Eureka 409B The Boss Superlite Widetrack Vacuum

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Product Description

  • Bagless
  • Lightweight
  • Wide Track 2 Motor System
  • Easy to Store
  • Telescoping Handle Boss , Super Lite Wide Track Bagless Upright Vacuum, Motor Driven Brush Roll, Telescopic Handle, Converts To Hand Vacuum, Easy To Empty Dust Cup, 20' Cord.

    If anything could be said to make vacuuming "fun," it's this compact, ultra-lightweight little unit. Weighing just eight pounds, the Boss Superlite Widetrack is a fine compromise between a heavy conventional upright and a hand-held vacuum: light enough for even little kids to use, powerful enough to suck up an impressive amount of debris, and way easier on the back than bending over with a handheld or broom. The two-motor system powers a rotating brushroll to get plush pile carpets deep clean, then lets users switch it off to vacuum hardwoods or other delicate floors--a real plus, since units with a constantly-spinning brushroll tend to kick up dust when cleaning hard surfaces. The easy-empty dirt cup is transparent so you can see when it's full, and the wide 12-inch cleaning path rivals that of the Superlite's much bigger cousins. The telescoping handle extends for cleaning, then folds down for compact storage (or use on stairs, where a handy stair-cleaning grip means there's no tricky balancing to do). With just a 3-amp motor, the Boss Superlite Widetrack is probably best for last-minute touch-ups and light jobs, but it's effective enough for full-time use in dorm rooms or small apartments as well. Users with pets or small children will find it especially handy for keeping on top of daily clean-up. The unit measures a compact 12 inches by 6 inches by 27-1/3 inches with the handle extended, features a 20-inch-long power cord, and is covered by a one-year warranty. --Mary Park
  • Features:
    • Ultra-lightweight and maneuverable bagless vacuum with versatile two-motor system
    • Rotating motorized brushroll cleans rugs, then switches off to gently vacuum hardwoods
    • 3-amp motor; transparent easy-empty dirt cup
    • Telescoping handle folds flat for compact storage
    • Measures 12 by 6 by 27-1/3 inches; weighs 8 pounds; 1-year limited warranty
    Customer Reviews:
    • Good for a cheap VC
      My other vacuum cleaner is a Miele, which is far superior in most ways. (Should be - cost 10 times as much.)

      But the little Eureka Boss SuperLite is great for quick clean-ups. I'm disabled and the Miele is heavy, so using it is a big production. In contrast, the Eureka is easy to pick up and move - even from my wheelchair

      It has no attachments, so it's only for floors. But it's what I wanted and I'm pleased with my purchase....more info
    • A great vacuum for the $$$
      I already had a Kirby when I purchased my Eureka Superlite vacuum. I had to carry the Kirby upstairs every time I needed to vacuum there and had fears of falling down the stairs with it due to it being so heavy and awkward to carry. My plan was to use the Eureka upstairs most of the time and only use the Kirby when I needed to do a more thorough job. Instead I am using this little vacuum downstairs as well. It is so easy to carry and use. I was amazed how well it picked up pet hair from my 2 dogs and cat as well as the dirt the dogs track in. I saw that someone complained it did not pick up kitty litter. I love it for that and have not had any problems as far as that. The dirt cup is so easy to empty. I use the plastic bags that come with my morning paper and just pour everything in there. The filter fits right inside the bag so that I can tap the sides to remove more dirt and hair that way. I do use my Kirby to later vacuum the filter. The only problem I have with it is that it is messy to empty so I do it outside after taking an allery pill! I did attach the cord to an extension cord to make it easier to go from one room to the next. I am not bothered by the noise and was surprised to read how many people are bothered by it. ...more info
    • "Never get mad at something without brains" --This is theException.
      I was looking for a vacuum to replace a light-weight vacuum by Oreck, which they no longer make. That vacuum wasn't expensive, costing under $100 - so I think we're talking the same ball park here.

      This vacuum is very noisy, as most people put in their review. I wouldn't mind that if it did it's job. This Eureka Superlite is too bulky to go under the bed, and with no hose attachment - buy a Swiffer too.

      I find the suction poor, so much so, I'd rather use my big, bulky upright though it is heavy. I find it a waste of time to vacuum with this vacuum that can't hold a candle to the Oreck or other lightweight I had.

      The cord seems long from the description, but every room you enter, the plug has to be removed and replugged. Do one room at a time. Please think about that - 20 feet of cord would cross a 15 foot room, the other 5'doesn't go anywhere.

      It is NOT fantastic - barely picking up cat litter without having the granules bounce around it's base and out to another part of the room.

      My opinion is if you're looking to pick up a bit of dust on a bare floor, get it. If you need to do a rug, stairs, or hope to get out of one room to a hallway, you'll actually get mad at a machine. How bad is that?...more info
    • It really is a great little vacuum
      I have gone through 4 vacuum cleaners in the last 6 years, and this one has lasted me the last 2. I have a small apartment with 4 cats, so you can imagine there is lots of cat hair to clean up all the time. I use this vacuum weekly, and it really does do a great job. It also has a Floor option that works well, unlike the Dirt Devil I used to have....more info
    • For the price not bad at all!
      Great suction power! My only complaint is that the handle won't stay put so it slides down. If you have back problems or if you're tall this vacuum may not be for you, but other than that it does the job!...more info
      I bought this for weekly touch ups. It works pretty well on both wood and carpet floors and is as stated lightweight. The see through collection container is a good feature and size too. Also the retractable handly is nice as well. I would recommend this product for weekly touch ups (so you won't have to drag the big vacuum out). It may even be enough for small condos or apartments....more info
    • LOUD and plastic
      This is fine for the two rugs I have in my home; it is quite loud and vaguely cheap-looking, but it picks up the cat hair and does a good job. The cup is easy to empty and it's an overall good little vacuum. ...more info
    • Works great!
      I really like this vacuum. Our kitchen and family room area is all tile flooring and with two large dogs that shed a lot I needed a smaller vacuum for daily use to keep up all of the dog hair. I also have two small children who are always making a mess while eating. I am always amazed at the amount of dog hair that this picks up. It works very well on our area rugs and throw rugs. The only bad points I found were that it doesn't pick up larger things like Cherrios as well and it is kind of hard to get the dust and dog hair off of the filter each time. Otherwise it has been a big help. Our main vacuum is a Kirby and after a lower back injury it was just too heavy for me to lug out for everyday use. This is so light and easy to use....more info
    • A good middle size vacuum cleaner
      I was warned by other reviewers that this was a screechy number, so I put in my earplugs and no problem.

      It is a very good compromise between the huge standard uprights or canister vacs and the handy handhelds, which also have their uses. It is well designed, light weight and its dust bin is transparent, so you really know when you have to empty it.

      ...more info
    • It stops working...
      When I first got this vacuum, it worked great and really sucked up everything. But after 2-3 months, it just stopped sucking.. I took it in to the service center and they told me that the filter had to be cleaned (which I already did)- I took it home and it still didn't suck good enough. Don't waste your money on this one......more info
    • perfect for small apartment
      Small size
      Lite wait
      slim shape can be stored any where.
      beg less.
      more noise (this will be issue with all small size vacums because they can not implement noise reduction)
      not good for stairs
      need to empty after every use.
      filters are very expensive (most expensive in all eureks filters.)
      ...more info
    • Good little vacuum for light work
      I got this vacuum as an alternative to using a "dust-buster" on my kitchen floors everyday. I have 4 large black dogs and white kitchen floors! I got tired of bending over to dust-bust, but I didn't want to get a huge vacuum that I had to drag out daily to clean the hair up. This vacuum is a great alternative. It is light-weight, plugs in so it doesn't have to be charged, so it works as long as you need it to, and it does a great job on hard floors. It does decent on carpet, but I still use my regular vacuum for the carpet areas. I love this thing. It is awesome on pet hair, dirt, you name it. Although it doesn't get anything that is wet, but for the money, you can wipe up the water before you vacuum!! :) Overall this is a great buy for someone who frequently has to vacuum hard floors in a quick and easy way. Hope that helps!...more info
    • It's a SCREAMER!
      Is good on the wood floors. Not good on scatter rugs. Noise is outrageous. High pitched scream. Not good on human or cat ears....more info
    • We love this!
      I must say, all of us fight over who gets to use the vacuum. I know this sounds weird, but oh, the joy of seeing how much dust and dirt was collected! This has to be one of the best little vacs out there! We use this as our primary since we only have 5 rooms on both levels with carpeting. I DON'T like it for hardwoods. It just blows too much around. For hardwoods, I prefer Bono Swedish mops. For this price, I'll probably buy another for the lower level of our house! I don't mind the's not that bad. If you want to hear a screamer, buy the Hoover Bagless Quickbroom!
      Also, this product could be amazing if it carried onboard tools!...more info
    • A great little cannister vac!
      I got my Eureka Boss Superlite in August of last year, and I've used it at least weekly since (and sometimes more). It was cheap enought that I figured it was disposable if it quit working, and I had planned on getting something better around December anyway. Boy did this little thing surprise me - it really works great! Picks up cat hair, dust, everything. Very light, and not really all that noisy. It's quiet enough that my cat isn't afraid of it.

      I really enjoy emptying the cannister and seeing how much stuff it sucks up! I've cleaned the filter a few times; it's very sturdy and I've found a boning knife works great for getting into the pleats to get dust out. I do have long hair, and I spend some time cutting it out from the brush, where it gets wound up instead of sucked up the pipe, but that would happen with any vacuum.

      After so many years of suffering with the ultra heavy Kirbys and the like, this little vacuum has really been a relief, and it works great to boot. I would recommend it to anyone. ...more info
    • great for what I need it for
      I bought this vacuum because I only have three small rooms with carpet to vacuum. The rest of the house is hardwood, although I'm sure I'll use it on the hardwood also. So far, so good. It picks up alot for a little vacuum. It is really light and easy to maneuver. It sure is noisy though! That's why I give it only four stars....more info
    • So Far So Good
      I have just bought the Eureka Super Lite Wide Track at Walmart. I have been looking for something that is easier to get out than my bulky canister vac. I vacuumed my bedroom, the hallway and my living room. I hadn't vacuumed in a while and it got up lots of stuff. I also vacuumed the kitchen floor. I was really happy with the performance on the berber carpets. It also was just fine on the kitchen floor. It seems like it is easy enough to use and it isn't tiring to vacuum with it being so light weight. I will post more as I use it more and hope this is a good vacuum for the long term. ...more info
    • Eureka 409B the Boss Superlite Widetrack
      Having had two expensive vacuum cleaners break I decided to buy this cheapie, but I just tried it and think it was a mistake. The noise is horrendous, more dirt and hair ended up on the rollers than in the dust cup and it blows so much air out it feels like a fan. At least I won't have wasted as much money when it breaks....more info
    • Great Little Vacuum
      Had to retire the 15 year old Hoover Runabout. Just took one too many beatings. I researched and researched, found this one and took it home. I have a 15 month old, a 2 1/2 year old, and two messy dogs, plus one husband. I LOVE THIS VACUUM! It's small, light, and sucks the heck out of dog hair and crumbs. I haven't tackled anything tough like cheerios or fruit loops, but the dogs mostly take care of those. I have all hardwood floors and vacuum almost everyday. Highly recommend!...more info
    • screamer
      Great little picker-upper of dirt, animal hair, etc.on plain or carpeted floors, but it is a srceamer when it comes to noise. It gets the four stars from me for that reason. ...more info
    • A Great Compact & Lightweight Upright Vacuum for the Price
      The Eureka Superlite Widetrack vacuum is a fantastic little vacuum cleaner. Requiring no vacuum cleaner bags, the dirt and debris that it collects is stored in a plastic bin that is easily removable so that you can easily dump its contents into a wastebasket. With the telescoping handle that is released by a small pushbutton on the back, the Eureka Superlite Widetrack can be easily stored in a closet while taking up very little space. The power switch allows you to just use the vacuum motor alone or in combination with a rotating beater-bar brush at the bottom. The rotating brush comes in very handy for cleaning carpets, but isn't needed when vacuuming hardwood or tiled floors. I really like using the Eureka Superlite Widetrack for vacuuming carpeted stairs: instead of having to lug a heavy-duty upright or canister vacuum with an opening too large for each staircase step, I just use the Eureka Superlite Widetrack since it's lightweight and because its opening and rotating brush match the size of each staircase step better. If I just want to do a quick vacuuming, the Eureka Superlite Widetrack is ideal as it can clean up short pine needles, dried leaves, dirt, hair and other miscellaneous bits of debris. (This comes in very handy with two dogs going in and out of the house and tracking in dead plant matter and dirt from the yard.) Granted, the Eureka Superlite Widetrack isn't as powerful as a heavy-duty upright or canister vacuum cleaner, it was never meant to replace either. Instead, this handy little vacuum complements the use of a heavy-duty one when you don't really need that much cleaning power; but if you live in a small apartment or condo and don't have much storage space, the Eureka Superlite Widetrack you can still use it as your primary vacuum cleaner.

      Overall, for ease of use, compact size and great cleaning ability, I rate the Eureka Superlite Widetrack vacuum cleaner with a resounding 5 out of 5 stars and highly recommend it to everyone....more info
    • Good for a small space
      I just moved to a small city apartment and this vacuum is perfect! It has a lot of power, it is very compact and cleans great. The reason I gave it 4 out of five its because it feels a little flimsy, I guess you get what you pay for. Also, if you have a regular sized home you would hate it, unless you want to use it on the stairs or for quick touch ups. The opening is small and it is very simple, it does not contain any extra gadgets or hoses. But if you are living single, in a dorm or small apt. this vaccum is the way to go!...more info