picked up this magazine on a whim while standing in the checkout line at the grocery store. I'll admit that the cover looked interesting, especially since I have a 20 month old toddler. After I actually looked at the content of the magazine, I came away puzzled. I'm not sure who their target demographic is. It seems like it's published to cater to a small niche of very high income parents. And by high income, I'm not referring to upper-middle class. This magazine seems aimed at the family who lives in a mutli-million dollar apartment in a neighborhood such as Park Slope, Brooklyn. There are no parenting tips in here. Instead it's a style magazine that is thinly disguised as a parenting magazine. In the world of Cookie, it's all about the haves and the have-nots. I threw my issue in the trash. ...more info
  • Not a magazine for *real* parents...
    Finally, a magazine that represents everything that's wrong with modern day parenting--overindulgence, adults who have children because "it's the thing to do" for "status" (much like vacationing in an exotic location), and parents who aren't willing to forego self-absorption to raise a well-balanced child. Let's not forget living vicariously through our children (overscheduled children in way too many activities that lead to burn-out, because Laurel *has* to have ballet, French lessons, pilates, and viola lessons in order to be "well-rounded.") Interestingly enough, the Editor-in-Chief was raised by a single's a shame she has ignored a large portion of the real world with this magazine. --Nadine (a single parent who knows the sheer *waste* of spending $200+ on a pair of boots for a child with ever-growing feet!)...more info
  • Thanks but No Thanks...
    This magazine is just too fluffy for me. As a prior reviewed mentioned, "it misses the mark". I'm not in the market for over-priced toys, gadgets or fashions. Too many ads. ...more info
  • Great magazine
    Finally, A parenting magazine that I actually want to read!!!!! Great articles on children friendly vacation spots, super gift ideas for children and adults, and plenty of great fashion tips for mom and tot. Love this magazine!...more info
  • Like InStyle Mag for parents
    This magazine does in fact carry high end items for children. I dont know many people, wealthy or not, who would fork over $140 for a pair of designer jeans for their four year old. Then again, nearly every one of my girlfriends, wealthy or not, reads InStyle magazine, and they are not forking over $1000 for designer gowns either!
    The articles are very timely and very smart. The fashions and design ideas are cute and inspiring. Great party ideas too. Not necessarily "cutesy" but fresh and sophisticated. I am glad I have the first copy of this magazine and look forward to subsequent issues. ...more info
    This is a great magazine! It is for parents and grandparents who love good design. If you love Domino, then you will love this too. The articles were differnt than any other existing parenting periodical out there. It is different and highlights unique products and ideas. ...more info
  • This magazie will never make it.
    The products and clothes they feature are way too expensive and most of them are advertisers anyways. Lame articles. I'll be surprised if it lasts 6 mos....more info
  • You want WHO to subscribe to this?
    Sorry, but you really missed the mark here with this magazine. First off, it's mostly ads, which a lot of the parenting magazines are. That gets old. Then, I find that most of the items reviewed and featured in your columns are *very* high end and not really in the budget for most families with small children at home. Assuming that is your target audience, the average mother of small children, you've missed the mark. Don't get me wrong, I love buying quality products for my children, but it can't *all* be Ralph Lauren and $200+ baby slings....more info
  • For the busy business mogal mom
    My mom got me this mag for a christmas present. I loved the first one that had a whole section of the best kids books. I thought it was a feature but it wasn't. They do have a section that I love that puts new (and some old) music, books, movies, and toys into color schemes for different ages and a review of these products. They also have some great features about how to plan a unique party and some dinner ideas as well as some cover articles that I enjoyed, but so much of it is fashion and makeup and things that are so expensive (some of it kids clothes and yes the models look cute but for my daughter who likes to be able to move and get dirty, it just isn't for our family.) Even before I was married I never wore make-up and yes I like to look good but the fashion tips aren't why I want a family mag. (If so I would get a fashion mag) I want to learn what other families are like, and what solutions others have but this one just seems a little snooty. I think that is because it is aimed at the moms who are super successful business women who need to look perfect while being the best mom ever. But it still is a cute one and I like some of the features that is why I gave it three stars....more info
  • LOVE IT!
    Makes me feel (for the 1/2 hour i spend reading it) that it's still possible to be Glam, even w/ jelly stuck in my hair! LOVE the fashion layouts and interviews w/ celeb moms. This magazine is geared towards those who read fashion magazines in their young childless years. ...more info
  • Great "eye candy" but don't bother unless you make a million a year
    I agree with other reviews. I thought it was going to be a fun alternative style parenting mag. When I got it and saw that
    "oh so cute" INFANT faux fur for ONLY 395 bucks I knew this was NOT the kind of magazine for me.

    I hope they have enough celebrity subscriptions.....because for "normal" people this magazine is a total waste of paper....more info
  • A parenting magazine for the rich and famous---or just for gawkers like me!
    If you are like the vast majority of us and don't have unlimited money, you will not actually be able to BUY anything featured in this magazine, but that doesn't mean it's not fun to look at! I was a charter subscriber because I love kids clothes, especially boutique fancy ones. That doesn't mean I buy them, at least new, but I like knowing what the expensive brands look like for when I find them at the Goodwill! That about sums up Cookie Magazine for me---I can read about what I would do if I had the money.

    This really isn't that different than reading a regular parenting magazine like Parents. Most of us don't really rush out and do all the crafts they show, or cook all the recipes, but it's still fun to know what we MIGHT do some day. I guess Cookie just lets me dream a little bigger.

    My least favorite part of the magazine are the profiles of famous parents and their kids, mainly because they are rarely very insightful, mainly they are just used to model clothes. I don't mind the clothes, but why pretend it's an interview?

    My latest issue of Cookie seems to be half recognizing today's financial situation---it actually has an article called Money-Saving Vacations! I actually hope they don't keep going in that direction---I want to read about THRILLING EXOTIC vacations that I will never take!

    If you are looking for useful down to earth parenting tips and what K-Mart is selling this season, this is not the magazine for you. If you want to indulge in parenting fantasies for a while, look no further!...more info
  • Delicious mom fluff
    I just started a subscription, and find this a great replacement for the fluffy escapist fashion mag subs I let run out. Of course, I don't expect to buy any of the over-priced clothing in here, but it's still nice to look at! And now I can look at eye-candy in my daughter's size, too. The articles can be superficial, but the viewpoint is miles hipper than most mom mags. If I had to see another article about decorating birthday cupcakes with clown faces I would have had to down a whole bottle of baby Tylenol. My husband gives it the thumbs-up after I suggested we take up their relationship challenge for last month and have s*x seven nights in a row. He he! Give them a break- magazines like this are for fun!...more info
  • Fun, modern approach to family lifestyle; nice alternative.
    I have never written a review but felt very compelled when I read all the negative comments on this magazine. Currently, I receive Cookie free but when my subscription expires, I will happily pay to renew it. Every month, I look forward to my next issue of Cookie. As the Amazon product description states, this is a lifestyle magazine and hooray to that! I WANT to see stylish families with babies strapped to their hips. For me it means that my life doesn't have to be so darn practical. Cookie should not be compared to mainstream parenting magazines. If you want a parenting magazine packed FULL of practical advice, Cookie is not it. While I do like the practical magazines for keeping me informed of things I should know, I enjoy Cookie for its blend of family topics. I'm a full-time working mom and I have used many, many of their quick-to-make recipes with unexpected yet simple ingredients. Cookie is a fun alternative. Regarding the high-end children's fashion, I love flipping through those pages! Does this mean I can afford to buy most of the fashions and/or products advertised? NO, but I like to see what's new and find my own versions. Does everything have to be functional and practical?? If so, then I might as well wear a sack for a dress and strap on a fanny pack; the same for my daughter. Come on ladies, mommy wants to have fun as well!!
    ...more info
  • Good Recipes, Nice Articles, Tons of Advertisements
    -If you are not planning on saving the world, or hurting your brain, you will enjoy the simple articles.
    -They have good recipes that show you how to work with common ingredients. Gives you an idea what to do with your leftovers, and how to feed your kids healthy snacks without overwhelming them.
    -You also will find helpful coupons, and valuable family vacation ideas.

    -This is a very thick magazine, much of which is advertisements. It contains only about 45 minutes' worth of reading material.
    -Many of the items advertised are quite pricey, and not ideal for the average family dealing with childcare, tuition, mortgages, gas prices etc. ...more info
  • Fun...Not Practical (Moms Need More Of That)
    This is a great magazine to flip through with a cup of coffee while my daughter is napping. If you are expecting deep parenting advice, realistic shopping options, and practical ideas this magazine would be a disappointment. An example - In a recent issue there was a page of gorgeous shoes. The price range topped out at $525. I don't think most moms can or would spend $500 on shoes. I did appreciated that they threw in a $28 pair from Payless. Now and then they have some good articles on relationships, but all in all the articles are mostly fluff. For the most part this magazine is more eye candy than substance. If you are looking for the deep parenting advice, realistic shopping options, and practical ideas I'd check out Real Simple's Family special....more info
  • I love it and...
    I am a typical mom...This magazine is not for Betty Crocker type moms, but it is for 21st century moms who want a parenting magazine that speaks to us like we are still thinking and intelligent women. I find the articles very interesting (they are on topics that I am thinking about in my everyday life, living "greener", childhood vaccines, etc.), and love the Cookie Dough section (where you get coupons or deals for on-line stores). I read it cover to cover. Got it for free from Amazon and am thinking about re-subscribing. I really don't understand all the negative reviews....more info
  • Horrible
    Like the others, I received this magazine for free via Amazon. It is not a magazine for your typical mom. If you have a ton of money to spend on designer clothes for your child than this magazine is for you. Otherwise save your money and time and buy a subscription for a more useful magazine designed for real moms, personally I am a fan of Parent Magazine. I do not predict that this magazine will do well or last long. I too would like to cancel my free subscription but I have not had luck in doing so. Some other reviewers stated that this magazine was pretentious and I think that is the perfect description. I do not recommend this, even for free.
    ...more info
  • Fantastic - not pretentious
    I view this magazine differently than many of the other raters, apparently. I have not found it to be the least bit pretentious. In fact, I prefer it to the other parenting magazines to which I subscribe. I find it intelligent and well written for an educated reader. Granted, I do not necessarily agree with every article, but I've always believed that it's important to be aware of the pros and cons of all approaches, including the beliefs of others, and I'd rather read new and different views than read the same story regurgitated 1000 times over. I also find the ads and recommended products inspiring - I might splurge on one or two items or simply find similar versions elsewhere at lower prices. ...more info
  • No useful content
    Yup, I got this as a free subscription too. It has no useful content to me. In the latest issue I flipped through it page by page and there was only one article that I found interesting. The magazine just seems to be like a shopping magazine geared towards high end kids items. I could not relate much to anything. One article had a mom writing about how sleep deprived she was because both her kids did not sleep through the night until 6 months! She had to take 4 days to go to spa retreat. Please! I know so many mothers myself included who would thank their lucky stars if their babies slept through the night at 6 months (mine still doesn't and is 12 months)!...more info
  • not realistic, but fun to look at
    It is an upscale magazine, and I would never and could never buy any of the designer clothes, but it does have nice pictures and does give you an idea of what is popular, so that you can get the look with other less expensive brands. I also like the articles about travel, they show you fun family friendly places to take your kids in differnet cities and countries, some are reasonably priced. It had a 20% off coupon for Gymboree that made it worthwhile to me and I am considering renewing....more info
  • Agree with other reviewers - save your money!
    I also received this as a free gift. I love magazines and this was promoted as a family magazine, but it doesn't apply to any of the families I know, so I can't even pass it on to someone else.

    A section on purses includes great bags - for $1,000+. Their kids' fashion ideas include a $500 leather jacket for a preschooler and a $500 designer outfit, accented with $1,600 diamond locket for your tween to go horseback-riding in. An article on wives overspending and lying to their husbands started out saying this was dishonest and bad for a marriage, but then ended by saying it was okay for one woman that had "reformed" to buy a $5,000 designer coat because she put it aside as a Christmas present to herself.

    Obviously, I won't be renewing this magazine!...more info
  • Who are the parents they designed this magazine for?
    Amazon "gave" me a subscription to Cookie free for a year. IMO that is the only way they could distribute it. I gave it a couple of months of reading then decided it was a waste of time for me to read, I didn't identify with anything in the magazine. It is a pretentious magazine.
    Now when I get it in the mail, I toss it in the trash without reading it first. It is time for me to renew...they couldn't pay me to read the magazine and renew. It is that boring of a read....more info
  • Love it!
    I agree with some of the other reviewers who compare Cookie to Vogue. Yes it has ads for expensive clothing and products but who says I have to buy all of these things? The idea is to be inspired. For the record, I am not a kept, Park Avenue mom with a nanny and chef but a working mother of two small children. I just happen to appreciate inspiring articles and beautiful photography and do not like the commercial, Disney-esque style so popular with the masses. In each issue of Cookie, I discover wonderful recipes and ideas that I can incorporate without taking out a loan or maxing out my credit cards. It makes it so pleasurable to be a mother. If you are a different sort of mom who has not abandoned your love of travel, fashion, beauty, sex, and cooking, Cookie is for you. ...more info
  • Not a parenting magazine
    This more like a fashion magazine than a parenting magazine. It is full of ads that belong in Vogue and the articles are unimaginative. If you are looking for a serious parenting magazine you should look elsewhere....more info
  • waste of time
    I received this magazine as a free promotion and I disliked it so much I canceled it! I didn't find the magazine to have any articles worth while related to parenting instead I found pages and pages of expensive children's clothes. ...more info
  • NOT a parenting magazine...
    I got this subscription free when purchasing something else, so at least I am glad I did not pay for it. I will definitely not be renewing.
    This is like Vogue for the parenting set -- it's fashion, decorating, how to spend the most money on your little kids....nothing really about parenting. I thought it would perhaps be something a little more classy than Parenting or Parents, but as far as I can tell, the content has nothing to do with actual parenting, only about how to spend as much money as possible....more info
  • If there was a 'zero' stars option..........
    ........I would have used it.
    Just canceled my subscription. NOT something I want around my house available to my kids. Articles on sex, a Q&A section that is advice from their 'sexpert' know, on porn, masturbating, etc.....SICK, SICK, SICK.
    NOT for me!...more info
  • Ugh.
    I will just ditto what everyone else says. I gave it a chance since it was a free subscription, but I'm still canceling. WAY too pretentious -- I highly recommend "Wondertime" instead!...more info
  • Pretentious, yes...
    Sure, the advertisements cater to a wealthier crowd... but it's still a very cool, well-written publication. As a stay-at-home-mom who couldn't afford a single thing in the magazine, I still really enjoy the articles & layout. Who says one has to be rich to enjoy a good flip through a mag? I think it may also bother some that it caters to a "younger, hipper" crowd. Some of the articles come from an alternative point-of-view, but I happen to really dig that.
    I recommend it to all of my friends and will continue to subscribe!...more info
  • Had to cancel after the first issue...
    I get Vogue, Harper's, etc. and was looking forward to a more "upscale" mag for parents...but this is chock-full of meaningless drivel and eyeball-rolling articles that took me about 2 minutes to skim through. It's pretentious - but not in a fun way. I just discovered "Wondertime" and it's all that I wanted Cookie to be. Intelligent, modern, thoughtfully that appeal to a different demographic than some of the other parenting mags...articles that make sense to a modern mommy without the need to roll your eyes as you read it...not overwhelmed with the horrible advertising that Cookie inundates you with...realistic for most demographics including higher tax brackets...

    I don't see the point for Cookie magazine to exist. I had to cancel my subscription, and I'm someone who LOVES getting mags (I subscribe to about 15, several being parenting magazines). I felt myself becoming a worse parent and human being for reading Cookie's drivel....more info
  • Fun, interesting, kind of upscale parenting magazine
    Some people say it's pretentious, but after getting a free subscription to Cookie, I really find I enjoy it. No, I'm not going to buy a $400 shirt for a toddler, but I'm not going to buy a $30,000 gown featured in Vogue either, and I enjoy that magazine as well.

    This is a pretty magazine, with interesting articles and some reasonably-priced ideas and features. I really like the food sections. It's probably not good for organic parenting or anyone trying to simplify their lives, but I find it a source of good ideas and a little bit of escapism. If you're a parent who likes travel, gourmet food, and appreciates the existence of a sex advice column in a parenting magazine, check it out....more info
  • Great mag
    This is my favorite magazine. I always find out something new and useful. For example, a few issues ago there was a great explanation of term and full life insurance. There are also great articles about traveling with kids abroad (in style) and product reviews of new high end baby and kid stuff....more info
  • "The Ultimate Indignity"
    What planet do the editors of Cookie hail from? They recently ran an article stating that mothers should get breast implant surgury after pregnancy, calling post-pregnancy breasts "the ultimate indignity". (The photo with the article was of droopy water balloons.)

    If that kind of pretentious, ludicrous advice sounds like your cup of tea, then Cookie is for you... and you can keep it....more info
  • All ads
    I guess it is worth the $10 subscription. However this magazine was filled with ads, 75% ads 25% articles about things i already knew!! I learnt nothing from this magazine!...more info
  • not realistic on this planet
    I ordered this mag because my nephew was selling subscriptions for a fund raiser. Boy howdy, did I waste my money. The articles are absolutely absurd. I agree with all the other reviews that this is a extraordinarily pretentious magazine. Do yourself a HUGE favor and get Wondertime instead....more info
  • Not for families with realistic budgets.
    I subscribed to this mag because I like Parents mag and thought it would be along those lines. It is a snooty magazine and everything featured in it is way out of my price range! My husband is our sole wage earner because we thought it more important for me to stay home with our sons. We are not hurting for money, but we have to be careful. This magazine makes it seem like you're a good family only if you lavish expense items on your kids and spouse. I can't afford one item in this magazine. It's just not realistic. I will never renew!...more info
  • Tricky tactics
    I was excited to see what this magazine was all about, so I sent in a postcard saying that I could try an issue free and if I liked it, it would be $12 for a year's subscription, plus you would receive a free diaper bag even if you cancelled. Shortly after, I received a payment invoice that said they would send me the diaper bag only after they received my payment AND the price was $15 instead of $12! They had added $3 for shipping and handling that was not originally indicated. I know $3 isn't much, but it does end up making the price 25% more than they lead you to believe. I just felt like it was an really dishonest way of doing business, so I immediately cancelled my subscription online....more info