Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum

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Product Description

Let's face it. Most vacuums just don't cut it when it comes to really cleaning a home or office. Pesky pet hair embeds deeper in carpet than traditional vacuums go; bits and pieces of tracked-in dirt and debris hunker down under floor trim just out of reach of the latest brush innovations, rendering us to the silliness of handpicking behind that expensive vacuum, filling our pockets with lint, and wondering-who's really the boss? Troubles like these made the folks at Eureka get down and dirty and, ultimately, design the Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum.

Offering powerful performance for everyday household cleaning, the Eureka Boss is the solution for people who insist on having a truly clean home. The Boss's Direct Air Control System features an air selector switch that lets you direct all suction either deep into the carpet or to the hose for easy above-the-floor cleaning. The Power Paw brush makes it easy to clean stairs and upholstery, and even claws up embedded pet hair, so Fido can spend more time inside. The motorized brush lets you go from carpet- to bare floor-cleaning with the flick of a switch. The Boss Smart-Vac is powered by a beefy, 12-amp motor that provides plenty of suction power for deep cleaning carpets, and leaves nothing behind on hard floors.

Pretty smart; right? Well, here's the really smart part. The Boss Smart-Vac isn't just the best household carpet- and floor-cleaning vacuum on the market; it's also equipped with a unique, sealed HEPA filtration system that captures 99.97 percent of dust, pollen, allergens, and bacteria. So, vacuuming the house doesn't mean you have to dust afterward, or sneeze while you're doing it. Cleaner carpets and cleaner indoor air at the same time!

Plus, the Boss is loaded with user-friendly features to take the frustration out of vacuuming. A wide cleaning path covers a lot of ground quickly before company comes. And, unlike inferior models, the Boss is designed with a brush-view window that shows you how hard it's working, letting you actually see the powerful brush roller remove dirt from carpets and floors. The exclusive dust trap system captures debris and dust in three stages. A handy stretch hose extends to five times its original length for reaching around furniture and sucking the cobwebs off the ceiling. And, a 30-foot cord won't leave you coming up short. The bare floor brush is designed to smoothly glide across wood and tile floors while picking up more dust and debris in corners and along baseboards than any other model. --Brian Olson

Eureka vacuums are designed to clean and protect tile and sealed hardwood floors in your home. They have deluxe bare floor brushes designed to smoothly glide across your floor while picking up more dust and debris in corners and along baseboards than regular models. Replacement bag: Eureka Style RR. Replacement belt: Eureka Style R. Replacement HEPA filter: Eureka Style HF2. Dimensions: 12" x 11" x 45". Weight: 21 lbs. Power: 12 amps. Cord length: 30 ft.

  • Upright vacuum cleaner with 12-amp motor for carpets and hard floors; upgrade of 4870DT
  • HEPA filtration system captures 99.97 percent of dust, pollen, and allergens
  • Onboard tools include dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, and crevice tool
  • Stretch hose for above-floor cleaning; 3-stage dust-trap system; 30-foot cord
  • Measures 15 by 11 by 45 inches; 1-year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Great vacuum
    This is my second time to buy this model. My first one is 2 years old and going strong. We have replaced the belt on the first one a few months ago.
    I needed a second vacuum for our vacation home. I am happy with the suction (much better than the bagless models) and the attachments are great.
    ...more info
  • You get exactly what you pay for, no more BUT certainly no less
    I bought this vacuum on the recommendation of a major consumer product review organization; while two vacuums had higher ratings, this one cost about half as much. For the most part, I am glad I did not spend the extra money.

    First and foremost, it has adequate power for the job and the rotary beaters are efficient. I had used an old Hoover for over 12 years and thought I was getting my carpet clean, I was deluded. The difference in the looks of the carpet was immediately apparent. The Eureka was far more effective. Secondly, it is clean. It uses a traditional replaceable bag to collect dust but has a HEPA filter over the exhaust port to collect fine particulate. There was no fine dust in the air or dust smell. The accessories mount on the body of the vacuum, but while convenient they are not completely secured. The brush falls off occasionally. It is very easy to shift from floor cleaning to the hose attachments; you simply turn the handle of a valve on the upper body of the vacuum. The extensions are long enough to reach an 11 ft ceiling. Shifting to different carpet pile heights is also easy and convenient.

    The consumer organization gave two reasons for not giving this vacuum a top rating. First they said it was not the as easy to maneuver as it might be. This is true; other vacuums are easier to shove about and this one is not power assisted. They also dinged it for being noisier than the two more expensive vacuums. While this is probably true, after the ol' Hoover I was delighted at how quite it was. Also making it quieter would affect the price. The plastic of the body could be a bit more rugged but again this would increase the price. My home is small; if you really spend a lot of time behind a vacuum, you probably want to spend a bit more. This lack of rugged construction probably explains the huge variability in the product reviews. Caveat emptor - the instructions advise calling Eureka customer service and NOT taking the machine back to the place where you purchased it if it is defective. This could be a problem. And - some assembly required.

    All-in-all, good vacuum, value for money.
    ...more info
  • Not worthy the money
    I was pretty happy about this vacuum during my first time of using it, it has pretty good suction power. I gave it 4 stars for my first review. But the problem occurred only a few minutes into the use for the second time, the brush stopped rolling. I noticed that there was no suction power. I brought it to the nearby warranty station, and it was found out that the belt was broken. it has been only used once for normal in-house cleaning and I neither saw anything unusual got caught nor heard any noise during the cleaning. The service guy told me that the belt is not the good type and unfortunately is not under warranty, to replace it I need to pay more than $40 and he is not sure how long the new belt will last or if any other problems will happen as he has no confidence in this model at all. He also mentioned that Consumer Report doesn't know what they are doing when ranking the vacuum cleaner.
    ...more info
  • Spend more money
    I bought this vacuum a year ago after reading all these positive reviews and I disagree completely with these reviews. This thing is heavy, cheap and I would never buy it again. The whole vacuum exudes cheapness from the footswitch to the cord holder(that doesn't work) I can't wait till it dies and I can buy something better. Save your money for another month and buy something decent. ...more info
  • Great Vac
    This vac does everything that I need. Had a hard time changing the belt after I vacuumed some clothes. It seems like a manufacturer mistake, but the motor crankshaft was melted to the side of the vac where the belt is suppose to be changed. Took me a while to figure it out, but with a drill, screwdriver and hammer I was able to fix it. ...more info
  • Best Value
    Impressed with it's power. Picks up dirt on every surface - from rugs to bare floors. Not any louder than other vacuums. A little heavy, but for the price you can buy two - one for the upstairs and one for downstairs. Great little attachment too, which cleans fabric couches and rug cover stairs really well. This is by far the best vacuum on the market for The price (about $150). ...more info
  • problematic attachment use
    The attachments work, but you have to turn a large knob every time you go from floor mode to attachment mode and then back to floor mode. So if you forgot to flip the switch on or flip it off after using it, you're going through the motions of vacuuming, but nothing is getting cleaned. It is frustrating if you go back and forth between floor and baseboards, etc.

    It is also heavy. Really heavy. But it does a good job. I would buy this one again if another vacuum with same ratings but lighter was not available. ...more info
  • Like the Eureka 4870GZ Boss Vacuum

    This vacuum has desired attachments and really solid power for pulling
    up unwanted stuff. It is heavier than I might have guessed, but it is
    solid, flexible, inexpensive and does the job! What more can one want? ...more info
  • The worst Vac and customer service
    We purchased this because it came with hepa filter. As soon as we used it the foot pedal popped off and would not go back on. To make a long story short we called Eureka and was directed to their official repair facility. When it was returned after one month the pedal popped off again. Again we returned it to the repair facility and he told us he would order an entire pedal unit. Another month later we brought it home and the pedal popped off. Because the unit is so top heavy, which I feel is a design flaw, the top wants to tip over. The pedal will not hold it tight in place. I wrote a letter to Eureka explaining all of this and I never heard back. My wife will not use it anymore. Instead she uses a 1960's Hover that we found in the trash. ...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    This is an excellent Vacuum, we love it. For the money I think it is the best you can buy....more info
  • Awesome!
    Love this vaccuum! Don't have too much to compare it to, but my main concern was getting this used carpet I bought free of pet dander, and looking spiffy. It did the job magnificently, and for the right price. I didn't buy until I read lots of reviews and consumer reports. This just seemed to be the best deal....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss upright vacuum
    Seems to suck up dirt very well. A bit heavy and the mechanism used to disengage the vacuum from an upright position is very stiff and difficult to work....more info
  • Feel 100% safe with this purchase!!!! Best Vacuum EVER!!!
    WOW!!!!!! I think the words "Oh my God" blurted out the second I flipped the switch on this amazing piece of machinery!! I swear you will feel the same way. I have never felt that amount of suction before...never!! You can feel the vacuum suck down like a drill, it's like attached to your carpet and yet it move freely to different surfaces. I just can't describe how much you can instantly tell that this is the best purchase you have ever made!!

    I was sold when I saw the sticker that said "voted best by consumer digest: picks up 60% more than Dyson" I have been through at least 3 vacuums in the last couple of years, those good for nothing bagless that have the disgusting filters that are always filthy and reek after you clean them. I have used UMPTEEN vacuums in my life time (I was a private cleaning lady), i think EVERY BRAND under the sun...Other than DYSON. But after buying this vacuum, Dyson will never cross my mind again!! Look no further, I promise that you will feel the exact same way! ...more info
  • An excellent vacuum.
    This has to be the best vacuum that I have ever used. The suction is amazing. It actually sucked up a small dog chain and didn't even flinch. I am somewhat of a vacuum freak (vacuums and fans). I would usually buy a new vacuum every 6 months or so and I have had this one for over 2 years! The reason being, I can not find a comparable or better vacuum cleaner. I love this vacuum and that can not be a better endorsement as I am a very fickle vacuum consumer....more info
  • Best vacuum!
    This vacuum is the best at picking up pet hair! I bought it because it got very high marks in Consumer Reports (it is a "best buy" for it's price). It is a little heavy which may be a problem for some people. But as for me, I got a great vacuum without spending a lot of money.
    L.H., Lexington,KY...more info
  • Perfect performer
    The bags were not in stock at home depot, but I found them at Lowe's. I say that as the only negative experience with this vacuum. It was CHEAP for how good of a vacuum it is. We love it and it's easy enough to use for anyone to use all the attachments and such....more info
    Vacuums are considered an appliance and are NONRETURNABLE. I don't think Amazon should allow companies with this policy to operate under the Amazon name. I'm not comfortable using Amazon for any major purchase anymore. NO brick and mortar store would do this....more info
  • Pleased with carpet clean up, but not at all with hard wood floor...
    This vacuum does an excellent job on carpet in my home. We have two dogs that shed a lot a it did not take much to fill up the bag with our large two story home. It worked great on the carpet! However, the switch to move it to hard wood floors does not work. I had read this in a previous review also. We have a lot of area to cover in hard wood floors and I was looking forward to not having to sweep as much. Very upset that this function is faulty and the switch will not stay put on hard wood floor. The brushes continue to roll not making it possible to clean adequately on hard wood floors.
    Besides that glitch, the vacuum is excellent and I did not notice a problem with heaviness. I just did not feel like having to re-ship back to manufacturer and go another week without a vacuum so keeping my broken one : (
    ...more info
  • Disappointing
    This vacuum has good suction and comes in a light package with an easily replaceable HEPA filter; it is easy to assemble. However, it arrived pre-broken -- the floor switch, which disengages the rollers -- did not work, and it had a cheap feel overall. Controls were not in sensible places and the extension hoses were difficult to deal with. It took very little time for me to return it to its original container and send it back. I came to the conclusion that vacuums are something you at least look at in person....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    Bought after other reviews and it works great for us. Two dogs, Two kids and lots of use and still going strong. Love it...more info
  • Good vacuum for the price
    Overall I am very pleased with this vacuum. The suction is so much better than my old Hoover. I have two little dogs that shed constantly and this vacuum picks up their pet hair with one swipe. It also fluffed up the nap in my carpet so that it looks almost like new. I do wish the Power Paw had a storage location on the vacuum. That is really the only thing negative that I can say. I don't think I could have gotten a better vacuum for the price. It does the job that I expected it to do and it does it very well. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I have been really impressed with this vacuum cleaner. To be honest I promised myself never to buy a Eureka again after my last purchase, but after looking at the ratings I thought I would give the company another chance. The suction power is great. The clear attachment hose is very helpful as well. The dial to turn suction from the floor vacuum to hose is very convenient. I bought this vacuum as a refurbished model with some fear and trepidation but was so glad I made the purchase. It was 1/2 the price and I can find no problem at all. I have been recommending this vacuum to many people. The Boss Smart-Vac is a great buy in my opinion....more info
  • Unwieldy
    This is a brute and the build quality is poor. My wife is always complaining about how difficult it is to move and lift this vacuum. In addition the lever to unlock the handle is extremely difficult to operate. Lastly, the vacuum no longer works on hardwood floors. There are much better options available....more info
  • Love this vacuum
    I've had the Eureka Boss for about 3 years now. No problems except that I had to replace the belt this year. An earlier review states that the bags are only available online. I buy them at Lowes; they are almost always in stock. I have carpet, hardwood, tile, dog and kid. It takes care of everything and is relatively quite. Kind of heavy and I wish it was easier to switch from carpet to bare floor. Otherwise, it's the best vacuum I've ever owned....more info
  • Motor Burned out!
    Just 6 months out of warranty and 1 1/2 years after purchase, the motor burns out halfway through vaccuuming my house! When I took it to get fixed they said it was unfixable and cheaply made of all plastic parts! Don't buy unless you want to replace cleaners every 1-2 years. Worked fine while it was working. Very disappointed!...more info
  • Very unhappy with this vacuum
    This is a bulky and heavy machine, but while it worked, it did have good suction. The problem is that after probably a dozen uses, the belt got slick and quit working. I spent literally hours trying to replace it. There is actually a good u-tube video on how to change this particular belt, which was helpful, but there isn't enough clearance to get the belt on easily. I finally got the 2nd belt on and it immediately melted. If you read up on it, the belt seems to be a problem with this machine. Eureka customer service didn't seem to be very concerned, but they did agree to send me a new belt. I am giving mine to someone who thinks they can figure it out or fix it. I've never been so aggravated with a machine, so you couldn't give me a Eureka vacuum....more info
  • Perhaps i got a dud?
    I have two cats and a semi-allergic husband, so i needed a vacuum to perform better than my old Kenmore. I did lots of research and went with the Consumer Reports pick, this Eureka Boss Smart-Vac. Performance-wise, I'm very happy with it. However, it's very heavy, bulky and not very easy to use.
    First of all, the knobs and settings are near rediculous! The button to step on to unlock it requires hard-soled shoes or you can bruise your foot-very hard to push! The lever to switch from carpet to bare floors cannot be switched unless the vacuum is in the locked position and then it is often very hard to do. There are three position knobs/dials you need to always be aware of to ensure correct setting. If you were vacuuming the bare floors then used the attachment, then go to carpet, you have to remember to switch the top knob to 'floors', then the height to an appropriate one (not bare), and then the switch from carpet to bare.
    Second, it is very heavy. i usually have to have my husband carry it between floors for me (especially back when i was pregnant) because it is so heavy and big, I'm afraid i'll fall with it.
    Third, and most disappointing...the belt breaks CONSTANTLY! I've got to change the belt after every 3-4 uses! The last time i went to buy belts I went to 4 different stores to find them! I would think this is a popular brand (it was flying off the shelves at Lowe's when i originally bought it a year or so ago), but Target didn't have them, Home Depot didn't have them, Sears didn't have them...I had to go to a ma + pop vacuum shop to buy them and they were $10 each! I just found them here on Amazon, so now i'm stocking up. I took it in before the warrenty came up to have it looked at, but they didn't fix it. Kind-of a long story, but basically I took it there to complain that the belt was always breaking and that the motor seemed to get really hot and stinky when i ran it for more than about 10 minutes at a time. The guy took it apart and verified the belt was in tact, then put it back together. a couple days later they called my husband and told him it was okay, the belt just needed to be replaced. My husband went to pick it up before he told me what happened. At the time i was about 6 mths pregnant and didn't feel like bothering with it. So now i'm left with a crappy vacuum that eats $10 belts like candy.
    Anyway, it does a good job of cleaning up cat hair....when the belt isn't broken!...more info
  • Best in my lifetime
    Owned this for 2 years and haven't had a problem yet. Not even the belt. Prior to this, I was always burning out the belts every 4-6 months. I have two dogs and two toddlers who leave all kinds of little things on the floor. This picks em all up. Somehow it seems to discriminate about what to pick up and what to go over.

    The best thing is that if it gets clogged, it really is a cinch to unclog.

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Great suction - cheap material
    For the price, not bad. I have had one for about 2.5 years and it's been cleaning up after the hair of a Border Collie very effectively on wall-to-wall and persians. The bag is easy and relatively tidy to replace. Within two weeks of its purchase, however, the piece that holds the unit upright snapped. Now the switch is fried, I can't turn it on, and it's beyond warranty of course. I am trying to decide whether it will be less expensive to buy something new or get the switch fixed. Unnerving when my parents' last vacuum lasted about 20 years before it died. ...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ worth the buy
    Good suction. A little heavy. Don't like the release foot control; can't do it with bare feet and it feels like it will be the first thing to break. Otherwise GREAT vacuum. I would buy another one. ...more info
  • release lever broke, now vacuum is a nose bleed hazard
    It's a great vacuum. I have used it for more than 2 years. However, recently
    yellow lever that you step on to release the vacuum broke. It came off
    its groove after the plastic part that holds it there gave away. The problem
    now is that I have to be extremely careful when leaving the vacuum upright
    unattended. It falls without warning and can cause injury since it is
    so heavy on the top....more info
  • torn hose after 1 year of gentle use & small t-shaped attachment keeps falling off
    I bought the previous 4870 model (in blue) about a year ago. Unless they fix the following two issues, I would recommend doing more research before buying this vacuum cleaner. Everything was fine until wife and I started noticing the attachment end of hose started to have a tear along the first and send spring creases on hose end. Fixed by duct taping it far up the hose to prevent more tearing, but now wife wants another vacuum. I'm ok with it as long as it works.

    The other complaint is that the small t-attachment that goes above the cord storage area keeps falling off and very difficult to snap in place.

    ...more info
  • I Love this vacumn
    I have had this vacumn for about two years and it is great. So quiet. My 4 year old grandson climbed up on the bed when I told him I was going to vacumn and make noise. When I started it he started yelling "Grandma there is something wrong stop!" When I turned it off he told me that something was wrong because it wasn't loud!
    I used to pray for my vacumns to go out so I could get a new one. I pray that this one will last my life time.......I don't think you will ever be sorry if you buy this vacumn....more info
  • Heavy but awesome!
    This machine gets the job done! The suction on the main vacuum is great and substantial. It does hardwoods excellently and attacks carpets. With this vacuum I actually get the sense that it's removing the stuff it's supposed to from my carpets. It also comes with a variety of hand tools that work incredibly. One of the tools is called the "claw". The claw is like having a mini vacuum cleaner in your hand. This is great for stairwells and couches. The only reason I didn't give this a five-star is that it's heavy as you know what and makes doing the stairs or moving it between levels in a house challenging....more info
  • poor reliability
    Used vacuum for eleven months until motor failed. Customer service would not honor warranty because I took front cover off to look for loose wire. I have a Hoover that I use upstairs that I have used for about ten years without a problem so I purchased another Hoover. ...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ
    Had it about a year with no problems at all. We paid only $130 with shipping so it was a real bargain at the time. I would rate this as a good buy at the regular price.

    Cleans all types of floors well.

    When using hand-held implements, the hose has no inner structure so it contracts when the air flow is cut off at the tip. It is so powerful that it can actually jerk the tool out of your hand. This type of inexpensive hose is to be expected on a vacuum in this price range....more info
  • I love my vacuum! This was a great investment.
    The Eureka Boss Smart-Vac is incredibly powerful! It easily sucks up all the cat hair in my home. The attachments and hose easily reach under the furniture. It isn't very loud, it's compact and like I mentioned before it's POWERFUL. I'm very please with the suction of this machine. The only thing that is annoying is the fact that the vacuum bags are so small. The bag fills up rather fast.
    I feel like my apartment is finally clean! No more clumps of lint and cat hair stuck in the carpet....more info
  • not for hardwood floors
    I do not recommend this vac for hardwood floors (or any floors for that matter). i've owned it for 2 years and I can barely use it because it's so noisy and unruly to use. It's rather spastic on carpet and rugs. the power brush is waaay to powerful, and ended up dragging me around the floor. also cheap construction -- not a long lasting product. it's inexpensive b/c it's not worth it. ...more info
  • Sweeper of sweepers
    I am an old "cogger" and new to computers. This was my first sttempt at purchasing a product on line. I was very surprised how easy and secure the process is..Our Erueka vaccuum was shipped delivery free right to our front door!!How can it be any easier than that. The cost was comparable to other venues.
    The only criticism of the product s that the storeage of the dust brush needs a little more engneering work. Other than that my wife is very happy with our new vaccuum. I haven't learned how to operate it yet and don't plan to learn. Thanks Hugh Taylor...more info
  • Nice, but too heavy
    The item runs very nice and very powerful. The only thing my wife doesn't like is the weight. It's too heavy for her to bring it to upstairs and downstairs. Beside of this, I have nothing to complain about. ...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Vacuum Review
    I like this vacuum cleaner for the following reasons: very good suction for very affordable price. Great on rugs and bare floor (we do not have carpet, so I cannot judge on that). Need to be careful to set correct settings for the rugs. Suction is so strong that can damage the rug if the setting is too low. I also liked the fact that I received this vacuum at the door of my house free of taxes and shipping charges, without me going to the store and dealing with the sales people and traffic. The price on Amazon was the lowest for this product....more info
  • Great Vac, reasonable price
    Vac is very powerful and self propels itself going forward. The stairway attachment works awesome, and we have yet to use the tools and tip the vac over, which was problematic with our last vac. The carpet has never looked and felt so fluffy without being professionally cleaned. Great value for th e money....more info
  • Good for the money
    This vacuum is a good deal for the price.

    The pros: Great suction and has held up for the past 2 years. We have a dog with a heavy coat and it picks up the hair with no problem. Never seems to get clogged.

    But, here's why you may want to consider spending a little more money, if you have it.
    First, this vacuum is really heavy. If you have a one level home, you'll be okay. But this thing is a huge pain to haul onto the stairs. Most of the time, the stairs don't get vacuumed or my boyfriend does it for me.
    Secondly, the accessories don't fit into the holders very well. As a result, I have lost all of them except one.
    Thirdly, the door on the front that you have to open to change the bag does not go back on very easily.
    Fourthly, it's not very easy to get the bag in.

    Overall, for what I paid for it, this vacuum was a good deal. But I think that once this thing dies, I'll look for something a little lighter and easier to use....more info
  • Not as good as they hype...
    Bought this vacuum after reading all of the wonderful reviews from consumers and magazines. This is the worst vacuum I have ever owned. My Dirt Devil which was less than half the price did a much better job. Even on my thin plush carpet, I have to put height on the highest setting in order for the brushes to rotate. I also have to go over things over and over again for it to pick up the dirt. My cleaning people have also expressed frustration using it. Save your $$ and go with another brand! This has been nothing but a disappointment....more info
  • This Vacuum Sucks!
    Sucks in a good way!! I have 2 pups & it seems as though I'm always seeing hair, dirt or various other things that need to be picked up. I've been using this vacuum for a few months now & after I get the dogs' black hair up off of my beige carpet, it looks almost new! Love this model & the attachments are all self-contained, so you don't lose them + they're easy to use....more info
  • Heavy and Not good on bare floors
    It works well on carpeting, but if you have both hardwoods and carpet- you really need to purchase a second machine. On the hardwood it is really loud and does not pick up well. ...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    This is an excellent vacuum with great suction. Really does the job. Awesome quality for the price....more info
  • No deal here
    The hose broke within the first six months. It is too heavy and the foot switch to lower the vacuum is almost impossible to operate. This vacuum is made in Mexico and it is not hard to figure that out right away. I don't recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Might be great- I don't know!
    Bought it brand-new and the beater brush never worked right. It would stall out and stop spinning no matter what I did to make it work. Tech support gave me two options- take it to their service center about 25 miles away or take it back for another one where I bought it. Neither option was acceptable to me. I didn't buy a brand-new cleaner just to stop what I am doing, burn a few gallons of gas and stand in line at returns just to buy another one. Seems like these things should work right when you buy them....more info
  • I love it!
    Yes, it's heavy, yes, it's loud, yes, you have to really stomp on the release button to release the handle and yes, I am STILL giving it five stars. And that is because this thing can SUCK, it is awesome. My carpets have never looked so good. I don't know about the rest of you but the number one feature I want from a vacuum is good suction and with this you get it. I read several of the one star reviews wondering why anyone could hate this vacuum so much and even all of those stated how great the suction is. Isn't that what you want out of a vacuum? Sure it would be great if it was lighter, quieter, etc. but I am not willing to sacrifice good suction for those features, apparently other people are. I am not a very big woman and yes, I do get a bit of a workout when I use and carry this vacuum but hey to me that's just an added bonus, I can skip the gym after vacuuming the whole house! As far as the release button goes, I just use my heel to give it a good push. I think the Power Paw is great for vacuuming the stairs and couch. When I vacuum the carpets, it sucks the carpet fibers up high leaving those great "just vacuumed" lines. It gets up every bit of pet hair from the carpet and furniture. I highly recommend this vacuum. If suction that actually cleans your house is what you're looking for this is the vacuum for you.

    I just want to add that I have only had this vacuum for one month, I bought it based on the Consumer Reports recommendation and the reviews I read on here. So the longevity of the vacuum is uncertain. But in the past my (more expensive) vacuums have only lasted 2-3 years so if I can get that out of this one at this price I will be more than happy. ...more info
  • Hose comes out and is too short - Very Annoying!!!
    Although this vacuum has excellent suction, it is the worst vacuum I've owned. The hose constantly comes out while vacuuming, and it doesn't reach far enough to do two stairs. I finally upgraded to the Dyson, which has a hose that reaches all the way up the stairs!...more info
  • Best vacuum I've owned
    I am very pleased with this vacuum. It has great suction and picks up pet hair just as promised. It is easy to handle. I especially like the control dial that switches the suction from "floor" to "hose". The price is right--it's a great value for the performance. I spent more on my last vacuum, a wind tunnel, and was never as impressed....more info
  • Heavy and loud
    I bought this vacuum 2 years ago (2006) when it was rated a consumer reports best buy. I am now selling this vacuum to buy a miele. The Eureka was:
    -incredibly loud,
    -did not work well on wood floors,
    -did not fit well under furniture,
    -bulky and heavy

    I don't understand why it was so well-rated on consumer reports....more info
  • As good as they say
    I am very happy about the vacuum. It is VERY POWERFUL! I was a bit torn about getting a bag vs. bagless - this is a bag vacuum. I tend to suspect it is more hygenic. The accessories being directly attached is very convenient.

    Good product, would recommend it....more info
  • attachment doesn't stay stowed
    I like this vacuum overall.

    One thing I find annoying is that the small attachment for vacuuming upholstery does not stay in its storage place on the back of the vacuum while you are using it, only if the cord is wrapped up for storage. This means it gets misplaced or left behind, or carried off by one of my kids. Eureka should be able to fix this on future models.

    Otherwise, it works well and does a good job on all my carpets and floors.
    ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    So far this is as the reviews stated - vacuum with a lot of power. Nice wide path means less vacuuming too. It does a great job on bare floors too since that setting causes the brush roll to quit spinning. Highly recommend this one!...more info
  • Not worth the effort.
    Although this is a top rated vacuum by Consumers Report, it is really a nuisnace machine.

    It eats the rugs, the wand is too short, and it sounds like a 747 is in the room.

    NO ONE in my house wants to use it.

    Now I gotta buy another one....more info
  • Low quality; gave out after few months
    I researched many vacuums including Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping, and several web sites -- all came back to this vacuum. Price was right. However, the vacuum did not live up to expectations. Switching from carpet to bare rug difficult. Roller quit after few months. Bulky. The HEPA filtration blowing in front just blew all the dust/pet hair away from vacuum cleaner. Gave up using it after just few months and bought an Oreck. ...more info
  • Vacuum CLEANER - finally!!
    I have only had my vacuum cleaner for a few weeks, but I just love it! It almost makes me want to vacuum. We have a long hair cat, and this works extremely well. The only drawback I have is that it is a little heavy. Even though it is heavy, it seems like it almost pulls itself across the floor. Luckily, I don't have to cart it around as we have a ranch style house. I have had 3 bagless vacuums and they worked great for the first few months, so this time I decided to go with a bagged vacuum. I am hoping that this one keeps on going for a long time. I read a lot of the reviews and it seems like either you like it or you hate it. Right now I just LOVE mine!...more info
  • Consumer Reports is right!
    This is most definitely the best upright vacuum I've ever used. I made the mistake of purchasing the Eureka Altima before reading the Amazon reviews. Today I exchanged it for Eureka Boss Smart-Vac. Great ratings here and #4 with Consumer Reports. This vacuum lives up to the reviews. It is fairly quiet, the tools work great, and it picks up cat hair on the first try! It actually makes me WANT to vacuum. :)...more info
  • Best Vacuum I have ever owned
    I was first impressed by how well made it is.
    It is very easy to use. After the first use my carpet actually looked better. I liked the fact that the attachments all fit snuggly on the unit. The only draw back that I could even comment on would be that it is a little heavy. It isn't a problem for me but perhaps for an older person or someone who is physically challenged may have difficulty in moving it about (ie. lifting or carrying upstairs)
    With all that being said, it is a great vacuum at a great price....more info
  • this one is tops !
    If you are looking for the top performing vacumn, that happens to be rather inexpensive, look no further. If it had a drawback, it would be that the strong suction sometimes takes some extra care with the carpet. It feels like it is going to suck the color out. The Consumer Reports pick was well-deserved....more info
  • Not that great!
    Extremely difficult to release from upright position as is switching from floor to carpet. Would not buy another....more info
  • Terrible vacuum
    I bought this vacuum about a year ago after seeing that it was rated very well with Consumer Reports. I have had nothing but problems with it and now need to shop for another vacuum.

    1. This vacuum is so HEAVY
    2. Foot pedal is extremely hard to press (we don't wear shoes in the house and I need to put on shoes just to press the pedal down!)
    3. Foot pedal eventually broke off which now not only prevents the vacuum from standing upright but also doesn't allow the brush to rotate.
    4. Hose ripped
    5. End of hose (plastic part) broke off in pieces.
    6. Switching from carpet to bare floor is very difficult (the actual switch is hard to move)

    I only gave it 1 star because of it's looks!! I am so disappointed with this one. I do sweep everyday...maybe that's why mine fell apart :)...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I have the green colored one, but I think it is the same as the red one. It is heavy and sometimes the suction is so strong I can't move it across my Rug. But if I adjust the level it seems to work better. I have used a Dyson and I Know for a fact this vacuum is better. Dyson does lose suction, my Mom has one and it can't vacuum worth a darn anymore. It is horrible. I love this vacuum, it cleans well, but I don't like that is is so heavy and that it is hard to push across the carpet at times. I have broken the belt once because it sucked up a sock so I had to replace the belt. Just be aware it really sucks everything up, so you have to make sure nothing is in it's way!...more info
  • Nice vac
    The model for my vac is the 4870HZ, but this is the closest model I could find at Amazon.

    My only complaint is that it is a little heavy, heavier than the last vac I had that died recently.

    It has pretty much everything I would want in an upright. The attachments include a crevice tube, a brush, a 3.5 ft extension tube, and a power brush which is super-nice for stairs. It has a large, bright headlight.

    The main brush automatically turns off when in the locked upright spinning in place. It glides forward effortlessly, but I do find it to be heavy.

    I have a ton of stairs at my place (like 25) and my old vacuum made my back hurt because of the awkward positions you had to get in to use it. I vacuumed the stairs for the first time today and it was a piece of cake....more info
    iKitchen is a disaster of a company. They operate out of West 36th Street in NYC, they have no phone number, their customer service people are only interested in selling products, not dealing with customer service, they delayed my product shipment for over three weeks, and they didn't respond to three inquiries about the shipment.

    After repeatedly cancelling my order, I discoved that they had sent the shipment, after I had purchased another product. A classic example of a crooked, unresponsive, dishonest firm, out to rip off the public. Be wise and shop elsewhere. There are plenty of better alternatives....more info
  • Powerful vacuum cleaner
    This is a very powerful vacuum cleaner with lots of useful attachments. The only drawback is that it is extremely heavy....more info
  • Good vacum for the price
    We have had this vacum for a couple of years and it is still working just fine. I like the clear vacum tube and the fact that it can be taken apart, we needed this feature when I accidentely vacumed up a toddler sock that was under the sofa. It wasn't too hard to get the sock out of there and the vacum still worked fine after....more info
  • Great vacuum!
    I haven't had this very long, but I am very impressed so far. I bought the vacuum because of consumer report's recommendation. After first use, my carpet looked and felt new. Heavy and sturdy, which is great when you're using the attachments with the hose. The self-propelled feature is great, and the vacuum isn't cumbersome to use at all because of this! I would definitely recommend!...more info
  • Best vacuum I've ever owned!
    This vacuum has powerful suction and is very quiet. It might be a little heavier than some other models, but its performance is so much more than worth it. My carpet looks brand new after I use this. The Power Paw is fantastic..I live in a three level townhouse and it is GREAT for the stairs! I paid about $135 for it and I still can't get over what a great machine it is for the price. I recommend it very highly....more info
  • Most powerful upright I have ever owner.
    We purchased this new vacuum because the old one was apparently losing its power. This new one has lots of power and does a great job cleaning carpets, etc. The only drawback is that it is so powerfull that you cannot vacuum smaller throw rugs with it. It will literally suck them right off the floor....more info
  • Love it!!!!
    I am really happy with this vacuum!! I works great, is self propelled and picks up dog hair like crazy!! I love the fact that it has the option to turn off the rotating brush when I am vacuuming hard wood floors. The only thing I don't like (which is minor) is the fact that you have to turn a dial to change the "mode" from floor to hose. I am used to just pulling out the hose and the switch being automatic, so it is more a "user flaw" than a product flaw. But over all, I have been really happy with this product, and considering the fact that I am a "clean freak" with two dogs and three kids, I can't complain!!...more info
  • Trouble, trouble, trouble
    This vacuum was purchased as a wedding present for us 2 1/2 years ago. We put the vacuum on our registry after reading Consumer Reports' recommendation. I have to seriously question the methodology they use to rate products now. We have had to repair this vacuum innumerable times. Almost every other time we use the vacuum, we have to address some issue, which requires unscrewing the bottom of the unit that surrounds the brush roll. We finally had enough and threw this vacuum in the dumpster. It's more trouble than its worth. It's my understanding now that repair centers see this vacuum far more frequently than any other vacuum, due to the poor quality of its design.

    My wife and I also noticed that the HEPA filter rarely needs to be replaced, signaling to us that it's not doing its job. ...more info
  • This one really sucks!
    My experience with vacuum cleaners over the years is not extensive. I was given a Eureka when we were married (decades ago) and it made it through two children, 5 cats and 3 moves. When it finally died, I had no clue where to turn. I tried getting reviews from reputable consumer sites, asking friends, and looking at countless machines. Every time I asked for a cleaner that was effective with cat/animal hair, the Eureka 4870GZ came up. The price was right, I ordered it, and I am VERY pleased. There are a few MINOR issues; but they don't change my over-all positive opinion. These issues are: difficulty finding the RR bags that are required in the machine; its weight (pretty heavy) and the foot lever to make the vacuum lean back is stiff and requires a strong stomp to release. Otherwise, this machine really sucks (in a great way). It doesn't loose power on furniture or drapes and the bag is easy to exchange. I recommend the Eureka 4870GZ if you want a vacuum that will clean and lift older carpet and work just as well on wood floors. Can't beat the price, either!...more info
  • This vac does NOT SUC..enough.
    Horrible upright. Maybe uprights aren't good for me, but this thing spit out everything it picked up, right back onto the floor. Dust bunnies, single pieces of cat litter, a microscopic bit of paper, it all went right back onto the floor. And I checked the hose and filters too!...more info
  • Eureka Boss Smart Vacuum # 4870
    Eureka Boss Smart Vac Model 4870: an excellent vacuum.However,it is very heavy,hard to move around,not easy to use the release foot pedal,and the disposable bag replacement method is difficult.The disposable bag fills up very quickly,so you will need frequent replacements,which are difficult to find in retail outlets,and if ordered by phone or mail,the shipping charges are ridiculous.A mixed bag(no pun intended)....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum
    This vacuum works wonderfully. The price is exceptional low considering the quality of this machine....more info
  • Does this vacuum suck?
    This is the second Boss Smart-Vac I have purchased, the first being about 10 years ago. As with the first, which is still functioning but was tired and thus retired to my daughter away at college, it works great and we are very happy with it. The only difficulty I've had is with the handle release pedal. It sticks a bit but I'm sure will break in with use. The first time I purchased this vacuum, I had researched vacuums with Consumer's Reports. It was then and still is one of their highest rated vacuums. Any vacuum staying on top for that many years must be good. I highly recommend this vacuum to all....more info
  • The best vaccum I've ever had!
    I bought this vaccum because I saw that consumer reports had voted it a best buy and it is. I have a dog who is allowed on my furniture and he leaves a ton on hair. This vaccum has an attachment to take care of the pet hair and it works great. The only thing that I don't love is how heavy it is. ...more info
  • great buy
    this is by far the BEST vacuum i have ever owned. if you want a vacuum that picks up EVERYTHING (even fine cat hair) then this is the one for you. one favorite thing about this vacuum is that it literally makes my carpet all plush (you know the kind carpet where you want to walk barefoot)and new looking everytime i vacuum. great deal for the money!...more info
  • vacuum review
    Well, it does a decent job of vacuuming but it is heavy and a bit difficult to get from hard floor to carpet mode. I was used to an Oreck so am a bit spoiled but wanted something that the hose was attached, the Oreck it is a completely separate machine. I would definitely not get if you have stairs or have problems lifting, fine for single level but wouldn't highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Don't Buy It!!
    I spent hours researching vacuums before deciding on the Eureka Smar-Vac. It was rated #4 on Consumer reports and the majority of reviews on Amazon gave it a thumbs up. I should have listened to the negative reviews... they were all right.

    It is a chore just to get the pedal pushed down to lower the vac from the upgright position. Another "chore" is trying to flip the switch from carpet to bare floor.... u need two hands to do this while laying the handle against your body and bending over. The hose is rather short as also stated in other reviews. When using the carpet height adjustment, I could see no difference from low to high. I used it once and it started making a squelling noise and then stopped picking up.

    Very disgusted with this product. I immediately packed it up and returned. 1 star on this product... 5 stars to AMAZON for their no-nonsense easy return policy. I requested a return on a Sunday and UPS was at my door the next day... thank you Amazon.

    My advice.. go to Walmart and actually look and "play" with the vacuums. Get an idea of the weight, how easy is the pedal to push down, how hard is it to empty the bag or dirt cup, what tools does it come with, etc. Then go online and find the best price.

    I ended up buying a Hoover Mach 5 Multi-Chamber Cyclonic Upright. I put it together yesterday (easily) and gave it a "test run". The rug had been vacuumed earlier that day with my old vac. I couldn't believe the amount of dog hair this thing sucked up as well as dirt after being vacuumed only a few hours earlier. It has a brush on/off button that is easy to use, u can see the carpet level adjustment actually does move/work, the pedal easily works and it comes with all the necessary attachments which fit nicely onto the unit. It is relatively quit - it a passed the "dog test"... i.e. my dog did not freak out and run in the other room.

    5+ stars to Mom for suggesting the Hoover, she said she has always owned Hoovers and never had a problem... I should have listened to her in the first place....more info
  • Eureka !!! I did it
    Very easy to assemble when I received it in the package. Picks up really well. A little hard to push. Very heavy device. I'm please with the performance. ...more info
  • Eureka sucks....and not in a good way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    "I have had nothing but problems with my new vacuum!Even on Day 1 with new vacuum, right out of box, the bristles wouldn't rotate, there was a burning smell and had to replace the belt. I have had the same continuous problems ever since.....can't get the switch to move from carpet to bare floor, have to have the carpet height selector set on 2nd to highest to get the bristle roller going even thought I have low nap berber carpet, can't even use the upholstry nozzle as there is always a burning smell. I have replaced the belt at least 6 times in the past 10 months, have taken it in for service at least 3-4 this the experience I am supposed to have with my brand new vacuum? Just called to have it replaced...was told to drive it to Chillicothe, OH, to a warranty store (um, that's 4 hours away!)...the fedex option sounds like a big hassle when I have already wasted so much of my time on this vacuum. Called Eureka back, told them that their website lists a warranty station just 5 minutes from my house. Told to take it there for service or replacement...why would I want this lemon fixed?....Called the warranty store and was told that they did not have any authorizatiion to replace, just to fix. So Eureka, your Warranty clearly states that my vacuum cleaner is warranted to be free from all defects in material and workmanship for 1 year.....will REPLACE a defective cleaner. So please honor my request and just go ahead and replace my new vacuum, I don't want the original one fixed again just to break AGAIN after my warranty is expired. You either stand behind your products or you don't. Please don't make me the consumer, chase my tail in circles, taking it back to the repair store for addn service. Just send me a new one and YOU can take it to your service dept and figure out what is wrong with it! I have been a loyal Eureka customer for years...have a 10 yr old cannister vac that I have never had a problem do the right thing and stop wasting my time with this obviously defective new vacuum. I am done calling your customre service dept only to be told that I have to get it fixed. I am a busy mom and just need a working vacuum. If you really don't want to keep me as a customer, just refund my $$ $175 and I can take my business to Hoover. And I will use all my free time not fixing my vacuum cleaner...starting a new blog about my horrible experience with eureka. PLEASE SEND NEW VACUUM ASAP! My warranty card is in your warranty dept!"

    That was my plea....and no it was never fixed or replaced. Eureka clearly knows that it is selling a piece of crap and would go bankrupt if they had to back up their they just give you the run around. So please don't waste your time and money. Just bought a brand new Kenmore...and I love it!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • Best vacumn I have ever owned.......
    I purchased this vacumn based on its "top rating" by Consumer Reports magazine. It lives up to its top billing. The suction power is absolutely fantastic. The most powerful suction vacumn I have ever used. It is also a lot quieter than the Hoover Wind Tunnel I previously owned. It also was a very good price. The cost is 75% less than a Dyson and it was rated much higher than the Dyson by Consumer Reports. A very good vacumn at a very good price.

    Highly recommended to anyone needing a new vacumn....more info
  • Worst vaccum I have ever owned.
    Might be OK for carpet but not for hard or laminate floors. The exhaust blows right out of the front of the unit and it just blows the floor dust into a cloud before passing over it.

    The lever to connect/disconnect the brush was almost impossible to work, and the lever to lower the handle into vacuuming position was very hard to activate.

    Look for something else....more info
  • Durable: Can be kicked like a football
    I've had this vacuum for years. The other day I was doing some important vacuuming, and the old belt broke when I sucked up some frayed carpet. So I got mad and kicked this thing across the room, into my punching bag, and lots of the parts fell off. Now, I'm about 6'2" 230, and I really nailed it. Today I put it back together and turned it on, and it runs fine. Kicking it didn't fix the belt tho, so I need a new one. This is a great all around vacuum for the price, doesn't suck as hard as the pricier ones like Dyson but this is a well engineered and reliable vacuum....more info
  • This vacuum sucks....and that's a good thing for a vacuum
    I read several mixed reviews on this vacuum, but decided to go with the Consumer Reports. I am glad I purchased it. I've always bought cheapo vacuums because I am just not that much into vacuuming, but this is definitely the best one I have ever bought. It is good if you are price conscience and want something decent. My wife and I have two dogs that leave hair everywhere. It has never caused problems for the vacuum. I have actually pulled a vacuum bag out that was completely stuffed with dog hair, Yuck! and felt like it weighed five pounds. This vacuum deals with dog hair, coffee grounds, dust. If it broke tomorrow, I would go out and buy another. Very satisfied....more info
  • This really sucks
    I purchased this vacuum because it was top rated by consumer reports. I cleans very well however you would have to buy 3 or 4 of them to keep one running and you will need the spare parts. I guess you get what you pay for....more info
  • Great vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum after my 10 year old Oreck died. I am very pleased and would recommend it....more info
  • Awesome for Allergies !!
    Normally, I have to wear a mask when I vacuum. NOT ANY MORE!
    No headaches, no sneezing, no nothing! The double HEPA filtration in this vacuum is AWESOME !!! It works WONDERS on pet hair, and the PAW is a cleaning MIRACLE! I have NEVER seen ANYTHING clean up pet hair as easily. My only regret is not having bought it sooner! ...more info
  • Excellent vacuum for the price
    This vacuum really sucks! I never realize how much dirt my old vacuum was leaving behind. I am giving this vacuum 4.5 starts even though there is one thing that I really don't like...the foot release. It is very hard to press the foot release once you want to start vacuuming. I though I would get used to it, but after 3 months using the vacuum still hard to use. Also, at the beginning the vacuum seem heavy, but after using it a couple of times I got use to it.
    If you need a vacuum that will suck all the dust and leave your carpets fluffy and clean, this is the one for you. ...more info
  • Eureka 4870 Smart Vac
    Very happy with this Vacuum
    Had read Consumer's report Best buy review.
    Lives up to reviews. Excellent suction power.
    Only problem somewhat heavy to carry upstairs....more info
  • Useles for pet hair
    I find this vacuum totally unacceptable for the cleaning I have to do. Pet hair does not come up. I've had to disassemble the vacuum several times in the last nine months to remove clogs. Hard to push. Brush stops rotating on the carpet, regardless of the height settings. Attachments fall out of their sockets. On the plus side - it does have a powerful motor and good suction (when it's not completely clogged). ...more info
  • Great vacuum for the money
    The vacuum is great. It has all the additional tools needed, plus an additional attachment to remove pet hair....more info
  • Excellent product
    There is no comparison between the bagless vacuums that this has replaced. It took 10 minutes to unbox and assemble. It is so much more powerful than the bagless it replaced and no more stopping to empty the dirt cup and getting dust all over and breathing it in. We've got 3 big dogs and 4 cats and the difference is incredible. The power paw attachment works great on the furniture. I used it for a month before I had to empty the first bag. I highly recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Friend recommended, best vacuum I've ever owned
    I mentioned to a friend that I was in the market for a new vacuum but I was tired of getting gutless vacuums from places like Sears or Monkey Wards. You've probably had those vacuums that picked up the obvious stuff but didn't really do any deep cleaning, right? So when my friend enthused about his new vacuum I bought the same model, the Eureka Boss 4870.

    This Eureka really does the job. I wish I'd had this vacuum when the carpet was new, it probably would have extended the life. Initially I wondered if it might turn out to be one of those appliances that works great the first three months and then settles in to mediocrity. Wrong. I've had this vacuum now for a year or two and it does as great a job as the day I got it.

    I've seen other comments saying that the 4870 sounds like a jet engine. I have to laugh because I know what they're talking about, but I'll never go back to one of those limp department store models again.

    A month ago the three year old wanted to "help" so we let him push the vacuum around the house. Not sure what he ran over but the belt broke. Within a few minutes my wife replaced it with the spare that came packaged with the vacuum but for future replacements it would be handy if Amazon linked the 4870's page to a package of belts for this specific model.
    ...more info
  • Very good for the price, not the best for people with stairs
    I bought this vacuum after reading Consumer Reports and have had it for about 8 months. Consumer Reports gave it a pretty high rating for both performance and good value and it has performed well. I've been really impressed with the suction. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats and this vac really picks up the hair! If you have carpeted stairs in your house though, you might want to select a lighter weight upright vacuum or a canister vacuum. "The Boss" is a very good vacuum for the money but here are three things that Eureka could improve upon: 1) It's pretty heavy, so it's cumbersome to lift and use in normal vac mode to do stairs (e.g. with the main rotor brushes, not hose and attachments) 2) The rotor brushes turn off when it's in the upright and locked position, so if you want to use the rotor brushes to do stairs, the vertical part has to stay loose and angled. This makes it difficult, if not impossible, to use it to do stairs with the rotor brushes. This probably sounds like a crazy way to do stairs in the first place, but my old vac would still operate in the upright locked position and I felt stairs got cleaner with the rotor brushes than with the hose and attachments. 3) With the problems #1 and #2, that leaves you with using the hose and attachments to do stairs. However, the hose isn't long enough to stretch the length of a flight of stairs. Adding the extender tubes really doesn't help because you can't get the correct angle to reach all the way up. And, as I found out tonight, it's dangerous to put the vac at the top of the stairs and work downwards with the hose, because it will pull the vac down with it, and boy, does that hurt when it comes crashing down on you!...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Vacuum
    This is a great vacuum for the price, it is quite heavy, but it picks up pet hair and anything else I have. My daughter also bought one and is happy with it. Great value, great vacuum...more info
  • Eureka BossSmart Vacuum
    This vacuum is everything I expected, the price is a bargain and it DOES have great suction. My carpets never looked so great. Because it is an upright it is heavy and rather cumbersome, but in my opinion worth the weight. I also have a canister vacuum (no particular brand) to do my hardwood floor and stairs, etc.. If they could only make a lightweight vacuum with the power of this Eureka, with a hose about 25 feet long and all the attachments so that it could also be used like a canister. That would be pricless. ...more info
  • Eureka 4879GZ Boss Smart-Vac
    The one drawback on this vacuum is the lever to release the handle. It is difficult to push down. It would be especially difficult for an older person. It does vacuum great. Lives up to its reviews on cleaning. Excellent for pet hair. ...more info
  • Best vacuum in the world!
    Best of the best!
    I did alot of research on vacuums before I decided on this one.
    I was going for quality first so I thought purchasing a Dyson would be smart. After checking out reviews fron consumer reports and online customers about vacuums, I decided to give Eureka a chance.
    I am so glad I did, not only did I save a ton of money but Eureka is a dream on my hardwood floors and carpet and furniture!
    We have 4 cats and a lab, so pet hair was a priority to vacuum up.
    This is a great vacuum for pet hair.
    I truly never thought I would be so happy and grateful over a vacuum but I am.
    ...more info
  • Excellent product especially for the price
    Can't say enough good things about this vacuum. Got great reviews here and from Consumer Reports, so I decided to buy. Easy to switch from carpet to bare floor and has great pick-up on both surfaces. The easy to reach knob to turn on the hose is great. Not that loud. On/Off switch is perfectly placed. A bit heavy but not a real problem. The drawbacks that kept me from giving all stars are that - I can NEVER install the replacement bags correctly! Thus, the task takes too long and I end up with a mess, They could have designed this better. And the foot pedal to release the handle is cumbersome....more info
  • Love it!!
    I bought this vacuum because it was, and is, a Consumer Reports "Best Buy"!! I am the type to do a ton of research before I buy, and this was my choice. Overall it is great. Some of the best features I will detail.
    1 - The brush turns off when the vacuum is upright (like when you are using the hose). I didn't think this was such a big deal until using a different vacuum at a friends house and it did not turn off the beater brushes while I used the hose. The vacuum kind of slid over to where the cord was, and ate off the rubber and insultation on the wire, to expose the hot wire! Then, I realized how important it is to get a vacuum where the beater brushes turn off when you are using the hose, etc.
    Plus - you can turn the brushes off by switching to "bare floor" option anytime you want.
    2 - The hose is SO easy to use. Just turn the nob to switch from regular vacuum to hose, and grab hose. Want to go back to the regular vacuum? Just turn the nob back! It's great to easily switch back and forth to get in a corner, etc. Plus there are extension pieces, and different attachments that are all just a matter of grabbing them off the back of the vacuum, and sliding them onto the extension hose.
    3 - Filters. This vacuum has a HEPA filter, which should be essential to allergy sufferers, and great for everyone else. I am allergic to dust, mold, dust mites, etc. and this is a great filter to have. It uses bags, which I prefer because there is nothing worse then dumping out a canister and watching that dust go everywhere! An allergy sufferers nightmare! These bags are easy to change, no hassle. And it works great with pet hair, which we have a big of!

    The only con, if I had to come up with one, would be that it is a little heavier than most vacuums. For me, I am happy knowing that extra weight just means it's working that much better!! :) ...more info
  • This Sucks! (in a good way)
    I love my Eureka Boss. I had an old boss-bravo for 10 years and needed a new vaccum. This one does the trick. It has several features, including, light, bumpers, easy to shift from floor to carpet and from hose to vaccum. It's easy to use. For the money, this can't be beat. (I have now own this over 6 months without problems)....more info
  • Nothing but problems
    From the day we bought this vacuum we have had problems with the brush roller not turning. We took it in for warranty service and found out it is a common problem. They now have had it for 6 weeks and we are being told that parts needed to fix it may not be available for several more months. Eureka seems to be redesigning them, I guess to fix the defect. I don't know about you but I can't go for several months without having a vacuum to clean my floors and carpets. When it worked it cleaned great, though it is very heavy. Based on our experience with this unit and dealing with Eureka and thier warrenty service people who are not helpfull at all I would not recommend this product (or Eureka for that matter) to anyone....more info
  • Great product for great value!
    This is a great vacuum for those who can't afford the Dyson! I have a hairy lab and this thing works wonders with her fur, both in my apartment and my car. I would recommend this for ANYONE who can't afford a $500 vacuum. This is a consumer reports best buy, and it's fabulous! My only problem is that it works so well that it will pick up any snag in your carpet and tangle it up. But that's because I already have a torn-up carpet (thanks to Puppy) so if your carpet is fine, then you should be too....more info
  • Cleans Well, but Heavy
    We purchased an older version of this vacuum, but it is essentially the same as this one. Consumer Reports has recommended this vac for several years now, and that was the primary motivation for our purchasing it.


    Powerful. Excellent suction. Rotating switch directs suction to either floor brush or accessory hose. Cleans deep, pulls pet hair, dust etc. right out of carpets. Accessory hose works well, and does a good job on stairs and when dusting furniture, etc.


    Heavy. Difficult for anyone with a bad back to maneuver. One wonders why someone hasn't invented a truly ergonomic vacuum for the many people with back problems (such as myself). The hose is too short, and this can result in the vac being pulled over when cleaning stairs. One must be extra careful when it is at the top of the stairs-the vac can fall right on top of you. The cord retainer is cheaply made, and ceased holding the cord in place after a short time; the whole spool just flops onto the floor.

    Overall this is a good vacuum for the money-if you are in good health with a strong back. Make sure you are aware of the aforementioned safety issues......more info
  • Worst vacuum I've ever owned
    I've had this vacuum for about a year now and when I run out of bags, it's on to the land fill where it belongs. I can't begin to figure out how so many people liked this vacuum. If I could have given it a lower rating, I would have. About the only thing good I can say about it is it has above average suction. All I can say is go try one out before you buy....more info
  • Excellent so far
    The Eureka we purchased is an excellent vacuum. We have only had it for approximately a month but so far it's doing great. The one problem we had was the switch to release the handle for vacumming. It was so tight I thought it was broke. We called the manufacturer and was told to almost stand on it to release the handle and it did work. We were told that over time it would become easier.
    ...more info
  • 5 years and still going strong
    I love this vacuum! Yes, it's a bit heavy but the powerful suction, quiet running, hard floor lever, carpet height adjustment and HEPA filtration more than make up for its weight. I've had mine for 5 years now and still feel it's a great vacuum and a great price. By the way, you can purchase the bags locally at Lowes and online in packages of 10 at [..] (the generic brand work just fine)....more info
  • Great vacuum
    Bought this vacuum after reading about it in Consumer Reports. Then checked and read many customer reviews. Overall the ratings were very good. Ordered it. Arrived in just a couple of days. Best vacuum I've ever bought. It'll be a little heavy for those of light stature but it's an excellent product and value....more info
  • Disappointing vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum from Amazon last year to replace an old and ailing Hoover. It was highly rated by Consumer Reports at the time (though it doesn't appear in the most current vacuum ratings issue). The foot switch which toggles between bare floors and carpets jammed almost right away. The brush never turns off which makes vacuuming anything but carpets counterproductive - the spinning brush just blows dirt, hair, etc all over the floor. The height adjustment is also "stuck." One of the disadvantages of buying by mail order is that a purchase like this can't be easily returned. I'm looking to buy a Kenmore the next time around. ...more info
  • Good Investment
    This vacuum is awesome. I use it every day and it has met all my expectations. It is well worth the cost. I tried another vacuum (The Hoover windtunnel) but returned doesn't compare to the Eureka. The price is very reasonable.
    The only hint I have after you get your Eureka is to be patient with the step on start is very stiff but it does get better the more you use it.
    It was a good investment....more info
  • love it!
    This vacuum is incredible. We purchased it because it won in consumer reports as one of the best overall products at a good price. It has great suction power and is our best weapon against dog fur and dirt. The "power paw" attachment is amazing at getting dog fur off of upholstered surfaces (including the dog bed and furniture). Other reviewers noted that it's sometimes hard to get the spinning brush to turn off, or that the lever to release the vacuum from an upright position is too tight. Initially, this was true on ours, as well. But, after a week of using it and applying some very firm direct pressure, these levers have both loosened up and now work very easily.

    My only complaint is that the vacuum bags for this model are somewhat hard to find (they're not carried at our grocery store or Target), but we ordered a bunch of them in bulk off Amazon and continue to be very happy with the vacuum. We considered a bagless model, but the bag changes on this model are very easy and lead to virtually no dust or grime being re-released into the air. ...more info
  • Seems to work quite well
    I've only had it for little over a month and have only used it a couple of times since I've gotten it and I haven't even gone through my 3 bags yet, BUT...

    It seems to work quite well! The suction is very good and the Power Paw is quite powerful and especially handy for vacuuming places the upright doesn't reach. Both picked up my cat's hair with no problem.

    My only wish is that it came with a comb you could use to clean the all the hairs, etc, from the brushes. The cord (and hose too sometimes) keeps coming loose no matter how tightly I wrap it for storage too, but it's no big deal.

    Don't know what else to say about it. Works well for what it is. Putting it together wasn't hard at all either.

    All in all I'm VERY happy with it so far and wouldn't hesitate for a minute to recommend it to anyone looking for a high quality upright vacuum.
    ...more info
  • Excellent
    Bought the Refurbished machine -- All parts there, worked 100%.
    Have been using it for over 6 mos w/o any problems
    Layout is a little odd, On-Off switch on body, not on handle.
    However, except for a little resistance from foot-pedal, is an excellent Vac. VERY strong suction. Good thick "beater- brush".
    Fine for bare floors too, but you have to *remember* set it correctly so BRUSH turns off for bare floor use.

    (( Actually suction is so strong, Vac can be hard to use on bare wood floor, Vac sometimes tries to stick to floor !! ))

    BTW -- Bags expensive in local stores, but purchased replacement bags from someone on eb*y, they were inexpensive that way, even after shipping....more info
  • Excellent Value with a few glitches
    After the Dust Devil I used finally gave up the ghost, I searched for new vacuums and came across this model. What convinced me to buy it was the combination of price and value, and I am glad to say that I haven't been disappointed, at least so far. The unit arrived promptly, with all its parts; the replacement bags came as another shipment.
    The suction is phenomenal--much better than any other vac of a similar make that I've ever used, comparable only to my old Electrolux tank. Also, the HEPA filter works quite well--I have a dust allergy and in the past have had to vacuum wearing a dust mask, but I don't need to do that with this model. It's even allowed me to vacuum mouldings and other hard to reach spots. Also, it is lighter than the Dust Devil models (turbo).

    The drawbacks are that the unit is difficult to use on stairs, as there is no useful carry handle, the hose is rather short, and the bare floor/carpet switch doesn't seem to work well (I'm not sure why--possibly it's just broken on this model). Still despite these shortcomings I would recommend it for any house with carpeted floors. If you have a lot of areas that require a hose rather than a floor vacuum, you might want to look for something else.

    Pros: Bags, light, cheap, powerful suction, good filtration.
    Cons: awkward on stairs, hose too short, floor adjustment poor....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ
    Vaccum is very heavy,,switch was broken when I recieved it,,I will sending the vaccum back.. I hate it! ...more info
  • DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The current rating on this Vacuum is much to high. At first I loved mine too. Then it broke after three months so I took it to be fixed. Worked for a few more months, then broke again. After a year, I took it in to be fixed for the fourth time and decided to not pick up. I told the repair shop they could have it and they said that Eureka vacume cleaners are worthless from day one, so they just threw it away. Save your money, this vacuum will not last. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I have enjoyed the quality of the cleaning power of this vacuum. The floor/carpet switch is hard to get used to. The "claw" attachment with its separate brush roller is great for small places and upholstery. The only real problem I have had is finding bags and parts in my area. Had to order directly from manufacturer who has a subscription deal which is fairly priced. ...more info
  • Good value
    I wanted a vacuum - something I could use for carpets, rugs, wood floors, and furniture. I didn't need anything fancy -- just something that would do the job, and not cost a ton. This vacuum fits that bill (come on, do you really want to get excited about a vacuum??)...more info
  • .Great Product
    The delievery was quick. The vacumn works great. Would recommend to to everyone. sunctions is terrific, both bare floor, and hose performance. Slightly heavy, but it's worth it....more info
  • About what I expected.... but not disappointed.
    I purchased this vacuum to replace our Hoover Wind Tunnel, which we had for two years. It kind of just stopped sucking dirt as it should. My decision on a new vacuum came down to this Eureka model or a Dyson 17 Animal. I was a click away from ordering the Dyson, but purchased this instead... saving several hundred dollars. Upon putting the Eureka together, I noticed it is not made from the most heavy-weight material, mostly light plastic. This is what I expected from a $138.00 vacuum. I took note of several complaints made in prior reviews, mostly the release button to move the handle from its upright position (reported to be almost impossible to move); the weight (reported by many to be super-heavy) and the width/height of the head(reported by many to be too thick and too wide). Well, the button to adjust the handle is a little stiff, but not that much of a nuisance. The weight isn't much heavier than the Hoover wind tunnel. My wife has no trouble moving it up and down the stairs and she is in no way a big woman. The width/height of the head is a little larger than out wind-tunnel, but not a problem at all. Immediatly upon turning this vacuum on and making my first pass on the carpet, I noticed one thing... IT SURE DOES SUCK (and I mean that in a good way). And isn't that why we all buy vacuums? I simply want to pass on to anyone considering buying this model that it seems to be a great bargain for the price. Of course you would expect it to be made mostly of plastic (at this price), but if you are looking for suction, this baby has it. We have two long-haired cats and even though they don't shed much, this vacuum sucked up their hair on the first pass, unlike our Hoover. Even when the Hoover was new it didn't suck like this. I can't attest to the longevity of this vaccum, only having it for two weeks. But if you are looking for suction at a more than fair price, purchase this. And bags weren't hard to find as some say... they were right above the vacuum at the Walmart (I hate Walmart) store I bought it from. Also, the setting to use the hose-only turns off the sweeper head, which isn't then grinding into your floor while using the hose attachments. Good thinking, Eureka! Hope this helps....more info
  • Good Vac
    Bought this vac because it was recommended by Consumer Reports. It's what they said. Big and kind of bulky, but it really does suck up the dirt. Well worth the money....more info
  • Great vacuum for the price
    I love the power in this vacuum. For the price, it cleans very well and gives no emissions that I can tell. It does seem a bit heavy and the pedal to lower the trunk is very hard to press down. I cannot lower mine unless I have shoes on. Other than that, I think it is a great vacuum and perfect for my needs....more info
  • Very good vacuum for the price
    I was pleased to find how well this vacuum works. It picks up everything visible on the first pass, and is so powerful you barely need to push it, so the whole floor is done quickly. It is easily switched from floor to hose, or from carpet to bare floor. The bag is easy to change, and both the bags and the Hepa filter are helpful for indoor allergy control. The headlight is especially bright and well-placed. The only problem I've had with it is that the onboard storage for tools could use some improvement. I seem to keep knocking tools out of place, sometimes when wrapping or unwrapping the cord, but that is a relatively minor problem with this effective and easy-to-use vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Great suction...but still disappointed!
    I bought this 6 months ago based on reviews. On the plus side, it does have great suction for carpet and is a good price for what you get. However, for me the negatives outweigh these positives. First, the suction is definitely poor when using the tubes and attachments and I do not feel it works well at all on hard floors. Also, it is VERY hard to flip the switch on the bottom to change it from carpet use to vacuuming on bare floors. I read that this would loosen up with use, but mine has not at all. Also, the vacuum is VERY heavy. The way the handle is designed it is really, really difficult to carry up and down stairs. The parts are all plastic and already I have two parts broken off on mine. I think this machine would be best for someone who is very strong, will only be using it on carpet, and for those who live on one floor. ...more info
  • It was good while it lasted
    I bought this vacuum in early 2006 and it is now dead. I didn't use it all that much, maybe once or twice a month as my cleaning lady does the vacuuming (no pets either). I did like it when I did use it. It had great suction, it was self-propelled and overall did a good job. I had the other problems some other reviewers had with the handle release that was hard to push but that didn't seem like a big deal. 2 weeks ago, while vacuuming, the thing made a loud noise and just turned off. The smell was pretty bad too. I took it to a local repair shop and he just laughed. Said the plastic motor was shot and that it wasn't worth repairing. He said that some Eureka's are good vacuums you just have to make sure it's not one with a plastic motor. Too bad the warranty was only a year....more info
  • 18 month review
    Well I have to say when we got the 4870GZ it was great, but now after 18 months it won't do the same carpet we've had all along. I changed belts (twice) and tried everything I know (husband talking here) to make it work better, but the beater simply won't turn on our medium plush carpet, have always set the vacuum on "HIGH" which makes me wonder how people do when their carpet is thicker than ours. So, we're looking for a new vac in the same price range.

    I will say for the price we paid ($130) it was a great vac while it lasted.

    -H...more info
  • "Best In Class"
    This is undoubtably the best cleaner out there at anywhere near it's price. It has all the needed features; 1. great suction, 2. off or on switch for brush roller (cleans bare floors or carpet), 3. Infinite suction control on accessory hose, 4. Headlight, 5. Sealed HEPA filter, and more. Many are opting for the bagless cleaners now, but I like to know that my dirt is in a disposable bag and that I don't have to go out somewhere and dump it, and hope that it doesn't fly back in my face. My old Eureka (10 yrs.) is still going, but I didn't realize how much dirt I was failing to pick up. I ran this new cleaner over a 4 yr. old area rug and it looked just like new. Two drawbacks; 1. My wife says it's too heavy. 2. The "step-on" handle release doesn't work well, so I just lay the handle back against the floor, bringing the brush roller off the carpet, when pausing to move furniture, plug into another recepticle, etc....more info
  • Great
    Other then being a little heavy, it works GREAT! It almost moves itself along with all the suction. The attachments work great also. If the head is to low it will acctualy stick to the bare floor :)
    I have a Black Lab and a long hair cat and it sucks up all the hair with ease....more info
  • Eureka! I Discovered the Best Vacuum On the Market
    I admit it. I am a clean freak. And I am especially picky about my floors. As luck would have it, my Dirt Devil upright quit on me right before Christmas. In a panic and short on funds due to Holiday shopping, I headed out to find a decent, yet affordable new vacuum. Lucky for me, I decided to give the Eureka Boss Smart-Vac upright a try. This is truly the best vacuum I have ever purchased...and beleive me, I have gone through a LOT of them over the years, from budget models to what-was-I-thinking expensive. Eureka has thought of everything in its design of this very powerful yet affordable vacuum. I especially love the extra long power cord, the dial which allows you to choose between "hose" and "floor" so the suction is directed where you need it most, the incredibly effective "Power Paw" attachement for cleaning furniture and stairs (it works GREAT on pet hair!) and the "Bare Floor" mode, which works by stopping the brush from spinning so all the dust and particles on your bare floor are actually suctioned up instead of spit back out. The Boss is unexpectedly light and pratically vacuums by itself thanks to its self-propel feature. I cannot say enough about this product. If you are looking for a great vacuum in ANY price range, the Eureka Boss Smart-Vac is hands down your best bet....more info
  • Love this machine!
    This is the third Eureka Boss Smart-Vac I've purchased. The first one is still working hard, the second one didn't last a year, and this third one is like the first, music to my ears.

    I'll give the cons first because they are obvious. This model is cheap to buy and cheaply made. Little things begin to go wrong early on - like the brush continues to rotate even when the handle is in upright position and the knob has been turned from 'floor' to 'hose', the wheels squeek, the 'carpet'/'bare floor' adjustment is hard to use. And I have struggled with all three vacuum's as far as keeping the onboard attachments onboard. Mostly they are kept off the machine unless needed for use.

    The pros: Well, this is cheap to buy so you're getting the most bang for your buck. It SUCKS like none-other. I can forgive and overlook all the con's on this one point alone. We have two dogs and two cats, live on a ranch so all kinds of 'stuff' gets tracked in, and this machine takes it all on in stride. It gets to the bottom, down through the carpet fibers, and sucks out most of what gets deposited. How do I know? It used to be when I shampooed the carpet what came out made a muddy slurry in the shampooer reservoir. After using The Boss Smart-Vac the water is dirty but not thick and full of sand and hair.

    The hose is handy, easy to use, and really sucks as well. The hose-extension attachments make up for how I wish the hose was just a little bit longer.

    This machine receives 5 stars because it does what it says it will do. It out-performs the more expensive models - some of which I've personally tried. No way would I trade my Eureka Boss for anything else. ...more info
  • A vacuum that would make June Cleaver proud
    If you really want to get your house clean, get this vacuum! My carpets have never been cleaner, and I was amazed to find how well it works on my hard (vinyl) floors too. It's absolutely incredible. But still, my big *WOW* moment was the first time I switched over to use the hose attachments. My lord, the attachments will actually suck things up! The day I got it, I ran all over the house, joyfully vacuuming vents, blinds, corners, floor edges, & furniture like a woman possessed.

    1. Incredible all-around suction power for carpets, hard floors, & with attachments.

    2. Intake path (the route the dirt/debris has to take to get from floor to bag)is well-designed; dirt/debris travels on a direct, straight route up through intake tube to bag. Trust me, this matters. My old vacuum's (smaller) intake hose required the dirt/debris to pass through several U-bends before entering the bagless bin, and it plugged up constantly.

    Also, the intake tube is big enough that stuff doesn't get stuck. I've successfully vacuumed up pine needles from our Christmas tree, gum wrappers, bits of uncooked macaroni (yup, got kids). Watch out for gerbils, hamsters, & lizards.

    3. Nice long cord.

    4. Quiet for a vacuum.

    5. Filtration actually seems to leave air cleaner.

    6. Attachments are on board & easily accessible (except PowerPaw).

    7. PowerPaw great for pet hair on furniture.


    1. As many people have mentioned, the handle release pedal is ridiculously hard to push down. I've found it helps to turn on the vacuum first before trying to push it. Wear shoes, preferable army boots.

    2. The little lever used to switch between carpet (brush roller on) & hard floor (brush roller disengaged) settings is also a bear to work. If you push really hard, it *will* snap into place, but you need strong fingers. Must do this w/ vacuum on.

    3. If you've been using the hose and then switch back to vacuuming the floor, BE SURE TO SET THE DIAL FROM "HOSE" BACK TO "FLOOR." If you don't, when you begin vacuuming the floor, after a few seconds dust will begin to spew out into the air in noticeable quantities. Reset the dial, and all is well.

    4. Hose is a bit short.

    5. (Very minor) Little clip on cord plug (used to hold plug in place during storage) is too small to clip onto cord.

    The pros far outweigh the cons IMHO, because the vacuum is so effective at what it's supposed to do: clean. The cons are minor inconveniences that the company should be able to fix in future versions.

    ...more info
  • Extremely Disappointing for the Price
    I bought this vac, because Consumer Reports rated it as the best for my buck. I have since let my subscription to that magazine lapse - permanently. I'd have done better to get another run of the mill Dirt Devil and forget the fancy HEPA filter.

    The HEPA filter may be a good one, but it exhausts from the lower front of the unit, so most of the dust, dust mites, pet fur, and dander that I'd like to avoid get blown up into the air and everywhere before they ever get to go through the HEPA filter. If I'm really careful and vaccuum with my arm hanging down in an exagerated manner, I can usually avoid blowing stuff around until I need to go under a table and then it's hopeless.

    The vaccuum is heavy and the lifting handle is at the very top of the unit - not good if you're short or have a bad back or knees.

    The onboard tools keep popping out of their stations and getting misplaced. The large hose head with the beater bar doesn't have a storage station on the main unit - not good for someone as absent minded as I am. Also, there's no handle on the extention wand.

    The hose fits very loosely on the unit and tends to sag off and get in the way. The hose is shorter than on my old Dirt Devil and I had to improvise to get it to connect to a universal extention hose that I bought.

    The electrical cord is shorter than the one on my old Dirt Devil, but that's a minor inconvenience compared to all the other aggrevations.

    To sum it all up, the only thing I can think of stupider than this vaccuum cleaner is me, for not returning the thing the same day I bought it. Now I'm stuck with it until it dies or I get rich enough to toss out a functioning appliance. I hope it doesn't last as long as my dear departed Dirt Devil did. (No, I'm not a Dirt Devil affiliate, but I just may go buy stock in the company, now)...more info
  • Great price - great performance for the price
    The foot lever on this vacuum (that allows the upright to tilt back) is hard to press, but its performance for this reasonably priced vacuum is still worth it.

    Our sneaky cat had thrown up on the carpet behind the dining room table and it had already dried before it was noticed. This upright vacuumed it up in one or two passes - no residue (and thankfully, no stain) was left.

    ...more info
  • Fantastic Vacuum
    All I can say is WOW!!! We live in the desert where it's hard to find a vacuum that will clean well. We constantly have sand on our floor. This vacuum has been the best so far. It has great suction and is easy to use. Very easy to assemble. I do agree with others that the lever you push down prior to vacuuming is harder than most but if you are wearing shoes I don't think you'll have a problem. Great purchase overall!!!...more info
  • Finally, a reliable and efficient vacuum!
    Ok, so GrannieAnnie here is coming up on the big 5-0, so you can imagine how many vacuums I've owned over the years. They break, they're too loud, they're too heavy, they hardly work, they spew dust -- you name it. But this vacuum has been a Godsend! It's everything you'd want in a vacuum. My only complaint is that it's a little hard to get the lever at the bottom to push down for angling the vacuum -- you kind of have to press toward the outside of the lever and hope you get the right spot. But once it's angled, it's good to go and is one powerful yet nottooloud machine! Nice long cord, sturdy construction, easy to maneuver, AND... I received it only TWO days after ordering it! (Someone must know how hard it is to live without a working vacuum!)...more info
  • One serious problem
    This works fine as a vacuum - but the latch that allows the handle to move from the upright position to the vacuuming mode is so stiff that you almost need a hammer to release it. It has eased a litle with useage but still needs a very heavy foot to shift it! Customer Service was not interested!...more info
  • Worst vacuum I ever had
    I would never buy another Eureka vacuum. The belt breaks once a month. I follow the directions from the repairman to never lock or unlock the upright position while it is running. We only use it on low pile carpeting or bare floor. ...more info
  • Best Vac for you $$$ HANDS DOWN
    I've sold kirbys and had Hoovers in the past...this baby cleans and with amazing sucking POWER! don't buy anything me! I've been reading consumer reports and testing many products for years :) BUY ONLY THE BEST !!!...more info
  • Really good choice
    I received my new vacuum 2 days ago. I was very impressed with the suction. It was stronger than any vacuum I have had. The filter system appears to be very good. I can already see that this thing creates much less dust than my former bagless vacuum.

    I am going to recommend this to my parents and friends that might be in the market for a new vacuum. I am also glad that I have made the switch back to a bagged vacuum cleaner.

    My carpet already looks much better.

    Assembly was no real problem. Do need a screwdriver for installing 3 screws. Total assembly time - 10 mins. ...more info
  • Gets the job done :)
    Best vaccuum i've ever purchased and at a great price!! Would highly recommend. Very quiet but powerful. Picks up hair no problem without getting clogged!! Easy to use & put together too. Don't hesitate!! ...more info
  • Very Impressive
    For a vacuum, I'm very impressed. It has amazing suction both on and off of carpet, I wish the hose was a little longer but that would be my only complaint....more info
  • Eureka Vacuum Cleaner
    This was a producted recommended in a flyer from Consumer Reports. It looked good and at the right price so I decided to try the internet. The product turned out to be excellent. I have not used all of the features but the basic rug cleaning is powerfull and effective. The order process was also easy except for one thing. And this one comes up way too often.
    Westwood Ca is a small mountain community. We get our mail at our post office box. We get our packages at our street address. You can"t mail a letter to my street address. You also can't use the USPS and send a package to my street address. My postmaster recognized my name and held on to the package for me. I waited at home for a package to arrive via UPS or FED EX. I know it seems petty but I have gone through this with other vendors that cost me much money because the product did not arrive.
    Just be sure the ship to: and the bill to: addresses; and your method of shipment are obvious to us simple mountain folks. I would never have thunk that you would mail me a vacuum cleaner!!
    ...more info
  • Only half right
    This was the first time I had ordered anything significant on-line.
    Everything went well with the order, and I received two vacuum cleaners
    within about one week. However, they were given as Christmas gifts, and
    when put together one of the two did not work. So, you know the rest. It
    was a hassle to disassemble, ect., but you handled sending it back with
    efficiency: within one day UPS picked the defective one up and according
    to your update e-mail, I should be receiving it within the next day or two.
    So, overall I feel very good about the order, hoping next time all the
    items will work the first time around....more info
  • Boss Smart Vac REview
    This is a powerful vacuum cleaner. it really sucks.

    The only bad thing about it is that it is quite heavy....more info
  • Forget about Dyson
    My Wife and I were in need of a new vacuum, but had been putting off the purchase b/c, like many others, we were caught up in the "Dyson" hype and weren't quite ready to spend $400+. However, the weekend that we decided to drag the Christmas tree out of the house was "the straw that broke the camel's back", and we decided that, for our health, we couldn't possibly rely on our current vacuum cleaner any longer.

    After extensive research, we decided to try out this highly-reviewed vacuum instead of waiting longer to purchase a Dyson, thus saving ourselves almost $300; and, on top of that, this item shipped for free AND we weren't charged sales tax (I LOVE AMAZON.COM!).

    Anyway, the vacuum arrived and, after 5 minutes of unpacking and assembly, I took it for a spin around our humble abode. Now, I'm hardly an expert on vacuum cleaners, but one thing was abundantly clear the second I turned the "Eureka Boss" on: this thing has some power! I ran it around the living room, and it made our heavily used carpet (I work from home, so our floors are always occupied) look like brand new. The incredible part was, I had just vacuumed our floors the day before this new Eureka arrived; but after going over my previous tracks, I was stunned at how much "stuff" was in the vacuum bag--talk about justifying your purchase!

    Anyway, my conclusion is this: while I've never done a side-by-side comparison of this vacuum vs. a $400+ Dyson, I can honestly say that giving my floors a once-over with the "Eureka 4870GZ Boss" has not only made my home much cleaner, but also saved me $300+ in the process. Color me happy :-)...more info
  • Very Good
    This vacuum replaced one twenty years old and was a major improvement. The power is such the unit almost pulls you forward. The "release" to lower the handle is stiff and very difficult to use initially; hopefully, it will be easier as it "breaks in." The suction is excellent. Tool storage on the unit is easy and convenient - a major improvement from having to try and find an attachment when you want one. Overall, I'm very satisfied....more info
  • Loved this vacuum so much I bought it twice... both times it broke after 18 months
    This is a great vacuum. Great suction and the self propel feature is wonderful. I loved this vacuum so much that after my first one had multiple trips to the repair shop and finally stopped working; I bought another one ~ thinking it was just a fluke. Now that my second Boss has broken I am done with this vacuum. I hope you all have better luck. ...more info
  • Good choice for the money
    I started researching vacuum cleaners after my wife talked about spending $550 for a Dysan pet hair vacuum. I read the Consumer Reports assesment that gave two Kenmore vacuums very high ratings and this Eureka was rated fairly high and was much less expensive. So I purchased it.
    As most others have stated, this vacuum: has powerful suction, a useable suction powered stair tool, an inexpensive replace-able bag, a replaceable HEPA filter.
    Drawbacks? It is a little heavy. The handle release pedal requires a very heavy push. There is a .5 inch section of the roller (where the belt rides) that leaves a track on the carpet unbrushed.
    What I would change: A longer hose would be helpful. Find a place on the vacuum to store the "power paw" as some have called it. The cord reel could be designed to be used more easily (You have to work around any attachments that are stored on the vacuum.).
    Hint: The extension tube appeared to be totally unusable until I read in the manual that the tube comes in two parts, nested together at the factory. They were nested so tightly that they appeared to be a single piece until I used a hammer to separate them.
    I am hopeful that this unit will hold up better than our previous Eureka, that has been operating with duct tape holding it together....more info
  • Very dissatisfied
    I researched the heck out of this purchase and I believed Consumer Reports when they recommended this one -- I just don't get it. It has been terrible for us. Makes a horribly loud roaring noise; passes right over dirt and fuzz without picking it up, yet somehow sucked up and damaged the carpet where the carpet met the hard floor; it won't stay in the hard floors setting when we want it to; the attachments won't stay snapped into their storage positions... I hate this vacuum and I'm so annoyed I bought it. ...more info
    Vacuum has a lot of power! I did research and consumer information did recommend this vacuum. However, the vacuum I received from Amazon's supplier did have some mechanical problems. I had to take it to the repair shop within a week of purchase. (Repair cost covered by manufacturer) I am hoping that the bad connection is the only problem that will occur. It is truly an amazing cleaning tool. Amazon is willing to swap it out if I have another problem.
    So, don't worry. Be HAPPY! And clean your house! :) ...more info
  • Great vacuum at a great price!
    The SmartVac Boss is a great vacuum cleaner. I saw reviews that said it was heavy, but it was no heavier than my previous vacuum cleaner. It's easier to push than my old one was - once you turn it on, it pulls itself along the carpet! I love all the different settings and the fact that the cord stays wrapped up. Having the attachments on board and easy to get to is great also!...more info
  • Not a bad vacuum for the money
    Positives... PRICE, suction, ease to change from carpet to hard flooring, ease of using the tools..

    Negatives... It's heavy... I'm a 60 yr old male in very good physical shape and it's relatively heavy compared to other vacuums.... the mechanical part of the handle that lets you lower it for use is absolutely ridiculous... they need to address this... I haven't used it enough yet to deal with the filter or bag replacement.

    All in all... it's a good vacuum for the money... just a few negatives that need to be addressed... I would not recommend it for a frail person....more info
  • Excellent Change
    I purchased this vacuum after installing new carpet. My old vacuum would not pick up the "dust bunnies" from the carpet. This did it, and was very nice to hear the dirt it was picking up. Easy to move and have had no issues. Would suggest this product....more info
  • Vaccum works well
    This vacuum works well. It takes a bit of oomph to release the handle so you can vacuum. That is the only draw back so far....more info
  • Great buy for the money, worth the CR recommendation
    I've had this vacuum for about nine months now and still enjoy it. I ordered it through Amazon because of their great selection as well as the free shipping. The vacuum does well on flat surfaces and appears to have some useful tools. Unfortunately the suction for the tools features is not that strong, so it feels like I have to work hard at getting carpeting on stairs. Like many uprights it's a little on the heavy side, not too heavy for me, but might be for somebody elderly or a smaller woman. The biggest pro going for this was the price though, all the other vacuums around this price weren't nearly as nice and ones that were slightly better would have ran about $300. Worth it for budget minded folks who don't need to say they spent a lot on this household item...more info
  • Except for good suction it is a total piece of junk.
    Yes, I read the CR review which gives it a high rating for suction for the price. If suction is your only factor then sure, it may work for you. This gets 1 star because there is almost no design component of this vacuum that works even slightly well.

    What's wrong? Try...
    * You have to be wearing boots on to stomp on the handle release. It is just terrible and does not work. I can just barely do it with just my socks on (using my heal to stomp it) and I'm a big guy. The wife and kids don't stand a chance with it.
    * The cord just falls off the thing due to the poor lower cord holder design. And even if that were designed well, the top cord holder just turns upside down on its own and dumps the entire cord off the back.
    * And good luck attaching the plug back onto the cord, it is nearly impossible. I had to trim the tabs with a box cutter to get it to work.
    * It is extremely noisy
    * It is very heavy
    * The bare floor switch (which stops the brush) just plain does not stay in place. See discussion threads for more info.
    * You really can't adjust the floor height while it is "down", you need to raise the vacuum off the floor first.
    * The light doesn't light up a darn thing. It is worthless.
    * It "tracks" crooked across the carpet, if you can believe that. It takes a lot of work to keep it going straight. Very strange.
    * The accessories are actually stored behind the cord (when it is wrapped up) so they are difficult to get in and out.
    * It is billed as "extra wide" but it doesn't vacumm well at the edges so what's the point in that?
    * Even the accessory design is weird. The two extension tubes will only fit on in a certain order in a certain way. You can get used to that but why should you have to train everyone in the house how to attach them together?

    Plus points? Nice color. I like the power switch. It clicks on and off very easily (probably made in the U.S.A.)

    My wife and daughter hate it and refuse to use it. I am going back to my 15 year old Panasonic instead until I get a new unit from a manufacturer with a clue. Too bad I waited too long to return this. I guess I'll just dump it on Craig's List for buck. An expensive lesson......more info
  • Over 1 year and it's still great!
    I have had this vacuum for over a year and it still works great! I have never had a vacuum cleaner last this long. I have 2 birds, 6 cats, and a dog that all shed a lot. Yes, the birds shed feathers and bird seeds all over the place. This vacuum can handle it all. Yes, it is a little on the heavy side, but being 45 with Fibromyalgia, I still can push it around pretty well. I think the heaviness is because it is constructed quite well. Very sturdy and not cheap plastic that wears out from the slightest ding. I love it! It scared me though. It shut down on me when the bag got too full and I thought I blew out the motor. A half an hour later it worked fine, it just needed to cool down. 5 Stars!!!!...more info
  • Great Price
    After seeing this in Consumer Reports, this was the vacuum for my son! It was a great present. ...more info
  • 2nd one, great success.
    Originally bought this vacuum from a Consumer Reports review. Pleased with performance. Wore the first one out. 2nd one had some upgrade (stairs vac) features. Still pleased. Quality supplier - on time, as promised....more info
  • Best Vac!
    This is the best vacuum cleaner I have owned since the old style canister type. It is heavy but I knew that from the other reviews. It has been getting a work out with all the pine needles dropping from my Christmas tree & it picks up every last one of them. Great buy & very fast delivery!!! ...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum
    So far so good. Much quieter than the Hoover it replaced. Hose is longer and more flexible also....more info
  • Good Vacuum, but heavy
    My wife complains that this vacuum is really heavy, and it is. We have had one for about two years with no problems except for the weight, and the fact that some of the attachments tend to fall off the rig when you are using it. Also, you need to press hard with your foot to release the lock that holds the handle upright when you are not using it. Also, it is a little harder to find the bags than some other models. I have to go to a vacuum cleaner store, or use Amazon, I suppose. The the cleaning, power and HEPA filtration is good. We have cats....more info
  • Could improve a few things
    I like this vacuum, it does a good job vacuuming.
    The few things I would change would be;

    Needs a longer hose.
    Handle should adjust for taller people, like me.
    The recline pedal should work much smoother.
    Could be more streamlined.

    Other than that it's great.
    ...more info
  • Katti
    Great upright vacumn with great cleaning power. Only regret the upright is not bagless. Amazon supplier was delivery and box arrived as if it was just taken off the inventory shelf!
    Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum...more info
  • Eureka's Boss Vacuum Works Well
    I am very happy with my new vacuum. It makes vacuuming easy again. It has done very well at picking up all kinds of dirt and pet hair on all surfaces. It is a great vacuum that is easy to use....more info
  • this vacuum sucks
    bought it mainly for giving myself hickies, occasionally use it for regularly cleaning the carpet. But since my girlfriend visited the doctor her crabs are gone, and we have no use for the vacuum....more info
  • Worst Vacuum ever!
    We bought this vacuum on the strength of its reviews here and in Comsumer Reports. Everyone seemed to love it. However, we have had this vacuum less than 1 year and have already had to replace the belt 6 times!! We also had problems with the motor overheating. When it works, yes it does OK. Our problem with it is that it almost never is in working order! Junk! Don't go near it!...more info
  • Great for pet hair!
    I have 3 cats in my apartment; their hair has been a major problem for me for years and I desperately needed a reliable vacuum that could get the hairs that were embedded into the carpets. I did research online and found that this vacuum was one of the best for pet hair removal--and it really is amazing! It gets out the embedded cat hairs, and even "fluffs up" the flattened, high-traffic parts of my carpet. It also comes with different hose attachments so I can clean corners with ease--which is one of my favorite things to do now that I can. I love this vacumm, and I wish I'd purchased one sooner.

    The only downside is that it's heavy, and the hose is not very long. But these are only minor things compared to the benefits of having a clean, cat hair-free home....more info
  • Great Vacuum for the Price!
    Great job picking up on hard surfaces and carpet. Hose works great too. Attachments including the claw is great. Only a few issues 1) bag is very small and fills fast-buy many 2)The lever to release the arm to push the vacuum is hard to press with foot. I frequently have use my hand to press the lever. ...more info
  • Well engineered, great product, makes it hard to see value in a $300 vacuum
    This vacuum is a real solid performer. Great suction and features. I like the fact that the belt is made of plastic (nylon?) instead of the traditional rubber (we still have a black mark on the carpet from where the old vacuum's rubber belt broke). The bags are nice and not messy like bagless systems. We also checked before buying, and (unlike many bagged vacuums) the bags are reasonably priced on this one. They are only a little more expensive than the old traditional paper bags. The HEPA filtration works well and is also a smartly engineered system. With the HEPA cartridge as the last step after going through prefiler and bag, it should not clog as fast as some vacuums. Vacuum is a little heavy, but in my comparison to others in this class it is about the same weight. My only gripe is that the brush on the rear falls out on me sometimes. ...more info
  • Eureka 4870 Boss Vacuum
    This is the greatest vacuum I have ever owned. It is powerful, cleans great and the air in our home smells clean when I am finished vacuuming due to the Hepa filter. On the down side, it is a bit heavy to do the stairs and to carry upstairs. I'm thinking of buying a second unit to keep upstairs!...more info
  • Vacuum as described/reviewed
    Vacuum is very powerful on both bare floor and carpet. I dont have to carry the vacuum up and down stairs so the weight doesn't bother me. The attachment is also powerful. Overall a good vacuum for the price. ...more info
  • Great deal for the $$
    I've had my Eureka Boss 4870GZ vacuum for a week and my carpets are now nice and clean. This Vac is replacing an old Hoover bagless that did nothing but spit out just about everytning it sucked up. I have a dog and a cat and whenever I emptied the messy dust cup on that old Hoover my eyes would tear up and I'd sneeze about a half dozen times. I opted to go back to a bag vac since I've had better luck with them in the past, and a bag vac never sent me into fits of sneezing. My boyfriend let me borrow his fancy Dyson until the Eureka Boss 4870GZ arrived, and the Dyson was VERY NICE but as a college student, I just don't have the $400+ to spend on a vacuum. 1st impression of the Eureka, is that it has way more gadgets and attachments than than anything I've owned in the past, but on the downside, the rotating tool for pet hair has no place to snap onto the vacuum. Also, 1 of the other attachments tends to fall off whenever you undo the 30 ft power cord. Now for the good stuff...Has just as much if not MORE suction than my boyfriend's Dyson, it's relatively quiet, and as far as weight goes, I've come to the conclusion that this vac isn't any heavier than others when it is turned off, but when it is ON watch out the suction is STRONG making it feel heavy, even though the actual machine isn't. Kudos for whomever put the handy handle on the back of the Eureka, making it easier to lug up and down stairs! It comes with 1 bag installed, 1 extra bag, 1 hepa filter installed, 1 extra belt, 1 installed. So far I'm very happy with my purchase, especially for the $119.99 price which included free shipping from I read the other reviews + took into consideration that it got a best buy designation from Consumer Reports. It pays to do your research! I'd give it 4 out of five stars. I'm subtracting 1 due to the fact that the 1 tool falls off from time to time, and also the pet hair tool has no place to clip onto the vac.It comes with a 1yr warranty and Eureka has good product support (you actually get a real live human being to talk to not just recordings!)...more info
    This thing worked great for about 2 weeks, since then I've replaced the belt 9 times in less than 1 year. Eureka does not stand behind their product and will not give you your money back. The repair man they send you to says "this is the worst vacuum I've seen in 40 years of being a dealer, I stopped carrying it" then he says "see you next month" because he knows I'll be back. Flat out told me it was a design flaw. The service people at Eureka are the worst too. I can't believe consumer reports rated this anything but JUNK!!!!...more info
  • Not for everyday vacuuming
    I am a mother of three kids under the age of six.I probably vacuum at least 1 to 2 times a day. I was sucked into buying this vacuum because of the reviews, and low price. I bought it in April and it is already falling apart. The hose for the atachments has cracked and chipped off and has acouple of holes in it. I was expecting to get at least a year out of a vacuum(with such good reviews)before it started to need repairs. The other thing I didn't know before buying was how heavy it really was, this vacuum will definitly make you sweat!...more info
  • Ease of asembly and use
    I found this product to be well constructed, and easy to assemble. BUT, I am having difficulty when using on carpet, as the brush roller is too low, and creates a lot of drag when pulling back towards me. It is almost self-propelled, when pushing forward. How do I retract the brush so it is easier to operate?...more info
  • Not yelling 'Eureka"
    I returned a Hoover because of the vacuum eating into my carpet from the brushroll continuing to run while using the hose attachments and with the Eureka, I no longer have that problem. Though it still doesn't work as advertized.

    CONS: Belt shipped with vac (preinstalled) broke on first day of use, but a spare is included and it was easy to replace....although the belt design does seem sub-par (thin and paperlike, not thick rubber), I have not broken the new one (yet?)

    No on board placement area for 'pet paw' tool. Circumvented this by stuffing a smaller diameter piece of stiff cardboard into the top of the extension hose and then placing the 'pet paw' over that so at least it is on board for use.

    Brushroll does continue to run when switched to hose function, which is supposed to automatically shut off when unit is moved to 'upright' position, but if placed in hardfloor,as opposed to carpet, it stops the brushroll.

    Switching between 'carpet' and 'hardfloor' is kinda a pain considering it's on top of the brushroll base.

    Foot pedal to transition from upright to push position is actually hard as others have posted (okay not THAT hard), but hopefully over time it won't wear down...worried because it's hardplastic and may tend to flex.
    ...more info
  • Very good, as promised.
    I got this vacuum after extensive research. After owning it for a few years, I'm happy with the purchase. Here are the drawbacks: It's a bit heavy. The hard plastic part of the end of the hose chipped off a few times and now is misshaped. The hose attachment falls out of its holder sometimes (annoying). The carpet spinner brush part on the front/bottom has a little spot where it doesn't have any spinning bristles. Why does that matter? Because there is about 3/4 of an inch where it doesn't vacuum or pick up anything. About 2 inches from the edge. So even though this is a "wide path" vacuum (or whatever), you have to go over the part you just vacuumed to get it clean. Twice the effort for a basic clean! And very annoying when you are trying to vacuum against a wall. Always leaves a strip 2 inches from the wall that is not clean. Hmm... Maybe I should rate this a 3 out of 5! No, I'll still give it a 4. It has great suction and works well for my big house. I don't really like the big path or the weight, but it has great suction. And really, that's what it's all about. Overall, I think I'd try another kind of vacuum next time. Not that there's another one out there for the price that's better right now, but because I think I still seek to attain "the perfect vacuum." This isn't it. ...more info
  • Love this vacuum!
    Great sweeper with all the attachments we need. We use it on tile, linoleum, wood and carpeted flooring with outstanding results. The attachments are excellent for furniture and pesky cat hair. It takes some getting used to the forward motion, as the brush mechanism does pull it along. I suppose if you had to lug it up and down stairs, it could be a pain but for a ranch style home it's perfect. I'm still amazed at the shipping time...we ordered it on a Tuesday afternoon and it was here on Wednesday! Highly recommended!...more info
  • Great Product
    I am very happy with this vacuum cleaner. It is easy to use, has great suction, and I can tell it does a much better job on my carpets, than my old one, which was quite old, and did not do a thorough job of cleaning.
    I would reccomend it to anyone....more info
  • Specs and reviews are good but too heavy without self-propulsion
    I bought this but had to return it after trying it because it hurt my back with each stroke when I pulled it back (pushing was easy because the roller is so strong it pulls the vacuum forward). I have used a Hoover self-propelled upright for so many years that I got used to that almost effortless back and forth. Plus, with the Hoover I got used to the "dirt finder" light which turns on when it finds dirty....more info
  • Great product
    Eureka has produced a great product and kept the cost down. It has very good suction both with & without the brush action. The tools are all stored on the machine. If I had to fault it at all, the foot petal to release the handle can be hard if you don't have shoes on. ...more info
  • Very Pleased Overall
    Vacuum picks up dirt and cat hair very well. The only problems that I have are that the foot lever to release the top part of the vaccuum is VERY hard to press down - must have shoes on to get accomplished, and the wheels are quite loud. I am not sure if this is a design flaw or just an individual problem....more info
  • This vacuum is a good value.
    I checked on Consumer Reports and they rated this as one of the best buys so I took a chance. The price is good and the suction on this thing is very strong. The only thing I'm a bit flummoxed about is that there's a "power paw" attachment that doesn't seem to have a place to "ride" on the vacuum unlike all the other attachments. I may have to resort to the reading the directions! Overall, I really like it -- it cleans well and has a lot of features. ...more info
  • Great suction and not that noisy!
    This is an awesome vacuum! Suction power is awesome and not as noisy as a traditional vacuum. I love the power switch and hose/floor switch on top so no bending over is necessary. Wide mouth is a plus! Would highly recommend....more info
  • Not a good vacuum
    I have owned this vacuum for over a year now and I really don't like it. The filter in the front blows warm air out of it so powerfully that things get blown off of my end tables, desk, and refrigerator. It isn't self propelled so it becomes a bear to push around after a while and the attachments in the rear keep falling off. I wish I had my old Hoover Windtunnel back. ...more info
  • Took broken one back only to find second one broken as well
    Don't purchase this machine if you need to use it on hardwood floors. I got the machine home and liked how it worked on my carpets. Tried to switch off the brushrollers for use on my hardwood floors and the switch was broken. Took the VC back to the store and, with high hopes, brought home another one -- same type. Alas, the brushroller switch on this new one was broken, too!!!

    Not going back a third time!! Looking at some higher priced brands made by entities with histories of producing reliable machines (e.g., Hoover, Kenmore). This exerience has turned me off to Eureka. Buyer beware.

    Lorie ...more info
  • Best Vacuum I've Ever Owned
    Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum

    Gosh, how I love this vacuum.

    Because I live above 9,000 feet, every vacuum I've owned has had very low suction, but this Eureka Boss really, really sucks. :-)

    As the title says, this vacuum is the best. I bought a Hoover self-propelled one a couple years ago and it broke and it *always* clogged and the rotary brush cleaning attachment always stalled. I could stop it spinning with just a little pressure on it.

    The Power Paw rotary brush attachment never stalled and it cleaned the stairs thoroughly.

    One of the things I especially like about it is its thoughtful design. You know how when you get something jammed in the channels on the back of a vacuum, how you have to get a Torx driver and unscrew everything?

    Well, with this one, all you have to do is turn a simple slotted knob in the back, disconnect the hoses, and the tubes come off the machine. Love it.

    Another thing I like about it is that it has *bags*. That Hoover I bought was bagless and it was all a dirty chore cleaning out the dust collection hopper. UGH!

    With this Eureka Boss, I just pop the old bag out and pop a new bag in. No muss, no fuss. :-)

    Soooooo happy to have a vacuum now that truly sucks. :-)

    ...more info
  • Strong vacuum, good price
    Living in a small house with 3 dogs, I was looking for a vacuum that could handle pet hair. This, so far, has done a great job. It's fairly large and heavy, but after putting up with 2 other vacuums that just didn't do the job, I'm more than willing to put up with that. I like the attachments and the ability to switch between floors and hose. Only problem I've had is that the foot button that releases the upright lock keeps coming off. Still, a powerful machine that does the job, and a very reasonable price....more info
  • Good so far...
    We've had this vacuum slightly less than a year and have been satisfied.

    Pros: Lots of options, easy to use, and good suction.

    Cons: Relatively short hose.

    I agree that the push lever that lowers and raises the handle is a bit difficult to push down with your foot, but I don't think it's as problematic as indicated in some of these reviews. And yes, it's fairly big. But, I don't think it's hard to push. Overall, four stars....more info
  • Unimpressive and Awkward
    I bought the Eureka Boss Smart Vac last year, on the recommendation of Consumer Reports. Big mistake! The vacuum does have impressive suction, I'll give it that. But it's not *that* much more powerful than most other vacuums. And everything else about this machine is a negative, including:

    * The size and weight. Holy cow! I'm a strong woman, but I can barely maneuver this hulking beast around my house. And forget it for use on stairs!

    * The "Power Paw" attachment makes a terrible noise, and doesn't work at all.

    * The door to the HEPA filter pops open all the time, causing the filter to fall to the floor. Again and again.

    * Bags and accessories are hard to find in stores.

    * THE HOSE! No matter how tightly I try to shove the hose into its place, it keeps coming loose while I vacuum. Half the time I run over it, the other half of the time I trip on it. This machine was cheap and I thought I'd gotten a bargain - but let me tell you, I'd pay a million dollars never to find that freaking hose under my feet again. It's a short hose, too, so it's not particularly useful even when you want it.

    Overall, this vacuum was a waste of money. It's not coming with me to my next home....more info
  • Pretty good for the price range
    The filter bags are easy to chage. It cleans well. Everyone in my family has allergies and we have no problems when cleaning with this vacuum. The only cons are - it is not very easy to change from bare floors to carpet and back. It is a bit clumsy....more info
  • another junk vaccum
    bought this vaccum a year ago and true to form of previous vaccums i've bought it lasted a year. i bought it based on customer reviews, which were good,but i needed to give it the one year test,and it now won't keep a belt more than a week. plus it is also losing suction. on the good side the lite still works!...more info
  • Unbelievably heavy
    There's no denying that this vacuum has powerful suction (hence the 2 star rating). I just don't think that heavy weight of the machine is worth it. This vacuum is so heavy and cumbersome that I am not able to push my foot down on the handle release without wearing shoes for leverage. I read previous reviews that it was heavy and thought I could deal with it (I've been lugging my kids around for years, what could be more taxing than that?). After using it for 9 months now, I absolutely hate it and wish I had bought a lighter model....more info
  • Great suction, no dust, not too noisy...
    It's a decent vacuum. A lot of plastic that I'm weary about lasting for years to come (have had this about 6 months now) but it has held up to weekly cleaning so far. Absolutely no dust or allergy problems with this one (and this household with 4 kids under 8 sneezes and snots a lot over the silliest things). I'd buy it again. 4 for questionable product quality and for the fact that no tool for work around the house should get a 5 star rating. Unless of course you watch TV for a living. Then I could see giving one of dem' fancy 56" plasma screens a fiver....more info
  • So you wanted a Dyson. Tell yourself it's an Electrolux:
    And you wouldn't be that far off the mark, except you save two-thirds the cost for comparatively equal performance.

    When you compare this unit to the Dyson models or the Electrolux Oxygen series, in every category: cleaning carpets, cleaning bare floors, noise, cleaning with attachments, picking up pet hair, emissions, handling or ease of use, the 4870 is competitive. It is only when you reach the checkout counter that the most salient difference is evident and I don't know too many people who would have a complaint with paying far less. Unless of course, aesthetics is your primary consideration.

    Granted, if you are accustomed to pushing around a lightweight, this vacuum will get your attention. At just over 20 pounds it feels heavier and when it's in operation the brush rollers offer quite a bit of resistance when pulled in reverse. The roller disable switch is also somewhat of a challenge as the vacuum has to be turned on, the pile height lever has to be at the lowest setting, the handle has to be depressed (and that's no small feat- no pun intended) and you have to push the little yellow switch beyond the what most normal people would consider its breaking point.

    However, For around $150. You will not be disappointed.

    BTW, Eureka is part of the Electrolux family of products.
    ...more info
  • Too heavy and not user friendly
    I bought this vacuum after reading the reviews. I should have listened to the reviewers who said this vacuum is "too heavy!" It is not only very heavy, but bulky too. You cannot get it into small places or vacuum under anything (chairs, beds) because the front is so big. I really regret buying this vacuum cleaner and hope that it lives a short life so I can throw it out and buy a new one.
    If anyone is interested in taking it off my hands, I'm willing to give it to you for half price. ...more info
  • Makes me want to throw it out a window
    It has awesome power, so much so that it's almost self-propelled on rugs--it moves forward by itself, powered by the brush roller, so all you have to do is pull it back.

    But the handle release is terrible--it's a cheap plastic piece that's supposed to catch on another plastic piece to remain upward; you have to really stand on it (while holding the entire vacuum in place so it doesn't move). If it's on a bare floor, you end up jerking the whole thing upward and forward to get it to catch. I even took a file to the catch to try making it easier, but I don't want to do too much, else it won't catch at all.

    The accessory hose is about three feet long. It's supposed to stretch, and it does--to about five feet, and only from the bottom of the vacuum, so you really have to pull on it to reach, say, cobwebs in the corner of a ceiling. Usually you end having to reposition the vacuum to make it reach. That gets really, really tiring after a while.

    All the little tools that work with the accessory hose are buried behind the power cord; you have to dig for them if you haven't unwound the entire cord (ok, perhaps my fault there). But they snap into their slots in only one, precise way; I usually end up getting down on my knees to see how they go in. The power cord interferes with the accessory hose; I often get them tangled.

    The switch that turns off the rollers so you can use the vacuum on bare floors is so small that you can only operate it with your fingers, and it's very stiff. So, I have to bend over, put a thumb on the switch and my other fingers on the front of the vacuum to pull it. Couldn't the company have made a switch you could operate with your foot? Oh, right--see my complaint about the handle release.

    The front panel on the unit I received won't latch properly, so the panel hangs open about half an inch, permanently.

    It's very heavy, which really isn't a big deal to me on its own--it's just that, when you have to deal with all the other irritations, I end up getting tired and simply manhandling the damn thing.

    Do I really have to pay $400 for a vacuum that won't make me tired and mad?...more info
  • A good vaccum
    Solid product with good power. It's hard to change from carpet to floor cleaning because of a very tough-to-turn dial....more info
  • Great Suction
    This is a great vacuum. I love the power. Picks up dog hair better than any vacuum I've had. There are three things I don't like about this unit.
    1. It's heavy
    2. It needs a longer hose
    3. Controls are difficult (handle release, bare floor adjustment and floor/hose adjuster)
    ...more info
  • vacuum tested
    After owning this vacuum cleaner for about 1 year, I feel very strongly about the following items. First, the vacuum has very good suction. Second, the foot lever to operate the vacuum is very difficult to acctuate unless you are wearing shoes, I frequently have only socks on around the house, and this is a poor design feature. Third, the power cord is placed half way down the body of the vacuum, and makes it very difficult to reach when vacuuming. Lastly, the hose placement is also very poorly designed, when using the hose with attachments, it makes for a much more laborious chore than it needs to be. Overall, I am only impressed with this vacuum's power/suction....more info
  • Eureka Vacuum Cleaner
    Too cumbersome, too heavy, takes a lot of effort to pull back on carpet, too many gadgets and dials....more info
  • Good Choice for a Good Price
    Review of Eureka 4870GZ

    I used Hoover vacuums for years, but before I purchased this Eureka, I had purchased a Hoover Wind Tunnel Self Propelled which turned out to be defective and I ended up returning it to the store where I purchased it. For me the issue with Hoover is a lack of authorized repair shops to cover warranty issues. I live in Indiana and if I wanted to utilize the warranty on the Hoover I would have to ship the vacuum to Kentucky which is ridiculous. Eureka seems to have more authorized repair shops available which is a big plus if I should ever need repair work.

    Pros of the Eureka:

    Attractive design, functions well, is quieter then my previous Hoover that I used for several years, great with pet hair, is a consumer reports best buy (which is part of what helped me make my decision on this purchase). Even though this is not considered a self propelled vacuum, the motorized agitator does help pull the vacuum forward so you only have to put a little effort to back the vacuum up, but it is very easy. Some folks comment that this is a heavy vacuum, but since my house is only one story I never have to lift it up so was not a concern for me. The tools are easy to get to and positioned well on the vacuum. The cord seems to be a decent length. I did have to call Eureka's 1-800 number when I first got the vacuum because I had some questions and they were very helpful and friendly. Parts are fairly easy to get for this vacuum and you might even find some good deals for parts, bags, etc. on ebay. Amazon shipped this vacuum out very quickly and it arrived in perfect condition.

    Not really Cons, mainly just general comments:

    The plastic wheels on this vacuum are kind of noisy. Not sure if that is normal or not, but when I am moving the vacuum from room to room (most noticed when the vacuum is off of course) the wheels make a sound almost like the vacuum has marbles underneath it (not quite sure how to explain it) It may be just the nature of plastic wheels. This does not cause any issue for the actual use of the vacuum though, but it is just slightly annoying to me.

    The vacuum is mostly plastic, but it seems most vacuums are these days.

    The plastic lever for switching between carpet and bare floor is a bit tricky. You really have to make sure the lever is snapped back in place for bare floor use. (You'll know the lever for bare floor is in place when you hear a click and it does take a little effort when it is new) The lever is just tight when it is new but seems to get easier to use as time goes by.

    The foot pedal is also a bit tight when the vacuum is new but gets easier to use as you use the vacuum more.

    Overall, I would say this is a good choice and for a great price.
    ...more info
  • A Real Muscle Builder
    The vacuum worked well right out of the box. With our new carpeting the bag filled up rather quickly and I was tired by the end of vacuuming the entire house. It is heavy; much effort is required to pull in backwards. Bare flooring was a snap. All in all an excellent vacuum cleaner....more info
  • Super Disappointed!
    I bought this vacuum last January after my husband and I bought a plush area rug and runner for our living area, and we carpeted our kids rooms. My plan was to keep all the new carpet super clean (three kids and a dog) but our old vacuum was pretty ordinary and I wanted something terrific. I went off of the Consumer Reports recommendation...and let me tell you, I'm so disappointed. It was quite awesome for the first six months: it simply sucks up everything. I didn't mind that the hard floor/carpet switch was broken (out of the box, now that I've read some reviews...I just thought I was missing something on how it worked. Duh!) because the vacuum worked well.

    But now, TWO belts later (my "ordinary" vacuum hasn't had a belt change in three years) the vacuum is so loud it actually hurts my ears! It still kind of sucks, but after repeated swipes at the carpet.

    I'm actually sad about it. I was so happy about FINALLY being able to buy a consumer reports actual pick. (I have always checked CR for recommendations but a lot of times can't go with what they recommend because of cost/time/availability, etc.) And it has really let me down. Makes me think twice about CR.

    I haven't brought it into a repairman because who has the time for THAT?! I'm on the vacuum site now looking for a better vacuum seems to be without its detractors, though. I'll keep looking.

    This vacuum will make you happy for a while (as happy as a vacuum can make a person!), but it just might let you down in the end. : (...more info
  • Excellent choice
    Consumer's rated a Best Buy - they were right. Super pick up especially pet hair. Sort of bulky but not unmanageable. Attachments easy to use. Would recommend highyl to anyone....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac
    The suction is great but the vacuum is big and heavy and the handy stretch hose is too short...more info
  • Best Vacumn
    Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum
    This is such a great vacumn, the suction power is like no other. We bought a Dirt Devil, but after using that for a few months, it went out to the garage. I checked online for reviews, and the Eureka Smart Boss 4870GZ, always seem to come out the best, so I ordered it, and I am completely satisfied with it.
    Indiana...more info
  • Dyson Buyers Should consider this first
    Well Dyson buyers, there is something better. This Eureka 4870gz is awesome. It has great suction and has brought my carpets back to life. The best thing about it is that it has a bag. I want bagless so that you don't have to buy them. I had a Hoover bagless prior to this, and to tell you the truth I don't know why Hoover just doesn't give it up...anyway the absolute mess and dust cloud of the bagless mess brought me back. I got sick of putting the dust back into the house that I just vacuumed up. This Eureka vacuum is a great deal, picks up pet hair, and renews the carpets...Dare I's awesome. Also a good word for to do business with and fast shipping....Over all a great experience....more info
    The Eureka 4870 is consistently rated very highly by Consumer Reports. I am still scratching my head trying to understand why. There are certain vacuum cleaners that are brought in for repair that I can guess what the problem is before the customer tells me. This is one of those machines.

    This vacuum cleaner is our number 1 repair customer. The Eureka 4870 is brought in for repair MORE THEN ANY OTHER VACUUM CLEANER. The only reason I have given this vacuum 2 stars, is because when this vacuum is working, it actually does clean very well, however the number of times you will have to bring the vacuum in for service, outweighs how well it cleans. Let me first tell you about the Pros to the Eureka 4870, as this can be summed up with a few sentences.

    The Eureka 4870 motor actually is a very high output motor, and creates a decent amount of suction power. The motor is the only metal component to the vacuum, and is the only part on this vacuum that I have never seen problems with, or had to replace.

    The vacuum has a nice selection of on-board attachments. Included is a nice on board hose, an extra wand for above the floor cleaning, a nice long crevice tool for those hard to reach nooks and crannies, a dusting brush, as well as an upholstery tool. The "power paw" (as standard attachment on the 4870HZ) attachment leaves a lot to be desired, as most of the time the rotating brush driven by suction stops as soon as you put it on upholstery, or stairs.

    The electrical cord on this vacuum is a nice long 30 foot cord, allowing you to be able to clean more square footage without having to go and unplug the machine from room to room. This feature will actually save you substantial time on vacuuming.

    The vacuum bag is a "top fill" bag. This means that the hole where the dirt goes into fills from the very top of the bag, allowing you to really jam pack the dirt in the bag, and filling the entire bag before there's any suction loss. A lot of other vacuums have the hold on the side of the bag, which is really pointless, as you have to throw away the bag before it's completely full.

    The price is probably the best feature on this vacuum. For right around $150, the machine is very affordable, and feature packed for this price. You do get what you pay for in terms of quality.

    Weighing in at 25 pounds, this machine is VERY heavy. If you have multiple floors, and you have to take the vacuum up and down the stairs, you will surely hate this vacuum after the first few times of carrying it up and down stairs. The carrying handle is not very conveniently placed either, causing the customer to have to pick up the machine by the handle which makes it seem even more heavy.

    The Eureka R belt "Extended Life Belt". The belt on this machine was a new design by Eureka. The belt is actually not made of rubber like most belts. It is actually a plastic belt. Eureka claims that this belt is "Extended life" however some of my customers are replacing this belt 3-4 times a year. If you vacuum anything that gets stuck in the roller brush while vacuuming, the belt usually stretches to a point where the brush will not spin, or if it does spin, it will spin very slowly, and sometimes even stop as soon as you put it on the carpet.

    The roller brush itself. A typical Eureka roller brush, this roller brush (sometimes referred to as a "beater bar") has two PLASTIC bearing caps on each side. If something is vacuumed up into the brush while it's spinning, a lot of the times, the brush bearing caps will actually melt! Eureka does not sell these caps separately either, and you'll have to purchase the entire roller brush assembly if this happens. Do not expect to get any more the 1 year out of the roller brush before some melting happens. The plastic bearing caps are not sealed either. If you have pets in the house, or females (some males are also included) that have very long hair, this hair will get inside the bearing of the roller brush shortening the life even more. One way to prevent this from happening is take the roller brush out, taking the bearing caps off, and remove the hair, thread, etc that has wrapped itself around the bearings. You should do this every 2 weeks for best results.

    The dreaded Carpet/Floor switch. Out of all the problems this machine has, this is by far the most common. Not only is the most common, it can also be the most expensive, as the amount of time and labor that it takes to replace the switch is very difficult, and you will have to take it in to a local repair shop to fix it. If you talk to any independent vacuum store, and ask them about this repair, 9 times out of 10 you they will tell you how difficult of a repair it really is. This is my least favorite repair to do out of ANY VACUUM CLEANER. You basically have to take the entire roller brush housing apart, and fight with a spring to fix it. The design on this switch is the problem. If a customer does decide to purchase this vacuum from me (I certainly don't recommend it) I always open the machine, assemble it, and I always test the machine before the customer leaves my store. I have opened probably 10-15 of these machines brand new out of the box, only to test it, and find that the Carpet/Floor switch is broken. Brand new out of the box there should never be any problems.

    The last issue on this vacuum is the filtration. Eureka claims that this machine is "True HEPA filtration" vacuum. I have found this to be more like a "False HEPA filtration" vacuum. One of the many cool gadgets we have to diagnose and test vacuum cleaners is what's called a Particle Scanner. This very expensive machine will actually measure with lasers how many fine dust particles are leaking from a vacuum per minute of use. I measured the Eureka 4870 like I do all vacuums I sell. This machine registered 25,000+ fine dust particles per minute of use being leaked out of this machine. Now this number is definitely lower then any bagless machine on the market, however for Eureka to claim that this machine will help allergy and asthma sufferers is just false. If you own this vacuum try vacuuming in the sunlight, and you can actually see some of the larger micron dust exhausting from the machine. This is only the larger particles you can see. The most damaging particles to humans are the ones that are not visible to the naked eye. If you or your family has any breathing issues such as Asthma, Emphysema, or allergies, please beware of this vacuum.

    You can kind of tell the quality of a vacuum cleaner by the warranty the manufacturer will give you. The Eureka 4870 has a 1 year parts and labor (required by the government, I'm sure they would give less if they could). Consumer Reports loves this vacuum, but as a vacuum repairman, I would tell anyone that asked me to STAY AWAY FROM THIS VACUUM CLEANER.

    ...more info
  • Wonderful for the price!
    This thing really sucks, and in a good way. It seems to pick up most things on the carpet, and being able to turn off the rotating brush, will pick up most things on our hardwood floors and ceramic tile floors. It does a good job cleaning.

    I do have some complaints. At the edge of rooms (at the walls), it takes a little effort to get the area clean. But using the attached hose allows for cleaning the edge. It takes a little effort to push the vacuum around when the brush is on, on the carpet. For me it's not a problem, but for my wife it's hard. Finally, we vacuumed new carpet, and while it did a very good job getting all the loose strands, it did get clogged. It was visible in the clear tubing that it was clogged. Removing the clear tubing to remove the clog was very difficult.

    Overall, I gave this vacuum 5 stars because it cleans better than most in the same price range....more info
  • Picked up lots of pet hair
    I have both a dog and a cat and hadn't had a vacuum for over a month. There was TONS of pet hair and it picked it all up! I would definitely recommend it. ...more info
  • Great until it breaks, which it will do very soon
    I thought I did my homework before buying this vacuum. I checked reviews everywhere and this vacuum seemed to be a great deal for the price. It worked up to expectations for the first 10 months and then a cheap, plastic (yet essential) part broke. This part controls the carpet to floor setting and if it is broken, the brush will not turn when it touches the carpet. I brought it to be repaired and it is going to cost about a third to half the price of the vacuum once labor is included. The man at the repair shop told me this is a very common malfunction on the Eureka Boss models -- and I can see from other reviews that he wasn't lying. I only wish I had checked out the bad reviews more thoroughly before I bought my vacuuum....more info
  • Eureka Boss upright
    I ordered this product after reading many reviews about how well it worked and how quiet it was. I am very disappointed with the fact that it is extremely loud. Although it does a good job cleaning my white carpeting, the motor is so noisy that you need earplugs to use it!...more info
  • Best vacuum I've ever owned
    This is definitely the best vacuum I've ever owned---and I'm 53. Powerful suction, great features, easy to use--love it!...more info
  • What was Consumer Reports Thinking?
    Small annoyances that add up:

    -Extension wand doesn't fit together tightly, though the fit does tighten up due to suction when the vacuum is turned on.

    -Upholstery attachment snags upholstery

    -Cord release does not lock into place, just swivels at a small amount of pressure. So if you didn't want to have the entire cord laying on the floor between you and the outlet, you're pretty much out of luck.

    -"Power Paw" attachment doesn't have an on-board storage spot (actually, the upholstery brush and duster have a habit of falling off easily, now that I think about it).

    -No "bag full" indicator

    -Far and away the most irritating thing has been that the switch that's supposed to change from bare floor to carpet disengaged w/in two days of owning the machine. When you flip the switch you can feel that it's come unhooked from the spring it was attached to, and there's no way to access it if you want to repair it yourself. I don't know how much difference it's made, but I DO know that in order to get the roller to spin on carpet I have to be sure to tip the vacuum back at just the right angle in order to make it work. Extremely frustrating.

    -On the PLUS side, the suction is good, but that doesn't really make up for everything else.

    Actually, I'm looking for another vacuum right now, which is what brought me to amazon in the first place. Consumer Reports must test in a lab setting and not under real life circumstances, that's the only reason I can come up with for having been so misled....more info
  • Consumer Reports Got This One Wrong
    Contrary to the high rating in Consumer Reports, this vacuum cleaner was a bust. We matched it next to our 10-year-old Hoover, and it failed miserably. The Eureka did not pick up animal hair very well from a rug, which was the main reason we purchased it. Had to send it back because the product just didn't work as claimed. If you have pets, don't buy this vacuum....more info
  • Decent for the Price, When it Works
    We bought this vacuum to replace our seven year old Kenmore. The Kenmore was the floor sample. The Kenmore still works, but we felt it was time to upgrade. I read these reviews and felt it, based on them, that the Boss was the best value for the price.

    Cons: It is heavier than the Kenmore, the hose detaches with the slightest brush against something (it is short as well), and to top it off, the belt broke before we'd even filled the first bag (we never had to replace the belt on the Kenmore). The Boss belt is this cheesy plastic thing you'd expect to see around a bundle of newspapers. I ordered a bunch of them because they are pretty fragile looking.

    Pros: When it works, it vacuums well. It looks nice. I assume the HEPA filter makes us safer, but it has been broken more than working, so once the new belts come, we'll see....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This is a great vacuum. The only difficulty was the toggle switch for using the utility hose. It was a little difficult to lock into place....more info
  • Hate it. Gave it to the Thrift shop
    I used this Eureka through one vaccum bag cycle. The design tries to stick all the attachments all over the machine and they are constantly falling off.
    It does suck up the dust and dirt well. Very noisy. Too big, heavy, and complicated.
    But after the next set of bags arrived (buy more when/if you buy this) it was still blowing out dust rather than sucking it inl
    I also found it clumsy to handle. And I basically hate it. So, I gave it to the thrift shop with the set of nine new bags I'd just got, because it works. Someone else can wrestle with it.
    I replaced it with a Bissell ($66.00) at Wal-Mart. Same features, easier to put together and handle... lighter weight. The attachments are snuggly on. It has two HEPA filters and no bags.
    I do not need a "Boss."...more info
  • Happy with purchase - just one thing....
    I'm very satisfied with this new vacuum. I was mostly concerned about dog hair, and this vacuum prove to do the job. The suction is great, the on-board tools are convenient with easy access. This vacuum is an all around good buy.
    The only drawback is that it is a little on the heavy side. ...more info
  • This really works!
    This vacuums suction power is great for the hair left by my 2 dogs and cat. The only thing I don't like is the hose is too short. It's hard to maneuver on steps and if the hose was longer it would make things much easier. ...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum
    It is everything that I expected. Consumer Reports was right. This is one of the best vacuums I have ever owned....more info
  • Pleased with Experience
    The seller delivered the product in a timely manner. The product works wonderfully for being reconditioned. I'd purchase the same thing in the same way again....more info
  • This vacuum sucks... in a good way!!
    Very powerful vacuum! I wish it came with more attachments, but I'll have to order them. I should have kept them off my old vacuum instead of throwing them away.

    ...more info
  • Just okay
    I have had it for about six months. It's okay. My old hoover had better suction, better attachments and easier to-get-to attachments.

    Pros: I think it is great at filtering the air. The suction is okay, not great. The price is okay.

    Cons: Clumsy. I hate the attachments. They are difficult to get to. The attachment hose is way too short. I don't even know where I put the power-paw - it is not convenient and does not work well. Would have been better if it had a wider, flatter nozzle or, if it were a shorter attachment. I had hoped it would reach and clean under the beds but it doesn't. Also, this vacuum does NOT work well on hard surfaces - seems to blow everything around. Does not work well on area rugs....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I have reserched and compared vacuums and almost purchased a Dyson for triple the cost, then I found this one. When I use this machine, my carpets look like they've been professionally cleaned. The brush lifts the carpet fibers and makes the carpet so soft and clean. Also, it was easy to quickly assemble. Just a couple of negatives with this one. This vacuum is heavy, but not unmanageable, because it seems to want to go forward, but pulling it back sometimes if a little bit difficult. I also notice that when I'm vacuuming, the hose slips off its track and gets in my way, and I have to keep putting it back in place. Other than that I'm very satisfied with my purchase. I would highly recommend this vacuum...more info
  • great vac but power paw does't work
    vac works great, but the power paw stopped working with in 5 minutes of being used. Would recondmend vac other wise. ...more info
  • Smart-Vac
    There was some assembly required to put the vacuum together but the directions were pretty clear. I was surprised how heavy this vacuum is but it moves smoothly over the floor and was quieter than I expected....more info
  • good vacuum
    The only concern I have with the vacuum is the pedal to release the handle. It is very stiff and difficult to recline the cleaner....more info
  • new vacuum
    I needed a new vacuum cleaner and Consumer Reports rated this highly .... so I bought it. ...more info
  • Powerful sucker
    Lots of features. Travels forward easily. Takes some effort to pull back. Result of the great amount of suction. Cleans well. Has tool storage that holds all tools on-board but one; it won't stay on. Otherwise, it's a great vacuum. Great value. ...more info
  • Defective, but good warranty
    It was defective and didn't work at all when I bought it. I was able to take it to a local repair shop and they fixed it for almost nothing. The warranty didn't cover one part, but I was happy I didn't have to mail it off. Since then it has worked great. ...more info
  • dog hair and dirt disappear!
    This machine is powerful but quiet. Our vacuum has to be powerful, with a big Golden Retriever and dirt that collected in the carpet during the last three years of a losing battle with another brand. My wife has trouble getting the machine to relax back and get going, but once it goes, it's as good as it gets. The filter is a little pricey, but the only air that blows out of this machine is clean. All in all, it's literally refreshing....more info
  • I love it!!
    I have had this vacuum cleaner for several months now. It works great! I just had to clog up my previous vacuum. With my long thick hair and a dog that sheds constantly, I needed a vacuum cleaner that would be great at picking up. And it does just that.

    ...more info
  • Love it!
    This is the most robust upright vacuum I have owned. I have a Chow, who is constantly shedding. This vacuum makes quick work of cleaning up the pet hair around the house. I love this vacuum!...more info
  • Vacuum has good suction, kind of noisy
    I've owned this vacuum for 4 months now, and it works well on hard-surfaces or carpet. The attachments and hose work well for sweeping up pet hair in the car or furniture. The suction seems good on this vacuum. The only downside is that it seems a lot noisier than my previous vacuum....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss
    Obviously this product was designed by a male. Lots of power but much too heavy to use. Not good if you have to move up and down stairs and the hose attachment not long enough to get under beds or sofas. I rate this NO STARS. I hope I get my money back...more info
  • This Vaccuum kicks butt
    Seriously, i did all the research and talked to people (including my MOTHER) and also at consumer reports. Although this is not the cheapest vaccuum, it really really works well. You can change the suction to either the hose OR the floor...Tons of tools and attachments. I vaccuumed my couch and inbetween the cushions...It wasn't hard at all. Long cord, long hose, comfortable to use handle, tilt and pushing is easy. LOVE IT....more info
  • Lives up to it's good reviews
    Bought this over a year ago and it lives up to its review in Consumer Reports as #1 choice vacuum cleaner. A simple machine, easy to clean and replace filters and belts. Great price....more info
  • Fine
    Can't recall how long ago since I bought this on Amazon, but it still works. I can now vacuum without having to wear a face mask for allergies. The hand held vacuum hose can be a bit on the short side.

    Keep spare bags on hand or you will get dust blowing around if it over fills....more info
  • Extremely Satisfied
    Our new Eureka is indeed a smart vacuum. It cleans our carpet excellently and picks up all the pet hair on our area rugs, too. Consumer Reports rates it a Best Buy and we know why. Reading the many positive reviews on helped us decide that we did want to purchase this model. And the way it performed the first time we used it exceeded our expectations.

    When our children saw how well it cleaned, they quickly noticed, "It fluffs the carpet!" Our old pile carpet never fluffed so well. They also noticed how quietly it ran. We were really surprised.

    The reviews often mentioned two negatives about the Eureka. One was the heaviness of the machine and the other was the hard to depress handle release. Yes, the handle release is difficult to push with our bare feet, but if we're wearing our shoes, it doesn't hurt.

    The other negative is the heaviness of the vacuum. The vacuum is hard to push around the house when the machine's not running, but when it's on, the self-propelling feature compensates for much of the weight. It doesn't matter that the vacuum's heavy--it picks up great!

    We're extremely happy with our new Eureka and we highly recommend it. ...more info
  • Very Disappointing
    I'm on my FOURTH belt and I've used it less than 15 times. Suction was almost non-existent on high carpet setting. This vacuum is almost completely covered in dust as it spits out dust occassionally. If this is a top rated vacuum I'd hate to see an average one....more info
  • Strong suction but heavy.
    This vacuum is very good with strong suction. My only is very heavy and especially hard to vacuum stairs....more info
  • Great value, great product
    A solid vacuum at a reasonable price. Like other review's it is heavier than other vacuums but nothing overbearing. ...more info
  • Disappointment
    Consumer Reports, you let me down on this "Best Buy" recommendation. I purchased it nearly one year ago and it is about useless now. Nearly all of the controls have broken - carpet adjustment, carpet/bare floor, tilt adjuster, etc. Had to replace belts and take the thing apart a few times to make it keep workin. Suction for floors (vs hose) is no longer functional. It is really HEAVY and cumbersome to use. Waste of money. ...more info
  • Works well, but a bit heavy.
    I recently purchased this vacuum and it works very well. The only thing I am disappointed in is the weight of it. I am disabled, and while this won't stop me from using it, the weight is an issue. Other than that I am thrilled, I just had my housecleaning done, and we used the Boss to clean draperies and furniture as well as the floors, I was quite pleased with it....more info
  • Better Bang for Less Bucks
    Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum Cleaning ability is at least as good as others I've owned or used. That includes other Eurekas, Hoovers, Orecks, etc... About as good as my shop-vac on hardwood, and tile floors in the "Bare Floor" mode. Very pleased with the relative quiet operation compared to some models in this price range. It's carpet cleaning with the brushes engaged is superb with a self-propelled feel in the forward axis. You do get more resistance pulling it backward, but that also reassures you it's really getting into the depths of the carpet. The extra long power cord wasn't even a consideration when I bought it, but it's now one of the features I will not do without in future vacuum purchases. The assortment of attachments is just iciing on the cake....more info
  • Big disappointment
    I was shocked that this vacuum did not perform well after all the reviews praising it. We have both hard wood and carpeting. When I vacuum the hard wood I can feel dust, etc coming out of the back. It does not seem to suction well. It does a better job on carpeting but I do not feel the beaters work hard enough. If I try to adjust the height it seems to stick. The hose does work wonderfully and is much easier to use then my prior vacuum. Also this vacuum is much quieter!! That is a big plus....more info
  • This vacuum cleaner is the BEST!!!!
    This vacuum cleaner is wonderful! It REALLY sucks (in a good way)~! It is heavy, so I get a workout at the same time, but it works very well and is the best vaccum cleaner I have ever had! You have to buy the bags for it (as opposed the bagless), but it is sooo much cleaner and less dusty that way!...more info
  • Fantastic vacuum!!!!
    We bought this vacuum for pet hair when our Hoover failed to do the trick. It is fantastic!!!!!!!!! The price is wonderful, and it was sent super quickly!! I love it!!!!!!!...more info
    For $139 through Amazon, this bag vacuum is hard to beat. It took me one phone call to the easily accessible service 800 number to explain how to get the switch to move from carpet to hard floor. Now that I know the secret, no problem. I have two long-haired cats, and this cleaner picks up EVERYTHING in its path. Also good on my tile floors. Like most vacuums, it is on the heavy side, but it is not difficult to push--it does move forward on its own although not self-propelled. (I previously owned one of those by Hoover and felt it was difficult to control.) It is getting difficult to find vacuums with bags in stores, since they all seem to push the "bagless", which did not appeal to me....more info
  • Eureka SmartVac
    The vacuum cleaner is large, bulky and has very strong suction - unraveled the binding on a rug! Doesn't fit under low furniture such as beds, sofas, etc. Very heavy and difficult for users with back problems to maneuver. Weight of item was not given in the advertisment. Attachments do not stay on storage brackets. Power button is not conveniently located and power cord does not retract automatically....more info
  • Not too user friendly........
    I bought this vacuum and the suction is really not too bad. The problem is that I have to really use a lot of pressure on the button to lower the handle when you first start it and I am by no means a weak person. Maybe I just got a bad apple but I'm sure there are better ones out there. ...more info
  • Cat hair flying
    Yes, loud enough to send all the cats hiding, and ear plugs wouldn't be a bad idea, but there are others a lot louder :-).

    My main "beef" - the filter where the "exhaust" air comes out - blows cat hair all over the place - floats in the air - now, that kinda defeats the purpose of my vacuuming when I'm trying to vacuum up all the cat hair, doesn't it ...

    I like the way they have the hose tubes placed,- the one brush "storage" is funky, and tool won't stay in it, the floor brush on/off switch is extremely hard to maneuver!!, returning the vacuum to the upright "locked" position is hard.

    However, it does seem to pick up the pile on my carpet, and clean up any dirt that isn't flying in the air :-D. ...more info
  • The Boss
    I've had the Eureka 487GZ vac for a couple of weeks now and overall am quite impressed with it. It works really well but I'm sorta disappointed in how loud it is during operation. I often wear ear plugs. Has anyone else noticed this???? ...more info
  • The best one I ever bought!!
    This is the best vacuum bought and trust me I bought some vacuums. It picks up great and has lots of power behind it. Love this product would highly recommend it!!...more info
  • great value
    I purchased this Eureka after reading reviews in magazines and on line. I was impressed from the beginning with its deep cleaning ability and ease of use. I found the attachments to be more user friendly than all I have used in the past. It is a great value for the money and stands up to or surpasses more expensive brands I have used....more info
  • vacuum
    The product was recommended vy concumer reports and is performing as advertised. I am extreemly happy with the product and the service I received in the purchase of the product...more info
  • Works great.
    My wife likes it. That's what's important. I did have trouble putting it together but maybe that's just me....more info
  • Well-priced but flawed
    Cleaning functions are quite good, but the vacuum is noisy and requires extraordinary effort to turn on with the foot pedal....more info
  • great vacuum
    We really like this vacuum. It works great on the floor and with the tools....more info
  • Grandma would say, 'oh no'
    I recently bought the Eureka 4870gz and I think it is a really good vacuum for the money. It made carpet rows and I haven't seen that happen on my carpet in quite a while. I have to say tho, I would not buy this item for my 90 year old grandmother. It's just plain too heavy. The machine itself is OK but when you turn it on the combination of the machine and the suction make it a very heavy appliance....more info
  • Finally, yes finally I have found it...
    my favorite vacuum. Favorite and vacuum, two words I never thought I say in the same sentence or for that matter beside each other. But the time has come to give credit where credit is do and write that the 4870GZ Boss has made another happy consumer. It's been about 6 months since I bought it and its still working like new. The short and sweet of this review is that it's a vacuum with sucking power that leaves my carpets clean. My favorite feature or gadget doodad is the dial switch that shuts off the brush and directs all suction to the hose for easy yet powerful sofa cleaning. If you are looking for an economical vacuum cleaner then search no more. The fire is out and so are the Pants. ...more info
  • Nice product.
    This vacuum sucks! I mean that in a good way. It has excellent suction. Does a great job on carpets! I would give it 5 stars, except that: 1. It's a bit on the heavy side; 2. the electrical cord isn't designed to retract; and 3. the switch on the vacuum that turns on and off the rotating brush for when you go from carpet to bare floor (and vice versa) doesn't seem to work. It keeps springing back to "ON" position, and doesn't click to stay "OFF." I considered returning it, but when I checked the floor models at local stores I noticed that they didn't work either. I thought I knew how to flip a switch, but perhaps I'm suffering some sort of skill deficiency here. There must be some trick to it that I haven't figured out yet. I will be checking courses at my local Community College for switch flipping, and keep you posted if I find any....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I didn't realize what a poor job my old vacuum was doing until I used my Eureka. My carpets look wonderful....more info
  • Great vacuum overall
    I had an old Eureka for many years and it was time to upgrade. The old one had been good in its day, but it was becoming a bit senile. I was in for a pleasant surprise with the Boss Smart-Vac, because I had forgotten what a good vacuum cleaner is really like. The suction is so good that I had to move the height to highest for my medium-pile carpet. Along with the great beater-brush I was amazed how fast the cleaning was, single passes was sufficient. The only thing I didn't care for (ergo the 4 star) was the hose extended from the lower part of the unit. Not a serious problem but tended to pull to the bottom too much when using the wand and attachments from a standing position. If the rating had allowed, I'd have given it a 4.5 !!!!...more info
  • a super vacuum!
    I reviewed several sites to decide which vacuum to buy. The boss was always one of the top ones. I am glad I decided on buying it. It has fantastic suction - so much better than other vacuums. It does a great job. The only fault I have with it, is the fact that it is a little heavy.Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum...more info
  • Vacuum Cleaner
    Great product for a reasonable price! The only thing that I would suggest is having a longer attachment hose- it is a bit short....more info
  • Super Vacuum
    If a superhereo was a vacuum, this might be this model. Amazing how much dust it collects - I can breath much more easily now ! Works as if it is on rails, so makes up for being a little heavy. Great value !...more info
  • Great Vacuum for the Money
    We bought this model based on the Consumer Reports article which rated it as the best vacuum under $300. It works perfectly. We both have long hair, as well as three cats, and it keeps our carpets and upholstery spotless....more info
  • Very happy, but heavy
    I am very happy with the performance of this vacuum & the power paw works great for my thow rugs (that would otherwise get sucked up), in addition to the stairs. I was worried about it not being self-propelled but I don't even notice. As other reviewers have said it is on the heavy side and even though I have stairs it's not a problem but could be for someone who doesn't do well with carrying things up & down stairs....more info
  • Great Vacuum cleaner.
    I really like my vacuum cleaner. It has good suction and has three nice attachments, the long plastic one is great for getting behind the couch. The only thing is the yellow plastic button keeps flipping up from carpet to bare floor, it won't stay down and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. (I never read the manual)Don't even know where it is....more info
  • GREAT vacuum! Affordable AND good suction!
    I am thoroughly impressed by the suction of this vacuum. I have had it for 4 months and I just changed the bag for the first time yesterday - it works GREAT and made our carpets look brand new again! We have had other vacuums but this is definitely the best one I have tried - and the price is great! The drawbacks are that it's heavy, the pedal to release the handle is hard to push on and hurts my bare feet, and it's hard to move the switch from bare floor to carpet. It's a little clunky, but it's a workhorse and it will get the dirt out of your carpet. It's also loud, but no louder than other vacuums I have owned. It is self-propelled when you vacuum, though, so the weight is not an issue once you're vacuuming carpet, it really moves!
    This vacuum uses Type RR Bags, Hepa Filter Style HF2 or washable HEPA filter, and Extended Life Brushroll Belt Style R. The vacuum comes with 2 bags, 1 filter and 2 belts. You can buy everything from the manufacturer, Electrolux Home Products, but online auction sites sell them WAY cheaper. I used to think it was cheaper and simpler to buy bagless vacuums, but bagged vacuums seem to work better, they're cleaner, and really, when you consider that on online auction sites you can buy bags for about $1 apiece and you change the bag 4-5 times a year max, it's definitely worth it....more info
  • Great Vasuum Great price
    We have one in my office and it is fantastic. I recently purchased one myself and I have to say it is a great vacuum. My son was recently diagnosed with dog allergies, we have dogs that are really like members of the family so this is part of the, hopeful, solution.

    The vacuum has very strong suction, great attachments and easy to use controls. The assembly was also much easier that other vacuum's I have used.

    My only "complaint" is that it is heavy and rather large. Of course I don't do a lot of picking the vacuum up so it isn't a big deal.

    This is by far the best vacuum I have ever had and at the price I don't think it can be beat....more info
    There are a bunch more vacuums out there that cost twice this one... this one is a keeper... a bit loud but worth it for the performance!...more info
  • A year of review
    Having had this for a year now, I can decidedly reiterate a few comments made here and hopefully offer some new ones. Indeed, as most will describe, the weight of this unit is a bit much. Surely Eureka could improve upon that to make it more portable to take to a second story. And the trouble with the weight is that it is in the shaft of the vacuum rather than the foot. If the weight were concentrated in the foot it would take away some of the heavy handling that otherwise results. What is great is the suction. This vacuum really does a good job of picking up dirt.

    On the downside it does use bags, meaning a need to constantly check to make sure it isn't full, having to buy bags - literally throwing money away. It also has an attachment meant to scrub stairs as a mini vacuum, but that accessory is really worthless.

    But overall it has been performing very nicely. And is a decent product with great results. 4 stars....more info
  • Eureka Smart Vac
    I am very pleased with the power of this vac. It cleans amazingly well. The only negatives are the weight of the machine and the handle release pedal. The handle release is extremely hard to activate....more info
  • this vacuum rocks my world
    This vacuum works really well. The suction is amazing, it comes w/ good accessories. Highly recommended....more info
  • Be careful with floor setting!
    This vacuum is all it's made out to be on carpeting. In that respect, It's a champ. It's also heavy, so be aware of this.

    One problem we encountered right away. The floor settings didn't keep the Boss from gouging the vinyl flooring in our entryway! ...more info
  • The Greatest Vacuum Ever!!!!!
    Before I had purchased this vacumm I had used it previously a clients home I clean. Her old vacumm went kaput after I had worked for her for a year. I purchased it for myself about a week ago. I have cleaned for a living for approxiamatly 7 years now. I can honestly say I have probablly used 100 different brands of vacumms over the years. I can say without a doubt this vacuum is amazing and is the most powerful I have ever used. I have never used a Dyson, but I would venture to say I bet this vacumm probablly has better suction. Hands down the best......more info
  • how to use the pedal release
    Great vacuum! The pedal release in most vacuums leans back (toward the user) in this vacuum the pedal release needs to be pulled out away from the unit - in other words when you step on it with your foot, pull it out to the left NOT BACK. Once you know how to use it - it works great....more info
  • Excellent vacuum!!
    This vacuum is GREAT! It cleans the floor amazingly well and switches easily from carpet to tile. The only downside is that it is a little hard to carry up the stairs because of where the carrying handle is located (a little too far down). Even with that though, it's still easy to use and maneuver and I haven't had any major issues using it on my stairs (I have a tri-level home). It's not self propelled but it seems like it is! Over all, a WONDERFUL vacuum! ...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ
    Very good at picking up dirt on carpet and tile. Only negatives are the foot release leaver to hard to release and the hose is very short....more info
  • Eureka Boss Upright vacuum
    The only complaint I have about this product is that it's very heavy. However, it does an excellent job on rugs, tile, & hardwood floors....more info
  • Not bad at all
    I'd grown so tired of our old vacuum (an overpriced Tri-Star that we've been lugging around since 1994) and it was such a relief to have the Eureka arrive in the mail.

    What I've noticed is this:
    1. It does a great job on carpet.
    2. It does a fine job on bare floors.
    3. The release latch to that allows you to move the handle is very stiff.
    4. I can no longer reach under furniture that I used to be able to reach...from now on I'll be moving furniture out of the way or living with the dust bunnies.

    The Consumer Reports review was accurate.

    For a hundred fifty bucks it works just fine and I'm content....more info
  • Much Too Heavy
    This vacuum cleans well but is _extremely_ awkward to use. It's much too heavy and it pulls along very strongly. I really can't use it. I just ordered another vacuum, a canister type. This Eureka Boss just sits in the closet unless my husband uses it. Also, other reviewers mentioned the step which you must use to lower the top half. It is so stiff that I had to really work at it, so much so that I thought it would break. I'm going to try to sell this one on our local Craigslist. I can't recommend this vacuum at all unless you are very strong. ...more info
    The step switch that allows you to move the upper part of the vacuum cleaner from the upright storage position to the vacuum position is extremely hard. It required over 155 pounds to unlatch our unit. It is a shame that Eureka continues to ship this vacuum with a KNOWN OPERATIONAL PROBLEM....more info
  • vacuum sweeper upright
    The item arrived in good time and it has worked well. It is a bit large for a small condo but it cleans well....more info
  • Overall very pleased.
    I really like the Eureka Boss vacuum. The unit is much quieter and has more suction than other uprights that I have owned in the past. Unit had been assembled incorrectly at the factory resulting in a broken drive belt the first time it was used. After installing a new belt (correctly this time) the Eureka Smart Vac is great!...more info
  • Smart vac great for pets
    The vacuum is pretty much all it said it would be. I have 2 cats and a chocolate lab and the shedding at times is incredible. The eureka picked up all the pet hair, dirt, dust associated with having the animals.I have seasonal allergies and the hepa filter on the vacuum seems to be doing its job. The one thing you must know is it is heavy. I feel like I am getting a good arm workout when I use it. That being said I am very happy with the purchase....more info
  • Major Problem with this vacuum cleaner
    The step switch that allows you to move the upper part of the vacuum cleaner from the upright storage position to the vacuum position is extremely hard.

    I mean Hard. It takes a shot from your foot with a soled shoe to move it. My wife has me do it

    Brought it to the Eureka Warranty Repair shop after using it twice and they told me that was the way it is.
    I called Eureka and they said, Yes it is hard, but should loosen up over time.

    Now trying to decide if we will return to Amazon...more info
  • hate it
    I was leery about buying an upright since I had had a canister for 17 years but since it was an Eureka I thought the upright should be just as good, boy was I wrong. Unless you have a shag carpet(who does?) this vacuum hardly picks up anything, it's terrible on bare floors. The extension hose for the brush is way too short, it doesn't fit under any furniture and doesn't get close enough to the edges. Horrible!...more info
  • Glad I did the research
    I am very happy with the Eureka Boss Smart-Vac. I read Consumer Reports and online reviews before choosing a vacuum. My previous vacuum was a bag-less and would spit out about as much dust as it would take in. It drove me nuts, so I decided to try and find a better one. This vacuum really does pick up as well as everyone claims, and there are no emisions. I love it. I have two dogs, and both carpet and hardwood floors. The vacuum does well on both surfaces, plus furniture, and picks up all of the dust bunnies and dog hair. I'm glad I did the research. The results were worth it.
    ...more info
    I have this vacuum and I do admit it does a GREAT job in cleaning carpets. The problem is that you have to be Hercules to push this thing around. My 6'2" son even complains how hard this is on his back. I had both knees replaced recently and I can't begin to push this. I love the power, but the weight is too much. ...more info
  • Good, but not great
    What I love: it has incredible suction, so, it really sucks the dirt out of your carpet and it really seems clean after. Also, it doesn't kick back dirt on you as you clean. I like the wand and tools on board.

    What I don't love: The wand gets easily clogged up and loses suction. The wand is not as powerful as I would like. It is also a heavy machine. I am a pretty strong woman, and I find it combersome....more info
  • Foot pedal release
    I have owned two Eureka 4870GZ vacuums. The foot pedal release broke on both, and the vacuums had to be returned....more info
  • vacuum happy
    i am so happy with my new vacuum. i did a lot of research on this product and the only bad things people had to say were that it is heavy and nosy. well my old vacuum was heavier and louder. so i highly recommend it. really no complaints here....more info
  • Love this vacuum
    I researched and researched before I bought this vacuum. It was top rated by consumer reports and only $150. I am very pleased. It has great suction. I love the fact that you can switch to only having the hose turned on to having the bottom turned on. It makes the hose suction great. The only difficulty is that the suction is so strong that sometimes it is hard to push/pull. Although this can be esily remedied by turning up the rolling brush with the quick flick of a switch. Also, the button to release the handle is a little tight, but I can tell that it will loosen up with use. Overall, I LOVE this vacuum. Well worth the money....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    It is a good vacuum for its price. Good on stairs.

    I have a child with sensory problems and is terrified of vacuums. This one does not scare her. It works well and is easy to use. The noise is not too bad.

    Changing the bag is easy. Changing the belt is easy. I have not had any problems with this at all. It is worth every penny!

    Highly recommended....more info
  • Eureka 4870gz boss smart vacuum
    This product received good ratings from consumer reports. It works very well. The attachments are very good. The only issue is that the button to switch from bare floor to rug seems to not really work. I just use whatever it is on and it still seems to work....more info
  • Excellent vacuum
    We got this because it was rated highly by Consumer Reports. It has lived up to its rating. We love it. ...more info
  • this vacuum is no joke
    Excellent features for the $$$. Easy to use, outstanding suction. Only drawback -- it is heavy to lift, for example, to carry up a staircase. But most uprights are heavy, so nothing new there. ...more info
  • This vacuum is in the shop for repair already!
    I too bought this vacuum after looking at Consumer Reports recommendations. I am getting very upset with Consumer Reports as this is not the only product they have been wrong on. This machine is not user friendly at all. It does have powerful suction but that is about it. I have only had it since April and have it in the shop now because the bag won't stay in place and the front plastic piece in front of it is hard to put in place. The release lever is very difficult to use. True it helps to push forward before stepping on the release but who knew to do that? I found out when the repair shop told me. Amazon would not help me since it was too far beyond the purchase date. I called Eureka and they said to bring it to one of their recommended repair shops. I would like to have the whole thing replaced but too late for that!...more info
  • Falling Apart
    Three month is all this thing lasted yes it does have very good suction and the brush does very good but it started sounding like it was over the hill after a week then the lever that opens the bag compartment broke while opening it and shortly after that the lower tool holder and part of the power cord and hose holder sheared off, but it still sucks. Yes it is very heavy and the light is worthless. It is not worth it pay a little more and get something that will last....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Really SUCKS great
    This vacuum has Great suction. I don't know why it is so much stronger than my previous vacuums with the same size motors. The only reason I didnt give it a 5 is minor irritations. The lever that clicks into upright position and the lever that switches to bare floor are very tight and need extra effor to switch into place. But I would definitly buy this vacuum again - great value for the price....more info
  • Not that great - eats belts
    I bought this after reading consumer reports review. We have 3 cats and it works OK, but not better than my old hoover windtunnel. The biggest problem is that it eats belts. I went through two belts in the first two months. The belts are very thin compared to any other vacuum I've seen and they just dont hold up....more info
  • The Boss
    As stated in other reviews I purchase this item as is was rated number one with consumer reports. In addiditon the price offered through Amazon was the lowest around. The Vacuum work great on thick carpets as well as on wooden floors....more info
  • Great for multiple pets!
    I have recently been researching for the best "pet friendly" vacuum. I was extremely tempted to by the Dyson Animal, but I didn't like what I was hearing from other consumers who bought it --very heavy and hard to use. I started reading on-line, and the Eureka Boss with the Power Paw (mini turbo head) kept coming up. So I gave it a while, at a third of the price what could I lose?
    I have to say, it is the best vacuum I have ever purchased. I have had absolutely no problems with it .. all the attachments are easy to use. The mini turbo head is great at cleaning all the dog hair off my furniture (I have two dogs who shed all year long). I love the fact that when you use the attachments, the vacuum part stops rotating. The suction is great. I really can't express how much I love this vacuum. I suppose if I had to find something wrong with it, the only thing I would wish, would be that it was lighter. But hey, my last vacuum was an Oreck, which weighed like 8lbs. That's a big difference. I can deal with the extra 12 lbs now that the dog hair is disappearing from my furniture!
    All in all.. I love it and highly recommend it!...more info
  • It's OK
    This vaccuum was rated very well by Consumer Reposrts, so I purchased it. It is very powerful, and has attachments, but here's the downside: The hose has an extention pipe for reaching high or narrow places. But, the attachment nozzles, like the crevice tool, don't fit on the end of the extension pipe! How stupid is that?! Neither does the "stair claw." Also, the vaccuum is HEAVY and hard to control. It is much better than the old "Hoover Soft and Light" I had before in terms of power, but it's not all it's cracked up to be. I guess if you want a vaccuum that will certainly pick up the dirt, it's for you. I am sadly not as impressed as I expected to be for $150.00...more info
  • Good vacuum
    The vacuum has great suction! The only problem is the handle release is difficult....more info
  • Great Vaccuum for the Price
    Deep cleans carpets readily. Handles pet hair easily. Gets what other vacuums leave behind. Somewhat noisy and hose storage needs to be improved, as the hose will disengage from its holder during use. Had to drill a hole in the hose holder and place a cable tie to hold the hose in place. Otherwise, lives up to it's recommendation by a leading consumer magazine. Great price and free shipping too....more info
  • Vacuum
    We are extremely happy with the suction of this product. Never realized how inferior our previous vacuum was. The self propelling motion is a nice plus and requires no effort. The only change I would make would be to the attachments. They can be a little clumsy to work with. Other than that, no complaints....more info
  • Exceeded Expectations
    This Vac is the best I have ever had; after many better known and less efficient this is a master and king of pickups and cleaning. My carpet looked like it had been shampooed after it had been vacuumed with this Smart Vac Boss. It was a little daunting with all the attachments and instructions but well worth the reading and looking thru diagrams and instructions. It is the boss in my house - it is a clean and mean machine that takes out the dirt like a mafia boss........more info
    I have to say, that what consumer reports said about this one being a great dog hair remedy is right on. This thing can SUCK! :)...more info
  • Good on Carpet, But That's About All
    In the past I've always used canisterr vacuums because they are more convenient. This is my first foray into uprights...only because I got it for Mother's Day. The Boss Smart-Vac Upright does do a nice job on carpets, and it's relatively quiet, but it has quite a few problems:

    1. The regular vacuum (not attachments) is too tall to fit under even my high clearance furniture. I have to move my furniture to vacuum underneath it.

    2. Stairs are almost impossible between the wide footprint and the weight. The Power Paw works well on furniture, but it's inconvenient to use on stairs (the intended purpose).

    3. The wide cleaning path is great for large open areas, but horrible for maneuvering around furniture.

    4. The regular vacuum (not attachments) doesn't work very well on bare floors. It picks up dust bunnies (when you can get to them) and usually grass, but dried mud gets crushed and then spread all over the floor. Small hard things, like little rocks, get kicked out the back toward your feet.

    5. Compared to canister vacuums, using the vacuum with the attachments is inconvenient, and the bristles on the attachment tools are very cheap and not very effective.

    6. You can't really use this vacuum for dusting. The bristles don't collect dust well at all from hard surfaces.

    When this vacuum wears out, I'll definitely be going back to canister vacuums, and when no one is looking I'll use my old Eureka canister vacuum with the taped up hose instead of my new upright....more info
  • Short lived
    I bought the vacuum from Amazon last year. It only lasted a year for me and now the brush runs all the time, even on hard floors. The hose attachment broke up and I replaced it once and now it needs replaced again. I am looking for another vacuum....more info
  • a good value
    I bought this vacuum cleaner because it was a Consumer Report best buy. I have used it for three months now. It cleans better than my Hoover, which was a CR best buy as well. However, it is harder to use since it is not self propelled. I found its switch was tight, especially the one for bare floor. I had to use full strength to turn it to the bare floor mode. Probably that was why many people complained this mode didn't work. ...more info
  • I cannot BELIEVE the value for money!
    I just got this vacuum today and I'm utterly bowled over by it's efficiency. It's a powerhouse. I had an old Eureka 12 amp before, and amps just don't tell the story - this thing is unbelievable.

    Drawbacks - it's heavy, I wish they'd put the on/off switch in a more convenient spot, and the hose falls off the guide fairly easily when the electrical cord hits it.

    The main thing is, my carpets look brand new (which they aren't) thanks to this vacuum. I didn't know they could still look like that. A big thumbs up. Works well on carpet and floor both and, while far from silent, it's pretty good noise-wise.

    Incidentally, the vacuum shipped for free (super saver) and arrived the next day. Boy howdy - how's that for service? ...more info
  • Good Value for the Price
    I bought the 4870GZ because it was highly rated by Consumer Reports and compared well in testing with much higher priced vacuums. So far, it has performed extremely well on both carpet and hard floors.

    Out of the box, all that needed to be done was to attach the handle with three screws. This was pretty much straightforward and only required a Philips head screw driver. Alignment of the head was a little tricky but not impossible. Tools and the hose were then stowed appropriately.

    I purchased this vacuum as a replacement for a Eureka Optima, so most comparisons will be made with this model.

    At first blush, the vacuum appears and feels solid. The controls (foot pedal, adjustments) are stiff but operable. The vacuum did an excellent job on carpet cleaning up just about anything in its wake. The ultimate test here was provided by our Angora rabbit. Now in shedding mode, his downy, long hair is often a challenge for any vacuum. The 4870GZ showed that rabbit who was boss, and easily whisked it away.

    Moving from the brush roll to the hose was easily done by turning the yellow dial on the side of the vacuum. When the vacuum is upright, in locked position, the brush roll turns off. This means that the vacuum will not cause friction damage to the carpet while you are using the hose. On cheaper models have had to place the vacuum on its side or use the hose with one hand and tilt the vacuum with the other if I needed to use the hose.

    The shortcoming here, is that the hose is too short. The on board wand detaches into two pieces to extend the reach, but it is still a little short for cleaning high up. The hose is no longer than the hose on the smaller and cheaper Optima.

    Of note, the brush roll is only deactivated when the vacuum is locked in the upright position. Simply diverting the air to the hose with the dial alone will not turn off the brush roll. Suction was excellent. Although there is not a variable control for power, you can adjust suction in the hose by turning the dial and diverting some of the suction to the brush roll. (Conversely, the same thing can be done to control suction when you are using the vacuum as an upright. This is helpful if you are vacuuming a small area rug. Sometimes the suction is too great and you end up sucking up the corner of the rug with your dirt.)

    The `powerpaw' is an extra accessory that is used to clean upholstery. It works well but there is no place to stow it on the unit itself.

    Courtesy of my children, and my carelessness, I clogged the vacuum twice with toys. Given the clear tubing, it was easy to identify where the blockage occurred. The tubes are easily disassembled without tools and I was back in business within minutes.

    When I last purchased a vacuum, I wanted a bagless model, thinking that I could save time and money in a bagless world. However, my Optima's DC-10 filter would clog with pet hair every two to four weeks. Yes, it can be cleaned but this was not easy or clean task. Moreover, the filters were not easy to find in the brick and mortar stores near me and cost $21.00 for a single filter (a knockoff, not Eureka brand). The lowest price per filter was $9.99+ shipping per filter on the web. Cleaning the filter was the only way to do things economically. Bags are a pain because you have to keep a supply always on hand but they are far cheaper than filters and are less messy to dispose of than bagless canisters.

    It is interesting to note that HEPA filters are almost ubiquitous on vacuums. But when you empty the bagless variety, you always end up with a puff of smoke and a lot of those allergens are put right back into the air. Bag size could be better. It is about half the size you'd expect when you look at the unit. Nevertheless, the vacuum does not appear to appreciably lose suction as the bag fills. Changing the bags is very simple and doesn't kick up dust. I'm never going back to bagless...

    This vacuum is not what you would call quiet. However, it gives off only moderate noise pollution when compared to other models. Despite its larger size, greater power of the motor and better suction, it is far quieter than the little Optima was with a fresh filter. (As its filter clogged, the Optima was deafening and would sound like a jet taking off of the tarmac).

    For working on hard floors, the brush roll may be deactivated using a switch. This didn't work when the vacuum first arrived. Frustrated, I opened the plate on the bottom of the brush roll which is usually removed to change the belt. Pushing up on the mechanism from below, I was able to activate it. After doing this a couple of times, the mechanism loosened enough for me to do this with the vacuum closed. On my vacuum, the switch can only be tripped in the upright/locked position and this still takes considerable force, but it works.

    Once the switch is flipped, the brush roll is deactivated and you can lean the handle back and vacuum as needed. With the brush roll off, the unit worked easily and well on hardwood, tile and linoleum floors.

    The major challenge here, was the basement. The vacuum easily sucked up basement dust and stray pieces of the rabbit's timothy hay--even long pieces as an upright. Not an easy feat. It was successful as well using the hose. There was no dust cloud in front of the vacuum or even dust that appeared to blow away from the unit. Unlike some of the negative reviews, I didn't experience overly loud noise when using the unit on hard floors.

    Ergonomically, the machine is only so-so. The handle height is fixed. Not being all that tall at 5'4", the handle still felt as though it was too low. An adjustable height would be welcome.

    As above, Eureka could have been more generous in the amount of hose tubing used. The tubing was about the same length as on the smaller Optima and really too short to get most high places.

    As with all Eureka's I have owned, the tool storage is a bit lacking. All the `major' tools easily fit into compartments on the vacuum where they are easily accessible. They also easily fall out of these compartments which is frustrating. Moreover, the tubing never seems to stay in place on the unit either, occasionally flopping off as you are using the vacuum as an upright.

    The tools are also of poorer quality than the overall vacuum, but are certainly serviceable. One notable problem is that the crevice tool is really too short. It is 1/3 shorter than the crevice tool for the Optima and really impairs getting into small places (like cleaning the coils of an old radiator). I'm not sure why Eureka skimped on this one.

    Unless you are a body builder, take care when you use this unit to vacuum your stairs. The thing weighs a ton. It's not bad to push back and forth, but it is not light weight or easy to carry. If you have back problems or are very slight it might make sense to buy a lighter model.

    The head of the upright vacuum is very thick and the handle does not bend low to the ground. This makes cleaning under beds or some furniture difficult. Cleaning in corners is also somewhat limited because of this and requires use of the hose.

    As stated in other reviews and above, the controls are clunky and require a lot of force. I don't think it takes huge amounts of force, but stepping down on the pedal to lean the handle back is an acquired skill: it does take moderate pressure and you have to find the sweet spot.

    I think some of the brush roll and control failure problems in negative reviews could be related to clunky hardware. After viewing the brush roll mechanism, it seems clear that some of the non-working brush roll problems stated in negative reviews may be due to the brush roll release being stuck in the off position. Some failures in the brush roll release that were reported may be due to its inherent clunkiness which requires heavy pressure to work and the fact that (at least on my model) it can only be activated in the upright/locked position (this is not specified in the directions, but appears to be true). Whether you like this vacuum or not, the negative reviewers point out quite correctly that this is a design flaw and I'm surprised that Eureka has not addressed this as the 4870GZ is not the first iteration of this model.

    Moreover, the device comes with an extra belt--this tells me that the belt life is probably short and replacement in the short term is going to be inevitable.

    I cannot comment on the longevity of the vacuum, because I haven't owned it for more than a week. I must say, that some negative reviews on Amazon have pointed out the lack of reliability of this product, so I do have concerns. Given its overall construction, it is probably the case that this is not the 'lifetime' vacuum that you get when you buy, say, a Rainbow or Kirby. Those vacuums are constructed like tanks and can probably be repaired when they are 20 or 30 years old. I am okay with the vacuum lasting, say, 4 or 5 years, but if it breaks within 3 to 12 months I will be sorely disappointed. Perhaps I will do a follow up after some time passes.

    The jury is still out regarding the HEPA filtration system. This needs to be changed about once to twice per year and filters can be costly. One can buy a reusable/washable filter that can be used and cleaned a number of times.

    On the whole, it performs quite well especially given the price. Although it has its flaws, it is far cheaper than other vacuums in its class and I think that translates well in terms of overall value. It is a significant improvement over the Optima in terms of raw cleaning power, versatility, and noise pollution. I WOULD, however, take the negative reviews quite seriously as they point to some negative aspects of owning this vacuum that cannot be overlooked. All this is not helped given that the users manual, although multilingual, is quite sparse and not all that helpful.

    Nevertheless, it is an excellent carpet and floor cleaner and in my experience so far is a great value for the money.

    Excellent suction
    Bagged system
    Works well on hard floors or carpet
    Brush roll deactivates when unit is upright
    Cleans up pet hair well
    Moderate noise
    Clear tubing which is easily removed to clear blockages
    Long cord

    No variable controls for power (you can compensate with the hose/floor dial, however)
    Item is HEAVY
    Short hose length
    Tools/hose don't store reliably in unit
    Handle not adjustable
    Crevice tool is too short
    VERY Clunky/Stiff controls
    Small bag size
    Vacuum head is thick and may be hard to get into corners/under furniture
    Handle does not bend back far to the floor making it hard to get under furniture
    Poorly documented manual
    ...more info
  • Fantastic
    I was going to invest in a $400 Dyson until I read the Consumer Report reviews and that this vacuum was ranked higher. It is powerful and not loud. And once you use it, you can see a difference. It is a great investment!...more info
  • LOVE IT!
    Consumer Reports gave this vacuum a BEST BUY rating and I agree! Although it is heavy, it is easy to operate, has excellent suction, and is quieter than any vacuum I've ever heard. It arrived with free shipping in record time. One other point, make sure you push up the lever until it "clicks" to turn off the brush for bare floors....more info
  • Great vacuum, especially for the price
    So far I have been very pleased with this vacuum. After reading several reviews and consumer magazines I decided to try this one. I could have bought two of these with the amount of money I've spent on the one I replaced.

    The only negatives I've found so far are that it's a little heavy to carry up and down the stairs and the gray part you step on to tilt the handle back is very hard to boys can't do it and I can't do it barefoot. But it sure picks up everything the boys and a large dog can leave behind.

    Overall, a great vacuum and I hope to have it for a long time. But at the price, it wont kill me to have to replace it in a few years either....more info
  • A great vaccuum
    I love this vaccuum cleaner. We had a weaker Eureka vaccuum cleaner before - this one does wonders. My husband has allergies and thanks to this vaccuum cleaner they've really subsided. Ofcourse the best things for dust and airborne allergies is getting an air-cleaner for the house....more info
  • Good vacuum for the price
    Does the job it is suppose to do. Vacuum is heavy and the attachments do not stay in place on the vacuum and the release sticks. However, it does suck up alot of dirt and pet hair and is fairly powerful. ...more info
  • Best vacuum cleaner ever made
    I am 55 years old and in my lifetime I have owned just about every brand of vacuum that they make, from the cheap ones to the expensive ones. So I can tell you that this is one excellent vacuum cleaner, the best I've ever used. We live in a very dusty area and have numerous pets. This vacuum gets up all the dust and pet hair. It tries to suck the carpet off the floor....more info
  • Eureka vacuum
    Good price and design - easy assembly - pushing down on the large button that enables the vertical part to tilt is difficult...more info
  • The best vacuum I have ever owned!
    I live on a farm, so keeping my floors clean can be difficult. This vacuum does a fantastic job with dirt, animal hair and anything else it needs to clean. It is easy to use all the attachments and the bag removal is great! No dust blowing up in your face like my old canister vac. I highly recommend this vacuum for anyone that likes a clean house....more info
    Excellent machine, it does a 5 star job and definately the best vacuum I have ever owned. I have two large dogs and it gets the hair up with no problem. I wish they put out a steam cleaner that was comparable....more info
  • vaccum cleaner
    The vacuum cleaner arrived in only a few days and am very pleased with it's peformance....more info
  • This Vacuum Sucks!!
    This is a powerful vacuum. If you have any area rugs it will literally lift them off the floor. So it does the job it is suppose to do very well. It is a little heavy and pressing the release lever to start vacuuming is kind of difficult (it sticks sometimes). But for the price this is great, a much better value than the Dyson (my mother-in-law has one and frankly I think they are overrated)....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum
    I'm glad I read the reviews on the Vacuum before I purchased it because of a few minor problems that have occured. It seems that these problems have been on going for other buyers as well but it doesn't take away from the great sucking power that is hard to beat and the wide base really makes it easier to vacuum so I bought it anyway. It's still a great lil' vac. at a very good price. I'm glad I now own it and hopefully it will last a good while. Tku ~~Trish~~ ...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum
    Great product. Works on my thick carpet and tile floors equally well. The paw does an outstanding job of picking up dog hair. Recommend it highly....more info
  • Best I've ever used!
    This vac was top rated by Consumer Reports and has definitly earned it's spot. It does everything a vac should do and does it very well! The 30ft. cord is a real plus and easy availability of replacement bags is just icing on the cake!!...more info
  • Sweeper
    Sweeper is just okay. When we received it, there was something worng with the belt and we had to replace it for it to work properly.

    I bought the sweeper because of the other reviews, everyone thought it had super suction. I am not that impressed.

    I guess "you get what you pay for". Since this sweeper was inexpensive, I am sure it will be okay. The next time, I think I would pay more money and get a little better sweeper....more info
  • Don't Waste Your Money
    I bought this vacuum in January 2007 because it had good reviews. Everytime I use it now it smells as though it's burning up! The smell is terrible and lasts hours in the room! I have wasted several bags thinking that may be the problem and have all but taken it apart to see if something is caught. It's only 4 months old! I have 2 large area rugs and 2 smaller rugs, the rest of the apartment has hard wood floors so it does little work!

    This vacuum also weighs a TON! I smash my shins everytime I vacuum struggling to carry it. It is very noisy and it's very hard to push down the foot peddle when you begin to vacuum.

    The cleaning ability was great in the beginning even though it is a total upper body workout to push it even on low pile rugs!

    I am now in the process of looking for a replacement as I have been told by the company that it sounds like the motor which has a 30 day warranty! SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!!...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum
    Great vacuum, cleanest my floors have been. Must monitor the fan belt for slipping after changing modes from carpet to bare floors and back....more info
  • Great vac
    This vacuum was easy to assemble and works great. It's the best vacuum I've ever used, has awesome suction. There are a couple of small annoyances (have to hold the cord while using, lever to toggle vacuum from upright position is hard to switch sometimes)....but for the price you can't beat it. ...more info
  • Eureka!
    So far my husband and I have been very pleased. It does a wonderful job on our carpets. The vacuum definitely feels solid and well built....more info
  • Eureka Boss Smart-Vac
    Excellent vacuum with great suction AND despite what the other manufacturers say, it is much better to have a bag than to have to empty out the bagless (disgusting) filter. I looked this up on Consumer Reports after having purchased others in the past that just did not work. It's terrific and the customer support at Eureka is terrific too. I got it from Amazon in one day (next day). ...more info
  • A good vacuum overall
    I've been using the vacuum for a month now and in spite of the heavy weight I found the vacuum to be really efficient with cat hair, no need to go back on the same spot to remove hair from the rug or carpet. I don't see why I should spent 5 times the price for a dyson and get the same result after all.
    After a month, I can say I'm satisfied with my purshase....more info
  • Neat Freaks Rejoice!
    I use to have a Dirtdevil that was loud, heavy, made a mess with the canister, etc... I saw this vac in Consumer Reports magazine and thought I'd give it a try (#1 Rated). Anything had to be better than what I had. Well this one sure is. It is very quite and has great power. Being able to switch the airflow from floor to hose is great; you can tell it gives the hose a stronger suction. It is very strong. Also, going from carpet to barefloor is easy! If you have pets this vac is for you!! GREAT PRICE and Best Performance I've seen (I'm a neat freak). Did I mention it is light weight...more info
  • Very good vacuum.
    Very good for the price.
    I can't ask for a better vacuum....more info
  • Great
    This is a great vacuum. It vacuums really well. The bag is easy to change.It seems to propel itself across the carpet.I bought it to use in my housecleaning business after reading many reviews and this is the vacuum that is used by many businesses. Only downside is where to put the upholstery brush onboard.The price is right for so much value....more info
  • Eureka Boss Smart-Vac
    The Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum is a fantastic product for its performance and price value. You can feel the power of suction just from the handle immediately after you turn it on. We have central vac in our home but the Eureka Boss Smart-Vac wins hands down. We would recommend this product to anyone looking for a overall great vacuum. The recommendation originated from Consumer Reports and its the best vacuum cleaner out there. Great for pet hair also. ...more info
  • I will resist the temptation to use the most obvious of titles for this product
    I bought the Eureka 4870 Boss Smart-Vac in 2004 and perhaps refinements have since been made to this model which now has the designation of 4870GZ. If you are planning to buy this vacuum, consider these criticisms that may or may not have been addressed by Eureka in the current product. This review is an excerpt from a complaint that I sent to Eureka's consumer affairs office.

    The 4870 Boss Smart-Vac is one of the worst consumer products that I have owned (and that's saying something, considering that I once owned a Corvair). It is inconceivable to me that we put a man on the moon nearly 40 years ago and such poorly designed consumer products as this are manufactured. Its shortcomings include:

    1) Substantial resistance to being pushed and pulled which requires an unreasonable amount of strength. As a polio survivor, this is a significant issue, although I believe even the able-bodied would find this vacuum a challenge to use;
    2) A handle release that requires a substantial "stomp" rather than the mere "step" that the instructions suggest;
    3) Low placement of the power cord which requires bending over whenever rewinding -- an exercise that is particularly frustrating because the cord unravels at every opportunity because of a poorly designed cord hook;
    4) Poorly designed hose retainers that do not work -- the hose flops off at the slightest bump;
    5) Poor pickup on hard services which seems to be the result of excessive turbulence (pickup on carpet is excellent). And, yes, I am aware that "Consumer Reports" rated this vacuum a "Best Buy," which doesn't reflect well on that magazine.

    I had several opportunities to sell this vacuum to young friends who were going to college, but could not bring myself to foist this piece of work on them.

    ...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Vacuum
    This is a great vacuum. Setup is easy and quick. From the second I turned on the vacuum, I knew I had a keeper. This vacuum really has some sucking power. Our old vacuum always had dust come out of the vacuum when we used it and Eureka claims that this one has very little to none at all. They are right on the money with that statement. We've had the vacuum two months now and we love it. The Hepa Filter works great! Vacuum is a little heavy (26lbs), but the vacuum actually handles like a lighter model. Anybody ordering this vacuum will not be dissapointed!...more info
  • Just as advertised
    Research before my purchase showed that this was a Best Buy in Consumer Reports. Vacuum has worked as well as reported. I have no complaints. Has a great deal of suction, so much so it acts like a self-propeled. And having the on-board tools and hose make cleaning easy. Definitely a must buy if you're in the market for a vacuum. And the price on Amazon beats all the stores in town....more info
  • Eureka Company not very helpful
    I purchased this vacuum and it had the wrong hose attachment on it. Now hardly 5 weeks later the belt has broken and the brush won't stop rotating with a new belt. I have had to take it in for repairs which is a 95 mile round trip and will have to return to pick it up. The company was not willing to admit that the machine was defective from the time I bought it. I won't buy another Eureka....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum
    Works fine
    Carpet roller turns off with a lever. A nice feature. Plenty of suction. I am very pleased with this product. ...more info
  • Vacuum Cleaner
    This product does an adequate job, but is very heavy and difficult to take up and down stairs. I wish that I had done more research....more info
  • great vac
    I just purchased this vac after reading the great reviews on Amazon. I was not disappointed. I love it!! It cleans so much better than the Oreck I was using. The cat and dog hair are no problem for this vaccuum. The only down side is the foot lever that you use to lower the vac to begin using. It is really hard to get the lever to release. But the other good features really outweigh that. I love it too that the tools are on board the vac. It makes me much more likely to use them. Oh, the cord could be a little longer too. But it's a great machine.
    Denise...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    This vacuum is quite an value for the price. It vacuums very well and has the accesory features for me to be able to clen my carpets, hardwoods and furntiure. And it is not as noisy as I thought it would be. I am so far glad with my purchase....more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    I love this vacuum cleaner. Pet hair is a breeze to clean up. Great on bare floors also. The attachment for steps works very well!! ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This vacuum is the best I have tried. It is heavy and a bit cumbersome at times but comparing the suction power to other vacuums there is no comparison. The bare floor feature is great too. Only problem is the brush attachment won't stay put when not in use, but that would not be enough to cause me to use another. ...more info
  • So disapointed :(
    This was rated as best buy in Comsumers Report. It's so top heavy I dread having to use it. Also, the beater bar won't stay disconnected when the lever is switched to do so. :(...more info
  • Eurkea on my Eureka!
    The vacuum was more than I hoped for. For the price this vacuum can do it all. The ease of use, attachments,and plus the power make it a must buy....more info
  • Great affordable vacuum
    The only problem with this powerful vacuum is that it has a bag that has to be changed. All other aspects are 5-STARS...more info
  • Simply the Best
    This vacuum has the power I need and with the heppa filter it is great! It is made for both carpet and tile floors. No bag too!!
    This is a wonderful investment....more info
  • I can't tell you how much I HATED this vacuum
    This thing is like maneuvering a small SUV around in the living room - it doesn't clean corners or spaces that are normal in any home. It is heavy and hard to handle and the first time I used it, pieces began to fall off of it. The hose does not stay in the hose keeper and keeps getting in the way. I simply can't say how much I hated this vacuum cleaner. I hated it so much I was willing to pay $65 shipping just to return it and break even on the cost. Unless you have a room without corners or furniture or any kind, or carpets (it nearly ate one of my throw rugs), do not even consider this machine. The ONLY good point about it is that it has tremendous suction....more info
  • love it
    bagless vacs are overrated - this old school vac actually does what its supposed to do and costs hundreds less than others of comparable quality....more info
  • awesome
    We enjoy using the vacuum a lot. The only thing we did not like about is that the wheels squeek when we use it. Other than that it has been nice for us to have....more info
  • Lousy warranty service
    I got a lemon; OK that happens, and I got unlucky. But when I called Eureka they provided terrible warranty service. They wanted me to drive an hour each way to take the machine to an authorized repair shop (and then I'd have to return to pick it up). This was for a brand new, just out of the box purchase. They wouldn't do any sort of an exchange by mail.

    I don't care how many stars Consumer Reports gives this machine, if the company makes it difficult to obtain warranty service, it's not a good purchase. I'd strongly recommend against buying this. If you do buy it, buy from Amazon, they took my machine back when Eureka wouldn't. (But Amazon has only a limited return period, so make sure your defects aren't delayed defects.)

    In addition, quality control seems to be poor, my vacuum had six separate problems, and several of them are noted by other buyers on the discussion page.

    If Eureka had made it easy to replace my defective vacuum, I would have given this machine five stars, instead they just get one. ...more info
  • Great
    I would have given a 5 if it wasn't so heavy to push around. It sure gives you an arm exercise. For the price and the suction power, it's great! Nice sturdy design....more info
  • very durable
    The Eureka Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum is a great, durable machine. The downsize is it's very heavy and inorder to use the hose you have to turn a knob. I highly recommend this vacuum. (Great price!)...more info
  • Great First Impression, Great for Allergies
    I've only had the chance to use it a couple of times, but I have been very impressed by my new Eureka 4870. I have owned a cheaper version of the BOSS vacuum and a rainbow, and I do believe that this machine has the greatest suction power of any of them. The roller brush and suction power made my carpet look very fresh and fluffy, and the Power Paw attachment was great on the stairs, much easier to use than my Rainbow. I really enjoy this vacuum. It is the first vacuum in years that my wife has been able to use with her dust allergies. The sealed HEPA system really does the trick. Five stars....more info
  • Wonderful!!
    We are pleased with our purchase of this Eureka Upright. The HEPA filter is wonderful, helping to elimnate dust from the house, as our allergies are VERY bad.

    We recently completed spring cleaning and the vacuum held up great. We used it to suck up dust mite powder (very fine) and it did a great job. The bags are easy to replace.

    It is a little heavy for taking up and down the stairs ( but we did splurge on a Eureka handheld)....more info
  • Eureka Boss Smart-Vac
    We are quite pleased with this vacuum. It is easy to push, has good suction and lightweight. The one problem we have found is that the handle release is difficult to operate....more info
  • Best basic HEPA vacuum for the price
    This vacuum does an excellent job with cleaning carpets of any height. It has powerful agitation and suction. It's HEPA filter does an outstanding job and is very easy to change. I wish the unit had a full bag indicator and that the vacuum extender hose was a bit longer but I would not expect to find those features at this price. The only negative thing that I have to report is that the lever that you have to press in order to lower the main handle is extremely hard to press down. You will need to be wearing shoes or slippers when using this unit. This will be an issue for you if you plan to vacuum in bare feet. ...more info
  • It's all true!!!!
    I love my golden retriever to pieces, but getting his fly-away fur out of the carpet had seemed an impossible task. Consumer Report rated this vacuum as the best for getting up pet fur and I have found (thankfully) that it's all true !!Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum...more info
  • Eureka Vacuum: Heavy and bulky but thorough
    I am pretty please with the vacuum. The Amazon price was excellent especially with free shipping. The only problem I see is that the vacuum is not easy to move around and takes some strength to manipulate. However, it does a wonderful job, so much better than the much older vacuum we had been using. Carpeting come out paricularly well. Just wish it wasn't quite as heavy and that it was easier to manipulate....more info
  • so-so
    Ranked very highly by consumer magazine, and it does pick-up well and the HEPA seems to work very well. The negatives: it's heavy, has a short hose, the power paw is not that good, and the Eureka rep mislead me about features (dirt alert and bag change indicators) so I didn't get all that I was looking for....more info
  • Eureka! The Boss is the Best
    This upright vacuum is all that one could expect and then some. It picks up the finest of particles effortlessly and is easy to handle. Whether you are using the wand and attachments or just the regular vacuum, this product is up to any challenge....more info
  • Best vaccuum for ANY amount of money!
    We were in dire need of a new vaccuum, but didn't have much money to spend. After seeing the reviews here and in Consumer Reports, we went for it. We are so glad we did!

    Yes, it is a bit heavy, and the switches are little stiff at first. Being heavy is NOT an issue since it pushes itself most of the time. And the switches loosened up after just a few uses.

    It has amazing, amazing suction power. The Power Paw attachment is unbelievable! It even gets our dog hair out of the textured fabric on our sofa! Turning the rotating brushes off is an outstanding feature, too. We can vacuum the tile without spreading it around. And after using it a few times, I can move the switch with my big toe!

    What I really, really like is the "safety" features. One, it won't turn on if the bag is too full. Since I tend not to notice things like that, it's a really helpful feature. (And, the bag is very easy to change if you read the directions first!) And two, the tubes are clear. When they got full with all the dog hair, it took less than two minutes to unhook everything, dump the dog hair in the trash, and rinse the tube.

    I know a lot of people said it stopped working after three months, but we have used ours twice a week for five months now, and it's still like new.

    It's a great, great buy!...more info
  • excellent
    This was recommended by the Consumer Reports website as a best buy. My old Kenmore had a broken switch and this one was the same price that I had paid for the Kenmore. We have two cats and it does the job!...more info
  • great but a bit heavier than am used to
    it takes a bit of muscle to take up and down stairs, but otherwise it's everything we could want...more info
  • good vacuum
    Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum
    seems to be good vacuum and everything works as it should. does good
    job on carpet and hard wood floors. etc. got high rating from consumer
    report is one reason I purchased. good vacuum for the money....more info
  • Excellent purchase
    After trying two NEW Hoover upright vacuum cleaners in ONE year and dealing with the Hoover 3rd. party repair centers to no avail, I decided to go back to my old reliable Eureka company.
    My Eureka upright is downright the greatest!! Cleans everything from the ceiling to the floor and anything else that gets in the way. I would highly recommend this vacuum. ...more info
  • It's time to retire my other vacuums!
    We are so happy with its performance! We have 3 dogs and 4 cats. So you can imagine the vacuuming that we need to do. You ever notice the "pet hair" odor with the *older vacuums* while you're vacuuming? Those pet hairs from last week or a few days ago that's still sitting in the bag because it's not full enough to change to a new one yet? The HEPA filter really helps with the "clean air" smell while vacuuming!

    Assembling the vacuum's handle was okay as long as you read the instructions, the three screws was okay, placing the tools in its compartment was a snap, but it's true what everyone's saying about the foot is a little tricky. As far as the hose is concern, we do wish it could be a tad longer...or available to order. The air blowing out in the front of the vacuum is better than from the side (just my preference), I just couldn't stand the "tumbleweed hair" being blown away on the side and having to make a quick turn with the vacuum to *chase* them. All you dog owners know what I'm talking about! ha,ha..

    I'm still trying to figure out the function of the light on the side...

    For its price, the vacuum is great...great suction! Now, I'm just waiting for the little yellow hand-held vacuum (by Eureka also) to be shipped.

    ...more info
  • great Product
    Really happy with this vacuum. Have great suction and cleaning ability. Highly recommended....more info
  • after 2 uses, not picking anything up
    i was excited to buy this vacuum because of the reviews. it appeared to be easy to use. it was a pain to put together. the plastic it's made of feels like it'll break really easily.
    the grey switch for changing between floor and rug is really funky, sticky, and i don't think it works.
    it's clunky to move around. i haven't yet tried to get service for it or send it back, so that may be another chapter of the review....more info
  • Wonderful
    It does a fantastic job on picking up evrything-especially dog hair. It's not that hard to push. It can be hard to turn on. So glad that we got it. ...more info
  • Great
    All I can say is--get this vacuum. It is the best bang for your buck. I love it!...more info
  • great suction power
    has great suction power, the foot lever to get the vacuum to release to a moving position is a little tuff....more info
  • Tremendous Suction
    About 8 months ago I bought a hoover windtunnel for approx. $300.00. After a few months The power switch did not work and 8 months later the vacuum did not work at all. I was going to buy a dyson until after I read Consumer Report and then read alot of reviews from actual owners of this vacuum. I really love this vacuum. It has tremendous Suction power for pet hair and that was a must for me. It seems to be lighter and much quieter than my previous vacuums. I would have given it 5 stars except that there are two things I have a problem with. I wish the hose were longer and I have yet to figure out where the claw attachment fits on the vacuum when not in use. I would definitely recommend this vacuum. I learned a valuable lesson which is more expensive does not allways mean better quality....more info
  • OK - But
    Just got the vacuum so it is difficult for me to yet give solid stars in either direction. but -- Vacuuming for the first time the lower grey foot release popped off, and it does not easily insert back into place. Calling the Eureka support number, they asked me to bring it a local shop for repairs (8 miles away). Once at the shop they said they do not offer warranty support - so now its off to another shop. Calling Eureka support again and they did not seem too sympathetic to my plight....more info
  • remember those old product assembly manuals?
    Great vacuum, great price. Actually I had not realized that this product fit the old saying 'some assembly required'. The manual (if you can call it that) had very small, hard to interpret drawings on how to put the pieces together. Actually the pieces went together nicely after all was said and done.

    Make sure to have a phillips screwdriver on hand, and be ready to not understand the manual. For example, 'Step 4' of the 'how to use' section says: "Step 4: Cam Latch. To release clear tubes." (What the heck kind of step is this? Is Cam some sort of verb I didn't know?)

    Eureka - if you are reading this - buy something (anything) from IKEA to see how manuals are written these days. ...more info
  • Not quite a Dyson....
    Consumer Reports rated this vacuum as better than a Dyson. Coming from a devoted household of Dyson users, I cannot say I would purchase this vacuum again. But, freshly out of college, I can't afford a $400 vacuum. The Boss is loud, vibrates, and sounds like it is gearing up for takeoff every time I use it on carpet. I also don't like vacuum bags. I like to see that my vacuum is working, and know immediately when to dump the dirt. Overall, yes it works well, and probably the best in the under $250 bracket, but if you can, go with the Dyson. The way this vacuum sounds makes me feel like I won't have it for long before it breaks; while the Dysons I've used have been around for years without incident. The attachments are also used more easily on the Dyson, as the hose is right there in the handle, with no settings to change should you need the hose. Anyways, I'll stick with this Boss until it breaks, then I'll be off to Dysonland. ...more info
  • Vacuum Love
    I'm not the vacuuming type. At least, I wasn't until this baby came into our lives. It's a powerful beast that not only sucks up every speck of dirt and dust in our house, it makes the air feel cleaner too. I guess that's the HEPA filter in it. I'm a fan of HEPAs, we live in a high-traffic area and it gets dusty pretty quickly. This vacuum gets everything. It has 4 attachments and can be used on any length carpet as well as hardwood floors. We have hardwood floors and it works great. I do use the carpet attachments and setting for our carpeted doggie steps, and it makes them look like new. It's never been cleaner in here. I use it to vacuum the windows, ceiling fans and even the walls and corners. The hose could be longer, and the unit is loud, so I try not to use it late at night (neighbors). I even use it to vacuum our freestanding HEPA filters and our air conditioners (make sure you unplug appliances before vacuuming them). It actually makes our wood floors SHINY, that's how well it suctions up dirt. I love it so much we bought the Eureka minivac for smaller jobs and for our car.

    I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Just as others have reviewed it
    I read reviews before buying and they were pretty much on track with the pluses and minuses. Good vacuum, great power, plenty of extras, can do floors. Downside is short hose, attachments fall off, hard to get out of upright mode. We can live with all that though....more info
  • the eureka boss smart vac
    It is the most powerfull upright vacuum i've ever used! everything is conviently placed on the vacuum and is easly accessed! i go from vacuuming the rugs to vacuuming the furniture with such ease! I have 3 cats so believe me when i say this is an excellant vacuum! and you can't beat the price!...more info
  • Fantastic machine!!!
    I want to give this machine 6 stars. It is far and away the best vacuum I've ever used.

    We've had problems with a fairly new carpet with continuous piling that was difficult to pick up. The Boss Smart-Vac just rolled right over it and took up everything.

    It works great on bare floors too! There was one detail that the users manual didn't make clear, namely, that when you turn on the bare floor switch you have to pull it back until it clicks, which can be a little stiff the first few times you use it. But their 800-number customer support desk was very helpful and I got through surprisingly quickly.

    I have to relay one story that really impressed me, however. My wife pointed out to me that there was no external indicator telling when to replace the dust bag. Which is true -- but all one needs to do is open the front door and tap the bag to check: that's easy to do and more accurate than any indicator I've ever seen. Anyway, having been used to lesser quality vacuums, I hadn't realized how effective the Boss Smart-Vac was. So I hadn't checked the bag level, when I was giving a bedroom a thorough spring cleaning the Boss Smart-Vac simply stopped. "Oh, no!" I thought. "Had I burned the motor out already?" That wouldn't make sense. So I waited a while. Then I started it back up and resumed working. It stopped 5 minutes later. When I tried to get "smart" myself, I remembered noticing the dust flying through the clear plastic feed tube. So I looked back at the tube again and noticed that the dust wasn't "flying" -- it was sitting! I had not only filled the dust bag, I had filled the feed tube!!!

    So, if anyone says that there isn't an external bag indicator, they're wrong. Although it's not intended to be an external indicator, the feed tube will serve as one (albeit unintentionally). Just remember, if it is full, you are waaaaaaayyyy past the point of needing to change the bag.

    All turned out well, however, as the Boss Smart-Vac showed no permanent damage when I cleared it all up. Luckily for me, I also have a Shop-Vac with a narrow nozzle that I was able to stick up into the opening of the feed tube inside the bag chamber. It was almost fun watching the dust get sucked out of the feed tube.

    In addition, I've found that the attachments fit nice and tightly on the body of the machine. The hose pipe is convenient to grab and attach as well. And when I'm alternating from floor to hose and back, it's easy to hang the hose temporarily over the hose tube. You have to be careful to remember to turn the hose/floor switch when switching. I found several times that I was vacuuming the floor but the switch was on hose. That is simply a habit that I need to instill in myself.

    I now know why Consumer Reports gave the Boss Smart-Vac a Best Buy.

    BTW, Amazon rocked on this order. Not only were they cheaper (by more than $20) than the only big box store that I could have gotten it from (but wouldn't sell because they don't do special orders to my small town store yet), but I got free shipping and received the order the next day!!! That was one Amazing Amazon!...more info
  • Initial use of this item...
    A very strong vacuum cleaner that appears to really take up the fine cat hairs in the house. I just used it once since purchasing this Eureka product and it worked beautifully....more info
  • No Power Paw Stair Brush included.
    I just received this vacuum with no Power Paw Stair Brush. I called Eureka, gave them my vacuum's serial number and they said that it is not supposed to come with this model even though many have already said they received it(just my luck). I expect there will be some changes made to the Product Features and Description sections soon if not by the time you read this. Otherwise I purchased this model after hours of searching and I finally chose this model due to the Amazon reviews, the Consumer Reports "Best Buy", and the Good Housekeeping recommendations. I just fired this thing up and it sounds nice(for a vacuum cleaner). It has great suction power and the assembly involves three screws. It looks and feels well made and solid. Time will only tell, but I believe this one will last for awhile. Also, the instruction manual stated that there are some models of the vacuum that come with a "full bag" sensor and a dirt detection sensor. This is NOT the model that supports those features but I would have purchased that model if I would have known, check into it if you're interested....more info
    The suction on this vacuum is so powerful. It sucks up stuff my bagless dirt devil left behind. It is by far the best vacuum even better than more expensive models. I was prepared to spend 300 or 400 dollars on a dyson because I wanted the cleanest carpet possible but after a lot of research I determined that this was exactly what I wanted. It out performed the dysons and other more expensive brands in the consumer reports test. This vacuum uses a bag, but believe it or not that is a great thing. Bagged vacuums have much better emissions than do the bagless. Empyting the bagless vacuums is actually more of a hassle than changing a bag- granted you do have find and buy the bags. (Eureka makes this easier by putting a sticker with the bag and filter names on the handle of the vacuum) This vacuum is also pretty quiet! It is not hard to push at all- in fact it gets away from you if you don't hold it back!
    I did a ton of consumer reports research and determined that their favorite two vacuums were indeed the best two. Theirtop choice was the Kenmore Progressive (I forgot the specific model #) which is no longer available and was about $250. Their second favorite was this Eureka 4870 model. Any of the versions that say 4870 fit the consumer reports criteria. The only thing the letters that come after the 4870 mean is that it will be a different color and in two cases the letters mean that you get the "power paw" stair brush attachment which is awesome. The 4870 GZ is one of the ones that has the power paw which has rotating brushes in it that turn up dirt for more effecient hose cleaning.
    So I bought this one and couldn't be happier. I love it. I was looking for something with very strong suction and minimal release of dust etc. into the air. I used to think I wanted bagless until I read about how the bagged vacuums are the cleanest because dust doesn't get everywhere when you have to dump out the bagless canister. So I determined that a bagged vacuum is the way to go especially if you have babies and are concerned about them breathing in nastiness. My only complaints are that one of the attachments won't stay in place in it's holding spot on the back of the vacuum and that the long stick like attachment that lengthens the hose does fit on the hose but attachments don't fit on it....more info
  • avg
    too bulky to use for 180lbs person,not well assembled on arrival, good suction, good noise reduction, good wide path...more info
  • Great bang for the buck!
    Super suction, easy to push around, love the bagged feature rather than having to empty the dirty, dusty containers like other vacuums. It's a great value for the dollar!...more info
  • it does a good job
    I think this is a very good vacuum for me, I have 4 Dogs and 4 Cats and the vacuum does a great job with that. It is pretty heavy and somewhat hard to use, you need mucles for sure.... but like I said it does a great job with pet hair!...more info
  • good suction, makes an annoying noise
    The vacuum does have very good suction and it pushes easily. Everytime I pull it backwards though, it makes an annoying chirping sound. Also wish the edgeguard was better, but for the money this is a decent vacuum....more info
  • A Bit Large, But Does The Job
    Overall, a great buy for the money. The Eureka 4870GZ has great suction, however it is rather bulky. It is not difficult to push and almost seems to be self propelled. The large size is the only real problem. Again, a good buy for the $$....more info
  • Great Vacuum Power!
    We chose this vacuum after reviewing many different makes and models. This particular model was one of Consumer Reports' best buys and it lives up to it. Great suction on both carpeting and bare floors, as well as through the attachment hose. Lightweight and easy to move around and store. The hepa filter makes a noticable difference in the filtration as well. This vacuum is a great bargain. Highly recommended....more info
  • Extremely heavy
    I ordered this vacuum based on other reviews and a leading consumer magazine. The suction is great, but my concern is that its extremely heavy. It is self-propelled but with furniture in a room, you still have to pick the vacuum up and move it around. I don't think I'd buy it again, because of the weight....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ
    This vacuum works very well. Having two cats and a long haired dog makes an ability to pick up animal hair from carpet imperative. I was not disappointed. I purchased the GZ(Red) model instead of the newer HZ(Blue) because of a lower price and free shipping. This was a total saving of about $60. I would recommend it to anyone other than someone frail; it might be difficult for the elderly to handle....more info
  • Too heavy!
    I bought this vacuum because of the glowing reviews it received. I mainly got it to sweep our hardwood floors and it is hard to switch from carpet to bare floors. I do like it, but it is so heavy. ...more info
  • A Great Vacuum
    This is a really great vacuum and the price is terrific. I have seen it at Costco but it was less expensive to buy it at Amazon and at the time I had free shipping as well. I always had Hoovers and I will not go back. If you are looking for a great value, this is it! ...more info
  • Read the reviews carefully
    I am disappointed in my new vacuum. There are three major issues:
    1. I did not read the reviews carefully thus not realizing how heavy this unit is. I find it much heavier and harder to manuever than my Hoover Wind Tunnel.
    2. The foot pedal that must be used to tip the machine into operating position is flimsy and very hard to operate.
    3. The switch that stops the brush from turning for use on hard surfaces is very difficult to use. You have to push it very hard to lock the brush.
    In addition, the headlight is useless. It is off to one side and mounted too high on the machine to cast any useful light on the floor. Also, the hepa filter discharges air out the front of the machine at a height that blows things off of low lying furniture like coffee and end tables.
    I think this unit is doing a good job of cleaning, but of course since it is bagging the dirt you cant tell how much it is picking up. I was a bit surprised when I tried running my old Wind Tunnel over the rug I had just cleaned and it actually picked up some left over dog hair.
    All in all, this machine is a good value at the price. I suspect you get what you pay for.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    This product lived up to its promises. It has excellent suction, tools, and all the conveniences of a top notch vacuum. It easily picked up all the cat hair in our carpet. It is a little bulky, but is still easy to maneuver. The only true drawback I've found is that the latch for releasing the handle is somewhat difficult to operate....more info
  • excellent vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum after reading several reviews. So far I am extremely pleased with its performance. It has excellent suction and does well on carpet as well as hardwood. It even picks up that hard to get kitty litter from linoleum. It has a nice assortment of attachments and the power paw is extremely useful on the furniture. this is by far the nicest vacuum that I have owned. The only complaints that I have set the height adjustment is moderately hard to turn and it is fairly heavy. Other than that it is an excellent vacuum....more info
  • Eureka vacuum
    It's a fine product that should, in coming years, be engineered
    to a considerable lighter weight....more info
  • Wow
    This vacuum is so powerful that it actually sucked the plaster off my wall! But I don't mind because it obviously does a great job of picking up animal hair as well. I love the stair attachment that has revolving brushes....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This vacuum is great; it has more suction than any I have had before and it is quieter. It moves without any effort. My only complaints are that is difficult to get the handle part to click back into its slot to stand when I am finished and the headlight is pretty useless, but compared to the suction it provides these are minor...more info
  • Save your money and buy this vacuum.
    We bought this vacuum back in January 07. Here is our review.

    #1 - This thing sucks up everything. Perfect! After three vacuums we finally have a vacuum that does what it is suppose to do.
    #2 - Value. Who needs a $400 Dyson when this vacuum will do the same thing for around $150?
    #3 - We received our vacuum in three days and shipping was free. Bravo Amazon!
    #4 - This may sound bad, but it is good. The first time we used the vacuum, the vacumm all of a sudden shut down. At first, we were mad because we thought this vacuum was a lemon. Then we read the directions. If you set the carpet height adjustment too low, the motor will automatically shut down in order to prevent overheating. We learned our lesson and it has not shut down ever since. I see this as a great feature because it will save the motor and make the vacuum last longer. If this happens to you, wait 30-45 minutes to let the motor cool down.

    #1 - It is big and bulky, but we did not find it too heavy as some of the other reviews have complained about.
    #2 - The hose is not as long as we would like it to be.

    None. We love this vacuum....more info
  • I love this vacuum!
    I spent months researching vacuums before I purchased this one. I have a German Shepherd that sheds like crazy, so I needed something that could deal with the dog hair (with my old vacuum - a bagless - I had to empty the filter repeatedly, then go back over the same areas on the rug three or four times in order to vacuum up all of the dog hair. It was such a pain!).


    Great suction - I only have to go over the rugs once! Also, you can set the rug height -- a nice feature when you have several rugs made from different materials! Sometimes I find that certain rugs get dirt and hair embedded in the rug -- making it difficult to vacuum. This vacuum sucks everything up without having to re-vacuum any areas.

    Easy transition from carpet to bare floor.

    Great attachments. I use all of the attachments while vacuuming the furniture or cleaning out the car. The attachment for vacuuming stairs is a nice one to have!

    Fantastic price. I actually considered buying a Dyson, which is way out of my price range, but now I'm so glad I didn't spend more than I needed to. This vacuum does everything I need it to do, at a fraction of the Dyson price.


    The vacuum is heavy, which has not been a problem for me, but it's something to consider when purchasing a vacuum.

    The hose is not long enough. It's not so short that I can't get anything done, but another three feet would be helpful.

    The pros far outweigh the cons, and I definitely recommend this product! I have no regrets about buying this vacuum. I'm thinking about getting another dog, and I'm confident that this vacuum can handle more dog hair!...more info
  • Damaged my vinyl flooring!!
    I'm not sure how many stars to give this, but decided to give 1 star to attract attention to this important watch out. I had the unit in my bathroom in an attempt to suck up some dust/hair from the corners (of bare floor). I had the unit upright AND the dial set to hose (rather than floor). Both are these are apparently required to keep the floor brushes from rotating. After using the hose feature (and with the dial still set to hose), I stepped on the handle release to pull the unit out of the bathroom, and this unexpectedly activated the floor brush. I was shocked to see that the brushes dug grooves deep into the linoleum/vinyl flooring of our brand new house. Ouch!! Wait until my wife sees it. The brush on/off feature is non-obvious, and as you can see, can cause very expensive problems.

    ...more info
    As reported in Consumer Reports magazine, the Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum (complete with tools) is not only a BEST BUY, it is an excellent investment. I never knew how dirty my carpeting was until I started using this machine. ...more info
  • This Vac is the BOSS!
    As a father of 5 kids, 2 dogs, and 2 cats this bad-boy does the job.
    It's ruff and tuff and handles the stuff!
    You can't go wrong with this vac....more info
  • Eureka Boss Smart-Vac Upright 4870GZ - Finally a Vacuum With Suction
    I have been impressed with the suction power of the Eureka Boss Smart-Vac Upright. The unit is easy to use. Our prior vacuum was a Dirt Devil Swivel Glide that just didn't have the suction power when compared to the Eureka. It has been a pleasant upgrade....more info
  • Best Vacuum for the Price, You Can't Go Wrong!
    I purchased this Eureka when my Kirby died. I will admit I was a Kirby diehard, vowed I would never buy retail again. But when it was going to cost me $200 to fix my 7 year old Kirby, my husband convinced me to try it. We purchased the Eureka 4870 GZ Boss based on Consumer Reports review and we CAN'T BE HAPPIER! It works better than my Kirby ever did! We purchased our new home 1 year ago and the carpet was already getting matted and dingy (I have 5 kids) in the high traffic areas, and this is after I vacuumed every other day with my Kirby. I was really disappointed, thinking we purchased substandard carpet. My first use of this Eureka refluffed the nap on the carpet and it looks awesome! The onboard attachments are so convenient. Absolutely the best value for the money!!!...more info
  • Great vaccum machine for great price!
    Though I am not a big fan of bulkiness and the weight of this vaccuum machine (which other big machines have the same problems anyway), I must say this is a great vaccum machine for the price I paid!...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ
    After researching and finding Consumer reports listing this as beating the Dyson for much less, we decided to try it. It is a VERY good vacuum. Lives up to all the Hype and does a wonderful job....more info
  • Beater Brushroll broke after 3 months
    I thought this vacuum was great, initially - great suction, Consumer Reports Best Buy, blah, blah blah. Then three months after buying it and light use, the beater brushroll quit working, which means it doesn't suction on carpet. The hose still works great, so we'll keep it clean out the ashes in the fireplace. I bought the Bissell Total Floors Velocity as a replacement and LOVE IT!! Check out its reviews before you waste you money and time here. ...more info
  • I'm happy with this purchase
    I've had this vaccuum for about a month now, and no problems at all. Suction is very good, cleans our carpet very well. One thing is, that it is a pretty heavy vaccuum, but it picks up so well its worth the extra weight. I would definitley reccommend this vaccuum to anyone. The m,ain reason I got this one was because it was so highly rated on consumer [...]. I think it was rated as the best bagged vaccuum for the value, and I would have to agree. ...more info
    This vacuum is great! The suction is great, it may be a little heavy but I look at it like working out! I would recommend this to anyone who need a reliable vacuum that actually cleans the carpet and hard flooring!...more info
  • Pretty good for the money.
    This vacuum picks up dirt pretty well and comes with adequate attachments. The down side is that the attachment hose could be longer and the vacuum could be lighter. It's about 20 pounds. Also, I haven't found the replacement bags to be readily available in local stores. Either this is a very popular vacuum and they're always out of the bags, or its one of those stupid situations where I'll have to order more directly from Eureka. ...more info
  • Wow!
    Just used for the first time today. Picked up tons of cat hair on carpet
    and sofas rather easily! It is a bit heavy, but wasn't hard to push around. Luv that machine is not terribly noisy (like Hoover upright I used to have). ...more info
  • Excellent suction!
    I love this vacuum cleaner. It is fairly quiet and it doesn't blow the dirt around. I have a German Shepard and it picks up all the hair. I love the ease of switching over from the floor suction to the hose. The one con I have is stepping on the lever that releases the vacuum. It is very hard. You need to be wearing shoes, because you can't put enough pressure on it with bare feet to unlock it. I'm sure it will ease up after a few more uses. Thanks to Consumer Reports, they saved me hundreds of dollars. I was one step away from order the Dyson Animal until I read the report. Real reviews from customers who already own the product is the best way to find out how good it is! Keep sending in those reviews and help out the public!...more info
  • Picks up everything!
    I chose this model because it was highest rated and was the best deal for our cleaning needs. Shipping was fast and packaged well. Easy assembly was a plus. The only reason I gave it 4 stars was because it is kinda heavy. Besides the weight I like everything else about it. Very easy to operate and really wide cleaning path! I liked that the most. The onboard cleaning tools are a plus also, they really pick up better that any other I have ever used. And the final perk is that this vacuum is a carpet-to-floor type so I use it to pick up the big stuff on the kitchen and bathroom floors too! If you don't mind the weight (Its self propelled so it's not that big a deal) then this is a really great value and machine in itself. ...more info
  • par excellence
    Amazonian efficiency delivered this superb dust fighter two days after I ordered it--free and by air! Ten minutes later I, an old man living alone, was gliding across the room sucking up dust and sow bug carcasses that my 15 year old Eureka, without a filter, had missed on my 17 year old carpet. The carpet looks nearly new again, and I imagine the dust bag is nearly full. Lift it with one hand, operate it with ease anywhere. What a bargain!!! ...more info
    I bought one for my father in law last year and he loved it. Very well made and the suction is so strong it is unbelievable. You can feel the vacuum actually pull the rug to itself. We have 4 cats and it removes all of the hair. You are getting a vacuum worth three times its price.

    God Bless You.

    Update 5/2007 I bought three of these and returned the first two because they were defective out of the box. The third was ok for a week and then made a loud grinding noise and has a burning smell, also the attachment hose stretched and falls off when vacuuming the carpet. Eureka seems to be having a quality problem right now so don't buy one you will be sorry. My father in laws is still excellent but Eureka is having quality issues currently....more info
  • Great vac, great price
    I bought this vac on a review in a consumer review publication. They were right about its power and afforability. I am so pleased with the performance of the product. It has incredible suction that works equally well on both hard and carpet surfaces. My only disappointment was that one of the "on board" attachments does not stay "on board." (It does not securely fasten to the vac.) I would not hesitate to recommend this vacuum to anyone....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ
    I'm very pleased with this vac. Since the cost was 1/3 of the hoover I was sceptical but after using it several days I think it is a great value. The suction is much better than past machines. I love the asthma value of the bags as there is much less dust in the air when vacuming. The unit changes to hardwood floors easily and the attachments are easy to get to and use. I bought the refurbished unit and would do it again. It looks and acts like new. Consumer Report was right on in rating this a best buy....more info
  • Wow! What a great Vacuum
    I purchased this vacuum within the last few months. I can honestly say, it's the best I have ever had!! I was embarassed at the dirt that was in my rugs, but I am very pleased with it. Power and durability are there. For the price, it's a winner....more info
  • Excellent performance, notes from a pet owner.
    I picked up this item from Costco (for easier returns) and it is awesome. It is my first vacuum cleaner purchase and I am very satisfied. It picks up pet hair without a hitch and is very quiet relative to the other vacuums that I've heard in the past. The unit itself feels quite durable and I found the layout/design to be highly efficient and well thought out. The powerpaw is powered by the incredible suction that the machine generates and very effective. I'd highly recommend it to all of my friends/family....more info
  • This vacuum changed my life!!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this vacuum!! I cannot say enough about it. The suction on this thing is incredible, plus you turn it on and it practically starts driving all by itself. The little claw attachment for stairs is the best thing EVER and for once I am actually excited to vacuum my house. It sucks the dirt off your baseboards too! It'll suck the dirt/dust off anything! It's not very noisy, I don't think and I haven't found it hard to maneuver at all. I have absolutely no complaints on this vacuum. My carpets look like they've just been cleaned every time I vacuum now, and I don't have to go over the same spot 50 times. Amazing!! ...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I too, purchased this vacuum based on CR recommendation. I am pleased with the suction, and I would have given it 5 stars, but the Power Paw attachment did not come with it. But I will say that Amazon's customer service is awesome. I was sure that I would be guided by endless voice prompts prior to speaking to an actual person, but I was pleasantly surprised when I spoke with Samantha almost immediately. She even said that she would call me in a couple of days to follow up on the issue. That's customer service....more info
  • None
    Usual good Eureka product. But, prefer not to be asked to review things I order at Amazon. Thanks....more info
  • Heavy vacuum
    This vacuum works great, but it weighs a ton. It's very difficult to maneuver throughout the house. I have to switch from carpet to bare floor in just about every room and the handle will not stay up. It's constantly falling over and good luck if it hits your foot. I wish I had bought another Oreck like the one I lost in Katrina, but I couldn't afford it at the time. I consider myself pretty strong, and I really hate vacuuming with this thing....more info
  • Great, but not perfect.
    This vacuum has performed very well, and at the price paid (about $125) I doubt it could be beat. It is a bit heavy, and attachments work okay, but not exceptionally. Ours has picked up pounds of dog fur already, and I've been impressed with the filtering and non-clogging of the bristles....more info
  • Not all what Consumer Reports said
    When the vacuum arrived the belt to drive the brush worked intermitently to not at all right out of the box. I took it to a local warranty shop (to avoid the re-packaging hassle)and they had to bend a plastice piece that controlled the belt tension. They said it happens often on this model. Their advice was buy local, I now believe that....more info
  • Eureka 48770gz
    I am very pleased with this product. I read many reviews before purchasing this item. The price of the product and its exceptionally powerful pick up, design, and ease of assembly are star features. I would recommend this product to anybody. Works wonderfully, no disappointment here....more info
  • Powerful but heavy
    This product has great suction for the price and therefore is a very good value. However, if the vacuum will be used by a senior it may be too heavy for them to handle comfortably....more info
  • This vacuum sucks.
    This vacuum was purchased after reading a review of the product in a leading consumer magazine. It is infinitely more powerful and more efficient than the 20 year old vacuum it replaced, which was also highly rated when purchased. That fact demonstrates how products continually evolve, mostly for the better. The ultimate test is---I would purchase this vacuum again. ...more info
  • WOW
    I received this item yesterday and tried it out last night. Keep in mind that we just had our carpet shampooed and I also vacuum every night (we have 2 teenagers, 2 dogs and 2 cats). This vacuum picked up almost 1/4 bag full of dirt that our old vacuum had left behind! The suction is tremendous! It is a little heavier than my old vacuum, but pushing it is no problem. We have a huge area rug and it would almost just suck the rug up while vacuuming. I LOVE THIS!!! Excellent for cat and dog hair!!...more info
  • A great bag vac for the price!
    This vacuum for the price is hard to beat since it performs pretty well.
    The biggest drawback is the suction when using on bare floors while the beater bar is turned off is not as good as my Dyson DC-14 model.
    For those who can't afford a Dyson; this is a good value for your money.
    The belts could be improved upon for after awhile they start slipping but the manual advises to change the belts every 6 months.
    It is noisy! I like my Dyson as the best vacuum I have ever used & I disagree with Consumer Reports with their ratings on the Dyson for in my opinion, it is the best one you can get!...more info
  • Great vac at a good price
    I am very satisfied with this vacuum. It's lightweight which makes it easy to move around and the adjustable height works well on different types of carpet. It makes my 5 year old carpet look new and fresh again. ...more info
  • best ever vacuum
    I had another "high price" vacuum that just didn't seem to have enough suction to pick up "stuff" My friend had bought this model from Amazon & told me about it. She was absolutely right! Easy to put together. Handle was a little stiff on first use, but eased up very nicely. Works great & my carpets have never looked cleaner since I bought them. Also works great on my wood floors & ceramic tiles. I highly recommend "The Boss" ...more info
  • a good vacuum
    the only problem I have had is cleaning close to the wall. I have had to use a hand tool before or after vacuuming the floor. My previous canister did a good job on the 2 inches next to the wall. This doe not do the job....more info
  • Great Vac for Price!
    I have LOTS of hair, human and animal, in my area rugs and carpet that just would not come up with my Miele. I wanted something really strong and first bought a Dyson because of all the hype. I found the Dyson way too hard to clean, plus it had some defect that a call to their 800 tech support number didn't handle, so I returned it and decided to go for this Eureka. I got a great price on it thru Amazon and I must say I am very impressed with the great suction. It swallows up ALL the hair and dirt and for the first time in a long time I feel like my rugs and carpets are really clean. It was easy to first assemble and it's relatively easy to use. My only semi-complaint is it's size and weight. It's a bit heavy and won't go underneath anything, but all things considered, it's a great vac for the price. ...more info
  • Nice
    I am very happy with the Eureka. CR was right. It seems to everything as promised. The suction is great, the power is great, the control is great. My only suggestion is that they change the floor to hose controller -- sometimes I put on the wrong setting. Nice!...more info
  • Thanks Amazon reviewers!
    I went out today and bought "The Boss" based solely on the numerous positive reviews (almost 500) here on Amazon. I must say I agree 100% with all of my fellow reviewers---this vacuum is awesome! Did I mention that it's cheap too?

    Considering that there's little to be said that hasn't already been said umpteen times in these sundry reviews, I'll keep mine brief. I will say though that "The Boss" restored my faith in Eureka. Let me explain. Around Christmas I bought Eureka's notorious "Altima" vacuum. It was horrible! Why, it couldn't pull a greasy string out of a whale's mouth. It could hardly even suck the ash from the end of a cigarette. It was terrible and I swore I'd never buy another Eureka. Well, that was then and this is now!

    The Boss is awesome! It has the suction power of a Kansas tornado yet runs as quietly as a purring kitten. Speaking of kittens, this thing is wonderful on pet hair---especially when using the "Power Paw" attachment. The "Power Paw" on my old "Altima" was a worthless clod of plastic, but this very similar attachment on the Boss is superlative! It is an absolute must on steps as well as car seats---just you wait and see! The only gripe I have with it is that there is no practical storage for it on the vacuum itself. The Power Paw will, unfortunately, have to be stored separately.

    As I've already mentioned, this thing operates very quietly. This does not mean that it's not doing its job though---far from it. My fairly new plush carpet looks BETTER than the day it was installed a few months ago. Most vacuums leave tracks on plush carpet and I suppose that's to be expected. Not with The Boss though! The Boss seemed to magically "fluff" my carpet as well as clean it. Don't ask me how---maybe it's supernatural or maybe it's just my imagination---but I am impressed with the fluffy feel of my plush carpet.

    What more can I say really? This vacuum is a snap to assemble from the box, it's lightweight enough to easily carry with one hand, it cleans as well as a Dyson (in my humble opinion), a drooling idiot can figure out how to operate it in less than a minute, and it can be had for well under $200. To quote The Who, "I'd call that a bargain, the best I ever had!"
    ...more info
  • great vac for the price
    It does wonders on dog hair besides clean the whole house!...more info
  • Great buy!
    This has been a great buy. While it is a little heavier than other vacuums, I have tendinitis in both wrists and have no problems vacuuming at all. ...more info
  • Strong Vacuum, Great For Pet Fur
    The only flaw is that this vacuum is very heavy. It does move forward automatically but when you have to pull back or lift it up, it weighs a ton.

    Other then that, I'm impressed at the ability to vacuum Pet hair on the carpets. It has a long cord so you don't have to plug it into each room. It's only been 2 months, I hope it lasts as long as our hoover did.

    It is NOT bagless but I'm liking that because it's cleaner and doesn't cause dust/fur to go back in the air. ...more info
  • I never thought I'd get excited about a vacuum cleaner!
    Other than the weight (which really isn't all that bad), I am very impressed. I especially like that the brush shuts off when the handle is raised into the lock position while the vacuum is still on. It's great on dog and horse hair (I used it to clean my riding pads). I hope it stays great....more info
  • Good product
    I purchased this product after reading positive reviews from it here and at Consumer Reports. Overall, I'm happy with the vacuum. However, I am concerned that it might not last long because so much of it is made of plastic. The lever to adjust the handle height is very stiff and I'm afraid I will break the whole machine when I step on it. Likewise, the lever to change from carpet to bare surface requires quite a bit of force to lock in place and this too is a plastic piece. Also, do not like how the wheels leave track marks on my new carpet -- I guess this is because of the weight of the machine. The vacuum is very powerful and does do a great job of cleaning, much better than my old Eureka. I will say that the customer service is excellent. Called them for information that wasn't clear in the directions provided and was pleasantly surprised with the assistance I received. ...more info
  • Tough to push
    This vacuum has good pick-up power but it so difficult to push; has no options for self propelled. It is also hard to release the pedal; it is not for the average gal to push around. I would not recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Great "bag" vacuum cleaner.
    I like the no mess bagged vacuum cleaner after owning a similar Eureka bagless. THe 4870GZ has great suction, but not quite up to par with its bagless bretheren. However, that being said, its so much cleaner than 'messing' with emptying a cup and dirty filter.

    It cleans well, but doesn't quite get the edges against the wall as does the Eureka bagless. If you use the power paw, it will clean up edges, and tight places--especially under cushions. I love the power paw. I also like the 'switch' from hose to vacuum, and the accessories are well laid out and I actually haven't lost any of them yet, quite the accomplishment. Mine came with the power paw...wish it had stated that in the ad, as I bought a separate one. Oh well, I use the spare 'paw' for my bagless downstairs.

    Why do I have two vacuum cleaners; one bagless and one with the bag? Well, the new 4870GZ came with an extra belt!!! So I just replaced the broken belt on my bagless and use both, one upstairs and one downstairs! (the 4870 is a reasonable weight, though--I'm just lazy.)

    Very happy with both vacuums, but if this is a replacement or your first--get the 4870GZ, the one that uses a bag. It is so much easier and cleaner than messing with a bagless. Even Consumer Report says so....more info
  • Eureka Boss
    Best vac I've ever owned. Really powerful suction, and functional tools. A little heavy, so not recommended for petite folks....more info
  • 4870GZ Boss Smart Vac Upright Vacuum
    This is the best vacuum I've ever used. I have pets that shed ALOT so I needed a vacuum that is good with pet hair and after trying out several, this one is by far the best. It is very heavy but it is self-propelled so it's easy to use....more info
  • came broken
    i sent this to a friend as a gift but it came broken; an embarrising situation. Bec. he recieved it in a different town i could do nothing but leave him with a broken vac and the headache of having to deal with u or eureka to repair it. very unsatisfying experience. do i have any recourse? thanx so much for you consideration of this matter. yehoshua krohn...more info
  • Really Sucks!
    Very powerful, works well on edges. Much easier to maneuver than a Kenmore upright that I have that is also fairly new. It's very heavy, otherwise I would have given it 5 stars....more info
  • Excellent Cleaning - But It's a Beast to Manuever
    This would have received five stars, except for two big drawbacks and one lesser drawback:

    1. It is a beast to manueaver. It is heavy and difficult to move around (exhausting, especially on stairs). On the plus side, it does build muscle mass.

    2. The onboard tools are not as conveniently arranged as on the Hoover; also, the tool hose does not like to stay stored (it tends to come loose).

    3. You practically have to stomp on the foot release to operate it (this is relatively minor though).

    Everything else that the manufacturer brags about is generally true....more info
  • Vacuum for SHORT people.
    This is an excellent vacuum, quiet, clean, and really sucks. The only complaint because we are taller people (6-4 and 5-8) is that the handle is too short and not adjustable....more info
  • ok for some uses, but ....
    this is a very powerful vacuum cleaner, but it is definitely NOT easy to use. for straight carpet vacuuming, it is fine, but to use the attachments requires several difficult steps, and even then, the short hose and attachments greatly limit the range of use. also, as noted by others -- in the "floor" mode, the hose will not stay in its place on the unit, requiring repeated replacement. if you don't need attachments, this is a good choice. if you do, NOT....more info
  • good
    well i needed to replace an old vacuum and i am happy with this except the little button you push with your foot to release the thing, that makes it lean back... gets stuck.. it's ok, but i have to use my hand to push it down. ok, but sort of annoying. it also needs a longer hose. the people who previously reviewed it, told me the hose was too short, NOW I REALLY AGREE! and it's kind of heavy. even though i am freakishly strong, it can be cumbersom. it works well though. ...more info
  • Great vacuum!
    Very pleased with this vacuum and as others have said...great suction!!! Ordered this product from amazon and amazingly I received it in two days even though I chose regular ground shipping.

    The only drawback with this vacuum is the lever that you step on to move the vacuum from it's upright position. The lever is very stiff and definitely needs improvement. I'm hoping that with time it will loosen up a bit.

    All in all I'm very pleased with my purchase and would order again from Amazon in a heartbeat!!! ...more info
  • Vacuum Cleaner
    We had a Eureka World Vacuum cleaner which served us well so we stuck with the same brand with a replacement. I hope this one lasts as long. The new one weighs about the same but seems to take less effort to operate. It really picked up a lot of dirt that the other one missed. It really does pick up the pile where something has been setting as another reviewer stated. I didn't believe that until I saw it myself. It is reasonably quiet for a vacuum. It has so much suction on the hose that it draws it together and makes it seem shorter than it it really is a minor annoyance when doing furniture. Biggest negative is that cord is shorter than our old one so that I have to move the plug to do one room that I did with the other one. An excellent Vacuum. Well satisfied. ...more info
    I ordered this because it was so well recommended. I wanted something that would work better than my old Dyson. FORGET IT! The old Dyson works much better. I tried this today--it is going back tomorrow! What a waste of time and energy....more info
  • Great vacuum for the price!!
    I just bought this vacuum a couple months ago, but it is a really great vacuum. It picks up everything really easily. The light is useful on the front of the vacuum for seeing a little better, and the tools are great. There's quite a few tools that come with it, and any of the models that have the letter "z" on the end like this one comes with this nifty "paw" tool that you can put on the end of the hose, and it has the rolling brush inside of it so you can simulate the effects of the actual vacuum via your hand tool. The only aspects I don't like as much are that the vacuum is fairly wide so I can't get through or under places I was able to with my previous vacuum, and the handle does not flatten all the way down when I am vacuuming under tables, etc, so I can't vacuum all the way under my coffee table now without moving it. But other than that, I love it....more info
  • Pleased
    I ordered this vacuum after much research. My Kenmore canister vacuum wore out after about 6 years and I needed something with great suction but less expensive than a canister. This vacuum had good reviews and was rated well by Consumer Reports. I have only had for a couple months, but it has gotten a lot of use so far. It does a great cleaning job and is actually much quieter than I was expecting it to be. I also do not have any trouble moving it around or using it on stairs. I can see how an older person may have more difficulty with its weight, however. Unlike many reviewers, I do not have any problem with the handle release button being hard to push. However, the PowerPaw is just about worthless - but I've found those extra little power brushrolls usually are. I have to push it to the carpet with my hand to get it to vacuum decently.

    Bottomline: I love this vacuum and am very satisfied thus far. I have a 7 month old, so use it a lot to try to keep the carpets clean for her. Don't buy it for the PowerPaw, however.

    Pros: Great suction, quiet compared to others, easy to use, many settings, good price.

    Cons: Extra tools are kind of small and flimsy - but they do work, PowerPaw is almost worthless....more info
  • Eureaka upright 4870 review
    great vacuum -- lots of suction, neat rotating brush acessory, why pay $300 or more? For half that price, you great a great vacuum recommended by a national consumer research firm....more info
  • Great vacuum for the money
    After years of bad luck with Hoover Windtunnels and recently purchasing a Kenmore in which I returned because it just stopped, I decided to buy the vacuum that was the least expensive, but highly rated by Consumer Reports. This vacuum really is impressive. It isn't too heavy and the suction works great to pick up dirt deep in my carpet.
    The only things I don't care for is the upholstery tool which I find pretty much worthless. I can do more with the other tools and get better results. Also, the tools tend to fall off the back as well as the hose becomes unattached from its holder. These are things I can live with since the price is so much lower than other vacuums. I am very happy with the Eureka....more info
  • Boss Vac
    The Consumer Reports review was right about it being great at picking up pet hair. It does a superb job, quickly, in one pass, thus saving me lots of time. For some reason though it does not pick up sand. It seems to pull it out of the carpet and leaves it on the top unless I only push the vacuum, a problem if you have a dark oriental carpet. It is also heavy. Nevertheless, I am happy with the purchase and would recommend it to all pet owners....more info
  • Better than excellent!
    I bought this machine to replace an Oreck that died and wasn't worth replacing. The Oreck was nice and light at 8 pounds. By comparison, this is a monster.

    But what a monster! It is terrific at cleaning carpeting and bare floors. A little difficult to navigate on stairs because of its weight, but the attachments help.

    This was a highly rated vacuum in Consumer Reports. At under $150, I could get several of these for the price of an Oreck or Dyson.

    Highly recommended!...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ
    I bought this vacuum for my daughter. it came at the time they said it would. She has seven cats and said it works very good.Guess she will put it ti a good test.Read about it in consumer Reports.
    Thank You
    ...more info
  • Lived up to the review
    I ordered this vacuum cleaner based on Consumers Reports recommendation that it was good for picking up pet hair. It seems to be doing an excellent job as our carpets look cleaner and the bag was filled after only 3 times of use. My only complaint is the difficulty to unlatch the handle release. Amazon gave great service. It arrived a few days after I placed the order....more info
  • Better than the Dyson
    My Dyson did lose suction. Funny, my Eureka never did. It only died after a memeber of my household attempted to vacuum up a large amount of water. Prior to that fateful day, it had very powerful suction. It was easy to maneuver, relatively quiet (for a vacuum cleaner), and durable.

    Excellent value....more info
  • If pet hair is a problem, this is your machine
    :) It cleans cat hair like Consumer's Report said it would. The upholstery turbo- brush attachment works better than anything else we have tried.

    :( The machine is heavy for going up stairs and the hose could be a little longer. ...more info
  • Wonderful!!
    I bought this vacuum based on the reviews here and I can tell you that they are all accurate and 100% TRUE!
    This vacuum works like a dream--excellent suction power, nicely designed in every way imagineable. I'm SO glad I bought this one!
    It comes with an extra bag and belt, too.
    Believe all the good reviews on this one and buy it, already!! =)
    ...more info
  • Smart Purchase
    Good show on this one! I had a choice of buying the Eureka or spending a hundred dollars to service my old Panasonic upright which always tipped over when I used the hand tools. Almost broke my jaw several times because of it. The Eureka is very smart and does not tip when using the hand tools. Not to mention all of the other great features .... Great Power, Superb Hand Tools, and easy to assemble and use. The folks at Eureka are extremely nice too. I called about a small problem of hearing a little squeeking noice when I pulled the Vacuum backwards. They enrolled me over the phone in the one year full warantee and sent me to a local shop to fix the squeek. The repair shop fixed it in one day and the Vacuum is perfect. For the $110.00 I spent on this great machine I'd have to say it is one of the best buys out their for the consumer. No need to spend big bucks on a top quality Vacuum. Smart! Eureka!...more info
  • Top of the line
    The only problem with the vaccum is it has a few extra parts that are not attached to the vacuum. It has great suction to clean the dirt from rugs and floors. Fairly light weight and easy to handle. ...more info
  • The boss is Bruce
    The vac was a snap to put together and get running. It's a little on the heavy side but it rolls easy. The included tiger paw attachment works ok on smooth fabric but not so great on thick carpet. The handle needs another grab point to carry it up the steps without bending over. The grab handle by the hepa filter is where I hold it to do the steps. It blows out very hot air and is not easy to hold the vac in this position. The vac cleans extremely well and the hepa system is airtight. The handle release is awkward and hard to push and the on off swith is in a poor place. I like this vac but don't love it. ...more info
  • Awesome machine
    This vacuum cleaner is one awesome machine! I have been recommending it to anyone who needs a better vacuum. We borrowed a neighbors' vacuum cleaner when ours quit, and it was so noisy that we didn't ask to borrow it again. It has amazing suction, so stock up on bags when you have the chance. Our carpets have never been cleaner....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    this is our third vacuum and love it. It is a little difficult to engage with the foot - but besides that it is great - picks up everything - very strong. Highly recommend....more info
  • Boss vac
    The vacuum came asked promised and quick. The vaccumm is powerful and works great. The ads says that it my be heavy to operate. I found no problem. I do thing the extension hose could be a little longer. Great vacuum. Can go wrong for the price....more info
  • Loved IT. Best vac!
    This was rated as a best buy by consumer reports, and they were right. It has great suction, and love it! It has a wood floor switch that was a little difficult to figure out, but once I found that I really had to push it hard, I now know who to work it. Love the fact I can switch from vacuum, to hard wood, to corner/ edge attachments. I have actually had about 5 vacuums in the last 2 years, I like this one the best. IF you are thinking of getting a new vacumm, get this one! We had a Rainbow Vacuum, that is worth about $1,600. and this vacuum works better is lighter, suck harder, and all around better vacuum....more info
  • As good as they say
    Great suction and accessories. However, the latch/unlatch of the body is way too difficult to operate, almost feels like you're going to break it. ...more info
  • Good suction however; heavy to use
    The vacuum has good suction and cleans well; however, the unit is very heavy and not easily maneuvered. It is somewhat difficult to handle....more info
  • Decent vaccuum at a good price..... BUT.....
    I recently bought one of these to replace a 15yo Kemnore cannister. I needed a vaccuum that was really good at picking up cat hair. Since Consumer Reports rated the Boss Smart Vac Ultra 4870 as tops in picking up cat/dog hair, I figured this was exactly what I was looking for. I mentioned this to my neighbor, who happens to own a Dyson DC-14 animal model (3 cats/2 labs). CR rated Dyson as mediocre in their test, but neighbor swore the tests were way off. She told me to borrow her vac sometime to prove her point. So, I took her up on it. I vaccuumed my house twice with my vac before using the Dyson. After doing just one 12x18 room, I could tell the Dyson was picking up much more than the Eureka. After vaccuming 3 rooms, the cannister was to the full mark and had to be dumped out. Afterwards, I vaccuumed 3 more rooms and cannister was about 1/2 full of hair. One thing I noticed with the Dyson was that it also left a fresh odor, not musty like mine. Will I pay $375 for a Dyson? No I won't, I'll just borrow my neighbors once a month or so. For what I paid for my Eureka, I'm happy. However, from now on I'll take Consumer Reports reviews with a grain of salt....more info
  • Best Vacuum
    Vacuum has excellent sucking power. The hand held is easy to use and work very well. It is a little hard to get the lever release down for floor vacuum, but not a major issue. ...more info
  • Eureka Upright Vacuum
    Based on Consumer Reports, a much better value than the Sears upright vacuum. Delivery was quick. Great service.
    Works well on hardwood floors. Reason for 4, not 5 stars: I am annoyed that the hose is not secure on the handle when I store the vacuum. ...more info
  • Bad Boss
    This vacuum is hard to manuever, and clumsy. Was a Consumer Report best buy...they were wrong. The cord is too low on the body, gets in the way unless held. The dial to switch from brush to hose is a tight turn, height adjustment not accurate and the vacuum is heavy, heavy. Does not go under even high profile furniture. Cannot use on even heavy large area rugs without "stalling." Return to neutral position or foot pedal to vacuum difficult to use without a lot of force. Bad purchase on my part. ...more info
  • It squeaks
    I purchased this vacuum because of its positive review for pet hair. So far I haven't noticed a difference in the amount of hair it gets versus my old cleaner. Also it squeaks. I'm not too impressed since it was rated so highly in Consumers Reports....more info
  • Good Vac, a bit dusty
    The vacuum picks up really well and it's not heavy or overly noisey. The only issue I have with it is the dust. Even with the filtration it blows dust and after every use I have to dust it when I am finished....more info
  • A dog owners pleasure of a vac.
    CR listed this vac in the top 5 for removing pet hair.

    After reading up more on it and not wanting to go as far as paying for a Dyson, I opted to purchase this model.

    It actually did what it said and does a great job of picking up the husky hair off my rug/couch etc.

    Great value for money, good tool selection and usage, nice wide coverage, the bare floor switch activates nicely when you use the handle release, has not blocked at all with hair (so far), pushes forward easily, for once a vac that does what its supposed to.

    Negatives- a little loud/heavy/harder on the pull back, some features a little stiff to begin with but eventually release with ease, the cord holder releases to easily causing the entire cord to come off.

    Improvements - an edge brush either side of the roller to get right up to/under corners etc. Tighter cord release.
    I can even get the husky to lay still and get brushed and Vac'd at the same time, a little added bonus ;)

    As I have 2 shedding dogs, all in all though Im VERY happy with this product....more info
  • Great Vac
    Does al l I expected of it and more and it's QUIET!...more info
  • Best one I've had
    This is a heavy duty unit with many options. It's a bit heavy at 20 lbs, but the power is worth the weight trade-off. Particularly like the option to turn off the rotating brush for bare floors and fringed rugs. Other vacuums tended to 'eat' carpet fringe....more info
  • WOW
    For under $150 this thing is amazing, it leaves carpet looking great, you can literally feel the suction as it drags you around the room. It's a bit heavy, you get a mini work out cleaning your house, kind of fun.
    I can't imagine something working better. And it works great on tile surfaces as well....more info
  • Boss Smart -Vac upright Vacuum
    This came out of the box not working correctly, it smelled of burning rubber and the belt was not on right. I had to call the company and take the machine apart to get it working. I can't keep the attachments on the machine, they keep falling off and the hoses and tubes don't make any logical sense the way they go together. It has good suction, but blows so much air out the front that vacuuming along side anything cloth (like curtains or bed linens)is quite the challenge. It is VERY heavy and unless you have the carpet setting just right it is extremely hard to push. Since I purchased this vacuum on Amazon I have seen better vacuums cheaper at nearby department stores so I don't feel I got a very good deal....more info
  • Good suction, minor quibbles
    Bought this based on other reviews when our cheap Hoover died. This vac does a great job of sucking up cat hair and other stuff from the carpet. You can also turn off brushes for doing hard wood. It is a little heavier to push than my little old Hoover was, but not too much of a problem. The tubing that connects the hose attachments does not sit firmly in place and tends to come loose when I vacume. I used electrical tape to secure it in place as I don't use the attachments. Another thing I would not have expected is that the vacume vents pretty forcefully in a forward direction, creates a bit of wind; just something to be aware of if you are vacuming near something light and fragile. All in all, I am very pleased, and the vacum performs really well. I've very happy with the selection, especially for the price....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart Vacuum
    This vacuum cleaner was rated one of the best in the consumer reports. So, I bought it and I am very pleased that I did. It has great suction. It's easy to use and I love the on boared tools. It's a great vacuum for under $200. I would definately buy it again and recommend it to anyone looking to replace their old vacuum....more info
  • Needs storage bag for attachments.
    This product is an excellent value. Would buy it again. Very powerful....more info
  • Design Brilliance
    Eureka's been at this awhile and it shows in this excellent product - particularly for what you're gonna pay. The suction power is fantastic and accessories plentiful. This is a large-size unit great for big floor areas, but it also works well for my small apartment because of it's versatility and accessories. I recommend this product as very high value....more info
  • The belt has broken twice in three uses
    I read the reviews on Amazon and other sources and anticipated that this would be an excellent vacuum choice for my family. However, when using the attachment setting the vacuum smells like it is burning, and the main belt of the vacuum has broken twice in three uses. I am concerned that this problem will continue, and I am not terribly happy about my purchase.

    I will say that it is pretty easy to use, it vacuums up pet hair very well (when the belt is not broken), it works well on hardwood floors and the attachments are adequate. I probably just got a dud, but I wanted to warn other purchasers....more info
  • Good suction; too heavy
    I ordered the Eureka Boss Smart Upright vacuum based on reviews by customers as well as other sites. While the suction is great, the machine is extremely heavy to push and use. I found it gave me a backache and was not worth the physical strain to keep the machine....more info
  • works so well my wife won't let me use it!
    My wife is so pleased with this vacuum that she won't let me use it for fear that I might break it... YES! (Now I'm stuck cleaning the bathrooms...)...more info
  • So Far it is Great
    I read all the reviews, and decided on the Eureka 4780. I read about the common problems ( pedal hard to push down, hose too short, too heavy, too loud). Maybe they have improved on some things, b/c I had NO trouble at ALL pushing the pedal down. The hose seems plenty long. The sound was not a problem for me. The vacuum came with one bag inside it, plus an extra bag and belt in the box. Though it is not listed as being self propelled, it sure feels like it is. The weight is not a problem for me, I am 5ft 110 lbs, and I was able to carry it up and down the stairs easily. This is only the first day, and I will update in a few months. But it did a great job cleaning up my living room that was overdue for a cleaning. I got mine at Walmart and paid only $138. For only $138, if I can get a couple years out of it, I will be happy. ...more info
  • Vacuum: Broken belt after 30 days
    I only had the vacuum for about 30 days when I noticed the belt needed to be replaced. The problem is that the belt has no way of coming off. I followed the instructions but there is no gap on the motorshaft end for the belt to slide off.
    The release handle does take getting used to as it is quite stiff and the rug beater is hard to turn off for bare floor use. It does a good job of vacuuming but I can't use the vacuum without a belt, which won't come off so I am returning this defective vacuum....more info
  • more than good for the price
    This vacuum is as good or better that higher priced models. It's lightwight, powerful and well designed - especially the handy switch from floor to tools. I'd give it 5 stars if it could clean the floor on its own....more info
  • Value for the money!
    We ordered this vacuumn about 1 mth ago based on Consumer Reports testing. I do like it and has great suction. However, it is very difficult to release the lever in order to push the vacuumn and the lever to switch from carpet to bare floor. I hope these loosen up some with time. Overall, I do believe this is a good vacuumn especially for the money....more info
  • Good, but LOUD
    This vacuum really works well & picks up the dirt VERY Well. However it is EXTREMELY loud!...more info
  • I Love this Vacuum
    First of all, it is so nice to not have a bagless vacuum. This is the best vacuum I have ever had and I have had a lot. The only thing I do not like about it is the handle release. I have to put all my weight on it to get it to work. I have a dog & a cat and tons of carpet. The special pet hair attachment works great on my stairs. ...more info
  • worked for 2 months
    Worked great for 2 months, then same as a previous reviewer- loose belt, burning smell. Don't buy this vac.
    Eureka does not stand by their products either. They were absolutely no help. I am dismayed to see that they are still selling this model....more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    We've only owned this vacuum for approximately 2 months so I can't comment on the durability of this product. However, our initial opinion is 'it's great'! In the past, we have been Dirt Devil users, tried and true. I would still say if anyone is looking for a very affordable vacuum with a lot of suck a Dirt Devil is a great way to go. However, they are extremely lightweight and if you use your hose for walls, upholstery, etc.(which I do, constantly!), the vacuum falls over. Not so, with our new Eureka! It is a very heavy vacuum with no chance of falling over. It is excellent in brushing up the dirt and picking it up, even in tight places, i.e. baseboards, etc. We feel it is an affordable vacuum for the quality of its performance. I also like the fact that it uses bags. I'm just not into the bagless feature of so many of today's vacuums. We are glad we've given this Eureka a try. ...more info
  • Does the Job
    Everything in reviews I read regarding this vacuum was accurate. It is a consumer report recommendation. A little awkward operating the pile height level control for rug height or bare floors. It's also a little tough and takes a little effort locking the handle in the upright position or releasing the handle by stepping on the release button. Otherwise, cleaning is outstanding on bare floors and exceptional on rugs. Glad I made the purchase and cost was good deal....more info
  • Quietest Vacuum We've Owned; Excellent Value
    We purchased this vacuum to replace our old (and excessively loud) Hoover PowerMax. As a result, finding a good vacuum that was also quiet was very important to us. After doing considerable research, we selected the Eureka 4870. We've had the vacuum for several weeks now and are, thus far, very pleased.

    - very quiet. As others have commented, you can vacuum and still carry on a normal conversation.
    - suction selector switch. Unlike our previous vacuums, this one has a selector switch to connect the suction to either the wand or the rollers. The result is much better suction when you're using the wand.
    - very powerful. Its amazing to vacuum and see the dust bunnies running towards the vacuum. It really pulls in the dirt (and you'll be amazed watching it do so on bare floors).

    Cons (mostly minor - especially considering the low cost of this unit):
    - tilt pedal hard to operate. As other reviews stated, it is very difficult to push the pedal that allows the vacuum to tilt.
    - the manual height selector takes a bit of getting used to; it works, its just awkward to go from bare floors to rugs or carpets.
    - attachements are loose. The wand extension tube doesn't fit snugly on the wand; you have to hold it on. The furniture nozzle has a tendency to fall off its storage clip.
    - no headlight. In fairness, the unit has a headlight though it does little more than consume energy. A headlight should provide illumination; the folks at Eureka designed one that that provides ill lumination. The dim, ill-aimed light that comes from the lamp is all but worthless.

    Overall, this has been an excellent value. You may find better, but likely at a much higher price....more info
  • good vacuum and good price
    I think this vacuum was a very good buy. It also seems to be a good vacuum with good suction. The fact that it is wide is good but also makes it hard to get into smaller spaces. The vacuum glides across the floor quite easily. So far I am pleased....more info
  • Heavy but it cleans
    I needed a light weight vacuum that cleaned really well. I checked out a consumer ratings magazine and this one was listed a best buy. I ordered from amazon and it arrived in TWO days. It is heavy but it really cleans. I've never had the convenience of "tools on board" and I really like this feature. Now as I am vacuuming in a room with birds, I can easily switch from vacuuming the open spaces with an upright, to getting under furniture/cages and cleaning drapes with the onboard tools.

    This vacuum uses bags - a feature that I insist upon. I've had bagless vacuums in the past and you wind up putting half the dirt back in your house emptying the recepticle. The Boss has a HEPA filter as well as a bag so the dirt and dust is captured and can be easily disposed of. ...more info
  • Love this vacuum!
    I have multiple long-haired animals in the house so switched back to a bagged vacuum. Love this one! It's so strong going forward it's almost as if self-propelled! Headlight is pretty useless, but since I don't vacuum in the dark... :-)...more info
  • Long lasting, Great Value!
    We are buying a second Eureka Boss Smartvac, & passing our 2.5-year old one on to a friend. We spent about $139 nearly three years ago, and this vacuum has picked up dog hair, legos, ficus leaves, pennies, cat hair, dirt, & more. It still works perfectly. I've replaced the belt myself(very easily) twice, at a cost of $12 total. The vacuum is somewhat heavy, and at first, the foot release pedal was stiff (it eases up after a few weeks).
    We keep telling our friends that for $150 including tax, they can vacuum up after all their animals & kids. The people who don't believe us have bought Dysons and Orecks and other pricey vacuums, & complain about them.
    We have two kids, two cats, two dogs. When we went out looking for a comparable vacuum recently, we couldn't find anything that even came close--except in the $375+ range. Frankly, I can think of tons of better ways to spend that extra $225! Bottom line: these vacuums LAST, and $225 is a great payback for putting up with some VERY minor imperfections....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum
    I am very pleased with the vacuum, even after reading some of the negative reviews. Eureka Help Desk was very helpful in helping me locate the second extention tube for connecting the attachments. It is stored inside the other for convient storage. The vacuum is a little heavy for cleaning stairs, but works great on both carpet and bare floors.

    Amazon shipped the vacuum for free and in a timely manner. I recommend both Amazon and Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac....more info
  • Excellent Vaccum for the price
    I have been using this for over an year now. Great suction very good vaccum.
    Great suction, can see the color of carpet becoming bright.
    Good enough tools

    The handle release padle is very very hard and needs full foot pressure.
    Very small bags....more info
  • disappointed product
    Good: strong suction.
    Bad: 1) handle-release lever does not work from day-1. 2) Hard to get information on repair service from Eureka's customer support (both online and via phone). 3) Been waited for over 2 weeks for parts needed for repair!!

    I trusted the Consumer Report to make this purchase. CR should look at this product again!...more info
  • Six months to get repaired
    I bought the Eureka Boss because it had great reviews, but honestly I wonder how many of these reviewers had their Boss for more than just a few weeks before reviewing. I have owned several vacuums. I have yet to find one that lasts longer than a year. I have 5 kids and a golden retriever, so maybe I just vacuum more often than the average household. I found this vacuum to be very heavy to carry up stairs. Also, the release lever is rediculously hard to release. You have to really almost stand on it to get it to release. It feels like you are going to break it...and indeed you will. The wheel on the same side of the release is busted off from having pressure applied one too many times. Thankfully, it is under warranty still. The attachments are very frustrating as they break easily and fall off the vacuum while in use. The Boss has very good suction. If it can't last longer than 6 months,however, I'm not sure how great it is after all. ...more info
  • affordable yet efficient vacuum!
    a great buy for anyone looking for a new upright vacuum!! it not only has the best suction that i've ever seen in a vacuum but also it's easy to manuever (despite what others say). accessories are ok, but i don't value them as much as others do...i just need a vacuum that does a good job of keeping my carpet as clean as possible for the best price, and this vacuum does just that!...more info
  • We have a winner!
    I tried two Dyson vacuums and an expensive Hoover before using the Eureka and the Eureka easily outperformed the others. One Dyson actually did damage to our new wool rugs and the other just did not get the pet hair as advertized. The Hoover also had problems with pet hair and with our long-haired dog and cat that was a problem. The Eureka performed very well in all types of cleaning, especially with pet hair. The variable height settings seemed to work more effectively than on other vacuums. The low price just makes it even more attractive.

    The relatively minor issues mentioned by others (long cord getting in the way, difficulty with the release pedal) require a little practice to devise ways to circumvent the inconvenience. The brush on-off switch also needs to be moved when in a position other than locked upright. Again, a couple practice runs get you into good habits. I recommend the Eureka over all others I've tried. Time will tell if it holds up but if it performs as it does now it is a wonderfully efficient machine. ...more info
  • Eureka Smart Boss Vacuum
    This vacuum is wonderful and it was a great value. It has lots of power and it cleans much better than our Hoover Windtunnel. My 17 year old says it's awesome and she would vacuum her room anytime. Now that's a winner in my book!...more info
  • Eureka
    Based off the reviews that I have read concerning this product I was disappointed in the quality. The handle release is very difficult to operate. When cleaner height setting is not in the highest position brush roller stops working periodically. Attachment storage locations are very incovenient and attachments fall off while vacuuming. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum for the Price
    Excellent suction and the paw accessory was fantastic- very good vac...more info
  • 6 STARS PLUS !!!
    I've used the Eureka for over a month now, and it cleans like a dream. Every bit of pet hair is vacuumed up and I have 1 dog, 2 cats, and 1 husband, all of them shed & none of whom wipe their feet.
    Put me on the list of 'almost bought a Dyson'. Thank goodness I didn't. This machine does a fantastic job, is easy to use, and has all the power that I could want.
    And the Animal Dyson type that I was looking at was 2 and half times more money.
    HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!! ...more info
  • Great vacuum...very speedy delivery
    This was a purchase well worth the money. The vacuum works great, sucks everything out of the carpet the old vacuums didn't get. The shipping was incredible, I had the vacuum 3 days after I ordered it. This vacuum is top rated on consumer reports, which is the reason I looked to purchase it. It did not let me down. Highly recommended! It also works great on my wood laminate floors and tile floors because it does not send the dust etc. flying around, but actually picks it all up. ...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum
    This vacuum works just as good as Consumer Reports said it did. I am very pleased with my purchase. Also, the replacement bags can be purchased at the local Walmart so that's easy!...more info
  • Works good so far.
    After a few weeks I am satisfied. It is a little heavy, however it does clean
    well (not great) on carpets, even on thick carpet. For the price, I believe it's a good machine. My luck on vacuum cleaners has not been good, so if this unit lasts a couple years I'll consider it a good purchase. ...more info
  • PRICED RIGHT - Belt Slipping
    Consumer Reports listed this as a great choice; however, the one we received had a problem - tons of suction but the beater would stop revolving. I thought "great" and thought I'd check the belt drive. Turned out that the latest "cost-cutting" process is to replace rubber drive belts with a heavy plastic one which, of course, has no "give" and if the tension is not perfect will obviously slip; serves me right: you get what you pay for. The price for this Chinese-made item was low and that unfortunately was my choice. Next time, I'll buy somthing made in the U.S.A. It might be more expensive but it will be made better and will provide a job for a fellow American. I think that we should ALL START BUYING's more patriotic than waving a flag!...more info
  • Very Good, Not Great
    For the price, it is excellent at getting the job done. It's one major flaw, as many people note: is its heft; it is very heavy. I would not have imagined that I would miss having a retractable cord, but it is a nice feature to have and I wish this Eureka had that feature. Consumer Reports claims that upright vacs are best for cleaning carpets, and canisters are best for hardwood, tile, etcetera. I think, next time 'round, I will sacrifice a bit of carpet cleaning efficiency and money for the ease of use that a canister vac supplies. All that being said, The Boss vacs very very well....more info
  • Super Vacuum
    I am very happy with this purchase. Purchased this model because of Consumer Reports naming it a best buy and the great price on a Gold Box special. The bare floor mode works great in my large kitchen/dining room area. On carpet the brush makes the carpet stand up nicely and takes up more dirt and dog hair than my previous vacuum, a panasonic. And the wide track covers a good area. Attachments are easy to use; favorite is the power paw stair brush. This piece works good on stairs but better to remove a sneaky dog's hair off a couch. HEPA filter keeps any odor and dust from filling the room while vacuuming. The Boss Smart-Vac is a little heavier than I was used to, but not difficult to use or carry up stairs. I highly recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Bags vs Bagless
    I have bought several bagless machines and it seems as thought they never hold enough before you have to empty them out, then you have to clean out the excess mess. This is to much of a hassel, but with the Eureka 4870GZ all I have to do is empty the bag when its full and I find that this machine picks up more dirt on the floor and the attachments work a lot better....more info
  • Works Great
    Great vacuum, powerful suction, but heavy and hose draws together while using attachments. ...more info
  • one caveat
    I know many, many have reviewed this vacuum, so I will mainly second all the positives people have listed. I too have been impressed with the cleaning power. I transitioned from a canister vac, which was a bit tough at first, but once I found my rhythm, I have loved it.

    With one caveat...the suction hose on my vacuum does not store well at all. I don't know if I somehow stretched it out or what the problem is, but it absolutely won't stay put and even sometimes comes out and rolls under the vacuum when I go to pull back. The hard plastic end nozzle stays put, the hose itself just flops all over. Maybe it is just me?!

    Overall, great buy, great performance. One annoyance. ;)...more info
  • very good, but heavy
    Hard to lower or raise the handle, and hose extensions are diffulcult to keep together. a great vaccuum, better than Orek...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum
    I now own two of these vacuums, that's how wonderful this model is (I have two homes). No other vacuum, and I've had several, has the suction and power to pick up just about anything from my carpets (hair, dog hair, feathers, lint, etc). I am 100% happy and pleased with this vacuum, and very highly recommend it to others....more info
  • This vacuum truly sucks!
    We did a lot of research as our old "bagless" vacuum didn't seem to be doing the job. We settled on this model and have loved it ever since. It really does a great job of cleaning our We can see, smell and feel the difference....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart - Vac Upright Vacuum
    I have found this product to be extremely efficient as compared to other vacuums I have had in the past. It is very easy to operate and a good value for the price. I would definitely recommend this product to my friends....more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    Very powerful vacuum with great suction. The price was so good, I ordered a 2nd one for my parents who were about to spend $300+ dollars on a new one....more info
  • A great value!
    I've had this vacuum for only a month and am extremely happy with it, so far. I have multiple animals and the suction is great - it is almost like having a self-propelled machine. I find it to be fairly quiet and not especially heavy (compared to my previous vacuum). Assembly was a breeze. The tools fit well on board and never fall out. I like the long power cord so I don't have to unplug constantly. Moving the suction from floor to hose is a snap with the large knob that is easy to reach. I also like that I can turn the roller brush completely off so, when doing bare floors, the dirt isn't kicked back by the brush. My only complaints (minor) are: (1) the hose should be longer or easier to stretch out full length, and (2) the bare floor switch is a little hard to click into place.

    I wound up purchasing this vacuum when my Dyson Animal broke (the month after the 3 year warranty expired, of course). The Dyson repair tech quoted me $160 for the repair so I decided to purchase the Eureka instead. It had gotten good reviews and there was a 'special' on Amazon bringing the price (with free shipping) down to under $115.00 - less than the repair cost on my Dyson.

    I've come to realize that I like bagged vacuums better than bagless. I initially wanted bagless because I thought it would be easy to clean and I could save on the cost of bags. However, emptying the dirt cup on the Dyson always involved getting dust in the air. I finally got around that problem by taking an empty plastic garbage bag and holding it closed around my wrist while I emptied the cup and then waiting until the dust settled. Plus, the cup needed constant emptying (the cup would be full after 1 or 2 rooms). Changing a bag on the Eureka every 1-2 months seems a lot easier and without the dust in the air. I've found replacement HEPA bags for $2.00 each so the cost is minimal.

    I've given the Eureka 5-stars - I find it comparable, if not better, to the Dyson at less than a third of the cost. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum for Home and Small Business
    I bought a Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac about 18 months ago for my home. It's simply terrific...great suction, good tools, quiet operation, outstanding HEPA filtration.

    I purchased this second unit on for my small business. It gets used every day and is holding up well. It's powerful, quiet and environmentally friendly. It is a huge improvement over the dusty old Sanitaire unit that it replaces.

    I give it up a hearty "thumbs up" recommendation....more info
  • Works Fine So Far
    I'm skeptical of Vacuum Cleaners in general since they seem to work well when new and then go downhill from there, seemingly unoticed until one day you realize they aren't doing the job they used to do.
    So far I like this one. The attachments are placed relatively conveniently, the power is good enough that it is pretty much self propelled. I've seen some say it's way too heavy. Doesn't seem to bother me at all. Nice long cord. I like the bare floor switch but it is one of the things placed in an akward place. I'm suspicious of the belt. No problems yet but sure seems wimpy for the job.
    I received the Eureka quickly and opend it up to to find that there was no handle in the box. (?) must have left Eureka late on a work week with no inspection on that one! A quick phone call to Eureka Customer Service and they sent me one that arrived in 3-4 days at no charge as they should. so no problem there but makes one wary if they let them get into stock with missing pieces....more info
  • Excellent Vacuum Cleaner
    I have 3 toddlers plus hardwood floors. Unbelieveable power.
    I love to vacuum now. It would be great if the extension
    were longer, but it went far beyond my expectations....more info
  • Well worth it!!
    This vacuum is well worth the price. I have used many different vacuums in the past (Oreck, Hoover, Kenmore). All had good qualities but this Eureka has proven to be the best. It is easy to manuever, not too heavy, and really does clean deep down. The attachments are very useful for hard to reach places, steps, upholstery,etc. I highly recommend this!...more info
  • Lasted about 3 months--with little use
    The pivot pedal permanently jammed, and even after replacing the bag, all it does is blow OUT dirt and dust....more info
  • Who Needs Dyson? This Vacuum Has Superior Performance
    Moving between states quite frequently, I have purchased and sold several vacuum cleaners. I have also used a Dyson at my Sister's house several times. Superior to the Dyson and other models, the Eureka Boss Smart-vac is the best vacuum cleaner I have used. Moreover, it is an excellent value.

    After owning this vacuum for nine months, it has worked without any problems. This was to be expected as the construction feels very solid. It also does a great job with excellent suction and maneuverability. Likewise, it has a nice range of attachments including a unique mini rotary brush.

    The conventional bag design the Boss employs is great. Bagless is a gimmick. When you dump the contents of the Dyson canister into a garbage can, you get an enormous dust cloud. I began to spray Windex in the air over the garbage can *before* emptying the contents just to control the mess.

    It is important to note that scientifically, *ANY* vacuum can only approach zero pressure thereby limiting its performance. Hence the pressure difference can only reach [zero minus one atmosphere] or about negative 14.7 psi (pound per square inch) at sea level. In fact, you would expect better vacuum performance in Death Valley than Mexico City. This is one scientific principle that all vacuum cleaner manufacturers skip, making purchasers falsely believe that one vacuum can have dramatically more suction than another. This is simply not true.

    In summary, this a great vacuum cleaner that demonstrates more expensive bagless designs are unnecessary.

    Solid Construction
    Great Suction
    Nice attachments including mini-rotary brush
    Large control switch that toggles between the floor and hose (i.e. doesn't reuse the hose for main operation)

    Consumable bags (which I like) and consumable filter
    Uses about 1450 watts, which can trip circuit breakers when other appliances are plugged in (i.e. powerful motor)
    ...more info
  • Dust only please
    Consumer reports rates this unit as a best buy but be warned...if your carpet has anything other than dust in it, find another vacuum cleaner. Most carpets tend to accumulate a mixed bag of dirt and other foreign objects like scraps of paper, paper clips, etc. My nephew ran over a woodscrew which caused to motor to smoke. I spent more time dislodging foreign objects from this thing than actual vacuuming. The stuff you find under most couch cushions would completely destroy this thing. I'm told that this is the case of most uprights but our hoover lasted 10 years before we retired it. I doubt that I'll get 10 uses out of this thing. I would strongly suggest scouring your carpet for coins, nails and other foreign objects before use....and an iron clad warranty....more info
  • Good product for the money
    The vacuum has excellent suction. It is easy to handle. It is difficult to use the hose because it is so short. One of the long extensions didn't fit the hose at all. It works well on wood floors and carpet. It has a hepa filter....more info
  • It sucks!
    In this case that is a good thing.
    Seems a bit cheaply made and not the easiest to maneuver but it does a good job of cleaning on both carpet and hard surfaces.
    Not so thrilled by the onboard tools which fall off. Took me a while to figure out how to use the hose extension. The turbo brush screams like a banshee. We have an old Kirby (22 yrs) which still works well but we wanted another vacuum for upstairs to save lugging it up and down. The Eureka is slightly quieter. There were some sharp molding ridges in the handle which I filed off and now it's reasonably comfortable....more info
  • great but VERY heavy
    I've been using a much lighter Orek, which needs renovating, which costs $100 or thereabouts, so I looked for a new vac. This thing is the best I've seen for vacuuming, bar none, BUT it is very heavy. No more lugging the vac. up and downstairs, it's just too heavy. And the adjustments are STIFF - not only to set the height of the rollers to adjust to carpet depth, but also just to stand it horizontal or move it down to an angle to use. It's very wide, and as I say, does a great job, but beware if you're not used to heavy lifting!...more info
  • The vacuum I've been looking for
    I've had so many crappy $100 vacuums that I thought it was time I did some research. Dysons were not worth the money according to....everyone. The Boss Smart-Vac kept coming up as a clear standout. We love this vacuum. It's powerful and agile. The bag is easy to replace. The attachments work great. Especially the power paw for the stairs. Oh, I bought it on Amazon and received it the next day. Nice. Highly recommended for the frustrated vacuumer....more info
  • A world of difference
    I had an older Eureka machine that I "thought" worked reasonably well. But, after 10 years or so, it was noisy and leaked some dust so I bought myself a 4870 for Christmas (12/06). What a difference! The ability to pick up dirt on both carpets and hard floors is outstanding. I'm sorry to admit how much stuff my old cleaner was leaving behind. My carpets look almost new because the 4870 does such a nice job of picking up their nap.
    Pros: Cleaning ability, accessible tools, light is effective
    Cons: Hose should be longer, handle release is stiff....more info
  • Look no more... This is Vac is the bomb !!
    My wife and I were looking to replace our bag less Vac because we hated it. Dust went everywhere when we emptied it. We wanted to go back to a Vac with a bag and found this one on Amazon. We love this Vacuum; the reviews on Amazon are absolutely correct. Strong suction, light weight, good construction and priced right. We highly recommend this Vacuum....more info
  • Sweeper Review
    We have already called Eureka to get a replacement roller brush for this sweeper. The sweeper is not as quiet as I thought it might be from the Consumer Reports. Of course, it might be quieter after the brush is replaced. The sweeper does have good suction with the hoses....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum
    I have owned 3 Fantom's along with various other brands. Having been disappointed in these I did my research before making this purchase. I also read the Consumer Report article and numerous customer reviews. In my honest opinion I found this to be an excellent cleaner. I have never owned a vacuum with as much suction. When others claim their carpets look new that is not an exaggeration. It is so powerful it literally pulls up the nap. The best test was moving furniture and noting that 2 slow passes would take out the indentations from the couch.

    To address the weight of the vacuum, I find it to be no heavier than the ones I have previously owned. I have a two story house and find no problems getting it up the stairs. Please do not find this misleading, it does have weight to it.

    I have not had problems with tools falling off the machine. I read the directions and made certain I put them into their proper place so this has not been an issue for me.

    I have had no difficulty depressing the floor lever to allow the handle to drop down. It was a little stiff but I have noticed it loosened with time. I place my foot over the entire lever and it comes down with ease.

    There is a cord lock at the top of the handle that will hold the cord up and away from the floor that I find very useful.

    I was opposed to using bags but have found them to be much quicker, cleaner and easier to change as opposed to emptying the canister.

    I found the bags at several locations but Wal-Mart has the best price.

    The performance from carpet to bare floors has been great. Again I made certain to follow directions from carpets to floors. Also when using the proper height setting it makes the job so much easier.

    The only thing I wish they would improve upon is the length of the hose. It is much too short. The cord is very generous in length.

    Given I have spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars of other vacuums I have to rate this one high. If this vacuum lasts 2-3 years I will be thrilled. I would go back and buy another one....more info
  • I Prefer it Over my Kirby
    We bought this vacuum to use in our camper. It's lightweight and very reasonably priced. I have a Kirby for my home which cost $1500.00. And I prefer the Eureka over the Kirby. The Eureka is so much lighter and easier to maneuver than the heavy, too-quick-to tip over Kirby. The Kirby smells like dog hair (we have 3) whenever I use it, no matter how much of the scented oil they gave me I put inside the bag compartment. The Eureka never emits any kind of odor. I can carry the Eureka up and down stairs. With tendonitis in my arms, the Kirby is too heavy. And The Eureka seems to have as much suction power as the Kirby. I wish I'd researched more before I bought the Kirby. If you're looking for a relatively inexpensive vacuum, I'd recommend this one....more info
  • Worked like new for 3+ years!
    We have a 4870 which this model replaced. This is at least the 5th vacuum we've owned in the last 10 years. Don't know if it is the dog hair or what, but we've never had one that continued to suction after a year, to include $300+ models (don't buy a Hoover bagless - it was the most expensive and the worst). This one has continued to work like new for over 3 years. Suction has dimished a few times - but this model is easy to clean out when this occurs and the thing has worked like new again each time. A clogged HEPA filter can hamper performance - we now just run it without the filter - our air might not be quite as clean but the vacuum still picks up a ton of dirt. The only negative I have for the vacuum is that the cover is difficult to replace when changing bags, but I'll live with that for the performance we have received. Even if price was not an object I would and will buy this vacuum again....more info
  • Carpet to bare floor switch does not work among other problems
    I purchased the Eureka The Boss Smart Vac vacuum cleaner based on the review on Consumer reports and many reviews on this site. After using this product only once I am extremely disappointed. I used in on my carpet and it seemed to clean fine. However, the button or switch that you push to go from carpet to bare floor (which disengages the roller brush) does not stay in the bare floor position, so I did not try it on the bare floor fearing that I might break it.
    I have other concerns with this machine. The lever that you press with your foot to lower the handle is very difficult to use. It is supposed to slide to the left when you push it, however, it feels like I am going to break it. I had to push the vacuum cleaner up against the wall, depress the lever with my foot, and pull very hard to get the handle in the correct position. I have never had this problem with other uprights.
    I also feel that it is very cheaply made. When I assembled it, there are three screws used to hold the handle in place. Even after tightening these all the way, the handle is still not snugly fit onto the body. There is a gap between the handle and the body. Very cheap design.
    It is also hard to pull back. It goes forward fine, but pulling it back requires some strength. I would not recommend this product for people with lower back problems.
    I cannot believe that all the people that have purchased this product had such great things to say about it and nobody mentioned that it seemed very fragile. I do not think it is too much to ask for things to be made properly and work correctly out of the box. I emailed Eureka customer service about these issues, but I have not received a response yet. I am contemplating just returning it. I would definitely not recommend this product. ...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart, very good, but could be better.
    The cleaning power of this vacuum is great. There are a couple of design issues that I have with the vacuum. First the latching of the handle to the base is very stiff, you almost need to be wearing shoes to release the latch. Second, when you have the handle tilted back for vacuuming the extension hose keeps falling of the holder and getting in the way. Third the electrical cord goes into the vacuum to low on the handle and gets in the way of vacuuming. the cord needs to come out of the handle higher up so that you can grab hold of it to keep it out of the way. Other than those design issues I feel that it is a very good vacuum and am happy with my purchase....more info
  • The Boss Smart Upright Does A Good Job
    All the past several vacs I've had were Kenmores, but decided to try something not as costly but that had a a good rating by Consumer's Reports. This vacuum does a great job cleaning carpeting and bare floors. The suction is as good as or better than a Kenmore. The suction is NOT as good using the attachment tools, but it is definitely adequate to do most jobs. The housing construction leaves a bit to be desired;it does not operate as smoothly and easily as the Kenmores I've had. You have to press HARD to get the pedal down to start vacuuming. But now that I am used to the machine it's no big deal. Overall, I'd highly recommend this vac if you're looking for one that does a very good job but is not as pricey as some other models. ...more info
  • The BEST!
    I think this is the best vacuum I've ever used.Consumer Reports rates this one high-I think they are right.It is fairly quiet,switching from vacuum to wand,you can tell each operation is getting all the suction power,It is not shared between both operations.Well worth the money!...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac
    I really like this vacuum cleaner. It just about pulls itself along. It does an excellent job on carpet. The suction is better than the Sears Progressive that I already had. I like the way that you can change the vacuum from the brush to the hose connection. The cord is extra long that enables you to reach further. It comes with an attachment that is good for cleaning your steps and your cloth furniture. So far so good. The only drawback that I could say would be the fact that it is a little on the heavy side....more info
  • Great vac, lousy hose
    This vacuum cleaner has excellent power. I am very satisfied with it and all its attachments. I especially like that then you switch to hose, the floor suction turns off and you get full power to the hose. However, the hose itself is too short; they should provide about three more feet. I overcome this by using extender segments from my old vac....more info
  • This vacuum rocks !!
    I love this vacuum. Eureka does not advertise as self-propelled but it does self propel. My last vacuum was a Kenmore and it was becoming so hard to push that my back hurt after using it. The Boss is so easy to use, it's almost fun. The only negative I have is that hose is not as long as I would like; but I must say the suction is so good from the hose that with the extensions I am able to clean hard to reach areas, like behind and under the bed. ...more info
  • Wonderful vacuum, picks up everything
    This is a wonderful vacuum as it has very high suction and picks up everything. The only concern you should have is that you do need to use a little muscle to move this vacuum because the suction is so good. I am also glad to have a vacuum with a bag again. This is a great feature as it is much less messier than the bagless vacuums. As long as I can help it, I will never buy a bagless vacuum again. It may be cheaper and easier to have have the bagless ones as you never have to buy a bag..... However, they are incredibly messy. The dust gets everywhere. I am so happy to once again have a vacuume with a bag and one that picks up everything. I am always astonished at how bright my carpets look after I vacuume. I would highly recommend this unit if you don't mind giving it that extra push....more info
  • Nice vacuum
    A little heavy, don't recommend it if you have stairs to climb. Otherwise nice vacuum and very good suction....more info
  • Carolyn
    This is a wonderful vacuum cleaner and I would highly recommend it. It does an excellent job on bare floors and on carpets....more info
  • Great gift for our daughter: Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum
    We bought this as a Christmas gift for our daughter. She had used a top-of-the-line vacuum from a competing manufacturer for many years. When it finally gave out due to the dirt and dust of a kitchen/bathroom remodelling project, she was thrilled with the performance of the Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac. She is very demanding in her pursuit of cleanliness and your vacuum met her all of her requirements....more info
  • Very loud, very disappointing....
    We purchased this vacuum on the recommendation of Consumer Reports (it's at the top of their lists) and here at Amazon (where it's generally rated quite highly). After several months of use on our carpet, we have been very disappointed with the results. The vacuum simply doesn't pick up dirt reliably on our carpet. Nor does it actually pick up the detritus from the carpet -- the fuzzy stuff seems to gather up and get stuck in the mechanism, even at the highest and lowest settings. I actually find that I spend more time kneeling on the carpet cleaning up after the vacuum than I do actually vacuuming. Needless to say, a great disappointment. It also happens to be quite loud -- but if the product worked well, we would certainly be able to overlook that....more info
  • My Vacuum Sucks-finally :)
    I finally have a vacuum that has enough suction to make you feel like the floor is clean. I was a bit afraid to get it because of back issues and several reviews said it was hard to pull back. So far, it's been fine, although I haven't done the whole house at once yet.

    I like being able to remove the suction from the floor when you are using the hose by twisting a switch. Hose is powerful, too. I can't say I'm enjoying vacuuming now, but it's certainly better than before!...more info
  • Eureka 4870 GZ Boss Smart Vac Upright
    Superior shipping from Amazon and just an amazing vacuum overall. I searched for 3 weeks trying to find this cleaner & was very pleased with it's overall cleaning abilities on both shag carpeting & vinyl flooring. This is one item I would recommend!...more info
  • great deal
  • Really Sucks!
    This vacuum really Sucks! That is, it has tremendous suction in both the floor and attachment modes. I'm impressed with the overall construction and ease of use. However, it is on the heavy side and the attachment hose is on the short side. Otherwise, a terrific buy for the money. It is by far the best vacuum I have ever owned. I give it a 4.5 rating. ...more info
  • Best Ever
    I clean homes for a living. I take my Oreck because it is so lightweight and use my Dyson at home. Just remodeled my basement so I wanted to have a cleaner on the lower level. Read Consumer Reports and thought I would give this one a try. I am a very clean person and could not believe how much was picked up after my usual cleaning. The biggest compliment was when one of my homeowners called and asked if I got a new vacuum, as her carpets looked so good. It is a little harder to push, but I look at it as a good cardio workout! Honestly, it is not as hard as some reviews have stated. Overall, very easy to use and attachments also do a great job. Very easy to transition from carpet to woodfloors. ...more info
  • best vac I ever owned!
    awesome on hard floor AND carpet. Also great suction using attachments///yeah, I love this vac. It is QUIET, too!...more info
  • Eureka Smart Vac
    This vacuum has a powerful suction, it has awesome attachments and lots of different floor settings which is great for hard wood floors and carpet. It is a bit heavier then other vacuums and the handle is shorter than my previous vacuum which took getting use too! However the vacuum has somewhat of a self propelled feature when the brushes are spinning which makes it easy to operate....more info
  • super sucker
    Great vac for the price! This thing is powerful, scrubbed the image right off of a kitchen foam mat! Much quieter than our older more expensive vac.
    Cord is a little stiff and hard to wind up without knocking off the little attachment for the hose.
    Wife loves it. I would buy this again....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart Vacuum Review
    This product is excellent value for price. Very quiet vacumm that performs normal cleaning very well. Comparing to Hoover products I have owned previously, the Eureka Boss Smart Vac is for superior....more info
  • broke already
    The suction was okay, but the paw arrived broke, and the unit makes a terrible noise on hard floors....more info
  • Pretty Good
    We bought this vacuum because of its rave reviews. Then, bought another one as a gift for my parents. All parties seem happy with it. Couple items of note: 1.) The unit tends to creek allot (all those plastic pieces must be having a hard time getting along) 2.) Our stretchy wand hose is kinda stretched out and the hose part frequently flops off when we are doing regular vacuuming 3.) the unit is pretty heavy and 4.)replacement bags (size RR) are a bit difficult to find....more info
  • Update- Still LOVE this thing after almost two years of owning it!!
    Update: Aug 2008 I still love this vacuum and it has performed very well. My mom bought one and another friend and they all love it too!

    I recently attended a Home Show and talked with the person who put in carpeting for me about a year ago. I told him I was bummed out that the carpet already had "trails" in it where I walk. He asked about my vacuum cleaner and I told him it was my hearty one bought 12 years ago. He said to check the rollers on it. So, I get home, check the rollers and they seem fine but the roller bristles are very soft. I figured I should try a new vacuum. So, I went to Consumer Reports, read up and then shuffled over to Amazon to read the reviews. Because this vacuum had so many reviews and the average star rating is 4, I decided to try it. Ordered it and had it within a week. I tried it out and OMG....I feel like I have new carpet! I guess I just didn't realize what I was missing out on because my other vacuum worked, but I didn't know the rollers were so bad. Even my older carpet in the other rooms was "refreshed" and I was very happy about that. It is not that heavy, just sturdy. I did break a sweat vacuuming with it, but I think that was a good thing since I could feel the machine sucking up dirt! My concern is how long it will last. Most of the bad reviews are from folks who had it longer than a week, so time may tell. Hopefully it will last at least a few years!!! Overall, I like it and as someone else mentioned, it does do some squeeky noises, particularly heard on my stained concrete floor. But, I can overlook that....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart Vac Unright
    The Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart does an excellent job on the carpet and bare floor. It always does a good job on cushions, nooks and crannies, etc. On the downside, it is big and heavy. A person with physical problems will have a hard time using it....more info
  • mean cleaning machine!!!!!
    I pride myself on having a clean home and the only reason I purchased a new vacuum was because mine would just fall over sometimes and not worth the cost to be repaired. This model Eureka is terrific! I was amazed how much dirt came out from the bottom of carpet, that fine, sandy dirt..yuk! It runs quietly and seems the attachments will be user friendly. The only thing I could possibly complain about is, it is heavy to lift but to me worth every pound.Consumer Reports sure had this one right!...more info
  • Looks nice, strong suction, but poor design
    This vacuum was well rated by Consumer Reports, which was the reason I bought it. I seldom leave feedback for a product, but the experience was so unusual I thought I'd let others know.

    The vacuum looks great, has good suction, and has a lot of attachments. However, there are three problem areas that led me to return it.

    The foot latch that releases the upright portion of the vacuum is very difficult to use. I called the Eureka customer service line and they said that after 6 to 7 uses it would be much easier. It wasn't. I have to exert so much pressure that I sometimes hear cracking noises. I was wooried that I'd actually break a piece off. I couldn't use it without shoes (I try to keep shoes at the door). Even with shoes it was a problem. I had another person try it and they found the same problem.

    The original belt burned out in the first few weeks. Another was included in the package, but it left me wondering how long until I had to replace the new one. I have seldom replaced belts on other vacuums I have owned.

    I just tried to use the hose and attachments for the first time. The plastic part of the hose simply doesn't fit the extension atachement. I had to use both hands to hold it together while I suctioned some crumbs off the floor.

    Overall, this was not a good experience for me. I don't belly ache about most products, but returning a vacuum is not as easy as a CD or a small gift. My impression was that someone didn't check the vacuum before it was shipped. It's hard to believe this unit made it out the door.

    Given the positive reviews left by others, it could be that my unit was one of a few that experienced these problems. Caveat Emptor....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart Vac As Good As Avertised
    When researching for a good upright vacuum cleaner that cleans both carpets and bare floors the Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum was given very high ratings and a 'Best Buy" by a comsumer magazine. After receiving the vacuum and using it several times I find that it is as good as advertised. It is an exceptional cleaner that has a longer cord than most other vacuums I have used. The attachments work well especially on stairs. Except for being a little heaver than most, I believe that this vacuum was a good deal....more info
  • Eureka 4870 Boss Smart Vacuum
    Excellent Vacuum, Great Pick Up, and I have a dog and a cat! Hand tool is easy to work as well. It is a little on the heavy side,if you have to take it up and down steps alot, it can be cumbersome....more info
  • BEST Vacuum in this price range, unless you want to spend $300-$700 more for a better vacuum
    This is a great vacuum! Rated as one of the best by Consumer Reports.
    I got one of these 3 years ago, it was $130 at that time and its worth every penny of it. Just keep replacing filters and it works great. Very good suction, the BEST vacuum in this price range. If you are willing to spend $300 to $700 more, than you should find a better one. But on this one, even plastic parts are ok. I have 4 kids, so it takes a pretty good beating and it's still in one piece after 3 years. If I needed one, I'd be all over this one. ...more info
  • Great vacuum for people with strong arms
    As other reviewers have mentioned this vacuum has great suction but it's very heavy. I most certainly wouldn't suggest a vacuum like this for my grandmother, but as long as the weight isn't going to be an issue for you this vacuum is as good as you can get for the price.
    ...more info
  • Eureka Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum
    This machine has wonderful suction. It's ease of use has something to be desired and the user's manual is not very helpful. I had to call the company to fine out how to get it into bare floor mode. That is a hassle. It is also inconvenient to use the tools. I don't think I would buy it again....more info
  • Picks up everything!!!
    Works great. My only problem is that it's like a bull in a china shop;not very easy to manuver because of its weight, and I'm a big guy!! I bought it because it's a "best buy" pick by a comsumer magazine. It is. There is nothing in the pricrage that I demoed that came close. Buy it or spend 3 times more to get the same performace......more info
  • Very happy
    I did have to return this vacuum one time due to the brush roll not working. Amazon was wonderful during the exchange process. I had my new vacuum within the next two days. My new vacuum works great. I have two kids and a dog and the vacuum gets up everything left behind. So far I would buy this product again....more info
  • Great Price for a Heavy Vacuum
    Great price for a quality vacuum. It vacuums great. The bags are easy to find. As it is rather heavy; it is well suited for a ranch style house. The open handle does make it easier to lift. The cord is located low on the machine, so if you drop it you will have to bend to the floor to pick it up (or hook it with a foot and lift it up if you're that flexible). It seams that the engineers forgot to include the switch into the design; on the up side you can go to your local electronics shop and find the same exact switch if it ever breaks.

    Some assembly required . . . you will need a Phillips screwdriver to attach the handle to the body....more info
  • Good Sucker if you don't have anything to vacuum under
    This vacuum is the first upright I have ever purchased and I will never buy one again. It actually has a very powerful motor and sucks up everything pretty well just like all the reviewers say. But I can't stand that I can't vacuum under anything like beds or sofas or coffee tables because it has such a big head. Also, I don't like that it fills up vacuum bags after about only 6 times of vacuuming and I only live in a small apartment. Then the vacuum bags cost $6 for 4 (or something like that) which is pretty crazy when you have to replace them a hundred times a year. I would have bought the bagless one had I known.

    Also, when you use the hose and the attachments, because the suction is so good, it actually is very difficult to extend the hose since it will keep retracting back with the suction. The extension parts do not attach to the upright very well (I think other ppl mentioned this) - they fall off sometimes when I'm vacuuming. Lastly, the Paw thing is useless because you have to hold the paw part when you use it so you can't get under anything again. And you can't attach it anywhere to the vacuum so it's been lost now and I don't even know where it is....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I really like this vacuum for rooms that have both hardwood and carpets. It is very simple to change from one surface to another. Also the attachments are very easy to use. I would not recommend this vacuum for stairs I found it difficult to use. But, I purchased this vacuum because I was tired of carrying my old vacuum up and down the stairs. Now I leave the old one upstairs and this one is perfect for downstairs. Comsumer Report give this vacuum a good review. I liked this vacuum so much I got my daughter one. ...more info
  • Very Pleased
    I think the only bad thing I have to say about this vacuum is that it is a little heavy for a person who would be out of shape. I'm 34 and in pretty good shape. I have used it on wood floors and carpet and the suction is wonderful. My carpet is really a disgrace, but we can't afford to replace it. This vacuum allows me to feel better about my kids playing on our carpet. I've also use the little attachment for the stairs. It is great! I hope this review is helpful to you. I know after reading other reviews on Amazon it helped me to decide to go with this one....more info
  • This vacuum doesn't suck as much as I thought it would.
    It is a good vacuum. I like the cleaning ability, I love the long cord (wish it were retractable), I like the ease of changing from carpet to hard surface. I sometime still see debris on the floor that I have to go over a few times before it will pick it all up. The suction is not as great as it claimed. I still like it a lot and it is a good vacuum, but was a bit disappointed in that feature only....more info
  • The Boss is squeeky and irritating to use
    I bought this vacuum because Consumer Reports tagged it a "best buy" Well, not for me. I hated the way it's made. It squeeks when you push it, it's hard to use the attachments and is clumsy and heavy to use. The switch that stops the beater bar for hard floor cleaning is on the bottom of the unit, but you have to bend over and switch it by hand, you can't use your foot. And the switch is hard to move, I thought it wasn't working, but I just hadn't pushed it hard enough. It hurt my fingers. It may really clean the floor well, but it sure is a pain in the #@$% to use....more info
  • vacuum
    Strong suction. My wife likes how it pulls itself along and found it
    very easy to use. Onboard suction hose a big asset. Gets up nice and
    tight to edges. If it holds up well we will be very happy with it...more info
  • Problem right out of the box

    There was a problem with a spring right from the factory. Had to call Eureka & find a vacuum repair service center to have it fixed. Under warranty, so no problem with getting repaired at no cost.
    The vacuum works great & has so much power it practically pulls you through the house. Has good suction along walls and makes carpet look new.
    Only disappointment is that the tiger-paw attachment to do stairs does not come with a storage cradle on vacuum like some of the cheaper models!

    R.J.Doyle...more info
  • Good overall vacuum
    Nice vacuum, tools are easy to use. Has very good suction for rugs and carpets and a nice HEPA filtration set up. Good value....more info
  • Great product for a small price
    We have tried to get away with stick vacuums in our house for awhile but with our new wall to wall carpet the stick just didn't do the job. We have had this Eureka now for a month and that included cleaning up Dec. parties and pine needles from the Christmas tree. It was 5 times as fast this year getting those needles out of the carpet. This machine has a lot of power in suction and it really wants to propel itself across the carpet.

    My only negative critique is that the attachments which work well do not stay stored well on the unit.

    I would highly recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Eureka Boss Vacuum
    Very good performance, but a bit heavy and cumbersome to move around. The storage of the brush attachment is poor since it keeps falling off when you tilt the vacuum. Push/Pull carpet performance top notch. This was rated best by Consumers Reports....more info
  • WOW!
    Sucked my carpet clean and made it appear brand new! I love it!...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Sweeper Review
    This is the second 4870 sweeper we have purchased. This was a gift for our daughter. We bought ours as it was a Consumer's Reports Best Buy and have been very pleased. Highly recommended ...more info
  • Works great ,slightly on the heavier side ,, Solid vac
    I've using for the last two months or so -
    Solid Vac , Works exactly as what other reviewrs have to say
    Not very noisy ,, BEST PRICE @ AMAZON 125 SHIPPED ,,

    slightly on the heavier side ,, but quite OK
    Pls follow the way reviewers have to say on sliding the Vac ,, it works exactly like that --

    I ve been using it on a poorly managed apartment complex - - where in the carpet change is due but they are postponing ,and it has gotten harder to clean the carpet ,, this one works magic literally wonders
    for the price it is the best ,, ...more info
  • best vacume
    I purchased this vacume cleaner based on the consumer reports and reviews on Amazon. I used it right away and was suprised at how well it cleans my floor and it self propels. Very easy to use and the bag system is great. I use the stair wand weekly and am very happy I spent the extra $50. on a great vacume cleaner....more info
  • I love my vaccum
    I used this vaccum all the time it picks everything with great suction. I like the clear tubes on the side so if it clogs you can see what it is. The only thing I didn't like is the wheel mechanism underneath mine won't stay on properly. I wash they had longer extension hose for stairs. Beyond that I love it. I lend it to a friend and she raved about it so mcuh so wants to buy one too....more info
  • So far, so good.
    I was ready to spring for a Dyson. Then I read Consumers Reports and the amazon reviews and decided to give this vacuum a try. We've only had the vacuum two weeks, but in that time it has worked as Consumer Reports predicted. If the Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum continues to work this way, it is a viable option to a Dyson at a third the cost. ...more info
  • Lives up to expectations
    This Vacuum was rated highest by Consumer Reports on the basis of cost versus performance, and that is why I bought it.

    The Vacuum is exceptional. It is very powerful and cleans better than any other Vacuum I have owned. It is heavy but very easy to roll, and the light in front is a nice feature. Bag changing is very easy, and replacement bags easy to find.

    All in all, this Vacuum meets all the expectation one would have on a Consumer Report recommendation....more info
  • Powerful, but hard to maneuver
    This Eureka vacuum does a very good job, but is heavy and hard to maneuver in small spaces. It offers a great deal of resistance when moving it backwards, causing back strain. It is good having a long cord, but it tends to get in the way alot. A simple solution, and inexpensive, would be for future models to have the cord feed out of a retractable device, like a dog's leash. Even though I am pleased with the performance of this vacuum, next time I will buy one that is lighter and easier to handle....more info
  • great suction
    This vaccum is wonderful, fill a bag a month instead of 3 or 4 months on other vac.s. Less dust on furniture, it really cleans it out of the carpet, easy to use, self propelled on carpet, and love the power and performance....more info
  • Eureka Vac
    The vacuum operates as advertised. It cleans as well or better than our old vacuum that cost twice as much....more info
  • Great Vac, Great Price
    This is by the best Vac I have owned, bar none. Even though the stores had similar models for the same price, they aren't the same. The ones in the stores had less features and, I would have had to tack on 6% sales tax. With the free shipping, this worked out to be a great deal for a great vac. The suction is very good...some might say too good. But that is what vacs are supposed to do. When using the hose and attachments, you can adjust the suction with the dial used to switch from floor to hose by not turning it as far. You really can't go wrong with this one....more info
  • Rave reviews for the Boss Smart-Vac
    The Boss is the best, most powerful, vacuum cleaner I have owned. I have had an Electrolux and a Hoover Windtunnel. The Boss is light, easy to operate, and the suction is fantastic. The price is much cheaper than the others. I receive Consumer Reports each month and the Boss Smart-Vac was rated as one of their top picks. I can see why. You will not be dissapointed. ...more info
  • Nice vacuum
    Seems to be a good vacuum; cleans very well. The hose has excellent suction as you turn a dial and bypass the main vacuum. Time will tell. ...more info
  • Nice Vacuum
    Consumer Reports rates the Eureka 4870 boss as the best in class.
    I rate it as the best vacuum I've ever owned.
    It's quiet, it's powerful, and it comes with a pet attachement that works great on the the fine pet fur that gets into upholstery.
    In retrospect, I would not hesitate to buy another Eureka....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This vacuum works and is sturdy. It received top billing from Consumer Reports, and does not disappoint. Unlike its immediate predecessor, it comes nearly fully assembled, which was a plus for me. The clear tubes on the side allow me to see if something is stuck or was sucked up by mistake. I am thrilled with this vacuum!...more info
    It cleans very well but it is VERY heavy and clunky to use......more info
  • it in the details...belt hard to replace
    Appears to be a good vacuum -- bought it a few weeks ago -- only took my 14 year old one attempt to vacuum for him to break the belt -- wasn't too concerned about it until I realized that the belt is not one of the sizes routinely sold by supermarkets or hardware stores. So now its a project to replace the belt. But if that is not a concern for you -- don't buy it at Amazon -- in my search for a belt found this vacuum for $109 at Kmart. UGH!...more info
  • Awesome!!!! Pets, Children and Allergies
    This is the best vacuum I have ever owned. The 4870GZ model is the best vacuum for the price. I got it with two specials that were going on at Amazon for only $110. It is under $300 and very good with consumer reports.

    This is a great vacuum for any price if you have pets, allergies or children. I have all three. Two children, two large dogs and allergies. I sucks up everything. My model had the power paw which I have come to love.

    A vacuum with a bag is the only way to go for someone with allergies. I had a bagless vac, but couldn' empty it because I couldn't breath when exposed to all of the dust. I takes to long anyway to empty and clean. I like just throwing away the bag.

    Amazon was really great. I originally got the wrong model. This is because the first one I received was a rebuilt older model, but in the box of the model I ordered. Just human error. Amazon had UPS pick it up at my door the next day and the day after that I received the correct one. Excellent on timing.

    I have read reviews where people have reported it is too heavy. I am only 5 feet 2 inches and can carry it. It is a little heavier than other vacs but that is because it works so well. If you want a lighter vac it isn't going to clean as well. I don't really excersise but am use to picking up children. Older folks may have a probelm though.

    Also I have read that people have had problems lowering the handle. It is important to know that the button you step on does not go back towards you. It goes to the left. So when you step on it, do not push down towards yourself (assuming you are standing behind it), push out to the left.

    Another observation of mine has been that in order to change back and forth between bare floor and carpet you need to have the handle down. The switch is stiff, so don't be afraid to use a little pressure until it clicks into place.

    One more thing. It feels like the vacuum is self propelled. I think this is because the roller goes so fast. You can't even tell from looking that it is moving. It just takes off when you start. It is harder to pull back. This just further proves how well it is cleaning....more info
  • Great suction but too heavy
    I bought this vacuum after reading the reviews here and in Consumer Reports, which overall were positive. I had hoped this upright would be easier to use than my canister vacuum, which is awkward to maneuver around. The Eureka vacuum does work well and has better suction than my canister. However, I find the weight to be more of an issue than I had expected, especially having to carry it between floors. I still use my canister and use this upright only occasionally. I would have preferred to settle for a less powerful vacuum that was lighter in weight. The accessories that are supposed to be on board also have a tendency to fall off the unit during vacuuming, which is more of an irritation than an issue. ...more info
  • great suction
    has worked exactly like advertised and has such good suction that i have had to buy a bunch of extra bags because i keep filling them up so fast.

    excellent purchase, very happy....more info
  • on-board storage?
    Great vacuum. Great suction. Great accessories. Problem is that there is not enough places to put everything that comes with the vacuum. Other than that, its easy to use, filter is great! Only missed out on a 5 star because of the accessories on-board storage. Since it does not have on-board storage, it should have a case or small bag to hold the accessories in one place in the closet - but it does not....more info
  • Not bad
    I wish the vacuum was a little easier to handle.To move the handle it is hard to move. On the whole it is good for the money. Does work good on pet hair...more info
  • Powerful vacuum requires power to push
    Vacuum cleaner works very well, but it is heavy and requires a lot of muscle to push....more info
  • Good overall
    If it wasn't for its weight, I'd give this vacuum 5 stars...It has very good power and the really long cord is a nice feature as well. ...more info
    After having tried several uprights this is the one. Four pets, both hard wood and carpeted floors and the cleaner transitions nicely. Very pleased...more info
  • Eureka Boss - problems with belt
    I bought this item because it was a Consumer Reports best buy. The price was right and at first the performance was very good and so were the features. Then we started having trouble with the belt slipping and the beater bar not turning. We changed the vacuum belt with the extra one provided with the vacuum and were very careful to follow the directions exactly. This solved the problem for about 10 minutes and then it was broken again. I tried to call customer service at Eureka but it was all automated and not very helpful at all. It gave me the name of a vacuum repair center to take it to. I guess that's what I will do, but I'm very dissapointed that the vacuum needs repair after only 2 months of light use....more info
  • Cathi C.
    Best vacuum I've ever owned. Suction is great. Vacuums floors and carpets well. Very lightweight, easy to maneuver. Very happy with this purchase and the price was right!...more info
  • Super cleaning
    Cleans great and extensions are easy to use. It is quite heavy and so may no be the right cleaner for an older person....more info
  • a great sucker
    I like that this vaccum is quieter than any other upright that I've owned and that it sucks really well, both on carpet and tile floors. The only complaint that I have is that the latch to make the roller stop rolling for use on non-carpet floors is not easy to get into the mode and doesn't always work. Just takes some getting used to....more info
  • Eureka! I love it!
    Awesome! It works great. The only thing that I don't like about it is that the cord doesn't retract on its own. Other than that, it's great. Plus the price wasn't bad either....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum
    I think that the vacuum does an excellent job. It is a bit heavy to carry up and down stairs, though. The separate stairs attachment cleans fairly well but it is too noisy so I don't use it. I think the biggest drawback with this vacuum is that there is practically no suction when using the attachments. That is a big disappointment because I use the tools frequently....more info
  • When did everything become plastic?
    This is our first new vacuum in 20 years and I guess I shouldn't be surprised that almost everything about this vacuum is plastic. It has a few ergonomic bugs like the on-off button is down on the container, not up by the handle. Also the foot release button, to allow the upright portion of the vacuum to recline into the vacuuming position, is a bit of a bugger. And lastly there is a flip switch for hardwood floors that I cannot get to work right. It's probably me not following directions, which I never read, but it should be simpler.
    All that being said, it works really well as a vacuum....more info
  • Good vacuum
    Pros: inexpensive, not heavy weight, lots of suction.

    Cons: no automatic cord winder, I hate the release they use to get it from upright to useable position, still somewhat noisy vacuum....more info
  • Super Vacuum!
    This vacuum cleaner is great! I read about it in Consumer Reports and it has definitely lived up to CR's expectations. It runs smoothly and rather quietly. What I like most about it is you can easily switch from vacuuming the floor to using the hose without having to change or add the attachments. I am very pleased with this product, especially considering the price I paid for it....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I love this vacuum so much, i have one and bought my inlaws one as well. Works great for the money, very powerful suction and really gets into the carpet to clean it. Only have two concerns, it is heavy, but that ok, not a problem to push around though as the motor helps it along, secondly, it doesnt work very well on bare, tile, wood floors, have to use the attachment, as using the vacuum head just throws things around and has a hard time sucking things up unless you use the separate attachment. Not that much of an issue, just have to remember that....more info
  • Great Vacuum Cleaner
    The 4870GZ upright is a great vacuum cleaner - tremendous power and ease of operation. I was delighted with it's ability to really pull up the dirt. The only negative comment I have concerns weight - it is a heavy machine. But if you can accommodate that factor, then this vaccum is a terrific buy - and I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great Product
    The Smart-Vac was a great buy. It does a fantastic job on hardwood floors and carpets. The Power Paw attachment is great for picking up cat hair from chairs and couches. I would highly recommend this vacuum ...more info
  • Great for three weeks...
    Loved it for the first three weeks, then things started to break, beginning with the door latch. This was followed by the hose leaking and the brush ceasing to function. Too bad, because I thought it was a great machine to begin with....more info
  • done487
    Consumer reports rated this model as a best buy, don't buy it. I purchased this model three weeks ago and it is still sitting in their shop waiting for Eureka to ship an entire lower unit because the beater brush won't beat the medium pile carpet we have. The belt smells like it is burning because the beater is bogged down. If you look around you will see there are a lot of "factory reconditioned" models out there to buy. What does that tell you?...more info
  • First vacuum purchase
    We'd been using a hand-me-down from the college days, but it wasn't picking stuff up from the carpets. This is a huge improvement, with a couple of drawbacks: 1) it's very heavy (I have a bad back and my wife isn't athletic, and it's hard to take this up and down the stairs); 2) the hose attachment's flexible part is fairly short, then it has a long tube to extend (it would be better if the flexible part was longer)....more info
  • Beautiful Piece of Work
  • Don't believe Consumer Reports
    I purchased this vacuum because it came highly rated on consumer reports - it is a piece of junk. First I had problems with the brush, then I had to special order the HEPA filter because no store around had one. After about six months the step clip thing fell off - and whenever I vacuum, it falls off.

    The vacuum bag door always pops up - latch isn't broken, but it doesn't hold either. Vacuuming is a frustating experience to say the least.

    The section isn't bad - but considering everything that happens during vacuuming (bag door popping off, step clip not holding). I would say that this vacuum is a huge waste of money. I've had mine for a little over a year and I need to buy another one as this one is just frustrating to use. ...more info
  • Liked the older models better
    I purchased a Eureka vacuum 10 years ago and loved it because the attachments were easy to access and fit well on the exterior of the vacuum. It finally broke, so I looked for the latest Eureka model on the market. This unit rates well with consumer reports as a low priced option compared to other more expensive vacuums, but it's a little too big, and the attachments don't fit on the back of the unit as well as before. One of the attachments (wide to pick up hair/fur off a bed or couch) just won't stay affixed to the vacuum with the current snap design right underneath the cord which knocks it off during use. It's a terrible design compared to the older Hepa models where the attachments hooked vertically onto a post. Plus, there isn't a second handle lower on the vacuum when you have to go upstairs. There is only a handle on the top which is too high when transporting to different levels of your house. That along with the increase in size/bulkiness makes it difficult to maneuver. ...more info
  • Brush Roll Problems
    I, like a lot of other reviewers out there, bought this vacuum on the advice of Consumer Reports. They had it listed as their "best buy." They definitely messed up on this one.

    I have experienced a substantial amount of belt slippage on my vacuum. In my opinion, it is just bad design. There are no gears on the belt. It is a smooth belt turned by a smooth motor shaft. No wonder it slips.

    I ended up taking my vacuum into a service center to assist me with replacing the belt. I was not encouraged by his comment that "that thing is a piece of junk." He thought I would get two years out of it, tops. He says that he does a lot of brush roll replacements on them because the design of it allows pet hair to become trapped in the ends of the brush roll.

    I have come to learn that if you want a good vacuum, you need to spend $300 or more. I think I will consult with a different source than Consumer Reports on my next vacuum purchase, too....more info
  • Do not get fooled by the positive reviews
    I bought this Vacuum after reading so many positive reviews out there in the Internet and Consumer Reports rating. But as few of them have mentioned here, this unit stopped working in 3 months. It was very good until it worked for 3 months. One day the brush stopped rolling and would never roll on any carpet. I tried all options (Low carpet to high) and even changed the belt (extra one provided with the machine) but the brush never rolled and hence no suction. I found the nearest service center and took this vacuum for service. The first thing the service guy asked me was why I bought this unit. He told me that this is a terrible unit and he gets this vacuum for service all the time and they typically start giving problems from 3rd month. He also told me that it was over rated and Consumer Reports messed up their review on this particular model.

    - This vacuum is very good when it works.

    - Full of plastic and vacuum will start giving trouble from 3 months.
    - Generates heat and belt needs to be replaced very often
    - Stops working (sucking) pretty often

    Bottom-line: Do not buy this unit
    ...more info
  • I LOVE this vacuum!!!
    I bought this vacuum after a lot of research. It had a good ratings regarding suction, which was very important to me since my old vacuum had no suction whatsoever. The price was also right since I didn't want to spend too much. I liked the fact that it had a HEPA filter as well. Well this vacuum is amazing. It totally cleaned my carpets and area rugs and made them look brand new! I amnot sure why some people are having trouble with the lever. Yes, you do have to have shoes on to do it but it is not that hard to do. The trick is not to pull it towards you but away from the vacuum towards the side. And if you push the lever twice you can get the vacuum totally parallel to the floor for getting under the bed, etc. Also, it is not that heavy. I mean it has a pretty powerful motor so you can't expect it to be feather-weight, but I am a pretty small person and I really did not have any problems taking it upstairs. It was lighter than I expected after the reading the reviews. All in all this is a great vacuum that does the job for a good price!...more info
  • Good suction but otherwise cheap
    It really picks up. But it is almost impossible to release the handle from upright position. I weigh about 150 and I have to stand on the little plastic release lever with both feet and bounce while rocking the handle back and forth. I am sure I will break it one of these days. Also the hose is too short. And there is not a bare floor cleaning attachment. I really miss being able to vacuum our wood flooring using a light hose accessory rather than a loud heavy vacuum that cannot reach at all beneath furniture. I would look for another vacuum if I had another chance....more info
  • Do not buy, not worth for money
    I had this UREKA vacuuum for 1.5 years and it gave trouble after 8-10 months. First the brush rotated but no suction. You have to give it rest for 1-2 hours and when the motor cooled down, it worked again. Today after doing 2 rooms only the whole component died. I put that to rest but not sure whether it will awake again. I do not recommend UREKA to anybody. Just not worth it. ...more info
  • I love it! But...
    I absolutely love the suction on this vacuum. It works so well, that with 3 big indoor/outdoor dogs and 3 cats, I have to change the bag every couple of weeks. On the other hand...the release peddle is pretty hard to push and I have to push on it several times before I get it down. The extension hose also always falls off the hooks. The carpet/bare floor feature has never worked and after only a couple months I can't even change the carpet height!! I don't know if I just have a dud or what. Other than that, the suction works great and I love it! But as for the one I have...I have to take it back....more info
  • Great Purchase!
    This is a great deal for the money. I had one of these and ruined it by vacuuming up a wet carpet by mistake. I took it to be repaired and found it was cheaper to replace than fix. So I bought another one. I love the sealed in filter, it's easy to use and push, and it's not as loud as my old Dirt Devil. Excellent buy and I received it in 2 days! ...more info
  • Do not buy this vacuum
    I've had this vacuum for several months now and as the previous reviewer mentioned, after a few weeks, I also had the same problem where the carpet brush would not run on our average carpet fiber height even on the highest setting (the brush would not spin) so it generates a constant rubber burning smell due to the fact that the belt is burning itself out. The belt is not flexible and you can't adjust the tension. I changed 4 belts so far and now I'm throwing this vacuum away. I've given up.

    I subscribe to Consumer Reports and always purchase several items based on their recommendations as I did with this vacuum. I tell you one thing, they definitely messed up on this one. I guarantee you the people who work there, did not test this vacuum long enough to discover this major flaw.

    The person that works at the vacuum store told me: Why in the heck did you buy this model? He told me he's had several people complain about the exact same issues...

    So my advice to you is SAVE YOUR MONEY!!...more info
  • real problems with the motors
    Bought the vacuum cleaner at a great rate from an amazon store front great people to deal with. The cleaner started out great then a pop and nothing. Went on line to an authorized Eureka dealer and spoke with an associate. Took it to the site they recommended and found out that the motor had burned out. Seems this is a real problem with the vacuum as many have been replaced with new motors. The associate (off the record) said it was junk. All plastic, not well made. I bought this cleaner on others opinions and was greatly suprised with what I did get. Needless to say I am now out of a vacuum for a few weeks for repair especially since I live 75 miles from an authorized dealer to repair it. I would think again before I bought another....more info
  • Beware! Amazon Rip Off! Refurbished Product!!!
    Ordered and purchased a new vacuum for $149.99. I received a refurbished product, which I could have purchased elsewhere for $79.99. Amazon customer service is absolutely terrible, via telephone. I would buy from another vendor!...more info
  • small annoyances = great payoff ( 4 1/2 stars, actually )
    I purchased this vacuum based on the Consumer Reports review, got it at a GREAT price through Amazon... even with the few annoying traits it has shown, it's a keeper. In my experience, it has been easy to assemble, easy to understand how to operate and change modes of operation, unbelievable suction (visible dirt is sucked into the vacuum from the carpet even before the front of the vacuum reaches it!),almost feels self-propelled. Came with an unexpected Power Paw hand vacuuming attachment that works wonderfully for upholstery and pet hair. No more having to haul out the Dirt Devil for the furniture!

    On the annoyances list: it IS heavy if you have to pick it up and carry it, but not to the point of unmanageable for me. I imagine an elderly person would have an awful time if they had to get this upstairs.
    The handle release foot latch is very stiff to operate, can be painful to push on with a bare foot. I recommend getting down near the latch and observing what kind of motion you actually need to apply for it to release- more of an outward push than a downward one. I've found it easier to release with my hand than with my foot. Also if I stand NEXT TO the vacuum, with my left foot next to the switch, then using that left heel to release the switch while the vacuum and I are facing in opposite directions... it seems to give me more leverage with less effort. If you are standing facing the same direction that the vacuum is facing, use your right heel rather than your left. It'll help you make the correct motion somewhat. They really do need to address this one, though.

    Any other annoyances are so rare and minor: the hose flops off it's holder, the plug falls out of the wall, the cord needs to be handled a lot- all of these things happen when i am working aggressively (perhaps Eureka is trying to teach me to relax my cleaning style a bit???!)

    For me, the pros outweigh the cons. Just like with the husband.

    If only the company would monitor these review sites and tweak what they have given us so far..................more info
  • Would not recommend!
    It is very heavy and unmanageable. You have to practically stand on the handle release pedal to get it to release. Does not work well on floors. Only positive is that is has a lot of power. I use it only for the attachments - not for floors. Very disappointed and would not recommend....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss vacuum
    We got a great deal after e-discounts, etc. on this vacuum, only $125.00 with free shipping. It is quiet, cleans good and excellent for the price. The only negatives I found were that it is heavy, sometime difficult to get out of the upright position and the accessories hose and electrical cord are a little short. Other than that, the Power paw is excellent for picking up animal hair. As long as you consider the negatives, it is excellent for the price and quality....more info
  • Great Vacuum!!!
    After reading Consumer Reports I purchased this vaccum. It won their best buy award after beating vacuums priced up to $500.

    All I can say is that after openning the box and turning it on, I immediately noticed how quiet this model is compared to other vacuums. It also feels like a quality vacuum. Anyhow, I'm confident my carpet will remain super clean and I honestly couldn't be happier! It is very easy to use and works great!

    Get this vacuum! You won't regret it!...more info
  • Don't buy this item
    We used it 3 times and it no longer works. Smells like the motor is burning. Brush and height adjustment don't work. Heavy to use....more info
  • Pretty good vacuum
    Cleans well but quite heavy to push. Attachment placements are at back of vacuum and difficult to attach. Suction and bristle bar does a good job of picking-up dirt....more info
  • Cleans great, but very inconvenient to use
    Overall it cleans the carpets and hardwood floors really well. I have 5 longhaired cats and 2 huskies that shed a lot - this vacuum picks up their hair great! However, it is really heavy, bulky, and difficult to use. It is very difficult to release the handle/recline foot pedal (seems to be "stuck" now - at first I couldn't get the handle to stay upright). Also, the switch to go from hardwood to carpet is inconveniently located at the bottom of the unit and is also difficult to release. I wish the nozzle for hand attachments was a little longer. It's better than most for cleaning, but I would not recommend it to my friends/family since it's difficult to use....more info
  • Just a warning
    I received my vacuum a little over a month ago and it immeadiately had what we suspected to be a problem - the carpet brush would not run on our average length carpet (even on the highest setting) while holding it at a comfortable angle. You had to lean over to get the angle correct so that the brush could spin while vacuuming, otherwise there was a burning odor. The vacuum did very well at cleaning our carpet, it was just a back breaking effort to do so and I'm young and in good shape.

    We finally called the Eureka helpline and they gave us a few locations of repair shops. I just got back and decided to write a review of the troubling comments the man at the store had. He said this vacuum is the most problematic vacuum in the country and that even though Eureka will cover most of the common repairs he's seen, sometimes it can take 4-6 weeks for them to do so. Luckily for us, it was just a belt problem so it was a 10 minute fix and cost us just $2 for the labor. The rest will be covered by warantee. He said that he'll probably be getting to know us really well.

    After a quick test, it still seems like while the problem is lessened a little, the angle is still not the most comfortable.

    I was happy to find such a highly rated vacuum on Amazon and thought that I was getting a great deal, but I am disappointed. I just wanted to spread the warning from the very friendly vacuum repair man. Good luck with yours!...more info
  • great helper !
    the best vacuum i have ever used. it is powerful. pulled the nap up on my old carpet like when it was new. like walking on a cloud....more info
  • Eureka Upright
    This vacuum cleaner did a great job but turned out to be excessively "heavy" to use, perhaps because of it's suction power, so we had to return it. Amazon handled the return efficiently and to our complete satisfaction. Advice?: Try the vacuum out at a store before buying, and save yourself a lot of trouble. ...more info
  • It's great!
    I am pretty happy with this purchase. Our old vacuum cleaner just didn't have that much suction -- this one sure does! My only complaints are that it's heavier than my former vacuum and that the cord gets in the way at times. Other than that it's been smooth sailing....more info
  • Pretty Darn Good Vacuum!
    I LOVE the versatility of the Eureka 4870GZ vacuum. I only wish the hose attachment was a bit longer to reach all the nooks and crannies when I use it to vacuum out my car - which I have to do more often than I would like! Otherwise it is a super machine - and easy to assemble and use!...more info
  • Great Sweeper
    We bought this sweeper instead of the Dyson, because con. report had it rated higher. We paid a lot less and we are very happy with this product....more info
  • Thumbs down to consumer reports ratings
    Broken brush roller after 1st use. Eureka service was poor at best. Waited 4 weeks for Eureka to replace it. Never received a replacment. Finaly I called Amazon. The only bright spot was Amazon had no problem with giving me a refund....more info
  • very good vacuum
    It took for me three days to read all the reviews and to choose the right
    vacuum for me. We have carpets in all house. The vacuum is great. It is a
    little bit heavy but I carry it only up and down the stairs. When I vacuum it gives me
    the feeling of a self propelled vacuum--very easy to operate.
    ...more info
  • Unhappy
    There is undoubtedly a great deal of power in this vacuum. BUT it is very heavy, more like an industrial than a household appliance. It is clumsy to maneuver and its plastic controls require extra strength to operate. For example, to press the pedal that controls the machine one needs SHOES with thick soles! It is convenient that it is also a canister, but the dial that controls it requires a lot of strength. In other words this is not for the average home user. If I could I would definitely return it in exchange for something lighter and more friendly....more info
  • Couldn't be happier...
    I purchased this vacuum cleaner to replace a less-than-two-year-old upright Hoover Windtunnel, which cost over $300 and was constantly breaking. This vacuum cleaner was less than half the price of the Hoover and works at least twice as well. With three cats, the "Power Paw" attachment worked like a charm to remove embedded kitty hair from the sofa. The suction power is unbelievably strong, both with and without attachments! No dust, easy to assemble, and fun to use--I use this for EVERYTHING--from dusting lamps and light bulbs to sucking cobwebs off the ceiling. I didn't find it heavy or difficult to use at all (tip: when stepping on the handle release lever, don't use pressure to push down--move your foot to shift the lever slightly out to the left), and I love the no-tangle cord. For the price, this machine can't be beat....more info
  • Review of Eureka Best Buy Vacuum.
    This Vacuum is rated a best buy by Consumer Reports. Sure can see why. It's quieter than our old vacuum, wider, and much more powerful. If I had to buy another vacuum again tomorrow, I'd buy another one of these....more info
  • Quiet with great suction
    I purchased the Boss Smart Vac to replace a very expensive Hoover that I had constant problems with. I thought I would spend a whole lot less and if it didn't work that great after a while, I wouldn't feel bad about replacing it. To my surprise the Smart Vac is so much quieter and has so much better suction than the Hoover ever had, even when it was new. I have 2 dogs, and it picks up the hair with just one swipe. I am very impressed with my new vacuum and would highly recommend it....more info
  • Great Value, Great Vacuum
    This is a great value, epecially when you can get the $25 off when Amazon has their Kitchen and Housewares special. So for the final price of $125, its as good as it gets. This is so much quieter than my Hoover, which after only 5 years got so loud, I stopped using it. The one I ordered just last week came with a "Power Paw" attachment that is better than anything I've tried on my dog hair of my two dogs. It is not the lightest vacuum, but hey, thats why you have stick vacuums for quick cleaning. The suction is powerful that it really picked up the long and curly dog hairs on my berber carpet that tends to really hold onto the dog hair. Buy it if you are looking for a good vacuum at a good price.
    Definately agree that it is a Consumer Reports "Consumer Best Buy."...more info
  • 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum
    This is an awesome vaccuum. The only thing to watch out for is the foot button that releases the vacuum from the uprigt position. It is a little hard to activate. Understand this ahead of time before you by the vaccuum and you will not be dissapointed....more info
  • Excellent! Does the job.
    I purchased this vacuum after seeing the other feedback. It does exactly what I needed it to do...Pick up the cat hair! We purchase a new dark colored rug and my old vacuum couldn't get all the cat hair up and it always looked like it was covered in lint. I purchased this vacuum and tried it on the rug and it picked up all the cat hair so my rug didn't look linty any more!!! I am very happy with this vacuum. The only drawback it the model I purchased does not have a place to store the CLAW attachment and one of the attachments in the back doesn't stay on very well, but for the money it was well worth it! I highly recommend this vacuum....more info
  • Compact design
    The vacuum cleaner is cleverly designed in its use of space for hose accessories. Everything has a neat space. More important, the Eureka works exceedingly well both on carpets and bare floors. It is also fairly light weight, requiring little muscle power to maneuver it.

    I do wish, however, that the machine could be further lowered to the floor so one could vacuum under furniture or beds without having to move them or avoid having to kneel down to use attachments for cleaning.

    Still, a great buy....more info
  • Works OK but is is heavy and hard to manuever
    Believe the other reviews, I didn't and I found out for my self that it IS very heavy and the attachment hose IS too short. The vacuum works OK but I think most people would trade a little less suction performance for a lot less weight. Also there is no place to grab the body of the unit if you want to move it up stairs. It is very clumbsy!...more info
  • I like it so much, I bought one for my daughter
    I purchased this vacuum based on the reviews of other Amazon customers and have been very happy with it. It replaces a fifteen year old Electrolux upright. The only complaints I have are that the hose is a little stiff and the foot pedal to release the handle is also a little stiff. But, the suction is great, the paw attachment works wonderfully on pet hair and the price was right....more info
  • handle release hard to use
    This vac works great and is quieter than my hoover wind tunnel I had. I wish it would vac the edges better and the handle release is difficult to get to release, but other than that, it is worth the money!...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart upright vacuum
    Very good vacuum althought is is heavy to handle. Great price from Amazon....more info
  • Best Vacuum for the Buck!!
    This vacuum is the best I've had - can't understand some of the complaints in the reviews. It's not that heavy and has AWESOME sucking power. No drawbacks that I've experienced - Go for it!!!...more info
  • It's effective, but heavy & hard to assemble
    Biggest pluses: the vacuum cleaner is powerful and reasonably priced.

    The vacuum cleaner is heavy. I have my husband carry it upstairs when I use it there.

    Assembly is not easy. I still can't figure out where some of the accessories are supposed to attach.

    Vacuum tends to blast dust backwards onto my feet.

    Customer service was friendly....more info
  • Brushroll Won't Work!
    After vacuuming 2 rooms, the beater brushroll stopped working! It will still turn, as long as it is not in contact - AT ALL - with the carpet! I had smelled something like plastic burning, so I changed the belt, but that did not help. The local Eureka Service Center couldn't fix it, either! I have sent it back and will try something else....more info
  • Something to hold onto!
    Please don't tell anybody----- my last vacuum cleaner cost me more than $1,500.00! I recently purchased the Eureka Boss model 4807G at a fraction of the cost of my original vacuum (the name shall not be mentioned, to protect the guilty.)

    I purchased the Eureka thinking I would use it as a backup only to discover it is more fun to use and does a better job. Since purchasing it , my daughter's sensitivity to pollens has diminished (I believe this is due to its Hepa filtration system.) I also like the handle - it is ergonomically shaped to hold more easily.

    If you are looking for a vacuum that looks good, sounds good, cleans good and just feels good; (while saving money) this Boss is for you!...more info
  • This one's a "SUCKER"
    Like many others, I also read the Consumer's Report, which made me purchase this vaccum from Amazon one month ago.

    After using bagless vacs for all these years, I was kind of skeptic to using one with bag, I actually enjoyed it and it keeps the air & my hands clean.

    Many have complained about having hard time pushing due to its strong sucksion, which I find it pretty managable, probably b/c I've used other heavier ones.

    I also agree with others that it's difficult to pull the handle back using the foot-step.

    So far, I find this vac to be very powerful (which new vacs should be). Now, I'm waiting to see its performance after 1 year.

    One side note, the dial from bare floor to carpet is loose on mine, so I never got to test this function. I just vaccum my tile floor using the same setting as carpet. No tile is scratched....more info
  • Belt breaks all the time!
    The brush roll control switch is poorly designed. You have to force it until it clicks into the "Bare Floor" position. This never really completely disengages the belt though ... I can smell the belt material burning away. Then when it's time to clean the carpeted rooms, it breaks. This happens about every two uses. Also the handle release is REALLY hard to engage. I'm ready to trash this thing if I cannot get it replaced or fixed....more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss: pretty good...with flaws
    I've had this vacuum for 2 weeks now and have used it moderately. I am relatively pleased with it on many levels, however there are some annoyances and poor design features

    1) It has great suction (the best feature!), and the knob to switch from floor to hose cleaning is very convenient and easy to use. Attachments are good as well.

    2) Although it is quite heavy (compared to my earlier vacuums), it's not too bad to push around.

    3) The switch to turn the roller off/on is inconveniently located and can be difficult to push. Moreover, the foot lever to switch the vacuum from an upright position is cheap, and is very often difficult to disengage. You feel like it's going to break every time you trigger it, and you have to use your heel and push on it gently

    4) The hose will become dislodged if you vacumm too vigorously...maybe this is just me, but it's annoying...

    Otherwise, I'm glad I made the purchase and I hope it lasts!...more info
  • The best vac I've ever used
    I needed a powerful, efficient vac, since my rugs hadn't been vacuumed properly in months (I was getting by with an electric sweeper). This vac was everything I hoped it would be and more! It's pretty heavy, but that's a small price to pay for how well this vac works. It got my rugs so clean that you would almost think they had been shampooed. So much embedded dirt had been removed! I like the fact that you can direct all the suction into the hose with just one turn of the dial. This was of invaluable help when it came time to clean crevices. My rugs are sparkling!

    There is a very good selection of attachments: a wand that telescopes to about four feet, a brush head, a crevice cleaner, and a small vacuum head to get into those tight areas. There is also a power paw that helps if you have spot of particularly stubborn hair, etc. to suck up. The bag is easy to install, and the filter is a plus!! A 5-star rating all around to this wonderful vac!...more info
  • Good vacuum, terrible shipping
    This vacuum probably works fine if you buy it in a store. The problem is the manufacturer's box is too flimsy for UPS delivery. The vacuum has many thin plastic parts. The first one arrived broken. I asked for a replacement and it also arrived broken and the box is so smashed up that I need to buy a new box to put it in before I can ship it back. It costs the same amount in most stores so there is no reason to buy this from Amazon....more info
  • not what 'consumer reports' makes it out to be
    I bought this a year ago based on the 'consumer reports' article. It cleans well enough, but is very large, heavy and difficult to manuver. I'm a nurse and work a very physical 12 hr shift, so at first I thought managing this vacuum would be 'no problem', but even thought I CAN do the work, I sure don't like it. It's extra wide and doesn't fit where my prior vacuum could go. It's heavy and bulky and you really have to hit your foot down to release the handle to guide the vacuum. It makes a terrible noise when you go over bare flooring if you forget to twist this 'not too easy to twist' dial to change to the 'bare floor' mode(A different control than the height adjuster). The bag is smaller than prior models I've had and is not a commonly found type. The hepa filter is nice and the cleaning is decent, but wish I'd checked around a little more. Knowing what I know now, I wouldn't have bought it. It's too much of a chore to use. ...more info
  • An outstanding vacuum for a wonderful price!
    I purchased my Eureka 4870GZ Boss off Amazon back in February. I am extremely picky about cleaning -- the vacuum I'd been using for the past six years was a Hoover model I'd gotten when my late grandmother passed away, and it was terrific. When IT passed away I decided to do some consumer sleuthing. Excellent recommendations for this Eureka model (Consumer Reports, online reviews) prompted me to purchase it.

    I've been supremely pleased with that decision from the day I put it together (which was delightfully simple, I might add). The suction power is very impressive. The various attachments, as well as the easy transition from floor-to-hose suctioning, are all great features.

    I will say that the on/off floor pedal is still something which I feel I am wrestling with sometimes when turning the machine on and off. The same is true for the knob that adjusts the vacuum height. Honestly, though, for the price this appliance sells for and considering the magnificent performance of this Eureka, the small flaws are easily overlooked....more info
  • Does the job for a low price
    I purchased this item based on it's inexpensive price and good overall reviews. For the past 7 years I've used an old, heavy, but great cleaning Kirby vacuum. It finally broke down and I bought a 2nd vacuum (Eureka). Here's what I found out over the past 7 months:

    Has great cleaning suction for carpets. It does that auto move forward thing, so you don't have to exert too much effort to push it. The hose is attached and ready to go with a flick of the hand. Although I love my Kirby, it's a real chore to get the hose attached/detached. So having it attached increases the likelihood of using it all the time!

    It's heavy though, so you don't want to haul it up and down stairs. In order to get the handle to flip back for vacuuming, you must step on this black, hard plastic button. It hurts my feet and I have to put on shoes to do it. We couldn't find vacuum bags at the local Kmart, but our local vacuum store had them. And the belt broke after 7 months of use, but was easily replaced.

    Bottom line... For the price ($149 & free s/h) it was worth it. But before I'd buy another vacuum, I'd like to make sure that I could easily flip the handle down without straining myself, because it's the one truly irritating point for me, personally. ...more info
  • Review of Eureka 4870
    I returned two different 4870's. They both had the same problem: the brush roll would not rotate with the switch properly set to the "carpet" position.
    My low pile carpet has a one half inch foam pad beneath it. I think that was the problem, but I could not verify that that was the cause through communications with 3 different customer service reps.

    I performed each of the following steps, but in a different order from what I recommend below:

    1. From Eureka's web site find the nearest service location and distance you must travel if repair is needed.
    2. Check out the service center from the Better Business Bureau web site.
    3. If the Service Center has an acceptable rating, go back to Eureka's web site to see if they sell the type vacuum you want. If they sell other Eureka products, but not the one you want consider that a red flag.
    4. Call them and ask about their experience with the Boss Smart-Vac.
    5. At least skim all reviews on Amazon's site and read in detail the negative ones. In my case I was not turned off by any except the ones that mentioned premature belt breakage and the brush roll not turning.
    6. If you don't have a spongy rug pad and are satisfied with the responses to your inquiries go ahead and order the Smart-Vac.

    I did request to talk with a design engineer or quality engineer from Eureka. Customer service could not or would not connect me or give me a phone number. At that point I decided to return the second vac and it was not worth my effort to inquire further....more info
  • The best vacuum ever - if you have the strength to push it.
    I just got this vacuum and love everything about it; yet I will be returning it because it is far too heavy. The suction is awesome which adds to the drag of trying to push it. Some ot the things that impressed me most: 1) It has a switch that directs the suction from the floor to the hose - it's so easy! 2) There is NO exhaust, no dusty smell, and the vacuum itself does not become dusty. On the con side: All of the switches (roller height adjustment, handle adjustment, airflow switch etc...) are plastic and don't easily turn. I get the feeling they might break. I would take that risk and keep the vacuum, though, if only it weren't so heavy and therefore difficult to use. I'm looking to trade this in for one of the light weight Eurekas instead. ...more info
  • Great suction till it broke
    Had it for less than a year.

    On the plus side the suction was great. Bags were hard to find locally but easy to find online. I bought it on the strength of the the consumers report rating (best buy.)

    After a few months the brush stopped spinning and the carpet adjustment got stuck on the highest setting. Something in the release mechanism has jammed and does not let the belt engage. You will find a few other reviews with a similar issue. As others mentioned it is very difficult to press the tilt/release mechanism and the vacuum is very heavy...feels even heavier because of the suction (which is a good thing.)

    Unfortunately, consumers reports doesn't test them for durability. If they did, this one would have gotten a "not recommended" rating....more info
  • Powerful vacuum
    Very impressive vacuum. The best one I have had. Suction is awesome. I like the power paw for stairs. The hardwood floor function works fine too. The hose isn't too long so if you are talking about more than 5-6 stairs you might have to trick it out....more info
  • Does what it was described to do.
    We love our new vacuum! We've had it for about 3 weeks now and it cleans our apartment carpets spotlessly. There is no dust or an "aftersmell" that vacuums usually leave. And one of the biggest factors for me is that it's not too unwieldy or heavy to move around.
    My husband does complain about the placement of the cable and that it's not retractable but it's a small price to pay for an otherwise great vacuum.
    I bought it after reading the many reviews here and when CR chose it as a best buy. ...more info
  • Beyond Excellent
    This vacuum is, simply put, the best vacuum I've ever used. I grew up with a Kirby, supposedly one of the best ever made, and this one blows it off the map.

    The best feature is the ability to switch from floor to hose with just the twist of a knob. I find myself vacuuming things that I previously never touched with such an appliance. From mini-blinds to closet doors and knick-knacks, this feature makes "dusting" a thing of the past. No longer will I schlep through the house with a nasty rag and a bottle of spray just to kick more dust into the air than I actually clean.

    Being able to adjust the suction by only turning the knob halfway to HOSE allows me to dust delicate collectibles and the tops of dressers without worrying about causing damage. I'm even able to finally get the dust off my silk flower arrangements safely!

    The next best feature is the ease of use on bare floors. I now vacuum my kitchen instead of sweeping it. This vacuum is THAT good.

    The true test of any vacuum, though, is how well it will clean 12 year old beige carpet. This vacuum passes with flying colors. In fact, parts of my carpet that were distinctly grayish are now back to being a nice sandy beige! The brush rolls at such a fantastic rate that the carpet even FEELS better beneath our feet.

    I couldn't be more pleased with this purchase. The price is quite affordable compared to the high-end models and the features are outstanding.

    This is truly a "best buy"....more info
  • Good vacuum for the money
    We like the vacuum. Found it after finding an internet link that mentioned Consumer Reports findings on it. Has great suction and I like how it blows dust, etc., around it so it can be vacuumed up. It is a little heavy to use but powerful. So powerful I ruined a long rug in the laundry room by sucking it up....but didn't hurt the vacuum. This vacuum replaced an old cheap Hoover upright I purchased 8 years ago. My favorite all time upright was a Panasonic vacuum I bought in the mid 80's that lasted until 1998! It is hard to find Panasonic vacuums .....and the parts. ...more info
  • So Far So Good
    I bought this vacuum a month ago, and so far I'm happy with it. I like the convenience of not having to attach the hose to anything for above-the-floor cleaning, all you have to do is turn the dial and start vacuuming. Another good feature is being able to turn off the beater brush when vacuuming bare floors. My old vacuum (a Dirt Devil) would blow the cat hair away before it ever got close to picking it up! This one sucks it up as soon as it gets close. Also, this model is much quieter than my old vaccum. ...more info
  • Eureka vacuum
    Does a good job of cleaning but is very heavy and awkward to handle. The release to lower the handle is hard to use. Not for an older person or someone who can't lift alot of weight....more info
  • Eureka Smart Vac
    The vacuum has lots of power and I like the way it cleans . . it's just soooo heavy. It also has no way of checking how full it is without removing the cover. Removing the bag is also very awkward and its difficult to do so without spraying dust everywhere....more info
  • Great vacuum for the money.
    Does a great job. The plastic parts are a little chintzy but most vacuums seem to be all plastic these days. Can't beat it for the price....more info
  • heavy
    Vacuum is heavy to push, since the motor is in the upright part and not at the base. It vacuums well but is hard to maneuver. Had to call customer service to see how to switch to bare floor. (Push yellow lever really hard!)...more info
  • disappointment
    I purchased this vacuum because it was a consumer reports best buy. I found it very difficult to use. The foot pedal release was very hard to use, and moving the vacuum while in use was not easy. It came missing part of the telescopic tube, and an attachment that would not attach properly to the vacuum when not in use. I returned this product right away....more info
  • Best on cat hair--cleans floors, furniture!
    Wow. All I can say is Wow. I just got this vacuum, based on other good reviews, and it actually exceeds my expectations.

    I have a 1-BR apartment, and two cats. The cat hair gets everywhere. I vacuumed all the floors and was impressed with the suction power--I had to actually tug on the handle to get it to come back to me. I noticed afterward that the carpet actually FELT different under my feet, like it had really been deep cleaned. Then, I used the crevice tool to get in all the corners, where all that hair likes to hide--it sucked it all right up. Then, here's the best part. I put the Power Paw rotating-brush-head on the hose, and wiped down all my upholstered furniture. The cat hair came off like magic. I even vacuumed places that didn't look dirty, because with a HEPA filter I knew I was removing cat dander and who knows what else. Even that gross hairy place where the cat sleeps? Clean as a whistle now, in about two seconds. Get this--after vacuuming my small apartment, which I didn't think was even all that dirty, the bag was half full. This vacuum finds the dirt and kills it.
    Oh, and it's quiet too, as vacuums go.

    The cons are really that it's almost too powerful--the stretch hose doesn't actually stretch that much because the motor sucks it back in so hard. And, it will not vacuum your small throw rugs, it will MURDER them (use the Power Paw and bend over to do them.)

    The bottom line is, if you need a vacuum cleaner, you MUST buy this one. You must....more info
  • Great Vacuum Power, Poor Design
    This vacuum does a great job of cleaning my floors. My house is probably 70% carpet and 30% tile floors and is one level. I do not think this vacumm is as heavy, as mentioned in earlier reviews. That comment alone made me hesitant to purchase it, but I found the vacumm moves easily.

    A couple of design flaws that I don't care for are the pedal you need to step on to actually pull the handle back to move the vacuum. It's tight and in an awkward place, that is just begging to get broken quickly. Next is the hose. It doesn't wrap tight enough around the pegs to keep if from coming lose and getting in the way. A third nuisance is that the plug doesn't fit tight enough into the wall outlet to prevent it from coming unplugged. Then there is the "telescoping" handles that I haven't yet mastered on how to use them easily.

    I think the vacumm does a great job of picking up the dirt. It's the above mentioned flaws that are irksome and slows down the cleaning. ...more info
  • Features
    After seeing and using my daughter's vacuum, we investigated various makes and models and settled on Eureka and then learned that this model is an upgrade of my daughter's vacuum. Then we checked prices in all the locations we could find. Amazon had the best price and incentives for this model vacuum. We like the features and flexibility that this vacuum has and look forward to using it for years to come...more info
  • Great Vacuum
    This vacuum is the best. Works great on hardwood floors and the attachments are attached to the vacuum. The extra long cord makes it easy to move from one location to another. AFter comparing many models, I am happy we purchased this one....more info
  • Good vacuum for the money
    This machine has good suction, and the power roller brush really digs out the dirt. The accessories are easy to get out and use. The filters catch the dirt and dust, so there's no coughing while using it.

    Two complaints: The special tool for carpets isn't worth bothering with; and to get to the roller brush, you have to take out three screws, rather than undoing clips or something easier.

    Other than that, I'd recommend this machine....more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    We were unexpectedly away from our home for 6 weeks and left three shedding cats in the care of a neighbor. We came home to a very furry abode. This vacuum took care of everything! It nearly filled a bag with cat fur (eek!). We have 2 young kids (2 yrs and 4 mos), so we really need a vacuum that sucks well. This more than takes care of all the dirt, dust, fur, that we bring into the house and leaves our carpet looking new again. However, beware, this vacuum will suck up anything and everything that comes near it. Small toys, shoe laces, straps, socks, etc, will disappear if not removed prior to vacuuming. It is heavy, but also realize that you get what you pay for. It works well, and will last (my mom has had one for 4 years). I appreciate how well it cleans, but if you don't like to heft a large vacuum, perhaps this isn't for you. ...more info
  • Excellent vacuum. Look no further!
    I bought this vacuum based on the ratings in Consumer Reports and the comments posted here at Amazon. I was not dissapointed. The 4870 is one of the top rated vacuums outperforming much more expensive models such as the Dyson models. Plus it uses bags! I've had both and believe me bags are a better way to go. The only good thing about bagless is not having purchase replacements. The pluses end there. It is so much easier to dispose of a full bag than to have to dump and clean those stupid dust bins. Performance wise, only the Kenmore and Hoover Windtunnel brands rated higher at CR, but the Kenmores are $300 (out of my price range), and the Windtunnels seem to be universally hated by those who have purchased here at Amazon because of their constant need for upkeep on the dustbins and their general unreliability. Plus, of all the brands on the market, Eureka has one the lowest frequency of repair records making them one of the more reliable brands to buy.

    This vacuum has been working beautifully for me and is also much quieter than the crappy Dirt Devil it replaced. Definitely worth the $149 price tag. No wonder Consumer Reports rated it a "Best Buy"....more info
  • Great for floors and furniture only.
    This vacuum has suction! It even propels itself forward and the work is in pulling the thing backwards (it is fairly heavy) to let it run forward again. It works well on carpet and bare floors, although making the change to/from each mode is a little awkward. You have to lock it in upright position and then turn the knob on the base of the unit to the appropriate flooring height.
    But I have carpeted stairs and though it included a small beater-brush attachment for this purpose, the attachment hose on the vacuum is way too short to get past the 4th stair. The vacuum is so heavy that carrying it up the stairs to work on 4 steps at a time is cumbersome and dangerous....the whole unit could fall over and down the stairs and I doubt damage done would be covered under warrantee. I wish they provided a long extension hose or figured out a way to have made and stored a longer on board hose.
    Also, while a lot of suction is great for floors and furniture, if you try to use it on medium to light weight draperies, they'll get sucked right up!
    So if you want a very good vacuum for floors only--I would highly recommend this. For other tasks...well, I'm still looking for the economical vacuum that will do it all....more info
  • Affordable, easy to use, We love it.
    After reading lots of reviews, this seemed like a good choice. After using it a month . . .. . it was a great choice. I love having the hose travel around with the machine, its not too heavy, and if you push the release lever with your heal instead of your toe it is easy to release . . . I'd recommend this to my mother its so good...more info
  • Exceptional..!!
    We read all the reviews after our 20yr+ Eureka self-propelled finally gave up. We purchased the Eureka 4870GZ and have not regretted it. This machine is exceptional at cleaning carpet including pet hair. The wife is into embroidery so the carpet below her machine catches all the thread snippets. Our old Eureka could not pick them up, the Boss 4870 does with ease. Other reviewer criticisms of the handle lock foot pedal were off base. The foot pedal swings out not down, so 'standing on the pedal' will get you nowhere. Light pressure to the outside releases the handle. Our ONLY negative is the hose does slip out of its stowage clips fairly easily. Velcro straps will remedy this inconvenience quickly. The 4870 is not self-propelled but the machine handles with great ease.
    This is an exceptional vacuum at an exceptional price....more info
  • Excellent Overall Vacuum For The Money
    This is a great vacuum for the sucks as well as a dyson at one quarter the price. it is a little heavy and it is also loud, but so is a Dyson. Overall I am very happy with it and would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • This vacuum works well!!
    I have had this vacuum for almost two years. It is amazing. I have four cats and a combination of carpet and hard wood floors. It is great for both. I am especially amazed at the carpet setting. It is better than any vacuum I have ever used on carpet, including my friends Dyson! Plus, the price of this is great. The hose is powerful. The only complaint I have is that the hose sometimes does not stay wrapped around the vacuum while it is not in use. Nevertheless, I would still buy this vacuum again in a minute. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum -- Great Price
    We have always purchased Hoovers in the past, and when our last one gave up the ghost, we decided to investigate more carefully. After reading reviews from various sources, I decided to try the Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac. From the moment we first turned the machine on, we knew something was different. It's much quieter than the Hoovers we've had in the past. Not that it's quiet -- but it has a much lower pitched hum. Suction is very good. It performs well on laminate flooring, carpet, and ceramic tile. We broke a glass on the ceramic tile floor and the Eureka had no problem picking up the slivers! Since we have a two-story home, I decided to purchase the extension hose for use on the carpeted stairs. It works very well with the "power paw" attachment that comes with the vacuum. We are pleased! We were particularly pleased to get this discounted through Amazon and with no shipping. Like I said above: Great Vacuum -- Great Price....more info
  • I love this vacuum so much that I bought TWO
    I bought one of these a year ago for my main level & was so pleased that I replaced my old upstairs vacuum this year & bought another. These are the best vacuums I have ever owned, they are reliable & do the job. I love how you just turn a knob at the top of the unit to use the hose - no more leaning over to make the switch. I won't say that this is the best vacuum ever but I think it is a great deal for the cost (although my first one only cost $100, they raised the price recently). You can't beat the quality for the cost & it is rated a best buy with Consumer reports.

    If you need a good value, this is it!...more info
  • Eureka Boss 4870GZ Vacuum Review
    This model has to be one of the best vacuums I have ever used. It has tremendous suction power and is easily maneuvered. The attachments are easily used as well. It is definitely a good bargain for the money....more info
  • Amazed by this machine
    I was skeptical at first but my wife wanted it, so I ordered and as I was amazed on how well it actually cleaned! It is easy to move around with and cleans very well. I would buy it again.

    I just wish they gave you more than 2 vacuum bags with it. ...more info
  • Pleased Purchaser
    I have enjoyed my new vacuum cleaner thus far. It was quick and easy to put together. I love that the machine stores all of the accessories in place without falling out. I wasn't prepared for the power that it possesses when I cut it on but it does an excellent job of picking up the dirt. I haven't used all of the features but I'm sure I will be pleased. ...more info
  • Best Vacuum I've ever owned.
    This Vacuum has unbelieveable pickup power. The extra attachments are great, and they attach right on the vacuum, so you don't have to store them elsewhere. A little loud, but not enough to bother you while cleaning. I would definetly purchase this vacuum again! This was "Consumer Reports" second highest rated vacuum, this one is better priced than the first....more info
  • Powerful - but heavy
    I did my research on vacuums, even though Eureka has always been my brand name choice. I like the powerful suction, hepa filter and on-board tools. However, it is the heaviest vacuum I've owned, and it's quite a chore to push and pull....more info
  • Eureka Boss Smart Vac
    Great price and quick delivery. Item works great on rugs and attachments are good at picking up dog hair from furniture....more info
  • Great Suction Power
    I bought this vaccum to replace my older Hoover Wind Tunnel (self-propelled). With a German Shepherd that sheds constantly, I used to have to go over the same part of the carpet at least 3 or 4 strokes to pick up all of the hair. With the Eureka it takes only 1 pass and it's all up. Amazing!!!

    My only adjustment is that coming from a self-propelled vacuum, there is more physical effort involved in the actual vacumming. Considering I can vacuum in less time however, this more than compensates. I love my Eureka vacuum! I thought it was a excellent value as well. Great product for the money....more info
  • This vacuum is FANTASTIC!!
    I absolutely LOVE this vacuum. I live in a two-story home, and am purchasing a SECOND one of these vacuums to use upstairs. I have a very fluffy cat that sheds. This vacuum actually picks up cat hair--easily--unlike my $400.00 vacuum. Another wonderful feature is that I used to sneeze constantly while vacuuming, and with this vacuum's filter system, I do not have that problem. This vacuum is a tremendous value. It is an absolutely fantastic product, and I highly recommend it! ...more info
  • It does the JOB!!!
    I really love it. The suction power is great - both on barefloors and rugs. Not to loud, and easy to use. Sweeper is a bit heavy - and seems to be made of cheap material - but it works well!! Excellant choice for the price....more info
  • Great Power and Suction
    This has the best power and suction in a vacuum! It picks up everything and I LOVE the floor mode option! You just have to push the button really hard but it is awesome!!! If you need to pick up after kids, dogs, husbands, this will do the job!!...more info
  • Eureka's Bulky Boss
    This item was a waste of my money. Picture a heavy unit that you have the pleasure of moving around. If you have stairs it works well but again it is heavy. The hard plastic wheels are great on my carpet but my slate floor get scuffed up. The switch for carpet/bare floor is hard to move at best and I sometimes have my husband do it for me. The hose attachment is nice but pulls the vac around with you all the time. Watch your toes. Other units have all the same attachments and weigh less. I wish that I would have purchased one of them. The only bonus was a 25 dollar discount for a first purchase oh and the free shipping. Can I just have my money back and buy a real unit? Good luck to all who buy The Bulky Boss!...more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever
    I have owned many vacuums over the years but this is definitely the best around for the price. The only downside is that it is a bit heavy. However, based on the job it does, I can live with it. Believe me for the price you cannot get a better vacuum. And even if you bought a more expensive vacuum I don't think it would do the job any better. This is a great vacuum at a great price....more info
  • I sent it back. I couldn't move the handle!
    We got this machine and the handle wouldn't budge unless you practically stood on the release button. We tried everything but it was like moving a truck, and it was so heavy I knew it would kill me if I had to use it everyday. We finally sent it back to Amazon and I am glad it is out of my home.
    We bought an Electrolux canister from Costco and it is light and easy to use. Now I'm happy again....more info
    First of all, a big THANK YOU to all of you that take the time to give your opinions of these products. You are helping us all, and I believe you guys more than I do the websites and such.
    That being said...
    I have never spent more than about $80 on a vacuum. But I was impressed with not only the Consumer Reports Rating of this vacuum, but the Customer Reviews on Amazon and Epinion. So I bit the bullet and splurged. THIS IS THE BEST VACUUM THAT I'VE EVER USED! I fell in love with a Rainbow, but that was totally out of my budget. This fits the bill, and it cleaned almost as well, I think. I love that you can see the dust and dirt go up the clear tubes (that tells what a crappy job my cheap vacuums were doing)! And can you believe that I filled up ONE BAG just on our Family Room (about 600 sq.ft.)? Again, attests to the crappiness of our old one.
    The only reason I don't give this 5 stars is that it does not have the "dirty floor" indicator light and the "Bag full" indicator. Other reviews were correct in saying that the foot pedal to "recline" the vacuum is very stiff. Other than that, it has all sorts of neat little features that I didn't expect on a vacuum that I paid under $150 for. If you are hesitating - DON'T!! Believe me, I am a frugal person, but some things are just worth spending a little extra on. This is!
    P.S. As for the weight - I found it to be a little heavy to pull, but my 5-year-old son that weighs 42 pounds and is 46 inches tall loves to vacuum with it, so that should tell you exactly how difficult to manuver it is! I WILL admit that I wouldn't recommend it for use in a house that is multi-leveled. Maybe at this price you can buy one for each!...more info
  • Consumer Report on the Money Again!
    After checking Consumer Report on vacuum cleaners in the price range we were interested in, we went with their advice and , as usual, they were not wrong. This is a great vacuum for the price. The suction is unbelievable! You can hear the dirt being pulled from the carpet.
    The foot peddle is a little hard to push down,but other than that, we have no complaints.
    Kudos also to Amazon. We ordered this vacuum on line on a Wednesday and it was at my door by Friday afternoon!!! What great service. ...more info
  • Does what it promises
    I read many reviews before purchasing this product and I was impressed enough to give it a try. I must say that it does what it promises! I was intrigued by the sticker on the box that says it has 60% more suction than a Dyson. As soon as I put it together - which took almost no time - I saw what they meant. As soon as I flipped the switch I felt the suction actually grab the carpet. I have never experienced that before. The hose function is wonderful because you don't have to attach anything - it's built in and there is a switch that changes the suction from floor to hose. Again, when using the hose, the first reaction when turning on the power is wow! The suction is so powerful that that hose actually contracts in your hand!

    This is a great product and well worth the reasonable price. The added power paw for stairs is tremendous with its own roller....more info
  • Terrible design and bad quality
    We bought this machine after reading the reviews on Amazon and checking the ratings on Consumer Report - the reviews were universally good so it made the decision easy. However, what a mistake! Having been using this machine for 2 months, I really missed the Kenmore canister we had that was flooded in Katrina. The Eureka is very bulky and heavy, even for someone like me who weight-train regularly. The design is bad, one of the attachments just cannot stay on. The worst comes to the bonus paw. After being used on only a few of the carpeted stair steps, it got stuck and simply stopped spinning. We took it apart, cleaned it, and even lubricated it and it just wouldn't work. We took it to the Eureka repair shop and they couldn't fix it, so they gave us a new one. Yesterday, we used the new paw the second time, and it stopped working again! The only good thing about this cleaner is that it has very strong suction. The carpet function works very well, but its poor design and quality overshadow its positive features....more info
  • Vaccum that just works
    I would like to say that it is a excellent vaccum cleaner and the HEPA filter does seem to be worth it. My wife has breathing problems and she definitely has less complaints after we started using this vaccum cleaner.

    Beyond what good/bad others have mentioned I would like to add that the extension wand is in two parts but they are collapsed into one another. This was not obvious to me and I assumed one of the wands was missing. I didnt know there was two wands till I saw the vaccume cleaner in Sears.

    The light is pretty much useless unless you do your vaccuming in the dark - seems to be about as bright as a candle....more info
  • A great vacuum cleaner.
    I followed the reviews in Amazon and was not disappointed.The vacuum almost drives itself and picks up everything in it's path.Stunning.The attachments are great and easy to use.I couldn't have asked for more....more info
  • Excellent Vacuum So Far!
    I guess you could call me picky when it comes to vacuums, but we use ours so much that it's a pretty important household item for us to have (we live in dusty West TX in the country). I started looking for a new vac after I realized my current one, a Riccar, was spending too much time in the shop getting fixed. It was never anything major, but always something, it seemed. I was pleased, however, at how it performed overall. We have had it for 4 years and I was satisfied with it.

    After researching quite a bit, I decided on a Eureka Smart-Vac and began looking for one. They were sold out in EVERY store in my area, so I ordered one, at a very good price, from Amazon.
    I was hoping to get a vac as good as my Riccar but more reliable.

    I'm not sure, yet, how well it will hold up for us (2 dogs, 4 sons, my husband, and myself), but I am VERY PLEASED with its performance. It cleans carpet way better than my Riccar ever did. My old carpet looks great after I vacuum it with this Eureka. Also, I like the filter system, bags are easy to put on and can be bought cheaply, and the unit has good attachments.

    It is a bit heavy for my younger kids to use, which is a bit of a drawback. It works very well on tile floors, and it doesn't blow the dirt all over the place instead of vacuuming it up, as some vacs do. We use it a lot on our white tile floors, and it does a good job.

    This is a VERY GOOD vacuum, and the price makes it even better! If it holds up well and needs few to no repairs, I will LOVE it!
    ...more info
  • Excellent value
    This is an excellent vac for the price. Nothing to complain. Amazon gave me an excellent price and I got the vac in 3 days....more info
  • Satified
    We reviewed consumer reports and consumer websites prior to purchasing the Eureka 4870GZ. Our primary considerations were value, performance, quietness, light wieght, and ongoing cost of operation. Although we have not owned it very long, we have found that it meets all of our expectations. A few comments made by others about belt failure and/or overheating may be because they have the brush set too close to the carpet. We found that raising the vacuum only to the hieght needed to pick up dirt was sufficient to thoroughly clean the carpet. Setting the brush any lower only works the belt and motor harder and provides no benefit. It also picks up dirt on bare floors as well as we expected. If we want a bare floor to be cleaner than what a vacuum can provide, then we simply need to mop it. We weren't expecting a vacuum to perform this function any more than we would expect it to kick field goals. Some of the consumer expectations we read about cleaning bare floors seemed unrealistic. So far, we are quite happy with overall performance. Bottom line - it's an excellent vacuum for the price, and probably performs as well as vacuums with a much higher price tag....more info
  • Best vacuum around! Buy it you'll love it!
    Just received this yesterday and already my floors are cleaner. I have asthma and so having an enclosed Hepa filter is wonderful! No dust comes back to get me as it did with my bagless vacuum. I will never go bagless again. Plus this is Red which is my favorite color! I got a Power Paw with it which is for upholstery and pet hair which is great!
    This vacuum has so much suction I'm blown away! My previous vacuum had no suction and clogged all the time! This Eureka is great on bare floors and the added tools make bare floor cleaning a breeze.
    The only negative would be that I paid to ship overnight and DHL screwed it up. And that's why I signed up for Amazon Prime to get fast shipping. I hope another shipper will handle things from now on! Otherwise this vacuum is "THE BOMB."...more info
  • fabulous
    this vaccuum is amazing.the suction is phenomal.I cannot recommend this vaccuum enough.the price was spectacular. the dog hair is gone.instantly!I am more than pleased. consumer reports was right on the money with this one!...more info
  • Wonderful vacuum
    Historically I go through one vacuum a year. Between the cat hair and my curly hair, the poor vacuums never stand a chance...but this one is different. Granted I havent had it for a year, in fact its only been a couple of months but, this is without a doubt, the best vacuum that I have bought. The suction is amazing!!! It cleans the cat hair off of the carpet, and the furniture. The appliances work really well too.

    The cons- Its heavy. Its not easy to push and its hard to bring up the steps. But I am still thrilled with it.

    ...more info
  • Not sure about why it was rated highly in consumer reports
    I bought this vacuum because of it's high rating in consumer reports and also because of the brush on/off feature, useful for hardwood floors. First off let me explain how the vacuum does this, it uses a non-rubber belt which when set to "brush off" there is a brake which doesn't allow the brush roll to spin, because the belt isn't rubber it simple allows the motor to run, spinning beside the belt which causes alot of friction. They included an extra belt which i'm sure will be used quickly. Also if u're using the hose, with the vac in the upright position, the brake will be engaged.
    Due to that belt system, when using the vacuum on the carpet, it emmits a tearing noise. A bit hard to describe, though certainly un-nerving. I even changed the belt and it still didn't stop.
    I've since bought a battery powered stick vac, the dirt devil powerstick or something for ~45 at target and a diff vacuum for my carpets. I'd highly recommend the stickvac for hardwood floors or bathrooms, being coordless/light it great for flat/easy to clean surfaces.
    Oh and last thing, this vac is fairly heavy for it's size....more info
  • Best Vac I've Owned
    This vacuum cleans much better than the cheapo $50 unit I bought a few years ago. Only downside so far is the foot lever/button that releases it from the vertical position. It's really tight and may be a potential point of failure. Hope not... ...more info
  • Excellent vacuum
    Pros: Does excellent job on rugs, carpets and bare floors.
    Hepa filter does fine job on cleaning the exhaust air.
    Easy to put together. Very good instructions.
    Cons: A little noisy.
    Heavy and somewhat difficult to push...more info
  • Best Vacuum I've Owned!
    Granted, I've never spent much on vacuums, but I've liked this one the best of all the ones I've ever owned. After buying two vacuums who failed to pick up the hair that my retriever sheds everywhere, I bought this one based on the reviews I saw here. With this vacuum, pet hair pickup was no problem. I like all the different floor settings and attachments as well. For those who want to buy an expensive-type vacuum but can't afford it, you might try this vacuum....more info
  • just ok
    haven't used it a lot yet
    has trouble picking up dog hair
    sort of rolls it in a ball to throw it away by hand...more info
  • Pretty darn good for the price
    Great suction on low nap carpet - the best I've ever seen in a vacuum in this price range. Not as great on hardwood floors but adequate. I like having all the tools are on board so that you don't have to go searching for the upholstery brush, crevice tool, etc. I like the little "power paw" hose attachment for getting under furniture because the machine's width makes it hard to use anywhere but the open spaces. I have three negative/neutral comments: it's heavy; the hose for the attachments is way too short; and the foot pedal to tilt the top from its upright storage position is really hard to depress....more info
  • Consumer Reports Recommended
    A Consumer Report Best Buy. Highest performance for the dollar. Excelled at most cleaning, but hard to pull. Bag: $6/3. HEPA filter: $20"

    This is what is said about this particular vacuum at Consumer Reports. It is Rated Excellent in Cleaning Carpet, Excellent in Cleaning bare floors, Good at cleaning with tools, Good at ease of use, Good at Noise, and Excellent at emissions. Overall score was 73 out of a 100, which puts it at very good. The thing that I am particularly impressed by is the fact that it has a dial that allows you to set it to either the floor suction with the rollers, or just to the hose, there is no sharing of suction between the two. The suction is awesome, I mean this baby really sucks, almost as good as a shop vac, and those really suck. It is also relatively quieter than most. It was simple to put together, just had to slip the handle into a set of grooves and put in three screws. It comes with one extension hose, 1 dusting brush, 1 upholstery nozzle, and 1 crevice tool. It is not self-propelled, but yet when I turn it on it pulls me forward, which is pretty cool. I've noticed that you need to keep the carpet height setting right in the middle, if you put it any lower there is a little resistance when you pull back across the carpet. The foot release to lean the vac back so you can vacuum with it is awefully tight and that is one of the reasons I didn't give it 5 stars, it worries me that you have to really put pressure on it with your foot to get it pressed in enough to release the body of the vac in an angled position. It seems like you have to put more force then necessary and over time this might have some negative results. Also the wheels are screwed in tight, but they are semi loose and they make a noice when you push it across the carpet, when you are running the vacuum the bristles must hit up against its clear housing because it has a slight scrubbing noise, which sort of bothers me. The belt, which is suppose to be an extended life belt is a thin, awefully stiff, rubber material. I was looking through some trouble shooting about why the belts have a tendency to break and it said to make sure to always keep the carpet height correctly set, to be careful not to run over small objects, and it highly recommended that you not run the vacuum over the tassles of rugs... I can't imagine tassles on rugs breaking belts, but apparently it does. I highly recommend that you always try the vacuum out before you buy it, I looked at two other vacuums that were rated pretty good on Consumer Reports and would have bought either one had I purchased it online, but when I tried them out the plastic craftmanship looked very cheap and delicate, the suction didn't seem very strong, and they were just plain design ugly. I know that sounds petty, but you know some people care as much about the vacuum cleaner appearance as quality. This vacuum cleaner came with one extra belt, and an extra bag which was nice. ...more info
  • Finally found a good vacuum
    I went through three vacuums, including one bagless, and got rid of all of them for one reason or another. Read some good reviews about this one, and finally have an exceptional vacuum cleaner; well made, great features, cleans effortlessly. Highly recommended. I purchased this through Amazon and saved a lot of money over retail....more info
  • Good for the price
    A bit heavy and awkward, but for the price, it does the job....more info
  • Wow!
    All I have to say is WOW! I bought this vacuum after my old Hoover died back in January picking up Xmas tree needles and I was tired of borrowing my mom's. It would have cost me more to fix the Hoover than this did. I bought it on sale at Wal-Mart for $138.99. Another woman and I were both eyeing the last 2 up and we ended up both buying one.
    I assembled it at home easily. The only hard part was initially I could not figure out how to get it to tilt back to use. Once I figured that out it was fine.

    I vacuumed my living room, dining room, and kitchen and filled up one bag! I have 2 Jack Russells that shed somewhat, so I am sure it was mostly dog hair. I did buy 1 extra filter and an extra pack of bags while I was at Wal-Mart but it did come with 2 bags and 1 filter to get you started.

    HIGHLY recommend! This is a great vacuum for the price. I would love to get the $600 Dyson, but unfortunately, am on a budget and can't afford. This is a wonderful alternative, and I spent less than half the cost of the Dyson!...more info
  • Great vacuum
    This vacuum works great, it gets all the cat and dog hair that my other vacuum didn't. I never knew that my carpet actually looked this good. The vacuum is very heavy but the exercise isn't going to kill me. The first time I used the power paw tool the suction was so great it tried to pull the hose back into the vacuum. The only problem I've found so far is that the release lever for the handle is hard to push. This vacuum is very quiet, I'm very pleased with my purchase, and I was pleasantly surprised when I got to the register and found it was on sale and I saved $15. My cats don't seem to like it very much though, now they have to redecorate every day....more info
  • Gave mine away
    Pay close attention to the weight and measurements. The thing is a behemoth. If you like SUVs, then you might be ok with it, but don't plan on getting in any tight corner, etc. I did really like the directional dial to switch from floor to hose (which is a great way to lessen suction on the fly by diverting it to the other source), and I liked the transparent hose (came in real handy once when I sucked up a too-large piece of paper), but the thing just killed my arms and lugging it to our 2nd floor was a major hassle. I gave it to my son for his apt. I ended up with a cannister. When my son saw the 4870GZ, he went, "Whoa, overkill."...more info
  • the best available for the price
    This vacuum was so easy to set up, I had it running 5 minutes after UPS delivered it. An incredible value, it's the first vacuum that I bought. Amazing suction. My rug was brighter after the first pass. Buy it and get the automatic $25 discount that Amazon offers for home/kitchen products! It has all the right attachments and is nice and compact, yet still feels heavy-duty....more info
  • amazing vacuum
    Just bought the Eureka after having read consumer reports and all the reviews here. This vacuum is great. The handle was a snap to put on and the tools stored fairly easily. The release for the handle is not bad. Push it sideways not back. The suction is very very good. My living room carpet is black again and not grey. I have 2 dogs and 3 cats, Usually after vacuuming the house smells like dog. Not now. The HEPA filter does the trick. The PowerPaw does sound like an airplane but boy does it clean chairs and the sofa. No more pet hair. If you have 10 foot ceilings the hose will be a little short but otherwise works just fine. I did not find the vacuum to be tippy when cleaning up high. It is quiet and not heavy although might be awkward on stairs. There is even a small handle on the back for carrying. It will lie flat for going under beds if you lay it as far back as it will go and then push the handle release again.Since the brush is so wide it can't get in to all the nooks and crannies my house has(small house too much stuff)Cleans floors well. It kicks around some cat litter instead of picking it up. This vacuum losees a star beacuse it is difficult to put back in the upright position, the handle release is stiff and it kicked around more litter than I thought it should. Overall though an excellent vacuum. I am glad I bought it. ...more info
  • Overall, excellent unit
    Works like a charm! -- excellent suction, good scheme for storing hose attachments used for vacuuming in corners, furniture, blinds, etc.

    Only real "faults" are:
    * a bit heavy, which is mainly a problem for stairs in a multi-story house
    * the lever for releasing the handle to tilt it back for use in floor-cleaning mode can be difficult to work (I did a little "surgery" to ease the catch, but it is still a bit aggravating)

    But, the "pro's" (it really cleans well, and is quite versatile!) far outweigh the "con's", and we are very pleased with it....more info
  • Thank God for Customer Reviews!
    To everyone who left a review-Thanks. Dalmations are so white because all they do is shed. With construction and red dirt thrown in, my carpets were a mess. Had a Kenmore Progressive that died in 2 years. I read the reviews how the Eureka took care of dog hair and pull the nap of the carpet until it looked like new. Let me tell you-IT DOES. I've had 6 vacuums. Kenmore, Hoover whirlwind, Oreck xl, Roomba, Dirt Devil-guaranteed to break in one week and the Eureka cleans the best. My carpet looks great. The wide head vacuumed super fast. A must have for people who have dogs and dirt....more info
  • finally...
    i have 5 cats. needless to say there is hair, everywhere. this is the first vacuum that actually gets all of the hair. it works great on all of my rugs and also does an excellent job on the hardwood and tile floors. the suction is very powerful. when i vacuum the delicate runner in my entryway i set the brush level to 3 so that the grip is reduced a bit. the onboard tools are great too. i can do the furniture and curtains. i have used hoover and dirt devil vacuums in the past and they did not meet my expectations. i even borrowed my parents' dyson animal but it was not as good as this eureka. highly highly recommended if you have pets....more info
  • Finally a Vacuum that just plain works!
    After blasting through 3 vacuums in 2 years, I've finally found one that actually works. My house is 2200sq ft, primarily bamboo floors, but carpet in 3 of the bedrooms. We have two cats that shed constantly, and between that and my long hair clogging the rollers, I would WRECK vacuums in a matter of a couple passes. The rollers would jam, pieces would break off, the dirt cups were in constant need of emptying after vacuuming only one carpeted bedroom, and forget using them on the bamboo floors. Kitty litter and other bits would just shoot out the back of the vacuum.

    I specifically wanted a bagged vacuum, because I hate having to empty the dirt cup and clean the filter after every room (we live in the dusty Southwest which is really hard on bagless vacuums). So I bought this vacuum and just crossed my fingers. Not only does it do an awesome job on the carpets, but when you use in on hardwood floors, you actually see dirt, hairballs, and other tidbits being pulled toward the vacuum before you sweep over them. WONDERFUL! It's not that heavy, it's not that loud (much quieter than the Eureka Boss bagless that I trashed in less than 6 months.) The suction is wonderful.

    Pro's: For plain old fashioned deep down cleaning, this machine is the one to get! Long electrical cord, most of the attachments store nicely on the back of the vacuum, except for one of the attachments, which I promptly threw away anyway since I never use that particular attachment. The dusting attachment is nicely contained, however.

    Con's: The tube for the attachments is a little short, but the suction from it is great. The release to lower the handle is a little tough, but I step down on it with my heel and have found that it easily lowers with that method.

    So far, I love this machine. My husband even suggested I take it over to his folk's house and vacuum there since I've vacuumed everything in this house twice in a day. It was a great purchase! ...more info
  • Swept away
    This is our office vacuum; we have low pile office carpet but a lot of dust and paper fragments from the shredder. So we have to vacuum every day.

    An upright makes so much sense for an office--no dragging around a cannister. The suction is excellent, which is typical for uprights as well.

    The unit features a foam protective filter for the motor, and a HEPA filter, which for us allergic types is a bonus. HEPA's aren't inexpensive to replace (they cost on the order of $20) but they make a big difference in air quality when you clean. You can find anti-allergy bags (which are cloth type fine porous bags.) The unit also has a headlight, which is great to light dark corners (Ooo! We discovered we had an anthill near the back door. That was unpleasant!)

    Unlike many inexpensive uprights, you can turn off the carpet beater in the base if you are using the hose attachment. There IS a hose attachment, which is great for corners and cobwebby ceilings. If only the hose were longer or more flexible. The tools are great including a "power paw" for small jobs with the hose as on stairs.

    The unit is a bit heavy; I like the competing Oreck for its light weight but it didn't have a hose, so while I use one at home, the Eureka is better for only-can-have-one vacuum for the office. The price is reasonable and it's working out well for our needs.

    ...more info
    This Vacuum is rated #1 in Consumer reports for GOOD REASON! IT IS THE BEST VACUUM I'VE EVER USED! IT'S AWESOME! WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY! Cheapest place I found it is Wal-mart for approximately $140.00. I owed a cleaning company and have tried MANY MANY products and I was shocked by how much power this Vacuum has for little money! WONDERFUL PRODUCT! THANK YOU EUREKA!!!...more info
  • Very Good
    I have had this for over a year now and I must say this item is very good. Cat hair is getting "Sucked UP" well. The bag gets filled fast - but I believe it is due to the ammount of "Stuff" that it actually sucks up! The only (Small) issue is that the unit is a little "Heavy" when pushing it. 4 Stars - A very good purchase !...more info
  • distrust comsumer reports
    This is the purchase that made me question whether i would ever take consumer reports seriously again. i bought this after returning to the states after living in the uk for 7 years; there i had an early model dyson. well, cosumer reports trashed the dyson and praised this model, and so i thought, i would try this one (it was also much less expensive). the approx $350 more for the dyson would have been worth every penny. the Boss is so badly designed in terms of use: all the knobs, switches and levers are either too hard to move, or in weird locations; the attachments are a pain to use, the belt breaks constantly (and costs $20 for new one), the bags are expensive. The thing is super loud and very heavy. Anyway, it sucks. in all senses of the word. ...more info
  • Great Vacuum!
    Just bought this from - upgraded to Prime and got overnight shipping for $3.99 - incredible. Piece of cake to snap on the back/arm piece and then 3 screws. Bag already in place, organized the tools and turned it on! The suction was amazing. I started vacuuming the rug in our family room and it literally picked it up - raised the nap and made it look brand new. Took it into the living room and again, made the nap raise up and look like it is brand new. Attached the power paw and "whizzzzz" it almost took off - cleaned our stairs very well.

    I love everything about this product - the ability to see the roller brush and through the hose. It is quiet, light weight, easy to push, and it really has incredible suction.

    The only neurtal point I have is the floor to carpet switch - it can be a bit tricky to set... and that is why I gave it 4 stars vs. 5....more info
  • Good suction, awkward operation
    We've had the vac about a week. Two of three users find it too difficult to operate - too heavy, and unweildy when using tools. The vacuum has plenty of suction and does a good job cleaning the hard floors and occasional short nap carpet in our house. It does a noticably better job than our other upright (Oreck), but is more difficult to use than the Eureka canister vac it was intended to replace. This one is going back, and we'll be searching for an equivalent canister vacuum....more info
  • price for performance is outstanding
    As the title states, for the money this vacuum is fantastic. It works great on carpet, rugs, and tile. The only detractor, and I believe other people have stated this too is that it is a little heavy. However, for the performance I will accept that. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Great for awhile, then.....
    ....this vacuum is cheaply made and it falls apart. I liked it at first because it did have great suction, but in the year I've had it, it has slowly become useless. Plastic parts have cracked and the suction is not what it was. I took it to get an estimate on fixing it and found it would be more economical to get another vacuum. I would strongly recommend AGAINST getting this vacuum, unless you're OK with having to replace it every year or two. If I could, I would give this one ZERO stars....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I just used this vacuum for the first time yesterday. I thought I needed to replace my 7 year old carpeting. What I found out is that I needed to replace my vacuum cleaner! My carpeting looks brand-new!

    I only gave this 4 stars instead of 5 for a few reasons that wouldn't be a problem in a 1-story house. The vacuum is very heavy. I have a 3-story house, so it was a real workout to do the whole house. As other users have commented, the stretch hose is really short. I tried to use the Power Paw on the stairs, but still had to carry the vacuum up and balance it on the stairs. Since it's so large, I have to hang on to it with one hand while I use the hose with the other. It was simpler to just use the vacuum on the stairs, although lifting it from step to step was also a good workout.

    Other than those few negatives, I'm extremely pleased with this vacuum. Between the powerful edge cleaner and the onboard tools, I was able to clean places that I used to have to drag out a hand-vac to do, since my previous vacuum was an Oreck, which doesn't have an edge cleaner or onboard tools. And this one is MUCH more powerful and does a terrific job. If you can handle the weight, I don't think you can find a better vacuum. The value for the price is exceptional!...more info
  • Ditto: 5-star review
    Really, just read the reviews here, and you'll know that this vacuum rocks! (or as one reviewer said, it *sucks*--in a good way!). Amazing how consistently rated and reviewed this model is. Mine pulled up the knap in the carpet which my previous vacuum only dreamed up pulling up. And yes, it's a bit hard to lower it into "action" mode, but that's easily overlooked. I must admit that I'm always changing bags: my shepherd sheds a lot, and I'm changing bags at least 3 or 4 times more frequently as I used to. Of course, that's because this vacuum is actually picking up all that hair!

    How weird is it to get excited about a vacuum cleaner? If you're in the market, you won't regret this purchase....more info
  • Super vacuum!
    I've been researching vacuums for 6 months. Toying with spending a fortune on a Dyson when I find out they aren't all they are cracked up to be. I feel like one smart consumer with this purchase. Got it for a deal on Amazon!

    - LOTS of suction...I could hear it sucking up unseen dirt that my other vacuum would've never touched.
    -Bare floor cleaning is great! There is a switch to shut off the brush.
    - It's much quieter than my other vacuum. My old one we had to yell. This one I could just talk loud and be heard. I can vacuum the whole house while the baby sleeps.
    -Has clear hoses so you can see what's going up and if it gets clogged you can see why. (Except the long extender hose, it's black, but the hose leading to it is clear.)
    -It came with a "paw". A hose attatchment with a suction run brush to clean stairs, furniture etc... I really like it.
    - Long cord
    - My carpets look fabulous!
    - self-propelled so there was no pushing, not like my other that I had to use my foot to push!
    -comfortable to use. The handle is nice.

    The BAD:
    -the cord keeps coming out of the wall. Even when I spread the prongs out further. It's like the prongs are a bit small.
    - The handle release and bare floor/carpet switch are a little stiff. Perhaps that will work itself out with time.
    - It has an expensive HEPA filter which has to be replaced every 6 bag changes. I can buy a washable one for $40 (which I will do, the disposable ones are $20!)
    -The dirt collecting bag is half as big as in my other vacuum, so I'll have to change it more often.
    -It runs hot. During the summer I'll be sweating. The air coming out of the HEPA filter was hot. IT has a thermal sensor that shuts the vacuum off if it gets too hot which is good. But yet if it happens too often it'll be aggravating. Using it for 20-30 minutes it never shut off. I would imagine it would have to be used much longer to have a problem..I hope!
    -The hose is short. Hopefully it'll stretch out with time.

    Even with the negative points, it's a great vacuum. I can't believe how wonderful my carpets look. They seriously look brand new and they are 7 years old.

    ...more info
  • Best vacuum cleaner I've ever owned.
    60% more suction than a Dyson DC07
    Consumer Reports "Best Buy"
    Much quieter tan the other 3 vacuums I've owned (hoover, and 2 Dirt Devils)
    the rotating brush can be truned off so you can vacuum your hardwood or tile floors
    $250 bucks cheaper than a Dyson for 60% more suction.
    For that $250 you could fly in a loved in to see your newly cleaned house....more info
  • This thing SUCKS! (Literally)
    Man - for an affordable vac this thing is awesome. I took it out of the box, put it together and tried it out on the dining room rug. I had it on the hard wood setting by accident, turned it on, and I'm telling you this thing has so much power it took a great deal of effort to move it. Amazing.

    I used to think bagless was the way to go - after all the problems Ive had in the past and the great sucess I have had with this guy. Im going to tolerate having to buy bags for it. ...more info
  • A Vacuum Cleaner That Works... At Last
    I am so happy with this product. I got mine right here on Amazon and could not be happier with it. It is so light and easy to use and I use it on my most expensive carpet and in cleaning out my fireplace. I have had much more expensive vacuum cleaners that didn't come close to this thing. It really is "The Boss" of vacuum cleaners....more info
  • best little vacuum in Oregon
    I reviewed the Consumer Reports and purchased this vacuum based on their report and the consumer reviews here. SO GLAD I DID! The suction on this vacuum is impressive. I can definitely say this is the best vacuum I have ever owned. We have 3 cats and 1 dog, and most vacuums just can't handle all that hair, but this one does like a champ! I can even vacuum the tassels on my oriental rug without them getting tangled in the machine!

    The only negative is that the foot pedal to release the handle is stiff. A very MINOR negative!! ...more info
  • Two Thumbs Up on This Number 2 !
    Have owned Hoovers all of my married life, and was ready to get the 'Consumer's Reports' #1 rated until reading the Amazon reviews. This, #2 got the kinds of reviews that real owners could share. I read them all, and was ready for the learning curve needed for my new appliance. Many adjustments make the machine custom-made for your home's requirements. I really like the design of the handle, as well, a small point. The powerful motor makes no more noise than any other machine I have owned (contrary to some complaints).

    I will be buying the washable HEPA filter, and will stock-pile bags because of readers' worthwhile comments at the Amazon site. Also, the $25 off special (and free shipping) made the price at Amazon far less than anywhere else....more info
  • Very Impressed!
    I am so pleased with this vacuum cleaner; and with the discounts it's such a great deal! It has better suction than any other vacuum I've ever owned; seems very professional. I really like the attachments and the overall design is attractive. I like the idea of having clear hoses/tubing. One down side is that it's a bit heavier than other vacuums and can be hard to maneuver, but it glides forward easily. The foot pedal lever can be difficult to press down but I think I've gotten used to it already. It took a few times to figure out the lever that switches between bare floor and carpet to turn off the revolving brush; I've figured that out now.
    Well, I won't write a book as others have. I think this vacuum cleaner is worthy of an excellent review. There are some very minor down sides that are far outweighed by the good ones. ...more info
  • Best Vacuum I've Owned and I have 2 kids, 4 cats and a dog
    I have owned this vacuum for well over a year now and it has performed wonderfully for me. I use the vacuum at least once a day around here with all the pet hair and the kids' messes. We have wood floors in the kitchen and linoleum in the laundry room and I love that you can turn off the brush - it rarely misses a fleck of anything on the hard floors (including pet hair and all the kitty litter that gets scattered around near the cat box...). With my old vacuum, I had to go around the edges of the kitchen with the hose to get all the dirt and dust up but not with this vacuum - it cleans right up to the edge. Also with the brush off, it is so easy to vacuum small area rugs and the bath mats, etc. because with the brush off, it doesn't suck them up into roller. I can't say enough good things about this vacuum - it has been wonderful.
    The cleaning performance of this vacuum is exceptional, in my opinion, but there are a few little things that I will mention because, while they don't bother me, they may be of importance to someone else. First, the vacuum does seem to be heavier than other vacuums, especially when the bag gets really full. I don't have a problem with it - I'm fairly small, too, and it works fine for me. Secondly, the foot pedal is rather difficult to use. I think they could really improve on this feature. I'm not sure why Eureka designed the pedal this way, but it is awkward and you have to really use a lot of weight on it. After awhile you just kind of get used to it, but I will say it's kind of pain. Lastly, the switch to turn the brush on and off is also kind of difficult to use - you have to use quite a bit of strength to flip the switch.
    Overall, this is an excellent vacuum. I have been very pleased with its performance. The strengths of this vacuum far outweigh any of its minor weaknesses (none of which are performance-related, they're more like little nuisances).
    ...more info
  • Stay Away: Brush Roll Breaks on Day One!
    Admittedly, this vacuum has wicked suction compared to our 10 yr old Bissel. But, after getting it out of the box we only managed to vacuum half the house before the brush roll (the main component that actually brushes/vacuums the carpet/floor) stopped dead for no apparent reason. We're sending it back.
    Also, just a note, the shape/size of that vacuum makes it difficult to get under sofas/tables, without switching to one of the on board attachments, which are myriad.
    but mad suction....more info
  • I'm impressed...and that doesn't happen easily!
    I recently purchased a Kenmore Grab-N-Go vacuum as my THIRD Hoover in 7 years took a turn for the worse. After vacuuming my carpet with it 3 times, I knew it wasn't for me. I won't get into the details as to why, since this is a review for the Eureka, but let's just say that a big huge bagless is not the way to go. Anyhoo, after reading all the wonderful comments about this Eureka I decided I would take everyone's word for it & bring one home. I was hesitant, because for some reason, I got it stuck in my head that bagless is better, cleaner, etc. As soon as I started vacuuming, I realized this was the one for me. Goodbye messy bagless will not put a smokescreen of dust in my face anymore! Not only is it less messy to have a bag, but this vacuum really works wonderfully. I have a 130 pound labrador that sheds like there's no tomorrow. Even all that hair was not a match for this vacuum. I had just vacuumed my carpet 2 days earlier & this thing picked up 1/2 a bag full of dirt. It goes to show you that just because you can see all of the dirt in a baglass doesn't mean that it's picking it all up! I love the feature that lets you shut off the vacuum & just use the hose attachments. (The hose is quite powerful as well.) The only qualm I have is the same as what other reviewers have written, it's a little hard to get the vacuum out of the upright position to start vacuuming, but it doesn't bother me enough to effect my star rating. When you vacuum against walls, it get right up against the wall. Every other vacuum I've had only cleans up to about 2 inches away from the wall. Also, when you clean hard surfaces it actually picks up the dirt. Can you imagine?! My past vacuums would just shoot the dirt out of the back so that it would hit my feet. I've only had this for a short period of time, but I have to say that even if it only lasts 1/2 as long as my Hoovers, it was well worth it!...more info
  • NIce Vac Overall
    This vacuum is wonderful. It has great power and picks everything up super good! It is a bit heavy, but not so bad wear you'll hurt yourself. The attachemnts work just fine, but you can forget the Paw Attachment (useless in my opinion).
    The surprising thing is how quiet it is compared to other vacs this size. I can still talk to my wife or kids and they can hear me as well as I can hear them just fine, all without shouting or having to turn the vacuum off.
    Overall we are pleased with it....and also, it picks up dog hair great!...more info
  • Good for the money
    I like it! Good suction, handy tools, and fairly inexpensive. Dislikes are a slightly awkward handle adjuster, and while it is easy to push, it's hard to pull. I did have to send the first vacuum back due to malfunctions of the handle adjusting apparatus and dust expulsion. ...more info
  • Fun to Vacuum!
    After much research, including consulting Consumer Reports and various friends/family, I decided on this vacuum. I couldn't pass up the sale price on Amazon that day, and the free shipping. I'm so glad I decided on this one!!! Can you believe I actually look forward to vacuuming now? This has been great for my allergies, not only due to the quality of the vacuuming going on now, but the frequency now too! There's no more cat hair on the floor, no loose feathers from their feather toys, this vacuum even sucks up the fine particles of scoopable cat litter that the cats get all over the linoleum! I just switch it to the bare floor mode and the bathrooms, foyer, and kitchen are all cleaner than if I had used a broom.

    The attachments work well; however, I wish there was a little more force in the attachable hand vac. The tubes are easy to disassemble for cleaning, and open at several locations so you can get right to the part that you need.

    With this vacuum beating Dyson models and other high priced vacuums in tests by Consumer Reports, you'd be silly not to get this one!...more info
  • Very good vacuum
    Has good features, good suction, no dust, handle is comfortable, easy to switch from floor to rug, just a little heavy from some folks, nice looking, long cord, doesn't go under furniture very well because of it's size, overall I rate this vacuum as a 5 star, very happy with it....more info
  • I love my power vacuum
    I researched vacuums for a couple weeks before making my purchase. I was looking for something under $200. That was very powerful and could remove embedded pet hair on upholstery. The Eureka 4870 fit the bill. I've got two 50lb dogs that shed a ton of hair everyday. The dog hair tends to get everywhere. What I love most about this Eureka is when I turn on the attachment hose. By flipping the suction switch to the attachment all the power gets diverted to the hose. Then I attach the Power Claw and I'm ready to go. The suction from the machine spins the brushes in the attachment to warp speed. I remember the first time I turned it on I thought it sounded like an airplane prop before take off. Prior to the purchase of this Eureka my other vacuums just didn't cut it when it came to using the hose attachments on the upholstery on my couch and chairs. Now I go over an area once and it's hair free. Two other bonuses for me are the hard-floor switch and the HEPA filter. In the past when I tried vacuuming over my hardwoods the vacuuming would pickup some of the hair and debris but the brushes would push a little either in front or to the side. Now I switch the selector to hard surfaces and the brushes deactivate. The dog hair get sucked into the vacuum instead of being pushed away. Finally the HEPA filter. I've noticed that after I vacuum my entire house smells much cleaner.

    Two small and inconsequential observations. Both the flip switch to activate the hard surface mode and the large floor button to rotate the body of the vacuum prior to use are difficult to use. You have to really press down on both to use. This could be a problem for someone with arthritis or and older person.

    I love my vacuum and I'd recommend this purchase to anyone.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Vacuum - Great Service
    Ordered from Amazon w/ a $25 coupon and the Free Super Saver shipping. Item arrived in 2 days, not the 5-9 I was expecting. Can't say enough about the delivery service.

    Setup vacuum which was very simple and straightforward. Had to try the vacuum out and I was thoroughly impressed. The vacuum worked as advertised. Some complained the vacuum was heavy, and it is, but it doesn't seem any heavier than our Hoover Windtunnel bagless this one is replacing. In all honesty, once the vacuum is on, it literally pulls itself so the weight is not an issue. The other great thing about this vacuum is that it's so quiet you can still hold a conversation while it's on. I ran it while the dog was sleeping and he didn't even budge whereas with the old one he'd be up and barking at it.

    The handle release lever is a little tough to operate but I'm sure that'll loosen up w/ use, and it was no problem putting the handle back into the upright position. All tools fit nicely into the appropriate spots. The one requires you to play around w/ it to snap in properly but once it's in, it's not going anywhere, as some have criticized. Another great thing about this vacuum is the extra long cord. We can do one complete floor w/o having to plug it in several times.

    Overall, I am extremely pleased w/ this purchase. Some also stated that it seemed like the vacuum had lifted the carpet knap back from work levels and this certainly seems to be the case. I am very impressed and would recommend this purchase to anyone, especially ordering from Amazon. Consumer Reports recommended the 4870 as a Best Buy and I can see why. This is an excellent vacuum and hope to get many years of quality service from it....more info
  • Best vacuum I have ever owned - cleaning power is off the charts
    I have owned this for over a year and our condo is much cleaner now than it has ever been. The sealed hepa system does not only not put dust in the air it actually cleans the air. The rugs fluff up and start to look new again. It is a bit heavy to take up and down the stairs but it is worth every pound.
    There is a grip in the lower front that helps if you grab it and the handle at the same time.

    My wife loves it also and uses it often. I'm glad we went with the bag system as it is easy to dispose of and less messy than the bag less. The bags last a good time but in the beginning it will pick up dirt that has been their for years so may fill up more.

    The attachments work great and very easy to use and you can talk with the vacuum running. When the bag starts to get about 3/4 full the brush system sounds different and we replace it then.

    We've been using this vacuum for over a year and like it more and more. If you want something that really works and I mean really works then go for it. If you're a single woman and have a second floor and don't want to carry or can't carry something a bit heavy up the stairs then maybe look for something else. For the way this thing cleans and what it costs, I don't think you can beat it. I've tried the vacuums that claim to never lose suction and they can't touch this unit.

    ...more info
  • I'm very very disappointed with this product and Eureka warranty service.
    I purchased this Eureka 4870GZ (serial no: 0525041495) from Amazon on Dec 5. 2005. Two months later, a bolt in the switch cover is broken. I took the Vacuum to the local Eureka warranty station on Feb. 4 to get the switch cover replaced. I was told it would be replaced in two weeks. After FOUR weeks waiting, I still didn't get my part replaced. People in the warranty station told me the reason for the delay is Eureka sent the wrong parts twice because of incorrect part number record in Eureka system. The warranty station people showed me the wrong parts Eureka sent to them.

    Last week I called warranty station again and I was told the correct part was finally shipped out on Feb. 28. However, I called the warranty station again today and the part still didn't arrive. I don't know how long I have to wait.

    I also contacted Eureka customer service department many times. What Eureka CSR told me is Eureka are not responsible for this kind of warranty issues directly as all the warranty issues have to go through local warranty stations which order parts from different distributor than Eureka part department.

    This kind of Eureka warranty is a nightmare for me and I haven't heard any single apology from Eureka about this unbelievable delay. This is the first time I bought Eureak product and this is also the last time I will buy from them. I will never buy any product from Eureka.

    ...more info
  • Well-engineered vacuum
    We have plush and berber carpet throughout our apartment, and I vacuum it once a week with the Eureka 4870GZ. Overall I'm very impressed, and I already talked my brother into buying the same vac. The suction is good, definitely, and it does what I need from a vac.

    Here's a detailed list of the pros and cons:


    1) The hose tubing is clear when stretched but black when recoiled. I can see dirt and clogs but I'm not faced with that nastiness unless I look.

    2) Mine came with the Power Paw brush attachment. The Power Paw ROCKS for stairs. It is like shrinking the vacuum to a more manageable size when doing stairs. Where has this attachment been my whole life?

    3) The vacuum is NOT heavy like people say. It isn't light, but it certainly isn't the heavy monster I expected. Don't worry about weight; this vac is average weight.

    4) The 4870 is engineered not to tip. I've never had a vac that stays vertical as easily, which is great when doing corners.

    5) The motor will turn off automatically if too hot. I haven't needed this feature, but I like that it is there.

    6) The extra-long hose attachment is much appreciated. There's hose, then there is an EXTRA hose attachment.

    7) There's a switch to turn suction from the floor to the hose. This gives better hose sucking power, I've found. Much better than the Hoovers and Dirt Devils I've used.

    8) Changing bags couldn't be easier. Press a button, take out the bag and you're done. Why aren't other vacuums I've known this easy? I mean, it usually isn't that hard, but this one has a really easy bag to change.

    9) The vacuum brush automatically turns off when the vac is upright. Nice.

    10) There's a nice stairs handle.

    11) It came with an extra bag and belt. The bag I expected, but the extra belt I didn't. That was a nice little cherry on top of the purchase, unless of course they know something I don't about the belt on this vacuum. We'll see...


    1) The attachments are tiny. I'm not sure why, but they seem small. Did I buy the Fisher Price vacuum by mistake?

    2) I wish it were less a plastic appliance. I'm guessing it will hold up fine, but it seems like something that might melt in the sun. I would have preferred at least a bit of metal.

    3) The upholstry brush attachment isn't easy to get when the cord is wrapped around the back of the vac. This isn't that big a deal, but it is unnecessary IMHO.

    4) The hose seems awfully loose, and it gets in the way a bit. This can be fixed with some velcro, though.

    5) A dirt sensor would be a nice addition. I should have checked if the deluxe model with that feature was much more.

    6) This is a very loud vacuum. There's no quiet technology going on here.

    7) The foot pedal to recline the vacuum is very stiff. VERY stiff. I think the designers expect you to wear a boot when vacuuming, because pressing the foot pedal is like pushing a shovel into dirt. It is manageable, but it is oddly hard to use considering the nice design elsewhere on the vac. An intern must have developed this part of the vacuum....more info
  • Great vacuum
    I have been looking for a vacuum for a while. so, I researched several. I read consumer reports and it was very helpful. this vacuum does have great suction power for both the carpet and tool options. the price was $125 w/free shipping from amazon. with that great of a price and the suction, you can not beat this deal. my carpet does look so much better. Comparing it to my old vacuum, I felt my old vacuum did not pick up at all. but there is one feature that I do not like. it is the release button. I feel you really have to step on it hard but it feels like you might be breaking it too since you are stepping on it that hard. The tools are great due to the great suction power. I used it to dust. it was great. ...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Vacuum
    Consumer Reports rated the vacuum as a Best Buy.

    The vacuum does a great job on both a hard wood floor and carpet. Its not heavy and is easy to push....more info
  • Very good for the price
    Does a great job at vaccumming. Really like the way the hose and attachments have their own setting completely seperate from the main vaccuum. This give the accessories and the external hose a LOT of suction. The vac has a lot of nice features as well. The one thing bad was the wheels were very squeeky but nothing a little wd-40 can't handle....more info
  • The best vac I've had.
    My previous vacuum cleaner was a top-of-the-line Sears cannister that gave me nothing but grief. I'm not reviewing that one, so I'll leave it at that. It literally fell apart, so I needed to get another vacuum fast. The online reviews were so glowing for this model, as was the review in Consumer Reports, that I decided to give it a try. I'm really glad I did! I've had it for a couple of months now. I have two dogs (one large, one small) and six indoor/outdoor cats. I'm also a piano teacher, so I have a lot of foot traffic through my house. The Boss gets up all of the pet hair with ease and most of the dirty foot prints come right up. The foot pedal is stiff, but is loosening a bit with use. I really like the ease of going from the vac itself to switching to the hose. Some of the onboard attachments are tricky to keep attached when not in use, but that's a minor complaint. It's a little heavy to lug up and down the stairs, but that's a small thing when the machine is so efficient....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    I read the reviews and bought this vacuum to replace a Hoover Twin chamber bagless that I had. It is so much quieter and is definitely more powerful. Bag changes are easy without all of the dust flying around like with my Bagless. It is a little heavier, but it doesn't bother me that much. My only complaint is that one of the attachments keeps falling off the unit. I just threw it in the pantry--I know where it is when I want to use it. The hose is also a little short, but my stairs are split into two half-flights, so it works perfect for me. I could see difficulties if you wanted to use it on one long flight of stairs and you had trouble lifting/balancing 20 lbs while you were vacuuming. The claw attachment cleans the dog hair off my furniture like magic! The hose on this machine really has incredible suction--I have never seen one that does so well. ...more info
    This was the vacuum I've been looking for! After wasting money on cheaper brands, I read the reviews on this one and decided to take a chance. I was not disappointed. As others have pointed out, the suction is fantastic. I'm pulling things out of my carpet that I couldn't imagine. It really propels iteself too, making it easy to manuever. Others have commented on the weight of the vacuum, but I don't think it's any heavier than other models. I highly recommend the Boss!...more info
  • Almost perfect
    This is easily the best vacuum I have ever used. It picks up all particles in its way on the first sweep. The bare floor setting replaces the broom as it is thorough and easy to use. I use the bare floor setting for going over light weight rugs. It does not eat them up or damage them. The hose is powerful and easy to use. The exaust puts out clean air and doesn't smell like my dog. I am very happy with the purchase, however, I wish the vacuum were a bit smaller. It is heavy (the rolling brushes push it along, so it is not hard to push) and so bulky that it doesn't fit in between many things. But, for the price, esspecially, I am not complaining....more info
  • Great vacuum
    I love this vacuum. I had the eureka boss bagless and liked its performance but hated the mess of bagless. So I got this vacuum as I prefer the bags.

    This is a great vacuum for someone who needs a heavy duty vacuum. It is very heavy. The switches and controls are stiff so you have to be rough with them. This is not a vacuum for someone with a bad back or is not very strong.

    I need a heavy duty vacuum as I have 2 cats that shed non stop. For me this vacuum is ideal as it has really good suction so it picks EVERYTHING up; it works great both on bare floors and carpets; and the hose is very easy to use. ...more info
  • Best Vacuum We Have Had & Least Expensive
    Although my wife didn't think we needed a new one, I got it as the old one was too loud for me. The Eureka Boss is much better. Now that she has used it for a month, she decided we did need a new one. It cleans much better than the old one and she loves the bare floor cleaning option. Thus forget the high price vacuums and you will be happy! Amazon had fast shipping with good status email and very good price. ...more info
  • Good Vacuum
    I have to say this is the best vacuum I have ever bought. It is very powerful and does a good job of getting the dirt out of the carpet, plus it fluffs the carpet nicely. The only reason I did not rate this product 5 stars is because the lever to drop the handle is a little hard to push. Other than that it is a wonderful vacuum and a great price....more info
  • 5 Star Vacuum
    After reviews here and there we bought one at K Mart for 134.99. It's the 4870HZ model and it's blue instead of red but has the same features as the GZ.

    Compared to our old Eureka Bravo Boss it's much quieter. I literally wore hearing protection with the old one. The suction power is incredible and is also powerful via the hose attachments.

    It's a bit heavy but solid; I'm impressed with the quality. The hose is first class and will not kink but it should be longer for pictures on the walls. I've never seen an upright vacuum with long enough hoses anyway.

    The "power paw" is nice but will not replace our Dirt Devil power brush hand held model for dog hair on the furniture. The power paw brush stops spinning if too much pressure is applied. It's fine if used with a light touch.

    The 30'long cord is great. Add an extension cord if you live in an older house with few outlets. RR bags at K Mart are 5.99 for 3
    and could not find them at Walmart. I use an Oreck XL at work and this one blows (sucks) it away. ...more info
  • Love this vacuum
    This is so much better than my old vacuum, which was also recommended by Consumer Reports when it was new. The long wand attachment is great means you don't have to bend over as much, the paw give a little scrubbing action where you can't read with the vacuum.

    ...more info
  • Eureka is the best!
    Vacuum has great suction power. It is easy to switch from carpet to bare floor to use without the brush roller, and easy to switch to use hose attachments. Filtering and bags all seems to work great. I am very please with this vacuum's ability to pick up everything in its path on the first pass....more info
  • vacuum that makes carpets look new
    excellent carpet cleaning making carpets look new a little heavy to move around but when you see the results the weight will be worth it...more info
  • I have a persian cat and this vac does the job!
    I was replacing an old Royal Vac. and can't say enough good things about the Eureka. Cat hair does not get caught in the brushes or belt, carpet is cleaner than it has been since I had it installed 2 years ago. ...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart- Good for building muscles
    This is a very well designed vaccum. I have an electrolux and a rainbow, each has its advantages and disadvantages. Needing a vaccum for quick jobs I selected this upright. The design is smart the operation intuitive. The one drawback is it is heavy. I feel like I am lifting weights when using it.

    ...more info
  • 1.5 Month review of Boss Smart
    In my usage of this vacuum for a little over a month now I wouldhave to say that it works great with the exception in two areas. The main one being that the foot pedal you push to get the handle to go down is extremely hard to push down. I dont know why. Normaly there might be a spring that exerts some pressure on it and you can easily with your foot depress the pedal. Not my case. Its like there is not spring and its just molded that way. You have press really hard to get it to down far enough to release the handle. The other thing which is small is that the light is wholely inadequate. Its small and placed up high on one side as opposed to being down in the front and the width of the vacuum. To me its really useless....more info
  • Excellent product. Certainly worth CR's Best Buy.
    I got this product after reading that Consumer Report had selected this vacuum cleaner as its Best Buy. I bought it from Amazon when there was a sale on this product and I got it for $115.

    My major criteria for vacuum was that I wanted a bag vacuum with Hepa filter, since my son has slight allergy problems. I had read lots of reviews and comments at various websites and Consumer Report mentioning that bagless vacuum are very bad for allergies. The only way, you can clean a bagless vacuum and be sure that none of the dustmites and other allergens are getting back into your house, is to take the vacuum outside the house, close the door and then clean the vacuum. This is not at all a viable option in Michigan considering the cold weather that we have to face.

    There was not a single vacuum that had all the features this particular vacuum provides and still be at a reasonable price-range. The next model that I found with nearly all the features the 4870GZ provides was from Hoover and it was costing $250+.

    There are various model number starting with 4870. There's not much of difference between these various models, except for some kind of color variation and the GZ model has an additional cleaning brush.

    Before buying this vacuum, I read various reviews at Amazon saying that this vacuum is heavy, its difficult to tilt the handle, etc. Best Buy store had this exact same model. So before ordering from Amazon, I headed over to the nearest Best Buy and had a good look at this model. I lifted it, carried it and walked around, tilted the handle, switched the bareflooor setting, etc.

    This vacuum is no more heavier than my previous Panasonic. I can use it pretty comfortably in my colonial home with two flight of stairs. The bare floor cleaning option is great. The manual carpet height setting is great. The knob that you have to press, for the vacuum handle to tilt is sort of tricky. There is a particular way to press it. Once you get the hang of it, its pretty easy. When the handle is upright the vacuum automatically switches to barefloor setting, which is very nice. If I have to vacuum the barefloor, then after tilting the vacuum handle, I have to push the knob from carpet to barefloor. This again is kind of tricky and once you get the hang of it, its very easy to handle.

    Couple of things that I would have liked to have in this model are... Have a cleaning/dirt sensor LED. I had this feature in my previous Panasonic and I liked it a lot. Of course Consumer Report says that this feature is not of much use, but I beg to differ.

    The other feature I would have liked is to have a vacuum bag full sensor. I had seen this feature in some other models of Hoover/Dirt Devil.

    One more feature that I would have liked is to have a automatic retractable cord. I had this feature in my previous Panasonic. After having done with the vacuum, there was this small knob at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, which I had to just press with my feet and the whole cord would just automatically retract back into the vacuum. During my research, I found that this kind of feature is available only in cannister vacuum and is no longer provided in upright vacuum....more info
  • This performs as advertised & reviewed. What a deal.
    This unit has great suction, and with the stair cleaning attachment (Power-paw?) it has great versatility. It is fairly quiet, and while not light-weight, it is easy to maneuver. It is reasonably priced, and with a $25 housewares coupon it was a bargain....more info
  • pet hair
    I have 2 cats and a husky and I have had problems with vacuums picking up the hair. This vacuum is great at picking up everything. I am very pleased with this product....more info
  • happy with purchase
    i am very happy with the eureka boss, the price was very affordable, the attachments are easy to use. i have used it on wood floors also and its better than sweeping. the foot pedal to lower it into position to vacuuum is a little stiff and hard to depress. i would recommend buying this vacuum...more info
  • Good Buy
    I've bought 2 other vacuums recently (both Hoover)and was unhappy with them. This is a sturdy machine and is easy to use. Picks up dirt from
    carpet rather well. I do wish it had a retractable cord rewinder....more info
  • Eecellent buy
    It is a powerful vacuum. I like the feature that it stores all the attachments on borad the machine. And the add-on handle is long enough to reach the ceiling. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • "A Brandname you can depend on!"
    "I saw this vacuum priced fifty dollars higher at my local department store and with the 6% sales tax, I saved good money. Took it home and was impressd with the quality and performance. Eureka is the 'Boss" in my house!" ...more info
  • Great but not so great
    Very powerful but also very heavy. the RR Bags cannot be found in any store locally, not even in wal-mart. The hepa filter cost is $20.00 and should be changed quite often. I would have never purchased this item if I knew then what I know now....more info
  • Amazing Value
    We've normally bought more expensive vacuum machines but decided, after reading Consumer Reports' review, to buy this machine. We are very pleased we did, because it is the best all-round machine we've ever used. We notice some comments on the difficulty of releasing the foot pedal: if one uses one's heel instead of toes, it is effortless....more info
  • Boss Smart-Vac is excellent
    This vacuum (rated as a Consumer Reports Best Buy) is excellent. Easy to use, adjust and great at cleaning. The only thing keeping it from 5 stars is the foot pedal that allows you to change the handle from upright to angled is difficult to disengage. Otherwise, a great product and I would definitely buy again!...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Solid Performer
    If you are looking for an economical machine to get your carpet clean this machine does the job. I find it to be heavy, which is consistent with the reviews that I read before making my purchase. Also, the lever to lower the handle is stiffer than I'd like, it works best if wearing shoes. Over-all a solid performer. I paid 109 with free shipping and applying my discount for getting an Amazon credit card. You probably won't find something that works better for less....more info
  • Great Vac
    It is just great and a very good price. Easy to use, but a little heavy to push. Does everything you need. ...more info
  • Excellent Value!
    I had an older version of the Hoover Wind Tunnel 6.1. As others have written, it worked well, but A) it was expensive and B) small parts kept breaking and it was VERY expensive to fix.

    After using the EUREKA Booss Smart-Vac vacuum, I feel for the first time that my carpets are actually clean! Even though they are only a year old, I have two children and the Hoover was not producing enough suction (a fact I didn't realize until I used this vacuum).

    As another customer mentioned, the vacuum is heavy (also I was used to the "self-propelled" feature") BUT the value and quality of this vacuum is so exceptional that a little bit of extra pushing work doesn't bother me at all.

    I highly recommend this and couldn't have gotten a better deal anywhere else!...more info
  • Impressed with performance
    Just purchased this model. I went with Consumer Reports recommendation. I was surprised with the amount of suction this model produces. I would agree that there is room for improvement with other aspects of this vacuum cleaner, but delivers your money's worth. By the way, a longer hose attachment is available at the manufacturer's website on-line store. I just discovered it and ordered one. ...more info
  • Works Great
    This is the best vacuum I've had in many years. It is very powerful. You can also "vacuum" the hardwood floors without having to worry about scratching them. The tools are also very useful and handy. It is a little loud, but it gets the job done....more info
  • This Vacuum Really SUCKS!! :)
    I love my new Eureka Boss! It has great suction power. I like the onboard attachments and the suction is just as strong when you are using the hose and attachments.There is a switch that you flip to turn the suction off of the floor part of the vacuum and on to the hose. It also can be set to sweep a bare floor. This vacuum has a light on the front and comes with a stair cleaning attachment. It has a really long cord.
    The only down side to this vacuum is that it is heavy.
    I originally bought a much more expensive vacuum, but returned it and like this vacuum MUCH better....more info
  • over-rated
    The thing I hate about is that the most of the first reviews for a nationally advertised product seem to be written by an advertisement agency on behalf of the manufacturer of the product.

    Just read the first 10 or so reviews here. The first review is a perfect example of a blatant positive response by an advertiser. So much detail it sounds like a sales brochure.

    We tried this vacuum, and it was pretty good, but not worthy of 5 stars. The suction is nothing special. The bag replacement is nice.

    I'd give it 3 stars but I have to give it 1 star here because there are too many false initial rave reviews obviously submitted by people who have some investment in the company.

    It's not a bad vacuum cleaner. At least people are realizing the old bagless versions created a lost of dust and junk in the air. Glad to see bags coming back....more info
  • Better Than Advertised
    I've had this vacuum now for several weeks, and have found it to do an excellent job of cleaning. I particularly like the longer cord which permits me to vacuum larger areas without having to change plugs. The suction has really cleaned my carpets and made them look much better. This vacuum is replacing an earlier Eureka "Best Buy", which in its time did a good job, but nowhere nearly as good as this one. It is rather heavy, but no more so than advertised. To me it is a small price to pay for great the performance it provides. An outstanding value!...more info
  • 5-Star Performance!
    I have a long-haired cat whose favorite pastime is to roll over on her back and grind her fur into the carpet. With my old vacuum, I'd run it over the same clump of hair about ten times, then I'd bend over and pull it out and lay it ever-so-gently on top of the carpet, then run over it another ten times before giving up and just picking it up and taking it to the trash. But with the Eureka Boss Smart-Vac, one swipe was all it took to suck up some seriously ground-in pet hair. The foot pedal might not trip with one bare toe, but it's hardly "Mission Impossible." It's not difficult to use either. It's so powerful that it moves forward on its own, yet pulling it back does not require any more effort than any normal upright. I used the lowest setting (bare floor) on some fairly plush carpet with no trouble at all. In fact, since I didn't have to run over every speck of carpet ten times, I vacuumed the whole house in the time it used to take me to do one room. The Eureka Boss Smart-Vac works like a dream! Many thanks to everyone who left reviews. You really helped me choose the right vacuum....more info
  • Awesome!
    I did a lot of research before buying this vacuum and this is a great choice! I vacuumed the whole house with the old machine (Dirt Devil Vision bagless0 and then went over it again with the Boss. I opened the bag and looked in and was horrified at how much dog hair and dust was in there! (Really fine gray powder!)

    My house is 3000 sq ft with a dog and two kids and that doesn't fill a bag so i'm not sure about the review that said the bags are too small.

    And as for heavy, it propels itself but I could easily carry it up and down the stairs.

    I was skeptical about going back to a bag machine since I expected changing the bags to be messy and difficult. Just the opposite, they are easy and quick to change without all the dust of the bagless. you can't just watch the dirt empty into the canister like the bagless but trust me...its in there!

    It is very strong, picks up very fine dirt and I was surprised at how quiet it was. An added bonus.

    This is a great machine for the money.

    ...more info
  • 1 Quart
    Perhaps it's our new carpet but the miniature "RR" bag fills in two rooms, as evidenced by the clear tubes plugging up. The machine weighs about [sic] 400 lbs. Sure it does a good job cleaning, but why all the weight?...more info
  • This vacuum SUCKS!
    Incredible vacuum! For those who've done their homework and seen the "Best Buy" rating from Consumer's Reports, this machine deserves it.

    I have a Dyson vacuum which I've now taken to my office where I rarely use it because this Eureka 4870 is so much better! The HEPA filter and low dust emissions are alone worth the price of the vacuum, but it is also quiet, strong, and has great functioning attachments.

    I agree that the hose is too short. And yeah, it's heavy -- but it's solidly built and consistently gets good marks for its infrequent repair history.

    If you want to be trendy, get a Dyson. But you're not buying the best vacuum on the market. Buy the Eureka 4870GZ and try it. You will not be disappointed.
    ...more info
    Awful. The one redeeming quality is the suction factor. It has great suction on floors, carpet and the hose. This is the HEAVIEST vaccum that I've ever owned (and I've owned several). Very difficult to press the "recline" and then lock it back to an upright position. Did I mention that it is HEAVY and awkward. Also, the polarized plug is too small. It easily slips out of every outlet in my home and nothing else that I plug into the outlets slips out. I was duped by Consumer Reports recommendation of this vacuum. Unfortunately, my husband threw out the box so I cannot return it.

    Shop around. Don't get this one. Perhaps they had a 6 1/2' tall man who weighs 300+ pounds test drive it when they made it. Anyone smaller will have a tough time pushing it around....more info
  • Great Vacuum
    We have an apartment with mostly hardwood floors, and rugs. This vaccum works great on both. It is not too big and cleans very well, for a good price. ...more info
  • Great quality and price
    This vac is replacing an awful Hoover Windtunnel. It has lots of "sucking" power, and it is lighter than the Hoover. It has clear tubes that are easily removed in case of clugging. Why pay $500+ for a Dyson if you can get this vacuum for less than $150?...more info
  • Decent for the money
    There was no way I was going to spend $400+ on a Dyson, but I needed to get a new vaccum for my aging, problematic Kenmore. Like my Kenmore, this Eureka was highly rated by Consumer Reports. And like my Kenmore, this vacuum isn't that great.

    On board attachments seem to fit snugly on the unit (except Power Claw) and piece together easily. I like the hose/floor switch being in reach. I also like the the hose is ready to use without having to hook up. Does a nice job on my carpet, very powerful brush. The unit is solidly built. Seems balanced well, my Kenmore was top heavy and would fall over all the time when using the hose.

    The hose is too short, cannot do the complete stairs due to lack of reach. There might be a hose extension available, but I'm not sure. This thing is loud. The Power Claw isn't that great, kind of awkward to use on stairs and stops spinning with pressure. You have to unscrew the bottom to access belt and brush, my Kenmore had latches. You have to use your hands to select floor/carpet switch unless you have a mega strong big toe. Doesn't do that great on bare floors, had to make several passes to get stuff up and there isn't a good floor attachment for the hose. Having a house that is half bare floors the other half carpet, I find myself liking the convenince of the hose. Maybe my next vacuum needs to be a canister instead of an upright. Also, the power switch is on the front of the machine about the bag door. Seems inconvenient, but maybe I'll get use to it.

    Consumer Reports must strongly consider price in rating this so hightly, because it leaves a lot to be desired. But you get what you pay for.



    I've had this vacuum since January and already posted a less than stellar review at the time. It does the job; has some nice and not-so-nice features; hardly "all that". Well, it just broke, the brush no longer rotates. Seemed like a belt break but the belt was intact so I have no idea. Since it's under warranty I have taken it in to the local repair shop recommended by Eureka where I was informed it could take months to diagnose, get parts and get it back. So unless I buy/rent another vacuum or hire help, I can't clean my house for a couple of months? It could be a lemon, but I'm suspect. This is a cheap vacuum for a reason. The one year warranty doesn't seem adequate for this product as any repairs outside of that you might as well buy a new vacuum. This Eureka is disposable and not the "value" it appears to be compared to other vacuum's I've owned in the past.

    If I could change my ranking, it would now be 1 STAR

    UPDATED 6-12-06

    BUYER BEWARE: The "problem" according to the service center was debris around the motor pully, which I did not note when I looked at the belt and replaced it eventhough it wasn't broken. For some reason this took 4-weeks to diagnose, and was not under warranty according to the service center and Eureka. Anyway, I've used the cleaner maybe 10 times at the most; small house, no pets, half wood floors, half low pile carpet. Having owned a Kenmore previously for 7 years with no problems like this I'm pretty displeased with this unit.

    The service center said they have gotten a lot of complaints on this unit. Their suggestion was to make sure I don't vacuum on the "Low" setting and to turn off the unit before activating the roller. I'm sorry I can't return this. ZERO STARS...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Upright Vacuum
    Good value vacuum. Pick-up vacuum is good since you can switch between floor and hose. Also like the feature of being able to turn off beater carpet brush....more info
  • Moving Mountains
    We purchased this Eureka 4870GZ Boss after doing the usual due diligence in Consumer Reports Magazine annual compilation of product reviews.

    Cleaning a variety of surfaces and removing allergenic dust were our chief objectives. A secondary, but important objective was not spending a lot of money.

    Performance on carpeting and rugs: great suction. Roots dirt out from the core of the rug. Restores the fluff to the rug. Leaves no stone, no matter how small, unturned.

    Narrow tight spots: works well.

    Upholstery: does no damage, cleans well. An uplifting experience.

    Filtration: does not return dust to the air. Consummate dust trapper. Our home is heated by a wood stove;'nuff said.

    There are four attachments, the Power Paw, the crevice sucker-upper, the upholstery primper and the dusting brush.

    Noise: acceptable. Better than the Hoover cannister model it replaces. No hooting, no hollering. One can hear the telephone ring while operating this machine.

    Ilumination: equipped with a light to brighten the corner where you are.

    Emptying the cannister: easy, simple, no hay problema.

    Cleaning the rotor-sweeper: easy.

    Maneuvering: our home is upstairs/downstairs; the unit could be better engineered for balancing while cleaning steps.

    ...more info
  • Great vacuum, right price
    This is the second Smart-Vac I've owned and I wouldn't buy another brand (the first is 7 years old and is still in good shape). This one is a little better than the last in that it has the "power paw" for stairs and tight spots. It filters wonderfully and picks up really well. We have 4 dogs and a parrot but the rugs are spotless and there is minimal house dust. The filters and bags do their jobs nicely and they're not expensive to replace. The Smart-Vac has been a "Consumer Reports" best buy for years. I would definitely recommend this vacuum....more info
  • A great buy
    I just moved and decided to buy a new vacuum. My friend got this after she saw that it won a best buy award in Consumer Reports. I checked before I bought, and they've kept their position at the top. I've been very pleased with this vacuum. The construction is very solid, the suction is outstanding, and the features are well thought-out and executed.

    1.The onboard attachments are great, especially this Power Paw that they included. It's about 6" wide and has a super fast mini rolling brush that is great for upholstery and getting into difficult spots. You can adjust the amount of suction between the main vacuum and the hose using a dial. This means that all of the power can go to the attachments when you need them.

    2.The HEPA filtration system is sealed in so that all of the particles stay in there and don't escape. Great for dust allergies.

    3. This thing is powerful. I borrowed my parents' vacuum until this one came in (an Oreck professional model). I used theirs, then used this right over the "clean" floors, and it got all sorts of stuff that the other one missed.

    4. The bags are very easy to change and are designed to make it hard for you to spill the contents everywhere.


    Nothing serious. It's heavy becuase it's really well-made. If you can't lift and like to vacuum your stairs a lot, this could get annoying. In regular use, though, there's no lugging or dragging that you have to do. The first few times you use the machine, the buttons are hard to press (the one that makes it lean back, the switch between roller brush and bare floors). Hard enough that you can't make it lean back unless you're wearing shoes to push the lever down. After maybe ten pushes, though, it's fine.

    I would reccommend this vacuum to anyone, and would buy it again in an instant. Amazon definitely has the best price around on it, too. ...more info
  • Great vacuum for the price
    I'd rate it 5 stars, but I only have had it for a few weeks. Everything is working very well so far, great suction and the tools (power paw especially) are great! We were originally looking at the Dyson, but had heard that the Eureka Boss was just as good for much less of a price. As a proud new owner of the Eureka Boss, I must agree. If you want a great vacuum at a great price, go with this product. Great job Eureka!...more info
  • Powerful, but not smooth.
    It's a very strong and effective machine, but it doesn't quite have the gliding grace of my former Panasonic vacuum. I'm OK with that as long as it proves to be durable and doesn't wimp out after a while as so many vacuums do. It *is* a little heavy but it's more the lack of smoothness that's annoying -- the foot pedal is indeed a little hard to operate, although not at all impossible. This machine will certainly get the job done at an unbeatable price, but do not expect elegance....more info
  • great vacuum, impossible to buy replacement bags
    We really love this vacuum, but now that we have used the bags that came with the vacuum we are having a VERY difficult time finding a store that carries the bags. On-line vendors do carry the bags, but I have yet to find anyone that charges less than $5 to ship the bags (which cost from $3 to $10 for 3 bags, depending on where you shop). I would not purchase another Eureka product for this reason. It does not matter how well it works or how easy it is to use if you cannot get the parts you need for a reasonable price....more info
  • Great Value
    After reading the reviews here on Amazon I decided that I couldn't do much better for a vacuum in this price range. After 4 months of use I am happy to report that I am delighted with my purchase. It has excellent suction and was worth every penny especially considering the included HEPA filter.

    Some reviews here mentioned that the vacuum is quite heavy but to be honest both my wife and I feel that it is easy to handle....more info
  • Amazing...
    We used to have a bagless vaccum, and as many know, there are tons of filters on them. I was sick of always cleaning those filters to only find that after only a couple uses of the vaccum, those filters needed cleaning again. Boy am I glad that I switched back to a vaccum that uses a bag. Not only does the bag act as a GOOD filter which is easily thrown away without mess, but the other filters last much longer without cleaning than bagless vaccums. This unit has great power, and the attachments fit all neatly on the unit (which is a huge plus). The included paw attachment is great, I use it for the stairs which got rid of my dirt devil hand vac. I've had this vaccum for several months now and absolutely love it. I highly recommend getting the washable HEPA filter for this unit as continuous changes of this filter may cost a lot over time....more info
  • This vacuum sucks. Uh.. in a good way.
    When my wife and I first used this vacuum, we were impressed by not only how much it sucked.... but how much [naughty word here] actually came out of our carpet. We were going to buy new carpet for our dining room area, but after using this vacuum, our carpet looked so much better that we decided to leave it in just a few more years. :) A good buy.
    Now, the not so neat stuff. The bags are a bit hard to come by, and they're a tad expensive. But the suckage... oooooh, the suckage!...more info
  • I am happy again with vacuuming....Yes!
    I got my new Eureka "The Boss" after Christmas to help clean up the snow powder and broken ornament glass. I fell in love with it immediately. It made my 13 year old carpets like new again. I can't keep the vacuum away long enough before finding a need for it.

    The only bad feature I find it is heavy for me and my wrist gets sore from the turns and angles I use.

    It sucks up like my old one never could even when that one was new.

    Yes, to this one for a good price and hope this lasts for the rest of my life!...more info
  • Wonderful Vacuum
    I love my new vacuum. It works as advertised on both carpet and hardwoods. I would recommend it to anyone interested in a new vacuum....more info
  • Love it!!!!!
    I shopped for a vacuum for a couple of years, and I am so pleased with this vacuum! It was a consumer report "best buy" and was rated number two, which is ultimately why I bought it. I checked out the number one vacuum in the store, and I liked the feel of this one better. I wasn't limited on how much money to spend on a vacuum, and I had planned to buy one of the more expensive dysons. I am SO PLEASED and surprised at the affordable price of the eureka! I mostly have hardwood and tile, so it was important to me to have one that would not leave scratches and wouldn't just kick the dirt back, like my previous vacuum. The attachments are so easy to use and handy (onboard). I have a bulldog that sheds badly, and this vacuum picks up everything! The added "power paw" really gets the hair off the sofa, but I find the onboard upholstery attachment to work almost as well. Okay, I agree with the review that it can be a little hard to pull, and that would be an issue maybe if you have some reason that you couldn't pull easily. But I'm an averaged sized girl and just had a baby 5 weeks ago, and I've had no problem manuvering with this vacuum. And it's not noisy at all!!! I can't think of anything I've left out. If you are shopping for a good vacuum, this is the one to buy!!!
    ...more info
  • Outstanding
    I have expensive, thick berber carpet and wanted a vacuum that would clean deep and keep the carpet in good condition. I tried a few of my friend's Dyson and Oreck XL vacuums. The Eureka is definitely just as good, if not better at half the price.

    Pros: Most importantly, this vacuum is powerful, and does the job it is intended to do very well, vacuum. It runs very quietly for the amount of power produced. It was easy to put together and put in to operation. No flying dust while vacuuming, the bag and hepa seal well and actually smell "good" while running. The internal bag goes on easily and removes just as well without creating a dust devil in your house. The vacuum moves smoothly once powered on.

    Cons: The foot pedal to get the vacuum in to the open position is difficult to use even with shoes, but this is minor ompared to the job the vacum does.

    Other: Amazon provided amazingly fast shipping even during the holidays. If you want a vacuum that does what you buy it to do, vacuum, this is the one to buy....more info
  • highly recommended
    I received my 4870GZ a few days ago. I am very happy
    with it and consider it a great buy.

    My old Eureka upright still works after 20 years but I
    figured it's about time to splurge a little and buy
    a newer model. I was not disappointed.

    The floors in my house are pretty much wall-to-wall carpet
    throughout, therefore I was looking for something that
    would work well on carpets. To try out the new cleaner,
    I went around and vacuumed most of the house. It all went
    well until I hit the upstairs bathroom and noticed that the
    cleaner was not sucking up lint and hair from the floor as
    well I wished it to. I was puzzled a bit until I opened the
    dust-bag bin to discover that the bag was filled to capacity!
    I was impressed by the volume of stuff it had picked up during
    a short sweep in my apparently clean house.

    I am quite happy with the attachments and all. The hose could
    have been a little longer but it's not too bad.

    The only negative point is what other have commented as well
    about the hard-to-operate handle release button. I hope that
    Eureka engineers will do something about this in their next
    redesign....more info
  • Only thing it needs is better instructions!
    Like some other people here, my family was confused as to how to use the bare floor mode since we never really thought to push that switch quite that hard.
    So I thought maybe the switch was broken when I flicked it to Bare floor then tested it on the bare floor...only to find that it hadn't done anything (since it hadn't locked in). The noise was pretty horrible from the brushes going nuts on the floor.

    Luckily these other reviews have also let me figure out just how to use bare floor mode, so yay to Amazon reviews.

    Some of the reviews complain that it's too heavy-the vacuum isn't too heavy, and if you truly think that it's too heavy it might be time to join a gym. However, the high speed spinning of the brushes and the suction do combine to make it SEEM like it's really heavy when you're going backwards on the vacuum since it's trying to claw itself forward.
    However, if you read the manual (and I know I'm not the only person here who didn't really read the manual first) it actually does provide a solution to this problem-just drop back the carpet settings until it stops pulling itself quite as hard.
    Personally though, I like the pulling feeling-it sounds silly but it's great to FEEL just how powerful this vacuum is, and know that the brushes are going nuts on the carpet cleaning every last bit.

    The first time my mother tried to use the vacuum she left it on hose mode but tilted it back. Which apparently made the brush start spinning like it normally would but also made the machine divert the suction to the hose...the resulting mounds of dust that came out of the hallway carpet was literally frightening (my brother was shocked that he had been living with all that dust around). I heard the frightened screams of horror and ran over to find the selector on Hose mode, and once it went into floor mode the vacuum cleaned up the mess easily.

    So, to summarize:
    1) It's insanely powerful
    2) It's not actually that heavy but the insane power makes it feel like it
    3) The bare floor selector button needs to be pushed very hard (read the manual first too), so does the button to tilt the vacuum
    4) This vacuum basically needs the manual to explain a little better how the bare floor selector button works, and maybe the explanation that you have to push hard on the buttons on this machine.
    5) My only real complaint is that the tools don't quite store as nicely as on my old dirt devil (one of the brushes is already somewhat bent due to this-I think someone got confused while trying to store it), and the extra power brush doesn't have a storage place at all on the machine.

    Still, you simply can't beat the value of this machine! And the HEPA filter works great as far as I can tell-the air doesn't have a nasty dusty smell anymore!...more info
  • totally sucks!
    But that is a GOOD thing! I just got this vacuum, after seeing it as a Consumer Reports Best Buy - and it's fabulous!!!

    I have a great Moroccan kilim in our bedroom, which I thought was getting faded due to normal wear - have had it for about four years. One pass with this vacuum, and it's bright as new. It was FILTHY from my other Dirt Devil vacuum that I'd been using on it. Amazing suction - great for baseboards, and radiators.

    Really happy with my purchase, great price. Easy to assemble too, took about 20 minutes from taking it out of the box to my Virgo self happily vacuuming!...more info
  • Excellent vacuum for the price
    I was about to buy Dyson because I was fed up with my old Hoover PowerMax but after reading the reviews for Eureka 4870GZ, decided to buy it.
    This is the best vacuum I have ever owned for such a low price.
    Great on carpet and great on hard wood. The only problem might be that it is bit heavy. ...more info
  • Great vacuum for a great price
    The Eureka 4870GZ was delivered to my home on time, in good condition. For $125.00 (with the $25.00 special savings), I am very happy with the purchase.

    The Pros: Powerful suction, on board tools plus the extra turbo paw for stairs. The brush stops rotating when the handle is upright or when using the bare floor option. Came with an extra bag and belt. Easy assembly, just 3 screws to mount the handle.

    The Cons: It is heavy but powerful and works like a self propel model when powered on. Some people may find it difficult to use, especially if they have to deal with stairs. The on board light is on one side and does not light up the whole width of the brush area. Some of the onboard tools are hard to remove and put back.

    Overall a good vacuum to have....more info
    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this vacuum!!!! I didn't find it hard to push at all, and it was great at picking up things. It left my floor nice and dirt free. It left my carpet with a nice smell also. I highly recommend this vacuum. I thank all the reviewers who previously reviewed this vacuum. Their reviews were the deciding factor in my choice of this vacuum. I almost bought a Hoover Wind Tunnel but it had terrible reviews. This one had excellent reviews. So don't ever stop taking the time to write reviews, they do help others. Did I say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this vacuum? Get this vacuum, you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Good Enough for Me
    I recently replaced my 7 year old Hoover Wind Tunnel with the Eureka Boss. I based my decision on price. I paid $139 for it at Costco. I looked at a $500 Riccar and considered another Hoover, but the price was right for the Eureka Boss. I like the Eureka. It is very good at picking up dirt. There, however, are some minor inconveniences that I now have to live with: 1.) The cord could be longer. 2.) The step to recline the handle is tough; I need to wear shoes and really step on the button to get it to come down. 3.) To switch to bare floors, you need to power off the vacuum, then move the switch to bare floors and then move the floor height selector to bare floors. 4.) To switch to the hose, you have to move the switch from floors to hose. 5.)The onboard attachments are more difficult to mount than they should be. Overall, I am happy with my purchase. It is much better than what I was living with - the broken Hoover Wind Tunnel. I have had the Eureka now for 2 months....more info
  • Very good but not perfect
    Like others, I consulted Consumer Reports and a few online reviews including Amazon's. The price can't be beat -- but be sure to take advantage of the extra $25-off promotion code. I've had the Eureka for a month, replacing a 15-year-old inexpensive Hoover which worked pretty well but had no attachments and weak suction. Wow, does the Eureka have suction! The unit holds so firmly to the floor, I think this helps explain the slight difficulty many (me included) have experienced in pulling the vacuum backwards -- when pushing, the brush is strong enough almost to draw the unit forward on its own, but when you pull back you have to fight the brush and the suction. When you use the hose and attachments, putting your hand across the open tube causes the stretched hose to contract with a lot of force -- this is one powerful motor. The attachments and hose are very convenient and store unobtrusively. The biggest negatives are the stiffness of several of the mechanisms including the foot-lever and the brush on/off control. These controls have a plastic feel which seems cheaper and more fragile than the old Hoover, and I wonder how long they will last. Fifteen years? I doubt it. But this seems to be about the best unit on the market for the money....more info
  • Good vacuum for the money.....
    Just received this week. Pd. $125.00 using the promo code. Free shipping. I am pleased! Replaced a Sharp Twin Turbo that I paid waaay too much for and never loved in the first place. Sharp lasted only 2 1/2 yrs. - motor burned up!!

    Don't see, as many reviewers seem to, that this vacuum is hard to manuver or that the foot lever is difficult to push. Great suction! I am happy with the Eureka 4870GZ and the timely service from Amazon. Can't find it cheaper anywhere ... not even Wal-mart. Remember to use the promo code to save $25.
    ...more info
  • Ungainly and heavy
    Like others who have commented, I also bought this vacuum because of the high rating by Consumer Reports. Unfortunately, when I received it, I found out that it is incredibly heavy and difficult to use. The button on the base that releases the handle to allow you to vacuum is extrememly hard to engage (my 12 year old couldn't do it) and the whole vacuum feels plasticy and cheap. It may have vacuumed well but did not work well on wall-to-wall carpet that had fine carpets on top. It "ate" the fringe on my good rugs, ate the edges of the carpets and you couldn't lift the vacuum to go over the fringe or over the edges. And the vacuum didn't have a stop mechanism to turn off the rollers when it was "eating" something! It is so wide that I couldn't get it between a lot of my furniture and its profile was high so it didn't get underneath anything. The weight of the machine was similar to my old Kirby that I finally had to get rid of because my back killed me everytime I had to vacuum the house. Maybe this just tells me that I am a canister vaccum person rather than an upright. The one thing I did like was the on board hose with the narrow attachment so I could get dirt in the cracks and against the walls. The downside of this feature is that the hose kept falling off the machine everytime I tried to vacuum (it isn't clipped on well)! I ended up returning this machine so I'm unfortunately still in the market for a vacuum with good suction on carpets that I can actually use without ending up on ibuprofin!...more info
  • Pleasantly Surprised
    This is my first Eureka Vacuum and I have to say after reading consumer reports and the reviews at amazon I have made the right choice. This vacuum has excellent suction power and it is a bit heavy but not enough where it was a real concern. I vacuumed my whole house twice and needed to replace the bags twice, that just goes to show you how poor a job my other vacuum was doing. If your looking for a clean dust free house, then this is the vacuum for you. The only draw back is unfortunaly the power paw did not work as well as I expected just after one use on my stairs it broke. I ordered a replacement and lets see how that one will work, other than that its a great machine.
    What do you have to loose? You have a 30 day guarantee! Try it, you wont be sorry....more info
  • Best vacuum so far
    This is our 3rd vacuum in 3 years and this has been the best so far! It cleans well and does not make a lot of noise like the hoover or dirt devil we owned before. Much more smoother...the best part was how it feels like it is self propelled when it glides forward on the carpet without much effort. The small drawbacks I can mention are the weight of the vacuum and the air blowing out through the HEPA filter blows some of the dust up in the air when using it on bare floors. ...more info
  • Response to J. Leonard
    The brush on this vacuum really DOES turn on and off - the switch is just hard to push. If you push it firmly enough, it will lock the brush and you can clean your bare or hardwood floors without the brush spinning and without dragging it around in an upright position.

    This is a great vacuum - primarily because of the fantastic suction. I like it better than any vacuum I've had before. The potential drawbacks have already been noted by other readers, but they don't bother me. My floors have never been so clean!...more info
  • 4870GZ - A great overall vacuum as suggested by Consumer Reports Magazine!
    -- My older canister vacuum finally failed, so I was in search of a reliable new replacement. I decided to change to an upright vacuum since I no longer live in a home with stairs or much upholstered furniture to clean.
    -- Consumer Reports Magazine suggested the Eureka 4870 Boss Smart-Vac as one of the best on the market. Consumer Reports claimed it as lightweight, easy to push, great for cleaning, and a best buy for its price.
    -- I did a lot of shopping around first, to find the absolute lowest price for this model. I was quite surprised when Amazon's price was the lowest (including all shipping charges), even compared with walking in to Walmart. I was able to use a pretty standard discount coupon on Amazon's site, that applied to most housewares. The coupon appears to repeat it self several months in a row. You might check their discount section to find it. In August, it was called AUGQUICKDSCNT; and in September, it was called SEPTQUICKDSCNT (I believe).
    -- Consumer Reports reviewed the 4870 model vacuum. I was able to find three different 4870 models. Most 4870 models contain a two-letter digit following the model number, which is a code indicating the color and optional extra parts of the vacuum.
    The 4870 DT is green with minimal options.
    The 4870 GZ is red with a turbo upholstery nozzle attachment.
    The 4870 ?? is blue with a turbo upholstery nozzle attachment that has two switch settings.
    Amazon carries both the DT and GZ models. I have only seen the blue model available at KMart, but I did not check online.
    -- After receiving the vacuum, I pulled it out of its gigantic box, and spent less than five minutes assembling the handle to the base. (It required a screw driver, flat or phillips head.) I was very happy that there was a storage place on the base for each and every accessory tool. However, there was *not* a place for the bonus turbo nozzle accessory included with the GZ model. -- The first run of the vacuum was surprising. On the low pile carpet I started on, the vacuum had so much suction that it actually started walking itself forward immediately. (I almost fell over trying to hold it back! hee hee) On the thicker, larger pile carpet, the vacuum did not walk near as much. But, it had so much suction, the carpet looked incredibly clean. I don't think the carpet has been that clean since it was new!
    -- The first few times I ran the vacuum, the HEPA filter, or some part of the exhaust of the vacuum emitted an unusual plastic-like odor, which I assume is due to the fact that this is a new vacuum. However, after a few times, the vacuum emits air that is fresh, and very clean smelling. Its like cleaning the air with one of those air filters while I vacuum.
    -- The turbo nozzle attachment that was included with the GZ model is unusual. I was expecting a nozzle attachment with a small motorized roller brush for cleaning upholstery. However, this nozzle is *not* motorized. Instead, it runs on the suction power of the vacuum to turn its roller brush. At first, I thought that the suction of the vacuum would not be enough to keep the roller turning. However, it appears to work great. The only side-effect to not being motorized is that the nozzle makes a strange higher-pitched whining noise (instead of a vibrating motor noise). But I have used it several times on the sofa and recliner to remove dirt and pet hair, and it works great. The only complaint I have is that there is no place on the upright body to store the nozzle attachment with the vacuum.
    -- The other thing that confused me is the brush roll control switch on the base of the vacuum. This yellow switch/tab that appears to be used to change the mode of the vacuum from carpet to bare floors cannot be operated by hand. Instead, the switch automatically moves by raising and lowering the upright half of the vacuum to and from its 'storage' position. When the vacuum body is upright, and clicked into its 'storage' position, the yellow switch/tab indicates bare floor cleaning, and the brush roll is automatically switched off. When the vacuum body is lowered, or angled, in its 'vacuuming' position, the yellow switch/tab indicates carpet cleaning, and the brush roll is automatically switched on. You cannot move the yellow switch by hand. In order to vacuum hard floors, you either have to leave the brush roll running, and use the dial indicator to lower the level of the vacuum head to the floor (which tends to fling dirt and dust everywhere no matter how low you set it), or you could put the vacuum in its upright storage position, and pull it around on the floor (this is awkward). I suppose another option would be to use the flat floor attachment and the suction hose to clean the hard floors, which is what Eureka must have intended. I have just stuck to using my broom and/or swiffer instead.
    -- The one thing that I love about this vacuum compared to my canister and other uprights are the convenient carrying handles on its upright body. In addition to the standard push/pull vacuum handle, there is a nice cupped-handle below the HEPA filter on the front side, and a complimentary cupped-handle on the center of the back side. These two handles allow you to carry the vacuum at waist height very easily, and well-balanced. I don't have any stairs, but if I did, I would be greatful for these handles. I am extremely greatful for them to carry the vacuum around the house (instead of rolling it). The vacuum is indeed light-weight as Consumer Reports claims.
    -- I have used this vacuum for more than a month now, and I can say that I LOVE to clean with it. I love using the double-length extension wand with the circular-brush end for cleaning dust and cobwebs. (I have not used the flat accessory tool.) I have been remodeling one of the rooms in the house, and the vacuum is sturdy enough to clean up the nasty mess left behind from drywall chuncks, sanding, trim pieces, nails, wood chips, and all kinds of dirt. I have tipped over a couple of houseplant pots the other day, and the vacuum cleaned up the dirt even when it was slightly moist. And, my long-haired cat is no match for the vacuum and the great suction it has.
    Great vacuum! Highly recommended! Definitely worth the money! If you vacuum upholstery, invest a few extra dollars on the GZ to get the bonus turbo nozzle. It cleans vehicle interiors well too!...more info
  • Powerful Vacuum - "Just Right" Features
    I read a lot of reviews and thought this was definitely the vacuum for me at the right price. It sure is.

    It has extremely powerful suction, which is such a great feature in a house with two cats. The bag was full in only 3 weeks of going over the house (obviously the last one wasn't doing the job). My carpet nap has NEVER lifted up so well - I had two spots that I could never unmat until this vacuumm did it the first try.

    I love the fact that it has features to stop the roller brush - perfect for my hardwood floors and for using the attachments. Why more vacuum companies don't add this feature is beyond me.

    The only reason I give it less than 5 stars is because some people might not appreciate its quirks. While the demo in the store would unlock from upright with no problem, mine requires virtually standing on the pedal with full body weight to release! Other levers like the one to turn off the brush and do bare floors also require force to move. The PowerPaw that came with it ceased working after cleaning only one-and-a-half sets of stairs.

    I suppose it is a bit heavy, but that doesn't bother me. Also, since it sucks so powerfully and doesn't have a self-propelled mechanism, sometimes it's hard to push around. However, I tend to ram the self-propelled ones into walls and furniture, so I'd prefer to muscle this one around from time to time.

    I definitely think this vacuum is a GREAT value as long as you are willing to deal with some quirks. The air in the house is so fresh after vacuuming, and the carpet has never been cleaner and fluffier. I'm delighted with the purchase.
    ...more info
  • works very well
    After researching vacuums we settled on this one. We had a Sharp for over 6 years which we liked very much, but after using this one for a few months we can tell a difference in our floors. The attachments work fairly well, but I've never seen an upright with excellent attachments. It emits no dust, which is nice, and it almost seems "self propelled" when you use it. One is rather heavy so it may not be appropriate for all. ...more info
  • Overall a pleasure to use, but does have some flaws...
    I purchased this product to replace an old Hoover that finally died. I had heard a lot of negative reviews about the bagless, so I was looking for a vacuum that used a bag. After reading all of the reviews, and hearing that this vacuum received high marks from Consumer Reports I finally decided upon this one. I have only been using this vacuum for a short while, but I have the following to say:

    1. Overall the suction is better than my old Hoover (which is not saying much), but not quite what I expected. I thought it would do a better job with fluffing the carpet up.
    2. I like the switch to stop the roller brush for hard floors, but I do not like that I have to bend down to flip it. It would be nice if I could use my foot.
    3. The cord is a great length, and I like the hook to put the cord on while you are using the vacuum so you don't vacuum over the cord.
    4. The foot lever is quite awkward to get used to.
    5. It is nice to be able to turn the suction on for use with the attachments only, makes the attachments very powerful.
    6. My vacuum came with the Power Paw attachment, it works pretty well, but there is no place to store it on the vacuum, and it is VERY loud, and makes an awful noise that makes it unpleasant to use.
    7. The vacuum itself is the quietest that I have ever used, which is great with kids around.
    8. A lot of bagged vacuums will come with around 6 to 7 extra bags, this vacuum only comes with 1 extra bag--so that was a bit of a disappointment.
    9. It has a wide cleaning path which is nice.
    10. It was fairly easy to assemble, but you will need a screwdriver.
    11. The vacuum is quite bulky, but you get used to it.

    This vacuum is also sold at [...] for $[...] less, but I bought it here off of Amazon using the $[...] off promotion this month and free shipping. For $125 this vacuum was worth the price, and I do enjoy using it despite the minor flaws. Great job to Amazon for the extra quick shipping for this item too..I ordered it on a Sunday, and was using it by Wednesday afternoon. I would purchase this again.

    UPDATE (2/2/2008): My original review was from Oct. 2005, almost 2.5 years later this vacuum is still holding up fairly well, except for one cannot find these bags anywhere but online now! So, if you do not want to have to buy the bags online for this vacuum, I would not suggest buying it. ...more info
  • Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart-Vac Review
    Most of our previous vacuums have been Hoovers. The last one was the Hoover Windtunnel bagless. This was our first bagless vacuum and our last. It usually ended in a mess when we emptied the canister, mostly from the filter in the canister. We are very happy to get back to the bags where when full, just dispose in the garbage. We also find that having a knob to switch betwwen the floor and hose attachments is a big plus. There seems to be more power on the hose attachments with this feature. Also, when the hose is used, the brushes for vacuuming the floor stop turning. On the Hoover, we once had the case where we were vacuuming the couch, and it burned spots into our carpet. We are very pleased with our new choice....more info
  • I like it!!
    I was going to get the Hoover based on consumer reports but after reading the reviews here I opted to purchase the 2nd best as rated by consumer reports. I am very happy that I did. One thing that I agree with is it is hard to release the handle without shoes on but other than that I am extreamly satisfied....more info
  • Eureka Boss Vacuum Cleaner
    This product can really cleans well except it's pretty heavy. I have a hard time manuevering it from one place to the other. It makes me pretty tired aftera while. I should have bought one that is self profelled....more info
  • Excellent vacuum and great value * * * *
    I have been very happy with the Eureka 4870GZ. I does an excellent job cleaning carpet and the easy control to switch to the hose makes cleaning hard floors easy as well. The machine is quite heavy but I do not hind it a problem, might be tough for kids to use. I would not recommend if you have lots of hard floors. Get a canister!

    I had one small problem as I unpacked the vacuum. The hose extension pieces were stuck together and would not come apart, ultimately they broke trying....more info
  • Very Heavy
    As others did, I checked Consumer Reports first, which gave this a recommended buy, I also read all customer reviews on Amazon. Many said heavy and bottom pedal sticks, I purchased anyways, the price was right and all said it was a great vacuum. Well, no kidding it is heavy, and very big and cumbersome. It does work very well and the hose suction is remarkable, problem is, the hose stretches quite well when it is turned off, but as soon as you turn it on, the suction is so strong it actually hinders the stretchiness of the hose, you feel like you are fighting with it constantly while stretching to clean. The wide cleaning head is a negative for me, because spots I could get into before I no longer can because the head is too wide. the bottom pedal absolutely sticks, I started to pound on it with the heel of my foot and that worked, that should easily compress with the pressure of just your toes. That is a horrible feature, I do not think it will loosen up as some have said, I believe it is so tight because that is the feature that makes the heads stop rotating, when it clicks into an upright position. I have not tried yet to do stairs, I am positive that will be unpleasant considering the weight of this machine and the fact that there is no where to grip this on the front at all. I will keep this, it is a good vacuum, just too bad they couldn't have worked out the 3 negatives about this particular model....more info
  • Eureka! I found a vacuum!
    I love my new Eureka. The suction power is great and it does an amazing job. ...more info
  • Eureka The Boss Smart-Vac
    First of all this vacuum would get 5 stars if I was only rating performance. It has very good suction. We have a dog who gets on a chair in our house. The Power Paw attachment works great to get the dog hair off of it.

    The reasons that I don't give it 5 stars are as follows:
    1. It is loud!
    2. It is heavy. Luckly I live in a one story house. So this is not a big deal for me. I would not reccomend it if you will need to be carrying it up stairs.
    3. There is an attachment that is suppose to be stored in the vacuum. However, it will not stay in there. I looked at one in a local store and they too could not get it to stay in the spot that it was made to go in.
    4. The Power Paw doesn't have a storage spot on the vacuum. Maybe because it is too big.
    5. Probaly the most annoying thing for me is that the hose rests on some "storage hooks" (for lack of a better term). But when I am vacuuming it constantly comes off and I run over it.

    I was tempted to give this vacuum 3 stars. But because the performance is so good, I decided to stick with 4. The rest of the stuff is minor and I can live with it. ...more info
  • Review of Eureka Boss Smart-Vac
    I would rate this vacuum up there with the best of them. I have owned many kinds including Kirby and Hoover, but never have I seen a vacuum pick up dog (Basset Hound) hair as this one can do. I am very pleased with my purchase, especially thru and wish they had a smaller version of this vacuum to put on my boat....more info
  • Replaced my old Boss Smart-Vac
    After many years of good service, I needed to replace my old Smart-Vac. It is heavy, but does a great job with cat hair and runs more quietly than most. Like most everything about it, especially a great price!...more info
  • Pulled up lots of dirt and hair
    I had been using a Dirt Devil Canister for a few years and its wire frayed so I was scared of getting shock therapy so I look at the Consumer Reports and other peoples reviews of the top two and I bought this one. I used it for the first time just now and it pulled up so much dog hair and what I can only imagine is dead skin cells that I can't believe it. I filled the bag up in about 500sqft. I vacuumed weekly with the other one and it was time to vacuum but still I was freaked out. The carpet feels better to walk on and it left the pile looking nice. If you get this make sure you have a set of Phillips Heads screw drivers. I luckily found my set because it takes just the right one to screw in those three screws. I'm horrible at putting stuff together, like really bad, but I get this together in no time. It is just a matter of screwing the handle on. If this keeps working as well as it did on the fist try I'll like it. ...more info
  • Well...
    Had a Sears cannister that I absolutely hated, didn't believe I could hate a vacuum more, but the Eureka has topped it. I agree with all the reviews--it really has suction, thus the 1 star. So far it has eaten three of my throw rugs--the bare floor mode does not do a good job on the throws and the carpet mode, even at the highest setting just sucks them up. It does do a wonderful job on the wall to wall carpeting. Very cumbersome to change from hose to vacuum--with the cannister I just stepped on a button and released the head. Very hard to get the switch engaged from bare floor to carpet. Very hard to get the handle to release, even with my heel, and it has not loosened up. Am repairing my cannister! ...more info
  • A good vacuum, with some reservations.
    I bought this vacuum because of the rating in Consumer Reports. Previously, I had always used a canister vacuum. I was impressed with the suction. My carpet has never been so clean. It is much heavier than I thought, and there is no way to easily pick it up while vacuuming, like going over a cord. There is a hand hold on the back, but not the front. The weight may be standard for an upright, but it's much heavier than a canister. The extra turbo head for the wand stopped working in the 1st week. After 10 minutes of fiddling around and cleaning every hair out of it, one tiny little piece of gravel fell out. Somehow, that piece of gravel stopped it from working.
    All in all, for the money, I think it's a good deal. ...more info
  • My Best Vacuum Ever
    I have a German Shepherd who Sheds Year Round, I brush him every day to every other day and it does not matter, He Sheds! If you have one you know what I mean. I have been researching for a Vacuum for quite sometime because I seriously needed a good one with excellent suction, I was ready to buy the Dyson DC14.
    I checked out Consumer Reports and seen that this Eureka Boss 4870 was one of the Best Buys and then seen all the Reviews at a few other sites as well as here and thought on it and decided to save a lot of money and give it a try.
    Well I used the stretch hose and dusting brush first and I will tell you this vacuum seriously just about sucked the pictures off my walls. I was shocked. I then went for the big job of vacuuming and WOW! I could not believe how clean the carpet was and how fast it picked up the Dog hair, I didn't have to keep going over the same spot. Great Suction this vacuum has. I am very pleased. Yes the big Lever you step on to pull the handle back is stiff, I use my heel. I figure it will loosen later on.
    The Vacuum is no heavier than my old vacuum, so it is no big deal to me. It Gides going forward almost like it is self propelled and then you pull back on it as if it has a stronger suction to the carpet. But it is not hard at all. If this thing broke on me in two years from now I will buy another one. I never thought I could have a great Vacuum for this kind of price.
    I give this 5 Stars all the way....more info
  • The best vacuum for your money
    Simply put I like this vacuum a lot! It's very powerful and quiet, the carpet looks so nice when you are done. I have a big German Shepperd and he sheds a lot during Summer time, this vacuum takes care of that problem. I only wish that it could be bagless like my old vacuum cleaner, but the trade off is so worth it in my opinion. ...more info
  • Great suction, easy to use
    I chose this vacuum after reading Consumer Reports and reviews. I am so glad I chose this model. It is light, easy to use ... and, well, it sucks! I mean, the way you buy a vacuum to do! The suction, even with extension tools, is good enough to draw cobwebs from inches away. We cleaned up after a plastering job had rendered our entire house covered in that fine, powdery plaster dust. With all of the very easy to use attachments, we got the dust from every crevice and cranny. The couches and chairs look great. I even vacuumed off a delicate lampshade by holding the attachment slightly away ... the dust sucked right up and away. The one draw back is that if you are unstable on your feet, it would take getting used to. This is because it pushes extremely easily, but draws back with more effort. I live in a one floor ranch with a combination of hard wood floors and carpeting. The vacuum makes the transition easily. This is a great vacuum at a great price....more info
  • Good Vacuum - Excellent Price !!!
    I got mine at Lowes minus 10% coupon (fleabay) ** works out better since Sears only PM the difference *...more info
  • The Eureka Boss Smart-Vac is all around great! Kid & pet tested. Mother approved.
    Edited to say that I've now had and used the Eureka vacuum DAILY for 2.5 years, and my review wouldn't change. This Eureka has been durable and held up well except that the end of the hose where you put attachments on had chipped and cracked some. The only time I've had to replace a belt is when *I* or one of my "helpful" kids vacuumed up something like a stuffed animal or sock. I've been very happy with it and would highly recommend going to check this one out! I still think this is a top choice in the under $300 vacuums. So how did it still compare to the recently received Dyson DC18 Total Access(approximate retail $400 to $500 vacuum) as a gift from someone who knew I considering a Dyson at the time I purchased this? It's kind of like comparing apples to oranges since these aren't even in the same price category, but for those who have wondered....I've tried to do a main points comparison where applicable.

    I have the 4870GZ model. It's metallic red and comes with the Power Paw (mini turbo) tool. [The Dyson I now have is the DC18 Total Access with extra accessories but didn't include the mini Turbine head which is $59 by itself. Fortunately the Eureka power paw fits and works with the DC18.]

    I am going to rate the Eureka vacuum 5 stars even though I have a few neutral and one negative points. The reason for this high rating is that I have found it is simply the overall best choice for me in the under $300 price category and was only 1/2 of that--paid about $160, I think!


    Customer Service! It was so nice to have a 1-800 toll-free number to call and actually get to speak to a live representative!

    Eureka's web site has good product information, and instructions can be downloaded.

    Solid construction.

    I haven't found any vacuums in the under $300 range with better suction. [The Dyson suction might have a little more suction, but I certainly did not pull up bags full of stuff that was left behind like you would from cheaper vacuums--maybe the same or a little more than I would have with the Boss and a new bag.]

    Sealed HEPA filter that is easy to replace. Unlatch door, remove and replace filter, latch door. Eureka recommends replacing this filter every six bag changes or twice a year. They are about $20 a piece. I did notice that a washable HEPA filter cartridge could be ordered on the parts form included with the instructions for only $39.99. [Dyson DC18 comes with a washable HEPA filter.]

    Foam filter that protects motor.

    On/off brush roller. This is a convenient feature when only the hose is needed or to vacuum linoleum floors. This saves wear/tear on carpet if vacuuming drapes, upholstery, or something like that. Because the brush head is not turning, I can actually vacuum up the crumbs on the kitchen floor instead of scatter them. On/off brush is a hard-to-find feature in vacuums under $200--at least around here. [DC18 has this feature.]

    The bag is easy to install. A guide holds the bag in proper place. Note: the front plastic piece of the vacuum will be difficult to latch if a bag is not installed. It's a feature to ensure the bag is correctly installed for maximum performance. [A push button releases the Dyson canister. Push down on a lever on the contents of the canister drop into the trash, but you might have to "help" it out.]

    This vacuum can use the allergy/filtration bags which I found locally for about $2 a piece. [The Dyson uses a canister so no bags to buy, washable HEPA filter, and is certified asthma friendly.]

    Headlight feature is nice for dark rooms. Replacing the bulb is as easy as removing two screws, the lens cover and old bulb and replacing with new and reattaching lens cover with two screws. [DC18 did not have a headlight. I miss this feature.]

    Assembly was easy. The handle is attached by three screws. Click the onboard tools in place on the vacuum's housing. [Dyson's assembly was easy too.]

    The vacuum comes with two nesting wands, crevice, dusting brush, and upholstery tools which snap firmly into the housing. This model also came with a Power Paw tool (mini turbo tool) that really worked well on my furniture compared to just using the upholstery tool. [Dyson comes in several models with most of the difference being the particular tools that come with it.]

    Vacuum is designed to allow easy access to clear blockages if this condition occurs. Plus, some of the tubes are even clear so you can see if there is anything in them before taking it apart. Really nice feature!

    12 amp. motor., 30 foot power cord, and reinforced plastic around roller brush housing, are nice extras. [DC18's cord is shorter, about 25 feet, that I have to plug it in two different places in order to do the whole house...might need to get an extension cord. I was able to vacuum the whole house from one outet with the Eureka.]

    I thought the user's guide stated what needed to be stated clearly and had good illustrations.

    Neutral Points:

    The vacuum is heavy which may be a disadvantage for some. It wasn't a disadvantage for me. Even though I am extra small, I have no physical conditions that limit movement, and our home is just a single level. Also, it's not "cheap made" so it's going to weigh more for that reason. [The Dyson weighs about 15 lbs. so it noticeably lighter. Only time will tell how durable it is.]

    The stretchy hose was too short for the task I do, but Eureka does include their 5:1 stretch hose (deluxe version). I needed more flexibility and length. I am putting this as a neutral point since some vacuums in this class either don't have a hose at all OR you must convert (unplug hose for vacuum and then insert hose for tools and then again reverse this process when you are done) the vacuum to use the hose. With this vacuum, I simply turn a knob (air selector switch) located on top of the vacuum. [The DC18 hose is really nice and very usuable. Leave vacuum in upright position to use.]

    The handle release (pedal you step on) and brush roll on/off switch are a little stiff at first. In particular, the brush on/off switch may be difficult to operate for someone that has limited strength in their hands or a condition that makes it physicaly difficult to manipulate objects like this. [Dyson has a step-on latch that easily releases the vacuum from upright to vacuum position and a push-button to turn the brush on/off.]

    Negative Point:

    I don't see an option to order a longer, stretchier hose. The hose on the unit could have been longer since it is stretched some even when stored.


    I did a quick test of comparing the different vacuums' suction by just testing the suction from the hose. Eureka actually has a feature that reduces some of the suction to the hose--a nice feature so you don't suck in the whole drape or something like that instead of just vacuum it off. However, I haven't found any vacuum in the under $300 range with more suction when it comes to cleaning carpets and floors. Some are the close or the same, but I haven't found any with better suction. Anyway keep this in mind if trying to compare suction at the store where you might not get to actually compare what is vacuumed up.

    The Eureka is so often compared to the Dyson in terms of suction so that is why I've updated this review, but one has to remember that you could buy almost THREE Eureka's for the price of the Dyson DC18. As far as suction goes, I think both models are very comparable. Where the Dyson should be better over time is you get that "new bag" suction every time. The Dyson DC18's hose, "ball" design which makes it easy to manuever, push button brush on/off, easy to use lever to release vacuum from upright position, no bags or belts to buy, and the same suction as you get with a new bag everytime may make it worth the extra. As for me, it was a gift. It was really nice because it wasn't something I would have bought myself because of the price and it improved on the neutral or negative points I had about the Eureka (but keep in mind the Eureka is much less!), I am being honest in saying I was very happy with the Eureka Boss and had not been looking to buy another. By the way, I personally prefer the DC18 over the older, heavier Dyson models.

    Either choice, is a good choice so choose what's right for you and your needs :-).

    ...more info
  • mixed feelings
    First of all let me say that this vaccuum has phenomenal suction (who knew my carpets were so fluffy?), as well as excellent Hepa filtration (you mean I can vaccuum without sneezing??). . .

    That being said, however . . . man is this thing HEAVY! Even my husband was surprised. "Honey I'll do the vaccuuming from now on," he said, but I think I speak for wives everywhere when I say, YEAH, RIGHT! =P Suffice it to say, I am left trying to lug this thing all over the house and it is no walk in the park.

    And just try and vaccuum your stairs and you will wish that you had quietly blown your head off instead . . . the brushes do not rotate in upright position, which the thing keeps clicking into whether you want it to or not, and it's extremely difficult to click it back down, even with the hardest stomp of a foot (believe me I tried). . . overall a frustrating, futile, and regrettable experience.

    NOT impressed with the Power Paw feature, either--my Black 'n Decker hand vac works better and I think it cost me twenty bucks.

    Last thing is, this baby generates so much HEAT! Which is nice in the Winter, because you could seriously heat your house with it, but in Summer . . . need I say more??

    I guess my overall impression of this vaccuum is, yes it works fantasically. But what good is it if I can't actually USE the thing? I am 38 years old and in quite good shape, I should be able to run my vaccuum. =\

    So I will give this item 3 stars, although I do sort of wish I could give it 3.5, because the thing does what every vaccuum is basically supposed to do: it sucks....more info
  • great sweepeer for the price
    A lot of power for the price. It cleaned my carpets better than any vacuuum I've had. Lowe's carries the sweeper for $148 plus free shipping to local stores. Sears also carries it and will price match local and online prices plus 10% of the difference. Got mine at Sears. FYI...more info