Eureka 4700D Maxima Bagless Upright Vacuum
Eureka 4700D Maxima Bagless Upright Vacuum

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Get the maximum clean with this Eureka 4700A Maxima Bagless Upright Vacuum Cleaner. It comes equipped with 12 amps of power for deep cleaning, a lightweight design for quick and easy pick-ups, a 2.2 quart dust cup for constant cleaning power, a micro-filtration system designed to reduce allergens and pet dander and a no-tip design. With additional features like the extra long crevice tool and extra wide integrated hose, you'll be able to tackle all your hard to reach areas at floor level and above.

Lightweight and inexpensive yet solidly constructed, the Eureka 4700A Maxima offers an excellent value in a full-size upright vacuum. The cheerful yellow unit is easy to push and maneuver, offers powerful, 12-amp suction, and even uses micro-filtration to capture dust mites, pollen, and pet dander for cleaner, healthier indoor air, whether you have allergies or not. Like other bagless models, the Maxima eliminates the expense and hassle of disposable vacuum cleaner bags, using instead an easily accessible, easily-emptied dirt cup that's transparent so you can see when it's full. On the downside, the filter needs to be cleaned often, especially if you have pets, but this is also common with other bagless models. In the case of the Eureka Maxima, there's only one filter to clean and it's easily washable, simplifying the process considerably.

In keeping with its simple, versatile design, the Maxima comes with just the right amount of onboard tools: a crevice tool for corners and baseboards, dusting brush for upholstery and blinds, and extra-long, nested extension wand for added reach. All of these attach to an integrated large-diameter hose designed to resist clogging and help keep the unit from tipping when it's pulled. (The hose detaches rather easily, but this comes in handy in case it does need to be cleared.) A grip on top near the base aids in cleaning stairs or upholstery, while the handle lowers almost flat to vacuum under low furniture. Other features include a powerfully bright headlight and an automatic height adjuster, which accommodates surfaces ranging from linoleum to deep pile without ever touching a switch. Weighing in at just 14 pounds, the Eureka 4700A maxima measures 12-3/4 inches wide by 12 inches long by 42-1/2 inches tall; it is covered by a one-year limited warranty. --Mary Park

  • Lightweight but solidly constructed bagless vacuum offers powerful suction and excellent maneuverability
  • Micro-filtration captures dust mites, pollen, and other allergens for cleaner indoor air
  • Powerful 12-amp motor; easy-empty 2-1/5-quart dust cup; no-tip design
  • Includes crevice tool, dusting brush, extra-long extension wand, and large-diameter no-clog hose
  • Measures 12 by 12-3/4 by 42-1/2 inches; weighs 14 pounds; 1-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

    easy to assemble and the suction is fantastic ! you will not do better for the money ! buy it !...more info
  • Only had two weeks, broken belts twice
    This vacuum does have great suction power for the price. It is also very lightweight. However, I have some beefs. It seems to really blow the dirt around in front of it before it picks it up. Two out of three uses the belt has broken. That is really annoying. Also the hose does not stay plugged into the socket. And I don't like the way that you have to wrap the cord over the hose in the back. I don't know, maybe I got a defective model but I don't think I would ever buy this again. I hope I can get a belt to work on it....more info
  • Broke in less than 10 months
    When I first received this vaccuum it worked very well. Unfortunately, it only lasted 10 months before it just stopped working without any symptoms. Worked great for the price, but the price obviously shows itself when it needs to be replaced annually....more info
  • Disposable Vacuums
    Eureka used to sell a quality product, but the last two (including this model) are poor products. The first few times you use the vacuum, you will be impressed at how much suction they have. After that, it is all downhill. You will find yourself constantly cleaning filters, buying filters and performing maintenance to keep the level of suction that you had when you first purchased. Spend the money upfront and get a better vacuum from a better manufacturer....more info
  • Unhappily in search again of a vacuum
    Very unhappy with this item and when I wrote to the seller, I found they weren't willing to back up their product with too much customer care. It stopped working within 3times of use. The suction was very low and it started to smell like it was burning. The belt was still working but the motor was getting hot. So I am again in search.......more info
  • Motor burned up after just over a year
    The Eureka Maxima Bagless worked fine... for about a year. The only downside is that it did not do a great job on bare floors, tended to blow light dust and dust bunnies away from it. Emptying the receptacle was pretty easy and I never had to replace the filter. Just kept cleaning it, which worked fine.

    However... and that's why I gave this vacuum a poor rating, the motor just quit after just over a year. I took it to a repair shop and the repair cost would have been more than I paid for the vacuum. My previous vacuum was an old Hoover that I owned for nearly 20 years, without any problems. Not saying Hoover is better than Eureka, just that a motor should not burn up after just a year of use, and not that heavy a use at that.

    I would not buy another one, though it's going to be tough to find one that does not have similar stories. Seems like most vacuums have problems these days....more info
  • A Great Value
    I bought this vacuum cleaner online about a week ago and just got it delivered. I did not know I had some assembly to do. It comes in a few parts--less than a dozen, and there are about six or seven screws that have to be secured during assembly. But this is easy, and I had the machine assembled in 20 minutes or so.

    It is very lightweight but as powerful as the most expensive vacuum cleaners. It really sucks powerfully, and is easy to move around--a big virtue for a vacuum cleaner. I think if Microsoft made it, it would be the only product of theirs that didn't suck, but fortunately it is made by Eureka. The whole thing is plastic. I turned it on and cleaned up the rug in my family room. It got up far more dust than I expected for such a short sweep. The container for the dust is large enough so it can clean more than one room before it needs emptying. I did notice that the plastic dust container had developed a crack near its top (on the first use, no less), however I don't think it is serious because I can apply some crazy glue to it, and if worse comes to worst, I can bandage the dust bin with duct tape. Perhaps the dust bin should be engineered more solidly. But that is the only minus for this machine. It is a simple, unadorned, rudimentary, basic vacuum cleaner at a very reasonable price, and it does what it is supposed to do quite well. Now, we shall see how long it lasts. I would recommend this machine to people who seek value for their money.

    ...more info
  • Great Vacuum for a great price
    I bought this vacuum cleaner after reading some of the reviews here at [...]. I really didn't have too much faith in it but I decided to give it a shot.

    After receiving this machine I have to say that this vacuum in AWESOME! I have to admit that this is the best vacuum I have ever bought. This includes the other bran names like dirt devil, hoover, and kenmore.

    It is lightweight and really picks up some dirt. I love it. This was a good buy....more info
  • great vacuum
    this vacuum is great! doesn't make alot of noise picks things up really well ...more info
  • great vacuum
    This vacuum gave great performance especially for how little I paid for it. I would recommend it for anyone with a tight bugdet....more info
  • bagless vacuum
    Love it! Very powerful and picks up lots of pet hair. Great size for small living space. Very satisfied with purchase....more info
  • Great value for the money
    I bought this vacuum 5 years ago and it still works very good. I purchased this Eureka 4700 for $50 expecting it to be a 1 or 2 year temporary vacuum, my money situation was not the best so i just needed something cheap in price. Right from the start i was impressed with its power, picking up mostly everything in its path, after only one pass. I have never tried it on hard floors,(so i can not rate it for its quality on hard floors)and i do not want to scratch my floors, besides thats what a broom is for. Its very easy to empty and to clean the filter, only takes about 5 minutes, or less. I expected this vacuum to quit along time ago, and it might quit sometime soon? But the value for the price, far exceded my expectations.......more info
  • Loses power gradually and becomes ineffective
    I bought this item about a year ago from amazon. We have a two bedroom-two bathroom carpeted apartment for which we wanted a relatively light but effective vacuum with no hassles. It worked well initially picking up fine particulate dust, small bits of paper, dry food matter and hair. It gradually lost its suction power over a year that we continued to use it. Although its motor still hums and the bagless container still accumulates dust it fails to pick up hair, visible fine particulate matter like food, cereal, paper etc. I cannot say that it does not work because technically it's still 'alive'. I had initially given it more stars but after using it for a year I beg to differ....more info
  • Very good for my needs
    I purchased thru Amazon in January. Wanted to get some use before reviewing. Some of the same smaller problems that other reviewers have noted, I had some of the same. However, for the price, it has been overall really a good vacuum. It did take awhile in putting it together, but once done, it was a easy chore to do the cleaning. Rolls right along, in fact I thought for a bit that it was 'self propelling', but it just moves very easy. Has great suction power. Someone noted they did not like the 'blower-effect' it had, ie: pushing dirt ahead out of the way. My experience is that it actually 'blows' it from corner areas and sucks it right up. The self height adjustment works well. I have carpet and tile mix, and you do not even notice the change. I had a older 'Dirt Devil' that finally died. I did not care for the changing of bags, nor changing a broken belt after about each 4 uses. The Eureka is super lightweight and easy to store. Now, a number of reviewers also mentioned the 'dirt basket and filter'. They are correct in the fact the filter needs to be cleaned often. Do not be misled in thinking you are going to wait until the basket is full. On about the 4th time of use, (basket about half full) it shut down on me. Checked manual, states it has a 'auto shutdown system', (which protects the motor) when the filter or basket is full. Since then I make it a point to clean the filter after each couple of uses. The basket and filter cleaning is a real simple task. I did not find it messy, altho would suggest to do it outside or in a utility room area. I have no pets or bad dirt pileup, but I do live in a desert climate with blowing wind and dust. This vacuum 'sucks' it all up very nicely. So, for the cost of this unit, if I can get a couple years use, I think it is well worth it....more info
  • Great for carpet BUT blows hair, dust & dirt bunnies around on hard floors
    I only write reviews for products that I wish I had been warned about before I purchased them. This vacuum has a lot of great points, including being lightweight, extremely easy to maneuver, having a powerful suction, and being only 13" wide so as to fit between my 18 dining and chairs and barstools without having to move them. The first time I used the vacuum it was on carpet and I was very pleased. However, today I tried to vacuum my kitchen, breakfast area, and foyer (ceramic tile) and noticed that dust bunnies and stray hairs were actually flying all over in the air! I took a good look at my new vacuum and discovered that the exhaust jetstream turbo vents were located - of all places - in the front of the vacuum - the exhaust vents powerfully in the same direction as you are vacuuming! I do need more exercise; just didn't think that I would get it having to constantly chase down dust bunnies as they sail around in the air. LOL I guess I'm going to move this vacuum to my small completely carpeted 1000 ft. bonus area upstairs and go ahead and invest in a Dyson, which also has a 13" cleaning path width....more info
  • iz it working??
    i bought this because it had a bare floor adjustment.
    i have mostly hardwood floors. covered by area rugs.
    this is the 4th "bagless" i've bought in less than 2 years.
    works great the first time until it gets filled up with dog fur.
    they all end up in the trash. i hate cleaning them.
    the belt in this one burnt out in less than SIX MONTHS !!
    the dirt and dog hair gets STUCK in the tunnel and i can't
    seem to clean it all out. my dryer vent is easier to clean out than these bagless things !! and i shouldn't have to pay $60 to have it cleaned every month either !! so, no more sucking power and
    all my dirt goes spitting out the bottom of the unit back onto the floor
    for me to sweep up. back to square one. hose is definitely not long enough to reach up into corners and ceiling fans.
    it was a complicated assembly. heavy.
    i, too, have a problem with the hose remaining stuck in where
    it is supposed to be. last bagless i'll buy because they all
    work the same and not up to my standards. ...more info
  • OK for the price
    I must say, I got a lower price than is offered here (paid 44.99). It's a decent vacuum. It's not spectacular. What I like: it's very light, has good suction power on the hose, and comes with a decent array of on board tools. It's bagless, which is nice. Nice, super long cord. What I don't like: it's cheaply made, and a pain in the arse to put together. The collection cup is small, and requires frequent empties. I also don't like the front vents that blow air forward, disturbing some of the items you are trying to vacuum up on bare floors. I had to "chase" some of the dog fur I was trying to vacuum. However, I wasn't expecting a Dyson. For the price I paid, I would say it's a good deal and a decent product....more info
    FIRST: DO NOT PURCHASE THIS VACUUM IF YOU HAVE PETS OR CHILDREN!!! I am very serious! I happen to have both animals and kids so please trust me when I say that this vacuum is going to be a huge let down if you buy it. I have had it for less than a month, I vacuum every day and it worked great on day one. After that, it just kept getting worse and worse. The filter clogs on every use (mainly from the dog hair), the hose comes out constantly, and the suction from the hose is horrendous. I hate dishing out negative reviews but I felt a strong need to warn off any potential buyers out there....more info
  • Great Value
    This vacuum is lightweight, bagless, and reasonably priced. Just as good as the traditional bag-version of the Maxima. Also the 'cup' holds much more dirt than other bagless models. ...more info
  • Great vacuum, great price
    This is a great, lightweight vacuum. It's was very easy to assemble, carry and store. The downsides are that the washable filter needs to be cleaned every time the cannister is emptied for the vacuum to works its best and the suction hose slides out too easily and needs to be replaced ofter. Minor problems for a vacuum that works so well for the price. ...more info
  • Broke within two months
    I used this machine once and then the brushes stopped spinning. Will not buy again and nor should you....more info
  • Does the job
    The vacuum works well for what it's intended need is. If you have animals that shed, you will have to take out the filter every other time to clean off the hair and fur as it gets trapped....more info
  • Great price, not worth it now.....
    I bought this vacuum less than a year ago at Sears. I should have known to take it back when I used it on the hard floor and it would spit dirt out from the back. So I started only using it for the rugs, and it wasn't too much of a problem. Now I live in a place with all carpet and it barely sucks the cat hair up!

    Tomorrow will be the second time I will take it to Sears and have them repair it. They ship it to another city to fix and it takes takes several weeks before you get it back. The first time this happened it was not such a big deal since I had hard floors, I mainly used it for the rugs. Now with the carpet and pet hair - this will be a disaster for our winter allergies.

    I am considering selling it once it is repaired, especially since it's still under warranty and the repair *should be* free. Even though the price, lighweight, and bagless features attracted me at first, this machine is pathetic. ...more info
  • Cheap and not useful
    This vacuum broke within a year. The filter constantly clogged and the air exhaust was in front of the vacuum, thus blowing away everything I was trying to suck up. Dumb design. Cheap materials. Bad product....more info
  • Terrible vacuum, don't waste your money.
    Works much like a lawn mower in that it takes your dirt and mulches it up and spits it out. Don't waste your money. I wrote numerous letters to Eureka asking for help and got form replies before they finally quit writing. I'll never buy another Eureka....more info
  • Great for a cheap Vac
    I bought this when my more expensive vacuum died, just to hold me over until I could afford to get a nicer one. This vacuum appears to be really decent. It works very well, has great suction. The hose does come loose really easy, but even if it does come loose, it didn't spray dirt all over like some had suggested....more info
  • this vacuum really works
    For the price does a great job!
    This eureka maxima really does work well.
    picked up particles very well.
    moved into new apt and it suck up so much hair off the carpet.
    well, carpet was cleaned ,but I ran the vacuum and unbeleiveable stuff came up off carpet.
    But I need to order extra filter just in case....more info
  • Pretty amazing for $50
    This is a "first look" review. I just bought the Eureka at Lowe's for $47.97. It goes together very easily with just a Phillips head screwdriver. The machine is relatively quiet and has great suction. I vacuumed an area that I had just cleaned with my old vacuum, and the Eureka picked up quite a bit that the old machine missed.

    When cleaning tile and wood floors, the suction was so powerful that dustballs a foot away started moving. I haven't experienced the hose popping out of the base or any of the issues reported by other reviewers, but I've only been using it for a half hour. If my very favorable impression changes over the coming months, I'll be sure to update the review....more info
  • Died in less than two years
    The product works OK, although the filter design produces dust clogs if you are not careful. This vacuum died in less than two years of light usage. OK for the price, but I'm surfing for a new, more expensive, non-Eureka vacuum when I finish this review....more info
  • eureka vacuum
    I was pleasantly surprised how well this vacuum worked. I have several pets so it gets a lot of use. I also have a bad back and love it is so light weight and easy to run....more info

  • Not built for a big room!
    This vac will not do a large room before the filter clogs and the thermal overload kicks it off. It is worthless for a gift shop daily cleaning. Also the first time trying to take the filter out was a pain as the book is wrong, saying to turn the top of the dirt holder. It pops up. I would not buy one again and am looking for a bagged model....more info
  • Happy Happy
    A little tough to put together but all in all works like a charm. Really Sucks dirt and does it well. I would buy it again. Easy to get rid of nasty dirt in the canister....more info
  • Does the job
    I have used this vacuum cleaner a couple of times. So far, for the cheap price I have paid, I think it did a good job.

    Here are some negatives:

    -No hose-floor vacuum switch as it was in the Optima line of Eureka vacuum cleaners. So, the hose suction is always on whether you use it or not. I would think that it weakens the floor suction power by eating from it.

    -The height of the handle is NOT adjustable. I thought it could go up and down to accommodate people with different heights. For me, the fixed height of the handle is fine. I am average (5' 9''). Others might find it discomfortable.

    -As some reviewers said, the motor at the front blows the dirt laying around (Not just on the ground but also on furnitures).

    A few good points:

    +Suction is Ok for me. It does pick up dirt. But I don't have to empty the dust compartment everytime I use, like some others mentioned. The chamber is large enough to become filled after 5-7 usages. By the way, I clean my little condo every 1-2 week.

    +Less noisy than I expected. The Optima that belonged to my former roommate was a lot noisier than this. I was suprised with that. As a comparison, my blender even in the lowest setting creates more discomfort than that.

    +The dust cup bottom release is a nice feature. Optima didn't have it. So, you don't have to open the lid of the dust cup to empty the dust.

    +Surprisingly, I liked the light at the front. I can vacuum in low light areas of the condo during the day without turning the lights on.

    I will update my review after more usage....more info
  • Best vacuum I have ever owned
    This is the best vacuum I have ever used. The canister is easy to empty and it picks up amazingly well....more info
  • Lots of assembly required
    Nice product but be prepared to do a good bit of assembly. There are a lot of pieces. We passed up on the Hoover, which comes ready to use right out of the box, because this one had the lower price. A mistake. Took us over an hour to get it all together. One piece has screws that must be tightened but which are down sink-holes so deep and narrow, neither of my two screwdrivers would fit. I had to got to two stores to find one that would work. Buy the Hoover. ...more info
  • Was ok at first
    I bought this item after doing research on this site and looking at various reviews. It was really great when we first got it two (maybe 3) years ago. We had a dog at the time and I think picking up his hair (not to mention the cats') really did a number on it from the get go. It is not always easy to push on our rugs and that makes it tiring. The other thing is, this was our first experience with a bagless, and I actually think it is more of a pain to use than the bagged kind. You have to clean the filter and that involves actually washing it. So you can't use your vacuum until that dries out. Then to replace the filter is anywhere between $16 and $20 per filter, which is another pain, and not every store carries it. The vacuum is so cheap now (because it's an old model at this point), it's not even worth continually buying a filter for that cost. I am now in the market for a new vac, perhaps a canister model--definitely bagged....more info
  • Had 2 Redo My Feedback
    I still love this vacuum. For $44 I cant complain.It shipped fast but I can say that I had the belt break problem. I have gone through 2 belts so far and Im wondering whats going on!
    Make sure you have a supply of belts for this vaccum.
    Next time Id get a more expensive model.
    Cheaper isnt always better :)...more info
  • Well, it blows the dirt away..that I can confim.
    I checked on many reviews before purchasing this unit. I live in a city apt. and as I don't have carpets, it's ability to clean floors was key..especially dust and cat hair. So, I set it up(easy) and fire it up right in front of a heap that I swept together for it's maiden job..And to my amazement a jet of air blew the heap all over the place. After taking a closer look at this machines operation, I can attest that a relatively powerful stream of air is blown out roughly 5" above where the "supposed" vacuuming is being done..are you kidding me? Now, I have to gather up the dirt again...Not me, I took it right back...
    Next.....................more info
  • Good Value
    This is the first vacuum I have purchased for our new apartment. It works great, has good suction and is easy to push and pull around. Not too heavy, not too tall, and fits nicely in my hall closet. The power button is big and red and very easy to push with your foot.

    A few issues. The light does not need to be on ALL the time. I wish it flattened just a bit more so I could push it under shorter furniture. It's a little loud, but it's not too bad really.

    Clean this filter dry. I made the error of trying to wash it, and all I did was triple my work, kill a toothbrush, and make a mud patty in the sink. It's faster, easier, and cleaner to brush it clean with a toothbrush over the trashcan, and without water. Once it gets too dirty to clean dry, THEN I will wash it again. The hose is flexible enough for me to get into anything, but DO use the attachment wand of brush, otherwise the suction's not that great on the hose.

    But the vacuum is easy to use. I empty out the tank of dustiness every time I use it, just the filter a brushing, and everything snaps back together without hassle. ...more info
  • Eureka 4700D
    It's a vaccum. I assembled the model with a little help from the instruction book. Easy to do. I tried it out both on our hardwood floors and low carpet. Picked up gross stuff just fine. The only problem is the hose keeps coming loose from the main part. I just pop it back in. If, that would annoy you than maybe wrap a piece of tape around the hose to give it a snugger fit. It hasn't driven me to trouble shoot the matter. It's a fine vaccuum for the price. I'm a huge fan of the bagless features. I deducted a star because the hose doesn't stay attached. ...more info
  • Eureka Vacuum
    I ordered this vacuum and am so sorry I did. Had I kept the box
    it would have went back the same day. I can vacuum for about 3mins
    and then it dies on me. I have to leave it alone and wait to use it
    in another area. I couldn't have made a bigger mistake by ordering
    this. I do not recommend this vacuum to anyone!!!! ...more info
  • this vaccuum is terrible!
    I bought this vaccuum 2 years ago and I have never emptied it and there is a tiny amount of dust in it. Instead of picking up dust and dirt this vaccuum just blows it around. ...more info
  • Broke
    I bought this less than 1 year ago and it just shut down and does not work. It never really picked up that well but I was living with it. Time to find a new vacuum....more info


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